August 17th, 2010

Shock Poll: Osborne Most Popular Tory Chancellor Ever

Here is something you probably didn’t ever expect to read: George Osborne is the most popular Tory chancellor in modern history according to pollsters Ipsos Mori.

Guido called them up to check. Yes they have asked the same question since Geoffrey Howe; “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with what X is doing?”

Osborne has a 20% net approval rating, higher than Lawson’s at the time of the boom, higher than that nice Mr Major’s rating, higher than Ken Clarke when he handed over the goldilocks economy to Labour. Incidentally, Darling had a 20% net disapproval rating immediately before him.


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Bloody hell!

    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      It’s not surprising is it? We love little Georgie, slashing the Labour luvvies, scroungers, troughers and pointless bureaucrats. More please.

      • 26

        Pearson’s resigned as UKIP leader, by the way – apparently he realised he was shit at politics so gave up.

        • 46
          Engineer says:

          Credit to him for that. It takes a certain strength of character to publicly admit to one’s failings; most politicians can’t manage it. Lord Pearson strikes me as a decent and honourable man.

          • Gordon ‘Culpability’ Brown says:

            It’s arl’ ma fult!

            An ah’ did’nae sav’ tha’ wuld! – so that mak’s me a liar too!

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            modded elsewhere….

            Farridge said that politics is a daft game that he couldn’t deal with.

        • 51
          And we all know why you said most popular TORY Chancellor Guido says:

          oh dear!

          Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the job Gordon Brown is doing as Chancellor of the exchequer ?

          =====================Yes No Net Approval
          YouGov/Sky News (1) 23/04/05| 67 24 +43
          YouGov/Sunday Times (1) 09/04/05| 66 25 +41
          YouGov/Sunday Times (1) 19/03/05| 64 29 +35
          YouGov/Telegraph (2) 17/03/05 61| 19 +42
          YouGov/Sunday Times (1) 22/01/05| 65 26 +39
          YouGov/Mail on Sunday (1) 02/10/04| 66 26 +40
          YouGov/Mail on Sunday (1) 11/09/04| 57 33 +24
          YouGov/Mail on Sunday (1) 10/07/04| 61 29 +32
          YouGov/Mail on Sunday (1) 08/05/04| 61 30 +31
          YouGov/Mail on Sunday (1) 03/10/03| 59 31 +28
          ICM/Guardian(1) 19/04/03| 52 38 +14
          YouGov/Mail on Sunday (1) 11/04/03| 62 32 +30
          YouGov/Mail on Sunday (1) 04/04/03| 63 29 +34
          ICM/Guardian(1) 16/02/03| 44 38 +6
          ICM/Guardian(1) 19/05/02| 67 22 +45

          Poor little George.
          Just imagine how far he could fall.

          • Gordon Brown says:

            Thank you Sarah. How’s the weather in Canterbury?

          • tattyboy's a battyboy says:

            Sorry to spoil your fun tat
            Don’t start crying and run away from the site vowing never to return
            Some of us would find that just too hilarious

            The point you missed as usual (because you’re thick as pigshit) is don’t make a song and dance about the polling of Chancellors when you know what the past results were as I’m sure Guido did

            And by the way tat,

            fuck off

          • Mong Watch! says:

            Yet more “brains in my arse” tat twat thinking, I suppose you have a degree in David Beckham studies too Mr mong?

          • tattyman the battyman says:

            lay off the drugs tat
            and stop wanking over a nearly retired footballer

          • A liberal says:

            An approval rating during a boom, wow thats so relevant to an approval rating during a bust? The Darling/Osborne comparison is far more relevant. Still wouldn’t be like a Labour opinion on an issue to spin it would it now?

          • Alf Garnett says:

            These polls are quite frankly rubbish. Using them to adduce that any politician,party etc. is “doing something popular” is pie in the sky. When the true extent of the millionaire political toffs’ war on the people and particularly the “middle classes” (and I don’t mean the likes of Cameron) becomes evident, I can guarantee that Osborne’s ratings will be lower than a snakes belly i.e. a bit like him.

        • 115
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          I quite like what farridge said on the radio this morning.

          Something like Pearson’s good but politics is shit.

      • 29
        Mr Ned says:

        Waiting to see this on the BBC!!! Osborne most popular tory chancellor since records began?

        I am somewhat surprised.

        • 48
          The TV Licence says:

          “Waiting to see this on the BBC”

          You’ll be having a very long wait then Mr Ned!

