July 20th, 2010

A Peer Named Sue

Another day, and another swathe of new peers are being sworn into office and £300-a-day expenses. Still waiting for Lord Howard of Transylvania, but the big question today is whether Gordon will actually bother to show up to watch his long-suffering aide Sue Nye ennobled.

Baroness Nye of Rochdale?

After eighteen loyal years in the shadows, keeping out-of-the-way of Nokias, and keeping the rest of the world away from Gordon, her boss repaid her with blame for his own mess and weaknesses. The public got to see it spectacularly once, but who knows what else went on behind closed doors. Eighteen years of mad, bad and dangerous” work?

She deserves a medal…


  1. 1
    chutney says:

    gordon needs a lamping

  2. 2
    filipinomonkey says:

    whoever taught him to smile should be next…

  3. 3
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Perhaps she could be tempted to write her memoirs – now that would be worth a read!

  4. 4
    Martin Day BBC political correspondent says:

    The coalition haven’t a clue on the economy

    So much for cuts !

    Government borrowing hit a higher-than-expected £14.5 billion last month, official figures revealed today.

    The woes facing Britain’s battered finances showed few signs of easing as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirmed the budget deficit widened by another £700 million in June to £12.6 billion.

    Last month’s public sector net borrowing was £200 million less than the £14.7 billion seen a year ago, but was more than the £13.5 billion expected by analysts.

    Figures excluding the temporary effects of State financial intervention showed borrowing rose to £15.2 billion up from £14.9 billion in June 2009.

  5. 5
    Engineer says:

    Any normal person would have handed in their notice and gone elsewhere. Only possible conclusions – Sue Nye either has a screw loose, or is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist.

  6. 6
    Em says:

    She’s probably as big a fucking mentalist as he is.

  7. 7
  8. 8
    I. N. Sane says:

    Very well deserved.

  9. 9
    Engineer says:

    You haven’t really been paying attention, have you, Martin?

    Remind me – who was running the economy (into the ground) from 1997 till May 2010?

    Here’s a little quiz question. Who wrote, “There’s no money left”?

  10. 10
    Stan Butler says:

    All these figures do is reinforce the need for cuts. The left wing public sector must be slashed.

  11. 11

    Shut the fuck up Martin, you jizz licker.

    Check out the Balls.


  12. 12
    Montogmery Cheddar says:

    Martin you bore, go play on the motorway.

  13. 13
    It's all Sue's fault...... says:

    I confidently predict that there will be no dark brooding presence in the Spectators Gallery of The Lords to-day .”The Nowhere Man” of British Politics will not break his self-imposed “Great Sulk ” with the British Electorate even for his most loyal lieutenant.He is after all busily writing his great self-justification for his time in office and how he saved the World although he destroyed the Labour Party and the British Economy in the process

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    So she aids and abets in us going bankrupt and we pay her expenses for the next umpteen years as she swans around the Lords presumably cooking up ways to make us even poorer… yikes

  15. 15
    Engineer says:

    Try Guido’s “Seen Elsewhere” for the Grauniad’s summary of Mandelscum’s recent scribblings. It’s hilarious.

    Shows just how bad Liebore have been when even the Grauniad are taking the piss.

  16. 16
    Martin Day BBC political correspondent says:

    The coalition is toast….read this

    Norman Smith

    Chief political correspondent, BBC Radio 4


    The NAO report is a reality check for the Coalition when it comes to cuts.

    For while the report examines Labour’s record in trying, and failing, to find £35bn of savings – it contains a clear warning for the current chancellor.

    First, that finding savings is much harder than talking about them.

    Second, that Sir Humphrey is a wily old beast when it comes to avoiding painful cuts and protecting departmental budgets.

    And third, if departments were unable to meet Labour’s more modest cuts package, what chance have they got of meeting the Coalition’s much more ambitious plans?

    Government sources insist the NAO report is an indictment of the Labour years. Maybe. But it’s also a cold bucket of water for the Coalition.

  17. 17
    Aleksandr the Meerkat. says:

    She deserves a medal? Maybe, ennoblement never.

  18. 18
    Disco Biscuit says:

    That’s very unfair, it’s not Lord Howard of Transylvania. It’s Lord Howard of Anfield, thank you very much.

