August 4th, 2010

Hughes’s Ego Explodes

Simon Hughes must be getting dizzy up in the glorious heights of his plush sixth floor Portcullis House office. He has taken it upon himself to tell the Prime Minister that he does not speak for his own government:

“Council tenancy agreements have not been discussed by the coalition, and any idea or proposal floated so far is nothing more than that – an idea or a proposal and not a policy. So the ideas put forward by David Cameron this week in no way represent the policy of the coalition and certainly do not represent the policy of Liberal Democrats.”

First it was Clegg speaking in a personal capacity at PMQs, and now apparently the deputy leader of the junior coalition partner can tell the PM that his policy will not be adopted. In a pompous statement, Hughes has very much planted his tanks on the Downing Street lawn.

It takes some arrogance to say;It is a Prime Ministerial idea. It has no more validity than that…” with a straight face. Paul Waugh suggests Hughes “exploded” last night upon hearing Cameron’s words about scrapping council houses for life. Guido has said many a time that Hughes and his left-wing dog-whistling is a weakspot and he’s a plotter. Could be a very interesting summer of explosions in the run up to Party conference season…


  1. 1
    Hiding under a flower pot at the bottom off the garden till we get a Tory goverment says:

    another wierdo !

  2. 2
    Hiding under a flower pot at the bottom off the garden till we get a Tory goverment says:

    Hughs says many words but with lttle content

  3. 3

    So, will it be Iraq or council houses, or civil unrights or something else that blows this little lot apart? Can hardly wait till DC goes on paternity leave.

  4. 4
    Hiding under a flower pot at the bottom off the garden till we get a Tory goverment says:

    Tony Blair is not even a mp twat

  5. 5
    AC1 says:

    IMHO no-one except convicted criminals should have a house funded by the state

  6. 6
    Diversity queen says:

    Cammo may have shot from the hip…but lets be fair……..there ain’t enough houses to go round so if someone is on there own and occupying a 3-4 bed house it makes sense to get them in to a smaller place. HOWEVER, and its a big HOWEVER, we don’t want to wreck the little community we have left by shipping off people to places they do not want to be. A little compassion will be needed and maybe a little incentive- bribe too.

    However, when it comes to the asylum seeker- or should I say economic migrants- oops they should never get on a council list at any time.

    We need a bit reality back in life , but I think Cammo’s plans are not that well thought through- nothing new there then!

  7. 7
    Bob the Builder says:

    With their poll ratings, all the Lib Dem MPs are too shit scared to bring the Coalition down…

    They are all paper tigers…including Saint Vince of that Ilk…

  8. 8
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi , My names Tim Lovejoy and i am a BBC legend .

  9. 9
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “apparently the deputy leader of the junior coalition partner can tell the PM that his policy will not be adopted.”

    eh? He didnt say that.

    Now this coalition thing might be a bit new, but surely what “is” coalition policy (ie present tense) is stuff that has been discussed and agreed on. I’d have hoped that even _within a party_ the leader can’t just make up policy without discussing it.

    Or was Dave voted in as president?

  10. 10
    purpleline says:

    Cameron should tell Hughes he has seen the mi5 file and kiddie fiddling is still against the law in this country, however much SANDAL WEARING BEARDED TWATS WANT IT CHANGED in the Liberal movement.

  11. 11
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Hughes Who?

  12. 12
    Jack says:

    What is the Lib Dem policy on council houses then ?

    Houses “for life” ?

    And benefits “for life” ?


  13. 13
    Shire Tory says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I truly hate and despise that man. Liberal my arse – Marxist

  14. 14
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    What a hoon

    Afternoon window lickers.

  15. 15
    Irene says:

    It’s nothing to do with him – he is not even a Cabinet member.

  16. 16
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Is Premier League football one big ponzi scheme ?

  17. 17
    Fred Kite says:

    What a creepy, odious little man he is. There’s not much to seperate the whining hand-wringers of NuLabour from the whinging leftie wets who make up much of the lib dum party, as this slimey character demonstrates.

  18. 18

    I’m surprised Hughes could keep a cock out of his mouth long enough to give a statement.

    He is a perfect example of a spiteful little poof.

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Is it actually legally required for the PM to be an MP?

    Convention shmonvention.

  20. 20

    No, it will surely be cutting and incisive posts like yours that destroy the coalition.

    Bell end.

  21. 21
    drakes drum says:

    Time for an expose on this rat!

    Loves to make these sound bites but when push comes to shove he will be upstairs collecting fares!

    He is the first for the mincer!

  22. 22
    The Brokeback Coalition appears to be breaking says:

    The facts of life are if it isn’t in the coalition agreement document then Cameron is just flapping his mouth.

    Simon Hughes may be a twat but he’s a twat with the facts on his side.

    If Cameron pushes this bolt out of the blue while the 1922 committee are busily plotting to wreck the referendum Bill then the house of cards will begin to crumble.

    If the coalition agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on then all that’s left to hold the coalition together is trust. A wafer thin currency which is in laughably short supply between the two Parties as everyone but Clegg and Dave knows full well.

  23. 23
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Its a thorny issue that I bet they’ve all been thinking about and not doing anything about.

    Anyone want to guess odds that this policy will just get quietly dropped when no-ones looking?

    (for example It would become a disincentive to work “oh no, the five year review’s coming up, I best be unemployed”).

  24. 24
    tiddles says:

    they could also try building some kin new council houses instead of rearanging the deckchairs how can they expect to let millions of skint fuckers in withouit building skint housing ffs,

  25. 25
    PhaetonFlanFlinger says:

    I remember his smacked arse face he had on BBC1 sat next to Lord Hesletine as Cameron took office.

    Want to know about this slimeball’s methods, ask Peter Tatchell.

  26. 26
    Penfold says:

    Ho ho, Hughes clearly rattled.
    Southwark and Bermondsey is one enormous social/council housing estate, so he needs to protect his voting base and stay sweet with those in such housing.
    Council/Social housing rents should be means tested, those that can should pay commercial rates whilst those on lower pay scales get the benefit of lower rents. And that was the whole ethos and structure of council homes.
    They are not for life, they are there for need.
    And that last point needs to be brought to the fore and rammed home. Council and social housing is subsidised by the taxpayer, or has that been forgotten.
    Let us also recall the Labour Minister and peer who lives in a housing association property, claimed for a private flat on expenses, was that fair and was that part of need? A demonstration of much that is wrong with the present system.

  27. 27
    Hugh Janus says:

    Just another pompous, self-regarding Limp Dum who is completely out of touch when it comes to the dismantling of our dependency culture. Of course the need for a council house should be a consideration – there are plenty of 3 and 4 wage-earner households amongst their number. Why on earth should we be expected to subsidise their accommodation when they can well afford to make their own arrangements?

  28. 28
    Hugh Janus says:

    Well said!

  29. 29
    Nothing to lose says:

    Really ? And if they brought the coalition down what would happen ?
    Would their polling drop ? Oh wait, it already did.

  30. 30
    Sarf of the River says:

    And to think he was the principled ‘straight choice’ when it was him vs. Tatchell in Southwark many moons ago.

    As my MP, Hughes is just a big poofed up arsewipe. I think he suffers from the Cruise problem too. He was in my boozer whipping up pre-GE support and even in heels he was a fucking midget. His stature as an MP echos this.

  31. 31
    A voice in the dark says:

    No Mps give a toss about voters until election time .

  32. 32
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    The coitalition is fucked.

  33. 33
    The Director of Politically Krect ‘n Convenient Troof at AlJaBeeba, greeting Das KampenFuhrer says:

    Welcome, welcome, welcome Mzz. Boot. I’m sure you’ll fit in here well.

    We all have holes we want filling . . . . oh . . err . . I can’t believe I said that!

    Anyway, you’ll fit in well – as I say.

    Got your expenses forms yet?

    We don’t have any nonsense with queries here.

    Oh – and by the way – no probs wiv the politicos – they’re all for us – ‘specially CMD – who really can spout piffle – can’t he?

    Still won’t be long before Our Glorious and Beloved Leader is back in place.

  34. 34
  35. 35
    call me Dave is all talk and no trousers says:

    the words are in the coalition agreement

    if Daves new policy isn’t in there then it’s just more ‘what if’ policy wank to confuse his rather gullible backbenchers

  36. 36
    Tat says:

    So the fights begin
    oh and theres now a site for Dave forever a Tony

  37. 37
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    we’ll only know when we open the box.

  38. 38
    V. Enerial says:

    Hughes a pretty boy then?

