July 10th, 2010

Palin 2012 : Mama Grizzlie is Coming for Obama


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    Geordie Coppers says:

    We had the best men on the job, don’t worry you can trust us.

    Friday, 9 July 2010 19:12 UK

    Burglary puts an end to Durham officers’ guns scam

    It was a scam they thought would never be detected, but the two corrupt officers jailed for selling firearms would eventually be caught – by another crime.

    Maurice Allen and Damien Cobain served as firearms inquiry officers.

    Their duties included carrying out checks at the homes of people who had applied for a shotgun or firearms certificate.

    However, they would then casually mention they knew of a gun for sale which would be suitable for the applicant, once the certificate was granted.

    They knew that they would have the complete trust of those prospective certificate holders, one of whom was builder Kevin Dowson.

    He applied for a certificate after deciding to take up clay pigeon shooting.

    Due for destruction

    Mr Dowson told the BBC: “The police are the people who look after us, aren’t they? So it was one 100% trust.

    Allen, of Houghton le Spring, and Cobain, from Sunderland, simply sold the guns on.

    The pair were eventually brought to justice thanks to another criminal.

    In December 2008, a gun was among the items stolen by a burglar who broke into a remote farmhouse in County Durham.

    When two officers went to investigate, they asked the farmer for the gun’s serial number and were told: “You should have the serial number yourselves, because I bought the gun from Durham Police.”

    ‘Greedy and corrupt’

    An inquiry involving officers from Durham’s counter-corruption unit began and Allen was arrested, followed by Cobain.

    The pair pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office at Newcastle Crown Court in January.

    They have now been sentenced to suspended jail terms.

    Allen was sentenced to 51 weeks, which was suspended for two years, and Cobain to 40 weeks, suspended for 18 months.

    The constabulary says the way its firearms department now operates makes it unlikely such an abuse could happen again.

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      The Tree,one law for the establishment and another for the rest of us. says:

      What ever happened to possession of an illegal firearm,handling stolen property,which most guns are.and the automatic 5 years sentence

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        The Epically Useless Tony Blair says:

        The automatic 5 years sentence? Oh, that was just a headline, like the minimum 2 years for carrying a knife in public.

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          streamfisher says:

          Shame about that one, we could have got all those nauseas celebrity chefs banged up where they belong.

          • How the corporation founded `communism` - corporate fascism says:

          • How the BANKERS founded `communism` - corporate fascism says:

          • census scrapped to hide ethnic cleansing of the British says:

            Census scrapped to hide the DELIBERATE ethnic cleansing of the British by the elites seeking corporate world domination and the end to all nationa states and their natural identities and sense of community.

          • trilateral commission scrap consensus says:

            “Although Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has cited expense as the reason to abolish the decennial census”

            Is that the same Maude who is a member of the trilateral commission, a sister group of the bilderberg group run by the bankers and corporates with the stated goal of ending all national soveriegnty and handing it into the hands of the banking elite!

            “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

            The same group that admires communist murderers!

            “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Maos leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.” David Rockefeller, statement in 1973 about Mao Tse-tung: (NY Times 8-10-73)

          • trilateral commission scrap consensus says:

            “Although Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has cited expense as the reason to abolish the decennial census”

            Is that the same Maude who is a member of the trilateral commission, a sister group of the bilderberg group run by the bankers and corporates with the stated goal of ending all national soveriegnty and handing it into the hands of the banking elite!

          • trilateral commission scrap consensus says:

            “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

          • A WITCH ! says:

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      New Palin biography aimed at 9- to 12-year-olds says:

      A biography of the former Alaska governor and self-described “mama grizzly” is set for release in September by Christian book publisher Zondervan.

      “Speaking Up: The Sarah Palin Story,” is one in a series of biographies aimed at 9- to 12-year-old readers. Others feature 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and U2 frontman Bono.

      Kathleen Kerr, an acquisitions editor for Zondervan’s Zonderkidz division, said the subjects are prominent figures who children hear about in the news and role models for tweens who are “working for the betterment of the world in which we live and who are motivated primarily by their Christian faith.”

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        Jesus H Christ says:

        Oh, shit, not my bloody followers again. Every fucking morning, “Jesus, can we sing Kumbaya with you?”, “Jesus, do that trick with the fish”, “Jesus, tell us another parable”, “Jesus, can I see your holes?”

        Do I get a day off? Do I Hell. Just an eternity of playing the frigging tambourine all day, every day, from now until the end of time.

        • 238
          Heaven's Plumber says:

          Dunno what you’re complaining about. Do you think heaven’s toilets unblock themselves?

          • Jesus H Christ says:

            We don’t have toilets in Heaven, because no-one does poo poos.

            I got a text from Satan earlier – he’s spending tonight getting blown by Marilyn Monroe. You know what I have to look forward to? Mother Theresa. Every day, her little wrinkly face gazing up at me from my feet. It creeps me out.

          • Heaven's Plumber says:

            Well, if nobody does poo-poos, they certainly do something. All that caviar, roast pheasant and chocolate sponge turns into something, you know.

            Leave Mother Theresa alone; she’s doing alright. I distinctly saw you canoodling with Princess Diana the other night, and that Joan of Arc doesn’t exactly rebuff your advances, either; little hottie that she is.

          • satan says:

            Fuck me, this site is full of rabid, foaming at the mouth, fundamentalist (and I do mean mentalist) atheists.

          • Satanic Fundamentalist says:

            Hey, boss, can you settle an argument we’ve been having down at the coven?

            If a devotee gets a pure soul to flip to the dark side (ie us) does he get eternal sex or just a quick bj from one of your handmaidens?

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        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Off topic but with regard to that advert featuring the photo of Darth Mandelson in order to promote his collection of lies – sorry I meant to say – his memoirs.

        Someone should tell the old queen that he should give up on the botox – if he continues much longer he is going to look like the love child of Amanda Holden and Adolf Hitler ( and he already looks like Hitler enough).

        There’s no fool like an old fool and vain, camp old fools seem to be in a class of their own

        • 442
          BarMaidsays says:

          Quite right. the vail old fool thinks he’s being ironic. He’s just creepy.

          • BarMaidsays says:

            Vain, vain. OMG, even after reading it twice, I still couldn’t see that mistake.

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      DON says:

      Has Maurice Allen kept his shotgun certificate or has it been revoked.

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    nailin' palin says:

    Go get him girlfriend!!!

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      The Yanks love a Quitter says:

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        Jeffersonian says:

        Ventura is the only person who can save the USA from its death spiral.Ventura in 2012.

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        Palin for Prezza says:

        Yeah, like we all take notice of what a fucking gorilla says.

        • 15
          Jeffersonian says:

          That’s no way to talk about the President.Disgusting.

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          evolution is EVIL!!! says:

          far more notice than someone who’s so fucking stupid she doesn’t even believe man evolved from apes for a start

          “Elsewhere in this volume [her 'book'] she talks about creationism, saying she “didn’t believe in the theory that human beings — thinking, loving beings — originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea” or from “monkeys who eventually swung down from the trees.”

          what a colossal retard she is

          • AC1 says:

            IF you think that’s bad, you should see what Zero wrote in his books, and what went on at his church….

            Scary. No wonder he’s so unpopular.

          • Palin for Prezza says:

            “……she doesn’t even believe man evolved from apes for a start.”

            If she ever got a gander at you, I’m sure she’d change her mind.

          • Palin's Exorcist says:

            she’d need to get a mind first

          • Palin for Prezza says:

            She’d have to get behind you in the fucking queue then.

          • Not Even Close says:

            Obama Highest Disapproval – 48%

            Bush Highest Disapproval – 71%

          • lolol says:

            Why would Palin fuck a fat bastard like Prezza?

          • Lord Prescott of Hell says:

            Everyone loves a Lord.

          • Lord Moat of Rothbury says:

            Zero wrote a courage book like …whats his name that nut jock?

          • tautological tautologies says:

            “Why would Palin fuck a fat bastard like Prezza?”

            Why do idiots ask idiotic questions?

          • Palin fucks Prezza says:

            no you are!!!!!!!!

          • lolol says:

            Why do anal twats have no sense of humour?

          • 'cos you're an idiot says:

            I think you’ve just answered the question of, “Why do idiots ask idiotic questions?”

          • Cilitbanged into existence says:

            bang.and there was man

          • Even Fox News thinks she's a moron says:

            Reporters Say Sarah Palin’s a Moron in Front of Fox’s Live Mic

            A Fox News affiliate is struggling to defend itself against charges that it exposed its viewers to reality

            Thousands of people from California and around the world tuned in to FOX40.com to listen to a speech prepared by Sarah Palin Friday evening from the campus of California State University, Stanislaus. During that stream, other reporters in the media overflow room were heard on our microphone, due to the unusual circumstances of how we managed to bring the live feed.

            Following Sarah Palin’s address from CSU Stanislaus, several reporters were again heard making comments about the speech that some viewers considered inappropriate and unprofessional.

            I can’t imagine a more serious offense. You can catch the comments here. They can be summed up as a bunch of reporters bitching about having to say something intelligent about a speech so vapid that it approached incoherence. One says it reminded him of a college kid padding an essay with a bunch of irrelevant quotes in order to seem like he or she did the reading.

          • Captain Placeholder says:

            “what a colossal retard she is”

            Agreed, she’s a complete moron. She has no solution to the problems facing the US and the world, nor does she understand them. All she offers is vacuous wishy-washy nonsense and truly bizarre animal metaphors – first she was a pitbull, now, apparantly, she’s a grizzly fucking bear. If only she was a dinosaur she’d be extinct.

