June 23rd, 2010

Worth Its Weight In Gold

Given the Chief Secretary of the Treasury is himself somewhat lacking in financial expertise, you would think he would select his Special Advisor carefully for their financial prowess. Instead he has thrown yet another lifeline to a friend. Like he did with Willie Rennie in the Scotland Office, Danny Alexander has made another failed LibDem MP, Julia Goldsworthy, his SpAd. If the public wanted these people to stay in Westminster they would have voted for them.

Given her boss is in charge of reining in public spending it’s hardly reassuring to know a woman who spent over a grand of taxpayers’ money on a rocking chair is whispering advice in his ear.

Initially the position is unpaid since Goldsworthy had, with a lack of foresight, just taken a £30,000 MP’s resettlement grant which kind of disqualifies her from taking an immediate government salary. Though with her spending habits that can’t last long…


  1. 1
    what really pisses me off says:

    Nice tits though


  2. 2
    An Englishman says:

    Just for a moment the Goldsworthy strumpet is in the shadow of the Quote of the Day.

    Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Secretary, defending New Labour’s target culture…

    “(Those targets) improved the NHS immeasurably over the last decade”

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Not often I’ll say of a Labourite’s ranting that I couldn’t have put it better myself.


    • 4
      what really pisses me off says:

      Andy Burnham is a twat , He got support for his leadership bid from get this , Jaime Carragher , Talk about a bright spark


    • 65
      Engineer says:

      What planet are you living on? Round this way, the NHS is just about as crap as it’s always been. I now have a private dentist because I couldn’t get an NHS one. I resent paying £110 billion a year to be treated as a nuisance.

      You might like to ask the people of North Staffordshire for their opinion of Burnham’s comment.


      • 130
        Alan Philip Bonggg says:

        The NHS has become focussed on treating targets, not patients. Most of the time targets achieve little or nothing or are detrimental to patient care. I once spoke to a Chief Executive of an Acute Trust who told me he had to guess which of the scores of targets he had to achieve to keep his job. A lot of them were contradictory to other targets.


        • 193
          Margaret says:

          Exactly. Our local A&E were so concerned to discharge my son before he “breached” that they did so without getting to the root of the problem. It was left to me to discover on the internet that he had been prescribed the wrong pen device to inject the insulin cartridges that he was prescribed at the same time.


      • 196
        Jan says:

        I thank God I only found out I’d got cancer after moving to west Cork.The thought of having to be treated in some ghastly SW London hospital would have pushed me over the edge.(It’s not everybody who gets to The Marsden).Even the journey to hospitals in London is a nightmare.A bus to St George’s from Putney takes about the same time as it does to travel 50 miles across country here.Plenty of parking here too. I have received absolutely amazing care here.Brilliant wonderful doctors and nurses. Spotless wards. Great dental services too. Wish we’d moved here years ago. You can keep your ****** NHS.


    • 153
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      I think “immeasurably” should be interpreted as “bugger all” in this context!


  3. 3
    The LimpDims - Labour's even more stupid little brother says:

    This is why the Libdems never had and never will have a snowball’s hope in hell of getting into government..



    • 10
      Mr Plum says:

      Just wonder what they would now be saying about the budget if they were still in opposition


    • 113
      Libnail says:

      They did it nearly a century ago,then people realised they were shit and ….well you know the rest,see you in another hundred years Cleggy


  4. 7
    what really pisses me off says:

    whats happened to dolly?


  5. 8
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Did she pay VAT on that rocking chair?


  6. 9
    Blind man who sees everything says:

    She obviously got the job on looks and with those tits I can guess what the rocking chair was for, on-the-job training a legitimate expense.


    • 21
      genghiz the kahn says:

      There was a section in The Joy of Sex on the merits of rocking chairs and coition.


    • 172
      Number 10's cat says:

      Oooh I would fuck her senseless, but it would probably be more of a challenge to fuck some sense into her


      • 224
        Snotfunny Any More says:

        Most of this thread is dreary smutty shoolboy ‘humour’ [not]
        – But that one made me larf out loud


  7. 11
    Andy Murray says:

    Good luck sloviana


    • 23
      Henry Hooray says:

      Where is sloviana? I’d never heard of it until this football game was mentioned.


    • 30
      out of work vuvuzela salesman says:

      at your next wimbledon match the whole crowd will be blowing england vuvuzelas everytime you lose a point, I gave them away free.


