July 8th, 2010

Miliband’s Millionaires

For all the hustings and the hype, what really makes leadership campaigns successful is the hard cash. And no surprise that favourite David Miliband has raised nearly five times that of his closest financial rival Ed Balls.

  • David Miliband -£185,000
  • Ed Balls – £28,000
  • Ed Miliband – £15,000

Abbot and Burnham haven’t even raised enough to need declaring yet. Ouch.

So where is Miliband’s money coming from? He has declared that there are three Lords pulling his strings. Blair’s old chum Lord Sainsbury gave £20,000, Lord Alli used a proxy company to give £50,000 and Lord Puttnam threw in a cheeky £10,000. The novelist Ken Follett gave Balls the bulk of his money. Cha-ching.


  1. 1
    gone fuckin mental says:

    what waste of money


    • 10
      Shortly Balls says:

      I’m surprised bollocks has raised any money at all. When his Donate page has been displaying this message right from the start.

      Our online donations function will go live shortly.



    • 13
      Too true says:

      Fools and their money..

      I can understand it with Lord Sainsbury; isn’t he the arrogant pillock who managed, before being sacked, to get his supermarket chain demoted from the Number One spot down to .. what is it now? Third place or is it fourth?

      As for the others.. unbelievable. Wealthy and older than 30 and yet socialist. Unforgivable.


      • 28

        Socialism is circular.

        When you are poor you are a socialist
        When you are just getting by you are a Liberal
        When you are well off you are a Tory
        When you have so much money that giving away £300 million wouldn’t hurt you, you are a socialist.


        • 71
          The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

          “When you have so much money that giving away £300 million wouldn’t hurt you, you are a socialist.”

          Sorry Bill, but when it is YOUR money, you are a philanthropist.


        • 73
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          If I ever make a billion quid, I’ll prove you wrong.


    • 46
      Her Arrogance, Princess ‘Po-Face’ Podium Polytwaddle, talking down at people from her Ivory Tower, says:

      I am always right.

      I am never wrong.

      I’ll have you know that, even though one campaigns for what one believes are things that they (the poor) want, one must remember that one is inherently, – and at heart – POSH.

      And that means that only the extremely wealthy can afford to be socialist.

      I am rich enough to be a socialist. And so is my dear boy Gorgon. And Millisquit.

      Others do not count.

      Why feign surprise?

      But I must rest a little longer after a leisurely champagne luncheon. Then I must approve the menu for dinner and other necessary chores.

      Oh and write something for my adoring Grouniad readers.

      But that nagging ache is coming back again. It’s the thought of Gorgon! Oh his voice! His deep thrusting response to my questions! His searching analysis of my . . . ! . . Oh . . I‘m going . . . . don’t help me! . . . let me bliss out in status polytwadlicus. . . !


    • 56
      Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Fxxking Hull says:

      I can offer them a right proper fxxking cuppa of Rosie Lee, served on a socialist silver spooned platter and me wearing me right proper uniform of the working masses…….blah blah blah


    • 69
      I hate Tesco says:

      Remind me never to read a Ken Follett novel, let alone buy one. Just shows – you don’t need a brain to be a successful writer.


  2. 2
    Cant say my real name says:

    Raul moat now a danger to the public


    • 7
      The Undertaker says:



    • 9
      Cant say my real name says:

      ah i didn’t finish my post above because i wanted to get the first one in.

      anyway, they bill have arrested two more guys and what I think one scenario is they (2 people arrested) are using in there defense that they had no choice but to provide with help because he’s getting desperate and may harm the general public trying to escape.

      another scenario is the camp fire was just a decoy and he’s now on his way down to london/spain/wherever and totaly thrown the police off his trail.

      I read on another forum the Raul Moat is very well known on the prison circuit and has alot of underworld contacts who’d go out of there way to help him.


    • 36
      A man - a Police man? says:

      Aye! Det Chief Supt Neil Adamson (who has the IQ of a clothes peg) said, at rate of one word ever 58 second, while swing his head from side to side like an elephant shagging a horse, Moaty is now going to start killing paraplegics with an axe (hooray!)


      • 120
        Jonathan says:

        The officer you mention is not much of an advert for the police force, but then the female Chief Constable of Northumbria (?) with her exceedingly weird hairdo and equally grating voice is even worse.

