June 22nd, 2010

Labour’s Missing Economic Genius

Labour are running round like headless chickens this morning. Alastair Darling has had a lie-in, attack dogs like Liam Byrne are nowhere to be seen, while Harman and the leadership candidates are all trying to get a look in. The airwaves have no-one of economic authority to hand from the opposition benches.

Foolishly they are really overlooking one MP who could coordinate and streamline their attacks and message. Where is the man who “abolished boom and bust”? The “best man for the job”? The man who kept debt low, who invested for the future, who fought for fairness and Britain every day. The man who “made all the right calls”, the man of “substance”.

Where is “the great clunking fist” and why isn’t he “getting on with the job” the taxpayers pay him to do?


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    Perhaps they won’t let Brown out of the asylum – not even for a day.


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      It's a puzzle innit ? No. says:

      Perhaps they sadly just aren’t stupid enough to do what the tories want and parade their loser ex leader about to take the fire away from Osborne. Dashed unsporting.


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      Dr D'Aeath says:

      The patient Brown is in a fragile state, has self harming episodes and is prone to attempted suicide.
      Some staff would say this would be the best outcome for him, but as medical professional, I will insist on him continuing to wear the straitjacket.
      Treatment consists of daily connections to the main voltage, and he is booked in for a Pre-Frintal Lobotomy.
      I hope this answers all your questions…


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        Another Quack says:

        Might I suggest too Doctor, the occasional application of a 50KV taser to this mans balls and which I trust you will find to be quite efficacious in his treatment.

        As for the lobotomy, I’d advise your wearing those spectacles with little windshield wipers when drilling the necessary entrance hole, in anticipation of the great gout of evil smelling slime which will erupt therefrom.


      • 90
        Phil O'Pastree says:

        Condition: satisfactory.


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      For Old Times Sake says:


      • 220
        Elvis says:

        When Verweodt was assassinated, the Irish Militant ran an Epitaph “He was a bastard- Hell roast him”- could work for nodroG. Pull the bastard out of whereever he is hiding and get him to answer for the last 13 years without any minders to help him. Then roast him over a slow fire.


        • 278
          Observer says:

          Any relation to H F Verwoerd stabbed to death by Dimitri Tsafendas.

          Privtae Eye cover “A nation mourns” showing photo of Zulus dancing about with spears aloft.


          • JRand says:

            Zulus dancing on McSnot’s grave?
            That would be a sight to see!
            i zigazingazinga zinga…..


    • 283
      Harold Adrian Russell says:

      He is awaiting his escape to the Sowjetunion?


    • 284
      I miss Gorgon says:

      I MISS GORGON – he could always make me laugh ’til I peed myself – what a class act he was!


    • 288
      Anonymous says:

      Perhaps he is simply too important to attend Westminster and do the work of a mere MP? Although the pay and expenses probably come in useful.


      • 294
        Gordon Brown MP says:

        Thank you for your kind comments. I am doing the right thing by locking myself in the toilet to finish my new book ” Profiles in Wankery”. Sarah has placed mittens on my hands to prevent any DIY.


    • 298
      50 Calibre says:

      He’s really still in the check-out queue at Morrisons in Dunfermline.

      That’s the only place that nobody recognises him…


    • 316
      RareJunk says:

      He was seen skulking about a Fife school scaring the children.

      Makes a change from his coleague Fank “fancy a sweetie” Macaveety, He likes lusting after schoolchildren. Must be the uniform.


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    Popeye says:

    Liam Byrne…the smiling viper?

    Gordon’s gone walk abouts mate.


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      Anonymous says:

      “Gordon’s gone walk abouts mate.”

      Hopefully at the top of Beachy Head.


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        Mr Pedant says:

        The top of Beachy Head is quite safe – it’s arrival at the bottom that tends to cause the problems.


        • 26
          PD77 says:

          He-yuck, He-yuck!


        • 33
          Tessa Tickles says:

          Or, in Gordon’s case, a very loud cheer from the British public.


        • 37
          The Pedant says:

          Correction. It is proceeding to the edge and taking a step into thin air that’s the problem. After that it’s all down hill…


          • Mr Pedant says:

            I beg to differ. Stepping off into thin air is not of itself injurious; it is the inability to control gravity sufficiently to avoid the heavy landing at the bottom that does the damage.


