July 8th, 2010

Ed Bankrolled By His Girlfriend’s Parents

Ed Miliband is struggling to raise the cash compared to his brother’s formidable flesh-pressing and begging efforts. Without those Blairite purse-string holders behind you, every donation counts. So £2,500 in cash would be greatly appreciated. Two payments of exactly the same amount stand out though. They must be very loyal supporters to provide a third of the campaign costs so far:

And who are these generous Thorntons? Well Ed’s girlfriend Justine’s Mum and Dad of course…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Justine’s a nice girl. Not too bright, but nice.

    • 50
      David Millpede says:

      I’ve had a go on her two – we share everything. Not great in the sack but could suck a golf ball through a graden hose

    • 361
      The right-on insufferable Mnsgr. Revd. Phoney Bliar, ***, **** + ******, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:


      Yes! – but hey! – I’m very, Very, VERY RICH!!

      And being a socialist, I’m only interested in very, Very, VERY RICH PEOPLE!!!!!!

      Which clearly EM isn’t in with.

      So . . . no dosh from us Bliarites!

      But Hey! – he’s got a girl – just like I’ve got me missus – you know the weird witchy one wiv the big gob. She’s rich too!

      So hey! – trust me! – I’m a straight kinda air-headed-git-ar-playing guy

  2. 2
    Cant say my real name says:

    Come on moaty start making your way south and do the corrupt fuckers for once and all, they’re a much more worthy cause than the police. Then you really will be legend and you’ll leave a legacy greater than robin hood.

    • 4
      Cant say my real name says:

      He forgot to tell you it wasn’t just the two bothers, but also alan johnson, harriot harmen + diane abbot (who are really two blokes in disguise) and many others that would take me ages to list for you. But if you walk into the commons and just fire randomly with a shotgun at close range you could take 3-4 out at once with each round.

      • 10
        Cant say my real name says:

        Just wisely thought that I better put a disclaimer in saying not to take it to heart what I said above before I get armed police kicking my door in and arresting and chargin me with inciting hate speech or whatever they call it.

      • 11
        the in-laws says:

        They think of it as investing in Balls career as a Shadow Minister when he loses and goes cap in hand to the winner David Miliband for a job.

      • 21
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        I’d like to say I stand by every word the Cant say my real name said at 18:11, and I would applaud anyone going into the Commons and firing randomly at all and sunder.

        I would even pay for the bullets. And I’d drive you to the Commons in person, and buy you a meal afterwards. And provide a character reference at any subsequent trial. Not that you’d be arrested, because the Plod are cowards and run away from people with guns.

      • 105
        Pickled Wizard says:

        Dont worry mate – just say you’re foreign and gay and the world is your oyster! Mind, a swift whip round should buy you a machine gun and plenty of ammo…..!

      • 124

        ann limb gave £2000


        Dr Ann Limb, Chair

        Born in Moss Side, Manchester in 1953, Dr Ann Limb is the former Group Chief Executive of Ufi Ltd, the UK government’s e-flagship responsible for learndirect and UK on line, the national network of supported e-learning and e-services centres. Since autumn 2004 she has worked in the commercial sector as Vice President of e-learning with the international strategic management consultancy gov3 as well as working as a government adviser here and overseas

      • 126

        David Puttnam gave £10K

        “Film-maker Puttnam, you may remember, pitched Jooish Care in a spin last week by telling a 400-guest charity lunch that caring Juice should vote Labour at the election.

        The speech, which replaced Puttnam’s advertised talk on the media, went down particularly badly with Jooish Care’s president, ex-Tory minister
        Lord Young of Graffham. ”

        Looks like Ed didn’t suck enough dick in the synacock

      • 139
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        Lord Old Holborn of Chelmswood, you’re wonderful. I suppose a Jooish coup is preferable to a ScotchMafia coup. We all know how that one worker out.

        David Puttnam: didn’t he produce Chariots of Fire about 30 years ago? Didn’t even direct it. Just produced it, and it wasn’t very good. It was, in fact, pants. Famous only for the music.

      • 140
        Plod says:

        Mr Moat has definitely threatened the general public and that is why we’ve got armoured cars and the SAS involved. Of course if it was just the police he was threatening we’d just shrug and bravely laughing it off. But he is threatening the general public, honest.

      • 141
        Dack Blog says:

        Puttnam was (the first?) chairman of the General Teaching Council. I refused to ‘join’ and they kept threatening to ‘revoke my right to teach’. He wrote me a very long letter telling me how great the GTC would be for the teaching profession. Eventually I just kept writing stuff like ‘Cock off’ and ‘Bollocks’ on the crap patronising magazines they kept sending me and returning them to sender. (Childish, I know…). Anyway, they’ve been sacked, not me.

    • 83
      their all telling fibbs says:

      I had him down as a sausage jocky

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    the idiot police have managed to take someone who on sunday was a murder and make him into a folk hero.

    i live in brixton & we have a lot of shootings, stabbings, gang rapes, gang attacks and so on. the police do fuck all about it, they are too busy in the kebab shop or busting people at the station for not having a ticket. as soon as it is one of their own they go fucking mental, deploying 100s of highly armed police to a village up north and pointing guns at old ladies.

    the guy’s message of “the police fucked me up now i’ll fuck them up” resonates with a lot of people nowadays (g20 police, road traffic facism, photographers as terrorists, hate speech and so on). the police i don’t think thought about this , they thought the people are just well up for g-36 toting robocops with better equipment than the forces in afghan and police snipers to catch a single fucking geordie.

    well, they miscalculated and they made the geezer into a hero. now we’re supposed to believe from their psychological warfare (sorry, PR) department that the guy “poses a threat to the wider public” in a piss poor attempt to deflate the ever growing myth of raul – the – fucking – ballsy – geordie; #fuckthepolice. they’re worried that all the other people they’ve persecuted over the years are going to copycat and are determined to control the narrative. the idiot media just laps it up and punts it out.

    what a fucking farce. tens of millions to turn a murderer into a hero. well in pigs

    • 12
      I would be anonymous too if i talked shite says:

      Ees just one of the Boys inee, ‘avin a larf?


      • 17
        Thatcherite says:

        I love your moniker!

      • 19
        Anonymous says:

        you are anonymous you wanker.

        why the fuck have they sent a paramilitary unit up north for one geezer and they do fuck all here in brixton?

        we have shootings all the time and they can’t be arsed. gang rapes are the highest in london in lambeth but all they do is send us a fucking leaflet telling us they’re clamping down on cycling on the pavement and graffiti.

        he killed one of their own so they’ll do something about it. a young girl gets gang raped and they send you a fucking leaflet. fuck you wanker.

        • 20
          Elton John says:

          Compare and contrast:-

          Police are hunting a 67-year-old man after a fatal shooting at a house in West Yorkshire.

          A 44-year-old man was killed and a 31-year-old man is in a critical condition after the shooting on Ashbourne Road, Eccleshill, Bradford, on Monday.

          Police want to trace Ernest Wright and have urged anyone who sees him not to approach him and dial 999 immediately.

          Mr Wright is thought to be driving a black Mitsubishi Shogun vehicle with the registration number J264 RJC.

          Earlier detectives said the shooting was thought to have been part of a domestic dispute.

          DIAL 999!!!!!!!!

          • Let's try again says:

            Don’t let him wind you up. The reason the state does nothing about the problems in brixton is because

            a) brixton isn’t on there doorstep.
            b) all governments that can’t rule on there own merit and rightiousness covertly like it when the poor (regardless of race) fight amongst themsevles and destroy themselves with drugs, gangs ect as then the simple people won’t start asking questions like ‘are our politicans really acting in our interests’ and ‘are there any real alternatives to current government?’

        • 25
          Cant say my real name says:

          Don’t let him wind you up. The reason the state does nothing about the problems in brixton is because

          a) brixton isn’t on their doorstep.
          b) all governments that can’t rule on there own merit and rightiousness covertly like it when the poor (regardless of race) fight amongst themsevles and destroy themselves with drugs, gangs ect as then the peasants won’t start asking questions like ‘are our politicans really acting in our interests’ and ‘are there any *real* alternatives to current government?’

