June 23rd, 2010

Where’s Gordon?™ Obsessing about the World Cup Apparently

Once upon a time there was a man who claimed he woke up every day to “fight for a fairer Britain”. Britain may have said no, but he was returned overwhelmingly by one small part of it to represent and fight for them for the next five years. But this man is refusing to represent them and has now gone missing. Finally we learn he has abandoned his responsibilities and is sticking two fingers up at representative democracy to instead obsessively watch every single World Cup match on telly. While he rocks back and forward in his underwear, ticking off the games on his  free Daily Mirror World Cup pull-out wallchart, the taxpayer is picking up the tab.

Gordon was quick to head down to Parliament to sign on for his cheques, so that for an hour and a half of football he is set to make around £45+ per match, or just over £3000 for the sixty-four game tournament. Find Guido any sports fan who wouldn’t love to be paid to sit around watching football. Thousands would have gone to the World Cup if it wasn’t for the cost and yet the taxes that deprived them of the trip are paying for Gordon to watch. Where’s the “fairer Britain” there?

If Gordon Brown needs time to reflect, plot revenge, write his book, find himself, detox, or whatever it is he is doing all alone in Scotland – fine – he should not expect to be paid for the pleasure by the taxpayer. There are 93,272 constituents in Kirkcaldy who are completely disenfranchised from the political system while their elected representative broods in a darkened room. Brown needs to make a decision – walk into the sunset and break completely from the House of Commons, or engage in the job he was elected to carry out and is paid to do. Guido is one of those inclined to say Brown is bonkers, but while this situation is allowed to continue the taxpayer is being taken for a fool. It is time to blow the final whistle on Gordon’s sulky withdrawal from parliament. He should either resign or “get on with the job”…

*Fag-packet maths: 252 working days a year. 9 till 5 = 8 hours per day = 2016 hours per year. £64k divided hourly = £32 per hour = £48 per game. And that doesn’t include expenses.


  1. 1
    Sir William Waad says:

    For goodness sake, it’s worth £64k just to keep the old misery out of the way. It would cost more to keep him in gaol or in a secure mental institution.

  2. 2
    The Penguin says:

    Yes, but the longer he remains absent the more his reputation is being deservedly trashed and the saddder and weirder he appears. Maybe he should join the IRA MPs? Then no-one would expect him to appear…

    The Penguin.

  3. 3
    Sir William Waad says:

    Sorry to pop up again, but does anyone else see the contradiction within pretty Andy Burnham’s quotation, opposite?

    “(Those targets) improved the NHS immeasurably over the last decade”

    Ummm…isn’t the point of a target in the NHS that it enables them to measure improvement?

  4. 4
    Gordon Broon says:

    I’m crazy! I’m mental! ya bass

  5. 5
    Sarf of the River says:

    Hear hear, the bastard needs putting out of his (and our) misery.

    Throw the towel in you useless idiot, then do yourself in.

  6. 6
    Selohesra says:

    Could we stick him down the well in the Gulf and solve two problems in one?

  7. 7
    Biffo says:

    Is there no ruling that an MP MUST turn up for so many hours at HOC? Otherwise, it means he can sit picking his nose in a darkened room for the next 5 years while ripping off the taxpayer (even more than he did as PM). C’mon Guido, launch a campaign to oust him completely.

  8. 8
    giant gonad says:

    Brown watching the football is hardly news.

  9. 9
    Sarf of the River says:

    Burnham knows he’s the least mad of the whole stinking leadership ‘contest’ however is known to utter complete bollocks like the rest can and ably do.

  10. 10

    Just returned from the public house where we all had a jolly time, a good win for England, hope we don’t play the Germans (lovely chaps) in the second round.

    I’m off home to look at some lovely puppies.

  11. 11
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    Is he saving the world?

  12. 12
    Gordon Broon says:

    I’m just gettin on with the fitba ye understand?-why should my ego suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous injustice.It is my fate to be returned to my former glory in Downing St, and until that day, my moral compass directs that I remain here in front of the telly.
    Up yours! (and Sarahs)

  13. 13
    Savage cuts - yes please! says:

    Sympathy for a millionaire adulterer @ The Grauniad!

    “In praise of… Chris Huhne”


    Who knew Mr Rusbridger (£500K p.a.) was so charitable?

  14. 14

    How ungrateful you all are. I willed England to beat Slovenia

  15. 15
    Margaret Moran says:

    ‘ey, darlin! By puppies, do you mean my luvverly baps?!

  16. 16

    There is no such rule.
    Turn up when you’re summoned or whipped and the rest of the times your own.

    For me and Gordon its World Cup and Wimbledon and cricket all the way up to the well deserved recess.

  17. 17
    nell says:

    £64k plus expenses which also fund a constituency office and staff plus the cost of a 24hour police/security detail ( which must cost a fortune).

    On top of that he’s drawing his PM severance pay and pensions.

    And on top of that, I presume, sarah and the boys, who are living in London with friends also get a 24hour police/security detail.

    He’s costing the taxpayer a fortune. And for no benefit.

    There should be a legal requiirement for mp’s to attend a minimum number of hours per week at the HoC. If they do not do that then they should be required to provide, to the speaker’s office, a Doctor’s note just like the rest of us.

    If they don’t do that then their pay and expenses should be docked accordingly and stopped altogether if they carry on this disgraceful behaviour, as he has done, for weeks on end with no proper excuse for absence!!!!

  18. 18

    Still very chilled Conc.P
    Have you been taking Gordon’s medication?

  19. 19
    swinging dick says:

    It is when I’m fucking paying for it.

  20. 20
    Rather More Concerned says:

    However Brown not doing his job is most certainly galling. Would you agree or are you a fucking bastard NuLabia apologist?

  21. 21
    Honest View says:

    The irony is that before he went off on his monumental sulk, he was manoeuvring to stay in power as the leader of a defeated party.
    History will not look kindly on this man.

  22. 22
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    Hey Gordon. You said on the doorsteps of No10 that you cherish being a husband and wife. So why are you in Scotland and they’re in London?

  23. 23

    Sir William,

    Why do you think it is “quote of the day”?

    Do you hear a whooshing sound?


    G Fawkes

  24. 24
    moving the goalposts says:

    He’s taken his ball and left the fucking playground.

  25. 25
    Gordon Brown -the invisible man says:

    Why doesn’t Brown at least issue a statement stating that the “Coalition’s” assertions that his government racked up collosal debt and left the incoming government an horrendous legacy are not correct(we all know of course that they are)>His silence on the subject implies that he agrees and that he and Labour have b*a*n*k*r*u*p*t*e*d the country.For a man who is supposed to be jealous of his reputation this silence does not ring true and I am beginning to wonder if the rumours that he is incarcerated somewhere for his own and the country’sgood are true.

    As regards him taking his seat in Parliament we should remember that he has been proven to be a “small” petty man nursing imagined slights and grievances of such magnitude and is untouched by either greatness or humility and he seems to be unwilling or perhaps unable to do as John Major or Margaret Thatcher and sit on the back benches for a period of time or indeed do as Blair did and resign his seat to seek his fortunes elsewhere.

    The longer he remains silent the more what reputation he has/had is being eviscerated by Cameron & Co.Very strange..Very strange…..Has he like Edmond Dantès been incarcerated in the Chateau d’If or like The Man in the Iron Mask been silently rowed at the dead of night to the Bass Rock where he is under permanent guard…his gaolers instructed to let him see or speak to no-one ? Or will he surface Macavity-like at the Labour Party Conference in September to anoint his successor to the leadership or at the book launch of his latest scribblings ?

  26. 26

    That’s all very well for you but I’ve got to put with him sitting in his underpants and blowing his Pringles carton like a vuvuzela and shouting “come on Scotland” every time some Algerian defender no one’s ever heard of gets the ball.

    Can’t any of you lot create a fake emergency that only Gordon can deal with? Just so I can get to clear his Special Brew ‘Jenga’ and ‘leaning tower of Pizza boxes’ away.

  27. 27
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    I meant you said you cherish being a husband and father. Though now I come to think of it, the original version makes more sense for you.

  28. 28
    LukeS says:

    The majority of an MPs work should involve surgeries and dealing with issues that take place within their constituency. This takes place outside the chamber, hence why it is difficult to gauge how much effort an MP is putting in and why a minimum number of hours would never be implemented.

