September 14th, 2010

+++ CPI Still High Above Bank of England Target +++

Every month consensus economists* and the Bank of England predict inflation will fall, Mervyn King even talks about the threat from deflation – Guido sees that merely as an excuse to justify printing even more money via quantitative easing (QE). QE means inflation is inevitable.

Get your wheelbarrows out, stock up on gold and baked beans. If you can, buy a productive asset, like farm land – it is an inflation hedge and you won’t go hungry. Here comes inflation – as it always does when governments turn on the printing presses…

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*Liam Halligan and Andrew Lilico being honourable exceptions


  1. 1
    P. Doff says:

    Do bean counters stock up on beans?

  2. 2
    anonymous says:

    …. but but but, the BBC are reporting that inflation is massively high and stayed at the same level as last month, 3.1% (ie not gone up further!!)

    Seems they want it all ways ….

  3. 3
    Gordon Brown says:

    I left the coalition a golden economic legacy which they’ve destroyed.

  4. 4
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    In mediaeval times, governments would clip the coin of the realm and blame the resulting mess on the bankers. Haven’t learnt much, have we?

  5. 5
    DC says:

    Yeah, thanks for that Gordo, top job.

  6. 6
    JJ says:

    or move to Switzerland.

  7. 7
    Trinny says:

    Half of the BBC don’t understand statistics, the other two thirds simply can’t add up.

  8. 8
    FFS says:

    Modern Conservatives are just not equipped to deal with this kind of economic crisis.

    They are in complete denial – ring fencing the EU Tax & DFID is symptomatic of their delusional state regarding the nations fiscal plight.

    I am so glad I voted UKIP.

  9. 9
    Fuckin Sick of Them says:

    bloody hell, DP gone green FFS!!

    went into my new, local CooP today to find you have to buy bags now. Green one they have says “co-operative bags are for life not just for one shopping trip” This is blatant propagandist rubbish. Also says ” made from minimum 50% recycled post-consumer waste” What the fuck does that mean – are these post-consumer times we live in…??? WTF

  10. 10
    me says:

    they are protecting the housing market as soon as they start to raise interest the middle class mortgage holiday will end and they will start throwing the toys out and repos will go through the roof-fact is property is massively overvalued and propped up by low interest immigration and housuing benefit

  11. 11
    George W. says:

    Yeah Browny, at least I spent my money colonizing the rest of the world.

  12. 12

    If you look at the charts in the BoE August inflation report ( ) it clearly shows that they don’t have a fucking clue where inflation is going.

  13. 13
    WikiBeanCounter says:

    “Most commercial canned baked beans are made from haricot beans, also known as navy beans – a variety of Phaseolus vulgaris – in a sauce”

  14. 14
    Why don't you take my kids as well says:

    The tax on cash balances is proceeding quite nicely. We thank the Socialist government for their timely assistance and can assure them that their solidariety will not go unrewarded during their many happy years of retirement.

    Association of World Bankers (British Branch)


  15. 15

    This morning:wholesaleprices in Germany up by 6.4% (Aug 09 > Aug 10); ores and metal(s) up by 21.1%.

    We will see deflation in parts; inflation in others, for both wheelbarrows might be to small.


  16. 16
    concrete pump says:

    Try selling cement in the middle east at the moment……..tight bastards.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Hear hear!

    Amen to that. The Cons are nearly as bad as Labour fuckers.

  18. 18
    Steves mum says:

    Surely a 1 has been left off from the front of the inflation figure. – 13% plus is more realistic – that’s in the real world of course. Not one Beeb, politicians, quangocrats etc ever come into contact with.

  19. 19
    13eastie says:

    Uncontrolled inflation.
    Millions unemployed.
    Currency collapsed.
    De facto downgrade of gilts.
    Rabid trade unionists off the leash.

    Oh, and Labour has just been kicked out of office?

    Sound familiar?

  20. 20
    AC1 says:

    If they get the chance bureaucrats will ration EVERYTHING you need.

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Fan charts? FAN CHARTS?

    I never learnt that bull shit at school. If I drew a graph and just made up the bits towards the right hand side I would have been given a detention.

    The ‘Fan’ is where the smelly Brown stuff is heading.

    Fucking amateurs.

  22. 22
    AC1 says:

    you fogot to add that low land affordability (high house prices) are great for banks and taxers, but terrible for everyone else in the economy.

  23. 23
    Unelected emperor Herman van Rumpypumpy says:

    My dear subjects of North West Europe.

    I acknowledge receipt of yesterday’s UK payment of £45million, and today’s, which arrived at lunchtime. Make sure tomorrow’s £45million arrives on time, won’t you?

    I trust all’s well, but I don’t really care. Cheerio, cash-cows.

  24. 24
    AC1 says:

    They have expense accounts to cushion themselves from the troubles of the little people.

    I wouldn’t say 13%, but it’s massively above 3.1%(a joke figure).

    FlatScreen Sandwich anyone?

  25. 25
    Next Labour says:

    Comrades, we will make Britain great again. We will protect your child tax credits. We will bring integrity and honesty back into government. Next Labour: For your children and your children’s children.

  26. 26
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Doesn’t sound appealing. Oh well, just close your eyes and swallow.

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    ‘New and improved’ NewLabia added uncontrolled immigration last time round. Hence a million recipients plus more in rents and unemployment benefit to pay by the state.

  28. 28
    Wayne says:

    Wat be da CPI, blud? Me just like 2 sit and watch Jeremy Kyle all day and get shitfaced on Asda cider, innit. I aint never had a job and thing. Me and my girl Sharon get nuff free benefits. It’s proper sweet, blud. Just got us new Playstation. Better than da one we nicked from shop.

  29. 29
    UAUAF says:

    Shit !!!

  30. 30
    Labour Fuckwit says:

    It’s all Maggie’s fault.

  31. 31
    Beeboid says:

    Inflation is that why the numbers on my BBC expense account credit card keep going up and up. Isn’t Maths wonderful. Numbers. Moslem invention. Hey ho!

    Off to Tuscany next week.

    Lots of women standing at the road junctions outside Bologna. I’d like to get to know them a bit better. . Who know’s might get to go a make a documentary. Nice bit of gritty, reality stuff. Make good images. Boots and cleavage. Who are those Italian women. Not that I’m into women, though but I like the sass and attitude. Yum yum.

    Off to Tuscany next week.


  32. 32
    Tom Tomos says:

    I get the advice about farmland – self-sufficiency and all that. Apparently the best inflation hedge at the moment is helium futures. No, seriously!

  33. 33
    The Truth says:

    Don’t shop in the co-op, as they are the ones Labour owes all their debt too, shopping in co-op keeps the labour party in your life.

  34. 34
    UAUAF says:

    Scrap the BBC , I dont pay my telly tax for them to strike , Can we go and pelt them with rotten eggs ?

  35. 35
    Got grub got guns says:

    me and Fawkes on the same page for once.

  36. 36
    Bankrupt 1920's ideology says:

    “we will make Britain great again.”

    That’s a nice promise, Next Labour, but I can’t help but notice that you stuck the word “Comrades” at the start.

  37. 37
    Mohammed Fawkes says:

    Since when have the J O O S ever listened to a NO from America before?

  38. 38
    Warsi says:

    You will be jailed for more than 6 weeks if you do, the last one got 6 so if you ignore the example then its more for you.

  39. 39
    Mohammed Fawkes says:

    My reply went to the comment above strange.

  40. 40
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    The middle class will survive. Mum’s motorised shopping trolley might have to go, and the 3 weeks in the WI cancelled, but the mortgage will be paid up. The sufferers will be the upwardly mobile working class, young couples starting their first mortgage, and the elderly and others on fixed incomes. It is they who could lose everything.

  41. 41
    Got grub got guns says:

    but I have farmland,do you Guido?

  42. 42
    Mohammed Fawkes says:

    At least he didn’t get his hands chopped off.

  43. 43
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Also, avoid Co-Op stores because they’re shit.

  44. 44
    A tip from me to you says:

    You can buy cheap land in Ireland at the minute.

  45. 45
  46. 46
    Corker says:

    as long as you can drain it.

  47. 47
    Fat-fuck Eric Pickles says:

    I’ll buy cement! I loov it, me! I like to pour it all over soovern England, by ‘eck!

  48. 48
    George W Bush says:

    But Bill Gates and I got the DDT back into the Third World and malaria is being successfully beaten back.

    Socialism (Green Department) opened the door to millions of Third World deaths since the 1970 Ban.

    Green plus Socialism = cultural imperialism of pseudoscience.

  49. 49
    Gordon Brown says:

    I know , Lets join the euro !

  50. 50
    South of the M4 says:

    Don’t forget to take your Executive Producer, Day Producer, Assistant Producer and Producer’s Assistant with you.

  51. 51
    me says:

    one thing is for sure,the establishment will do ok the Huntheads

  52. 52
    Army dinner Jacket says:

    Soon we will show the world how to fuse sand without cement.

  53. 53
    Charles Darwin says:

    Fuck me. I have made a mistake.

  54. 54

    And the wicked coalition is threatening all this. Can we rely on your vote next time?

  55. 55
    Unsworth says:

    Fewer dead darkies means more mouths to feed. Is Gates picking up the tab – or is Bush?

    Or are they all going to starve to death, anyway?

  56. 56
    Judge Aly (Baghdad judiciary college - failed) now British judge says:

    34 -You will only get sentenced if you pelt one of our ethnic enrichments – special gift from Broon – otherwise you can throw what you like at the stupid dhimmis

  57. 57
    UAUAF says:

    Fuck this , The most important question is , Is the duckworth lewis system the fairest way ?

