June 30th, 2010

Cancelled: Diane v Brillo Part II

The Daily Politics is currently interviewing all the Labour leadership contenders. Well almost all, the usually media friendly Diane Abbott was scheduled for another pasting by Brillo this Thursday.

She is, for some reason, now no longer available…


  1. 1
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    The Labour Party is good in that it represents labour but bad in that it represents poverty and ignorance, and it is anti-social in that it supports the producer against the consumer and the worker against the employee instead of the workers against the idlers.

    The Labour Party is also bad on account of its false democracy, which substitutes the mistrust, fear and political incapacity of the masses for genuine political talent, and which would make the people legislators instead of leaving them what they are at present, the judges of the legislators.

    Augustin F Hamon (1862-1945)
    Le Molière du XX siècle 1913, translated 1915 by Eden and Cedar Paul


    • 2

      We’re all cancelling grillings by Brillo together.


      • 23
        blue taper says:

        Fucking porch monkey.


        • 40
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          Let’s take the first part, “The Labour Party is good in that it represents labour.”

          Well, They are not even any good at doing that now, are they? At least they had their Clause 4 nonsense before so that you knew they stood for something, even if it was something most of us did not want.

          Blair/Brown, ably assisted by Mandelson/Campbell/Whelan, and more lately the synthetic Milibands/Balls/Burnham/Abbott, have created a ghost from a once great movement. No small feat.


          • 'kinell says:

            um—- its a long time since the Labour party represented the workers ie those who work- more like it has transmogrified into an unholy alliance of state employees, champagne liberals and the underclass/claimant class
            actually, not all of any of those but bits of them


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            It’s all a bit academic. An analysis of Labour is and can only be a post mortem. Milibands/Balls/Bernham/Abbot seem to mistake the fading warmth of their party’s corpse as being a sign of life and future health.


          • MI5 says:

            There is little “labour” left in the UK…except in the Zanu Labour Tribal Areas…

            So they will need a Tribalist as Leader..

            Who, by definition, will not appeal to the vast majority of the UK population..

            That is why the MilliMossads of this world are appealing to ZANU

            Representing another Tribe…


          • Sweatie Sockpuppet says:

            Aye laddie we’s afrit.


          • Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo! says:

            where did they all go ?


    • 7
      Here come the Beanpies says:

      Nice! We all look forward to this enlightening thread.


    • 97
      N1gger Lips says:

      I’ve just realised what portillo and abbott have in common. Their Lips.


  2. 3
    Engineer says:

    A fit of the sulks, eh?


  3. 4
    lilolme says:

    I never really “got” the term “Munter” …. and then I saw that picture!


  4. 6
    Albert Hall says:

    Wasn’t he a German expressionist painter?


  5. 8
    Diane Abbott says:

    Dat racialist Haaandrew Neil refused to provide a nice pot of rice an’ pea in da green room. Aint no way me haaappearin widout me rice an’ pea. I have nuttin more to say. Here’s me taxi receipt for £192. Ireee, blud.


  6. 9
    Selohesra says:

    Can’t you revert to that picture of her cleavage – marginally more pleasant than looking at the face


    • 24
      Engineer says:

      Try Googling “Grand Canyon”. There’s bound to be a Youtube clip.


    • 38
      richard titme says:

      Some mad bitch cleavage to keep you going.


    • 209
      Able Seaman says:

      Before rogering her I would put on my naval costume and sail up her estuary but not before switching the radar on so I can see both sides of her mainland covered in luscious tropical thick jungle with all the fruity dying and rotting exotic smells of the Amazon basin.


  7. 10
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Awww, liddle diddums doesn’t like tough questions. Don’t worry dear, when you lead the losers all interviewers will be nice and gentle with you, and if not, well you’ll have nothing more to say so that’s all right then.


  8. 12
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can I be on This Week? I want to look prime ministerial. I am kmixtjmdadtpg. Oops, I’ve not taken my medication today and it makes me do mistakes, but &+£?2@% bleeeeurgh. Oops, there I go again. I now do jobby.


  9. 14
    Her Mum. says:

    Diane can’t come today as she has the flu


  10. 15
    You shot your bolt Brillo says:

    sadly all Brillo has achieved by first going after the LEAST likely candidate to win is that the rest of them are now well and truly forewarned the types and line of questioning he will be using

    so when the guy who will actually win it, David Miliband, goes on This Week he will be prepared and stocked with pre-rehearsed soundbites

    he should have pounced on Miliband first


    • 36
      Man Walking His Dog says:

      I don’t know. They will have to answer the questions. Staring at the ceiling will not be a valid response.


    • 39
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      You gotta admire the guy, despite his unusual headwear. He humoured her for all the time she was on – pretending to laugh at her “jokes” etc. Only on her last day there did he tell her what he really thought of her, live on air and so completely unexpected. As a bonus, she now has a “Portillo Moment” of her very own.


  11. 16
    Chairman of the I Hate Diane Abbott Society says:

    West Indian mums go to the wall for their kids. Like hiding their uzis and AK-47s when the rozzers come round with a search warrant.