        • 41
          The Tree says:

          I’ll publish it if you don’t mind it copying,

          • Billy Smooth says:

            Their there petal.

            The man is a hero because,
            a) he refused to be cuckolded
            b) he hates cops and had the balls to to some something.

            All power to his elbow.


        • 372
          Anonymous says:

          I wonder what the levels of gang rapes were in Brixton – no, make that the whole of the UK – before the onset of enforced enrichment and diversity?

        • 374
          Anonymous says:

          Brixton’s been a shit hole for years – more fool you if you choose to stay there.

          Fuck YOU wanker!

        • 375
          Anonymous says:

          or even better – here’s an idea. How about the residents of Brixton bring their scummy kids up properly and cease abdicating their responsibilities to the state. Why are the people doing the shootings, stabbings and gang rapes that way inclined? Because they were brought up by completely inept parents who didn’t tell them no enough, and now we have to put up with ignorant fucking pricks like you blaming all of your local ills on the powers that be – I suggest you look inward a bit more you insufferable moron.

    • 14
      Raol Moat says:

      Totally Agree With You! Well Said!

      • 29
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        Everyone agrees with you. All plod are pigs.

        • 144
          i agree wif my own posts, innit? says:

          I agree wif me coz I’m a schizo nutter

          • Anonymous says:

            fuck you twat. all you ever do is turn up and talk shit in an attempt to ruin the thread and diminish the credibility of others.

            your M.O. is fucking shit and predictable you c u n t i don’t give a fuck that you think you are some kind of internet hero you are a fucking lowlife with no respect for others . make a point or don’t why keep on with your fucking pish 24/7 ? nobody believes you and you represent a very poor return on investment

            you’re a prick

            get a fucking life wanker

          • anonymous shite talker says:

            The thread isn’t about some geordie tosser in hiding, it’s about Ed Miliband. Oh TaT, were you wanking off to you’re geordie hero?

        • 326
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          I’m GBSMP, not Raol [sic] Moat. Different people.

    • 15
      Anonymous says:

      Whenever I’ve reported a crime to the police they’ve always completely ignored it.

      Me: “My car got broken into and joyridden half way across the country and smashed to pieces”

      Police: “we won’t bother sending anyone round; it’s just kids having fun. nothing to worry about”

      Me: “There’s a large crowd of blokes outside with baseball bats smashing every car in the road”

      Police: “ok; we’ll send someone to drive up your street in about an hour’s time after they’ve all gone, they won’t bother getting out the car or trying to speak to any residents though, they’ll just come back again after they’ve proved that the yobs are no longer there”

      Me: “Loads of fuel lines were cut in a communal garage area; if I’d had a cigarette at the time (which was a 50/50 chance) when I went to go to work then the whole block of flats would have blown up with the vapours.”

      Police: “just kids having fun. nothing we can do. no, we’re not sending anyone round.”

      They’re fucking useless unless someone attacks one of their own, in which case they’re marginally less useless, but only marginally.

      • 152
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        I had teenagers in my garden at 10 past midnight on a Wednesday. The call to Thames Valley Police: “Are you sure?” Me: unless they’re elephants wearing tracksuits, yes. Police: “we’ve no one to send round. Lock your doors and windows and check again in an hour. Call us again and we’ll see if we can send someone.”

        Utterly fucking useless. And if I’d defended myself, with a sword/knife/worse stuff that I keep after trips to Europe, I’d have been the criminal. The police are pigs.

    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      no they haven’t
      he’s still a ginger geordie halfwit which makes him a hero to geordie halfwits

      • 65
        Anonymous says:

        He’s a hero ,the only geordie since Alan Shearer to score a hat trick.

    • 30
      Small Tool says:

      Hear, Hear. Spot on. Police forces are venal, corrupt self-serving bastards.

    • 55
      concrete pump says:


    • 81
      the last quango in Paris says:

      It is a good point to make and one that is directly relevant at the moment – short term prison sentences – 8 weeks of sitting and brooding in a cell – comes out to nothing! no job, partner etc…

      if the prison officers were concerned that he was unstable he must have been dreadful.

      8 weeks in a cell – locked up 23 hours a day – knowing your life is falling apart – how is he going to hand himself in knowing that he will get about 30 years of that?

      it’s like a newcastle version of cape fear.

      • 148
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        I watched Cape Fear recently (the 1991 remake) and it’s a really shite film. Not aged well at all.

      • 363
        Rip Van Winkle says:

        Well don’t let them sit in a cell for 23.5 hours a day, FFS! How about getting them up at the stroke of 5.30, dressed and out by 6 and smashing a few rocks for 12 hours or so to come back to gruel and a stale roll – if they’ve been good.

        It may be they wouldn’t want to go back inside. They may then think about doing something else a little easier – like trying to improve themselves, get half an education and, possibly get a job.

    • 127
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      This would be funny …… if it were not true. The fact is that you have hit a number of home truths spot on the head. If they needed to rename the police in Northern Ireland, there is even more cause in the UK. We might as well call the police here the Ba’athist party.

      • 145
        Can't remember he's a nonce says:

        these would be the Blegian police where you live

        • 154
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          Is Blegian an area of Wales?

          Blegian Heddlu?

          • Belgian moniker nonce caught admitting he wants to touch children says:

            “Can’t remember my moniker says:
            July 7, 2010 at 11:21 pm

            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life”

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Yes, I would have strangled you as a kid TaT! Now, go and see the police. They are bound to help you, ha ha ha. Will probably bend over backwards …….

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            What? Surely the police didn’t tell you to fuck off? Oh TaT, who can you turn to now? Better stay on the boat back to Ffyfe. But keep away from that Alimentary Canal there.

          • Can't remember he's a nonce says:

            the police would be far more interested in a Belgian nonce like you who admits he wants to touch children and strangle them
            they would cut you up with a rusty razor nonce

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            I thought that’s what the Belgian police were in to.


    • 359
      50 Calibre says:

      What’s all this got to do with the price of fish?

  4. 5
    Capt. Shadow - MI5 Wet Ops. Team says:

    I stand ready to serve, Mr. Moaty…

  5. 6
  6. 7
    cant hunter says:

    Oh isn’t that sweet.

  7. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Police: “Information has now emerged that Mr Moat has made threats towards the wider public.”

    Well, please excuse me if I don’t sound too convinced. After the police constantly smearing menezes in a bid to hide their own negligence, I don’t believe a fucking word they’re saying at the moment.

    My guess is that the police are lying so that they can expand the search timewise without too much hassle from the public. I’d also wager a large sum of money that Moat wasn’t actually helped to hide by anyone and the police are just making that up so they don’t look like fuckwits having not found him for a week.

    • 13
      I would be anonymous too if i talked shite says:

      You the MAN, bet you is ex SAS and everythin’!

    • 103
      Maximus says:

      S44 always had one hidden benefit – Plod could appear to be busy doing something useful without doing very much. (Except pulling in the DNA samples to keep ACPO happy).

    • 285
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      ‘…so they don’t look fuckwits…’

      I’d say it was a bit late in the day, wouldn’t you?

      Oh, and while I’m about it, has anyone noticed how the woman DC (?) looks just like a Spitting Image puppet for Gwendolyn – you know, the Mrs in Wallace & Grommit.

  8. 9
    Man of the People says:

    whogives a fuck about these tossers – useless bags of shite.

  9. 18
    Cant say my real name says:

    This is the 13 year legacy of the 6 labour candidates.

    • 53
      Sad but true says:

      What’s even worse is that this ‘education education education’ was achieved by throwing billions and billions of pounds of tax payers down a black hole and leaving us with a debt we’ll be paying for the next 20 years.

      • 172
        Zed says:

        Did you just post “achieved” ?
        You meant to post failed by throwing billions and billions… right ?

      • 286
        AC1 says:

        Acheived. Are these benefit addicts ever going to vote for less money extorted from those silly enough to work in this shit-hole of a country?

  10. 22
    SaltPetre says:

    Christ on a bike !!!!

  11. 23
    Bubbles Lamnot says:

    Could you please send a large box of Continental for a raffle prize at our coffee morning.
    Thank you.

  12. 24
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Can you be leader again? Hmm. Have you got any leadership skills? Nope. Can you list any occasion in which you excelled in a previous position of responsibility? Nope.

