August 29th, 2010

Flashback: Hague’s Gay Special Adviser

This is not the first time that William Hague’s choice of Special Adviser has raised questions. Back in December 1995, when Hague was a Minister in the Welsh Office, eyebrows were raised about the appointment of another young Special Adviser with no experience of policy in relation to Wales. Although in the case of Barnaby Towns he at least had some policy development expertise having worked in a Westminster think-tank.

Even so, the appointment of a young, openly gay, relatively unknown figure led to pointed questions being asked by the opposition in the House:

Ministerial Adviser
Mr. Morgan: To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what were the requirements for candidates for the recent appointment for a political adviser to the Secretary of State; what factors determined whether this post was advertised; and if he will list the previous experience, the current pay and length of contract of the successful candidate.

Mr. Hague: With the approval of the Prime Minister and after interviewing a number of candidates I appointed Mr. Barnaby Towns personally as my special adviser. His salary has been negotiated individually and in relation to previous earnings and is confidential. It is on a salary spine of 34 points ranging from £19,503 to £67,609; appointments are non-pensionable and the salary reflects this.

The appointments of special advisers terminate in the circumstances set out in the model appointment letter for special advisers. A copy is in the Library of the House.

Barnaby Towns had certain similarities to Christopher Myers, though in many ways Towns was better qualified for a SpAd’s job than 25 year old Myers. Myers has a second class History degree from Durham University, the Foreign Office press release announcing his appointment describes him as “a lawyer”. If you imagine this might somehow qualify him to assist with treaty negotiations or in matters of international law sadly this is not so. He is not a qualified solicitor nor does he have any experience having only just completed a law course.

Considering that the prestige of the Foreign Office attracts the cream of Britain’s graduates his appointment does seem a strange choice given that Hague could have chosen a foreign policy specialist from CCHQ or the staff of a think-tank. To instead hire an inexperienced, poorly qualified young man over and above more qualified candidates does raise the question: what special talent, unseen by the rest of us, does Mr Myers possess?

The existence of the government car pool rather makes Mr Myer’s experience as Hague’s driver during the election campaign redundant…


  1. 1
    Down with Brown! says:

    Guido has the courage the Sunday newspapers editors lack. The courage to ask serious questions about Mr Hague’s relationship with his “special advisors”.

  2. 2
    Down with Brown! says:

    Bliar plotted against Jonah because Mad Bush told him to. Bliar, owner of 9 homes, thinks that BananaBoy is his “Wayne Rooney”.

    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      Might explain this.

    • 59
      • 105
        amongymous says:

        One day he’ll be on trial at the Hague. The history books will all revile him. So let him and hideous slotgob buy their mansions it won’t make a damn bit of difference.

        • 125
          Loosy Fir says:

          Soon his children will feel the revulsion,one will take drastic measures.

        • 133
          I am Sick says:

          Bliar will never set foot in any court under any charge. The friends he went to war for, made him a very rich man and a very well protected one too.

          • Don keyote says:

            Why, you make them sound like the mafia.

          • He is at Waterstones, Piccadilly on the 8th September at 1pm signing his book though


          • Uncertainty Principle says:

            “May” sign book

          • Slotgob, Hooman rites lawyer says:

            He will not be found guilty as the marvellous Cherie Blair will defend him ably assisted by Harriet Harman!

          • CO-CONSPIRATORS says:

            Dear ‘I am Sick’

            Do you agree with us then that the war was a put-up, make-the-Blairs-rich job from the outset?

            We wrote to the press endlessly in 2003 as inside info from the USA told us to watch the world oil price zoom and with it the value of the Bush and Saudi Royal families’ investments. We’ve never seen that quantified but some of the quadrupled price went straight into the Blair’s overseas accounts, some under the guise of Cherie’s lecture fees we were told.
            No wonder Blair has avoided any public link with Bush like the plague until all the money was paid over.
            As for the stuff in today’s Telegraph Bush plainly had the leverage to keep Blair in situ until he’d reaped a second bonus from the pretence of bombing Iraq, thus driving up oil prices all over again.


      • 128
        Gawpychop says:

        see socialism works if your a Stalin.

        • 166
          Blair's war says:

          He should be investigated and prosecuted. However, the UK could not afford a declaration of an illegal war as it would cost the country too much. Don’t forget Bad Al, Straw and those in the cabinet who turned a blind eye to what was going on. They were all protecting their self serving interests all of them, not acting in the national interest. Time to clean up politics I think. We need a good clear out, scrap Lords (who were nominated by lying scum) and pay MPs for what they actually do. They could vote from their constituency offices rather than profit from second homes- why should they have a house paid for by taxpayers? Give them halls of residence if they need accommodation in London. Dave has still done sweet FA about cleaning up politics, while he is sucking up to Obama.

          • You gets what your charged for says:

            I would rather give the jobs to a bunch of smack heads in jail,at least we would know they are thieving scum

    • 344
      Indigo says:

      I wish our politicians would stop doing what America tells them to do.

      • 462
        I am Sick says:

        Do wake up, the banks and big corporations, ours included, run the whole show. The political class are their enablers, they do not represent anyone, except their paymasters, anymore.

  3. 3
    Lord Envious of Avarice says:

    Guido, can you be snore specific please?

    • 16
      Dick the Prick says:

      Guido, on this one, completely disafuckinggree. Me & thee have got fucking useless qualifications from Cottingham Road, well, I got mine from the Mainbrace and club Room with a healthy major on Grafton Street.

      Why choose some tosser who’s done a Cameron or Oik and just had everything chucked at them yet have the common sense of Prescott in a Ginsters factory.

      Are you a hypocritical snob?

      I reckon I could give any of the mother fuckers a run for their money – give them enough rope etc. I got trained in people, drugs, birds, dancing and a bit of economics when bored. I dunno lad, but on paper, no problems at all.

      PS – what’s with the red pen shite?

      • 117
        Anonymous says:

        Dick the Prick,you are not such a prick as your nom de plume would infer.

      • 145
        Rope n Hook says:

        Escaped to there once, over the wall at Everthorpe.

        • 351
          Dick the Prick says:

          Best years of my life. There was a Temazipan phase for a month or two and met 3 natives in club Room, 2 of whom were using their buddy as a battering ram (head first) to open the bog door as their chum had the charlie inside. The lad in the swing was laughing his tits off, too. They all came back to our after party and were incredibly well behaved.

          Never got robbed, hit, mugged, arrested, ripped off (much) and have made life-long friends. Try telling that to some silver spoon gimp as though it was just normal behaviour. Ain’t gonna happen.

          There’s loads of shit you just can’t teach and for everything else, there’s either google or ask some one who gives a shit. I’ve just done nearly 2 years for the Tories and it took me about a year to work out to never ask any officer anything, at all, ever.