    • 56
      purpleline says:

      I thought she meant they went to the local shop and bought Wall’s sausages and Ice Cream. I’m a Lyons Maid man myself being a white toff. Doncha know.u


    • 62
      There are many of us says:

      You will have to append what chapter you represent, your name is too general, I have been Chairman of South West Chapter since 1987, Identify yourself!


  12. 16
    Spank Sinatra says:

    What a shame. I was looking forward to seeing whether she could make an even bigger fool of herself than before……


    • 21
      Unsworth says:

      Most unlikely she can do that.


      • 35
        Spank Sinatra says:

        In normal times I would have to agree with you. We are however living in extraordinary times and she is extraordinarily thick. A point, I trust, you would concede?


        • 88
          Anonymous says:

          Anyone who’s been in the Labour Party as long as she had would have to have a Tony Benn level of stupidity about them. Living and working among admirers of Fidel Castro and Chairman Mao, people who think it’s clever and sensible to tax the most successful so much they leave the country. People for whom self-sufficiency is an alien concept.

          It’s not so much a political party as care in the community.


        • 232
          Unsworth says:

          Well, you may have a point. But she’d have to try awfully hard. I’m not convinced she could do so without major physical damage – both to herself and to the onlookers. Perhaps their sacrifice would not be in vain.


  13. 18
    Nixon in China says:

    Looking forward to seeing Ed Milliband getting a grilling as he really is rubbish !


    • 206
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Stop picking on Ed “special needs” Militwit, it’s not fair, he can’t help his disability.


  14. 19
    Ed Testicles says:

    My mate Damien McBwide has alweady called Bwillo and wawned him not to ask me difficult questions. If he ignowes his wawning, we’ll do a Kelly on him. That’s what Labouw does.


    • 91
      MI5 says:

      Come back Blinky..we love you…

      Wwere are you hiding ?

      And where are Mongol Brown and Thuggie Whelan when you need them ?

      Or have their lights gone out as well ?


    • 223

      we’ll do a Kelly on him. That’s what Labouw does

      Only when it has the state’s agents at its disposal to do the dirty work. Happily NuLab lost its ability to abuse that particular aspect of power about seven weeks ago.


  15. 20
    Unsworth says:

    “She is, for some reason, now no longer available…”

    Can this be a permanent arrangement, please?


    • 124

      With apologies to Ella Fitzgerald…

      Miss Abbott regrets, she’s unable to lunch today, madam,
      Miss Abbott regrets, she’s unable to lunch today.
      She is sorry to be delayed,
      but last week under questioning she strayed, madam,
      Miss Abbott regrets, she’s unable to lunch today.

      When she woke up and found that her dream of power was gone, madam,
      She ran to the man who had led her so far astray,
      And from under her rolling eyes,
      She deployed a truly awful set of lies, madam,
      Miss Abbott regrets, she’s unable to lunch today.

      When the mob comes to get her and drag her from the jail, madam,
      They’ll string her from the lamppost ‘cross the way,
      And the moment before she dies,
      She’ll roll her eyes and spout some awful lies, madam……
      Miss Abbott regrets, she’s unable to lunch today.

      Miss Abbott regrets, she’s unable to lunch today.


      • 244
        Ella's Ghost says:

        Ev’ry time she says “Goodbye” I smile a little…

        Well quite a lot actually.


  16. 25
    Fatbutt's bwoy says:

    If you don’t stop making fun of my mother…

    …me gonna shank ya, ya bombaclaaht. I’ll get my crew to blaze ya, blud. Don’t fuck about wid us, mon. We’ll blade you.


  17. 27
    Not The BBC says:

    Obama declares state of emergency in South Texas



  18. 29
    Sir Willaim Waad says:

    I have nothing more to say.


  19. 30
    pmt008 says:

    The one I’m looking forward to is our man Balls. Will he get bullied by Brillo? DOUBT IT! He’ll scream, shout, roll his eyes (mid-blink!) and thump him, all before the first question!


  20. 32
    I hate Diane Fatbutt says:

    Don’t get Diane angry.


  21. 33
    Broadmoor Resident says:

    I dunno …I am still strangely drawn to her


    • 44
      Rt. Hon. I M A Dissembler MP says:

      I thought the NHS funding for your medication was ringfenced? Evidently not.


    • 224

      Nothing to worry about, it’s just the effect of her gravitational field. Tie yourself to something solid and wait until she’s left the county and you should be okay.


  22. 34
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Dianne Abbots biggest handicap is that she’s LABOUR !.

    So she represents creating a country where the feckless and lawless are treated on equal grounds to decent folk. Those that work hard have to give up their cash for those that do fuckall.

    All this while she troughs from the magic public purse fountain.


    Answer: “PHUCK ALL”


    Answer: “PHUCK ALL”

    So its a close race really ! Its the JEWish IMMIGRANTS against the BLACK IMMIGRANT


    • 95
      Blinky Testicules says:

      I’m here…I’m English and anti-immigrant

      So the Been and Peers will vote for me ..

