August 11th, 2010

Government Funded Lobbying Firm Lobbies Government

Last week Eric Pickles pledged that the ‘corrosive and wasteful’ hiring of lobbyists by councils and quangos would be stopped. A welcome saving to the taxpayer, but is the use of private firms really the worst problem? What about those that skip using private companies all together?

Last week also saw the news that Greater Manchester local councils are attempting to set a 50p-per-unit minimum alcohol price. As the BBC quoted at the time:

Andy Walker, of wellbeing and health organisation Our Life, said he hoped a by-law in Greater Manchester would be passed and create a “domino effect” nationally.”

So who are “Our Life”? According to their website they “passionately believe that people have a fundamental right to better wellbeing and health”. Generic buzz words. Essentially they are a health lobbying group seeking to have a minimum price put on alcohol, though they don’t want to call it that. Instead it’s a “campaigning membership organisation”. So who are their members and where are they getting their money from?

With a total budget in 2010/11 of £1,632,690, they are carrying over £850,000 of funds from 09-10. This is no two-bit operation. Once you deduct that, their income for 2010-11 is £782,690. Guess who is picking up the tab? £300,000 of that is a “grant from NHS North West”. A £209,000 is from that “membership” mentioned before. And who are their members? Well twenty-four NHS Trusts of course, oh and “SmokeFree North West”… a NHS Trust funded organisation.

That means that £509,000 of their £782,690 income this year is from the public money – not including the £107,480 they are bringing in from other consultancy, where the clients are unnamed, but Guido would put good money on them being public bodies too.

A minimum 65% of their income this year is from the taxpayer, how is this any better than the NHS using private lobbying firms?


  1. 1
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    And they said there was no waste ?

  2. 2
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi , My names Tim Lovejoy and i am a BBC legend who lobbys the goverment .

  3. 3
    OnAnonAnon says:

    Fucking good spot Guido, go get the bastards. You know it makes sense.

  4. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    I will make a statement about this to the house Thursday

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    No different to ASH then

  6. 6
    Cancer Bag says:

    What will it take to stop these busybodies from trying to dictate my life? I do NOT want to live to become a senile vegetable marinaded in my own urine. Begone and leave my beer and cigarettes where they rest, please.

  7. 7
    My Life says:

    My life! Our Life? Collective Bollox!

  8. 8
    Prentiz says:

    It’s much worse than councils employing lobbyists – at least councillors have a democratic legitimacy of their own. The NHS is simply an organ of the state, lobbying the state for more control over our lives and more funding. This is something which the Government could and should legitimately ban.

  9. 9
    Dick the Prick says:

    Nope, just wasters! Hmm….when are these people just going to do their job and leave me alone? I, personally don’t give a monkeys about minimum pricing as 50p per whatever is way below my price range but it’s their utter contempt for people that disgusts, that they ‘know’ best.

  10. 10
    Ed Balls says:

    Eds pledges

    1 . Free Vuvuzelas

    2 . A picture of my naked wife

    3 . A free copy of Gordons book on saving the world

    4 . The public flogging of Tony Blair

    5 . And end to boom and bust.

    Vote for me , Vote for change .

    Love Ed xx

  11. 11
    N H Arse says:

    And you can be sure “Our Life” is a nest of gays, related to filth managers in the NHS, and paying themselves shed loads of money + massive expenses.

    And of course all the gays will be going on fact-finding trips to all the arse-bandit centres on Earth at taxpayers expense.

    Andy Walker, of “well-bummed”:

    Dirty corrupt bastards.

  12. 12
    Health Lobby Inc says:

    “At minimum 65% of their income this year is from the taxpayer, how is this any better than the NHS using private lobbying firms?”

    it’s diversity innit!

  13. 13
    Sir William Waad says:

    Isn’t a unit of alcohol a pub single measure of whisky, or half a pint of beer? Where can I buy a double for £1?

    Oh well. In the last resort I can make potato wine. It’s about 15% alcohol and doesn’t taste bad. Of course, it would be illegal to distill it into vodka.

  14. 14
    Ctesibius says:

    Got to stop. Does no sensible MP read this?

  15. 15
    bandersnatch says:

    Away with the lot of these self-important ‘exhorters’ and ‘persuaders’ and tellers of grandmothers how to suck eggs. They are leeches on the rest of us. Lets do away with Primary Care Trusts too whilst we are at it.

  16. 16
    Prince Rupert says:

    This is appalling, where would these jobsworths be without tax payers subsidies. It has got to stop. The NHS Trusts that give this money are not allowed to, the money they are given should be spent delivering healthcare not lobbying. Maybe someone could start legal proceedings against the Trust Boards for mis appropriation of funds

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    R I P Adam Stansfield

  18. 18
    Mr Ned says:

    Fucking HELL!

    I think I’ll set up a health campaigning group. I can knock out a website in a couple of hours and then get applying for lobbying grants!