  58. 58
    Dillinger says:

    Why am I not surprised the greedy septics are behind this

  59. 59
    purpleline says:

    Get down Sainsbury’s and buy lots of Coffee if you like that drink as Coffee price is about to explode.

  60. 60
    White Van Man says:

    Fucking hell, its like jumping in a delorean and going back in time!

  61. 61
    UAUAF says:

    Overpriced and shit !

  62. 62
    UAUAF says:

    Fuckin hell modded ????????? Sort it out Fawkes

  63. 63
    There's Trouble at Mill! says:

    Right lads, down tools and fuck the job!

  64. 64
    Gordon Brown, addressing the trees on his (supervised) walk in Currcuddy Lunatic Asylum Grounds says:

    The Nation needs me as never before.

    Only I, as befits a Hero and Man Of Courage, can instill the Right Spirit and bring an End To Boom And Bust.

    Can I do a jobby behind that tree nurse? That, or I’ll shit mesel’ again this morning!

  65. 65
    buddy can you spare a dime says:

    homelessness will skyrocket.

  66. 66
    Unsworth says:

    What’s it used for – apart from party balloons and making you talk like Joe Pasquale?

  67. 67
    buddy can you spare a dime says:

    The system is broken, finished,kaput, fucked. QE all they want nothing is going to fix it.

  68. 68
    Unsworth says:

    Is that Vera Duckworth?

  69. 69
    me says:

    ive found a nice shop doorway

  70. 70
    Arthur Scargill says:

    Right lads after me, Maggie Maggie Maggie, Out Out Out!

  71. 71
    Deep Who says:

    Good point – may as well say fuck knows than show that fan chart

  72. 72
    buddy can you spare a dime says:

    read the link above it tells you its use

  73. 73
    Haricot Harmanbeans says:

    Fifty percent of our beans have a front bottom.

  74. 74
    me says:

    and kin xy wiv long qs innit bludclot

  75. 75
    Blame them says:

    when things are totally fucked and you need some fall guys put a bunch of dickhead old Etonians in.

  76. 76
    It took someone in a powerful position to arrange this says:

    Who high in the government arranged Bily Wrights murder

  77. 77
    There's Trouble at BBC! says:

    Right lads lassies and inbetweenies, down blackberry’s and fuck the biased brainwashing!

  78. 78
    Susie says:

    And they don’t serve drink to servicemen who’ve returned from Afghanistan…

  79. 79
    Gordon Brown says:

    I will make a statement to the house at 15.30

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    This is, and has always been, and always will be, Africa’s biggest problem. Its population doubles every 30 years (+2.2% p/a).

    They’re always going to keep running out of food.

  81. 81
    Bonzo says:

    over priced with their fair trade scam

  82. 82
    Bonzo says:

    over p*riced with their fair trade scam

  83. 83
  84. 84
    Deep Who says:

    Let’s hope Osborne shows some balls and cuts the holy fuck out of welfare and everything else. Ring fence the NHS? No, burn the sick for fuel. Ring fence international aid? No, colonise and enslave the fuckers.

  85. 85
    George W Bush says:

    There is no world food shortage. There is just bad governance in the form an unholy alliance of the victim industry (NGOs) and corrupt Third World regimes.

    Oxfam needs suffering for Oxfam to be Oxfam. Like Socialism needs ‘poverty’ in all its guises to be Socialism. If necessary import.

  86. 86
    Old Harrovian says:

    Hear hear old chap. Terribly low standards.

  87. 87
    getting shit on says:

    shit you havent ate yet

  88. 88
    Ed Balls says:

    By God, that’s good enough for me! Have an A*GCSE in English. Have a couple of science ones, too; I’m sure you’re up to it.

  89. 89
    Armmed Dine Reg Hacket says:

    Boom, no bust

  90. 90
    Unsworth says:

    I can’t get excited about any of them – including MRI scanners. But this is just down to American legislation – which, naturally, benefits the Yanks rather than anyone else.

  91. 91
    EYE DEE EFF says:

    Not if we strike first

  92. 92
    Armageddon says:

    I want it to collapse. Then we can get rid of all the scum from both ends of the scale, the top and bottom. Some will die out on their own. Others will need a hand, or a push.

  93. 93
    Sir William Waad says:

    We need high inflation to cheat all the people who have lent us money.

  94. 94
    Tony Blair says:

    I’ve got 8 or 9 homes I can let.

    I doubt any of you peasants could afford the rent, though.

  95. 95

    Unite Against Unite Against Facism – Very droll ;+)

  96. 96
    Jolly Roger says:

    Up the pirates

  97. 97
    Unsworth says:

    So, ban DDT again. Then we can finally rid ourselves of Oxfam.

  98. 98
    EU says:

    It is an absolute disgrace how the French are treating jipsees. They should follow the example of the British and provide them with houses and regular benefits

  99. 99
  100. 100
    G Michael,weaving says:

    Belfast sent them packing fast.

  101. 101
    Sir William Waad says:

    If you can draw a graph and make up all the bits on the right hand side, you can get a very lucrative position in the climate change industry.

  102. 102
    nell says:

    3.1% inflation?!

    Why is this government still telling the same lies about inflation statistics as the old one?

    Over the last year petrol has gone up by 20%, meat by 30%, airtravel by 16.1% and wheat by 60%………………………….

    So how have they arrived at 3.1% hmm?

  103. 103
    UAUAF says:

    I know :)

  104. 104
    G Michael,weaving says:

    Yeah free house there for some.

  105. 105
    Susie says:

    Firstly, Mr Beeboid, you’ll find they’re not Italian, more likely Moldavian or some other ex-commie shit hole and secondly, they’re already spoken for — either by their Russian pimps or by Signor Berlusconi.

  106. 106
    me says:

    the bounders!

  107. 107
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I like the cut of your jib.

  108. 108
    nell says:

    Thought for the day.

    billywright, Dr David Kelly and princessdiana , all died on tonybliar’s watch.

  109. 109
    Tessa Tickles says:

    The prices in the HoC bars?

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    UK plc wouldn’t notice any difference you egocentric overpaid militant wankers.

  111. 111
    White Van Man says:

    Yeah Gordon, lets join Germany in bailing out the PIGS!

    Great fucking idea, now have another fizzy orange and fuck off!

  112. 112
    Steven Hawking says:

    This new book i’ve got on anti-gravity is amazing

    I just can’t put it down

  113. 113
    Susie says:

    Saw the first of, no doubt, many batches of Roma aimlessly roaming my local high street the other day. 4 butch blokes with the obligatory peroxided prostitute who’s the business end of the operation.

  114. 114
    Beeboid says:

    Sarky aren’t we. It’s called Team Building. And as Napoleon (dead white male) pointed out (but it probably was Josephine really), an army marches on its stomach. so we will meet up at Da Donatella for some Tuscan peasant food con vino rosso, natch.

  115. 115
    Shylock File company says:


  116. 116
    GrimeLord says:


    Increase to ramming speed, brace for impact!

  117. 117
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s not all fun, you know. As soon as you own farmland you are a target for every mouth-breathing, laptop-bearing, flexi-working parasite in the UK who has got nothing better to do than tell you how to do your job and fine you for wearing the wrong-coloured boots.

  118. 118
    Agent Orange says:

    and darkies

  119. 119
    Engineer says:

    ….and everything you don’t actually need but would quite like.

  120. 120
    BBC Correctional enforcement unit says:

    What about the remaining 15%

  121. 121
    AC1 says:

    But the NHS (and benefits) are the best way of creating sick people ever invented.

  122. 122

    Ah, those jolly hockey stick japers!

    Have they been exonerated by Railway Engineer Pachauri yet?

  123. 123
    Dig for Victory says:

    UK importing over 30% of their food is insanity. Cuba and Detroit are good examples of what to do when the money really does dry-up.

  124. 124
    simon r says:

    Yeah and take Gordon with you and book him into Dignitas.

    ( or just cut out the middle man and hit him over the head with a fucking spade )

  125. 125
    Agent Orange says:

    A good one from Old Holborn , but if he had added that the state fucked off on taxes a good bit it might be worth it.

  126. 126
    UAUAF says:

    Pull out of the EU save billions

  127. 127

    They’ll pay top dollar if you can get it to Gaza, pump!

  128. 128
    AC1 says:

    I’ll send you a pizza if you do.

  129. 129
    Ed Boll-Hocks says:

    “For your children and your children’s children.”

    To pay for

  130. 130
    AC1 says:

    Don’t forget his sideline in porn-lit.

  131. 131
    The Pope says:

    I like boys.

  132. 132
    Mr Social List says:

    It works everytime

  133. 133
    Mark O-a-e-t-e-n says:

    Yes please, it is lunchtime after all.

  134. 134
    Postal Vote says:

    Not to mention RPI, which is even higher than CPI …

    CPI and postal voting, both huge scams

  135. 135
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    Why is it that the only thing that gos up less than the rate of inflation is the Consumer price Index?

  136. 136
    AC1 says:

    IF you decide to pay for it using money you earned, then you need it.

    I don’t like the idea that someone else can decide your “needs”.

  137. 137
    Lets start again says:

    Amen to that

  138. 138
    White Van Man says:

    I wonder if George Michael walking in to court room 3 had his soap on a rope with him?

  139. 139
    Muzee cunt says:

    Death to deodorant! It is evil western inventions! Allaaaah akbaaaaar!

  140. 140
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    What about your illegitimate offspring and their illegitimate sprogs are they included?