    It is also worth remembering that if your local MP is the Chief Whip of their political party, it is not uncommon for them not to say anything on the floor of the house for the duration of their term in that position, which could last years…which is why we didn’t have to listen to Geoff Hoon or Nick Brown for a significant part of the last 5.

    I’d rather my MP be talking to me, or other needy constituents in his office rather than sitting on his arse in the Commons for 10 hours, making occasional interventions to lambast the opposition.
    Alas, it seems Gordon Brown isn’t carrying out constituency meetings, but keep an eye out if he starts.

  29. 29
    Hugh Janus says:

    Well said Guido.

    Is it not also the case that a PM gets a pension that is the same as his/her full salary as well, for which they automatically qualify immediately they enter No 10?

    Sounds like a true socialist to me.

  30. 30
    LukeS says:

    MP’s work*

    Couldn’t leave that error…

  31. 31
    Make them all walk. says:

    You are posting early today Nell,have you got the turnip harvest in early this
    Only another six hours to go then you can bless all the boys and girls in Afistan and up the wooden apples and pears.

  32. 32
    RefuseNick the bin man says:

    Questions should be asked in the House. Why is no MP bringing the matter up?

  33. 33

    Has he still got that ‘free’ Sky ?

  34. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    I did a rather splendid job at PMQs today. I was able to answer questions all from the comfort of my own bedroom.

  35. 35

    I hope it won’t.

    It’s like 28 Days Later out there – the streets are empty!

    Good news: Guido’s Live Chat highlights are here!

    Have you made the funnies cut?

  36. 36
  37. 37
    My family are all Labour an' always will be says:

    Brown “represents” a socialist shithole par excellence.
    He could be MP till the day he died, never go to Westminster, never hold a surgery and never take up a complaint from a constituent and still be voted back again and again.
    Most voters are idiots, however scottish socialists and their halfbreed geordie and scouser cousins, have an uncanny knack of being incredibly dimmer than average, by some margin.

  38. 38
    Waadya say? says:

    Er….why bother Guido, this is standard waffle for the Waad?

  39. 39
    Freudian slip says:

    husband and wife?

  40. 40
    Macho Man says:

    And where the fuck is that ginger,David Laws ????????

  41. 41
    CA Jones says:

    I think it’s safe for you guys to stop hating now..

  42. 42
    nell says:

    He seems unable to deal with adults , which is odd.

    The only, very few, appearances that he has made in kirkoddy have been at schools talking to children. And each time he has made such an appearance, his aides (who are also paid by us to support him) have issued instructions that no adult is to question him!!!

    With him living up there,a virtual recluse, in scotland and sarah and the boys living in london, the brown’s whole situation is peculiar to say the least!!

  43. 43
    Nick"The Dumb Waiter" Clegg says:

    A little boy stopped and waited for the lights to go green on his new bike he got for Christmas. a police man on a horse stopped next to him. the police man said “nice bike, where did you get it?”
    the little boy replied “Santa gave it to me!”
    the police man replied “well next time tell Santa to put a number plate on it”
    the boy wanted to fit in so he said “nice horse, where did you get it”
    the police man replied “Santa gave it to me!”
    the boy said “well next time tell Santa to put a dick underneath it, not on top!”

  44. 44
    Hang The Bastards says:

    When are the locals going to be given the right to SACK THEIR MP ?

    Didn’t Cameron say he was going to bring in this power. Then the fine people of Kircaldy can hang the bastard out to dry & get their just reward by killing of the blood sucking leech that that bong-eyed bastard is !

  45. 45
    My family are all Labour an' always will be says:

    Of course he has and whats more, in his own mind he is completely entitled to it and has no problem with the “little people” paying for it either.

  46. 46

    I say, steady on Nellie.
    I mean Gordon’s taking the piss I grant you, but no need to throw the whole system that has served us all so well and for so long, away now is it?

    Served me well, anyway.

  47. 47
    P. Doff says:

    Yes… Cameron should get that quickly passed in the HoC as a retrospective stipulation – from the beginning of this Parliament – in repayment for the sly mong’s wiping £50k from the PM’s salary when he was supposedly running (ruining?) the place!

  48. 48
    herewegoagain says:

    I don’t like him either but he’s been at the top of politics for 10 years doing 15 hours a day in Downing Street.

    Anyone would need a few weeks’ R&R after that.
    If he’s still absent after three months, that’s a different matter.

  49. 49
    Francis Urquhart says:

    Not in the public interest me old cock…and what the hell do you thing ‘D’ Notices were invented for ?

  50. 50
    Proud Tory says:

    I like these puppies.

  51. 51
    Rather More Concerned says:

    Is he practising blowing his whistle for the upcoming Gay Pride march? Will he accompany his beard? What is the point of Gordon ‘fucking’ Brown?

  52. 52
    Hang The Bastards says:


    Here is is constituency contact details:

    MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath
    Write to me at:
    Gordon Brown MP 3 East Fergus Place Kirkcaldy KY1 1XT

    Phone me on:
    01592 263 792

    If you call out of hours you can fiill the answer machine up with “Where is that Fucking retard” enquiries !

    Have fun !

  53. 53
    nell says:

    Just about now poor old gordon is pottering about the kitchen in that lonely old house fixing himself a pot of tea and toast whilst sarah is rushing about getting herself all dolled up ready to go out on the town in london.

    We should feel sorry for him!!

  54. 54
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    This is the interview in which Gordon “Moral Compass” Brown told the nation that if he lost the election, he and Sarah would do charity work because he “wants to do good”.

  55. 55
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    But they won’t, they’re like the majority in Labour “Strongholds” you could sh!t on the floor and stick a Labour rosette on it and the fookers would still vote for it.

  56. 56
    benjie says:

    Someone is blowing a fucking vuvuzela outside my window. A price way too high to pay for an England victory IMOA.

  57. 57
    Hugh Janus says:

    Do we detect just a touch of irritation in your post HTB??

  58. 58
    Nick"The Dumb Waiter" Clegg says:

    Somebody ought to do something about the fucking noise at the World Cup matches.

    I couldn’t hear the vuvuzelas for the fucking brass band!

  59. 59
    Anyone but Engerland for the World Cup says:

    Leave the guy alone. Yes he was a disgrace as PM but his life is over and unless you live in his constituency you don’t really have the right to moan.

  60. 60
    Not The BBC says:

    Iran on war alert over “US and Israeli concentrations” in Azerbaijan


  61. 61
    hang the bastard says:

    You are joking of course.

  62. 62
    nell says:

    Y’know in factories they have clocking on and off machines.

    I think the HoC and HoL should have them too. Results of who attends and how often and for how long can then be published on the web!! Then we’ll see who works and who doesn’t!

  63. 63
    Not The BBC says:

    have to post the links separate as Guido mods more than one.


  64. 64
    NotaSheep says:

    That’s not quite right as the last round of matches in the group stages are held in pairs. Thus Gordon Brown could only watch 32 + 8 (not 16) + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1(3rd/4th play off) + 1 = 56 matches. So at £48 per game he’s ‘earning’ only £2,668 not £3,072. He is still a c**t though.

  65. 65
    OiOi says:

    What does Jerry Adams,Gordon Brown and Martin McGuinness have in common?

    … They won’t take their seat in Westminister.

  66. 66
  67. 67
    wee wully says:

    Fuck off you jockistani ginger cuпt.

  68. 68
    Omerta..the oath of silence says:

    There have actually been hints that Brown may indeed be unwell…initially just after he resigned certainly Darling and Campbell were asked separately by both BBC and Sky and both gave enigmatic and sphinx-like answers Campbell said something along the lines of”Losing an election is traumatc and Gordon has good days and bad days..” Darling likewise said something similar when asked.Since then the MSM and broadcasting media have backed off from asking the question even when his reputation and that of his government for financial prudence and rectitude are being effecitively destroyed to give Cameron cover for his cuts and the Coalition are daily quoting the “horrendous legacy” they inherited from him nobody has actually mentioned him or sought an interview/statement to allow him to defend his reputation which is odd in itself. As an ex-PM he is surely allowed that privilege ? It’s as if he never existed and that he is the man who must never be mentioned again by senior figures in the Labour Party and it’s supporters in the media

  69. 69
    Toenail clipper says:

    The Beeb is acting like it has just figured out the public pay freeze is a cut when inflation is factored in. Nick Robinson seems giddy with glee.

