June 30th, 2010

Odd Jobbing from Larry Elliott

The Guardian has managed to turn a leaked Treasury PowerPoint forecasting lower unemployment  into a 1.3 million public sector jobs losses front page story. Larry Elliott, who really does know better, has ignored the same PowerPoint’s prediction of 2.5 million job gains in the private sector, giving a net gain of some 1.2 million jobs (as illustrated by the above chart). The Guardian chose not to front page the headline that the Treasury predicts 1.2 million job gains…

The Office for Budget Responsibility is equally clear in its forecast of lower unemployment

We expect employment to stabilise this year and to start rising in 2011. The ILO unemployment rate is expected to peak at just over 8 per cent in 2010, before falling gradually throughout the forecast period, to just over 6 per cent in 2014. The claimant count continues to decline, from 1½ million in 2010 Q1 to just over 1 million by the end of 2014 (Chart 3.12).

What is obvious to everyone is that the bloated public sector payroll is going to fall and a recovering private sector is expected to take up the slack. Larry has managed to set the news agenda today only by ignoring the whole story.  The loss making Guardian is of course the house-paper of the public sector, with pages full of advertisements for non-jobs.

The Guardian’s advertising revenues will be hit incredibly hard, to the tune of hundreds of millions pounds, by the public sector hiring freeze and the coming shift of public sector job advertising from their printed pages onto jobs.gov.uk.

A cynic might wonder if that perhaps helps to explain the paper’s editorial stance…


  1. 1
    Harriet Dromey says:

    I thought I did splendidly at PMQs on this! And I’m delighted so many Labour MPs accepted my request to ask planted questions about the same subject!

    • 33
      Lord G says:

      And a wonderful job getting Aljabeeba to follow the story http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/10457352.stm

      • 61
        Mr Ned says:

        Guardian jobs advertising freeze and public sector shrinking with private sector growing? Guardian going out of business???

        #9834 Happy days are here again #9835

        • 185
          Guido's Government Propaganda Spinning Machine says:

          “I will hold the next Government to account”

          it’s pretty fucking clear you won’t chum

          you’re a lickspittle cheerleader spewing the on message Party line

      • 167
        restandbthankfull says:

        I heard Laura Hoonsburg repeating the self same story this morning on BBC News. No investigative journalism for her then. Why bother with these people why don’t they just read the newspapers out every 15 minutes – job done. Oh! I forgot that’s what they do already.

        • 179
          Blue Lady says:

          Not just Beeb. Sky have been at it too only reporting the job losses without mention of the projected job gains.

      • 181
        BBCFarepakEconomist says:

        Do you people understand nothing? The public sector IS the economy, Gordon said so, we support you in your little jobs whilst we do all the important stuff, where do you think the money comes from to pay you? does it grow on trees?

    • 34
      Tony E says:

      I’m amazed Harriet. Did you all get together over breakfast this morning, you, the Guardian editors and the BBC and decide on the ‘Line for today’?

      Such co-ordination of resources, they really should have made you leader!

      • 49
        Anonymous says:

        Ditto Radio4′s “World at One”. I don’t think the BBC yet understands there’s been a change of government and they no longer have to be the voice of Labour.

        • 51
          Unsworth says:

          No. The BBC is the official Opposition. That is exactly how it sees its role.

          But can none of these cretins actually read?

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Oddly, for thirteen years, the BBC acted as the voice of the government on everything. Whatever could have changed?

          • Mong Zoo says:

            The bbc acted for the gov as the head was sacked and Kelly killed. Now the new gov needs to give them a bitch slapping to get them on side.

        • 126
          Four-eyed English Genius says:

          It is not a question of “have to be the voice” but “want to be the voice”

      • 57
        Da daddy ov dat Abbott Boi says:

        Da beebee and dat grawniad. Dey is my best customers.

        Ma boi, Abbott Jr., is gonna work for me now. He been in your heads spyin on you and learnin your whitey ways.

        You is all like da crackas in tha history. You say dat u at war on da drugs but u all got da big stash hidden away. It all kewl wit whitey. He knows da Daddy gets him his sugar.

    • 54
      Dorian Smith says:

      I thought you looked great in turquoise, is David Icke a special advisor?

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    “The Treasury is assuming that growth in the private sector will create 2.5m jobs in the next five years to compensate for the spending squeeze. Osborne said in last week’s speech that tackling Britain’s record peacetime budget deficit would help keep interest rates low and boost job creation”

    this extract shows that these are estimates and assumptions.

    it is disingenuous to suggest that one assumption is a fact and the other is not.

    all we know is that the treasury is clutching a straws and we will all have to wait and see.

    • 67
      AC1 says:

      Of course if those formerly in the extortion funded (called public by socialist) sector who cannot find jobs where merely in a disguised and expensive form of unemployment benefit that gerrymandered votes for Labour.

    • 146
      Alex says:

      So basically anonymong, you’re shitting yourself because you know you have no chance of staying in a job where you actually have to carry out your duties well and run the risk of actually being sacked if you don’t, rather than just shunted off to another department.

      Take some fucking responsiblity for your life and learn the value of hard work you worthless piece of shit.

  3. 3
    jgm2 says:

    What a cu*nt. What a cu*nting cu*nt.

    No better than the cu*nting Mirror.

