July 8th, 2010

Temper, Temper Tom

This is from last night, but Guido was waiting for decent-quality footage to appear online of his old mucker Tom Watson losing it in the Commons and managing to break pretty much all established Parliamentary protocol in one sentence. It’s fair to say he doesn’t like Michael Gove very much:

Note the apology was only out of “deference” to Bercow, who for obvious reasons wouldn’t like the term pip-squeak.


  1. 1
    Bad Al Campbell says:

    Makes me very proud.


    • 2

      He’s on the Daily Politics today talking about the Commons wine cellar.

      No doubt he’s been researching the subject well judging by the video above


      • 13
        My Vote Never Counts says:

        Perhaps Gove should refer to ‘Mr Arbuckle’ in his next response to this circumferencially-challenged individual.


        • 25
          Anonymous says:

          What an insult.
          He’s just tall sideways.


          • PC Plod says:

            Should have be arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.


          • Oiky Gove says:

            Gove is a fuckwit

            lots of unhappy ambitious Conservative MPs think they should have his job after yet more of his colossal stupidity


        • 125
          North, but not Scotland says:

          Why not just call him a fat cnut, the squeeker would have to say “I just heard you call the member a fat cnut”. Gove would then say “Out of blah blah.. I withdraw calling him a fat cnut. Or is it fair comment?


      • 129
        Madness says:

        One more pie and he will burst.


    • 78
      Peter Grimes says:

      You have to hope that the fat, troughing, lying, ZaNuLieBor c.unt suffers the heart attack that he deserves!


    • 105
      Anonymous says:

      I’d like a bit more of this to be honest.

      Shouldn’t Guido support the breaking of Parliamentary protocol?


  2. 3
    Pip says:

    Please God make Bercow go away or vanish up his own self-importance.
    It seems obvious that he regards the he MPs as mere adornments to his beauty – their errors a chance for the world to witness his competence and wit. Oh please, please please God.


    • 14
      South of the M4 says:

      You request in vain. If there was a God, there would not have been a Gordon Brown.


      • 39

        “I used to wonder if God existed
        Then I discovered, He did.
        It was me.”

        {excerpt from forthcoming memoirs “A life in Fife: The man who saved the world”
        By James Gordon Brown MP}


  3. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    I always behaved well in the Commons. Oh look, they’ve brought me new crayons.


    • 16
      P. Doff says:

      Apart from picking your nose on many occasions… and let’s not go into details of you then putting whatever into your mouth!


  4. 5
    Confused says:

    Which one was the prick? The self-important dwarf or the potty mouthed fatboy


  5. 6
    John Prescott says:

    Good on ya, lad! Now, what naughty lass would like to have a blow on me vuvuzela?


  6. 7
    geoff wode says:

    I bet Tom has to open the window after his morning shit

    I would hate to guess the weight or the diameter of his daily turd


  7. 8
    stepney says:

    Nasty, nasty fucking oik.

    Watson – all nylon shirts and off the peg pants. Probably doesn’t open doors for ladies either.



  8. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Watson reminds me of that unpleasant fat northerner in the Nationwide adverts. But more unpleasant, more fat and more northern.


    • 61
      Raoul Moat says:

      Hey! Fook off yer fooking southern poofter bastard, before I comes down there and rip you a new arsehole!



  9. 10
    Nick Clegg says:

    Northumbria police are offering a £10k reward for info on Raoul Moat. If not caught by next Tuesday i goes up to £20k making it a Raoulover.


  10. 11
    filipinomonkey says:

    Miserable pipsqueak, oh I say!

    That would have Gove quaking in his boots.

    I wonder why it upset that nice Mr Bercow though…


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      Are there any lip-readers here?

      I wonder what the other words were that appear “redacted”


  11. 12
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    A miserable pipsqeak seeking to tar one of the most anti-socialist MP’s in the House with his own brush. Leaving personalities aside, Mr Gove has taken on the most openly partisan socialist Department in the entire CS. I would seriously consider whether Mr Gove has been set up by elements in his department over the cessation of Labour’s unaffordable capital spending programme. Even Maggie failed to break the hold of the Left in Education. Mr Gove has a herculean task, and should be supported by anybody who believes in a liberal education as the right of all UK children.