  141. 141
    There's going to be a (helium/whear/oil/copper/) says:

    Artefact and very good for short term speculatriceion.

  142. 142
    AC1 says:

    I’m looking forward to a bunch of expensive paper-pushers demonstrating how irrelevant what they do is.

  143. 143
    Engineer says:

    If we’re not careful, we’ll end up with a generation who can’t afford their own house at all. In time, house prices will either fall, or remain stable while wages and prices of everything else rises because nobody can afford to buy and the house mark*t will slow. The generation after the next might have more chance.

    The other thing we don’t have enough of is rental housing to accomodate those who would have bought if they could afford to.

  144. 144
    Gordon says:

    hmmm 20% + 30% + 16.1% + 60%, I make that a 0% rise.

  145. 145
    PArkbenchesrus says:

    At least it’ll be out in the open.

  146. 146
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    F*** me Darwin!! Dont you know that evolution doen’t equate to progress only people in advertising believe crap like that!!

  147. 147
    Engineer says:

    Why should the BoE be any different to anybody else?

    There are two types of economist. The type who don’t know what’s going to happen, and the type who don’t know that they don’t know what’s going to happen.

  148. 148
    Mammon says:

    Keynesian economists (deficit deniers in public) are guilty of deliberately obscuring the mechanism whereby the debt of the government is monetized by the banking system. They want to create the impression that the public, that is, individual investors at home and abroad buy the government paper for purposes of saving. The truth, however, is that individuals have long since stopped saving in the form of government paper, which they look at as “certificates of guaranteed confiscation”. Their role has been taken over by bond speculators who make a killing on their holdings of bonds when interest rates go down, and they make a killing on their short positions in bond futures when interest rates go up. In either case, they make their profits at the expense of the public.

  149. 149
    John Prescott says:

    Fuck CPI. Talk about pork pie.

  150. 150
    Sue Perrin-Junsham says:

    Some loony lefty from Glasgow Uni given airtime on BBC radio 2 to suggest that a 20% levy is raised on the UK’s wealthiest to wipe out the deficit!

    FFS! Some people even agreed!

  151. 151
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    I heard two old boys in a pub in Donegal once

    ” widow McHoon has twenty acres for sale”
    ” Aye and when you’ve wrung them out you’ll only have two left”

  152. 152
    ray gosling says:

    i lied

  153. 153
    The Muslim Council of Britistan says:

    When we gain power we shall burn all Mach 3 razors, hair trimmers, scissors and ban all UV protection for white pigs.


  154. 154
    B Ostik says:

    Try ‘A Brief History of Glue’. Much the same.

  155. 155
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    Duckworth Lewis is but a tool in the Multi Culti, sandal wearing, Guardian reading,bed wetting veggie conspiracy which has us by the very testicles. Why does it always favour the visitors? Why cant they decide these things with pistols drawn at 20 paces. That would liven the game up a bit!!

  156. 156
    Appreciative timewaster says:

    *Applause. Funniest comment on this site since the election.

  157. 157
    Ed Balls (Music Hall Comedian) says:

    ‘ere’s a funny thing, I just got told that I have an unusual name that you don’t hear everyday.

    I thought “well I fucking do”

  158. 158
    UAUAF says:

    First they came for my beans , I said nothing……..

  159. 159
    Yahoo, it's back to the 80's! says:

    Hey old timer, while you’re at it, you can get yourself a squarial and a betamax.

  160. 160
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    Remember its international speak like a pirate day on September 19th. Wear your eyepatch with pride.

  161. 161
    Damien McBride says:


  162. 162
    UAUAF says:

    Its a good day to burn the koran

  163. 163
    thief says:

    Fucking robbing will be great soon boys

  164. 164
    Arthur Scarred Gill and Got-A-Few-Bob Crow says:

    Cumrades! Let’s create a winter of disc’untent! Strike! Strike! Strike!

    We’d love to join you on the picket line but we’ll be in our palatial homes quaffing champagne. But we’ll be with you in spirit. Ta ta.

  165. 165
    streamfisher says:

    Commodity price of raw cotton has just increased by 50% due to bad weather in Russia and China, Primark are shitting themselves, already missed out on the tinned corned beef when it was at a record low.

  166. 166
    There are really 76million people in the country says:

    Here’s how it works. You take the total amount spent in the shops and divide it by the total real number of people in the country. As there are actually 76 million people in the UK you always get a lower figure than people expect. Simples.

  167. 167
    There are really 76million people in the country says:

    Anti gravity is an idea that really repells me.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    A Uni student who can’t add up, no surprise there then!

  169. 169
    george says:

    I’m a 25 spliffs a day man.

  170. 170
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    First sensible suggestion i’ve seen today!!

  171. 171
    Mohammed al Fayed says:


  172. 172
    Yahoo, it's back to the 70's! says:

    Naaah. For all the talk of feedin’ ‘isself from farmland, it’d mean ‘avin to get ‘is ‘ands dirty. He ain’t goon do that.

  173. 173
    Lets Riot says:

    Last year my favourite tin of soup cost 61p. Now it costs 95p.

    Now there is fuckall in soup that warrants a 55.7% increase in its price !!!

  174. 174
    Tessa Tickles says:

    As did 100,000 Iraqi civilians.

    But what could have been multi-millionaire Tony Blair’s motive?

  175. 175
    50,000 scousers ready for a tour says:

    Right on brother

  176. 176
    streamfisher says:

    Join the queue.

  177. 177
    Mr Wenger says:


  178. 178
    Gordon Brown says:

    I hearby offer my skills to the coalotion as in indepedent financial advisor

    all I ask in return is a glass of fizzy pop on the stroke of noon each day (and maybe a few marbles for my poo hole)

  179. 179
    Wayne Vuvuzela says:

    Dey do dough don’t dey dough

  180. 180
    UAUAF says:

    Dont care unless taxpayers are paying for it

  181. 181
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve just eaten 20 bananas.

    Beat that.

    Must fly as I have a bit of a turtle’s head coming on.

  182. 182
    Eileen Critchley says:

    I assume Sky will be broadcasting the Tory conference and that the powers that be have sorted live internet streaming on the Tory site.

    IF BBC staff have attempted to disrupt Conference with a strike then this whole thing could be turned around brilliantly to inflict long term damage on BBC News.

    I wonna sex you up!

  183. 183
    Bernard Mathews says:

    watching their EID and seeing them falling over pissed on bottled water made me wonder.but hey ate my pork turkeys

  184. 184
    Yahoo, it's back to the 60's! says:

    Hey man, no need to stay there man, come round to our squat. We’ve got chicks and trips and weed and everything. We can get really groovy and fuck each other, and afterward we can do meditation and read some Mao.

  185. 185
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    Yeah I just heard the Hoon. Apparently he is a professor. Absolute bollocks. He didn’t even address the issue of the on-going structural deficit and the need to cut back spending in order to restore balance. He also had no appreciation of the deflationary effect that would result in all the wealthy suddenly disposing of their assets. The government would be left with 20% of sweet F*** all if his plan were ever implemented. No wonder the BBC gave him airtime, Hoons one and all!

  186. 186

    My brother and I are now very, very rich. Thank you Infidels

  187. 187
    Dolly Draper says:

    Receiving you loud and clear

  188. 188
    Engineer says:

    In fairness, an original watercolour is not a “need” in the sense that food and clothing are, but buying fine art improves your living space and provides a means to earn a living to the artist. It’s libertarian and life-enhancing, but all too easy for totalitarians to ration, control or eliminate. For that reason, in a free society all forms of free human expression must be encouraged, whether they are “needs” or not.

  189. 189
    It's now legal to kill burglars says:

    We’ll be waiting for you.

  190. 190
    A Con says:

    One of the greatest pastimes in Belmarsh is dropping bacon rind on the muzzees heads from the top landing. They fucking lose it big time, makes us laugh like fuck.naturally if they object they get the shit kicked out of them.

  191. 191
    Yahoo, it's back to the 60's! says:

    Hey, no need to sleep there man, come back to our squat. We’ve got chicks and trips and weed and everything. We can all fuck each other, then afterwards, we can do meditation and read some Mao.

  192. 192
    Now is the discount of our winter Tent says:

    Braziers and Donkey jackets going cheap!

  193. 193
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have now written 79,000 chapters of my book, totalling 52,416,963 words. Only 14,000 chapters left.

  194. 194
    Keynesian Economice Professor - Glasgow University says:

    We were following the Keynes model, unfortunately it was the Milton Keynes model.

    We socialists now reccommend Ocean Finance.

  195. 195
    Anonymous says:

    You’ve obviously thought long and hard about this complex issue.

  196. 196
    One World Government says:

    Heaven forbid, do you think the real plan is to have a depression?

  197. 197
    streamfisher says:

    21, fruit bat.

  198. 198
    NSI Knows there is massive inflation coming says:

    Tell You What NS&I does NOT agree with the BOE. They pulled their tax free Index Linked bonds a couple of months back and the new issue is still not available. With VAT rises coming and a goverment (any government, they all do it) that will pay down the National debt by creating inflation they were a No brainer investment

  199. 199
    Anonymous says:

    These are the kinds of Professors who give people like Brown top Grades.

  200. 200
    One World Government says:

    Keynes, with his credit was out for your savings but it failed.

  201. 201
    Gordon Brown says:


    I leave the skin on.

    My father said that it was the right thing to do.


  202. 202
    Dundee says:

    except you have a Dave, who is not as useful as a Donk

  203. 203
    Nicky Shortarzee says:

    They call themselves Travellers so I told them to get travelling

  204. 204
    Fidel Castro says:

    I too offer my services to the glorious Condem Coalition. I have considerable expereience in handling the announcement of massive cutbacks in government spending. All I ask is that I dont have to share an office with Gordon Brown.