  4. 4
    Dack Blog says:

    Much of the private sector gain will be from public sector service privatisation (or ‘choice’, sorry). That’s always worked well in the past – can’t wait.

  5. 5
    Dack Blog says:

    Er… ‘ang on btw… Does anyone believe forecasts of anything anymore? Forecasts are b*llsh*t. Esp from Govts.

  6. 6
    Dame Davina Pancake says:

    BBC news (R2) now pushing exactly the same line in the same way. I despair.

    Davina x

    • 40
      jgm2 says:

      I think the majority of voters are fully behind wiping 1.2 million job-for-life oxygen thieves off the public payroll.

      The BBC forgets that their priorities (preserve public sector payroll ie their own jobs) doesn’t coincide with the interests of those of us who have to pony up for such largesse.

      ANyway, good to see Dave took on my suggestion of firing everybody at the FSA on account of their incompetence. How soon before he fires 50% of those at DVLA and makes the TV licence fee voluntary?

      • 58
        Anonymous says:

        I thought he fired everyone at the FSA and then immediately re-hired them in the new body that takes over from the FSA.

      • 71
        Mr Ned says:


        Those in the public sector, in labour and in the BBC seem to have no understanding whatsoever that the entire public sector has to be paid for out of the EXCESS from the private sector.

        If the private sector shrinks, it can no longer carry the public sector burden.


        What did labour do when the private sector began to shrink massively in the downturn 2007 – 2009? They started to INCREASE the burden on the private sector by increasing the headcount of the public sector and increasing their salaries and bonuses and perks!

        It was as if they were trying their best to kill off the private sector altogether. They did not realise that as the parasites they are, they were killing their host!

        With any parasitic symbiotic relationship, their needs to be beneficial advantage for both parasite and host. Labour do not understand that relationship at all and set about sucking the very life out of their host.

        The coalition are making some welcome moves towards balancing that relationship.

        The private sector NEEDS the public sector, as a customer and as a supplier. BUT the relationship only works within a balance of burden which does not kill the host (private sector)

        It’s not rocket science!

        • 157
          Oncologist says:

          Labour is a cancer

        • 168
          Spank Sinatra says:

          Without wishing to detract from your post, I met someone who was a rocket scientist and he said it wasn’t that difficult really.

          • Sungei Patani says:

            I used to be a rocket scientist and I agree it is not that difficult.

            I subsequently became a computer salesman – now that is difficult.

    • 73
      BBC says:

      We would like the Minister of Justice to confirm in view of his policy announcements this morrning, that mothers will continue to be given custodial sentences for failing to support our cocaine and catamite habits as well as our ongoing leftist Bleatings Babblings and Chunterings.

    • 132
      Me Rice & Pea, vote for me! says:

      Well, duh!

  7. 7
    Diane Abbott's Manifesto says:

    Chicken, rice and pea.

    • 83
      Spad for Dianne Abbott's Manifesto says:

      (Rice and pea for consumption. Chicken for sacrificing for good luck.)

  8. 8
    jgm2 says:

    Still – 1.3 million public sector job losses. All the Maximum Imbeciles ‘make-work’ jobs and more. All gone.

    Dare we hope?

    • 12
      No Grants says:

      Let them go private and set up a business.

      • 43
        Diversity Co-ordinator Out-reach Green-experience Manager, paygrade 7 says:

        Can you run that by me again? Is it like in the public sector, where we just sit around in green rooms, chillaxing whilst Gordon shoves real workers’ money into our pockets?

        Should be a cinch.

        • 55
          Regional Vice-Deputy-Under-Secretary Community Standards and Research No Discernable Benefit Officer says:

          How did you make paygrade 7? I’m not going to have to work through some of my 3 hour lunch break am I?

          • Diversity Co-ordinator Out-reach Green-experience Manager, paygrade 7 says:

            I didn’t take all of my 40 days annual sick-leave entitlement a few years ago and the boss hauled me in for an admonishment. I promised it would never happen again and he thanked me with a promotion to paygrade 7 and a new poster of Che Guevara to put by my desk, as the old one was a bit tatty.

        • 104
          Smig says:

          What the fuck is “chillax”?

        • 106
          Smig says:

          Don’t bother answering. Urbandictionary came up with the goods.

          For fucks’ sake. What is it with these wiggas? ;)

        • 159
          New words says:

          killump them =kill them and dump the body

      • 130
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        Supply and demand. There ain’t too much demand in the real world for Gender Diversity Outreach Coordinators!

        • 143
          Carbon Emissions Reduction and Alternative Energy Advisor says:

          Try switching to my gig fast, the government gravy is pouring in. All you need to do is babble on about carbon capture, affordable insulation, sustainable battery production and windmill power as a replacement for everything. It’s complete tosh of course but hey, it’s a doddle.

    • 47

      If we do, we’re looking at a wages cut of somewhere in the region of 39 billion*. Every year. And that’s just on their cost of employment – we even haven’t factored in the cash these buggers actually waste as part of their daily workload.

      Even if there are redundency costs and dole to be paid in the first couple of years the country’s got to be quids in over the long term.

      Now why can’t the socialists see that?

      *1.3 million * 25,000 * 1.2

      • 69
        jgm2 says:

        I can’t believe their redundancy costs can be, on average, more than six months pay. So if we fire them all today and send them a redundancy cheque we’ll be saving 40 billion a year from 1st January 2011.