          • Another Pedant says:

            It could be a strong northerly wind, rather than a ‘step’. And it’s the ledges on the way down that cause the pain, not the crab’s diner at the bottom.


        • 280
          Spike Milligan says:

          It’s okay, the ground will break your fall!


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    Anonymous says:

    Is there a prize if anyone spots him on the benches today?


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      Like ‘where’s Wally’, or ‘Where’s Wanker’ would be more apt.


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        amongymous says:

        A more fun game is watching David Millibanana implode with hyperbolic rage over every tiny change. He really is like an arrogant 17yr old who thinks he understands everything, everyone else is stupid and if he could just be dictator for a few years it would all be ok. When the loan for the nuclear jobs in Sheffield was scrapped he almost had a meltdown – ranting that it was economic vandalism. The guy is always going well over the top.


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          Party Pooper says:

          An arrogant little wanker who thinks he commands respect and in reality has none would be my description.


        • 55
          The Pedant says:

          Son of Gordoom


        • 93
          bergen says:

          I do hope Milipede major is picked.He may be super-intelligent(?) but you’d never realise it from the way he behaves.The Guardianistas may love him but everyone else thinks he’s a seriously weird,arrogant prat,totalling lacking any of the empathy skills a successful political leader now requires.


          • amongymous says:

            He thinks he’s super-intelligent and uses all the “in” polito-speak but if you listen there is never any substance, just endless waffle, dividing lines and that knowing smirk that says “I studied this in my equality and diversity seminar on my politics course”.

            We should view PPE as similar to film and tv studies.


          • AC1 says:

            Look the left always describe their retarded politicos as intelligent and right wingers as stupid The evidence is never presented as to why this is claimed.

            Brown: Thick
            Obama: Thick
            AlGor: Thick


          • Sarah Palin says:

            the world is 6000 years old and adam and eve is a true story
            DARWIN IS SATAN!


          • Dubya says:

            God told me to invade Iraq and that it had WMD
            I was almost killed by a terrorist pretzel


          • David Cameron says:

            “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.”


          • Phil O'Pastree says:

            Fyffes Milibandero lacks gravitas.

            Balls is the man for a man’s job.


          • Phil O'Pastree says:

            Fuck me AC1, you attract tat’s sockpuppets like a flame to moths.


          • Dild O'Entry says:

            Fuck me, there’s another of tat’s pathetic DildO sockpuppets whining like a little pussy yet again
            whats the matter tat ? couldn’t find a small dog to fuck this morning ?


          • Phil O'Pastree says:

            Now I’ve got one! Allo titfer, you stand out like bulldog’s bollocks pal.


          • Dild O'Entry says:

            You’ve got shit for brains! Allo tat, you been licking a dogs bollocks again mate.


          • nonewlabour says:

            If Cameron is heir to Blair, Miliband senior is Blair’s doppelganger. Hence D Miliband’s time has come and gone. Lets hope Cameron’s time passes soon so we can leave Blair in the roadside of history.


          • filipinomonkey says:

            Super intelligent? May I suggest you look out his school record, I think you will find it distinctly underwhelming…


          • Allan@Aberdeen says:

            Milliband failed his A-level Physics yet he presumes to lecture us on ‘global warming’. He and several other academic failures (incl. the current PM) then go to Oxford and wander out with Firsts in PPE, and that is whilst being pissed-up and doped-out. Just how rigorous is this PPE?


    • 27
      The Betty Ford Clinic says:

      We’re not sure we can get the poor guy ready in time.


      • 40
        Tessa Tickles says:

        It’s 10:20 in the morning and Gordon’s already on his second bottle of Glenfiddich.

        Not much chance of an appearance in the Commons.


    • 43
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      The benches next to the park gates?


    • 58
      Prize Giver says:

      Most certainly! It is a photograph of the dear and past Leader, mounted and in a position of your choice.


  4. 4
    English John says:

    Sauchiehall Street. Glasgie. Big issue seller, and terrible old drunk. Heard shouting “I was just doing my jobbie”


  5. 7
    Terrible But True says:

    Um… ‘this morning’?


  6. 8

    I don’t want Brown or Darling’s opinions on how to get us out of the mess that they created.


    • 20
      Kit says:

      Like asking the arsonist how to put out the fire.