    No, sorry Gordon, you can’t be leader again.

    • 35
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      I was treating you with the respect you deserve. More, even, because I said “sorry” as opposed to “you fucking thick Marxist muppet”.

    • 226
      cant hunter says:

      On the subject of dislikeable Scottish politicians, Question Time tonight is from Scotland ( groan ) and on the panel is Nicola fucking Sturgeon. Always on QT, when it visits Scotland, we get Nicola Sturgeon; always Nicola Sturgeon, and what a sour little madam she is. And its not just QT either, the BBC has this diminuitive harridan on Newsnight and any of its current affairs programmes when Scottish issues are raised. Is she the only SNP female they can get ? Oh well i’m off for an early night.

      • 257
        City of Vice says:

        The Question Time audience is full of Scotch Labour supporting twats who are clearly upset that the coalition government is likely to cut back their access to the public pot. Never mind the ruin Blair, Broon and their band of Jocko / Northern wankers wrought on the public finances.

        Scotland? Fuck ‘em.

    • 369
      The Man who came in from The All Women Shortlist says:

      To be fair he led the way in generous payment to cleaning ladies ( Real or imagined) using other peoples money.

  13. 26
    Anonymous says:

    At least he isn’t being bankrolled by the Royal family, unlike Cameron and his £30 million!

    • 36
      ButtCum says:

      still sore at losing the election are you – stop dribbling shite you socialist mong

    • 244
      Sniper on the building says:

      Fuck off commie loser, the British people see your pie in the sky false socialist dreams for what they really are now!

    • 376
      Alex says:

      Excellent – proving your ignorance makes me smile. Cameron may well have £30m in future inheritances and such like, but it hasn’t come from the royal family, it’s come from generations of people working for a living and doing their jobs well.

      But then I guess such a concept is a bit hard for a moron such as yourself to grasp.

  14. 28
    Anon says:

    At least he isn’t being bankrolled by the Royal family, unlike Cameron and his £30 million!

    • 62
      concrete pump says:

      We read you the first time you fucking wanker.

      • 183
        grovelling peasant says:

        it’s the Royal shit-eater in chief
        open wide peasant
        german Liz wants to take a shit in your mouth

    • 88
      I'm Alright Jack says:

      If you’re the best that the leftie tossers can come up with then you might as well all go back to selling copies of the big issue and wanking over posters of marx.

  15. 32
    Sue Sim (aka ugly lez bitch dog fucker) says:

    He he!

    Go Moaty – kill those fucking pigs.

  16. 34
    CanniBalls says:

    I woz edukated under a labor gofferment

    • 263
      Mark (milky bottle) Smith from Hackney says:

      So waz I, an I learnedid the entirer historie of the poor abused black peples of Africana and that I must feell guiltey for being a Whitey and that white peples of Europa are greedy sellfish and evil. I did also learnedid too that if I didn’t vote Labour when I growed up I wood be rasilistic and wood bee a NAZI and liked to killed lots of really good peples.

  17. 37
    Anonymous says:

    I’m happy the two Eds are reduced to managing budgets proportionate to their abilities.

  18. 38
    Gove in the shit-house says:

    Gove must now be favourite to be first to be quietly demoted in the first reshuffle
    even Conservative MPs are furious at him

    • 49
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      Why go for a tentacle when you could go for the head? Cameron. The only man in Britain who can put Labour back in power.

    • 51
      Tory MP plans march against Michael Gove's education cuts says:

      A Conservative MP said today he is planning to lead a march to Downing Street in protest at the government’s decision to axe school-building programmes in his area.

      Ian Liddell-Grainger, the Tory MP for Bridgwater, said he was prepared to lobby David Cameron after his Somerset constituency was told that at least three of six schools it planned to build would not be given the go-ahead.

      Michael Gove, the education secretary, announced on Monday that the government was suspending new building projects for 715 schools and cancelling the £55bn Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, saying it had been beset by “massive overspends, tragic delays, botched construction projects and needless bureaucracy”.

      • 158
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        If you want money to build schools, ask Dave to stop ring-fencing the £6bn annual overseas development budget that goes to China and India (nuclear powers with space programmes), and our £8bn EU membership fee, and the £120bn annual funding of the soviet death camps NHS hospitals.

        • 187
          Zed says:

          Well said, once more.
          Are you sure you aren’t, well, me ???????????

          The majority of our nation has to understand that this addiction to the NHS is not only ill founded but will continue to drag our country into the abyss.
          Nobody in their right mind believes the state can run efficient banks, car manufacturers, fashion outlets etc etc… so why oh why do they believe the state can efficiently run an organisation the size of NHS ?
          What ws right and proper in the 1940s is not what is needed 70+ years later.

          As for EU. Get out immediately, that’ll save far more than £8Bn / year and assist in growth of UK PLC without the need of major cuts elsewhere.

        • 272
          AC1 says:

          > If you want money to build schools

          Build your own schools. State education is a complete joke. Extortion is not a good way to provide education.

          Making Parents pay for their own childrens education would be far better, and we’d actually get some education instead of lefty indoctrination at a state adolescent crèche.

    • 55
      Anonymous says:

      He can return to the back benches to serve his master, Murdoch. A few typo’s in his copy are not of any importance.

  19. 40
    ButtCum says:

    She looks like she got an unexpected finger in the ass

  20. 54
    Breaking News says:

    Gordon Brown caught hiding fugitive Raoul Moat in his home.

    Mr Brown claims that he offered aid to Raoul Moat because he was the only person who would believe he was still Prime Minister.

  21. 58
  22. 59
    The Tree says:

    I made a copy and published it as it needs to go around.

  23. 60
    Roaul Moats Greatest Hits says:

    The police on the tyne are all mine all mine

  24. 61
    13eastie says:

    What kind of skin-flint is Ed Miliband?

    He’s been waiting for his moment to lead ZaNuLab for years.

    He’s been very well remunerated for his nonsense climate job in government.

    Yet he’s funding his campaign by hunting for shrapnel down the back of his in-laws’ sofa?

    He clearly doesn’t feel he is a very safe bet…

    And he’d be correct…

    • 66
      Head Lizard says:

      Guido did not show all of the form,there seems to be more

    • 238
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      The only change that any of the candidates want to make is the direction of the spin. They just do not get it, none of them. TaT would make a better leader of the Labour Party than any of them. At least he would not delay in sending them crashing.

  25. 64
    Roaul Moats Greatest Hits says:

    Moat will go down as a folk hero because he has made a massive tit out of the police.

    Five million quid, the best gear in the world, helicopters with infrared, hundreds of heads of manpower over hundreds of hours all for one man and they still are no where near catching him.

    Our plod are the biggest joke going. No one will take them seriously again.

    • 69
      Plod Can Fuck Off says:

      Plod feels up against it at the moment. Plod thinks Moat carries a lot of currency with joe public. Plod panic, throw a hissy fit and say Moat wants to kill everyone.

      Plod 0/10
      Moat 10/10

      • 123
        Zed says:

        Massive own goal from the pigs.
        Moaty if THE personality of 2010.
        Outed the police for what they are – self serving scum.
        Don’t come bleating to us when you are asked to keep your “performance” up when your budget is cut by 30%.
        Seems like you have plenty of taxpayer funded bunce when you want to bully the public with your media-lies when you have retribution in mind, huh ?
        Make me sick

        • 164
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          You’re so right, and it’s wonderful to read it.

          Moaty’s the catalyst for an outpouring of hatred for PC Plod after 13 years of oppressive left-wing oppression. The filth have no friends in Britain.

  26. 67
    Timmy Mallet says:

    ++++++BREAKING SNEW++++++++

    Pantomime season starts early on Sky Snew

  27. 68
    Eric Pickles says:

    we can’t all be pretty like me

  28. 70
    Ed Balls. The coming man says:

    Ed Milliband is a very dear friend of mine and the suggestion that the five grand was a payment to ensure no more anal sex demands on Justine, was just a little joke told to me, in confidence, by David, another dear friend.

  29. 71
    Dreary Steeples says:

    Al Qaeda and Irish Republicans will have a smile on their face tonight, no more Section 44. Brussels looking after all our interests once again.