    (ruffles and preens feathers)

  39. 39
    Har har har says:

    wait till crucial vote day.

  40. 40
    Dave is MY spunkbin you bitch! says:

    spiteful because he doesn’t get to park his sausage up Dave’s backside since that’s clearly Nick’s job

    these queens are very bitchy and jealous when it comes to their boyfriends

  41. 41
    MB. says:

    It keeps striking me that for many years the Liberals have talked about Proportional Representation and the resulting likelihood of coalition or something similar but many of them still not seem to comprehend that coalitions result in both parties having to compromise on policies.

  42. 42
    My Lord MandelScum of Oligarch and Boyz says:

    Yes, but look at those lips ducky! What a kisser!

  43. 43
    The Admiral says:

    Afternoon Mandy…

  44. 44
    Outed says:

    fuck off monglicker

  45. 45
    Desperate Dan says:

    This is why they’ve been out of power for 60 years. They aren’t very grown up and don’t know how to do government.

  46. 46
    A voice in the dark says:

    Just blow up Parliment with the MPS in it at the time

  47. 47
    Humbug Hater says:

    Hughes is the deputy leader of the Lib Dems and can’t be ignored. There are such fundamental differences of ideology in this coalition, it will fall apart unless the Lib Dems are given more than a token presence. Who will be the first Lib Dem MP to cross the floor?

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Being a “plotter” is fine if you have something to offer. On its own it’s waspish and a bit silly.

  49. 49
    The Admiral says:

    Errr, yes he can. The clue is in “Prime Minister” e.g. 1942 Churchill. Also a coalition…

  50. 50
    Anton says:

    This traitor should not be let anywhere near Government!

  51. 51
    Where is the White Paper ? says:

    For all this huffing and puffing there is no white paper only wind from Cameron.

    It’s musing out loud that’s all, and Dave’s mentor Blair used to fart out 3 of these blue sky guffs every week.

  52. 52
    V. Enereal says:

    Are you trying to infer that he puts his re-election interests before that of the greater good?

    But he’s an MP surely?

    Someone whom one could ask to sign a reference or sumfing.

  53. 53
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    And paying for them how, exactly?

  54. 54
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    I’m going to dogged by this for ever. May have to dust down the old moniker.

  55. 55
    Beware the Rear Admiral says:

    Afternoon Rear Admiral… hows your delightful ladyboy wife ?

  56. 56
    The Admiral says:

    Love GF’s piccy of him for all that…

  57. 57
    Shire Tory says:

    Very well said!

  58. 58
    Sir William Waad says:

    Well, you can knock me down,
    Step in my face,
    Slander my name
    All over the place.

    Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
    Honey, lay off of my Hughes
    Don’t you step on my pseudo-blue Hughes.
    Well you can do anything but lay off of my pseudo-blue Hughes

  59. 59
    it takes two to pass legislation says:

    Err, and the Lib Dems can also just walk away. The clue is in “coalition” e.g. two Parties agreeing to share power, not one.

  60. 60
    OnAnonAnon says:

    The man is just a rodent faced, sandal wearing, self aggrandising, wanker. Bollocks to him

  61. 61
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The point is – Cameron can have as many ideas as he likes – but if the Lb Dems won’t vote for them that’s the end of it.

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    A queer fellow given he rides around in a taxi. When it comes to plotting he’s an A lister. RIP cleggie.

  63. 63
    Bored says:

    Still the same old schtick.

    Still not remotely funny.

  64. 64

    The Coaliton is to Clegg as the War was to Tony. If you can’t have power – get close to power.

    Those who remember the Goon Show know this as BLUEBOTTLE’S LAW.

  65. 65
    The Admiral says:

    How about the un-married expectant mother and baby “living” in one town 15 miles from home but living with younger sister at her father’s old council home, taking rent at at “empty” house. All too complicated for me.
    More common than you think…

  66. 66
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The Lib Dems who survived the election would join with Labour to form a coalition. Hang on a minute… something odd there.

  67. 67
    The Director General says:

    Look Mr Loveboy, I’ve told you not to spread your peculiarities around.

  68. 68
    The Admiral says:

    Wonder why? Bet it wrankles…

  69. 69

    It sounded like blue sky balls even as he said it.
    An ‘aspirational idea’.

    But it hadn’t been discussed at all. Even the mildest of scrutinies produced no answers to difficult questions.
    “Where do people move too?”
    “If a person becomes economically active do they lose their entitlement?”
    “If a holder has updated the property at their own expense are they compensated?”

    As you said White Paper..all sounded very Blairy.
    A ‘policy’ with all the depth of a puddle.

  70. 70
    Vice Admiral says:

    Coke anyone?

  71. 71
    Peter Thatchell says:

    Ooh I like his methods alright. Sphincter tickling fun

  72. 72
    The Admiral says:

    What shape ball is that?…

  73. 73

    I don’t what was what it?
    And how’s Valerie?

  74. 74
    barefootcontessa says:

    He’s a pain in the arse.

  75. 75
    The Admiral says:

    I should…

  76. 76
    A voice in the dark says:

    I think they are all lying troughers on all sides

  77. 77
    Muff Tee says:

    Vince Cable on Strictly Come Dancing

  78. 78
    The Director General says:

    You seem remarkably well informed about the subject Mr Janus. Would you care to do a Panorama programme on it for us if you can fit the time in with your job as a council estate caretaker?

  79. 79
    Audemus Dicere says:

    No. “They” should be selling all the existing council housing. The State has no place in distorting the property markets by providing housing on a vast scale at the expense of the rest of the country. I cannot understand why so many people in this country accept Soviet-style State control of land and housing as being in any way a necessary or even desirable thing.

  80. 80
    Semen Hughes says:

    There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.

  81. 81
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Maybe, but it wasn’t for them Daisy Cameron wouldn’t be PM at this moment.

  82. 82
    Vice Admiral says:

    Niiiice being AC/DC you get to go both ways.
    That hoon Huhne stole my girlie….. I loved Carina.

    Time for me flip-flops……

    Cato its time……..

  83. 83
  84. 84
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    Yes it is indeed,one way to prove it would be for the football clubs arch nemesis (Inland Revenue) to insist on back to back receipt of salary when overpaid tosser gets his fortnightly or monthly lottery win,the revenue pull theirs.As it stands clubs are only budgeting for the players net wages not the gross (true) cost.It would only take a couple of seasons for the finance directors to put the wage spiral in reverse.All clubs are super-linked financially with transfer fees taking up to three years to be passed in full as they take players future appearances/performance into account.If one madium club were to go bust mid season it could easily take three more with it and then see the chain reaction develope

  85. 85
    Christopher Trace says:

    Let’s just leave Valerie out of this shall we? It was a long while ago and the matter soon blew over.

  86. 86
    B*NP ways n means says:

    Look fuck the back benchers. all it takes is myself with a half dozen confederates to turn up at the surgeries and demand policy,they go back and have to grow a pair.

  87. 87
    Bye Tories, and thanks for the short visit says:

    I do wish Labour would get on with choosing the next Prime Minister.
    He will probably be inside No 10 within a year, judging by the rate of Coalition meltdown.

  88. 88
    Aaron D Highside says:

    When all the kids have left home and it’s just the two of them, why should I cough up to subsidise them staying in a five bedroom council house? And don’t tell me it’s ‘Government money’, because there’s no such thing – it’s mine and Guido’s…and Gordon spent it all, anyway.

  89. 89
    A voice in the dark says:

    Can we bring back hanging ?

  90. 90
    No government says:

    good then I’m with him,the sooner the better as it takes the Tories down too.

  91. 91
    Gonk says:

    If I was standing on the front line I wouldn’t
    want him next to me.
    Nor- Vaz, Balls, Burnham, Brown, Blair
    I wouldn’t mind- Boris, Nadine Dorries,Nicholas Soames,
    William Hague, Frank field, Glenda Jackson, Marshall Andrews

  92. 92
    Gorbals says:

    Council houses are generally shit! I had a council house in a Liberal Democrat controlled area and it was a f*cking sh*thole. I did not get any help to decorate the hole despite living on my own with a disability. My painting & decorating skills are crap, so you can imagine the results.The boiler was pre- historic and broke down every second day. The light fittings fell apart when you changed the bulb. Electric sockets & fuses blew. No matter how often you cleaned the flat, it still looked like a filthy shithole. I would have been better off living in a cave! The neighbour were meddling interfering busy bodies. The council were useless. It was so bad I went fucking homeless.

