July 8th, 2010

Prezza “Sidelined” Into the Lords

So it’s Baron Prezza of Kingston-on-Hull. And more importantly Lady Prescott too. A quiet and subdued Prescott has just taken his oath. The millionaire didn’t look very happy during the whole process.

Must have been all that “flummery”…


  1. 1
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    So, the millionaire John Prescott has joined the House of Lords to continue the class war on behalf of the working class? Fat, useless wanker.


  2. 2

    Baron Prescott of Oaf

    ………. fat hypocritical bastard. But he’s mainly an oaf.


  3. 3
    Slippery Passage says:

    C’mon t’Lady Porline t’chippy shuts at Farve.


  4. 4
    Fed up with all the Parties says:

    “Do what I say, but not what I do”

    Now Prezza and Mandelson are locked in an embrace unto death in the HofL (which is not usually all that long there).


    • 221
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      You don’t really think that that slimey rat mandelson has anything to do with that fat working class traitor prscott, do you?

      I can just see it now:

      mandelson: Oh, john you really must come round, I’m haveing one or two guys round to supper, you know, a bit of stimulating conversation over the wine, and all that.

      Prescott: i will come round coz toney said that were out of resession now or was it gorden anyway their both very good on econmicals and now that the tory party is have lost the will of the mandate and Ashdown though i was speaking to harriot last week and Ashdown is very rich and bankrolling the toffs because toney is working hard to help that what is going on in the middle east not the tory’s . . .


  5. 5
    Grimy Miner says:

    This is surely beyond satire.


    • 52

      I am literally too angry to write a coherent rant.

      My blood, piss and saliva are at boiling point.

      I just cannot underst………………………………………………….


  6. 6
    Popeye says:

    Pratt Prescott, doesn’t change, class warrior to the end???


  7. 7
    Blue Lady says:

    I don’t normally swear but HE’S A FUCKING HYPOCRITE LIKE MOST OF THE NULIEBORE SHITE! (That feels better)


  8. 8
    Michael Gove says:

    Just about to set off on a 2 week survival course in Northumberland.

    Sleeping rough, living off the land. Should be a memorable experience.


  9. 9
    Fuck Labour says:

    Surely the fat evil fuck is due a myocardial infarction by now?


  10. 10
    Lord Fat Bastard says:

    I’m looking after the interests of the little people.


  11. 12
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    He follows in the footsteps of such as Manny Shinwell, who graced the Lords benches. and Joe Gormley, who did not. He’s still got his trotters hock-deep in the expences trough though.


    • 173
      Ouch I have just dropped an iron on my foot says:

      Then there is Tony Benn who got a peerage for giving his son a girl’s name


      • 258
        James says:

        You mean Sir Anthony Wedgewood-Benn who inherited one from his father.
        Then renounced it and started calling himself Tony Benn.
        He who said nuclear power would be too cheap to meter.


  12. 13
    Raoul Moat says:

    Wy ay, man. I don’t like the look of this fockin bloke.


  13. 14
    cpcorruption says:

    Two-faced piece of shit.

    And a Common Purpose stooge to boot.


  14. 15

    We are the only party of decency, honesty, integrity and principles. We keep our promises and never let you down. We are for everyone.


    • 30
      Twistwum Hunt says:

      Yes dear, now fetch me a glass of champers comwade!


    • 62

      And then get your tits out.


    • 74
      A spokesman for 100,000 murdered working-class Iraqis says:

      Erm. Are you sure about that? You murdered us. Labour murdered our children. You never even apologised. And is Tony now in prison? Did you expel him from your party? Is this what Labour stands for? Murdering the working class?


    • 210
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      Decency? How about an illegal war in which 100,000 civilians died.

      Honesty? WMD anyone?

      Integrity? Opening the floodgates to immigrants “to rub the right’s nose in it.”

      Principles? Doubling the rate of income tax for the poorest workers? Letting in millions of immigrants to cut the job prospects and wages of British workers? Murdering 100,000 people in Iraq?

      Keeping promises? Didn’t Labour promise a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty? Even, as Tony said, if its title changed?

      Never let us down? You did, in every way.


  15. 16
    Lord of the Pies says:

    I shall enjoy using my title as I play croquet at Dorneywood.

    It rather suits me don’t you think?


