June 24th, 2010

The Times’ Paywall of Death

The wall is up at The Times even if payment isn’t required yet. It started on May 24 and traffic has more than halved in the month since. It will probably halve again and then some when the cash register opens…

I’ll wager Danny Finkelstein, who is overseeing the Wapping paywall project, that within 12 months no Times political columnist will have more measurable readers online than Guido. Lunch at the restaurant of his choice…


  1. 1
    TomTom says:

    I have deleted Times from my bookmarks. It is a waste of time with no USP and very little hard news. Who wants to pay to read the opinions of Parris, Finkelstein and the Unknown Editor ? More and more of these newspapers are repetitive and tedious lacking any real news – most of which goes unreported in MSM – in favour of repetitious twaddle and celebrity hype.

    The sooner The Times and Guardian go bust the better – blogs and Pajamas Media are much more insightful


    • 5
      Anonymous says:

      Only a matter of time for the guardian at the rate they are losing cash. Whilst Murdoch owns the times i wouldnt be suprised if he let it make a loss just for prestige of having it.

      I hope someone buys The Times, strips out all the cack that no one reads to slash costs and gets it back to the standard it was at when it was a broad sheet.


      • 10
        Not a reader says:

        yes you got more arse wipe to the penny


        • 67
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          And what about advertisements on the front page again? It really went downhill from 1967 when it became just like any other paper.

          The only good thing to last after that was the charming sub-ed, Leon Pilpel. He became the Letters Editor and was kind enough to publish three of mine after having sent in some fifty or so without success over the decades. Lovely man by all accounts – I never met him face to face but, over the phone, I can vouch that he had a twinkle in his voice. Good luck, Leon, wherever you are.


        • 198
          It woz the Sun wot lost it says:

          Big Wobbling Titties!!!!


          • How the Tories are screwing you says:

            How the Tories are screwing you said…

            1. Climate Change: £18 billion per annum, mainly via disguised levies in energy bills.

            2 The multicultural society: £13 billion per annum.

            3 The EU: £15 billion per annum.

            4 Overseas Aid: £9 billion per annum.

            5 The unnecessary Afghan War: £3-5 billion per annum.


          • Prezza Lording it in HK says:


            Former British Deputy Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. John Prescott is currently the Leader of the British Delegation to the Council of Europe. As the Official Rapporteur for the Kyoto Protocol and COP-15 discussions, Mr. Prescott is a leading authority on climate change and plays a foremost role at global debates and discussions. Mr. Prescott will share his unique insight and knowledge during this luncheon.

            This is a joint luncheon organised by The British Chamber of Commerce and the Pacific Basin Economic Council. There are limited seats available and members are advised to book early.

            Tuesday 29th June
            12.15pm – 2.15pm
            The Atrium, 39/F Island Shangri La, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Hong Kong


          • Prezza Lording it in HK #2 says:

            I’m thinking of going. Please post the questions that you’d like me ask him here.


          • Prezza Lording it in HK #2 says:

            Apologies if this is a duplication:

            I’m thinking of going. Please post questions that you would like me to put to him.


          • Cynic says:

            How many air miles are in the average beef pie?

            Did you fly here economy class, business class or first class?


          • Cynic says:

            Is taking your Secretary over your desk always a bad idea?


          • Chris Huhne's Bulldyke Mistress says:

            Is taking your Minister over the desk with a strap on always a bad idea?


      • 54
        Gene Hunt says:

        Probably be “rescued” by a Russian


      • 111
        Bobbie says:

        Hear Hear.

        Last time I was there it was 404s everywhere. Very unprofessional.


        • 149
          jaginder Singh says:

          just like 60’s Africa, the 405’s were far superior in the 70’s, and then Japanese from there on in


    • 8
      Imagine John Prescott without Bulimia says:

      yeah, same here, haven’t found a replacement yet though


      • 13
        South of the M4 says:

        WSJ and Reuters.


      • 92
        Time for a quiet puke says:

        Been buying and reading The Times online for two years but will not pay and won’t bother sighning on. Sad really, because I preferred it to The Mail and the Telegraph and was prepared to pay a premium for what I considerd a half decent paper. Now I have stopped buying it every day, which worries me, because I have bought a paper every day for thirty years. Ah well, greed…


    • 108
      Up sh1t creek says:

      A quick history. Not so long ago it used to be that The Times was on-line, but the articles were only there for about a week, and then they went into their archives. How did you access those older articles? You had to buy them on (multiple) CD’s and then you could do searches for an article, but it was mostly text based back then.

      The year was around 1990.

      Now in 2010 The Times want you once again to pay for content. History repeating.

      Why did the paid for archives idea fail? Because there weren’t enough people buying it.

      Why will the pay-wall fail, have a guess….


      • 132
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        “Why did the paid for archives idea fail? Because there weren’t enough people buying it.

        I’m not bloody surprised if it was only available on CD-ROM in 1990. I don’t think I encountered an office computer with a CD drive until 1995. They were still a rarity in 1997.

        But yeah, I’ve stopped looking at timesonline. telegraph, too, with its endless articles about Twitter and google’s doodle. I don’t think there is a decent online newspaper.


      • 179
        Grey Fellow says:

        maybe its just to kill the times and replace it with The Sky


    • 131

      Murdoch, although both an Old Worcester Man and an Australian, is no slouch. He must have factored these clear results into his calculations. He must know that you don’t pay to read “News Papers” any more, unless you have no broadband connection to something called the “Internet”. I do not yet know what his actions mean, but I will find out and pontificate later.


      • 169
        Dig for Victory says:

        Murdoch has not benefited by my patronage, and as far as I know he has not financially earned a penny from my actions. Until the offer of landline and broadband for £20, now he has something I may pay for.

        He is like the estate pusher.

        What’s this thing you’ve given me, Mister Jones?


      • 174
        Grey Fellow says:

        its not him it’s his son.


    • 363
      Hysteria says:

      yup – me too – no longer on my favourites list. Pyjama Media much better. And if real tin-foil helmets are your thing then American Thinker is also worth a look!


    • 404
      PM says:

      Perhaps the dumbest idea ever.


    • 413
      Da peng ov Penge says:

      Yu see that Times on da web yeah? Dats owned by dat old guy that owns da Simpsons innit?

      Me and krew were watchin dis thing about da old whitey givin his bredrin dat job wiv da telly innit? Dat boy got lucky man, He gets 2 see all da programs on da Sky before anyone else man.


  2. 2
    The big D says:

    Already allowing for future cash flow?


  3. 3
    Ex TOL Reader says:

    The Fink is behind it? It’s doomed to fail given his past foresight.


  4. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    Wages went up under my leadership. I ended Boom and Bust.


  5. 6
  6. 7
    ChrisG says:

    Actually, here is the real way to make money online…

    The reason why journalism doesn’t make a whopping profit is because news is throwaway…

    informational products sell!!!!!



  7. 11
    Blinky says:

    I hope evewyone will watch my gweat pewfowmance on Question Time tonight.