        One wonders if Mr Moat has actually widened the scope of his targets – or are the police seeking to justify a shoot-to-kill policy when Mr Moat is finally apprehended? The local police force has been made to look utterly ridiculous and there is nothing more guaranteed to spur the police into tardy action than to target one of their own, irrespective of how many of the public they may have let down/gunned down in the meantime.

        After all, if the threat, apparently made by Mr Moat as he was about to leave prison, had been acted upon, then one man shot dead and two others serious injured might have been avoided.


      • 139
        Fishy Onadishy says:

        She does look a bit like Caravan Beckett and he sounds like Wearside Jack. Is this a coincidence?

        This Moat bloke is taking the piss. Get the piano wire ready as I don’t want to pay tax to lock him up again.


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      Run Moaty, run. Honk your horn at 6pm tonight if you want Moaty to evade capture by Plod,


      • 94
        Airey Belvoir says:

        The plod have only said that Moat is now a danger to ‘the wider public’ because when it was police only he was sworn to slot, they feared that the public would not be too bothered about turning him in.


        • 147
          Us and Them says:

          They were right too, nobody I know could care less if the uniformed branch of the Inland Revenue, gets wacked. The police crossed the rubicon, a long time ago.


      • 166
        Slippery Passage says:

        Follow his tweets, the plod obviously aren’t



        • 167
          Raoulontherun says:

          “Ey up lads. Sorry for bein’ a bit quiet, like. Thought the rozzers had turned up. Turns out it was just a randy badger. Shot it anyway, tho'”


  3. 3
    Sniper says:

    The People’s Flag is deepest red…


    • 136
      Ash Kenazy says:

      The gift that goes on taking. Chase the money, and you’ll find the real story.


  4. 4
    John Terry's Wonga says:

    I want Daphne Miliband to win so that it’ll look really good when the leader of the opposition is asked awkward questions about torture, rendition etc. He’ll then have to resign leading to another leadership campaign, one that will see the ultimate victory of satan’s little helper.


    • 65
      Mr Spock says:

      So Mr Wonga, you wish a shapeshifter – the person you call Miliband – to become the Leader of the Socialist Rich List. He isn’t a homo sapien, of course but a Klingon pretending to be a Vulcan. And only alien sorts can interpret his real purpose. You will note that both he and his brother appeared on your Earth. Fully formed. There was no childhood…….like John Redwood, another…….


    • 170
      Allan@Aberdeen says:

      It takes Satan’s money to get his helpers into power, and Satan controls the media and history curriculum so that the matter of how Hitler and Lenin/Trotsky got the huge amounts of money AND FROM WHERE is never discussed. Here’s a clue: Satan lives in Wall Street and the City of London.


  5. 5
    The Undertaker says:

    Politics is dead


  6. 6
    gone fuckin mental says:

    what right minded person would give any of these a single penny?


    • 22
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      I would, if it were a highly radioactive penny, or a penny with an little transmitter in it that let an overhead Predator drone target the position with Hellfire missiles.


  7. 8
    • 20
      Wish I had taken a change of clothes with me says:

      What’s that smell?


    • 50
      Sir William Waad says:

      Why? He’s just another parasite.


      • 84
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        Yes, but a parasite that executes members of Labour’s paramilitary wing, The Plod. They who battered the heads of peaceful protesters in Parliament Square, they who harass and demonise the decent whilst turning a blind-eye to feral chav scum.

        Should I hate him, should I like him? Ooh, tough choice. I think I’ll go for “like him”. I like him very much.


  8. 11
    Dripper says:

    More money than sense, unless, of course, the terms of payback are favourable!!


  9. 12
    Moaty is the rebel leader says:

    you should get a few hits soon.


  10. 14
    Market Forces says:

    the new gov think they are going to sell a bank.think again.



  11. 15
    gone fuckin mental says:

    labour must like wasting money


  12. 21
    Manchester City spokesman says:

    We can confirm the signing of Moat as his shooting skills are the best in the world . He has signed a 4 year deal and will be payed 160k a week , He will wear the number 10 shirt .


  13. 23
    gone fuckin mental says:

    is it true that this raul bloke is more popular than the labour party ?