  16. 18
    Worst Deputy PM Ever says:

    Baron Prescot, who at all the pies? u fat bastard u fast bastard

    and dont be banging your new secretary over your new desk ya fat fuck


  17. 19

    This is an utter disgrace.

    In my eyes, this abominable, hypocritical appointment does more damage to British politics than the expenses scandal. The expenses abuse was quite typical of what goes on in any public office anywhere in the world. Even in private businesses from nicking nuts and bolts from the stores to using insider knowledge on the trading floor, it happens all the time.

    However, to appoint the fattest, laziest, thickest, most obscenely rude c*unt in British politics to a place he publicly despised everyday of his life, though secretly envied, has to be the biggest mistake ever and one that has truly made a huge difference in the way I shall view politics and its decision making process for the rest of my life.

    I am absolutely ashamed to be British today.


    • 27
      Lord of the Pies says:

      Now, now, Sir Trev, just calm down.

      I started off as a working class man, despising the system but, as I climbed the greasy pole I realised that I didn’t really give a fuck about the man on the street.

      The more I saw of the upper classes the more I wanted that style of life for myself; the titles, the grace and favour homes, the two Jags, the bint on the side, the mock Tudor beams, the whole fucking shamboogler.

      Now that I’ve got my title, I’m like a dog with two cocks and nobody can take that away from me.


      • 69

        Cameron needs to appoint a herald to walk in front of Lord Tubby, blowing a fanfare. “Make way, make way. The most unprincipled man in the land is approaching…Make way!”


    • 29
      ENGLISH says:

      English ENGLISH


    • 53
      Lexander says:

      Sir Trev has it absolutely correct. How did this ignorant oaf ever escape the retribution he deserved? I truly think he remains an everlasting reminder of so called socialist gone putrid.


    • 193
      Mister Knobby says:

      Hear, hear, Sir Trev. Well said. Shameful.

      But let’s not get too sad: go and run your hand up Caroline Norks’ thigh – you’ll feel much better. In fact, give her one from me, please.


    • 242
      the old Dufflebag says:

      sir trevor it says everything about brown and nothing of prescott who is seen by anyone with a brain cell as an ignorant hypocrite.


  18. 20
    the last quango in Paris says:

    bless him – in that garb the millionaire bulimic looks like the normal working man on the street, he really does!

    He NEEDS to be lavished at the H of L, wined and dined and titled so he can stand up for the working men just like him.

    typical champagne socialist – all equal just as long as they are a little more equal than others.

    Having a title doesn’t buy you manners or dignity.

    fat useless dumb oaf.


    • 31
      HGV1 says:

      Bless him? If he ever crosses the road in front of me!!!


      • 235
        Highway Code says:

        By the size of Prezza (our Pauline-of-the-bouffant-hair’s bit of rough), you’ll need to treat him like a roundabout.


  19. 22
    Penfold says:

    I didn’t realise that the bar stewards in the House of Lords all wore fancy uniforms.
    Prezza will feel well comfortable and enjoy the trips down memory lane as he gets the refills.


  20. 23
    House of Gits says:

    Just another two figured salute from our beloved political class.


  21. 24
    Mr Plum says:

    He’s was always harping on about change, now he’s change his mind



  22. 25
  23. 26
    gone fuckin mental says:

    If there is ever a example of reform needed then this fat Hunt is it , you thought mandy was bad well you aint seen fuck all yet


  24. 28
    . says:

    Fuck this.I’v had enough


  25. 32
    Danny Alexander says:

    Why all the jokes about Raoul Moat?

    I’ve never heard of the man.

    Anyway, im off to a fancy dress party up in Rothbury, just got a sweet looking Police man costume.

    should be good.


  26. 34
    gildedtumbril says:

    Baron Tosspot of pork pies and pigshit. A fat arsehole (24 carat)
    I curse him and all his bastard chums,down the corridors of hell for an eternity and then some. Bastards!


  27. 35
    filipinomonkey says:

    A millionaire huh, those Hull to the Hook of Holland barman earn more than you’d think…


  28. 36
    What O Tyler says:

    who’s up for a violent uprising while the cops are hunting Moaty?


    • 102
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      You mean whilst the plod are busy hiding from the nasty man? Bravely running away?

      Sign me up. I’m beyond caring about any of the useless shower of shit in Parliament.


    • 131
      Revolting Englishman says:

      Think what a rebel SAS troop could do. Four well armed men could take over the bleedin’ country.