  8. 12
    Thickerthanmost says:

    looks as though the times is heading for the backwaters..silly buggers want to wake up


    • 415
      Jock Strapped says:

      The Times group has been buying up a diverse selection of internet content providers for over a year now, websites such as singlemalt.tv;

      Perhaps the paywall will ultimately provide access to more than just The Times.


  9. 14
    Important Email says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am the daughter of the former president of Chad, Ombungalow Namboondunto. He has got $345m in savings which we need to transfer to a safe bank account in your country. As a reward for helping us, we will give you $250,000. But to do this, we first need you to wire us an administration fee of £5000.

    Thank you and many blessings upon you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Jafulzaygee Namboondunto


    • 55
      Mr Plum says:

      The cheques in the post


    • 60
      A taxpayer says:

      Please contact my financial advisor, a Mr G Brown of Kirkcaldy. He is fully experienced in spotting a good investment.


    • 62
      G Brown says:

      I am the British PM and would like to use your sevices to turn around the British economy by providing investment instead of Tory cuts. If I send you £50000 taxpayer money plus our last remaining gold please then send up £2.5m


      • 65
        Jafulzaygee Namboondunto says:

        Dear Mr Brown,

        A thousand blessings upon you. We have received the wire transfer and the gold. I have just been informed we only need one more additional payment of £15,000 to cover some extra overheads. And then we can send you the £2.5m.

        Thank you and blessings upon you.

        Jafulzaygee Namboondunto


  10. 15
    Southern Softy says:

    Sign o the Times – Prince
    The Times they are a changin – Bob Dylan


  11. 16
    Engineer says:

    “Lunch at the restaurant of his choice…”

    Guido, you’ll be lucky to get a chip butty. If The Times continues with it’s paywall that long, none of their correspondents (or their expense accounts) will be able to afford much more.


  12. 17
    The slow or perhaps not so slow demise of The Times "Pay per View" says:

    I have declined their many e mails to try their free preview on principle….why would I want to pay to read the Timesonline when I can get equal if not better reporting and opinion elsewhere for free…the model just will not work in the Uk.It will be quietly shelved by the end of the year.


    • 421
      Ex-Times reader says:

      I’ve already given up reading it even though you can still get it free by logging on. I don’t miss it a bit, surprisingly.


  13. 18
    Peter says:

    Finkelstein’s a total duffer. Anyone who thinks otherwise only has to listen to a few of his ideas on the economy.

    In any case, ‘losing’ the Times site is no great matter, as there’s no real news left – just a load of reheated press releases and stale opinion pieces that just reflect official views.

    I can’t remember when I last came across anything interesting or original there.


    • 22
      Hugh Janus says:

      “In any case, ‘losing’ the Times site is no great matter, as there’s no real news left – just a load of reheated press releases and stale opinion pieces that just reflect official views.”

      May I include the DT in that description please? It’s infested with “In a survey published today……” and endless lifestyle rubbish that appears to have been written by a slightly thick teenager whose aspiration far outstrips their ability. The whole paper seems to specialise in mind-numbing trivia, and their only redeeming feature in recent years was the expenses scandal. In fact, I think they should be paying me to read it, such is the level of despondency it engenders these days. How are the mighty fallen.


      • 137
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        It’s the effort to which the DT ‘journalists’ go in investigating their stories that amused me (before I stopped reading it).

        “One blogger, Darth1984, said..”


        • 142
          Hugh Janus says:

          Journalists? On the DT? I need to think about that…..

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like a group of yoofs surfing to find something – anything – to fill the pages. I dropped it last year, and on the odd occasion I see a copy I know that I was right to do so.


          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            “it seems like a group of yoofs surfing to find something – anything – to fill the pages.

            We share the same opinion of the d-tel. Their “g00gle doodle” stories really are scraping the bottom of the barrel and as for the standard of English/(in)capabilities of their proof-readers.. they’re not even trying.

            It’s a shame – I really loved the Telegraph, but what we have today is a very poor facsimile.


    • 29
      Danny Funkystein says:

      @Peter: I’m going to sue you for libel. I am NOT a duffer.


  14. 20
    I'm Voting Abbott says:

    Diane Abbott when she was slimmer. She knows how to move.


  15. 21
    Indigo says:

    I am not a meeja studies graduate but I sense that newspapers are going to have to become radio and tv broadcasters, in order to survive.


    • 25
      Not a reader says:

      try the truth


      • 28
        Fucks News says:

        Fox News: Fair and Balanced.
        Brought to you by the Republican Party.


        • 30
          AC1 says:

          Lefties hate it when theirs an option they can’t censor.

          Fox News they’re #1 in the US because they don’t spout leftist dribble.


        • 114
          BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

          At least Fox cover angles and items which are apparently “off limits” to the rest of the US MSM and our wonderful Beeb (hence the moniker)…

          Plus Bill O’Reilly regularly hosts a “how disgusting is THIS sort of thing?” item which usually features close attention and moral outrage to looped videos of college burds with very little on.


          • Jock Strapped says:

            The Beeb has a huge advantage over other broadcasters, as far as the viewer is concerned, in that its programming is advert-free (except, of course, for the Labour party).

            If only there was a cross between Fox and BBC.


  16. 23
    George says:

    I buy the paper 7 days a week yet they want me to pay more to access online – no way!

    And I resent the way the paper has become a giant advertising vehicle for the web site.

    Danny F’s got the short straw.


  17. 27
    Not a Nick fan now says:

    No, Murdoch can go whistle “Dixy” for all I care about the Times…


  18. 33
    Ed Balls (Leader of the Labour Party) says:

    David Cameron – then Opposition leader – claimed £12,978.88 in the last six months of 2009. That included £8,205.53 in costs for running his constituency home in Witney.

    His monthly council tax bill was around £208, and his monthly mortgage interest bill went down from £1,081 to £822.

    Mr Cameron’s home insurance cost the taxpayer some £71 a month.

    The data shows that then prime minister Gordon Brown ran up a bill of £15,147.84 on rent and running costs for the office supporting his MP duties.

    Mr Brown stopped claiming for personal accommodation last July following criticism that he was living rent-free in Downing Street, and so did not need a second home.

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg – now Deputy PM – claimed £13,639.35 over the period, with £2,187.94 for personal accommodation, including monthly mortgage interest of around £155 and council tax of £177.

    Over six months, the MPs claimed a total of £370,761.08 for subsistence. At the time they were entitled to a flat rate of £25 for every night spent away from their main home.

    Foreign Office minister and North West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham was reimbursed £2,100, and Labour MP for Bolsover Dennis Skinner £2,200.


  19. 34

    I’ll buy you lunch if you like. At the Reform? lmk


  20. 35
    Mitch says:

    They can kiss my scaly cock if they think I`m paying for that rubbish got to the stage on Sundays that I only read Clarkson the rest is boring.

    Let it die Rupert nobody is gonna pay…..


    • 122
      Marc Oh Ten says:

      I’d love to kiss your scaly cock.


      • 227
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        Have you thought of seeing a doctor? Both of you.

        Clarkson’s good, but now gone behind the wall. Still, he churns out a paperback of repeats every so often, so I’ll look out for that.