    • 75
      Grey Fellow says:

      you must be plod

    • 87
      nell says:

      It’s called rolling back that overpowering marxist state that bliar , gordon and their dodgy communist pals imposed upon us. Section 43 will do a perfectly good job and plod knows it as well as we do.

    • 147
      Loony Lefty Libcons says:

      Dave is soft on crime, soft on terrorism

      • 161
        nell says:

        Well if you’re a real criminal you can hope that’s true, but I rather think you are going to be disappointed!

        All liebour did was to create non criminal offences that you could be prosecuted for like disposing of garden waste in your green bin!!!

        I think the coalition is likely to ‘dispose’ of those sort of crimes but be tougher on the real one’s. We shall have to wait and see shan’t we??!!

        • 315
          Ken Clarke faces backlash over Coalition plan to jail fewer criminals says:

          Ken Clarke was last night facing fierce criticism – led by former home secretary Michael Howard – over his claim that prison doesn’t work.
          The Justice Secretary’s controversial plan to send fewer criminals to jail also caused disarray at the top of the Conservative Party.
          David Cameron said he was backing Mr Clarke, but it emerged that the Prime Minister had also insisted that short prison sentences must stay.
          This appears to cut the ground from beneath a sentencing review ordered by Mr Clarke, which had been expected to scrap jail terms of less than six months.

          When asked ‘Do you support a reduction in the number of people sent to prison?’, 65 per cent of the 1,452 Conservatives who took part in the survey answered No. Only 31 per cent backed the policy shift

        • 320
          backlash over Coalition plan to jail fewer criminals says: says:

          last night facing fierce criticism – led by former home secretary Michael Howard – over his claim that prison doesn’t work.
          The Justice Secretary’s controversial plan to send fewer criminals to jail also caused disarray at the top of the Conservative Party.

  30. 73
    Nick Park says:

    She made her name in ‘Curse of the Were Rabbit’ and kept the hair

  31. 74
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    On-topic. Ed Miliband’s campaign is pretty feeble. The Labour leader election progress is pretty feeble. It is going on and on and nobody really cares as it is currently a non-party.

    There is nothing to say about their rather shitty little election, is there?

    No wonder everyone is off-topic.

    • 77
      Head Lizard says:

      Guido does not give a shit, not until the inter fighting starts and the phone starts ringing,then we will all have something to do. In the meantime go on Moaty

      • 116
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        Are you claiming to have some insight into the mindset of His Most Holy and Invisible Warmness? If so, can you shed some illumination upon our most humble and miserable darkness, Mr Lizard.

  32. 76
    Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull says:

    Ee Pauline pet, sorry Lady Prescott, i could eat a meal fit for a Lord.
    Bung a dozen pies in the microwave, there’s a love.

    • 92
      nell says:

      I thought watching prezza being accepted into HoL today was the final landmark in the Lord’s freefall from respected House to comedic circus.

      The only hope for it now is the reforms being planned by the coalition. Time to abolish the HoL and give us a properly elected Senate. It’s the only way to get rid of dross like prezza, uddin, foulkes,sugar………………………….

  33. 77
    Chris Huhne says:

    I had a stand up gig last night and it went very badly. I was on the stage and there was this woman on the front row who just kept shouting “Get yer nob out! Get yer nob out!” over and over again.

    In her defence, I guess you could argue that my penis had no right to be inside her in the first place.

    • 79
      Jethro says:

      fucking hell Moaty can you sort this Hunt out

    • 82
      All the young dudes says:

      Nearly as sad as a mong who is amused by the tag Liebore.
      Let me guess, 17? Alone in your bedroom on the internet while mummy cooks your alphabeti spaggetti?

  34. 80
    Fred Dibna says:

    she’s not related to Sue Sim by chance

  35. 84
    Mitch says:

    Who is Ed Milliband anyway?????

  36. 85
    nell says:

    £5000 from his girlfriends parents when it’s a dead cert he’s going to lose??!!

    They have about as much money sense as gordon don’t they? Talk about throwing good money after bad!!!

    • 95
      I'm too sexy for this blog says:

      Awwww nell, it’s so sweet though. You’re a hard bitch sometimes.

      • 156
        nell says:

        What’s sweet about giving £5000 to a lost cause when you could have given it to something worthwhile like Help for Heroes or saving sight or Barnardo’s and protecting kids!

        What’s even more grotesque is the £185K that davemilitwit has begged for and got from undiscerning backers!!

        What are the candidates doing with all this money?? Are they spending it on useless leaflets making worthless promises of what they’ll do when they don’t get into power next time? , or on fancy venues with fancy menues to impress brainless labour voters or are they using it to pay bribes to unions get votes? What do they need the money for?

        Surely it’s a fairly simple ballot between five talentless, spineless individuals who haven’t got a hope in hell of becoming PM in the next 50 years. Just elect one of them to the labour leadership and get over it.

        Advice to labour , when they fail next time around, whichever one it is, and they will, Go Out and find yourselves a John Smith .

        You might win an election then sometime in the next 20 years!!! But just get rid of these corrupt, troughing uncaring, self-serving marxists like the militwits, balls, burnham, diane whatsisname, twatson, aintbustinagut and the rest………………. !!!!!

  37. 86
    Blair's Bungs,Bribes,Backhanders says:

    HeHe.That’s the end for Ed.
    Also.Remember that David IS a normal.

    • 108
      not even in jest says:

      “Remember that David IS a normal.”


    • 170
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      David Bananaboy? Normal? David “Gordon mentalcase is the best man to be PM” Bananaboy?

      David “Gurning retarded utter twat” Bananaboy?

      I’d just like clarification.

  38. 89
    Asking of Durham says:

    When Det Chief Supt Neil Adamson and temporary chief constable Sue Sim go home at night, do they speak to their kith and kin in strange and stilted words?

    • 110
      Plod Can Fuck Off says:

      I’ve always thought the same. Why use 5 words when PC Plod language has 20 for the same meaning.

      Fucking wankers.

      • 117
        Ratsniffer says:

        It’s the way they are taught to speak at plod college. I say they should teach the sweeny method: get yer trasahs on, slag, yer nicked.

    • 125
      Aren't our police wonderful ? says:

      She’ll read her foals a story then “hit the hay” with a good book and a carrot.
      Then she’ll fall asleep asking herself why nobody in the media questioned her on her claim that Moaty “was targetting the wider public”.

      Source, dear ???????????????????????????????????????????

      • 175
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        There is no source. The fuck-ugly socialist bitch made it up. We all know it.

        She’s got a black belt in ethnic diversity traveller awareness issues, you know.

        Let’s hope Moat slots her and her pigshit colleagues before it’s all done.

    • 352
      Angry and Despondent says:

      Sue Sim speaks like a robot. Stephen Hawking’s electronic voicebox sounds more human. Just imagine what the other candidates were like if the powers that be thought Sim was the most suitable person to be in charge of Northumbria Police.

  39. 90
    ROFL! says:

    yoo must be the toughest geezer in da whole wide wurld!!

  40. 91
    Peter Mandelson says:

    FFS some twat had best arrest Moaty tonight my fooking book is due out

    • 97
      nell says:

      Don’t worry no-one with any sense is going to buy it. Bliar maybe , davemilitwit out of loyalty and gordon afraid atwhat mandy is going to say about him. Other than that nobody’s much interested in mandy’s jaded, condescending opinions!!

      • 104
        gentlemens relish says:

        Yeah, I bet you’d buy it if it was a kiss and tell though, you naughty old grandma.

        • 119
          nell says:

          Nope. I wouldn’t put an old halfpenny of my hard earned money anywhere near bliar, mandy or gordon or the distorted memoirs of his worthless mrs that she’s going to publish next mother’s day!!!

          I did however buy Norman Baker’s ‘The Strange Death of Dr David Kelly’ Now there’s an enlightening read !!!

          • Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull says:

            I’d like to put in the first bid for nell’s old halfpenny.

          • nell says:

            I wouldn’t give you it if you were starving! You overfed, egoistic, self-serving parasite!!!

            If liebour wants to get elected back into power it is going to have to have a major purge of it’s left wing/marxist/ uncaring / troughing prezza’s, aintbustinagut’s, balls, militwits, twatson’s…..and on and on……… and do a major shift to centre ground.