        Plus house prices will be much cheaper because these one million won’t be competing for housing on account of being unemployed so that will keep a major check on wage increases all round.

        With the money we save we could cut taxes to stimulate the private sector.

        • 80
          AC1 says:

          Then a bout of inflation to wipe out the redundancy payments, and a LVT=>CD and bingo!

          Stable economy.

        • 81
          Mr Ned says:

          Redundancy pay in the public sector is INSANE!!!

          I know if I were to be made redundant from my private sector job, I would not get a penny for my 10 years service.

          I was listening on the radio to one manager in a council planning department saying that for his 20 years service, he would get something like 125,000 pounds redundancy. (which is why he was going on strike to defend it) That and they cannot be sacked for taking up to HALF the year off on the sick at FULL PAY!!!


          • The Real Question says:

            Can anyone tell me how many hours a day a typical secondary teacher works ?
            Take into consideration that the contract means they are not expected to teach a class more than X hours every day, the average sick days taken, the holiday entitlement, the 0900-1600 working day (excluding lunch and tea breaks)
            Forget the “we work at weekends” and “have to mark exam papers at home” or “in service days” and “we have playground duties” etc etc. as most private sector people don’t work a 35 hour week either, surprise surprise…
            So, how many hours “working” actually teaching a class in a year and what is the cost/hour (including pension) to the taxpayer to hold down a steady job that won’t be taken from a teacher short of unbelievable incompetence or child abuse.
            Tell me, I’m interested on exactly hoew much “hard working teachers” are actually costing our nation ?

        • 94

          Redundancy costs will be based on an average seven years of service (half the length of NuLabour’s Dark Reign) so with two weeks pay for every year of service we are looking at just about four months pay. The problem is we can’t expect all of these newly idle diversity outreach co-ordinators to find jobs immediately so I figure we’ll be paying them dole for the rest of the year. Even so, ultimately the saving s will be seen.

  9. 9
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Only public sector jobs are real jobs. We have a pressing needs for more real nappy advisers, five a day co-ordinators and lesbian awareness managers. People who work in the so-called private sector are capitalist scum, who must be bled dry to fund jobs for decent people providing vital public services.

    • 22
      Diversity & Outreach Coordinator says:


      • 149
        Equal opportunity and Fairness Facilitator says:

        You’re on your own comrades, I am still going to get a free ride for life. I am essential.

    • 36
      Smig says:

      Said the capitialist, self-aggrandising, pisspot of an ambulance chaser.

    • 74
      Dorian Smith says:

      “How many people work in the public sector?”.

      “About one in three”.

    • 87
      Mr Ned says:

      Can I apply for the lesbian awareness manager’s job please? I am very good at being aware of lesbians and have a great deal of personal experience of making myself very aware of them, and what they do, on a daily basis on the internet!

      I would be very good at that job and totally dedicated to it.

  10. 10
    Gordon doth protest too much says:

    I love my wife Sarah. Sarah’s my wife and I love her. I love her very much. She’s a great and I just love her.

    • 25
      A Doctor writes says:

      That must explain why you are spending so much time with her.

      Has she taken out an injunction preventing you from getting within 500 miles of her and the kids?

      I would!

    • 99
      Twitcher says:

      You’re a great too Gordon – a Great Scotch McBustard. A political cuckoo squatting in someone elses nest; big, fat, pusillanimous, and fouling it beyond all recognition before running away squawking repetitively and monotonously ‘abiggerbirddidiitthenranaway’ or ‘itstartedinamerica’ or ‘afuturefareforall’.

    • 209
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      You just love it when she rams that strap on right up your arse don’t you, McFaggot?

  11. 11
    The MP's says:

    I predict we will be millionaires by 2015

  12. 13

    Alwaysget a good for a headline The Guardian.

    “James Purnell ate my Chihuahua!”

    When they came out for the Libs at the election-
    “It was the Guardian wot done a Liberal/conservative coalition!”

    And when the Belgrano was sunk

  13. 14
    al-Jabeeba spokescunt says:

    Don’t privatise us! We’re sorry for being a bunch of Hunting Labour puppet Hunts! We don’t want to lose our valuable jobs! That’s the only reason we licked Labour arse!

  14. 15
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    I hope we do manage to create all these jobs. Any chance the British might benefit instead of the Eastern Europeans. This needs sorting out.

    • 65
      PD77 says:

      Are you related to that lovely Mrs Duffy by any chance Sir Reginald?

      • 162
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Err, I think you will find that giving preferential treatment to a British worker, is illegal under EU law.
        You can however give preferential treatment to women and members of any minority, thus ensuring that any job created will not go to any indigenous British males.
        In the world of official doublespeak, it’s called fairness and equality.

  15. 16
    Sir William Waad says:

    Didn’t the story set the Guardian’s readers in a tizz! The clatter of keyboards could be heard in far-off Harrow as they snarled, yapped and plotted the revolution. Several of them blamed Mrs Thatcher. Thousands of the unproductive became even more so. Normally placid Deputy Co-ordinators of Outreach experienced a surge of tough-bitch testosterone.

    It was almost like the reaction when Guido does a piece about Diane Abbott!