    I could pay off my mortgage inside a year and get that left-wing warm and fuzzy feeling that I am an interfering health Nazi engaging and health friendly citizen.

  19. 19
    My Life says:

    If I want better health then that it is my decision and I do not see what the fuck it has to do with interfering, meddling busy bodies who are out to line their own pockets with Nazi bullshit! These idiots do more harm than good. Believe me! Idiots!

  20. 20
    He who lobbies last laughs loudest says:

    And longest …

  21. 21
    My Life says:

    Nazi Bullying Scum! No I in Our!

  22. 22

    “passionately believe that people have a fundamental right to better wellbeing and health”.
    In other words;

    “You are all fucking stupid and don’t know how to be healthy, so we’re here to make sure you do as we say. Of course we can do what the fuck we want, because we’re smarter than you, you sick fucking slobs”.


  23. 23
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I know an offee just over the border too. Must say I’ve probably not been since i was 17 though.

  24. 24
    Billions for the Bankers says:

    Good work Fawkes.

    I bet this is just the tip of a very large iceberg…

  25. 25
  26. 26
    Das Chielf Kammpenfurhrer of Elf says:

    We’ll have none that here thank you kindly.

    ‘elf is a serious money-making business – all our jobs in the DHOSS house depend on it – and, like AlJABeeba, – our pensions.


    Anyway, have you been done for
    swine flue,
    pig flue,
    had yer prossy felt, prodded, milked, and needled?

    Also, have you
    sent samples of shit to the test site,
    been done fer rabies,
    parrot fever,
    green monkey fever,
    blood pressure

    not forgetting

    STD of other sorts
    danger of falling over
    weekly purchase / consumption of alcohol and fats

    elfy eating
    exercise (or are you a fat bastard)
    suns stroke

    and don’t go near no water


    I must lie down after that and fill in my claim form.

    Look to My Lord Prezza of Scoff for what a real man is, – or to me, a really vinegar-faced miserable bastard.

  27. 27
    Mr Ned says:

    And thinking more about it…. The NHS budget is being ringfenced so the overall amount is not going to be cut.

    This means that all the lobbying snakes that infested the other parts of government will be making a beeline for the Department of Health. Tailoring their grubby business models to have a “public health” angle.

    It will be interesting to see how the people who lobby the MOD change their models…

    “We make weapons of mass destruction and we need public funds to make them less dangerous to public health”

  28. 28
    The Fellator of fiddled fucked-up finance and fiddling financiers says:

    Ye cannae say ah didnae invest!

    Ah sav’d tha wuld!

    An nuthn’s ma fult!

  29. 29
    Mr Ned says:

    Actually, I ignore all NHS health advice and I am ridiculously healthy. I refuse all vaccines and pills and potions as these are entirely un-natural poisons and it is about time I got something out of the NHS budget that I have contributed to through my taxes.

  30. 30
    What is it worth? says:

    Looking forward to the big huge incentive they give out to us before we allow these fascist fuck ups to meddle with our life! Cough up you Nazis!

  31. 31
    PhaetonFlanFlinger says:

    Guido, top blogging. Don’t let this one go. Bring ‘em down. Names, dates, places.

    Will the BBC report this subversion of public funds? Will it feck as like.

    Also, doesn’t the NHS take its instruction from Government? Now these snotty little sods want to make the law as well.

  32. 32
    Free Booze for Boozers says:

    And I bet that if asked to make cuts, they’d sack nurses.

  33. 33
    Ed Balls says:

    The largest rise in employment for more than 21 years was mainly down to the influx of foreign workers, campaigners said today.

    Sir Andrew Green, chairman of think-tank Migrationwatch UK, said the employment figures were “further evidence that immigration really does affect the job prospects of British-born workers”.

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures showed the number of employed rose by 184,000 to 29 million, marking the largest quarterly hike since the three months to May 1989, and about three-quarters of this increase was due to workers born outside the UK.

    Sir Andrew said: “An astonishingly high proportion of the increase in employment is down to foreign workers getting jobs in Britain.”

  34. 34
    D Milibanana says:

    Come on this is basic economics 101; this is the vital infrastructural european investment to bring forward modernisation vis a vis public discourse for greater demand of public services. If it is cut by the economic vandals in the extreme rightwing lib dem coalition this will endanger the utopia which Labour bequeathed to this government with growing employment, a minimum wage and free health care for europeans.

    If you oppose me… I might just cover up your torture.

  35. 35
    Gordon Brown is a village idiot. says:

    For those of you naive enough to support the no smoking ban, your next on the list. Then the fatties, the thinnies, the not eating enough bran or not walking enough.

    Simply tell them to piss off and demand that NONE of our money is spent on this utter bollocks.

  36. 36
    Harperson says:

    Racist bigot – once we’re back in power I’ll personally see to it that you’re dragged before my court of public opinion.

