September 1st, 2010

+ + + Myers Quits + + +

Christopher Myers resigns from the FCO, citing “untrue and malicious allegations”.


Hague statement:

“I feel it is necessary to issue this personal statement in response to press and internet speculation over the last ten days. Earlier this year a Sunday newspaper began questioning whether my marriage to Ffion was in trouble, and last week another media outlet asked whether there was a statement about our supposed separation. This seemed to be linked to equally untrue speculation surrounding the appointment of Christopher Myers as a Special Adviser. Christopher Myers has demonstrated commitment and political talent over the last eighteen months. He is easily qualified for the job he holds. Any suggestion that his appointment was due to an improper relationship between us is utterly false, as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man.

This speculation seems to stem from the fact that whilst campaigning before the election we occasionally shared twin hotel rooms. Neither of us would have done so if we had thought that it in any way meant or implied something else. In hindsight I should have given greater consideration to what might have been made of that, but this is in itself no justification for allegations of this kind, which are untrue and deeply distressing to me, to Ffion and to Christopher.

He has now told me that, as a result of the pressure on his family from the untrue and malicious allegations made about him, he does not wish to continue in his position. It is a pity that a talented individual should feel that he needs to leave his job in this way. Ffion and I believe that everyone has a right to a private life.

However, we now feel it necessary to give some background to our marriage because we have had enough of this continued and hurtful speculation about us. I have made no secret of the fact that Ffion and I would love to start a family. For many years this has been our goal. Sadly this has proved more difficult for us than for most couples. We have encountered many difficulties and suffered multiple miscarriages, and indeed are still grieving for the loss of a pregnancy this summer. We are aware that the stress of infertility can often strain a marriage, but in our case, thankfully, it has only brought us closer together.

It has been an immensely traumatic and painful experience but our marriage is strong and we will face whatever the future brings together. Several years ago one Sunday paper reported that Ffion was three months pregnant, without ever checking the story with us. This made even more difficult the fact that we had only just experienced another disappointment. We have never made this information public because of the distress it would cause to our families and would not do so now were it not for the untrue rumours circulating which repeatedly call our marriage into question. We wish everyone to know that we are very happily married.

It is very regrettable to have to make this personal statement, but we have often said to each other ‘if only they knew the truth…’ Well, this is the straightforward truth. I will not be making any further comment on these matters.”


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    ed hallam says:

    fuck me

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      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Rather reminds me of the “fishermans friend” joke.

      “Don’t you think I’m in enough trouble already”

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        "I will not be making any further comment on these matters.” says:

        Oh yes you will.

        • 412
          bottom line says:

          Mr Fawkes can either be a cheerleader for the Cameron Clegg coalition or be a successful site that prints political gossip regardless of which Party has been up to no good.

          He can’t be both.

          • Fantastic to watch Mrs Dale slagging Guido when HE attempted to ruin a man’s career right HERE


          • Anonymous says:

            Mrs Dale is a back stabbing old queen. He’s a failed politician too.

          • Phil says:

            There’s political gossip and there’s malicious political gossip.
            What I find uncomfortable is that the inuendo has descended to a level of slagging that comes right out of the McBride book of character assassination.

          • Developing... "To all media asking for interviews, am on holiday. Read blog tomorrow." says:

            If there was nothing to it the SpAd wouldn’t have been sacked.
            Fawkes is correct.

          • Anonymous says:

            Guido is poof. Deny it you fat gay cu nt.

          • Portillo wrote the script years ago says:

            Mr Portillo revealed his gay past in an interview with The Times, after getting “fed up with all the innuendo”.

            Michael Portillo: “I would hope the public would want their politicians to be truthful”

            Mr Portillo, who says he is happily married, was asked detailed questions about “slurs” about his sexuality.

          • Tiptoe thro' the . . . says:

            “Watch out – He’s behind you”

            What a pantomime . . . . . .

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        Anonymous says:

        It sound like the football chairman statement that the manager has the full backing of the board. We await further developments!!!

      • 1020
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      Sarf of the River says:

      Shame, I was hoping that miserable two-faced shit Hague would. Still, I suppose Hague gave him plenty of practice falling on his sword.

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        Easily Baffled says:

        So he’s left his friends behind?

        • 199
          Brit on the edge says:

          Moronic comments from stupid and senseless little shits

          • Feeling good about this? says:

            So what type of person posts anonymous homophobic comments on a blog? Repressed gays invariably.

          • Cogito Dexter says:

            No pain no gain, eh?

            In this case, for gutter ‘journalists’ (and bloggers) the gain is all theirs while they revel in the pain of the Hagues.


          • carry on at your convenience says:

            Yeah we’re all repressed gays on here. So fucking what?

          • on message CCHQ poodle having a hissy fit says:

            waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! waaaaaaaaaaaaah! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

          • David Miniblandblair says:

            ‘On message…’ etc

            Your posts are as dull and vacant as your life.

            You may go.

          • on message CCHQ poodle having a hissy fit says:


      • 49
        cant hunter says:

        I think you should listen to the latest news before you go sounding off with comments like that.

      • 204
        Windowlickers says:

        You people are complete tossers aren’t you. The government will be the worse for this once the poor guy has been hounded out of his job

        • 296
          Templar says:

          No-one is hounding Hague out of anywhere. He is a talented politician, and I couldn’t care less if he is homosexual.

          BUT if he is, why is he employing his (alleged) lover, and why is he covering it up? We live in 2010, neither of these things are really acceptable any more.

          AND if he isn’t, then he has very poor judgement in firstly sharing a hotel room with a younger man, and secondly in hiring a grossly unqualified individual for a position that could be much better filled by someone else.

          Neither of these things shows the kind of individual that is worthy of the exalted office he finds himself in. He needs a long hard look at himself, and decide if these kinds of mistakes are excusable in the Foreign Secretary, or indeed any minister.

          • Wise After The Event says:

            I agree with you. Mr Hague should have advertised the advisers job and really should have booked separate rooms.

          • scott says:

            Well, yes it was a powerful job, but a 30K job is hardly the tops.

            He has a law degree – doesn’t make him qualified for the job, but none of the special advisers I have met have been qualified at anything.

            As for the Hotel room: a BIG mistake.

            David Ashby’s 1990′s hotel sharing ought to resonate with a politician of Hague’s age.

            It does make you wonder.

          • Lard Prescott of Pies says:

            Hauge is doing a non job anyway so why does he need advisers.
            Just what was this ‘prettyboy’ advising him on?
            He a big support of the EU so he know he’s getting paid for doing nothing.

            “The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HR) is the main co-ordinator and representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) within the European Union (EU). The position is currently held by Catherine Ashton[1] The post has been likened to a foreign minister for the EU”

        • 358
          CCHQ minion having a hissy fit says:

          waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! waaaaaaaaaaaaah! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

        • 420
          Susie says:

          I’m not so sure. I don’t see why they need these SpAds in the first place — especially ones who are just out of university — ok in the Treasury, mathematical geniuses are usually in their early 20s, but in the Foreign Office?

          Why not just appoint Rory Stewart? He’s an MP, he’s been all over Afghanistan with first hand knowledge of the place and people and held down a responsible job as a deputy governor in a war zone.

          • why? says:

            he’s an ex MI6 neocon who thought Iraq was a great idea

          • smoggie says:

            Rory Stewart is gay too. It’s true.

          • Susie says:

            Yes and I’m an incestuous lesbian p•dophile — I once shared a twin bedded hotel room with my 8 year old niece at a wedding.

            If Hague and Stewart are both gay good luck to them, If they’re not gay good luck to them too… it’s really not our business.

          • Oh look, another MONG! says:

            You haven’t read the thread Susie, if you had you’d soon realize that’s NOT the point.

          • Biffo says:

            I like William Hague but I think he has shown a deplorable lack of sense in :
            1) employing yet another SpAd at taxpayers’ expense (I think he’s already got two?)
            2) employing a young lad who cannot have the knowledge & experience to act as an ‘adviser’ – particularly as Hague’s job has so much involvement with Brussels – there was bound to be questions asked
            3) sharing a room with this lad who is an ‘out’ gay when there has been so much rumour & innuendo for years about which team Hague bats for (I hasten to add, this is not meant as an anti-gay comment but merely ‘why be stupid enough to add fuel to the flames of rumours?’)
            4) sharing all the personal bits about his marriage as a ‘damage limitation’ exercise, particularly the miscarriages – way too much information – it smacks of desperation & going for the ‘sympathy vote’ – similar to Brown & Sarah sobbing about little Jennifer on Piers Morgan – tasteless & unnecessary.
            My sympathy on this one goes to Ffion Hague – she is being dragged through newspapers, blogs & news channels not for anything she has done but because she’s married to a thoughtless shit who’s desperate to save HIS job – never mind about the fallout for anyone else.

        • 998
          Anonymous says:

          “My sympathy on this one goes to Ffion Hague – she is being dragged through newspapers, blogs & news channels not for anything she has done but because she’s married to a thoughtless shit who’s desperate to save HIS job – never mind about the fallout for anyone else.”

          @Biffo, yes I agree. For her it would have been easier to live with the gay husband rumours, especially if they had both known them to be untrue, than have something so personal exposed to the world. It’s almost like WH has put the blame on her for being infertile.

          WH: Yes my wife is infertile, that’s why people think I’m gay, because I don’t have children with my wife?

          No, it’s because you abused your position to hire an inexperienced aide, whose talent and value to you has been questioned.

          Many people have questioned the sharing of a twin hotel room, people have compared this to stag dos, holidays with friends etc. where many men often share rooms, however, these days who shares a room with a work colleague? especially MPs with generous salaries, expense allowances. You don’t pay a useless person £30,000 and then make up for it by saving a few quid by sharing a room.

          How would that conversation have come about anyway? I would never dream of asking a work colleague to share a room, however innocent the intention. AND to do it to a younger subordinate who may not be able to say no, wouldn’t that be classed a sexual harrassment? Talk about making everyone feel very uncomfortable.

          Hague’s lack of judgement is shocking.

        • 1008

          People’s inclinataions and actions behind closed twin bedroom hotel doors should stay there.

          Here in this almost as Eurosceptic country as Hague’s Britain he would be gone. Here even ministers have to put their expenses on line for all to see, and special advisers have to be vetted by parliament.

          But this guy is the ultimate little Englander, only held in line by the Clegg coalition, he would be no loss for Britain. If he goes (does he go?) this might even help get Britain a little closer to joining the €uro. This would mean that the last holdouts in Scandinavia would probably join.

          And, that would be a fine day for Europe, the next foreign minister might even hang the European flag up next to the Union Jack as at press conferences. Even the Swedish do that….

      • 388
        Greychatter says:

        Maybe it’s time for Guido to start including the email address of the cowards who take pleasure out of other peoples misery and write the crap they think is funny.

        Sick Society ??

        • 399
          on message CCHQ poodle having a hissy fit says:

          waaaaahhh! waaaahhh!

          • David Miniblandblair says:

            My trolls are very active, mind you they need to be given how desperate and shit we are.

          • on message CCHQ poodle having a hissy fit says:


          • Susie says:

            Did you see the Labour leadership rabble on CH4 News?

            It was like one of those Gestalt groups in an asylum. I actually felt quite sorry for Minibar D, he looked increasingly embarrassed and depressed by the others.

          • White Van Man says:

            Yeah seen it, it was a total and utter mongfest!

        • 446
          fuck you says:

          You utter twat. How about you start the ball rolling and publish yours?

          You reprehensible control freak. Fuck you and all those like you.

        • 508
          concrete pump says:

          Are you fucking sure? Fucking hell!

        • 595
          Anonymous says:

          Meyrs is only 25 and has a job as a political advisor, given that job by a bloke old enough to be his dad with whom he shares a hotel room and you do not expect the piss to be ripped out of them when they deny the obvious?

        • 870
          JohnBellingham says:

          Well, we know have solid evidence that this website is avidly read by the highest in the land—a bit embarrasing when one sees the mature, considered and refined comments such have appeared over the past couple of days—are these different people, or just one or two potty-mouthed twats from the LSE?

        • 1023
          Anonymous says:

          I agree.

          Let the gutless bastard who start all this go to Heldmand Province they can see what real bravery is. Rather than ruin other peoples lives let them defuse an IED and hope their lives a ruined-permanently – its what the shits deserve.

          The country’s in a complete mess and this is all you can do-I know what I’d do with you- you worthless Bastards

      • 868
        Noise says:

        I can’t help but feel this is one of those diversity recruitments that’s gone badly wrong

    • 19

      The Power of the Freedom of Information request. No wonder Blair considered them to be a mistake. All in I reckon the taxpayer owes Guido a drink. That must be £100K saved

      • 27
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        You never know. If they got someone better qualified and more efficient in the job they might be able to pass more laws, more quickly.

        • 187
          I am Sick says:

          Pass better laws too.
          Drivers being paid to give advice to government ministers, is an utterly bizarre situation. Hague goes on to state that his driver was “easily qualified” to be advising the government, that statement alone, actually beggars belief. He has to go.

          • hard of reasoning says:

            If he thinks a 25 year old has anything to teach him about Foreign Policy it is an admission of incompetence, agreed.

          • David Laws says:

            you called ?

          • Woman on a Raft says:

            As Private Eye has been pointing out for years: if you wanted advice on foreign policy and associated matters, any hackney cab driver will oblige with an opinion at least as informed. The advantage is, they will give their analysis for free and only charge you for the metered journey from A to B, and provide a written receipt for the expenses office.

    • 22
      William Hague says:

      No, fuck me.

    • 23
      Blinkey says:

      But which is the untrue rumour? The one that he go bummed? or FCO line that he no get loving off Big Willie? Has he quit due to embarrassment and will now sell his story and become the new Monica?

      • 47
        chunder thunder says:

        Umm maybe he was upset that big Willie strung him along and then hung him out to dry when his ass became a liability.

    • 25
      Lord Mandy of Monkey Hangings. says:

      Not tonight, Jose.

    • 29
      Tankus says:

      good day to bury bad news

    • 63
      Unsworth says:

      Do we really have to?

    • 79
      Student says:

      Hear hear!

    • 106
      Anonymous 3 says:

      Having read the personal statement it is time for you to Shut Up Guido.


      • 115
        Anonymous says:

        How about YOU shut up?

      • 119
        Maximus says:

        There is at least one untruth in Hague’s statement.

      • 149
        Nice guy says:

        Am in St Trop, spent an hour or so sitting next to a couple that looked and sounded remarkably like William and Christopher in the Casablanca bar. Body language unmistakable. I don`t care one way or another, and think Hague one of the best of a bloody awful bunch, but it really would be best to come clean at this stage, screw the puritans and start over. He is worth keeping, especially compared to the rest of the dross in the HoC. For the rebuttal drones, I loath all of the political parties currently on offer.

        • 462
          A Quisling class destroying the west says:

          I loath all of the political parties currently on offer

          If so, why are you so concerned about Hague? I too loath all the state parties and all the swine in them, including people like Hague and Frank F-ing Field.

          They all need to go without exception.

      • 167
        Anonymous says:

        Mmm, I wonder why he isn’t suing Guido for spreading malicious, untrue allegations. This has the stamp of Coulson all over it – a little misdirection here, a plea for sympathy there. There’s more to this, it’s just a case of whether the MSM have the nuts to follow it or whether the gay mafia have once again been able to circle the wagons with help from their friends on the inside.

        Hague’s scalp is there for the taking… minus the hair of course.

        • 250
          Yes, I know that's Sick... says:

          What more proof does Hague have to give that it isn’t true then? I suppose you’d like a picture of the little dead foetuses?

          • Anonymous says:

            How is his wife’s miscarriage connected to the recruitment of an unqualiified spad unless you’re implying that it drove him over the edge into making irrational decisions. Hardly what we want in a Foreign Secretary.

          • Mr Ned says:

            I am not sure that they would have photographed them before they ate them.

            These are the baby eating tories after all?

            On a serious note though, it is time for Guido to put up or shut up. Either substantiate the tittle-tattle with proof, instead of third-hand hearsay and innuendo.

            So what’s it to be? Publish proof and destroy the career of Hague the homosexual serial liar and betrayer of the electorate? Or apologise and accept that Hague is not gay at all.

          • Guy Fawkes was dragged on a hurdle, hanged, drawn, had his entrails burned, and quartered. says:

            He can’t give any proof – that’s the whole point of the smear. There’s no way that Hague can prove that he didn’t have sex with the bloke. It’s wonderful isn’t it? This is the kind of smeary thing that Damien Mc Bride and Dolly Draper were so good at… now it’s back all over again. We’re supposed to feel righteous or summat.

          • Susie says:

            Good point.

            Might be a sort of delayed Stockholm syndrome where Guido’s become what he despised…

          • Stockholm syndrome FFS? says:

            Jeez, I must have missed the bit where someone got kidnapped.


        • 458
          DonFagelone says:

          As a fully paid up member of the Gay Mafia I can assure you that we have no love for Hague gay or not. The man’s record on gay rights is patchy at best. And here at Gay Mafia Towers there’s nothing we love more than outing a fecking hypocrite.

          • FagsRus says:

            Speak for yourself. We don’t all define our politics by the direction our dicks point. Hague is one of the best members of the HoC and a refreshing change as a minister. I normally like Guido and am not upset by any supposed “homophobia”- more by the publishing of deeply personal innuendo with little/ no evidence and no real public interest. He can and should do better.