  70. 70
    Bigot says:

    He has ALWAYS stuck “two fingers up at representative democracy”

  71. 71
    Maggie T says:

    “We have become a grandmother”?

  72. 72
    Anyone but Engerland for the World Cup says:

    I’d been more than happy to cut you english Hunts loose. Tell the scottish tories to get behind an independence referendum rather than obsessing about your tiny cock.

  73. 73
    Nick"The Dumb Waiter" Clegg says:

    My wife has a large lip as she got punched last week in a club fight.

    After she got ready, she said, “How do I look?”

    I said, “Swell.”

  74. 74
    Where’s Guido?™ Obsessing about Gordon Brown Apparently says:

    He lost.

    Get over it.

  75. 75
    nell says:

    A reporter from the Independent who tried to track him down for interview at his home in kirkcaldy, was actually warned off by the police.

    I fancy if gordon wanted some media space / airtime to defend his indefensible record, the media would fall all over themselves to accommodate him.

    What’s really odd is that gordon hasn’t wanted it!!

  76. 76
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    BBC 6pm News putting the boot into the coalition’s budget, 7 minutes of criticism, opposition statements and a clip from a one-off special hosted by Toenails with members of the public haranguing Dave ‘n’ Nick. It’s still running!

  77. 77
    Sir Stuart Bell-End MP says:

    And I’m enjoying myself in very similar style- all at taxpayers’ expense!

    Isn’t Democracy wonderful?


  78. 78
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    Asked this before will ask again….
    Has any other MP -apart from the the ex-IRA men and those with sick notes- been absent like gordo ?

  79. 79
    Fabio says:

    I tella da boys..you do a fuckin’ good.I no ‘ave to fuck off back Italia now.Issa peetzas alla round onna me tonight boys

  80. 80
    Dame Irene Ward says:

    At today’s question time Cameron was asked if it was right that MPs who did not take up their seats should still be paid and receive benefits. He said he didn’t believe it was right and it would be reviewed. The question seemed to be aimed at Sinn Fein MPs, however, Gordon must be worried!

  81. 81
    Where's Gordon ? says:

    He’s in a Hospital.

    Oh right! we’ve tried that one haven’t we.

  82. 82
    wee wully says:

    Yeah, and if you want to get a job and get off benefits, you can start by builing that fucking wall again, you fucking jock slacker.

  83. 83
    Tat Attack says:

    Tell that to the big sulk, you twat.

  84. 84
    Damian McBride says:

    He’s in a mental mental hospital or his wife is or something.

  85. 85
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    Finished: 11 full minutes of vuvuzela-like droning about the “cuts” and how unfair they are, topped off with the usual Toenails “the coalition are bastards” summary.

  86. 86
    AC1 says:

    That Iranian nutcase Imonajihad will be happy to see a leader hiding in a well.

  87. 87
    cant hunter says:

    Part of the problem is that the BBC are loathe to mention it–might upset their careers or prospects–and so it becomes the great unmentionable. The BBC ‘s bias was even evident on Radio 3 (!) this morning; on the early moring news round up the reader stated that an enquiry NO DETAILS GIVEN AT ALL has found that Swedish education initiatives, which influenced M.Gove’s policies , have had little effect on Swedish educational standards. That was it; No names provided , no details of the study, just an assertion that the Tories were wrong, wrong ,wrong. And their coverage of the budget tonight-chief culprit slaphead ( and gosh wouldn’t we all like to) toenails Robinson- is disgraceful. For Gods sake Cameron put this shoddy organisation in its place.

  88. 88
    Court of Public Opinion says:

    You pathetic fraud. I want payback. He bankrupted the country and his mate Bliar took us in to an illegal war.

    I think both counts deserve scrutiny. He is a fuckwit and needs reminding of this fact often.

  89. 89
    Anonymous says:

    The Beeb were a bit confused at first by the coalition, but now they’re getting into their usual anti Tory stride.

  90. 90
    Macho Man says:

    David Laws was stuck in traffic yesterday and just kinda thought it would be fun to masturbate. It was sunny and clear out, and he was worried one of the drivers would see him, but his Jeep is pretty high off the ground, so he thought no one noticed. He busted a nut and aimed it down, ruining my brand new floor mat. He felt kinda stupid after and his mum kept silent the rest of the drive home. It was awkward and he regrets it.

  91. 91
    Court of Public Opinion says:

    Have no right to moan? You utter c*u*n*t.

    You pathetic fraud. I want payback. He ban*rupted the country and his mate Bliar took us in to an illegal war.

    I think both counts deserve scrutiny. He is a fuckwit and needs reminding of this fact often.

  92. 92
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    I don’t recall Broon facing the punters the day after any of his government’s budgets. Especially winners like the pennies on the pension rise and his doubling of the 10p tax rate.

  93. 93
    Sir William Waad says:

    We ought to allow him more time to polish his CV. Sending off all those job apps is hard work and it must be even harder trying to make calls to people who suddenly aren’t available for him. “Brown? How are you spelling that?” Then he’s got to find a vanity publisher for his memoirs. The puir wee squeef!

  94. 94
    knuckle sandwich says:

    If he’s not there already, he fucking well should be.

  95. 95
    Hatties hole says:

    The IMF hit yesterday was his fault.

  96. 96
    Nick"The Dumb Waiter" Clegg says:

    My wife was getting ready to go out, then she said to me, “Do my tits look square to you?”

    I said, “You’re supposed to take the tissues out of the box you stupid bitch.”

  97. 97
    Ronnie says:

    Mr McBride used the system of anonymous briefings under which political journalism operates to spread dirt about Labour opponents of Mr Brown. Should journalists still be under a duty to protect their sources when those sources are abusing public money, or should we have been bolder in exposing it? Mr McBride did not poison the well on his own. There has long been a “dirty tricks” cabal around Mr Brown that any Westminster journalist or minister could name – Ian Austin, Tom Watson, Ed Balls, Mr McBride and, formerly, Charlie Whelan, who is now political officer of the Unite super-union (and working hard to place favoured candidates in winnable seats for the next election).

    The poisoning was at its worst in the run-up to the leadership noncontest two years ago. Yesterday I spoke to somebody who balked at challenging Mr Brown then, because he couldn’t face the poisoners. “It’s the reason why Gordon came to office untested,” he said. “When I considered challenging him for the leadership, people warned me it would be a very unpleasant campaign; and it would have been an unpleasant campaign because Gordon’s people would have run it in an extremely vicious way.”

    As he spoke, I remembered being told at the time by a number of journalists that one potential candidate was having a mental breakdown, and there was some embarrassing story involving him and a woman doing the rounds. The tales seemed obviously to have been invented by Mr Brown’s muck-spinners. In place of ideas, smears: that contest should have been conducted by open debate, not whispered poison. But Mr Brown was afraid of the debate.

  98. 98
    Why British troops are the invisible allies in Afghanistan says:

    My colleague, David Hughes, has written about the strange absence of any mention of British forces in an extract from the Rolling Stone profile of General Stanley McChrystal. The war, under the General’s command, is said to have become the “exclusive” property of the US.

    General Stan is about to meet Barack Obama. As I write, no one knows whether he will keep his job or not. What is certain, I believe, is that the British are indeed marginalised in Afghanistan and have been so for some time. I was in Kabul late last year, listening to the inauguration speech of President Hamid Karzai, re-elected after a dodgy election in which America almost lost all patience with him.

    He paid effusive tribute to the US and its troops. Of the British there was not a word of mention.


  99. 99
    Court of Public Opinion says:

    I won’t fucking get over it. He has ruined this country for years.

    The only slack I will offer him is the rope drop when he is hanged. If it is good enough for ‘Sadam’ as his mate Tony called him, it’s good enough for Gordon.

    That crappy meal at Granita will show itself to be the most costly meal Gordon ever eat.

    Before his punishment the last meal he is offered should be taken from their menu.

  100. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Bollocks to that. I want to know why the BBC are obsessed with race. Just watched their news coverage of people in England watching the game and in a sea of white faces they seemed to deliberately seek the only shots in which they could show an ethnic juxtaposed with a whitey. Their sickening attempts to wallow in diversity are simply perverse.

    Dismantle the socialist fuckers now!

  101. 101
    An NHS doctor says:

    I suspect he can be treated as an outpatient, with some psyche supervision.

    I must ask him how things are going in Scotlands group, I’ve been focussed on the England matches.