  21. 38

    The Times might be restricting people, but Ed Balls has gone to the other extreme and has no moderation on comments for his Ed Balls for Leader blog.


    How very open minded of him………….


  22. 39
    new s says:

    US mulled North Korea nuclear strike in 1969: documents



  23. 45
    Grey Fellow says:

    yanks buying gold like mad.



    • 72
      Gordon Brown says:

      I sold our gold. It was the right thing to do.


    • 78
      The Saviour of Kirkcaldy says:

      I’m sure we must have some left somewhere…I’m sure, I think I’m sure.


      Have Scotland won the World Cup yet nurse?


      • 394
        Bank of England says:

        Err, sorry no gold left, but we have an awful lot of Euro’s if you are interested.


  24. 46
    Anonymous says:

    I did buy the times at weekends, not any more, my time is limited during the week, so a quick peep was in order. lots of news out thers


  25. 51
    Fiddle says:

    This is just making the news in america,the beeb will probably run it once they see it here.


    • 56
      John Bolton says:

      Those cops make us in the Republican Party proud.


    • 187
      AC1 says:

      fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap


  26. 52
    streamfisher says:

    It was never going to work, better dead than read.


  27. 57
    I'll have two greek villas and a german sausage says:

    Pound reaches 19-month high against euro



    • 372
      Long Dollar, Short Euro, Short Sterling says:

      That’s a bit like winning the world’s tallest midget contest….


  28. 58
    Christy says:

    Took it off my computer a few weeks ago,not worth paying for what is mainly crap.
    They are on a loser taking this tack,loads of original info on other sites.


  29. 59
  30. 64
    Mickie Mouse's newsdesk says:

    So we’re winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan then?



  31. 66
    Anonymous says:

    same here. deleted it out of my bookmarks.


  32. 68
    Tyranosaurus says:

    I’ve already stopped reading it, but then I tried to register and it wouldn’t let me (claimed an unspecified error) – obviously no dinosaurs allowed in the new look times. Their loss not mine


    • 120
      Bobbie says:

      See my reference to 404s above. All 5 stories I went looking for one day returned this.


  33. 70
    Ranting Nat says:

    Supreme Court sets aside convictions of Skilling and Black.
    There you go, one law for the rich and powerful elite and one for the rest of us. Does anybody fancy and ice cream?


  34. 75
    streamfisher says:


    • 172
      Paywalls are Stay-away walls says:

      Why have you posted a really bad version of a great song, sung by smug gits with stupid haircuts, pretending to know what the song is about. Change for them is a new Facebook feature. Pulleeze!


  35. 84
    Nick Clegg says:

    In fifteen years of marriage, my wife hasn’t had a single orgasm.

    Because we haven’t had sex in fifteen years.


  36. 88
    Not The BBC says:

    Report: Driver of Weapons-Packed Car Arrested Near G20 Site



  37. 97
    Grey Fellow says:

    Guido defends his nistas



  38. 99
    QWERTY says:

    Agreed with a lot of the comments here. You only have to do a news search on google and you see how quickly a story is simply picked up off the internet by newspaper websites and passed on. often many of these stories are total bollocks in the first place, but it’s done to try and keep up with the blog sites like this one, realclearpolitics, drudge and so on.

    With the increasing use of smart phones, tablets etc the days of the old media (even if using new media delivery) is for the most part finished.

    I haven’t purchased a newspaper in 3 years, I use my computer or phone to access content for free. No way will I pay for it, I’ll just go where it’s free.


  39. 100
    Matsui Honda says:

    How come the Great Danes are losing to the little Nips?


  40. 101
    Ex Reader says:

    This is a neo-con pro-war blog and so I will not waste any more of my time here.
    See you Guido.
    Oh, and in case you are too thick to realise, the occupation of Afghanistan is a dead end. We have lost thanks to our own hubris.
    Do try to keep up old beanie, your CIA masters have lost, again.
    Just like Vietnam innit.
    China is boss now. Get used to it.


    • 109
      wipe your arse on the Times on your way out. says:

      who are you? anyway.


    • 119
      Jus Saying says:

      Yes and idiots like you are too stupid to realise it was China who sanctioned and bankrolled the invasions into the middle east in the first place.

      Western puppets bankrolled by China takes the blame and attention while the Chinese waltz in to scoop up the 1trillion of minerals in Afghanistan and Oil from Iraq.

      Profits from minerals and oils > Cost of wars

      Chinese laugh all the way to continued and unstoppable world dominance.

      Ex reader your proof that a little bit of knowledge in the hands of simpletons is dangerous.


    • 163
      TAT aka billy no mates labour troll and bum says:

      Fuck off TaT if i had a quid for every time you said you were going to fuck off
      i would be on more than you get on the dole
      if you are gonna fuck off then nobody here will lose a wink
      but change the fucking record and your ever so boring video clips
      TIT !


  41. 103
    Anonymous says:

    Less hits= less hosting costs.

    The key is profit.
    micropence from millions or pounds from thousands


    • 245
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      Given that Murdoch owns ISPs, I doubt he’s too bothered about hosting costs.


      • 390
        Anonymous says:

        Typical dumb-person-economics. It isn’t free just because you own it. You own a car but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about costs if you want to drive to f*cking australia.


  42. 104
  43. 107
    Cynic says:

    you can stick the Times up yer arse


  44. 110

    Dear Mr Cameron

    As a public servant I would like to congratulate uou on keeping things as they were/ I am employed in a national park doing valuable work on a very modest salary of £87,004, although many of my superiors earn substantially more than this. We have very plush offices in a stately country house, but our important work has necessitated the appointment of so many new staff in the past year that we are now in the process of acquiring extra nearby buildings for essential office use.

    Our work continues to expand and we are grateful for the continued support which the Government is giving us. During this month of June we have:

    1 created a new post of senior advisory offiver for ethnic affairs to work with deprived local city communities to encourage ethnic minorities to explore our wonderfuk and natural national park. This important work will be supplemented by the appointment of additional park rangers.

    2 we have purchased a new fleet of 14, top of the range, range rovers, to enable our wonderful park rangers to drive around the park advising visitors on such crucial matters as where the nearest toilets are. In the interests of flexibility and to manintain 24 hour vigilance our rangers are able to use their vehicles privately on a 24 hour call out basis in case they are needed at short notice for a pub discussion on preserving hedgerows. To develop this expanding work we have also purchased a gigantic people carrier specially for our ranger apprentices, for whom we absolutely gurantee employment.

    Mr Cameron, you are so right. We are all in this together. Fairness is all. Thank goodness the new CGT taxes have have guranteed the continuation of our vital work.


  45. 112
    Fuck orf Media says:

    Readers of news first with news.


  46. 113
    Anonymous says:

    The new site is unusable. It keeps requiring multiple logins. Back to the future.


  47. 116
    Jus Saying says:

    @ettieeden is a fucking slag.

    Fuck off bitch.


  48. 117
    Killed by political misadventure says:

    How many troops have you sent to their deaths today, Dave?
    Still, as long as MP’s expenses are fully transparent and backed up with receipts, that’s a price worth paying.


