September 2nd, 2010

The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown

The official line is that Gordon will not be commenting on Blair’s confirmation that he was indeed a dreadful PM and appalling team-mate, but then we’ve all heard that before. Instead he has chosen today, randomly, to announce the setting up of The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown that will be paid for by his after-dinner speeches. So it won’t be creating many jobs then.

In a dig a Tony his statement makes much out of the various, unpaid, international aid roles he  is taking up. There was some speculation he was taking soundings for Shadow International Development Secretary, but today’s statement gives no mention of that.  So still no news on whether he intends to turn up to Parliament next week…


  1. 1
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    “he makes much out of the various, unpaid, international aid roles”

    Speaks for itself, really.


  2. 2
    smoggie says:

    Let sleeping dogs lie.


  3. 3
    Sarah Brown says:

    My office is in Canterbury.


    • 29
      Gene Hunt says:

      My orifice is in Canterbury.


    • 46
      Dick Scratcher says:

      …but that doesn’t explain why you walk like Charlie Chaplin.


    • 93

      Guido … I think you thought you had a scoop and you didn’t …

      You ended up looking stupid.

      This is probably a pretty good explanation as to why you blog and don’t do any serious journalism.

      It’s no wonder you’re now in hiding. Idiot !!


      • 121
        Dave says:

        Yes “serious journalists” really kept us informed during the new labour years didn’t they.? Reporting on handouts from new labour for 13 years and when it’s all over saying they new what was going on all the time. What possible use is that to anyone?


        • 126
          MSM state liars says:

          In a post democracy, it’s the job of the media to keep the plebs distracted and in the dark.


        • 144
          jgm2 says:

          Quite so. The same ‘serious’ journalists who didn’t think it worth mentioning that Charles Kennedy was a complete p155he*d.

          When would they have mentioned it? When we got ohh – look, a Lib-Con coalition and CK was deputy PM? A heart-attack away from being PM? Or, like the last deputy PM, considering where to build 100,000 homes?

          A flood-plain you say? 100,000 homes on a floodplain? Are you out of your fucking mind?

          Oh excuse me. He didn’t say that at all. Probably couldn’t hear the question on account of his secretaries legs clamped around his stupid fat head.


          • Brokeback Cameron says:

            Dont be beastly about Nick. I love his Lib-Con coalition CocK.


          • Just saying like.... says:

            Why do you need to say p155he*d rather than p155he*d here? You’d almost think some fat mud slinging wanker was over sensitive about something!

            The last line of you post did make me “LOL” though, jgm2.


      • 293
        Guardian readers says:

        We only read serious journalists like Polly “Tuscan villa” Toynbee and Sir Michael “Please please please make me a lord” Shite.


      • 296
        Anonymous says:

        Mong Dildo, why don’t you write a blog of your own if you’re none too impressed with this one?

        Oh hang on, you already promised that already didn’t you, titfer?

        Anyway, we wait with bated breath for your own scoops.


    • 99
      McPoison says:

      you’re a muff diver and we all know it


    • 104
      Goose Sauce says:

      Lots of homophobe Bee n Pee twats on here….


  4. 4
    Tankboy says:

    Does anyone really care what that lunatic does – as long as he stays away


  5. 5
    Good riddance to shit rubbish says:

    Let us relive this glorious moment again.


  6. 6
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Young Mr Myers could help out
    He is lookking for a new “ay ooopening”


  7. 7
    bjk says:

    Is that red bit in the middle meant to be a ‘beard’ ? How apt


  8. 8
    JizzBack Labour says:

    Don’t you DARE make fun of my Gordie! I wuv him! He makes my liddle winkie hard! I’m such a whiny little Liebore HQ twat! Waaaaaaaah! SQUIT.


  9. 9
    Albert Hall says:

    I couldn’t give a flying f*** what the bloke does just so long as its out of this country. And he stays out. He’s done more than anyone to f*** us up.


    • 53
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Do you mean something at the World Bank or the IMF? Please be careful what you wish for.


      • 146
        Shock News!! Unprecedented demand for Bliar Book caused by AlJaBeeba! Unknown effect on Tellytax! says:

        AlJaBeeba, the propaganda arm of Noo_Lie_Bore has, through its country wide network of minions, bought up every single copy of Bliar’s New Book, Jig-a-Jig, driving it to the top of the best-seller lists. It is believed this will prevent the sheeple discovering what a two-faced, double-crossing, conniving, smarmy little shit the predecessor to Brhoon was.

        It is noted that Brhoon himself was every bit, and more so, a conniving, two-faced, double-crossing . . (cotd p 94)


        • 348
          Biffo says:

          I thought it was quite funny that it showed bundles of Blair’s book on the news while they wittered on about it being a runaway success. Obviously they hadn’t noticed the little red ‘Half Price’ sticker on all the front covers.
          I pointed them out to my OH & we laughed long & loudly – even using spin to try & sell his manky book. Leopards never change their spots do they?


        • 393
          Earwig O Agen says:

          The best bit about the BBC coverage of the news of the book’s release was a whole load of them with “half price” stickers on the front cover – and on launch day too!


  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    “So still no news on whether he intends to turn up to Parliament next week…”

    Let’s hope they’ve had the sense to change the fucking locks.


  11. 11
    Aaaaah says:

    Can’t you see the real, authentic love between them? Can’t you feel the chemistry they have?


    • 33

      The only chemistry he had was like copper sulphate in water.
      Turned the country from red to a bluey yellow..


    • 137
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      It might just be chemistry, but there’s certainly no biology anf f*ck all of the physics.