  102. 102
    Dave says:

    I agree with Nick(Oh WRONG Nick…sorry)

  103. 103
    Gen McCrystal says:

    Why tell a music mag my thoughts,?best way to tell Obuma to fuck off I’m off.

  104. 104
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a man of courage.

  105. 105
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m in Killkiddies.

  106. 106
    Lil Olmey says:

    ‘93,272 constituents in Kirkcaldy who are completely disenfranchised from the political system ‘ ….. but haven’t they got their just desserts ? They’re the ones who lumbered the rest of us with this madman, after all.

  107. 107
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    Careful though. McDoom won’t hesitate to get the police onto anyone for “harassment” or “malicious communication” or any of the 9 million new offences Liebore created in the last 13 years.

  108. 108
    Hello Magazine says:


    American Networks reporting Gen McChrystal sacked . Gen Petraeus to replace him immediate effect

  109. 109
    who are these people? says:

    Have you seen the ad with all the people wearing red England shirts? I swear they’ve got a fucking Inuit in there somewhere, and yet not a blond or a ginger in sight! Fucking racists.

  110. 110
    Bobbie says:

    They should be under aduty to reveal how they let themselves be used so thatwe can admire their hardworking professionalism!

  111. 111
    Get your white ass in here boy says:

    he had to go, you can’t tell a narcissist he is crap and get away with it.

  112. 112
    President Madmood Imadinnerjacket says:


    It’s Madmood Imadinnerjacket.

  113. 113
    tat says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  114. 114
    Alan Hanson on the sofa says:

    What about extra time and penalty shoot-outs?

  115. 115
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:


  116. 116
    Vietghanistan says:

    He wanted out of an impossible job.
    Who wants to be remembered as the General in charge of a disasterous quagmire ?

  117. 117
    utter tit says:

    You must spend hours on the internet looking for tits.

  118. 118
    Diane Abbott says:

    I don’t know where Gordon is but I do know where I am. Eating…

    …Rice an’ Pea!

  119. 119
    AC1 aka concrete pump says:

    Ooh, tat, I do love you!

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

  121. 121
    sue says:

    He loves all the little bigoty people.

  122. 122
    Talibany says:

    we are trying to kill as many of you as we can. You are giving us the money to do it. Thank you fools Alhah Akbar

  123. 123
    Arnie in Commando says:

    All that matters to me now is Cheney.

  124. 124
    Good! Hang every idiot who supported the Iraq War says:

    Which would include most of the Conservatives and David Cameron

  125. 125
    Honest View says:

    He is safe with 9 year olds from any searching questions. Anyone over the age of 11 could spot him as a phoney, except in Scotland, of course.
    I look forward to reading the history of his reign in a few years’ time, when people feel free to tell the truth about their experience of NuLab. I imagine it will be a little frightening. We have had a brush with extreme authoritarianism that was close to becoming irremovable.

  126. 126
    Indigo says:

    I think he must be in hospital or “under the doctor” for something not physical. If it were for a physical ailment, we would have been told; there would have been a media release, that Gordon was having a skin tag removed or a hernia seen to and would be expected to resume Getting On With The Job in x days/weeks time.

    He’s leaving his deputy and other Labour colleagues to twist in the wind. No Mandelson to lead them, no Al Campbell to whip in the media for them, no Gordon to comfort them.

    It’s lovely not hearing Mandelson and Campbell on the Beeb every morning.

  127. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t the PMQ about Sinn Fein today a not very subtle hint about GB?

    By the way, the costings for GB don’t take into account the Police protection squad, presumably clocking-up subsistence allowance and other expenses whilst up in Scotland. Do they get a second home allowance?

  128. 128
    Albie Here says:

    They voted him back in,let them suffer without an MP ,they deserve each other.

  129. 129

    A bullet would be a hell of a sight cheaper!

  130. 130
    Killkiddies Resident says:

    We love our Gordo.

  131. 131
    once bitten says:

    “We ought to allow him more time to polish his CV.”

    Yeah we’ve heard that one before Willy, you dirty bastard.

  132. 132
    nell says:

    margaret moran! she hid for months after the expenses scandal exposed her troughing.

    And she never returned to the HoC once after that disastrous tv interview she gave where she said that she needed to spend money on her boyfriends southampton home so that she could spend time with him.

  133. 133
    Stumpy says:

    A good tarring and feathering, before being run out of town.
    That’s how we used to deal with hucksters and quacks in Dodge City.

  134. 134
    concrete pump says:

    Hi AC1. I Heart You.

  135. 135
    Anonymous says:

    It’s also amusing to watch ads these days. I think it must be the law now that you can’t show 3 or more white faces together without bunging in an ethnic for luck. I guess it’s to represent all those black and brown friends that none of us have.

  136. 136
    Indigo says:

    Is it possible that Mandelson has his boot on some BBC executive’s neck, to make the BBC hold the fort as the Opposition until Gordon is found.

  137. 137
    tat says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  138. 138
    Thank You says:

    can I just say that gary lineker, mark lawrenson, nicky campbell, gabby logan and all of the bbc tv and radio world cup presenters are all fucking crap

    …. and so is christine bleakley (very bleak)

    …. and so is gordon brown

  139. 139
    Alan Duncan says:

    Sir Stuart Bell. A gentleman after my own heart.

  140. 140
    captain carruthers says:

    If I’m not back by eventide, send in a search party.

  141. 141
    Indigo says:

    stated that an enquiry NO DETAILS GIVEN AT ALL has found that Swedish education initiatives, which influenced M.Gove’s policies , have had little effect on Swedish educational standards. That was it; No names provided , no details

    I noticed that, too. Relentless drip, drip, drip. Someone must have complained because, an hour later, the BBC had to say that free schools in the USA had shown the benefits that the Coalition government expected in free schools in the UK.

  142. 142
    Honest View says:

    So Cameron needs “cover” for his cuts? He actually enjoys putting up taxes and freezing pay, and needs an excuse; one with no basis?
    The debt grows and grows and it doesn’t matter? Maybe there is no debt? Maybe we’ll never have to pay it back?
    In the words of the immortal Gordon Brown, may he rest in peace, “GET REAL!”

  143. 143
    LukeS says:

    Winston Churchill, among others, was a former Prime Minister who rarely turned up in his later years. Paritally due to illness, of course.

  144. 144
    little briton says:

    Yeah, where would we be without him?…….(sobs uncontrollably)

  145. 145
    Honest View says:

    All shots of classrooms to illustrate some education news reveal entire classes of blacks/browns.
    Well, that ain’t the case round here. Beeb wishful thinking.

  146. 146
    Diane Abbott doin' a bogle-bogle says:


  147. 147
    Harvey Proctor says:

    Well said Guido. Labour should withdraw the whip if he can’t show up for work.

  148. 148
    McChrystal Sacked says:

    Patraeus in

  149. 149
    Killkiddies Resident says:

  150. 150
    The Court of Public Opinion says:


    In many ways liebour at the last election and the french football team during thsi world cup have a lot in common. Both were having a shit campaign anyway, both were sunk by high-profile gaffs (Bigotgate vs Anelkas tantrum) and the ultimate outcome for them both was the same.

  151. 151
    Marc Oh Ten says:

    Did someone say whip?

  152. 152
    Do you hear a whooshing sound? says:

    That would be McChrystal getting sacked.

  153. 153
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    I’d almost forgotten wha a vile lying cun’t he is.

  154. 154
    FTAC Watch says:

    I said that Brown was insane and they used that as evidence that I was delusional.

    The infamous ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson said that I had ‘peculiar ideas on the economy’ when I said that was out of control and there would have to be extreme cutbacks in government spending.

    I have been trying to get a formal statement from East London NHS Foundation trust of what exactly are the delusions that I am supposed to have. Despite repeated attempts, they refuse to tell me. Odd that.

  155. 155
    Polly says:

    Tory cuts
    Tory cuts
    Tory cuts

  156. 156
    Cassandra King says:

    Even John Major won an election, the fact that after a stitch up leadership theft and three years showing us his vision and waiting until the last second to call an election he lost.
    Brown will forever be known as the PM who never stood for election to PM and when he did he lost, he didnt just lose he actually bombed to the worst defeat, even that loser Kinnock stood for election and he didnt lose as badly as the mental son of the manse.
    He is a loser and that will cripple and haunt him for years…hooooray I say and serves him right and I hope he suffers.