  14. 24
    USS Nimitz says:

    USS Nimitz: Relay to UK/N/Police

    The capt regrets to inform you he cannot authorize a nuclear strike in the area requested. The Capt appreciates how difficult it is for you and wishes you luck.
    message ends.


  15. 27
    Plod better armed than Pongos says:

    How come we are suddenly seeing hundreds of police descending on Northumbria kitted out with better body armour than the boys out in Afghanistan? They are better armed too.

    I wonder how long they have had this kit and how it was paid for.


    • 31

      Put some speed cameras up. He’ll walk into one soon enough. We all do.


    • 37
      Fuck Politics says:

      I just heard some of the lads in the Legion say that.


      • 41
        Safety in numbers says:

        Crazy. Imagine if it took a thousand Squaddies to go out on patrol to capture just one lightly armed Taliban.


        • 64
          Sir William Waad says:

          You do wonder where all these police go when there’s no great spectacle. Do they hibernate in pods under railway bridges? Do they while away their time stop-n-searching? Or are they doing “paperwork” (ie. playing World of Warcraft?)


          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            Attending diversity awareness courses, probably. And loving it. Flicking through the coursework books, every page showing a smiling non-white face, just like Labour’s vision of what Britain should be.

            On a lighter note, I think the Plod should hire Douglas Hogg; he’s pretty good at getting moats cleared.


    • 95
      AC1 says:

      Because the PC Service is the state security force. Getting “them” up by keeping us down.


      • 99
        Cant say my real name says:

        Yes the Polices main job isn’t to catch criminals but to keep the honest people in check and bowing down to filth in westminster. And this hole incident just goes to show when you do take a stand how fragile and incompetant the politicans state enforcers really are.


    • 106
      Cant say my real name says:

      The soldiers in afghanistan don’t matter (to them). The police do because they are force guarding the politicans front doors.


  16. 32
    Easy vet says:

    BBC are going on about gays entering the UK to claim asylum.
    “How can you tell if someone is gay?”

    Well, I suspect bumming them would be a good indicator. Anyone who screams No..no..Allah help save me from Big Barry! is back on the plane.


    • 47
      Poofs Charter says:

      It’s a poofs charter. I trust the authorities will deport them the first time the are spotted taking a girl out.


      • 78
        I am Sick says:

        Do you imagine for one moment the “authorities” will ever monitor hundreds, soon to be tens of thousands, as soon as the word gets around, “gay” asylum seekers, escaping “persecution” in the Muslim world?
        Dream on, we can’t even deport Hamza to the U.S. FFS, because the EU have ruled his “human rights” are in danger Stateside.
        What chance sending anyone back to the ME no matter what they do or have done if they play the “gay card”? Precisely, zero.


    • 66
      Ben Dover says:

      All rag heads are bourneville takers……vide T. E. Lawrence and his Seven Pillars of Wisdom. ;-)


    • 129
      Bigot, a really really big one says:

      So as well as B****R**t, Britain is now haven to ***s, *******s, *******s, *******s, *********s, the Bliars, and all the other dross that infests this corner of the world.

      Thanks Gordo, Thanks Bliar, thanks for f****** b*gger all!!


  17. 34
  18. 35
    New says:

    interesting what youtubes new leanback is promoting



  19. 39
    Yvette, (immense debt racked up on my watch as Chief cunt to the Treasury) Cunt Cooper MP says:

    If you donate to dear Diane’s campaign you just know she going to spend it on spicy Chicken wings and Rum.


    • 45
      Cant say my real name says:

      and sending her kids to private school, because the schools in her own hackney constituency are today bigger shit heap than they were when she got elected 25 years ago.


      • 153
        Stabs well good says:

        you can’t beat them for learning how to stab


      • 164
        Yvette (Massive debt accumulated during my time as Chief cunt to the Treasury) Cunt Cooper MP says:

        Yes but most of her constituents cant speak English so who they gonna complain to whitey boy?


  20. 40
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Fawke off


  21. 42
    gone fuckin mental says:

    bangladash win toss and will bat first, england have got ian bell-end in and james tredwell for swann


  22. 43
    Sky News Update says:

    Someone may have gone somewhere not long ago,we will never know


    • 62
      24 Hour Spews says:

      ****BREAKING NEWS***** The Police haven’t found him yet


    • 68

      Rolling news.