  93. 93
    Nick O griffin says:

    a general election that would give us power

  94. 94
    Semen Hughes says:

    Oh God. I’m coming!

  95. 95
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Going round full circle. I rekon I’ve heard politicians on “today” weasling out of tricky situations by saying “it isn’t official party policy” when their own party leader has been coming out with some half baked idea.

    While I’m at it:
    “26 Jul 2010 … The law will not be changed to grant anonymity to men accused of rape in England and Wales, the government confirms.”

  96. 96
    A voice in the dark says:

    What about David Davies wasnt he ex army ?

  97. 97
    loon alert says:

    wibble wibble WHOOOOOP! WHOOOOP!

  98. 98
    Hugh Janus says:

    Wrong – I don’t suck from the public teat and have no intention of doing so. I make my way by my own efforts like most self-respecting folk. The taxation from my business goes towards supporting many who are quite capable of supporting themselves. Call me old-fashioned, but that is the way I was brought up, unlike the 100,000 work-shy 16 to 24 year olds currently on incapacity benefit, most of whom just need a bloody good kick up the arse. Alternatively, just remove their benefit and end their dependency on the state, it could be the best thing that ever happened to them.

  99. 99
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I was being mildly serious. We won’t know what was really going on until the whole thing falls apart.

  100. 100
    They'll never shine says:

    the cons and libs are floor polish with sand in it.

  101. 101
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    I think you will find much of these soviet stock shelters were built by the uncle of another poof to “build the tories out of london”.Also this is the location for many of the exorbitant “punishment”bills issued to those who broke rank and purchased under right to buy,for their crime of taking responsibility for their own home the council would re-roof the block and bill the poor hoons upto £25k for their portion of the roof.spite!

  102. 102
    it's all a SECRET MESSAGE says:

    sfu1fs d te 54jh3 me5 57ku7ketkyu6 959hirerFGF33 -454nbd -33rfvv

    now run before THEY get to you….RUN!!!!

  103. 103
    Semen Hughes says:

    I’m a straight kinda guy.

  104. 104
    Tino Best says:

    Fuck you !

  105. 105
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs says:


  106. 106
    Bong Eyed gay says:

    like it did the last time?

  107. 107
    AC1 says:

    Nope. The split is within the LIB -DEMS rather than the coalition.

  108. 108
    PhaetonFlanFlinger says:

    That’s Mr. Monglicker to you.

    Do let me know when you’ve graduated on to constructing sentences.

  109. 109
    Rejoice! Rejoice! says:

    Look on the bright side…


    It still hasn’t sunk in – whenever those hoons on the Toady programme say “the business secretary” I expect them to follow it with “Lord Mandelson”.

  110. 110
    Ken Lorp says:

    Social housing in Southwark has been well and truly fucked under his tenure. The Lib Dems and Labour have continually played politics with it and left the social tenants screwed. They lord it over the 50,000 units and behave like lords offering indulgences to the locals as long as they do their duty and vote them back in.

    If you find yourself on the same side of an argument as Simon Hughes, then you’re probably wrong.

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder how far Cameron would have got in life if he hadn’t gone to Eton?

    He appears to be as thick as pig shit.

  112. 112

    But which bit of the government confirms?
    Might be the the wrong bit, and therefore meaningless.

  113. 113
    Chris Huhne says:

    I nice pain but not as good as 12″ strap-on from Bully-Beef Carina.

    Shut that door!

  114. 114

    Well you build them, then you rent them out for a profit.

    Of course it is possible that asylum seekers misunderstand the concept and beat a path to our council houses because they heard they are rented out for a prophet!

    Only my personal view.

  115. 115
    Smig says:

    Giro drops have been around for years.

    I lost count of how many council flats in my neighbourhood were only visited once a fortnight for all of 5 minutes.

    It starts with.. single parent (usually but not always female) moves into flat. Next, they come round knocking doors on the beg for a splash of milk or cup of sugar “for the bab”. Just so the neighbours think someone is in the flat.

    See parent and child maybe once or twice over the next week or so, then nothing.

    Lo and behold after a month or so, the only person going into that flat is a grubby little pimp collecting the poor wenches giro coz she’s in hock to him for a couple of hundred quid.

    Been there, seen it. Life at the bottom is fucking pitiful.

  116. 116
    The cons will be hated into extinction says:

    The bottom line is the poor are growing in number.they will decide the next election,you know who it won’t be.who will the poor ,old and new blame?

  117. 117
    El Gordo, raving loony says:

    But I am still Prome Minister! I am! Really!

    What’s in that needle, nurse?

  118. 118

    Speaking of pains in the arse, Simon Hughes is running an environmental scheme to get Londoners to ride bikes, a bit like Boris’s, but adapted for the man who is ‘good with colours’.

  119. 119

    The job wasn’t to get this lot in, but the other lot out.

    We can plot against this lot after the holidays.

  120. 120
    AC1 says:

    The thing is this. Your business shouldn’t be taxed (punished) even for the benefit of those who cannot help themselves. This is what insurance and charity is for. Taxation of business merely creates unemployment and an economy that doesn’t have enough wealth to fund charity.

    There are of course taxes that do not harm the economy (LVT) and would best be given out as a citizens dividend.

  121. 121
    Gordon Brown, economic genius says:


  122. 122
    Sarf of the River says:

    Fuck me! Got it in one.

    You dissing my manor?

  123. 123
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Ok , Yeah we got rid of them for now , And yes i dont throw up when the PM speaks . We have to keep our eyes on this lot so we dont get fucked at the next election

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron currently has three houses that are paid for by the taxpayer.

    Though probably not for very much longer the way things are going.

  125. 125
    nutterwatch says:

    insane in the membrane

  126. 126
    Talks out of his huge says:

    they don’t live in them rent free dickhead,and if they were on a mortgage they would end up owning what they are now paying the value in rent 3 times over.

  127. 127
    AC1 says:

    why are we housing unemployed people in central london at the expense of those who often have to commute long distances?

    The answer is the state should house people where it is cheapest, not where they want to live.

  128. 128
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Go on Then i need something to pick me up

  129. 129
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    you really rekon the lib-dems would be talking about this kind of thing (out loud) ?

    Unless you mean a split between the boat rockers and the “stick with dave”ers.

  130. 130
    Anonymous says:

    How many five bedroom council houses are there in England?

    How many are under occupied?

    How many bedrooms are there in Cameron’s constituency house? The one we’re paying for.

  131. 131
    Gideon and Dave's dusty hooters says:

    yes please!

    sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifff +*!!+-* Spiffing!

  132. 132
    AC1 says:

    Of course, most of rent is akin to privately collected tax (see Ricardos law of rent) so we would need a LVT to balance the economy (and then we could cut taxes on economically harmful stuff).

  133. 133
    Gorbals says:

    The Lib Dems can shove their sh*t hole council houses up their @.

  134. 134
    Observer of society says:

    The “poor” (vast plasma TV, designer trainers, not that they do any training) in general don’t vote. They just sit at home watching crap TV and eating junk food and smoking themselves senseless. And drinking horsepiss “lager”.

  135. 135
    Labour Dies.Whigs Return. says:

    Only another 18 years.Not long in the scheme of things.

  136. 136
    AC1 says:

    Are you saying this coalition government will be destroyed by the Grauniad on Sunday?

  137. 137
    oops! says:

    national insurance

  138. 138
    Chris G[r]ayling. says:

    If a sitting Conservative MP had that on his record, he’d be hounded everywhere by a gang of gays and the BBC (same thing) would mention it every time he was in the news.

  139. 139
    tat says:


  140. 140
    David Davis says:

    Of course it is.

  141. 141
    Van Jones says:

    “Workers of the world unite “

  142. 142

    Sorry about that (previous thread).

  143. 143
    I'm a banker and I admit it says:

    The bankers robbed you.

  144. 144
    John Redwood says:

    We’re nothing but loyal here.

  145. 145
    Chatter says:

    Walking into the wilderness is not an option, even for the Lib Dim’s.

  146. 146
    Laim Fox says:

    It’s definitely all the Lib Dems.
    I’m not briefing against Dave off the record for a start.

  147. 147

    Isn’t that called the observer.

  148. 148
    Dosher says:

    me too. I make 1200 a week now begging and live in the Ritz

  149. 149
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    I agree Mr sockpuppet. But this appears to be the best that any form of democracy can deliver. OK, one could say the same of any government over the last century or, in fact, at any time before.

    So we are reduced to tactics in between these brief periods of consultation, in our elective dictatorship. We all really want to see the Labour Party destroyed, certainly in its recent form but the success of that wish will leave the coitalition unchallenged, itself a bad thing.

