August 17th, 2010

Osborne and Darling Jointly Attacking “Deficit Deniers”

Alistair Darling is launching an attack on the Brown-Balls “spend, spend, spend” dividing line election strategy and the continued deficit denial of Ed Balls. Remember that at one point before the election Gordon Brown tried to replace Alistair Darling with Ed Balls because of his resistance to total fiscal insanity.

Darling is giving the Donald Dewar Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Book Festival today and will say that

“Labour lost because we failed to persuade the country that we had a plan for the future. What is important now for our party is we take stock and be honest about what went wrong.

“We rather lost our way. Rather than recognising that the public were rightly concerned about the level of borrowing, we got sidetracked into a debate about investment over cuts.

“By failing to talk openly about the deficit, and our tough plans to halve it within four years, we vacated the crucial space to make the case for the positive role government can play.

“You will only convince people you’ve got the answers if they believe you know what the question is in the first place. You can’t have political credibility without economic credibility.”

At almost the same time Darling’s successor George Osborne will be delivering a very similar message, he will attack Brown’s claim to have ended boom and bust, calling it “the greatest failure of economic policy-making for more than 30 years, since the IMF crisis of 1974. He will tell analysts at Bloomberg’s City HQ that the “deficit deniers” are “taking the British people for fools”. Balls may be the worst and most explicit deficit denier, but none of the Labour leadership candidates has much to say about the fiscal crisis they created.


  1. 1
    Andrew Efiong says:

    I rather like Darling, although before we get carried away let’s note he kow-towed to Brown a lot of the time too.

    The Labour contenders have to please their audience. Telling them “we bungled the economy and got basics like tax and spending all wrong” is hardly going to rouse the faithful. But they’re very inward-looking.

    Outside of the Labour bubble, any new leader needs to apologise to the nation for their disastrous record in office, whether ruining the economy or supporting the maniac Brown.

  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved the world.

  3. 3
    HandsomeDavid says:

    Yet no senior labour politician was prepared to speak out against Brown. Millitwwet version D had his chance two years ago and did nothing.

    All the while the labour inner circle were telling us about the genius of Brown and what a balanced and wonderful person he was.
    Ever had the suspicion that you have been lied to?

  4. 4
    Steve Expat says:

    Darling will be one of the few to emerge from the last government with some credibility intact. At least he seems magmanamous in defeat, and analytical as to the reasons for it – and he’s right, the public lost all credibility in Labour in General and Brown in particular to sort out the mess!

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but you didn’t save this from happening:

    or any future Enrons relying on “independent” auditors for their success!

  6. 6
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I wonder if he thinks they would have won if they’d taxed more so they could spend what they did.

  7. 7
    Liar Byrne, aka Baldemort says:

    ‘There’s no money left – good luck ! ‘

    Chief Secretary to HM Treasury, May 2010

  8. 8
    Sniper says:

    Darling had the opportunity and the ammunition to end Brown’s reign of terror any time he chose… yet he didn’t.

    *Never* back down when you’ve got a clear shot on the target.

  9. 9
    Ellie Gellard says:

    Ed Miliband is the moderniser.

    The only hope for Labour to rid itself of Brown/Blair divisions

    Go for it Ed Miliband

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    But if Osborne has no intention of making real term cuts or paying down any of the national debt in this parliament – as revealed here yesterday – then isn’t he a deficit denier too?.

    Does it not leave one conclusion: that the government intends to devalue the national debt through inflation?

  11. 11
    Alyingstare Darling says:

    Baldemort, Baldemort, you’re an absolute twat.
    What possessed you to write something imbecilic like that ?
    ‘There’s no money left – good luck !’ you revealingly wrote.
    Which just goes to prove, you’re an evil little scrote.
    We were all rather shocked at the underlying message.
    The Tories have to sort out Brown’s economic wreckage.
    Labour raised everyone’s taxes – mostly by stealth,
    Gordon’s failed master-plan ? Re-distribution of wealth !
    And his ‘brainwave’ of introducing quantitative easing ?
    It was Labour voters’ palms he was desperately greasing

  12. 12
    Lord Chief Justice says:

    Never run a Ponzi scheme unless you can get out fast to a country from which you cannot be extradited…

  13. 13
    Bottom of the Barrel says:

    FFS, will you stop scraping all the time ?