    • 254
      Brown and till out forever says:

      This piece of excrement is worse than Adolf Hitler – this utter lump of stinking crap is the worse than a murderer.

      He must be taken down for good – 6 feet under the ground.

      Brown – the worst moron to ever be allowed south of the Scottish border.

      As for Eva Braun his ghastly wife?

      Lamp post.



      • 381
        Southern Softy says:

        Deep down everyone has something in their favour.
        A’Dolph had the decency to bite the bullet. Albeit much too late.
        I’m still waiting to find out what McRuin’s redeeming feaature is.


    • 303
      Anonymous says:

      The breakfast body language speaks volumes…


    • 421
      Kronos says:

      Watch it without the sound on – Sarah’s blank face looks at Gordon tells it own story. it only finally dawns on her the she needs to look interested only when she speaking. The instant hand clasp followed by the faster that light hand pulling away tells its own story….. god this pair are nauseating.


  12. 13

    He wants to become a tax payer funded Bono.

    Where is the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath lynch mob demanding his resignation?


  13. 14
    Anonymous says:

    “Gordon Brown’s global work will focus on those areas where he believes he is best placed to make a difference”

    is that “best placed” in the same way that he said the uk was “best placed” to weather the economic storm that he’d created and send us as a nation to complete bankruptcy?

    What fuckwits are actually employing/listening-to this evil fucking idiot?


    • 350
      Biffo says:

      ‘best placed to make a difference’ – a lampost along the Embankment, complete with a length of chicken wire would do it for me.


  14. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t the useless fucking Hunt just do himself in, doing everyone a favour in the process?


  15. 18
    NBeale says:

    According to “W3C does not have a typical organizational structure, nor is it incorporated” and it does not have a Board. It has an “Advisory Board .. an advisory body elected by the Advisory Committee”.


  16. 20
    Lawd Lavender of Looe says:

    COMING SOON: ” The constant abuse, the pain, the humiliation”, by The Office equipment of Gordon & Sarah Brown. Sunday Special.


  17. 21
    the last quango in paris says:

    what does the office do then? are they lawyers? do they solve crimes? do they publish crap books? do they give p r advice to the labour party?


  18. 23
    Announcement from Mordor (Kircaldy branch) says:

    “He will also join the board of the World Wide Web Foundation.”

    There goes the internet.


    • 81
      Jacob Stoatgobbler says:

      Its already gone – Verizon and Google fixed that last month


      • 394
        Deranged Barmpot Bigot says:

        After the death of Jon Postel, the death of Net Neutrality is the worst thing ever to happen to the internet. Five years from now, you’ll be lucky to find an Order-Order channel on your Boxee box (or even want to, what with Hulu, Canvas and Netflix streaming programming into your Telescreen).

        Maybe Guido will go postal; weekly samizdat updates delivered through your letterbox.


  19. 27
    Anonymous says:

    “International aid roles” He should never be allowed to have any responsibility for tax payers money again. This is a guy who thinks you can buy acclaim and enhance your legacy by throwing someone else’s money around.


  20. 28
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Hague hust been on TV describing himself as angry and fed up
    There we all were thinking that he was actually quite gay
    Anyway on an upbeat note come Holloween he can go about trick or Treating whilst dressed as a pirate
    He already has the beard and hasnt got a leg to stand on


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      Angry and fed up eh? Bless, he misses his chum.


    • 40
      Anonymous says:

      clerkenwell is quite gay. Explain yourself.


    • 49
      Archer Karcher says:

      Oddly I am angry and fed up with wee Willie Hague. I object most strongly at being forced by threat of imprisonment, to fund dictators, drug warlords and defective regimes worldwide.
      I am angered that far richer countries than ours recieve aid money extorted from poor people in this country, for their pet space / nuclear projects.
      I am horrified that countries that treat their citizens like shit and slaves, get a single penny from hard pressed working people in this country, to be spunked away on palaces for elites, private jets and villas in southern France. Just so jumped up petty frauds like Willie Hague, can posture on the world stage as statesmen.
      I want his hand out of my pocket and to tell the EU to mind it’s own business about how we regulate our society and look after our own citizens interests first and foremost, before any other consideration.


    • 65
      Number 10's cat says:



    • 118
      Mr Benn says:

      good job theres no photos of him dressed up as a cowboy then.


  21. 30
    Engineer says:

    From the FT article about Brown’s statement;

    “(Incidentally, we asked Ed Balls if his old mentor could come back to the shadow cabinet doing international development; not in a million years was the gist of his response.)”

    Nice to see such respect among old colleagues.


  22. 31
    Braveheart says:

    Yesterday William, today Gordon, who next for the hate treatment…?


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      Gordon again I hope. What a Hunt. Scotch to boot.


      • 64
        tears of a brown clown says:

        “Yesterday William, today Gordon, who next for the hate treatment…?”

        You’ve visited this site often enough, you must know he’s the biggest box office draw on here.


        • 91
          Braveheart says:

          Someone, anyone, to hate, that’s the fodder for the denizens of this particular cesspool.

          All Tories, of course……..


          • Engineer says:

            You could always pop over to Labourlost and have a good old grumble about Thatcher.


          • Fu**ed off says:

            Hear hear! They’re all of the same genetic cesspool that is ‘politics’. They love to spout about their ‘politics’. Diane Fatbutt is one of the worst contenders. She bangs on about ‘politics’ this and ‘politics’ that.

            It’s a bloody obsession to them. They think it marks them out as higher beings. They’re totally selfish with it. The result is an utter mess of inflated egos bashing against other inflated egos. The country sinks in a quagmire under the weight of so many micro self interested arseholes.