    • 125
      Cheese Lover says:

      Yes. Fawkes is a pratt and I don’t intend visiting the site again.

      • 160
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah, yeah, yeah… lol!

      • 176
        Elephant Man says:

        Fuck off then, we never liked your smelly cheeses anyway!

        • 205
          I am Sick says:

          Ah, the “I will never sully myself with this sordid blog again” routine. See you tomorrow boys and girls, you can change your names, if you feel a little guilty. Tossers.

      • 240
        Call me infidel says:

        Make sure you get your full refund.

        • 653
          Anonymous says:

          Poor old Guido Fawkes shoots himself in both feet–just as he thought he was ascending the greasy ladder of the media-political elite. No more invitations for Guido. Your just another fat, boring, extremist with a computer (with bad b.o.)

        • 782
          Anonymous says:

          Hear Hear – about time Guido was rightly identified as the fat attention-seeking murphy tw4t that he is.

          This is a guy who doesn’t like anyone mentioning his dr1nk dr1ving problems, alcoholism, or the fact that in the last few months his site has been getting less and less traffic (therefore less and less money) – he’s become a parody of himself, a nasty, backstabbing fuqwit who indulges in exactly the same vile and unecessary gossip that he bemoans (when it’s not him that is), I would say that I won’t visit this pathetic piece of Sh1t website but I already gave up (with this exception) months ago. The people who make up the bulk of contributors are exactly the same sort of vitriolic scum that one would avoid in real life.

          You are a C*NT Guido, and even you should know better, you’re a nobody.

        • 805
          that's a bit rich says:

          And you are a somebody? lol!

      • 310
        smoggie says:

        Thank you for going, prigs.

      • 312
        mjr says:

        Neither will I unless he apologises. Come on Guido, put your hand up.
        Most of your stuff is pretty good.

        Nothing against bumboys as long as they keep it quiet.

        Anyone less likely than WH hard to imagine.

    • 170
      I did not have sex with that baseball cap says:

      Gone out on a bum note somewhat.

      No sympathy for Hague — if you have any doubt read his pile of excrement in the Telegraph yesterday on the virtues of borrowing 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) a year from our children and generations yet unborn and giving it to assorted third world despots, jihady-waddys, religious fruitbats, exponential breeders and west-haters.

      Fucking vermin the lot of them. Moral preening perverts and traitors.

      • 272
        I am Sick says:

        While at the same time proposing tax rises, service cost rises, job losses among everyone here and fuel poverty on the poorest people within our own society. All in the name of the phoney war, on the phoney problem, of CO2 emmissions.

      • 403
        gotopickapocketortwo says:

        This is Hague’s justification for giving away your cash: read and weep.

      • 487
        The political class is the problem says:

        All the people on here droning on about Hague’s supposed super duper qualities. Like what for instance?

        He’s just another sell-Britain-down-the-road party tribalist, as if we aint had a belly full of these people for the last 50 years fucking up our country.

        Piss off Hague. Piss off Liblabcon vermin.

        • 512
          Sarf of the River says:

          Hear, hear!

        • 519
          Ken Dodd's Dad's Dogs Dead says:

          The Political Class Is The Problem sums it up perfectly.

          Foreigh aid gets millions upon millions of our tax money, while we get cuts in our police and our soldiers die in Afghanistan for want of helicopters and MRAPs.

          Just add to that little mix the fact that he employed someone as an adviser who is utterly wrong for the position (never mind the reasons why) and you just have another useless politico.

        • 558
          Mr Ned says:

          Indeed. We in the west have been controlling our population levels very responsibly, and we are wasting billions giving the money to people who are breeding like rabbits. We are to face extortionate energy taxes and will see thousands of elderly and infants freeze to death in the coming winters, whilst these third world industrial baby factories are filling the world with ever-more parasites on our hard earned income.

        • 717
          get real with the b'strds says:

          ‘N what about Trevor Phillips – Human Rights Equality Commission (that’s a laugh) having a committal to prison order issued for Nick Griffin for 7th September. Griffin is the only one to tell it like it really is ‘n they are doing everything to shut him up.

        • 817
          what a fucking liberty says:

          Trevor Phillips is the real criminal, vile little shit.

          • I am Sick says:

            Committal to prison order?

            What on earth is that? Can a jumped up race baiting, Quangocrat imprison someone without trial?

    • 249
      I did it once says:

      Your website is fine but the tacky comments you seem to encourage degrade it. A pity really as you seem to have the ability to actually make news. What a shame that you are far more intelligent than your followers because they really are dragging you down.

      • 298
        I am Sick says:

        You are correct of course, self rightious prigs such as yourself, really do lower the standard of posts here. Stop dragging this site down with your boring, snobbish and frankly risable, aggrieved posturing.

      • 327
        mjr says:

        Note to Guido: please install IQ filter on this site.

      • 335
        How low do you want your rent? says:

        Mmm, not so sure about some of that. I suspect old Guido isn’t any better than his ranters. I was chairing a conference about new media and blogging a few years ago and he was on a panel. Afterwards I invited him to appear on a web TV programme produced by the national newspaper I had just started working for. He looked at me like I was a piece of sh*t and said, “You couldn’t afford me”, before walking off without another word. Classy.

      • 633
        Unsworth says:

        “the tacky comments you seem to encourage”


    • 411
      Smoke & Mirrors says:

      Fret ye not Guido. This is pure heart strings and violins from camp Hague. Not one word in his diatribe explains why the taxpayer was funding a young man who knows fuck all about fuck all to advise the UK’s foreign secretary on matters of national importance.

      • 447
        Yozzer says:

        I know fuck all about anything, can I have a job advising the government?

      • 732
        W.W. says:

        Well we spent 13 years funding New Labour, who know fuck all about fuck all, and it is going to cost us £1.5 Trillion.

        Can he be a bigger knob end than Millibland?

        Though it does call Hagues judgement into question, he knew he was very likely to be FS, did he not think this likely to surface.


        • 923
          Trocious says:

          Next you’ll be claiming Gordon Brown is single-handedly responsible for the global credit crunch. If he has that kind of international influence maybe he should apply for the job of William Hague’s new SpA? There will be a new one of course… Three being so utterly essential for WH. Once upon a time there was ‘three Jags’ Prescott. Now we have ‘three fags’ Hague.

    • 417
      Down with Brown! says:

      Hague obviously thought this was the day to bury his news. With all Bliar’s revelation will anyone notice that Hague admits to sharing a hotel room with another man.

    • 466
      Anonymous says:

      Happy now, Guido? You witless cnut.

    • 551
      Angry human says:

      There biggest problem is that they both do look like pillow bitters

    • 622
      GV says:

      I think you’re in their sights now, Guido.

    • 947
      Vague Hague Ague says:

      Am I the only one who fails to see just what Mrs Hague’s miscarriages has to do with her husband’s gross waste of taxpayer’s money?

      IMHO Hague is trying to hide the true story behind his wife’s misery. Truly despicable stuff from Hague. He has now turned this into a resignation matter

    • 950
      Ars gratia artis says:

      Guido. Hang tough on this. You are right, but you are going to take a lot of heat. Whether Billyboy is a fag is a sideshow as you know. The issue is that he installed a ‘friend’ on to the public payroll.
      Yours in Christ,

    • 955
      Smig says:

      If they’ve only allegations, why quit?

      If some gobshite hack was accusing me of being a bummer I’d be keeping my job and going to work on their fingers with a hammer.

      Smoke and fire me thinks.

      • 972
        Smig says:

        Of course I’d have got my job on merit and ability to get the job done.

        Appointing a wet-behind-the-ears young numpty to advise on affairs of state reeks of nepotism.

        25 years old? What does he know of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy?

        He hasn’t even been aroung long enough as an adult to see the start and end of a major military overseas operation.

        Bad choice by Hague.

    • 971
      Plonker says:

      Seems to me that Hague has turned a drama into a crisis with this ill thought out statement.

      Just when every man and his dog was focusng on Tony Blair and the troubles at New Labour, Hague has trained the spotlights onto himself, the young aide and his wife. What a plonker.

      • 979
        Socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

        To hell with Hague

        This country has had 13 years of New Labour shite and there is no reason to take any from this Condem dross either, just because they are not Labour.

        What they are is Euro/Green sucking scum who are less full of Marxist malice than ZaNu but just as bigger a bunch of traitors. Traitors to this country with their EU pals and traitors to humanity with their green madness.

        Hague can do what he likes but not with our money.

      • 1003
        Anonymous says:

        Maybe he just didn’t want Blair to have a bestseller with all the free publicity… LOL

  2. 2
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I had to google him

    • 196
      Anonymous says:

      This has left a nasty taste. There is a difference between shooting down wrong doers, thieves, troughers, luvvies and liars, and concocting smears yourself and passing them off wrong doing. I’m a fan Guido, but this is not a high point.

      • 270
        Anonymous says:

        So does Billy after a bowl of asparagus soup.

      • 299
        What Ho' says:

        As an allegation it’s legit even by your own standards.
        Wrong doing – Covered since the allegation is about wrong doing.
        Theft – Covered since their pay is public funds.
        Troughing – Covered – see above
        Luvvies – Covered if the allegation is correct.
        Liars – Covered since denials and a resignation have taken place.

    • 277
      Die Labour! Die! says:

      “untrue and malicious allegations” would that constitute libel?

      Waiting for the writs …

  3. 3
    dutch says:


  4. 5
    Anonymous says:


  5. 6
    Marchamont says:


    He’s done nothing wrong – it’s hague who should quit for abuse of public funds.

    • 15
      pp says:

      He is unqualified – yes he should go, hague needs to be punished too… He’s been a very naughty boy.

      • 360
        Guido must be feeling good. says:

        He is qualified if WH says he was good enough. This isn’t a fixed system. If you work with someone and they show smarts then you can hire them. I first need to see proof he was incompetent before this means anything.

        • 938
          A Driver says:

          Look I can drive a car, no I don’t have another job, I do have a crap degree in History, I am 25 and will stay in your hotel room if you like. Can I have a job in Government advising a senior Government Minister on international policy?
          Apparently in some circumstances, yes!

    • 38
      Marchamont says:

      Putting your lover on the public payroll is the abuse.

    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      It was during the campaign you chopper, no use of public funds. They just get dimmer and dimmer on here.

  6. 7
    pp says:

    I am going out tonight, anyone know of a driver whos available?

  7. 8
    Anonymous says:

    What does that tell us? William next?

  8. 9
    QWERTY says:

    Has anyone seen the one eyed jock mong yet?

  9. 10
    Tom FD says:

    Where’s the Scalpometer up to now? Has Guido lost count yet?

  10. 11
    Eileen Critchley says:

    The a big fat silly lie is beginning to unravel.

    • 807
      Guido Farce says:

      Guido is indeed a big fat hoon, no I mean C U N T, he’s indulged in exactly the same sort of unecessary childish attention seeking Shyte that he got so worked up about last year.

      I dont visit this blog any more, from the looks of things (alexa) his site is dying just like it should do. For the people here who think this sort of thing is justified you’re very likely the same type of Fat reclusive insecure dickhead that guido is.

      RIP this blog, you’ve fukced your own ass biyatch.

  11. 12
    Chris says:

    All because of rumours stirred up by the far right, because the Government isn’t bleeding the poor dry in order for them to send their silver-spooned off spring to schools which cost more than most people earn in a year.

    Shame on internet cess-pits like Order-Order for permeating the crap

    Hague is a top politician, and one of the few shining lights in the cluster-fuck of a Government

    • 26
      Chris says:

      What the fuck does that have to do with abusing public funds by hiring an driver as a special advisor to the foreign office with no qualifications/experience?

      You seem to mistakenly be under the impression that this was about the fact he was gay. It wasn’t.

      Now if Hague could just fuck off too, the world would be a much better place.

    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      Why then did you indulge the site with your little bit of click stat porn? You, sir, are a dick head and someone who obviously can’t see that they’re being shafted by whoever is notionally running this cesspit of a place.

      Grow up.

    • 42
      Blinkey says:

      Go get a job so you don’t have to kick off about your little Timmy getting into a good school! I have no time for idiot’s like you, just because some people are smart enough to make a living without spending the night with Hague.

    • 236
      Mad Jock McGinty says:

      Fuck off. He employed his bum buddy using public funds. Don’t be a Hunt.

  12. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Guido.

    You fucking Hunt.

    • 101
      Bored at Work says:


    • 180
      Anonymous says:

      Nice to see the CCHQ trolls doing some overtime for a change. Isn’t it Happy Hour at your nearest gay bar yet?

      • 324
        smoggie says:

        It’s never happy hour in a gay bar. Such a miserable shower of sad bastards in tight pastel trousers so they are.

        • 404
          Heebie says:

          I think you’re thinking of France.

        • 474
          DonFagione says:

          Bitter because even the ugliest gay trolls wouldn’t look twice at you dear?

          Perhaps you prefer it on the Heath where they can’t see your ugly mug choking on their stinking cocks.

  13. 17
    Willie 'Butch' Hague says:



    • 23
      Big Jock Knew says:

      If he’s done nothing wrong why is he resigning ?

      Sounds like he’s either a liar or a wimp – either way unsuitable for the job.

  14. 20
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    I usually back Guido on most things but on this he has been a complete bastard.

    • 40
      Bidisha says:

      It takes one to know one. You appear eminently qualified.

    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      Agree, bit of a twat on this one Guido.

    • 64
      Evie Lennon says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more ‘firm pair’. Guido you really have scrapped the bottom of the barrel.

      • 88
        Anonymous says:

        Agreed.. if they are doing something fraudulent go for it but by interpreting this as a closet gayer only helps the fekers that just got kicked out!

      • 93
        Student says:

        A man has been compelled to resign his job, a happily married man has been forced to defend his sexuality and effectively his marraige, and all on the grounds of baseless rumours started, fuelled and revelled in by a bunch of quasi-homophobic morons who’ve nothing better to do with their time than bring people into disrepute over the most banal of circumstances.

        What a pathetic little society we live in at times.

        Nul point, Guido.

        • 123
          Anonymous says:

          Nonsense – they could’ve been poofs.

        • 222
          you pay for his boyfriend then says:

          Cry me a fucking river – he produces an onion and you fall at his feet. It’s idiots like you who defend the very powerful political classes and then complain when they stomp our faces into the ground. Fuck Hague. Read his shit in the telegraph about international development. You want to fund these bastard’s venality get your fucking chequebook out.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well said!

          • Mad Jock McGinty says:

            If Willie’s a gaylord so what? If he admitted it we’d all think more of him. If he isn’t then the joke’s on us. The fact that Myers has resigned tells us all we need to know.

        • 229
          Spank Sinatra says:

          If they were baseless he would sue. This sounds like a repeat of your whinings re Blunt. It’s the hypocrisy you retard and of course the appointment of spads at our expense who you just happen to share a bed with during a campaign. If his driver was female and ‘top totty’ and just happened to book a twin room would you feel the same? Nah. Thought not. If he chooses to appoint a spad of whichever sex from his personal fortune and spend a night in a twin room then ‘fair enough’. If you want cock then pay for it yourself – if you want pink tasty bits, then likewise. Just stop expecting me to pick up the fucking bill. Now just fuck off with your ‘banal circumstances’

        • 242
          Peter Carter-Fuck says:

          Indeed. Hague chose to live with a gay man, hire a gay man as his private secretary, and give a top government job to a young man who used to share his hotel room. Straight as a die.

        • 262
          Anonymous says:

          Who compelled him? Us windowlickers? Or perhaps Hague and his advisers trying to nip the truth in the bud?

          • get real with the b'strds says:

            Nick Robinson on BBC news now saying Hague is PURE PURE PURE – seeing he’s already been on admitting he told porkies about the true scenario between Blair and Brown just who does he think is going to believe him? Another tosser who should go.

        • 273
          Radge says:

          Ah, the ignorance of youth. Don’t blame Guido for the queries over Willie’s sexuality. They’ve been doing the rounds since before he took to rolling about with Seb Coe years ago.

        • 902
          Horemheb says:

          Spot on Student! There are rumours; there are lies …. and then there is drivel! Judging from some of the totally moronic and pathetic comments on this site about WH, there are clearly some very malicious minds and spiteful individuals ….. All very sad!

          • Socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

            This is great.

            After years of battling Lab trolls Guido is now under attack from Tory trolls.

            In fact I suspect that there are prob Lab trolls on here defending Guido because Hague is a Tory.

            It like a beautiful dream where all the criminals and cops in Britain (private criminals vs govt sponsored criminals so to speak) are in Wembley stadium bashing each others heads in while the ordinary people just sit in the stands and watch and wait to kill off anyone still standing at the end of it all.

            LibLabCon eh?

            Go to it fools.

      • 263
        Call me infidel says:

        The word is scraped dipstick. Scrapped has a completely different meaning.

    • 83
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Depends on the motivation. It has been a bit tittering and smirking in tone, but its not as if GF isn’t keen on misuse of funds or various forms of westminster bubble oddities. (and perhaps rather opposite things like Balls saying interns should be paid, then not paying them).

      I’d support the exposure of any sort of nepotism or cronyism.

    • 132
      Sloppy says:

      Missed the mark on this one Guido, better luck next time.