      I’m as good as Alf Garnett…

      Vote TESTICULES… don’t forget…


  23. 37
    Gordon Brown says:

    I was Labour leader. I was elected by the party and I went on to win four general elections and was a much loved and successful prime minister for 20 years.


  24. 42
    The Home Secretary says:

    I want to talk to you about prisons. Now there are those in the conservative party – and even in labour and the liberals – who think criminals should be punished. But y’know, simply taking murders and rapists off the street and putting them into prisons where they can no longer harm the public is too simplistic, and dopesn;t work!

    So I, along with other rather wet, hand wringing liberals before me, propose that we find other, cheaper ways of dealing with them.

    Community service is a good one. Pensioners will get an immese feeling of satisfaction knowing that the nice young man painting their fence is a serial burglar.

    I know that people like me are largely immune from the worst raviges of crime, having, as we do, armed police living in a shed in our gardens, but what I say to you is that the fear of crime is hyped up by the nasty right wing press!

    Crime is actually falling, and in some places is none existant! So, my advice is, if you are worried about crime, move to the outer hebridese now!


    • 127
      Somewhere Near Normailty says:

      Ha the Scottish Parliament are going to vote through that those on sentences 3 months or under don’t go to prison. Yep it’s a joy living up here.

      Here’s a thought ……. BUILD MORE FRECKIN PRISONS!!!!!


    • 157
      Nick2 says:

      Sadly, true in parts…


    • 173
      The Golem says:

      One of the more genial champagne socialists is our Ken.


  25. 43
    Could We Have Another 'Rice And Peas' Gag, Please? says:

    …cos there hasn’t been one for at least five minutes!


    • 113
      Sweatie Sockpuppet says:

      Me luv a lickle rice an’ pea. It make me feel aree!


      • 123
        Could We Have Another 'Rice And Peas' Gag, Please? says:

        Cheers! Thanks for that. Now all is right in my world!


        • 226
          Zingerfinger says:

          It’s gonna be food vouchers exchangeable only at non-franchised fried chicken outlets and free regae regae sauce samples with every incapacity benefit slip.


  26. 46
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    [Labour Party is …] “…. bad in that it represents poverty and ignorance”.

    This could have been written today. And yet it is some 97 year’s old. They have had all this time to put it right but failed to address it so conspicuously that they do not know how to begin to self-criticise now.


    • 51
      brian sewell says:

      Like most socialists she doesn’t like to be brought face to face with reality ie, she’s a fucking useless oxygen thief.


    • 99
      MI5 says:

      Everywhere where Socliams is practiced


      Throw in some Capitalism and MILLIONS get out of poverty

      Just look as CHINA FFS..and the rest of Asia…


      • 114
        Sweatie Sockpuppet says:

        Socialists tend to be either very stupid or very nasty people. Di, bless ‘er, is defo the former.


        • 230

          To be honest I’ve always thought there were only stupid ones. The nasty ones are those with just enough intellect to realise they are stupid but not clever enough to be able to do anything about it.


  27. 47
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    [Labour Party …] supports ….. the worker against the employee instead of the workers against the idlers.

    Look at them plead for the benefit scroungers and public servant non-job types!


  28. 52
    Whiffler says:

    Can’t get youtube or iPod – anyone got a link to the transcript of Brillo’s demolition job ?


    • 90
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      The computer is the one that looks a bit like a TV. The one with the slots on top is the toaster.


      • 102
        Whiffler says:

        And the user is the one that knows what he is asking for.

        The supplier is the one that gives it to him.

        The Titbrain in between is just something one has to endure as it wanders its way insanely through the ether, carefully avoiding reality.


    • 103
      Cloutman says:

      If you’re in China have another quick shifty – they seem to have unblocked YouTube momentarily.


  29. 53
    Diane A Butt says:

    This wha me dad do mon if you run out o chicken so get me rice n pea


  30. 55
    order order AKA Ku Klux Klan.com says:

    Good to see Diane is really winding up all the racists who infest this site.
    They will be really, really wound up when she wins the leadership race and, in due course, becomes the first black Prime Minister of Great Britain.
    If a racist country like America can elect a black president then it is even more likely that a tolerant country like Great Britain will follow suit and elect a black, female Prime Minister.
    The white guys had their chance and look at the bloody mess they made of it.


    • 61
      you've got to laugh says:



    • 68
      Hank Rearden says:

      Yeah, but Barak at least appeared to be competent.


      • 208
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        He is competent, at reading teleprompters. The rest of his “talents” are, as they say, rather negligable unfortunately.


        • 233
          Gordon on his first visit to Obama says:

          He’s good at basketball though, all black people are.


        • 239
          G Henry says:

          That is inherited from whitey mother. all Abbott got from hers was the ability to go to the wall.


    • 69
      simon r says:

      The black guys had their chance and look at the bloody mess they made of it – HAITI, ZIMBABWE…


      • 78
        the poor and vulnerable of society says:

        Why not just list the one or two they’ve got marginally right? The rest are shite.


    • 81
      no longer anonymous says:

      This is surely satire.