    • 37
      Unsworth says:

      Yes. And Gove should be sacking one or two of the fuckers pour encourager les autres. Why did his Civil Servants allow this to happen? Are they incompetent or malicious?


    • 43
      Hiram Holiday says:

      Agreed, GOM. And the tragedy of socialists in education is that they understand neither socialism nor education.

      A truly socialist education system would set standards to encourage aspiration and to be useful to the state. Also, it would give equal allocation of resources to all rather than ignoring the able and wasting time and money on idle morons.

      Socialism, as interpreted by the fat arsehole, is guided by two principles…

      1. Entrenched hatred for anybody who was borne luckier than them.

      2. Pulling up ladders as they clamber up the path to riches and power.

      OTOH, he is a fat thug with an equally balanced pile of chips on each shoulder.


    • 57
      Nick2 says:

      Agreed. But I hope that in the meantime Guido (or another co-conspirator) posts a fuller extract of the Watson/Gove interchange – Gove looked angrier than I’ve ever seen him and I suspect his rejoinder would have been fun to see too.


    • 68
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      If I was Gove I would be kicking the arse of a certain civil servant from one end of the corridor to the other and then reallocating him to an overseas posting in South Georgia counting penguins.

      Gove didn’t make this mistake, he was fed duff info from a penpusher, possibly one of those that turned out to “applaud” Peter Mandelson when he “returned” to government.


      • 107
        Thomas Aquinas says:

        Yes, but Gove was boasting about how on top of his brief he was (Ohh errr missus). Obviously not.


    • 123
      Gladys Pew says:

      Yes he has been stitched up.


  12. 15
    Colly Wobbler says:

    Why do we stop hearing his shouting after a bit? Is it the Commons cutting his mike?


    • 22
      Anonymous says:

      Redacted wobbler, redacted.
      Nothing wrong with that.

      It has become an acceptable procedural arrangement.
      This is not remotely to be confused with censorship, things that get done in communist countries to prevent political elites from becoming embarrassed.

      Redacted, Winston, Redacted.
      Do you understand?


  13. 18
    Tight Wad says:

    Looks like Punch has already eaten Judy. Jesus, there is a coronary waiting to happen


  14. 20
    Mr Plum says:

    Does any parent give a shit whether they have a new school building, quality well qualified teachers yes, poncy building no


    • 102
      Unsworth says:

      Exactly, but the whole scheme was a con. The more stupid parents (i.e. Labour voters) believed that new buildings = high quality teaching. The favoured parts of the building trade (i.e. Contributors to Labour) believed that financial support of Labour = bonzer contracts to build cheap ‘education’ sheds which could be sold at extortionate prices.

      Which of these two groups would be right? You have twenty minutes to answer this question, but if you finish before you may leave the exam hall.

      Oh, don’t all rush at once.


  15. 24
    Sir William Waad says:

    It looks like a butcher hog but squeals and grunts like a boar when the sows are hogging.


  16. 26
    Tom Watson and his Jazz Mag Ensemble says:

    yummy yummy yummy i’ve got pies in my tummy


  17. 27
    Twat son....Twatson...T. Watson says:

    I put the ‘twat’ into T. Watson


  18. 29
    Purpleline says:

    A real heavy hitter in politics. That Hunt Prescott the hypocrite live on TV in Ermin, no not Tracy Ermin but a Lord a Baron of Beef of Kingston in the county of Hull who has never taken it up the arse for his country or Lordy Mandlebum in the county of foi
    I love Labour and communists in the Lords, can we do a swap with Russia to get rid of these traitors in return we promise to take on the Ginger bird who shagged an Englishman for a passport.

    Far better than shagging two Indian brothers for a passport eh labour!!!


  19. 30
    Nick B says:

    Is bercow for real? Speaker Berk-Ow’s teashop politics. Rather than asking that weird fat bloke to withdraw the pipsqueak comment, he should reprimand him for being obese and send him away to get some considerable off-cuts in line with current governments cuts.