    • 118
      Mr Plum says:

      Thought you were off


      • 121
        Nick Clegg, deputy war monger says:

        He’s off message. We’re committed to installing democracy and tutoring the Afghan army in how to kill professionally, before they desert to the Taliban, thereby removing the threat of terrorist training camps.


        • 150
          Democracy it Americas name for terrorism says:

          All the Taliban want is to go back to the stoneage,let em.


    • 147
      WING NUT O'BAMA says:

      Dave (cast iron) Cameron: Stop sticking your head up O’Bama’s black hole and bring them home


      • 151
        Democracy is Americas name for terrorism says:

        yeah come on light weight show him your a heavy weight.


  49. 127
    mugwump says:

    Try Der Speigel on line English edition. A “NEWS” PAPER that does news. Serious stuff. Beats he shit out of the Telegraph, and the Times. The Grauniad? it’s dying – the sooner the better.


  50. 128
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Japan’s kicking Danish arse 2 nil.

    That’s some powerhouse sushi they must be eating before each match.


  51. 133
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Gold-digging Hunt Heather Mills has lost her PCC complaint against Piers Moron. First time I’ve been happy about Moron succeeding in something.

    Claims by Piers Morgan he introduced Heather Mills to her ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney were not inaccurate, the Press Complaints Commission has ruled.

    The ruling follows a complaint made by Mills against a Mail on Sunday article in which Morgan asserted he had played a key role in their 1999 meeting.

    “I, to my eternal shame, introduced her to Paul,” wrote Morgan in an article published in the newspaper on 7 March.

    Mills said the claim was incorrect, but the PCC did not uphold her complaint.

    It also ruled Morgan’s description of Mills as being the writer of “nothing but bleating letters of complaint to newspapers and divorce lawyers” did not breach the Editors’ Code of Practice.

    The dispute relates to a Pride of Britain awards ceremony in 1999 which was attended by Morgan, Mills and Sir Paul.

    Morgan’s recollection was that he had physically introduced the pair to one another as guests mingled after the ceremony.

    But Mills said this was incorrect, claiming Sir Paul had seen her speak at the event and had contacted her afterwards.

    The PCC said it was not in a position to reconcile Mills and Morgan’s conflicting recollections.


  52. 134
    thinking of c-unts says:

    The vile evil thieving yapping shit-talking little retarded Nazi cu-nt, Hazel Blears, looks like a mini-me of the shit-faced rug-munching cow-bitch, Julia Gillard, who has just become prime minister of Australia (displacing that farting crying cock-sucker).

    No point to this – just a random observation.


  53. 140
    Last of the hot metal men says:

    Bring back Derek Jameson. Tits and bums, that’s what the public expect of political reporting.


  54. 148
    State mouthpiece says:

    If papers start going belly up big time, expect government (left or right) to step in and introduce taxes, subsidies etc.. to prop up the shitty rags (all for the public good blah, blah, blah)

    The corrupt state needs all its propaganda outlets, even if it means taxing the stupid plebs for the privilege of being lied to.


    • 162
      William Hickey says:

      As many bloggers rely on cut and pasting items lifted from the MSM, is this just sour grapes?


      • 182
        grobdj says:

        In the real world, people do a job once and get paid once

        In the dead-tree press and luvvy darling world, you do a job, call it copyright and expect to be paid over and over again, even if the job you did was a load of crap

        tick tock


  55. 157
    Hard drinking, sorry working, hack says:

    As many bloggers rely on cut and pasting items lifted from the MSM, is this just sour grapes?


  56. 160
    Not The BBC says:

    BP Has Built An Artificial Island To Get Around Offshore Drilling Ban In Alaska



  57. 161
    Brown's a spacker says:

    Just got an email from the Fink to say I was getting the next thirty days of the Times on my iPad free, to say thank you for being an early adopter. It’s the free copies given away on planes and trains all over again; a thinly disguised attempt at boosting the figures reported as paying for the Times online with the same schtick.


  58. 168
    Field Marshall Fabio Montgomery's team talk says:

    The French and Italians have been routed. It’s just us and the Huns now.


    • 178

      fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap


      • 325
        A1 says:

        Where’s the blog tat ?


        • 405
          AC1 says:

          Oh, I’ve just found your blog tat. But when I tried to make a comment it was moderated and then when I tried to make another comment I found you had blocked me.
          You really were serious about having a no cripples policy, weren’t you.


    • 183
      I was Monty's batman says:

      i wonder how Monty would have coped with the public sector unions threatening strikes and chaos. They don’t like it up ‘em..a bit of cold steel!


  59. 170
    Paywalls are Stay-away walls says:

    Fink better get a blog on blogspot or he’s gonna disappear up his own arse-hole.


  60. 173
    Ratsniffer says:

    Paywalls are a classic example of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Once people have had something for free, they don’t want to pay for it. And anyway, all the time websites like the BBC remain free, people will simply get their news there. The columnists? yeah, fine if they are free…..but pay to read them? No thanks.


    • 197
      QWERTY says:

      The BBC isn’t free, it costs £142 a year, but I know what you mean. The BBC should be shut down.


      • 399
        The BBC, our very own Pravda says:

        The BBC is a very crude propaganda organisation, it’s actual news content is miniscule. It has become like an Eastern European news outlet during the cold war, people judge it not by what is says, but by what it omit’s.


  61. 177
    13eastie says:

    If I’m not going to pay to read Stephen Jones’ rugby reports, I’m unlikely to do so for TOL’s 50% user-generated content and there’s no fucking way I’m going to fork out for endless 404’s.

    Giving people something that doesn’t work free-of-charge and then trying to tempt them to pay for the same shit is not a very enticing offer.

    How much more are they going to have to pay the column-writing egoists to stay put once they realise nobody is reading?

    Telegraph would be my sole dead tree website if only its crosswords were as free (and good) as the Manchester Grauniad’s.

    (Actually, Guido, maybe the size of your own readership warrants a crossword of your own?)


  62. 184
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Shouldn’t there be a new thread just for Blinky’s appearance on QT tonight?


  63. 190
    I hope the tumor bunny visits 650 arseholes says:

    So my retirement year goes up another notch, but MP’s pensions are untouched.
    That sounds fair.


  64. 196

    The fucking cheek of these scum sucking leaches that are our MP’s
    dont tell me i have not paid enough into the pension pot
    FORTY FUCKING YEARS ! never had one day out of work
    yes it is easy for an MP to extend the retirement age
    they sit there squandering and stealing all our money
    and paying themselves massive pensions ,huge cash resettlement grants building up large property port folio’s all whilst never doing a days fucking work in their whole miserable existance
    the last lot were shit this lot are shit and the next fucking lot will be shit
    why the fuck do we put up with these turds telling us what to do ?


  65. 199
    arthur says:

    24p cameron ? ffs


  66. 201
    • 203
      arthur says:

      cameron claims 24p. go on nell lay into him + our poor squadies


      • 217
        nell says:

        Why would I lay into our heroes in afghanistan?

