July 7th, 2010

Late Night Sessions

One of the great things about EyeSpy.MP (or the “phantom blogger” as Sir Michael White mistakenly calls it) is that it reveals the truth about MPs actual behaviour.  Next time an MP whines about being poorly paid and hard working because of all those late night sittings, ask him what really happens during those sessions? Do they scrupulously scrutinise legislation and make speeches of great oratory?

No they get drunk and gossip. Last night the PLP was getting pissed and occasionally wandering into the lobbies to vote. Here are a selection of EyeSpy.MP tweets from last night:

4 out of 5 Lab leadership contenders on the terrace taking advantage of rare late night sitting to be matey (or trying to be in case of D & E Miliband).

Last night: Balls, Burnham and Ed Miliband in the Kremlin buying pints for down-market North East Labour MPs

Why aye man, it’s Sharon Hodgson pet! Skulling a vat of white wine. Drunk as a skunk.

0130: Tired and emotional Dennis Macshane stinging drinking companions for expensive glasses of Sancerre on the Terrace

0200: Ed Balls the last Labour leadership contender left on the Terrace – still drinking pints with the NE mafia!

Bear in mind some of these MPs will have been drinking subsidised beer since tea-time.  In many cases they will be completely drunk when voting and the whips basically roll them into the lobbies. In how many jobs outside the entertainment industry is it acceptable to be completely intoxicated in the workplace? Makes you proud of our great parliamentary democracy doesn’t it…


  1. 1
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Does Heath & Safety know about this? Oh, wait…


    • 5
      Pot Kettle Watch says:

      This is a joke right ?

      You’re seriously trying to be sanctimonious about MP’s dr.in.ki.ng now ???

      And you’d never ply an MP with dr.in.k to try and get information would you ?



      • 21
        pmt008 says:

        Do you really want people who are supposed to represent the general public to vote whilst smashed off their face? Pot, kettle etc on the sanctimony, methinks!


      • 23
        Unsworth says:

        If getting an MP to give you information is as simple as getting him/her pissed then so be it – that’s a measure of them, isn’t it? But of course you’re deliberately avoiding the point – which is that these bastards are spending their time getting pissed in subsidised bars at our expense and not even bothering to listen to the debates, or do anything else it appears.

        Since when has hanging around subsidised bars getting pissed been part of an MP’s duties? Can’t recall seeing this ‘pledge’ in my local MP’s election leaflets.


        • 46
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          party democracy.

          Do what you’re told. May as well be pîssed.


        • 52
          Pot Kettle watch says:

          “Since when has hanging around subsidised bars getting pissed been part of an MP’s duties? Can’t recall seeing this ‘pledge’ in my local MP’s election leaflets.”

          Since MPs getting pissed have been around, which is hundreds of fucking years, or do you still believe in the tooth fairy and father christmas you naive idiot ?

          I’m not saying it’s upstanding moral behaviour I’m saying where the FUCK have you people been ???? and why is someone like Guido Fawkes getting on his high horse about dr.in.ki.ng ??? don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious, but totally baffling


          • Fucked off says:

            You’re right. MPs have been getting pissed for hundreds of years. We’ve been subsidising the fuckers for those hundreds of years and, while they are getting pissed, they are not working.

            Fuck it. I’ve had enough of the situation. Piano wire all around.


          • Figures released under FoI show that in 2007/8, House of Commons catering had an income of £7,173,800, against an expenditure of £12,625,800 – meaning a subsidy of £5,452,000.


          • Unsworth says:

            So, it’s wrong but you’ve no right to complain, eh?


          • Pot Kettle Watch says:

            and do you seriously think this is a new phenomenon ?

            Parliaments legendary excess was easily equal to that of the old fleet street and square mile’s

            the only difference is those other two have actually cleaned up their act a bit while Parliament is still a sops paradise

            Guido knows this and knows that if anyone tried to dry out the HoC the entire government and legislature would collapse into chaos in weeks

            you think they were upset at losing their expenses ?
            try and float the idea of shutting down all their b.ars and sobering them up then watch the fun


          • Pot Kettle Watch says:

            complain all you want
            but don’t pretend it’s either new or that an eyebrow or two shouldn’t be raised when Guido is the one doing the complaining
            glass houses and all that


          • Unsworth says:

            How much of a fucking moron are you? Where did I or anyone else here say this was something ‘new’?