  16. 17
    Head Lizard says:

    Like quote of the day they are as talented as you Guido

  17. 18
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Riiiiiice and peeeeeeeeeeea!

    I’ve got nothing more to say.

    • 46
      Da daddy ov dat Abbott Boi says:

      Bitch warez ma bwoi? Youze got yo big howse from da whitey man. I needs ma blud to cum work for me now he know da whitey ways. I needin him to bring sum o dat dancin powder in for ma LewwySham krew.

      You best no ov lost dat smitth an wesson i tol u to hide from da met. Or u iz back on dat boat to liv in da hut you great grandaddy build.

  18. 19
  19. 20
    The Carpet Crawlers says:

    The crawlers cover the floor, in the red ochre corridor, for my second sight of people, I need more life blood than before.

  20. 21
    Anonymous says:

    To anyone who believes that there will be such job creation, well, you must need your head examining.

    Anyway, some of the bigots posting here are about to discover what Gideon’s budget means.

    This is going to be worse than the dark days of the early eighties.

    • 29
      jgm2 says:

      We know that – Alistair Darling promised he’s make bigger cuts than under Thatcher.

      That’s how badly the Maximum Imbecile fucked the UK economy.

      Is he still alive? Can we hang him?

    • 30
      Anonymous says:

      Nothing can be worse than the last 13 years.

    • 44
      Dig for Victory says:

      Job creation, now there’s a thing. Re-open more pits? Agriculture?

      • 59
        jgm2 says:

        I did a bit of preliminary digging for victory this year.

        I will be ramping up the ‘dig for victory’ next year though. It’s a bit tiring at first this digging lark but I reckon a week or so of it, spread over three weeks because I’m so lazy, would produce an embarrassment of edibles.

        That and the heavy toll I’ve been taking on God’s little creatures and all I’ll need is (a much younger) Felicity Kendall and I’ll be squared away.

        • 77
          One of millions of Labour's chavs says:

          2 much like hard work, dude. me an me mates graze at ASDA. Cruise the aisles, nickin crisps n stuff, wash it down with booze in the drinks section. Sorted.

          Makes our benefit money go like way further on drugs n shit.

      • 63
        Mike Hunt says:

        sorry, can’t.

        ‘Elf and Safety and all that.

    • 156
      Alex says:

      Osbourne’s budget means cretins like you are not going to have a job any more moron – you’ll have to go around accusing people who disagree with you politically of bigotry for free.

  21. 24
    rockbadger says:

    The chart says -1.3 million public sector job losses… that makes 1.3 million public sector job gains, right?

  22. 27
    MILF Lover says:

    Caroline ‘Shagger’ Nokes looked MILFlicious at PMQs with her bouncy cleavage on display for all the lads. Naughty evangelical christian totty.

  23. 28
    Little Boy Blue says:

    But when the Guardian goes tits up think of the trees we will save. More brownie points – sorry greeny points for Dave.

  24. 32
    Gestapo Watch says:

    Nonce cop abuses child causing back injury.

    • 45
      Peasant says:

      So why isn’t Cleggy doing something about this? He’s supposed to be the “freedom-czar” or whatever tosspot name he calls himself.

      Hahaha “public privacy law” the moron does not know what oxymoronic means.

    • 97
      Citizen says:

      The one behind him looks happy, gagging to join in, the chance to batter a 16 year old with a camera…..hooray Queens Gallantry Medals all around. Thick cowardly morons.

  25. 35
    The Apostrophe Police says:

    “The Office for Budget Responsibility is equally clear in it’s forecast of lower unemployment”

    “in it’s forecast” should read “in its forecast”.

    I’m afraid it’s only an A-grade GCSE English for you, sonny Jim.

  26. 37
    Tony E says:

    With any luck, the Guardian will be the first victim of the public sector cuts!

  27. 38

    Looking at the chart, it highlights how impressively efficient the public sector is.

    Cut 1.2 million well qualified diversity outreach coordination facilitators, and 2.5 million private sector jobs will have to be created to achieve the same levels of service!

    See – if you can contrive to think ass-backwards, in true Socialist fashion (OK, they like to call it dialectical materialism, but ass-backwards thinking is more explanatory…), then any conclusion can be drawn from any data you choose.

    Memo to council staff – retrain as diversity outreach coordination facilitation consultants immediately – buy yourselves a shiny suit and prepare to suck even harder on the public teat.

  28. 39
    Peasant says:

    Ha ha ha now we know that Guido really is a Tory stooge, since he refuises to geet his brain into gear before spouting Tory nonsense. Let me explain this s-l-o-w-l-y for you.

    The Treasury know how many public sector jobs will go. That is a given. There is no doubt about those job cuts. OK got that? Good.

    The Treasury also know how many private sector jobs depend on the services provided by those public sector jobs. There may be some variation, but it is pretty much a given. That gives the 1.3m job cuts. Got that? Good.

    Now we come to the blue column in your graphic. 2.5m job gains. From where? In the last 13 years, in times of plenty, on average there were just 0.25m jobs created by the private sector per year, and yet Osborne claims that in an austere UK, when the WORLD is in austerity and there is no consumer spending hence no one is buying anything and countries will not be importing UK goods, you expect that the job rises in the private sector will be DOUBLE the rate during the good years?