    ‘Least worst’, has rarely appeared as unappealing or unforecastable. With Margaret Thatcher, even those who hated her guts at least knew where they stood. I found that I knew instinctively how she was going to react and that made for so much better planning. It appears that those days have gone forever and we are left standing in an eternal lottery.

  150. 150
    Penfold says:

    Mmmmmm, not going to go down too well with our ethnic mateys and economic migrants/asylum seekers that sort of comment.

    Absolutely spot on mind you.

    Hull has a whole raft of social housing waiting to be occupied, but people kick up about going there. Perhaps we shouldn’t offer the option.

  151. 151
    Plotter says:


  152. 152
    Up against the wall, lardarse! says:

    Allegedly there are 2000 people getting disability benefit because they’re too fucking fat to work.
    You really and truly couldn’t make it up.

  153. 153
    Chatter says:

    Don’t even bother warning, just give it to the press and watch the sanctimonious prick float down the the gutter, to obscurity.

  154. 154
    Smig says:

    Not rent free but they get a massive kickback from the taxpayer in housing an council tax benefit. On top of that, the rents are a pittance compared to renting from private landlords.

    If they were mortgaged they’d be paying their way instead of sponging off me and the rest of us that have had to work our arses off to drag ourselves out of the gutter.

  155. 155
    oh dear says:

    “whoever wins this election will be out of power for a whole generation because of how tough the fiscal austerity will have to be” – Mervyn King governor of the Bank of England

  156. 156
    Shit Stirrer says:

    saving the titanic shit for the winter

  157. 157
    Realist says:

    He’s managed to spell “tenancies” incorrectly in the fourth paragraph of his statement. Obviously an issue close to his heart.

  158. 158

    All i said was that Simon Hughes has got a bike scheme running in London for bumders and then had a link to a picture of a bike with a dildo for a saddle.

    Wtf did you have to mod that for.

    It was quite funny.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    That’ll be a long time then.

  160. 160
    Barf says:

    pass us another pie,I’d get it myself but this belly gets in the way

  161. 161
    GrimeLord says:

    “bad spellers of world untie”

  162. 162
    Taxfodder says:

    You could not make it up, Council housing declined sharply in the Thatcher era, as the Conservative government encouraged aspiration toward home ownership under the “Right to Buy” scheme.

    IE, the Tories sold off council house stock at knock down prices to buy labour votes, and now wonder of wonder there are not enough to house all those that can’t afford to rent privately let alone buy.

    What now Caruthers, a few votes lost there methinks.

    Dave coalition reminds me of Spike’s scouts….

  163. 163
    CIA says:

    it must have had a word on our list we tell Fawkes to nobble for us.

  164. 164
    Anonymous says:

    I would say importing millions onto an already over crowded island has distorted the property market, and not in the ordinary Briton’s favour.

    You want to get rid of council houses? Right, start putting up wages so people can afford the rip off rents and mill stone mortgages.

    Oh I forgot, the chattering classes want a low wage economy and sky high property prices and endless immigration.

    Well, something’s got to give.

  165. 165
    English Viking says:

    No, but he does need to be the leader of a party though. According to Labour rules, their leader must be an MP, so although constitutionally he would be OK (in the very loosest sense of OK), he would not get past the Labour Nat. Exec.

  166. 166
    Labour Dies.Whigs Return. says:

    The Labour parasite vote is being dismantled.Labour lost power forever under Gordon Brown’s insanity.Find a new cause.

  167. 167
    English Viking says:

    No even sick and disabled? (I mean really sick and properly disabled).

  168. 168
  169. 169
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Weathers shit

  170. 170
    Claimant on Disability says:

    I am having a special couch,bed and crane fitted in my Victorian council house,need the high ceilings.all income support paid for,pass us a family pie,a steak one.

  171. 171
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Interesting point, but isn’t the wider context important, too?

    Reason why we had to have council housing was that the market failed to provide housing for the poor deemed to be of adequate quality. There is an argument about human dignity in there.

    So, why don’t the poor have enough income to afford decent housing in the private sector? (1) what income they have, many piss away with no thought for the morrow nor of alternatives (like saving); (2) and this is the nub – they aren’t worth paying enough to enable them to afford decent housing.

    And why is that? Because they are, economically, next to useless, thanks to crap education and an anti-work and anti-respect culture.

    What we really need to be doing is finding a way of limiting the supply of these useless people into the population, either by educating them properly or by persuading their mothers to become less fecund. That latter one would really sett the pathetic Hughes’s pants on fire – but it makes perfect sense.

  172. 172
  173. 173
    cant hunter says:

    The BBC has a radio car permanently parked outside Hughes’s house ever ready for the next helpful intervention….

  174. 174

    So you think Vince Cable is an improvement???

    You are Simon Hughes and I claim my free Peter Tatchell voodoo doll

  175. 175
    Stands back in admiration says:

    You don’t say!

  176. 176
    Look at it this way says:

    Better than nothing!

  177. 177
    Ed Balls says:

    As the weather is crap i demand a genral election as the current cuts are affecting the weather .

  178. 178

    I’m impressed.

  179. 179
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    That is a list of labours sucsess over the last 13 years

  180. 180
    Niggler says:

    thats why we are in a fucking depression because of right to let bastards,serves them right,and theres worse to come

  181. 181
    English Viking says:

    Shut your mahff.

  182. 182
    Anonymous says:

    When Miliband becomes Labour leader, the Lib-dem trouble-makers – Cable, Hughes and Ashdown will try and take out Nick Clegg.

    What is the scenario then for a vote of no confidence and attempt to install Miliband as prime minister? We’ll have Labour back in with another unelected prime minister.

    HM Liz probably doesn’t have the wherewithal to refuse, as she has the right to do. In Canada in a similar situation where the Conservatives had a minority government, and the other parties tried to get them out, the Governor General, and the polls said no way.

    And what part will the BBC play in all this?

  183. 183
    FA Spokesman says:

    Under the new Premiership ‘home grown’ rules will it mean every team has to play a carrot and two sprouts?

  184. 184

    Three cheers for Simon Hughes. Let us hope that he will now go to the root of the problem: the sale of council housing. That policy compelled the State to make gifts of significant capital assets to people who were thus enabled to enter the property market ahead of private tenants who had saved for their deposits. And, as part of Thatcher’s invention of mass benefit dependency, it created the Housing Benefit racket, which is vastly more expensive than the maintenance of a stock of council housing.

    Now, I am a good Chestertonian in this as in most, though not quite all, matters. I would dearly love every household to have a base of real property from which to resist both over-mighty commercial interests and an over-mighty State. But within the practicalities of these things, there is also a very strong case that each locality should have a base of real property from which to resist both over-mighty commercial interests and an over-mighty centre.

    Already, under the last lot, the powers that be apparently could not distinguish between the respectable working class and the characters from Shameless. So council and housing association tenants were to lose security of tenure so that Shameless characters can be moved in next door to them, or even in place of them. Those in that actual or potential position should contact Simon Hughes without delay.

    In fact, there are many areas in which Hughes could and should carve out more than a niche for himself.

    Secondly, then, light sentences and lax prison discipline are both expressions of the perfectly well-founded view that large numbers of those convicted, vastly in excess of the numbers that have always existed at any given time, are in fact innocent. We need to return to a free country’s minimum requirements for conviction, above all by reversing the erosion of the right to silence and of trial by jury, and by repealing the monstrous provisions for anonymous evidence and for conviction by majority verdict. And we need to return to proper policing. Then we could and should return to proper sentencing, and to proper regimes in prison. But only then. Over to you, Simon Hughes.

    Thirdly, the Lib Dems set great store by election, by transparency, and by decision-making at the lowest practicable level. So their new Deputy Leader, Simon Hughes, should put down legislative amendments that would require British Ministers to adopt the show-stopping Empty Chair Policy in the Council of Ministers until such time as it meets in public and publishes an Official Report akin to Hansard. And the Lib Dems are like Labour in that they, and their predecessor parties, voted against the Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policies year on year between 1979 and 1997. Those Policies are wildly at variance with any sort of historic Liberal principle, and the CFP hits Lib Dem-voting areas particularly hard. So Hughes should begin a campaign, at the very least to reinstate those mysteriously vanished annual votes, and then to use those votes to demand the abolition of those Policies.