      Show video footage of a tree for 5 mins..
      Man with microphone
      1}asks local if he has seen Moat
      2} wide shot of village pub with police having lunch
      3} Wider shot of other village pub packed with media crews having lunch
      4} More footage of tree
      5} Back to the studio for expert analysis of that tree with a former tree surgeon.
      6} Ask studio tree surgeon if he has ever taken steroids and gone a rampage? Sadly he says no.
      7} Ariel shot of some forest. Idle discussion about how dangerous he is..he could be hiding in a foxes burrow..discuss double danger of said fox teaming up with Moat.
      8} Re run inane police inspectors update statement..
      9} try and tenuously link to the Derek Bird shootings… He may go on a spree..

      loop for 20 hours.


      • 72
        24 Hour Spews says:

        ******Breaking News****** Still not found him


      • 108
        No longer watches Sky News since Francis and the weather girls were dumped says:

        G*d – I’m so glad I’m missing all that bollocks. I suppose AlJaBeeba (what I won’t watch either) are doing 5 minute updates on the updates.


  23. 49
    Sir William Waad says:

    £185,000 would have paid for cataract operations to save the sight of 6,000 poor people in Africa.

    £185,000 would have paid for 12,000 trees to be planted to appease the gods of global warming.

    £185,000 would have supported the cocaine habits of five political ‘media consultants’ for a year (with care).


  24. 51
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi , My Names Tim Lovejoy and i am a legend , Come on you blues


  25. 53
    Trapper Kay says:

    Kay Burley now giving a lecture on bushcraft and outdoor survival.


    • 86
      Selohesra says:

      Does she have a well crafted bush? – if not is she really in position to lecture on it


    • 111
      BushWacker says:

      Let me have first go please. She looks like she needs a good seeing too. Has done for ages.


  26. 55
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Oi !! Miliblair ! Milibland, Minibana, whatever your name is ! Just because four Liebour Lords chucked money your way doesn’t mean I will – unless I can claim it from the Taxpayer. Can I ? I claim most things from them soppy mugs.


    • 93
      Mrs Lovett says:

      I do hope you’ll enjoy my new pie shop in the House of Lords Food Court ‘n’ Shopping Mall! We are offering 20% off all orders over ten!



      • 123
        Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

        I need a snack. Gimme fifty pies and a doggy sick bag for later.


  27. 57
    Fuck Labour says:

    Puttnam. What a fucking hypocrite. He spent years wanking about with a superior attitude as a left winger with social conscience and here he is donating to a warmongering prick who’s on the Mossad payroll.


    • 98
      I am Sick says:

      Puttnam lives in Ireland, so would be immune from any consequence’s of a Milimoron Premiership. Oh yeah, he is an arch EU drone and traitor to boot.


  28. 59
    Sir William Waad says:

    Ken Follett owes his success to balls. He’s been writing it for decades. It’s only fair that he gives something back.


  29. 60
    Penfold says:

    nice to have friends with large and open pockets.

    wasn’t a cash limit applied to this campaign?

    as for our Marxist, its amazing what a tilt at power and control does to any ethics and morals about the rich and wealthy.


  30. 61
    Mr Moat says:

    Wy ay man. Some blook called David M. has sent me a letter sayin a guy by the name of Balls has been blowing his beans up me missus! I aint fockin havin that, man!


  31. 67
    Dinin Aboot says:

    I am accepting donations to my campaign in the form of riiiiice aaaand peeeeea!


  32. 74
    gone fuckin mental says:

    I like this moat bloke


  33. 76
    The Tree says:

    HM Prison Durham
    to Northumbria Police
    Warning notice with pictures



  34. 77
    Thespian says:

    I like to emoat.


  35. 80
    Gordon Brown says:

    This Moat fellow has upset me! I want to be the only mentalist in the nation! I am very angry! I need to vent! Rocking horse time!


  36. 81
    nell says:

    Poor old dave militwit. bliar and mandy said he was the true heir to blair and yet neither one of them have donated a penny.

    Mind I get the feeling that bliar and mandy both, are very skilled at finding ways of scooping money into their bank accounts in large quantities but tighter than gordon about spending it on anyone except themselves!