          There’s absolutely no shame in admitting ignorance – it’s who you admit it to that problems occur. If this lad has any wits about him and Billy gives him clear management, then he’ll probably be better than some arrogant muppet who may have shed loads of qualifications but knows jack shit about how officers and politicians talk to each other. Never let them know what you’re thinking, as Vito said to Santiano.

  4. 5
    ScarletWood says:

    I’ve no doubt Ffion’s friends will rally round when it becomes necessary.

  5. 7
    Sarah Beard, live from Canterbury says:

    I’m coming out!

  6. 8
    MB. says:

    Interesting report in the Sunday Mail which shows the dangers of the police’s blind faith in CCTV “evidence”.

    “Innocent man spent three months in jail after CCTV blunder cops mistook rose for knife”

  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    If you have the money to instruct a libel law firm, injunctions are available to obstruct publication in the mainstream media. Footballers, golfers, politicians, companies, parents of a missing child… it is not so much “courage” as “opportunity”.

  8. 10
    Black Flag says:

    It’s almost like you’re trying to say something about The Foetus. I’ll say it for you then: William Hague likes


    • 17
      Tessa Tickles says:

      He likes quiche?


      After having sex with his male special advisers, who were hired for no other reason than they’d have sex with him before eating some quiche?

  9. 11
    Myers says:

    Macho macho man, I’ve got to be a macho man.

  10. 13
    Gordon Brown says:

    Pay attention to ME! Talk about ME! I am still your prime minister! MEEE! Prime minister!

  11. 14
  12. 15
    PETER HAIN says:

    Why has Guido gone Orange?

  13. 18
    Taxfodder says:

    Cheap Westminster booze for amoral MP’s plus tax funded “bits on the side” with all this and more no wonder there will be no Tax Breaks for five years, assuming of course the un-elected coalition won’t self destruct before next summer, which is looking increasingly likely.

    MP’s no wonder they are a laughing stock!

    • 52
      I am Sick says:

      We have a debt of £4.6 trillion and rising, all the government ( past and present ) mention is the deficit. It’s like pissing in the sea, the piss will not drown you the sea will. The sea is our debt, the piss is gradual deficit reduction.

    • 219
      Kill them all, the long the short and the tall. says:

      but they are not are they? They are laughing at the muppets who keep falling for their crap

  14. 19
    Mrs Smith...Rochester says:

    you’re not be very fair really …we all thought boy george was gay but he wasn’t so why should wearing a white shirt in your jeans make you gay

    • 31
      1 + 1 = 2 says:

      Ok so his gay dress code may have been just a mistake but he was also mincing down the street with a young gay blade at the same time. How much more evidence do you require m’lud?

  15. 20
    Up North says:

    Another close gay friend and driver of Hague around his constituency is Nicholas Gleave. If you Google him the connection is obvious…this time former Deputy Chief of Staff…

  16. 21
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Hague becomes a priest

  17. 22
    Anonymous Tory says:

    I met him a couple of times because he had been “installed” as chairman of our Conservative Association. We were told he was “close to Hague”.

    He was distinctly unimpressive, having no apparent natural authority or leadership ability.

    People started complaining that they never saw him and he never seemed to do anything. Apparently he had a job in business property.

  18. 25
    Ches T Oldnut says:

    What special talent does Mr Myers possess?
    Whatever it is, he must have it in SpAds.

    • 93
      Austin Powers says:

      Do you mean Mike Myers? He’s got loads of talent and is definately not, er, gay.

      • 130
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Michael Myers was also the name of the slasher in Halloween. His special talents were (a) annoying Donald Pleasence, (b) slashing things and (c) being very difficult to kill.

        I don’t know if he was gay. I don’t think anyone thought to ask.

  19. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Oi Guido, I’ve got a 2.1 in History from Durham too – it’s a bloody hard degree! I hope my boss doesn’t think I’m poorly qualified… I am gay as well though, and might just about consider doing Hague, so maybe it’s a north eastern thing.

    • 400
      Woman on a Raft says:

      Which is all very well but I still can’t see why we need to pay for anybody of any preference to have a special advisor. The ministers are paid money supposedly for their intellects and are supplied with civil servants who are theoretically independent and therefore should be reliable advisors, not dependent on a personal relationship with the minister.

      All SpAds are dead weight and not a public penny should be spent on them. If a minister is too fick to do their job, they should be replaced immediately.

  20. 27
    John Prescott says:

    I’m a Spaz.

  21. 29
    Gordon Brown on the bog says:

    Heeeeeurgh, Tony Tony Tony, blooooouagh, Tony Tony Tony, eeeuaaaark…PLOP.

  22. 32
    Judo Expert says:

    In my opinion, the young man probably is an expert in the ‘Te Jume Bottom Stranglehold’.

    No doubt the recipient will keep a Whitehall Mandarin in his mouth at the same time. Just in case, of course.

    • 39

      May I proffer the explanation that he is in fact a master of the esoteric art of ‘O shiri no kobushi asobi’, which he learnt while at Durham from some big boys pretending to be Shinto monks?

      • 74
        Judo Expert says:

        Ah Soh (sic).
        We are having difficulties with this at the Judo Club.
        Do you have to be under 30 to be able to perform it ?
        Do you have any diagrams ?
        Or can we get them from Tory Central Office ?

  23. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Does Lord Coe have any comment?

    • 256
      Judo Expert says:

      Lord Coe has resigned as a member of the Judo Club.
      If you wish for a comment please go and ask his wife.

  24. 36
    Ratsniffer says:

    “what special talent, unseen by the rest of us, does Mr Myers possess?”

    Looks at sunday morning breakfast sausage, shakes head, and plonks it back down on the plate, uneaten.

  25. 37
    Ratsniffer says:

    PS the red ink is giving me a headache.

    • 51
      Passing Geek says:

      Looking at the HTML, someone hasn’t defined the (sic) back to normal after the last ‘at’. Probably just a click on a font option with the editing software.

  26. 40
    Non Voter says:

    Same old Tories .Same old sleaze. But more of it and early in government.if this is the start what can we expect further in? Gorging on the last of a species? Who can say? But expect the worst and you won’t be disappointed.

  27. 48
    W.E.G says:

    He may be marrying F f fion but does he F f fuck her? That is what John Humphreys said to a friend of mine off air on the Today programme. Why didn’t he just set up home with Seb and spare us from all this red ink.

  28. 60
    Anonymous says:

    And does Archie Norman have any comment?

  29. 63
    Moderniser Watch says:

    It’s not really the gay mafia bit that’s interesting, just some other wheels.

    Barney Towns is now working for Frank Luntz

    This was the pollster who first told the world (through Newsnight focus groups) that David Cameron could reach parts of the electorate that David Davis could not, although its quite clear that Davis would have certainly bettered the pathetic 3% uplift that Cameron managed. He tried to do the same with Portillo in the mid 1990s, with somewhat less success.