          • hoobah says:

            “Even Fox News thinks she’s a moron.”

            It didn’t stop Bush or Obama becoming president did it, you bellend?

          • I wuv Palin coz she's smarter than me says:

            ++squeak++ It didn’t stop Bush!!!! ++squeak++ what a twatty arsemunching weed. just shut the fuck up you whiny little pussy

          • lolol says:

            Palin thinks dinosaurs are one of ‘God’s practical jokes’. Her view of that part of earths history resembles an episode of the flintstones.

          • concrete pump says:

            Palin, whilst having titties that i would happily paint with my man fat – is an idiot.

            End of.

          • hoobah says:

            “++squeak++ It didn’t stop Bush!!!! ++squeak++ what a twatty arsemunching weed. just shut the fuck up you whiny little pussy”

            So you agrre with me that Bush was a moron and became president, and there is nothing to stop a moron becoming president again?

            I thank you, and good night.

          • Guy the Gorilla says:

            If man evolved from the apes, how come there are still so many apes walking around? Did they miss the boat or something?

          • Anonymous says:

            No, Mr Guy, they’re all posting on here.

          • Budgie says:

            “she doesn’t even believe man evolved from apes for a start”

            No science based evolutionist believes man evolved from apes either. Evolutionary theory actually holds that man and ape both evolved from a common ancestor.

            Darwin thought that evolution explained “the origin of species”, not the origin of life. The scientific evidence for evolution of life itself is more fragile than either lessons at school or the BBC suppose.

            If you read about Panspermia or exogenesis, particularly as discussed by Sir Fred Hoyle, you will see that the maths for the emergence of amino acids does not stack up, even taking into account the immense timespans accepted by geologists for earth.

          • ROFL!! says:

            what kind of a fuckwit not only amits that Palin is a moron but tries to get anal about it while attacking the people who first pointed it out ?

            what a colossal retard!

          • LMAO says:

            What kind of a retard posts a comment that doesn’t specify who it’s addressed to, FFS?

          • Protobiont says:

            Since science has the word Pithecometra why doesn’t it have a suitable word for those hiding in anal irrelevance and changing the subject with cheap diversion ?

            Palin is a stupid twat.

          • LMAO says:

            I repeat, what kind of a retard posts a comment that doesn’t specify who it’s addressed to, FFS?

          • Anonymous says:

            “It didn’t stop Bush or Obama becoming president did it, you bellend?”

            Answer the question bellend.

          • Anonymous says:

            ….said the hanging butt piece at the end of the thread.

          • ROFL!! says:

            Palin makes Bush look like Abraham Lincoln

            what kind of a fuckwit not only amits that Palin is a moron but tries to get anal about it while attacking the people who first pointed it out ?

            answer the question you retarded piss-weasel

          • LMAO says:

            What kind of a dumb fuck moron implies that Palin hasn’t got a chance to become President because she’s a moron, and becomes anal about it when it is pointed out that Bush and Obama are indeed morons, you fucking moron?

          • Sarah Palin is a fucking Retard says:

            Give it up fuckwit.

            “OOOoo!! he IMPLIED that Pali..” SHUT the FUCK up you stupid TWAT

            She’s a moron. We all know she’s a moron. Even Bush looks smart compared to her. But the thread and topic is PALIN you brainless cun’t.

            So please keep weaseling and wriggling you pathetic worm. It’s hilarious.

            Sarah Palin is a fucking retard. End of story.

          • nope, try again says:

            er, nobody has been talking about her chances of becoming president except you
            everyone is saying she’s very, very dumb
            you fucked up there sunshine
            try again

          • unnassailable logic says:


            Now fuck off and die.

          • unnassailable FUCKWIT says:

            Fallacy of Accident or Sweeping Generalization: a generalization that disregards exceptions


            Argument: Cutting people is a crime. Surgeons cut people. Therefore, surgeons are criminals.

            Problem: Cutting people is only sometimes a crime.

            Solution: You are a colossal retard

            ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

          • nuculer holocaust says:

            Palin will become president whether you like it or not bollock brain, and make you shit yourself in your pantaloons.

          • palin obsessed fruitloop says:

            You’re obviously blogging whilst in a tired and emotional state, as well being totally pissed. I’d give it a rest before you embarrass yourself further mate.

          • comedy gold says:

            Palin will become president whether you like it or not bollock brain, and make you shit yourself in your pantaloons.

            You’re obviously blogging whilst in a tired and emotional state, as well being totally pissed. I’d give it a rest before you embarrass yourself further mate.

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

          • palin obsessed fruitloop nuculer holocaust says:

            lay off the drugs stupid. you’re a fucking idiot defending a retard

          • palin obsession can get you locked up fruitloop says:

            You’re a penis and you know it clap your hands, you’re a penis and you know it clap your hands, you’re a penis and you know it , and you really love to show it, you’re a penis and you know it clap your hands.

          • LMFAO!! says:

            what a gigantic twat!

          • palin obsessed twat loses it says:

            Fuck off penis.

          • embarrassing twat too fuckwitted and retarded to realise Guido's subject is about Palin says:

            keep em coming stupid. You brainless knobcheese. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

          • duuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!? ?!? says:

          • Palin for Prezza says:

            Do one mr penis.

          • Tat Attack says:

            mr penis? It must be tat, he always has to have the last word, the dreck.

      • 41
        everything is for the lulz says:

  3. 3
    Geordie Coppers says:

    Friday, 9 July 2010 19:12 UK

    Burglary puts an end to Durham officers’ guns scam

    It was a scam they thought would never be detected, but the two corrupt officers jailed for selling firearms would eventually be caught – by another crime.

    Maurice Allen and Damien Cobain served as firearms inquiry officers.

    Their duties included carrying out checks at the homes of people who had applied for a shotgun or firearms certificate.

    However, they would then casually mention they knew of a gun for sale which would be suitable for the applicant, once the certificate was granted.

    They knew that they would have the complete trust of those prospective certificate holders, one of whom was builder Kevin Dowson.

    He applied for a certificate after deciding to take up clay pigeon shooting.

    Due for destruction

    Mr Dowson told the BBC: “The police are the people who look after us, aren’t they? So it was one 100% trust.

    Allen, of Houghton le Spring, and Cobain, from Sunderland, simply sold the guns on.

    The pair were eventually brought to justice thanks to another criminal.

    In December 2008, a gun was among the items stolen by a burglar who broke into a remote farmhouse in County Durham.

    When two officers went to investigate, they asked the farmer for the gun’s serial number and were told: “You should have the serial number yourselves, because I bought the gun from Durham Police.”

    ‘Greedy and corrupt’

    An inquiry involving officers from Durham’s counter-corruption unit began and Allen was arrested, followed by Cobain.

    The pair pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office at Newcastle Crown Court in January.

    They have now been sentenced to suspended jail terms.

    Allen was sentenced to 51 weeks, which was suspended for two years, and Cobain to 40 weeks, suspended for 18 months.

    The constabulary says the way its firearms department now operates makes it unlikely such an abuse could happen again.

    • 83
      Fred Dibna says:

      heard you the 1st time

      • 151
        Palin's A Complete Loser, why are you backing a loser like Palin, Guido? says:

        Guido, your promotion of Palin is a bit like your promotion of Ed Balls.
        Both are doomed to fail.
        But it does say a lot about the Republicans and Republican stooges like you that the Republicans and its stooges are in such bad shape that they are forced to support an imbecile like Palin.
        The Grand Old party really is a basket case at the moment if Palin is the best candidate they can come up with. She’s a total wanker FFS.
        It looks like the Democrats will be in power for the next twenty years.

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    Nick2 says:

    Well, I have more affinity for Palin’s politics than Saint Hussains, but this video is a reminder of the cult of personality that is so prevalent in US politics.

    • 35
      cu*t watch says:

      you made a small typo, “n” not “l”

    • 37
      religions got fuck all on us says:

      The US has been a USSA for 50 years,hand on heart it has.

    • 69
      The Golem says:

      Nick2 – Can’t disagree. I still forgive Palin a lot – whatever her weaknesses – for the hysterical rage she generates among the political establishment. The champagne marxist corporatists are destroying our world and any politician capable of truly spoiling their day will be cut a lot of slack by yours truly.

      • 74
        you betcha! says:

        hysterical laughter you mean

      • 78

        Aren’t these two mutually exclusive?

        marxist corporatists?

        • 118
          Allan@Aberdeen says:

          No – marxism is the perfect system for corporates. The state rules the people and the corporates rule the state.

        • 217
          AC1 says:

          The corporation is a creation of the state. So no.

          • Allan@Aberdeen says:

            Err no. The corporations already exist. They can form, abolish or assimilate any state.

          • Mr Pedant says:

            I’d like to see Citroen form, abolish or assimilate China.

          • Allan@Aberdeen says:

            Here’s how the international banks looted Mexico:


            The legitimate economy of Mexico was looted by the usual crew and the result was a huge and continuing influx of immigrants into the US plus the replacement of a normal economy with a narco-economy.

            Note that the IMF and the World Bank are branches of the international banks: these are not trustworthy bodies.

        • 290
          Budgie says:

          Bill, didn’t we just see the “champagne marxist corporatists” at work this last 13 years – aka Bliar’s zanulabour? There was certainly plenty of champagne, plenty of (ex?)-marxists, and plenty of corporatists.