  205. 205
    White Van Man says:


    Thanks for that, I almost choked on me fucking brew!

  206. 206
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    …………..and fucking expensive.
    The worst and most overpriced greengrocery department I have ever had the misfortune with which to be faced: (Eastern England Co-Operative society, to be precise.

  207. 207
    Oh joy says:

    Ooo nell, the nice T*ories might be telling you lies.

  208. 208
    Hoo Hi - Chinese hitman says:

    Reev me outta this you flucking sirry irriot

  209. 209
    Lynn Truss says:

    Grammar and punctuation!

  210. 210
    streamfisher says:

    Leave the monkey in Kirkcaldy long enough and eventually he will come up with the complete works of William Shakespeare (but its already been done).

  211. 211
    The Office of Guido Fawkes says:

    “Don’t delay – Vote Ed Miliband today”

  212. 212
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    Does that men that I, with cash of up to £90K can buy a really cheap house?

  213. 213
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    Gordon as an exercise of acute intellectual sagacity why dont you redraft it omitting all occurence of the letters I and E. I’m sure a man of your calibre could pull off such a literary tour de force.

  214. 214
    George Fourskins Being of Sound Mind in this Parish of Eurineland says:

    It’s just as well as the Tory – Limp-Ducks are ‘In Charge’. If either of the Chuckle Bros Milipeds and their Marxist-Leninist Commie Muppets of Liarbor, along with Paw McRuin-Broone were still in Orrifice…. They would be running the printing machines in the Treasury or wherever, hot foot 24/7 for more Quantitative Easment and Monopoly Money. They would then be spending like Drunks on Pub crawl after finding a wallet full of cash in the street.

    Of course for the Liarbor Party in gubber’munts – this would be the norm. The ‘Wicked Witch of the West’. Baroness Thatcher would get the blame for everything, not only the UK’s economic and social woes…. But the whole World’s.

    No Liarbor/Socialshit/Commie/Marxist-Leninist Gubbermunts take responsibility for their own stupidity…… “It’s always somebody else’s fault!!”

    Anyway…. I like cans of cold Baked Beans….. the additional farting materials will keep the internal temperatures in my house up…..

    As for the Liarbor Party…. well they can go get screwed every-which-way………. ‘coz they have totally screwed everything else up…. You W*nkas…..

  215. 215
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    First, though, I have to sell my flat in Spain. :=(

  216. 216
    Sir William Waad says:

    ‘Quantitative easing’ isn’t really the printing of money. The money thus created disappears into the balance sheets of banks and stays there. It is primarily a means of falsifying the liquidity of banks while giving the impression that the Government can pay its debts.

    We need to get the banks working again so that UK suppliers can provide additional goods and services in the upturn, rather than its being a feast for importers.

  217. 217
    White Van Man says:

    Wonderful, now you’ve signal Handley destroyed the rain forest too, anymore tricks you got up your sleeve?

  218. 218
    Dispossessed says:

    Born on Earth but not allowed to live on Earth

  219. 219
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    AV skews everything. Vote Milliband get Milliband, I mean the whole things crazy!!

  220. 220
    South of the M4 says:

    Is it a users guide to the tax system Gordon?

  221. 221
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    Water it down first then drop it on the ragheads.
    That will stiffen their resolve!

  222. 222
    Kunts says:

    Two cheeks of the same arse.

  223. 223
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am the real Gordon Brown (I am really!)

  224. 224
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    They all all from Bosnia, Serbia and Albania and will only cost you 20€ for a blow job.

  225. 225
    AC1 says:

    Did his parents forget to read him the story of the golden goose?

  226. 226

    This morning:wholesaleprices in Germany up by 6.4% (Aug 09 > Aug 10); ores and metal(s) up by 21.1% (same period).

    We will see deflation in parts; inflation in others, for both wheelbarrows might be to small.


  227. 227
    Phil Theebugger says:

    shurely shome mistake?

  228. 228
    White Van Man says:

    Eat this one Gordon and do us all a favour!

  229. 229
    Best Political Ad Ever says:

    Best Political Ad Ever

  230. 230
    China says:

    Too late. The only place worth colonising is Africa and we have it, didn’t you once?

  231. 231
    North British Butt-Plug Supplies says:

    when are you going to pay the bill, Mr Brown?

  232. 232
    D Kelly et al says:

    John Smith, Robin Cook

  233. 233
    The left need to stop talking B*ll*cks says:

    Rather like a levy on Banks and taxation or the policy of splitting up large banking groups which will just re-locate outside UK jurisdiction in the case of Barclays and HSBC(in the case of HSBC they are already heading in the direction of their original base Hong Kong with CEO already re-located. Although they deny that they are considering pulling up sticks they most certainly will if the loonies in the Coalition start suggesting that they will bring forward legislation to spli them up

    As regards a Wealth Tax Labour tried that in the 70;s(heard of the “Brain Drain) and boll*ckeds the economy up then.

    People in the BBC, the left and Labour Party may not like it but the people who will get us out of this mess are firstly the entrepreneurs and secondly the Banks. I’ve never seen a public sector care worker bringing wealth into the economy however laudable their job might be

  234. 234
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    What type of people become economists?

    The people who thought accountancy would be too exciting

  235. 235
    says it twice says:

    Are you from Texas?

  236. 236
    Nick Clegg says:

    Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne has officially opened one of the UK’s largest development of zero-carbon homes by dropping his trousers and letting rip with an enormous wet fart.
    His condition was later said to be satisfactory

  237. 237
    Outdoor Khazi says:

    Im feeling flushed with success

  238. 238
    concrete pump says:

    That means dealing with Egyptians unfortunately, and Egyptians can fuck right off….

  239. 239
    Lord Michael Caine says:

    ” The Cons are nearly as bad as Labour fuckers.”

    Now a lot of people know that.

  240. 240
    AC1 says:

    I disagree. There’s a hierarchy of needs (that increases in ability to substitute). but what you buy with your own money is by definition a need.

  241. 241
    Outdoor Khazi says:

    too busy bumming

  242. 242
    2,500,000 Unemployed and rising says:

    Wooow! Lets get this fucking party started!

  243. 243
    Ed Balls (Music Hall Comedian) says:

    A cop spots a huge black man dancing on the roof of a Ford and radios for backup.

    ”What’s the situation?” asks the cop in control room.

    ”There’s a darkie dancing on the roof of a Ford” says the cop.

    ”You can’t say that over the radio, use the politically correct terminology” says the control room cop.

    ”OK” he replies,”Zulu, Tango, Sierra!”

  244. 244
    David Cameron says:

    I’m downloading the Qur’an from an ebook site. I’ve got a slow connection but it should be done by Saturday the 11th.

    I’m putting it on disk, if anyone wants one I can burn a few copies

  245. 245
    Michael Gove says:

    Ed Balls gets my vote

  246. 246
    Taylorist says:

    get him to dig his hole first, then hit him with the spade

  247. 247
    NotMeGuv says:

    And a lot of good that did, well I suppose you can stand on the sidelines and shout “don’t blame me”.

  248. 248
    streamfisher says:

    Tony has just been awarded another gong by the state of Philadelphia with Liberty something or other written on it to add to his congressional medal of honour, he’ll be clinking like an Italian General before long… or the ghost of Christmas past.

  249. 249

    Sounds like the Donald Rumsfeld school of economics – “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”

  250. 250
    Andy Burnham says:

    Who says I don’t have a sense of humour ???

    A man walks into a pub with a dog under his arm. The barman see’s this and shouts out to the man “oi, we don’t allow dogs in here”. The man holds up a hand and says “ah, but wait, this is Rex the talking dog, and he can do anything that you want”

    “Bollocks” says the barman. “It’s true” says the owner and he puts Rex on the ground and says “Rex, go order me a beer”. So Rex jumps up on a bar stool and in a gruff voice says “Can I have a pint please”.

    “That’s incredible” says the bar man, “Can I have a go?” The owner smiles and replies “If Rex is allowed to stay in the pub you can”.

    The barman agrees and turns to Rex, “OK Rex here’s what I want you to do, here’s a tenner, go get me a copy of the Mirror and 20 Lambert and Butler”. So Rex grabs the tenner in his jaws and walks out the pub.

    The owner and the landlord wait and wait and wait. After an hour Rex still hasn’t come back so they go out looking for him.

    After another hour of searching and after almost giving up hope they catch sight of something down a dark alley. Sure enough Rex is down there and he’s humping a lady dog with absolute frenzy.

    “REX!!!” Says the owner “You’ve never done this before!” and Rex goes “Ha, I never had the money before”

  251. 251
    1,500,000 Illegal Immigrants says:

    Yeah, fucking this fruit picking lets go!

  252. 252
  253. 253
    Fortral says:

    But he is the white Idi Amin.

  254. 254
    Homer says:

    mmmmmmmmmm I like pie charts best

  255. 255
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    A friend of “the Beast” was observing the TUC nonsense
    Crates and crates of booze and lots of fat red faced c unts all paid for by wankers on minimum wages
    I say bring on electronic voting, as soon as some idiot presses “Labour” they get hit by a huge amount of wattage, then their family are killed

  256. 256
    Viva Cuba, Viva Fidel says:

    May Day Study Tour 2011

    27th April – 4th May 2011

    From £1,199 (seats still available). Hurry and book before the price goes down.

    Visit trade union organisations and join over 1 million Cubans at the May Day Rally in Plaza de la Revolución.