  19. 19
    There is NO effing money left ..have you got the message yet ?? says:

    I understand that they are still recruiting members for “The Deficit Deniers Club” Martin.

  20. 20
    something of the night about him says:

    don’t be frightened… Prison Works Lord Taylor

  21. 21
    Engineer says:

    Martin – any twat can spend other people’s money. Any twat can run up huge debts.

    Martin – some twats did just that.

    Now the bills have to be paid. Get used to it.

  22. 22
    useful phrases of our time says:

    Peerage edition. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’

    ‘Lie down with dogs and you catch fleas’

    ‘They all piss in the same pot’

    ‘You can tell a (wo)man by the company they keep’

  23. 23
    Desert Rat says:

    A medal?

    I think the traditional ending for people in the bunker with the top nazi, is a cyanide pill and/ or bullet in the skull.

    A clean solution, affording I nice little saving for the taxpayer.

  24. 24
    Susie says:

    Go and contemplate Hurst’s “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” for a few hours, no make that years.

    Meanwhile we’ll get on with the cuts.

  25. 25
    The ape man commeth says:

    “She deserves a medal…”

    No she don’t, she should have opend her mouth once or twice about how the scotish cun’t was fucking everything up becouse of his own desire for power and patronage, the cowardly shit, it’s self serving traitors like her, who, by protecting him, have helped wreck this country and all the poor sods in it. What she deserves is the stocks and then traitors gate.

  26. 26

    That was a report by the bbc Martin, you fucking spaz.

    Do you have an independent source? No.

    Fuck off then.

  27. 27
    Engineer says:

    That’s still not as funny as Lard Presclott of Hull and Pie-Shop.

  28. 28
    Desert Rat says:

    When the fuck did we sign him, and can he play in mid-field with Gerrard?

  29. 29
    Vietghanistan says:

    only a true twat bends over for Obama, sucks his cock and keeps sending our troops to their deaths in a pointless fucking war

    because just like Brown and Blair before him, Cameron is a poodle and a wimp and doesn’t have the guts to say ENOUGH!


  30. 30
    reform says:

    What happened to Cleggs all elected House of Lords ?

    looks like he’s been shafted again

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    I just love that quote:

    “When a Control Freak loses control, you are just left with a freak”

    That’s our Gordon.

  32. 32
    Fred Goodwin says:

    Was she a Banker too?

  33. 33
    Susie says:

    Gordon’s probably got her and her husband over a barrel about the gold sale to help out Goldman Sachs — and visa versa. Honour amongst thieves etc.

  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    “She deserves a medal…”

    Or an introduction to the local nuthouse. BTW, this bint has obviously got issues, being married to that squinty eyed, money grubbing Goldman Sachs cuпt, Gavyn Davies. Fucking taffy’s!

  35. 35
    Porky Pickles and his Bumbling Buffoonery says:

    stil not as fat as bumbling Pickles

  36. 36
    Martin Day BBC political correspondent says:

    David Cameron,Nick Clegg & George Osborne are fully paid up members of “The double dip recession club”

    I must dash to join the Big Society

  37. 37

    After 18 years with the c*nt she must be a dribbling wreck.

    Yet i have no sympathy.

  38. 38
    child of Boris says:

    are you my daddy?

  39. 39
    I hate New Labour says:

    So she gets some award for *doing her job*?

    Anyone who works for a deluded, self-important, mad boss should also get one then?

  40. 40
    Unsworth says:

    She deserves a medal? What a Blue Peter badge or something? She took the job and the money and the other benefits didn’t she? Her choice.

    But whatever, she certainly doesn’t deserve a Peerage. For what exactly? What exactly has this bint done for this country? Then again, the same could be said of so many of those ‘elevated’ to the Lords. All this has done is to further devalue the currency of ‘nobility’.

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    “First, that finding savings is much harder than talking about them”

    Who ran up the debt in the first place knobhead? And then did nothing about it.

  42. 42
    thick as thieves says:

    Political blogger,Guido Fawkes is expected to buy Channel Five on Friday, according to Sky sources.

  43. 43
    DAve has promised to end peerages for cronies says:

    hasn’t he?

  44. 44
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:

    UH-HUUUUUURRRKK!!! (tremble) (cower) (shiver) PVA STREETGANG!!! (hissss) THEHORROR!! THEHORROR!!