    • 88
      Poor nell she losing it says:

      nell my poor dear don’t you know by now that the puppet masters can arrange payments via their own banks very quietly


      • 96
        nell says:

        Nope bliar won’t be parting with any of his ill gotten gains, take my word for it.

        I do wonder though what on earth militwit is going to do with £185k. That’s enough money to support four or five families very comfortably for a year.

        What the devil is he spending it on? or is he having to bribe people to vote for him?


        • 133
          MI5 says:

          A Jag and a chauffeur to start with…like all good secondfgeneration Marxists

          Then probably a nice violin for his wife

          Only hope he doesn’t piss in it…


  37. 82
    Douglas Hogg says:

    I just hope he doesn’t come to my fucking house.


  38. 83
    Spot the jailed says:

    fuck me Mark Leech,spent his time on R43


  39. 85
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved the world you know


  40. 89
    Martin Day says:

    What ,no mention of Lord Ashcroft making donations then ?


  41. 90
    A chav says:

    Anyone got some vera lynns ?


  42. 92
    Team Ed Balls says:

    This one’s for you Guido !

    Irish scientists have just announced that they have invented a device that enables you to look through a solid wall.

    They have called it a “window”


    • 105
      Mr Plum says:

      They are working on a device that allows you to pass through a solid wall
      They have a man called Patty O’Daws working on it


  43. 100
    Revolting Englishman says:

    Moaty for PM. You know it makes sense.


  44. 101
    gone fuckin mental says:

    I am hungry !


  45. 103
  46. 110
    PC gone mad says:

    Wicked Witch of the West, Chief Constable of Northumbria – Sue Sim (with the hair of a cheap doll from £-stretchers) has put on extra incontinence pads and threatened to do Toto unless Moaty surrenders.

    This shits not funny is it?

    The shit pigs are now lying like bastards, and looking more incompetent and dumber by the minute.


    • 122
      999 says:

      Sky have just interviewed a Rothbury farmer who found someone had broken into his holiday cottage. He phoned this into the police yesterday and they came out to see if it was moaty today. So what are all those police upto if they can’t chase up a lead like this within 24 hours?


  47. 114
    Martin Day BBC political correspondent says:

    Following the debacle over the Coalition Government’s swingeing cuts of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said:

    “Pupils, parents and school staff across the country are not only reeling from the devastating news of their school building programmes being slashed but also from the confusion and inaccuracy surrounding which schools are in or out of the project.

    “Cutting the school building projects is totally unnecessary and is jeopardising the educational future of many children and young people.

    “Thousands of parents and school staff should be deeply angry that the Government has chosen to exploit the schools’ building programme to benefit a privileged few pupils on the grounds that they will be educated in an academy school, rather than those pupils in dilapidated buildings.

    “The NASUWT believes that it is time for schools and parents to voice their concern to members of Parliament.

    “I am therefore writing today to every school on the Government’s list to encourage them to support a lobby of Parliament on Monday 19 July.

    “I will also be meeting with other education unions later today at the TUC to seek their support.”


    • 140
      BBC says:

      It’s a Moat day Martin


    • 141
      Liar Byrne says:

      There’s no money left – good luck !


    • 151
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      I caught something about a union official.. saying something.. being p*ssed off.

      Good. Didn’t bother reading the rest, though, Martin. Couldn’t care less.

      How’s the job hunting going?


    • 168
      Neutrino in honey says:

      So why wasn’t she asked why the previous govt had done nothing in the way of maintenance for the past 13 years which would have obviated the need for all these new schools. Just askin’


  48. 115
    Bumble says:

    start the car !


  49. 116
    Anonymous says:

    You can tell that England are no longer in the World Cup. Sky tv is wetting its proverbial knickjers (they’re Dutch) over Manchester City’s latest signing. Kay Burley, even in extremely strong wind conditions, with her hair blowing over her face, is doing a manly job of presenting absoluterly nothing at all. Meanwhile the police are saying the ‘wider public’ are at risk:


    Does this mean he’s out to get fat people. Surely this is against anti-discrimination laws??


  50. 117
    Revolting Englishman says:

    Now the SAS have been called in (did I speculate the Army had been called in yesterday?) They’ll do the job, but not before they’re ripped the piss out of plod. Army chaps hate the plod.