  15. 28
    toby esterhase says:

    *doof doof doof*
    *another one bites the dust*

  16. 29
    Mr Politically Incorrect says:

    Just seen something which made me laugh. BBC news showed reporters camped outsid Brown’s home in the aptly named area of North QUEENSferry. His spokesman said he won’t be making any comment about Blair’s book. They then showed reactions from local constituents. One said Blair’s a hypocrite because at the time he said Brown was the best man to be PM. And one old dear said “I like Gordon Brown. He was all right, wasn’t he? We’ve had worse. Like Thatcher.”

    • 87
      The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

      The one eyed mong was a mental fucking retard. The stinking jocks can keep the one eyed twat.

    • 775
      Susie says:

      It’s been one long Labourfest all fucking day. Anyone would think they’re the government.

      • 907
        Anonymous says:

        As long as the beeb is allowed to peddle daily propaganda…they are.The polls will only fall for Liebore once aunties lost its grip on national and regional news.

  17. 31
    handsome jack says:

    guido should apologise

    i am seriously angry as i am a gay

    what is wrong with that?

    • 105
      Student says:

      Absolutely nothing – you’ve every right to be angry.
      Like a stick of Southend rock, there’s been an element of homophobia running throughout this pathetic episode.
      The baying bloggers circling around this poor guy, chanting: “out him! out him!”

      Pass the sick bucket.

      Careful Guido, after what happened on here with Blunt’s resignation, people could start to get the wrong impression about you, son.

      • 280
        Call me infidel says:

        I thought you recently said you wouldn’t be gracing this site with your presence anymore. Couldn’t resist visiting again and enlightening us with your pearls of wisdom eh?

      • 383
        I am Sick says:

        Dog whistle fascism, does not work here Student. Do try harder, oh wait that would require independent thought, not Gramiscian mind control, wouldn’t it?

    • 134
      Anonymous says:

      Do you mean you’re cheerful or you’re a sodomite ? We do need to know in case you have that Poofs’ disease.

  18. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, this was a totally misjudged attack on two honourable men. Hope you can see what a tard you have been

  19. 34
    Little Lord Sodomite says:

    Well hey, I had to resign over untrue allegations you know, perhaps this delightfully lithe and bohemian young buck is indeed not an arch bummer after all.

  20. 35
    Fenrir says:

    Fell on his own pork sword i guess

  21. 36
    HamsterWheel says:

    leaves a very unpleasant taste in the mouth this….

  22. 37
    the lady doth protest says:

    Researchers at the University of Georgia conducted an experiment involving 35 homophobic men and 29 nonhomophobic men as measured by the Index of Homophobia scale. All the participants selected for the study described themselves as exclusively heterosexual both in terms of sexual arousal and experience.

    The only significant difference in degree of arousal between the two groups occurred when they viewed the video depicting male homosexual sex: ‘The homophobic men showed a significant increase in penile circumference to the male homosexual video, but the control [nonhomophobic] men did not.’

    Article: ‘Is Homophobia Associated With Homosexual Arousal?’ by Henry E. Adams, Ph.D., Lester W. Wright, Jr., Ph.D. and Bethany A. Lohr, University of Georgia, in Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 105, No. 3, pp 440-445.

    • 108
      Prof. Fishfanny says:

      That’s because a gay’s arousal is far more likely to be tempered by a nasty pair of curtains or suchlike.

    • 189
      pp says:

      I think the “You know all about it you must be one!” argument stops carrying any weight once you leave primary school.

    • 401
      Anonymous says:

      Big deal. Every time I watch a porno there’s usually a stiff dick in there somewhere – doesn’t make me a closet homo. Or maybe my suppression instinct is just too strong!

  23. 39
    Anonymous says:

    The last lot wouldn’t resign even if they were caught red-handed, these guys fall on their sword as soon as someone blinks at them?!

  24. 41
    Sith Lord Mandy says:

    My work is done here.

    • 912
      Anonymous says:

      Good.For Christsake will you fuckoff for good now and take those reprobates Bruin and Telon Tone with you.

  25. 43
    Billy Hague says:

    A guy knocked on my door earlier asking for a donation for the local swimming pool.
    I gave him a glass of water and said ” now fuck off “

  26. 45
    Hellboy88 says:

    Twin bedded rooms was an austerity mistake or was it ?

    • 55
      Wottalottashite says:

      If they’d booked two rooms Guido would’ve demanded blood for wasting taxpayer cash.

      • 392
        I am Sick says:

        Tory trolls are full of self rightious shite, their mans got caught in the headlights. Oh the horror!

    • 57
      chunder thunder says:

      Willie will bum you into the middle of next week!

    • 77
      Guido is funded by Mossad's homo smearing directorate based in Golders Green says:

      Guido doesn’t care about costs, he goes bankrupt instead.

    • 343
      smoggie says:

      I’m sorry you just don’t share rooms with other blokes unless there’s at least three of you on a pissup weekend.

      Every hetero man knows this.

      • 398
        I am Sick says:

        And then employ him as a government advisor on international issues of state. Well not unless he is a highly skilled driver that is.

      • 494
        DonFagione says:

        Let alone share a room with your much older boss. Who’s a fucking minister for christ’s sake.

  27. 50
    Rat's Arse says:

    I have just heard the Statement issued by William Hague and it has really maddened me that he has had to make such a statement. The two faces shits in the Lieber party revel in being poofters AND HAVE EVEN PASSED LAWS so that we all have to love them. Utter bastards the lot of them. Leave the Hagues alone and get busy ripping apart those bastards who deserve it [Bliar, Mctw*t, the Millipeeds, Blinky Balls - need I go on?]. Thank you one and all.

  28. 53
    Martin Day BBC political correspondent says:

    Christopher Myers resigns from the FCO, citing “untrue and malicious allegations” and is snapped up by Guido Fawkes for the political blog site “Order Order” on a free transfer just before the transfer window closed

  29. 54
    Earl Grey says:

    Keep digging Mr Fawkes. There’s more to this.

    • 611
      On Harman Pride's dossier says:

      surely no need. He’s out of a job, and the Mirror will be there with a nice stipend veeeeeery shortly

  30. 56
    HamsterWheel says:

    In a personal statement, Mr Hague revealed he and his wife Ffion have suffered the pain of multiple miscarriages and are still grieving over the loss of a pregnancy this summer.

    Happy now Guido ?

    • 99
      system error says:

      If you’re that bothered why don’t YOU pay this inexperienced SpAd’s salary and benefits?

    • 239
      Chris says:

      The hide behind my wife she has had a miscarriage defence reminds me of David Mellor’s photo opportunity with his wife and kids.

      Billypop is on his way out, as the journo’s will really start digging now.

      • 520
        Bloody Illiterates says:

        The journo’s what? Learn to write.

      • 594
        Anonymous says:

        Quite agree. Fail to see the relevance of Fion’s miscarriage in this story apart from trying to make Guido look bad. Interesting choice of words too. Hague has never had ‘a relationship’ with a man, but that’s not the same as saying he’s never had sex with one. I don’t care if he’s gay or not, but don’t like hypocrisy.

    • 243
      hard of reasoning says:

      So he can employ his mates because his wife had miscarriages?

    • 334
      Anonymous says:

      So that’s why he’s sharing a room with his chauffeur? It’s all a moment of madness brought on by the miscarriages. I’ve read some crap in my time but trying to play the sympathy card using a dead foetus by proxy really takes the biscuit!!!

      • 416
        I am Sick says:

        These guys are desperate, CCHQ must be shitting bricks judging by the amount of trolls trying to distort the story into something it is clearly not. Just like ZaNu in fact when they had to defend one of their “dear leaders”. Tribalist twerps the lot of ‘em.

    • 926
      Trocious says:

      Frankly, much as I genuinely sympathise with the Hague’s over these losses, I don’t see how that’s at all relevant. Plenty of married men who have regular sex with their wives have a bit on the side. To me it is a desparate sympathy-card play in an attempt to make the story go away. And it’s not really a response to GF but to the papers that didn’t have the balls to print the story straight and instead made insinuations about Hague’s marriage. At least GF got straight to the point.

  31. 58
    Paulo says:

    Unless there’s some substance to the ‘inappropriate relationship’ rumours, this rather leaves a nasty taste in one’s mouth. Not your finest hour, perhaps, Guido.

  32. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, you’ve been a right cock on this one. You’re just coming across as homophobic.

    • 148
      Anonymous says:

      So one is mentally ill (“phobic”) if one abhors the frankly disgusting and absolutely immoral scenario of two people of the same gender being attracted to each other? What a victory for social engineering, to manage to persuade so many sheeple that something which, having been for decades regarded as a psychiatric malady, is now laudable and perfectly healthy. Every generation bar this one must have lived in the Dark Ages…

      • 209
        rampant hetero says:

        Fuck off you maladjusted moron. You reveal more of yourself than you could possibly understand. Homosexual behaviour is natural (it occurs throughout the animal kingdom), as is, sadly, your conditioned and ignorant response. You should really educate yourself – read, for example, a little ethnology, biology, evolutionary theory, history and epidemiology, maybe even some psychology – before you think of polluting cyberspace again with your idiocy.

        • 258
          hard of reasoning says:

          Murder is natural too.

          What ‘is’ is of little help in ‘what ought to be’ arguments.


          • Anonymous says:

            Murder isn’t exactly two consenting adults, is it? Don’t be a fucking moron.

          • hard of reasoning says:

            Read what he said. The genius above was arguing that anything natural is good. If instead his argument was that voluntary transactions between adults is no-one else’s concern, he would have a point.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah, just because someone is a prejudiced, retarded, ignorant, bigoted twat like you, it doesn’t mean they ‘ought’ to be.

          • hard of reasoning says:

            You are too dim to understand a rational argument that is nothing whatsoever to do with disapproval or otherwise of homosexuality, but about what a sound ethical argument consist of. And as for ‘prejudiced’, ‘bigoted’ etc: LOL, you are obviously another Gramscian brainwash victim. I couldn’t give two hoots about anyone’s sexuality. This is a Libertarian site, off to the Guardian with you.

          • Anonymous says:

            “but about what a sound ethical argument consist of”.

            Hmm…What about how to construct a grammatical sentence?

          • hard of reasoning says:

            grammatical nitpicking = loser

          • rampant hetero says:

            HoR you have a reasonable point. I take a broadly pragmatist position simply because ‘ought` propositions are culturally embedded and impossible to justify in any absolute sense or form. Homo- and hetero-sexuality are just sexuality.

          • rampant hetero says:

            I never said anything about `good`, btw – a straw man to cover the gaps in your logic? Anonymous / 150 was making the value judgements.

    • 305
      Dont bum me! says:

      You say that like its a bad thing?

    • 431
      I am Sick says:

      But, but, but, did not wee Willie state categorically he was not a homo and that he hired his 25 year old driver, to be a government advisor on international issues affecting the UK, even though he had NO experience, on the basis of his massive intellect? Are you really this stupid?

  33. 61
    Those who shout the loudest says:

    Most of the public school educated old Tory Ruperts and Henrys posting on this blog with homophobic remarks are classic self-loathing hypocrites who most likely fuck rent boys at weekends while telling their wives they’re off to the private members club. And to vent your self-hatred, you come here and post. Those who shout the loudest have the most to hide. Genuinely straight people have nothing to fear and have a policy of live and let live, and don’t scream disgust over gays every 5 minutes. In effect, most of you are more preoccupied with gay sex than gays themselves. Get counselling before your self-loathing eats you up.

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t project so!

    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck off you little gobshite. If it’s so bad on here, why do you bother?

    • 112
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I still can’t quite decide who has shot themselves in the foot.

      Perhaps both sides.

    • 275
      hard of reasoning says:

      LOL at this – who is shouting the loudest?

      Few here care about homosexuality, more about hypocrisy and lies.

    • 353
      grammar school lad says:

      I fucking hate pooftahs an’ all, even though I was not blessed with a boarding school heducation.

      • 397
        Anonymous says:

        Well I fucking hate ignorant, bigoted breeders like you with your wars and ceaseless reproduction which is about to destroy the planet.

        • 493
          concrete pump says:


          That’s really going to help you combat homophobia, isn’t it?

        • 589
          Larry Thomas says:

          Isn’t Alexander the great a gay icon because of his being good with colors. not that there is anything wrong with that.

        • 604
          equity abhors a Maxim says:

          What about the ignorant and unbigoted breeders? Or the ones who shun war, or who occasionally take a rest from their ceaseless reproduction by having an occasional teabreak (or use birth control during their marathon sex-a-thons)?

          Truly a night when rocks are levered up to reveal the little scuttling creatures which dwell beneath.

          It is as if there are other news stories from which attention must be drawn at all costs: Sky is leading on a hostage situation at the Discovery tv HQ in Maryland. The BBC with a political autobiography.

          In other news, leaders from the Middle East have gathered in Washington in an attempt to broker a peace settlement.

        • 690
          Hamish Macbeth says:

          If it wasn;t for breeders there would be no gays!

          • Julian Clary says:

            If it wasn’t for gays you breeders would starve.

          • A Driver says:

            Err, Julianne, your logic is somewhat, ahem, flawed.
            BTW, “breeders” classy, heterophobia always helps when crying about prejudice right?

    • 454
      Unsworth says:

      “Most of the public school educated old Tory Ruperts and Henrys posting on this blog”

      Care to put some numbers to this? How many are there, would you guess?

    • 1024
      Anonymous says:

      That’s to intellectual a statement for mindless arseholes like this to understand- don’t waste your breath albeit your comments are not lost on he more broadminded amongst us

  34. 62
    eyeball says:

    Why has he quitted? got to be a reason. I think the tory membership will be very unhappy when it hits them that there hard earned membership fees are being spent on bedtime expenses between a Millionaire and a 25 year old SPAD. tHERE IS A WHOLE RING OF THEM CONNIVING. Top Tory Wannabe Ashley Crossley is a tax advisor to the Russian Oligarchs, These yots are used for these sort of shenanigans. Crossley is making overtures to the Cornish as he has his eye on the St Austell or the North Cornwall Seat at the next session of selections, Doubt the Cornish will be impressed when all this breaks again.

  35. 65
    Old Jethro says:

    One down, one to go.

  36. 66
    Guido is funded by Mossad's homo smearing directorate based in Golders Green says:

    Excellent! I always heartily approve of ex bankrupts, and uninsured drink drivers throwing mud at these wretched politicians.
    How dare Hague be friends with a young man, the very idea disgusts and appals my sense of moral decency.

    I’m off to mow down some old fucker in grey slacks now, hic, Ciao!

  37. 68
    Lord Manhandlebum of youngBoy says:

    There isn’t proof that Hague is a choco-chiseller.

    He shared a room with an assistant and he (may) be guilty of nepotism by appointing him to a job he was under-qualified for. So what?

    The main “evidence” is the pair of them looked camp in that photo. All of these together add up to coincidences and no evidence of puffery or defrauding expenses etc

    • 555
      DonFagione says:

      Millionaire minister shares room with cute young aide – why? Out of concern for the state of the public purse? If so he would have stuck to the 2 spads a minister rule (not break it to employ his hot young twink).

      Is there any example of any other minister ever sharing hotel rooms with junior staff innocently ever?

    • 596
      Anthony Wedgewood-Benn says:

      Labour is the real home of Nepotism

  38. 69
  39. 70
    Caz says:

    Inevitable , given that it was all over the Dailies this morning.

    Interesting piece in the DT though, where Hague’s aunt reveals that the B on the front of that cap that he was snapped wearing is for the Bozeman Watch Company of M+ontana. His aunt says he he has spent more than eight holidays there where ‘he loves to ride with young wranglers’

    Sometimes these people just shoot themselves in the foot!! I bet she wished she’d stayed mum.

    • 232
      I'll have some of that says:

      Brilliant – you couldn’t make it up!

      I couldn’t give two hoots if Hague is gay or not (I think his watch is far classier than Peter Mandelson’s)……he’s a great speaker, and a good writer…..

      But he’s taken his eye off the ball. Real error of judgement appointing this SPAD. And perfectly legit to question it.

      • 568
        DonFagione says:

        I think you’ll find the problem is that he was eyeing the ball(s) a little too closely

    • 734
      smoggie says:

      And I bet his favourite film is Barebum Mountain.

  40. 71
    Not-in-a-relationship-with-Guido-unlike-other-members-of-his-staff says:

    Well done Guido- I hope that you are proud of yourself. Needlessly destroying people’s lives- Hypocritical jackass.

    • 95
      Above commenter! says:

      Not meant to imply that Guido, or his staff are involved, merely that it doesn’t tkae much to start a rumour.

    • 300
      Anonymous says:

      Remember that Guido is a committed catholic (therefore bigoted homophobe) so he has a personal interest here (always bad news in a journalist))

      • 949
        A Driver says:

        Catholic = bigot now? How very open minded and inclusive of you. Your tolerance is a beacon to all.

        • 963
          Anonymous says:

          Indeed. A committed catholic believes that gay people are disordered. We should tolerate such stupid and backward beliefs, but they will have to put up with being laughed at. I see no reason to tolerate such nonsense and the British people, who are refreshingly lacking (unlike the Irish) in the mental illness which is religious belief, on the whole agree – as Hitler Youth Ratzinger will see when he makes his extremely unpopular visit to this secular state.

  41. 72
    EH3 says:

    Hague does protest too much!

  42. 73
    concrete pump says:

    Hurry up with the ‘developing’ bit, Fawkes. I’d like to know a bit more before i comment. (I’m learning)

  43. 75
    Fiddler-Diddler says:

    Unless Myers has quit so as to remove himself from the firing line, why would anyone resign if the allegations, rumours and conjecture were “false and malicious”?