  157. 157
    AC1 says:

    Hi Tat. How’s the blogging going? I thought you said months ago you were leaving this site?

    Hope you’ve kicked your crack habit?

  158. 158
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Everywhere you fuckin turn you run into one of Dinin Abouts loser leadership campaigns.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Oi, leave Gordon alone, he has done the right thing by hiding away.
    If only the poisonous Mrs and Mr Harman, Mr And Mrs Balls, Mr and Mr Milliband, Ms Abbot and the very special child would do the same.

  160. 160
    god's brazilian on earth says:

    i don’t think his carers allow him near electrical items or hot water unsupervised………

  161. 161
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    I was wondering in any other MP SINCE the election had vanished though the “historical” comments v interesting

  162. 162
    concrete pump says:

    I must insist AC1, that you treat the Iranian leader with a bit more respect.

    No one wins by being rude.

  163. 163
    New Years Eve, pills says:

    What price on him topping himself within a year?
    And can i get a win double on method of death?

  164. 164
    Terri says:

    He’s too busy organising the Scottish Labour Party’s campaign for the Holyrood Elections next May. Scottish Labour feel with Brown in charge of the campaign team they cannot lose. Honestly.

  165. 165
    concrete pump says:

    I say!!!! (monocle hits the floor)

  166. 166
    Dolland Aitcheson says:

    “The great thing about an election is you get to meet lots of people – and insult them, belittle them, and display utter contempt for them”

  167. 167
    angelnstar says:

    But I thought Gordon was going off to do charity work for free with Sarah! That is what he told us just before May 6th, and in my innocence, I believed it.

    In other words, it was just bullshit, to impress the gullible! (me!) Now I feel cheated., what a great big fat fibber.

  168. 168
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    I believe the House of Lords has a clocking-on system. The cannier members clock on, then pop out for the day secure in the knowledge that their daily fee will be credited to them in due course.

    If you put in a clocking-out mechanism as well, it means only that they’ll have to pop back at 4.30 (beat the rush-hour, don’t you know?) to clock off.

    Instead, perhaps we could just put into office people who have some standards?

    It would be fascinating to see an analysis of the Lords’ attendance, showing those who signed-in and, of them. who actually attended a committee or the chamber. I can only wonder where the noble Baroness Uddin or Lord Mick of Gorbals would feature.

    (OK, just a thought – it’ll never catch on.)

  169. 169
    concrete pump says:

    I think you’re being jolly rotten to Gordy-poos, Guido

    You should take a leaf out of the ‘concrete pump pamphlet of loveliness’.

    Big hugs.

  170. 170
    nell says:

    Ruffley – though he is known to be on sick leave.

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:

    Newsnight are one of the worst for this type of bullshit, fucking idiots.

  172. 172
    Mike Hunt says:

    You mean a bit like the pay freeze most of the private sector (you know, the bit that makes the money) has been suffering from the last few years.

  173. 173
    W. says:

    There are 93,272 constituents in Kirkcaldy who are completely disenfranchised from the political system .

    So it’s time for one of those new recall elections.

    I expect Guido to start a campaign for this any day now.

  174. 174
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    No chance. He loves his wife and her children.

  175. 175
    The Curse of Cameron says:

    Ha, ha, ha England you’ve lost!

    Oh bugger, hang on, this satire malarkey is harder than it looks.

  176. 176

    Just like the Scottish MSM keep schtum about that nice Mr. Purcell.

  177. 177
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Don’t talk bollocks!!!

  178. 178
    Engineer says:

    The bits of the private sector that’s still in work, yes. Not the bits queing up outside the local Jobcentre Plus clutching their P45’s and a small redundancy payment.

    How many public sector workers have been made redundant so far by the economic downturn?

  179. 179
    The Cunt of Pubic Opinion says:

    stay off the crack tat

  180. 180
    nell says:

    Well in all fairness what sort of charity work could he do anyway??

    Could you see him working for age concen visiting the elderly in their own homes for a chat and a cheery word ??! His dour personality would depress the poor folks he visited!

    Then again could you see him as the host speaker at plush dinners where seats are sold at high prices to raise funds for this or that charity??! Who’d want to buy tickets to hear him speak?

    gordon is quite simply a man who has turned everything that he has touched in life to dross. A failure. Serving no useful purpose. Redundant.

  181. 181
    Curried Eggs says:

    Major even managed to win a majority.
    Which is more than Wavy Davy could manage even against hopeless loser Brown.

  182. 182
    tat says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  183. 183
    concrete pump says:

    Your moniker, Sir, i find offensive – i hope any ladies perusing this blog have averted their eyes from your ‘Nomme de Plume’.

  184. 184
    Steve Expat says:

    Just watched the Dave ‘n’ Nick show on BBCN24, about to watch PMQs now – is it just me or are these two not only getting on very well together, but being seriously honest with people and constructively discussing why they have done what they have?

    Seriously impressed, much more so than I ever thought I would be – imagine Gordo facing a cross section of the public the day after a budget like yesterday’s…

  185. 185
    Court of Public Opinion says:

    I noticed his comments and thought the same.

    Where is the Hunt who bankrupted the country? I want him to explain where it all went wrong.

  186. 186
    the last quango in paris says:

    ‘watching the football’ – oh no he isn’t- that is what he wants us to think, down with the kids etc… he obvioulsy will not want england to win just like every other sulking scot who failed to qualify! He is a 60 year oldish man who was forced into early retirement by the whole country – he will not be able to comprehend why he did not win and as plain old gb he will be finding a lot of peoples phones just ringing out.

  187. 187
    David Miliband says:

    What’s the difference between Nick Clegg and a vibrator?
    Nick Clegg is a real dick.

  188. 188
    Court of Public Opinion says:

    I noticed his comments and thought the same.

    Where is the Hoon who ban*rupted the country? I want him to explain where it all went wrong.

  189. 189
    Sir Barrington Minge says:


    Everyone knows you can’t polish a turd!

  190. 190
    Adam Boulton says:

    That four eyed fuckwit.

  191. 191
    Manuel says:


  192. 192
    Rumouir Mill ...... says:

    I understand that the Tories are reviewing the NON-attendance of Sinn Fein and will include the likes of McBrooninn as an example.

  193. 193
    Troops out now says:

    I see Obo could not bring himself to say the British when he said others were giving their lives,what a bastard. troops out now.

  194. 194
    Mike Litorus says:

    I’m sure that cnut scammed more than one tv out of us though

  195. 195
    Bollocky Bill says:

    Who gives a flying fuck about McMental’s “constituents”? Fat, useless idle porridge-wogs who are content to sit on their filthy, prejudiced arses mainlining smack-and-lard speedballs whilst being subsidised to the hilt by the people they hate the most- the English. They’d elect a dog turd if you stuck a red rosette on it. Fuck them.

  196. 196
    Recall_Walcott says:

    I bet Gorgon’s second prime directive, now his first one to beat Cameron has bitten the dust was to see England crash out of their World Cup Group.
    What truly has life left to offer Britain’s destroyer?
    He’d better go and buy a German shirt – Macht Schnell!

  197. 197
    Koba says:

    Brown’s staying at home on benifits

  198. 198
    Elvis says:

    Can I have £5 on hanging? If there’s a dvd- sign me up for a copy. You could raise at least £100million at £5 per copy

  199. 199
    Mike Litorus says:

    Hopefully by a dog walker in the woods…

  200. 200
    Bollocky Bill says:

    The c’unt has ruined the country. We’ll moan and mock all we fucking well want you porridge eating cocksniffing dickwad.

  201. 201
    nell says:


    Osborne’s growing into the job too. I had my doubts about him but I have to admit he’s looking more competent by the day.

    Then again look what we have to compare them to, gutlessgordon, alastair’we can keep printing money’ darling and ed’ we can keep spending money’ balls!!!

  202. 202
    George M says:

    I’ve written here before – I spent a day working with a top Labour ‘supporter’ – he confirmed that GB is g a y and that it (he) will come out after the election.

    This guy had no reason to tell (a true blue Tory (me)) anything but the truth.

    I suspect GB is ‘sicker’ than most of us think and he does appear to be to be a ‘no go’ area – media-wise.

    ‘Bonkers?’ – dunno – Unstable? most certainly! Getting worse – probably not!

  203. 203
    Moral compasses- made in Glasgow by cocksniffing ginger arseholes says:

    So he’s either insane or an utter fucking coward.