            All parties do it. Fuck this game. I’ve had enough.


          • Anonymous says:

            Piss off Engineer you sanctimonious smug git.


          • slaveheart says:

            “All Tories, of course……..”

            Er…no, we hate anybody of any political persuasion, unlike partisan twats like you.


          • Cherry Pie says:

            In Thailand we have many brave men in frocks just likee Scotchland…

            but sober and cheaper


          • Blair is a War criminal and we award him by buying his book in record numbers says:

            Who’s this We?


    • 38
      Engineer says:

      Well, there’s some tittle-tattle circulating that Lord Mandelson is having an appropriate relationship with a female secretary – sharing an office, that sort of thing.


      • 42
        Mr Plum says:

        Should that have been inappropriate


      • 44
        The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

        Hague must be blackmailing Mandelson
        “Call off the attack dogs or I will out you as a heterosexual”


      • 61
        Dick Scratcher says:

        …diving in the typing pool.


        • 141
          Maximus says:

          Brings back memories of serving articles at a City accountants way back when there were specialist accounts typists to knock them out. Us clerks were expected to proof them in the typing pool. For some reason the typists sat around three sides of the room on a platform 18″ high facing into the room. The proofing of the accounts was done at a desk on the floor facing in… did things get hot in there. (BTW don’t call me an accountant: I’m not).


      • 112
        A TOTAL TWAT says:

        unless maybe you realise that the accusations and smearing won’t stop and theres no way tossers like guido will ever give up on the allegations. People seem to forget in the spectacle that there are real people in the middle of these dramas


        • 167
          Fu**ed off says:

          People like you seem to forget it’s public money.



        • 171
          gildedtumbril says:

          The ‘real people’ you refer to usually turn out to be worthless arseholes


        • 172
          I’m weeping buckets of tears here says:

          There are real people on the receiving end of moronic government policies as well.

          Perhaps the fucking political class should remember that.


        • 180
          Mad Jock McGinty says:

          So we should just ignore the fact that Hague employed Myers inappropriately then? And if he isn’t a shitstabber then no harm done shurely? He’s a fucking minster of state not a fucking choirboy. It’s tossers like Guido that help to ensure that these people don’t get away scotch free everytime and makes them a little more accountable to the people that pay their wages – us the taxpayer. You’re right, you are a total twat.


        • 194
          lolol says:

          he’s taking the piss


        • 231
          Blair is a War criminal and we award him by buying his book in record numbers says:

          Politicians seem to forget that there are real people with real challenges paying their fucking wages. There is sometimes a cost to sucking on the public teat.


  23. 41
    william says:

    I suggest Gordon Brown applies ,as a mature student,for a place at Cambridge to read economics.If his previous academic record stands up to scrutiny, and he does not fluff the interview, both of which are by no means certain,then we have got rid of him for three years.He might then learn something about the economic cycle, which has not been abolished,about the limits of Keynesian intervention,about the importance of banks being regulatd by people who know how banking works,about how economic history shows that centrally controlled economies ultimately fail (the old USSR), and how successful economies have always contained a large and vigorous private sector.If he manages to pass his degree with distinction, by no means certain, he could then apply to do a PhD in development economics. This would keep him out of harm’s way for a further 3 years.He would also learn a good deal about the disconnect between successful developing countries, and the amount of aidthey have reeived from the western taxpayer.


    • 48

      Even better, by then he’ll be 65 and retired.


    • 177
      gildedtumbril says:

      Bollox with that. The bastard wee scots jessie should be tarred and feathered, then hanged drawn and quartered. Seems reasonable, to me. Nothing personal, just business.


      • 357
        Biffo says:

        I like your suggestion because –
        1) it would save us paying him either a salary or a pension while he flounces around like a poor man’s Widow Twanky writing his infamous non-bestseller ‘It wasnae me, it wasnae me – a big boy did it & ran away’.
        2) it would give the voters of Cowshed & Muckheap an opportunity to vote in an MP who might actually work on their behalf rather than his own – failing that, they could pin a red rosette on a real turkey this time round
        3) I’m sure many people in the UK & elsewhere would be happy to pay to view the tarring etc – souvenir DVDs & T-shirts – thus knocking a goodly sum off the National Debt


  24. 59
    Caz says:

    Bless. bliar has made the Middle East his ego-playground and now brown wants to do the same with Africa.

    And what is the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown? Sounds awfully like he’s trying to emulate tony who also set up his own personal office after he ceased to be PM. I do hope he isn’t going to be using money intended to run his constituency office to fund this doomed new venture.


  25. 60

    Is it a dating agency?


  26. 70
    Roger Daley says:

    On his travels could collect more roasted pigs or sheep or something like that from Middle Eastern governments or something.



  27. 71
    David Laws says:

    I’m fed up with politics and that’s why I quit.

    It had nothing to do with the scandal.


  28. 75
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Peoples of Africa, be afraid, be very afraid. Your standards of living will regress if you let Gordon Brown advise your governments in any way.

    If you want to achieve Scottish life expectancy, similar to that of East Glasgow, by all means let him in, otherwise just tell the meddlesome Hunt to fuck off back to Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath.


    • 101
      Crikey says:

      They might do well out of it actually given Gordon’s propensity for seeking to buy acclaim on the international stage. This is why he should have no influence whatsoever on how our money is distributed.


  29. 79
    Ears to the floor says:

    I’m hearing rumours on the grapevine that Hague was fitted up by his own side.