            ‘New’ is fuck all to do with it. It’s wrong and should be condemned and stopped, full stop. These prats are spending my fucking money on their entertainment.

            If Guido wishes to spend his cash on any fucking thing that’s entirely his choice. If he wants to ingest vats full of alcohol I really don’t care. It’s his money, his choice.


      • 43
        Mong Zoo says:

        so what he is a blogger,a pissed one maybe but that’s his choice as he does not get paid by us.So stick your sanctity up your own arse.


        • 56
          Pot Kettle watch says:

          don’t get on your high horse if you spend most of your time DOING that which you are condemning
          Mr Fawkes enjoys his little tipples with his own favourite MPs who are still getting paid by us
          so it doesn’t bother him then
          which means you can stick your naive idiocy up your own sphincter chum


          • Unsworth says:

            You obviously don’t understand. If I spend my time getting pissed that’s up to me. If I elect or employ someone to work on my behalf and they spend their time getting pissed when they should be working for me then I’ve got every right to complain.

            Or do you think it’s perfectly OK for these clowns to simply rip us all off?


          • Pot Kettle Watch says:

            no, YOU obviously don’t understand
            I’m not praising these idiots I’m laughing at the one doing the complaining
            and if this is earthshattering news to you then by all means call them cun’ts but they’ve been doing it for centuries and aren’t about to stop because you’ve just found out about it today


          • Anonymous says:

            How the fuck can we be doing what we condem if we arent MP’s you stupid arse.They are OUR elected representitives and the fact theve being doint it for years is irrelevant. Times change and so must they.


          • Pot Kettle watch says:

            You aren’t Guido
            So you aren’t dr.in.ki.ng with MPs then condemning them for dr.in.ki.ng
            Save your brainless spluttering for yourself and learn to read posts


          • Anonymous says:

            I do read posts and you are simply an apologist for misconduct by those in public office. You lack the brain power to realise that as a private Individual Guido can do what he likes. MP’s are supposed to behave according to parliamentary code and many do not !!!!!
            Guidos role is irrelevent, Like many things the internet will mobilise the public like never before and put a stop to the cushy eistence of our MP’s.


          • Pot Kettle Watch says:

            get a fucking grip
            Guido famously enjoys dr.in.ki.ng with MP’s to get inside information so he can hardly complain about them dr.in.ki.ng now
            and it’s HIS blog and HIS article you are commenting on so you must be as off your face as these MPs if you think his role is “irrelevant”

            I’d ban the lot of them from dr.in.ki.ng within Parliament and have them undertake the same mandatory drug and al.co.ho.l tests that their legislation has enabled other employers to do

            but rest assured, the internet won’t stop them getting pissed any more than Guido buying them dr.in.ks will

            Christ! what a fatuous tool you are


      • 48
        The general public says:

        Works for me


    • 71
      Alexander says:

      Was watching the Parliament Channel between midnight and 1am last night – it was pretty obvious from their slurred speech that many were quite pissed. I shall never say anything bad about John Bercow – poor man was in the Chair having to tell these nohopers that they were straying from the topic under debate and listening to their rants about Lib-Dems and Tories.

      What a waste of space most of these guys are. We had the MP from Brent North quoting from Harry Potter and I see that he’s supposedly the most educated MP in Parliament -boy what a waste of space.


    • 155
      Teetotal says:

      If you can’t drive a car on drink you sure can’t drive a country on it.


      • 160
        Infanta of Castile says:

        ‘if you can’t drive a car… you sure can’t drive a country’

        Quod erat demonstrandum


  2. 2
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Binge-drinking on Taxpayer-subsidised booze. Aren’t Liebour MPs magnificent ??


  3. 3
    Bub says:

    Whatever happened to consuming alcohol in the work place or during working hours legislation? Are MPs immune to this as well as everything else?