        Four more died today!!! – mcchrystal’s gone, omaha’s losing the plot (probably never had it!). We are in a mire and nobody in NATO knows how to get us out of it!! At least our lot have promised to start bringing our troops home next year. It’s not soon enough but it’s better than gordon promised!!

        As for cameron’s 24p, hazelblears claim for a twix, shahidmalik’s and prezza’s ability to eat their way through £thousands, gordon’s claim for his summer house…….pathetic, indefensible claims and examples of the worst of human nature!!!

        Well we need to wait and see the published claims for this current year to know if things are really changing. But it does look that way.


    • 204
      Hazel Bleary-eyed Cunt says:

      Fool! I got away with my scam!


    • 206
      nell says:


      And s++innfein mps may no longer get their overblown expenses, which were granted to them by bliar, if they don’t attend westminster.

      So, whilst it’s not enough, there are the right sort of changes happening on the expenses front.

      Now all we need is for gordon to be told, put in an appearance at your westminster office or forego your pay and expenses!


      • 210
        Jonah Brown says:

        I’m still PM.


      • 211
        Gissa war. says:

        That’s so right nell! If they’re not prepared to turn up and back the coalition’s thrust for freedom and democracy in Afghanistan, cut their benefits.


        • 215
          Tony B Liar says:

          Hi Proles. Iraq has made me very, very, very rich. Cherie’s happy. She goes through shoes like Prezza goes through pies.


        • 230
          nell says:

          You believe in the possibility of freedom and democracy in Afghanistan if that makes you feel good.

          Certainly gordon convinced himself that that is what we would achieve by sacrificing the best of our Armed Forces.

          It won’t happen. And when the history of this War is written , and it will be one day, our lads will be Heroes, because they are!!!!

          But the War in Afghanistan will be equated to Vietnam!!!

          If labour had ever studied history they would have known we could never win a war there!! Unfortunately labour were illiterate and the only history they ever understood, apparently, was the subject studied by gordon at Uni – the history of the liebourparty!!!

          Didn’t stand them in very good stead for government did it??!!


          • Cameron dips his hands in blood, and his snought in the trough says:

            Didn’t stand the opposition in good stead when they backed it.
            But we’ll gloss over that minor glitch and move on to reading out dead servicemen’s names before PMQ’s.
            It’s what they would have voted for.


          • nell says:

            Let’s not forget mp’s in the HoC , labour and tory, believed bliar’s and alastairc’s lies about wmd’s at 45 mins!!!! I did too. Until I sat and listened to every single word of the Hutton Inquiry and realised I was listening to a labour whitewash and that I’d been conned!!!!

            Let’s also not forget that Dr David Kelly died in suspicious circumstances, that will be examined in a Coroner’s Court later this year, because he dared to reveal that the experts, of which he was one, didn’t believe that Iraq had wmd. The Iraq War proved him right didn’t it??!!

            It is expected that the Coroner’s Court will find that Dr David Kelly’s death was an ‘unlawful killing’.

            Where does that leave bliar and alastairc??!!!


          • Is Dave there? says:

            Just goes to prove the old adage of never underestimating the stupidy of the electorate, in voting to re-elect the failed politicians of the shittiest Parliament.
            Where does that leave you nell?


          • nell says:

            No! Cameron is not implicated in that and you know it dear damian/edballs/gordon/bliar/alastairc!!!

            When the History of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are written, and that is not too many years hence now, bliar, alastairc, brown and their mafia henchmen will be found to be wanting and will be cemented into history as evil, failing, uncaring, self-serving egomaniacs!!!

            No glory there then for the warmongers bliar and brown??!!!!!


          • Dave "duck and cover" Cameron says:

            As you know nell, i was against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan from the very beginning, and voted against this foolhardy campaign.
            Only now do i realise that i was a tool (sorry, fool) for love of Tony, and his legacy that was mine to inherit.
            Much love, and see you in 5 years time.


          • nell ignores the truth about Cameron the warmongering fuckwit yet again says:

            Cameron backs Blair on Iraq war – 2006

            David Cameron said it was important to do what you think is right
            Conservative leader David Cameron has said he still believes going to war with Iraq was the right thing to do.
            In an interview for BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, he said the war had been “very unpopular” and some bad decisions had been made since it began.

            But Mr Cameron said “those of us who supported” the military action should “see it through”.

            He praised Tony Blair’s reform of the Labour party but said he wanted the Tories to be “the party of the future”.

            and that wasnell’s hero Cameron proving how stupid a warmonger he was years after Dr Kelly’s Death and WMD were exposed as lies.


    • 208
      Charity begins at the home of service to the Nation says:

      So what will the other 649 do?


      • 240
        nell says:

        Well don’t hold your breath expecting mass decency! It’s not likely to happen, though some might follow suit.

        What I really want to see is delivery on cameron’s promise to reduce the number of mp’s in the house of commons to appox.500. That would reduce costs significantly!!

        What I also want to see is the HoL turned into an elected senate to get rid of all those disgusting troughers like scotland, sugar, uddin, prezza, foulkes………


        • 251
          Don't blame me, i only voted for them says:

          We didn’t expect decency!
          That’s why we returned over 400 of the best troughers, perverts, suicide jockeys, crooks, thieves and gobshiters that Britain excels at.
          The ship of state sails serenely on.


  67. 209
    Breaking News says:

    Footage of Gordon Brown in Killkiddies…


  68. 213
    Proud Tory says:

    QT about to start, with Blinky Testicles on.


  69. 219
    troffers R U S says:

    Will the Times continue to be the Mossad organ of choice for false rag operations against Iran?


  70. 223
    Spliff Merchant says:

    For fuck’s sake. FIRST question is a bloody Liebore plant!!!!


  71. 225
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Hunts in audience clapping for Blinky.


  72. 228
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Blinky’s feigned indignation is a disgrace. Why can’t that evil c-unt just die of a heart attack?


  73. 229
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Caroline Looseats talking out of her back passage as usual.


  74. 231
    Steve Expat says:

    Bloody hell – even in the City the BBC manage to find a couple of hundred lefties with nothing else to do but sit and applaud Balls and Lucas on QT…


    • 236
      Spliff Merchant says:

      The BBC have a special way of selecting their audiences: Labour supporters only.


    • 248
      up shit creek says:



    • 290
      revolting peasant says:

      That’s a fact as a mate of mine found out just before the election. She was phoned by QT and told she had three seats for a programme in Woking and the following day the offer was withdrawn because she wasn’t a Labour voter.


      • 314
        Steve Expat says:

        Not surprised at that from watching tonight. I’m in the UK in a couple of weeks’ time, might call them up and tell them I’m the son of Bevan or Foot, maybe they’ll let me in?

        Laptop nearly thrown accross room at such sycophantic fawning to Labour and the Greens from the BBC – how could that programme have been even close to impartial?? Maybe someone who pays the licence fee might wish to complain..?


        • 326
          Slap on in the sands says:

          FFS! Not another swarthy son of the desert giving his two camelsworth of opinion from the dune just past the shaggers on the beach.