    • 104
      Sam Bowe says:

      Who’s wound up? The black dyke that thinks all whites ruined the country.


      • 121
        what's the difference between order order and the KKK? Not a lot says:

        White men did fuck this country up.
        That is a fact.


    • 108
      Sam Bowe says:

      u kna wha I meen innit


      • 112
        Correct says:

        Ms Abbott said she had done a lot of work on how black boys underachieve in secondary schools. “Once a black boy is lost to the world of gangs it’s very hard to get them back. I knew what could happen to my son if he was sent to the wrong school and got in with the wrong crowd,” she said.
        That would be?
        Black kids


        • 126
          The Wrong Crowd are the Crackers who fucked this country up says:

          The bankers are WHITE
          The politicians are WHITE
          The Directors of the country are WHITE
          The leaders of the army, navy and airforce are WHITE
          The head of MI5 and MI6 are both WHITE
          The correlation is unavoidable: white men fucked this country up.


          • robert mugabe, financial genius says:

            That’s because the UK is a white country you fucking knobhead.


          • Whitey Just Can't Be Trusted - Look at the fucking mess they have made of the country FFS says:

            That’s a bit rich coming from a fascist like you who is constantly moaning about how many foreign people live here.
            You crackers are just plain crazy!


          • robert mugabe, financial genius says:

            Yeah, why do they come here if it’s so fucked up? Work that one out genius. FFS.


          • You can't trust Whitey - there is something wrong with their brains says:

            I come here to get you crazy crackers in order-order.


          • G Henry says:

            This is sexist. Jacqui Smith is a woman. (Though not enough for Richard Timney)


        • 136
          jgm2 says:

          But now they’ve built three new glass and steel schools in Diane’s constituency then there is no possibility her son could have got in with the wrong crowd. So now Diane would be happy to send her kid to state school now. If only he wasn’t too old. Now. She would. She really would you know.

          The fact that the new glass and steel schools have the same teachers, same parents and same ‘wrong crowd’ kids is, we’re expected to believe, irrelevent. The new glass and steel building will magically change everybodies behaviour for the better.

          Meanwhile her son had to make do with some 100 or 200 year old buildings at his private school. The poor bastard. What shocking abuse of the poor boy that he wasn’t able to attend a new behaviour-modifying, glass and steel state school. It’s all Thatcher’s fault for not investing in new glass and steel buildings.

          So it is. Vote Labour.

          Diane Abbott is a two-faced hypocrite but it’s all the Tories fault.


        • 167
          Sir William Waad says:

          Ms Abbott was observing that black children who attend schools where most of the children are not black (whether white, South Asian or whatever) often do well, whereas those who attend schools with large numbers of other black pupils usually do not. She was in the first category as a child and felt that her duty to her children overrode her conscience as a socialist, placing her child in a mainly-white school.

          This shows that:

          (1) Underachievement by many black children is culturally-based;

          (2) Failure in schools reinforces failure – a culture of failure entrenches itself.

          (3) Diane Abbott is a hypocrite.


          • jgm2 says:

            Absolutely correct on all counts. And your point (2) – A culture of state dependency reinforces state dependency is precisely why she is so wrong when she whines about giving those who want the opportunity to leave their failed ‘communities’ and look for work elsewhere.

            What is so frightening is that such jackasses as Abbott can be so staggeringly, belligerently wrong and still be taken seriously by anybody. She should be mocked mercilessly for her idiocy every time she opens her vacuous gob.


        • 241
          G Henry says:

          Which makes Dianne Abbott racist against blacks doesn’t it ooakakkk?


    • 125
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      The “racists” who “infest” this site are not dissimilar to Diane Abbott who bases her views and prejudices on her over sensitive awareness of her “colour”. I personally don’t care about the gender or ethnicity of the Prime Minister. My only condition is that they be competent at running the country.

      On closer examination of her views I feel Miss Abbott simply does not fit the bill. Nothing to do with her race or sex, in my opinion she shouldn’t be allowed to run a bath let alone a government. If she does become Labour leader she will damage the party, but, then again so will any of the other candidates for the leadership.


      • 132
        The Wrong Crowd are the Crackers who fucked this country up says:

        The people who fucked this country up have been white men.
        That is a fact that cannot be argued against.
        Whitey fucked it up.
        It is time to give a black or asian person a chance to the run the country.
        They can’t do any worse than the crazy crackers who have fucked up our economy and led us into pointless wars and occupations that have cost our soldiers’ lives and our country over 40 billion dollars over the last decade.


        • 138
          Idi Amin says:

          Robert Mugabe for el presidente!!


        • 140
          jgm2 says:

          Yet again I refer you to Zimbabwe or indeed practically the whole of Africa and the Caribbean as evidence for what a fucking stupid idea that is.

          It’s not black people or white people that have fucked things up. It’s socialists. Jackasses like Brown. And Mugabe. And, given the chance, Diane Abbott.

          Do try to keep up old boy.