      • 426
        moonbat watch says:

        like the caviar communist capitalists. yeah, right! moonbat

      • 478
        Cassandrina says:

        Huffington Post hate her and every week she gets more and more hate editorials from them. So she must be doing something right.
        Remember how everyone wrote off Reagan – how can a second rate actor be President?
        Well he had the last laugh plus in many influential circles in the USA he is placed in the top 10 of modern Presidents, though I must admit there is a lack of competition.
        Kettle calling pot black on Palin shows that our PM record in the last 20 years is as dire as the USA.

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    readers wives says:

    “A lot of women coming together”

    I like the sound of that.

  6. 6
    Open Mind says:


  7. 7
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Give that woman a cigar (in the oval orifice)

    • 291
      Budgie says:

      Bill Clinton didn’t smoke cigars did he?

    • 468
      Richard Timney says:

      Hattie Harman,
      Margaret Beckett,
      Tessa Jowell

      Sarah Palin

      Spot the GILF*

      *That is a MILF that goes one level higher

  8. 13
    Backwoodsman says:

    Its not good…but then, its better than batty hariet harperson.

  9. 16
    gordon brown says:

    Hulloo Sarah……
    Ah you you are going into the kitchen as all women do
    Can I follow you madam president?
    Who are these large men getting in my way

    • 93
      Captain Bugnuts says:

      Is that what Gordon calls his wife? “Madam President”?

      Sounds a bit kinky.

  10. 18
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    It’s no laughing matter.

  11. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Mama Jizzy!

  12. 21
    Harriet Harman says:

    That’s me that is.

    • 30

      She sounds like you.. She’s as narrowly focused as you.. she’s as strident as you..she’s adopted wimmin’s issues at the exclusion of everything else like you do..

      Yet somehow I don’t think you two would get along.

  13. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Guido’s love of Palin is just a grand bit of trolling

  14. 34
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    She should STFU.

  15. 39
    Michael Gove says:

    Paddy is painting the house on a red hot summers day when murphy walks in. To his surprise, he see’s paddy sweating like mad with two coats on, he asks ‘ Paddy, why are you wearing a leather jacket and a parka on a day like this ?’……paddy replies:’ Read the fucking tin, it says for best results put on two coats !

  16. 42
    Dripper says:

    FFS an American equivalent of Blinky! A puppet with the right hand up the backside!!

  17. 44
    RAOUL MOAT RIP says:


    • 129
      Billy Smooth says:

      They tasered the big mentalist. I’ve never heard of a more cunning plan to disarm a man pointing a shotgun at his own head with his finger on the trigger. I’m shocked (‘scuse the pun) that it didnt work!!

      • 143
        Gone but not forgotten says:

        So, by that action he lost control and involuntarily pulled the trigger ?
        Pure Bloody Murder in my book if that’s what happpened.
        Plod was on a Blood Lust frenzy.
        RIP Raoul Moat – what a Martyr of the common people..

        • 157
          Billy Smooth says:

          Yep, that would be the speculation.

          I think the Northumbria Police statement that “officers had been striving to persuade Moat to give himself up peacefully, adding: During this time officers discharged Taser. However this did not prevent his death.” might just confirm that speculation as fact.

        • 165
          Moat's Supergrass Mates Dobbed Him In says:

          Nah, Moat bottled it.
          He gave it the large one about taking on the police and when the heat came down he blew his brains out.
          The funny bit is he did it by mistake because it was raining and his finger slipped on the trigger. Daft bugger.
          The police wouldn’t have found out where he was if his so called mates hadn’t grassed him up.

          • D L George says:

            Are you sure?

            Top police woman says they were talking to him, tazers were fired, this did not prevent His death. Rather strange turn of phrase.

            Gun shot

            If it didn’t happen that way then why isn’t she being clear?

    • 301
      raol moat sucks cock in hell says:

      the child beating arsehole choked it and killed himself. I wish a few of his mates eat lead and save me a few bob in taxes.

      if the police start shooting bullying arseholes like him, i’m all for it

  18. 46
    Big Titty Luvva Luvva Man says:

    I’d bone Sarah Palin now she has got her tits improved.

  19. 47
    Senator Bloodn' Gore says:

    Wadda Girl. Big, shapely and completely nuts. Deffo got my vote in ’12 I mean lets face it ‘Dubblu’ couldn’t string a word together but this girl well she can talk and boy can she talk, an’ those legs, phew………………….The fat, uneducated middle of my country that we use for cannon fodder will take her to their tatoo’d hearts, stick her picture all over their trailers, tie a favor round the neck of their doberman, shuck some peas, fry some chicken, gas the truck and celebrate – they finally have a candidate that understands them. God loves America.

    • 81

      We have the same thing here.
      Only its Dennis Skinner.

    • 182
      Madoff Mandy says:

      Hello Al

      When are you going to be in Couret for sexual abise ?

      It seems old friends now you habits…

      And why did your wide of 40 odd years leave you ?

      Are you becoming a pariah old chap..

      Too many lies for too long…about your own behaviour aespecially on Global Cooling…

    • 470
      George Steinbrenner says:

      Obama is a White Sox fan who cannot name his favorite player. Being an idiot is no way detrimental to becoming U.S. President. I mean one guy did not know where a cigar goes. What a waste of a smoke!

  20. 50
    Toasted says:

    Where is Gordon?? Surely the whole press and interested onlookers should be able to give a definitive statement as to his where abouts and what he’s up to. Or have D notices raised their ugly head?? Is he in a nut house or just hiding?

  21. 51
    marksman says:

    moat didn’t duck ..did he fuck…got himself fair and square

    • 54
      Sue the hairdresser says:

      he heard gazza was there with a rubber chicken fishing rod and footy ball for a kick around and that did it…kaboom

  22. 52
    Moaty says:

    I’d have made a good prime minister.

  23. 53
    • 68

      Listen mate, we take paid ads and am a bit fed up with your spamming of the comments. Knock it on the head.

      • 73
        The Tree says:

        No problem but I do repost some your stuff in return on other blogs.

        • 175
          Global Warming? What a Load of Green Tax Bollocks says:

          Money talks bullshit walks. Pay the man, motherfucker.
          1) pack it in
          2) cough up
          3) fuck off
          The choice is yours.
          Oh, and the fact that you are pumping out propaganda on behalf of corrupt anti-scientists who refuse to share data thereby making their experiments unrepeatable and therefore invalid is incontravertable evidence of what a complete cock you are.
          Never mind the multiple choice, just fuck off, eh.

  24. 62
    brown and curlies says:

    sky should have sent kay burley in …moat would have topped himself hours earlier

  25. 63
    The end is nigh says:

    The more stupid the politician the more stupid the electorate.

    • 88

      She seems to have sagged a bit.
      I’d rather do the psychic octopus.

    • 133
      Sir Stuart Bell-End MP says:

      Whilst I am most definitely not stupid, my electorate is.

      After all, they keep voting for me to ignore them between elections!


  26. 66
    Moat .The Old Bill says:

    The new bill £12,000,000

    • 94
      albacore says:

      “Five hurt in ‘pre-planned’ multiple shooting in Brixton”
      Oh dear! Now Plod’ll have to enforce a ten-mile exclusion zone around Brixton and commandeer all the armoured vehicles from Afghanistan.
      Won’t they?

      • 97
        Razor-wire, watchtowers, armed guards says:

        A 10-mile exclusion zone around Brixton sounds like a pretty good idea.

      • 103
        Fred Dibna says:

        non life threatening,they should come to Liverpool for training.

        • 115
          Da Boyz of da Brixton Krew says:

          itz like well embarrassing an’ stuff, innit? itz like we’re the man, right, and they’re like our bitches and stuff, innit, and we like shooted ‘em like, right, and like none of ‘em got topped like, innit.

          well epic fail.

    • 98
      streamfisher says:

      They haven’t factored in the Bill for the Bills 6 month stress related sickies yet.

  27. 79
    concrete pump says:

    Shh! The GP is on.

  28. 86
    Team Ed Balls says:

    Out in Eastleigh (Chris Huhne MP) this morning collecting signatures to #stoptheVATbombshell http://tweetphoto.com/31830400

    Ed Balls getting on with the job

    • 90
      Blinky Balls is Looking Podgy says:

      Did Ed collect signatures for #stopGordonsDoublingofIncomeTaxForThePoorestWorkers?

      No? Oh.

      • 100
        streamfisher says:

        But that was the right thing to do, Gordon said so, in the interests of fairness and hard working families, the moral compass from hell.

        • 104
          Blinky Balls is Looking Podgy says:

          Surely Ed went out and collected signatures for

          No? He’s not very good, really, is he?

  29. 87
    • 140
      Billy Smooth says:

      How in God’s name is fucking trampy sadsack porking her? A fucking mystery.

      I hope a certain former Triumph Spitfire owner who, sadly, no longer seems to frequent this organ, would care to explain.

      • 147
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah – what a horse she is.
        s’pose he does her doggy or just puts a bag over her head – nonetheless not a pleasant job porking that one.

  30. 91
    Steves says:

    Ron Paul rhetoric without the understanding or conviction. A lot of them are saying it now but none of them mean it.

  31. 99
    Taser says:

    A taser was fired at Moaty plod have not said if before or after Moaty shot himself.

    The taser Dude looks pretty wound up


    • 102
      anonymous says:

      allied to story that local person saw police jump on Moat before any shots were fired all makes for yet another misleading police cover up me thinks….

      • 107
        The Ambassador from the Planet Chromada says:

        I heard he was held down by Elvis while Amelia Earhart and Buddy Holly gave him a good kicking. Then the police shot him.