  37. 37
    My Lord MandelScum of YachtBoy says:

    Yes, yes, yes, – but can you get it up? That’s all I care.

  38. 38
    My Life says:

    After reading this fascist bull. My blood pressure has risen and the arteries have hardened with anger at these fascists money grubbing users.

  39. 39
  40. 40
    Monkey Chops says:

    Tim you were a grinning chimp on Shooting Stars. I always thought Reeves and Mortimer could attract top talent onto that show so you must have a bloody good agent or be very cheap/available.

    Begone, I say, back to obscurity with you!

  41. 41
    Penfold says:

    This organisation is undermining democracy and usurping the rights of the electorate by their statist and dictatorial demand to the Council.

    Should they wish a tax or minimum unit pricing to be fact, then they should stand for election. Their approach mirrors the standard tactic of autarchic usurpers over the last 100 years.

    This sort of funding needs to be curtailed. State orgo’s should not, cannot and must not undermine basic principles of democracy by seeking to circumnavigate due process. Failure to control this will result in anarachy and loss of central government.

  42. 42
    Monkey Chops says:

    You’ll have to leave your shed first.

  43. 43
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:


    It’s time all these parasites were flushed out.

  44. 44
    The Noo_Lie_Bore Clitorati says:

    We’re with Hatty on that one!

  45. 45
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs! says:

    Time and money wasters.

  46. 46
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    I am not , I have a job , savings and not in to much debt shame you lot dont understand economics

  47. 47
    The Noo_Lie_Bore Clitorati - adding an afterthought - says:

    AND we WIMMIN get ourselves regularly examined for all the diseases MIN give us!!

  48. 48
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Had a call yesterday from someone trying to flog me gym membership. Got him to describe all their facilities in detail, then said I couldn’t join because they didn’t provide ash-trays with all the torture equipment.

    His silence was deafening.

    Try it, it’s a good laugh (and while they’re wating their time on me, they’re not screwing anyone else – that’s my input to the ‘big society’, Dave).

  49. 49
    Sitting in a hospital corridor says:

    Noticed how many fat fuckers there are walking about carrying nothing but a clipboard? – oh – and their Identity pendant / badge / .. that thingy they show people if they get lost or forget who they are.

  50. 50
    British Bankers Association says:

    How economics works in a capitalist society.
    1. Bankrupt our business.
    2. Get the taxpayer to bail us out.
    3. Bonuses all round.

  51. 51
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Dangerous things, Courts of Public Opinion. One has already convicted you of aggravated expense misuse, ignoring traffic laws and passing off your partner as a woman for political gain.

  52. 52
    British Bankers Association says:

    How economics works in a capitalist society.
    1. B*nkrupt our business.
    2. Get the taxpayer to bail us out.
    3. Bonuses all round.

  53. 53
    AC1 says:

    Meet the new boss…

  54. 54
    AC1 says:

    Go to the gym. A smoke after is REALLY satisfying.

  55. 55
    AC1 says:

    We need to make it an unhealthy lifestyle to be a health fascist.

  56. 56
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Oh. I forgot impersonating a Minister of the Crown.

  57. 57
    AC1 says:

    All thanks to a large state. When’s real capitalism going to arrive instead of corporate socialism?

  58. 58
    Welfare State Chav says:

    How the welfare state works.
    1. Be REALLY feckless.
    2. Get the taxpayer to bail you out.
    3. Drinks and fags all round!

  59. 59
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    So you’d never put a couple of gallons in the chest freezer in a spirit of inquiry then.

  60. 60
    AC1 says:

    They can only bribe you with your own money. So fuck em.

    Together we can halve the life expectancy of health fascists.

  61. 61
    AC1 says:

    It all boils down to a narcissistic personality disorder.

  62. 62
    drakes drum says:

    Great blog Guido. This just shows how many stones the Coalition have yet to turn over. BUT what, you must ask, is that Secretary of State, Lansley been doing.

    All blub and bluster.

    I would demand from all chief executives of all NHS Trusts a response within four hours stating just what quango’s they are giving public money to!

    If I was Cameron I would replace this puppet with David Laws who would be the cold fish the NHS requires at the top to, effectively, streamline it.

    Your revelation, Guido, just shows how poor the Labour crowd were in office in safeguarding the nation’s finances.

  63. 63
    Matchmaker says:

    Perhaps the chavs and the bankers should unite.
    They seem to have a lot in common.

  64. 64
    Fellow window lickers says:

    Window lickers of the world unite !

  65. 65
    AC1 says:

    It would be even better if we didn’t have an NHS that subsidises the lifestyles of those who decide to be unhealthy by punishing those who are productive.

    The NHS, it’s the worst care funded in the worst possible way.

  66. 66
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    ……King joke
    Most Drs are piss artists/dope fiends
    And ask one that you are friendly with as to the best way to good health and they will all say
    “Stay away from Drs”
    BOC probably takes most of its profits from all the “hits”that the Drs take
    At least they do some good, any creature that works for a quango should be put to death

  67. 67
    OnAnonAnon says:

    dont give em ideas Ned, ffs….