          • Steve Expat says:

            Evenin’ tat, wondered where you’d been!

            Shaggin’ on the beach is ille.gal anywhere, it’s just that here they actually lock people up when they break the rules – it’s why there’s so little petty crime round these parts. When in Rome…


          • Sex starved in the Gulf says:

            Luckily for you, sleeping on a sunlounger convinces your mum that her boy’s living the dream in Dubai.


          • Steve Expat's Afghan Connection says:

            Steve Expat, when are you going to come and collect your heroin?
            We have been storing your hundred kilos for over a month now and I am sorry but we will have to charge you an extra holding charge.
            Are you having problems raising the funds?
            Please Steve, if you do not collect the package we will have to sell it to the CIA or the Afghan police force. Those motherfuckers can’t get enough of the shit!


        • 408
          Expat Fuckwit says:

          yes, they should have ban Labour and Green MP’s from QT to be impartial


  75. 234
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Someone stick a sock in Caroline Lucas’s gob please.


  76. 239
    shergar says:

    It’s my fervent hope that nepotistic parasites like Hugo Rifkind, Giles Coren, moronic, self-important fuckwits like Caitlin Moran and the whole, heaving crew of smug second-raters sink without trace. I only exclude Camilla Cavendish from this assessment, as I wouldn’t mind putting my spotted dick into her blackberry cobbler. The rest of them can foxtrot oscar.


    • 269
      Martin Fairstone says:

      You forgot Eleanor Mills you insensitive clod!


    • 324
      Jan says:

      Caitlin Moran and some other silly women have a YUMMY MUMMY blog in The Thunderer.Some time ago they were blogging about the sexual fantasies they had about their sprogs cartoon characters.Can you believe it? Yes,some of them wanted to sh…g cartoon characters.Now I know that some women do go a bit strange when they have given birth and I have great compassion for women who suffer from post-natal depression,but even I was rather concerned for their mental health.What a bunch of stupid silly middle-class tarts they are.Of course when I wrote what I thought was a well-balanced crititique I got the full force of the Yummies.Ooh they were vicious.Many of then said that as I was not a Yummy Mummy how dare I even read their blogs. Pardon me for living.Most women do not have time for all this Yummy Mummy crap as they are too busy leading very full exciting lives.It’s only spoilt middle class tarts living in Islington,Hampstead,Primrose Hill and Chiswick who have the luxury of blogging about their sexual fantasies whilst the overworked Polish/South American au pair does all the work.


      • 416
        Anonymous says:

        Speak for yourself Jan but I had a big thing for Neptina as a kid. Just want to check, but is rattling the shit out of a cartoon mermaid illegal in progressive Britain?


  77. 241
    Spliff Merchant says:

    ANOTHER fucking lefty question! The BBC are beyond a joke!


  78. 242
    Grey Fellow says:

    anyone from England going to get to ask a question.


  79. 243
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Audience keep applauding Blinky. What a bunch of fucking retarded Hunts.


  80. 249
    Spliff Merchant says:

    I’m about to kick in my TV. Lucas is a fucking shrill Hunt.


    • 296
      revolting peasant says:

      Can’t stand the self righteous harpie. But I agree with her on the issue of these ridiculous “free” schools. As far as I’m concerned they’ll benefit religious nutters and con-artists.


  81. 252
    Spliff Merchant says:

    And that’s THREE Liebore planted questions in a row. Well done, al-Jabeeba.


  82. 253
    13eastie says:

    Every time Blinky gets the chance to speak, he mumbles and blumbles, contradicts himself and makes himself look like a twat.

    When it’s someone elses turn to speak, Blinky interrupts them (he went to a school that was apparently expensive, but I’ve never heard of it and he has learned no manners there or at home) like a spastic heckler and makes a twat of himself.

    I’m now a Labour Party Member and Blinky has my vote as Party Leader.

    Twat Twat Twat


  83. 255
    Grey Fellow says:

    Vince is losing it,the fake twat


  84. 257
    Mellor says:

    that fucking arab wants to keep his mum and dad grafting.


  85. 258
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Why is there a fucking Aussie in the audience whining?


    • 267
      Is Dave there? says:

      It’s a comedy spoof, courtesy of the BBC and Westminster, in conjunction with the MSM.
      Toke on that doobie, and go with the flow, Man.


  86. 262
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Hitchens defending Obama. I’m shocked. And he’s right on this.


  87. 263
    Hatties hole says:

    if thats the UK population we are fucked. I’m off to Marbella


  88. 264
    Fucking delicious! says:

    Hande hoch, englisher shwein; for you, the world cup is fucking finito…

    Fucking delicious! (aka ABE)


  89. 265
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Hitchens is absolutely right about the futility of the war in Kraplakistan.


  90. 268
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Caroline Lucas: Kindly shut the fuck up. Cheers.


  91. 271
    The Axeman Cometh says:

    Deal with the Taliban! she’s nuts .


  92. 272
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Did that girl in the audience seriously just make a football analogy over Afghanistan? Fuck me, mass stupidity hits an all time high.


  93. 274
    The Axeman Cometh says:



  94. 276
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Why, in the name of fuck, does Balls keep saying “um” in his sentences?!!!!!!


  95. 278
    Liam Fox in the chicken coop says:

    Tomorrow’s a good day to bury dead servicemen.


    • 293
      nell says:

      We may be fighting an unwinnable war. But don’t you dare put down our Heroes in Afghanistan!!!!

      Each of those lads and lassies out there are worth a hundred times more than any worthless mp or corrupt member of the HoL. No! A thousand times more!!!

      And that doesn’t even come near it!!!


      • 301
        The Coalition of hearts and minds says:

        We’re putting down dead servicemen every day.
        That’s what you elected us to do.


        • 318
          nell says:

          No. It’s what bliar and gordon committed us to through NATO.

          We are now the flank of the NATO Army in Afghanistan. That’s what liebour made us.

          If you withdraw the flank of the fighting force in a War you leave the rest exposed to attack!! The French were in that position at the beginning of WW2. They ran away and left us to face Dunkirk. Ever since, we’ve regarded them as cowards. Our Armed Forces will never go there!!!

          That is the legacy that manipulative liebour have given to the coalition!!!!


          • Cassandra King says:

            Dearest Nell, the tories were and still are fully on board for the Afghan quagmire regardless of the rights and wrongs.
            The disasterous civilian intefering busybody idiots are still in place and the forces are still fighting with the toughest restrictions ever demanded of an army in battle.
            There have been no strategic or tactical changes in the battle plan which seems to consist of supplying the taliban with money and fertilizer explosives and then get the soldiers to parade up and down like sitting ducks. The tories are happy with the chain of command, they are content with the tacics and quite happy with the war plan as given to them by newlabour.
            Every step of the quagmire had the tories support, therefore every death has the fingerprints of the tories all over it. You know full well that the terrorist threat isnt in Afghanistan, its coming from UK cities like London and Leeds,every single day more terrorists and their enablers fly into heathrow and walk past the border guards and our troops need to be in UK cities extracting the poison from our midst.
            The tories are as guilty as labour for this illegal war of occupation, they are as guilty as labour for the disasterous strategy perfectly tailormade to lose as heavily as possible with as many deaths as possible.
            If Dave gave a shit for our dead he would be welcoming home the shattered corpses and wounded, in fact he cares for the troops as much as B$air.