          • A very long wait till last month. ROFL! says:

            Osborne’s cuts yet to slice his popularity
            By George Parker, Political Editor

            Published: July 2 2010 23:33 | Last updated: July 2 2010 23:33

            George Osborne was surprised to learn this week that he is the most popular Conservative chancellor since Ipsos/Mori began testing public opinion on the issue in the 1970s. But he knows that the warm feeling may not last.

          • The TV Licence says:

            He was referring to BBC NEWS (see this on the BBC) not the Financial Times you fucking mong!

          • what a twat says:

            the Osborne story is at least a month old you colossal retard

          • The TV Licence says:

            Polls are done month after month tat, were in August now you mong not July do try and keep up!

          • what part of this don't you understand you stupid cun't ? says:

            Published: July 2 2010 23:33

            George Osborne was surprised to learn this week that he is the most popular Conservative chancellor since Ipsos/Mori began testing public opinion on the issue in the 1970s.

            It’s the same fucking story you shit for brains moron

          • The TV Licence says:

            Hello Mr mong, knock knock anybody there, hellooooo!

            Mr Ned said = Waiting to see this on the BBC!!!

            I said = You’ll be having a very long wait then Mr Ned!

            A Mong said = old story it was in the Financial Times a month ago

            I said = I was referring to the BBC as was Mr Ned

            A Mong said = old story it was in the Financial Times a month ago

            I said = Polls are done month after month tat, were in August now you mong not July do try and keep up!

            A Mong said = old story it was in the Financial Times a month ago

            I said = (THIS) to help out a poor old tat twat mong faced dribbling window licker!






            Jesus fucking christ! how thick is this cun’t ?


            “Waiting to see this on the BBC!!! Osborne most popular tory chancellor since records began?”

            George Osborne was surprised to learn this week that he is the most popular Conservative chancellor since Ipsos/Mori began testing public opinion on the issue in the 1970s.

            Published: July 2 2010 23:33 | Last updated: July 2 2010 23:33

            Got it yet you thick bastard ?

            He was the most most popular tory chancellor since records began LAST MONTH. That’s when it was NEWS. This month is just another poll showing the same fucking thing as last month.


          • The TV Licence says:

            All I said was:-

            “Waiting to see this on the BBC”

            You’ll be having a very long wait then Mr Ned!


            How thick can a tat twat get, I take it from that last comment your climbing down from your ever so high horse Mr Mong?

          • The TV Licence says:

            Well fucking complain to Guido or MORI then that their news is out of date mong chops!

            Released today :-

            The dates in the link, mong chops!
            Nothing wrong with Guido reporting it on his forum, obviously you don’t like it because your a tat twat troll.

          • The TV Licence says:

            Deary me, what a fucking dribbling MONG!


            “Waiting to see this on the BBC!!! Osborne most popular tory chancellor since records began?”

            George Osborne was surprised to learn this week that he is the most popular Conservative chancellor since Ipsos/Mori began testing public opinion on the issue in the 1970s.

            Published: July 2 2010 23:33 | Last updated: July 2 2010 23:33

            It must be the mad druggy thick as thieves who still can’t understand this because no-one else on this site is as hilariously stupid as him

          • The TV Licence says:

            Fucking hell, its back again repeating over and over the same old shit like a spam addicted retarded mong!

            Tell you what Mr mong, have a fizzy orange!

          • The TV Licence says:

            Liebour party activists day off again!

        • 72
          Anonymous says:

          LOL, try SKY NEWS, you certainty wont be waiting so long.

        • 161
          The TV Licence says:

          All I said was:-

          “Waiting to see this on the BBC”

          You’ll be having a very long wait then Mr Ned!


          How thick can a tat mong get, I take it from that last comment your climbing down from your ever so high horse Mr Mong?

      • 30

        I’m not surprised. I’ve always said he will go down in history as the best chancellor we ever had.

        Osborne is a serious MP with genuine desire to see Britain recover from the profligacy of the evil mental socialists.

        He may not be so popular next year when the cuts bite, however, his enduring legacy will be a stable economy. He knows it will cost him for the rest of his political career which is why I have respect for him- Country before reputation -a proppert public school lad, worth ten of the traitors Darling and McRuin

        • 56
          Susie says:

          Well said Sir Trevor.