            Truth is, labour at this point in time, isn’t capable of that!!

          • Anthony Blair says:

            So you’d like to see me back?
            I can pull the centre ground from under that lightweight mini me without breaking sweat.

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Slotgob could not take the drop in pay with all the palaces to look after.

    • 113
      book of buggery says:

      The judges who want to flood Britain with black fags (they like muh dik up em) have ordered 10 copies each. They will be giving them away to black rent boys in bogs at Piccadilly bus station.

      I bet mandelpeed is gagging to get his chops round the comedy diks of all the batty-boys making their way to London right now.

      • 117
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        How things have changed. In the times of Mr Thrope, we used to say that we would be buggered if we would become Liberals.

  41. 93
  42. 94
    I give up says:

    What are we blogging for?

    • 98
      Vicki Pollard says:

      Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but, yeah but……..

      • 195
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        On a plus point, one of Dave’s few achievements is: cut their housing benefits.

        On a negative point, he hasn’t ordered these ch@v f!lth to be rounded up and g@ssed. Which is pretty urgent.

  43. 96

    Can I just make it perfectly clear that the class war is still alive and well. Just that we are now conducting it from now on in the House of Lords. Is that clear?

    • 100
      cancelled says:

      You are null and void.

      • 112
        taking t'piss says:

        Ahm only takin’ t’oath fer t’Paulines sake tha knows.

        • 199
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          You are a fat cheating hypocritical liar and we all hope you die a slow and painful death.

          Is that OK? Good.

  44. 101
    Bricktop says:

    Ed Milliband is only run to fix it by diverting and soaking up votes of the other candidates so his brother wins a majority.

    Sneak fucking c’unts the Milliband family. Would rather sup with the Devil than eat at the same table as the Millibands.

  45. 102
    Hardworking Plod says:

    We canny find this fellah Moaty, and to be frank, man, he’s makin’ a bit of a tit of us, like. So, we’re asking the public to do the job forrus. When ya find him livin’ in ya shed, like, just keep him chattin with a few tabs and a brew, like, while the missus gives us a call. We’ll be theear in a dee or two, to finish the job off. Mind howay ya go, like.

  46. 106
    George Osborne says:

    Raoul up, Raoul up, read all about it !

  47. 107
    Raoul Moat English Hero says:

    Ye’ll never tek us aleeve!!

  48. 109
    Zed says:

    Lying, Spinning Police State.

    “Moat is threatening members of the wider public”

    Liars. Liars. Liars.

    He said he won’t, he hasn’t and he will not.

    These official Liars are causing the public unnecessary distress as they try to weed him out by trying to convice the gullible that they are in his sights.
    There are NO facts to support these fabrications.

    The police seem to think that by lying, supported and broadcast by BBC, that they will convince the public to finger him or have him surface to deny this trash.

    Go on, Liars, but with each cynical move like this, supporting Moat’s allegations that you bully the public, your support from the general public goes into downspin.

    Not content with retribution because of an attack on your own, we, the wider public, witness the incompetence, taxpayer funded police state vindictiveness and disregard of the common UK citizen in your cynical program.

    We are watching you.
    We don’t trust you.

    ~(Post written by a law abiding citizen without as much as speeding fine in 40+ years)

    • 143
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      I have a clean driving license, too. No criminal convictions, but, I hate our socialist PC piggy filth.

      What I find sad is that when Moat eventually surrenders, buck naked, hands in the air, The Plod will still murder him for humiliating them, for exposing them as the useless tossers that they are. They will not let him live. Like Jean Menezes or Ian Tomlinson or Dr David Kelly. the pigfilth Labour paramilitary wing will wipe him out.

      Pigfilth take note: Strike Moat down and he will become more powerful than your pitiful little socialist brains can possibly imagine.

      • 162
        Zed says:

        Well said, Sir.
        I watched Daily Politics today with (Sir) Iain Blair on the guest panel.
        He is an arrogant, incompetent sod and stands for everything wrong with the plod as he vehemently argued why police chiefs ought not to be democratically chosen.
        Boris did our country and society a favour by humiliating this pipsqueak at the first chance.
        I fear you are correct as this filth seeks blood to quell their hate.
        This police program is downright nasty and as they continue to reduce the law-abiding general public’s support then they have only themselves to blame.
        But we’ll all lose out to real antisocial behaviour and criminality in the long run.

        I never thoght I could support a murderer – but I support (for all his failings)and wish the best to Mr Moat.
        That’s sad and something I am not proud of, but ask why I do so as I remember a film called “Falling Down” ?

        We’ve had enough.

        • 221
          AC1 says:

          Awesome. Top film.

        • 231
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          Zed, you’ve put it more eloquently than I ever could.

          And I love “Fuck Labour’s” Falling Down scene. I love that film. It’s one film from the last 20 years that hasn’t aged. A real gem.

        • 280
          ROFL! says:

          yoo muzt be da hardest geezer on the internet evah!!
          you iz reeely tough an that

        • 366
          Anonymous says:

          Hear hear! You speak sense.

      • 213
        AC1 says:

        Early retirement for plod = Get rid of the Police, and replace with neo-socialist PC-force.

        • 253
          My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

          I know roly moat as he calls himself,he is a jerk end of discussion,he will not opt for suicide or “death by cop” he is an ignorant moron with no personal courage,he bullies he doesnt fight,I have a lot of wagers that he will surrender and am confident I will collect.He is simply a prick who doesnt get that bashing your wife and daughter is unacceptable,he is the real star of the wiki/facebook self editing generation,freedom of speech is enough but limit it to that!

    • 365
      Anonymous says:

      Hear hear!

    • 370
      Anonymous says:

      So are you saying that Plod should just pack up and go home allowing Moat to go on his merry way with his guns.? They could just put the three shootings down to experience eh

  49. 120
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    This story is great, Guido.

    Let me speculate for a moment – no allegations, merely imagining one possible world from many.

    Just suppose that a candidate, one who has been overpaid for years as a minister and has been on the parliamentary expenses gravy-train for some time and thus is pretty loaded, were to slip his in-laws £5k on the understanding that they would donate it to his leadership campaign. They do so. Does that constitute money-laundering? Would it contravene the rules of any UK political party?

    I think we should be told. And if so, I think Plod, or at least party officials, should pass an eye over a few bank-statements. It’ll only take a minute or two.

    After all, no party would want a new leader who was corrupt even before he was elected, would they?

    • 134
      we are realy plodded off at the moment says:

      That would er require a complaint

    • 204
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      no party would want a new leader who was corrupt even before he was elected, would they?

      No party in its right mind would want Ed Miliband as leader.

      Or Dave Miliband. Or Ed Balls. Or any of the other useless dejected tossers.

  50. 128
    Anonymous says:

    £3 million quid (to date) wagers we are doing nothing ’bout it, right ?

  51. 130
    Moaty has his work cut out. says:

    • 132
      Clary Fication says:

      Is it true that Moat was attacked by his girlfriend’s lover wielding an iron bar before he shot him?

      • 136
        Andy o Capp says:

        it is reported the lover left the house with an iron bar,after he shot the bint

        • 142
          Raoul Moat English Hero says:

          If someone if banging your lass then as an Englishman you have the right to kill them with prejudice.

          Especially if they are daft enough to come at you with an Iron bar when you have a 12 gauge.

          • Zed says:

            If someone banged you up for months on a fabricated charge of beating your kid, I think you might just be as pissed off (but almost certainly not as brave as) the English Hero who is Raoul Moat.

            The lies go on and on and on ..

        • 166
          Plod Can Fuck Off says:

          Hear hear.

  52. 131
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Thanks for reminding me why I left.

    • 151
      Fuck Belgium says:

      you left because you’re a nonce

    • 171
      Fuck Belgium says:

      why would he listen to a Belgian nonce?
      he’d rip your head off and shit down your throat nonce

      • 176
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        I know someone as delusioned as you. Lives in a coastal town in Fife.

      • 181
        Fuck Belgium says:

        not even close you Belgain kiddy fiddler

      • 186
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        he’d rip your head off and shit down your throat nonce

        So would most of the people at Asda, mate. Have you been to one? On a Saturday? Or benefit day? It’s fucking scary.