    Robbie Gibbs is likely to have been the producer who introduced Luntz to Newsnight, although I think he was probably Maude’s chief of staff during the Cameron love in.

    Another connection that Barney Towns has with the modernisers is that he worked on the unsuccessful Norris mayoral campaign in 2000. Wasn’t a certain Mark McGregor around there all the time?

    Its the ex-FCS modernisers that you should watch. And never trust a Luntz focus group.

  30. 65
    Christopher Myers says:

    Your all bitches.and your making me cwy.

  31. 66
  32. 68
    Sebastian (failed MP) Coe says:

    I’m free to ride William’s Log Flume anytime.

  33. 69
    John F says:

    What special talents does the gay Spad have,,nice arse,can suck the bend out of a river,,,who knows.

    Its a joke, another day, another cupboard opens and another ( one time straight guy with wifie and family ) poof falls out.
    Its a shame Spitting Images or Monty Python aren,t around any more,,plenty of matrial for a good wind up these days

    I have a question, Is the poovery confined to male politicians or the whole Westminster village????? is it safe for a guy to bend over and tie his shoe laces there,,or go to the lavies without some cottaging MP trying it on???? I,m told arch traitor Ted Heath was into that.

    Writing as a “Proud to be Straight” “lady (Crumpet) loving guy” the good thing is,,,, plenty more girls for us.
    So Fion,,Caroline Flint (MMMMMMMMMM) and the rest of the Westminster girls if you want some real C**k give me a call !!!!!

  34. 71

    [...] This story and this story. [...]

  35. 72
    • 81
      MI7 says:

      interesting case this is. i have no doubt that other agents were involved in his murder

      • 95
        Floating Point says:

        Bankers more likely,his next job was looking into their software,we all know the stock market software even robs itself.

      • 221
        Capt. Shadow (Retd.) - Former MI5 Wet Ops. Team says:

        Look, I’ve told you before – I’m freelance now!

        Anyway, I’ve got enough problems with this bloody Kelly issue raising its head again.

        I never should have trusted that c*nt Campbell when he said he taken care of everything by getting Hutton appointed to do the investigation…

    • 119
      Anonymous says:

      All spooks are bent.

  36. 73
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    There is a banner ad for Dorothy Perkins at the top of this page
    Is Hague a friend of hers?

  37. 75
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Is there not a sense of proportion argument here about these, as yet, unproven allegations?

    With the last lot, they started illegal wars, pissed £4.8 trillion down the toilet, created a complete dependency culture, destroyed our centuries old liberties, allowed immigration to run wild, mismanaged the banks and awarded themselves and their friends guaranteed luxury for the rest of their miserable lives.

    Is this, even if it were to be completely true, in any way comparable?

    • 82
      Zero says:

      And how many of Blairs 5000+ laws has Dave and his bunch of “honourable men” repealed?

    • 85
      works says:

      No but the homophobes/ liebour Listers and “I didn’t vote for anyone ” like not voting is not choosing?? don’t vote for change then you whine about it all being the same ?? , will love it! a good er well alleged sex scandal well not so much scandal as ‘man gets job with his mate’ kind of thing! wow killer Sunday!lol

      • 88
        MI7 says:

        Do you seriously believe voting really changes anything? As an old saying goes “If voting really changed anything the government would make it illegal”

      • 90
        Guns will bring change says:

        Who is there to vote for muppet?

        • 121
          An EU citizen from North Sea region No 9 says:

          Plenty of other candidates who are not members of the LibLabCon cabal of crooks.
          But that would call for some thinking outside the box. Obviously a capability beyond you.

          • None of the above says:

            No if for one moment I thought they had a chance I would vote for them,but ever thought of running your own life,take responsibility for yourself.don’t follow leaders.who the fuck needs them?, the likes of you.

          • An EU citizen from North Sea region No 9 says:

            They would have a chance if everybody didn’t take the attitude that you say. And you seriously advocate life without any form of government? Do me a favour.

          • Fuck off and die says:

            let me guess. You are the representative of an alternative to the big three. So you want government as it would put you in power.You know we can get by without government but that’s not in your interest is it?

          • An EU citizen from North Sea region No 9 says:

            I’m only a representative of anything but the big three. But of course your intellect can only put two and two together and come up with five.

          • Guilty says:

            Thought so. I rest my case.

          • An EU citizen from North Sea region No 9 says:

            Have a day off.

      • 98
        Austin Powers says:

        Voting didn’t bring Brown to power but it certainly got him out.

  38. 79
    Graduating thieves and murderes says:

    God forbid could Asil Nadir have bunged the Tory party for a show trial,the opposite to a soviet one,one were the defendant is found innocent. Call me a cynic but I see corruption everywhere now.

    • 96
      MI7 says:

      Strange how he comes back to England as soon as the torries get in.

      • 103
        Austin Powers says:

        As feeble a smear as your spelling. It was better for him to be seen to come back voluntarily than to be extradited by Northern Cyprus as it manoeurvres towards EU membership.

        He left Britain 4 years before Labour got in.

  39. 83
    concrete pump says:

    Is anyone here posting from Belgium? What’s the weather like in Spa?

    • 123
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck off over there and find out you lazy Hunt.

      • 131
        concrete pump says:

        It’s a bank holiday weekend, of course i’m fucking lazy.

        Now go to a weather website and find me the forecast for today’s weather in Spa, cos i can’t be fucked.


        • 234
          Passing Geek says:

          Weather forecast for area Belgian Bight at 1300

          A trough of low minded bureaucrats will cause showers of directives over Europe. All areas can expect depression driven by hot air. Conditions will worsen as the Turkish land mass starts to affect the weather pattern.

    • 183
      ask em says:

      I have this in my twit list.

    • 261
      Passing Geek says:

      Weather forecast for Belgian Bight at 1330

      Trough of low minded bureaucrats will cause showers of directives.
      All areas can expect depression driven by hot air.

  40. 84
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    The foreign homosexuality is part of it
    We pay for his botfriend , another compromised criminal and traitor
    I would also like to find out just how many govt contracts his beard as received
    Its the only thing that she will have received from Yorkshires best left handed batter

  41. 86
    concerned says:

    What makes you think William Hague hasn’t attracted any cream?

  42. 87
    Do not feed the mongs says:

    Morning mongs. Still debating the ins and outs of the corruption instead of getting rid of it.

    • 108
      HandsomeDavid says:

      This lot are amateurs – they should have used the last lot as role models, they were true masters of the craft.

  43. 91
    Tital says:

    You’re such a moron Fawkes, and spiteful with it. Heaven forbid a Minister appoints somebody, to the most junior post possible, who has seen a world outside of pushing around press releases at CCHQ. The Sunday’s didn’t touch it because it’s clearly a load of tosh.

    • 100
      MI7 says:

      The Sundays print tosh all the time.

      • 107
        Tital says:

        Nah. They clearly knew they were going to look like dickheads. The Telegraph’s pre-emptory backpaddling on Friday says that much.