  14. 14
    Mr Ned says:

    He and the labour party will not begin to re-establish credibility UNTIL they actually not only admit more often that they were going to be cutting 40Billion pounds of spending, but also until they tell the public exactly WHERE those cuts were going to happen.

    Without ever admitting where a single pound of their cuts would have come from, they are hypocritically going to attack every coalition cut that is announced.

    Darling must be pushed on this at every opportunity.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:


    I hope this is just an early morning oversight.
    The public didn’t lose “all credibility” – they lost faith.
    The politicians were no longer credible because they were seen to be without integrity following the published expenses scandals.
    People now desperately need something & someone to beleive in.

  16. 16
    Lord Envious of Avarice says:

    Don’t darling me Darling!

  17. 17
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am woman, hear me roar.

  18. 18
    Dodgy Alky Campbell says:

    Ed Milliband was a Brown toadie just like Balls..

    “Chairman” of his “Council of Economic Advisers” responsible for the biggest bust since WWII and financial meltdown thru non-regulation…..such sound economists eh ?!!

    Join in the civil was Ellie…

    It’s the right thing to do…

  19. 19
    Doctor Mick says:

    Even if so, better than ignoring the debt.

  20. 20
    An economist says:

    Osborne is a not a deficit denier…

    He is not tcutting enough and passing on unncecessary increased debt to future generations…

    That is what we should criticise him for…

  21. 21
    Mr Ned says:

    Medium to long term, the economic threat is still deflation. There are ZERO inflationary pressures from within the UK’s private economy. Wage increases are below inflation and house prices are falling again. The pressure on inflation is coming from increases in VAT and increases in prices from overseas products and materials and oil.

  22. 22
    Backwoodsman says:

    His main problem is actually the bbc, which is working very hard and very skillfully, to undermine the message that major cuts are required. (Unless it can magic up a ‘milk snatcher’ headline from the proposed cut.
    Having failed to deal decisively with the bbc bias problem after the election, the Tories will now have to repent at leisure while the bbc subtly shift the agenda away from labour incompetence, to their favourite nasty Tories meme.

  23. 23
    Mr Ned says:

    True enough Backwoodsman, but you have to ask why?

    I mean it is blindingly obvious to anyone with a neuron firing that the BBC are going to go on a sustained all-out attack on the coalition. If you have an IQ higher than mud it is a certainty that the BBC were always going to go for the jugular as often as they can, even flat out lying to do so.

    So why on earth would the current government not take any defensive measure to ensure that the BBC return to its remit for impartiality?

  24. 24
    AbleTheSpaceMonkey says:

    Then you wont be welcome at Obama’s alleged powerful gentleman’s club

  25. 25
    Sir William Waad says:

    On the other hand, Darling was responsible for the train wreck known as Network Rail. True, neither Railtrack nor the Strategic Rail Authority was any better, but at the third attempt Darling should have managed to create a body that would do more than preside over excessive fares, overcrowding, the most expensive way of doing everything and a chronic lack of investment.

    Means well; not very effective.

  26. 26
    The Hypocrisy of the Heir to Blair and his lickspittle hordes says:

    So why did Cameron promise to match Browns spending plans right up until Brown and the Banks fucked the economy ?

    That’s not someone making hard decisions or caring much about the deficit or levels public spending since Cameron was only to happy to copy them.

    That was the Heir to Blair plagiarising the Blairite tactics of 97 when Blair matched Conservative spending plans and clearly not giving a fuck about the deficit or levels of public spending.

  27. 27
    'I accept I am a ridiculous, vacuous, shreiking, gobshyte cunt', Sally Bercow says:

    Fucking Darling is a fucking collaborator, how fucking dare he suggest Ed Balls is in any way fucking responsible for the economic fucking crisis wot started in Americah, and was all down to fucking greedy bankers and shit.

    What fucking next from the traitor Darling? I spose the fucking heroes of Socialisms Brown and Balls, failed to fucking spot a credit fucking bubble, mistfuckingstaking it for profit lead fucking prosperity?
    What fucking bollocks Darling you fucking closet Toryist!