          • You can't trust Whitey - there is something wrong with their brains says:

            These crazy honkies just don’t want to admit it:
            Whitey fucked it up!
            What the hell are you going on about Zimbabwe and other foreign countries for?
            I am talking about Britain, not some far flung land.
            Whitey has fucked Britain up politically, fiscally, economically and strategically.
            That’s a fact.
            All I am saying is considering how much whitey has fucked up this country maybe we should consider giving a black or asian person a chance to run things.
            They could not do any worse than those crazy white guys, can they?


          • whitey wind up merchant says:

            Fuck off.


          • Lord Grimshaw says:

            Shut up tat


        • 243
          G Henry says:

          The people who fucked this country up have been white men.
          That is a fact that cannot be argued against.
          Whitey fucked it up.
          It is time to give a black or asian person a chance to the ruin the country.
          They can’t do any worse than the crazy crackers who have fucked up our economy and led us into pointless wars and occupations that have cost our soldiers’ lives and our country over 40 billion dollars over the last decade.

          There fixed it for you


    • 152
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Oh, and then I thought Zimbabwe, Zaire, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Jamaica to name but 6 . All paragons of fiscal prudence and the forces of law and order.

      And I then thought you’re talking out of your ar**.


      • 159
        You can't trust Whitey - there is something wrong with their brains says:

        Your just another crazy cracker who doesn’t want to admit the truth:
        White aint so bright!


        • 220
          True Dat says:

          Scientific fact, the threshold for classification as retarded among Europeans was an I.Q. of 86 or less ( it has since been lowered in the name of inclusiveness ). The average I.Q. in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean countries is 70, work out the rest for yourself.


    • 215
      Smig says:

      Rascism has nothing to do with it.

      White, black, yellow or purple; if you’re an incompetent fuckwit you will be pilloried.

      Welcome to Earth.


  31. 57
    School essay by Diane Abbott, aged 9 says:

    Me love da chickaahn, da rice and da fockin pea!


  32. 58
    simon r says:

    What – too busy off pickin’ cotton again ?


  33. 64
    Miss Sharon Chavson says:

    Oy! Stop aaavin a go at Diane. She helped make sure me and my boyf Wayne and our 17 kids get our benefit money so we can sit on our arse and watch Jeremy Kyle. She a well good MD. She said white mums like me are reason why she won her settee. I fink that’s what she said.


  34. 66
    Ben Bradshaw says:

    I love splooge.


  35. 73
    greg dyke says:

    This blog is hideously white.


  36. 74
    The Quite Man says:

    In more recent years the terminology “Brillo Pads” has been used to describe something that is brilliant or excellent.


  37. 75
    Diane Flab Bott says:

    Only whitey can be racist. Us West Indian mums can’t be racist. It’s impossible. So when I say I don’t want blonde white Finnish nurses working in our hospitals, that’s not racist. And when I say West Indian mums go to the wall for their kids, that’s not racist either. Now go get me a big vat of rice and pea or I’ll get my mans and dem to waste you.


    • 83
      captain codpiece says:

      I’d like my ass capped please missus.


    • 87
      Wino says:

      I’m wasted now


    • 151
      jgm2 says:

      What does she mean by ‘go to the wall’? Is it the same as ‘going on the game?’ As in ‘Will have al fresco sex against a wall for cash to buy stuff for their kids – a private education for example?’

      Does it mean ‘Will borrow a shitload of money to send their kid to private school even if it means going ba*kr*pt?’

      What, exactly, does she mean?



    • 250
      Cecil Rhodes says:

      West Indian Mums go to the wall facing it cos the man porking her prefers to stick up her generous nostril all hairy moist and sneezes out lumps when you least expect them, more exciting but painful for the bitch


  38. 82
    Diane Abbott says:

    Andrew! Andrew! I’ve got nothing more to say. Now here’s a taxi receipt for £78,563. Pay it or I’ll call you racist.


    • 216
      Smig says:

      Take the chip off your shoulder.

      Welcome to meritocracy.


    • 256
      Andrew Neil says:

      I not paying your humongous sodding taxi bill, try walking home and getting some exercise you fat bitch. Here, have some “rice & pea” and shut the fuck up you card playing chancer!


  39. 86
    Sarah Beard says:

    Diane’s not my type. By which of course I mean I only love Gordon. My hero. My patient.


  40. 89
    purpleline says:

    I would like to meet the man who fathered her son, the private school educated Hackney boy, off to Oxford.

    Did he die?
    Did he do the normal Jamaican thing shag n leave when seed is implanted init
    Did he become a pop star?
    Was it Portillo or a Labour activist?
    The world needs to know who shagged this woman and then give him a medal for cervix’s to the country must have been like waving it around in a cave,


    • 107
      we love our black boys so much says:

      It’s obviously number two.


    • 118
      Zappa says:

      fucked off and became a pop star nutter


      • 135
        Whitey Just Can't Be Trusted - Look at the fucking mess they have made of the country FFS says:

        The above post illustrates why whitey must be kept away from crack cocaine.
        They just go crazy.
        Crazy crackers.


        • 146
          fingers of one hand says:

          Perhaps you’d like to point us to the economic miracles that are flourishing in Africa without whitey aid you brain dead twat.