      • 251
        Lord GNOME says:

        The Sundays print tosh because there are currently three super injunction involving England players.

        • 285
          Untergrund says:

          Before posters like here and before the media there were posters. You know the kind that got printed in a cellar then secretly stuck up in the dead of night. They got the job done. sort of makes you think what it is to be mainstream.

          • Fox Mulder says:

            All it takes is one person to stick the story up on the wall – wear gloves – and then the blogs will be all over it. But they don’t, because they’re cowards.

          • nosey parker says:

            So who are the gag-happy England players then?

  44. 101

    People used to laugh at my two jags, but they never knew nothing about my three gonads

  45. 104
    Ctesibius says:

    I don’t actually quite understand the excitement here. There seems to a persistent undercurrent of suggestion that some senior members of the Coalition may be gay. Why is that a problem?

    Let’s consider Peter Mandelson. A man who was twice forced to resign on account of his personal corruption. Who pretended to be normal until outed. Who lives in ‘rue des Deux Matelots’ in Brussels on the public purse with a variety of catamites. Who was photographed last New Year (or was it the year before) in Morocco – a country where homosexuality is illegal – with a clearly underaged boy who he then took back to his Hotel.

    All this was ignored by the press, who treated the ludicrous, camp, mincing and incompetent Mandy as if he was a successor to Lord Palmerston.

    As far as I am concerned what someone does with their willy and their bottom, or with other people’s, is their own affair provided there is consent.

    I am interested in having good Governance of our benighted Kingdom after thirteen years of catastrophic mismanagement. If anyone can deliver that I am not remotely interested in their personal lives ONE LITTLE BIT.

    • 109
      Austin Powers says:

      It’s fairly common for secretaries to gain employment for no other reason than they have big tits. Anyone can learn to type, right? That’s OK when it’s your own business and your money. It is not OK when the taxpayer is paying. If you need to pay for sex (gay or hetero or whatever) then do so out of your own pocket.

      That’s the story.

      • 168
        Backwoodsman says:

        Or alternatively, you need someone for a low level gophering job, you may as well hire someone that is dual purpose.
        As Ctesibius pointed out, in some detail, the magnitude of mandelsons’ incopetence & corruption mean that sensible people will give Hague considerable latitude before suggesting he’s due his P45.

    • 111
      MI7 says:

      Mandalson with his hidden overlord – The 4th Baron Jacob Rothschild

    • 120
      Another Engineer says:

      Assuming for one moment that the rumour is actually true and not Guido making stuff up, it matters because appointments made at our expense and on our behalf should be made on merit. And not any other criteria, whatever they might be.

      • 181
        Ctesibius says:

        And in employing a junior being decorative is an important attribute – beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

        If Hague does a good job I don’t care if he runs the whole of his operation from the snug bare of the Coleherne Arms in Earls’ Court.

      • 232
        Pass me another boy minister,this ones fucked says:

        Look all he had to do was advertise the job,interview and employ on merit.simple thing to do. but he went this route so tuff shit.

    • 126
      Spank Sinatra says:

      Sadly however governments (of any/all complexion) are rather interested in our personal lives on a 24/7 basis. A point you miss.

    • 153
      My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

      Having met mandeson I would describe him as menacing more than mincing,the way all the top paper-shuffler organisers at manchester university hospital prostrated themselves in front of this feline queen was a shock.He was business secretary at the time so what his state visit was about is anyones guess

    • 187
    • 304
      Homophobe says:

      Except where it interferes with the security of the realm. Anyone who believes that Mandelbum was not influenced by his yearnings for the “bit o’ rough”, hard boys of the IRA during his term as chief negotiator (sorry, appeaser) is nuts.
      Kissinger would always have a flashy tart or two on his team, not for his own use, but to distract and disturb those with whom he was negotiating. Show half of Westminster a cherubic 18 year old boy and they would do anything.

    • 347
      Indigo says:

      n Morocco – a country where homosexuality is illegal

      Morocco has been a playground for homosexuals for decades. Remember Kenneth Williams and the clubs on the beach in Tangier? If they bring foreign currency in, then, I guess, the King looks the other way.

  46. 122
    Ellie Gellard says:

    “Why did David Miliband cross the road? To get to the middle. Vote Ed.”

  47. 127
    Geoffery says:

    POOFing BILLY, who would have thought it?

  48. 135
    Gordon Brown says:

    Pump my bot-bot.

  49. 144
    Nick Clegg says:

    I went into the barbers and asked for a number one all over.
    I think he misunderstood me because he got his cock out and started pissing everywhere.

  50. 148
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

    Is it me o is everyone red ?

  51. 152
    Gordon Brown says:

    I will make a statement about this to my nurse in five minutes. After which I’ll drink my fizzy orange.

  52. 154
    Edward Heath says:

    Good heavens, just think how close we could have got to having a gay Tory PM. How disgusting.

  53. 155
    Lord Sebastian says:

    I wont have a bad word said about Willie I so enjoyed our time together when I was on his staff.

  54. 156
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

    Has the Mirror brought this site ? Why are we all red ?

  55. 157

    I wuv Gordie! He goes splooge splooge up my bot-bot.

  56. 158
    Dack Blog says:

    The more interesting question to me is the ‘closed shop’ one, along the lines of:

    I was in Brussels a bit back seeing a foreign office mate and they said it would feel like ‘back home’ to me as the place was ‘camper than Brighton’. It was.

    Same as my mate working at the BBC who reckoned he was the only hetero male ‘outside of technical’.

    I can understand the attraction of some professions over others but the workforce should represent the population who are forking out the wages.

    • 175
      concrete pump says:

      Interesting article, i must admit to being surprised that the piece was written by Heffer.

      I loved the bit at the bottom that read,”The writer is a “Daily Mail” columnist”.

      Typical Staggers.

    • 194
      Dikrali says:

      two centuries of fag rule no wonder the country is fucked

    • 202
      something else says:

      Brussells, the BBC, public sector non jobs, they’re all just massive fag job creation scams on the public teat, so they can live out their fantasy lives.

      • 238
        Religious Far Right says:

        We will clean it up soon.wait till the depression really hits hard

        • 252
          It's not what you know... says:

          You don’t have to be on the far right and religious to see that it’s dodgy.

          • Religious Far Right says:

            True. But like the Muslims we are all Sharia about it. And people turn to God during hard times. Not to mention they are all buying into the occult at present. Our day will come.

  57. 161
    David says:

    I am a huge Guido fan – a three times daily reader – but I honestly do find this rather distasteful.

    The inference is that [a] William Hague is gay and [b] he’s appointed the new SpAd for reasons other than his proficiency as a SpAd.

    [a] who the hell cares, in 2010?