        Farting, belching, grunting morbidly obese scum, waddling around looking for the “booze aisle”, with their grunting farting swearing morbidly obese inbred offspring.

        Watch the video again. That’s what they’re like. Asda tried to trademark chav for use in its brand names, “to celebrate the diversity of our customers”. Not kidding. Google it.

      • 192
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        Boat goes every day. P4edo-TaT Lines. Straight up the Albert Canal when it gets there, according to sources.

  53. 135
    Some ols split-arse whoo looks like an old horse in a cheap clown wig says:

    At the end of the day we will leave no stone unturned in our search for inappropriate clichés. This is a fast-moving investigation [chasing 1 starving man on foot] and we will set our stalls out and be clinical in the box.

    Moaty has left a trail of dead kittens in his wake, and is desperately seeking Susan. I am of the opinion that I take shite.

    Hey up – time to feed the dogs [starts putting potted meat on flaps].

  54. 137
    Unsworth says:

    The (potential) son-in-law also rises.

  55. 146
    • 159
      Down at the Fat Aux's Armes says:

      Those cheese eating surrender monkeys will no doubt vote most of le old troughers back in.
      Lucky we British do things differently.

  56. 149
  57. 153
    Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull's first day report says:

    That’s the easiest £300 i ever earned.

  58. 169
    Plod Can Fuck Off says:

    No new Mock the Week tonight? “Taking a holiday” the BBC bint said?


    Ha fucking ha. Maybe the only thing to mock this week is Plod. And Jesus they fucking deserve it.

  59. 177
    The Prime Ministers direct appeal to Moaty says:

    If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Michael Gove, shoot first and shoot to kill.

  60. 182
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Hes a fuckin knobend anyway , marxist nobody

    • 193
      Raul Moat. Vote for me as PM. Can i be any worse? says:

      But, in a not fantastical sequence of events, that knobend could be the next Prime Minister.
      Run for the fucking hills, while you still can.

  61. 189
    gone fuckin mental says:

    I thought Ed was gay . ho hum learn something new every day

  62. 198
    nell says:

    Excuse me but what is a ‘man’ who shoots a defenceless woman and then kills, by shooting, a man who comes out to try and save her and then 24 hours later shoots a defenceless, unsuspecting, unarmed policeman , really called??!! Surely it’s a coward!!!

    Apart from being inadeqaute which he clearly is .He is also evil .!!! He is a man attacking innocent people, shooting people in the face and attacking those whom he knows do not have the means to fight back and harm him!!.

    This is not the OK Corral where gunmen are equally challenged is it??!!

    This man is an evil, unbalanced coward!!! He is only shooting at people who cannot shoot back at him!!!

    How brave is that???!!!

    • 201
      Fucked off says:

      Fuck off back to the Daily Mail.

    • 202
      2000 armed to the teeth cops says:

      thanks nell

    • 207
      US Apache jocks saving Brit arses in Sangin. Weddings a speciality . Bar Mitzvah's are off says:

      As brave as us, nell, you sweet piece of good old apple pie and homespun truth.

      P.S. Want to avail yourself of our plethora of choppers?

      • 220
        nell says:

        No I want your plethora of blackhawks with our lads in Afghanistan.

        They should have been there for our lads but gordon refused to accept them because he didn’t want us to be seen to be accepting USA largesse.

        I hope the coalition has abondaned that nonsense and accepted all the help our lads can be given to keep them alive!!!

        • 229
          warmonger says:

          So why are you cheering on Dave who laughs as he keeps our boys in the slaughterhouse for another five years warmonger ?

          the best way to keep them alive is to bring them home now

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            May I interject? You say, “Dave who laughs as he keeps our boys in the slaughterhouse for another five years”. Shouldn’t it be “Dave who laughs as he keeps our boys pointlessly but at great expense in the slaughterhouse propping up an evil medieval corrupt despicable regime of subhuman primitive bigots for another five years”?

        • 242
          nells rotating face says:

          When Gorgon ruled you wanted the troops home. Now Bullingdons in you have changed your tune.

    • 259
      Zed says:

      Nell, you usually post reasoned arguments – but in this case I disagree.

      Much like the school bully that my parents and school teachers used to call “a coward”, in my own experiences although it was mentally soothing to believe that the bully was, indeed, a coward, I sadly found that the bully tended to be very courageous indeed.

      To stand by your convictions and stand up for yourself and thereafter put your own life on the line, however unsavoury your character, is an example of bravery and not cowardice.
      Do you honestly believe that taking someone else’s life is an act that takes no courafge at all ?

      “attacking those whom he knows do not have the means to fight back and harm him!!.
      300 officers in body armour and high velocity firearms do not have the means to fight back. Really ??

      • 377
        Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

        Has this blog taken leave of its senses?

        Nell is, IMHO, entirely right to cast aspersions on this man’s character as illustrated by his behaviour.

        Normally, one would think of this branch of cowardice as the misuse of their position by the powerful towards the weak. Certainly, someone with a gun doing what he is alleged to have done to unarmed people is a coward by that definition.

        Where I disagree with her is that he seems to me completely off his head. I think that is quite different from cowardice. (Under K Clarke’s proposed regime it would call for treatment rather than punishment – and if he really is not responsible for his actions I find it hard to quarrel with that…..but is he responsible or not? Presumably if he survives to trial we will know.)

  63. 203
    Freddie Flintoff says:

    Mind the windows Tino

  64. 208
    Freddie Flintoff says:

    A story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAOJ3M5akB8

    Remember dont drink unsealed water

  65. 209
    Freddie Flintoff says:

  66. 210
    Politically-correct Home Secretary Theresa may says:

    If they’re homosexual, I welcome their arrival in the UK. All of them.

    • 304
      Sad but true says:

      “Hey lets let them have a little nuclear technology to play with. They look like responsible adults to me, and the world will no doubt be safe so long as they dont but the firing button on his head lol! ” quoted from Andybabez off youtube

    • 309
      Sad but true says:

      i’m in fucking tears reading this one

      “Yes you get to be in heaven with this guy hitting himself, surrounded by fresh young guarded boys like pearls, next to a warlord that killed and taxed people and proclaimed himself a prophet who got his Quran from a fallen angel living in caves. Not to mention having sex with a 9 year old.

      Yes what a lovely truthful religion it is.
      Believing in something like this will surely get you in heaven…. NOT !! lol ”


    • 362
      Darwinist says:

      Cut the fucking birth rate down a bit though wouldn’t it?

      Then they’d die out themselves!

      Yeah – I can see your point – a kind of long term cleansing operation.

      CLEVER – nnit?

  67. 212
    nell says:

    You boring person!!!!

    Five more years!

    If we’d re-elected gordon – HE and aintbustinagut SAID we’d be in afghanistan for maybe the next TWENTY years!!

    Liebour thought they wold make themselves great in the annals of history and never mind the lost lives of our lads and their families.

    bliar,gordon, mandy…etc were all about glorifying themselves never mind how many troops they killed in a failed wars

    Thank God liebours time has come to an end!!!

    • 216
      Freddie Flintoff says:

      Nell lass , Can we get on to slagging the current goverment of? Labour have been voted out , Lets bash the new lot ?

      And stick a shotgun up there arses

    • 219
      Ex TimesOnline user says:

      Are you paid by the word in your daytime job, assuming you have a job? If so get back to txting poor unfortunates who txt your sex line.

      • 224
        Freddie Flintoff says:

        Excuse me lad?

      • 271
        nell says:

        Paid by the word?! I’m not labour! We don’t trough from the state like these mp’s, prezza, sugar, uddin, twatson , balls, militwits etc and we are not paid at all!

        My husband has heart problems and I am just about to go into hospital for a hip replacement. We pay , from our depleted pension fund for our own medical care .

        On top of that we pay for the medical care needed for our disabled grandchild that we are bringing up. Let’s not forget that she is disabled because the nhs under labour failed her,

        And we are doing it on a pension that we spent long hard years working for and which gordon then raided!!

        He never considered raiding the gold plated pensions of mp’s and lords did he??!!!

        No doubt he had a heallthy regard for the fact that any raid on mp’s and lords pensions would impact upon his own mp’s pension!!