    Fourthly, Hughes should also use every parliamentary and other available means to call for a ban on anything paying any of its employees more than ten times what it pays any of its other employees, with the whole public sector functioning as a single entity for this purpose, and with its median wage fixed at the median wage in the private sector, to which manual jobs would no longer be outsourced. The trick with the Conservatives is to make them think that it was their idea.

    Fifthly, I much that vein, there is the matter of holding Iain Duncan Smith to the logical conclusion of his position, namely for a unified system of taxation, benefits, pensions, minimum wage legislation and student funding to ensure that no one’s tax-free income ever falls below half national median earnings. (This blog has argued for as long as it has existed that there should be a single form of Social Security payment, called simply Social Security, and guaranteeing that minimum income universally.)

    Sixthly, there is the need to renationalise the railways, uniquely without compensation in view of the manner of their privatisation. As the basis for a national network of public transport free at the point of use. Including the reversal of bus route and, where possible, rail line closures going back to the 1950s.

    Seventhly, prescription charges, eye and dental charges, and hospital car parking charges must be abolished.

    Eighthly, the television license fee should be made optional, with as many adults as wished to pay it at any given address free to do so, including those who did not own a television set but who greatly valued, for example, Radio Four. The Trustees would then be elected by and from among the license-payers. Candidates would have to be sufficiently independent to qualify in principle for the remuneration panels of their local authorities. Each license-payer would vote for one, with the top two elected. The electoral areas would be Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and each of the nine English regions. The Chairman would be appointed by the relevant Secretary of State, with the approval of the relevant Select Committee. And the term of office would be four years. You would not need to be a member of the Trust (i.e., a license-payer) to listen to or watch the BBC, just as you do not need to be a member of the National Trust to visit its properties, or a member of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to be rescued by its boats. That model could certainly be applied to everything from the Press Complaints Commission to the Human Fertilisation and Embyology Authority, and arguably even to the Supreme Court, although a vacancy in that case would arise only when a sitting member retired or died.

    Ninthly, at the same time, we need to ban any person or other interest from owning or controlling more than one national daily newspaper. To ban any person or other interest from owning or controlling more than one national weekly newspaper. To ban any person or other interest from owning or controlling more than one television station. To re-regionalise ITV under a combination of municipal and mutual ownership. And to apply that same model (but with central government replacing local government, subject to very strict parliamentary scrutiny) to Channel Four.

    And tenthly, with Norman Baker now a Minister, where is the Coroner’s Inquest that has mysteriously never been held into the death of Dr David Kelly. Again, over to you, Simon Hughes.

    Those would be a start, anyway.

    Of course, all of this should be being done by the Leader of the Labour Party. But there isn’t one. And look who is being talked up as the next one.

  185. 185
    Blue Lady says:

    No-one is going to be forced to leave their council homes. The idea is to give opportunity to people who might want to move to areas where there are jobs but are afraid of losing their home in the process. Also the lonely old widow/er living on their own in a big council house maybe miles away from their families may want to move to something smaller or move to be nearer to family but similarly are reluctant to move for fear of having nowhere to live.

  186. 186
    Kicks shit out of narrow minded fucks says:

    narrow minded fuck

  187. 187
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    In Ireland affordable housing is SOLD to people on low wages on local authority mortgage terms,total skangers are imprisoned in tower/toilet blocks,if you want something nice get a job and the housing authority will help you buy it.Social housing is not for life it is while you need it.My parents in law were instructed as they both worked with kids raised to buy their house or get evicted.nothing to complain about as they say themselves when they needed the house in 1975 they were glad of it and wouldnt like to deny anyone the help they got themselves.

  188. 188
    Potential Alky Adas says:

    Plenty of bungs for us as we go further than rioting

  189. 189
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs. says:

    The Liar Democrats would not be in power if we never had a hung parliament. They are there to fill a space and what a fckn waste of space they are. Hugh’s the hoon needs to accept that the Liar Democrats are as popular as a fart at a church wedding! The lying hoon should reflect on the Liar Democrats last election result. Not very popular are they. The Conservatives are carrying these hoons and Hughes is a sneaky upstart who is full of his own importance. He is a third rate politician in a third rate party. He would do well to remember this.

  190. 190
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Blue lady as in Blue movies ? You are shagger noakes and i claim my £5.

  191. 191
    cant hunter says:

    The latest example of the BBC’s bias, before emphasing Hughes’s self interested comment ( his constituency has a large public sector housing element) was the reporting of the Manchester underage teenage girl abducted by a group of older men and forced into numerous sexual acts, and then prostitution. Only when discussing the case on the Today programme did mirthful Montague ask the two ‘experts’ ( one a bone headed local police chief), as a final closing question if the fact that the girl was white, and the perpertators Asian ( and an ugly looking bunch, judging from todays papers) was it confirmed that this was another example of the quaint northern habit of M*sl*ms treating silly white girls as sexual playthings. Bit more serious than Hughes’s dribblings.

  192. 192
    Swap when you want to were you want to go says:

    this lot have been around for ever so we don’t need any new shit.

  193. 193
    Andy says:

    the confucks would be out on their arse only for them.

  194. 194
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    I really hate to say this but , I think a full investigation is needed by hmrc on all football clubs

  195. 195
    Let them eat shit says:

    Perhaps the government shouldn’t have smashed the fishing industry, and then places like Hull and Grimsby would still be living towns instead of dead towns.

    What was the ‘reason’ again our fishing industry had to go while other EU nations kept theirs?

    There’s so many ‘reasons’ why Britain has to permanentlty loose millions of jobs it’s hard to remember sometimes.

  196. 196
    Snobs R Shit and Tory says:

    thats true and if Dave wasn’t a stuck up old etonian he would have been aware of it.

  197. 197
    Desperate Dan says:

    As soon as they opinion poll rating hits single figures we should have a general election.

  198. 198
    MuffinTheMule says:

    Well said Dave

  199. 199
    Eat your greens says:

    I’d rather watch carrots play sprouts

  200. 200
    Spot the Dog says:

    Woof !

  201. 201

    Slightly O/T but I do love this line from Janet Daley’s blog…

    ‘Labour – leaderless and rudderless as it may be – is lobbing rocks at the Coalition with all the fervour and anarchic witlessness of a mob of teenage insurgents’

  202. 202
    pig farmer says:

    pig shit is quite runny,now horse shit……

  203. 203
    Lobber says:

    witless or not rocks fucking hurt

  204. 204
    Chris Huhne says:

    Paddy walked up to me today and asked “whats that in your hand?”
    I replied “its a flask. You can keep stuff hot and cold in it”
    Paddy smiled and walked away.
    The next day i noticed that he had a flask in his hand so i went up to him and said “I see you got yourself a flask. What you got in it?”
    Paddy replied “2 scops of ice cream and some tea”

  205. 205
    A Teenage Insurgent says:

    Whats’s a “teenage insurgent”?

  206. 206
    Hugh Janus says:

    The clue is in the word ‘subsidised’, as in “Having partial financial support from public funds.” Note the word ‘partial’.

  207. 207
    Paddy says:

    I resent that “joke”

  208. 208
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    so you think the telegraph is lying then. the PA too.

    “The Prime Minister said the Government may introduce “fixed period” tenancies to ensure new social housing tenants can be evicted if their circumstances improve. “

  209. 209
  210. 210
    Let them eat shit says:

    And Tory twats wonder why they can’t get a majority even after the Brown disaster.

  211. 211
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs. says:

    @ndy I wish the fckn Liar Democrats which only the idiots with special needs voted for,fck off at the next election. Fckn waste of space.

  212. 212
    dumb Kunt says:

    oh iced tea.

  213. 213
    Ken Lorp says:

    and it’s usually a cocaine one

  214. 214
    market forces says:

    Good idea. How about outsourcing council housing to central Africa.

  215. 215
    Paddy says:

    I have special needs, have you got fine lips to go with the fine pair of lungs?

  216. 216
    Popeye says:

    Plus, he’s a jumped up self opinionated turd.
    If I could spare the time I would probably get personal.

  217. 217

    That was the dullest post i think i’ve ever read, and i actually read it all.

    I need a lie down.

  218. 218
    Smig says:

    “Social housing is not for life”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head.

    During my childhood I went from living in a comfortable mortgaged home to a council flat. I spent my formative years living amongst the idle, the feckless, the pimps, burglars and petty gobshites that suckled from the teat of the state.

    With the encouragemnt and support of my fmaily I didn’t take the easy option and instead strove to get an education and took heed from Tebbitt and got on my bike.