    It does have a ring of truth to it, Cameron gets rid of a potential leadership challenge candidate and Clegg gets to shoehorn a Liberal into the FO to appease the beardies.

    Before the CCHQ trolls try a poor attempt of deflection which would just be insulting please I wrote chapters in the book.

    Labour has nothing really to gain from it all, they are too busy infighting and could of taken out Hague years ago if they saw him as a real threat still which after his defeat as leader they don’t.

    Cameron has the perfect cover for the crime, pretending he is up to his neck in nappies while orchestrating such a machiavellian plot. Although this now means the gutless boy wonder does have some brains after all.


  30. 80
    Ears to the floor says:

    H.a.g.u.e. was fitted up by the Cameroons.


  31. 83
    WARNING: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing says:


  32. 84
    William and Seb says:


  33. 85
    Gordon Brown says:

    Mummy says if I behave I can have a diet cola with my din-dins. She says regular cola makes me hyperactive and throw phones. Not fair!


  34. 89
    William Hague loves G.O.A.T.S.E. says:


  35. 90
    The publics reaction to William Hagues favourite videos says:


    • 223
      Curryarse says:

      I watched a few seconds but had to pause it. It looked like it was going to turn in to one of those suicide bomber last video things where they praise the pa*do fairy in the sky before hollering, looking shifty and strapping a rather large belt on.

      Tell me it aint so daddy!


  36. 105
    Caz says:

    Thinking about it, I suppose gordon does have some useful contacts with Africa who know how to raise funding. After all sarah is a bosom pal of naomicampbell, she who accepted blood diamonds from taylor the liberian ex ruler on trial at the UN for gen+ocide.


    • 129
      useful contacts like the Tax Exile Sir Philip Green who Dave hired to look at spending ? says:

      Sir Philip Green profile

      Britain’s ninth richest person, a fixture on the London party scene, is the closest thing business has to a rock star

      Sir Philip Green with Naomi Campbell. He is one of the few British retailers to break the US, with Topshop.

      As he bellowed down the phone to the Guardian today it was hard not to notice lounge music tinkling in the background – the soundtrack aboard Green’s yacht off the Italian coast where he is entertaining Naomi Campbell and Leonardo DiCaprio this week.


      • 210
        Anonymous says:

        The political classes love ‘celebs’. They bask in their reflected glory. The glory that most uneducated idiots seem to think celebs possess. Politicians like to appeal to the lowest common denominator. This strange set of affairs mirrors how they are viewed by most – pond life.


      • 213
        they are all bastards says:

        The political classes love ‘celebs’. They bask in their reflected glory. The glory that most uneducated idiots seem to think celebs possess. Politicians like to appeal to the lowest common denominator. This strange set of affairs mirrors how they are viewed by most – pond life.

        I present the dire ‘Cool Britannia’ stunt Bliar pulled.


    • 155
      Mr Plum says:

      Always thought he would make a good front man for one of these cash for gold firms.
      Guaranteed rock bottom prices.


    • 402

      ‘Blood Diamonds’ = anything not sold through the DeBeers cartel

      Charles Taylor = pour encourager les autres.


  37. 109
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Yes. lets change the subject. Turned out nice today didnnit?


  38. 119
    Sarah Beard says:

    I love Gil.


  39. 127
    jgm2 says:

    The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown will just be another fake charity/trust fund to ensure he, personally pays no tax.

    The idea that governments, QUANGOS, captains of industry, potential Labour Party sponsors are lining up to pay this lunatic any money for his after-dinner speeches is utterly risible. The invitations exist only in his fucked up head.

    He’s just desperate to keep his name in the frame at the UN until he can scrounge some non-job funded by UK donations and kid on what a great altruistic fella he is. And that’ll be 250,000 dollars – tax free – thankyou.

    Laughable to watch him in action.


    • 148
      Maximus says:

      If only. Somehow McFuckwit seems to forget most days how to find his way to the HoC.


      • 152
        jgm2 says:

        Now that he can’t influence any decisions at the HoC he’s just treating being an MP as a sinecure position while he decides which one of his many job offers to accept.

        I wonder how long the numpty voters of Kirkcaldy will tolerate having an MP who cannot be arsed to even show up to work but still gets a stack of tax-payers cash. Although I guess that just makes him a role model for most of his constituents.


  40. 130
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m also opening my orifice. All are welcome to enter. Except women. I hate women. Bigots.


  41. 136
    Gordon Brown says:

    This general election has been a great victory for Labour. I’d like to thank the voters for giving me a mandate to govern for 5 years. I am proud to be your prime minister and will do my utmost until the end of our term in office in 2015.


  42. 139
  43. 142
    Live audio from Gordon Brown's bog in Killkiddies says:

    Hooouargh, TonyTonyTonyTony, bloooooouark, TonyTonyTony, heeeeeeaaaaughaaa…


  44. 143
    The Truth says:

    William Hague has gay sperm… they hate being in the uterus so much they cause miscarriages when they try and escape.


  45. 153
    Death to the political elite says:

    So why with the coalition’s crackdown on workshy spongers has his absence not been made an issue? Could it be that they all work to protect each other?


  46. 158
    Jon says:

    Ever done a real job that involves facts,calculations,substantiated research,or
    even a tough manual job.
    Thought not,its time you grew up,discarded your self inflicted ego,and become a
    useful member of society perhaps even helping with the diabled, terminal patients or blown apart soldiers.
    Only an idiot would name oneself Guido Fawkes,and I bet you were a real tell tale which you never managed to seperate yourself from.
    Nearing 80,been there,seen it,done it,substantiated everything spouted,and remained a source of humility and honesty.Will you ever reach that standard ??