  20. 31
    gone fuckin mental says:

    dunno about yous , but has anyone noticed how nasty labour have become since losing power?


    • 70
      get on a diet fat boy watson says:

      yes, understandable really. they are incredibly bitter that the proles voted in the tory/lib dem lot. makes me laugh when i see balls/watson et al spitting blood at the government when the government are trying to clear up the poo-doo that el gordo and friends heaped upon the country.


    • 96
      Man of the People says:

      Ive noticed g.f.m. They’re all spite and malice. Of course they were so bloody perfect weren’t they? Hell hath no fury like NuLieber scorned!


  21. 32
    Raoul Moat says:

    Wy ay man. Is this Watson bloke a copper? I fockin hate coppers, man.


  22. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    What day of the week is it? They won’t tell me here.


    • 66
      Sarah Brown says:

      Sit down and shut the fuck up gordon, play with your crayons or something the grown ups are talking at the moment.


  23. 35
    Doc Trough. says:

    Tom is down wiv da fat kidz. It’s rumoured he uses Juan Sheet. Then another Juan. Then another…


  24. 36
    Penfold says:

    What a cnut.

    The’re all in denial and totally self-deluded about financial cutbacks. It’s as if Gordo and Tony hadn’t been the head commissars for the last 13 years.


  25. 38
    Em says:

    What a disgusting, fat, useless tub of shit.

    Sooner he has a massive coronary the better.


    • 111
      Anonymous says:

      He will only take a bed in a NHS intensive care unit & thus deprive a more deserving case.


  26. 40
    Wonka says:

    There’s something very demeaning in a MP who just can’t hold his drink!


  27. 41
    Fuck Labour says:

    Most annoying moment ever at a PMQs was yesterday when BerHunt stopped Cameron who was about to quote a line from Deborah Mattinson’s memoirs. BerHunt interrupted him and said “We won’t be having any of that”. Utter twat. He’d have let a Labour fucker do what they like. Kick this shit out and get George Young in as Speaker.


    • 67
      The TV Licence says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too, the speaker needs replacing asap.


      • 99
        Man of the People says:

        What can we do to get rid of the useless git Bigcow? I’ll help in any way I can and so will many more.


    • 75
      the last quango in Paris says:

      can we have the quote cameron was going to use?

      maybe he would like to use this quote next week:

      “harriet stop screeching and shut up – you lot over there are a bunch of poor losers who tolerated the prime mentalist who still can’t be bothered to show up – you invaded iraq and got our troops killed – you spun and spun so much crap that you don’t know where the lies start anymore. you’re crap, shouty, dumb, immature, jealous and pathetic – start off on the benches opposite, earn a few million and end up in the lords”


  28. 42
    Things can only get.... nastier says:

    Sadly the majority of Labour MPs, like their supporters, are seriously intellectually challenged. Name-calling, viciousness, slogan-spouting, envy and class hatred are their idea of ‘debate’.


  29. 44
    Tracy Temple says:

    I think he’s sexy! My kinda bloke!


  30. 46
    Cock says:




    • 71
      the last quango in Paris says:

      just a thought:

      1. why did labour promise them things it never had the money for so it would never happen?
      2. why don’t the parents fix the leak?
      3. tom do some work.


    • 73
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      Listen Cock, the desire to learn and the ability to stimulate an interest in the subject are two pre-requisites for children becoming educated. The buildings are not as important as you think.

      In Kenya, where they learn in mud huts and almost have to share the pencil, children leave school able to write and spell English to a much higher level than in the UK.

      In India, they didn’t have pocket calculators and found much higher levels of numeracy than the UK. So they banned calculators for all children under 14. This simple action has produced a vast number of highly competent mathematicians. So much so that they are exporting them along with programmers.

      I am not saying we should allow British children to have sub-standard accommodation, I am saying that the basic principles of teaching should be in place before we worry about the fancy bits.


    • 85
      manseman says:

      why are they in a shed after 13 years of socialist utopia? Infact whyare there ANY leaking roofs after 13 years of heaven on earth.