  4. 4

    I take it Jo Swinson wasn’t quaffing…. http://twitter.com/joswinson

    ‘just finished voting. 2:24am. RIDICULOUS way to run the country’


    • 12
      Hard working tax-payer says:

      Hi Jo,

      If you don’t like it then resign and get a real job in the private sector. Running a country is supposed to be hard work since it’s a hugely complicated and important thing. Those running big businesses, top lawyers and accountants etc don’t complain about sometimes having to pull all-nighters so stop whinging.

      Actually seeing your latest post on twatter:

      after 2am votes, today will be (yawn) tiring, but looking forward to talking about women & exercise on R4 Woman’s Hour shortly

      I take it back – you clearly don’t have important work to do. You should leave it to the men.


      • 25

        Hold on, MPs voting at 2am IS a ridiculous way to run a country.

        We should be able to vote ourselves, at home, on any bill and not leave it to 649 pissed up fucktards whipped into the Commons by the vested interests of big business, lobbyists, unions, old boy networks, freemasonary, banks, marxist ecoloons or the EU.


    • 50
      Willsteed says:

      What strikes me from this comment is…

      When I worked in private sector industry, you felt as if you were all in it together. Ie if you were doing some 80 hour weeks, or 18 hour days, you all knew why, and you just did it. Tough yes, but you had some sense of collective mission, and achievement at the end.

      Anyone who was on the team, who might have whined about working a mega week or day at 2.24am (once or twice a year) would not have been seen as a team-player. Bad attitude.


      • 57
        Willsteed says:

        ps. i.e. it suggests self-interest above collective, or public interest.


        • 81
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          The house of commons looks like the ultimate in presenteeism.

          Doesn’t matter what you bother thinking about, or how pissed you are, the job is just being there.


          • Gordon Brown man about Town says:

            Sockpuppet said “Doesn’t matter what you bother thinking about, or how pissed you are, the job is just being there.”

            I think I’ve found a way round that


      • 63
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        You’d expect people to whinge if they have to “work” at 2.24am when basically everyones pissing into the wind for the previous 6 hours.

        If it wasn’t such a piss poor setup, she would perhaps be able to make some constructive comments about how it is they ended up working late.

        It might not be team playing but if some arsehole buggers things up, and you end up working until 2 in the morning, you’d expect to be able to make some sort of constructive comment on how its supposed to run better.


    • 135
      Anonymous says:

      Hi Jo,

      Why dont you get a real job in the real world instead of swaning about buying make up at our expense. Another one who is straight out of school and into Politics eh !!!


  5. 6
    Spank Sinatra says:

    So much for a fairer future for all – sodding hypocrites. When was the last time any of them invited just one of their constituents from genuinely poor homes down to London to sit on the terrace and be offered similar hospitality. They only open their wallets to those whose favours they seek.


    • 11

      To be fair spank, would you want to sit on the HoC terrace on a fine evening, with a jolly nice Burgundy, chatting to some scouser pillock when you could be running your hand up the back of Caroline Noakes’ leg?


      • 14
        brownless says:

        oh you took the words out of my mouth Sir Trev..beautiful spot great crack surrounded by local oiks…no don’t think that sounds at all enticing.


      • 18
        Spank Sinatra says:

        Agreed (broadly) Sir Trev however I do feel you somewhat make my point. They are quite content to live in their parallel universe at our expense. I daresay they will start to whinge on again about being entitled to a ‘private life’ without the intrusion of eyespy.mp yet happily extend every possible means of controlling ours. Pah!


        • 33

          I’m not sure about the venue as a place to do constituency business Spank.

          The HoC terrace bar is one of those few places where MPs can feel they have some privacy left to act freely and let their hair down a bit without the press berating them for holding a glass of Champagne during a financial crisis, you know the same press that quaff in any public place without their privacy infringed.

          We have to understand that these people have to inhabit a different world 90% of the time and it does make you a little different.

          It happens in many professions, it’s quite common for police officers to get into trouble and have household spats because they are drawn to it by mixing with those kind of incidents day in day out.