    Surely, you only resign if the allegations, innuendo, roumours or whatever are “true and accurate” and that truth puts the resignee in an untenable position?

    One does not resign if one has not done anything wrong (and todgering William Hague hardly matters that much as every other MP seems to be gay or at least as bent as a 9 bob note) … unless the resignation IS to right royally fuck Hague by throwing petrol on the smouldering embers of innuendo and rumour about Hague’s sexual orientation.

  44. 76
    R U Gaia says:

    Guido saves the tax payer some cash. The guy Myers just aint qualified, mature or experienced enough for the job. He is an extra, so it comes as no suprise that rumours got out of hand.

    • 85
      Sarf of the River says:

      Hear hear!

    • 89
      Anonymous says:

      so if Guido disagrees with an appointment it is within his remit to hound them until they resign? What a guy.

      • 135
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Remit? So he IS controlled by the lizards.

      • 138

        We are their employers, so yes it is within our remit to get rid of those who are not qualified to govern over us.

        • 253
          Anonymous says:

          by any means necessary eh?

          hey Holborn who was that kid I saw you rimming earlier?

        • 407
          Costumed Twat says:

          What qualification do you need to be a special advisor other than the confidence of the person you are paid to advise?

          Come on OH. What are the minimum qualifications for that job?

          Oxbridge Firsts only?

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            OH. Tactical own-goal to do the arse joke.

            However, I agree with the rest.
            One would imagine that there would be some sort of trail of jobs that he’d been doing … even if they’d been silly student politics, volunteer, or party tasks.

            Going from a party politcal campaign manager to 30k spad, from a different angle looks like a bad blurring between party politics and government.

          • hard of reasoning says:

            Absolutely no-one knows anything useful or original about the world at the age of 25. I was a fucking moron with a 1st class degree at that age (and not much better now).

          • equity abhors a Maxim says:

            Apparently not. You need to be an expert in order to count as an ‘expert’, even in Euroland.

            “On 15th March 1999 all twenty commissioners, led by Jacques Santer, were compelled to resign. There were reports that Edith Cresson, a commissioner and former French Prime Minister, had hired a dentist friend as an adviser.”

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I mentioned good old edith yesterday.

            She was prime minister under Mitterand.
            Not literally you see, it could be illegal to say that.

    • 185
      Anonymous says:

      Almost ALL of the SPADS in Westminster are neither experienced or Mature enough for their positions. They are mostly just out of Universities having never held a real Job. After a few years they become MP’s themselves. It is this Career Politician ladder which has to be discouraged.

      • 309
        Anonymous says:

        Correct. This guy was no less qualified than the rest of them. SPADS are basically Gofers. You’re hardly going to get a top International Law professor on £25k a year.

      • 657
        equity abhors a Maxim says:

        Agreed: and what better way to ensure that this pernicious career path is forever blocked than by exhibiting a high-profile scalp early in the term of a new government?

        Better governance might result from Parliament being filled by MPs with experience outside the narrow worlds of Party time-servers and research assistants.

  45. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Come on, this is one guy who worked bloody hard to turf the last government out, has the largest majority of any other Tory MP in the country and is, on the whole a decent guy. Normally Guido you’re spot on, but this time you are just appearing spiteful for the sake of it.

    • 131
      Own goal says:

      Hear hear. And in the process stirring up the most demented homophobic windowlickers on the internet into an orgy of barely-repressed homoerotic outpourings.

      As somebody else already posted McBride would have been proud of this. I normally consider this blog essential reading but am starting to think you might actually be a total wanker.

  46. 81
    PeterG says:

    Hold the front page: 2 men share a twin-bedded hotel room sensation.

    You mean like I frequently do with work colleagues? It’s called economising, not suspected sodomy.

    Get a life, you fool.

    • 121
      Laney says:

      You bummer!

    • 223
      Haile Seigel says:

      PeterG: Doctor, I have a Travelodge shower head stuck up my arse.

      Doctor: How did it get there?

      PeterG: I was economising and I slipped.

    • 368
      grammar school lad says:

      This sort of economising is unheard of, unless you are working offshore or are in the Navy.

      Don’t talk bollocks : you NEVER have to share rooms when on business trips.

    • 427
      Anonymous says:

      Hi, is that Travelodge? I’d like to book a room for myself and my chauffeur. As one does…when you’re a millionaire… and everyone else in the group has separate rooms… cozz i’m not gay or stuff… honest…

  47. 82
    HP Sauce says:

    McBride at his worst would be proud. Guido you big lefty

  48. 86
    concrete pump says:

    Oh dear, Guido. That reads to me to be a pretty good explanation, if you don’t have something else in your bag of spies then you’re fucked.

  49. 90
    Fiddler-Diddler says:

    My real worry is that as more and more MPs come out of the closet or caught with shit on their sticks so the risk of them making “being gay” compulsory becomes more likely!

    I’d say “fuck ‘em” but they’d probably love the chance … thinking I’d said “fuck men!”

  50. 91
    All Lib Dems are toss pots says:

    Guido you sod, you must be desperate for news. Not nice at all. Shame on you.

  51. 92
    Anonymous says:

    You horrible little man. What a waste of time, money and energy. Pointless. And nasty.

  52. 97
    Sith Lord Mandy says:

    Kiss my bootyhole.

  53. 98
    The Last Of The Few says:

    We await Iain Dale and another 1 of his “special” blog posts

    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      He’ll be interviewing suitable young things for the job of his assistant just now. A fellow bummer too no doubt.

      I blame Mandy.

      • 591
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        I assume Mrs Dale will give the job to Myers – looks like he’s eminently qualified and newly available on the job market. A shoe-in, no doubt.

  54. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry Guido, You’ve over stepped the mark here. I regularly share a room with work colleagues in order to keep the costs down. Did that ever cross your mind? As do most touring sports teams. Are you going on the hunt for them too?

    • 140
      room service says:

      Very kind of them to think of the tax payer, I’m sure.

    • 151

      Ask the CEO of BMW if he regularly shares a hotel room with his 25 year old gay driver, then ask the shareholders of BMW if they are happy about it.

      End of story

    • 373
      grammar school lad says:

      more bullshit

    • 434
      Anonymous says:

      But if you and the rest of your work colleagues had the option of separate rooms would you still consider bunking up with your chauffeur?

    • 601
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Touring sports teams (e.g. Man U etc.) share in order to inhibit their tendency to wank themselves stupid to the porn movie-channel all night, thus depleting their strength for the next day’s match. (Indeed most high-profile teams also specify to the hotel management that the porn channel is not available to those rooms).

      So maybe Myers was there just to stop Billy Boy shagging the ‘five-fingered widow’ all night ?

    • 639
      Indigo says:

      Are you a millionnaire and a Minister in the British gubbermint?

      If not, you are not comparing like with like.

  55. 102
    Is Fawkes actually just a juvenile, twisted, homophobic cunt? says:

    Great work Fawkes, surely you can find something on the Hagues to prove they’re lying about the miscarriages?

    In the interests of transparency

  56. 104
    Anonymous says:

    These people put themselves forward for government and asked people to vote for them. Why do some idiots on this page seem to think that they should automatically beleive everything a politician says on the day, 13 years after coimg to power and telling every one that him and brown got on very well, he now admits he hates his fucking guts!

    Get real you bunch of wankers, why should any one beleive a bunch of fucking lying politicians who would sooner sell you down the river for their own sakes just like the corrupt bankers did. You are supposed to wait for their memoirs to come out to reveal the truth?

    • 126
      Caz says:

      Yes and Tone, notably, says that he told a multitude of blatant lies to both sides as he was trying to get the Northe+rn Irel+and Pea+ce Agre+ment signed.

      Politicians lie.

    • 352
      Anony Mong says:

      As opposed to believing an anonymous troll on a blog?

      • 394
        Anonymong says:


      • 499
        Anonymous says:

        so it’s ok for the married foreign secretary of this supposed great nation to sleep in a double bed with a 25 year old guy? has this office now been so demeaned by the EU foreing office?

        • 699
          cant hunter says:

          Er, it was a room with two single beds. I have made similar arrangements a few times with a couple of male friends–nothing odd about it at all. And I am not a closet, or uncloseted , homosexual.

  57. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, you’re a prick. This blog has lost all credibility.

  58. 111
    NBeale says:

    Guido: it’s great keeping the powerful on their toes, but I really think you overstepped the mark here.

  59. 115
    you got punk'd says:

    Get some therapy guido, and all you other internet losers. Stop projecting your own self loathing and unhappiness with life onto other people. Hague has class and dignity, and you went after the wrong person this time, and showed yourselves up for what you are, deeply unhappy twisted morally-bankrupt nobodies.

  60. 117
    dutch says:

    So, ‘What would Kelvin do?’ Knock up a different frontpage for the later editions, I suspect.

  61. 118
    Margaret says:

    Guido, I think you have been a bit naughty on this one.

    Perhaps an apology is in order?

    • 172
      whaddamistakertomaker says:

      given the miscarriage angle I assume you will now be asking for publication of her medical records tmrw Guido? No? Not up for it ? Losing your edge son? After all when it comes to saving public money no stone should be left unturned. Que?

  62. 122
    Anonymous says:

    You despicable twerp, Guido.

    I’m outta here.

    • 154
      Anonymous and loving it says:

      Yeah fuck off, and take your faux outrage with you, twat.

      • 279
        Anonymous says:

        Every single one of these comments attacking Fawkes has an ‘anonymous’ retort so I can only conclude that someone’s trying to change the colour of the general opinion.

        Fawkes, you fucked up.

  63. 127
    the last quango in paris says:

    Guido time to apologise and bollock the person who gave you this ‘information’ – my brother and his mates all share rooms at the rugby club tours and they are certainly not gay.

    I have always really liked William hague – leave him alone.

  64. 128
    Weybridgeman says:

    Calm down dear it’s only a small resignation.

    Seem to remember some similar rumours about Sebastian Coe and Hague in years past and more when Coe’s marriage went up in flames in 2002…..smoke/fire/no/without etc. etc.

  65. 129
    Student says:

    “Christopher Myers resigns from the FCO, citing “untrue and malicious allegations”.


    Hmmm… wonder who kept stirring this one, eh Guido?
    The only thing that is ‘developing’ is your reputation for posting threads that are a magnet for homophobic, bigoted scum.

    Just pathetic.

  66. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain why Myers has resigned then?

  67. 137
    Mr Plum says:

    Phew always thought of Hague as one of the more trustworthy politicians, voted for him as leader, think i will give up on politics if I’m wrong.

  68. 142
    Just stating the bleeding obvious(again!) says:

    You’d think that Hague would have learned that he should never be photographed in a baseball hat.The last time gave him problems as well.

    I hope he has better judgement as Foreign Secretary than the call he made regarding his campaign accomodation AND that is the real story.As a Senior politician he should have known that rumours would abound about his sexuality particuarly after that photo showing his disastrous “camp” get up accompanied by Myers. Never a good idea for a man nearing the end of his 50th decade to dress as a twenty-something on the pull……

  69. 143
    MikeP. says:

    You have become the kind of arsehole you pretend to despise – reliant on rumour.

    • 150
      Anonymous says:

      Hit a nerve or just the bottle?

    • 193
      Chris (Not Myers) says:

      Is it rumour? The fact that a stament has had to be made and hague has decided to hide behind his wife, reminding me so much of that photo opportunity David Mellor made with his family. Whilst admitting he has shared the room with myers

      Guido was right to bring it to the country’s attention.

  70. 144
    perdix says:

    Guido is a sleazebag. How about an apology?

  71. 145

    Just thought I’d add my name to the list of people who think Guido’s got this one seriously wrong.

    Spreading malicious rumours about a couple who’ve just lost a baby is pretty low.

  72. 152
    Anne says:

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Personal difficulties are enough to bear without malicious gossip.

  73. 153
    pp says:


    The room was booked during election campaigning – surely the taxpayer didn’t pay for it at all?

    If we did (rip off!), it is conceivable that he bumped it up to a twin to save his nice young man a few quid (at our expense).

  74. 156
    Caz says:

    Regardless of the truth about a relationship , Hague, who is a senior and seasoned politician made two very bad, fundamental errors.

    Whilst campaigning in the election he shared a hotel room(s) with his driver. On being appointed Foreign Secretary he gives said driver a SPad’s job for which he is clearly not qualified.

    He admits in his statement that he made an error of judgement in the first. Yes he did. He was naive in the extreme. Not somehing we expected of William.

    He tries to justify the 2nd, but it isn’t justifiable. The coalition promised a crackdown on expenditure – less SPads paid for by the taxpayer – remember? So how can he then justify taking on more SPads than the previous Foreign Secretary had? He can’t.

    • 181
      Caz says:

      Regardless of the truth about a relationship , he is a senior and seasoned politician who made two very bad errors of judgement that cost the taxpayer money.

      Whilst campaigning in the election he shared a hotel room(s) with his driver. On winning said election he gives said driver a SPad’s job , in his ministerial office, for which driver is clearly not qualified.

      He admits in his statement that he made an error of judgement in the first. Yes he did. He was naive in the extreme. Not somehing we expected of him.

      In his statement, he tries to justify the 2nd, but it isn’t justifiable. The coalition promised a crackdown on expenditure – less SPads paid for by the taxpayer – remember? So how can he then justify taking on more SPads than his labour predecessor had? He can’t.

  75. 157
    Albi Here says:

    So those little words that we have had shoved down our throats for 13 years while they took our freedoms away,If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear,it looks as if someone has something to hide and something to fear.

  76. 158
    Jen says:

    Hey, anonymous posting vile responses to everyone – are you a Mr G. Fawkes by any chance? ;)

  77. 159
    Anonymous says:

    I find this whole story a pain in the arse. But why did Myers resign if there was nothing to hide? Unless of course they have been playing hide the sausage.

  78. 160
    Dave says:

    It’s easy to sit behind a screen, say something and think you’ll remain anonymous.
    But how long can you remain anonymous these days, eh?

  79. 173
    Robson S says:

    Shame on you! Especially Guido Fawkes
    Seriously! Shame on the fucking lot of you
    William Hague is worth a 1000 of you no marks shit-stains!

  80. 174
    Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting to see what Myers does now.

    I’m guessing Hague will have lined up a nice little earner for him with one of his chums.

    We don’t want him having to sell himself to the press just to make ends meet.

    It will also be interesting to see whether Myers is replaced and if so by whom.

    • 202
      another anonymous says:

      If Myers is replaced it would be good to have someone with a little more experience of life, 24 years old FFS!

      Glad to see the back of him.

  81. 178
    A former admirer says:

    So someone with a grudge against William Hague briefed you, Guido, and you accepted their hypothesis then sought evidence to support it. You found none, but in doing so stoked up some of the nastiest homophobia in our society, sent tabloid journalists to plague a young man and his parents and caused deep anguish to a couple struggling with multiple miscarriages.

    I hope after you kiss your children goodnight, you sleep well tonight.

    • 208
      Anonymous says:

      You should try TV Quick. It sounds much more your sort of thing.

    • 231
      freedom of speech says:

      Just fuck off with your homophobia bollocks, it doesn’t work on here, only on simpletons such as you, dick brain.

    • 693
      Baroness Ashton says:

      Guido: say it ain’t so! (Though there is the outline of a pattern if you include David Laws)

  82. 179
    Dark Lord Manglesbum says:

    I would like Matthew Paris to run his nose over this one, he is usually spot on!

  83. 191
    Spook says:

    Sports bag and padlock for Guido!

  84. 198
    kitten says:

    . I dont think Ffion would hang around if there was any truth in this allegation. Hague is one of the most able polititians around and not a toff. Who started this malicious rumeur and why?

  85. 206
    Hunch Back says:

    The guy is unqualified for the job. But Guido did allow the rumours to get out of hand. You should have read the clues Guido, to back off.

  86. 210
    Sleaze Hound Journo Hack says:

    Another career wrecked, Guido, you must be so proud. On the other hand it was an brilliant piece of investigative journalism, top notch chum.

    • 302
      The brooding Beast Of Bronte country says:

      Im up for some top notch bum

    • 768
      Homer Fobe says:

      Myers career isn’t wrecked. He’s still young, has a driving licence, a degree in history from Durham (if you please) and a strong wrist that could flip burgers throughout the nightshift.

  87. 211
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, there was someone called round looking for you earlier. He said his name was Hubris and that he would call back soon enough !

    • 247
      Anonymous says:

      Guido, there was an anonymong called dick head looking for you earlier. We told him to fuck off.

      • 698
        Anonymous says:

        Oh Guido we so Love you Guido, we told him to fuck off guido Did we do good master ? oh please love me back please please please.

  88. 213
    Anonymous says:

    I hope that Mr Hague’s performance as Foreign Secretary isn’t affected by the loss of his special adviser.

    • 241
      Albi Here says:

      Maybe he will just have to do the job he’s paid for and maybe he would be better using civil servants to help him,that’s what they are paid for,if he wants external help then maybe the Conservative party should pay the spad not us.

  89. 214
    Your blog is fucked says:

    What a Hunt you are Guido

    I smell an exodus of advertisers

  90. 215
    Mark says:

    I think this reflects pretty badly on you, Guido – seemed needlessly malicious from the outset.

  91. 217
    ++Breaking News++ says:

    Reports coming in that Brown is still a total c’unt but even more so than yesterday.