  68. 68
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs! says:

    These fascist make my blood boil, my pmt worse, they cause my arteries to harden, one step closer to a stroke, and give me anger issues and I feel even more inclined to take No exercise! Fck off Facists you are bad for the health of Libertarians!

  69. 69
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’ve just realised that the appearance of the words ‘passionate’ or ‘passionately’ in a statement is diagnostic of meaningless PR. “We at Ethorganic Farms plc are passionate about brussels sprouts” etc.

  70. 70
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    In the site, under member benefits, it lists one as:
    “Access to high profile players and influencers in the wellbeing and health and business sectors in the North West”

    Since these are all NHS Trusts, with just one exception, what sort of privilege is being set up here, I wonder?

  71. 71
    OnAnonAnon says:

    a what???

    Sensible MP?

    Does not compute!

  72. 72
    anonymous says:

    if your name means anything – Ctesibius wrote the first treatises on the science of compressed air and its uses in pumps – then you will know that there are no sensible MPs

  73. 73
    AC1 says:

    No, That would only freeze off the water and leave the dangerous alcohol, vastly raising it’s proof.

    I’ve heard that putting it through a Britta water filter a few times can make it taste smoother.

    As tax is always used wisely dodging all that tax would make the country poorer.

  74. 74

    I’ve definitely got ‘danger of falling over’.

  75. 75
    No, no, nobody would ever do that, would they? says:

    Naturally not. You wouldn’t want to make home-made beer and freeze the water out of it, would you? Or cider…

  76. 76
    AC1 says:

    They think they own you.

    Time for a slaves revolt.

  77. 77
  78. 78

    He’s very cheap. Lovejoy is aware of his receding celebrity.

  79. 79
    Rent-a-mob says:

    We’ll be there.

  80. 80
    AC1 says:

    They do, they are both part of the rent-seeking classes.

    I believe the chav was placed on this earth to distract us from the bigger rent-seekers.

  81. 81

    Cable tie it to a lollypop stick.

  82. 82
    Porky Pie Pickles says:

    Someone please put Sayeeda Warsi’s back in her box….NOT an asset to any party !!!!.

    Anyone know what has happened to Billy Vague. Pakistan, Afgan issues, Israel on the boil again. Billy “foreign office” Vague nowhere to be seen…..He’s already back in the box.

  83. 83
  84. 84
    Nick2 says:

    Drain the swamp!

    And let them try to impose minimum pricing – it’s unlikely to make most prices rise immediately, but it’ll earn a lot of bad publicity for the councils – and anyone who publicly supports them.

  85. 85
    wasp says:

    the NHS Primary Care Trusts ( now called something else after yet another costly ‘re-configuration’) have been spending money on this kind of wasteful stuff for some years, giving out huge grants left right and centre, especially if it involves ‘social inclusion’ and ‘equality’. Often to some dubious groups whose activities are questionable. No-one ever seems to ask about outcomes or value for money. It’s very tricky to find out from the NHS/PCT websites – all glossy posturing – who makes these decisions, why, and how much money is being spent. I tried to follow up a story last year regards my local PCT, South West Essex, about how much money they were spending on Gipsy Liaison Officers, or ‘ health access facilatators for the travelling community’ and it was quite hard to track it down either on the website (I looked at the minutes of meetings) or on the phone (various officials professed to know nothing, or kept passing me on to someone else)
    These (non)jobs usually carry a good salary, of course. What a terrible waste of public money

  86. 86

    Pour it through one end of a loaf of bread.

    It works, honest.

  87. 87
    Martha Carnal says:

    Hi Tim. Remember me ?.(1977)

  88. 88
    Anonymous says:

    You stink though as does everything thats been in your stinking house !

  89. 89
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Why aren’t the interfering, petty dictators behind Our Life on their website?

    What do they have to hide?

    Crawl back under the rocks you emerged from and stay our of our lives,
    Our Life!

  90. 90
    British Insurgent says:


    The individuals associated with this are all left wing I note.

    Someone should tell them that Labpour lost the election & this unbelievable waste of public money to nanny & bully the elctorate & further destroy the pub trade is completly unaceptable.

    FFS – that money could go on actually improving the health of patients, & not the health of left wingers sucking the taxpayer teet dry.


  91. 91
    Mr Ned says:

    Sorry, but I would be amazed if they needed my help to come up with more troughing opportunities.

  92. 92
    British Insurgent says:

    Old Holborn covered this & uncovered the petty left wing dictators behind it:

    Full names & their background.