      • 181
        desperate england supporter says:

        Gave them away free, no wonder you’re out of work.

        true engerland wimbledon fans would have paid you you double to blow their vuvuzelas everytime murray was about to serve.


  8. 12
    Unsworth says:

    “that can’t last for long…”

    Gone in sixty seconds. You sure it was a ‘rocking’ chair not something altogether more intimate?


  9. 13
    Desert Rat says:

    It’s progressive dear boy.

    She will understand the needs of hard pressed politicians and Westminster people; a good choice.

    Remember, we are all in this together, but some people are more in it than others.


    • 18
      out of work vuvuzela salesman says:

      £106,000 housing allowance paid to one family, now that is progressive, a progressive jackpot.


      • 64
        Gordon's Scotched earth policy says:

        And they will still pay £240 for a single house or £440 for a two bed, not a month a week.
        And we wonder why the country is really bankrupt.
        Give them a new tent to make up for the one they left at sangate, and a map of Srotland.


      • 136
        A former Labour voter says:

        What astounded me is it takes all of the tax and national insurance from 16 median-wage workers to pay for that £106K.

        I don’t know how Labour MPs have the gall to show their faces in public for allowing this situation to come about. They are truly the Parasite Party.


        • 225
          You Couldn't Make it Up says:

          Interesting all the ‘families’ cited are foreign (and appear to be Muslim too). One husband even had housing benefit paid for him to live in a SEPARATE hopuse, as they thought a six bed house wasn;t big enough for them.

          Wonder what that has to do with who they employ in the council housing depts. Bet no English person would get that kind of housing benefit. I live in a cheap cottage (for the area) yet my housing benefit falls £100 (ie 1/5) short per month, and I’ve worked hard all my life here and paid my tax and stamps when I could (having a disability I spent some periods unemployed, not by choice)

          Without these disgusting excess payments to God knows who off the banana boats, we native pensioners might be getting a decent pension we could actually live on without getting ever deeper in debt


  10. 14
    Shane Warne says:

    Good luck Slovenia sort the pommie barstards out


  11. 17
    Gotta laugh at the french says:

    The only bright spot from the world cup is that the french went home before england


  12. 20
    rocking horse shit says:

    They’re called Special Advisors aren’t they, and she knows nothing about finance? So what will she be advising you on Danny?


    • 27
      Gordon McNutter says:

      I was advised to sell gold. Today it is at $1240 but Scotland made a profit because we bought euros instead.


    • 53
      Jonty Pryor, my knob is on fire says:

      Is it the same sort of ‘specials’ you see advertised on business cards in phone boxes?


  13. 22
    Sarah Tweet says:

    Have covered alot of ground today from school run to bloomsbury to south ken to nott hill to west end. Thk goodness for oyster cards.


  14. 24
    cruisin' for a bruisin' says:

    I wonder what sort of SpAd David Laws would have chosen. Hmm…


  15. 29
    Gotta laugh at the french says:

    Didnt Gordon have Balls as a spad?


  16. 31
    Truly Dread says:

    Err Guido following that logic means if the public wanted David Cameron as a prime minister they would of gave the Consveratives a majority.


  17. 36
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Why is the top link to the right there “Boy George’s Voice Finally Broke”, marked as emily nomates, when its an article by Juliet Samuel?


  18. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Brazen hussy.


  19. 38
    More Obama said this bollocks from Balls says:


    • 47
      Gotta laugh at the french says:

      Didnt Balls and co put vat up 2.5% in january?


      • 50
        Desert Rat says:



      • 103
        Gordon McNutter says:

        We actually increased almost every tax during out 13 year reign of terror. But back then increasing taxes always and in all circumstances was the right thing to do. This is a Tory tax. The BBC will explain and President Omaha agrees with me.


        • 170
          Maths teacher says:

          Out of interest, Gordon, what was going through your tiny little mind when you increased the lowest-paid workers’ income tax by 100%?


    • 76
      Liar Byrne says:

      What David Cameron and Nick Clegg didn’t realise was that there is no money left !! Good luck !


    • 83
      Maladroit Labour Chump ( & trainee bigot ) says:

      Did Ed Balls pay VAT on the three homes he flipped as an MP ??


    • 86
      Just don't get it says:

      Lifted from the comments section in the Grauniad – love it!