  51. 125
    Knacker of the Yard says:

    Will Harry Roberts record of 3 months be broken ???

    Killer Harry Roberts, who shot dead two cops in 1966, evaded police for three months living rough in Epping Forest, Essex.

    Roberts used the training he gained as a soldier in Malaysia to survive after gunning down officers he feared were about to find guns his gang had used in an armed robbery.

    Like Moat, Roberts – now 74 and still in jail – knew the area he was hiding out in having camped in Epping Forest as a child.


  52. 126
    3rd Umpire says:

    Moat not out his great innings of 3 not out over 7 days is the greatest rear gaurd innings ever seen in cricket . the number 11 batsman hung around to save the test match


  53. 128
    Michael Gove says:

    Northeners get your farm on the TV by saying “Im sure Raoul slept in my barn last night”


  54. 130
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Moat left a note ” Just shooting up north “


  55. 131
    fees says:

    5 million current bill for Moat hunt.


    • 134
      Mr Porky - a porcine pseudonyme - says:

      Will they want this moat cleaned up when they get him?

      If so . . . I know just the people.


    • 142
      Douglas Hogg says:

      Re- cleaning out moat, see I was cheap after all.


      • 163
        Dixon says:

        The so called police are shit scared of any nutter with a weapon.

        Six real policemenn, rather than social service workers masquerading as cops, should be able to track and kill this crazy fucker. Armoured cars, SAS, reinforcements – ffs are we hunting a platoon of Viet Cong.

        Cops are nothing more than blouses in cod pieces.


  56. 135
    Nick Clegg says:

    So I was at the surgery, pants down, cock in hand, I said; “Is this normal?”

    He said; “Not at the Dental Surgery, no.”


  57. 138
  58. 145
    gone fuckin mental says:

    How many days has Gordon actully turned up and voted?


    • 156
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      Gordon doesn’t vote. He doesn’t believe in democracy. Remember the “Progressive Coalition”?


  59. 149
    Communnity support officer, Northumbria says:

    Won’t be turning in for work this week, bicycles got a puncture.


  60. 150
  61. 154
    gone fuckin mental says:

    I keep hearing all this bollocks about soical justice, there is no such thing as soical justice only equal justice , right?


  62. 157

    Tell you what, the only good example of socialism so far is what Thatcher’s new favourite South American dictator is currently up to.

    A compare/contrats of Cameron and Chavez:



  63. 161
    Cynic says:

    The finest Labour leader money can buy


  64. 162
    Lord Puttenham says:

    We Red Sea Pedestrians must look after one another.


  65. 169
    bab be upon you says:

    I wonder why an arse-bandit Muslim would give £50,000 to a joo?

    Whats in it for the poo poo eater?


  66. 171
    Border Terrier says:

    Lord Puttnam formerly known as David Puttnam. Often described as a film producer NO HE WAS NOT [ or at least no good when he tried his hand, fired by Columbia].

    He is an advertising man and a typical shallow shit supporter of Blair and co.


  67. 172
    I'm A Hypocrite Therefore I'm Labour says:

    Can any Labourites explain the difference between Balls’ Lordly donations and the Ashcroft ones to the Conservatives please????

    No……. thought not.


  68. 173
    Auntie Flo' says:

    That does it: embargo!

    I never shop in Sainsbury’s, watch a Puttnam film or buy a Follett book again as I dislike their politics.

    The public have been donating too much money to these people, so much so that they have thousands of excess to chuck at Milipede.


  69. 174

    ‘ang on.

    Putnam is a British movie luvvie whom is using his private wealth to subsidise a particular politician, nothing to contentious there one might think. Except….

    ….. Lord Dave is a British movie luvvie. Ergo he must have been in reciept of flippin great chuncks of dosh in the shape of subsidies from the UK Taxpayer. Extending our thinking it is not unreasonable therefore to conclude that Lord Dave’s wealth stems in some part from the UK Taxpayer. And if that’s truly the case then it’s te UK taxpayer who is, indirectly, subsidising Millipede Minimus’s leadership campaign

    Is that kosher?


  70. 175

    […] the absence of clear polling evidence Guido says “follow the money”. David Miliband has raised more money than all the rest and he has the weight of  punter’s money backing him. It will be close, […]


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