    From a crappy, damp council flat in a shitty Birmingham sinkhole estate to owning my own home, i’ve had to work at it. It’s taken nearly 20 years of work since I left school to get my own place. Something the slackers and wasters that unfortunately I still live amongst have no intention of doing.

    Social housing for the most needy I agree with, but I have no reason to see why a council house should be for life.

  219. 219
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    Isnt it amazing that football needs investors from outside the UK to come in to invest/lose money in premiership clubs,under no other regime could you call it a sustainable business model.were a block put on the dubious money launderers triyng to gain respectability by buying a 100 year old club in the civilised section of the world the house of cards would be on the carpet.
    Pain on the way methinks

  220. 220
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    To fuckin long

  221. 221
    Martin Day says:

    In less than 100 days Gove has gone from being one of the govt’s best assets to its biggest liability

  222. 222
    Muncher says:

    I like the cut of your jib

  223. 223
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs. says:

    @Paddy. Yes when I am surrounded by idiots. You need not worry Paddy I have history of being kind to people with special needs.

  224. 224
    Gonzo says:

    short attention span,or weed?

  225. 225
  226. 226
  227. 227
    P. Doff says:

    Not even with all the (guaranteed “Yes”) postal votes?

  228. 228
    Smig says:

    I think we’re in a depression because UK economic policy since the 1960s has been to marginalise manufacturing and introduce ever more punitive taxes for businesses that export and create a net positive trade balance.

    Everything since the dissolution of empire has been tinkering at the edges of an ever shrinking budget.

    Buy to let is just people with spare cash wanting to invest in the only thing that showed growth potential. Admittedly it was growth spurred on by ever increasing amounts of debt, but you can’t blame people for wanting to look out for themselves and their future.

    Stock and market investments couldn’t give the returns that people needed, so they bought into the policies instigated by LIEbour and CONservative governments to fuel housing booms.

    The bastards are the ones pulling the strings of the puppets of Westminster.

  229. 229
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Football will be the next “Banks” , Piled up debt everywhere only maybe 5 or 6 clubs are secure and well run the rest are could do a Postmouth , The court ruling tommorrow could be intresting.

  230. 230
    Birdwatcher says:

    You are Ron Davies, I claim my £10.

  231. 231
    Gone Fuckin mental says:


  232. 232
    Sir William Waad says:

    I wish they would call them ‘Senators’. Calling them ‘lords’ is absurd. They are no more lords than a donkey is a Derby winner.

  233. 233
    Sir William Waad says:

    Good old Daily Wail, can’t spell ‘Tehran’.

  234. 234
    Diane A Butt says:

    Soon come!

  235. 235
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    A “student”, generally posturing for a degree in underwater basketweaving or Mejia studies. Physical age may be from 18 to 55, but mentally they’re stuck in a permanent zits and hormones era. See also, “Opposition Leadership Contest” and “Simon Hughes.”

  236. 236
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs. says:

    @Martin Day as usual you are full of sh*t. Today it has been widely reported that after 13 years of a Labour Govt, 1 in 3 kids leave primary with reading, writing and counting difficulties. Take your bias nonsense and beat it.

  237. 237
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    Ermm.. not much incentive to get off your arse, is there?

    Means testing just don’t work. it keeps the poor, poor. Just what Marxists like Hughes want.

  238. 238
    Chatter says:

    Was not Griffin placed on two show trials, for stating that this practice is common oop north and that the authorities effectively turned a blind eye to it, so as not to aggravate local community relations? Looks like someone was being honest and needed to be silenced by the PC mobsters, after all.

  239. 239
    Westminster News says:


    one off labour leadership contenders has some unwelcome donors

  240. 240
    AC1 says:

    Yes, that’s what Charity and Insurance are for.

  241. 241
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    I imagine he knows quite a lot about renting agreements.

  242. 242
    Amal Shukup says:

    uh huh huh

  243. 243
    Janet Jones says:

    stop swearing please!!!!!

  244. 244
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Flat wicket at the Oval

  245. 245
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    If you dont like it take a refund and fuck off

  246. 246
    Unsworth says:

    Anything over two and a half paragraphs is usually bollocks anyway – and anything by Lindsay is usually bollocks, full stop.

    Why doesn’t he post this stuff on his own blog? Hasn’t got one? Well why doesn’t he get one?

    Far too prolix. Obviously never learned to express himself concisely – brevity is the essence of clarity.

  247. 247
    Hughes lied about being gay says:

    Hughes used to go to Ministry of Sound on gay nights and pick up young men. Wonder if he still does. I know someone who said he left Hughes in a naked heap on his living room floor after he had taken too much ketamine and couldn’t move properly. Looked like a fucking stroke victim with semen dribbling out of his arse. Lovely.

  248. 248
    Unsworth says:

    I’m depressed. What a terrible story.

  249. 249
    Down with Brown! says:

    So the PM can’t make any policy that isn’t in the Coalition document even if it has been run by cabinet. What a strange understanding of the English Constitution Hughes has. The idiot should join the Labour party, he will fit in well with the other Leftie Clowns.

  250. 250
    Ed Balls says:

    Why don’t you just spit it out then !

    Tony Blair has contributed to David Miliband’s campaign

  251. 251
    Janet Jones says:

    That is your stock reply when there is a complaint about bad language

    I bet you have no female partner and play with your willy a lot

  252. 252
    of course it fucking is says:

    Damage from BP spill is less than feared

  253. 253
    Down with Brown! says:

    Hughes ran a “straight” campaign agains Tatchell in 1983. What a muppet!

  254. 254
  255. 255
    Willy says:

    I don’t like him, he touches me.

  256. 256
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    No , Spend to much time working , Have you ever heard the phrase ” I despise what you say but defend your right to say it ” ?

  257. 257
    Down with Brown! says:

    There is a split in the Lib Dems between the almost sane and the totally barking wings. Hughes is in the completely mad camp.

  258. 258
    AC1 says:

    > No-one is going to be forced to leave their (sic it’s the taxpayers) council homes.

    But They should be. Be unemployed somewhere cheaper.

  259. 259
    Lightweight Cast Iron says:

    Hughes is a backstabber in more ways than one.

    He would be more at home in the socialist workers party and needs close watching.

  260. 260
    Hugh Janus says:

    Shades of Peter Vain all over again?

  261. 261
    Nick"The Dumb Waiter" Clegg says:

    On holiday, my missus wanted to take our daughter in the swimming pool so
    she sent me to get some shorts.

    How thoughtful I had 4 double vodkas and a rum and coke

  262. 262
    Barak(IHateYouLimeys)Obama says:

    Doesn’t matter i’m going to screw British Petroleum to the floor.

  263. 263
    Cometh the Hour,Cometh the Man especially if there is a "live" interview on Sky in the offing says:

    Anymore of this LibDem posturing and Cameron should bloody well cancel the Coalition agreement and call an election ..the LibDems would be sh*tt*ng their pants at the thought of their electoral wipe-out and the last thing Labour would want is to be back in government…they might have to actually sort out the mess they’ve created over the past 13 years.

    Hughes needs to be slapped down hard for stirring up trouble over something that will NOT affect present Council tenants and if Cleggie won’t do it Cameron should and dare the LibDems to do their worse before any agreement on 5 year Parliaments etc is passed into law

  264. 264
    Anonymous says:

    They do already, haven’t you noticed?

  265. 265
    Anonymous says:

    I used to compete in donkey derbys in Cornwall as a lad. I think the EU has probably banned them since the 80s though.

  266. 266
    Robbie Williams says:

    Sounds like this bloke has a case of ‘ego-a-go-go’. Just like me!!!

    Btw, can anyone guess what I’m REALLY doing in LA???

  267. 267
    Anonymous says:

    Yes. Oh, yes.

  268. 268
    Sir William Waad says:

    Having the right to say something does not preclude having the decency not to say it.

  269. 269
    Boy George - (I chain 'em up!) says:

    Wont be too long before complacence sets in and the rent boys will be queueing up on the sixth floor corridor of Portcullis House.

  270. 270
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Pint anyone ?

  271. 271
    Janet Jones says:

    I was only asking you to stop swearing, not telling you to!

    I still think you play with your will watching breakfast TV

  272. 272
    Nick says:

    Part of the problem with modern private sector housing stock is that developers built far more one & two bed flats than 3 or 3+ bed dwellings. And apparently contemporary UK houses have the smallest average floor area for any new-builds in Europe.
    That’s why, in London at least 3 bed flats/houses are sought ferociously (esp with garden). According to rental agents here 3 bed flats are snapped up within a few hours of coming on the market – before they’ve even been formally advertised in many cases.