          As for public opinion, the public has been living in cloud cuckoo land for far too long (3 holidays a year and a holiday home in Provence are not the norm) — back to reality please.

          • AC1 says:

            I tend to disagree that this can’t be the norm.

            It cannot be the norm in an economy ruined by excessive taxation of transfers (i.e. wealth creation), and can only exist whereby credit expansion is used to try to hide the damage (until the inevitable crash).

        • 71
          honeymoon period says:

          it’s downhill all the way from here on in little poodle

          • Polly Twaddle says:

            Owning property in Provence is certainly not the norm, we socialists prefer Tuscany – I’m off to cobble some soviet shite together for the Grauniad now so feck orrf prols.

      • 124
        SamCam says:

        I just love to see all my toryboy windowlickers wanking over Dave and Gideon

        I’m off for some Clare quim again

    • 27
      The Cantabeard says:

      I just love the way Osborne winds up the dribbling old leftie wing of Labour. Full marks for that.

      Now back to munching on some delightful Kentish rug.

    • 28
      Engineer says:

      After the nation has had to endure Broon’s economic “miracle”, and the resulting shitstorm that happened on Darling’s watch (even though it wasn’t entirely his fault), they’d approve of almost anybody.

  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:

    I was the greatest ever Chancellor.

    • 5
      Right of Attilla says:

      Course you was the best Chancellor, Gordon. Nurse is on way with nice littul injection!

      • 18
        Gordon Brown says:

        I remain a great Prime Minister and global leader. I had to kill the nurse last night. It was the right thing to do because she was a bigotted woman.

        • 32
          All the Hottest News from Last Month, Today! says:

          Osborne’s cuts yet to slice his popularity
          By George Parker, Political Editor

          Published: July 2 2010 23:33 | Last updated: July 2 2010 23:33

          George Osborne was surprised to learn this week that he is the most popular Conservative chancellor since Ipsos/Mori began testing public opinion on the issue in the 1970s. But he knows that the warm feeling may not last.

          Mr Osborne’s Budget last month heralded £113bn of spending cuts and tax rises, an austerity package whose necessity seems to be appreciated by the public, who have yet to see what it means in practice.

          • The Labour BBC Coalition party says:

            Look, please stop highlighting anything good about British history, it’s upsetting for our Somalian refugees. They slam the doors in their 12 bedroom taxpayer rented Chelsea mansions and upset the celebrity neigbours.

    • 95
      tattyman the battyman says:

      according to the polls you were

      but we don’t believe in polls

      except this one


  3. 3
    Imagine John Prescott without Bulimia says:

    Isn’t it a bit early for this?

    Ask after the Spending Review comes out…

    • 16
      A Liberal says:

      Yeah if he has this in 12 months time then well done but at the minute we are still in the phoney war. I have to admit though, he has been a lot better than I thought he would have been.

      • 33
        Susie says:

        I always knew he’d got what it takes.

        How I miss Osborne’s contemptuous body language in PMQs when McNutter was on the stump.

  4. 4
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Lies, Damned lies and Opinion Polls?

  5. 6
    Tom FD says:

    Where do Brown and Darling score?

  6. 7
    astateofdenmark says:

    Interesting that Howe, Clarke and Osborne all had positive ratings when they had dished out tough love in austerity budgets.

    • 31
      purpleline says:

      It is named the STELLA ARTOIS effect or wife beater to you and me.

      Apparently they love it love it and always go back for more and so do the public love it when we have a tough chancellor.

    • 111
      Ding a ling says:

      Survey was conducted in Tory shopping centre.

      • 191
        Jethro says:

        111 ‘Tory shopping centre’: where can I find one of those?
        ‘Now look, my man, it’s quite simple, I want three man-traps & ditto spring-guns, a couple of village maidens delivered to my door each fortnight, three widows to evict each Michaelmas, an adequate and continuing supply of Faces, poor, for the purpose of grinding…’
        ‘Yes, Sir, immediately, Sir…’
        You don’t get that at Homebase!

  7. 8
    Gordon Brown says:

    You ungrateful bigots! I gave you child tax credits! I was the greatest chancellor and prime minister of all time! Child tax credits!

  8. 9

    O/T, but Littlejohn in the Mail has a very good Adrian Mole pastiche:

    The Secret Diary of Nick Clegg

    Now if only Guido’s Ed Balls diaries were as well crafted…

  9. 11
    Doctor Mick says:

    Well he’s a charming young man and went to a good school. So much better than that marxist ruffian Darling.