    We are organising this Study Tour in association with Havanatour, the UK’s leading Cuba travel specialist. The Study Tour will be ATOL protected (ATOL 4636) and Havanatour Booking conditions will apply.

    The Study Tour would provide the unique opportunity to:

    * Attend, by special invitation, the Cuban May Day Rally addressed by Raúl Castro and joined by over 1 million Cuban ex-public workers in Plaza de la Revolución, marking the 52nd anniversary of this special day in the Cuban political calendar.
    * Strengthen solidarity links with Sister Trade Unions and CTC, Cuban Trades Union Congress, in Havana and the provincial capital of Pinar del Río, and provide a series of related professional visits to workplaces, institutions and neighbourhoods to gain a valuable and unique insight into the continuing achievements of the Cuban Revolution and present day Cuban society

  257. 257
    Sue Perrin-Junsham says:

    Ever been to Somerfield? Or Sellafield as it is more commonly know in the Perrin-Junsham household.

  258. 258
    Allahu Akbar says:

    We are breeding fast than infidels. Soon we control the prisons. Then we drop you all from top landing. Then we laugh.

    عليه السلام

  259. 259
    SarumSea says:

    ….as the bishop said to the actress. Or perhaps these days ….as the bishop said to the bishop!!

  260. 260
    nell says:

    Haven’t you heard?

    First requirement to be a politician of any party. at any level is that you must be a champion liar.

  261. 261
  262. 262
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Idi had taste
    Fu cked the best looking women, drove a Citroen Maserati , gorged himself carried a gold plated UZI and had a 30 ft pet python that he fed people to
    Any man with a pair would consider that to be man heaven
    Sadly missed

  263. 263
    Tony Blair Triple Six Head says:

    You’ll just have to wait until I create peace in the middle east and then become the new president of Europe, haven’t you read the book of revelations?

  264. 264
    Man U 70's Fancy Dress Party says:

    most players chose a Cortina but Rooney came in an Escort

  265. 265
  266. 266
    We can shoot the rest for sport says:

    make the cons and libs too and you got a deal

  267. 267
    Sparky says:

    current Beast, thats what kills

  268. 268
    Engineer says:

    A Bentley can’t be defined as a “need” when you can buy a Ford Mondeo that will do a perfectly adequate job. But if you have the money, and wish to buy a Bentley, why not?

  269. 269
    Saving the World..Euromitigation says:

    We should buy boatloads of carbon credits at 5 cents per ton then resell it to the clueless Europeans trading carbon at nearly $20 per ton. The saps. Have seen what they pay for their electricity and food.

  270. 270
    Engineer says:

    Rumsfeld may not have been the wisest statesman ever, but in that statement he was absolutely spot on.

    Unfortunately, there are too many people around who believe their own prognostications without accepting their own limitations.

  271. 271
    Igor says:

    Has Gordon been wishing Bermuda well or something. Just about every hurricane this year has headed straight for the Island.

  272. 272
    Don't Vote says:

    For over 200 years now we have had one government after another saying they will make it better than the one before. But without fail every single one of them has taken more from us and made it worse. The only conclusion you can draw from this is that government is bad.

  273. 273
    Sue Perrin-Junsham says:

    Gordon Brown to become a visiting fellow of politics at Harvard!

  274. 274
    Moley says:

    Back to the 1980s, which I remember too well.

    Between inflation and recession the cost of new things (like cars) went up faster than it was possible to save for them.

    There are still 0% finance deals going, (but not for long).

    Inflation means buy now and don’t pay later.

  275. 275
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    More than ever I want to punch Yvette Cooper in the throat.

    She looks like Ed has already given her a good slapping, but she needs to feel the back of my hand.

  276. 276
    sAnd Still gets paid for being a full time MP. Can this be right? says:

    Cambridge, MA – Harvard’s Institute of Politics, located at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, today announced Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain (2007-10) and U.K. Parliamentary member will serve as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute this fall.

    Visiting Fellows traditionally meet with student groups; lead discussion groups on topical issues and their experiences in public and political service; and participate in public policy classes with students and Harvard University faculty.

    “We are confident our students, faculty and university community will enjoy engaging with Gordon Brown, a prominent international leader with experience at the highest levels of government and public service,” said Institute of Politics Interim Director John C. Culver.

  277. 277
    Backwoodsman says:

    Anyone who shops in the coop is directly supporting an organisation that has subsidised the labour party for years. One would hope that anyone with the good taste to be of this parish, would go the extra mile ( or 5 miles, out here in the boonies) to avoid doing so.

  278. 278
    Yarders are dumb says:

    Harvard is a special needs school

  279. 279
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    I left it an hour then came back to have a look. unfortunately looks like no one gives a toss. Thus our liberties and beans were lost for want of a toss!

  280. 280
    Tony says:

    haha – won’t affect me, i’m non dom !

  281. 281
  282. 282
    Postlethwaite says:

    Oh great luminary Guido,

    You promised us a split in the coalition government by now.
    Where is the split? Or is it another of your barmy predictions?


  283. 283
    Gordon is taking the Piss says:

    If he is in Harvard then he is hardly representing his constituents. MPs of all parties should call on gordon to stand down as an MP. This is scandalous

  284. 284
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    Soup is a Health and Safety issue. All those burnt lips pursing on hot liquid!! I’d count yourself lucky they haven’t banned it yet!!

  285. 285
    AC1 says:

    Perfect timing Gordo!

    There’s a MASSIVE education bubble in the USA that’s just about to burst.

  286. 286
    George Michael says:

    jailed. I can get some good cock now

  287. 287
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    Yvette has stepped out of her dress in one flowing, stylised movement, like a torero, the object of all eyes, trailing his cape in the dust before the baffled bull; underneath, she is naked. She looks to the side, downwards; her eyelids are so shinily pale and fine that Ed can see clearly all the tiny veins in them, blue as lapis. He takes a floating step forward until his chest is barely touching the tips of her nipples, behind which he senses all the gravid tremulousness of her breasts. She puts her hands flat against his chest and leans into him in a simulacrum of a swoon, making a mewling sound. Her hips are goosefleshed and he can feel all the tiny hairs erect on her forearms. When he kisses her hot, soft mouth, which is bruised a little at one corner, he knows at once that she has been with another man, and recently – faint as it is there is no mistaking that tang of fish-slime and sawdust – for he has no doubt that this is the mouth of a busy working girl. He does not mind.

  288. 288
    Mr Ned says:

    There is more than enough farmable land in Africa to feed the entire planet several times over. However a massive amount of the land that could be used for farming will not be used because of the wars and conflicts and corruption of the governments in Africa. This is a real ecological catastrophe with human causes (unlike CO2 bollocks)

    The problem is not growing enough food, the problem is egotistical rich bastards with guns preventing the people from getting to food, or food from being delivered to people who need it.

    Where food scarcity exists, it is because of inhuman, cruel, corrupt Governance.

    One scientific study showed that with the right land and sea management, with sustainable crops and fishing, that the earth could theoretically support a maximum of 130 Billion humans.

    Obviously that would be hideous and the waste from that size population does not bear thinking about, but it shows that any scarcity only exists because people allow and ensure that it exists.

    As the human population has doubled since the 1960’s, The Malthusian alarmists were not only predicting another ice age, then the earth burning to a crisp, they were also predicting mass starvation as the earth would never be able to keep up with the demands placed on it from the increasing population. Thankfully the Malthusians were completely wrong and our capacity to produce food overtook the rate of population growth and the world is better fed today, with almost 7 billion people, than at any point in the last 200 years. The amount of food per capita has increased as populations have increased. The amount of calories consumed per capita have increased as the population increased and the amount of protein consumed has increased as the population has increased too. The food per-capita figures from the UN are more reliable a figure than the money Per-capita as one person can skew the figures for income and wealth by having millions of pounds. They cannot skew them by having a million breakfasts!

    This green earth CAN provide for all of humanities needs. We in the affluent West throw away enough food each year to feed the world.

    There is massive amounts of food wasted both before purchase, due to the food not being exactly the right shape, colour, size,and being rejected by the supermarkets, to being thrown away as they reach their display by dates and then thrown away as people buy more food than they need and it goes off. Added together, all these reasons for food waste creates a mountain of food which is simply thrown away, or used in manufacturing processes to create mulch or methane for industrial burners.

    The idea that there is not enough food to go around is a load of Bullshit put out to increase fear and compliance with greedy people with guns.

    It is a crime that ANY human goes hungry when there is more than enough food to go round!

  289. 289
    Make the grandkids pay says:

    If Roosevelt and his chums hadn’t gone all over Keynesian in 1932, the Great Clean out of malinvestment a.k.a the bubble would have been sorted by 1934/35. As it was it lingerered and lingered.

  290. 290
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    Ed lies on his back on the sofa. He is naked and his clothes sit in sad, little heaps on the living room floor. Yvette, also naked, straddles him and with enormous verve moves piston-like over his unresponsive body. Ed’s considerable member retains a certain curiosity – it must be said – but the rest of him feels wholly disembodied, as if it attaches no intrinsic value to the matter at hand. He feels like the flenched blubber a butcher may trim from a choice fillet of prime English beef and, as the song says, he has never felt this way before. This is completely new territory for him. He can see that the hard globes of Yvette’s breasts are perfect and better than the real thing and he attempts to lift his arm in order to pinch her nipples, which are the size and texture of liquorice Jelly Spogs, or stick his finger in her arsehole or something, but realises with a certain amount of satisfaction that he can’t be fucked and he lets his arm drop to the side.
    Yvette squeezes Ed’s cock with her muscular vagina.
    ‘Wow,’ says Ed, from the depths of space.
    ‘Pilates,’ says Yvette.
    ‘Huh?’ grunts Ed.
    ‘Hunt crunches,’ says Yvette, and contracts her pelvic floor again.