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Prescock, is fat, ugly and thick.

  46. 46
    Chris Huhne says:

    I made a royal flush yesterday.

    I forced Prince Charles’ head down the fucking toilet

  47. 47
    Peter Grimes says:

    All ZaNuLieBor ever did was lie and bully. I hope that every interviewer (their mates from Al JaBeeBa excepted and exempted, of course) sticks it to the lack-of-leadership candidates for their denial of McMong’s bullying, smears, mood swings and vindictiveness. The question should be nice and simple – ‘How can we ever believe another word that you utter given the lies you told about McDoom, let alone about ZaNuLieBor’s mishandling of the economy?’

  48. 48
    the real daddy says:

    Shut the fuck up, and keep tossing the salad.

  49. 49
    Lessons learnt etc,time to move on says:

    To paraphrase present Labour thinking…….I was not a Brown Supporter You will find no Brown Supporters here.I was just following orders.We all knew he was “mad,bad and dangerous” and what he was doing was rank lunacy but it would have been a futile sacrifice for me to try and stop him and would have achieved nothing in the short term.We all knew that we were doomed to lose the election. Only “The Leader” thought that we would win.We had to think what would come after and how we would rebuild the party.By the time we realised the collosal disaster unfolding it was too late and our chance to do something had gone.But we are determined to show that lessons have been learnt and move forward,.Just as you wake from a bad nightmare thankful it is over so it is with the past 13 years. We have to put those years behind us and re-connect with the people under a new modern leadership showing that the Labour Party can still deliver the policies for Britain whilst admitting the mistakes of our time in office………..etc.etc.etc

  50. 50
    Michael Gove says:

    you niggaz is just like bitches Hoe-ass niggaz talk too mothafuccin much

  51. 51
    Eh? says:

    The court heard sentencing would be delayed by two weeks because Kolkman has a holiday booked in Spain.

  52. 52
    Bob the Builder says:

    Don’t forget that Sue Nye’s husband was thus appointed Chairman of the BBC without any qualification for the job

    With the result that the BBC has descended into becoming the Bornw Broadcasting Corporation

    Another Brown train crash…

  53. 53
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Lady Nye of Gillian and Duffy of The County Borough of Oldman.

  54. 54
    The Man in Black says:

    If I ever have a son….I’m gonna call him Bill, or George, or Yvette! Anything but fuckin’ Sue!

  55. 55
    mrs Duffy says:

    I blame Sue for introducing me to that horrible Mr Brown.

  56. 56
    MI5 says:

    The House of Ermine Vermin

    Retirement home for Zanu Labour liars, thieves and frauds…

    Abolish it NOW…

  57. 57
    Penfold says:

    A disgrace.
    An abuse of the honours system.
    The modern equivalent of ole Marcie Falkender.
    Given the shambles that Gordo has left the country in, honours are the last thing we should be allowing him to grant, particularly to those that bear equal guilt and culpability.

    Hang ‘em all.

  58. 58
    tat says:

    Pls join me for a Q&A with massive anti-Cameron Facebook Group from 12-12.30pm today: http://bit.ly/b3wUFm

  59. 59
    AC1 says:

    Regulators screwed the economy up. Only stupid people believe bankers did it.

  60. 60
    Asssociation of Retired Tory Backwoodsmen says:

    In that case perhaps you explain exactly what the “Big Society” is please Martin as none of us here can understand what the fuck Dave is on about.

  61. 61
    Hubert Hancockington says:

    is there a dictionary word for the stick that you use to break up turds in the pan?

  62. 62
    bonzo says:

    This should be fun. The chimps are holding a shit throwing party in the monkey house.

  63. 63
    He worked for Cunard y'know ? says:

    We may have got Baron Prescott but at least we don’t have to stomach Baroness Booth of Sefton Park or Baron Blair of Basra

  64. 64
    Up sht1t creek says:

    Where is Lord Guy Fawkes?

  65. 65
    the poor and vulnerable of society says:

    Er….it’s a society and it’s big, fuckhead.

  66. 66
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    A little patience may be in order. What are you expecting in a couple of months?

  67. 67
    Desert Rat says:

    Martin, sunshine, useless civil servants in useless jobs do not volunteer (they usually identify the useful people for the chop), they will have to be culled.