    And as far as I know he hasn’t done anything stupid with our gold reserves.

  10. 12
    Why enjoy it only once when you can enjoy it again and again? says:

  11. 13
    Irene says:

    Go George!

  12. 15
    Rafiq al-bin al-Jihad says:

    Can this Mr Osbornes please givings us free ten bedrooms house and much many free benefits? Thanks you please. And Death to the West. Alan akbar.

    • 40
      ConDem says:

      I am sorry but the UK is under new management so you can now just F*** OFF and try your luck elsewhere.

    • 192
      Jethro(The Scarlet Pimple): we siokh him here, we Sikh him there... says:

      40 – Yes: try France: I understand they have a very enlightened policy on niquabs and burkas. I believe Saudi Arabia is almost equally liberal. Then there’s Yemen, Dubai, Oman…Best, probably, to steer clear of Afghanistan for the mo… likewise Somalia, and ERitrea.

  13. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Also just in; the coldest part of hell is the sixth circle.

    Fancy that.

  14. 19
    Don't you dare make fun of Gordo! I wuv him! says:

    Waaah! Dey making fun of my Gordo! I wuv him!

  15. 35
    The Labour Party says:

    How dare the british public not hate George Osborne like we do? After all we’ve done for them.

    • 37
      Engineer says:

      I think you mean “to” them, not “for” them.

      • 193
        Jethro says:

        37 – and, of course, anyone else would know it should have been ‘as we do’ (well, perhaps Americans excepted).

    • 45
      The BBC HR department says:

      To be employed by the BBC you have to Really hate him

      • 56
        Engineer says:

        Evan Davies tried to duff him up on the Toady prog. this morning, whining about whether or not cuts were progressive. Osborne demolished him with ease. Very satisfying.

  16. 36
    Ringfence my backstory says:

    Don’t let the fact that Gideon has never had a proper job get in the way of the fact that he is tantamount to the second coming.

    Perhaps others who have never had a proper job could also become chancellor too? After all, Britain is a democracy isn’t it, where merit is rewarded?

    Then again . . .

    • 42
      The Bleedin Obvious says:

      Jesus never had a proper job but people liked him

      • 47

        Whereas prince Edward was founder and chief executive of Ardent Productions; the Royal family’s best ever foray into the world of trade.

      • 55

        Thought he was a chippy like his dad?

        • 63
          Mr Ned says:

          He was a very good carpenter, story writer and none to bad at the old homebrew too.

          Bit of a medic also by all accounts.

          • Engineer says:

            Not bad at catering either, especially fish and bread.

          • HandsomeDavid says:

            He turned his hand to magic at times as well (that trick with the fishes and loaves) multi talented.

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Jesus wasn’t a good story-writer at all; no part of the New Testament is contemporaneous to Christ. It was all written by others, decades after Christ died ascended to Heaven.

            Bit of an oversight on Christ’s part, really.. not writing anything down. I mean, some of it was apparently quite important.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I rekon just damn good with PR.

          • Splitting my sides says:

            if he is such a smart arse let him write it with a make it so .

          • Jethro says:

            Tessa Tickles – Good to see the Protestant/Rationalist New Testament Theologising of the late Nineteenth Century has reached you at last! God, I think, has a wry sense of humour, and often allows some archaeological/paleographical discovery to be made, just when it seems that Dawkins and his learned predecessors have triumphed.
            In the last years of the Nineteenth Century, ‘everyone’ agreed that, for instance, St. John’s Gospel was written about 210A.D.. J.A.T. Robinson – the enfant terrible, ‘Honest to God’ and all that – noted much later how this ‘estimate’ “has been coming down, ever since” (since, e.g. the ‘Rylands Papyrus’ p45 of a few words undeniably from St. John and undeniably (apparently, on papyrological evidence) from NO LATER THAN 130 A.D. The Dead Sea Scrolls showed that e.g. the ‘light/darkness antinomies of St. John might not, after all, have been ‘Second Century Hellenistic’, but current in pre-A.D. 70 Judaism (the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ community at Qmran was wiped out by the Romans before the Destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70)…

      • 77
        Proper Ganda says:

        they loved him so much they stoned him and nailed him to a stick.

    • 81
      Benny Fitter says:

      I don’t care if its your job if you want me to get a job then I want your job.

    • 122
      Unsworth says:

      I’m usually the second coming.