      • 93
        Man of the People says:

        ‘Cock’ is typical NuLieber – blame every bugger else but themselves. Get a grip ‘Cock’ – your argument is ridiculous!


    • 97
      Alex says:

      Oh fuck off cock you lying piece of shit. If any money needs spending on education, it’s to improve teaching standards, not do up buildings. Leaking roofs will still be repaired – there’s a big difference between essential maintenance and rebuilding, but I guess that simple fact of life doesn’t suit your propaganda does it.

      What a fucking cretin you are.


    • 118
      Man of the People says:

      Are the kids bothered? The fuck they are……


  31. 47
    pip says:

    You’d squeak if that fat twat rolled on you!!


  32. 48

    We’re the party of decency, honesty, integrity and probity. We gave the country child tax credits and 13 years of prosperity.


    • 74
      CuttingEdge says:

      Aye…you did that well you are facing 13 years of opposition. Actually, with the boundary changes coming in and a paucity of talent in your ranks, probably more like a lifetime of opposition, assuming the British public don’t suffer mass collective amnesia.

      The only thing Labour has going for it at present is that Del Piero is shaggable (as long as she is gagged – that accent is a serious turn off).


    • 101
      Alex says:

      A boom based on cheap credit and a property bubble that caused millions to carelessly borrow money against the equity of a home whose price would and now has dropped does not constitute prosperity in the minds of any one other than morons like yourself.

      Maybe you should try doing something your namesake really needs to do more often, and engage your brain before your mouth.

      While you’re at it, put your knickers back on, and make us all a cup of tea.


    • 119
      Man of the People says:

      And that ugly bag of shite Glenda Jackson, Another liebor luvvly. She’s god awful horrible to look at.


  33. 49
    Gove The Gay says:

    Em says:
    July 8, 2010 at 11:30 am
    What a disgusting, fat, useless tub of shit.

    Sooner he has a massive coronary the better


    Surely you are referring to Porky Pie Eric The Prick Pickles. Twice the size of Watson


  34. 50
    Blue Lady says:

    This bully is typical of Brown’s clique. Just think this mob (Brown, Balls and Watson, etc) were in charge of running England. They just can’t accept they’re not in power any more but can’t/won’t accept the dire mess they’ve left this country in. Don’t these Nuliebore morons realise there’s no money left, not in England anyway although I suspect the devolved Governments/Assemblies won’t suffer the bulk of the cuts in the same way as England. Why have we not got an English parliament standing up for us in the same way Alex Salmond does for Scotland? I am digressing but we should all be demanding equality with the rest of the U.K. which means our own parliament and then hopefully, we wouldn’t have to suffer the Nuliebore bully boys ever again.

    P.s. The BBC News Channel are in their element. They are running the story of Gove having to apologise literally every few minutes.


    • 64

      Someone needs to leave a note in the woods.
      “Dear Mr Moat. Tom Watson is shagging your ex-missus. And he’s a copper too.
      And he said Schwarzenegger is just a big poof. “


    • 72
      Cassandrina says:

      The Toady Programme this morning had Gove and Watson in focus but totally slanted toward Labour, and then had the gall to have one of their “correspondent’s” rant on and on about Gove’s problems and that more mistakes are to come. Watson was also on but I switched the radio off in disgust so I do not know if his “pipsqueak” comment was on the programme.
      Then they had the Work Institute on about improving the private sector, guess where? the Labour heartland of the northern regions. What a loonie left so-called think tank knows about work, or even the private sector, is well beyond my ken.
      Time for BBC reform and restructure with P45’s to Naughty and Quinn for a start.


  35. 52
    Lady Jane says:

    You know, there’s something very demeaning in a MP who just can’t hold his drink!


  36. 54
    Dinin Aboot says:

    He should have just calmed down and had a nice big pot of riiiiiice and peeeeeeea! Bogle-bogle, bumbersquat.


  37. 55
    Raoul Moat says:

    Today, I lack moativation to do anything.