  291. 291
  292. 292
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    What does Sharia law say about deleting the Koran from your computer?

  293. 293
    AC1 says:

    You’re only seeing deflation in things bought with bubble money (debt).

  294. 294
    Get real with the b'st'rds says:

    More than 10% of prisoners are muslim – freedom of info fig – yet “Guvvernment” keep insisting only 3% of population are muzzies. Oh yeh, I get it – the other 7% are illegal …or……could it be that on the whole they’d rather have 50p bent than a £1 straight?

  295. 295
    Smig says:

    Fuck off Shredded Wheat Head! And take Those C’unts Crow, Simpson, and Woodley with you.

  296. 296
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    What I would give to have a 30ft Python.

  297. 297
    Backwoodsman says:

    And don’t try burning that old ewe who popped her clogs in the 45 gal drum like you used to either !

  298. 298
    Get real with the b'st'rds says:

    F…in hell – McBroon is going to serve as a visiting Harvard fellow of Finance n he won’t be here for the Labour Conference

  299. 299
    nell says:

    Let’s not forget he has already said he intends to take an active role in at least 3 international charities, has set up his own sarah and gordon office in which he expects to employ at least 10 members of staff and has put himself on an international speakers circuit for which he expects to earn £65k a time. And now this.

    How on earth can he have any time left for his constituency?

  300. 300
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    Some of these Labour people enjoy pain!

  301. 301
    Mr Ned says:

    The cons are still a massive improvement on labour, but they are still far short of what we need.

    Labour…………..Tory Coalition…………………………………UKIP
    Shit ……………OK but still a bit shit…………………………..Good

  302. 302
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    As alert readers may have noticed, I have discovered the comic possibilities of cutting and pasting prizewinning entries from the Literary Review’s Bad Sex Awards, and changing all the names to “Ed” and “Yvette”.

    If it makes you queasy, be glad I didn’t change any of them to Tony and Cherie.

  303. 303
    Pork for Beef says:

    not if you trade not sell.

  304. 304
    Smig says:

    Go on and strike you stupid public sector fools. It won’t make a scrap of difference. The same pile of boxes to be ticked will still be there when you go back to your comfortable, fluffy, politically correct offices.

    Public Sector: It’s the retarded kid brother that eats all the crisps, drinks all the pop and vomits over everyone elses shoes.

  305. 305
    New (Deal) romantics says:

    Pure Gold. Respect.

  306. 306
    Get real with the b'st'rds says:

    Just how much has McBroon had to pay Harvard to allow him in? We need an answer now. What a runaway, no balls tosser

  307. 307
    Bomb's not Jobs says:

    My God I think you’re on to something here! Government is the problem. as a general rule Governments kill people in enourmous quantities. Individuals only engage in isolated Murder!! If only we could get back to the situation that perytained in 5000BC. Now that would be a Conservative policy!!

  308. 308
    Anonymous says:

    Gideon is hoping for a spot on Sesame Street.

  309. 309
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wonder how many 20p pieces I can fit in my foreskin?

  310. 310
    No pasaran, mate says:

    RMT GENERAL secretary Bob Crow will be joined by Alabama 3, the band behind the Soprano’s theme song “Woke Up This Morning, Aleida Guevara, Che Guevara’s daughter, Labour movement legend Tony Benn and a host of other special guests this Wednesday evening for the 7th Annual RMT Cuba Garden Party which this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution.

  311. 311
    AC1 says:

    Yes it can. You Needed the luxury, you don’t NEED a car you can walk, you don’t NEED to walk you can call..

    That leads to you don’t need anything but to be locked in a box in a coma and fed through a tube.

  312. 312
    Anonymous says:

    I await your William and Chris version with unease.

  313. 313
    UK is Crap says:

    called in the central heating man today. Told him the problem. Agreed it was the valve that needed replacement. He arrived but didn’t have valve on the van – calling again tomorrow….

    later….. freezer engineer called to repair freezer (appt made 3 weeks ago – not urgent for them). Arrived and whipped his computer out. Found the problem. Said it needed a new circuit board. Didn’t have one on the van. He could get one sent but would be useless as I couldn’t programme it. – calling again next week after having ordered part…..

    Don’t ya just love this country …..

    Oh, hang on it’s FedEx outside … what, the wine (Mouton Rothschild) I ordered from Bordeaux,France yesterday has just arrived. Now that’s customer service for ya!!!

  314. 314
    Tony Ward says:

    I have all the cocoa and choccy cartel

  315. 315
    Another UKIP voter says:

    Actually it feels really good to know that I didn’t personally enable a bunch of treasonous criminals.

    How’s that working for you? Don’t worry. In a couple of years time the other half of the LibLabCon will have mesmorized you, and you will be able to vote for them. Slave.

  316. 316
    Smig says:

    This would be the same “post-consumer waste” that I have to sort into seperate bins in order for my city council to collect it and sell it to recycled material companies at a profit to themselves.

    The very same “post-consumer waste” that if I don’t sort it and put it out in a different bin, the Environazis will try and take me to court, in order to extract a few more coin from my pocket.

    Here’s the kicker. That “post-consumer waste” belongs to me. I paid for it when it was wrapped around a load of sausages and milk. Why the fuck should I be forced to give it to a bunch of fucking imbeciles that thought investing in Iceland was a good idea.

    Fuck ‘em all. I hope they all die of Amoebic Dysentry.

  317. 317
    Mr Ned says:

    Maslow created a hierarchy of needs, This pyramid is certainly compelling as a theory.

    For example, how unimportant to you is higher thinking and theorising about fine art, when you are dying for a piss? Satisfying the physical need for a piss transcends all other higher needs on the pyramid at that time.

    Likewise the need for security outweighs the need for status. People will hand over their status symbols if their security is threatened with firearms.

    He theorised that people need to satisfy lower needs before higher needs can be met and that even if the higher needs are met, they will be sacrificed to maintain lower needs.

    For example, Few people achieve self-Actualisation (for example becoming a world champion) whereas everyone finds the time and place to take a piss, even if it costs them their need for dignity occasionally.

  318. 318
    Uncontrolled border says:

    The rented sector is almost all taken up and rents kept artificially high by, millions of new arrivals.

  319. 319
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    When I was at university there was reportedly a bloke who could fit £4 under his foreskin – in the old 10p coins.

  320. 320
    you messed about howzaaaat says:

    I prefer old money, especially half crowns

  321. 321
    A scholar in his lunchtime says:

    A lot..but it’s untranslatable.

    But be sure Allah probably doesn’t like it and Moh***d would have used a PC if the the Quireshi dajjals hadn’t organised a powercut in Medina. Ammin.

  322. 322
    Anonymous says:

    George Sing us that one called “Careless Driving “

  323. 323
    Graduating thieves and murderers says:

    billy Wright whitewash

  324. 324
  325. 325
    Cuban Motorway says:

    on a picket line?

  326. 326
    Mr Ned says:

    I am saving all my waste and then burning it. Fuck the council.

  327. 327

    Just wondering what disaster will befall Harvard this fall!

  328. 328
    Graduating thieves and murderers says:

    The most secure prison on the planet. two guns were smuggled in and given to two inmates.A crucial security camera was not working, in the most secure prison on the planet, that would not happen. Someone high up in the Blair government had a hand in this.

  329. 329
    Gangsta "Cast Iron" Dave says:

    Hey Boss. Did what you wanted and cancelled the Queen’s Speech. Most of the stupid bastards didn’t notice we’d switched it with Barosso’s State of the Union one. They’ll forget next year that we’re even supposed to open parliament. To make sure, we’ll just stoke up some shit about unemployed people being lazy. Idiots!

    The funniest thing – our pals at the BBC (don’t believe what you read in the Mail. It’s just to make the backwoodsmen think we aren’t a bunch of Marxists) got the slaves to whisper the first verse of “God Save the Queen” at the Proms on Saturday. What a bunch of slaves.

  330. 330
    Sir William Waad says:

    September 14, 2011 – Harvard’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Delgado Hornswoggle, discounted reports of an outbreak of plague at the prestigious university. Coming after last week’s mass shooting and the ‘cash for degrees’ scandal, the appearance of large, painful buboes in the groins and armpits of 15 sophomores led to fresh rumours that the ‘Curse of Jonah’ (Britain’s ex-premier J. Gordon Brown) had struck again…..

  331. 331
    herewegoagain says:

    On the nose, Mr Ned, but no-one will listen, especially those at the top. Far easier to carry on receiving the corporate dollar, less so to think of alternatives.

  332. 332
    Lard Prezza of Stupid upon Hull says:

    You may copy me Pickles, but I did it first. One hundred thousand new homes built on a sinking flood plain. Still when the inevitable happens we can always blame it on Global Warming or summat, ha ha ha. Now that’s concretabulous!

  333. 333
    Smig says:

    Here comes the new boss. Same as the old boss.

    Blue, red, or yellow it makes no difference, they’re all liars.

    Although the Blue ones aren’t usually as ugly and vulgar as the Red ones.
    Most of the Yellows are gay vegetarians.

  334. 334
    Anonymous says:

    Sir Lord Michael of Caine

    I respectfully suggest that a lot of people know that the Progressive/Marxist Tories are even worse than Labour, but are in deep denial.

  335. 335
    Pieman Prescott says:

    So do I, but I can never eat a whole one.