  273. 273
    Chris Huhne says:

    Recently got a new iPhone – I have tried holding it in the various recommended positions…

    I still look like a Hunt.

  274. 274
    GeorgeMichael says:

    Just lie back and enjoy.

  275. 275
    AC1 says:

    To say that was crap would be to understate the importance and usefulness of excreta.

  276. 276
    Down with Brown! says:

    If Lardy Lord Prescott can work so can the 2,000.

  277. 277
    Nick says:

    Sorry, that should be Nick2

  278. 278
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    That all depends on your point of view of decency , what one person thinks is decent another may disagree .

  279. 279
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Breakfast tv ? Some of us work you know .

  280. 280
    Pete Murray says:

    I Agree

  281. 281
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Obviously, some readers of this blog are unable to rise above the reading age required for Beano. I don’t agree with all of your points, but I admire the case you put and the manner of its presentation.

    Thank you for provoking a bit of thought in this reader, at least.

  282. 282
    AC1 says:

    He’s also nautical. He’s always talking about seamen and buoys.

  283. 283
    Sir Stuart Bell-End MP says:

    I’ve told you before, only if YOU are buying!

    I don’t see the point of spending the money I haven’t earned by failing to represent my constituents on alcohol for others.

    I have much better things to spend it on!


  284. 284
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    most sensible thing anyone’s said all day

  285. 285
    Janet Jones says:

    erm, breakfast TV starts early

    are you a Merchant Banker ;-)

  286. 286
    Nick2 says:

    What about the ‘working poor’? They do exist…

  287. 287
    Geri Haliwell says:

    Ooooooh, can I join you boys?

  288. 288
    Down with Brown! says:

    182- Pithy posts get read. Witty posts create a laugh.

    Long dull essays get ignored. Start your own blog “dull, ill-informed”

  289. 289
    Nick2 says:

    At the height of their property boom, didn’t some Japanese municipalities relocate their OAP homes to Australia?!?

  290. 290
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    A general election? REALLY?

    Did you read the poll in the S Times at the w/end, putting Labour at 38% vs the Tories’ 42%?

    With a few more Lib desertions, Labour could win. Just think how they would go about ‘sorting out’ the ‘mess’ that doesn’t exist!

    Agreed, Hughes is lowlife – nasty, socialistic, opportunistic and criticising from the sidelines. Bet he’s all over the Beeb this evening: he’s their kind of politician.

  291. 291
    Saragasso says:

    Wrong as always. Im*igr*t*on is the number one cause of housing shortages. Halt that and reverse the inflow and there would be housing for all.

  292. 292
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Typical socailist !

  293. 293
    AC1 says:

    National Insurance is not an insurance scheme.

    The premium or the pay out do not adjust based on the risk or the amount paid in.

    Try again idiot.

  294. 294
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    No , I cover events around the country (Mainly sport)

  295. 295
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Yes, your first line is accurate. But there is no way of developing an argument other than by a longer essay.

    The world has a greater need of its Hazlitts than its Jeremy Hardys at the moment.

  296. 296
    AC1 says:

    Rubbish. Most of the housing problems in this country are caused by the state creating credit bubbles and thus destroying affordability and planning permission being solely disguised bribery.

    Oh and eugenics and welfare state dygenics are for authoritarian Hunts.

  297. 297
    Sir Stuart Bell-End MP says:

    Of course!

    And I’m laughing all the way to the bank whilst doing sweet fa for my constituents!


  298. 298
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t these selfish bastards realise that someone could be making a profit by buying their houses at a discount and selling them on?

    Typical scrounging socialist scum.

    Why don’t they just fuck off and die?

  299. 299
    KamaSutra says:

    I find the Missionary Position is best.

  300. 300
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Great game at the oval

  301. 301
    Saragasso says:

    Brilliant, evict people for improving their lot, while at the same time, freeing up homes for the millions of new arrivals that they have been told by Brussels to accommodate.
    Of course, the new rulings will not apply to the Akbhars at number 42, because they will go all “discrimination and human rights” on you very quickly.

  302. 302
    Labourlist says:

    Only the Labour party will protect you from the Tories , We will not let you down .

    Only Labour will fight for fairness and for your Tax credits , Remember it was the Tory bankers and Mrs Thatcher that caused this mess.

  303. 303
    Hates AllahJaBeeba and all its works says:

    Yup – pretty good thinking on that one DL.

    And no continuous insane background ‘music’ (sic) as a sop to the weak minded (Weak Minded AlJaBeeba prog makers please note.)

  304. 304
    Grubby little pimp says:

    Oi. See you in the stairwell soon you fucking tout.

  305. 305
    BBC says:

    We hope you’re not denying the enormous contribution that immigrants have made to this part of the EU? They have brought diversity and multiculturalism and changed this part of the EU from being a white racist ghetto to a mixed paradise.

  306. 306
    Crash Helmet Mongy says:



  307. 307
    A Future Fucked All For All says:

    Aye laddie – ye’re as thick as arl the rest – and ah luv ye tae bits!

    Ah Ha

    Ha Ha

    Ha Ha Ha Ha

  308. 308
    BBC says:

    We’ll make sure that the torture inquiry which damns Miliband is questioned as illegitimate in all our interviews.

    Notice how we never talk about how the electoral system favours Labour? We will talk about it if it ever favours the nasty party. Just like we did when it favoured Bush.

  309. 309
    Gordon Brown says:

    It’s great to see that Lloyds bank, HSBC and Northern Rock have all announced that they are making good profits again.

    When I’m eating my dry biscuits and drinking my water at dinner time it’s a real comfort to know that the Hunts who got me into this position are back on the cocaine and caviar.

  310. 310
    Anonymous says:

    A slimy untrustworthy hoon right enough.

  311. 311
    The Office for Budget Responsibility Bollox says:

    Technically a Pyramid Scheme.

  312. 312
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs. says:

    @Cometh the hour, well said!

  313. 313
  314. 314
    Down with Brown! says:

    DL is no Hazlitt or Montesquieu.

  315. 315
    The Working Poor says:

    Yes we do, and I like drinking horse piss, smoking shit and randomly shouting at passes by too!

  316. 316
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    He is more of a “Botter” than a “plotter”
    What sort of sick freak votes for this lying, orange taxi driving (now out of )the closet queen?
    He also used to shag Charlie Kennedys beard
    Charlie was probably so pissed that when he was pumping away he thought it was Simon,
    Got her up the duff and then married her
    Then ordered a wee pram on his expenses so pished that Mothercare out sourced the order to Threshers

  317. 317
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Haha! Funniest thing I’ve read since using the “New Statesman” to wipe my ass.

    Run along now.

  318. 318

    The banks lend the money we gave them for free back to us at 8%.
    They borrow from the government printing presses, money to buy government debt. Debt that is needed to bail out the banks.

    VAT is going up to pay for that debt. Debt that we are already paying back at 8% because that’s what it costs to borrow back our tax taken money..

    Yet somewhere in Kirkcaldy a man thumps out 10,000 words a day telling us how he saved the banks and indeed,the whole world.

  319. 319
    The Working Poor says:

    A list of Bankers Jailed for bankrupting the country?

  320. 320

    I want my MTV.
    I’ve been waiting since Live Aid.

  321. 321
    The Working Poor says:


  322. 322
    To be sure, to be sure says:

    Top of the morning to yeah Paddy!

  323. 323
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Not so good for left handers
    Ergo a bad choice for Lib pervs

  324. 324
    Liberal Democrats are a Liability says:

    Hughes is not a real gentleman. It is just not good sport to attack the Coalition so early on in the game. If he is so unhappy then he should defect to Labour. The LD’s are unelectable! Shoo

  325. 325
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Barak(IHateYouLimeys)Obama, which will be the next none American multi-national company you guys are gonna screw over?

  326. 326
    Martin Day's goldfish says:

    I really really had to look that up.
    Basically 35% are below average. Hows your maths and comprehension?

    Fighting arseholes with arseholes aint going to work lungy.

  327. 327
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Well said

  328. 328
    Norman Arse says:

    If a council house can not be ‘for life’ can we have Kameron’s assurance that any new rules of that sort apply to the assorted Third world scroungers he obviously plans to move into these houses.

  329. 329
    Observer of society = smug arsehole says:

    Go fuck yourself.

  330. 330
    Nick2 says:

    He did post it on his own blog. Let’s see if he also posts comments…

  331. 331
    Gonzo says:

    Hunt twat bastard fucker shit frig damn,deat blast flip

  332. 332
    Nick2 says:

    What else can they do? Go into seclusion for 25 years whilst they ponder the failings and errors committed during the past 13 year, and the consequences for the country for maybe a generation or two?

