July 2nd, 2010

Deborah Mattinson Says Guido Drove Gordon Mad

Deborah Mattinson was Gordon Brown’s personal pollster and part of the bunker / Smith Institute inner circle around Brown. In her new book Talking To A Brick Wall she has revealed something that gives Guido an immense amount of satisfaction. For over a year Guido ran a campaign against Gordon Brown’s Smith Institute, the charitable front for his political ambitions. The years of guerrilla warfare waged by this blog were not in vain, it drove him mad:

Guido Fawkes, launched a campaign attacking me personally for the public sector work that Opinion Leader did. He, and other Conservative bloggers picked up on the citizen engagement work that OLR had done. He accused Government Departments of hiring OLR solely because of my work with GB and implied that the work that I conducted for GB was a quid pro quo for the Government Citizen Engagement work.

As anyone who has bid for Civil Service contracts will verify, nowadays – quite rightly – everything is tendered to within an inch of its life. Knowing a Minister, let alone the Chancellor and PM heir apparent, would be a hindrance rather than a help and place the potential contract under closer scrutiny. It was true that much of the time that I put in for Labour was pro bono, as it had always been. Like most political activists, whether drafting leaflets or knocking on doors, I gave my time willingly out of support for the cause. Furthermore, many of the costs associated with my political work were paid by the Labour Party or by a sympathetic organisation such as the Fabian Society. Nonetheless, the story ran. This was a tense and difficult time and GB was impatient with anything that might adversely affect his forward march. On one occasion after a particularly nasty piece, claiming ludicrously that Opinion Leader had charged £153, 484.38 for a one day seminar, had run, GB burst into our weekly meeting and exploded, ‘You’re in the eye of the storm. What are you doing about it?’

I was hurt both, by the accusations themselves, and also by GB’s less than supportive response. I had seen him treat others harshly but, up till then, I had always been made to feel valued. After much agonising and, following discussions with Viki, my ever tolerant business partner I decided to step down from my role as CEO of Opinion Leader and stopped working on any public sector clients, to avoid making either GB or Opinion Leader Research vulnerable to further attack. Instead I focused on my corporate role as Joint Chair of Chime Research Division. Meanwhile, sadly, GB shelved the listening programme – it looked to be more trouble that it was worth. . . Citizens were not going to get their say after all.

It is good to know that Gordon was such an avid reader…


  1. 1
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha well done guido but he was bonkers before you started on him but you did finish him off

    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      I’m enjoying seeing his talentless Labour ex cabinet dribbling and foaming at the month in their impotent opposition. See how the Labour leadership candidates twitch and gurn at the stump to their dwindling faithful.


      • 348
        Blair's war says:

        You need to keep the pressure on the Mentalist and focus more attention on Blair’s cash building schemes on the back of taxpayer and the military dead and wounded.

        Instead of Blair’s children living a life of luxury, fiddled by their dad, they should be on the front line in Afghanistan, it would be good to see slot gob make another insincere tearful speech about her children.

    • 13
      Gordon Brown says:

      Today I have mostly been reading this blog. And doing a poop.

      • 35
        Nursie says:

        Put the Miliband dolly down, now, Gordon, there’s a dear. It’s time for your atomoxetine, now be a good boy this time. And don’t forget, where do we do poops? Yes, IN THE LAVVY, not in our panties.

      • 162
        Report: David Cameron will campaign against AV says:

        ITV’s Lucy Manning reports that David Cameron will campaign against AV ahead of next year’s referendum In one respect, it’s not surprising news: this is what the Tories have always said they’d do. But given recent rumblings and speculation to the contrary, it’s still worth noting down.

        If the Tories don’t change their minds before 5 May 2011, the question is how loud and proud that ‘No’ campaign will be. If Cameron keeps it low-key, then it might win him some goodwill with the Lib Dems. But, equally, it could leave him stranded between a strong Yes campaign on one side, and more vocal No campaigns on the other – and under fire from both.

        Meanwhile, Douglas Carswell’s suggestion that other voting options be included on the ballot deserves more airtime.

        • 223
          Anonymous says:

          Fill it with a dozen stupid options and FPTP can sweep home with seventeen per cent of the vote. No more votes on this for at least twenty years. Thank you for playing ‘Coalition’.

        • 274
          Captain Peacock says:

          “ITV’s Lucy Manning reports that David Cameron will campaign against AV ahead of next year’s referendum”

          When will it sink in it does not matter what way we vote the EU Politburo are running the show. These 650 MPs have only one job to fiddle as much expenses as they can, that’s their payoff for keeping quite.

        • 291
          Anonymous says:

          I suspect the no campaign will be pretty useless (much the same as GE campaign)bounds of energy with no real explaination of policy or stance,in simple terms,the public will understand.

          • their all telling fibbs says:

            We do do referendums in the UK ask brown or milliband or cameron about the Lisbon Treaty

        • 343
          Old geezer says:

          Why worry about May next year. The bill authorising the referendum probably will not pass in the House of Commons. The LibDems have been given what they asked for, a vote, not an actual referendum. Evryone is going through the motions, but nothing will change. Seen it all before, may see it again, nothing to get excited about.

          • revolting peasant says:

            The alleged pressure for a change in the voting system is a non-story. Only Lib Dems and a few idealistic young activists are in favour of change-the vast majority are happy with the way things are. It’s heartening to see the Tories are sticking by their pledge to hold a referendum,especially as Labour shafted the Libs on this issue before, but the public will never vote to change the current system.

      • 228
        Nurse Blogs says:

        . . . doing a poop . . . !

        You mean ‘doing a jobbie’ don’t you?

      • 259
        Emily from NewsNight says:

        Emily from News Night

        I interviewed Henry Kissinger and he said “my pleasure Emily” (at the end of the interview). If you think I want to interview you, you must be bonkers.

      • 261
        Emily from NewsNight says:

        I interviewed Henry Kissinger!

        • 374
          Kirsty Wark sucks lots of pork says:

          Stop being pathetic, Emily. I gave Henry a Scottish blow-job. Och, aye, the noo!

    • 137
      madder says:

      If u did. it means he is mad. end of.

    • 276
      Anna Chapman Орден Ленина says:

      На тело Ленина я клянусь, я не русский шпион!!

  2. 2
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Corruption shouldnt pay

  3. 3
    gone fuckin mental says:

    “It is good to know that Gordon was such an avid reader…”

    Well if any scum in the labour party are reading this


  4. 4
    VEE6 says:

    Proves that most of us were right. The man is and was, a spineless bully, with little or no regard for the realities of life. How on earth did he get where he was?

    • 8
      Just stating the obvious says:

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  5. 5

    This fucking thrills me to bits……….. I’ve had a really shit day today and I can’t tell you how delighted I am that you have managed to fuck Gordon Brown off and piss all over his chips.

    Thank you Guido.

    • 192
      Loftus Road says:

      Agreed. Good work Guido

    • 285
      Call me infidel says:

      That and the miserable sweaty sock Murray getting knocked out of Wimbledon plus the Brazilian ladyboys getting shafted by the clogs has capped an excellent day.

  6. 6
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Guido , if i ever meet you i will buy you a few pints. The lad done good

  7. 9
    The last quango in paris says:

    Well hopefully he is still reading and cam help with the following:

    1. Why can’t he show up to hop
    2. What happened to his slush fund?
    3. Given how crap he is why did he think he would make a good p m?
    4. When he lost the election why didnhe cling on to power like a deranged weirdo
    5. why dis he sell the gold
    6. Were his kids educated privately
    7.given that he says he eradicated boom and bust when did he reinstate it?

    • 12
      Just stating the obvious says:

      You are obviously labouring under the delusion that Brown actually believes that he was a useless Prime Minister or that he delivered the country into its present parlous state or was wrong on anything In the “Second Life” reality that he inhabited/inhabits remember he saved the World and every other leader hung on his words of advice and he is a statesman of stature with organisations queing up to use his vast talents and publishers beating his door down for his tome on the “Analysis of the World Banking Crisis”.