      • 30
        yvette & ed, millibanana, harperson, balls and the BBC says:

        Gordon was an outstanding chancellor and PM who brought prosperity and saved the NHS and the world. The economic problems were caused by Americans and Thatcher. In fact Brown managed to decrease debt. The problems being faced now are entirely the Tories’ fault since they are the government. Just like Thatcher in 1979 they don’t realise they have inherited a paradise and any changes they make are 100% their fault.


        • 319
          union-flag says:

          Yvette, Millipeado, Harpyman, Balls (talks bollox), Brown, I would never tire of kicking any one of them mentioned in the Hunt and i don’t want to hear their opinion on fucking anything, they lost.


  7. 9
    Peter Hain's tan says:

    If Labour can cut without the world ending (or whatever they accuse the Tories of), doesn’t that suggest what they plan to cut is worthless, and that they knew it all along?

    Whoever it was on these blogs ages ago that compared them to Hitler standing around and telling people how best to clear the bodies had it spot on.


  8. 11
    Davedrive says:

    It is alleged in the Littlejohn column in the Daily mail that he is detained under section 3 of the Mental Health act in the Whyteman’s Brae Psychiatric Hospital, Kirkcaldy.


  9. 12
    Engineer says:

    Labour’s people of “economic authority” are staying well out of it because they know full well that they can’t defend the indefensible without telling huge porkies (not that it’s ever stopped them before). They know they got it spectacularly wrong; even the pachyderms are feeling some guilt.


    • 29
      Dig for Victory says:

      Harry Harman on Sky this am ‘unemployment is unfair’ pretty keen economic reasoning Harry!


      • 229
        AC1 says:

        Only a socialist could consider raising Employer NI (punishment for employing someone) to fund a jobs program.


    • 44
      Dig for Victory says:

      Harman on Sky, her very considered economic argument

      ‘Unemployment is unfair’

      Genius, absolute genius.


  10. 14
    Screw Bastard Brown says:

    Perhaps his protection officers deemed him the most hated person in the UK and is in a safe house – for his and our protection.


    • 299
      50 Calibre says:

      He’s a national treasure. To show our appreciation of his efforts he should be elevated so more people can see him. I have the piano wire if someone would let me know which lamp post we can use to give him a bit of a lift.

      He stole my pension too, the bastard.


  11. 15
    Hugh Janus says:

    “The airwaves have no-one of economic authority to hand from the opposition benches.”

    No change there then.


  12. 16
    Lord Grytpype-thynne says:

    Has anyone started a book on whether or not Brown will turn up tto the Commons today for the first time since he was sworn in as an MP?He is clearly “frit” as the Lady would have said and the continuing scandal of Brown taking an MP’s salary for doing nothing is a stain on what remains of our democracy.

    I hope his behaviour is alluded to today in the Chamber


    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      he lost

      get over it


      • 63
        Lord Grytpype-thynne says:

        No.My point, which you seem to have missed, is that he is nopt representing the people who pay him.Get it now?


        • 98
          Engineer says:

          Has he ever represented the people who pay him? Or was he in it, like so many of them, for himself?

          Look at that whole cabal of “New Labour” architects – Bliar, Mandelweasel, Campbell, Byers, Broon, the whole lot of them. Do you see one iota of “public service ethos” in any of them?


        • 134
          cull the pigs. ALL of them says:

          perhaps you missed the part where all the politicians in parliament were proved to be a dishonest expenses thieving scum


    • 233
      AC1 says:

      More like, “He’s Lost it”..


  13. 17
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve done a massive jobby. It was the right thing to do. But the nice man in white said that next time, I shouldn’t do it in bed.


  14. 18
    Sir William Waad says:

    Gordon’s too busy trying to get a job. The only offer he’s had so far is as a Dementor at the new Harry Potter theme park.


  15. 19
    Sarah Beard says:

    My hero is working on his book in Killkiddies. I’m visiting my special friend in Kent.


    • 84
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      His “book” being a colouring book? With crayons, what with pencils being too sharp?

      “Come on Gordon, finish colouring the sun purple, it’s time for your lithium.”


  16. 22
    Watching old Malaprop says:

    Isn’t Prezza Labour’s Economic Genius? The script for Jim in The Royale Family (on BBC 1 last night) was uncannily like Prezza – was it written for him and is he moonlighting the part in a beard?


  17. 22
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Is he opening a Sure Start Centre in Scotland?