        • 321
          cider addled yokel says:

          the silly old goat has clearly been guzzling the cheap cider again and doesn’t even know Cameron is fully behind the pointless Afghan War and still sending our boys to their deaths as she cheers him on


      • 315
        null says:

        Each of those lads and lassies out there are worth a hundred times more than any worthless mp or corrupt member of the HoL. No! A thousand times more!!!

        And that’s why I love Dave so much for keeping sending them all to their deaths!!!


  96. 279
    13eastie says:

    Blinky – military genius…


  97. 280
    Selohesra says:

    Question Time – Tories are the biggest party yet of 3 MPs tonight we have Blinky, ex-Lab Cable and that Green lesbian woman. Is that really a balanced panel from the BBC


  98. 287
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Hitchens actually talking sense for a change. I’m in shock.


  99. 288
    Us n Them says:

    Division for ever.


  100. 294
    Gordon Brown says:

    Why is Ed on Question Time? I didn’t give him permission to represent my government. I told Alan Johnson to appear.


  101. 297
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Man in audience: “I want to echo Ed Balls’ point”. Of course you do. Because you were sent there by Labour HQ, you fucking Hunt.


    • 307
      Jan says:

      The audience are so leftwing I think they must have been bussed in.Lots of public sector workers and teachers in the audience really attacking Vince Cable.I feel really sorry for him.Ed Balls interrupting everybody – what an absolute areshole he is.You can see who the Beeb are backing as the next Labour leader. Dimbleby has allowed him free rein,he had far more airtime than the other panelists. He has been on every political programme this week.I’m sick of the sight of him,just wish he’d crawl back into his hole.


  102. 299
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Balls is a smelly little fishflap.


  103. 300
    YokshireLad says:

    The only thing worth reading in “The Times” is the obituaries. One of which will be its own.


  104. 302
    Peter Griffen says:

    my balls are on my chin


  105. 303
    Spliff Merchant says:

    Another man in audience: “Ed Balls was exactly right”. You’d think Liebore would be a bit more subtle with their plants.


  106. 305
    Shit fuck wank says:

    I wish to make a formal complaint against this blog. If it were not for an earlier poster I would now be in bed and firmly in slumber land.

    As it is the former poster said Balls on Question time. Now I am in great agitation trying to refrain throwing house brick at TV every time Balls is given a say. Even the greenpeace woman seems reasonable compared to Balls


  107. 306
    bird wsb says:

    Whenever Mr Balls speaks on QT, in order to preserve my sanity, I turn the sound down. I expect lots of people turn the tv off and go and make a cup of tea. Do you think the National Grid have a ‘Balls Contingency Plan’, so they fire up a Welsh HydroElectric Power Station to cope with the surge in in demand for electricity when he appears on the box?


  108. 313
    QWERTY says:

    Ed Balls, what a fucking brain dead mong.


  109. 319
    nell is dave the wimps arselicking on-message drone says:


  110. 327
  111. 330
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Good to watch Andrew Neill shit all over Diane Abbott’s face.


    • 338
      13eastie says:

      If it were not so fat, Abbotts’s face would have looked apoplectic after that brillo-pad shoeing…

      What a complete fuckwit she is. For a politician, a ‘no comment’ response is not only a sign of cretinous (i.e. Blinky-like) stupidity, it is tantamount to an admission of bumming babies in the public perception.

      Diane (finally I admit I am the biggest hypocrite in the world) Abbott suddenly emerges as a challenger to Blinkey as the Tories’ best friend.


    • 348
      Jan says:

      She’s been asking for it for a very long time.Sorry I missed it.She’s the mother of all hypocrites.I hear she wants her son to go to Cambridge.But surely like all good socialists she believes that students from private schools should be at the back of the queue when places for Oxbridge are being handed out…Except of course if the students parent happens to be an MP.


  112. 331
    Steve Expat says:

    OUCH! – Diane seriously pissed off at Marr for bringing up the “West Indian Mums” comments she made last week when asked why she sent her son to a private school.

    Hypocrite of the highest order, the socialist who thinks that their ideologies shouldn’t apply to their own offspring…


  113. 332
    Simon says:

    Dianne Abbot is currently dying on her ass on This Week.


    • 340
      Home from the Rovers Return shipshape and in Bristol fashion says:

      Apparently, the Italian for orgasm is “little death”.
      That’s what some Wop in a pub in Napoli told me.
      I may have been pissed at the time.
      That’s all.


    • 353
      Anonymous says:

      her black FAT ass ?

      sorry … thats PC incorrect…

      her black FAT arse ?

      West Indian mothers look after them better, right ?


      • 362
        • 364
          tat says:

          fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap ++squit++


  114. 333
    arthur says:

    abbott as just seen her career blow up in her face…well done andy


    • 366
      T.Bliar says:

      Fatty thinks the troops should come home from afghanistan and iraq was an illegal war.What an idiot.


  115. 335
    Lady Hamilton's Pussy says:

    Did I just see Abbott get spanked by “Hater” Brillo?


  116. 336
    D L George says:

    Dianne Abbot getting fried, live on this week.

    She’s apparently said West Indian mothers love their kids more than white mothers.

    Brillo Pad: Isn’t that racist?

    Abbot: “Andrew, I have nothing more to say”

    Brillo Pad: If Michael (Portillo) said White mothers cared more about their children that would be racist!

    Abbot: “Andrew, I have nothing more to say”

    Over and over again. Great stuff.


    • 341
      Steve Expat says:

      Classic TV, she’s just blown any chance she might have had for the big job.

      Refusing to answer a straight question just draws even more attention to her blatant hypocracy.

      Sally B with Guido in backing Balls for leader ;-)


      • 359
        still not as good as this says:


      • 360
        lolol says:

        What kind of an expat fuckwit would think she had any chance of getting the top job in the first place ?
        It’s not only Abbot who’s made a cun’t of themselves tonight with idiocy like that.


    • 351
      Zed says:

      It was simply amazing.
      She could hardly comprehend that he turned on her after his befriending for years and years.
      TV at its best. Maybe the BBC fee is worth it after all.
      Well done , Andrew
      (I have nothing more to say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


    • 374
      albacore says:

      Jo Brand: ‘you can’t be racist towards white people’


      It’s tempting to posit a direct relationship between physical avoirdupoi(d)s and fat-headedness but who dares risk being denounced as a fattist?


      • 392
        Ignorant unfunny bloater says:

        What a stupoid ignorant woman she is, clinging onto the last shreds of 1980s right on PC ness…


  117. 339
    Miguel Portaloo says:

    Diane’s had too many hours in the sun. It’s gone to her head. Where the hell do Aljabeeb get their audiences for QT from? Is there an advert in the Grauniad? At least the Hitch was talking sense… Well done Beeb for yet more unbiased debate. Utter Balls.