    Before the election, the Tories had a simple 3 point checklist (based on Canadian experience) for whether something in the public sector, or a QUANGO, should survive, time to apply it.

    Nice of you to point out the coalitions failure to control public expenditure over the last 13 years. I’m sure it will be a good campaign issue for NUlav, next election, large parts of the electorate are as dumb as you.

  68. 68
    Jack says:

    And have at least one TV station that is FREE !

  69. 69
    Engineer says:

    Davies, Nye and Broon – adding a whole new meaning to the phrase “gold-plated public service pensions”.

  70. 70
    Nick Clegg says:

    I think my wife has got a fetish about me sticking my cock in her ear!

    Everytime I go to shove it in her mouth….. she turns her head.

  71. 71
    Bob says:

    Not yet ….

  72. 72
    Evie says:

    Tat,You are an ar*eh*le and a mong. Go crawl back up Gorgon’s shitter. You must be his only friend now.

  73. 73
    AC1 says:

    “First, that finding savings is much harder than talking about them”

    Oh I don’t think so….

    Failure Rewards
    Non Jobs.
    National Death Service.

  74. 74
    Mike Hunt says:

    And liebour supporters, but that’s the same thing isn’t it.

  75. 75
    The Ghost of Sir Humphrey Appleby says:

    My dear Mr. Day – you really don’t understand how this works do you? – let me explain…

    1. The demand from Government was for the Civil Service to cut POSTS, not PEOPLE

    2. Ergo, that’s exactly what we did – Senior Administrators became Managing Admistrators, Junior Clerks became Administrative Assistants and so on.

    3. Nobody actually lost their job (in fact we increased our numbers) but as far a ‘POSTS’ were concerned, he hit our target.

    4. Trebles all round, dear chap…

  76. 76
    AC1 says:

    Double dip, was previously a single ong dip, but Labours extra borrowing’s made it worse, by creating a debt based potemkin economy..

  77. 77
    Desert Rat says:

    or the peter Sellers defence.

    “nothing to do with me guv, I’m only here to fix the drains.

  78. 78
    Royal Guild of Ermine Producers says:

    The unthinking bint must be privy to some very juicy details about the Mental One. What better way to shut her up than put her in an ermine straightjacket with perks.
    Keeps us busy.

  79. 79
    that's what all the Banker Wankers say, even Dave knows they fucked up says:

    Mr Cameron upped the political ante on bonuses by saying that no one at banks that have taken money from the taxpayer should be paid a bonus worth more than £2,000.

    Tory leader has also suggested that bankers should do charity work to apologise for the credit crunch and called for more “morality” in the market.

  80. 80
    bergen says:

    Give it time.

  81. 81
    AC1 says:

    and has a truly massive sense of entitlement

  82. 82
    Hugh Janus says:

    O/T, but if DC really wants to develop his Big Society idea, he has one hell of a task ahead of him with councils like this thinking that they are in charge of their residents, instead of the other way around:


    Pitiful, isn’t it, that mature adults can’t be trusted to some grass that slopes a bit. The nanny state is alive and kicking in Dudley.

  83. 83
    lolol says:

    Dave is a liebour supporter apparently. Well he is the Heir to Blair.

  84. 84
    Fu**ed off says:

    Was her hair completely white before she met the useless Hunt?

  85. 85
    Bob says:

    There is no business like the charity business


  86. 86
    Fubar Saunders says:


  87. 87
    Wall Street Bonuses Hit Record $39 Billion for 2007 says:

    Wall Street Bonuses Hit Record $39 Billion for 2007 (Update3) By Christine Harper Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) — Wall Street’s five biggest firms are paying a record $39 billion in bonuses for 2007, a year when three of the companies suffered the worst quarterly losses in their history and shareholders lost more than $80 billion. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos. together awarded $65.6 billion in compensation and benefits last year to their 186,000 employees. That means year-end bonuses, at 60 percent of the total, exceeded the $36 billion distributed in 2006 when the industry reported all-time high profits. The New York-based firms, which shed 25 percent of their equity value during 2007, have said they’re eliminating at least 6,200 jobs amid mounting losses from the collapse of the subprime mortgage market. The payouts come as the U.S. economy slows, with unemployment rising, retail sales declining and new home foreclosures surging to a record. “To many people, it will be shocking and questionable,” said Jeanne Branthover, managing director of Boyden Global Executive Search in New York. The industry’s bonuses are larger than the gross domestic products of Sri Lanka, Lebanon or Bulgaria, and the average bonus of $219,198 is more than four times higher than the median U.S. household income in 2006, according to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.—-

    Bloomberg are stupid

  88. 88
    A Stoat says:

    I’m keeping my head down.