    [b] if you’ve ever been in business you’ll know that trustworthiness, diligence, commitment, enterprise and dedication, along with (yes, that’s right) personal are all qualities that make you right for a particular job, regardless of qualifications. Hague’s got a right to decide using these criteria as well as qualifications.

    I really do think this is all a bit low for Guido, who usually manages to get the tone just right. When it gets into prurience such as this, he gives his many haters sticks with which to beat him; they’ll use this sort of stuff as ‘proof’ that Guido is a sewer rat when of course he is really a seeker (and bringer) of truth.

    Give it a rest, old love!

    • 233

      Am aware of the risks. Just give Guido two days to see where this story is going. Incidentally think if [b] were true it would be a matter of legitimate public interest.

    • 240
      Cillit bang won't clean this one says:

      re [a] I care. 2010 has nothing to do with it.On that basis 2025 should have us as slaves. besides the damage is now done.Hague is a fag in the eyes of all the beholders.Mud sticks.

    • 254
      Anonymous says:

      Your surname wouldn’t happen to be Laws would it?

      • 262
        Judo Expert says:

        The issue is hypocrisy.
        Saying you are one thing, and being something else.
        As someone said earlier – if he is prepared to lie to his wife and children what can his constituents and the country expect ?
        Excuse me, I have to go an strangle someone.

        • 281
          gagging says:

          don’t forget the satsumas

          • HandsomeDavid says:

            A professional would not forget the satsumas (but then they do charge more).

          • revolting peasant says:

            Most members of the electorate don’t care which orifice their MP prefers.
            What they do care about is being lied to and treated like fucking idiots. There are plenty of openly gay politicians who have been repeatedly re-elected. But those who are prepared to lie and be so hypocritical don’t deserve our trust or our votes.

  58. 162
    At Home With Billy says:

  59. 164
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

    How can we ever belive what we see ?

  60. 167
    • 450
      Anonymous says:

      Who cares Dave will rip either of them a new one across the despatch box ( its just a shame Dave can’t shoot them down in public so well )

  61. 169
    sly and the gang says:

    Jobs for the boys…….but what sort of boys, and what sort of jobs? As tax payers we need to know.

  62. 176
    The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

    Come on guido the BBC is full of leftie drug taking bum boys. Why not out those fuckers first?

    • 337
      No Budget Movies says:

      I could go for that. We could get involved at different local locations the bbc fags populate,taking our cameras and forwarding the pictures/videos to Fawkes.

  63. 178

    [...] Guido’s blog he has clearly been implying (here, here and here) that William Hague may be homosexual, and has employed as an advisor, a young man whose [...]

    • 365
      An excess of interrogation marks says:

      There’s clearly a co-ordinated campaign (of sorts) going on here. Have you seen the Telegraph’s ‘Stella’ magazine today, for instance? Whatever next – outing televisions favourite fashion luvvies? Gok, trust us: your secret is safe and your parents need never know.

  64. 180
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    Prepare you sick buckets ! I shall be plugging my blockbuster bogbuster of a hagiography across the whole spectrum of sycophantic media over the next few days.

    My role as Middle East Peace Envoy will continue to be orchestrated by the office tea boy who has been doing the lion’s share of the ‘work’ over the past three years.

    Here’s to the next £ 10 million !!

  65. 188
    butter boy says:

    Look, it’s not rocket science is it? Gayers love showbiz don’t they, musicals, Judy Garland, Streissand, all that shit? Politics is showbiz for ugly people, so it’s not surprising we get a shit load of pug ugly poofs in parliament is it? Mystery solved.

  66. 191
    gildedtumbril says:

    Someone should tell all the liblabcon wives of the scumbags in parliament that the population at large suspects all their spouses of being, well…bent. Not just plain crooks and embezzlers, but deviant perverts of the Brown variety. There are unsavoury expressions used to describe them, such as ‘fudge packers’, etc. I refrain from using such whatever they mean.
    Guido’s blog gets an awful lot of exceedingly coarse and vulgar contributors. It is most unseemly.

  67. 193
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

    Anyway Guido the only thing that matters is what do Mossad think ?

  68. 198
    Whining Liebore pussy says:


  69. 205
    bit o Advice says:

    if your text is red suggest you run a virus scan.

  70. 208
    Fffffffffffffffffffffffiona says:

    Why is it a red letter day at your blog Guido?

  71. 210
    JonBoy says:

    Think Wille and Broon knew each other in their younger years? I think we should be told.

  72. 214
    Lola says:

    I’m a celebrity cat, Gordon has Nokiad his best wishes.

    • 367
      Mephistopheles says:

      There’s only room for one celebrity cat on this blog. Your opinion is neither here nor there, if you know what I mean.

  73. 241
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says says:

    Guido give us a new thread

  74. 246
    Mudpies says:

    Sue and be damned is the word. If Hague does he gives this over to the mainstream, even if the mainstream can’t publish anything,Joe public will conclude he’s a fag using the courts to hide it. He can’t win now.

  75. 260
    Pete Burns says:

    a face stuck in a caricature of its former self

  76. 268
    getting hungry says:

    They certainly know how to make a sandwich in Pittsburgh.

  77. 270
    Rightious Left says:

    Har har. Look at the state of the fag Tory party now.

  78. 273
    Kered says:

    Another guido one carry on the good guido work!!!!
    Make the barstards wake up and find out that their every fart can be heard and every move can be seen and anything slightly ‘strange’ will be questioned.

  79. 275
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says says:

    if your wrong will you say sorry Guido ?

  80. 282
    streamfisher says:

  81. 286
    Just askin says:

    any one know who the Patron of the European Youth Parliament UK is?

  82. 289
    Anyone says:

    whats that organisation? something to do with youth and the EU?

  83. 290
    Mark Oaten says:

    I think he’s unqualified too but apparently he plays the pink trombone really well

  84. 297
    Homophobe says:

    Some red-top journalist had an article on this recently, especially the number of Old Queens in the Conservative party. The gist was that the snide accusations, gossip, threats without violence and sucking up to the more powerful sat well with the hissy fit brigade.
    Its also a bit like the theatre and the airlines–let one in, they’re all in!

  85. 298
    HoC says:


  86. 300
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says says:

    So its either poor judgement or he is shagging him and lying to his wife

  87. 302
    HappyUK says:

    This is corruption whichever way you look at it. I’ve often wondered how it happens that you get some under-qualified, inexperienced tosser parachuted into to what are really executive positions.

    In my experience it has always been nepotism, whereby the bosses son gets parachuted into a position of responsibility and privilege that is way over his station. In Hagues case it is having his own bum boy. Some might call this sour grapes or jealousy but this just does not sit right with me.

    Hague got up my nose when he said some pretty negative things about Israel not too far back. It is about time he had the spotlight put on him.

    • 319
      Reader says:

      Daughters get parachuted too but I suppose this does not count as Harriet HARMAN approves of it.

  88. 305
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    ….a well worn & welcoming chocolate starfish, perhaps?