    You are as mad as Osborne.

    • 48
      HappyUK says:

      … And you’re just another one of those idiots that think that if a business that gives all it’s products away for free goes broke and all 20,000 employees lose their jobs, it’s the governments fault for not forcing the taxpayer to subsidise and encourage their bad behaviour

    • 50
      jgm2 says:

      you expect that the job rises in the private sector will be DOUBLE the rate during the good years?

      The one million pretendy jobs created by Brown to buy votes in marginal constituencies came at the cost of over one million real jobs because the one million pretendy jobs took money out of the economy to pay this one million pretendy jobs.

      If we didn’t have to pay the one million pretend jobbers we’d have more cash to spend on extra pizzas, pub lunch, a day at Thorpe Park, a day at the seaside, whatever. And government jobs, thanks to the undeserved massive pay-hikes Brown gave everybody to further buy their votes mean that for 1,000,000 pretendy jobs we can afford 1.5 or 2 million real jobs.

      It used to be that government jobs were, on average, lower paid than private sector jobs but this was compensated by job security, a generous pension and holiday. Now the public sector still gets job security (or it did bwahahahahaha) generous pension and holiday. Oh, and more money too.

      The Maximum Imbecile wilfully fucked the economy.

      Not even the most basic maths or economic thought went into his idiot reign.

      • 72
        South of the M4 says:

        … and Brown planted the seeds of civil unrest in 1997 when he started the process of pension apartheid, knowingly. Again to buy votes. It was always going to take ~20 years, but its coming and unstoppable. Unless……………..

        • 103
          Peasant says:

          You expecting pensioners to riot? It would be fun to see some oldies on zimmer frames marching towards the lines of riot police.

          Unemployed young people, however, are fit and strong, and have good bowling arms for the Molotov cocktails.

          Piss off pensioners and they grumble, piss off young people and they riot. Got the message?

          • maximus says:

            Your fellow-travellers, the anti-globalization protesters, are all peace loving, but are delegitimized by agent provocateurs from the Plod causing who damage and mayhem at each and every protest. Anyone who has a valid point will not act to invalidate it. Are you MI5, or just a moronic fantasist?

          • revolting peasant says:

            You’re mistaken again peasant.I saw plenty of older people on the Poll Tax demo and witnessed an elderly lady in Trafalgar Square being beaten by a truncheon.
            There was also a good cross section of society on the Anti-War demos.
            Apart from a hard core of anarchists involved in recent anti-globilisation demonstrations, today’s youth is more likely to ferment discontent on twitter/facebook in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

          • Grey Fellow says:

            Oldies can plan them though.

          • Blue Lady says:

            To those who like to bleat on about the poll tax- what is so wonderful or fair about council tax? Also public sector retirees aren’t oldies, usually they retire in their 50′s unlike the private sector who have to work til they drop to support them.

      • 86
        Peasant says:

        So you’ve not answered the question, where are the 2.5m jobs going to come from?

        The idiots who have said “privatise public services” ignore that privatising public services means shifting jobs from the public sector to the private sector. In other words the gain in private sector jobs equals the loss in public sector so you won’t get the extra 2.5m jobs from doing that. If anything, there will be more unemployment since the privatisation will result in fewer jobs.

        The ONLY way to increase jobs in this country is through exporting. That is what Osborne is gambling on. It is in the budget Red Book. Osborne hopes that there will be an export lead recovery and that the 2.5m jobs will come from making toasters cheaper than the Chinese and getting the world to buy British toasters rather than Chinese toasters.

        But here is a clue: the world is in austerity, no one has the cash to import foreign goods. Austerity means that consumer spending will be slashed and no one will be buying goods from domestic companies either. The 2.5m figure is pure fantasy.

        • 98
          Spank Sinatra says:

          I have a 10 year old toaster (I think it cost ten quid). The twat at comet asked if I wanted to take out insurance against it breaking at an additional cost of just 4 quid. I declined. It is still in good working order and am happy to have it exported if that is of help.

          • Mong Zoo says:

            I have a Chinese microwave I also bought in Comet in 1991. It was a managers special.For 11 quid I got 5 years extended warranty on it .Once it broke and got fixed. The repairman was kind enough to tell me the most common fault was a diode,which it was.It is still working today.We cannot compete with them on price.Osbourne is on what the other Ozzy is on.Drugs

          • revolting peasant says:

            I’ve got a 25 year old Toshiba telly that’s the size of a pikeys caravan.

        • 116
          Mr Ned says:

          Yeah, but how was the economic recovery and growth in the economy from 1992 – 1999 funded? From private sector growth based on an exports boom.

          After 1999, Labour changed tack and went for increasing spending and then massively increasing debt, that way nobody has to actually do any work. Just fill in the forms and you get yer cash. It was the same thing that happened in the 1980′s with the same disastrous results.

          In the 1980s, with large tax cuts combined with low interest rates, the economy overheated on a diet of very easy credit.

          As soon as we joined the ERM, our currency was pegged and interest rates ceased to be a lever to control demand, but had to be used to control the value of our currency. The debt fuelled boom of the late 1980′s exploded very very painfully.

          Labour learned NOTHING from that and made even worse mistakes themselves.

          Once we were free from the ERM, we could allow the pound to devalue, making our exports more attractive and boost business through tax reduction on exporters and and get REAL money of value into the UK from abroad.