  17. 38
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m going to Button Moon
    Hello Mr Spoon
    Button Moon
    Be back soon
    Button Moon

  18. 43

    Regrettably this is for me somewhat tainted by the likelihood that the most popular chancellor since the survey began was probably McSnotter.

    • 66
      Mr Ned says:

      probably most popular (after all the years of BBC mind conditioning) and least popular (after reality bit back).

      • 141
        Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

        Like that slowly disappearing, little white dot in the middle of the screen, after you switched the TV off, in the bad old days of B&W.

  19. 44
    Gordon says:

    I was the greatest of them all and don’t you forget it, now where was I, oh yes…

    ‘hello mr hand, say hello to mr poo – shall we hide from nursie behind the curtains again…’

  20. 52
    Gobshite hunter on a horse says:

    Ha ha if you accept that shit have this one.

  21. 58
    Greychatter says:

    A Chancellor with “Common Sense” – a thing that is always lacking in the Left hookers. – They believe money grows in Tax payers pockets so all you need to do is squeeze more and more.

    The majority of people whether Tory, Lib/Dem or Labour know you have to live within yours means. There are no Free Lunches – Some other poor Sod always has to Pay the bills!!

    Look at the Left Wing Union Leaders – they can pay themselves big increases in the belief that the public or their members will never notice, or be too complacent to care.

    • 64
      Different strokes says:

      A man worked all day to earn 40 quid.A chunk of it got taxed.He bought a piece of meat for his family/
      I put a snare in a hedge and went off for a day of play.I came back to a large hare.No tax was paid .my family ate like lords.

  22. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Little wonder they were out to get him, ‘yacht gate’ etc.

  23. 67
    This IPSOS Mori?- Gordon Brown has been rated most successful post-War Chancellor in Ipsos MORI Poll says:

    Brown Most Successful Chancellor, Say British Political Scientists

    Gordon Brown has been rated the most successful post-War Chancellor in an exclusive Ipsos MORI poll of nearly 300 academics belonging to the Political Studies Association (PSA).

    PSA members rated Gordon Brown’s performance on average as 7.9 out of 10 — his nearest rivals were Kenneth Clarke (Conservative Chancellor between 1993 and 1997) and Stafford Cripps (Labour Chancellor between 1947 and 1950), both rated as 6.1 out of 10. Norman Lamont (Conservative Chancellor between 1990 and 1993) was rated as the least successful of the UK’s 20 post-War Chancellors, with an average score of just 2.3.

    Brown is also rated as the most successful Chancellor in terms of providing economic stability, working independently from the Prime Minister and leaving a lasting legacy on Britain’s economy


    • 80
      Engineer says:

      Most successful at what? Ruining the country?

      • 88
        lolol says:

        you mean the polls are fickle Engineer ?

        who would have guessed

        • 162
          Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

          They said Chancellor (originally Cancellarius – scribe), not Chancellor of the Exchequer. So these learned chaps are saying he was the greatest pen pusher that has been. This is of course true as the marks in the seat backs of his former official car prove. These academics are not so stupid as they first appear.

    • 82
      too much information says:

      Brown bummed the economy until he split its sphincter and carried on bumming it even though he was being showered in shit

    • 92
      Donkey with a red rosett says:

      Published in2006, before Browns debt crisis and his destruction of the economy was uncovered.

      Nice try though, very socialist/soviet in its deception.

      • 100
        DUH! says:

        of course they were pre banking crisis you fuckwit
        and this poll of Osborne is 100 days in

        • 140
          Donkey with a red rosett says:

          It’s no feckin use if it’s pre Labour disaster is it you arsewipe.

          FFS Harold Shipman could have won GP of the year before they discovered his liking for killing wealthy old people.

          Honestly you LabourLost trolls are a fuckin disgrace.

          • DUH! says:

            Is Osborne retiring tomorrow you dickhead ?

            so shut the fuck up and stop making a cun’t of yourself you obnoxious Toryboy lickspittle

          • Polly Twaddle says:

            Even for a socialist you are a massive thick c*unt of a Labour vaginal wart.

            Still living off the prize money from wanking competions then??

          • Tatty Twattle says:

            still raping small dogs tat?? you drug addled mad Hunt

      • 179
        Rip Van Winkle says:

        These are meant to be the brains of Britain..the type of people who run the show, who have input into politicians – if you know what I mean!