      “The economy is on the up after the shortest of blips: more people in jobs than ever, with the unemployment rise probably only a lag from last year’s dip. Tax receipts are flowing nicely again. People used to laugh when Brown bombastically promised to end boom and bust: it was once the natural British economic weather. Who’s having the last laugh now?”

      Polly Toynbee, March 2006


      • 125
        vuvuzela salesman says:

        The most nauseating and hypocritical of all the guardanistas columnists and that’s saying something. A champagne socialist that changes her mind at the slightest whim.

        Back gordon brown, don’t back gorodn brown, back the libdems don’t back the libdems. She’s great at using the latest ‘in’ words ‘progressive’ this, ‘progressive’ that without having a clue what she’s talking about.

        One minutes she’s telling her slave public service readers and BBC fan club at the guardian about the environmental disaster caused by flying, the next thing she’s jetting off to her second mansion in tuscany.

        A truly evil nauseating hypocritical champagne socialist twat.


        • 149
          Harridan Harmanhater says:

          I come a close second.


          • Low-hanging fruit says:

            Baroness Surly Williams should challenge both of them to a handbags-at-dawn duel for the title. Privately educated bobbysoxer that shut down the Grammar Schools and ended a path out of poverty for smart working class kids.


        • 206
          Desert Rat says:

          We had a parrot called Polly, it spoke the same informed way


      • 207
        Desert Rat says:

        Marxists have been rewriting history ever since they appeared on the planet.

        No doubt we will return to the “golden”, Brown years, in the fullness of time


    • 162
      brownless says:

      can’t someone shut that ball’s mouth permenantly..hes such an irritating twat


  20. 39
    Jimmy's little dick says:

    For those of you who think Guido has been a bit off colour recently, what with all those typos and silly season stories, give the guy a break, he does have other irons in the fire you know.



  21. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Julia Crumpet Goldsworthy –

    Surely the LimpDicks haven’t appointed a Chief Secretary who is normal?
    Must have been a mistake.


  22. 45
    How to distract men says:

    Judging by the pose in the photo she is hoping to increase somebody’s GDP – for only a small fee of course!


  23. 46
    Nick"The Dumb Waiter" Clegg says:

    People have been tweeting about the matches in the World cup using the first three letters of the country – like #eng or #fra.

    Lucky for them Nigeria never played Germany.


    • 61
      you racist twat says:




  24. 49
    Gordon Brown says:

    England will stroll into the second round of the World Cup today and it’s all down to David Cameron.

    He’s offered the Slovenian squad British passports if they let us win


    • 60
      reeser says:

      Why don’t you just wish the Slovenian team all best you twat? Job done, and no more fucking mouths to feed.


  25. 58
    Carlos Tevez says:

    I am off to madrid , Lower tax


  26. 67
    desperate england vuvuzela salesman says:

    Value Added Tax (VAT) used to be called a “luxury tax” i.e. applicable to non-essential items like a BMW convertible, a porsche carrera, a 150″ wall mounted plasma, a yacht and the likes.

    The more expensive these non-essential items were the more VAT was paid, simple fair and reasonable and that is why I object to VAT increase on vuvuzelas, now an essential part of life.


    • 137
      desperate england supporter says:

      I’ll buy one at half price before the vat goesup. it’ll become a collectors item to be used by my great grandson in 46 years time when engerland qualify for the next world cup.


    • 160
      Tax your self says:

      why no vat on kids clothes. are clothes a luxury for adults.


      • 182
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Obviously they are. Let’s all go buck-naked in the streets. If plod objects, we’ve got a pretty water-tight defence.


      • 185
        vuvuzela salesmanwithout work for another 4 years says:

        not in nudist colony


  27. 72
    President Obama says:

    Hey , thanks for voting that strange scottish bloke out , He kept phoning and trying to get in all the photos . This new bloke seem normal and doesnt try and kiss my arse anyway i have a little spill to clear up and whoop some arse


  28. 74
    Turtle says:

    I’d make her my spad. I’d have her sit under my desk, mouth open…


  29. 78
    Do as i say not as i do says:

    Labour have the dirt on Goldsworth. Looks like she was playing the london property market at the taxpayer’s expense and housing her boyfriend at the taxpayer’s expense. The rocking chair was just small change for her.



  30. 80
    Ed says:

    Anybody who manages to lose to the hapless George Useless MP cannot be much cop!


  31. 87
    Ray Parlour (Romford Pele) says:

    Dont knock gingers


  32. 88
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Look at the muscles on it.