    No, attack is the best form of defence for them. Especially as their target voters won’t remember or care what their previous record was.

  333. 333
    Pedant says:

    ‘Lose’ not ‘loose’.


  334. 334
    Observer says:

    Bill if you can’t fight them, join them.

    HSBC pays 1% on deposit yet shares yield is 4% thanks to cheap money from you. Suggest you buy the stock and enjoy the ride.

  335. 335
    HenryV says:

    Not so much “hoon right” more “hoon way over to the left (if it suits me)”…..

  336. 336
  337. 337
  338. 338
    Nick2 says:

    Agreed. Nu Lab have burned through their ‘technocrats’ – their reserves are the occupants of old-labour sinecure constituencies. And those are occupied either by dinosaurs or parachuted in appointees.

  339. 339
    Bob Ainsworth says:

    I’ve got what it takes to be a government minister, oh yes!

  340. 340
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah it all went to shit when those Angles came over and fucked it up for us Saxons.

    Or was it the other way around?

    Egg and chips, anyone?

  341. 341
    Take responsiblity for your own lives says:

    I don’t know and frankly, don’t care. If people can afford to breed four, six, eight, children, they can afford to get their own homes.

  342. 342
    Socialist property portfolio says:

    With Bliar, Brown and the stooge Labour party, as accomplices.

  343. 343
    Blue Lady says:

    The numbers don’t stack up for this one. The only way there could be a LibLab coalition is with the Nationalists in it. As England is already the only part of the UK which doesn’t have it’s own Parliament/Assembly and therefore has MPs from the devolved countries voting on English only matters we would have a situation where the Nats would be governing England. If this were to happen, hopefully the English Nation would finally wake up to being the only country in the UK without it’s own identity and without it’s own representation. Don’t forget the Tories won a 62 seat majority in England.

  344. 344
    Let them eat shit says:

    Wanker. Hope I’ve spelt that right.

  345. 345
    LibLabCon Housing Policy says:

    Evict whities and make room for a new voter/coolie class.

  346. 346
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    At which point they are not MPs as Parliament has been dissolved. So: ‘No NPs give a toss about voters’.

  347. 347
    pigs in space says:

    But council flats for life are needed for essential workers, like former Health Secretary Frank Dobson.

  348. 348
    Gordon Broon's Granny says:

    He has come out against it!

  349. 349
    Gordon Broon's Granny says:

    MMMMM does he drive a taxi so he can sneak down bus lanes. The truth should be told

  350. 350
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Don’t forget Gordon and McBroon!

  351. 351
    equity abhors a Maxim says:

    Very harsh. given that this is not what the population has been brought up to expect. Perhaps you would include ex-servicemen and their families if allowed to start the system of state benefit from anew.

  352. 352
    equity abhors a Maxim says:

    The BBC will do as it is damned well told.

  353. 353
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Frank has a beard.

  354. 354
    James42 says:

    Hughes gives the impression that he is Rip Van Winkle, just woken up after 100 years with a mad gleam in his eye, ready to sort out the world.

  355. 355
    barefootcontessa says:

    182 DL. A lot of good sense there. Unfortunately politicians don’t think logically.

  356. 356
    Edwardo Buttox III says:

    I don’t understand how lifelong tenants can ‘hand down’ their council house to their children – as see it as a right.

  357. 357
    Edwardo Buttox III says:

    as = and apols

  358. 358
    Bum me twice and bum my dog says:

    He he he….. Here’s a who’s fucking who conundrum:

    Of course, any answer is correct – the perverts are all fucking each other.

    I hope in future all Liberal Democrats are burned. They are are all filthy evil perverts.

  359. 359
    ROFL! says:

    “National Insurance is not an insurance scheme.”

    Insurance – A promise of compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic payment

    oh dear AC1, your idealogical wank fails the reality test yet again
    how embarrassing for you

    Chirst what a fuckwit!

    try again you NeoCon peabrain

  360. 360
    oops! says:

    insurance – A promise of compensation for specific potential future l*sses in exchange for a periodic payment

    sowwy! you’re full of shit little man

    try again you neocon tinybrain

  361. 361
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs says:

    @Martin Gay. My counting and comprehension is fine. Thank you for asking. Why don’t you take your carefully selected bull and post it somewhere else. Bye sweetheart x

  362. 362
    Derek Simpson's grace and favour mansion says:

    1. Eu quotas and over fishing finished the fishing industry dumb ass

    2. We lost other jobs cos we were uncompetitive and cos the south koreans work for a bowl of rice and £3 and our lot of shop stewards wont.

    er, that’s all

  363. 363
    Derek Simpson's grace and favour mansion says:

    So that’s how those people afford holidays when I on my own have to pay an £800 mortgage every month.

    Now I understand.

  364. 364
    Rent Boy says:

    Was that you calling me again Simon?

  365. 365
    English Patriot says:

    Fucking great moor Celtic scum moving south

  366. 366
    Anonymous says:

    TA. Doesn’t count.

    Especially “SAS” TA. About as much use as a chocolate fireguard for real soldiering, but priceless for a politicos CV.

  367. 367
    AC1 says:

    I should have guessed it was the prince of ignorance.

    The one and only (thank god) tWat.

  368. 368
    South London rent boy says:

    Simon never really cared about this sort of this stuff when I knew him, then it was scotch egging, wolf cookies and felching.

  369. 369

    I am very much looking forward to viewing what the conference season will bring when all the parties are there in the conference with all their own party I think we will see some interesting views.

  370. 370
    PM says:

    Remind me again. Who’s Simon Hughes?

  371. 371
    Rowley Birkin QC says:

    Hughes is a complete twat just playing to the sandalistas in his own party. Let him flap his mouth – he just makes himself look more ridiculous to the majority.

  372. 372
    TosserWatch says:

    perfect description..he fell flat on his kisser when his personal life exposed his hypocrisy during the leadership race for the libs but he has always had a very high opinion of his lightweight talents. Has the capacity to be a thorn but the coalition will survive with or without him.

  373. 373
    Mustpha Phag says:

    Must be his time of the month

  374. 374
    Petunia Winegum says:

    But not in Nicks mouth! sorry ducky!

  375. 375
    Petunia Winegum says:

    He’s a pumped up bitch well he was this morning after bending over and saying
    “fill my anus with your love”

  376. 376
    Anonymous says:

    I spoke with Hughes some years ago at a Green Party conference in Scarborough or Southport.

    He came over as a greasy chancer who decided not to join the Green Party “Because he wanted to become an MP.”

    Hughes = principle lite.

  377. 377
    oops! says:

    awww.. the widdle fuckwit is bleating for his twatty boyfriend

    sowwy! you’re full of shit yet again you neocon imbecile

    two attempts and both times you make a complete dildo of yourself

    you really are an embarrassing little shit-weasel aren’t you?

    try yet again shit for brains
    and don’t forget the fact that you’ve been proved wrong twice already stupid

  378. 378
    I Fucking Loathe Tesco says:

    He certainly is a pain in the arse. He’s also a humourless twat and creepy with it. He has something of the nancy boy about him.

  379. 379
    GuernseyBoy says:

    Never mind the chaps (sic) at the top of the Brokeback Coalition: the evergreen Simon says “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”!

  380. 380
    GuernseyBoy says:

    Or should I have said bottom?

  381. 381
    Smig says:

    Grubby I’ve shat better men than you.

  382. 382
    Bill Fraser says:

    Hughes is right speak out…

    As the idea of “means testing” those in “social housing” is sheer hypocrisy, when for the last 30 years both Tory and “new” Labour governments have endorsed the sale of nearly 3 million council houses to sitting tenants.

  383. 383
    Susie says:

    Funny thing… I was in the audience of Any Questions in Bury St. Edmunds last night. You get a ticket and write your question on it and hand it in when you arrive. The BBC pick which questions to ask.

    The audience was mainly local people (middle-aged couples) but the people whose questions were picked were fairly atypical… mostly young and one had a Scottish accent (rare in these parts). The one who raised the biggest laugh was the woman who objected against Cameron’s plans on social housing… JD asked her where she lived and she said “Somewhere…” hoots of derision from the rest of us.

    After the show most of the people who’d asked the questions hung around outside the venue as though they were waiting for a lift. Something’s not quite right here. I believe the BBC bus people in, scatter them in the audience and then ‘choose’ them.

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