    I spose these fucking right wing extremists like Darling prolly think the glorious fucking Socialistical Labour Government should not have fucking tripled the national fucking debt.
    What a fucking infants fucking skool level of understanding of how command economies work, you arseholes.
    It worked in the fucking Soviet Union, and it would have fucking worked here if
    Gordon hadn’t been bullied and fucking smeared every fucking day he was in fucking office.

    Any fucking prick nose to grow your fucking economy you has to fucking spend borrowed money as this improves all round fucking competitiveness!
    These Toryist lies are a fucking disgrace, but fear not you fuckers, us friends of the fucking workers will be attacking these lies with our fucking bum boys at the fucking BBC night and fucking day.

  28. 28
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    Mr Darling is at least correct to the extent that there is no point in people shrieking for answers when they do not even know what the question is.

  29. 29
    BrokeBack Clegg says:

    I’m in charge now Toryboys!

    And all I had to do was fuck that needy posh twit Dave up the arse to get here.

  30. 30
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    Shuffling, deckchairs, Titanic (which has already sunk).

  31. 31
    Ed Balls says:

    Hay, thatz a good eyedea. Let me rite it down.

  32. 32
    Here come Georgie Girl ! playing on a yacht with Mandy's cock says:

  33. 33
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Remind me again.. Ed Miliband.. is he the ugly gurning one with a Marxist dad, or the really ugly gurning one with a Marxist dad and a banana?

  34. 34
    Labour is an ex political party. says:

    Don’t worry Darling, we will never forget or forgive you. You had the opportunity to stop the scheming madness of Brown but you had no bottle.
    As for the rest of Labour, you also will never be forgotten or forgiven.
    You will also never be back in power, get used to it.

  35. 35
    Philip McArthur says:

    Labour have never and can never have credibility as it will always claim to offer a ‘Robin Hood’ agenda . It is not possible to provide unlimited funding to the NHS. It is not possible to have full employment. It is not possible to allow those who do not want to work to claim as much as those who genuinely cant.
    It is not possible to have an open door immigration policy. It is not credible to expect those who work and those who provide the wealth to pay for it all.

  36. 36
    Acting Prime Minister Nick Clegg says:

    Don’t criticise him. He’s following orders. My orders.

  37. 37
    Engineer says:

    Mandelson? Didn’t he used to be something?

  38. 38
    Question 1 says:

    Why did you deliberatly fluck up this country

  39. 39
    AbleTheSpaceMonkey says:

    Sucking up to Obama gets you further, it is alleged:

  40. 40
    Meet the New Boss for the next few weeks says:

  41. 41
    25 pounder + 10 Ton Grand Slam for back-up says:

    Like the cut of your jib there Sniper.

    I’m here if you need me.

  42. 42
    Yacht Watch says:

    Up Gideon’s shitter for one.

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Why do so many feel that Darling deserves sympathy ? He was nothing but a cheap house flipper at our expense, who sat on his arse and protected himself. On top of all that he is a socialist ! Get a grip, the man is a hoon.

  44. 44
    Lola says:

    They STILL don’t fucking get it. Halving the deficit just means reducing our internationally funded overdraft. It does nothing about the excess national debt or the overblown State apparatus. They are both stuck in fucking Keynesian madness. Fuck me…………

  45. 45
    Gordon ‘Culpability’ Brown says:

    It’s arl’ ma fult!

    An ah’ did’nae sav’ tha’ wuld!

  46. 46

    Implicitly, the “inflate the debt away” option seems to be the one that policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic are going for, yes.

    So own hard assets, ideally productive assets like farmland.

  47. 47
    Tory MP in Commons sex party scandal says:

    A Tory MP came under fire last night for letting a businessman who has donated money to him hold an £89-a-head ‘Erotica House of Commons Dinner’ followed by a sex party where guests must wear kinky fancy dress.

  48. 48
    Mike Hunt says:

    Yeah but it’s the only true thing he ever said.

  49. 49
    the public says:

    Who are you again ?

  50. 50
    lolol says:

    that’s prudent

  51. 51
    thick as thieves says:

    Political blogger,Guido Fawkes announced he was stepping down today – saying he was not good enough at the job.