      • 123
      • 150
        Anonymous says:

        yes – watched live on Sky in early morning.
        reporters confirming TWO shots and police chief stood and confirmed “he was shot” in news conference live.
        i awake this morning and told there was only one shot and he killed himself.
        now i read he was tazered.
        fast moving cover up right enough.
        we all know he was murdered in retribution.
        only reason they didn’t do it straight away was that the bill was compromized as there were 2 witnesses when they arrived to “intercept” the “kop killer”

    • 106
      streamfisher says:

      The’ve just seen Walter Wolfgang.

    • 108
      Open Mind says:

      They were always going to murder him and cover it up.

    • 113
      Genghiz the Kahn says:

      Al Beeb’t ticker refers to IPCC report re tazer use. No additional details on the website to back up the headline.

      • 114
        trigger finger says:

        • 117
          Murder says:

          try it when your wet holding your finger on the trigger of a gun.
          Me say murder

          • Spasm says:

            Sky are reporting that the Tazer was fired before Moat shot himself and speculating that a muscular spasm could have caused Moat to pull the trigger.

          • Moat Killed Himself by Mistake says:

            It was raining and Moat’s finger slipped and pulled the trigger.
            What a dumb fuck Moat was.
            The gene pool will not miss him.

          • Zed says:

            If that’s anywhere near the truth then a casual risk assessment says it was likely to happen.

            In which case it was Police Murder.

            As I posted last night on this blog – Police murdered Moat.

          • raol moat sucks cock in hell says:

            If the choker hadn’t had his shotgun pointing his shotgun at himself, it wouldn’t have matterred if he was tasered or not.

            The plod should stop pissing about with arseholes like moat, Heckler and koch, then pack up and go home.

      • 116
        streamfisher says:

        The UN has said it should be classified as a weapon of torture, (the Taser that is, not the BBC).

        • 119
          Fred Dibna says:

          The last 100 years of UK governments should be classified as a weapon of torture.

        • 121
          Kilobar says:

          It is being said in Newcastle that the one Moat killed is a cop. Sky have also reported this earlier today. So if it turns out Moat killed the one who fitted him up then put his kids in care to go round and kop for his bird then Moat will be the biggest hero in the world.

          • Harry Roberts says:

            The truth will out.

          • Billy Smooth says:

            I agree with that statement wholeheartedly.

            If that proves true, he should be awarded a posthumous GC and that retard of an acting Chief Con, she who styles herself on circus clowns, should be sold into slavery to some arabs.

            I mean that.

          • harry roberts says:

            can’t wait for the next Newcastle footy match for the Moat songs

          • Billy's a Supergrass says:

            We know Billy.
            And let’s face it, if you weren’t such a supergrass you would have spent most of your life behind bars.
            Perhaps the police would like to award you a medal for being such a good supergrass?

          • Billy Smooth says:

            Never touted in my life.

            Oh except that one time I had to call the cops to take your mum away. Stalker bitch wouldnt leave me alone.

    • 124
      when the moat comes in says:

      Moaty here, in heaven. Look, when you cops get up here, like, Jean Charles and myself have got a nice little welcoming party ready for youse all.

    • 152
      Anonymous says:

      glad his helmet is marked “Police”
      looks like a retard to me.

  32. 101
    Fred Dibna says:

    exclusive pictures of Moat shooting

  33. 105
    Geordie Coppers says:

    Police press conference

    It ‘appears’ the suspect shot himself? It ‘appears’ no police weapons were used.


  34. 112
    cant hunter says:

    Fellow bloggers–I am currently enjoying my lunch, whilst listening to the repeat of Any Questions ( usual audience frenzy for leftist sentimental crap i’m afraid; where do they get their audiences from) and am hearing, for the first time, a scribbler not previously known to me: John Harris ( Guardian, apparently; natch). Yet another Leftie loudmouth who can’t shut his gob when he’s had his turn, but insists on interrupting all the time. I thought it was mostly the airhead women that did this —Flint, Smith, etc, but it seems the men are just as bad. What is it with lefties that they can’t abide hearing opposite views and have to shove in. He’s talking now, creeping up to the moronc audience. Ugh. Does anyone have experience of this creep?

  35. 128
    Michael Gove says:

    Rumour has it Moat paid 500 pounds for his gun.

    He shot himself after Tesco have announced 50% off all their magnums.

  36. 130
    Kilobar says:

    one similar to Moat were rioting has just kicked off in Oakland

  37. 132
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Even now he has more brains than the entire HOP combined

  38. 134
    Sarah Palin says:

    I can see Rothbury from my house!

  39. 138
    Raoul Moat, cowardly, braggart sack o shyte: Where was the shoot out with the bastards moat? says:

    The braggart, poorly edukatid, inadequate fuck wits who become police officers these days take a very dim view of those who gun down innocent people in cold blood.

    That’s their job.

    Pity Moat the coward didn’t blast some of ‘em

    • 139
      The Cops says:

      We are kitted out for any future riots you may think will abolish any new poll taxes.This time we will slaughter you all.

      • 178
        The Coming Redundancies says:

        12 months from now, your ‘kit’ is going to consist of a redundancy cheque and a job-seeker’s pack.

        And perhaps you’ll be rioting with everyone else.

  40. 146
    And, on the third day, says:

    “UK heatwave may have caused hundreds of deaths in UK”.

    Quick, get Northumbria Police and Sue Sim onto it.

  41. 148
    Gazza on Moaty says:

    • 162
      Moat said he would fight till the death, then he bottled it His courage ran out with his drugs says:

      Could someone translate that interview into English please?

      • 166
        awaah says:

        “I’m a fucked up piss head” just about covers it.

      • 167
        Gone Fishing says:

        It’s hard enough to understand a Geordie at the best of times but a pissed up Geordie is nigh on impossible.

        I think he planned to go fishing with Moaty, share a can of larger and a chicken and then get Moaty to throw his gun into the river.

        A better plan than the Plod had, mind.

  42. 149
    Sooty says:

    Here is a funny audio of a loon being eaten alive by a Grizzly bear.


    It looks like Grizzlies like leg meat best.


  43. 156
    Moat the scrote says:

    I’ve gone to a better place. To be honest, anywhere was better than Rothbury.

    Get over it fools.

  44. 158
  45. 159
    St Peter says:

    Speak no ill of the dead.You have broken an ancient taboo and will pay a price for your disrespect.

  46. 164
    Moat's Supergrass Mates Dobbed Him In says:

    They bang on about being Moat’s mates and hating the police but they’re just a bunch of northern supergrasses who dobbed their mate in to the Police for a few quid.

  47. 169
    other says:

    test nemesis

  48. 170
    Fred Dibna says:

    Well I’m off to Dublin,Cappagh for a bit of historical research. I’ll see you all on Monday.

    • 173
      Bye Fred says:

      Don’t bother coming back here on Monday Fred, you’re posts are shit and a total waste of everybody’s time.

  49. 176
    Breaking News says:

    Two Tasers fired at Moat. I have a feeling this is not going to go down well in Newcastle.

    • 177
      Character Assassinations R Us says:

      Over the next few days, expect the Plod to announce they’ve ‘found things’ in Moat’s home and on his computer (the one the Plod are probably buying from Currys at this very moment).

      • 180
        Michael Gove says:

        Police today have revealed Raoul Moat left a suicide note, which is to be released in 3 volumes and an audiobook.

        • 204
          Murdoch, you are a plonker says:

          It will also be serialised on the Times’s website. Where no one will read it because of the paywall.

    • 184
      Haddaway an' shyte man says:

      Doesn’t the shock created by a taser make muscles contract? Like, around a trigger?

    • 188
      Geordie Coppers says:

      You can hear the audio clearly give off 2 cracks followed by a shotgun boom and a scream (presumably moat) given the officers had been there for 7 days and moat was only pointing a gun at his own head don’t really see the need to tazer him unless you wanted him to shoot himself.

      • 199
        Comedy of errors says:

        But why is this information slowly dripping out? It will only start rumours of an attempted cover up.

        It is increasingly looking like the police made very big errors at the start (warning from prison) the end (zapping a bloke with his finer on a gun trigger) and the middle (moat was walking around town in their midst)

      • 250
        stilyagi_air_corps says:

        Well, if he could still enunciate a recognisable human scream after taking a 12-bore sawn-off blast to the swede or neck, Moat was either the world’s shakiest shot, or the tazer shock(s) caused him to aim-off somewhat. Messy.

    • 214
      Mr Plum says:

      Were they cans of tazer or bottles

  50. 185
    Sue Sim says:

    Will you miss my daily press briefings? And my hair?

    • 189
      Hissy fit bitchy stylist says:

      A tip, love: spend £500 quid of your vast earnings on going to london – that’s that great big city in the south – book into a decent hairdresser (not some part timer doing home perms and backcombing) and get a complete restyle.

  51. 186
    Gazza says:

    Moat on the Tyne is all mine, all mine, Moat on the Tyne is all mine.

  52. 187
    Moaty's suicide note says:

    Wai, man. I’ve never been the same since the BBC axed Jimmy Nail’s Spender. That was a top shoo, man. Yowze should nevera cancelled it, like.

    • 260
      cant hunter says:

      Talking of great singers, i’m currently enjoying Verdi’s “Simon Boccanegra” on the BBC and Sir Tom Jones is wonderful in the Doge’s role. Didn’t know he could do opera, and at nearly 70.

  53. 190
    MI5 says:


    Tom Watson is an obscenity to look at…

    Let alone listen to….

  54. 191
    Wowza says:

    Reports coming in that a fat ugly man in Kickallday and Cowdungbeef is threatening to shoot himself. Local police say no one gives a toss.

  55. 192
    THE_FORCE says:

    How many women does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to change the lightbulb and one to suck my cock.