  92. 218
    Cato says:

    Hague, you’ve just enjoyed a Thelma and Louise road trip with this guy. He is your mate for heaven’s sake. He has no life experience, you are the Foreign Secretary. Sit him down and talk to him as a father would talk to a son, tell him he has done nothing wrong. Er, you haven’t spoken to someone who has pointed out that someone fresh out of College hasn’t a lot of special advice to give to someone in your position, have you?

    • 297
      Jan says:

      Totally agree.It reminds me of that page on a social networking site which stated something like ‘Ive had more Foreign Office experience than Sarah Palin’.This could be said of this young guy.Well,William Hague has gone down in my estimation.After all the crap we’ve had to put up with in the last 18 months when all the scandals regarding expenses,jobs for spouses,jobs for family members…. why oh why does he go and give such an important job,in fact any job, to some wet-behind-the ears 25 year old? I would guess there are at least 15 million people in the UK who have far more relevant experience/qualifications to work for slick Willy than this bloke. Hague is an absolute idiot and does not deserve to keep his job.I thought all the jobs-for-the boyos was going to stop when the putrid party lost the last election.

      • 481
        twinky carmichael says:

        Well said. Rational, measured and completely misplaced on this site!

      • 739
        Anonymous says:

        I thought all the jobs-for-the boyos was going to stop when the putrid party lost the last election.

        Welcome to reality pal, I made the same mistake in 1997 when the shower-before-last were kicked out.

  93. 220
    Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know whether Myers is a homosexual?

  94. 227
    Hypocrisy alive and well says:

    I bet all you far right types got bootybusted at boarding school and still like to play hide the sausage behind your frigid wives’ backs.

  95. 228
    The brooding Beast Of Bronte country says:

    Ay oop ows about a whip around for another turkey baster?
    Fuck me (Please if female)

    I have lived on this planet for over 47 years and have never been accused of being a poof
    How has Hague always managed to have the whiff of lavender about him for over 30 years?
    If the slap head and Ffion wanted a child so badly why didnt they just buy one like Jaffa Milliband?
    This story is the end of Hague
    The bald headed knob polishing cock jockey

  96. 230
    Sir William Waad says:

    Who will keep the CD collection I wonder?

  97. 245
    Anonymous says:

    What a foul little shit Guido Fawkes is.

  98. 254
    Anonymous says:

    I’m disappointed. I had hoped that Hague would sue the arse off the malicious writer of this blog. There was also a reasonable prospect of getting him banged up for at least a few weeks; I have no doubt that GF’s body language at breakfast would then have been subject to daily eye-opening dissection on the blogosphere.

    Bloggers tend to lie when they feel a need to feed their audience.

  99. 256
    daraghmcdowell says:

    Hope your pleased with yourself Guido. I think someone else should be making a statement – one of apology.

  100. 264
    R U Gaia says:

    I personally could not give a monkeys if they are bumming each other 24/7. The fact remains Myers in viewed as an extra and the tax payers are fed up with paying extra. Shame that the rumours got out hand. Though it is an ideal opportunity for people to take a serious look about their attitudes towards people’s sexuality. This can be opportunity for some serious mature reflection on matters such as homophobia. Like it or not, there are lot of people who view this blog as homophobic.
    Yes, you are all entitled to free speech, opinion etc. Time to use your rights with maturity.

    • 287
      The brooding Beast Of Bronte country says:

      Come around to my place

    • 516
      hard of reasoning says:

      Totally agree. But I doubt that there are many regulars here who hate homosexuals per se. That guardianistas and their ilk find libertarian blogs like this homophobic &Co is inevitable given the censorship elsewhere (on ‘Comment is Free’ for example). The poor dears think they have a right to be free from offence.

  101. 271
    William sugar daddy Hague says:

    Today I’ll mostly be sticking my huge cock in to young men’s hairy little chocolate starfish’s and shouting “whose your fucking daddy now bitch!” wile I roaring like a lion.

    Thank you.

  102. 274
    The brooding Beast Of Bronte country says:

    I see that all the bleeding heart bendover and take it like a man types are “out”

    Me I would just laugh if somebody accused me of being a balding middle aged homosexual
    I get two out of three badges but not the brown one
    Why is Hague so bothered if it isnt true?
    Can you imagine Tom Cruise or John Travolta threatening legal action if a person accused them of being poofs?
    Or Crispin Blunt during the last election

  103. 276
    Karma says:

    Let’s hope YOUR family never have to endure a miscarriage, Guido. This witch hunt has been disgusting and low. Hope you feel tons better that they’ve had to make public their personal grief. What goes around comes around.

    • 333
      Anonymous says:

      Someone else who should be reading TV Quick! Jeez, this post has really brought out the sanctimonious sad fuckers!

    • 366
      John Bull says:

      one up the bum no harm done

    • 531
      heard it says:

      Sucker. Politicians use ‘private’ grief as a political weapon, and you fell for it this time. No-one forced Hague to reveal this irrelevance. The issue here is his employing 25 year old unqualified close friends on taxpayers’ hard-earned. Shroud-waving is simply a tactic and quite despicable in its own right.

  104. 283
    Kris says:

    I’m usually a fan Guido but seriously – you’ve destroyed a young man’s livelihood (and presumably reputation – he’s going to forever be renowned as William Hague’s toyboy, whether he was or not) and put anu incredibly poisonous media on Hague’s trail, sniffing for the slightest hint of homosexuality so they can create a controversy out of nothing, destroy his marriage for nothing and potentially destroy his career and reputation for nothing. He’s one of the few good people the coalition has at the moment – why fucking bother? You’ve actually made me quite angry.

  105. 284
    Tapestry says:

    Guido, do you enjoy this sort of thing?

  106. 286
    iain says:

    Well, at least now he can book single rooms. Save himself a few £

  107. 288
    Anonymous Sockpuppet (not g fawkes) says:

    Guido is national hero, you will thank him when the truth comes out, then you can come back here and apologise, ha! A true cassandra, you just wait…


    someone who is not G Fawkes

  108. 292
    Chris (not Myers) says:

    Just told my cousin that a position has opened up as hague’s righthand man, he is not going to apply because he is left handed.

  109. 294
    Albi Here says:

    Seems Guido you have pissed off the LibCon brigade,no medals or knighthoods for you this Christmas then,it’s obvoius they don’t read your blog header, plots,rumours,conspiracies.

  110. 295
    Anonymous says:

    Pleased with yourself, Cnut (anag)?

  111. 301
    Damo McSleaze says:

    I’m so proud of you, Guido! Even I wouldn’t have stooped so low. I hereby resign and pass the title of Smearmonger In Chief to you.

    • 335
      a jolly gay time was had by all says:

      Didn’t hear you complain when we were calling Brown, Mandy and co. poofs.

  112. 306
    Dr Guido Fawkes says:

    I humble myself before you ,William.

    Might I suggest that your good lady and yourself consider IVF treatment

  113. 308
    YorkshirePuddd says:

    Hague has been an open secret for years – a friend of mine was at Oxford with him and said that the Union and the university Tories were in the grip of a the lgbt society of whom WH was one of the most eggregious – not surprisingly as he was president of both at one time or other.

  114. 317
    Spotty Lizard says:

    I’m not really sure whay you think you’ve achieved here, Guido. You’ve caused someone to lose their job over what appear at the moment to be pretty baseless rumours, and you’ve damaged an extremely competent minister.

    This blog is generally excellent political commentary but what you have done today is crass and pathetic.

  115. 319
    Anonymous says:

    What a regrettable incident. All’s well that ends well…

  116. 320
    Old Heathers says:

    Hague denies ‘any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man’.

    So he obviously didn’t know his father.

  117. 332
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Myers is a
    It has no nuts and no desire to reproduce but has a love of its own se x

  118. 337
    Michael Jackson says:

    Sorry, what’s he done wrong?

  119. 340
    Harry the Camel says:


    I take Willaim Hague and his wife at their word.

    For you now, you have to either put forward further proof of your smears, and wait for the writ, or you retract and apologise.

    Don’t start with the troughing Spad angle either, you were smearing not reporting.

    To me, you have been done up like a kipper, whodunnit? Mandlebrot? You should tell us.

  120. 341
    K says:

    I’m taking no further part in this. If you have something Fawkes put up or shut up.

  121. 344
    R Spandit says:

    I always knew he was ginger beer.

  122. 347
    Thieves, perverts and traitors. Your MP's in there somewhere says:

    If we had hung the fucking lot of ‘em when the expenses scandal broke, this would’nt be an issue.

  123. 349
    mv says:

    Another scalp for Guido on the way………keep it up, old son.

  124. 361
    hey says:

    Playing the long drawn out game?

  125. 363
    Billy Big Bollocks Hague says:

    Anybody who insinuates that i’m gay will feel my fist.

  126. 365
    Lord Coe says:

    My Lordship for all the sweaty “judo” sessions I had with with Mr Gaygue was entirely proper.

  127. 367
    Dont bum me! says:

    What I am finding most amusing about this whole episode is watching all the twatty-beard-stroking-right-on-liberal whiney fuckers spit their fair trade aboriginal monkey fart tea out all over Guidos forum.

    Oooh…theres hints of bumming…must be some fascist right wing pogrom on the benders then…

    If you want to play im-more-right-on-than-the-next-tofu wearing-sandal-eating-pre-op-transgender-trisexual then you should fuck over over to the guardian, they love twats like you over there.

    Keep your bumming to yourself. Preferably in hotel rooms, so long as you pay for it yourself. Either that go out on a common and claim your looking for badgers…

    I myself is basically indifferent to the homosexual community, just dont bum me! Keep the felching to yourselves.

    Some of you people are utter wankers. That is all. For now.

    • 528
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Nah. I don’t buy it.
      Lefties, old LGBTs, and right on liberals will still have a deep rooted view of Mr. Hague as Thatcher without a wig. Hence it would always be open season.

      • 852
        Anonymous says:

        The people that you list would now find the Conservative Party acceptable thanks to “Cast-Iron’s” tireless work in the Guardian and the inevitable merger with the LibDems.

  128. 369
    Lower than me granny's jugs says:

    It’s such a shame if Billium turns out to be straight; with Laws, Blunt and now this, I had a tenner on the first all gay cabinet.

    Well since the Major one anyway.

  129. 374
    Radge says:

    What’s the betting Guido’s source is some wee queen from CCHQ who is one of Willie’s Ex’s?

  130. 378
    Pete says:

    So all the moralising bellends the question is this.

    How many times has this site not only been correct but had the moral high ground?

    So Guido got one wrong. So fucking what? If these people can’t take the shit they ALL shouldn’t have treated the electorate with such contempt.

    Man the fuck up.

  131. 379
    Shoot the messenger says:

    Guido is a ventriloquist. Most of the people on here have spent the last four days typing their homophobic bile. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY TO AGREE WITH EVERYTHING GUIDO SAYS. Time to think for yourselves.

    • 386
      CCHQ Troll Command says:

      Well done little minion.

      Have a biscuit as a reward for your slavish on message poodling.

    • 410
      Dont bum me! says:

      Surely if all the people here are Guidos sockpuppets (is that a homo term?….eeeeewww) then they would be typing Guidos homophobic bile, rather than their own… Pedantic I know, but an unimportant distinction.

      Of course, it could simply be…now sit down, you might be in for a shock… not everyone believes in the whole liberal lettuce being-gay-is-perfectly-normal-and-anyone-who-says-different-is-worse-than-hitler-and-boils-kittens agenda.

      Seriously, some people actually dont like the idea of touching another mans bottom. Hard to believe isnt it.

      • 448
        Anonymous says:

        “Seriously, some people actually dont like the idea of touching another mans bottom. Hard to believe isnt it.”

        And some men find the idea of touching a woman’s fanny disgusting, but we don’t start ranting on about how dreadful straight sex is and telling other people what to do in bed.

        Your sexual orientation is yours alone. Good for you.

  132. 380
    John Bull says:

    A new flavour for Hague’s pop wagon:

    Dandyliar and Browncock

  133. 385
    (Hideously) White Van Man says:

    so how much more of Little Britain is documentary rather than low farce?

  134. 396
    Preston says:

    PS (they’re his initials – let’s call him that instead of playing along with his pretend “political conspirator” crap – maybe he should get a job) should be ashamed of himself.

    Oh, wait, sorry, he’s going to start telling everyone that the miscarriages are also false, just to cover up Hague’s closet homosexuality.

    And another thing, who gives a flying fuck if Hague WERE gay, which he very clearly isn’t? It’s no-one’s business at all.

    PS just wanted to be able to tell everyone he’d forced out a cabinet minister. What a total tosser. Get a job, get a life, mate.

    ALSO = Would you believe that this comment was BLOCKED several times because I’d mentioned P.S.’s name in full? Just his first and last names. CENSORSHIP FUCKHEAD?

    • 408
      Ji-Ayn says:

      OMG lol i just tried it and it IS censored. What a wanker.


      • 506
        Bye Bye says:

        WTF name is Ji-Ayn? Are you an illegal?

      • 564
        P/ee* St/ains says:

        I never have a problem.

        • 567
          Holborn Viaduct says:

          Took you four attempts to get through the automatic free-speech monitor though, didn’t it?

          • Lord Seb Coe and his "Judo" fist of fury says:

            My Lordship was as proper as Mr Myers relationship with Willy Hague.

          • nell says:

            What an absolute load of twaddle there is being talked on here about h%%moph%bia tonight by lab%urlost people who think they scent g%%uido’s bl+ood.

            Let’s be clear , most of us who post on here regularly, regard WH with respect. But G is right – WH has made some serious errors of judgement. He’s a seasoned politician, in one of the highest offices of the land. We hoped for better after the massive poliitical abuses of the last 13 years and his poor judgement is disappointing.

            Whether or not he’s gay is Not the issue. For whatever reason, he decided , during the election, to share hotel room(s) with his driver. Serious error of judgement No.1. Imagine if gordon had done something like that ? The scandal that would have followed!

            On winning the election and being given a ministerial post he decided to give a SPad’s job to this 25year old driver, admittedly with a law degree, but no life/job experience of any note, at taxpayers expense. Serious error No.2.

            The issue is further compounded by the fact that the coalition promised to reduce the number of SPads and hence their cost to the taxpayer. And yet WH then goes and employs this one, that makes one more and more cost to the taxpayer than his labour predecessor did in the ssme office Serious error No.3.

            This blog is doing a good job in keeping a spotlight on government left, right or centre. And actually what this issue, on this blog, shows more than anything, is that G is, generally, concentratig on abuses in government rather than on left, right or centre.

            What I think is going to be really interesting now is to watch the Beeb, that renowned voice of the Left, painting WH as a saint and G as something worse than a McBrie

            Of course. I could be wrong and the Beeb will do some really balanced reporting. Let’s wait and see!!

          • nell says:

            Most nteresting now is to watch the Beeb, that renowned voice of balance, painting WH as a saint and G as something worse than a McBrie

            Of course. I could be wrong and the Beeb will do some really balanced reporting. Let’s wait and see!!

          • Myers: the man in the spotlight- Profile says:

            “It often seemed as though Myers was there for the ride rather than any other purpose.”


          • Hagues £30,000 a year error of judgement says:

            a job at the taxpayers expense let us not forget

      • 623
        William Hague ate my bab says:

        Is P++aul++S++taine++s is a Na++zi j++++++++e+w cu++nt censored.

    • 419
      whining on message CCHQ poodle is having a hissy fit says:

    • 470
      Ben Collins says:

      Preston: “And another thing, who gives a flying fuck if Hague WERE gay, which he very clearly isn’t? It’s no-one’s business at all.”

      It is, you twat, if he’s voted against gay issues or rights, etc.

  135. 406
    Mandy says:

    I always new Willy was gay

  136. 413
    charles dickens says:

    why did he resign if he’s done nothing wrong? can someone answer this please?

    • 435
      grobdj says:

      Because some people have the good sense to know when continuance is causing pain to others

      This man is worth a thousand of those twats who do wrong and don’t resign

    • 496
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Tory party deflectotron. Set to level “STUN”

  137. 414
    Appalled and disgusted of Westminster says:

    I’m disgusted and appalled!

  138. 418
    666.6 says:

    Guido obviously went to a private school, where We understand such actions are easily observed most nights…

    Come on Guido, it was a non-story and you’ve fucked it up. We’re sure it happens occasionally that to save money, people of heterosexual means will share a hotel room perfectly chastely.

    • 425
      Back to Basics says:

      sing if your glad to be Hague, sing if you’re happy he pays, hey!

    • 482
      concrete pump says:

      That’ll be a ‘boarding school’ then.

      Not everyone’s place of private education was a boarding school.

    • 557
      Anonymous says:

      Indeed. In order to save money, many millionaires share rooms with other men…. I mean the Travelodge is so bloody expensive….

  139. 423
    Anonymous says:

    You’re a nasty shit, Guido.

  140. 424
    Kered says:

    OK so William has a stiff wrist and what he says seems to have a ring of truth about it. Action word is ‘SEEMS’. Politicians generally have sunk to such depths that ‘seems’ is the best one can write. One can only hope that he will have learnt a lesson for the future. Good luck we are watching!

  141. 426
    Earl Grey says:

    Let’s get this straight: Myers resigns because he didn’t have a gay affair with Hague. Hague says he cannot be gay because Ffion has a history of miscarriages.