    • 178
      There's one born every minute says:

      Nearing 80, and still believing in the honest politician?
      What the fuck have you been watching for the last 70+ years?


    • 185
      Mr Plum says:

      Are we related


    • 190
      Sit down by the fire and go to sleep grandad says:

      Fuck off you old senile koont nearly 80? look at all the shit and problems your generations have left to us to fix you bunch of useless old twats.


    • 193
      Caz says:

      “Ever done a real job that involves facts, calculations, substantiated research,or even a tough manual job.Thought not. It’s time you grew up, discarded your self inflicted ego and became a useful member of society perhaps even helping with the disabled, terminal patients or blown apart soldiers”

      Very succinct advice for gordon, bliar, mandy and prezza who are all now looking to the wider world for easy and lucrative ways to keep themselves in the public eye and make a cushy, 5star, globetrotting living.


      • 203
        William Hague's shifting sexuality says:

        What’s with this “Caz” moniker nell? Have you been through the “change”?


    • 202
      been there,seen it,done it says:

      did you sleep with Hague ?


    • 280
      narcissistic, moi says:

      You could do with a lesson in humility yourself, you smug git.


    • 309
      Cherry Pie says:

      Nearing 80 is an overestimate of your IQ. If you’re not thirtysomething, lefty and a public employee then I’m a Thai go-go dancer.


      Fiffee dollar baby..


  47. 168
    Gordons Conscience (Retd.) says:

    Nice symbiosis here.
    Good for fuck all
    Work for fuck all


  48. 173
    Nick B says:

    After dinner speeches? Who to?

    Ooooooooh, I get it… he must be doing the prison circuit: “It’s nice to be here and as the doors are locked, I guess no one will be leaving early (like in my conference speeches!”


    • 187
      Mr Plum says:

      Must be a few insomniac society’s out there


    • 191
      Roma Gypsy council of Britain says:

      He’s always welcome round our camp fire. We appreciate his sterling efforts to enrich our oppressed peoples and provide homes, pickpocketing and begging opportunities to top up the benefit payments.


  49. 183
    Caz says:

    Why haven’t they called it the Office of Sarah and Gordon Brown?

    Surely that would have been the gentlemanly thing to do.


  50. 186
    tony ben's will says:

    so all these people are in effect saying being gay is an insult,fair enough then


  51. 196
    Gordon Brown says:

    I plan a series of lectures on how I saved the world. Each lecture will cost a packet of crisps, a tube of Smarties and some fizzy pop. I will accept nothing less and there will be no negotiation.


  52. 198
    The question everyone wants answered says:

    Is Portillo gay ?


  53. 199
    Caz says:

    I wonder how Quee+n Rani+a feels about gordon trying to hijack her educational charity for his own personal ego trip?


  54. 200
    (Hideously) White Van Man says:

    so will the next Foreign Minister pleae give us back our Sovereignty? We need someone sufficiently brave to ask the neighbours if we can have our ball back please.


    • 207
      Promote another drone says:

      That rules out anybody from the EU cocksucking LibLabCon conspiracy to sell us out to Brussels parties.


    • 220
      Caz says:

      I hope william is going to stay. Whatever else he is a good Foreign Secretary, and streets ahead of that trash that we had when labour were in power.

      What he did was very silly and very naive and as a seasoned politician he should have known better. I suspect he does now.

      I also suspect the Coalition might, by now, have got the message that ‘jobs for the boys’ , a corrupt practice very prevalent in the labour government, can no longer escape public scrutiny now that the blogosphere has arrived (eat your heart out maguire – guido’s blog gets more readers than the mirror).


      • 236
        Don't dare the tabloids to come and get you if you sleep with your SpAd says:

        Hague put his job on the line with that statement.
        Any tabloid able to disprove any aspect of it can bring him down.
        And that’s down to yet more of his bad judgement.


        • 243
          jgm2 says:

          Yes he has put his job on the line.

          Now it’s up to the newspapers to put up or shut up.


          • P*kistan Cricket Team says:

            He has nothing to fear.


          • Tired and jaded says:

            The papers will be digging around OUCA 1980-81.


          • Caz says:

            Their High Commissioner says they were set up +++Laugh+++

            Er what was that mathetical formula we were taught as kids??? Oh Yes – The Law of Probability.

            Let’s see. The NOWT paid £150k for three no-balls – just the day before the match. And the Fixer described precisely where the THREE no balls would happen in the match the next day. And then they did. How amazi

            I bet the fixer and his friends in high places made a fortune on the asian betting markets didn’t he?

            Well if blood diamonds fail you it’s another good way to fund a charity gordon and very especially if your speech making plans don’t materialise either!!?


          • Anonymous says:

            Well here’s hoping they put up. Hopefully Max Clifford has a couple of cocksucking cowboys from Montana willing to spill the beans before the Sundays come out.


  55. 201
    Anonymous says:

    Max Clifford writes:
    The BBC really should not have admitted its bias. It’s one of the first rules of PR. It will now have to prove every allegation of having sex with the labour party is untrue. A few (billion) internet claims of leftie bias would have gone away if they’d just ignored them (cont’d p94)


    • 206
      (p94) says:

      Mr Clifford said that the vast majority of people in Britain would have had no doubts about Mr Hague’s sexuality if they had been asked last week.

      “Now people are asking why a multi-millionaire needs to share a bedroom,” he said


    • 235
      Caz says:

      My God – the beeb’s left wing bias is more obvious than a flashing blue light on top of a police car. It didn’t need to admit its leftwing bias. It’s a laughing stock across the world because of it. It’s just one more decent British institution that labour has destroyed.