  56. 193
    Jon Sopel says:

    I’d like to apologise for acting like a complete tit on the news last night. I admit I got over-excited and carried away. And now we can speak live to Mr Moat’s children about the death of their daddy.

  57. 195
    Dinin Aboot says:

    Unlike Mr Moat, West Indian dads will go to the wall for their kids. I’ve got nothing more to say.

  58. 197
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    I won’t be subscribing to the Times in order to read Mandy’s cock sucking memoirs.

    • 205
      Murdoch, you are a plonker says:

      It was an act of utter lunacy to shut the website before serialising the memoirs. I would have logged on to read them, and it would have show-cased the new site. But instead, I’ll just read the juicy bits that get repeated elsewhere. Here, for example.

    • 218
      Anonymous says:

      No, you’ll wait until you can get it free on Bum Boy web site.

  59. 198
    Marc Oh Ten says:

    They should have called me in to speak to Mr Moat. I like big butch types.

  60. 200
    A Brief says:

    Wackedout & Waring Solicitors
    If your reedin this its cos I’ve finally lost it. I’m dead but hopefully hundreds of those fuckers are dead who fucked up me life, me an Sam and the kids.

    “I Raoul Moat, former tree surgeon and nightclub bouncer, being of sound mind (see attached medical certificate from prison psychiatrist — honest I did tell the fucker I was mad but he dont know shit)declare this to be my last wil and testament.

    This wil nullifies all others I might have writ when on a downer after a night on the blow.

    I leave all me worldly goods,as follers:

    Me bullworker, weights, chain saw, bowie knife and sawn-off (if not confiscated)and my lifetime membership of the Byker Gym and Sauna to knuckles my Durham cell mate who comforted me during long nights in the slammer. Cheers knuckles I never knew a bloke could bee so gentle (btw theres some Nandrolone tabs in me locker you can sell for a fiver each)

    My beloved Pitt Bull dog Snuggles I leave to me kids- they, like Snuggles, are the loves of my life; they are my fondest memories I hope they have good memories of me. I know theyll look after her better than the dogs home.

    So I don’t have much but I know I can leave the Northumbria police turning round in circles and facing a fucking enquiry from the IPCC, cos wen it comes to anything more complicated than a speedin ticket or hounding innocent people who want to go straight they are shit.

    I want a simple funeral with letter wreathes spelling out “Raoul”, “Daddy”, “Murderer, Maniac but no Coward” in white Chrysanthemums.

    I want to be creamated and me ashes compressed into a brick

    What little money I might then have left in me account I leave to the first person to shove that brick up the arse of that smug bitch Sue Sim, the Acting Chief Bitch Constable of Northumbria who didn’t listen.

    Finally on me gravestone I want as an epitaph

    “See I told you I was fucking mad didn’t I”

    A spokesperson for Northumbria police said today

    “Lessons will be learned from this episode -

    Firstly we shall be publishing leaflets for the public on how to recognise loonies free in the community.

    Furthermore we shall be encouraging the public to shop anybody they think could be even just a little psychotic.

    Thirdly we shall be educating school children concerning mental illness with a series of books called ‘where’s Raoul’ in which they have to pick out the maniac in a crowd of brightly coloured cartoon characters.

  61. 201
    Wayne Rooney says:

    I knew Moaty,do you think I should a went up there?

  62. 202
    Anonymous says:

    I see Sims reading out of the kids cards was not only poor in itself she may have actually put even more lives at risk by provoking him even more. This copper is a real liability


  63. 203
    Sarah Palin says:

    Earth is 6000 years old! But my pussy ain’t!

    • 208
      Copernicus says:

      Doesn’t the third paragraph on page 1 of the Bible essentially say the world’s flat? “God separated night from day”, hence anyone who said the world was a globe orbiting the sun was put to death for implying night and day occur simultaneously.

      • 219
        AC1 says:

        The bible’s a bag of shite, but harmless compared to the Paedo Prophets Korang.

      • 473
        Iris Robinson says:

        When it is night on one part of the globe it is day on the other. Night and day are separated.

    • 209
      Joe of Wexford says:

      Is that a catholic thing? I mean Adam fucked Eve and they had two sons who must have fucked each other as there was no one else and some how gave birth ,She sounds like she is the product of a school run by psychotic violent abusive priests.How else would you grow up to have such a warped and twisted view of the world.

      • 215
        jerry from the planet Onan says:

        Evolution only gives half the story you ignorant fuck. Aliens mated with ape women to give evolution a boost, hence the huge gap between shit throwing apes and nuclear bomb throwing humans…….durr!

        • 227
          Moat,Nonce hunter says:

          let me guess your a defrocked pedo priest

        • 256
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          ‘The only difference between James Bond and a gibbon with a handful of shit is the pistol.’

          – Reverend Sven “Mad Dog” Hasselblad

          • moaty the ape man says:

            If given the chance, I could have driven an Aston Martin and learned to speak geordie french…….but I’m dead now and can’t.

          • Anonymous says:

            ….and the fact he can drive an Aston Martin and speak several languages.

          • Anonymous says:

            …..and the fact he can drive a sports car and speak several languages.

      • 369
        Hugh Dennis says:

        The other option is incest with their mother.

  64. 216
    Paul the octopus says:

    I predict that Sarah will win

    • 221
      Anonymous says:

      god I hope she will, just for the entertainment value alone of the bed wetters and pillow biters on here getting their one brain cell fucked over.

    • 230
      Lord Morgan says:

      Americans and Palin deserve each other

  65. 220
    Doc Maker says:

    Palin thinks the Flintstones is a documentary

    • 274
      Mr Pedant says:

      50 percent of Americans think The Flintstones is a documentary.

      The other 50 percent never worked out how to switch on a TV.

  66. 223
    Sue Sim says:

    “Whats wrong with Tazering a man holding a gun to his head?
    It’s not likely that the shock will cause him to pull the trigger, is it”

  67. 225
    streamfisher says:

  68. 232
    Punch and Cleggy show says:

    If one thing is certain the last few days of the Raoul Moat hunt has shown us is most posters on here want to see the cops taken down a peg or two. Maybe that is one of the political things this site could champion.MP’s fiddling.Cops running round like Yanks in Iraq. I think Clegg,who is the one in charge should make Cameron take a look at it. Without Clegg there is no Conservative government and the Libs know they are in the end days so going out on a big major changing shift in UK politics is the way to do it.

    • 243
      Lefty Hypocrites says:

      Ironically the Guardianistas are wanking themselves furiously over the news of Raoul Moats death and praising the police. Not surprising after 13 years of a fascist labour regime.

      Would be a different story if Raoul Moat was black though.

  69. 233
    Montgomery Cheddar says:

    Guido has a thing for conservative (note small “c”) woman window lickers. See also Nadine Dorries, or better yet, don’t.

  70. 234
    Rothbury resident says:

    We aint seen this much excitement in Rothbury since Jimmy Nail came to sign copies of his shit CD, man!

    • 237
      Nail nail in his coffin says:

      LOL I couldn’t believe that sad twat has 18 albums out.all crooning miserable drivel,well if the titles are anything to go by.

    • 252
      Spenda says:

      Ya luved it when wor sung crocodile shoes, man, so shut tha fuck up willya?

  71. 235
    Gordon Brown says:

    You still haven’t found me.

    • 239
      Give it time says:

      World hide and seek champion found dead in cupboard.

      • 240
        pink news says:

        In the closet more like.

      • 241
        Kilobar says:

        Gordon is the kid when we played hiding seek and it was his turn we would all go home instead of hiding.

        • 255
          Hue and Cry Baby says:

          Shame Bliar and Brhoon could not ‘of’ been dressed to look like Moaty and let loose on the moors.

          I’d like to think of them running for their life.

          ‘specially Brhoon – ‘he’s’ the expert on courage bloke innee?

  72. 242
    Kilobar says:

    for fuck sake.stand in a bucket of water and plug yourself into the mains

    • 247
      Outside the Law says:

      But that is just one Taser, Moaty was given double that, his trigger finger must have been pulsating like fook, he didn’t stand a chance. He had talked to the plod in pouring rain for over 6 hours which obviously meant he did not wish to commit suicide and was just very suspicious that the plod woulld kill him if he put down his gun.

      The use of a Taser is still very controversial but has anyone legislated for the use of multiple Tasers at the same time? Was this action by the police illegal?

      One can only suspect that they wanted 100,000 volts to make Moat pull thge trigger and blow his brains out.

      • 322
        raol moat sucks cock in hell says:

        it wouldn’t have done anything if the twat had not aimed his own gun at his own head. Hard man? peoples hero? no fuckwit convicted child abuser and serial choker.

  73. 244
    Heart of Gold says:

    • 248
      Gazza goes to Rothbury says:

      Lol. I bet Gazza feels even rougher than Moaty today. Waking up with an empty can of lager, a dressing gown and a fishing rod in his bed. Oh and a dead chicken.
      Waayayemin !

      • 254
        Moaty's Uncle says:

        You may well mock. But the facts are that the Plod’s tactics of getting Moaty to surrender failed (perhaps’s they didn’t want that outcome).

        We will never know if Gazza’s idea to take Moaty fishing in a warm dressing gown and well fed on chicken and lager would have worked (I suspect it was a better idea than Tasering a man holding a live trigger)

        Worst outcome would have only been both Gazza and Moaty in the morgue, which I think was most unlikely.

        • 262
          Gazza goes to Rothbury says:

          I don’t think a drunken Gazza stumbling into the situation would have helped much. Wouldn’t Moaty just grab him and use him as a hostage ?
          And Plod tried to get Moaty to surrender for 7 days. How long can a village be held to ransom for one murderer and girlfriend beater ?