      • 139
        ........................... says:

        3. Given how crap he is why did he think he would make a good p m?

        • 293
          Spell Checker says:

          One or two poeple psoting on tihs site wolud do wlel to thnik abuot the cocnpe of the spellchecker…

  8. 10
    Curious to know says:

    How can a woman who knocks on doors for Labour be considered a reliable pollster?!

    • 146
      The Liberal Party says:

      I understand my dear.these tories will rape you and blame your husband for being an out of work drunk pedofile rapist

      • 150
        The Liberal Party says:

        waz up dude.yo momma did not like yor old lil boy in a home dik
        kid/KId KId KID KID

        • 152
          The Liberal Party says:

          cum on letz take it more

          • Survey puts Liberal Democrats' popularity at post-election low says:

            The public’s support for the Liberal Democrats has tumbled sharply since George Osborne set out the coalition government’s austerity budget, an opinion poll for The Independent discloses today.

            The ComRes survey shows backing for Nick Clegg’s party at a post-election low.

            The budget package appears to have boosted support for the Conservatives, who stand on 40 per cent, a rise of four points since a ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday on 20 June. Labour is up one point at 31 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats are down five points at 18 per cent.

        • 175
          sharp drop in Liberal Democrat support says:

          There is a new ComRes poll out for the Independent. Topline voting intention figures, with changes from their previous poll a week and a half ago, are CON 40%(+4), LAB 31%(+1), LDEM 18%(-5). As with ICM and YouGov, that represents a sharp drop in Liberal Democrat support, though ComRes are showing a rather lower level of Labour support than other companies.

          • Benny Fitz-Clements says:

            I am proud to be a part of the hard core of plonkers who always vote Liebour

            Nothing to do with the tax credits, Child Trust Fund, disability allowance, etc. of course…

          • Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

            Pretty predictable really.

            The Lib Dims would have lost as much support if they had joined Liebore in a coalition.

          • nell says:

            Not encouraging for labour though is it? labour hoped, didn’t they? that the spending cuts, which in any case were fairly mild (george osborne could have gone much further, especially on benefit cuts) would give them a boost and reduce the polls for the tories.

            Hasn’t happened has it???

          • Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

            The left wing press have been blaming Liebore’s failure on McMoron. I wonder who they will blame now?

          • Durrrr??? says:

            the tax rises and spending cuts haven’t happened yet stupid

          • nell says:

            No but the news that labour threw £20billion at the nhs and widened the rich/poor gap and then threw £1.2billion at the non swine flu ‘epidemic’ which didn”t happen and on and on…………. does say something rather substantial about the last labour government don’t you think??!!

          • Bigot says:

            does say something rather substantial about the last labour government don’t you think??!!

            And the Chief Medical Offcier for ‘elf !

            Remember bird flu / and all the other scare bullshit we have endured (and paid for).

            Bollocks to the lot of them.


          • and they called it puppy love says:

          • an ex labour voter says:

            Oh dear that’s sarah and her luvvie is it??!!

          • mongwatch says:

            no it’s Dave and Nick after Dave has cleaned out Nick’s arsehole with his tongue

          • Marxist unions OWN Labour says:

            I hate Gordon Brown: I hate Andy ‘poop pants’ Murray and I hate all bloody Scots, socialists, commies, Marxists, fabians, the welsh, ice cold beer, stupid women drivers, women on golf courses, anyone who works for local Government, or on, or for, the guardian newspaper, the stinking labour party, Unison, or any bloody union, Bob Crowe, northeners, scousers benefit cheats, the welsh ‘disabled’, Manchester United, the French and….and…….. anyone who disagrees with me.

          • kiddy fiddling scum says:

            I suppose with the BBC promoting sodomy of children 24/7, the home market is a little slack and full of used items.

            However, you can still get a good deal in Bulgaria though:


          • Ratsniffer says:

            They were shit?

    • 159
      P. Doff says:

      From behind every firmly closed door she probably heard, “It’s in the post!” so would have given her Führer the benefit of any doubt and ticked the Party box.

    • 340
      Peter Grimes says:

      Who the fuck CARES enough about what this dumb ZaNuLieBor apparatchik writes to ever read her book?

      FFS. Al JaBeeBa will claim her as a celebrity and have her on DID shortly so she can plug the turgid book!

  9. 11
    Cassandra King says:

    In other words
    ‘the newlabour corruption roadshow got caught red handed with its fat greasy fingers in the till and they had no excuses to hide behind.
    Brown got caught syphoning off public funds for party political work and rather than accept any blame he pulls his usual trick and piles the ordure onto his parasitical minons and runs away’.
    The newlabour scum thought they could do as they pleased, they thought they had the media rolled up tight and on a leash, they didnt reckon without the master of investigation who would not be bought off and threatened and silenced.
    No wonder the new media brought Brown to the edge of madness, he so nearly had the field stitched up tight but he was wrong and he was brought down by a blogger working on a shoestring and armed with the truth, Oooh yes folks the truth is that Master Fawkes did more to bring down the monster than anyone and he has earned his folk hero status among us.
    An achievement that will never earn him medals and honours but only the bitter hatred of the leftist establishment.

    • 117
      Nick2 says:

      Time for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission for Nu Labour ministers & minions, methinks…

      • 123
        Biffo says:

        Let’s forget the ‘Reconciliation’ part & just move swiftly on from ‘Truth’ to ‘Justice’ which should hopefully involve boiling tar & pitchforks.

      • 201
        Hugh Janus says:

        Yup, I agree, 13 years and 200m quid should see it sorted….

    • 138
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Let’s hope that both ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave and ‘Your Freedom’ Nick are reading what happens nowadays when you piss on the punters. The bloggers will find you out and drive you mad(der).

      If they give us a referendum on Europe and repeal the Smoking Ban we might start to believe they’re different from Gordo, but if they don’t………

    • 155
      Bomber Rarris says:

      Come to the battlements,not a historical future and state them terms.

    • 373
      hangmans assistant says:

      Guido should wear the badge of honor of being hated by the pinko lefties in zanunulab.

      Hang the bastards from the lamposts, I say, teach anymore pinko scum an object lesson. Get me some piano wire, lets start today.

  10. 14
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    I bet he’s reading it now. Hi Gordon! Thanks for saving the world, and don’t worry – it’s not true what every liebour member says about your little bigotgate episode losing them the election.

    • 21
      Goodbye and thanks for all the debt says:

      The Daily Politics did a piece to-day about ex-Labour Ministers and how they were having to come to terms with no longer having power;ministerial cars or civil servants to do their bidding.One of those interviewed was Tessa Jowell who gave an illustration of this..I paraphrase as I can’t remeber her exact words…..”I telephoned someone in an organistaion that in my role as a Minister I had spoken to several times a week(previously the call had been connected via my office).I telephoned this person personally as I wanted to thank them for their help to me when I was a Minister and asked to be put through.The telephonist asked me who was calling and I replied Tessa,a moments silence as I was put on hold,a few seconds later the telephonist came back and asked me ” Mr so and so says Tessa Who ?.We’d only been out of power less than 2 hours !!”

      How are the “mighty” fallen.You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh !!

      • 222
        Tessa's Windowboxes says:

        Was it the Italian PM?

        Or her ‘estranged’ hubby, David?

        Or a plastic surgeon?

        Or Gordon?

        • 251
          Infanta of Castile says:

          It was probably a journalist, either in the BBC or one of the broadsheets.

    • 36
      Mad Jock McGinty says:

      Oi Gordon! You’re a fucking mentalist.