      • 195
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        That’s why they’re in Afghanistan without much in the way of support or weapons, being shot and blown to pieces to protect an evil repulsive barbaric government a worthy democratic ally of the West.

        There’s method in our government’s madness.


  29. 37
    Brassed Off says:

    There’s no truth in the rumour that a Mr Neilson is expected to be offered a position in the Lords when he becomes a free man?


  30. 39
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    I’ve asked before and still not had an answer, even Wikipedia can’t help – can anyone point to a single useful thing he’s done in his entire career?


    • 47
      Engineer says:

      It is rumoured that he once served the beverages on a cruise liner. Probably spilled them more often than not, though.


    • 50
      gone fuckin mental says:

      He could be plug for bp oil spill ?


    • 54
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      Didn’t he help hasten the decline of UK’s Merchant Navy? Not a bad move for a nation that is surrounded by sea and needs to export to survive. He must have learnt how important that was when he did his degree in Economics at Ruskin Hall.


    • 64
      Mr Plum says:

      He once took an egg for the team


    • 158
      Desert Rat says:

      Not yet, he hasn’t died


    • 174
      Uncle John says:

      Stood down at the last election?
      Now an inspiration for all who wish to abolish the Lords??


  31. 40
    Camerons Tories love the EU says:

    Fat millionaire socialist hypocrit who has done no one any good ever apart from himself.

    The real left wing hate Prescott


  32. 44
    Engineer says:

    “The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last.”

    Yet more stoats slaughtered in vain.


  33. 45
    Typical Socialist says:



  34. 46
    Up in arms says:

    Fuck it,I’m going Moaty on this


  35. 48
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Fuckin chump


  36. 49
    P. Doff says:

    Re: the photo… I bet it’s not the first time he’s poked his head into a furry opening.

    Sorry I mentioned it… the thought of that really makes me shudder!


  37. 55
    Mandelbum of Waddesdon Manor says:

    Prezza always di like Mock Tudor beams…

    He’s surrounded by them now…

    he has arrived…


    • 60
      Fat Pig Watson says:

      Watch out Mandy

      I will lamp you if you are rude about my friend Prezza…

      And you know I have form in the gutter department…


    • 217
      Anon says:

      Eeh by eck as like, who’d ave bluddy thought it Pauline, me sittin in th’bluddy ouse ov lords, he, he, he, an being a bluddy millionaire t’boot, ar’s new I did th’right thing going in’ta poli-tics an fightin for th’workin man, eeh they dun me proud, I can’t stop laffin Pauline, he, he, he


  38. 56
    Washington Post says:

    Northumberland police have asked for US help in hunting Raoul Moat. After a quarter of UK police and SAS now drafted up there failed to find him


    • 71
      Plod Hopper says:

      ‘not surprised as he’s probably sitting in a bar in Amsterdam drinking coffee!!!Still the Yanks couldn’t even find WMD in Iraq so this Moat guy will feel pretty safe!


      • 99
        T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

        Cripes !! Haven’t they called off the search for WMD yet ?? They never existed, dontcha know ??


        • 107
          Kelly says:

          I did, but unfortunately they didn’t!!


          • Bad Al Campbell says:

            Get back in your grave and stay there. You and your opinions were deleted, sacrificed on the alter of the Greater Socialist Utopia.


    • 164
      Desert Rat says:

      He’s advising Bin Liner


  39. 58
    gone fuckin mental says:

    “Lets all do a moaty “


  40. 59
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Now I’m a member of the Ermine Vermin you can all osculate my enormous posterior.


    • 63
      MI5 says:

      Send Diane Abbot to join the Ermine Vermin while you are at it

      She will show them how to boogle boogle woogle…

      What a fooking farse the Other Place has become



    • 90
      Jabba the Hutt says:

      Talking of lardarses, that Tom Watson looks very much like me.


      • 236
        Habber Dashery says:

        I saw the lardy lump on DP today.

        Jeez, his chairs must need extra strong strengthening.


  41. 65
    My Lord Prezza of Trough, Noo_Lie_Bore Illumination, Raconteur, bon Viveur, Lecher and *** says:

    ‘ere – I don’t give a toss for that money stuff! . . . let’s talk about food willya!

    That café place – see the menu? . . . didya . . ? . . . didya . . ?


    Two soft boiled eggs ‘n soldiers!

    Not enough fer me though!

    But I do like soft things – kno what oi mean . . ?