          • gone fishing says:

            No. By no stretch of the imagination would Gazza make a hostage, not even a target these days. As strange as it seems Moaty may well have surrendered and gone fishing.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            If old Moaty wanted a hostage then he has had a week to find one
            Gazza for all his faults is a human being trying to help another
            although his methods seem a little bizzar at least in his mind that is what will bring this to an end
            how sad they never let him try
            it could have been good for both of them in Gazza’s case getting the media interested in him again for all the right reasons and just maybe helping him to turn his life around

          • HMP Moat says:

            BP could have just lowered a cage over him,capping jail.

  74. 246
    Gondon Blair says:

    The fucking pigs definitely executed Moaty.

    That filthy fucking c-unt, Sue Sim, need an axe taking to her face.

    • 474
      the next Mr Katona says:

      maybe we could have a word with the bloke who uses an axe to cut her hair ?

  75. 249
    ACPO Are Scum says:

    The police are run by a private company these days, they are no longer answerable to the public only the paymasters.

  76. 251
    Doc says:

    Sue Sim has been arrested
    for being in possession of a bad hairdo

    • 257
      Love yer barnet, baby. says:

      The hairdo looks like something a 6 foot tranny trucker would wear on a saturday night out with the “girls” at a UNITE social club cross dresser evening.

    • 261
      nell says:

      I think she deserves a medal. However it came about the northumbrian police have saved the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds as the justice system now does not have to support one more high category dangerous prisoner, in prison, for the rest of life!!

      • 265
        gordon brown is not on nells hitlist now she has moaty says:

        nell determined to be the anti hero

        • 273
          nell says:

          anti-hero?!! raoul moat was not a hero.

          A man who shoots a defenceless woman with a shotgun, then turns it on a defenceless young man and then 24 hours later creeps up on an unarmed unsuspecting policeman and shoots him in the face and chest is not a hero. He’s a coward!! Deranged, mentally unstable but still a coward!!

          In the last hours of his life he called out ‘ nobody cares about me and I never had a father’ as though they were excuses for the terrible , unforgivable things that he had done, which apart from the shootings included beating up on his partners and being jailed for assaulting his nine year old son.

          Well it won’t wash, there are a lot of people out there who have had similar backgrounds and grown up well, achieved and made good family people.

          moat wasn’t one of them!!

      • 266
        useles Hoon says:

        A medal for saying Moat would not be walking a round the town carrying a gun?

      • 280
        A Boy naqmed Sue says:

        She has cost the taxpayer a fortune. Most costly manhunt ever and now followed by the most costly inquiry ever.

        FFS if her plod had acted on prison advice, then none of this would have happened.

        Will Dave have the guts to say “I blame Sue”?

  77. 253
    The Reesa May - or May Not says:

    Shalwar kameez lifters and adjusters are really welcome in the UK now.

    We have rabid preachers here who will advise me what to do with them.

  78. 258
    Paul the octopus says:

    I predict that Cameron will be out of office by next January followed by Hague assuming the mantle
    I have also predicted tonights winning lottery numbers
    8 tentacles to you mut ha f ukas

  79. 259
    nell says:

    mama grizzlie = sarah palin. What a laugh!! She’s be a complete disaster as the president of america.

    Has she found out yet that Canada is not another state of the USA?

    • 272
      President nell says:

      You would do a better job eh nell?

      • 281
        nell says:

        Nope! Who wants to be a politician ? (Look at poor old woolas or gutlessgordon!!) Not me!!!

        I’m good at growing things, cooking and looking after the family. But at least my education gave me a good understanding of the world and where countries were located, amongst other things. You have to admit that poor old palin seems to be particularly dim!! (Moreso than bush jr) Perhaps it’s a republican thing?

      • 283
        Palin pushes The Red Button to please her Lord says:

        Let me do your bidding, O Lord! I am your servant! Hallelujah, my Lord!

        • 299
          Head Lizard says:

          America is full of loon tunes waiting for the end of days and rapture shit.Its possible this loon could get in and give them all what they want.

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            I held my breath through the days of Reagan and Bush #1. Bush #2, The Sequel, was scary. Palin? We can’t carry on being lucky. Sooner or later it will be, “Rapture me, Oh Lord! Let me fire your missiles of mercy!”

          • the end of days says:

            Shame you didn’t hold your breath a bit longer and give us all a break.

        • 350
          the omen says:

          Palin will become President you fucking bed wetter…..get used to it.

      • 303
        norfolk folk are folk in the past says:

        it must be hard nell pedaling your dynamo to stay online and typing at the same time

        • 317
          nell says:

          You are obviously an urban labour idiot!!

          Don’t let it worry you – we live quite a comfortable life in our rural idyll’s. Believe it or not we have electricity and all mod cons out here too!!

          What we don’t want are urban,uneducated, anti-social, violent oiks!

          No doubt Rothbury residents felt much the same and are glad tonight to have their rural peace returned to them!!

        • 325
          A Norfolk Broad says:

          Oi! Metro!!!

          Leave us Nor Folk alone!

          We wouldn’t be seen anywhere near your diseased dump that harboured Bliar and Brhoon for so long.

          At least our air is clean and clean – apart from where the wealthy guardianistas have their summer cottages. Bastards!

    • 475
      George Steinbrenner says:

      It is one of the 57 Barack Obama visited. He has only one more togo.

  80. 264
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Are we paying for any police protection at Mincin Mandys “The Turd Man” launch? Or is it expected to be so badly attended he’ll just be sitting there painting his nails whilst the tumbleweed rolls by?

    • 318
      nell says:

      I thought that was happening behind the Times paywall??

      Won’t be much activity there!!

  81. 269
    Francis Urquhart says:

    Guido, can I trust you?

  82. 287
  83. 289
    Fanticule says:

    I wouldn’t want to be the American president holding the bag in 2013. I don’t think we have anybody tough enough, and with enough moral authority, to pull it off. Our politicians are pretty much of the caliber of Blair, Brown and the C&C boys.

  84. 294
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    No, but Mandy might be.

  85. 298
    Paul The Octopus says:

    Told Y’all that Germany would beat Uruguay.

    100% record so far.

    Bookies eat ur hearts out, I’ve got three of them.

    • 311
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      That’s a bit excessive, isn’t it? Three hearts? How did that happen?

      I’m still trying to figure out mice developing wings. “oh, I’m a happy fieldmouse, I think I’ll grow some wings, go blind and sleep upside down in a cave. And eat moths.”

      That’s mad. Three hearts? Come off it. If you’ve got 3 hearts, why haven’t I got three livers?? I need them. You’re just a fish. You don’t need anything.

      • 364
        legs eleven says:

        Me, eight legs, three hearts.

        You, two legs, one heart.

        So human hearts have less work than Octopus heart.

  86. 308
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I knew i had seen Sue Sim before !
    Dont give a woman a mans job !


  87. 309
    HenryV says:

    I have watched the YouTube. I am still trying to get over the revelation (to me at least) that John Prescott is a millionaire.


    If I can’t be honest with you lot with who can I be honest?

    PS: I find Sarah Palin physically quite attractive.

    PPS: Sorry. Again.

  88. 310
    Raoul's Dictaphone says:

    Apparently his last words before he ‘shot himself’ (or involuntarily discharged a shotgun into his head after being spasmed by 100,000 volts) were ‘I ain’t got no dad no one cares about me’ his own mentally ill mother who abandoned him as a child was tracked down for a quote ‘he is better off dead’ which apparently Moat saw in the media, and referred to in his recorded ramblings – which ran to 4 hours and were largely incomprehensible ‘can’t sleep more than an hour a night, feel like I am on ecstacy, nothing is real its like a film, can’t be the medication that stopped at the prison’ (reported today)

    Nobody comes out of this well, but least of all the grinning goon of a Police Chief Constable, laughing at him being called a nutter, in a card written by a child inexplicably read out to the press, while he hid 50 yards from her meeting place.

    She should be sacked as soon a possible, the very fact she has reached that position at all is in itself a sad indictment of Britains collapse.

  89. 313
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    A few hours on and it’s now two tasars
    what else did they do ?
    what happened to “As long as it takes”?
    Oh i forgot it started to rain and they dont like to get wet
    this bloke was not a nice guy but did he have to die ?

    i think the police fucked up big time !

    • 329
      nell says:

      Quite right too!!

      How much per hour was this operation costing us???

      They gave him six hours and he still hadn’t given up. And it was pouring with rain. I think we got the best outcome possible! Even his mother thought so!!!

      • 334
        Leper loony ringing the unclean bell,the nell bell warning says:

        so physical disability is fine with you but mental is a death sentence,nell you are a nazi

        • 353
          nell says:

          Mental or physical disability is not the issue here.

          One individual’s capacity to harm and kill innocent unsuspecting people is what we’re talking about when we discuss moat.

          And he may or may not have been mentally incapacitated. Obviously the prison service, who had just released him did not think he was, or that he was a serious threat to anyone else. Otherwise they would have kept him in. Wouldn’t they???!!!

          The IPCC needs to release the prison risk assessment that the prison did on him.

          It may well be that the prison psychologists who undertook that assessment underestimated his violent intentions although he seems to have made them quite clear in advance!!. It won’t be the first timeour prison system has let someone out who has then gone off on the rampage damaging and killing innocent people!! And someone needs to ask why that keeps happening and innocent people keep getting hurt by these nutters!!!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            If this guy was an Afghanistan veteran would you still feel the same Nell ?