          Just because you represent your constituency you don’t have to like the awful people who live in it. By all means try and make the place better for people to live their lives, but you shouldn’t have to mix with them to do that.


          • Spank Sinatra says:

            Sir Trev,

            “By all means try and make the place better for people to live their lives, but you shouldn’t have to mix with them to do that.”

            I wasn’t suggesting that you have to like them but engaging with them, however awful they may indeed be, is (or should be) part of the job description. Every now and again, a little humility from our MP’s would not go amiss and if that includes buying a drink for someone other than from within that elite clique, then so be it. I think it’s called generosity of spirit.


        • 137
          Anonymous says:

          You mean a Private life which they fund with Public money at every opportunity.


      • 89
        Mister Knobby says:

        Fair comment, Sir Trev. Do you run your hand up Caroline Norks’ leg, BTW? Or indeed, any other part?


    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      “They only open their wallets to those whose favours they seek.”
      100% right Spank.Just like getting a life peerage.Speaking of which,why are the non-doms leaving the HoL in order to minimise their tax liabilities,not having their peerages taken away?


      • 76
        South of the M4 says:

        “They only open their wallets to those whose favours they seek.”

        Nope. Should read “They only open OUR wallets to those whose favours they seek.”


  6. 7
    Komich the Tiger says:

    Drinking good, gossiping good,
    hypocrisy bad


  7. 8

    ‘Dennis Macshane stinging drinking companions for expensive glasses of Sancerre on the Terrace’.

    What was Macshame drinking? Bitter. Suits him.

    Does Balls often get drunk into the early hours? I wonder if his wife has to put up with angry, pissed demands for sex when he gets home.


  8. 9
    inside job says:

    sounds exactly like a phantom blogger to me with that amount of detail
    and I doubt he or she would be stupid enough to do it without using a cover like EyeSpyMP tweets to hide behind


  9. 10
    The Bottle Fed Alky says:

    Compulsory and random drug tests are the norm in many organisations. In my various jobs, drinking and drunkenness during working hours and on company property would result in summary dismissal.

    Will someone explain, considering the responsibility they bear, why should MPs be different?


    • 61
      Fucked off says:

      Hear hear. Shut the damned bars down.


    • 138
      Apply the Law to them as they do us says:

      The Peoples Courts should be convened to prosecute many MP’s for the serious offence of misconduct in Public Office . There have been many instances of similar conduct as perpetrated by MP’s , resulting in Court appearances by other Public Servants in recent years some of whom were Jailed.
      And for starters in case you are wondering Shagging on Parliamentary time IS misconduct in Public Office.


  10. 13
    Sir Wiliam Waad says:

    I think one answer to Guido’s question may be “when writing a popular political blog.” Seriously, folks, MPs are able to get drunk at work because they know that what they do in the Commons is vacuous. When people know that their work is futile they will muck about at it.

    We can also see one reason why women at Westminster don’t generally get to the top. They don’t have large enough livers or bladders to cope with the macho boozing culture. It seems for instance that Di Abbott wasn’t among the Terrace tosspots. Women have to be rather forbidding ‘above all that’ characters like Maggie or Hattie to get away with it.


    • 44
      Purpleline says:

      Do you mean they must stiffen up their piss flaps to compete with male colleagues.

      Be interesting women running parliament we might get VAT on tampons and a Tax on the length of our man hood. Those Jamaican chaps would be well stung for additional funds if taxed by the inch. Would this be seen as a regressive Tax though?

      We may all wish for metric measurements of our willies


  11. 15
    Tapestry says:

    If they cut state spending by 40% they can get pissed free of charge every night of the week.

    At any moment they are sober, they could also consider building the infrastructure the country needs, and cuts taxes fast. Falling interest rates on government debt make it all possible.



  12. 16
    Martin Day says:

    Eric Pickles has to sacked.

    There is no place in the House Of Commons for someone as arrogant as him !!

    Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has been accused of a breach of parliamentary procedure by giving an answer to a written Commons question to the press before the MP who asked it.