    I’m a tit man meself . . . nice soft bulgy ones are best . . !

    Anyone got a sandwich . . . ? . . . patsy . . . ? . . . pie . . . ? . . . anything . . ?

    I floated up the Thames once . . . like a big black **** . . just shows don’t it . . ?


    • 72

      Any truth that you can fart out ‘The Red Flag’ through a vuvuzela?


      • 125
        Unfaithful Lord Prescott of Pigout says:

        I don’t do did Red Flag songs sunged. One’s a Lord now and very very rich.

        So p*ss off, you grotty little oik and all them that are like you.


  42. 67
    Mr Moat says:

    Is this Prescott a fockin copper? I fockin hate coppers. They make me go all shooty.


  43. 70
    streamfisher says:

    Lord Sandwich: You sir! will die of the pox or at the gibbet!

    John Wilkes, libertarian: That sir! would depend on whether I embraced your Mistress or your politics.


  44. 76
    Raoul Moat: The new face of Cilit Bang says:

    BANG! And the fuzz is gone.


  45. 77
    Dorothy Perkins says:

    tub of fucking lard


  46. 81
    Baron Prescott is at lunch says:

    I’ll have 2475 Big Macs, 1895 fries, and 895 cokes. Ta.


  47. 83
    Unsworth says:

    Things we do for love, eh? I’ll bet Pauline will be really grateful, won’t she?

    Did the earth move for you, Prezza?


    • 243
      Mrs Smith...Rochester says:

      I feel sorry for the silly haired cow..the thought of that slobby twat for a husband is repulsive…she must have spent most of their later years totally embarrassed by his antics and ridiculous syntax


      • 254
        Unsworth says:

        Poor cow is probably cringing at the thought of the old ‘conjugals’ with the fat sweaty bastard. Imagine that! Truly unwholesome.


  48. 86
    Tracy Temple says:

    Oh, power is such an aphrodisiac! Come here, Johnny! Let me blow on your vuvuzela!


    • 156
      just seeking clarification says:

      Aren’t vuvuzelas long and hard, whereas Prescott’s ickle-wickle skinny sausage is teensy weensy flopsy wopsy?


  49. 88
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can I have a peerage?


  50. 91
    Tom Watson says:

    I’m the only fat stupid useless Hunt that matters now.


    • 115
      RavingMad says:

      yes, we’ve heard about you, you pipsqueek.

      Is that the fuckin’ best you can do, you cnut?


  51. 94
    A raoully bad man says:

    I need a quick getaway. Anyone got a moataboat?


  52. 98
    Fuck Labour says:

    The police should get Raoul Moat just for having such a godawful name. What the fuck kind of name is that?!


    • 117
      Grimy Miner says:

      Is there any truth in the rumour that, if Mr Moat is not captured by Saturday night, the National Lottery are going to double the reward money and call it a ‘Raoul Over’

      I’ll get my coat…………..


    • 140
      PC Plod says:

      It is right and correct that we celebrate diversity and welcome the community’s freedom to express itself by naming their offspring in any manner that they see fit, providing that said name is not defamatory towards other valued members of Britain’s rich and diverse valued communities of faiths, sexual preferences and socio-economic backgrounds.

      And we can’t ‘get’ him because he’s very nasty and we’re frightened of him.


      • 246
        knobnuts says:

        quite but still a silly name for a bouncer when he appears whiter than any raoul I’ve ever noticed…perhaps he was bleached at birth


  53. 100
    Sarah Beard, tweeting from Canterbury says:

    I’ve got some carpet burns. I’ll be fine, don’t worry.


  54. 108
    Chris Bryant says:

    He gives me the horn.


  55. 110
    Grimy Miner says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour that, if Mr Moat is not captured by Saturday night, the National Lottery are going to double the reward money and call it a ‘Raoul Over’

    I’ll get my coat…………..


  56. 119
    gone fuckin mental says:

    How come tony blair aint in the lords , i mean thatcher in there and major is a sir , what about blair (i would rather the Hunt is hung drawn and quatered but hey ho)


  57. 123
    Grab it Prezzer says:

    Can you blame him? Look at the public.Listen to them being interviewed on the news on the Moat hunt. They are totally stupid. Look at what we have? What they voted for, and what they didn’t. Fuck em.


  58. 126
    Raoul Moat says:

    Wy ay man! I’ll only give meself up if Jimmy Nail comes and gives me his ootagraph, man!