      Their attempt to deliver ‘ news ‘, is so partisan, it has left the rest of the world’s news programmes rolling around laughing at their pathetic behaviour. Even news programmes in Russ+ia are more balanced!!

      It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

      Just imagine if we’d had a businesslike, honest beeb that had used the license fee, wisely, really economically to produce vibrant, balanced, informative news programmes instead of the leftwing dogma they are still trying to force down our throats ?


      • 237
        "It’s a laughing stock across the world because of it." says:

        Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

        He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

        He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”

        Oh dear!! But Camoron must be a Liar if you don’t doesn’t like what he says.
        Mustn’t he ?


      • 239
        Does nell spit or swallow? says:

        Just imagine if we’d had a businesslike, honest government that had used the taxpayers money, wisely, really economically to produce a vibrant, balanced, informed electorate instead of the partisan dogma they are still trying to force down our throats ?


        • 259
          Caz says:

          Well there you go. Labour were never businesslike, honest, wise or economic were they?

          As for vibrant and balanced well you only have to look at gordon for an answer to that one!!


          • look into my eyes not around my eyes says:

            Ah, ‘vibrant’, one of those words the Gramscians have perverted; like ‘fairness’, ‘inclusive’, and ‘community’. When I hear those I reach for my baseball bat.


  56. 204
    William Hague's statement is bad PR, says Max Clifford says:

    William Hague’s statement admitting that he shared a hotel bedroom with a male aide but is not a homosexual will only increase speculation over his private life, Max Clifford has said.

    But Mr Clifford, a Public Relations guru, said that the former Conservative leader had turned a “small problem into a huge problem”.

    Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme he added that Mr Hague had been given poor PR advice and there was no reason why he couldn’t have remained quiet “indefinitely”.

    Mr Clifford said that the vast majority of people in Britain would have had no doubts about Mr Hague’s sexuality if they had been asked last week.

    “Now people are asking why a multi-millionaire needs to share a bedroom,” he said.


  57. 208
    Gentle Jesus says:

    If you are 10 minutes late to sign on the dole (£65.45 per week), the filthy evil homo sadistic retarded public sector Satanic shit, will do everything they can to make sure you get no benefits for 3 months.

    This vile subhuman cu-nt from the sewers of Hell, Gordon Brown, can have months off on end without the slightest reprimand, and the cu-nt still gets £75k a year + a massively obscene pension.

    MPs are dirtiest lowest filth on Earth. They are all thieving lying shit. They are evil fucking cu-nts. They need to have acid thrown in their faces, and have shotguns fired up their arses. MPs are evil fucking filth. They are all evil trash. They are all lying scum. They are all child-abusing animals. We need to burn MPs, and burn all their evil children, and burn all their evil relatives.


  58. 214
    Newmania says:

    I don`t think I would share a room with a young openly gay man or indeed any young man in my employment. I gather it was not an isolated incident. I mean how would you suggest such an arrangement , what on earth would be the reason?


  59. 216
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:

    It’s about time this blog was disinfected of all the Liebour Trolls.


    • 232
      Anonymous says:

      You should start with yourself.


      • 256
        Socialists = Sociopaths says:

        What disinfecting the Liebour Trolls ?? No thanks, anonymouse, I prefer to steer well clear. I’ll delegate that nasty task to a vermin exterminator.


        • 282
          Puppet Master says:

          The poorly trained CCHQ ones are pissing me off more now.

          But it all could of been avoided if you had paid my fee.


  60. 218
    jgm2 says:

    That picture looks like a Rorschach test.

    I’m seeing an economy destroying lunatic. How am I doing Dr Freud?


  61. 232
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    What william Brokenarsecrack ilkleyMoor needs to be asked is
    “Have you ever had sex with another male?”
    Yes or no?
    ” yer know ahm thouroughly fed oop wid all this nonsense”
    Mr Hague have you ever had sexual reltions with another male?

    I bet he would just walk away ,confirming what we all know


  62. 246
    I Hate New Labour says:

    “his statement makes much out of the various, unpaid, international aid roles he is taking up”

    The phrase “you get what you pay for springs to mind”.


  63. 251
    Oil Rig on fire in Gulf of Mexico says:

    Do they make Oil Rigs out of wood in the U.S. ?


    • 411
      50 Calibre says:

      Yes, but not for too long because we’ll run out of trees, just like we’re running out of everything else we continue to waste big time.

      It’s what we do…


  64. 252
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Guido is still a shit.


  65. 257
    Brown and till out forever says:


    Gordon Brown

    Job done.


  66. 263
    Coulson's PR brilliance says:

    wall to wall coverage in the News and Papers yet again


  67. 265
  68. 271
    A pathetic, sponging, illiberal student from Edinburgh Eweniversity says:

    Leave Brown alone. He is our hero!


    • 279
      A pathetic, last century, blue rinsed uptight old crone from Norfolk says:

      Leave William the arse bandit alone. He is our hero.


  69. 273
    Anonymous says:

    Portillo ?????


  70. 275
    William Hague Jnr RIP says:

    It’s well known that most prominent STI in the gay community; ‘chlamydia’ can cause fertility problems and even sterility.


  71. 286
    streamfisher says:

    How to be a millionaire.


  72. 291
    Blogging Bigot says:

    A Psycho Monging Gay Jock Socialist who knows sweet fa about economics snogging a lezza who he pays to be his wife. They are a couple of weirdos who hang out in kids classroom with strange looks on their faces.