        Selfish man!!!

        • 297
          nell the warmonger says:

          hooray for 5 more years of lovely dead troops thanks to my hero DAVE!!!
          i wuv yoo Dave

    • 246
      WMD says:

      we could STILL be in Afghanistan for another TWENTY years you stupid twat
      there is no firm commitment and timetable for bringing them home you warmonger apologist

      • 284
        nell says:

        What a twit you are!!

        omaha says his troops are coming home by 2013 and cameron says we will be out of there by then too!!

        We sure aint going to be in there after the yanks are out!! Not now!!

        If labour were still in power then, there is o doubt, they would have extended the war.,

        Politically they believed it made then look macho!!! And they wanted to keep it going indefinitely!!! At least 20 years they said.

        Thank God that’s not going to happen now!!

        • 293
          Mr nobody says:

          Leave now. No more dead troops.
          Leave in 5 years. 2,000 more dead troops.

          Any thoughts, nell?

        • 295
          WMD says:

          Cameron said no such thing stupid

          he has only ever said he wanted them out or he hopes they might be out not that they WILL be out

          there is no firm timetable and date for withdrawall warmonger

          he is the PM now you daft old bloodthirty bat and it’s his responsibility to bring them home NOW!

        • 300
          Anonymous says:

          Piss off Nell. Get your sorry arse over to the US of A and get a gun and shoot some crap.

          • Ruth Kelly's plaything says:


            Back off!

            Nell consistently writes more sense than many on here.

  68. 230
    Kilobar says:

    John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney have also shagged your bird.

  69. 234
    Christy says:

    Ed Millitwit,a communist arsehole begat from another arsehole Ralph who wanted to be buried as close as possible to his hero Karl Marx,says it all really.
    When will these traitors stop and think what is best for the country that gave them refuge in the past instead of their politically inspired dreams of a utopia society.
    All this Liebour rabble need to wake up to the reallity of what life is really about,it’s about ordinary people and how they are going to survive given the dire situation we are in.
    My conclusion is that we are facing an economic problem that is unprecidented in recent history,will the tories suceed,I hope so in the face of this media led negative programme,but we will see.

    • 277
      I'm Alright Jack says:

      The marxists want the country to fail so they can institute their university wet dream of the state providing everything, with production targets, shortages, queues, state propaganda TV (we already have that) and above all…control.

      • 379
        Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

        The Marxists want the present constitution to fail because they honestly believe that what they will put in its place will be better for all – they really do!

        That is why any tendency towards socialism is prima facie evidence of lunacy.

  70. 235
    Morning Geoff, Morning Ritchie. says:

    freddie follows in a pantheon of English heroes. The age is different, but the timelessness of men doesn’t change.

    • 241
      Freddie Flintoff says:

      • 262
        You're all in it together says:

        The cross eyed Labour c’unt blames the SNP for educational fuck ups, while the sour faced SNP bitch blames Westminster for budgetry restrictions and no doubt the Tory drone, whoever that is, blames the other two for political infighting holding up much needed reforms. Dimbleby drones on and the audience living their fifteen minutes of fame clap like performing seals.

        That’s showbiz, folks.

  71. 236
    Hackney Voter says:

    I dat izz racilistic init!

    Me voote for yoou me Caribbean queen!

  72. 237
    Evil Belgian Nonce says:

  73. 239
    Coppers making it up. says:

    Does anyone actually believe that Moaty has said he is now going to wage war on the public rather than just the Plod?

    • 243
      Anonymous says:


    • 247
      You're all in it together says:

      I thought that’s what Theresa May said?

    • 249
      UK Police State 2010 says:

      The cops are trying to save their own arses and gold plated pensions after getting caught out and having to admit they created the mess in the first place.

      I didn’t have respect for Raoul but I do now that the cops are acting like the Stazi.

      Very fucking sinister indeed, it makes me wonder if they did actually do something to set him off like wound him up in jail or beat him and are hiding it.

      Just how far will the cops sink to get even with someone who has shown them up.

      Something to think about.

      • 265
        Cops take revenge says:

        It is just so stupid. 500 or more police armed to the teeth, hunting a man with just a shotgun who threatens no one but the police. If Moat had not wounded a copper what would their response had been?

        • 275
          Anonymous says:

          The full might of a lonely man in a T-Shirt being challenged by the scarce resources of 500+ vindictive police officers armed to the hilt.

          Fair fight.

          • ian says:

            12fth of July in Northern Ireland fast approaching and the PSNI send 20 of their vehicles to England!

          • Anonymous says:

            Plod not very good at thinking. Shooting and beating people up, yes.

          • Zed says:

            I thout so too – then they actually REPORT that NI are now 10 vehicles short.

        • 328
          amongymous says:

          That is the annoying bit – harm a member of the public and unless you can get a guardian reader to accuse the criminal of being a racialist or homophobe then the police won’t lift a finger.

          Harm a policeman and they go in heavy.

      • 282
        Zed says:

        They put him away for months by supporting the lies that he beat his kid.
        No wonder this guy went postal.

        • 290
          mind games says:

          If that is true then that is awful. It would destroy most anyone.

          • Zed says:

            Read his letter. It was a note from a condemned man. A suicide note of types. He wrote that he never hit anyone and why should he now lie ?
            I believe him before I’d believe the lies of any police apologist.
            And.. why don’t they publish the text of the latest letter he wrote ?
            Here’s my thought: The info therein does not lend itself to helping the public support the intended police murder of Mr Moat.
            So they make up some story that the contents are “personal” but confirm they haven’t informed the recipient, his former girlfriend, of the contents.

            In the meantime I am being asked to believe, without evidence, that Mr Moat is targetting the general public??.

            The police have lost my faith. If I’m alone then that won’t be a problem.
            Something tells me I am far from being alone.

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Mr Zed

            Twenty years ago, I would have looked at what you have just written and I would have taken the police’s side without hesitation. Due to the complete politicisation of the police forces around the country, I am now more likely to sympathise with your your view than with any of theirs. There may be a few good ones left but they are way outnumbered by the bad. Any left that are good must be prepared to speak out against the others, risky to their futures it is agreed, or get out to prevent themselves becoming part of the corruption. “If you are not against them, you are with them.”

          • policearepondlife says:

            From an early age – my daughter set her heart on becomming a police officer. That ambition was trampled on by a size 12 boot from our local constabluary. we had cause to involve the police because a local family (known by the police) started to vandalise our cars/property and threatened our family with violence. Their advice to us was 1. keep your heads down & 2. Buy thicker curtains!. Later on, We then had 8 people outside our property with baseball bats/machettes/weopens, ect we phoned 999 and are still wainting for them to arrive. (There were 6 children screaming inside the house)

            The reason they refuse to help……… I pursued a paedophile (against police advice) and got the offender sent to prison for 18 years reduced to 16 on appeal. Why?…….. because he was a policeman employed by the Devcon & Cornwall constabluary….. The moral of the story….don’t report it……sort it out yoursels.

    • 261
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      No, but the police forces are busy getting new uniforms in all the surrounding areas. The expression “boys in blue” will become a footnote to history. The new colour? Pink.

      • 267
        anonymous says:

        They lied about De Menzies for years and managed to cough lose cough the taped evidence that show the true version of events.

        • 269
          Zed says:

          Ah, Sir Iain Blair, thereafter knighted for his service to the nation.
          Socialist Scum.

          • A Life changing experience says:

            Oh gosh Sir Iain Blair. He was my reason to lose trust in the police after trusting them all of my life.

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            I lost trust in the police when Blair invited some Chinese president-to-be over to London in 1998/9 (?) and ordered the fuzz to push pro-Tibet demonstrators aside. As you do in a democracy where there is freedom to protest peacefully. The fuzz duly obliged, like the fucked-up little pigfilth vermin they are. At that point, Labour lost my vote, too.

      • 306
        Can't remember he's a Belgian says:

        you live in Belgium so what the fuck would you know about it nonce ?

    • 268
      Anonymous says:

      I’d sooner believe that copper Sim is sexually attractive.

    • 292
      Anonymous says:

      No. It’s a poorly executed face saving exercise.