    • 428
      Crispin Blunt says:

      And who could possibly question that ?

      • 492
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        It would take someone with absolutely no emotional intelligence to question such a statement.

        But it must be said, “that is not logical, Jim”.

  142. 429
    William Gay says:

    This has Mandelsons fingerprints on it.

  143. 430

    OK forget about the driver, consider BLAIR …..Dishonesty in a public office is an offence? Could Blair be charged for not sacking Brown knowing full well that Brown was nuts?

    I leave it to he lawyers out there to pick up the baton ….oh back into the main topic…

  144. 442
    reaperghost says:

    this site is just becoming a gutter blogg. its a shame as i used to enjoy it and it was was my stop for politcal news but it seems now the election is over, gordon is gone, co and libs are boring us with cuts and labour are doomed its just looking for gosip that is not in the interest of the general public. i feel that i should look else where now for my news, may be the news of the world or the star.

  145. 443
    A future fair for all says:


    Has Blair got blue eyes brown eyes or fucking green, I’ve seen him with every colour going!

    Its this guy on BBC2 the real Blair or one of his clones?

    • 480
      Down with Brown! says:

      He looks very ill. I hope it is slow and very painful.

      • 992
        Biffo says:

        He does look ill doesn’t he? Guilt? BTW where is Imelda Slot-Gob these days? Seems a long time since there was any news about her or piccies of them together.

  146. 449
    "Cocktail of genes" says:

    WOW! Look at all the astroturfers on here.

    Find the 2000 documentary “Just William…and Ffion” and enjoy the innuendo.

    Hague’s sexual orientation has been an open secret in the “Westminster village” for years.

  147. 450
    Geoff H. says:

    Hague says he made a mistake sharing a bedroom on occasions during the election campaign.

    Why is Myers resigning not him?

    • 471
      Oliver C says:

      Why would Hague resign for sharing a hotel room with someone?


      If the author of this blog had any guts, he wouldnt just post this statement without any comment whatsoever. Was the gossip worth someone’s career for no good reason?

      • 514
        Anonymous says:

        “Was the gossip worth someone’s career for no good reason?”

        Oh dear, Myers fancied a “career” in politics and it was spoiled. Boo hoo. Maybe he’ll have to get a proper job now.

        • 552
          Oliver C says:

          Whats the fact he had a job in politics got to do with anything? Shall I start making random assumptions too? Like maybe the nearest you’ve gotten to a career is the weekly appointment at the job centre?

          Oh never mind, he’d involved in politics, therefore it’s completely fine to make up complete bullshit as it’s par for the course……

          If you really think like that do us all a favour and emigrate.

        • 683
          tim says:

          fucking hell, says the guy who worships so-called “guido fawkes”. you think HE has a proper job?

    • 616
      Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

      Why is ANYONE resigning? This story is pathetic and reflects disgrace on all the media (inc you, too, Guido) which have propagated it.

      You really are a bunch of shits.

  148. 453
    Brown dog day says:

    Never mind Tory trolls, console yourselves with the foul mood Gordon’s in tonight after Tony told the world he’s an incompetent, psychotic gimp.

  149. 457
    Sarf of the River says:

    Great to see the blog name checked on C4 news.

    Congrats Guido.

  150. 461
    JohnP says:

    McBride would have been proud of this. You’ve fucked up.

  151. 463
    Anonymous says:

    I used to enjoy this site, it’s not little more than gutter press tittle-tattle or boasting about “look how many readers I’ve got!” self-congratulation. I don’t think I’ll bother with it any more.

  152. 467
    Only one way to settle this says:

    How about an online poll, Guido?

    There is reason to suppose that:

    a) Hague hired his gay lover
    b) Guido is being a complete arse
    c) Both

  153. 469
    Shoot the messenger says:

    @CCHQ troll command. No just thinking for myself while making a valid point. Ta for biccy. You don’t have an extra sausage going spare do?

  154. 473
    concrete pump says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how many posters return to comment on the next thread.
    I wonder how many will have changed their monikers.

  155. 476
    Down with Brown! says:

    Bliar admits to being a liar!

  156. 477
    Ping Pong says:

    Iain Dale has been looking for a “personal assistant” to massage his diary and the deadline closed today.

    Now we know why Myers has quit!!

    But why is Iain so upset ?

  157. 478
    internet tuff guy says:

    lol its fun to make fun of politicians on the internet. who cares if he just had a miscarriage, i’m gonna make pictures of feotus soup and post them to his address, lol, morals don’t matter on the internet, in real life i’m insecure but online i do what i want, yeah fuck gay boy hague and his barren beard wife lol

    • 495
      Myers is not the only fruit says:

      Hague HIMSELF brought the miscarriage up in a pathetic attempt to play the victim and distract and draw attention away from the fact that he had to sack his SpAd.

      Nobody but the most gullible fool is fooled by that desperate Public Relations move.

    • 501
      Moniker Lewinsky says:

      There’s no denying your post certainly marks you out as a reasonable and stout fellow. One of life’s winners and a masterful display of sarcasm to boot. I tip my hat to you, Sir.

  158. 488
    Down with Brown! says:

    The most sanctimonious pile of shite ever written:

    Iain Dale is a total Hunt!

    • 503
      Madame Dale's house of Hypocrisy says:

      He’s a total hypocrite. Simple as that.

      It was fine for him to expose details of Tracy Temples affair with Prescott but when it’s one of his ‘special friends’ he throws his toys our of the pram as usual.

    • 515
      Anonymous says:

      He is, but he’s right on this one.

      • 538
        Anonymous says:

        no, he’s wrong and the resignation proves it

      • 542
        Anonymous says:

        No, he’s not. He just piling on the Central Office cant to detract from the appalling judgement Hague has shown. They can play up the “oh, it’s all nasty gaybashing” angle all they like, but that is not what it is about. The fact remains that Hague chose to break his own government’s limit on Spads to hire his driver as a policy advisor on a £30,000 a year taxpayer-funded salary.

    • 544
      Fuck off Iain Dale says:

      Iain Dale is so full of himself he hasn’t any room for a cock just now. Every time I see the preening queen review the shitty press on Sky Snooze I have to turn over.

  159. 490
    Dolland Aitcheson says:

    McBride and Draper will be raising a glass to you tonight Guido

  160. 498
    Ed Balls says:

    I share beds with other men on frequent occasions as well, in fact, young men were rather plentiful when I was Education Secretary. Nothing is going on though, perfectly innocent.

  161. 507
  162. 509
    JC says:

    Any suggestion that his appointment was due to an improper relationship between us is utterly false, as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man.

    So based on his own statement, Hague could have been involved in relationships with boys.

  163. 513
    Down with Brown! says:

    Tim “self-righteous and in love with myself” Montgomeire and his self-righteous friends on ConservativeHome are being especially self-righteous tonight.

    If the aide of a senior Labour MP had quit in similar circumstances, Monty and his self-righteous would be calling for executions.

    • 588
      smoggie says:

      Tim Mon is an ugly looking brute, ain’t he.

    • 940
      post 516 is a mcbride glove puppet says:

      yep and because he is a Tory you are calling for heads so what’s the fucking difference? except the colour of the party and who fed you your propaganda!
      ps now you can your moniker to er say ,’listen to the Tory love bucket’ or something really clever like that and earn yer money for once draper bitch !!

  164. 518
    Mahatma Gandhi says:

    Guido, you are a twat. To cause distress to such admirable people as the Hagues is unbearably tasteless. I have read you for years but no more. You have lost a reader here. Hopefully somebody will make false accusations about your private life soon. Wankshaft.

    • 533
      yawn says:

      then FUCK OFF
      instead of posting the exact same thing under numerous monikers you whiny cun’t

    • 574
      Anonymous says:

      “You have lost a reader here.”

      I’m sure he’s gutted.

    • 759
      boo hoo hoo sniff sniff says:

      make a sentence out of these words:


      better than countdown

  165. 523
    OiOi says:


    Hague wants to give out 100 Million New British EU EU passports,why? Turkey,Bosnia,Albania,Kosovo.

    Stand down now William.

    • 675
      What a suprise says:

      Hague – another member of the backstabbing, treason class. So much for his so called amazing abilities spouted by too many idiots.

      How the fuck is it in any ordinary Briton’s interest to allow Turkey into the EU, unless you’re a scheming bastard politician with loyalties elsewhere, or a serf labour enthusiast of the business classes?

      • 763
        pay the jizya and feel humiliated says:

        Incredible isn’t it? Do these imbeciles think they will have any legacy at all if they do this?

  166. 526
    Anonymous says:

    is this story really important ? What about the BBC paying Andrew Marr with licence payers money to help Blair sell his book on the BBC and to give him the fucking airtime too. Talk about politicians taking the fucking piss and living off the public. When did Blair ever generate revenue himself instead of taking it from our taxes?

    • 536
      Down with Brown! says:

      Jugears and Bliar go way back and clearly they still love each other.

    • 539
      Anonymous says:

      you’re posting under it often enough you dumb twat

    • 553
      A statement from the nation's favorite broadcaster... says:

      The BBC is impartial at all times. Just because our house newspaper is the guardian, and there were empty champagne bottles strewn around the corridors when Mr Blair first became PM, does not mean we favour any one administration over another.

  167. 527
    Down with Brown! says:

    What would Kelvin do?

  168. 529
    Mr Plum says:

    At least all the kerfuffle has kept blairs book out of the news, have not heard a thing about it all day

  169. 535
    Anonymous says:

    You wield some power there Guido I’ll give you that.

  170. 540
    False Flag Denial says:

    “Any suggestion that his appointment was due to an improper relationship between us is utterly false, as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man.”

    And exactly how many closet queens have relationships with men? A rather round number. Doesn’t stop them having sex with men, though.

  171. 543
    Duncan says:

    Well done you stupid prick

  172. 556
    Abdool Pooloo says:

    My name am Abdool Pooloo, and I am twin bedding defender! Evil mucklarkers! Mr Hague was bedding twins with his manservant. If I arrived from Nether regions I would bed twins too. Sister Zainan and me bed twins together in house. It was extreme glacier!

  173. 561
    shergar says:

    I’m Brian and so’s my wife.

  174. 562
    Anonymous says:

    Won’t Ashcroft be jealous? ;-)

  175. 566
    Anonymous says:

    Although I regret the pain this is causing the three of them, I have to smile over the way this deflects attention from that awful gobshite Bliar. Why is there never a suicide bomber around when you need one?

  176. 569
    NOT trevorsden says:

    I hadn’t appreciated what a Hunt trevorsden was until reading his comment at the end of Dale’s awful, trite and irrelevant piece of shite titled “Guido Fawkes Should Cease & Desist ”

    What an uber twat!

  177. 571
    Cassandra King says:

    Who cares if Hague is Gay?

    What we DO care about is the sleaze, the corruption, the lies and political classes mentality and mindset that they are somehow special, that they can enjoy a lavish lifestyle courtesy of the taxpayer where normal rules do not apply.
    The question is and this is the ONLY question mind you, did Hague employ his Gay lover at the taxpayers expense? Did Hague cover up his relationship with his Gay lover and try to hide the truth?
    None of us give a shit which way Billy swings, what we do care about is honesty and integrity in high office, nobody resigns because they DIDNT do anything wrong, hey I am totally innocent and did nothing wrong so I will resign straight away….er…I dont f*cking think so do you?

    We dont care about the Gay sex, we never did care in fact HOWEVER we do care about the political classes taking us for fools and we do care about them lying and cheating and believing themselves to be above reproach.

    • 676
      Anonymous says:

      Spot on Cassandra (and Guido). Expose the bastards for what they are.

      • 710
        Andrew Johnson says:

        Agree completely Cassandra and anonymous. The sad truth is the political classes still don’t understand just how much ordinary people despise the lies, the deception and the placing of self and party interest above the needs of the nation.

  178. 573
    Anonymous says:

    What an utter cock you are Guido.

    Hague is one of the good guys. I’d like the man whether he was gay or not – but he’s not.

    I don’t think there is any substance to this story and frankly, I think you’ve been had. I hope this bit of slandering blows up in your fat face.

    Cue assorted Labour Lice with “CCHQ poodle” comments. Yeah, well fuck you.

    • 590
      nervous breakdown says:

      Somebody is losing it bigtime (snigger)

    • 624

      so why haven’t you FUCKED OFF you whiny little tosser ?

      don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out

    • 646
      Anonymous says:

      Hague is one of the good guys.

      Is he? How so?

      What precisely is he doing for Britain?

      How does he stand on issues like the EU, Turkey, mass immigration, Islamic expansion into the west, global warming.

      Would he put this country’s interest before that of his party’s?

      Or is it he’s just a good party tribalist?

  179. 578
    Mr Plum says:

    Just a thought, Blairs book comes out, Hague made a laughing stock, could this be payback time

  180. 580
    david1 says:

    Well Guido, you can say what you like about Labour politicians and you are the hero of the hour. Attack one of the top Tories, one of Dave’s best mates, and you are cast into the outer darkness.

    As a crusty ol’ lefty Guido all I can say is just carry on doing what you are doing, hit ‘em all, Right, Left and Centre,, the more they whinge the more you should kick ‘em.

  181. 581
    Dave Laws says:

    I see that sad old Tim on GoneHome has now closed his comments on this affair. What a wuss.

  182. 582
    TheyFearTheHare says:

  183. 583
    smoggie says:

    Rory Stewart is gay. So is Dame Kelly (homo) Holmes, the athlete.

  184. 584
    Kogvos says:

    Hope you have compelling evidence to dramatically unveil in support of your campaign of innuendo, Guido.

    At the moment all you seem to have is flimsy and circumstantial.

    If you have nothing else in your armoury the maybe now would be an approprite point to issue a Press Statement of your own: apologising and explaining about the differing burden of proof required by wannabee hacks and professionals …

    • 593
      do fuck off you whiny little cun't says:

      the SpAd has GONE you dumb fuckwit

      • 608
        Kogvos says:

        The spad has gone.

        That’s the proof then is it?

        Up your dirtchute, asswipe.

        • 614
          Anonymous says:

          Yeah, get over it douche bag. He’s gone.

        • 615
          do fuck off you whiny little cun't says:

          Did he go becvause he had a sore tummy wummy ? Hmmmm???

          NO. He went because Hague was elbow deep in the shit for hiring him in the first place and then sharing a bedrom with him.

          So shut the fuck up you pathetic crybaby cun’t.

        • 621
          Anonymous says:

          Get over it douche bag.

          • don't cwy widdle baby says:

            Boo hoo hoo hooo! Boo hoo hoo hooo! Boo hoo hoo hooo! Boo hoo hoo hooo! Boo hoo hoo hooo! Boo hoo hoo hooo! Boo hoo hoo hooo!


          • Kogvos says:

            24 hours later and still no evidence to support the gossip. Nil, zero, zilch.

            Just I’ll-written insults and invective from Guido’s little fan club.

            Apologise or prove it.

            Or are you still “developing” your response (ie staying quiet like a coward in the hope that it will all go away).

  185. 587
    News of the World says:

    the ground has been softened up so we’ll be splashing on this one on sunday

  186. 599
    Anonymous says:

    I hope you’re proud of yourself Guido. A guy’s been forced out of his job because of your corrosive bile.

    • 605
      pussy galore says:

      Blimey Fawkes you’ve really got up some nutters chuffter this time haven’t you? The bitch has been banging on all night.

    • 609
      bye bye says:

      Hague sacked him because he should never have hired him in the first place
      now piss off you whining twat

    • 635
      Fucking kill them all says:

      Fuck off you koont, labour and tories are scum.

  187. 602
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    I think this was a pathetic and shoddy campaign and I’m saddened that (a) you took part in it, Guido, and (b) Hague didn’t just tell the prurient Press to F*** Off.

    It’s no less than they deserve.

    The justification is, no doubt, that it’s another scalp in the game of media vs politicians. No wonder so few people of quality go anywhere near standing in our ‘democratic’ system.

  188. 603
    Pete says:

    i went to my local chemist and asked for some vaseline..”sorry” said the lady “try boots”..i said “i want to slide in not march in..”

    • 641
      Anonymous says:

      I went to my local chemist and asked for some Vaseline. “Yes of course sir” said the sales assistant “please just walk this way” “If I could walk that way I wouldn’t need the Vaseline” I replied.

  189. 613
    Anal Duncan says:

    I hope the journos currently heading up the M1 go & see the former members of Northallerton Young Farmers in the early / mid 90s.

    …talk about putting it on a plate for them!

    Pickles’ memoirs will be worth the wait too.

  190. 625
    George W. Bush says:

    Guido deserves respect for giving the tories some of what Labour had to deal with. He is not as much of a stooge as the others.

    Conservative Home and Iain Dale are useless tory droids. Nothing they say can be believed because of their closeness to the regime tit is evident in every post they produce, ignoring Libcon failings makes them pointless.

    • 634
      Down with Brown! says:

      Conservative Home and Iain Dale’s diary are owned by Lord Ashcroft. Lord Ashcroft is a very close friend of William Hague. No wonder those sites are defending Billy Hague.

      • 642
        G Messhan Ahmed says:

        Billy Hague made Lord Ashcroft a ‘Lord’ in the first place.

        The real question is now did the hook nosed n a z i Ashcroft find out Hague was a bum bandit filthy gay and blackmail him for a lordship?

        Or is Lord hooked nosed n a z i also a filthy aids infested gay who bums boys in belieze and shagged Hague for a Lords peerage.