  93. 93
  94. 94
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    She is called Stacey and her father Gary

    I leave you all to reach your own conclusions as to how long it is before she is skint
    Mystic Beast predicts
    House (new build)
    Car for her and her parents(and a bungalow)
    Parasitic boyfriend (he needs a Porsche)
    Drug habit
    Child called Jedward
    Walks about in cheap shoes with the price on the soles
    Jade Goodey without the style (or embalming fluid)

  95. 95
    Mr Ned says:

    It is always the first response of the left wing public sector parasites who hold any decision making power. Waste billions on non-jobs for years and as soon as cuts are required, aim square at the front of the front-line service providers.

  96. 96
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Can I be your handler?

  97. 97
    AC1 says:

    So what, and you don’t smell of nice tobacco if you smoke outside.

    So give yourself a reach around you festering sore of a health prude.

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    On the last thread, someone asked how MPs were going to cope with inflation if upping their salaries and expenses was politically difficult.

    Um, I wonder how ?

  99. 99
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I have to say that I am not.

  100. 100
    Soothsayer says:

    Bollox. Now, feck off and die you Labour hypocrite.

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    “I would demand from all chief executives of all NHS Trusts a response within four hours stating just what quango’s they are giving public money to!”

    Yup – well next working day, anyway. Anything less and you’re not serious.

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:

    You left off motorist – that’s the real biggy

  103. 103
    Mr Politically Incorrect says:

    Prescott and Pickles are to make a comedy movie together. Fat and Fatter.

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Make the use of public money to lobby a criminal offense for both the doer and whoever signed off the funded

  105. 105
    Michael F says:

    Fucking scum they really must think we are fucking stupid

  106. 106
    N H Arse says:

    “The staff team comprises four heads of department, five officers, and an office manager.”

    So there is the parasitic trash, ‘Dr’ Alison Giles as the Chief Executive (taxpayer spent hundreds of £1000s training this bitch to be a doctor, but all she does is come up with demented sham schemes to thieve off taxpayers), and 4 department heads. Then there is an office manager, and only 4 other workers. All chiefs and no Indians.

    So 11 ‘people’ in all.

    The projected accounts for 10/11 show the following costs (£s):

    Corporate 315,848
    Delivery 593,525
    Consultancy 101,200

    If you look at the stuff these “Our Life” cun-ts put out, it’s generic slop, bleeding obvious facts, with some stats cut and pasted from the internet. Their lame product should cost £25,000 a year max, by a minimum wage drone, to compile.

    The consultancy fee looks about right because these useless parasitic bastards will certainly be unable to design, build, and maintain a website. Also, it seems the design of the few brochures these scum-bags put out, has been graphically designed by someone with skills way about the shit that work for “Our Life”.

    The overt payment of £315,848 is obviously all on salaries. On top of that I expect most of the £593,525 cited as delivery costs, finds its way into the pockets of this filth (in expenses + cars + free food + free hotels etc.)

    My guess is:

    Office manager porky munter (low level admin duties): £22,500
    The 5 ‘officers’ (drones) about £33,000 each + £1000 expenses
    the 4 ‘heads of department’ (what departments) £42,000 each + £5000 expenses
    Chief Executive (‘Dr’ Alison Giles bitch) £220,000 + £15,000 expenses

    salaries/ expenses bill = 581500

    The shit that these dirty parasitic “Our Life” cun-nts produce, is spam. It’s a fake charity set up by the evil bitch, Alison Giles, to thieve taxpayers money via the filth that work as ‘managers’ in the N H Arse.

    Look at the state of the ugly thieving corrupt fucker:

  107. 107
    Scrap QUANGOs, EUSSR Law, AlJaBeeba, - and 13 years of Noo_Lie_Bore waste, bullshit & PC Bollocks says:

    And CUT the over-bloated, over-managing, over-meetingised, over-memoing wasteful fucking wasters out of the NHS!!

    FFS just do it!

  108. 108
    Fucking scum says:

    Yup indeedy!

  109. 109
    Gordon Brown says:


  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    “sensible mp” = oxymoron

  111. 111

    They’ve been doing this for years. Pay a lobby group to lobby for what the government wants, then claim that there is overwhelming public demand.

  112. 112
    Phil says:

    A very good point raised but I am still waiting for the so called union modernisation funding, currently being stolen from the public purse, to be kicked into touch.

  113. 113
    Waspish and then some says:

    And the FUCKING noospapers and ‘Information’ leaflets ….

    at what cost?
    employing how many?
    to what purpose?

    But I’m sure ‘research’ will show they are a boon to the ‘community’ and ‘empower’ people!!

    NB: can anyone spot any words from the Noo_Lie_Bore dictionary of PC bollocks? (No prizes)

  114. 114
    Bob says:


    Spot on again

    As WSC said “it should be a blinding flash of the obvious” that subsidies to pressure groups be totally stopped.