        And in 2006, these muppets didn’t see the express diesel bearing down at 150mph with it’s lights flashing and horns blaring???!!!

        UK plc is really, really f**ked!

    • 94
      The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

      Several huge credit card debts
      A leased Ferrari and a massive mortgage makes you a success
      you close your eyes stick your fingers in your ears and sing tralalalal
      And everything is Ok
      Whenever I hear the word”academic” I reach for the revolver that was confiscated

    • 180
      Greychatter says:

      How many of the Academics vote Tory or Lib/Dem?

      Probably none of them have ever run a business or employed anyone.

  24. 74
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Who did they poll
    His mum?

  25. 89
    Mr Politically Incorrect says:

    In just three months, Osborne has done more good than Jonah did in his entire ten years as chancellor. I bet this poll will make Brown even more bitter and enraged than he already is, and will make him throw a dozen Nokias at the ghostwriter helping him with his 55,000 page memoirs.

    • 110
      Gordon Brown says:

      Its now 1 million pages
      I have 50 0000000000000000 monkeys hard at work in a Fife shed

      The opening chapter will start thus

    • 156
      Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

      What are the odds that he will never show his fat, ugly, morose, pock-ridden, drop-jaw face in the chamber again?

  26. 93
    Stephen Pound, Low IQ, preening, waffling, gobshyte MP, and bus driving cunt says:

    Fucking dumb shitheads the public are

    ‘Fiscal responsibility, living within our means, government waste, reckless spending, unsustainable borrowing’…what type of shithead believes this shit?, I mean come on

  27. 96
    Gordon Brown says:

    Mummy says I’ve been so good, I can have a cola with my lunch, even though it makes me a bit hyperactive.

  28. 101

    Give him time he has only been doing the job for a short time

  29. 103
    BrokeBack Cameron says:

    I miss Nick’s Cock up my arse

    I must hurry back soon

  30. 105
    Jonty Pryor says:

    The risk of a teenager dropping out of school, training and work has risen by 40% since the start of the coalition, research suggests today.

    Just over 9% of young people with Level 3 qualifications, which include A-levels, were classed as NEET – not in education, employment or training – in the second quarter of 2010, up from 6.4% in the first quarter of 2008.

    The analysis of the Labour Force Survey, conducted by the ippr think-tank and the Private Equity Foundation (PEF), comes just days before A-level results are published.

    • 125
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      But you dropped out of uni before the coalition came to power didnt you?

    • 131
      Doctor Mick says:

      Must be BBC research.

    • 181
      Greychatter says:

      Aren’t they on school holidays? Are the universities back yet?

    • 199
      Dodgy Dosser says:

      Brown was still PM for the first 5+ weeks of the second quarter and the effects of his policies will continue long after he was finally prised out of No. 10. Are you really suggesting that the coalition managed to effect a major increase in youth unemployment in less than 2 months?

  31. 106
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Well done George

  32. 108
    Chutney Rumble says:

    I believe there must have been some sexual dimension to Brown’s reckless abuse of the economy

    He must have wanked a lot

  33. 119
    The super stupid bull shitting parteh says:

    What has this fool done?

  34. 120
    George Osborne says:

    Its the family trade
    We paper over the cracks

  35. 121
    Nick Clegg says:

    Went shopping today. Bought myself an i-Pod , an i-Phone and an i-Pad. Thought it was only fair if I got something for the wife, so I got her an i-Ron.

  36. 137
    HenryV says:

    The Media like to portray the Great Publish public as ignorant and stupid. The public knows that the country is bust and the public knows there has to be cuts. Those who complain about the cuts are most likely the ones who can’t be bothered to vote at elections.

  37. 146
    the last quango in paris says:

    why is it a shock? i think he’s fab – done nothing wrong so far and must be a god awful job at the moment

  38. 164
    anonymous says:

    nobody asked me….hmmmphhh!!

  39. 170
    gladys says:

    Who or what is “tat”? sorry if you all know the answer – I’m just no au fait with the term.

    • 184
      I always says:

      Aunty Glad, Hi – fancy seeing you on here!

      It will take far too long to reply to you. Dig back through Guido’s archives to say six months before the election and just read away to your heat’s content. You will find out everything you need to know. Keep a couple of sick buckets by your laptop though – just in case.

      Hope that helps


  40. 171
    Jimmy says:

    Isn’t “most popular tory chancellor” rather like “tallest dwarf” or “most attractive blogger”?