  38. 56
    Gove-rment rule says:

    We need old, solid buildings with classrooms – that is, rooms with some seats and desks pointing at a blackboard, with a box of chalk.

    Not ‘learning zones’ or ‘interactivity spaces’. Classrooms.

    Also, you did not misread this. I did say Blackboard. BLACK. BOARD.


  39. 59
  40. 60
    Gove The Gay says:

    Yeah. Cancelling the Excellent School refurb programme… All Tom Watsons fault.

    PS another 500 PRIVATE building contractors on the dole.


    • 114
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      There’s no money, what part of that don’t you understand?

      Ok hang on NuLabour educated speak;

      Dis no mony left innit bredbin


  41. 63

    Amma life peer now me, elevated to the upper chamber-pot, the House of Lard.

    We’ve med it now me and my wife, Lardy Prescott an’ none of yus can vote us out, ever.

    We’ve gorrus life-long season-tickets on the gravy train.
    And the pie train.
    And the chips train.
    And the pasty train.
    And the sick it all up train…


  42. 65
    pp says:

    Labour always claimed people got fat because the food companies tricked them by not labelling things properly – so they added more and more information to labels…

    Tom Watson must have the worst eyesight in the country…


  43. 69
    the last quango in Paris says:

    what a cock!

    who elects these morons – first we have Bercow telling the pm to be quiet then this pratt goes in and debases the whole place.

    He should be thrown out.

    And although there was a mix up it is labour who are responsible for raising the hopes of millions of famalies – they are the ones who said they were able to pay for all of these things when they were in the red.

    a balls up you might say.


  44. 76
    link of poo says:

    Watson rubs gravy top beef dripping round his plums in a morning to freshen himself up


  45. 77
    Dorothy Perkins says:

    What cup size is Watson?

    I would like to buy him a new bra


  46. 79
    Lexander says:

    Just imagine Watson and the new Lord of Hull scoffing in a down-town Indian !


  47. 86
    Furious says:

    The fat, salad dodging, pie eating bastard should do us all a favour and shut the fuck up. It was labour swaning around writing cheques that they knew they couldn’t honour before the election and now they run around screaming about how dastardly the Tories.
    I’ve got nothing but contempt for this oafish ugly fat bastard.


  48. 87
    Cynic says:

    The Labour benches were surprisingly full. Were the bars shut?


  49. 88
    Man of the People says:

    Guido, can we PLEASE do something [anything really] to get rid of that sanctimonious git Berkcow? He really does think he’s body-everyself. PLEASE organise/devise something. I am so sick of hearing his acid pearls of ‘wisdom’ and his constant cosying up to Lieber. For a clever man, he doesn’t half talk shite.


  50. 89
    Cynic says:

    After Watson’s outburst Osborne should announce 20% VAT on pies with immediate effect. That’ll show him!


  51. 90
    Diversity queen says:

    No wonder the public have no respect for these puuffed up bastards- they are so much up their own arse hopefully they will disappear!


  52. 91
    Baron P of C unt says:

    Out of deference to the speaker I withdraw the remark “ugly fat fucker who shrieks like a hysterical girl !”


  53. 94
    Fatty Arsefuckle says:

    Here’s Gove’s reaction to Fatso’s rant:

    ‘I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for his question; it gives me the opportunity once again to apologise to his constituents and to other parents and teachers in Sandwell for the confusion that was caused by the mistake that I made on Monday. I understand the passion that he brings to the issue, and I understand how hard he fights for his constituents. I shall be very happy to go to West Bromwich and apologise to those who have been misled by the mistake that has been made. I am more than happy to do so. As I said earlier, the mistake was mine and mine alone, and I am happy to acknowledge it.’

    What a nice, considerate, responsible man Mr Gove appears to be. It’s so refreshing to have real gentlemen in government now as opposed to Labour’s hired thugs and troglodytes.


  54. 103
    justin says:



  55. 104
    Desperate Dan says:

    Tom’s been doing a bit of comfort eating since Labour lost the election.