      • 47
        Gordon Brown says:

        No I am not. Now leave me alone, I have meetings with ministers. I’ve been drafting the Queen’s Speech for the opening of Parliament. But for some reason, the man in the white coat keeps telling me the opening has been delayed for another six months. I don’t understand.

        • 55
          Mad Jock McGinty says:

          Don’t worry Gordon, nurse will give you a nice prostate massage if you take your medicine like a good boy.

          • Gordon Brown says:

            No! You not talk to me like that! I prime minister! I the big boy! You do as I tells you! Nurse was rude to me and I said “You’re in the eye of the storm! What are you doing about it?!” She looked very scared when I shouty like that! The bigoty bitch put sharp thingy in my arm. It make me all sleepy and drowsy. It made me go beddy byes.

          • Les Beau says:

            Hey Gordo! Sarah’s giving it another couple of months before she gets you sectioned and she can get back to muff diving.

  11. 15
    Dark Lord says:

    The Times started charging today. Considering the offers they are making no one can be signing up. I always wanted to be informed by the Daily Mail but he ho.

    • 17
      Ex TimesOnline user says:

      I haven’t and won’t be.

      • 179
        You Couldn't Make it Up says:

        I haven;t even signed up for the Racing Post members’ club nonsense, and I’d get a lot more benefit from reading the ‘pay for’ bits of the RP than The Times.

        Who the ferk do they think they are?

    • 33
      Mad Jock McGinty says:

      I don’t think Rupert will lose much sleep over this. He’s quite happy subsidising his propaganda rag. It buys him much more power and influence than it costs to run.

    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      Do the tossers still serve up ads?

  12. 16
    AnythingButScotland says:

    Sending him to an early grave would be too kind an act. He has fucked the UK for decades.

    • 29
      New Balls !! says:

      You’ll be pleased to know then that Murray lost the first set to Nadal and has just lost the second set too on a tie-break and is two sets to nil down in the match

      • 38
        Hugh Janus says:

        Excellent. Did McBust take time off from his arduous schedule to wish him luck by any chance?

        • 127
          Biffo says:

          I did wonder that myself. It’s probably very mean-minded of me but Murray is such a complete miserable c*** always droning on about being Scottish, not British & making a big thing about not bowing to the Qeen – although he did in the end – that you sort of think ‘Karma’.

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s a good job we play as England for football and rugby so we can ditch the Scots or we would be worse than we are already. I believe the English-speaking Canadians have the same inferiority complex when people think they are “American”.

          • Hugh Janus says:

            Yes, he slagged off the English quite comprehensivley a year or two back, and after that I decided that he didn’t really want or need my support.

            Anyway, he’s a droning little prat, and also one of the reasons why I don’t watch Wimbledon any more. His aggression on court is just tiresome. I prefer the strong silent type, like Bjorn Borg (and now my age is showing).

          • Susie says:

            Nah — Ilie Nastase — sex on a tennis racket (at the time).

          • Anonymous says:

            When did he make a big thing about not bowing to the queen and apart from one joke which was part of banter with Tim Henman when has he droned on about being scottish and not British ?

            Can you supply evidence for these assertions or are you just a spiteful little Englander who mistakes newspaper headlines with what somebody actually has said ???

          • restandbthankfull says:

            Hugh, it’s not only Andy Murray who has an outburst now and again when he is frustrated most, if not all of the tennis players do in one way or another. You perhaps missed Laura Robson yesterday when she lost her match. I am surprised the tennis racket survived her fit of pique. I agree it’s not nice to see but I wonder if perhaps we would do the same in their position? Sadly not many reach the heights Andy Murray has reached so we will never know will we. He is still a young man – his time will come.

            As for how he appears in front of camera. Who can blame him for being guarded at all times after the hiding he has taken at the hands of the press for friendly banter with Tim Heman when he was a teenager.

            The rumbling about whether to bow or not were all flared up in the press. He was non committal about whether he would bow or not as he wanted to consult with his opponent as to whether they should bow or not – he was being thoughtful as it would have looked bad if his opponent hadn’t bowed and he had. Give the guy a break he’s a great player after all he was only 6 points adrift from Nedal – 6 points that’s all – and Nadal is World No 1.

      • 39
        Fuck Labour says:

        Och aye! Even Murray himself ken he’s pish!

        This is the most likeable Scot:

      • 73
        It looks like Tennis isn't coming home either says:

        Murray loses 3 sets to Nil

  13. 18
    All Together Now says:

    Gordon Brown was a nutter and he liked to eat nuts nuts nuts

  14. 19
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Poor deluded bitch. Did she really think that McTwat would shit on everyone else, but not on her? He’s such a bastard the only person he wouldn’t shit on is Mark Oaten.

    • 25
      Peter Grimes says:

      Exactly – poor deluded bitch!

      This is brilliant news, Guido. With the Smith Institute in terminal decline your next target should be that other ZaNuLieBor arsepiece (with ZaNuLieBor mouth and arse are interchangeable) the IPPR!

    • 63
      Mark Oaten says:

      How fucking dare you! Gordon has given me several Boston Steamers during the last parliament. Yummy!

    • 126
      Incitatus says:

      He’s such a bastard the only person he wouldn’t shit on is a Coprophiliac.

  15. 20
    Sir William Waad says:

    “Knowing a Minister, let alone the Chancellor and PM heir apparent, would be a hindrance rather than a help…..”

    …..and the band played ‘Believe It If You Will’.

    (Incidentally, Gordo was the heir presumptive, not the heir apparent. Sorry, can’t help it.)

    • 263
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      No need to apologise for making us wiser, Sir Bill.

      I googled it and for the benefit of all

      ..An heir apparent is an heir who, short of a fundamental change in the situation, cannot be displaced from inheriting.

      An heir presumptive, by contrast, is an heir currently in line to inherit a title, but who could be displaced at any time by certain events….

  16. 22
    Little Black Sambo says:

    gave my time willingly out of support for the cause
    This person is clearly utterly delusional.

  17. 23
    Scipio Africanus says:

    Mrs Mattinson “…. I had seen him treat others harshly but, up till then, I had always been made to feel valued ….”

    mmm … I hope I am not misunderstanding Mrs Mattinson, but is she saying that she was happy to see our Dear (former) Leader treat others harshly and not do anything about it, so long as she was not so treated ?

    If so, then what does that tell us about her moral compass and the morality of the cause she seems to have worked so hard for ?

    • 34
      Fuck Labour says:

      That’s Labour values for you.

      • 133
        Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

        Yeah its known as ‘im all right , jack’

        • 361
          Captain Jack Dromey says:

          Absolutely, comrade Brubaker. I am, indeed, all right.

          This week your temporary PM is clandestinely sending me in my sealed train, with my fellow revolutionaries, to Venezuela and Cuba. I am having my doubts about the ballasts, but I am doing anything for the comrades.

          I am thinking the lovely jubbly.

  18. 24
    Brownian Motions says:

    Many thanks for a job well done, shame he didn’t have a stroke.

    • 27
      Mad Jock McGinty says:

      It would have improved his performance if he fucking had had a stroke.

    • 28
      G Eagle Esq says:

      Err … hops embarrassingly from one talon to the next … and back again

      Steady the Ship, Monsieur Motions

      …. Surely Mr Brown was more valuable un-stroked and “leading” the lately-departed Gouvernement-General into Electoral Defeat, than clogging up our already stressing NHS facilities

  19. 26
    Mad Jock McGinty says:

    Mad fucking loon. Don’t dribble into your haggis supper.

    • 32
      Gordon Brown says:

      I big boy now. I do jobby and I wipe my own bot-bot.

      • 50
        Mad Jock McGinty says:

        You’re not meant to eat your arsewipes you useless fucker.

      • 187
        Nursey Nursey says:

        What have we told you about showing off Gordy, mmmmm?
        Now come on, its back to the dark place for you!

        I’m so sorry readers, he does manage to get out and wander around shouting at people from time to time.