          • jgm2 says:

            Looking at my big map of Africa I can identify only two (two) countries in Africa that aren’t completely fucked.

            Botswana and Namibia.

            And that is starting right at the top with Algeria.

            All the rest are totally fucked or well on their way to being totally fucked.


          • thicko watch says:



          • Tat watch says:

            another yawn


          • jgm2 says:

            Within which decade?

            Africa more prosperous than Europe within a decade? You’re out of your fucking mind.

            Africa has the potential to be more prosperous than Europe – no question. Vast natural resources, huge pool of cheap labour.

            There’s just the teeny, tiny problem that they seem to constantly elect total murderers, psychopaths, kleptokrats, incompetents and jackasses.

            Brown was an aberration in the UK. In Africa – he’d be par for the course.


          • No more jam says:

            “Within a decade Africa will be more prosperous than Europe”
            well lets just cut all aid then see how you do.


          • Whitey Don't Like To Hear They are Not The Bosses Any More says:

            Europe does not have the potential to be more prosperous than Africa – no question, all Europe has is a huge pool of cheap labour.

            There is another big problem with Europe, that they seem to constantly elect total murderers, psychopaths, kleptokrats, incompetents and jackasses.

            Brown was not an aberration in the UK. In Europe – he’d be par for the course.


        • 178
          A Butts says:

          here’s darkies success rate.


          • Here's what that crazy whitey David Cameron had to say about this country says:

            Britain is broken.


          • Anonymous says:

            Britain is broken.

            Yet Afriacans and Asians still want to come here in their hundreds of thousands. Obviously not that broken then.


          • Whitey Don't Like To Hear They are Not The Bosses Any More says:

            Hey, tell Dave.
            He is the one who said this country is broken, not me.


  41. 92
    Paul Boateng says:

    What is this rice and pea of which you speak? I’m afraid I don’t eat ethnic food. Not since I sold out and did as Tony told me to.


  42. 96
    David Cameron says:

    Thank God we have so many racists in the Conservative party coming here to spread their message of racist hate against Diane Abbott and take away attention from the fact that we are ripping off poor people in order to protect our millionaire friends.
    Good work Tory trolls, keep it up!


    • 100
      burlington bertie i rise at 10.30 (a bit early today) says:

      Don’t mention it old boy.


    • 105
      MI5 says:

      You are Bob ‘Madoff with the pension fund” Maxwell

      And I claim my £5 million..

      By the way…

      Are you still Bob Bob Bobbing in the Atlantic ??


    • 133
      Jo Branded Shit says:

      he means it’s kerching time for us better when we are in power.


    • 192
      jgm2 says:

      Poor old Labour. Losing all those votes to the B&P. Then trying to blame the Tories.

      Oh dear.


    • 255
      The TV Licence says:

      What’s up, the Guardian stories getting harder and harder to believe, no none jobs to apply for or maybe their boring you to death with their dull stories so you’ve come on here eh?

      Bloody tourists, the discussion here is about racist hate “from” Diane Abbott and not against her, do try and keep up and stop quaffing that fcuking champagne, there’s no money left remember?


  43. 101
    Phat Bitch says:

    I have nothing further to say


  44. 106
    Tory Twat says:

    Yep. Looks like Gudio didnt get the memo – ie the Tories are in power now.

    Dont want to blogg about 20% VAT ( which Guido opposed )

    Dont want to mention NOT building prisons, now want all criminals to get a slap on the wrist ( new tory crime strategy )

    Guido also gone very quiet about the FT downward sprial. The FT index was his favourite bench mark to lambast Broon ( OH DEAR )

    What a Twat. Diane has NO chance of being next Labour Leader, but poor old Guido has used 90% of his space harping on about her….YAWN !!!!!!


    • 117
      you're a bum says:

      Bums on seats old boy, bums on seats.


    • 122
      Sweatie Sockpuppet says:

      I think Balls has had more space. Statistics not you strong point is it poor old chap?


    • 130
      Frodo Gawkes says:

      get your own blog you.



    • 164
      The Headmaster says:

      Damien, go and pick up the litter from the playground, and when you’ve finished tidy round the bike sheds. I don’t want to see a single fag end or used condom by the end of dinner time.

      When you’re done, the boys toilets need cleaning, Abbott has diarrhoea again.


    • 171
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Don’t you listen to your leading politicians. Mr Byrne, ex-Treasury Secretary said ‘the money’s run out’.

      What don’t you understand about that line? Is it difficult to pick up the meaning of what he said? Or did he lie?

      Answers on a postcard, please.


  45. 111
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    “The Labour Party is also bad on account of its false democracy ….”

    Plus ça change ….


  46. 119
    angelneptunestar says:

    Andrew Neil is a brilliant interrogator. He made an absolute fool of Nick Clegg over his expenses, and also torpedoed Vince. His talents are rather wasted, he should take over from Paxo, a spent force since Boris ran rings round him, and that was screamingly funny.

    Diane Abbot is discredited. Maybe she thought he would go easy on her, since she has appeared on the programme for so long, but that wouldn’t be right.