  89. 89
    House of Bored says:

    I agree. I mean she’s basically a bloody secretary and she’s been put into the House of Lords. I’m sure she’ll add a great deal of intellect to the ‘upper’ chamber.

  90. 90
    Fu**ed off says:

    The only danger is that of low flying shit bits and the stench of hot freshly Moulinexed dog turd that accompanies a ground zero hit.

    No wonder the council don’t want to do it. Fucking H&S Nazis.

  91. 91
    Martin Day BBC political correspondent says:

    Michael Stephenson in the Mirror: “Big Society opening the path to privatisation and reduced services” http://s.coop/1nq

  92. 92
    Sarah Palin is a fucking retard says:

    Sarah Palin inspires Shakespeare Twitter meme

    By first tweeting the word ‘refudiate’ and then comparing herself to Shakespeare

  93. 93
    Fu**ed off says:

    The only danger is that of low flying shit bits and the stench of hot freshly Moulinexed dog turd that accompanies a ground zero hit.

    No wonder the council don’t want to do it, fucking useless H&S commies.

  94. 94
    Principal of the College of Heralds says:

    Should it be Lady Slotgob of Sefton, or Lady Sefton of Slotgob?

  95. 95
    Komich the Tiger says:


  96. 96
    Fu**ed off says:

    The only danger is that of low flying shit bits and the stench of hot freshly Moulinexed dog turd that accompanies a ground zero hit.

  97. 97
    South of the M4 says:

    Noted that the report says that it does actually cut the steep bank outside the council offices. No cost saving there then as obviously council employees et al are more important than the public. Just like the expensive ‘ barrier truck , complete with two council employees that sits 50m ahead of another council employee changing a street light bulb – whilst a BT employee sits on a stool by the roadside without such protection whilst he works. Big Society? Long way to go.

  98. 98
    Sir Everard Digby says:


    Still on the cut and paste thing I see? Still looking for an original thought then?

  99. 99
    Hand me a Bonus and Bailout you Oik taxpayers says:

    like the Bankers

  100. 100
    Fu**ed off says:

    The only danger is that of low flying shit bits and the stench of hot freshly Moulinexed dog turd that accompanies a ground zero hit.

    Why the hell is the above modded FFS? – “Guido Fawkes – doing his bit to stifle expression: It’s what he does!”

  101. 101
    child of Boris says:

    Daddy! why does mummy call you and me bastards ?

  102. 102
    Chief Commissioner says:

    Please send the Paddy Wagon to the House of Lords today…

    Lots so scoop up today…

  103. 103
    heir to blair says:

    spin and the return of the “Big Society”

  104. 104
    Robert says:

    You can tell a (wom)am by the pot (s)he misses into as well…

  105. 105
    Very Expensive Celebrity Hairdresser says:

    Depends which bottle of hair-dye she was slopping on at the time.

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Too fkng right. She was in a position to assassinate the mental knt – that would have been worth a medal.

  107. 107
    Gordon Brown says:

    My willy is getting smaller. I think it is going to disappear inside my tummy.

  108. 108
    Peter says:

    Goldman Sachs fined again…(not the first time)

    $500 million by the SEC this week FFS

    But their executives got away with billions…

    Says it all…

    PS Will Madoff Mandelson be offered a job by them ?

  109. 109
    South of the M4 says:

    “Big Society taking money and power away from the bureaucrats to make services more cost effective and efficacious “. Perhaps it is more about this.

  110. 110
  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    Spot on AC1. And the fact that this isn’t happening says everything.

  112. 112
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    A double dip has, was and will be a certainty. It’s just when the SHTF again. You’re spot on AC1. The Fat Lady may be about to sing and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  113. 113
    Gorbals Mick says:

    He turned down Wavy Davy’s offer…

    Guido does not frequent the Ermine Vermin like me…

    You should know that by now…

  114. 114
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Good. Just what we need. (Not ironic)

  115. 115
    that can't be right???? says:

    Cameron has said his measures would avoid a double dip

  116. 116
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Lady Nye of Gillian and Duffy of The County Borough of Rochdale.