  52. 52
    Comical Ali, Noo_Lie_Bore apologist, polemicist, essayist, git, critiquing the other Al’s Lecture says:

    Jus fuckin’ well shut yer fuckin’ face yer fuckin’ stoopid fuckas. Fuckin’ well lern some fuckin’ respect fer the fuckin’ important fuckin’ blokes wot ran this fuckin’ country fer fuckin’ years – and told the fuckin’ fuckers wot ter do ‘n that.

    Jus fuckin’ well fuck off will yer!

    I fuckin’ well rite fuckin’ books ‘n fuckin’ stuff too yer know!

    I’m fuckin’ well gonna put the fuckin’ record fuckin’ strate one fuckin’ day too!

  53. 53
    Engineer says:

    The only long-term solution to the problem of rail organisation is to re-integrate the operations and infrastructure sectors. This organisational model may suit other countries, but it doesn’t suit the complex nature of Britain’s rail network. Splitting the two was a serious error by the Major administration.

    Addressing the investment problem is more difficult. Railways have almost never made a profit in Britain, so some form of subsidy is a necessity to keep them going. As soon as you introduce subsidy, you have a political problem….

  54. 54
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    What happens to farmland prices without EU subsidy?

  55. 55
    Attack of the Blair Clones says:

    He’s the other Blair clone brother.

    The current two leading the Conservatives and the Liberals aren’t enough for some reason.

    Britain’s Political Parties are stockpiling Blair clones.

    UKIP will be looking for one next.

  56. 56
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    He still does.

    His greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t do anything any more.

  57. 57
    Dick the Prick says:

    Dianne Abbott was wittering on about fiscal restraint being sexist or something….err…

  58. 58
    Sarah Tweet says:

    am so speechless now – so opting for early night, and a fresh start tomorrow!

  59. 59
    Doctor Mick says:

    tat’s up early this morning. Must have shit the bed.

  60. 60
    Engineer says:

    Interesting that agricultural land prices have held up very well during the recession, and even before it, they increased significantly over about the last decade or so.

    Maybe you’re not the only one to reach that conclusion, Guido.

  61. 61
    UKIP search for a new leader says:

  62. 62
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s been the coldest summer on record in the high Arctic:

    Sea ice remains on the increase in the Antarctic and looks likely to recover this winter from its 2008 low in the Arctic. The ‘North-West Passage’ remains closed.

    It’s also been an unusually quiet hurricane season, though that of course is just a random matter.

  63. 63
    marcus aurelius says:

    now that Blair knows his book won’t sell he has “donated” its proceeds to the Royal British Legion. Will Mandleson and Brown do the same withte royalties from their best -sellers?

  64. 64
    Man's best friend says:

    Andrew Rosindell . Isn’t he the bloke who snogs his dog?

  65. 65
    The Director of Politically Krect ‘n Convenient Troof at AlJaBeeba, the Brhoon Bullshit Corpse says:

    Nothing and no-one can compare with Our Glorious and Beloved Leader who is resting prior His Comeback and brining with Him His Glorious Memoirs!.

    He will Return! He will Come Again!

    We His loyal Followers will prepare the way for Him.

    And Mr Llama O’Drama – He who we feted and partied for, – He will do to the States just what Gordon did for GB.

    Rejoice! – our cushy pointless jobs and perfidious pensions are safe!

    And OF COURSE we talk about nothing else but Noo_Lie_Bore!

    What else is there to discuss – apart from the deceit of the Tory Toffs (who we on the top of the BBC shit heap long to emulate)?

    Anyway – who do’you think you are? You are nothing more than Sheeple – that’s all!

    Now pay your telly tax.

    Besides which, EUSSR CamerTwat loooorvs us!

  66. 66
    Unsworth says:

    It’s not as if this economic train crash was unexpected – many were warning of the disastrous potentials at the time, and before. What Darling is choosing to forget is how he personally presided over and supported some of this, including quantitative easing etc. I’m really not impressed. He may have been saying all this stuff in private, but so what? If he thought that might influence cretinous bombasts like Brown then he hadn’t/hasn’t the slightest understanding of political warfare either.