  118. 342
    James42 says:

    Your graph just brightened up my day. The only problem is Murdoch won’t want to lose face even alythough he may be losing money. He will stick it out to the bitter end rather than give up on his idea. Neither will I!


  119. 344
    James42 says:

    Diane Abbot is the epitomy of lethargy. How could she possibly be the leader of the Labour Party and potentially a PM?


  120. 350
    I.ve nothing more to say, Andrew says:

    This Week.

    Fan-tas-tic evening.

    Andrew exposes the racist hypocrite Abbott for what she is.

    Best TV of the week – wasn’t she squirming ?


    • 352
      Eynstyn says:

      “the racist hypocrite Abbott for what she is.”

      It took you that long?


      • 358
        I.ve nothing more to say, Andrew says says:

        I watch her every week.

        It took the BBC THAT long.

        He who pays the piper ….. or am I a cynic ?


  121. 357
    Where's Wally says:

    I’ve changed my name by Deed Poll to Gordon.

    Where am I ????


  122. 379
    Beckenbauer’s Kaiser Cheek says:

    GERMAN soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer launched a fresh assault on the Three Lions yesterday – branding our boys “stupid” and “tired”.

    The loud-mouthed World Cup-winning player and manager – dubbed “Der Kaiser” in his homeland – insisted Germany would overpower their rivals.

    He sneered: “We have more power than the English.

    “But unfortunately this match comes much too early. It was stupid the way the English came second in their group.”

    The blast comes days after he rubbished England for playing a long-ball game, and claimed the team had gone backwards under manager Fabio Capello.



    • 411
      THE MASTER RACE says:

      I could think of alot worse names to describe the embarrassing shower of over rated shite !
      as for the Kraut
      he just doesn’t like people wearing “three lions ” on their shirts
      he prefers a large yellow star !


  123. 380
    Cripes! says:


  124. 382
    MPs’ Expenses: second home claims fall £2m says:

    MPs cowed by public outrage at the widespread abuse of their Commons expenses cut their second home costs by £2 million in the months following the scandal.

    This is the first time the overall amount claimed in Commons’ allowances has fallen Their claims for the last six months of 2009 for their second home allowances stood at £3,114,859.68 — the period after The Daily Telegraph exposed their claims. Over the same period the previous year they claimed £5,075,023.89.

    The reduced costs do not reflect the £1.1 million that MPs were forced to repay after the independent audit of their expenses which was ordered in the wake of the scandal.

    House of Commons has published figures showing the amounts claimed by MPs for their second homes, office expenses, travel, parking and other allowances between July and December 2009.

    However, receipts relating to the claims, which often show details of potential abuses, will not be made public until the autumn. The figures are explained by statements such as “household item”, rather than disclosing the exact nature of the claim.

    In total, the MPs charged taxpayers £10,054,521.97 for the second and third quarters of the 2009-2010 financial year, compared with £11,768,749.14 over the same period in 2008. It is thought to be the first time the overall amount claimed in Commons’ allowances has fallen, and is directly attributable to the £2 million drop in second home expenses submitted by MPs.

    A number, including dozens exposed as having misused their expenses, stopped claiming altogether for a second home in the run-up to this year’s election.



  125. 383
    nell says:


    My goodness I see gordon has reappeared!!!!

    He was seen in the HoC yesterday at the opening of parliament at 10.34pm. He left the chamber at 10.36am.

    2 minutes!!!! No doubt he will think that good enough for the payment of another month’s wages!!!


    • 385
      David Laws says:

      Two minutes more than I will be there. Would you like to rent a flat or my boyfriend ?


    • 391
      Mr Plum says:

      He deserves a rest after all he has done for us, looking forward to working until 70 can’t thank him enough.


    • 407
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Two whole minutesWhat took him so long
      did he have to shake hands with all his friends ?
      or did he have to give a speech listing all Labours achievements over the last 13 years ?
      two minutes is much too long to let that twat anywhere near government ever again
      oh i forgot he’s colouring, err writing a book maybe he just came back to steal a pencil !


  126. 389
    Get your botty oiled up for Obama Dave. It's your big day on Saturday says:

    The White House said the two leaders would hold their first face-to-face meeting since Cameron took office at the G20 on Saturday. The meeting would also be the first since the BP Plc oil spill, which has caused some tension between Britain, where BP is headquartered, and the United States, where residents are angry about the devastating spill.


  127. 393
    Mark says:

    I thought the new site looks a bit better than the old one.

    Don’t think I will pay for it when they start asking …


  128. 400
    Nick Clegg says:

    Got a shock today as the wife told me she is leaving me because I am unclean and starting to smell….

    I nearly shat my pants……..(again).


  129. 418
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    It’s a shame when my favourite blogger goes in for triumphalism. It’s not gracious, Guido. In circs where you command such a huge and growing audience you can afford a bit of grace.


  130. 419
    Anonymous says:

    The Dirty digger just keeps on a digging, still who would have thought people would fork loads of money to watch 22 little men kicking a bag of wind about, Murdoch did it so probably thinks it will work again for the Times, in the words of my punters in a former occupation of mine, “How much, HOW MUCH, tha mun be bloody kinding” and they whated Sky.


  131. 422
    Anonymous says:

    Finkelstein is a right Hunt.


  132. 423
    V says:

    I’ve switched to telegraph.co.uk – as a reader on the other side of the world it’s as if I’m going to subscribe.

    I wonder if there has been a measurable increase on any of the other big UK news sites?


  133. 424

    This is the problem with stock brokers – they never think long term.

    Eventually you will realise that online advertising doesn’t really work – Advert Blindness, it is called. While the techies in the media know it, the ego’s of the bosses are ignoring it, because its nice to see your advert on the front of a popular website. Eventually, one too many people are going to ask – why the hell are we paying (Guido’s banner advert company) when less than 0.1% of people are responding to it?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to email everyone who reads the Times and ask them if they want to buy our stuff? It will even cost less per lead!

    Makes you wonder why Murdoch has more money that Guido?


  134. 425
    Bobbie says:

    []Over 10 years “the number of people claiming disability benefit has trebled and housing benefit doubled.”
    []”…we spend £21 billion on housing benefit,more than on the police.”
    []”The Times reported yesterday that parents may face “eviction” from their houses when their children leave home under new “draconian” laws. But local authorities have queues of families waiting for housing because retired couples refuse to move.”
    []”…the role of the state.Why are we subsidising firms in the name of job creation,and then creating employment law that makes it less and less attractive to hire people?”
    []”Why are we propping up tyrants in Africa in the name of aid…?”
    []”The past 10 years in Britain has been an experiment in spending that hasn’t worked….Why is it so outrageous to suggest that doing less centrally might free individuals to do more?”
    []”The Department of Business encourages dangerous business dependency.Defra has become an outpost of the farming lobby…The Culture Department has subsidised the film industry for 13 years but has failed to make it self reliant.”
    []”…let’s set up a helpline for distressed taxpayers who don’t understand why they have been shelling out for so little for so long.”

    Lifted from somewhere else. The Times only getting good when it goes behind a paywall? Hilarious


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