    Is he standing up in Westminster to defend his achivements of rising national debt, an increasing structural budget deficit, rapid growth in unemployment, upwardly creeping inflation, stagnant or anaemic economic growth?

    The man with the moral compass, has vanished, and with the complicity of his friends in the media and the Labour Party is allowed to avoid getting the flak for his appalling stewardship of the economy. This Hunt wanted the power and the glory of office but vanishes when he has to accept responsibiltiy for the wasteland he has created.

    He leaves the responsibity to a bunch of useless finger puppets to offer platitudes to Al Beeb and the MSM. None of whom will bother to ask Why is Gordon not in the Commons? When the Daily Politics asked where is Gordon? It was treated as a joke item.

    Brown may be depressed after his collosal defeat and removal from office, but the current economic mess is his responsibility. But only 8 weeks ago Al Beeb and the Terrys at the Guardian wanted Brown to save the UK from The Tories. Says alot for them.

    His economic legacy is minimal and he won’t stand up to try and defend his decisions which brought Labour down. I would be surprised if any town or city renamed roads after Dr James Gordon Brown, and I doubt that any sculptor will be commissioned to fashion a statue for a plinth, unless it is fashioned as a warning to us all.


    Gordon Brown


    • 34
      Hugh Janus says:

      MaCavity has finally imploded.

      Just rejoice at that news!


    • 48
      BBC says:

      “rapid growth in unemployment, upwardly creeping inflation, stagnant or anaemic economic growth?”

      We now have a Tory government and the above are all their fault.


    • 85
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      His economic legacy is minimal? You are,of course, pulling my leg. Aren’t you?

      His economic legacy is such that UK plc and all those who sail in her is destined to be a second, if not third, world country for the forseeable future. His economic legacy is of such vast proportions that he should swing from a rope in Parliament Square.


  18. 24

    A friend of Mr Brown said: ‘Gordon is doing a lot of writing on economics and other issues. It could lead to a book or a series of lectures or speeches.’


    • 35
      Backwoodsman says:

      Right, you can buy a lot of crayons on an unearned MP’s salary.


    • 46

      Probably lectures – the ‘Fuckwit from Fife’ likes lecturing.


    • 47
      AndyC555 says:

      What, a sort of “how not to do it” guide? Or maybe the title will be “fucking up a national economy for decades to come for Dummies”


      • 106
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        “fucking up a national economy for decades to come for Dummies”

        That’s already written and goes under the snappier title “The Labour Party Manifesto”.


    • 224
      J Gordon Brown says:

      All work and no play makes James a dull boy.
      All work and no play makes James a dull boy.
      All work and no play makes James a dull boy.
      All work and no play makes James a dull boy.



  19. 28
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m doing charity work. I’m not interested in doing something for money. I want to do good.


    • 103
      Old NicK says:

      That’s my boy!


    • 110
      Madme Defarge says:

      Then wee Gordy why are you still taking your pay as an M.P. when clearly you are not even attempting to take part in the job you were voted in to do.

      People is Kirkaldy must shurely eb asking WTF?


  20. 31
    It's George's Day says:

    Osborne, lest we forget, did exactly the same deal as Brown and Blair and 5 years ago made Cameron swear to make him his number 2 and the Chancellor in return for George not standing for the Conservative Leadership.

    I don’t think he’s quite so pleased with that arrangement now.


  21. 35
    Jack Filton says:

    Like the rest of Labour, he’s on the run. The policies, corruption and deceit have been exposed.

    Macavity’s a Mystery Cat: he’s called the Hidden Paw
    For he’s the master criminal who can defy the Law.
    He’s the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad’s despair:
    For when they reach the scene of crime – Macavity’s not there!


  22. 39
    George Osborne says:

    hey guys, good morning

    I want you to know that I’ve had a phone call this morning from Sir Alex Ferguson, telling me to relax before my budget statement. You’ve got to hand it to him, he knows how to treat people


  23. 41
    Johnny says says:

    “The man who kept debt low”

    Which of course is doublespeak much beloved by Brown. He borrowed billions every year after 2001 when we should have been running a surplus instead but because it was lower than the 3% of GDP the Maastricht treaty recommends he thought he could get away with it.


  24. 42
    Southern Softy says:

    There’s no way McBroon is writing a book. No-one can write when the fingernails have been bitten down to the elbow.