  47. 120
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    She sure as hell didn’t give a very good account of herself in the Brillo interview, she came across as someone who didn’t know when to stop digging.

    You only have to go to you tube to see how Brillo operates. He asks a question and has the facts at hand, and he won’t be fobbed off with a silly answer. Others who oddly fail to realise this are Yvette Cooper [repeatedly] and Mr Cooper.

    Brillo did a bit of a job on St. Vince but at least Cable had the sense to see he was cornered and admitted mistakes/inconsistencies, etc.

    She acts stupidly, which she doesn’t have to and invites criticism, and she’s about twice the size she should be, which she could avoid and further invites cheap jokes from amongst others, me, but please don’t criticize her for being black and of West Indian origin.


  48. 141
  49. 142
    NuLabour says:

    Who’s our leader?
    where’s our leader?


  50. 148
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I that bet she insisted on black cabs
    Not that she could fit in a mini cab


  51. 149
    wasp says:

    Real verbal abuse of power (as per many in NewLabour) is ‘the discourse of the swindler: an over-use of figures, an interweaving of premises and arguments of which one loses the thread, dressing up a discourse in all the trappings of scientificity and its accompanying authority merely to confound an audience. This type of discourse can be used by those who know what they want to say but only want a few others to know about it, or by those who don’t know what they are saying and hide their own confusion in an accumulation of rhetoric…. Unmasking these usages of persuasive discourse..means hunting out all abuses of power and acknowledging clarity when it is found. The purpose is to restore clarity of thought and subsequently, the freedom of information that is every citizen’s right.’
    (Umberto Eco: Political Language: the use and abuse of rhetoric)

    thank goodness for the end of tractor statistics and Orwellian language


  52. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Top tip for Labour trolls:

    Try humour.


    • 179
      You can't trust Whitey - they steal your cash says:

      Top tip for Whitey: stop fucking the country up the arse so you can make money out of it.
      When whitey says “we are all in it together” get the fuck out real fast because it means whitey is just about to slit your throat and steal your wallet.


      • 193
        thicko watch says:

        Anybody else falling for this blog wank from batty tatty?


      • 197
        jgm2 says:

        You must be thinking of South Africa. Although I don’t think it’s whitey slitting throats and nicking wallets.


        • 205
          JMG2 Just another crazy Whitey says:

          The white bankers have just slit your throat and stolen you wallet and you haven’t even noticed.
          You’re a crazy cracker jgm2.


  53. 169
    A Doctor writes says:

    She has developed critical late-onset bulimia just like that other fat Hunt Prescott did.


  54. 182
    Anita Flabbergast says:

    I don’t know why we are still sitting here blogging as the country goes down the pan and MPs and Peers rob our money


  55. 184
    Tat watch says:

    tat = You can’t trust Whitey – they steal your cash says (and other variables)


  56. 195
    Groucho says:

    Diane doesn’t need to be interviewed by Brillo again. As she repeatedly pointed out last time, she has nothing further to say.


  57. 198
    A paean to Diane says:

    Deep shame.

    But of course this is just another example of the male orientated, white dominated media that will have not have the courage to allow a black woman the chance to better herself and lead this country and its proud leading political party to greater and better heights.

    It clearly shows the bitter, horrid nature of the other candidates who will not stand up for fairness and are more than happy to rig this election process in their favour, by denying my right to articulate my deeply held convictions that the middle classes must be expropriated to support the lowwr paid and to atone for keeping the black people down.

    This is not a fair election and I call upon the membership and the unions to declare the votes cast void and to appoint me leader, to take my rightful place as the great leader of a great party and to instigate my great plans to lead us to victory and to undo all that the tories have done and ensure that the weight of taxation drives the elitist money grubbers to adopt working class posture and live like others.

    I will declare rices and peas the national dish and everyone will have rice and peas to eat everyday of the week.

    Do not allow me to be marginalised, do not allow the whities to strip me of my income, i need the pounds to keep my boy in scholl and to enjoy the little luxuries.

    Unfair, unfair, Brillo is a white elitist.


  58. 202
    White man underneath foil hat says:

    Diane Abbot is the only human being standing.
    All the other candidates are alien shapeshifters you know.


  59. 207
    Goodbye Crackers says:

    11.45 am, this thread has been owned and all the crazy whities are just running around like headless chickens.
    See you honkies later, I gotta go, I got more important things to attend to.


  60. 212
    Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

    Oh how I would like to have been able to hear what was said after they came off air. Surely somone was their to record the event.

    I suppose it would be racist to suggest that Abbott owes her poisiton to her colour, as does that other prize chump Lammy.


  61. 217
    Smig says:

    He’s signing on. The useless wretch has got DLA interview next week too.


  62. 219
    QWERTY says:

    I hear she’s going to put Brillo between two slices of bread and eat him as a small snack


  63. 234
    OH DEAR says:

    *** Keep harping on about Diane all you want – while the UK slumps ***

    FT down again. 10th day in a row

    Cuts already starting to hurt

    Fewer cops

    Fewer Prison places

    Fewer villians going to jail

    Peace protestors smashed

    Local courts closing

    US relations soured

    VAT at 20%

    Middle classes about to be walloped via tax credits

    10s of thousands of jobs being lost every week

    Apologies to the House ( already )

    Shropshire fire service cut so badly, local people asked to volunteer to run this vital service

    I could go on and on. But you carry on bleating about Diane. APOLOGIST !!!!