  336. 336
    Anonymous says:

    What idiot thinks having Broon on board enhances the Universities reputation cause it doesnt !!! Bloody Rubbish University. Poison Ivy League Now.

  337. 337
    anonymous says:

    all the oxord university students on universally challenged last night will never work in a factory , no they’re all studying the arts and languages and have probably all got top civil service jobs lined up with daddy

  338. 338
    Tumay says:

    thats what Ozzy has in mind, something akin to 5000 BC

  339. 339
    Henrik Bollockoff says:

    stop using the the word “mate” and use the word “jackson” instead

    ie – have you got a light Jackson?

    – oi Jackson, you have dropped something

  340. 340
    Johnny says says:

    We have to afford the one you rent to the protection squad at the bottom of your garden though.

  341. 341
    anonymous says:

    and gary lineker and gobby logan

  342. 342
    Smig says:

    I like your way of thinking. I may even burn it in a pot bellied stove and keep my hovel warm this winter.

    Nice work on the Liebour – Coalition – UKIP diagram.

  343. 343
    farmer anonymous says:

    well, I’ve been self-sufficient in beetroot for three years running now

  344. 344
    Susie says:

    You can tell how bad their greengrocery is by the very successful green grocers trading next door but one in our Suffolk town — he charges the same prices but the produce is a good week fresher than the Co-op’s.

  345. 345
    Johnny says says:

    The forthcoming eco-wibble taxation will be another ‘unexpected’ excuse for inflation staying above target. This year it is VAT going back up to 17.5%. Next year it will be the VAT rise to 20%. The year after it will be green taxes.

  346. 346
    Political Strategy says:

    I think we should throw petrol on them.

  347. 347
    Mike Hunt says:

    Did he?

  348. 348
    anonymous says:

    got your medal today hey Tone, you lying crazy fucker……?

  349. 349
    The Office of Guido Fawkes says:

    “Guido Fawkes has learned that Mr Brown intends to be in the Commons to vote against key elements in the coalition government’s constitutional reforms.”

  350. 350
    Officer Dibble says:

    I observed Mr Michael was wide eyed and spaced out

  351. 351
    Bob Crow - Abandoned by the Castro's says:

    Sorry I’m washing my hair that day

  352. 352
    George Theodolliplops Michael's arsehole to be stretched beyond all recognition for "8 weeks" says:

    I’ll never have a problem with my QE in future, mate.

  353. 353
    Fiddler-Diddler says:

    Boys will be boys!

  354. 354
    a peasant from Kosovo says:

    We onlys pick fruit seeins you lazy son of beeches wont.

  355. 355
    Mr Ned says:

    And people who feel that they ought never be held to account for anything. because if they are ever wrong, it is because “economics is just so darned complicated.”

    It is really simple.

    Central banks create money (mostly) out of thin air and then lend it out charging interest upon it. (Through various ways and means to other banks and Government)

    ONLY the money needed to create the loans is lent into circulation whereas the money to pay back the interest on the loan is NOT created at the same time as the money for the loan. ONLY the loan money is created, NOT the interest.

    There is never enough money in circulation to pay the outstanding debt PLUS the interest on all the loans in existence (by design) so some people will have to go out and borrow more to keep up repayments.

    This NEW money is also created largely out of thin air and without the interest, so the money supply is increased.

    This increase in the money supply is inflationary.

    Sometimes the banks are happy to make lots of loans and create more than enough money to meet the required repayments on the majority of loans at any one time.

    When the banks are making all these additional loans and the money supply increases faster than the loan repayments required, an economic BOOM happens.

    When the Central Banks stop issuing as many loans and call in existing loans then this will contract the money supply, then there is not enough money being added to the amount in circulation to repay loans and people fall into default and we get an economic crash, or a recession.

    At this point the banks take real valuable assets from people in the form of property and land and it cost the Banks NOTHING, just electronic bits of data invented out of thin air and stored in a bank’s computer database.


  356. 356
    Francisco Franco says:

    We did in the end, Dolores, we did in the end. And then made your lot clean up the mess you’d left at gunpoint.

  357. 357
    Anonymous says:

    Who Cares.

  358. 358
    Clusterfuck 2 says:

    After 30 million pound and 6 years no one knows how the guns got in.this lot ,the T*ories are not going to try and find out how, using savings as an excuse. wrights dad is not happy and I don’t blame him.expect some retribution from some for this.

  359. 359
    George says:

    oooo I can’t wait, should help with me soprano.

  360. 360
    Mr Ned says:

    Only when the IAPAC need to use more scare tactics to fundraise and lobby.

  361. 361
    secret agent says:

    this is an exclusive picture of Gordon’s playhouse erm shed what he does his writin in

  362. 362
    Fiddler-Diddler says:

    Whilst Godo’s doing digging that hole, get him to dig a second one.

    We can always put Tone in there and then they could lie together … just like they do in real life!

  363. 363
    The Office of Guido Fawkes says:

    Gordon Brown

    Lets hear it for GB!!!!!!!!

    Three cheers for Gordon Brown

    Hip Hip………………

  364. 364
    Li Khanarrow says:

    You must be one hell of a big fruit fly – or maybe just a big fruit.

  365. 365
    Susie says:

    Yep and that’s the City and its 23% tax revenues gone. (Wherever the head office is registered, that’s where they pay tax on their profits). Of course it will suit the Germans who’ve been after the City of London’s business ever since they lost the war.

  366. 366
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    Gordon Brown has been appointed convenor of the Global Campaign for Education, and will be working with Queen Rania of Jordan

    Guido Fawkes wishes him the very best of luck

  367. 367
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget that twat from Sainsburys.

  368. 368
    Susie says:

    What hair?

  369. 369
    The Golem says:

    And Jill Dando.

  370. 370
    Class 5c says:

    after weeks of negotiations Gordon Brown had been appointed pencil sharpner and chair stacker

    Quote from Gordon – “I will do my best”


  371. 371
    Mr Ned says:

    I shall tell you what isn’t going up faster than inflation. Wages in the private sector. Stripping out bonuses for executives and bankers, the overall level of private sector payrise is nill, and may be falling.

    In my case I have had my monthly pay reduced by £200.00.

    I am NOT keeping up with inflation. My spending has dropped through the floor and is NOT creating any inflationary pressure in the economy at all.

    It is overseas challenges (cost of raw goods, oil, materials, foods) rising that is causing inflation here. Not rampant wages and rampant consumption or QE.

    The Bank of England is right to say that deflation is more likely medium term, because more and more people are cutting back, repaying debt and facing reductions in income. This situation cannot drive inflation, if anything it is a brake on inflation.

    Increasing costs of food from overseas, oil, materials and raw goods are what is driving inflation here, and neither the Government, nor the bank of England have ANY effect on those things. All they can do is try to reduce the impact of those imported price increases on people and businesses who are already struggling economically with weak demand and poor sales.

  372. 372
    Susie says:

    Or did you mean washing my heir? Would have thought he/she was grown up enough to do it themselves.

  373. 373
  374. 374

    When did that promise get made? When was that predicted? In your imagination?

  375. 375
    Scrobs says:

    Soldier’s shillings…

    And this is where most of the money should be going, not some blasted quango on expenses.

    A chum sent me this today, and having just heard that if you signed up for active service in the TA, and went over there and got killed, your family’s pension entitlement would be peanuts compared to that allowed to a regular, I think this displays a similar blind uncaring organisation which needs to be taken down a few pegs.

    Imagine the outcry if MPs started their non-jobs on the same basis; they’d be squealing all the way to Brussels, whimpering ‘sorry…’.

    The link’s at the bottom.

    Early Day Motion [EDM 1053]
    Rank and Pension of Soldiers Killed on Active Service

    ‘That this House, convinced that the courage and devotion to duty of members of the British Armed Forces who are killed while on active service for their country should be recognised and rewarded in every possible way, particularly by the pensions and help given to the families they leave behind , recommends that the Ministry of Defence’s rule providing that pensions on promotion are payable only after the role for the new rank has been held for a year should be revoked for those killed in the service of their country so that their families are paid the rate appropriate to the rank held at the time of death; and considers that the family of Sergeant Matthew Telford of Grimsby, promoted to the rank in June 2009 but killed by an assassin in Afghanistan in November of that year, along with Guardsman Jimmy Major of Cleethorpes and three other soldiers, should be paid the full pension appropriate to the rank he was proud to honour at the time of his death’.

  376. 376
    Fiddler-Diddler says:

    We are right royally screwed – The BoE are just making up the right side of the chart all blobby and indistinct and calling it a FAN Chart ffs.

    My 2 year old grandaughter paints pictures that look like those Fan Charts … all it shows is that the BoE haven’t got a fucking clue where we are headed!

  377. 377
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    David Cameron is doing a shit job as Prime Minister

    FFS where is the Tory twerp ?????

  378. 378
    Sir William Waad says:

    Have you just come into some money, Gord?

  379. 379
    Anonymous says:

    OK? OK? WTF !

  380. 380
    Damian McSnide says:

    ef off thats my job

  381. 381
    Grant Mitchell says:


  382. 382
    Yanks take the p*ss and get their own back for Brown's "It started in America" Jibe says:

    AND Gordon has been made Visiting Fellow at Harvard in Politics and I’m not making it up he’s delivering the Macolm”Wiener”(look it up) Lecture later this month on 23rd(which conveniently means he may have to miss the Labour Conference when it appoints new leader on 25th)(co-incidence?

  383. 383
    We know best says:

    Government sticking their oars in. The more they do it the more investors stay away. could be why the banks won’t come up with the goods.