  73. 299
    Down with Brown! says:

    Newsnight reporting on Mr Hague and his pressures. Mr Hague is clearly not a fan of Guido’s blog.


  74. 301
    Down with Brown! says:

    The question still remains why did William Hague employ Christopher Myers to be a Foreign Office SPad? And why did he produce a blow-by-blow account of his wife’s uterus?


  75. 302
    Caz says:


    This is amusing! The redundant, useless, partisan,leftwing, Beeb staff are going on strike to defend their, unjustified, taxpayers, end of salary pensions!!

    When they go off air , we shall really miss them shan’t we ??!!


    • 313
      A pathetic, last century, blue rinsed uptight old crone from Norfolk says:

      When you go off air, we won’t miss you


      • 328
        Caz says:

        Oh Bless! Marr & toenails. You overpaid taxpayer troughers!!

        It’s time the beeb axed you and found some really professional newcasters who could provide us with genuine, non-partisan news .

        If the Beeb really wants to hang on to its license fee, maybe now is the time to get rid of it’s slavish labour newscasters and do something really really radical like produce really honest, balanced news reports.

        Frankly I’m not holding my breath. I suspect the Beeb’s long gone down the tube!


    • 340
      albacore says:

      What a terrible disappointment it will be if they don’t go on strike.
      Savour the dream of all those spare parts committing mass hara-kiri.


      • 418
        Deranged Barmpot Bigot says:

        “There is much less overt tribalism among the young journalists who work for the BBC.”

        By which I take Mark Thompson to mean that there is no diversity of opinion there any more, owing to thirty years of all-out war on Thoughtcrime.


  76. 305
    Down with Brown! says:

    Tim Monty not quite standing by his man 100%……………. He is expressing sympathy for Mr and Mrs Hague and admiration for Hague’s talent but is not able to say that he is telling the truth, nor does he attempt to justify the employment of Mr Myers.


    • 331
      bird wsb says:

      You all seem to be overlooking the incontravertable evidence that Mr Hague is heterosexual: namely he was too unworldly to realise that staying in the same hotel room would be an issue. Unworldliness shared, I should add, by me and several hundred thousand other heterosexual people who share a bedroom with a friend of the same sex when they go on holiday. And in our liberal society, who cares anyway?


      • 365
        Anonymous says:

        Blimey! You’re right! After all it’s perfectly normal for a multi-millionaire shadow foreign secretary in his late forties to share a room with 25 year old casually-employed driver while on the campaign trail. And it would save him lots of money… on pay-per-view gay porn.


      • 391
        Down with Brown! says:

        I don’t care at all about Mr Hague’s private life and sleeping arrangements. I do care if the Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State has repeatedly lied to the public and recruited inappropriately.


  77. 306
    Border Terrier says:

    Gordon & Sarah Brown, it is a PR stunt organised by her – good at PR – to salvage him.

    The Piers Morgan interview, the departure from Downing Street, now this.

    They are shameless frauds.


  78. 310
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget

    the cretinous spastic is going for the IMF job

    he wants to fuk over the whole planet


    • 403
      jgm2 says:

      With his track record of fucking things up then if they give him the job we must assume that they want to fuck up the entire planet.

      Naaah. He won’t get that job. He’s angling for some UN job handing out aid where he can be professionally concerned and p155 away other people’s money for the remainder of his miserable existence.

      Useless, economy-wrecking jackass.


  79. 315
    tell us something we don't know... says:

    BBC Director General Mark Thompson has admitted the corporation was guilty of a ‘massive’ Left-wing bias in the past.
    The TV chief also admitted there had been a ‘struggle’ to achieve impartiality and that staff were ‘ mystified’ by the early years of Margaret Thatcher’s government.


  80. 323
    The Pope says:

    Isn’t Africa in enough of a mess without this deluded cowardly shirtlifting fucking imbecile poking his nose in there, i hate you Brown you fucking dope.


  81. 333
    Anonymous says:

    Hague will be gone within a few days.

    Coulson will not be far behind him.

    Though probably more than a penis length.


    • 337
      David Davis says:

      Can I be be Foreign Secretary please?


    • 351
      albacore says:

      BBC: “David Cameron supports William Hague “100%” following speculation about the foreign secretary’s private life, the PM’s spokeswoman has said.”
      Uh-oh. Cast-iron guarantee time’s here again.


  82. 342
  83. 345
    Gordon Brown says:

    Mummy can I have my fizzy orange now?


  84. 347
    A day in the life of Foreign Secretary William Hague says:


  85. 352
    Brown is a sack of shit says:

    Despite all the stupid racists and homophobes who post here, I love coming to this blog because it’s the one place where everyone who despises Brown can unite in taking the piss out of the loathsome Hunt.


    • 354
      Alan (I'd make a jolly good Foreign Office minister) Duncan says:

      Thanks for that. Now run back to Andy and ask him if he’s hacked into William’s BBC gaydar page yet.


    • 359
      the great british public says:

      who ?


    • 361
      Anonymous says:

      Wow. You’ve clearly not discovered the rest of the internet.


    • 382
      McPoison says:

      Yeah, but how on earth did he get to be PM? A man like that would never become CEO of a company or be appointed manager of a large number of people.

      Answer: Most of the Labour Party are fucking thick. And so are most of the electorate for voting in zaNuLiebour – you reap what you sow you turds.


    • 400
      He saved the World but lost the election says:

      Try Googling his name I think you will be amazed at literally thousands of the less than complimentary views expressed on the Worldwide Net


  86. 358
    Gordon Brown says:




  87. 362
    Hague?!? says:

    Portillo ?!