          One thing I would have expected labour to do in power was boost manufacturing. But that was too much like work. Easier to take an even more lax approach to the City of London (than the tories) and use banking jiggery pokery to boost the economy. The BLATANT fact it was utterly unsustainable and guaranteed to lead to a massive crash was completely beyond them.

          There are PLENTY of products and services we can sell successfully abroad. I work for a company that has been selling British written software globally for over 20 years.

          In the UK enterprising and creative people export great art and films and TV and media. We are THE world leader in motorsport engineering, most of the F1 Grid line up in British engineered cars. Most of the higher levels of single seater race car series in the US use British built chassis. There exists massive potential for growth in exports.

          Of course we could have an export lead recovery, in fact it is the ONLY sustainable and credible solution to our combined economic ills.

          Labour’s plan to replace vast chunks of the private sector with public sector subsidy was doomed to utter failure, because with a shrinking private sector, WHO THE FUCK WOULD PAY FOR IT?

        • 120
          maximus says:

          > The ONLY way to increase jobs in this country is through exporting.

          Technically bollocks. One alternative is increasing consumption. While McRuin was giving away future taxation to the bankers, in Australia consumers were given a handout. The idea was even mooted here. Whatever its merits, the decision is not a matter of economics or economic necessity, but political.

          • Mong Zoo says:

            Exporting what? What do we make the world wants at the price it will pay

          • Mr Ned says:

            Arts, media, film, music, engineering expertise, engineering projects, software, medical technology, science research, military hardware, submarines, ships, aircraft…. Just off the top of my head.

            Just because we don’t have any car factories and the coal mines closed and we cannot compete on mass-produced, low-end-of-the-market white-goods does not mean that we cannot export anything anymore.

          • Mr Ned says:

            Correction, we do have car factories, employing British workers and exporting cars built in Britain… They are not British Owned…

            Do a google search to see what kinds of things we do and can export. It is an area of vast potential.

        • 136
          Dig for Victory says:

          what do you suggest peasant? Will there be another mass employer?

        • 189
          Jethro says:

          89 “export lead recovery” So that’s where we went wrong here in Cornwall: we used to export Tin, and Copper, and Arsenic! If only we’d known that the right thing was to export Lead!

      • 91
        Fuck the government says:

        You give me beef I give you pork.

    • 68
      revolting peasants says:

      You’re giving us peasants a bad name.

      • 109
        Jon Bongiovo of New Jersey Fiefdom says:

        Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame,
        Darling, you give serfs a bad name.

  29. 41

    I see P.Eye has a piece about all the Guardian Media execs and direcs getting substantial bonuses this year, even though they made record losses.

    Well, that’s socialism. Pay people what their self importance believes they are worth.

  30. 42
    HappyUK says:

    Andrew Neil once did a piece about the Guardian about 6 years, and was spot on as is usually the case. What I like about Andrew Neil, unlike the vast majority of Beeboid ‘journalists’ is that he doesn’t seem to hold back from saying what he thinks, such as

    - The Guardian mentioning things like the Sun’s sales being the lowest for a quarter of a century, whilst not to mention that so are the Guardian’s. This can only continue. Less and less people are hovering somewhere between Old Labour and the Communist Party.

    - That much of Guardian’s journalism lacks integrity, with ‘every story, news feature and analytical piece is rammed through Rusbridger’s liberal-left prism’.

    - ‘The result is not news and analysis you can trust but ideologically-driven and agenda-riven journalism which appeals increasingly only to the paper’s core Left-wing, public-sector readership.’

    Much of the Guardian’s problems I think are self-inflicted: it just doesn’t seem to give a fig about what its existing and potential readers think or want or what would be better for them… All that seems to matter is their own agenda with zero change/improvement in reporting with less bias.

    The ever-dwindling pool of readers it has seem to believe even the daftest notions it prints!

    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      How much is the Scott Trust worth?

      With 30M going down the plughole every year surely those trustafarians cant have much more than 15 years to go.

    • 140
      revolting peasant says:

      I used to find the Guardian a reasonably intelligent read years ago but now I just find it patronising.

    • 147
      Alan Rusbridger says:

      All you lot are out of step with me!

  31. 52
    bridgette jones knickers says:

    giz a job

  32. 56
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Been away, have I missed much?

  33. 60
    Backwoodsman says:

    Sadly, probably not. They will all go and live in a ‘progressive politics collective’ , on La Toynbee’s Tuscan estate. And spend their days bemoaning the evils of Thatcherism and the sale of Auto Trader magazine.

  34. 64
    Socialist Apocalypse says:

    In Romania there is barely any welfare state.Even 16 year old girls are serious and determined to succeed.They know education is the key to success.It’s the same in Russia.The young girls and women want to succeed and will fight for the education to make it possible.The thieving classes had it easy here.I don’t want to be robbed anymore.What I make is mine and anyone else can feck off.If you don’t work,you don’t eat!

    • 82
      Head Lizard says:

      It will take a generation to instill that here in 16 year old’s

      • 100
        Dr Strangelove says:

        We could wipe-out the current generation of 16 year olds and start again from scratch.

        It would be fun.

  35. 76
    • 96
      Peasant says:

      All Americans are loonies. It is a proven fact.