  384. 384
    Anonymous says:

    Wait until we inevitably adopt euro-style tenancy laws. Trust me on this – I have immediate relatives in 3 other EU countries and I have private and commercial property in europe. The rental market that we are accustomed to will get fkd beyond belief.

  385. 385
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    First Di died, then Dodi died, Dido’s shitting herself!

  386. 386
    Branston Pants says:

    Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da
    Whack for my daddy, oh
    Whack for my daddy, oh
    There’s chutney in the jar, oh

  387. 387
    City News says:

    He has also been appointed as Honorary Grand Master of the Most Honourable Company of French Polishers for “services to the industry” whilst PM.

    An unamed spokesperson said. “During his tenure in Downing Street our busines increased by 70%.At one stage we couldn’t keep up with the restoration work for desks;chairs and the like”

  388. 388
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    I watched a bit of the TUC conference on the haunted fish tank today. It seems that one after another shouty person went on stage to rant in to the microphone. I thought there must be a reason for this and then the camera swept round the hall to reveal the true reason. They are all lardarses! Almost without exception great wobbly jowls, bingo wings, heads that merge in to shoulders without as much as a ‘by your leave’ or even a neck. Great flabby double (and treble) chins, beer guts, pie pouches and some of the women had arses that defied the known laws of mechanics.

    Starving and downtrodden? Er.. no!

  389. 389
    Masochists R US says:

    Do you heat them up on the “Gas Ring” first ?

  390. 390
    100$ an oz says:

    cheers me up. I’ve been buying silver for 2 years.

  391. 391
    jgm2 says:


    Is there no end to the man’s desire to fuck things up?

  392. 392
    Barry says:

    I blame BRITISH Petroleum

  393. 393
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Why did they need guns? If you want to kill a man there are plenty of ways without the need for firearms. Most prisons are well supplied with homicidal nutters who would do it for a laugh let alone offers of money or a shorter sentence.

  394. 394
    Arkwright says:

    Yes, he just had a wank in my till………………………..ffffffffff……fffffff….etch a cloth Granville

  395. 395
    AC1 says:


    Try again.

    Have a read on money velocity.

  396. 396
    Jus Saying says:

    Philadelphia is only well known for AIDS.

  397. 397
    Messrs, Crow, Woodley, Simpson, Etc - 1970's R Us says:

    Imagine how life would be without the union modernisation fund……..up the workers……….Maggie Maggie Maggie OUT OUT OUT!!!!

    Long live the miners and shipbuilders…..eeerr in ……North Korea.

  398. 398
    AC1 says:

    I added the missing bit on the end GORDON BROWN FINANCIAL WIZARD’s Sleeve.

  399. 399
    Not if they kill you first says:

    They are always better armed than the public

  400. 400
    Prison Gave Me A Sore Arse says:

    Getting raped up the ass is still getting raped up the ass no matter what colour man does it to you.

  401. 401
    Chinese industrial saboteur says:

    Good work lads, we’ve transferred several million to your Swiss bank accounts.

    If you can keep your members out on strike we Chinese will stand a better chance of winning contracts and putting your airlines and manufacturing plants out of business.

    Long live our THE revolution.

  402. 402
    AC1 says:

    Nope they’re just 3 times more likely to commit crime against the infidels.

  403. 403
    Just asking says:

    You sound the same. Are you a no neck lard arse fatty?

  404. 404
    Jack Droner says:

    May’s General Election was an outstanding victory for Labour and my wife is a stunner.

  405. 405
    Unsworth says:

    Bang on, Mr Ned. The African squats in the dust with palms outstretched waiting for the next handout. The White Man’s Burden, eh?

  406. 406
    All Lib Dems are tossers says:

    Oh yes please simon r. Permission to wield the spade. I wont miss – honest!

  407. 407
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m still here.

  408. 408
    page not found says:

    404 error

  409. 409
    Mitch Mitchell says:

    First Jimi….. then Noel……. Is there a pattern developing here?

  410. 410
    Evie Lennon says:

    And they [the lousy Co-op] don’t serve our armed forces if they are in unifom – nuff sed!

  411. 411
    Jack Droner says:


  412. 412
    do not feed the mongs says:

    all pointed out yesterday but the mongs on here failed to take it in.

  413. 413
    Grassy Knollington says:

    All that, and crap beer too

  414. 414
    Gas man says:

    One fatal flaw in that plan Smig is you might die from the fumes

  415. 415
    My Friend Is An Arms Trader says:

    She and her friends are I.D.F. or C.I.A. for sure no one can get into Iraq ‘for hiking purposes’ or that close to the Iran border without the proper security clearance or money upfront.

    Believe me if players working the UK and USA government selling weapons have to bribe Iraqi security with a shitload of money everytime they go to the country how did these three morons just waltz through the country?

  416. 416
    More to this story says:

    Try booking an flight to Iraq for hiking purposes at your local travel agent and see how far you get.

  417. 417
    Just Sayin' Like... says:

    Dodi did her doggy

  418. 418
    Just Sayin' Like... says:

    Sectarian mass murdering psychopath murdered by sectarian mass murdering psychopaths.

    Booo fucking hoo.

    It’s the £30m wasted on the farce of an inquiry I weep for.

  419. 419
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Is someone at Marks and Spencer taking the mick?

    2.35% AER – a cracking rate for your savings, not when CPI inflation 3.1%, RPI inflation 4.7% it isn’t.

    Looks like a negative rate from this end of the ether.

  420. 420
    cost a lotta says:

    parcel it up and send it to them without stamps on,they have to pay the post office.can i just add …bastards

  421. 421
    phil mitchel says:


  422. 422
    equal pay for equal deads says:

    why should rank play a part, they are all the same rank…dead

  423. 423
    Guido's crystal balls says:

    iyou’ve been suggestong zimbabwe style levels of hyperinflation are just around the corner for well over a year now

  424. 424
    jimmy hill says:


    but didn’t Maslow also manage Derby County in the sixties??

  425. 425
    Gordon Brown says:

    I don’t know what you mean, Engineer

  426. 426
    Unsworth says:

    Florins, tanners, ten bob notes, farthings, guineas. What happened to them?

  427. 427
    White Van Man says:

    With and arsehole in the middle.

  428. 428
    Tapestry says:

    Prechter On Inflation/deflation

    The case for runaway inflation seems so logical. Over the past eight years, the Fed’s lending rates have twice fallen to zero, meaning that credit is free. The Fed has created $1.5 trillion of new money. Central banks around the world have offered unlimited, cost-free credit. The government is spending money like mad. And the Fed and the Treasury have bailed out or guaranteed another trillion or two of bad debt and promise to cover even more. Oh, and the Chairman of the Fed swore eight years ago that he would drop money from helicopters.

    There is only one problem with the logic involved: It does not lead us to present conditions. In the great inflations of history – such as what occurred in Germany in the 1920s and Zimbabwe in the 2000s — several things happened: The money supply zoomed; interest rates soared to double and triple digits; commodity and stock prices went up; consumer prices rose relentlessly; and people raced to get rid of money as fast as they got hold of it.

    Today, not one of these events is happening. In fact, the opposite is happening: M3 (a measure of the amount of money and credit in the system) is contracting at its fastest pace since the 1930s. Interest rates on Treasury bills are stuck at zero. The CRB index of commodities is at half its value of just two years ago. The stock market is lower than it was 10 years ago. The PPI and CPI (measures of producer and consumer prices) have a zero rate of change. People are struggling to get anyone to part with a dollar: They can’t get loans, they can’t sell their houses, and they can’t land a job. And Walmart is cutting prices. This is the “Bizarro” version of Germany and Zimbabwe: everything’s backwards.

    Crux: Well, not everything. Gold is at all-time highs.

    Prechter: And so are Toronto real estate and vintage wine. But let’s put these markets in perspective…

    British inflation is artificial, in the sense that energy prices have tumbled, oil from $140 to $75, natural gas from $14 to $4, yet your gas and electric bills are no lower. Nor is petrol at the pump. In the US where the consumer insists that retail prices match market prices, deflation took over three months ago. It would be the same in Britain, except the government permits extortion by utility companies and energy providers to raise the level of revenue which otherwise would be collapsing. The only inflation is the cost of government.

    Guido’s about twenty years early with his inflation warnings, or possibly fifty.

  429. 429
    Fidel Castro says:

    You can only print money for 60 years me chums

  430. 430
    Archie says:


  431. 431
    The Office of Guido Fawkes says:

    If David Cameron is most afraid of David Miliband and David Miliband is most afraid of Ed Miliband then doesn’t that make Ed Miliband 2X more intimidating than David Miliband would be as a leader?

    Guido is endorsing Ed Miliband to lead Labour

  432. 432
    The (Slim and Lovely) Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Nope, my BMI is well in to the correct half of the chart. Not sure how I can “sound the same” on the basis of few lines of text. Maybe you don’t like criticism of the Bruvvers and Sisters. Maybe you are a wee bit plump yourself, would like to be thinner and can only deal with this yearning by comfort eating more puddings, pizzas and pies.

    When I saw the conference coverage, it was obvious that the capitalists aren’t the only fat cats. Look for yourself, it’s on the telly.

  433. 433
    Smig says:

    It’s ok Gas Man. A few fumes won’t make difference to this carbon monoxide addled smoker :)

    And it is a rather draughty hovel.

  434. 434
    keddaw says:

    Gold is the biggest bubble in human history.

    Japan has used QE and has had a decade of deflation.

    Other than that I quite agree.

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George Galloway says of his former Respect candidate the UKIP MEP turned Tory, Amjad Bashir…

“Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment, only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

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