    For Labour the difficulty now is to establish any form of fiscal credibility. They’ve spent all the money without a care and now, when the bailiffs are at the door, choose to complain that debt recovery is going to be very painful and the pain is someone else’s fault. In all of this there is not the slightest whisper of personal or even collective responsibility for the immense damage. As always it’s nothing to do with them.

    That’s simply grossly irresponsible politicking. Then again, when did Labour do anything else? It has always operated on the basis of an acquisition of power, the relentless pursuit solely of its members’ concerns, and the total abandonment of the best interests of the country as a whole. It is the political party of the selfish, the self-interested and the self-absorbed. It is a disgusting, venal and corrupt monster.

  67. 67
    David Laws says:

    Never mind. My North-West passage is always open

  68. 68
    Doctor Mick says:

    Brown must have been spitting feathers yesterday when he learned that Blair was going to give away all the proceeds from his memoirs. That puts a lot of pressure on Brown to explain exactly what he is going to do with his proceeds.

  69. 69
    Doctard Prick says:

    Projecting again Doctard.
    Your shitty sheets go unnoticed in the piss soaked wankpit you infest.

  70. 70
    Doctor Mick says:

    Is the Pope a protestant?

  71. 71
    Cynic says:

    All three scribblers (plus the other putative lack-lustre ‘orfas’) will probably ask The British Legion to pay THEM royalties!!

  72. 72
    Engineer says:

    What’s the problem? They’re well used to whips.

  73. 73
    Doctor Mick says:

    I thought I could smell you ya lickle oik.

  74. 74
    Mike Hunt says:

    Well not since before the war anyway.

    Not sure about the splitting of trains and track, I think that it has a good deal of merit allowing flexibility, although our railways are still based on the pre-1923 pre-grouping model and will never change.

    Who’d want to run a railway system?

  75. 75
    Sarah Twat the Tweety Twittering Totty says:

    It’s like … I’m so … like … y’kno? … like . . kno wot oi mean? …. fantastic … innit … ‘n that … like … yer wiv me?

  76. 76
    Anon says:

    it’s a Doctor Mick sockpuppet or maybe Doctor Mick IS tat

  77. 77
    Doctard Prick says:

    No sonny, that’s the stench from the dead dog you dragged into your wankpit and fucked

  78. 78

    They reach a market equilibrium.

  79. 79
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Anon. If you want some light reading from Stamfords try “Walks Out of Bristol City” – Steven Coppell.

  80. 80
    Ghastly Pieces of Filth says:

  81. 81
    Unsworth says:

    “The ‘North-West Passage’ remains closed”

    As does Sarah Brown’s

  82. 82
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I’ve said something naughty. But what if the C.A.P. gets sorted out?

  83. 83
    Ghastly Pieces of Filth says:

    Buy a cabbage

  84. 84
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Miliband Snr made the Left unlectable from the late 70s, now his sons want to finish the job.

  85. 85
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    eventually. But its the bit between now and then, when you’ve bought some, that I’m on about.

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    like VAT?

  87. 87
    Engineer says:

    What proceeds? He’ll be lucky to break even.

  88. 88
    SamCam says:

    Clare has a lovely minge

  89. 89
    Anonymous says:

    can’t find it – got a link?

  90. 90
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    OK then. Buy polish farmland.

  91. 91
    bergen says:

    One bright spark on pb has christened the Milipedes Tweedlegeek and Tweedlewonk-bang far as I can see.

  92. 92
    Doctor Mick says:

    Stick to the youtoob vids tat, your humour is too subtle for us.

  93. 93
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Is this the same Alistair Darling who left the Faculty of Advocates after 25 years membership, before he was hauled over the coals to explain himself.

  94. 94
    Quote of the Day says:

    John Rentoul – He has become known as an “ultra-Blairite”, both by himself and others, and has described having “slavish admiration” for Tony Blair.

  95. 95
    Engineer says:

    There are still good tax advantages to owning working farmland – exemption from IHT for example. Also, one commodity that’s unlikely to go out of fashion is food.

  96. 96

    It’s just a tax thing.

    After 2 years and 7 months he will have received most of the money back in tax cedits. By year 5 he will have more money than if he had kept the advance.