    Why not a subsidy for the “3 Lesbians Association of South Vauxhall” or “the Sodomites of Hampstead” or the “English of the Home Counties” or the “Engliush National Liberatyion Army”…? FFS

    I could go on

    What is more, it is DISCRIMINATION in favour of one sector of society against another…contrary to ANY BASIC PRINCIPLES OF EQUALITY OF TREATMENT…

    Otherwise, we must mount a Save Freedom Association…and demand £ 100 million UPFRONT…

  115. 115
    Bob says:

    It is not just the hiring of lobbyists and quangos in question…

    It is ANY SUBSIDY to non-governmental organisations..

    Full stop..

    There must be £ 10 billion to cut there right away

    And 90% of the luvvues are Labour toadies

    So bugger them..

  116. 116
    Marchamont says:

    So that’s 6 managers and 5 staff – normal ratio for the public sector.

  117. 117
    Sir William Waad says:

    Two crocodiles are sitting on the bank of the Thames. The small one turns to the big one and says, “I don’t understand how you can be so much bigger than I am. We’re the same age, we were the same size as kids… I just don’t get it.”
    “Well,” says the big crocodile, “what have you been eating?”
    “Lobbyists, same as you,” replies the small crocodile.
    “Hmm. Well, where do you catch ‘em?”
    “Over by the the House of Commons at the edge of the river”
    “Same here. Hmm. How do you catch ‘em?”
    “Well, I crawl under a BMW and wait for someone to unlock the door. Then I jump out, bite ‘em, shake the crap out of ‘em, and eat ‘em!”
    “Ah!” says the big crocodile, “I think I see your problem. See, by the time you’ve shaken all the crap out of a lobbyist, there’s nothing left but his arse and a briefcase…”

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Reserve your praise until such time as something positive & effective is implemented to remove these scams. Don’t hold your breath whilst waiting!

  119. 119
    Marchamont says:

    Then feed it to the seagulls – oh how we larfed.

  120. 120
    Dr Arif Rajpura says:

    And I am a member,see how we Muslims infiltrate our way into your society then change it to ours.

  121. 121
    The Lobbyist says:

    This sort or lobbying is totally wrong. It should have been stopped years ago. Where is Lansley?

  122. 122
    God says:

    I have never heard of him

  123. 123
    Jack says:

    Listen Jaffa

    Just take your drivel and shuv it up your own arse like the OOOOOOmegOOOOOloies bird…

  124. 124
    Jack says:

    Correction dwivel…

  125. 125
    Sniper says:

    For 25,000 a time I will remove them

  126. 126
    Ms Macaulaly says:

    Stop it Guido

    I make a fortune “communicating” dwivel and lies for New Labour……

    it’s my business – along with keeping the Gurner out of Ediburgh Infirmary…

  127. 127
    Loser Watch says:

    Jealous beast?

  128. 128
    Ms Macaulay says:

    Or course

    That is why I and my husband work for so “hard” for many charities, ave lunches with “Lord” Paul etc

    To try and hide the money we have thieved from taxpayers with our “communications and PR” contracts…

  129. 129
    A member says:

    I’ll drink to that

  130. 130
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Anyone have any good tips for causing offence to foreigners in London 2012? You can mention the war to Germans now, apparently.

    “Remember Arabs are not used to being told what to do.” Go and visit them and they will treat you with just the same respect …..

  131. 131
    Fuck me pass us another cigar dipped in brandy says:

    Our Life ,…is so good now we have grants from the gov.

  132. 132
    Manchester's answer to AL Capone (anonymous) says:

    I am the Greater Manchester Oorganised Crime Boss (O’….)

    I am setting up an organisation called “The Nati-Discrimination League”

    And I want £ 5 million

    Memories ?

  133. 133
    Socialism Ate My Future says:


  134. 134
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    I would rather not, but I get your drift.

  135. 135
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m standing for Labour leader again.

  136. 136
    I hate McDoom says:

    Are you in Canterbury?

  137. 137
    Missleading Headline says:

    What ‘harsh ideological criticism’
    like That fucking Cameron is an Eton fag who could find a football never mind kick one.

  138. 138
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Exactly and we have no choice whether to pay into the “Black Hole” or not.

    I`d rather the Tax I get stung for monthly to prop up this Medical Ponzi scheme go back into my pocket and allow me the right to choose my “Care”

  139. 139

    3 months and she’ll be back to kicking babies across lino at her pisshole nursery job.

  140. 140
    Sir William Waad says:

    We can safely leave that to the hotel staff of London. They are the professionals in this area.

  141. 141
    hezza says:

    Good lord Bill are you sober now?

  142. 142
    Thuggie Whelan at his best says:

    “Charlie Whelan, a former aide to Gordon Brown, said: ‘I’m flummoxed. There is always some political anorak who would be prepared this but I certainly won’t be buying it.’
    He suggested that Mr Blair should channel some of the money back into the party which gave him the platform to be a world statesman.
    ‘I would be a lot happier if he was donating…”

    I told Trousers Mandelkraut the same thing

    These people are just obsene profteers

    It was me and Gordon who made the real mess that sells books…listen to us…

    We are the real traitors and scum…much more newsworthy…

  143. 143
    David Laws says:

    Are you referring to my face

  144. 144

  145. 145
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    We are in a way were all keyboard warriors but were not going to stop it unless we get off our asses.