      • 111
        Yankee says:

        prove it

      • 112
        Gloriana says:

        I agree ‘peasant’. It’s all that mixing of races. One question – why do Yanks always look as if they’ve got the dog’s teeth in their mouths. They look like extras in an effing ‘Ammer ‘Ouse of ‘Orrors production.

        • 114
          Piss Pot says:

          and why do they always shout! Noisy bastards!

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Live in Germany for any length of time and sooner or later I guarantee you’ll hear an American tourist in a restaurant say, loudly, “I really like Germany, but, like, why do they all speak German?”

      • 123
        Level Brixton says:

        Yes and it’s the loonies like them that will change the world,

  36. 85
    Anonymous says:

    i thought the 1.3 million job cuts were split 60,000 public and 70,000 private

  37. 101
    Jon says:

    Ummm…. you should probably point out that the (inaccurate) graphic you’ve produced at the top is your work, not that of the Treasury.

  38. 102
    Anonymous says:

    You guys are all fecking right wing fascists who don’t want to live in a proper society. Well I just hope you don’t all get robbed by the thieving classes and are unable to get any help from the police or the hospitals and no one comes to your assistance.

    While I don’t disagree that the state became bloated you seem to want to roll back everything. And those ‘thieving classes’ you refer to – many of the unemployed who cannot be blamed that a private sector bank/debt induced recession has meant they have lost their jobs.

    You are evil nasty physcopaths who have little empathy for your fellow man. I look forward to you cretins joining the unemployment queue and seeing how degrading an existence it is.

    • 108
      Mong Zoo says:

      Don’t waste your breathe.This the mong zoo. been trying to explain the bankers robbed them but its like tory insane zone with an obsession about Brown

    • 119
      Smig says:

      I have empathy. Just as long as he gets off his own arse and looks after himself instead of raping my pockets to put food on his table.

      A fucking shedload of responsibility should go hand in hand with rights.

      Start with the fecking breeders that I am unfortunate enough to live amongst. Never done a days work in their lives, and only start to sweat when their giro or milk tokens fail to turn up. Fucking idle wastrels should be shot, and shot again to make sure.

      You can call me fascist all you like sunshine, but I’ve seen how the fuckwitted gobshites live. I’ve lived with their pathetic jealousies and whining offspring.

      It’s about time this country stopped trying to spiral its culture down to lowest common denominator. And that’s exactly what socialism in practice is all about. Its about giving every windowlicker a dozen A* grade GCSEs and fuck all ability to do something constructive with their lives.

      Fucking trots want everyone to be as feckless and wasteful as the man next to them. Tough fucking shit. Some people get busy living and improve their lot in life.

      Not everyone can be millionaires, and some people are destined to starve and die. If we stopped giving out handouts to the babymaking machines, we’d have a sustainable economy, sustainable national infrastructure, and no need for a bloated, boxticking, bedwetting public sector.

    • 129
      revolting peasant says:

      That’s rather a sweeping generalisation 105.

    • 131
      Bertrand Aldercock-Smythe (City financial analyst) says:

      Those unwashed plebs in the Public Sector do deserve some credit. Why, were it not for the bank bailout, which is condemning most of them to the scrapheap, I probably wouldn’t have a job myself. As it happens, even if I were to get the chop now, such was this year’s bonus that I could probably retired at 24. So raise a glass to the Public Sector! Chin, chin boys and galls. Soz about the cuts to your benefits!

      • 137
        Dumbo Gets a Prime Minister says:

        Are you related to the Aldercock Slymes of Essex?

        • 169
          Spank Sinatra says:

          No he isn’t – he’s but a chav. I, however, do claim some lineage from the Aldercock Slymes.

    • 158
      Anonymous says:

      Q. Who said that his party was a “workers’ party”, “on the side of labour, and against finance?
      A. Joseph Goebbels
      Q. Who said, ” We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”
      A. Adolf Hitler

      Fascism is a branch of socialism. It is left wing.

      • 172
        revolting peasant says:

        Is it really? Thanks for enlightening me…

        • 192
          Jethro says:

          175 There is a tiny clue cleverly hidden (think Da Vinci Code!) in the title: N-A-Z-I stood for National SOCIALIST.

          • revolting peasant says:

            Thanks Jethro- but I was attempting sarcasm.
            Admittedly it wasn’t funny or clever.

    • 173
      The Fascists of the Future Will Be Anti Fascists says:

      Love the way you cretins throw around the word Fascist – I would have thought after all the jaw dropping tactics of the last government (ID cards, attempts to allow 3 months in chokey without charge etc) that you’d show a bit of humility, but apparently not.

      Face it – the left are far more fascist than and other part of the political spectrum, and they always have been – the biggest fascist of them all was a lefty. Okay, he might have used communists as his punching bag, but if you look at his policies and what Adolf actually did, he was clearly sitting on the left side of the fence.

    • 187
      Anonymous says:

      Another post on the usual threat to “Schools, Police & Hospitals”

  39. 122
  40. 125
    webofevil says:

    > the bloated public sector payroll is going to fall and a recovering private sector is expected to take up the slack

    Faith in the speedy recovery of the private sector is touching, but given that for the most part the private sector has been relying on the public sector these past few years to get it through the crisis, and the amount of private-sector investment required to make George’s figures work would need to outstrip the levels during the boom years of the 1990s, it’s a bit misplaced. This is a massive gamble driven by ideology, and the odds are poor.