  20. 31
    Gordon Brown, happily married man and 100% non-misogynist says:

    She lies. I never barged in and shouted. I have never shouted at or abused anyone.

  21. 40
    I hate New Labour says:

    Never mind, you mad scottish cyclops, nobody cares what you do anymore.

  22. 42
    Fuck Labour says:

    That picture of McDoom looks like he’s just taken a mouthful of splooge.

  23. 43
    Piss Pot says:


    • 45
      Gordon Brown says:

      You’re a bigot. I’ll get my friends to do a Dr Kelly on you.

    • 62
      I Loathe Tesco 2 says:

      I’m with you all the way, Piss Pot. I’ll never forget the dignified lady in her ’80s in our post office, crying because of the effects of the one-eyed Scottish bastard’s disgusting pension raid on her standard of living. She’d worked all her life and the fucker robbed her as surely as if he’d mugged her in the street. There are no words in English strong enough to express my feelings about that lump of lying, ignorant puke and his destruction of British finance and our quality of life. Just THINKING about the talentless shit makes my blood pressure rise alarmingly.

      • 78
        Gordon Brown says:

        I fixed the roof while the sun was shining. I ended Boom & Bust.

        • 131
          Biffo says:

          No, Gordon – you ended Boom, you brought us Bust. And just in case you do still read Guido – you miserable sack of lying shit, I hope you live for years and years and years and that every day, in every way you have your face rubbed in the fact that you were a fucking useless Chancellor, a fucking useless PM – and, apparently – a fucking useless MP too. Where have all your ‘loyal’ Ministers gone Gordon? Like Ed NoBalls who can’t wait to denounce you, your actions, your opinions & the way you governed – all in the hope that someone will give him the job of Labour leader. He hasn’t yet realised that you can’t polish a turd.

  24. 44
    Fuck Labour says:

    I picture Gordon crawling on the floor of his Killkiddies home on all fours, screaming intermittently and jabbering about saving the Milky Way.

  25. 51
    thw tall one says:

    We are at war with Ireland

    • 56
      lower than insects says:

      It is with great regret I have to announce the death of our leader ,sorry i cannot think of an insect.

  26. 52
    Thus it was spoken says:

    Whom the Gods wish to Destroy they first make mad

  27. 59
    lower than insects says:

    Thus it was spoken says:
    July 2, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    Whom the Gods wish to Destroy they first make mad
    say those in the asylum of the ones being beaten up to say so

  28. 65
    Maximus says:

    What a bigotted woman. She protests too much, for a start. And she seems to have a rather overweening sense of entitlement. Nice to know that Guido gets their tits from time to time.

  29. 66
    Fuck Labour says:

    Gordon Brown is planning a comeback as a Scottish rapper, and Alistair Darling is his back-up.

  30. 68
    God says:

    You are my equals

  31. 69
    It was also spoken thus says:

    “Never kick a man when he’s down !”…..Why ?

    • 72
      Fuck Labour says:

      Brown should not only be kicked when he’s down but shat on.

    • 141

      Never understoood that, surely it is the safest time to kick a man?

      • 191
        Colonel Blimp R.M. Retd. says:

        When I was in the Royal Marines our unarmed combat instructor taught us that the only safe time to kick a man is when he Is down.
        If you try kicking a standing man, it is simplicity itself to grab the kicking leg and deposit the kicker on his back. All that remains then is to drop on his chest with your legs in a kneeling position, thus breaking many ribs and hopefully piercing his lungs.

        • 213
          Fuck Labour says:

          Care to visit Killkiddies and try that out, Colonel?

        • 215
          Mad Jock McGinty says:

          Yes, but if you’re kicking a one eyed slack jawed lunatic jock, surely even a complete Hoon would be safe?

  32. 70
    Fuck Labour says:

    Some things should be enjoyed again and again and again and again.

    • 84
      Mad Jock McGinty says:

      Never to be repeated. What a Hunt that Jock really is.

      • 247
        Some things should be enjoyed again and again and again and again. says:

        • 286
          (NURB) National Union of Rent Boys says:

          Boring, we want to know about fisting, Boston steamers, genital warts, star fishing and double-rimming! I mean, what ever happened to double-rimming eh?
          Ask any politician and they’ll tell you it’s the lost art of riding a bike without tyres while licking your own arsehole.
          But this is completely wrong, we want this putting right and we want a quango setting up to educate and enrich the British public on the immense benefits of double rimming in a multicultural multisexual multiracial socialist society.

          You bunch of homophobic racialistic little Englander islamophobes!

    • 85
      The Red Wag says:

      That always brings a tear to the eye.

      • 108
        Fuck Labour says:

        That was the first night in 3 years that Downing Street switchboard staff weren’t trembling in fear. Calls to the bullying helpline plummeted by 80% after this evil Hunt fucked off. My hatred for this evil sack of dogshit is immeasurable. He deserves to spend the rest of his days haunted by the knowledge that he was never elected to office and on the one occasion he had to put himself forward to the electorate, he was roundly rejected. Suffer, Hunty, suffer.

      • 113
        Ministry of Truth Watcher says:

        Sums Brown up…he allegedly didn’t bother to tell Cameron he was resigning…the first Cameron knew of it was when he saw on BBC News Brown striding out of Downing Street to get into his “Jag” to drive to the Palace The man was totally unfitted to be allowed anywhere near government let alone become PM

        • 208
          Hugh Janus says:

          And that was just after he had reduced the PM’s salary. Spiteful NULiebour at its very best.

          • Fuck Labour says:

            That’s why he’s stayed away from Parliament. The spineless Hunt can’t bring himself to look at Cameron in the eye, after cutting his salary just before he resigned. It’s actually horrific that a certifiable sociopath was running the country for 3 years.

        • 375
          bobster says:

          Even worse nuclear weapon release authorisation, I can only hope someone would shot and bludgeoned the bastard to death if he tried to use them wrongly. If I can’t survive no one else will would have been his mantra. Thankfully HM armed forces are too sensible for political scum on ALL sides.

      • 149
        Anonymous says:

        The mincing walk creases me up – what a poof

        • 217
          Mad Jock McGinty says:

          Amazing he can fit Ed Milliballs up his shitter so comfortably – and still mince like that.

  33. 74
    concrete pump says:


    Murrays OUT OUT OUT.


    Fuck off Murray you wanker!

  34. 77
    RSVP to THAT OZZY says:

    As Much as I love ozzy pedophile i love him cos he’s a pedo file.you can’t be sharper than an ozzy pedo file because i was abused by an ozzy pedo file.

    • 83
      Thus it was spoken says: July 2, 2010 at 6:03 pm Whom the Gods wish to Destroy they first make mad says:


  35. 80
    Ed Balls says:

    I am also an avid reader and thank you for your kind support.

    . Here’s my blog responding to the Cameron-Clegg announcement on the Alternative Vote referendum: http://bit.ly/bdzrgw

  36. 86

    • 145
      Caught up in the rat-race. says:

      I could have been a contender, I could of been a someone!

  37. 87
    Fuck Labour says:

    This sums up what a wretched, evil, spineless, psychopathic Hunt Brown is.

  38. 88
    David Cameron says:

    That’s the last fucking time I wish any British sportsman/team good luck.


    • 107
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      Did McFuck wish Brazil good luck by any chance?

    • 153
      Tony Hayward BP says:

      You wont be saying that when we find shit loads of oil around the Falklands Dave.

      Just make sure them two big fcuk off aircraft carriers are finished first eh!

  39. 89
    angelnstar says:

    “Madness is like gravity. All it takes is one little push.” The Joker, in The Dark Knight.

    If Gordon was such a doofus as to be thrown off balance by teasing, he didn’t deserve to be PM.

  40. 92
    Nick Clegg says:

    Andy Murray sponsored Viagra.