  97. 97
    Engineer says:

    Many have done just that. Hungary and Romania have been destinations of choice, I gather.

  98. 98
    Doctard Prick says:

    sorry to break it to you stupid but I’m not the shitbag tat
    so go fuck yourself you retarded wanker

  99. 99
    The Sleeper says:


    The legendary Doctor Mick is an erudite, genuinely witty soul whereas thick as thieves aka tat stands out like bulldog’s bol­locks with his inane, dr­un­ken, foul, dr­u­g fuelled r­ants. We can tell the difference even if tat doesn’t realise this.

  100. 100
    Blame it all on the last guy says:

    The Republicans never recovered when Bush fucked the Economy.

    Oh wait, they did! And Obama is having a hard time blaming them and the last guy.

  101. 101
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    We need another Hitler

  102. 102
    Lord Prezza of Scott says:

    Disgusting Tories, what do they think their doing turning Parliament into a place for sex!??

  103. 103

    Can I add that there has never been no deficit in my department? Boom-boom.

  104. 104
    Doctor Sleeper says:

    We can certainly tell when Docor Mick is making a cun’t of himself sockpuppeting like this

  105. 105
    DocTaT Mick says:

    Where’s the blog TaT?

  106. 106
    Doctor Mick says:

    How very appropriate on the subject of deficit deniers that you even deny who you are.

    It is understandable, however, given your promise to leave this place forever and create your own blog. Neither of which you have achieved. Quite embarressing for you isn’t it?

  107. 107
    An economist says:

    You are Jim Rogers

    And I claim my £5….

  108. 108
  109. 109
    Jack says:

    Better than Labour homo hang bangs…

  110. 110
    DocTaT Mick says:

    Where’s the blog Tat ?

  111. 111
    Jack says:

    The Global Warmers have gone quiet

    And been defeated in the US Congress…

    Things are improving…

  112. 112
    DocTaT Mick says:

    Where is the blog tat ?

  113. 113
    Tory Chief Whip says:

    Breaking news

    Shaun Woodward in discussions to rejoin the Toiry Party

  114. 114
    The current PM says:

  115. 115
    P. Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    I am a ‘taker’ not a donor.( In the fiscal sense, not the physical sense )

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Oh I see, football.
    I was looking for something about corruption in city council.
    I was digging too deep!

  117. 117
    All at sea says:

    Leg end or bell end?

  118. 118
    Nigel Griffiths says:

    Indeed, shameful !

  119. 119
    Attack of the Blair Clones says:

    Blair#1 and Blair#2 would be more accurate

  120. 120
    The Beast of Tel Aviv says:

    Deficit denial is a hate crime
    Give me free submarines America and Germany

  121. 121
    Four Eyed English Genius says:

    I would say that the best way is to donate the price of the book directly to the British Legion. That way you can also claim Gift Aid to increase the amount if you are a taxpayer, and Phony Tony does not get a big tax break because of his charidee!

  122. 122
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Conlabourator Collapsatator

    Traitor !

  123. 123
    Jock Strapped says:

    Well said.

  124. 124
    I hate New Labour says:

    The same Alistair Darling who flipped his home four times for maximum personal gain?

    Readers: don’t confuse a dopey expression and the odd quote now he’s got no influence with competence.

  125. 125
    Four Eyed English Genius says:

    Not even the trouser department?

  126. 126
    Whining Pussies says:

    rolling of the eyes

  127. 127
    Mr Ned says:

    Because there wasn’t as big a deficit back then you plank.

    The economy was still being sustained at that time through unsustainable borrowing. Cameron et al were hoping to get in before the shit hit the fan and steer a more sustainable course. They did not get in, and Brown crashed the ship of state onto the rocks.

    Cameron wanted to keep spending at the same level, but NOT spend on exactly the same things. there is a MASSIVE difference in those positions.

    Cameron wanted to spend more on encouraging business and enterprise whereas Brown wanted to waste money on quangos and non-jobs in the public sector.

    Do you spend 2 billion on a quango set up to regulate and tie up businesses in red tape, hampering productivity and costing jobs, or do you spend the same 2 billion either on a quango to eradicate red tape and encourage businesses to expand and new businesses to start up, for example? Or do you spend the same 2 billion on removing tax from those businesses allowing them to employ more people in the private sector?