        Notice how the filthy hooked nose n a z i perverts are trying to turn everyone into diseased gays and pervets like them by exposing young children to sex education and promoting g a y and p e r v e t lifestyles everywhere in the media.

        • 662
          George W. Bush says:

          The SpAd is the story in my opinion as he has landed a very good job in government with very little experience. When this happens something untoward is often going on. I should know.

          If Hague just said he was gay (if he is) from the outset like the other guy did, nobody would care. Dale, the conhome and Hague himself are trying to make this about his sexuality when really it’s about his possibly corrupt hiring of staff. Even if there’s no sexual relationship between them the appointment should be looked at. I bet there’s thousands of better qualified people who would love to do that job who weren’t driving Hague around last year.

        • 671
          Oh dear says:

          Ah at last, a sane voice.

  191. 629
    Barsacq says:

    French twist. Fion in French slang means arsehole! She was chosen with care.

  192. 632
    Lib Dems sinking beneath the waves says:

    YouGov/Sun – 43/38/11

    YouGov voting intention has topline figures of CON 43%, LAB 38%, LDEM 11%. This is the lowest Liberal Democrat level of support recorded since straight before and after the resignation of Menzies Campbell, back in 2007.

  193. 636





  194. 637
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    The denial at the end of Para 1 – “…. as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man”.

    Doesn’t this sound rather too much like the familiar Clintonism, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” ? That proved to be bullsh*t too.

    Wonder if Myers has a blue dress in his wardrobe ?

  195. 643
    Arthur says:

    When we go on tour, all the guys share rooms… It halfs the cost and we are all quite loaded… Same for tour cyclists…. In fact we have shared all my life… It’s pretty normal… Get real Guido… Your copy is losing cred… Any one recommend a true blogger?

  196. 644
    Former Reader says:

    For fuck’s sake, Guido, you slimy weasel; you might as well drop leaflets for Labour.

  197. 647
    G Messhan Ahmed says:




    • 726
      nell says:

      Unfortunately for you that theory doesn’t work.

      WH has shown very poor judgement for a seasoned politician. And, quite properly, Guido has held him to account to for it. Bit it’s a very mild thing when compared to what the Labour Mafia did over the last 13 yearsd.

      Lets not forget Labou is regularly and serially is representative of thievery, corruption, abuse of power, dishonesty, criminality, backstabbng and even physical violence.

      Of course the beeb will paint guyfawkes as a demon and McB as a Saint .

      But let’s put things into perspective here.

  198. 651
    A Troll says:

    I’m loving it, i’m foaming at the mouth and wanking myself into a frenzy simultaneously.

    Guido pwned Willy Hague big time.

  199. 659
    Anonymous says:

    Master Myers is an expert on Ugandan affairs.

    That’s why he was hired.

  200. 665
    Arthur says:

    Rugby tour boys share rooms… It’s a league thing. Get real guido, you are out of touch now

  201. 668
    Marc Almond says:

    14 pints a day! Bloody hell!

  202. 668
    Anonymous says:

    Mr Hague denies that he has “ever been in a relationship with any man”.

    Of course, Mr Myers is not just any man.

    • 680
      Anonymous says:

      Nor are the accusations of a ‘relationship’ nature. The Lewinsky denial in full play! What do they take us for FFS.

      • 695
        Down with Brown! says:

        It reminded me of Clinton’s instance that “I never had relations with that woman”. The truth of that statement depends on what your definition of a relationship is……

        • 723
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          I always thought that when he said it he was pointing at a random woman, e.g. a cleaner standing at the back of the room.

  203. 670
    Anonymous says:

    Never mind…the Pope will be here next week to bless us all and rid us of our mortal sins.
    He’s not gay…

    Is he?

    • 681
      The Pope can fuck off too says:

      As above.

    • 697
      Gordon's a riot says:

      Scary popey panzer’s coming to turn Britain into a theocracy!

      Good job there are so many Muslim’s in Britain now to save us from them Catholics.

      • 705
        nell says:

        Don’t forget us Methodists. Non-conformists if you want to be precise. We’ve been here for centuries questioning and challenging the ruling elite.

        The pope won’t get anywhere near us!

        • 915
          Angry and Despondent says:

          David Cameron’s secretary at no.10 comes to him and says: “You have the Pope and President Obama outside waiting to see you. Who do you want to see first?”

          Cameron says ” Better send in the Pope first. I only have to kiss his hand.”

  204. 677
    Oh dear says:

    Yeah, right. Is it a full moon tonight?

  205. 684
    nell says:

    What an absolute load of twaddle there is being talked on here about homophobia tonight by labourlost people who think they scent Guido’s blood.

    Let’s be clear , most of us who post on here regularly, regard WH with respect. But Guido is right – WH has made some serious errors of judgement. He’s a seasoned politician, in one of the highest offices of the land. We hoped for better after the massive poliitical abuses of the last 13 years and his poor judgement is disappointing.

    Whether or not he’s gay is Not the issue. For whatever reason, he decided , during the election, to share hotel room(s) with his driver. Serious error of judgement No.1. Imagine if gordon had done something like that ? The scandal that would have followed!

    On winning the election and being given a ministerial post he decided to give a SPad’s job to this 25year old driver, admittedly with a law degree, but no life/job experience of any note, at taxpayers expense. Serious error No.2.

    The issue is further compounded by the fact that the coalition promised to reduce the number of SPads and hence their cost to the taxpayer. And yet WH then goes and employs this one, that makes one more and more cost to the taxpayer than his labour predecessor did in the ssme office Serious error No.3.

    Guido’s blog is doing a good job in keeping a spotlight on government left, right or centre. And actually what this issue, on this blog, shows more than anything, is that Guido is, generally, concentratig on abuses in government rather than on left, right or centre.

    What I think is going to be really interesting now is to watch the Beeb, that renowned voice of the Left, painting WH as a saint and Guido as something worse than a DamianMcB

    Of course. I could be wrong and the Beeb will do some really balanced reporting. Let’s wait and see!!

    • 701
      nell says:

      C’mon Guido let’s get some balanced comment on here tonight.

      For crying out loud! Stop modding those of us who are trying to help!

      • 728
        spin little on message spinner, spin for your masters says:

        are CCHQ paying you well for trying to “help” them?

      • 743
        Ratsniffer says:

        ‘We occasionally shared twin hotel rooms’

        I’ve done that with my best mate when we’ve been on walking holidays/lad’s nights. It is cheaper, but my god you pay for it in other ways. After a curry, and a night of drinking real ale, the room stinks like a putrid colostomy bag. Not to mention being kept awake by snoring and ripping canvas sounding farts.

  206. 685
    Indigo says:

    On reflection, I think that Hague should have left Ffion out of it. I am sure that I am not the only person who goes from one year’s end to the next never once thinking of Ffion, and now the whole world knows of her repeated “failures” to conceive.

    Low blow, Mr Hague. Subtext: “Ffion, because you have failed to give me a child, everyone now thinks my SpAd is my gay lover.”

    Well, that’s how it looks to me. And I want to believe in Hague.

  207. 694
    EC1 PhD says:

    Guido, you owe Myers a pint.

    • 708
      nell says:

      Owes Myers a Pint? No he doesn’t!

      Oh Dear another Beeb leftwing comment.

      Remind me again how many £billions the beeb has each year of our taxpayers money to pursue it’s labour leftwing agenda?

      • 712
        nell the hypocrite says:

        Oh look who it is nelly see no evil hear no evil speak no evil if it’s the tories doing it back from the dead.

      • 733
        But the Heir to Blair and Brokeback Clegg love the Beeb says:

        Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

        He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

        He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”

        Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Culture Secretary

        “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

        “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

        “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster. “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”

        Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has defended the BBC, saying it’s “unique in the world and we should be proud of it” and said the trend for politicians to constantly attack it was wrong.”

        But they must be Liars because nell doesn’t like what they say.

        • 745
          Billyboy Hague says:

          ‘appen I can blame this all on the Beeb because Guido works for them
          don’t ee?

        • 1000
          Biffo says:

          I’m quite happy to see the BBC closed down or at least left to sink or swim on the revenues it can raise itself – no licence fee – why should I pay a licence fee to a service I never watch? Maybe if it did some unbiased reporting I’d watch but I’m sick of listening to it’s 13 year long songs of praise to Socialism, the EU, global warming (man made) & the vile, corrupt & bullying Labour Party & its troughing MPs. Not that other Partys don’t trough too (‘Another SpAd? Don’t mind if I do’) but the BBC always point them out, Labour sleaze is alway glossed over (they obviously believe they can polish a turd).

  208. 700
    Dr Muir says:


  209. 702
    Anonymous says:

    if the FS will have his pic taken with nice young boys – and it is a very gay looking foto – hes got to expect rumours to start

  210. 704
    It doesn't add up... says:

    When blog traffic is down 40% in 3 months according to alexa there’s nothing like a big story to get it up again.

  211. 706
    Robbo says:

    First time on the site. Eye opener. Such hypocrites govern us. Depressing

  212. 707
    disaffected says:

    Sorry to say that I cannot imagine why someone with the cash that Willliam Hague has would need to consider sharing a room with a 25 year old chap .
    It was clearly a possible future time bomb , didnt he care or consider at the time!
    As a fellow Yorkshire woman I am very concerned by what appears to have been going on here , I personally felt that William was a man on honour and principle .
    If these stories are true then for the sake of his bonny and loyal wife he should come clean .
    The poor lasses attempts to have a family should be treated with respect , this must all be a nightmare for her, please treat her with the respect that she ( if not WH ) deserve.

  213. 709
    Seems the lady doth protest too much says:

    Why didn’t Hague and Myers say they where trying to save the taxpayers money by bunking up in light of the economy and cuts being implemented.

    They have made it look more dodgy by protesting like this and acting like DRAMA QUEENS.

  214. 711
    c.eng says:

    Well done Guido, for exposing yet more cant, hypocrisy and the whiff of corruption.

    I and many others don’t give a shit what sexual orientation William Hague has, but we did expect him to demonstrate some judgement and respect for the electorate.

    If he must hire yet more Special Advisers, which was a specific criticism of the previous government, we expect him to hire the best not some young wet with no real credentials to advise.

    It smells most unusual that he should hire a relatively unqualified lad as an adviser and then decide to save the cost of a room by bunking up together.

    All the mock homophobic outrage on the blog seem to entirely miss the point. Would Hague have told us if he’d hired a young girl adviser that it was perfectly justifiable to share a room with her, I think not.

    All seems not well in the State of Camerot

  215. 715
    The Hague Express says:

  216. 716
    I occasionally sleep in the same bed with men but i'm not gay oh no..... says:

    ‘We occasionally shared twin hotel rooms’

    Once fair enough…

    But i think he has been extracting the urine abit here.

  217. 725
    TomTom says:

    Exactly what Michael Portillo and Carolyn Eadie said…..did they borrow the script ?

  218. 727
    Troy says:

    By the way whatever happened to Norman st Stevens Thatcher’s gay Arts and Crafts minister. He was as bent as a nine bob note. Is he still around?

  219. 730
    Truth will out says:

    Come on Fawkes you coward………

  220. 731
    streamfisher says:

    I don’t give a rats arse about peoples sexual proclivities, real imagined or insinuated or even if they arse a rat as long as they display some competence at doing the job in hand, wankers!

    • 740
      Judo Hague and the Bedroom of Doom says:

      by hiring unqualified special friends for important high paying jobs
      very competent

      • 747
        streamfisher says:

        And some fell on stony ground.

      • 774
        streamfisher says:

        Wot no comments on the Saint Tony and Kermit Marr interview, poor old Gordon has had to bin three trillion words he had already written for next book of political revelations to up the anti, this could get very nasty (I hope).

        • 795
          zzzzz says:

          nobody cares about a warcriminal and a loser

          • streamfisher says:

            Whatever else he is he is not a loser, when asked about his property portfolio, How many house’s do you own?, neatly sidestepped and then “most of my friends are not seriously wealthy”, I suppose its all a matter of degree, what’s a few million here or there, Richard is a billionaire and often invites me to his private island in the Bahamas, isn’t socialism wonderful.

          • chris says:


          • Biffo says:

            Who needs enemies with Blair as a friend?

  221. 735
    Dave-o says:

    Fuck me, for a bloke who began his adult life as a social libertarian, you sure is a something of a Nazi these days, Guido. There’s no prude like a reformed whore, innit?

  222. 737
    Anonymous says:

    Hilarious. The gimpy twats on here must be having a Sherman over this. Nice to see that Tories are still true to their principles . . .

  223. 746
    Anonymous says:

    You’ve got to laugh. The Tory blogosphere has been making up the most ludicrous stories about Labour politicians for a good few years now, and also nasty ones, such as mocking Brown’s blindness etc. But what happens when it’s discovered that a Tory politician might be gay?

    It’s BAAAAAAAWWWWW! Oh Guido, you’re so nasty and horrible! How can you say such things? BAAAAAAAAAW!

    Silly little Tory hypocrites.

  224. 750
    City of Vice says:

    Well done Guido for throwing a light on the wasteful, corrupting practice of appointing party hacks as SpAds.

    Irrespective of party, these Westminster village types just don’t get it.

    I don’t give a toss whether Hauge’s an arse bandit. However I do mind when some wet behind the ears hanger on is sidled into a non job, at taxpayers expense, essentially because his mate is a political bigwig.

    It’s our money these tossers are spending. They are taking the piss out of ordinary folk.

  225. 751
    Gladys Pew says:

    I feel kind of sympathetic to them, but I am a real person who has kids and friend who have had difficulty in having them.

    • 773
      City of Vice says:

      You feel sympathy. I don’t.

      It would appear that Hague is now appealing to emotional blackmail to head off further scrutiny of this matter. He used the threat of injunctions before that.

      The salient issue is Hague’s casual appointment of a spectacularly under-qualified mate of his to an supposedly ‘advisory’ role at the heart of government, and at our expense.

      We had enough of that crap under Labour.

    • 809
      Don't believe the hype says:

      That’s the beauty of emotional spin, puts one in a quandary even though all the evidence is there right in front of you!

    • 819
      Judo Hague and the Bedroom of Doom says:

      so you were forced to employ someone at great expense and spend several nights sharing a bedroom with them too ?

  226. 752
    Kogvos says:

    This blog is dead in the water unless Guido has evidence to back up the gossip.

    Already on it’s deathbed judging by the shite posted here tonight.

    R.I.P. Guido Fawkes.

    • 755
      don't pick on Hague!! Boo hoo hoo hoo!! says:

      the spad has quit
      you’re full of shit

    • 770
      Phil says:


    • 822
      banuqurayza says:

      Exactly, that’s why you are comment #749, because this blog is dead in the water.

      ho hum

    • 993
      chris says:

      Guido holds the government to account. Whomever it is.

      Sorry if you tories only enjoyed being in opposition

      • 1014
        Kogvos says:

        Bollocks. Guido has no evidence to back up the gossip about Hague. He’s been fed a line to deflect attention from the Coulson allegations and he’s been played.

        This blog is finished unless he backs the story up with evidence. His bumchum fanclub on here posting multiple comments under a range of pseudonyms in an effort to protect their hero is the reason for the number of posts, not popularity you fool.

        What little credibility this blog had is now in tatters. Beginning of the end, but Fawkes only has himself to blame. Shot himself in the foot. Own goal. No evidence. R.I.P.

  227. 757
    feminist101 says:

    I hope Guido is happy with himself, the Foreign Sec talking about his wife’s miscarriages and the couple’s fertility problems in public, made me feel sick that he had to do that.

    Poor show, Guido, poor show. Show some fucking discretion in future.

    • 776
      playing the victim card says:

      Nobody FORCED Hague to try that blatantly obvious public relations spin that has nothing to do with him hiring an unqualified close friend as an advisor who he kept sharing bedrooms with. Poor me, victim rubbish for the very gullible and stupid.

      Are you happy with yourself poodling for Conservative Office in such a sickening way ?
      Show some fucking backbone in future.

    • 784
      Don't believe the hype says:

      Being a feminist do you suck cock like Hague or is it way beneath you?

  228. 761
    The race to break the rest of the story is now on says:

    “Two national Sunday papers have the evidence but, despite journalists putting considerable resources into the story, their editors are reluctant to pursue it.”

    Who will be first out the gate with the rest of the scoop ?
    Guido or the Sundays ?

  229. 762
    Bored says:

    Proud Guido? *yawn*

  230. 765
    Smelly Chocolate Bellend Licker says:

    I love to stick my penis in to other men’s shit and give it a damn good poke, and wile its still in their rectums too, hehehehe!

  231. 772
    John Terry (Chelsea) says:

    Hague you muppet caaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnt! he’s got a beautiful wife, but still e’s a benda! I blame that lying ugly bosniak tart who’s been filling his baldy head with kack all these years. Hasta la vista baldy.

  232. 777
    Liebour Troll Warning System says:

    Liebour Trolls have totally infected this blog.

    A great day to bury the bad news that B£iar was a pisshead and his Chancellor Chancer was a refugee from Broadmoor.

    • 789
      CCO Troll Warning System says:

      Tory trolls have totally infected this blog.

      A great day to bury the bad news that every fucking coalition member is a shirtlifter.
      Apart from May who’s a geriatric rugmuncher.

    • 793
      CCHQ Troll control says:

      the spad has quit
      you’re full of shit

  233. 778
    Mrs Huggins says:

    I blame the voters. They will encourage them.