    Don`t hold your breath though X-Factor starts again so that’s the majority of the population distracted.

  146. 146
    Gordon's Diets says:

    This week I have been MOSTLY eating Doner Kebab Flavour Pot Noodle with bogeys.

  147. 147
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    We are in a way( stupid that is) Were all keyboard warriors but were not going to stop it unless we get off our asses, it will just continue.

    Don`t hold your breath though X-Factor starts again so that’s the majority of the population distracted.

  148. 148
    SamCam says:

    I’m coming out!

  149. 149
    Pick another City says:

    Have they seen Gunchester on a saturday night?

  150. 150
    Test says:


  151. 151
    Omerta says:

    The London Met have one too

  152. 152
    Happy Pills Gordo says:

    Please nurse

    Who was Mr Ponzi ?

    I keep having nightmares….

  153. 153
    Ropes R Us says:

    chavs,bankers and politicians,royals,lords.and any mings like some on here who support them

  154. 154
    Dick the Prick says:

    Every little helps

  155. 155
    Happy Pills Gordo says:

    Yes, if you must know…

    But we have 24 hr nursing you know…

    Paid by the NHS and Gordon’s personal slush fund…

  156. 156
    Sarah Beard says:

    I’m doing it first!

  157. 157
    Mentor says:

    If your savings are cash based they are getting less.

  158. 158
    Jack says:


    There are £ billions to be saved there

    Only Labour scrougers will cry…

  159. 159
    Milk Station says:

    But this is happening under Dave the Cameron not Gordon.

  160. 160
    Sir W says:

    It has only taken me five years son…

  161. 161
    Mr Plum says:

    Just be our normal selves, should do the trick

  162. 162
    Blinking Testicules (one red the other green) says:

    Obvious Sir Andrew

    My indigenous constituents are all on handsome welfare

    WHy should they work ?

    New Labour produced a lumpenproletariat of Labour voters on purpose…

    Let the foreigners work…

    And fook the conequences… They vote Zanu…

  163. 163
    Robert Nozick says:

    Our freedoms are being quangoed. It is enough to make you sick. With freedom comes responsibility and if you follow this rule no can have the right to take away your basic rights, to have choices and make your own decisions.
    The problem is the Big Brother State has taken away your freedom, your choices and your sense of responsibility. We are brainwashed sheep, helpless and needy, dependent on others to resolve our issues. Perfect fodder for markets who can sell us their junk. This Our Life is a continuation of a needy culture who refuse to take individual responsibility for themselves and walk the path to freedom. Slaves to the State and Markets. Sheep!

  164. 164
    Blinking Testicules (one red the other green) says:


    It’s the next generation who will have to pay our debts…

  165. 165
    BrokeBack Cameron says:

    I keep falling over onto Nicks bell-end.

  166. 166
    Milk Station says:

    yeek,she looks like she chews door knobs off after shes bit the hounds

  167. 167
    Nursie says:

    It’s ok, Gordie. You’re still prime minister. This is just your temporary office while they clean your usual one.

  168. 168
    Oiky Gove says:

    Don’t be beastly. I’m trying my best.

  169. 169
    Kindness Itself says:

    I could spend a happy evening hitting that with the back of a large shovel.

  170. 170
    Can't add up says:

    Some NHS medical advice is useless. I went to the doctor recently because my right hand shakes up and down a lot… he didn’t prescribe any pills but suggested I go for an eye test!

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:

    I’m twatticus!

  172. 172
    Our Muslim Life says:

    check how many of these fucks are Muslims with a sharia agenda

  173. 173
    ‘corrosive and wasteful’ says:

  174. 174
    Turkish kebab takeaway owner says:

    Do you want chili sauce with that?

  175. 175
    Tories should put Eric Pickles under house arrest says:

  176. 176
    Beckett's hanging baskets says:

  177. 177
    Dr filth says:

    over wanking

  178. 178
    anonymouse in the treasury skirting boards says:

    Ah ha!

    Another one for my little list!

  179. 179
    He's in the army now. says:

    They got my kid to pack in smoking but he ate me out of house and home eating then

  180. 180
    He's in the army now. says:

  181. 181
    Go and fuck yourself says:

    Fucking hunt want 150 to collect a horse that snuffed it. They want me to pay them to feed their hounds.

  182. 182
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Nah its some fat transexual who plays “Airsoft”
    He has probably filled his home with sandbags and dried food,

  183. 183
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Eat it then
    Cut it up
    Freeze it and eat it you thick twat
    I have bits of a reindeer in the freezer courtesy of Ma Beast
    Use its hide for a nice rug
    A decent sized horse can feed you for a year

  184. 184
    wasp says:

    yes they have lots of guns in manchester. They also have political correctness in abundance: I was up there a couple of years ago, and there was a massive event held in the (very grand) Town Hall: a two day Gay and Lesbian Jobs Fair.
    I thought of gate-crashing but decided not to risk it

  185. 185
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:


  186. 186
    Rhoda Borrocks says:

    How do you know which end to pour it through ?