    Baroness Nye of Bigot in The County of Borough of Rochdale.

  117. 117
    Gripper Stebson says:

    Dave’s Big Idea http://bit.ly/9WqMDk Excellent post on Cam the Sham’s latest bollocks

  118. 118
    Robert Maxwell of New Labour says:

    The Guardian have produced a couple of good articles recently…(for the first time in about 50 years)…

    Are they sucking up to the LibDems to get some more advertising to save themselves ?

  119. 119

    If your bladder is at full pressure you won’t need a stick. Simply aim your ‘piss chisel’ at the offending turd and blast it.

    Beware of spray back.

  120. 120
    Britain says:

    Barrack Obama, the Gordon Brown of American politics.

  121. 121
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Brown’s favourite product is Vanish.

  122. 122
    Reg Ul-Ators says:

    That’s right. Blame me for everything.

  123. 123
    Sir William Waad says:

    La Contessa dottoressa Cherie Slotigobia di Toscania y Bury, QC.

  124. 124
    Robert Maxwell says:


    You obviously still believe in Ponzi schemes…

    The trouble with Ponzi schemes is that they automaticaaly collapse under their own weight and illegality…leaving mayhem behind…

    I should know…

  125. 125
    Doing God's Work says:

    Goldman Sachs are good kind people who were bamboozled and fucked by the regulator into taking their Billions in Bonuses. like all the Bankers were

    some septic twat says the Bankers are blameless so it must be true

  126. 126
    Chris Huhne says:

    My mistress has a 4 foot black dominator strap-on.

  127. 127
    Undecided says:

    @Chutney No 1 – ‘Gordon needs a lamping’

    Head up or head down?

  128. 128

    How strange, I saw Guido as an Old Spice man myself, must be for Mrs Fawkes then.

  129. 129
    Sam Johnson says:

    It’s called an Oaten.

  130. 130
    John Bull Inc says:

    With all the fresh money printed during QE, surely that means some spare printing plates are lying about now?

    Does anybody know where they would be stored?

    The Royal Mint?

    All for education purposes of course……..

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    He has all the proper ‘right on’ opinions. That’s all the qualifications he needs.

  132. 132
    Groucho says:

    She helped to cover up for Brown. She should be prosecuted, not ennobled.

  133. 133
    Lord Madnelson says:

    Mmm. Sounds …. interesting! Can I have a double dip please?

  134. 134
    Doc Trough says:

    Is it a McBride Spatula?

  135. 135
    east of Munich says:

    So, Gordon and consortium, could you tell us exactly what you have done?


  136. 136
    SOWWY! TWY AGAIN says:

    Cameron’s policy right up to the financial crisis was to match Labour spending plans.

  137. 137
    Confused says:

    when you get a gander at the size of her kecks it could definitely be messy

  138. 138
    Yes we Khan says:

    Baroness Sunni of Shi’ite

  139. 139
    Pedant says:

    I thought it was PBR Streetgang

  140. 140
    the old Dufflebag says:

    she just a bigot

  141. 141
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    And we all remember Harold Wilson’s Lady Forkbender……..

  142. 142
    Shotgun Taser says:

    Better still, give them the Moaty treatment.

  143. 143
    A la Maison Testicule: dans la Boudoir says:

    Madame: Darling, please turn the light off. I can’t have you looking down at me blinking like that. It makes you look shifty.

    Monsieur: But darling . . . I . . .

  144. 144
    Bigot says:

    Good point Groucho.

    So should Bliar, Mandlescum, and all the other vermin.

  145. 145
    The CIA destroyed Labour says:

    Labour are the only party to have said no to a war when bullied by the Americans to join in: Vietnam.

    Tony Blair was a CIA stooge placed to trash Labours great non violent reputation.

    If Labour had never gone to Afghanistan or Iraq then the Consveratives would never have saw power again.

  146. 146
    YES SIR!!! Mr President! You can fart in my mouth now please says:

    Has ickle Davy been in to give Obama his first wank of the day yet?