    You plank!

    So what were labour going to cut?

  128. 128
    BrokeBack Cameron says:

    not alf!

  129. 129
    Mr Ned says:

    I think we got rid of Blair just before he became one.

  130. 130
    European Court of Public Opinion says:

    THIS is ghastly filth.

  131. 131
    Tracey says:

    And what about the grey matter department ?

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    “Donald Dewar Memorial Lecture”

    Donald Dewar , another Socialist who died worth millions.
    His cronies in Glasgow have raised a statue of him in Buchanan Street which wouldnt look out of Place in the old Eastern Bloc.

    Another Hypocrite.

  133. 133
    Mr Ned says:

    Run the whole system as an integrated not for profit organisation. Any profits are re-invested.

    Put on more carriages, have a luxurious and expensive first class, with personalised steward service, free internet access and guaranteed tables with laptop charging point, free food, free drinks and free entertainments.

    A decent business class with guaranteed comfortable seats cheap internet and a buffet car

    And a cheap common oik class with a guaranteed seat, no buffet, no internet.

    Have enough carriages to guarantee everyone a seat every journey.

    Have the most profitable routes subsidise the routes that lose money.

    Close the least profitable routes.

    No need for subsidy then.

  134. 134
    Mr Ned says:

    excellent idea.

    When is someone going to put his book online for free?

    Not that I would read it, more so he doesn’t make any money from it at all.

  135. 135
    Mr Ned says:


  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Alistair Darling was a British Chancellor of the Exchequor who flipped his house several times to avoid paying capital gains tax. That is all you need to know.

  137. 137
    Mystic Meg says:

    Sally Bercows future Political career path

    Celebrity Masterchef
    Big Brother
    Im a Celebrity get me out of here
    Playboy shoot
    err….thats it

  138. 138
    The Hypocrisy of the Heir to Blair and his lickspittle hordes says:

    “Because there wasn’t as big a deficit back then you plank.”

    So you’re admitting the Bank Collapse was the main cause of the deficit. About time you did you thick twat.

    “The economy was still being sustained at that time through unsustainable borrowing.” And Cameron’s solution was to stick to Brown’s spending and borrowing plans. Very prudent.

    “Cameron wanted to keep spending at the same level, but NOT spend on exactly the same things. there is a MASSIVE difference in those positions.”

    Exactly the same argument Labour are using about the cuts as we can see

    Labour wanted to keep cutting at the same level, but NOT cut exactly the same things at the same time. there is a MASSIVE difference in those positions.

    Yet you think that’s bullshit when someone else uses your argument.
    You witless hypocrite.

    Fucked if I know what Labour would have cut because I’m not a Labour supporter and would never vote for them. We aren’t ALL partisan drones here Neddy.

    But the fact is you have to be a complete retard not to realise that all this after the fact whining about public spending levels is proved to be complete horseshit by Cameron sticking to Browns spending plans.

    Because even Labour started talking about spending cuts when the Heir to Blair did. Which was AFTER the Bank collapse.

  139. 139
    Shagger Nokes says:


  140. 140
    English Taxpayer says:

    Is this the same Andy Bumham who tried to claim a twenty quid Ikea bathrobe on expenses ??

  141. 141
    NuAttackDog says:

    Darling is possibly the only Labour politician I wouldn’t have fed to the dogs given half a chance – and then only maybe.

  142. 142
    A Future F*ck*d for all says:

    Never forget the old political saw…”Governments lose elections’Oppositions seldom win them !” That is true even for Dave and his Coalition.

    When eventually Dave has to goe to the country,the electorate will judge him on how they feel their standard of living and burden of taxation measures up to their expectations. Elections are very rarely decided on policy rather they are decided on each voters views of their own circumstnces and whether they wish to reawrd the sitting government or punish them or in the present case just give enough power to them but not enough so that they can carry out the more extreme Manifesto promises.