  89. 306
  90. 307
  91. 309
    JohnBellingham says:

    It’s amazing what this Bitch hunt has done for a google search “Hague gay”

    • 316
      Oh dear! says:

      I would have some sympathy with politicians claiming a right to privacy if the LibLabCon cartel hadn’t gone out of their way to undermine our right to privacy. What were they doing when over the past 13 years our privacy rights were given the “nothing to hide, nothing fear” treatment? Probably busy with their claim forms.

    • 325
      Tom FD says:

      What on earth were you doing googling “Hague gay” before this hit John?

  92. 310

    [...] It is also wrong of a Cabinet Minister hires young, fit lads, whose main qualification appears to be that they are fit and that they are young. Not just once, but twice. [...]

  93. 313
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    Prepare your sick buckets ! I shall be plugging my blockbuster bogbuster of a hagiography across the whole spectrum of sycophantic media over the next few days.

    My role as Middle East Peace Envoy will continue to be orchestrated by the office tea boy who has been doing the lion’s share of the ‘work’ over the past three years.

    Here’s to the next £ 10 million !!

  94. 314
    Adlib says:

    In terms of expenses scandal, there’s not much public anger about the employment of Special Advisors (compared to, say, suspicious rent claims). The mainstream press would have difficulty presenting this story as one in the public interest. The chances are The People wouldn’t be sufficiently outraged by the story and it would end up looking like a gay witch hunt. Which, in fact, would be the primary motivation. This is why the mainstream press won’t take this up – too likely to make themselves look more corrupt than the protagonists.

  95. 315
  96. 317
  97. 318
    Carter Fucked says:

    Is Ffffffffion’s hubby having gay sex with a ‘rent’ arrangement?

  98. 321
    Labourlist says:

    Please come to Labourlist , Its so lonely here

  99. 326
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi , My names Tim Lovejoy and i am a BBC legend and i am not gay .

  100. 331
    Senior Mong says:

    fellow spazzies and mongs,it has come to my attention that not only the blogger but the commentators can be the winners in the coming best blogger awards.

  101. 340
    Billy Bowden is the greatest ever umpire! says:

    What is social justice ?

  102. 350
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:

    SQUUEE-EERRKK!!! SPLOOTEYUPTHEBOT-BOT! (crest) (ting) (cuttle)

  103. 355
    £19503MyArseOrSomeoneElses? says:

    It’s not £19503, tha’t a cert

  104. 358
    aresouls says:

    If you think Bills gay watch this Hunt try to shove a tv remote up his arse.

  105. 360
    Indigo says:

    A new cold wind seems to be blowing in – it seems that Joe Bloggs’ tolerance of homossexuals has just gone past breaking point. The freebie newspaper Newsshopper this week printed, as its “star” letter, this

    and the south London gay community has gone into a flat spin about the writer’s remarks about gays, lesbians and bisexuals. The newspaper has justified the “star” award by saying that this is because it provokes debate. I am not saying much about this because prominent local gays are trying to make it a police matter.

    But I am interested in what the incident seems to reveal about how the recent relentless revelations about the hypocrisy of gays has been received by the proletariat. Mandelson “placing” gay people in jobs all over Whitehall? The ever-lengthening list of politicians who pretended to be straight in order to get power – there are so many of them, why didn’t they derive the strength from each other to be “out” from the start, instead of mewling – after they were outed – about how difficult it was to come out? The laws that prevent Catholic adoption agencies from placing children with straight couples instead of gays, in accordance with their faith; laws that criminalise B&Bs that don’t want gay guests (and yet there are lots of gay B&Bs). The male priests abusing boys for decades. Gay couples wanting to “have children”, although they can’t biologically have children together; and to have their partnerships called “marriage” – why can’t they choose another word?

    It looks to me as if there is a huge backlash starting, and the south London gay community would have done better to ignore the “star” letter in the Newsshopper. Had they done so, it would probably have been forgotten very quickly.

    As I say, I am staying out of this. I am interested in watching what seems to be a change of mood in the zeitgeist. Looking back on how many of our leaders who got us into the present economic mess were/are gay or suspected of being gay – and ESPECIALLY Mandelson – homosexuals may need to do some fast damage-limitation if they are not to find themselves blamed entirely by Joe Bloggs for his loss of buying power – booze, fags, satellite tv, etc.

  106. 362
    Whining Liebore pussy says:

    I am Mr Splooot
    My arse makes a toot
    I love Gordon Brown
    He’s a mentalist old coot

  107. 371
    There is only one answer to The Central Question says:

    Does he eat quiche? (kitch in prole talk)


  108. 374
    Anonymous says:

    Ap. of nothing has anyone noticed how hard first Dave and now D’Ancona are working to shore up Banana Mans campaign.Worry not boys brother Ed will be the new Leader.Still time to get some cash on.

  109. 376
    Just sayin says:

    Hagues gay special advisor is an anagram of gash

  110. 380
    Times Up says:

    Moscow, Waterloos, Peterloos, Tenpound Franchises, Tarbarrels and Guillotines;–and from this present date, if one might prophesy, some two centuries of it still to fight! Two centuries; hardly less; before Democracy go through its due, most baleful, stages of Quackocracy; and a pestilenial World be burnt up, and have begun to grow green again.

  111. 382
    The last quango in paris says:

    Am I the only one to think ed miliband is the real version of Tim nice but dim?

  112. 382
    Caz says:

    You have to despair at the flaky judgement of our Minister’s regardless of their political colour.

    WilliamH is an enormous improvement as Foreign Minister over the geek militwit but this decision to appoint a 25 year old law graduate with no work experience as a SpAD is just downright stupid.

    Speculation aside I suspect he is the son of one of Hague’s friends. I had hoped that the coalition were going to avoid this ‘jobs for the boys’ that labour so gloried in.

    • 385
      Yes well they are all corrupt says:

      And they haven’t soooooooooo that makes them just as corrupt.

      • 388
        Caz says:

        Well not quite yet.

        THhey haven’t told a blatant bliar’s lie on wmd to take us into an illegal war. They haven’t used their press officers to bully the press into keeping silent about illegal goings on. The current occupants of no.10 haven’t bullied and physically abused their staff. They haven’t used taxpayers money to hire private jets for fancy far east trips complete with champagne……

        At least not yet.

        If we are going to be properly impartial about the coalition I think we have to say the jury’s out at the moment on whether they are going to make a more honest job of government than their corrupt labour predecessors.

        But let’s be honest they’ll have to be really, disgustingly foul, to be worse than what we have put up with this last 13 years.

        • 408
          hang em all says:

          Using your dick as a pick in the shit mines of an arse is as disgusting as it gets.Oh but then they suck it don’t they.filthy animals. No animals don’t do that.

  113. 384
    Billy 'I Have A Black Belt' Hague says:


    I get to travel and shag lots of fit men in different countries now as well.