          • nell contradicting herself as ever says:

            nell says:
            July 10, 2010 at 10:03 pm

            “Bit of a sad indictment of British values when some people start making a hero out of a mentally deranged man, with a known, extensive underworld criminal record, who is happy to shoot an innocent unsuspecting young woman, that he professed to love, and two unarmed men with a shotgun just after he’s been released from prison for physically assaulting a nine year old boy.”
            as you see it is you just said so yourself

          • nell says:

            No sweetie!! I don’t believe any veteran from the afghanistan war has ever harmed innocents as moat has!!

            If you tell me differently then I stand corrected!!

            But again. I say that moat was not an innocent . He had been physically violent to partners and to his children. He had physically attacked his nine year old son . An attack that had put him into prison and left that child mentally scarred for life!!!

            And on release from prison he then shot innocent, unsuspecting people with a sawn off shotgun.

            A sawn-off shotgun is a vicious, uncaring, very violent weapon and he used it on the woman he said he loved from all time!!! And killed one young man who knew nothing about him and an unsuspecting , unarmed police officer!!

            It is perhaps justice that he died from the same weapon!!!

      • 339
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        A life is a life Nell
        it matters not who you are
        the police still have a duty to resolve the stand off without taking someones life
        they acted as judge jury and executioner in this case
        one taser is enough to kill some people so why use two ?
        i dont like what he did any more than the next person
        but if we sanction killing by the state then we dont have a case for doctor David Kelly do we ?

        • 352
          camerclegg should speak about this says:

          And every right we have had fought for is out the window

        • 367
          nell says:

          We don’t know that frankie – though I accept your reasoning. Yes his life had value too.

          But let’s not forget he did not share our sentiment about the value of human life. He took one innocent life and has left the lives of two more innocent people seriously damaged and hanging in the balance I doubt he had any qualms about what he did to them or what anguish he has caused to their families.

          And let’s not forget he was in prison because of a serious assault he carried out on his nine year old son. I wonder how that boy feels about that frightening, violent, uncaring father??!! He’ll carry his scars forever.

          Moat said he’s never had a father. His child will say I had a father and he violently assaulted me. And then he became a murderer!!

          Which child is going to be worse off??!!

          I hope moat’s son and daughters go on to make a great success of their lives and prove that having a failed , violent dad like him does not mean that his children too must fail!!

          • The way and means dept says:

            one day the son will come on and say it never happend

          • nell says:

            Doubt it sweetie!!! Really doubt it!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            A serious assault he said he never committed
            which he claimed his girlfriend and the police set him up on !
            and was so serious he only served a couple of weeks inside for
            and the girl friend who after living with a “Hard Man” chose to live with an even “Harder man” a martial arts expert also reportedly with big underworld connections
            and a girlfriend who knew how to push all the right buttons by telling him she was having an affair with a policeman knowing full well his hatred of the police
            and still after all this guy’s threats in the 7 days he lived in the town center
            whilst they searched tens of square miles of open countryside
            never fired a shot at anyone
            there is a strong case of : ok i fucked up /cry for help about this
            as i said i dont agree with what he has done but only time will tell what the truth actually is about this sad affair he said he never hit his kids and he was fitted up so lets see who was telling the truth

          • the state has charged you therefore you are guilty says:

            God help those who find nell on the jury

          • nell says:

            A couple of weeks frankie???!!

            He served 18 weeks for that vicous, physical,assault on his nine year old son!!!!!

            It probably wasn’t enough for the mental and physical damage that he did to a very young child!!

            But I really hope that that lad goes on to become really successful in life and ends up saying that ‘my violent failed dad, did not influence me in any way!!!!’

          • bang and the problems gone says:

            but if he turns out like his old man then you can shoot him nell.

      • 346
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        What price a human life Nell ?

      • 420
        Anonymous says:

        get a grip, Nell.

    • 332
      Nice is it a biscuit? says:

      this bloke was not a nice guy but did he have to die ?

      No he didn’t. As for Nice guy it depends who you speak to.

      Sharon Matthew’s mother was described by the police as “pure evil” yet it turns out that she actually loved her daughter but she is not right in the head. I would dare say the same applied to Moaty. He certainly was NOT pure evil.

      The Police should not have the power of executioner and clearly in Moaty’s case they could have stood off for days if not weeks until Moaty finally gave in or shot himself. Making his finger pull the trigger with Tasers is beyond the law.

      • 454
        007 cops says:

        No they should not have the power .But every time someone is killed by them they get away with it,what message does that send? We can do what the fuck we want.

  90. 331
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Breaking News Northumberland police Topped a league table of british policeforces last year
    on number of times they used a taser !
    Sky News

    • 338
      many think so says:

      You only have to watch programs like police camera action and that one with that mouth manc on it to see the cops are out of order.Some of the chavs they pick on deserve a slap but to fit them up and do it on camera is a green light to them to behave as they please, and that is exactly what they are doing.The cops are out of control

  91. 333
    Lord Grytpype-thynne says:

    I hope, come 2012, that the Republican Party can come up with someone better than Sarah Palin, if we are all to be delivered from Obama.Perhaps nCondoleeza Rice could be persuaded to run, although I suspect she is too intelligent to go through all the ballyhoo.McChrystal perhaps?

  92. 349
    Team Ed Balls says:

    We repeat that Michael Gove is toast

    edballsmp This is the text – http://bit.ly/b5G2RK – of my Sunday Mirror article on Michael Gove’s 700-plus school rebuild cancellations

  93. 354
    ACPO Are Scum says:

    Someone on the Guardian put it perfectly in a comment that said the police in this country have become judge, jury and executioner regardless if your innocent or not.

    Did Raoul Moat have a chance of coming out this alive?

    Why didn’t they stick sleeping tablets in the food they gave him?

    Why wait till pitch black darkness where mistakes can easily happen to make their move.

    • 358
      Spyinsky says:

      why set up a 10 mile exclusion zone and upwards as well? if you don’t want the very capable cameras seeing you is why

  94. 357
    Best friends says:

    Stupid bint doing the paper review on Sky says his best friend who was on the scene reckons Moaty was about to give in and surrender just before he was tasered but she questions how the best friend would know this.

    He is Moaty’s best friend you stupid woman. That is exactly why he knew it.

  95. 368
    grim Sim says:

    The fastest autopsy ever conducted has just released the results that Raoul Moats injuries are consistent with the gun he had.This is now beginning to get farcical. It is also said that a member of the Moat family,unidentified has confirmed there are no taser marks on his body. Opinion? Bizarre

    • 371
      Raoul's Dictaphone says:

      How would a member of his family know what taser marks looked like on a corpse, why would they be in the autopsy? We really are in a Police state.

      Remember Ian Tomlinsons ‘autopsy’

      • 381
        The way it is. says:

        we are in the world of questions. that is the way it will stay and the IPCC will conclude it was a difficult fast moving operation were some mistakes are bound to happen.then awards, commendations and promotions.inquiry closed.But we will have moved further along the road of the state.we are the few,the majority are numptys beyond education,that’s why we get to say what we like on sites like this.we are no threat to them.

      • 382
        Anonymous says:

        Fuck off you red neck conspiracy theorist. You’ve got to sign on next Wednesday at 9am, so you need to get some early nights in.

        • 422
          Pi$$head alert says:

          Hey anonymous twat I think Raoul Moat deserved what he got.

          BUT I draw the fucking line at the police telling the world on the news that two tasers where shot at him and then later denying it completely and saying he blew his own brains out.

          The tin foil hat brigade are onto something this time.

          • Anonymous says:

            “You’ve got to sign on next Wednesday at 9am, so you need to get some early nights in.”

            That obviously goes for you too, nit wit.

    • 384
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      According to sky news 20 marine police officers have been searching the river bank directly behind where he killed himself
      i suggest that this was for any remains of his head which might be strewn about the surrounding area i very much doubt if there was much left of him to identifie !

      • 393
        MAD FRANKIE moniker schizo and ODD says:

        woz it a Belgian ped0 wot killed him then ?

        • 395
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          Way past your bed time TaT
          So fuck off while men are talking
          Oh and Nell

          • MAD FRANKIE moniker schizo and ODD says:

            where did my posts go!! boo hoo hoo hooo hoooooo!!

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            Where’s your blog you fucking three video clip saddo ?
            ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • 392
      nell says:

      Look I’m really sorry!.

      Explain to me why are we emoting about this man when he was given a prison sentence for beating up his nine year old son, and on release he took a shotgun to the one woman, of all time, that he said, he loved?!!

      Then apparently he killed a young man who came out to defend her and gunned him down, in the most brutal fashion possible, with a sawn off shotgun.

      Then, even more chillingly, he scoured the streets of newcastle for 24 hours to find an unsuspecting, unarmed policeman, and fired his sawn-off shotgum into his face and then into his chest!!!!

      Great individual , real robinhood!!

      • 397
        Mong Zoo says:

        it’s not about him its how the police conducted themselves and are conducting themselves,this constant drip drip of information and mis information.

        • 408
          nell says:

          What !!!??

          We have a man here who walks around with a sawn off shotgun indiscrimately shooting people and you are telling me this issue is about how the police conduct themselves??!!!!

          Sweetie I don’t thin so !!!!

          • Moat was Murdered says:

            give it a bye, Nell.
            you are getting monotonous and you just don’t get that his character is not the issue.
            police state behaviour is.
            if you don’t get it, just stop spouting the same old “he shot an unarmed cop, he assaulted a kid”
            better still. go to bed.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sweetie , the rest of us DO think so.

          • my word against yours says:

            “Moat was Murdered”

            No he wasn’t.