  143. 143
    The 10.15 from Euston says:

    Interesting – but you are of course aware that the chief c*nt in the min of transport who was responsible for this monumental dog’s breakfast of a privatisation immediately resigned and took up a very senior and much better paid position with one of the newly established rail companies. He should be strung up by the goolies and be made to repay all his salary and bonuses for all the misery he has dumped on rail travellers. British Rail used to work OK most of the time and was run by experienced and skilled folk who knew how to run a railway properly. Their major problem was the refusal of a succession of governments to allow them to raise money in the markets. thus stifling many opportunities for proper investment in the system. Similar situation with Royal Mail too.

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately Jack, the improvement is not fast enough .

  145. 145
    ex-Farmer Giles junior says:

    They’ve held up because greedy loaded developers pay farmers silly prices for the land to stash in their land banks for the future.

  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    In other words he was/is a trougher & fiddler of the system.

  147. 147
    Anonymous says:

    Access denied. Let him get a job in his wife’s business.I hear they need minimum wage personnel to stack the shelves & wheel the trolleys back to the trolley bays.

  148. 148
    Pola Bare says:

    Didn’t half of Greenland fall into the sea last week?

  149. 149
    Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

    Who’d want to run a railway system?

    I would. Huge salary, golden pension pot, huge payoff when I make a complete mess of it and depart.

  150. 150
    Kamikazi Cartoon Version 2 says:

    Guido, you need to update the kamikaze cartoon with Nick Clegg in the pilot’s seat and with David Cameron in the passenger seat shouting “Do it, Do it Now! Crash the Liberal Democrat party into the effing ground!”

    That will be all.

  151. 151
    Criticaster says:

    You are William Topaz McGonagall and I claim etc…

  152. 152
    Heir to Blair says:

    Labour was spunking money against the wall on public services for 13 years. And that’s why Dave thought it was a good idea to pledge the exact same public spending levels.
    Because he was so against those irresponsible public spending levels.
    You see ? Obvious. Isn’t it ?

    And when the Banks collapsed the public spending levels for the past 13 years suddenly changed. Except they didn’t.
    The only thing that changed was ALL the Parties said there must be cuts after bailing out the Bankers.

  153. 153
    Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

    She also said that the coming cuts were aimed specifically at her constituents, because most of those employed, are aboard the local authority gravy train. What a chump.

    I hope she wins the Labour leadership. Would make sure New Labour were consigned to the dustbin of history for all eternity.

  154. 154
    I feel I just have to point this out in case there's still anyone who hasn't noticed says:

    UKIP are totally irrelevant. Swivel-eyed loonies.

  155. 155
    Don't forget... says:

    You forgot

    That is, if they can find one big enough.

  156. 156
    Read the news, Bozo says:

    a) Russia
    b) Portugal (forest fires raging, not that it’s reported in Britain)
    c) Pakistan
    d) China

    Climate change means more extreme weather.

  157. 157
    Black Rod says:

    Fancy dress in Parliament!? Who are these weirdos?

    ‘One two, buckle my shoe’

    ‘Seven eight, my tights look great’

  158. 158
    a single female warthog says:

    I think Ed and Davy are rather handsome!

  159. 159
    SarumSea says:

    Ah yes, the apology we are due from Labour for foisting the great intellectual on us. I suspect all we will ever here is the same deafening silence we heard over Brown’s coronation.

  160. 160

    I think it is so interesting to see how the MP’s are passionate about an issue until they come into power and suddenly it changes – I am glad I stick to what I think is right even when noone else agrees

  161. 161
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    Common misspelling of no-one.

  162. 162
    the old Dufflebag says:

    of all the past government Darling is one who at least acknowledges the reality of what they did so wrongly. He comes out as a man with some credibility…shame hes a labourite.

  163. 163
    the old Dufflebag says:

    try specsavers

  164. 164
    the old Dufflebag says:

    if the answers ‘cock robin’ whats the question ?

  165. 165
    the old Dufflebag says:

    ‘invite only’ giggle giggle

  166. 166
    Henry North London says:


    Its not the politicians who should be shot but the people who hold their strings

    Spitting Image anyone?

  167. 167
    Allan@Aberdeen says:

    If it were British people as the electorate then that would be true, but Labour was thinking of its future by importing millions of fast-breeding Labour voters. The electorate in 5 years won’t be the same as today.

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