  234. 780
  235. 785
    Madame Dale says:

    I’ll scratch your eyes out Guido!
    I’m sending my girls round to spam your blog with LEAVE HAGUE ALONE!!!

  236. 791
    Don't believe the hype says:

    Its all fucking spin!

  237. 792
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Eh !!! I’m on Liebour’s Broadcation Corpulence !!!

    Note my weight loss….

  238. 796
    MadMacMacMad says:

    Feel proud?

  239. 802
    Anonymous says:

    Guido Faux and his personal sewer.
    You are all losers, get a life.

  240. 806
    Jaded63 says:

    I’d like to believe Hague, but we have a couple of undeniable facts:

    1) He employed someone as Special Adviser who seems not only to have been unqualified for the task (as well as surplus to requirements, since most government ministers only have two SpAds) but

    2) He shared a hotel room with him on more than one occasion.

    If Hague didn’t realise that the combination of these two factors looked very dodgy indeed, he was an idiot.

    There have, of course, been rumours about Hague’s possible homosexuality for decades.

    We will find out the truth sooner or later, and, as is the nature of these things once stories like this have broken, the likelihood is that it will be sooner.

    • 825
      Anonymous says:


      Then there is the fact that most of these liblabcon shysters ARE corrupt, and the gullible need to be made to face up to the fact that most of the time they are being defrauded.

      This story is the tip of the iceberg that will sink the Titanic.

    • 841
      Judo Hague and the Bedroom of Doom says:

      Decades of homosexuality and not one bitter lover in the woodwork for the tabloids to find ? Hague must be shitting bricks right now.

  241. 811
    handbags at dawn says:

    Well I’m cancelling my subscription forthwith!

  242. 812
    Anonymous says:

    An apology is due

  243. 816
    Gavin Essler says:

    Tonight on Newsnight we have two political giants renowned for their perceptive witty and balanced political comments……John Prescott and Alistair Campbell. I’m sure licence fee payers will agree good value for money.

    • 826
      Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

      I AM a giant !!

  244. 827
    mark says:

    you are clearly wrong Guido.

    Just apologise and then you might be able to move on

  245. 828
    News of the World says:

    Our Paps have Snaps.

  246. 831
    13eastie says:

    This is pitiful shite, Guido.

    If the SpAds want sacking, attack them for the job they are/aren’t doing, their subversion of democracy, gravy-training etc.

    The puerile stream of innuendo on offer and being encouraged among the window-lickers here lately doesn’t credit the blog…

    • 834
      "pitiful shite" that made the headlines on... says:


      • 842
        anti political classes says:

        Hear hear. These political types need taking down a peg or two. We are their masters and not the other way round.

        Anything that gets that silly old queen Dale all unnecessary is fine in my book too.


        Well done Guido.

    • 850
      nell says:


      Absolutely the right expression.

      What was william doing?!

  247. 836
    Christopher Myers: the man in the spotlight- Profile says:

    Christopher Myers: the man in the spotlight

    Profile of 25-year-old adviser facing allegations over his relationship with William Hague during election campaign

    His first appearance was as a mere supporting character. The 25-year-old found his picture splashed across newspapers in the election – inadvertently standing next to William Hague, as the former Tory leader’s fashion sense was pilloried.

    Now Christopher Myers finds himself the subject of lurid allegations regarding his relationship with Hague in the campaign, which a source described yesterday as “very friendly, not like that you’d expect of a politician’s”.

    Myers, like Hague, comes from Yorkshire. He went to the £10,000-a-year Yarm school in Stockton-on-Tees. He studied history at Durham, where he was not noted for any activity in the university’s Conservative organisation. He has since studied law but as yet cannot practice, turning down a necessary two-year training contract to join the campaign trail. The source said Myers was “always with” Hague travelling from Yorkshire constituency to constituency. “William isn’t a politician who needs to be managed when on campaign, he knows the drill,” said the source, who was present at party events in and around Hague’s Richmond constituency.

    “It often seemed as though Myers was there for the ride rather than any other purpose.”

  248. 837
    what a fucking anti-liberty says:

    Some fuck on Mrs Dale’s piss poor excuse for electronic bog roll commenting that “Unless the blogosphere learns to regulate itself then the end result will be that someone else will take on that role.”

    Regulated? Fuck off you drama queens.

  249. 838
    Anonymous says:

    gawd almighty –

    the profumo scandal of the 60′s would not have raised an eyebrow today!

  250. 844
    Old Heathers says:

    The revelations about Ffion are obviously intended to divert attention from the sordid truth that Hague shared a bedroom with his personable young driver because he’s a Yorkshire tightwad.

  251. 849
    Madame Dale's handbags at dawn says:

    Madame Dale is reviewing the papers on SKY News at 11.30

    Will the precious little hypocrite attack Guido ?

  252. 856
    Anonymous says:

    Old Billy boy is a rampant cock jockey, no two ways about it. Another tory cocksucker about to bite the dust (or carpet)

  253. 857
    johnthebrief says:

    Whether Hague is or is not gay is nobody else’s business. Prurience is not public interest.

    Whether Myers was qualified for his job seems to me to be a question few people outisde the foreign office could answer. Has anyone seen his job description? In the organisation where I work we have entry level people who don’t know much about anything but nobody says we shouldn’t employ them. On that reasoning nobody under the age of 30 should ever be given a job at all.

    What a load of nasty people there are on this site.

    Guido, you provide a useful service. Part of retaining credibility in that role is admitting when you are wrong. I think you seriously misjudged this one.

  254. 858
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    In my view, Hague had made an error of judgement in sharing a room of any specification with this man, given his front bench prominence. That apart, there is no problem that I can see for which any evidence has emerged. That situation might change but, until it does, it is a minor but disturbing triviality.

    Given that it was an error of judgement, I feel that it was valid for Guido to question it. That applies the more so because the media had largely avoided it. Inevitably, in such circumstances, the commentary has ascended to hyperbolical levels. This further highlights the extraordinary error from a normally savvy politician. He has only himself to blame for his unhappiness, and for that of his wife and his Spad. The suitability, or otherwise, of the latter is not the central issue here, but is valid as a separate topic.

    Those who are not prepared to accept the assumption of innocence here, and there appear to be many, would surely still expect it for themselves. If anyone has better evidence then let us hear it but circumstantial evidence will simply not do. If any does emerge then clearly Hague will be finished. I have no idea whether we shall see something convincing but my hunch is that we shall not.

  255. 859

    Has he resigned yet?

    Come on Hague, we haven’t got all day.

  256. 860
    Vague Hague Ague says:

    Mrs Bercow and Mrs Dale about to do Sky’s paper review,

    Labour and Hague about to get a Whitewash. 4 Now.

  257. 863
    Seb Coe's cock says:

    Ha ha he he -

    The Guardian reckons this Guido geezer is the fag-finder general of Britain, and bestows the power of Moses on the big pig.

  258. 864
    Anonymous says:

    Ooh missus it does appear this is a case of jobs for the boy!

  259. 865
    Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde says:

    Fancy, a right-wing blog leading the witch-hunt against one of its conservative stars. Picking on a man for the sole reason that he might, possibly, be gay.
    You couldn’t make it up.

    Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face.

    • 872
      he quit for a reason says:

      for the sole reason that he improperly hired someone unqualified at great expense to share a bedroom

    • 901

      Picking on him for hiring his boyfriend, not because he is gay, Guido has picked on ministers over their girlfriends too (e.g. Prezza).

  260. 866
    Questions says:

    Why do we never see Mrs Fawkes in public? Is there something going on? Why do we never see the happy couple together in public? Is Mr Fawkes secretly playing Hide The Sausage?

  261. 867
    Mrs Dale and his blogging hypocrisy says:

    Mrs Dale looks like she’s going to cry! Boo hoo hoo hooo!!

  262. 869
    Gordon Brown says:

    I want my fizzy orange. Now.

  263. 873
    Coulson joins Hague in the shit says:

    not a good day for conservative central office and their drones

    • 960
      My party is my life! says:

      Amazing isn’t it the sheer emotional attachment and blind loyalty some people have for their glorious party?

      If only they could put a fraction of that loyalty into supporting this country for once.

      But there again, the more you come to know party tribalists the more you realise they don’t actually like Britain much, or ordinary Britons came to that.

  264. 882
    Disappointed says:

    Well, Guido, hope you’re pleased.

  265. 885
    I occasionally sleep in the same bed with men but i'm not gay oh no..... says:


    The Con Dem coalition has no chance of making five years if you little Tory nazis keep showing your true faces like you have tonight.

    Fucking hell right little fucking Stalins aren’t you and here we all thought Labour had the monopoly on that.

    What next regulating the internet?

    Holyyyyyyyyy shitballs joe public reactions to seeing this kind of sad act Tory whining sense of self entitlement and toy throwing out of the pram now your in power will be epic.

  266. 886
    Wait till the polls says:

    Game Over Tories Game Over

  267. 887
    Anonymous says:

    Who will Dave sack first, Hague or Coulson?

  268. 891
    CF member says:

    I wonder if some gay Ministers are worried or relieved it wasn’t them? I’ve only been to one Party Conference and I was told about a few gay MPs some of whom are married. I’m sure all journalists must have heard the same.

  269. 895
    Homo says:

    WE ALL GAYS DARLING!…except John Pig Prescott!!!

  270. 897
    Anonymous says:

    Fucking hell, Guido!

    With supporters like these, victory is within your grasp, right?

  271. 903
    Mr Biggy says:

    Bloody hell. This story will change the political landscape for ever.

  272. 906
    Gary, Hong Kong says:

    You people should be ashamed.

    Guido, you made a BIG mistake doing this; I hope you are happy with the distress you have created.

    Spiteful and unnecessary.

    It is about time your silly little boys all grew up.

  273. 918
    Michael says:

    Leave the bloke alone. Smutty stirring. Innuendo rules red caps.

    Sanctimonious bunch of silly-season shits.

  274. 919
    Anonymous says:

    GUIDO you really are a total fuck

  275. 922
    LesAbbey says:

    I think we are being very hard here on William Hague. He was trying trying to take the lead in tackling the budget deficit. Sharing a hotel room saves money. Sharing a bed saves on heating costs also. If we could get those OAPs three to a bed then they wouldn’t need those winter fuel allowances would they? Way to go William. Now what was that about Osborne?

  276. 924
    Former Fan of Guido says:

    Truly blogging from the gutter. That’s me finished here. No more visits to this cesspit of filth.

    • 929
      piss off says:

      yeah yeah twat
      we heard you the first dozen times you posted the exact same thing
      so how about you actually fuck off for good this time ?

  277. 925
  278. 927
    . says:

    does hague talk in his sleep—so his political advisor had to be there to take notes

    its always the LIES that brings down a politician

  279. 930
    Anonymous says:

    The irony is that GF has tweeted for the media to stop getting in touch with him whilst he is on holiday!

    “To all media asking for interviews, am on holiday. Read blog tomorrow.”

    It didn’t bother you setting the media hoards on someone else did it Guido?

    • 932
      cry me a fucking river you CCHQ poodle says:

      it didn’t bother Hague to throw his pet spad under the bus to try and save his career

    • 982
      Anonymous says:

      @ 936…

      Yes: Guido lights blue touch paper, then stands back in amazement and says: “fuck me! It went off!!”

  280. 931
    redcliffe62 says:

    dolly draper was the brain behind labour.
    qualified at the best educational establishment money could buy.

  281. 933
    who was the last person Madame Dale tried to blame it on the messenger for their sleaze ? says:

    David Laws.

    How did that turn out ?

  282. 937
    Tiger Woods says:

    Perhaps William should have used a wedge instead of his driver?

  283. 948
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    BBC radio4 latest: Hague found guilty of wearing a baseball cap in a public place.

  284. 951
    Willie Hague says:

    Shut that door!

  285. 954
    LBC says:

    Radio 5 phone in: Is it ethical to pose as a married man while employing your young boyfriends on the public purse?

  286. 956
    NotW_scumbag says:

    Why isn’t this blog leading on the far more significant Hacker Coulson story ?

  287. 957
    Kay Why says:

    Surely the question is, ‘is Myers gay?’ If not then really there is nothing to shout about. So could Myers girlfriend step forward……..anybody?

  288. 959
    Ordinary Englishman says:

    I was first attracted to this site by the wit and tongue in cheek humour of most of the contributors of all political persuasions.

    For me the hatred and bile being expressed by so many these last couple of days is utterly appalling and shameful.

    • 968
      CCHQ Troll Control says:

      we heard you the first 20 times you posted the same thing under a different moniker you whiny twat

      • 989
        Ordinary Englishman says:

        Not so actually. Only one post from me as Guido can confirm.
        Thank you for confirming that there are many more of us who think similarly. You Troll Control are a prime example of the problem. Perhaps a visit to the doctor would help you.

    • 978
      No more loyalty to state parties says:

      The only ‘appalling and shameful’ thing Mr Ordinary Englishman is that we are lumbered with yet another government busily working against our long-term interests.

      Hague is a key member of that government, so sod him.

  289. 962
    Anonymous says:

    Guido … I think you thought you had a scoop and you didn’t …

    You ended up looking stupid.

    This is probably a pretty good explanation as to why you blog and don’t do any serious journalism.

    It’s no wonder you’re now in hiding. Idiot !!

  290. 965
    Anonymous says:

    Mr Hague let us says occupies one of the most senior cabinet positions and his lack of judgement in this matter must be a cause of concern. Imagine if he applied the same judgement principles when committing the UK to a certain series of events?

    For those who may not know Hague was one-time Welsh Secretary and there where whispers during this time and indeed it was commonly known in Wales that Ffion who is from the Taffie Maffia was parachuted in to give him credibility.

    I wonder as to the sexual orientation of Ffion

  291. 966
    LabourNutter says:

    Congratulations Guido,

    You are now Damien MacBride reborn.

  292. 970
    lady penelope pitstop says:

    dont you think all of this anger is not really about w/h and what he may or may not have done, but is really residual anger because of the last 13 years of dissappointment from our previous leaders, hijacking of our liberties etc etc and the referen*um we never got, just a thought

    • 984
      Anonymous says:

      Yes. And it looks likely that that disappointment is set to continue indefinitely.

      You change the government, but the harebrained policies remain the same.

      Also, the consequences of past lunacies imposed on the British people by successive government are now coming home to roost. And those consequences are not going to be pleasant.

  293. 974
    Kay Why says:

    Surely the real question is, ‘is Myers gay?’. Step forward any of Myers girlfriends, past or present…………anybody? Anybody at all?

  294. 986
    John Wiltshire says:

    I believe WH. I may be in a minority of one here (which was George Orwell’s definition of a lunatic) but I don’t believe he would have gone into such personal detail if it wasn’t true. Would he?
    Best wishes to him and Ffion!

  295. 990
    Chuck Cash says:

    well, it’s been years since sucking off a tory got you anywhere….. it’s hardly surprising. I feel sorry for Labour politicians, none of their SPAds are gonna get on their knees for some time…..

  296. 996
    chris says:

    You’ve got to laugh at the tory voters. They spend the last 5 years telling Guido how great he is for exposing the dirty goings on of the government.

    They get into power, and assume Guido is just going to start attacking the opposition!?
    Leave the government alone……..

    This is how the world turns my friends. Being in opposition is way more fun, and the government will always be the target whomever it is.

    You can’t expect bloggers to only go after Labour. When they’re not even in power any more

  297. 997
    chris says:

    Tory voters seem to think Bloggers are going to carry on going after Labour, even though they aren’t in power any more………….

    How dare you go after the tories! The Labour stuff was brilliant, but this is a disgrace!?

    I do recall many of you foaming at the mouth, over the “Brown dependent on sleeping pills” stuff

  298. 1005
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    When was the last time the comment count went over 1000 for a thread? Hmmm.

  299. 1006
    spuds fields says:

    Stunned by the wife not saying a word…usually we get them carted out when you need to confirm your not batting for the other team…..

  300. 1007
    Lord Tom of Leamington says:

    Every year I leave wifey at home and share twin room with a mate when we go skiing must make me a screaming bender then …oh and the mate got hitched last weekend

  301. 1010
    Anonymous says:

    your all c*nts

  302. 1011
    henry says:

    Hague’s sexuality up for general pirhana-fest seems very convenient given Andy Coulson’s own little problem. No?

    Story Developing (as they say)

  303. 1012
    Anonymous says:

    How is being a nasty little homophobic gutter hack “a job”, Malfeasance Exposed?

  304. 1015
    you nasty people says:

    this is my first, and i think will be my only, visit to this blog. what a snake pit. i have never seen such coarse vicious concentrated bile. perhaps one day, many years from now, some of you will come to understand how unpleasant you have been. please come to your senses, apologise to myers and hague, and send some flowers to hague’s poor blameless wife.

    • 1016
      you nasty people says:

      oh, and do you think you could possibly cut out all this witless profanity as well. it’s not funny,

  305. 1017
  306. 1019
    William Gaygue says:

    Is she going along with this?
    What a shit he is!
    I think he will resign. His head looks more and more like a gay helmet

  307. 1022
    Anonymous says:

    What a shame, this site was enjoyable a couple of years ago.

  308. 1025
    chris says:

    I feel very sorry for all involved.

  309. 1027
    William Gaygue says:

    my dwiver has gone

    me all awone now

    cwissy wissy come (on my) back!!!

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