  33. 100
    A question says:

    Can we sell scotland and wales to help the debt problem?


  34. 102
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    I’m pig sick of all the publicity the government is giving to liebour after their worst election result since 1931. The BBC can’t get enough of the losers leadership challenge; now even the police are promoting Dinin Abouts leadership rants: http://tinyurl.com/2djc52v


  35. 109
    The Prophet says:

    Danny Alexander, just another corrupt Liberal Democrat jobs for his friends Conservative whore.
    This appointment proves beyond any doubt that Danny Alexander is a corrupt individual who is not fit to hold office.
    This appointment ensures, following the contractionary anti manifesto budget yesterday and Huhne’s affair with a married woman, that this Janus coalition will not be re-elected and that both of the parties in this dog’s dinner of a power share will act as liabilities for each other for the rest of this parliament.
    This is turning out better than could possibly have been imagined.


    • 122
      Sir William Waad says:

      Danny Alexander: the early years as a patriotic citizen of the EU:


      • 132
        Impartial Observer says:

        Let us be quite clear on this point: Danny Alexander is a fucking traitor, end of story.
        He is an EU stooge and so he is a traitor to his country.
        He is the fellow axe man alongside the psychopath axe wielder George Osborne and so he is a traitor to his party.
        He has employed a nobody who has no knowledge of economics to advise him on economics because they are his friend and so he is a traitor to the taxpayer.
        Danny Alexander is just fucking treacherous scum when you think about it.
        The only thing he is loyal to is his own bank account.
        Fuck off out of public life Alexander you fucking self serving c unt.


    • 138
      The Axeman Cometh says:

      This is starting to look like an obscene feast in the palace of the french aristocracy


  36. 111
    Robinho says:

    I love man city


  37. 129
    Mrs Duffy says:

    watch July 1st for a spike in gold.


  38. 133
    Andrew Denny says:

    How come you can find a great picture of Spad Julia, but you can’t find one of Eleanor Shawcross, allegedly just as pulchritudinous?


  39. 142
    Anonymous says:

    “Between 2005 and 2008 she also regularly claimed £400 per month for food
    without providing receipts to prove the expenditure.”

    She was on the game on Channel 4.


  40. 143
    Danny Alexander says:



  41. 148
    jimmy says:

    Is it broken?


  42. 163
    Had Enough Of Corrupt Cunts Like Danny Alexander says:

    Danny Alexander will have to resign for employing a friend in a job they offer no value to.
    She has no experience of economics other than ripping off the taxpayer with her fraudulent expense claims. Danny’s reason for giving her the job is that he thinks she will fuck him as a reward.
    That is simply not a good enough reason to employ her.
    Danny will have to go I’m afraid.


  43. 165
    Dumbo's on holiday says:

    watching Prat Morgans travels last night in Marbella. I thought how nice for the rich to get out of CGT by paying a set fee to be registered to live in Gibralter while actually living in Marbella and selling their UK company free of CGT and Inheritance tax.Not hard to see what Osbourne is eh?,a banker perchance.


  44. 179
    Taxfodder says:

    The “Ginger Shagger” has clearly appointed her for services rendered, no doubt another notch on his knob before passing her around for little favours.

    A promising start but not in the same league as Silvio Berlusconi.


  45. 183
    Steptoe says:

    Just found this out on the web,should make it quote of the day.
    Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end


  46. 188
    Markov Chaney says:

    I’m just glad she is no longer my MP and I don’t get her unsolicited crap through my letter box any more.

    Cue jokes about her box etc


  47. 198
    Rowley Birkin QC says:

    I’m all for more eye candy on the govt benches, I would…….


    • 216
      Richard Desmond says:

      You will not find it on the opposyion benches such that Richard Timney had to go to the excellent TelevisionX for his lookers.


  48. 211
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Unpaid, eh? I wonder if they’re being completely compliant with minimum wage legislation?

    Oh silly me, I forgot, laws only apply to the little people, not to politicians.


  49. 222
    Rob's uncle says:

    ‘ . . In March 2006 Julia joined the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury . . ‘

    So she is not completely unqualified for the job as posters here ignorantly claim.


    • 226
      TinMiner says:

      R-o-c-k-i-n-g H-o-r-s-e

      and has no experience outside politics unless being a researcher for ‘Shagger’ Taylor counts, hes straight just has an eye for the local high school girlies. A few skeletons in his closet im sure


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