    • 80
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      He’s dictating a book then. “The Gold Trader’s Bible” is my guess.


      • 266
        Anonymous says:

        Piss off tat
        the only ‘gold’ you see is the tramps piss you guzzle down you freak


      • 287
        Harold Adrian Russell says:

        As one publisher has the for dummies title his willhave to be “for complete imbecilic numpties”


    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      He is writing “furiously” apparently. Seems to me like the rantings and ravings of a madman. OCD anyone ?


  25. 50
    Roger Daley says:

    Alas Brown fooled a lot of people for a very long time.

    He has to be held accountable for his actions, not only on finance but with regard to the wars that are taking hundreds our our brave soldier’s lives and also for inflicting barbaric Taleban type politics on the British – mainly English people who suffered under his Jacqui Jackboots and his clunking fist interference in the everyday lives of the population of this country.


    • 94
      Helping the English come to Terms with their guilt for the part they played says:

      Jaqui Jackboots being of course English herself. Please do not fall into the trap of attempting tp unload all the blame for the last administrations clusterfuck on the Scots alone. There are many people on here in denial that the English had anything to do with it. New Labour was conceived in the wine bars of North London as much as it was North of The Border. You must acknowledge that or you will fall for it all over again.


      • 119
        Madme Defarge says:

        Yes. I think I agree with that. It was Islington meets the Central Belt. A strange marriage of champagne socialist luvvies and hard left, iron girder chewing Scots commies.

        No wonder it ended in divorce.


      • 126
        Scotland: beyond help? says:

        Ah, but the English did come to terms with their guilt. They repented, and didn’t vote Labour in the General Election.

        That wasn’t quite the case north of the border, though, was it?


        • 165
          Anonymous says:

          Last time I looked the SNP were in power up here and as far as the General election went most Scots didnt vote Labour.But your are essentially correct we do have a massive problem with an ingrained dependency culture in the Central belt. We at least acknowledge that. This is changing , not as quickly as we would like but change it will.


        • 256
          Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

          The people of England did note vote Labour in 1975 either.


          • 405 line says:

            The people of England did not vote Liebour at the 2005 election EITHER!

            Total votes in English Constituencies, May 2005:

            Conservative 8,086,306 votes – which gave 195 seats
            Liebour 8,024,242 votes – which gave 285 seats

            Obviously no problem with the Electoral Boundaries there then!!!


      • 189
        Wrong Site says:

        Go tell it to labour.


      • 290
        Harold Adrian Russell says:

        The majority of Brown’s cabinet were English.


  26. 51
    Cherie says:

    We feel so sorry for dear Gordon and have offered him a job in Tony’s post-room.


  27. 52
    Nice man in a white coat says:

    Good morning, Mr Brown. How are you today?

    Call me prime minister.

    But we’ve talked about that already. You’re not prime minister anymore, are you?

    Yes, I am.

    No, you’re not. We won’t make any progress until you accept that.

    There’s nothing to accept. I’m prime minister.

    Remember that little roleplay we did concerning Mr Purcell?

    I don’t know who you’re talking about.

    Yes, you do, Mr Brown. He’s…

    I said. Call me prime minister.

    You do know Mr Purcell.

    I know not of whom you speak.

    We spent so long on that roleplay until you acknowledged you do know him. Come now, let’s not take a step back. You did so well on that roleplay, we were all pleased with you.

    I know not of whom you speak.

    OK, Mr Brown…Come now, no need to throw that chair at me.


  28. 59
    Susan Boyle is Global says:

    I was very tired, they took me to some kind of clinic…….


  29. 60
    Martin Day says:

    I hope the useless jock bastard is swinging from a tree.


  30. 61
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved the world.


  31. 62
    Alastair Campbell says:

    I’ve taken him for a walk in the woods. Be a while.


  32. 64
    Mentalist McDoom says:

    It’s all Thatcher’s fault.


  33. 66

    “Gordon is highly marketable as an academic,” one friend said. “He’d be very tempted by a temporary job at somewhere like Harvard.” Also, the prospect of him eventually taking over as head of an international institution, such as the World Bank, has been revived.


  34. 67
    bargain books £1 says:

    I think he’s writing his memoirs with ‘firebrand Kirsty’and relaxing after the election campaign.
    Rumours that he’s visiting an Edinburgh hospital have been denied.