  147. 147
    the old Dufflebag says:

    very drole Sir Trev…I thought Aramis myself…or Brut or Brute for the effected.

  148. 148
    The Ghost of David Kelly says:

    you sure it wasn’t Cherie ? ;)

  149. 149
    Barack O says:

    I did not have sexual relations with that man, I just stuck my cigar in his mouth.

  150. 150
    Groucho says:

    “If Cameron wants to explain something he can start by explaining how the hugely unequal distribution of the wealth of this country came about in the first place and how any of us can achieve our full potential as human beings while that inequality remains.”

    Thats right. Other people are stopping you reaching your full potential as a human being.

    Grow up.

  151. 151
    Lord's a leaping says:

    That Marcia was a cool operator..Harold never made a serious decision without consulting her and she was altogether more fragrant than Mary

  152. 152
    Barack O says:

    Well maybe it wasn’t my cigar but they are both long and brown, easily to get confused.

  153. 153
    Groucho says:

    The plates will be worn out by now

  154. 154
    Poodle Watch says:

    Blair will beat him to it in revenge for Mandy getting his book out first

  155. 155
    Groucho says:

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head there.

  156. 156
    Lord's a leaping says:

    the wars were just part of the labour myth…gordon as perhaps the best chancellor in history ?…we don’t think so.

  157. 157
    Lord Archer says:


  158. 158
    The Ghost of David Kelly says:

    your confusing Iraq and Afghanistan with WMD
    the wars happened
    the WMD was a myth

  159. 159
    septic fuckwit says:

    Regulators screwed the economy up. Only stupid people believe bankers did it.

  160. 160
    Lord's a leaping says:

    Bill left one his 52 gauge davidoff specials there

  161. 161
    Sir William Waad says:

    Sorry. Toscania e Bury. Doh.

  162. 162
    Anonymous says:

    … as good as. She’s married to Gavyn Davies, formerly a partner at Goldman Sucks.

  163. 163
    anonymous says:

    the only thing to notice from this is that MPs look after their own – it’s the only thing they’re good at!

  164. 164
    anonymous says:

    yes, the last 10 years of killing appears to have been a complete waste of time, effort, money and life – so we are now going to talk to the Taliban but will they want to talk to us??

    makes you wonder about the definition of criminality don’t it

  165. 165
    who's the daddy now? says:

    ‘cos you’re a cuпt

  166. 166
    Hooray for the Bankers! says:

    but we all love the Bankers
    the public especially

  167. 167
    Hugh Janus says:

    I do hope this catches on over here – we could dispose of the whole of the last NuLiebour government if so:


    Execution for policy failures – what a cracking good idea.

  168. 168
    Harry the Camel says:

    married to Gavin Davies who walked away from Goldman Sachs £100m the richer.

  169. 169
    Mr Slater says:

    Polly Vinyl Acetate.

  170. 170
    Budgie says:

    McDoom courted the bankers, they were in each others pockets. Fred Goodwin was in and out of No.11 like the proverbial cuckoo. Bruin honoured the bankers (whilst the going was good and he was able to milk taxes off them). Brown made Fred, ‘Sir Fred’.

    Godoom relaxed the Tories’ regulations; created a property boom by keeping interest rates low (by specifying the CPI); believed his own propaganda that there would be “no more boom and bust”; decimated pensions thereby pushing people to regard their house as their pension; overspent because he thought ‘this time it’s different'; and split responsibility between the FSA and BoE so that when the bust came no-one in authority knew what was happening.

    Northern Wreck and HBoS collapsed because the British property boom collapsed and RBS collapsed mainly due to the hubris of ‘Sir’ Fred, encouraged by Brown’s patronage.

  171. 171
    Lord's a leaping says:

    prescott taking the vermin was patronage at it’s worst…the other lords must whince when they catch a glimpse of their recent member appearing.

  172. 172
    Judgement at Nuremberg says:

    Exactly. The enablers ended up dangling from the same gibbet as the policy makers.

  173. 173
    Hooray for the Bankers! says:

    and the Trillions in CLO and CDS toxic security casino betting that made the Bankers Billions in bonuses ?

    it took all three of them together

    Brown Bankers Regulators

    anyone pretending otherwise is simply full of shit

  174. 174
    Half eyed Mong chasing Barry through the kitchens says:

    Please Mr Omaha, you promised to let me suck you off first.