  59. 129
    Gordon Brown says:

    Fear me! Love me! But most of all, fear me!


  60. 133
    Gordons cat says:

    has anyone noticed if you comment on your own comment it gets modded,a bit of a pain if your correcting a mistake,Guido fucking it up more,sites losing visitors like fuck


  61. 134
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi , My names Tim Lovejoy and i am a legend


  62. 139
    Gambler says:

    any bets on Moaty going 7 days?what odds


  63. 141
    Stan Butler says:

    The working class can kiss my ass, I’ve got the Foremans job at last.
    One duplicitous wanker. He has never had a real job, just suckled at the teat of the taxpayer for most of his life. He has as the morals of a snake. He has shat over every working class man and woman in the country. Much like the rest of New Labour really.
    If there was ever a time for reform of the Lords then it is now. With shit like Prescott and Mandleson in the Lords then we are fuc*ed.


  64. 143
    Groucho says:

    I have just looked up the definition of ‘nobility’ and it seems to mean the exact opposite of John Prescott


  65. 145
  66. 146

    I might be uneducated I might be a national embarrassment I might be the most graceless hypocrite in the world and of which prioritising all the evidence one could ever need that there is nought meritocratic about New Britain and to the contrary I am not any meritocrat my grandfather was a miner.

    I might be a fat useless pile of shite.

    But you Tory plebs ‘ad best tek note that me an’ Lardy Prescott ‘ave joined the nobility and there’s nought yus can do to tek it away from us.

    We’ve gorrus lifelong season-tickets on t’ gravy train.

    An’ t’ pie train.
    An’ t’ chips train.
    An’ t’ sick it all up train.


  67. 147
    gone fuckin mental says:

    so that fat hoon is now a lord , that will bring the iq off the house right down


  68. 159
    Blogging into tyranny says:

    As Freedom Sunsets into Perpetual Night
    todays headline in Guidos favourite site,read it and consider what you have



  69. 160
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Once again the US laughs at us as more liebour wastage is revealed.


    • 163
      Dumb Limeys says:

      wait till they get on the Moat fiasco.


      • 225
        50 Calibre says:

        Wait till they find out about Abu Hamza’s extradition hearing!!!

        This ruling says all you ever needed to know about the United Kingdom’s descent into the nonsensical world of Human Rights where the lawyers make a fortune and the bad guys become untouchable.

        The trouble is that the government doesn’t have the bottle to put him and his family on the next flight to New York and let the US courts do whatever they want with him. Then cancel their passports and let the dripping wet Strasbourg mob go to hell and take every Human Rights lawyer with them.

        Oh if only that Theresa May would do that, I would worship the ground she walked on…


  70. 166
    Me Phones off man says:

    Sim card has just been on saying Moaty has now threatened the public,total and utter shite


  71. 167
    The plot thickens says:

    Well well well. The police are saying Moaty is now a danger to the public but they won’t say why. Is this a genuine threat or are the police trying to turn the public against him?


    • 169
      Stazi Watch says:

      Sky are saying the were rabbit is his main target that’s why she did a walk about yesterday,the liar


    • 176
      Plod says:

      ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello


    • 177
      Groucho says:

      I can’t imagine why the public should be worried about a gun wielding homicidal ‘roid rage nutcase.


      • 203
        unconcerned citizen says:

        He’s only got it in for the politically correct muppets in the Plod Service, the paramilitary wing of the Labour Party.

        He’s a national hero. One down, about 99,999 to go.


    • 204
      Mister Knobby says:

      What do you think? You don’t believe the Rozzers bother with trivial things like evidence or justification, do you?

      And have you ever seen a more ludicrous hairdo as that Acting (ha!) Chief Huntstable bird?


  72. 168
    Who's our leader says:

    if Guido did a moaty and the stazi story he would get the following he had a year ago when post comments were in the 1000 +


  73. 171
    Finbar Saunders says:

    Is there room for anyone else when Lord Shitbreak of Hole is shitting in the upper house.

    Oh I hope it isn’t upstairs with his weight.


  74. 178
    streamfisher says:

    Going by the posturing,when, if, they do catch up with him it will be just like the end scene in Bonny and Clyde.