  114. 386
    Caz says:

    Wow don’t like this red print much.

    Couldn’t we have something restful like blue or green?

  115. 387
    Anonymous says:

    Famer Tyke from Yorkshire

    eeebagum. In my day homosexualty was llegal. It’s now compulsory.

    • 390
      Caz says:

      No disrepect Farmer Tyke , but as a farmer you should know that that sort of behavior is entirely normal and common amongst the animal kingdom as well as the human one.

      • 399
        The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

        Just coz some do that kind of thing in a sty with lights and pumping music doesnt make it “normal”

        I know that could apply to Mass, but that wasnt what I meant

        • 431
          Sarf of the River says:

          I feel so abused now.

          • Only my missus gets exited at the sight of me naked says:

            One can look at a young M/F couple kissing and smile, reliving our youth, but to see two members of the same sex doing it is repulsive to hetros. We’re all perverts, but don’t ram it down our throats.

  116. 392
    Yes well they are all corrupt says:

    Amazing how all the Tory mongs are foaming at the mouth and berating Guido.

    What a bunch of fucking spastics, they think just because they waited until people got sick off Labour and because they the tories didn’t say too much about Labour while they fucked the country up for 13 years that they should be able to waltz into power without criticism as if it is a divine right.

    Fuck off you cretins, you think just because you are not labour and no one had any other real choice to vote for that we should all be greatful and turn a blind eye to your brand of corruption just because it is different from Labours?

    Loads of you where quick to rip into Labour with us but now your in the spotlight we have to hush hush and not comment on it because it’s terribly wudeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Again fuck off.

    • 397
      The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

      Quite agree
      Another bunch of thieving arse bandit traitors
      Time for change

      • 402
        Until then FUCK OFF says:

        No change is acceptable until 500 of them are executed. Then those that govern will be wary .

        • 434
          An EU citizen from North Sea region No 9 says:

          Why pardon 150? After all, they turned a blind eye to their colleagues thieving.
          One for all, and all for one.

          • Us n Them says:

            They can bear witness in times to come not to cross the people

          • Anonymous says:

            Their rotting corpses swinging in the wind on Parliament Green as a backdrop to yet another tedious interview, would do for me.

    • 398
      Great British Public says:

      Once again please but in English, if possible ?

    • 455
      Al Coholic says:

      Fuck off you cretins, you think just because you are not in labour

      Unlike Harriet Harman

      Tee! Hee! Hee!

  117. 394
    NBeale says:

    Guido: have you any evidence that Barnaby Towns is gay? He now seems to live and work in the US – but that is not of itself evidence.

  118. 396
    Benny Fitzall says:

    Gays have become the new Nazis,critics are considered enemies of the State.
    When it comes to inciting hatred.revenge and vendetta they are tops.
    Invisible robes which no politician dare point out.

  119. 403
  120. 404
    Sarf of the River says:

    As a gayer I do find the whole thing rather distasteful.

  121. 405
    Sarf of the River says:

    Is this thread fucked?

  122. 406
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    In the free republic this chosen one would be called a “SPUD”
    Special under the desk

  123. 409
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Hagues favourite dining place

    Special under the desk
    Supper a d ew

    • 415
      Caz says:

      I suspect you are reading far too much fictional literature.

      Your homophobia has been fuelled by mandy who flaunted his homosexuality in an attempt to divert attention away from his evilness.

      Unfortunately he has, unfairly, as a consequence, given a bad name to homosexuals, rather than to troughing, bullying, incompetent labour where the real opproprium belonged.

  124. 413
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Gay is the new straight.

    • 417
      Caz says:

      Gay or straight doesn’t matter.

      labour have spent 13 years kicking up a media storm about homosexuality as they have tried to to deflect public interest away from their lieing, thieving and lack of fiscal principles.

      ‘Honest’ is what matters!

  125. 416
    Anonymous says:

    I have been considering improved titles for the HoC scumbags…
    The Prime Mincer or Prime Monster,
    Cabinet Mincers,
    The Foreign Slimeball or mincer,
    The Home Slimeball,
    Suggestions welcomed.
    I thank you.

  126. 418
    gildedtumbril says:

    I have been considering improved titles for the HoC scumbags…
    The Prime Mincer or Prime Monster,
    Cabinet Mincers,
    The Foreign Slimeball or mincer,
    The Home Slimeball,
    Suggestions welcomed.
    I thank you.

  127. 419
    BGJ says:

    Telegraph hints at Brown’s descent into schizophrenia:

    “I don’t understand why they’re beating about the Bush and Blair about Brown, though. We know the authorities all both sides of the House are colluding to keep Brown away from the public gaze, and we know the Press are also covering-up Brown’s “illness”.

    How much longer can this shabby conspiracy of silence last?”

    • 421
      lol says:

      He’s keeping them busy at that psychiatric hospital in Edinburgh by the sound of it.

      • 424
        Jez says:

        Brown is a sociopath who is rapidly descending into psychosis and paranoia now that his megalomania is no longer being nourished.

        He should be in a padded cell for his own protection.

        • 426
          Bevil says:

          sociopaths rarely suffer mental illness

          • Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:

            I’m just mad, bad and dangerous, that’s all.

            The evidence ? The U.K. on the verge of bankruptcy and my continuous pledges to keep spending our way out of the economic calamity.

            I saved the World !!

          • Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:

            I’m just mad, bad and dangerous, that’s all. The evidence ? I left the Country with unprecedented amounts of debt and just kept promising to spend more and more.

            It’s the right thing to do !!!

            I also saved the World !

          • Wide eyed with wonder says:

            And the rest of the mongs in the House sat on on their hands and watched you do it. Where were the voices saying what the rest of us knew?

          • Wide boy MP says:

            Too busy filling in expense claims to worry about such trifles.

          • M.i.n.d says:

            Filling their boots while telling each other “We can’t be blamed. The main man is a loony”

    • 425
      Yog Sothoth says:

      No one seems to be looking at it this way. If Brown is mentally ill and has been for some time then dark forces have used him.

  128. 427
    Mrs Kelly says:

    Well look whats crawled out of the swamp.
    David Kelly inquest calls ‘outrageous’, says friend

  129. 429
    Caz says:

    So where is brown and his unlovely wife now?

    I bet neither of them have spent any time with their boys on a beach with kites, buckets and spades, enjoying the summer.

    Selfish, self-centred people.

  130. 433
    Gordon Brown says:

    Where’s my fizzy orange? I want my fizzy orange now!

  131. 437
    Gordon Brown says:

    Kiss my bot-bot.

  132. 449
    Gordon Brown says:

    I want splooge-splooge up my bot-bot, followed by a jug of fizzy lemonade.

  133. 451
    Chris Bry-fronts says:

    Suck me now.

  134. 452
    Mark Oaten says:

    How does the foreign secretary fake an orgasm?