    • 134
      Mong Zoo says:

      spot on,grab the banks now and Glass Steagall the crazy bastards before it all happens again.

    • 186
      Anonymous says:

      We ought to simply cut the wages and pensions by 20-25% – keeps those in work and the overall cut may be the same.
      All it would take would be the unions to agree.

  41. 133
    Mong Zoo says:

    Spank sinatra was looking for proof yesterday why the shits going to hit the fan.I spent most of today looking for it and pooling it when I came across a site that had it all done.Check this bit about the teamters,take note Unite
    The most over rated 15 cent stock in history, kept alive not as a trucking company but as a slush/hedge fund for the Teamster’s Union. A merciful death soon approaches because despite the seasonal spring uptick in volume, a losing formula can not be turned into a winner by simply ignoring empty real estate holdings and over capacity in the industry. Look for this zombie to die sooner rather than later barring some sort of Obama administration financial guarantees or General Motors style seizure.

    • 174
      Spank Sinatra says:

      Interesting piece there (and ta for your efforts). I have already had my bicycle clips in place for some months. I have never questioned that a further meltdown is imminent. What depresses me however is that so few see it coming. For the moment, ‘cash is king’ but that still causes me the ever frequent sleepless night since I fear that the cash will be worth fuck all in due course. There’s simply nowhere to park it. Property is fucked, FTSE fucked, oil will be fucked etc etc. Gold is bollocks as we will at some stage be told that there was a big gold con going on (that old tungsten story etc etc) by way of reducing its relevance. Instead I shall just continue to purchase some of the finest wines known to humanity and get bladdered.

  42. 145
    Alan Rusbridger says:

    Teh Granniad wridden bi idiots four idiots

  43. 161
    cosmo says:

    phwoooorrrr tits up

  44. 171
    Piss Pot says:

    Any-one seen Gorgon lately – haven’t had a good laugh since he pissed off!

  45. 175
    Rt. Hon. I M A Dissembler MP says:

    It’s interesting how all these hard-working people from the private sector, who make sweeping assumptions that the pay and conditions under which the public sector work were freely given by their employers without a whimper, and bemoan their lack of redundancy and sick pay and so forth, and who have to work 100hour weeks to cover the taxes they must pay to prop up the bloated state can find so much time to write bile and vitriol on this blog.

    • 184
      Anonymous says:

      Maybe they no longer work for the private sector as they were laid off as the overhead of the public sector squeezed the company to cut costs and jobs ?

      Well, I know of one who fits this description.

      • 203
        Rt. Hon. I M A Dissembler MP says:

        Ah, that would be the same innovative private sector that will create 2.5m jobs in the next few years, so no need to worry, then, because only the public sector employs useless wastrels and rewards failure. A job, I am sure, will be easy to find, because the private sector is so clever it can find ways to overcome any bureaucracy. It’s just a shame that you won’t be claiming any benefits or tax credits because that would just enable the state to kustify even more sinecure.

    • 198
      Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

      ‘….the pay and conditions under which the public sector work were freely given by their employers without a whimper…’

      OF COURSE THEY WERE! The local govt bosses negotiating the deals with the unions representing the masses were themselves members of the same unions, and found their own pay and perks buoyed-up by the settlements they reached with those lower down the food-chain.

      Knowing that a hard settlement will impact badly on your own pay must, surely, reduce your ardour for tough negotiation.

      • 199
        Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

        Should have said it’s not just local govt – same applies across the whole public sector.

  46. 176
    Pundit Sinister says:

    How many call centres taking phone-calls from reality TV shows is 2,500,000 jobs in private industry ?

  47. 183
    The Worm Turns says:

    BYE-BYE NuLieBour Pravda Grundiad
    Sucking on the teat of the taxpayer by dancing to the tune of the former Government by gratefully accepting £Millions to help bloat Public Sector inefficiencies for 13 years.
    Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye

  48. 196
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Two generations ago the Guardian was a half-decent paper, its Leaders a bit lefty, certainly, but granting its writers the freedom to print whatever they believed to be true. That made it quite an interesting read.

    Nowadays it’s about as much use as the BBC’s news dept, ie another outlet for Labour press releases. We could manage without it.

  49. 197
    Gerry Feehily says:

    “Non jobs” – what a joke. Clearly, a Tory propagandist assumes he is creating value…

  50. 200
    Peter says:

    The Grauniad’s owners just want to keep the public sector gravy train going. Ads for all those non-jobs like diversity organiser etc must be one of their biggest revenue streams.

  51. 202

    Twice today I’ve posted a link to a site that totally demolishes Guido’s arguments and twice today he’s removed it. Wonder why?

    • 204
      Rt. Hon. I M A Dissembler MP says:

      Because The Party has told you the truth. War is good. Labour lie. Right wingers speak only truth. You will be assimilated. Theresa May has apologised for ignoring the Commons, so no need to report or comment on it, she is pure and true. ou will obey! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • 208
      Me says:

      Because you have not been assimilated into the system, any trace of Gorgonbroonicles in your DNA must be screened out before you can be assimilated. Comply, or your existance will be denied, you will never have existed….

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