  204. 204
    Anonymous says:

    Well Gordon has not been committed because felons and those of unsound mind cannot be MP’s can they?

  205. 205
    we wuv you david says:

  206. 206
    Mandlebum says:

    Don’t be like that, Guido, the one-eyed thieving thug might be sick.

    I fucking hope so. I hope he’s sick- extremely sick – for the rest of his miserable, stinking, unloved life.

    His own children must hate him too, and rightly so. Imagine having that idiot in your ancestry.

  207. 207

    Hey, I’m really good with the Balls

  208. 208
    Gordon says:

    Gibber gibber gibber drool gibber

  209. 209

    My husband knows what to do with his Balls

  210. 210
    Jethro says:

    easy hardcase.

  211. 211
    Moral compasses- made in Glasgow by cocksniffing ginger arseholes says:

    93,272 obese ginger mongs. Who gives a fuck about them?

  212. 212
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Ever heard of a PVR?

  213. 213
    Jethro says:

    nells song but it’s not nell singing it is it?

  214. 214
    Ann Innis says:

    …might be 92,273 or have you already included me? anyway I’m pissed off – whose looking after my interests for f**k sake….

  215. 215
    Moral compasses- made in Glasgow by cocksniffing ginger arseholes says:

    Fuck the 93,272 obese ginger mongs because they deserve fuck all for electing the turd. What about my taxes which are subsidising the snot-munching madman and his fuckwit electorate?

  216. 216
    Reading from a sheet says:

    The Tory trolls have turned up in strength. Where’s Engineer with his simple home spun political philosophy, lifted straight from the Archers.

  217. 217
    Bored housewife says:

    Guido, the monikers on your blog are more interesting than the comments.

  218. 218
    Laddie says:

    How many Mr & Mrs Conservative couples have there been in the Cabinet? What is it with Labour that you have to be not just delusional – but you have to marry one too.

  219. 219
    tat says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  220. 220
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    Yeah, my reaction too. The Tin Foil Hat brigade.

  221. 221
    David Laws says:

    I know what to do with Balls

  222. 222
    Anonymous says:

    They’d elect a dog turd if you stuck a red rosette on it. Fuck them.

    They have, indeed, elected many dog turds-just look opposite the govt benches and you will see what I mean!

  223. 223
    Jethro says:

    Your asking dirty journos to come clean about dirty politicians.

  224. 224



    IT HAD 2 B HUN




    WI\/ NHUMBUR 13














  225. 225
    Sarah Brown says:

    Than you Mr Fawkes. I have been telling Gordon much the same since he lost the election. If he won’t listen to me then perhaps he will listen to you. In the meantime I and the boys continue to live in London while Gordon hides away in his shed. Worrying times.

  226. 226
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    Gordon has been found.

  227. 227
    True Tory says:

    Very soon the Scottish one eyed idiot’s electorate will wake up to the fact that he is spent.

    Don’t worry about the feckless scroungers. When they have no more cash they’ll soon be bleating.

  228. 228
    Marc Oh Ten says:

    Me too.

  229. 229
    Sarah Tweet says:

    In a room full of women – so i wonder how much football will be discussed #worldcup

  230. 230
    Anonymous says:

    Get help, quick

  231. 231
    Not The BBC says:

    The last thing BP need is a hurricane.

  232. 232
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    Don’t you just love Yvette Cooper’s fake indignation at the Budget’s possible effect on the financies of Britain’s poorest hardworking families.

  233. 233
    Missing in action says:

    The Liebore trolls are yelling In-ger-land and wondering what they are going to do with their wasted lives

  234. 234
    Party pooper says:

    He’s ideal material for being an undertaker.

    The relatives of the deceased to to make sure the corpse has nothing of value remaining otherwise it will go missing

  235. 235
    Lord Grytpype-thynne says:

    Let’s not be careful but leave questions to him as to why he wasn’t at Westminster yesterday for the most important day of the parliamentary year and why is he taking money for not carrying out his duties as an MP.

  236. 236
    willsteed says:

    The nation-wrecker is probably busy writing volume 92 of his seemingly endless series ‘courage’

  237. 237
    David Cameron, Prime Minister by default says:

    A few wasted servicemen is a price worth paying to keep the Taliban off the streets of Norfolk. How many do i have to read out this week?

  238. 238
    The Hunt For Brown Cocktober says:

    Hi Sarah. Where’s your hero?

  239. 239
    Anonymous says:

    He was there.

  240. 240
    streamfisher says:

    Peculiar that the BBC and its ranks of rabid New Labour supporters have suddenly stopped mentioning or making any reference whatsoever to Gordon Brown, after all under under our current constitution, as I understand it, he is still the leader of Her Majesties Opposition.
    I Disappear…

  241. 241
    Don't you just love it ? says:

    Guido can’t understand the morality of instigating a regressive tax rise that will mean more, not less, state dependency, leaving those who already suffer the most being even more broke. A hike in VAT to 20% would cost someone on average earnings £150 a year, that may not be much to millionaires like Dave, George or Nick, but those on lower incomes will definitely feel the pain.

    The Coalition simply has no mandate to raise VAT, they were all asked repeatedly during the election campaign and replied they had “no intention” of raising VAT. Clegg actually campaigned against a VAT hike

  242. 242
    Tatwatch says:

    Fuck off tat.

  243. 243
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Be fair to McMental
    22 fit young men running about in skimpy shorts on TV
    He needs a break having saved the world
    I bet his favourite bits are when the players bend forwards, grab their ankles and spit

  244. 244
    AlkyBoultons Anonymous says:

    At least he’s sober Alky Boulton.Have you dried out yet ?

  245. 245
    Sarah says:

    he’s hiding away in the shed at the back of our Scottish house.

  246. 246
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    That’s when the shit really hits the fan.

  247. 247
    Another Scots Fuckwit says:

    I am getting on with my jobby. It’s the right thing to do. Not only right but fair.

  248. 248
    I am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    Dont care , he is a c unt

  249. 249
  250. 250
    Anonymous says:

    You are correct. Just shows what a 13 year dose of utter illiberal socialism does to the psyche.

  251. 251
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    There is certainly an ‘omerta’ operating in the mainstream press around GB’s condition, although this clearly originates from his old team, all of whom are providing various versions for cover purposes.

    However, that’s not good enough. GB is a public servant, we pay him and his constituents depend on him. We pay the mainstream media and we depend on them to report the truth regarding those in public life.

    That GB’s mates are covering up for him is no surprise, but that all the media is doing the same is outrageous. When is someone going to break this wide open, Guido ?

  252. 252
    Nick says:

    I lied

  253. 253
    Mr Slater says:

    Thank you, Ms. Toynbee, but I have one already.

  254. 254
    The court of Guido decides says:

    what sentence?


  255. 255
    Anonymous says:

    Matt Rogers is a gay poof with homosexual tendencies. I’d be more worried about him than the ‘storm’.

  256. 256
    silly old goat says:

    as peculiar as nell trying to blame Huhnes wifer for his years affair with a lesbian
    but then she is senile

  257. 257
    Nell in the psychiatrists chair says:

    Ja ja dis nell .she ist secretly harbouring great love for Brown.hence the constant references to him

  258. 258
    streamfisher says:

    Well wouldn’t you just know it, we are “runners up” to the U.S.A again.

  259. 259
    Rather More Concerned says:

    I think your post tells more about your own sexual hangups and proclivities than McMental’s.

  260. 260
    Bad Ass says:

    anus horriblis

  261. 261
    Bobbie says:

    Tim Cahill just scored!

    Makes up for the unjust sending off?

  262. 262
    silly old goat says:

    you said you were extremely disappointed in the Budget you lying old fool

  263. 263
    Mrs Bigot says:

    I have made 4 calls this evening asking why he is taking public money & not attending to his duties.

    The thieving Hunt !

  264. 264
    Gideon Osboobery says:

    just what me and little billy hague love! we’ll have to do some ‘judo’ later too

  265. 265
    Chris Huhnes Lesbian Strap On Mistress says:


  266. 266
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Gordon Brown has been seen wandering the streets wearing his wifes knickers
    His close friend Lord Mandelson was the first to point out that this was the first time that Gordon had ever been in Sarahs Knickers

  267. 267
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t you do better than that?