    For those who can only achieve a semi!

    • 96
      John Prescott says:

      I can’t even get a semi anymore. It’s all the fat and cholesterol from the pies. Fucked my erectile function.

      • 97
        Ratsniffer says:

        Try strapping a lolly stick to it as a sort of splint. That should keep it up long enough for you to give your wanking hand a bit of exercise.

      • 157
        Gordon Brown (Playing Hide & Seek in Scotland) says:

        Fuck me John, and I thought I had medical problems.

    • 311
      Anonymous says:

      That rules The England football team out then !

    • 335
      restandbthankfull says:

      What like the English football team – did they make the semis? Seems such a long time ago I have forgotten.

  41. 93
    amateur sub-editor says:


    OLR link is wrong (just refers to this article).

  42. 94
    Gordon Brown MP says:


    • 164
      Nursey Nursey says:

      What have we told you about shouting on Guido’s blog mmmm?
      Now bend over, I have a huge lithium suppository for your naughty bot bot.

      • 218
        Gordon Brown MP says:

        No! I tell daddy on you! I’m a son of mansy wansy!

        • 281
          Nursey Nursey says:

          Mansy wansy will give you far more than an a lithium suppository up your arse Gordon, and your farther is far too busy with the after school boys club in the baptistery.

          Now bend over and take your medicine like a good boy or I’ll send you to the dark place again!

  43. 95
    Ratsniffer says:

    Sorry Guido, nice try, but you can’t take credit for this one. The one-eyed gibbering jockstrap has been barking mad since the days when he turned up to student parties with a couple of bricks in a carrier bag to make it seem like he was bringing some booze. And then drank everyone elses.

  44. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Is it true he got his mouth-gape by trying to cut his own sock?

    • 101
      Gordon Brown says:

      Show me respect! I am your leader!

      • 177
        Harriet Harman says:

        I’m the fcuking leader at the moment you delusional cnut, and when Diane wins she’ll be leader, and if you start throwing a spaz about it she’ll call you a racist Gordon, she fcuking will!

        • 181
          Gordon Brown says:

          That bigoted woman!

          • Dinin's Fat Bot-Bot says:

            I have nothing more to say. Except…

            Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice an’ peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea!

  45. 100
    Senator Bloodn' Gore says:

    Hmmm……….Deborah Mattinson a truly awful Champagne drinking ginger whinger (small, verbose and aggressive). I don’t think that I can express the joy I felt the day I was told that she and her ‘rather large’ business partner, Viki, had been fired, sorry had decided that they wanted to explore personal opportunities. I still wake up every day with a smile.

  46. 102
    English Bulldog says:

    Well done Nadal.

    • 105
      Andy Murray says:

      You’re a southern anti-Scottish bigot.

    • 114
      Cassandra King says:

      Couldnt happen to a nicer person!

      • 142
        Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

        Is Murray now the next Tim Henman? People who couldnt give a shit about tennis wanna know…

  47. 103
    God says:

    tonight the whole will besad to the the tune of hahar

  48. 111
    God, in the afternoon.com says:

    God Is going to educate his stupid followers
    Its been great having you nice people but this is the real world now. Please don\t allow yourselves to be nuked in a new nuked in a new nukeked way

  49. 112
    Fucking gunman says:

    how intersting the IRA have a website that will not accept English

    • 185
      Jan says:

      intersting……politiacians……u better…err…….. what kind of English is that then???????

  50. 115
    Fucking gunman says:

    • 116
      Fucking gunman says:

      and if you think you fucking politiacians are going to rob us again u better tink tink tink like the IRA

  51. 118
    Inglerserman says:

    SO tink again ,from an Inglerserman

  52. 120
    fool says:

    Be aware fools said the fool

  53. 121
    QWERTY says:

    Well done Guido, you don’t always have to finish the c u n t s off with gunpowder.

  54. 122
    fools die first says:

    Why kill the enemy that was no more than the imitation. why kill the soldier that kills your children?Why not kill yourself?
    That is the key to to days assistance to kill your self.

  55. 125
    mummy says:

    Dave i never liked you

  56. 130

    ”GB shelved the listening programme – it looked to be more trouble that it was worth. . . Citizens were not going to get their say after all”

    Yes people might of not towed the party line or said what Gordon Brown and Labour wanted to hear and they can’t have that now. Free Speech? pahhhhhhhhhhhh not in my socialism comrades!

  57. 132
    and dots says:


  58. 134
    and dots says:

    Guido I have been following this,shall I say case?

  59. 140
    Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

    Gordon Brown I hope you read this blog still, for I have a message for you.

    I hope you have a fucking stroke, you miserable traitor. Not enough to kill you, just enough to turn you into a dribbling spastic.

    I want you to spend your last days dribbling down your chin like the c’unt you are, with the full knowledge that the nation despises you and will describe your tenure as PM as a dark age in british history.

    FOA nearly D

  60. 144
    angelnstar says:

    Please forgive me being totally off topic but



    Great pics. of Brazil losing their cool as patient Dutch hang in for a 2 – 1 win!
    One Brazilian brought down Arjen robben then viciously stamped on him!

    • 156
      Anonymous says:

      Holland, a nation of about 5 million people and part time footballers – 3,689 – England – 0.

    • 169
      P. Doff says:

      I’m watching the Uruguay vs. Ghana match on a foreign TV channel… as you lot in the UK are 1-hour behind Europe you won’t see this for another 60 minutes… but Ghana just scored a great long-range goal and are 1-nil up!

  61. 148
    Psychiatric Consultant says:

    The commenters on this thread sound as mad as Gordon Brown.
    Maybe this place should change its name from order-order to mental disorder-disorder?

    • 158
      a finger of fudge says:

      This confection is just chock full of nuts.

    • 161
      GORDON BROWN JNR says:


      • 275
        Gordon Brown Senior says:

        Go see Mandy son, I believe his at a lose end these days, besides I’m busy writing my new book on how I saved the world.

    • 172
      P. Doff says:

      Simply reading it causes madness… but writing on it restores sanity!

  62. 154
    camberwick spleen says:

    If she was a Labour activist, why did BBC’s Newsnight engage her several times to conduct ‘impartial’ voxpops at previous elections? Or I have I just answered my own question?

    • 171
      The BBC says:

      Being Liebour is impartial at the BBC.

      Now fuck off and leave us alone as we have some teenage boys to fuck the arse off tonight.

    • 190
      Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

      Well they would hardly employ a Tory activist – that would be biased.

    • 307
      Backwoodsman says:

      Look, shilling for labour isn’t biased, merely progressive.

  63. 159
    My dad nuked japan says:

    Nuke fam nuke way.it is the only way. U can not have the power of nuke in the hands of and not have nuke.ed of nuke

  64. 163
    Guido fawkws started the pototoe famine says:

    . went for a walk…………………………………………. hello my nmea i . what? my name is dot. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….this is how you write dot in the language of the conquerors ………………………………………………………………….
    DOT DOT DOT just in case you forget itsd.

    • 165
      Guido fawkws started the pototoe famine says:

      cia .cia.cia.cia.

    • 166
      rin tin says:

      Fuck off batty boy.

    • 176
      50 Calibre says:

      I see that this particular Guido Fawkws, the well known typing error, belongs to those who can’t spell potato properly, despite the billions spent by Ed Blinkybollox on the alleged state education system.

  65. 167
    David Cameron to campaign against AV in voting reform referendum says:

    Prime Minister David Cameron will campaign for a ”no” vote in a referendum on electoral reform expected to be held next year, Downing Street confirmed today.

    The Tory leader is ”not in favour” of switching from first-past-the-post to the alternative vote (AV) system for electing MPs and will make that clear during the campaign, his spokesman said.

    That will put him at odds with Deputy PM Nick Clegg, whose Liberal Democrat party secured the promise of a national vote as a key condition to forming the coalition Government.