    • 237
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      Peace protesters asked to move on because they were trespassing more like. Peace protesters smashed? How many were hospitalised? Smashed? What does that mean?

      10s of thousands of jobs lost being lost every week? From where? Do you know how many factories in Britain employ that many people? Do you know how many businesses would have to literally close overnight to produce unemployment on that scale?

      Relations with the US soured? So why did Obama give Cameron a lift in his helicopter (and nobody else) at the conference?

      Shropshire Fire service to need volunteer help? Essex and Suffolk have ‘retained’ firefighters. Germany, the USA and Malta have whole areas that not only have volunteer firefighters but actively raise funds from the public to pay for them. Have you actually travelled outside Salop, or even the UK?

      Fewer ‘Villians’ going to jail? Do you mean “fewer villains going to gaol”? Anyway whats wrong with locking up Villians? I hate everyone from Villia! See, that’s anti-Villian racism that is!!!!!

      Anyway, as I was saying about that Diane Abbott……….


    • 247
      Gordon Brown says:

      shut the fuck up twot


    • 254
      The TV Licence says:

      Oh yes, the (cough cough) previous administration left a big old mess to clean up, a simple case of the morning after the night before.

      Most people are waking up and smelling the coffee, you on the other hand being a Labour party activist twat would like to just carry on drinking the champagne of socialism.


    • 258
      QWERTY says:

      The cuts haven’t started yet you fucking mong boy. Oh and if a few thousand useless public sector shits lose their jobs, so fucking what?

      The pound is doing well against the Euro and Liebour are a joke.

      Personally I’d cut public spending by 90% and sack all the bone idle scum in the NHS.


  64. 235
    OH DEAR says:

    Guidos fixation with Diane Abbott is getting silly now.

    His real problem is that she isnt going to win. He would like her to win as it would be a disaster for the Labour party… But she aint gonna.

    In fact she is likely to come last in the poll. So dont understand his beef.

    Could it be Guido is trying to ignore the daily and appalling policy announcments coming from No 10


    • 248
      Gordon Browns Father says:

      shut the fuck up twat


    • 252
      The TV Licence says:

      Mmmm, Most people will see very hard decisions being made are for the long term good of the country, and a tidying up of the fcuk up left by the (cough cough) previous administration.


  65. 236
    Tough on Crime errrrrr says:

    Just a few of the crimes that now mean a none custodial sentence for a first-time offender pleading
    “”Not Guilty””” and convicted after a trial

    Possession Class A Drugs – High level Community Order for 1st offence

    Supply Class B – 6 weeks custody

    Theft (vulnerable victim) – 18 weeks custody

    Excess alcohol (4x limit) 12 weeks custody

    Possession of bladed instrument in dangerous setting – 6 weeks

    Short-term neglect of a child – 12 weeks

    Burglary DH (forced entry, good taken of low value, no aggravating features) – 12 weeks custody



  66. 238
    desperate says:

    FFS The Scots are raising the age of criminality to 12 years

    We can send our feral 10 year olds & above to Scotland then everybody wins apart from the victims that is


  67. 242

    Oh dear doesn’t understand Guido’s beef with Diane Abbott.

    There is no ‘beef’, nor a nibbling of teeth, it is simple storytelling and poking a stick into a hornets nest.


    Brillo done Diane Abbott over like a kipper which proved she is no Flipper.

    Flipper was a tv show about a dolphin who was incredibly smart.

    ‘Dolphins mums go to the wall for their children’.

    Anyway hung by her own petard, I think her seat on the sofa won’t be there if she attempts to return.

    I enjoy This Week but I suspect we are witnessing the Diane Abbott exodus into the financial wilderness.

    This BBC Cottage industry she has set up appears to be going to the wall.


  68. 246
    Diane Abbott MP says:

    Crying in to me rice & pea, its so UNFAIR!


  69. 251
    Hackney "18 wheeler" Carriage says:

    Some hack needs to track down and find the taxi driver that issued these cab fare receipts to Diane Abbott, I find the £192-00 single claim apparently made up of many fares dubious to say the least. Its the eye rolling thing again, I’m just not buying it.


  70. 261
    non stop spunker (red raw) says:

    Damn, I was looking forward to that. Now i’ll have to find some other wanking material, oh well theres always my collection of Nadines JPGs……



  71. 262
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Diane Abbott A one woman advertisment for the excellent Lie to Me on Sky one. Every Thursday 10 pm.


  72. 269
    Sylvester McCoy says:

    Whitey gave us the worst Doctor Who ever!


  73. 270

    […] recently?? The last I heard was that following from her grilling on the Daily Politics, she’d pulled out of her scheduled slot the following Thursday. But this was 3 weeks ago… VN:F […]


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