        • 446
          Taxfodder says:

          A person hit with a Taser will feel dazed for several minutes. The pulsating electrical output causes involuntary muscle contractions and a resulting sense of vertigo. It can momentarily stun or render an attacker unconscious. Yet, the Taser’s low electrical amperage and short duration of pulsating current, ensures a non-lethal charge. Moreover, it does not cause permanent damage or long-term aftereffects to muscles, nerves or other body functions. A January 1987 Annals of Emergency Medicine study reported TASER technology leaves no long term injuries compared with 50% long term injuries for gun shot injuries.

          Seems to me, the time not to be tasered is when your finger is on the trigger of the gun that is pointing at your head.

          With all the resource at Police disposal one would have thought a man with a loaded shotgun, indeed anybody living and wandering about, sometimes in full view all times of the day and night in a small village crammed with plod should have been spotted earlier.

          No doubt our Policemen have a hard and often dangerous job, they are sadly let down by their own abysmal media management, one can fully understand caution during an life threatening crisis, but after, just looks like the game has moved on, like they have something to hide or are more worried about their reputation, jobs and pensions than reporting ALL the facts. (Or maybe they think they should not have to answer to the public).

          They were told to end it right away by the Home Office, one way or another but NOW! (Because, they had failed over the last few days to end it sooner).

          When the Police look incompetent and foolish, their Masters look the same!

          Mr Moat may yet inadvertently claim a few more heads at Police HQ.

      • 405
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        We are not Emoting about what He did But the actions of the police after
        if this goes unquestioned then this could become a much more frequent happening
        the police used to work for the public now they are a law unto themselves
        just look at the change in uniform (it used to be said that a copper could not arrest you if he wasn’t wearing his helmet/hat as he was improperly dressed),
        from a smart shirt tie and trousers to a scruffy/casual storm trooper look
        only last year that poor guy Thompson was just walking home in London and was assaulted by police and died as a result that can’t be right
        they work for us and they should remember that
        i am not anti police on the whole they do a fantastic job
        but unlawful killing is unlawful killing in my book

        • 406
          good night all says:

          fair trials for all,even nell and cops.

        • 414
          nell says:

          Frankie you are wrong this time !!

          I respect your point of view. I like you. But moat was an evil, vicious, violent person who didn’t care if he killed, or permanently maimed, the woman who , He said, was the love of his life!!!

          You would really do that to someone that you really loved wouldn’t you??!!!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            i think many people are capable of killing when provked
            if someone hurts you or your family depending on how bad and your mental state then it is possible for most people
            as i said this is no longer about what he did
            i think eventually this guy would have given himself up
            as he said he loved this woman he loved his kids and he said he has never hit his children
            something is wrong when you have two very conflicting accounts of what happened
            no he should not have done what he did but it appears that others knew he would do it and yet they let him carry on and do it
            why ?
            only time will tell !

          • Uranus, The Magician. says:

            Well – he’s been de-moated now!

        • 416
          the ballad of the ginger geordie domestic abuser says:


  96. 390
    Posh Totty Lover says:

    Julia Hartley Brewer on a repeat of HIGNFY looked mighty tasty with her very ample cleavage on display. She should stand as a Tory candidate. There’s a chronic shortage of top totty in the Commons. Shagger Nokes is too horsey, Hardperson is vile, Beckett’s face makes me ill, and Sarah Teather…no, just no.

  97. 396
    religious retard watch says:

  98. 399
    • 411
      Canford Cliffs for me says:

      So 1600 a month is not the top rate now.lets take the piss and do the same.

    • 427
      peasant says:

      Thinking of all the time the NHS, police, government have all let me and my family down it warms my heart to know that these scroungers are being kept in genuine luxury.

      How is it that Guardian readers would accuse the Mail of racist lies for printing such a story when year in year out they increase, their validity never challenged yet it is the guardian’s point of view which prevails – no politician of note would dare propose the one obvious and fair solution of putting them on a boat home.

  99. 415
    Gorzza says:

    I am prepared to negotiate if we can bring this situation to an end reinstall myself in Downing Street ,
    I have my moral rod in hand and a dressing gown plus fluffy slippers for David

  100. 418
    two taserings before the death says:

    norty, norty, mr plod
    best all get your stories “straight” before the investigation
    and lets hope nobody caught it all on video

  101. 433

    Nothing to do with Palin, but the Mail has a very funny piece about the MP for Rochester, a certain Mark LegReckless, and his excessive bibulousness on the night of the Budget vote.

    Was Guido present to wonder at this entertainment?

  102. 445
    City of Vice says:

    I am scandalised by the actions of the police in all this. What a waste of taxpayers’ money!

    But first, let’s get some things straight. Moat was a violent nutter scumbag. He’s now where he should have been days ago i.e. dead.

    My beef with the police concerns all the Hollywood, robocop bullshit which accompanied the operation. The managerialist PC bullshit speak from Acting Chief Constable down shows that senior police officers were almost as interested in the CV- building aspects of the business and playing with their toys as bringing in Moat pronto. The whole ACPO gig is a blot on our democracy and needs serious looking at, given the levels of police incompetence and lack of accountability. Moat was always going to get a serious tasering, at minimum, as the cops wanted vengence. For them to deny this now is pure bollocks.

    Nonetheless, once he had been cornered the scumbag Moat should have been given a choice – either put the weapon down and surrender yourself within the next 15 mins or get blown away – no ifs no buts. All this ‘Raoul;’ and ‘Mr Moat’ negotiating stuff probably goes down well at ACPO conferences and seminars but is a serious waste of our money. It may also encourage copycat nutters too.

    • 452
      The Law's the law says:

      Must admit I am getting rather worried about the uncontrolled powers of ACPO. On the subject of Taser use they quote following ACPO guidelines as if that makes it OK. Surely the people of this country via their MPS and law of parliament should decide how a policemam goes about his business not the policemasn himself. His job is to enforce the law, not malke it.

      • 464
        Auntie Flo' says:

        ACPO Guidance on the operational use of Taser 2008:

        “The Taser normally causes immediate incapacitation and its effect may also cause muscles to contract.

        This may result in immediate and involuntary clenching of the fingers and/or the arms rising uncontrollably.

        This potential reaction requires to be factored into any decision to utilise the Taser against a subject holding a weapon. If it is believed to be a firearm, the application of the Taser may cause the subject to unintentionally and indiscriminately discharge the firearm.

        Additionally, it has been shown that it is possible, in certain circumstances, for some individuals to maintain enough control to attack with a weapon whilst under the effects of Taser.

        However, if the weapon is merely close to hand the Taser may be useful in preventing the subject gaining access to the weapon.”

        • 465
          Auntie Flo' says:

          ACPO is a private limited company, registration number: 03344583 abd describes itself as follows:

          “The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is an independent, professionally led strategic body. In the public interest and, in equal and active partnership with Government and the Association of Police Authorities, ACPO leads and coordinates the direction and development of the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In times of national need ACPO, on behalf of all chief officers, coordinates the strategic policing response.”

          An advert for an ACPO chief of staff states:

          “you will proactively influence leadership decisions in government and UK policing around the direction and development of the Service.”

          A presumably publicly unaccountable, profit making, private limited company with such huge influence on UK’s policing policy…

          Gets £8 million grant from the Home Office in just one year to develop taser policy…for use of tasers on the public…

          How can that be acceptable?

          • Auntie Flo' says:

            ACPO Ltd’s turnover and profits:

            2007: £19.8 million, pre-tax profit £815,000
            2008 £17.4 million, pre-tax profit £1, 067,000
            2009 £10.3 million, pre-tax loss (185,000)

            1. What do ACPO Ltd’s apparent overheads of £19 million to £10 million a year consist of exactly?

            2. Are our, already very well renumerated, Chief Constables paid/ expensed more for staffing or being directors of the ACPO Ltd Quango?

            3. Why did Brown and Labour allow our chief police officers to turn themselves into a limited company/ Quango which is apparently publicly unaccountable and presumably with its foremost duty to its shareholders? If ACPO Ltd is publicly accountable: how?

            4. How many millions is the taxpayer paying ACPO Ltd annually via Home Office etc grants?

            5. Why did Brown and Labour give our police (and ACPO Ltd?) powers to subcontract our policing to any ‘accreditated’ Tom, Dick or Harry private company, even car parking operatives?

            6. Are private companies paying our police service or ACPO Ltd for the right to take over some of our policing?

            How can privatisation of our policing be acceptable in a so called democratic society?

    • 455
      Anonymous says:

      Not sure why a couple of low tech tracker dogs couldn’t have found him.

      • 457
        Anonymous says:

        That is a mystery. Unless Moat was actually holed up somewhere in Rothbury doused in aftershave and a mate was going around the countryside setting up camp and dropping phones. Moat certainly knew what was being said by the media which seems stange for a man living rough or down a drain.

      • 458
        fucking scrotes says:


        • 459
          BloodHound says:

          Blame Labour, they put us all out of work.

          A pack of Hounds given Moat’s scent would have had him in hours.

  103. 447
    50 Calibre says:

    QUICK go to BBC1. Prezza is about to expolode!!!

  104. 453
    MILF lover says:

    she can cum for me any time

  105. 477
    She's Gonna Git Ya says:

    Oooooh, someone’s running scared. Got their pretty little knickers all in a twist. Boo! Sarah’s comin ta git ya! You just keep telling yourselves she’s stupid. Keep repeating that. It keeps the haints away. LOL!

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Via @courtnewsuk, asked in court about Rebekah Brooks’ letter referring to waiting for 6 years, Andy Coulson says he had a “different interpretation” of their relationship.

Nick Clegg says:

Do you want lies with that?

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