  75. 179
    Jonathan says:

    I suspect the likes of Richard Neville Earl of Warwick and Salisbury is turning in his now unmarked grave at Bisham Abbey now that odious oiks such as this fat lump are being elevated to membership of the House of Lords. I thought Bliar wanted to reform the House of Lords – hence his forced ejection of the hereditary peers – to be replaced by the likes of this socialist(?) cretin. Hardly democratic. But then when have socialists ever cared about democracy?


  76. 190
    Man of the People says:

    I can’t believe the sheer hypocricy of Lard Prescott. Bang go his socialist principles, along with his self respect – the fat, pretentious Hunt!


  77. 194
    The Man Who Came In From The All Women Shortlist says:

    “BARON” Prescott , you really could not make this up.

    This is beyond parody. What a disgraceful self serving hypocrite this man is


  78. 201
    God Help Us! says:

    Prescot in the House of Lords is the final indignity in the decline of the UK


    • 206
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      No, that honour will go to socialist traitor Dave Cameron when he prostrates himself at the feet of Herman van Rumpypumpy and hands over the deeds to the UK.


    • 222
      Diversity queen says:

      The biggest insult to the hard working labour voter.
      Prescott is full of shit


  79. 205
    Lord Hezza says:

    Don’t worry, I’ll show him which knife and fork to pick up when he’s in the Lord’s Restaurant demanding pies and faggots and peas.


    • 224
      Anonymous says:

      Your help will not be needed m’lord. He uses a spoon. Can stuff more food into his big gob more quickly.


  80. 207
    Traycee says:

    He does like to dress up, does John. You should ‘ave seen wot he’d got on when we was shagging me in ‘is office. Larf, I nearly peed meself.


  81. 212
    Southern Softy says:

    Perhaps Lord Melton of Mowbray was already taken.
    Baron Prescott – I wonder if he’s already booked up for the panto season?


    • 250
      Quorn a fox says:

      the very last thing Melton Mowbray would want would be prescott associated with them in any way…thats like gordon wishing someone good luck..the kiss of death


  82. 218
    Dysgwr Cymraeg says:

    You couldn’t make it up, you really couldn’t ! Fat useless git.


  83. 219
    Sky News Alert says:

    Raoul Moat has sent a letter to the police saying that Baron Porky of Kingston upon Pie has gone to the top of his hit-list.


  84. 223
    50 Calibre says:

    Poor Lord Prezza of Pie & Mash. It must be awful for him being surrounded by people who can string sentences together that make some sense, even when they are pissed.

    His coronet will not have such powers of composition, but him being there at all tells you all you need to know about why that place needs some serious reform.


  85. 231
  86. 233
    Willsteed says:

    Baron Pizza


  87. 234
    Man of the People says:

    Wonder what his coat of arms is like? I can’t wait for the responses!


  88. 249
    Lord's a leaping says:

    I saw fatso most days during the conference when his fling with tracy was in full flow…he couldn’t manage a smile to anyone and his staff were perpetually making excuses for him and his ignorance..ermine clad hypocrite is a disgrace.


  89. 253
    Voice of Treason says:

    The fat, ugly hypocrite. Here he is in his ermine pantomime costume doing exactly what he preached aginst all his socialist life. He epitomises all left wing socialists for what they really are. Tony Woodley and Bob Crowe are the latest in a long line of hypocrites – each earning over £100,000 + per year while encouraging low paid workers to strike. Prescott is king amongst them all – foul, loud-mouthing, uncouth brothers who laugh all the way to the bank.


  90. 256
    maredaeicethotmail.com.uk says:

    Juliet Samuel said no!


  91. 257
    Gladys Pew says:

    I really hope he reads this. I come from a working class background, Grammar school helped me get an education. I find Prescott the sort of hypocrite that a good dose of bowel cancer could cure. I don’t think he realises how hated he is. Please some one tell him.


    • 260
      Grimy Miner says:

      Gladys – you are endowing our most noble, and recent, Lord with powers he is genetically unable to possess. He struggles to read the most basic menu in the local chipper, so reading, and more importantly comprehending, your post is so far beyond him that it appears, to him, to be some superior language.


  92. 262
    Anonymous says:

    Did you watch his “enoblement” ceremony?

    I’m sure that at the point where he swore to be faithful his nose started to swell!!


  93. 266
    Mr Miggins says:

    Prescott is a truly ugly, loathesome individual. I can’t look at him without feeling physically sick.


  94. 267
    The Great-Welsh-Windbag says:

    What-ho Prezza.
    See you at the drones – look you.


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