  175. 175
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Collaborators had their heads shaved and they were paraded through the streets for the people to abuse and spit on them. Paris 1945.

    Seems like a good idea for London 2010.

    What will her “Title” be? Baroness Nokia of Ducking-under-the-Table (A quaint little hamlet near the Westminster Village)?

    I’m still laughing at the elevation of one Labour hack to “Baroness Smith of Basildon in the County of Essex”. She might even tarmac your drive if she has a few days off from the House of Lords. (Cash in hand, no VAT!!)

  176. 176
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Imperial Leather for the noble pervs amongst us!!

  177. 177
    More Anonymous says:

    In view of her, I wonder how he sleeps at night? Ah yes, the answer – a Chinese wall, and loyalty to the Goldmans cause.

  178. 178
    lololol says:


  179. 179
    Up sht1t creek says:

    Take into account, the coalition inherited this record breaking deficit in the first place…. and the record breaking out of control public sector spending….. and the record breaking out of control benefits bill.

  180. 180
    Observer says:

    Why did Sue work for the Prime Mentalist and ex Chancellor?

    Follow the money. Sue is married to the champagne swilling tosspot Gavyn Davies the draft dodger from Rhodesia who became economist Partner at Goldman Sachs. Gavyn got got inside track on Govt plans from Sue and made himself a name and a $100m fortune from GSachs.

    Don’t feel sorry for Sue. She swallowed Gordons shit and turned it into gold – pure alchemy.

  181. 181
    Pete-s says:

    I wonder why Gordo left this good socialist principle of the statute books. He wanted the country to go down in flames with himself, so why not take the other 300 odd useless Labour twats with him?

  182. 182
    He worked for Cunard y'know ? says:

    It’s unikely that any of the present Labour leadership contenders would put forward Cherie’s name or even Blair for a peerage(even Miliband Snr)the resulting ess-aitch-one-tee attaching to whoever did so would whiff a bit.

    Equally “Dave” is unlikely to put forward their names even though he did give Blair a standing ovation when he finished his last PMQs(Stoopid boy! should have been a kick up the arse).. so we should be safe.Equally it’s interesting that unlike ALL previous PMs Blair has not been favoured with the Order of the Garter by HMQ despite there being vacancies occurring since he resigned…considering he was supposed to have saved the Moonarchy(?) after Diana’s Death you’d think Her Maj would at least give him the “K” …it would increase his ticket price no end in the States.

  183. 183
    Pete-s says:

    Why would someone with a hubby and a £150M fortune, stay at work being the target for aerial Nokia’s?

  184. 184
    yalleriron says:

    Baroness Nye of Bevan, surely?

  185. 185
    Observer says:

    Because the draft dodging, golfing economic genius Gavyn D is now a partner in an asset management business and until the election, Sue Nye was able to pass him minutes of various G8/G20 meetings. Worth their weight in gold.

    Like I said, follow the money.

    The crafty Zimbabwean has made a killing through his wife swallowing Gordon’s crap. A small price to pay.

  186. 186
    Tickle Duster says:

    Does she have a dungeon?

  187. 187
    A Charming Martini says:

    Being a Labourite it would be Baroness Nye of Bevin, surely?

    Education, education, education was ameaningless slogan.

    (Election broadcast mixed them up)

  188. 188
    yalleriron says:

    Nope. Both Nye and Ernie were good Labourites (Attlee government and all that). If I have to, I prefer the Welsh Bevan to the Somerset Bevin.

    I didn’t go to Ruskin College.

  189. 189
    Cassandrina says:

    I loved the quote given yesterday that a previous Labour minister stated:
    Gordon is a control freak. What do you get when control freak’s lose control?
    A freak.

  190. 190
    A Charming Martini says:

    Baroness Ernie of Bevan?

    I cannot find it off hand but a Labour election broadcast had the two mixed up which is why I suggest that they go for the misspelling. Education, education, education and all that.

  191. 191
    yalleriron says:

    I’m more shaken than stirred that your “broadcast” reference had eluded me.

    I can’t even blame it on a surfeit of you!

  192. 192
    ulnar cub out says:

    A knight who says nye?

  193. 193
    A Charming Martini says:


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