  187. 187
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Laminate flooring and selling photos of naked infants online
    Dad Gary will have sold the Rolex
    MAM will have had an amputation and the half caste bin lid will be blind and engaged to Peter Andre
    Kerry katona will be the Godmother

  188. 188
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Queers are very picky and rejection can be so painful
    Best that you stayed away

  189. 189
    Rhoda Borrocks says:

    Have you ever looked closely at the small print on the contract these bastards expect you to sign ? I swear most of these places are just set up as a scam and they couldn’t give a shit about your health.

  190. 190
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Dudley Moore: “I could eat a horse”
    Peter Cook: “Oh! I’d love a horse!”

  191. 191
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    Bullshit…………..I worked on the M42 in 2005 and it was 126 to 12…………that is not a misprint…………and you waited days for a design query to be decided as no one wanted to screw up and be turfed from the marzipan castle………………also when clarkson was due at the N.E.C. they took all staff into a training course to provoke him into demanding to know why all the traffic management was out if no work was in progress………….so they could reply it was all health and safety(we take life seriously here)……….one of the courses was on how to fuel a machine,another who to buy your gloves off……………but the emphasis was clear you are working on a labour sanctioned road project…be not like clarkson..he takes the mick outta blair
    I wish I was lying……………did I ever mention the temporary road at march in cambs. that cost 300k so the gov. minister could drive to the railhead……………No..another time

  192. 192
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    ‘Call Me Dave’ seems to think she ticks all the boxes, being Northern, Female, Ethnic and a Muzzie.

    Somehow that seems to over-ride the fact (so blindingly onbvious to anyone who ever braved her feeble output for more then ten seconds) that she has the brain-power of a squashed amoeba, the political nous of a bucket and the communications skills of a plank.

    Can someone please get though to Dave and Co that we’ve had it with politically-correct appointments, we just want people who can do the job – then we won’t give a toss whether they’re pink, mauve or orange, boy, girl or tranny, Hindu, Methodist or Atheist (but with a slight preference for the latter).

    And if ever that message gets through, the first sign will be the permanent absence of Sayeeda Warsi and her incompetent ilk.

  193. 193
    ED-209 says:

    yup go get em Guido, and have a look at that lot who are going to credit check everyone too Experian , they were involved in the Lord Taylor of Blackburn stitch up…..wonder if he will get a cut from the bill.

  194. 194
    AC1 says:

    >“Remember Arabs are not used to being told what to do.”

    Koranimals are told exactly what to do all day every day.

  195. 195
    Nick2 says:

    Where’s your sense of public duty?

  196. 196
    Nick2 says:

    Why piss off foreign visitors? They’ll bring in the foreign exchange we need.

    Leave London to them for the duration of the circus – it’d be quite funny to know that the capital’s temporarily populated by athletes, tourists & sundry parasites (the hospitality sector ripping off ALL tourists, the MSM filming each other & every bloody shop on Oxford Street).

  197. 197
    Hamish Macbeth says:

    The minimum price on alcohol ban is ILLEGAL.

    It cannot and will not be allowed to remain.

    It is in contravention of EU law on price fixing and cartels.

    It unfairly penalises the budget brand manufacturers.

    Ireland, Austria and Italy tried to impose minimum price on tobacco and were hauled
    before the EU court and found guilty in March 2010.

    The whole idea is a waste of taxpayers cash.

  198. 198
    Hamish Macbeth says:

    The minimum alcohol price is also illegal under EU law

  199. 199
    Anonymous says:

    “A minimum 65% of their income this year is from the taxpayer, how is this any better than the NHS using private lobbying firms?”

    It isn’t, it’s worse because it’s an attempted deceit. Problem is these NHS quangoes are stuffed with liblabcons happily giving taxpayers money to each other.

  200. 200

    […] that he is “very supportive” of the campaign to have a 50p per unit minimum that Guido mentioned yesterday. No surprise that the taxpayer-funded lobbying firm Our Life have been quick to welcome the […]

  201. 201
    Anonymous says:

    10 s of £bn, probably up to £100bn if you knew what you were doing.

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Nice moniker

  203. 203
    clnyates says:

    Thanks for that. I only wish more of the ‘democratic’ population could find this information. Will the Beeb follow it up? That photo will follow me forever: the perfect picture of a femmo liberated socio ‘woman’ now freed to act the tape worm on us all. Can it get much worse?

  204. 204

    I think all this talk of well being is a bit much – what about the stress that most of us are suffering from now due to the cuts and possible job losses where is the well being there now?

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