  88. 364
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved Britain, I saved America, I saved the world, I saved the Milky Way, I saved the universe.


  89. 367
    Portillo ?! says:

    Hague ???


  90. 369
    Gordon Brown says:



  91. 375
    Gordon Brown says:

    1 plus 2
    I like you
    Now it’s time
    To do a pooh


  92. 383
    McPoison says:

    Guido shared a tent with 5 other cub scouts when he was 12 for several nights.

    I think we can say thats conclusive.


  93. 386
    Anonymous says:

    Brown wants to go to Africa so he can continue his policy of fixing Africa’s problems by emptying it of Africans.
    His open door immigration policy failed to persuade all of them to emigrate, so he off to Africa to round them up and point them in the right direction himself.


  94. 388
    Anonymous says:

    Brown’s like the fucking terminator; he absolutely will not stop, ever, until he’s fucked up the entire planet and everyone on it as much as possible.

    Not content with bankrupting the economy he was in charge of, destroying the financial system, being a key player in creating the worst global recession for about 100 years, creating more public debt in real terms than 2 world wars combined, creating a public/private economic ratio that is impossible to maintain and is going to be hell to fix, he’s now trying to fuck up africa, and destroy the web.

    What I don’t understand is why anyone is still listening to him given the damage he’s done and the obvious nature of his complete insanity, negligence, and mind-blowing stupidity.

    For fuck’s sake; anyone who’s considering giving the man a job, whether it’s a paid one or a “charitable” one, please just tell him to fuck off because he’ll destroy you and everyone that you hold dear if you don’t.

    He is the destroyer of worlds, evil incarnate.


  95. 389
    Brown is shite says:

    Looks like the Turin Shroud or my pants after a heavy night on the Guinness and a curry.


  96. 397
    Mornington Crescent says:

    According to “Media Lawyer Duncan Lamont”, writing on Channel 4 News website last night:
    “Although it could be argued that Mr Hague was a pubic figure…”

    No, really, it’s here; point 4 of his argument:

    Is there another ‘relationship’ we should know about?


    • 412
      Albi Here says:

      Seems Billy has found a spad with a better grasp of foreign diplomacy than all the Oxford and Cambridge trained foreign office high flyer civil servants,so let Billy have his Chris and sack all the foreign office civil servants,think of the money we could save,think what this spad could achieve,he could save the world without becoming a PM,think of the the problems he could solve in the Middle East,think of what he could achieve in Afghanistan


  97. 398
    Ellie Gellard says:

    I am advised that Guido’s voting intentions are as follows

    Have read all the labour leader statements now. Think I’m going 1. Ed miliband 2. Andy burnham 3. Diane abbot. And oona for London mayor.


  98. 399
    Anonymous says:

    Has Coulson been sacked yet?

    I wonder what he has on Cameron?

    He’s bound to have a little bit of an insurance policy squirreled away somewhere, a man with his particular talents.


  99. 404
    Tube_Thumper says:

    I keep popping in to see if there is anything remotely interesting going on here

    There isnt


    • 414
      Albi Here says:

      Plenty of other blogs to go to,so why not go to them,it’s like when you are watching a boring tv programme, tune to another channel,I tell you what I will come and find you when Guido has something interesting to write about,it’ll save you all those keystrokes coming to this boring place.


  100. 410
    Caz says:

    According to the scottish press gordon will be in the HoC on Monday but only because the Labour whips have told every labour MP. without exception, that they must be present to vote against the Coalition’s Reform Bill.

    Funny but I thought gordon and labour were in favour of AV when they were in power.


  101. 416
    giant gonad says:

    Nobody gives a toss about Brown. The only thing we want to know is whether Hague is gay or Fawkes is a liar.


  102. 426
    chris says:

    I think all relationships like Tony and Gordons are difficult there are lots of things which would have made it work and lots which they would have disagred about. Good luck to Gordon if he is working with his wife she is a fine woman and one who I am sure understands him well


  103. 427
    Alex Weir says:

    Gordon Brown pretends to want development in Africa, but he and Blair both suppressed (with extreme prejudice) a fraud proof voting system for the Third World, which would achieve more development than one hundred DFID’s or 3,000 Oxfam’s put together. 2 gigantic frauds and charlatans. And Brown is an illegal extra-judicial killer.

    Mr Alex Weir, Harare, Zimbabwe


  104. 430
    Gordon Brown says:

    Blair’s book is half price on amazon if you are interested.


  105. 432
    Cream Puff says:

    The ‘office of Gordon and Sarah Brown’ what the f*ck!
    pathetic pair of creeps
    According to the Scotsman, Labours mouthpiece in Scotland, Brown will be returning to Parliament.
    ‘Defiant Gordon Brown prepares to make Commons comeback!
    Published Date: 03 September 2010
    By David Maddox (pro Labour journalist and arch unionist)
    Until now, he has made only one very brief return to the Commons since his departure from Number 10. A source close to Mr Brown said: “Gordon has spent a lot of time visiting people and groups in his constituency, as well as beginning his efforts on promoting international aid, particularly with disaster in Pakistan.
    “He has built up his confidence again and he is ready to play a full role in Parliament again, so we will see an awful lot more of him in the future.”
    He added: “Obviously, he will pick and choose his subjects, but we should expect some serious interventions from Gordon.”
    He said he would join the Global Campaign for Education’s High Level Panel on Education for All and will work to secure economic justice in Africa by helping to increase internet access.
    He will also join the board of the World Wide Web Foundation.

    You may well laugh, but this is the utter crap we get fed in Scotland, by a compliant media, which includes the BBC


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