  268. 268
    Pubic Wig says:

    Oh dear, sir william – do try to keep up

  269. 269
    fred says:

    Of course he thinks he’s entitled to sit at home all day with the taxpayer funding the life style he thinks he’s entitled to. He’s a Scotch Socialist. His Job is to spend it, it’s the sasanachs job to pay for it.

    Besides, if these people chose Broon represented them, they deserve to be disenfranchised.

  270. 270
    Achtung Panzertruppe ! says:

  271. 271
    Gideon Osboobery says:

    those are my knickers you naughty boy!! don’t you remember i showed you them on the yacht ?

  272. 272
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Actually that’s a great point made earlier – we’ve just had a budget without a peep from the leader of the opposition, nor any real clue as to why not. And just a few weeks ago every liebour asshole in the country was telling us what a great economic guru he is.

  273. 273
    Chris Huhne says:

    My mistress has a massive pair of bollocks.

  274. 274
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Probably none, MH.

    I note that temp drivers working for Manpower Driving Services (the ones who drive vans for Royal Mail and Parcelforce) are on £6 p/h (£9/ph for 7.5 tonne vehicles).

    That’s exactly the same rate they were paid in 2002.

    Didn’t hear the Beeb complaining about that.

  275. 275
    Sarah Fungus Feet says:

    Leave him alone you rotten pigs. He saved the world.

  276. 276
    Chris Huhne says:

    My mistress whips me into submission while I call her big daddy.

  277. 277
    AC1 aka concrete pump says:

    it’s nell

  278. 278
    Don't mention the war says:

    Engerland to face Germany next.

  279. 279
    Toilets MugLiar says:

    Gordon’s not watching football at all.
    He’s busy, busy, busy; ‘fizzing with ideas’…….


  280. 280
    nell says:

    Well inevitable isn’t it? sarah has abandoned him and is living with friends in london.

    He’s up there in that dreary house living a reclusive life all alone. No-one to even make him a cup of tea!!

    We must feel sorry for him!!!

  281. 281
    Dr David Kelly says:

    Forget the dog, just think about the woods, the situation and lack of ‘evidence’.

  282. 282
    David Laws says:

    I’m hiding too.

  283. 283
    The World says:

    Who said i needed saving?

  284. 284
    double dipper says:

    A gay poof? He’s really got it bad.

  285. 285
    Lord Bumwatch of Bumbledon says:

    I would imagine they have seperated which has pushed him over the top?
    However much I hate him I can’t help feeling sorry for him.
    I long suspected a relationship between Blair and Mandelson and I think Brown has a skeleton?1

  286. 286
    The Sun says:


  287. 287
    Adolphs Lad says:

    ve vun der var. You had to run to the Americans.Ve vill vipe you out in der footy.

  288. 288
    Curried Eggs says:

    It makes Wavy Davy join the Liberals.

  289. 289
    Hugh Janus says:

    The Conservatives (and probably NuLiebour come to that) used to run a media monitoring unit. Whatever happened to it, I wonder? Perhaps they have given up after their bias detector went into overload and self-destructed? I think we should be told.

  290. 290
    Thierry Henry says:

    I was a big man yesterday but now I am a garlic munching rebel without a cause or job. Un grande twat as M Domineche described me.

  291. 291
    georgie says:

    You said I would never be Chancellor, tat you tit.

  292. 292
    ACHTUNG! says:

  293. 293
    Anonymous says:

    Any fold will do.

  294. 294
    Down with Brown! says:

    Time for Jonah to do his duty and declare his affection for Germany.

  295. 295
    nell says:


    Not comforting reading. So omaha has sacked mcchrystal because he took a pot shot at omaha’s vanity. Never mind that he was the best chance america had of winning this unwinnable war!! omaha is looking less and less likely to win a second term and more and more like our very own inept gordon. Disappointing!!

    Then again why did mcchrystal so publicly lampoon omaha and biden?

    Is it possible that he knew they were losing the war and personally wanted an out? Hmm??!

  296. 296
    fred says:

    we all knew it was a marriage of convenience. Now he’s not pm, and not really a mp, he’s got nothing to offer her really. should be fun watching them argue about who gets the over draft and credit card bills in the divorce. That’s assuming he’s run his own finances like he ran ours.

  297. 297
    schweinhund says:

  298. 298
    Dave the wimp says:

    Obama’s view of Cameron: a lightweight

    Barack Obama was unimpressed by his encounter with David Cameron earlier this year and commented: “What a lightweight!”

    Cameron’s view of Obama – “BRILLIANT!”

    “I’m enjoying watching Barack Obama. I think he’s a brilliant speaker, I think his optimism and sense of hope for the future is inspiring a lot of people. It’s great to see. Too often [politics] gets down to hope and fear and I think it’s wonderful when hope wins. I’m enjoying watching him, I must say. I think he’s compelling,” Cameron told Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast programme.

  299. 299
    nell says:

    I said osborne didn’t go far enough !!

    Why are we paying child tax credits to people earning up to £40k?? He should have abolished them completely!! Look what that would have saved us!!

  300. 300
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The same Mr Purcell who disappeared from public view after meeting Gordon Brown at a Labour Party function two days earlier?

    If Brown was well, he would have been defending his economic policies of spend and borrow in The H of C, instead he vanishes leaving his party rudderless, whilst the finger puppets fill in for him.

  301. 301
    I have seen what is behind the curtain and lived to tell the tale says:

    Brown is being kept up in the isolation of Scotland under watch of a handler to keep him from revealing anything about or saying anything about who and what really runs this country.

    Do you think a control freak like Brown would be happy about the coup d’état that was recently played on him by Darling, Mandy and Ali C because our masters wanted a new face to appease the public.

    The fact the blubbering oath who claims he is some great colossus intellect couldn’t see how he was being stitched up like a kipper by his own party so a younger Tory model could take the helm?

    The great irony is our masters sense of humour, this is twice that Gordon was nobbled out of the top job first Blair and now Cameron and the dick didn’t even see it coming what a first class terrrrrrwattttttt.

    Honestly if he gets serious about putting to much in this book that his handler is also surprise surprise ‘ghost writing’ & ‘editing’ for him then it will be arranged for him to have a ‘heart attack’ or accident.

    If a sad Scottish mong like Brown can’t sit back and shut up in his retirement and accept he was a mere pawn on the international chessboard, an investment that was bought and traded then the bosses upstairs will liquidate him out of the picture permantely.

  302. 302
    nell says:

    The only taliban on the streets of norfolk or anywhere else in Britain are likely to be homegrown.

    Perhaps now with the sacking of mcchrystal the rose coloured spectacles are going to come off the government in westminster and they are going to realise that labour’s war in Afghanistan is a worthless sham and bring our lads home sooner rather than later.

  303. 303
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Funny how the Hunts at Al Beeb couldn’t tell us when they scheduled an impartial audience with Gordon Brown after any of his or Darling’s budgets.

  304. 304
    Grey Fellow says:

    If McCrystal said to the army follow me they would be behind him to a man.

  305. 305
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Yes, this is important.

    How about MPs who do not sign-on or fail to attend for some number of sessions, being sacked and their seat being awarded to the No 2?

    Exceptions for genuine sick-notes, of course.

  306. 306
  307. 307
    Engineer says:

    If that is true, which of the two is the better diplomat?

  308. 308
    Grey Fellow says:


  309. 309
    heir to blair says:

    the word is arselicker

  310. 310
    Bass Rock Gannet says:

    He’s no here.

    I’d shite on his heid if he wis.

  311. 311
    Heir to Blair says:

    Why are we paying child benefit to millionaires like Cameron and Osborne ?

  312. 312
    nell says:

    nope I’m a brunette not a blond!

  313. 313
    Double Header says:

  314. 314
    lola says:

    Why not just tag the bastards?

  315. 315
    streamfisher says:

    A chryistal ball!.

  316. 316
    Anonymous says:

    He said doubly poofy, but he meant useless poof.

  317. 317
    lola says:

    What! The evil deluded useless weird bastard bullied and manipulated himself into power using the time worn techniques of all lefty thugs and dictators everywhere and everywhen. He then got away with inflicting his fuck-witted ignorance of all thing fiscal and monetary, let alone economically, on us by the use of the same evil thuggish techniques. Quite bloody honestly he deserves every bit of public loathing and approbrium heading his way. If it was me that was PM I’d have the bastard arrested and try and stick him for malfeasance in public ofice at the very least. In my view the utter shit is a traitor and I’d just shoot him.