  56. 106
    Who ate all the pies? says:

    Labour are unbelievable. What a pathetic outbourst from Watson. Did Gove kill any children? From the disproportion response made by Watson, you could be forgiven for thinking Gove had slaughtered innocent children in Iraq. Where was your outrage when that happened under Blair’s watch Piggy Watson?


    • 110
      Jan says:

      I am outraged that Nu-Liebor consituencies have had a disproportionate amount of new-builds.Prezza’s constituency did alright out of the now-halted school building programme.So too did Sheffield.I cannot imagine that ALL the schools in those areas needed rebuilding.Surely the oldest schools ie Victorian built should have been given priority no matter whose consituency they happened to be in?I was looking at the list for London and two schools where I taught had their programmes cancelled.One was post-war,the other built in the 1880s. The Victorian-built one has a 1960s addition but it sometimes takes 15 minutes to get from one building to the other when you factor in the mass of pupils moving between buildings.This school deserved to be rebuilt.It has produced some fine men who have done incredibly well given their very humble beginnings.They have contributed greatly to our society.
      I see there is a new flashy unit in Lambeth for ‘disaffected youths’ (haha).They’ve got state-of-the-art facilities.It’s ironic that these pupils should be rewarded with a brand new building and yet pupils who are diligent and hardworking should have to put up with crap.Still,isn’t this typical of Nu-Liebor that they reward the feckless troubklemakers in our society at the expense of others?The pupils at both schools are from the same ethnic minorities and same chaotic background and the same area. Many boys I worked with had huge problems, escaping civil war and tyranny yet they were a joy to work with. I can imagine that some pupils might want to get excluded so that they can attend the brand new flashy unit. Who would blame them?


  57. 109
    general election victim says:

    fucking hell Tom, calm down me ol mucker or you’ll be having a stroke :D


  58. 112
    Sherlock says:

    It is elementary (schools) dear Watson.


  59. 113
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Since he said “you” are a “pipsqueak”, technically he was calling the Speaker that.

    So it would have to be out of deference to the Squeaker to withdraw…


  60. 115
    Cassandra King says:

    Looks to me like newlabour left some nasty presents for the incoming numpties of the coalition?

    What the f*ck did they think newlabour were doing for 13 years? They were busy placing their socialist stooges everywhere in the civil service and No10 in particular.
    Every government department is a labour employment club and the tories are being assisted by civil servants who were placed there to sabotage them, labour high command knows government business before ministers do.
    The coalition will limp from one leak and planned sabotage to another like a Laurel & Hardy comedy minus the laughs.
    Every civil servant should have been replaced the second they got into power but the coalition muppets seem to labour under the illusion that the civil service would not be so beastly and unfair, bunch of witless muppets.


    • 126
      North, but not Scotland says:

      The condem love-fest is first cutting the amount of civil service redundancy payments down from 3 years salary. Then they will make a start.


  61. 120
    QWERTY says:

    So did bummer Watson lose it when the fucking shit stabbing one eyed jock mong sent our soldiers off to be slaughtered in their hundreds in Iraq and Afghanistan?


  62. 121
    Francis Urquhart says:

    You may think that but I could not possibly comment!


  63. 122
    Jimmy says:

    The Speaker was absolutely right. Pipsqueak was not the appropriate word.


  64. 124

    […] the video clip of Tom Watson MP losing it courtesy of Guido Fawkes.…. but I was sure I’d seen a younger looking Tom […]


  65. 127

    […] Temper, Temper Tom This is from last night, but Guido was waiting for decent-quality footage to appear online of his old mucker Tom Watson […] […]


  66. 130
    A none mouse says:

    Showing himself in his true colours, a rabid dog with no morals or brains…hence being a member of the Labour party


  67. 131
    persiancat says:

    Is this the same Tom Watson that plotted to get rid of Blair and gave us Brown ? Watson can’t seem to get it into that t…. skull of his that if his government hadn’t spent all the money then Gove wouldn’t be cancelling the school building programme. As for Watson’s enthusiam to sell off the commons wine cellar why didn’t the Labour government sell it off. Oh of course his mate Brown was busy selling off our gold at rock bottom prices !!


  68. 132

    Hit and run politics.


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