    • 175
      Lord Lardyarse says:

      I’m a large dieter,barf

    • 196
      Jethro says:

      171 – or “most honest Labour Politician” or “most competent Labour Chancellor” or “most unemphatic Archbishop of Canterbuty”

    • 198
      Jethro says:

      Just a thought, Guido: suppose the Pollsters (as I suppose we now have to start calling them) had just asked (of Chancellors), ‘Do you think he’s – all things considered – a nice bloke?’ Kenneth Clarke mightn’t have topped the list (Yes: we know he’s not good at arithmetic, and we know he’s not REELY a Conservative… but, somehow, he just seems fun – cuddly! Plus: he likes Jazz, n’ enjoys a cigar. I c’n imagine asking him to come round an’ babysit… ‘n’ I c’n imagine him sayin’ yes!)
      ‘Stafford who? Oh, for a moment I thought you said Crippen! Frightened the life out of me! Yes, well, I s’pose he does anyway. Funny isn’t it that the ones who came in promisin’ prosperity for all are now the same ones preachin’ “austerity”. Mind you, he looks as if he’s never known anything but ‘austerity’: I don’t reckon he’ll last long, poor lamb.
      ‘Jus’ look at those eyebrows! Min’ you: despite the eyebrows, he’s a clever-lookin’ chap – what my Gran, though, would call ‘book-learned’. See, he’s clever as an imp, I reckon: argify black’s white an’ convince a Englishman he’s really black, an’ an’ African he’s really white! Trouble is, when it comes to gold, silver, and bronze: c’n see ‘im convincin’ me that bronze was far better than silver… an’ as for gold! But, what good company e’d be!
      No: don’t like either the look or the sound of ee. Too young… no experience…telling us we have to have cuts?
      What you got ‘ere, then? A list of potential Chancellors of the Exchequer?
      Well, why didn’t you say that before!

  41. 177
    Taxfodder says:

    More Poll bollocks, its abit like saying who would you rather have fuck you up the arse!

  42. 187
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:

    I am the greatest Chance llo r this Country has ever seen. I have left FIVE TRILLION POUNDS of debt for you to deal with

    Enjoy Liebour’s debt hangover !

  43. 189
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Not totally shocking. I think some people may have forgotten just how unpopular Tory chancellors were back in the 80s. They were deeply hated by large chunks of the population.

    Calling someone the “most popular Tory chancellor” is a bit like calling someone “the most considerate serial killer”.

    Still, the fact he’s in positive territory is a bit scary. I guess that must just show how utterly relieved everyone is that at least we don’t still have one of those Labour numpties doing the job.

  44. 190
    Nautilus says:

    After how long in office were the polls taken for the other men? Osborne may be on a roll now but when VAT rises come and jobs are lost he will not be. No one who was going to do the job which needs doing to salvage the battered national finances would be popular. So he isn’t doing it. But he will have to and then……………………….. then you will see how popular he will be.

  45. 200

    Lies, damn lies and more lies! Statistics (taken from my forthcoming book) will prove beyond doubt that in a global context, and by turning the page upside down, I am the most popular and best chancellor ever.

    The academics are correct, particularly that Blanchflower man who seems to be in America now, but no matter. He started in Britain.

    Did I mention that I am about to donate the entire proceeds from my forthcoming book to the British Bankers Benevolent Fund? Must go, I am expecting any moment a call from Africa where I have a number of opportunities yet to explore.

    If anyone spots Sarah can you give me a call?

  46. 204
    I use the red flag as toilet paper says:

    God. Please let labour die.

  47. 205
    Alf Garnett says:

    I feel that I must take issue with Guido about him promoting the use of this awful expression “Deficit Deniers”, which is about as unpleasant and hackneyed as “War on terror” and “Hard-working Families” – not to mention the favourite BBC Today expression “on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis”. What the heck is wrong with just saying “daily” or “every day” instead of this estuarine garbage “basis” thing?

    The most appropriate interchangeable words for “Deficit denier” are probably “Fool” or “Halfwit”. I draw the line at “Arithmetically Challenged Opposition Politician” as it’s not snappy enough.

  48. 206
    Anonymous says:

    Like all right wing tories, Guido clearly is a retarded Hunt.

  49. 207
    dwmf says:

    Really? More popular than Tony Barber in 1972 when he chopped sixpence (old pence) in the pound off income tax?

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