    He throws hot yoghurt on Barney’s back

  135. 453
    Bananaman says:


    What about David Milipede? He is a gayer and if you don’t know it you haven’t lived. Dig some shot on that twat, he’s too smug by half

  136. 454

    [...] Flashback: Hague’s Gay Special Adviser This is not the first time that William Hague’s choice of Special Adviser has raised questions. Back in December [...] [...]

  137. 457
    fat fact says:

    Eric Pickles loves his chubby cupcakes.

  138. 464

    Nobody told me I was gay

  139. 466
    The real scandal says:

    Bollocks to this – the real scandal is that Gordon Brown is not hanging from a lamp post along with his henchmen Balls, Straw,Cooper Balls et al.

    Gordon Brown must be immediately arrested,tried for treason and given the ultimate sentence.

  140. 474
    Ellie Gellard says:

    Fuck Ed Balls,I’m backing Ed Miliband

  141. 475
    MI6 says:

    Mr Fawkes is busy at present fitting himself into a sports bag. Posts are suspended without further notice. That is all.

    • 485
      Capt. Shadow (Retd.) - Former MI5 Wet Ops. Team says:

      Oi! – I’ve told you before, I’m freelance now and that nice Mr. Fawkes is a very generous employer.

      Now f*ck off, there’s a good chap, or it’s ‘tap-tap’ for you sonny boy…

  142. 476
    Martin Day says:

    On Tuesday i am calling for Change, I ask you to also… When your ballot paper arrives please vote for Ed Miliband as Labour Leader, You too can join us at Ed’s Call for Change

    • 478
      Albi Here says:

      If we join Eddy baby and help him get to be Liebour leader,doeshis call for change mean he’s after the loose change in our pockets,we don’t have any money left ,as he and his boss of liars and thieving b*stards have already stolen our money and pensions and got away with it,if he wants change maybe I can make him some nice Elderflower and Belladdona tea,oh wait w don’t need the Belladonna as he looks as if he’s asleep already.

    • 491
      Liar Byrne, aka Baldemort says:

      Call for Change ??? There’s NO money left !!! Don’t you realise we left the Country bankrupt ??

      No change down the back of the sofa and no change that a Liebour government wasted all that Taxpayers’ money.

    • 492
      Martin Day says:

      I know you all care deeply about who the Labour leader is.

      • 494
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

        Whoever it is will lead the labour party to where they belong

  143. 477
    Billy Hague says:

    I can’t wait to have sex, I think my favourite position will be penis in vagina, if it’s anything like penis in hand then I’m going to love it.

  144. 479
    Observer says:

    half of Monday gone and no sign of Fawkes?

    • 480
      Observer says:

      Oh its bank holiday. You forget them when you can’t afford to run a car and go somewhere because your fucking skint due to the fucking labour party.

  145. 486
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

    Has Mossad taken Guido for re-programing ?

  146. 488
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:

    (scrittle) (ping) GORDYSPLOOTYBOT-BOT!!! (flapflapflap) SKOOOOOOSSSSHH!!! (cackle)

  147. 493
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

    If its just a case of hiring a mates son then that aint as bad as leaving the country in 4.8 trillon of debt but! If he is shaging mates son and therefore lying to his wife then i suggest he stand down as a mp or face the rath of the elecorate , If however wife knows and is cool with it then thats there life and there problem but whatever way you look at it , it dont look good

    • 498
      Tsh, Tsh says:

      ‘ it’s’, ‘ trillion’, ‘wrath’, ‘ their’, ‘an’ MP, ‘electorate’, ‘that’s’, ‘don’t’.

      Congratulations, you have been awarded an A* in English language.

      • 499
        Congratulations says:

        Its also shagging.You are now a University lecturer.

        • 513
          The Rt Hon Ed Balls MP says:


          Professor now!

          (I would like to thank the adult who wrote this for me to show how clever I am and that I should lead the Labour party which I will do thanks to Gordon Brown’s endorsement)

        • 521
          Initialism says:


          Congratulations on becoming a Professor!

  148. 501
  149. 502
  150. 503
    Who's Our Leader? Ed's Our Leader says:

    look out ConDems Eds going to take the cheated Tories and the cheated Libdems from your coalition.Your doomed.Doomed I tells yer, doomed.

  151. 504
    Dumb Editors says:

    Nice one Telegraph for letting alky ada know the stuff they make only needs to be kept separated until Allah Akbar time.

  152. 505
    The Rebel Army says:

    This new map of who were shows the two main areas of population are London and the north west. So come the civil war its scousers against southern puffs.your fucked as scousers are hard bastards and London is full of immigrants who won’t have a clue who they are.

  153. 509
    CENSORED 2 says:


  154. 510
    500 says:

    It is with great pleasure I post 500 here today. Thank you my public, my fans.This is my dream come true. Thank you all,its been a roller coaster ride.

  155. 516
    Andrew Lansley says:

    Thousands of ppl already signed–please sign @JohnPrescott’s #SaveNHSDirect petition

  156. 518
    Anonymous says:

    I was at law school with Chris Myers last year. He is really good looking and a hit with the girls. He has a girlfriend that he has been with for a long time. I think a lot of people are just jealous. He is obviously going places and he is a nice intelligent lad. Good luck to him I say

  157. 524
    Anonymous says:

    I was at university with Barnaby’s sister Hannah. Met Barnaby several times and was amazed at how indiscrete he was about William.

  158. 525

    [...] also : Flashback: Hague’s Gay Special Adviser, [...]

  159. 528

    [...] and Myers shared a hotel room on at least one occasion.  For those not familiar with this story, this observation by Guido Fawkes puts things into context: Myers has a second class History degree from Durham [...]

  160. 529
    Anonymous says:

    Go back and look at the 1997 G.E. who was around then ;-)

  161. 530
    Jennifer Rawlings says:

    What makes you think you have the right to try to destroy somebody’s life and cause so much pain and distress???

  162. 531

    [...] next “relevation” was that in 1995 Hague faced questions about the appointment of another young aide… followed by “ZOMG THEY SHARED A HOTEL ROOM [...]

  163. 532
    Anonymous says:

    If anyone wants the truth about Hague, I suggest they contact his fellow new graduates at his first job for Shell. Hague was actually working for the Conservative Party but had a pretend job at Shell and his preferences were well known.

  164. 533
    Graham Smith says:

    Does “a number of” (as in “I interviewed a number of candidates”) still mean ONE in H.M.Government speak?

  165. 539
    Ed says:

    They are all at it. At some point it will come out at the asking of doers to gain publicity

  166. 541
    Nigel wheatley says:

    Do we know if my myers is gay?
    I’ve had a good bet with paddy power at odds of 9/2 that Hague will have resigned by Christmas

    • 542
      Anonymous says:

      You’re buying money – great bet. Any odds on Ffion doing a “Everything you always wanted to know about anal but were to afraid to ask” movie?

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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