  318. 318
    Dream On. says:

    That sort of makes a hero of Gordon, the great king is a prisoner.

  319. 319
    Lord Bumwatch of Bumbledon says:

    Bad luck on his yard detectives not getting around and away from home so long!!!

  320. 320
    anon says:

    Thanks for that! Let’s hope it surfaces regularly when Brown lands himself a cushy number earning millions like Blair.

  321. 321
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Cast Iron says “I agree with Nick”.

  322. 322
    Anonymous says:

    This is a pathetic attack on Gordon below your usual low standards, how much do your tory banker mates get paid to watch football?

  323. 323
    Lord Monteagle says:

    There are 93,272 constituents in Kirkcaldy who are completely disenfranchised from the political system while their elected representative broods in a darkened room.

    Guido, there are only 74,163 constituents in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and only 45,802 could be bothered to vote and only 16,243 voted against Gordon.

    So 57,920 deserve all they get for letting Broon back in.

    Sitting pissed in your underpants, watching football on TV while unemployed and shouting at passing seagulls is considered normal among Labour voters in Kirkcaldy so they probably wonder why all the fuss about Gordon.

    Duelling Banjos. The Kirkcaldy theme tune.

  324. 324
    Obama Beach says:

    Why not both?

  325. 325
    anon says:

    It’s all Sue’s fault.

  326. 326
    Jethro says:


  327. 327
    lola says:

    Why the fuck are people of £40 paying taxes and then getting tax credits?

  328. 328
    Red a n purple noses for all says:

    fuck off

  329. 329

    You are perhaps confusing those eligible to vote with his constituents – not the same.

  330. 330
    Not The BBC says:

    An open letter to President Obama from Jon Voight


  331. 331
    Lord Monteagle says:

    If they’re not eligible to vote they can’t be disenfranchised.

  332. 332
    I was an NWO Stooge says:

    “…then the bosses upstairs will liquidate him out of the picture permantely.”

    Over to you Mr Rothschild.

  333. 333
    The English are still in denial over their complicity in the New Labour Project says:

    Honest View #125 , Now tell me old chap if its all the fault of the Scots how did the likes of Mandleson, Harman, Balls, Blair, Straw, Prescot etc etc etc mange not to be sussed as phonies by The English who even now have voted most of these hoons back in yet again ??

  334. 334
    Not The BBC says:

    a veritable gold field for characters for sitcom writers

  335. 335
    Anonymous says:

    “Charity work” Pays well I believe

  336. 336
    Anonymous says:

    ooooooooooo chippy Englander I see. Touched a nerve it would seem.

  337. 337
    Not The BBC says:

    what the fuck is Darling doing on rabbiting about the budget

  338. 338
    Anonymous says:

    The Man in the Iron Bru

  339. 339
    White Christmas at the Holiday Inn says:

    We’ll Follow the old man wherever he wants to go

  340. 340
    Lord Bumwatch of Bumbledon says:

    Postal votes all?

  341. 341
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Lyrics for those who want to sing along:

    There were ten German bombers in the war,
    There were ten German bombers in the war,
    There were ten German bombers, Ten German bombers,
    There were ten German bombers in the war.

    And the RAF from England shot one down,
    And the RAF from England shot one down,
    And the RAF from England, The RAF from England,
    And the RAF from England shot one down,

    Repeat verses with one more bomber being shot down, until there are none left.Then:

    There were no German bombers, No German bombers,
    There were no German bombers in the war,
    ‘Cos the RAF from England shot them down,
    ‘Cos the RAF from England shot them down,
    ‘Cos the RAF from England, The RAF from England,
    ‘Cos the RAF from England shot them down.

  342. 342
    Auntie Flo' says:

    The fans are singing the politically correct version:

    There were ten German bombers in the air

  343. 343
    You Couldn't Make it Up says:

    Don’t watch the BBC and above all don’t pay the licence fee!

    – it only encourages them – they then think they have a mandate to broadcast their distortions and ram their prejudices down our throats

  344. 344
    You Couldn't Make it Up says:

    It really bugs me that it was well known by the Tories in Bury St Edmunds that he was suffering from depressive illness before the election – and therefore was in no position to look after his constituents’ interests if elected. It shows contempt for the electorate to hide something like that – would it have happened in a less safe seat?

  345. 345
    The Enlightened One says:

    Bollocky Bill says:
    June 23, 2010 at 7:49 pm
    Who gives a flying fuck about McMental’s “constituents”? Fat, useless idle porridge-suckers who are content to sit on their filthy, prejudiced arses mainlining smack-and-lard speedballs whilst being subsidised to the hilt by the people they hate the most- the English. They’d elect a dog turd if you stuck a red rosette on it. Fuck them.

    Import a few hundred thousand ghetto rats from California or the sub continent and they’ll quickly forget their animosity towards the English. It’s all relative.

  346. 346
    herewegoagain says:

    No, Just a bit of common sense…sometimes absent from these threads…Despite what anyone thinks about his character, or his performance, he’s had many years in a stressful job, and a few weeks off is to be expected.

  347. 347

    I hope you used a public call box otherwise you’ll wake up to find McPoison going thru your bins for something to smear you with and I don’t mean the kitchen left-overs!

  348. 348
    50 Calibre says:

    He was impressive with a good speech writer and a functioning autocue.

    Without either he starting to make George F Bush rather good…

  349. 349
    Gordon Brown says:

    I did.

  350. 350
    50 Calibre says:


  351. 351
    SarahN says:

    Please don’t post links to vile anti-semitic arseholes here.
    You might not think it from the vitriolic comments about politicians, but we Brits are pretty tolerant and don’t share your Cold-War raving hallucinations about everyone that isn’t a member of the KKK.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it the LaDouche Foundation that accused the Queen of being an international coke dealer?

  352. 352
    Kronos says:

    not true- Obama has never said that, it was made up by a labour journalist helped by mcpoison

  353. 353
    Fred West says:

    Why waste time trawling the web. You can find as many tits as you could ever want by staying on here.

  354. 354
    Fred West says:

    “taken his (ed) balls”

    Please tell me that this is true.

  355. 355
    A Doctor says:

    ” likes of Mandleson, Harman, Balls, Blair, Straw, Prescot etc etc etc mange”

    A very nasty condition, but it will clear up in time.

  356. 356
    Fred West says:

    “top Labour ‘supporter’ – he confirmed that GB is g a y”

    What!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t say. Can that really be true?

  357. 357
    Fred West says:

    “I’ve never found it difficult to tell the difference between a ray of sunshine and a Scotsman with a grievance”

    Bertie Wooster

  358. 358
    Peter Tatchell says:

    Authorities should send in a snatch squad to drag the fat jock arse bandit out of the house and kick the shit out of him on prime time TV.

  359. 359






  360. 360





  361. 361
    Jeremy Isaacs says:

    time for Channel 4 D I S P A T C H E S to get on his case or the ubiqutous(sic) Jacque Paretti (sic) … if they can cobble together a program on a ‘im mad as hell and i aint gonna take IT anymore’ Cumbrian taxi driver with a Thai tart addiction then they can do us a nice ‘Is Gordon sulking because he dont get child benefit anymore?’

  362. 362
    Blue Lady says:

    Brown the good old Socialist didn’t knock £50K off his own salary, only his Successors.

  363. 363
    Blue Lady says:

    If England had it’s own Parliament like the Scots, then these morons would never have been in power in the first place, not in England anyway. The Tories have a 62 seat majority in England and yet we still have a coalition Government which has had to either water down or scrap many of the things we voted for. Even though the Scottish Parliament decides on 70% of their own affairs, the Scottish vote still denies us English the Government we voted for. The Scots will never vote Tory. Like someone previously said – they would vote for a dog turd if it had a red rosette on. It’s surprising after 12 years of devolution, we English are not demanding the same rights as the other three countries in the UK. That way we would probably never see a Labour Government in England again. We should demand an English Parliament and the Scots can keep McMentallist and the rest of this nasty incompetent bunch.

  364. 364
    Blue Lady says:

    Er yes we do – as long as he’s costing us hundreds of thousands to keep him in his mansion with his Sky TV and Sarah in London also probably paid for by us – both costing more in Security than the PM. Wouldn’t surprise me if Brown is still insisting on outriders everywhere he goes, unlike Dave Cam.

  365. 365
    Roger Daley says:

    With his one guid eye he has only seen half the stuff we have had to put up with.

  366. 366













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