  74. 250
    Moaty says:

    ill be back

  75. 251
    Head Lizard says:

    Legal noose tightens on Europe’s monetary union

  76. 252
    The Hunt for Moat says:

  77. 264
    Moat spotted in Westminster wearing silly hat and glasses disguise says:

  78. 266
    You're all in it together says:

    The cross eyed Labour c’unt blames the SNP for educational fuck ups, while the sour faced SNP bitch blames Westminster for budgetry restrictions and no doubt the Tory drone, whoever that is, blames the other two for political infighting holding up much needed reforms. Dimbleby drones on and the audience living their fifteen minutes of fame clap like performing seals.

    That’s showbiz, folks.

    • 289
      Zed says:

      I’m Scots.
      SNP is a Socialist party who tried to shore up Labour after the GE but catergoricaly refused to even initiate discussions with the Tories to do the same.
      They, and the Scots, deserve everything that is coming to them.

    • 291
      Anonymous says:

      Irish Teague shouldn’t even be on a panel.

      • 313
        iain says:

        Ed Byrne….even worse than Marcus Brigstocke!

        Fuck me, I was embarrassed for him.

    • 294
      bird with small brain says:

      QT criticism of Lib Dems not doing, in government, what they promised during the election campaign, and similar criticism of Cons for not doing what they said they’d do. Surely someone, somewhere, can get the simple fact that there isn’t a Conservative government and there isn’t a Lib Dem government: there’s a COALITION government. And it’s power lies precisely in that fact. Oh I give up.

      • 302
        Mr nobody says:

        It’s power lies in the fact that the same old corrupt cabal of crooked arses have convinced the mong voters that politics has changed.
        Prescott in the Lords, EU lays down the law to Britain, and we roll over, more deaths in Afghanistan, more taxes for less services and so on.

        Birds with small brains flock together at the ballot box

  79. 269
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi , My Names Tim Lovejoy and i am legend

    • 296
      Anonymous says:

      Piss off you bell end. How the fuck you ever got that shitty job presenting yet another shitty cookery programme is beyond me. Fuck you.

  80. 273
    Oh my God says:


  81. 276
    Paul the psychic octopus says:

    Spain will win the world cup.

  82. 278
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am still PM !

    • 303
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      11:18PM, in fact.

      Time for your pills, McMental?

    • 308
      Raoul Moat says:

      Fook off, their talking aboot me now!

      • 318
        Fuck Liebore says:

        Fuck Labour, you’ve monopolised this blog for a week and it’s fucking tedious. Hurry up and do yourself in. There’s a good chap.

      • 341
        Moaty the Nation's hero says:

        A full week – yes indeed.
        And Counting.
        Not as tedious as the lies that plod are trotting out.
        See you again, same place, same time next week, OK ?

  83. 287
    Mr nobody says:

    Listening to Douglas Alexander pontificating that only by pissing British lives down the toilet will the Taliban come to the negotiating table with a “realistic” attitude.

    • 298
      Fucked off says:

      It’s amazing that nobody can ever answer the simple question of what the hell we are doing there, ever!

      • 305
        Taliban says:

        The BBC obviously censored the questions. The audience will have been more concerned about Moat than theTaliban but were not allowed to mention the obvious.

      • 319
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        We’re in Afghanistan to prop-up an evil corrupt regime of medieval scumbags who legalised rape within marriage and who, even after 9 years, are not capable of putting together a dependable army capable of defending their tribes’ piss-ant territory a worthy ally of the West.

      • 347
        Miguel Portaloo says:

        Afraid it’s nothing to do with keeping the streets of Britain safe.

        Afghan is one of the richest countries on Earth. 1 to 3 trillion dollars worth of minerals to be plundered. You name it, they’ve got it: gold, lithium, uranium, oil, gas etc etc.

        It’s been a geo-political hotbed for hundreds of years. A major trade route between India, Europe, Arabia, Russia and China. There are oil and gas pipelines to lay!

        Politicians and the media will have sharpen their act to keep justifying the war. It is justifyable but for reasons other than what the public are told.

        • 348
          Bullshit says:

          1 to 3 trillion dollars of bullshit
          for the same gullible fools who believed there were W.M.D. in Iraq

  84. 301
    sabotage says:

    looks like the Conservative MPs are going to amend the AV referendum Bill if QT is anything to go by
    poor Nick is going to get shafted again

  85. 310
    Mr nobody says:

    Milliband looking very smooth on the DP.
    Even Portaloo’s got a stalk on.

  86. 311
    Fucked off says:

    The BBC really are thick as shite. Here’s this week’s Panorama description.

    “New research has shown that the standard of teaching is the most important factor to a child’s education. So why are so many bad teachers being allowed to teach?”

    New research? NEW RESEARCH? What fucking planet are those tossers on FFS?

    My research shows that Panorama went downhill a decade ago and hasn’t recovered since. Good fucking riddance to them and the BBC. Fucking retards.

  87. 321
    Rendition, torture & war Apologist, David Miliband says:

    If Andrew Neil is nasty I will put a hood over his and give chinese burns.

  88. 325
    Albie Here says:

    All of a sudden he’s become an expert in how he can save our money,shame he didn’t let mcbroonin on the secret on how to save out money after all he did save cgt on his mum’s house.

  89. 329
    Sky reports they are thinking of carpet bombing the area WTF? says:

    I know it’s abit tin foil hatter stuff but seriously does Raoul Moat have dirt on high up in the establishment?

    It’s abit OTT when they start talking about airstriking the area.

    He is a Geordie bouncer for fucks sake not exacatly a fucking Taliban platoon.

    They really do not want to capture him alive.

  90. 330
    Anonymous says:

    D Milliband: You cannot have an independent inquiry while court cases are going on.

    In other words, kick this one into the long grass for a decade or so.

  91. 331
    Log6 says:

    with a feather duster
    limp stuff Brillo

  92. 334
    Loopy Loo says:

    As you’re no doubt tearing into Teddy.
    Just sponge him out afterwards, there’s a good little boy.

  93. 338
    Sky graveyard shift says:

    10 Russian spies to be swapped for Labour front bench.
    Not sure which way that works, but can it be any worse?

  94. 343
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Moaty you need to get properly tooled up
    Empty those shotgun cartridges and fill them with steel ball bearings

    • 346
      Anonymous says:

      The thing is the police are going for a jolly jaunt across the countryside
      making it look like they are on the case but this guy is desperate and hungry
      he has aready held up a “fish and chip shop” they are making it look like they are forcing him into a corner
      when in fact this mad fucker is more than likely held up with some old granny
      in some remote property
      he has to be close to food he has to be inside
      the police are beeing made to look like fuckinfg amatures
      find the fucker and lets move on!

      • 351
        Anonymous says:

        I’d rather they didn’t find him for a few months. Plod need their grubby noses rubbing in shite.

    • 353
      An Aussie says:

      Had a beer last night with a big pommy bloke – dead ringer for Moaty. If he’s made it down here, your ladyboy coppers will never find him in the bush. A latter day Ned Kelly.

      • 356
        Albie Here says:

        Aussie bloke/blokett,plod stopped being part of the community since the plod management decided money and trinkets were a better idea than doing real policing of the communities, time in nigh as they say as we can’t afford senior management strutting around pretending they are real policeman/women.

  95. 344
    Raoul Moat on tour says:

    Looking forward to Biffy Clyro on Sunday at T in the Park. And yes, that is a euphemism! Bangin’!

  96. 345
    HL Mencken says:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  97. 349

    He went thata way !

  98. 354
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Get a tarp and a, refective blanket (all german cars have them in the passenger seat first aid kit) that fucks up the thermal imaging kit

  99. 360
    RavingMad says:

    I wouldn’t give Ed Milisister a penny for his thoughts

  100. 364
  101. 367
    Well Said Mr Zed says:

    Mr Zed. I cannot argue with anything you have written.

    Falling Down is a great film too.

  102. 368
    The Man who came in from The All Women Shortlist says:

    To be fair Im sure they will be deducting this from Eds Pocket Money every week until September.

  103. 371
    Bevan says:

    Good socialist lad, that Ed Milliband.

  104. 373
    Anonymous says:

    Do these candidates pay tax on these “donations”? And if not, why not?

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