    Mr Clegg is expected to announce the date of the referendum next week following approval by the Cabinet – with May 5 next year widely expected to be the chosen date.

    Details will be included in a Government Bill – which will also feature Tory proposals to re-draw boundaries to ensure a more equal number of voters in each.

    Tory MPs will be whipped to back the Bill, but bitter opposition to electoral reform among many backbenchers may provoke a rebellion against Mr Cameron.

    The referendum itself is bound to put the coalition under strain and there had been suggestions Mr Cameron could step back in a bid to avoid provoking tensions.

    But his spokesman told reporters: ”He will be campaigning against AV.

    • 189
      nell says:

      What’s wrong with First past the Post?? It has given us our first coalition government ever. So what do we need AV for??!

      labour need AV because they believe that’s the only way they are ever likely to get back into power to do some more mega spending and mega troughing.

      I shall be voting against it!

      • 210
        No AV for you Clegg says:

        AV doesn’t actually make much difference to the overall vote

        but the fact the fact is the Liberals won’t even get this watered down cheap version of proportional representation

        then the fun begins

        • 230
          nell says:

          “The fact is that the libdems won’t even get this watered down cheap version of proportional representation” ??

          So you think the electorate are going to vote it down then do you??!!

          Because AV is the option that is going to be given to US (Not the Hoc or the HoL) ,but US the Electorate, in May 2011.

          Vote for it, or against it, that is your right!!!

          What will you do??!!

      • 336
        restandbthankfull says:

        What’s wrong with counting the votes and those with the most wins?

    • 193
      Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

      So? The Coalition Agreement specifically stated the Tories would vote for a referendum but would campaign against it.

      • 212
        nell says:

        gordon , of course, doesn’t understand a free vote.

        He always made sure that any legislation he put through the Hoc was whipped ie you voted how you were told to vote.
        bliar did the same – alastairc put the ‘fear of god’ into any labour MP who thought they were going to vote against anything bliar put to the HoC!!

        bliar and bruin both understood exactly. Good communist principles!!! Let them hate so long as they fear!!…..

        Cameron has said the electorate will have a vote on AV – cleggie will campaign for a vote in favour (because that’s what he believes in), and cameron will campaign for a vote against (because that’s what HE believes in!)

        Sounds perfectly democratic to me and the complete opposite to how controlling, authoritarian, labour operated under bliar and bruin !!.

        • 226
          Fuck Labour says:

          Gordon loved whipping. Votes, I mean.

        • 250
          Did your MP vote for the Iraq war? says:

          Cameron did.

          You can find out the answer on the party’s new site, http://www.holdthemtoaccount.com.

          Having been cheerleaders for the war in 2003, the Conservatives are now trying to pass themselves off as sceptics with their call for an inquiry (something the Liberal Democrats have already demanded).

          Ed Davey’s quote is worth mentioning:

          “For the Tories to demand an inquiry into the Iraq war is like Ronnie Biggs wanting an inquiry into the great train robbery.

          “It is flattering that the Conservatives have come round to our long-held belief that there must be a full inquiry into the war as soon as possible. However, it would have greater strength if they admitted the key role they had in letting this catastrophic decision be made in the first place.

          “If David Cameron and William Hague want any legitimacy in this debate, the first thing they should do is say sorry for the way they propped up the Labour Party as it pushed us into an illegal war.”

          • Anonymous says:

            Who held power ?? who held the meetings with the secret service and guided it’s advice ?? who lied to the country/ government /opposition ??
            yes that’s right the Tories they were behind it all ! .
            Oh and now we’re in the shit that the ones you won’t mention got us into we now can only stand and fight or turn and run away go on find a solider and ask him which he prefers?

  66. 168
    bite or pin? says:

    Deborah Mattinson?
    My dogs are loose now hunting/

  67. 170
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    Imagine been married to that: she’s ugly, she’s Labour, she nags/whines, and the bitch is a fecking Gin Ger!

    Fuck me! (But not her . . . please.)

  68. 174
    animalistic says:

    If this turns out to be what it looks to be hiding then the way of humanity has changed in a way I would not like to be human

  69. 180
    I fart in my own hand and smell it says:



    • 183
      Gordon Brown says:

      It’s been done.

      • 225
        Fuck Labour says:

        Gordon, why do you enjoy giving yourself Dutch Ovens? Is that any way for a grown man to behave?

        Don’t throw your Nokia at me, Gordon. You really are a twat, aren’t you?

  70. 182
    50 Calibre says:

    Guido didn’t drive Gordon McTwat mad. He just showed the bastard up for what he really is. Devious, dysfunctional, deranged, deceitful, dithering, duplicitous, dreadful, dishonest, downright dangerous and above all completely out of his tree with the lift just not getting to the top floor. He’s mad too…

  71. 186
    Jimmy says:

    Minor apparatchik knows who you are? Congratulations. This is the biggest splash you’ve made since…since…

    It’ll come to me

  72. 206
    Gordoom McBruin says:

    “……..GB burst into our weekly meeting and exploded, ‘You’re in the eye of the storm. What are you doing about it?’

    I love women me, love them, women are great, I love their company, I talk to them all the time……they’re brilliant

    • 224
      Gordon Brown says:

      I love Sarah. She’s my wife and she’s a great person and I just love her. She’s a wonderful wife and mother and I love her. I love my wife.

      Here’s the proof. Just look at the chemistry between us. Can’t you see the chemistry between us? Isn’t it palpable how genuine our love is?

      • 235
        A PheraMoan says:

        I’m on that picture too!

        Can you see me? . . a little itsty bitsy molecule to the left of Gordooms ear?

      • 239
        Sarah Twat, the Twitty Totty says:

        Chr*st, I could do with a bloody good shag!

        What’s with this arsehole?

        Anyway, I’m looking forward to carpet burns in Canterbury!

  73. 214
    Loony Lefty Libcons - soft of crime, soft on terrorism says:

    ‘Terror Threat Will Increase After Cash Cuts’

    Spending cuts could increase Britain’s risk of a terror attack, the country’s most senior anti-terrorism officer has warned.

    Scotland Yard assistant commissioner John Yates said “eye-watering” cuts to police budgets would impair the fight against al Qaeda.

    Mr Yates made the remarks during a private meeting at the Association of Chief Police Officers’ (Acpo) annual conference.

    The Government wants to slash around 25% from the budget of almost all departments. Mr Yates said this would mean the Metropolitan Police will cut £87m from its anti-terror fund while other forces lose £62m.

    • 248
      Mr Plum says:

      By saying the terror threat will increase isn’t he doing their job for them, sounds like some sort of protection racket.
      Suppose doctors will say you will all die of some new flu virus if you cut NHS funding.
      Scientists will say the planet will overheat if you don’t give us more money for research.

    • 265
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      The Police love Anti Terrorist work. Unlimited overtime you see.

      • 266
        Oi thick koonts says:

        Stop letting p,a,k,i,s, immigrate to this country then, terrorism problem solved.

        • 269
          talking about thick says:

          Do you speak English?
          Emigrate to this country or just immigrate. Not immigrate to this country
          you subform.

        • 271
          Londonistan says:

          Hear hear. Troops home, stationed at ports, airports etc.

          Stop inviting all and fucking sundry here too.

          Job done.

    • 288
      albacore says:

      ACPO is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated on All Fools Day, 1997, just one month before Labour formed the worst government with which this country was ever blighted. ACPO and Labour were made for each other.
      John Yates is ACPO’s chair on Terrorism & Allied Matters. (Oddly enough, in the “Our Structure” page of ACPO’s website, Equality, Diversity & Human Rights has been plonked, out of alphabetical order, directly above Terrorism. So you get a glimmering from that of ACPO’s appreciation of priorities).
      Nevertheless, Yates is dead right, albeit from a position of self-interest by ACPO, to whinge about swingeing cuts to police budgets by the Lib/Cons (= Nu Nu Labour as far as makes no never mind) to save a few millions of pounds.
      Penny wise, pound foolish. Would any of the “Tory” sycophants here care to explain how Cameron’s ring-fencing of foreign aid – billions upon billions of borrowed money – is any less insane than the most psychotic of Brown’s policies?