    Speaker John Bercow called for an investigation into what happened, describing it as a “serious matter”.

    The issue was raised by shadow communities secretary John Denham who said he was approached for a comment in response to Mr Pickles’ reply.

    Mr Denham asked Mr Bercow: “Is it in order for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government or his agents to give parliamentary answers to the press before making the answer available to the Honourable Member who asked the question, or indeed the House as a whole?

    “What remedies can we have for those ministers who have such low regard for this House and its members?”


    • 26
      MI5 says:


      You are pissing in your violin again…


    • 28
      Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

      I never did anything as serious as that when I was an MP.


    • 30
      Purpleline says:

      Labour need to come to terms with the fact they lost and get over it.

      Conservatives need to be much tougher on them and keep the pressure up on the fact they destroyed the UK. It did not start in America but in the warped mind of the one eyed p do of the manse.


    • 36

      “What remedies can we have for those ministers who have such low regard for this House and its members?”



    • 78
      Smig says:

      Gordon Brown has to sacked.

      There is no place in the House Of Commons for someone as truant as him !!

      “What remedies can we have for those ex-ministers who have such low regard for this House and its members?”

      A bullet.


    • 86
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      “What remedies can we have for those ministers who have such low regard for this House and its members?”

      Which ministers did you have in mind? Tony? Gordon? Jack?


    • 128
      Fluffy Thoughts says:


      The real Martin Day has a new moniker now. Please try to keep-up with life in the inter-webby thing.


  13. 17
    Peasant says:

    And the LibDem Parliamentary Party and the Conservative Parliamentary Party do it too. Don’t let yopur party affiliation get in the way Guido!

    Remember Alan Clark actually reading out a bill in the chamber totally pissed?


  14. 19
    GiveUzAnother says:

    millions of quite normal people enjoy a drink at lunchtime or indeed whenever they can whilst working…the only difference between Mps and them is the provision of the bars on the westminster estate.


  15. 22
    Denis MacShameless says:

    That’s NOT me on Sancerre.


    • 72
      Secretary General Shithead says:

      I take it that’s the PLP meeting at which Gordon said the banking crisis would be his Falklands.


  16. 24
    Purpleline says:

    I think it is time to ban alcohol at Westminster and introduce a No drink, drugs or smoke ban in the house.

    Introduce a penalty if a MP is under the influence, how can these people be complicit with this, no wonder the laws are all fucked up. The great repeal act should be used to change the rotten house.

    I also think they need to change the language, we need an Old Holborn chap in there to call a Hunt a Hunt especially that Hunt Byrne’s the ex Treasury Secretary, you just want to stand across and call him a bald headed Hunt and then offer him out. Then politics would be back among the people for the people and with the people.


  17. 27
    Lou Poles says:

    Ex lords are leaping to be….not Lords anymore. happy to make their money here they now want to avoid taxes.Go for them Guido.


  18. 29
    Chris Huhne says:

    @pinknews is interviewing David Miliband (@DMiliband) on Wednesday so tweet any issues you’d like us to raise. Hurry! <this pm


  19. 31
    Willsteed says:

    Good point TCOPO, and good topic Guido.

    What planet are we on that the legislature can sit, when an unknown number of them are pissed off their heads?


  20. 32
    Gordon Brown says:

    I like drink but the bad nurse is very nasty to me and make me talk pill that makes me all sleepy and beddy byes. She bad bigoty bitch. She not understand I prime minister. I am son of mansey. I big boy. I will beat the nasty nurse with my Nokia.


  21. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ll be back…to pick up my payslip. And then I’ll return to Kickallday.


  22. 35
    Stepney says:

    It would take more than a few free pints to drink with that sort of scum.


  23. 38
    Die Ann Fat Bott says:

    Late night sessions mean I have to get a taxi to my home…in London. Here’s my taxi receipt for £525,804. I have nothing more to say.


  24. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Hang them all.


  25. 42
    Anonymous says:

    To read this you’d think that all Tory MPs were immune to the temptation of booze; if Tories were there then I bet some were drinking too.