    • 314
      Hugh Janus says:

      Strange, isn’t it, how the usually secretive ACPO managed to ‘leak’ this private discussion? If so then they are not to be trusted with the kind of sensitive information that surrounds the pursuit of anti-terrorism work. This is all total bollocks of course – it’s ACPO doing what comes naturally.

      Wake up Dave, this ludicrously powerful, unaccountable, jobs-for-the-boys organistion is out of control and needs dismantling pdq. Is there anyone in the coalition with the balls to do it? Mrs May? You were only addressing them recently, you should have been telling them that their organisation is an affront to liberty and democracy and would be closed at the end of the session.

      No? Another missed opportunity then.

    • 332
      Fred Dibna says:

      Was Yates the one who fucked up investigating cash for honours?

  74. 221
    johnny says says:

    claiming ludicrously

    Such a ludicrous claim but no action to correct it. Hmm….

  75. 232
    MC Brown says:

    I hate women/ They make me mad/ They’re all bitches/ I think women are bad/ A misogynist/ That’s what you call me/ I don’t give a fuck/ Bullying women is easy/ I know I’m sick/ And fucked up/ I terrorise women/ Cos I’m an inadequate cock

  76. 233
    nell pollard says:

    no but yeah but no but yeah but

  77. 236
    Fuck Labour says:

    Ghana have a penalty kick in the last seconds of extra time!

  78. 243
    David Laws Rentboy says:

    say goodbye to broken promises

    say hello to broken promises

  79. 253
    Sarah Tweet says:

    also a lady came up to me to tell me I have “lovely boys” – yes I do!

  80. 254
    K*ill Saurez says:

    Saurez the cheating CUN*T

    F*cuk Uruguay cheating f*uckers

  81. 256
    AnythingButScotland says:

    Good news!

    Murray is taking a holiday away from tennis for a while. Unfortunately it won’t be near long enough I fear.

    • 347
      Anonymous says:

      You English are so chippy these days, is it because of the humiliation of your World Cup exit or the fact that the last Government who made such an arse of things was predominently English in make up ?

      • 363
        anon says:

        Predominently English? Thoughout Labour’s 13 year rule we had Tony Blair, Robin Cook,Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, Des Browne,Jim Murphy,Pat McFadden, to name but a few.

        • 366
          Anonymous says:

          Jacqueline Jill Smith, Hazel Blears, Harriet Harman, Caroline Flint, Peter Mandleson, John Prescott, Jack Straw, Margaret Beckett, David Blunkett, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon, Tessa Jowell, Charles Clarke, Peter Hain, Hilary Benn, Alan Johnson, Ruth Kelly , david Milliband, John Hutton, to name a few Never was so much owed by so many to so few

    • 353
      Biffo says:

      Running away when things go bad – just like McMental.

  82. 257
    Limpservatives says:

    The AV vote was the Conservative big concession to the Lib Dems. Win or lose, once the vote’s happened, the incentive for the Lib Dems to help deliver watered down Tory policies for the next four year has to be considerably lessened.

  83. 262
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Brilliant, Guido!

  84. 267

    Guido deserves a medal. At the very least.

  85. 272
    Times (arse wipe news) says:

    All of a sudden you have to pay to see that Times on-line site — Which is the shitest site in the Intercolon.

    I would never pay to read Nazi slop from that evil vicious rancid old fa-g, Mathew Parasite. The filthy felching peedo shit should be burned like a rat, after be disembowelled and castrated.

    I hope the times goes down the sewer. It is dumber than the fuckin Star on Sunday (Big Brother gaping cun-ts edition).

    • 283
      The Times Subscriptions Department says:

      I’ll put you down as a maybe then?

    • 330
      Fred Dibna says:

      Apt description,he reminds me of some ham actor who always played the parts of fag vicars,can’t think of his name offhand.

      • 351
        More arse vicar? says:

        How can you forget your dads name!

        No – just fucking. It is Derek Nimmo and he was a filthy fucking fag cu-unt. He died in suspicious circumstances in 1999 (head injuries and coma) which coincided with the pigs looking into a child-buggering club, allegedly involving MPs, clergy, actors, BBC bastards, and joos (the usual suspects).

        He is in Hell now being rammed up the arse with red-hot pokers by little kids forever.

    • 352

      You are Tony Gallagher and I claim my free Sudoku solver.

  86. 284
    Dufflebag says:

    what a pleasure to hear this blog got on the chingrinner’s nerves…though shame it took so long to get rid of the twat. Added pleasure today to hear murray lost…another jockland personality-less twat.

  87. 289
    Mitch says:

    Ha ha ! gordon mad eh ? who would have thought it ?


  88. 290
    Cassandra King says:

    Remind me again, how many quangos has the coalition closed down so far? How many nonjobs has the coalition axed? How much money has been clawed back from fake think tanks and fake charities and fake NGOs?

    So far so good eh? The debts are piling up everyday, more IOUs issued to pay for ‘services’ nobody apart from those drawing the generous pay cheques need. More and more useless mouths join the gravytrain each day, whats that you say? Dave promised a recruitment freeze on parasites did he? Someone forgot to tell the grauniad which have pages of common purpose sincures available. Dave the euro sceptic before he wins the election but now all of a sudden out comes the old well used eurotrash cannard that ‘we simply must become more involved in the EU and increase our influence in the EU etc etc’. As if we dont know the exact code being used, the coalition want further federal integration, they have been ordered by their eurotrash masters like that well known example of democratic accountability Catherine Ashton who we know has spent her life standing for election and has vast experience of foreign affairs and has always been a super patriot who never took cash from the USSR to betray her country, we know this because Dave was overjoyed at her appointment.
    Welcome to the land of lies and deceit, where lies are the truth and deceit is reality, a land where money rules and the leaders never say what they mean and never mean what they say. Meet the new boss same as the old.

    • 292
      Cassandra King says:

      Shall we have a look at the top EU unelected political jobs and who got them and what political they held during their youth?

      Mr reptile Barroso, hard left Marxist pro USSR revolutionary sworn to destroy the west.
      Mr bank clerk Van Rumpoy, hard left Marxist/leftist activist and keen visitor to the USSR festivals.
      Catherine Ashton, hard left Marxist socialist ‘anti nuclear activist’ CND leader and treasurer at the time being financed by the USSR KGB to sabotage the UK defences, a fanatical leftist agitator and fierce critic of the west.
      Neil Kinnock, hard left Marxist union agitator, political activist and pro USSR stooge and hater of the western democratic model and keen USSR appologist.

      Hmmm, now what have all these ‘people’ got in COMMON? More importantly just why is David Cameron so pleased and eager to work with(for)them?
      I wonder what they all have in COMMON? and what is their PURPOSE?
      Perhaps I am missing something obvious that I cannot put together.

    • 312
      Yardarm says:

      The quangos won`t be abolished; they are part of the spoils system, to reward supporters and donors, after 13 years of Labour drought, like eighteenth century sinecures. The fifty/ sixty/ hundred grand a year non jobs on the Stinging Nettle Advisory Council or Wet Fart Panel will remain. The legions of Labour appointed bootlickers, greasers, chancers, spivs, hacks and timeservers will be replaced by legions of ConLib bootlickers, greasers, chancers, spivs, hacks and timeservers

    • 322
      Indigo says:

      Remind me again, how many quangos has the coalition closed down so far?

      Ooo, new game, like I-Spy. OK, I’ll start us off: BECTA. Ceased receiving public funding on 1 June 2010. (Source: BECTA web site.)