    • 62
      Ace Innick says:

      The few remaining Liebour MPs ( remember, Liebour lost the Election ) are still drowning their sorrows. Shame they can’t be pushed over the parapet into the Thames to drown properly.


  26. 49
    try a different moniker then tut says:

    they shouldnt be voting when pis**d its wrong


  27. 50
    Cynic says:

    Surely not this Sharon Hodgeson

    ” I am proud to say that I am a Christian. I am a member of the Christian Socialist Movement and I am pleased to say that I am also secretary of the all-party group on Christians in Parliament.”


    “I have always seen myself as living in a Christian country with a multicultural society.”


    “faith is not just about discourse—it is about action”


    Perhaps it was communion wine she was quaffing?


  28. 54
    bergen says:

    Its always been the same.MPs have voted whilst drunk as skunks for hundreds of years.In the last century the diaries of Channon and Clarke make it abundantly clearAsquith used to be absolutely paralytic whilst winding up late night debates as PM.It seems to be part of our famous unwritten constitution.


  29. 59
    hypocrites r us says:

    after all of their bleating about us binge drinking and other nannying stuff


    • 113
      Winny says:

      look above the d word and I have just been modded for it.update the software Guido you cheapskate


  30. 64
    Giovanni, mine's a gin and tonic says:

    And wasn’t MacShane as pissed as a newt the other week during some debate about sexual violence against women? Sounds as if there’s an ongoing problem here. Although it probably explains all those Guardian articles and every utterance I’ve ever heard him make.


  31. 65

    Burley reporting “Police snipers on the way”.

    Do plod have snipers now? Marksmen yes, but snipers?

    Have plod bottled it and sent in the Army?


    • 87
      South of the M4 says:

      Actually Moat has no beef with the army, and probably respects them. They should indeed delegate Moats apprehension to the army. This would most probably result in no blood shed. Unless of course the police actually want him dead……


    • 116
      Shhh says:

      They have been for training in the US with swat snipers.


  32. 66
    Anonymous says:

    PC Clover head is on the Telly again


    • 106
      Nick Park says:

      Her last speaking part was in ‘The curse of the Were Rabbit’, I think she was married to the Lord of the Manor


  33. 70
  34. 77
    Fu**ed off says:

    o/t – Babykiller Sharon Shoesmith in the Graun spouting bollocks about “effective multi-agency working.”



    • 95
      Anonymus says:

      Baby killer? So she went round and did the killing?

      Nanny state not taking enough children off their parents you think?


      • 103
        barney says:

        Balls sacked her for being an incompetent paper shuffler.

        Now fuck off.


        • 120
          Anonymus says:

          The newspapers were baying for blood, and it certainly wasn’t going to Balls’s.
          She’s probably borderline competent.
          She’s definately extraordinarily irritating (I heard her by mistake on R4 on woman’s hour).
          She didn’t kill any babies.
          If you want social workers to over-step the line and become far more intrusive, what you have to do is rant like a twat in cases like this.
          If you’re a newspaper you can later rant like a twat when social services take kids away from parents, you’ll paint them as lovely innocent people if that happens.

          You should go and kiss the labour party’s Balls.


          • barney says:

            “She’s probably borderline competent.”

            How the fuck would you know?


          • Fu**ed off says:

            “You should go and kiss the labour party’s Balls.”

            They haven’t any.


          • Anonymus says:

            ah right barney.
            so you’re awake and you agree with the rest?
            Mr. Balls loves you too.

            (I was guessing)


          • filipinomonkey says:

            Dreadful case of course, but you are right, the papers were baying for blood and government by the court of public opinion was very much New Labour.

            Balls was the minister responsible for department target setting and all that NL stuff that was supposed to prove we were getting something for our money. My understanding is that this led to more social workers sitting in front of computers trying to hit their targets rather than in front of vunerable kids where they should have been.

            Suited him to get someone sacked quickly to get the heat off him, I was surprised she lost her unfair dismissal case to be honest, not to do with competence which I am in no position to judge, but just the sheer speed of the process seemed far too fast for such a complex subject.

            I blame the scapegoats…


    • 125
      Jan says:

      Perhaps MPs should be looking at the children who are STILL being stolen by the SS of local councils.Are people on this blog aware that SS are still taking children away from decent homes and putting them with foster carers on the pretext that the parent is being ‘over protective’? Scumbag single mothers on drugs,drink, who prostitute themselves,who cheat and lie to get extra benefits,who bring p..do.. men into their homes are allowed to keep their children.But woe betide anybody who lives in a decent home,who cares about their child,(who might fuss more than is necessary but that’s not a crime is it?) because these are the children who will get taken away.I know this for a fact as a young boy who has just lost his grandpa has been forcibly removed from his home and given to foster carers.His family are decent people.This is a disgrace yet continues.What type of society do we live in that allows social workers to have so much power?They are frightened by the likes of Baby Ps family and the underclass in general yet feel no guilt when removing children from decent parents. In the past I’ve always sided with SS arnd thought there must be good reason for a child’s removal.But I know the family,have done for some 40 years. What sickens me is that I have worked with boys whose mothers have sent them to school dirty,smelly hungry and unloved.Boys who hung around from early morning looking for food,looking for some kind of encouragement and care. Somebody to notice them because at home their mothers are out of their heads on drugs.We live in a very sick society.


  35. 80
    Jock Strapped says:

    If the whip was forbidden and MPs had to vote by conscience alone on every issue, perhaps then they would pay more attention to the debates and votes rather than getting shit-faced; then again with this lot – perhaps conscience is a bit strong.


  36. 84
    Muppets that whine about wine says:

    This is a subsidised bar so they are robbing us still.


  37. 85
    broken britain says:

    “Makes you proud of our great parliamentary democracy doesn’t it…?”

    Suddenly it all seems to make sense.


  38. 92
    Suck Me says:

    I get the feeling a lot of the people who tend to post racist and homophobic comments here are most likely like this fellow.


  39. 99

    “I said I wanted to be sincere, not I wanted a big glass of Sancerre…”

    Mind you, Sancerre goes very well with Chinese nosh, so I can recommend it.


  40. 100
    Anonymous says:

    They smoke and drink, they get drunk.
    That it is done on our money, that it is done whilst ruling over us, makes it so F***ing Annoying.

    If proof ever was wanted that we should string all politicoes up by the neck the EyeSpyMP is it.


  41. 109

    These people are crap anyway, whether intoxicated or sober


  42. 122
    Lynsey Lohan says:

    There are more powerful people than me,wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  43. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Better the chiselling fucktards are anaesthetised, they do less damage that way.


  44. 136
    That's News says:

    What? More booze than journalists? That IS caning it…


  45. 141
    Anonymous says:

    It’s a good job you don’t drink otherwise you would be guilty of even more hypocrisy than usual.


  46. 148
    Jimmy says:

    “In how many jobs outside the entertainment industry is acceptable to be completely intoxicated in the workplace?”

    You’re asking us?



  47. 149
    Disco Biscuit says:

    “In how many jobs outside the entertainment industry is acceptable to be completely intoxicated in the workplace?”

    Err, blogging? :)


  48. 154

    […] “Next time an MP whines about being poorly paid and hard work because of all those late night sittings, ask him what really happens during those sessions?…… [Do read some of the Eyespy.MP observations] […]


  49. 156
    Kered says:

    Yesh exactly wash wot I fink about it all. Pissy arsed barstewards the lot of ‘em.
    Do me a favour now, whenaMP wines about his pay…piss on his pay cheque!


    • 158
      Sharon Hodgson says:

      piss on his or her pay cheque!

      This is the 21st century and Harriet thinks we are just as goood as or as bad as the biys (and that includes Mandleson)


  50. 157
    Sharon Hodgson says:

    Juliet is cool not as cool as Sharon but then again …


  51. 161
    Stirling English says:

    OK now I understand.

    The last government weren’t such a bunch of halfwits because they collectively only have the brains of Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict…the part of the Pict being played by the member for Kirkcaldy.

    It is because they were pissed out of their minds as well.


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