  89. 299
    Chris Huhne says:

    Being gay is such a pain in the arse

  90. 301
    In de Nile says:

    Is this where I join the Twilk folk?

  91. 304
    Chris Huhne says:

    I was having a wank in the bushes at the local park yesterday as a man is playing conkers with his kids. Not realising my groans were getting louder, I suddenly see the man start to walk towards me. As he parts the bushes I shoot my load. It lands on his shoes and he punches me straight in the eye. He said “I’m calling the police” so I begged him not too and challenged him to a game of conkers. If he won he could ring the police, but if I won I could walk free. He accepted my challenge and I smashed his conker to bits.

    I came, eye saw, I conkered.

  92. 305
    David Laws says:

    Our local dominatrix is retiring, I’ve got to organise a whip-round.

  93. 306
    Martin Day BBC political correspondent says:

    Weird follow-up to the Chris Huhne MP mistress story in the News Of The World the other week.

    Several people have emailed in, utterly bemused at the story as they have known Carina Trimingham (the mistress) and her long-term girlfriend who she lives with for years.

    Is there more to this? Is it a cover up for something else? Bueller?

    • 342
      Indigo says:

      I think this is one of those instances of when it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck. No cover up for anything. Just very very very funny.

    • 357
      David Vance says:

      Find out tomorrow in the NOTW

  94. 309
    thick as thieves says:

    We the undersigned consider Guido Fawkes to be a shit

    The undersigned

    Len Duvall, Leader of GLA Labour Group, Chair of London Labour Party

    John Biggs, GLA City and East

    Navin Shah, GLA Brent and Harrow

    Val Shawcross, GLA Lambeth and Southwark

    Nick Gavron, GLA London-wide

    Cllr Steve Reed, Leader of Lambeth Council

    Steve Bullock, Executive Mayor of Lewisham

    Cllr Julian Bell, Leader of Ealing Council

    Cllr Chris Robbins, Leader of Waltham Forest Council

    Cllr Ann John, Leader of Brent Council

    Cllr Stephen Alambritis, Leader of Merton Council

    Cllr Catherine West, Leader of Islington Council

    Cllr Peter John, Leader of Southwark Council

    Cllr Helal Abbas, Leader of Tower Hamlets Council

    Cllr Jagdish Sharma, Leader of Hounslow Council

    Cllr Chris Roberts, Leader of Greenwich Council

    Cllr Steve Cowan, Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Labour Group

    Cllr Mohammed Khursheed, Leader of Hillingdon Labour group

    Cllr Keith Darvill, Leader of Havering Labour Group

    Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of Westminster Labour Group

    Cllr Tony Newman, Leader of Croydon Labour Group

    Cllr Alison Moore, Leader of Barnet Labour Group

    • 321
      Indigo says:


    • 328
      Indigo says:

      Cllr Chris Roberts, Leader of Greenwich Council

      Would this be the Chris Roberts, Leader of Greenwich Council, who is “possibly the highest-paid council leader in Britain, collecting the attractive sum of £1,750 an hour from the public purse for his services.”


    • 341
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      Being in that lot’s bad books is yet another accolade for Mr Fawkes! Honorary knighthood for aforesaid!

    • 370
      Smed says:

      Yes, sending a clueless albatross insane was very irresponsible, and quite possibly breached some law or other.

      Well done though. It serves Labour right for overpromoting the unstable and incompetent twat in the first place, then not righting the wrong by not ditching him earlier.

    • 380
      Poor Bill says:

      Good god Guido. We don’t even have to draw up our own lists.

      This is great.

      “Don’t tell him Pike”.

  95. 313
    Reading the sports pages first says:

    I prefer to read the comments in this blog from the bottom up. Am I alone in this ?

  96. 323
    Head Lizard says:

    There was bit of tweeting about you a few days ago Guido,can’t remember who it was now but it was about them not liking you because you make fun of mental illness.

  97. 324
    Indigo says:

    O/T but “Nuke the BP oil leak” -


    - yes, drop the ultimate weapon of mass destruction in the Gulf of Mexico to close up a leak – what could possibly go wrong?

    • 326
      Russia,we nuked ours says:

      A typical US solution,shoot it, bomb it.

    • 345
      Anonymous says:

      I see the liberal elite of Holywood are considering making another “Top Gun” movie. Just what the world needs more shoot em up yeehah cowboy bollox from the States. Expect a rise of Blue on Blue incidents when this hits the cinemas

  98. 339
    tony dean says:

    Good riddance to Gordon Brown!

    He only printed more money to make the public feel good about the labour party. This on top of an almighty recession is unforgivable and that’s why the labour party were swept from office. However the good people of this country could not make their minds up which alternative party to vote for! Now we have a ‘hung’ parliament. I don’t think though that the lib-dems are going to get it all their own way, I think they realise that the opinion polls are against them now and if there is a general election called in the next six months, because they feel they can’t work together any longer, the tories are going to be the winners.

    I think that thought is in David Cameron’s mind right now because he , quite rightly, opposes the proportional referendum next May.

  99. 349

    [...] is scarily realistic. However, a lot of the fun is in the comments – you only have to read Guido’s fanclub to get a [...]

  100. 356
    David Vance says:

    Perhaps Gordon was always mad and it just needed to be discovered.

  101. 365
    Anonymous says:

    As one who knows …. government departments can actually spend their monies on whatever they want. I know of companies that wrote to the Perm Sec or a Minister with an apparently fantastic service or technology (e.g. a chocolate teapot) and were commissioned directly after a meeting.

  102. 367
    Anonymous says:

    “As anyone who has bid for Civil Service contracts will verify, nowadays – quite rightly – everything is tendered to within an inch of its life. Knowing a Minister, let alone the Chancellor and PM heir apparent, would be a hindrance rather than a help and place the potential contract under closer scrutiny.”

    ha ha ha ha

    I’ve never heard such complete and utter shit in all my life.

    “Hey, i’ll give the labour party a million quid. oh look, how odd, they just gave my company a multi-million pound contract the same day my cheque to them cleared. no connection of course.”

  103. 368
    Bottom bender says:

    If you are there Gordon…

    Try putting your pants on your head and saying “wibble”.

    Oh, I forgot, you already tried that at the G8 didn’t you?

  104. 376
    My other car's a Merkava says:

    What kind of person is Deborah Mattinson?

    She’s the kind of person who “only stayed on at No10 because she was terrified that if she resigned, she would be subjected to a smear campaign,” yet thought it would be a good idea to get the person responsible for this elected PM.

    She’s either a fool or a knave, or in need of a padded cell herself.


    • 379
      James Dinsdale says:

      Feel free to go to the Daily Mail to make your feelings known.

      I can say with absolute certainty that we have not had a more incompetent, unpleasant nonentity as our premier AND Chancellor in all of my 69 years. When you include Meddlesome and the Deputy PM – the buffoon Prescott, to that, it tells you all you need to know about the Labour party.
      I had huge respect for the likes of Atlee, but his successors….a more loathsome, despicable bunch of rogues there has never been. May they rot in hell.

      - AH, Loughton, 4/7/2010 13:27

      Only has 69 votes at the moment

  105. 381
    Anonymous says:

    The last Prime Mentalist says…..

    I have just wished the England team good luck in the semi finals of the World Cup. I cannot understand what Frau Merkel was doing at our match against Argentina yesterday. I have also wished Andy Murray good luck against Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon tomorrow.

  106. 383

    HATTER MAD 2010-05-27 06:55:00…

    We found your entry interesting so have added a Trackback to it on the Inner West Live weblog :)…

  107. 384

    [...] the Prime Minister when he was about to quote from the recently published political memoirs of Deborah Mattinson [HERE for the book]. PMQ’s is partly political theatre, and benefits from immediacy and hot [...]

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