    • 82
      Anonymous says:

      Was she the one writing those stupidly infantile platitudes which littered Browns speeches. You know the ones that you espouse when you are 15 before you actually enter the real world out there ?


    • 293
      nicholas Breakspeare says:

      Would Ellie Gellard read it? That is the question


  35. 69
    Tapestry says:

    Being a genius requires a lot of time spent at home thinking.

    It’s a massive sulk, of course.

    Clegg told him that if he stood down temporarily, the Lib Dems would form a government with Labour, then he could return and run the country completely into the ground.

    But it was all a lie. Brown had run the country into the ground a long time ago. Clegg was the only person who could get Brown out of Number 10, and he did it so cleverly. Of course he will never be forgiven.

    The sulk continues.


    • 181
      The Undertaker says:

      Now Clamclegg are shoveling the muck into the grave.It’s all over the system is dead.
      What the public think. Bankers = Shit
      . Politicians = Shit
      . The media = Shit


  36. 71
    tribute band says:

    “Labour are running round like headless chickens this morning.”

    No change there then.


  37. 72
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a big boy now. I can wipe my own botty.


  38. 73

    Labours problem is their leadership has failed to deal with the issue of their economic failure. They are on the wrong side of the argument over cuts.

    This was clearly visible on TV last night. On Dispatches the studio audience voted for cutting middle class welfare but on Newsnight Labour’s spokesman was defending it. For a party of the poor that is a very strange position to be in, and shows a total lack of strategy by their leadership. No wonder nobody wants to represent them on TV today.


  39. 74
    VAT Attack says:

    will it go up ?

    or will Osborne listen to Guido ?


  40. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Brown is still sulking like the spoiled child that he is. He never got a real job and led a cosited existence all his life, from being a “kept” Family in the manse to a life within a political machine which met all his worldly needs from Sky TV to Lightbulbs. The man-child could not run a household budget never mind a countries.


  41. 77
    Anonymous says:

    I should add that unless Brown is sick and has a covering sick note in, then he may be commiting fraud on the public purse.


  42. 78
    Stephen Byers says:

    Gordon said he wanted a cab to a clifftop. I was available for hire. So I drove him.


  43. 83
    Lord Grytpype-thynne says:

    It will be good to see Harridan Harman crash and burn on TV when she responds to the budget.Talk about bread and circuses!


  44. 92
    Gordon Brown says:

    I haven’t been hiding. I’ve been having dinner at Granita with Tony, where we agreed that he would be leader for two terms before letting me take over.


  45. 99
    Sarah Beard says:

    I’m with my friend in Canterbury, admiring her rug.


    • 138
      Jonty McPryor says:

      Fuck! She gets more pussy than what I do FFS.


      • 147
        Martin Day's goldfish says:

        you most certainly are not the real Jonty Pryor.

        Reminds me of what Stephen Fry says on such matters “Not my area of expertise”.


  46. 100
    Mac Hiavelli says:

    Guido für den Bunker zu gehen Befehl


  47. 104
    The public is well known to be very easygoing about hardship and politicians says:

    Barack Obama is said to be perplexed that George W. Bush isn’t showing his face in public at a time when he really could do with someone else to blame for the Oil spill.

    Obama’s aides are said to be distraught that they can’t blame everything on George Bush for Obama’s entire term.


  48. 114
    mrs.duffy asks: says:

    why dont they just print more money?
    then we will all be rich!!!!!

    are they all Hunts in jockland?




  49. 118
    Hugh Janus says:

    Has Obama taken a day off since Bhopal 26 years ago? If so he’s a bloody hypocrite.


  50. 123
    from number 10 to a life in a shed. says:

    Have you seen this man? The hunt for the former PM



    • 214
      Anonymous says:

      “Gordon is highly marketable as an academic,” one friend said. “He’d be very tempted by a temporary job at somewhere like Harvard [though] he probably will stay on as an MP.”



      • 310
        Anonymous says:

        Any company taking this idiot on will get no business from me. The man IS NOT an academic he is a clown !!!


  51. 124
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    Great Clunking Fist ???

    Great Sulking Shit would be more accurate.


  52. 125
    New Labour Press Release says:

    The Glorious Leader is in good spirits spending his time Writing, going for walks in the Country and indulging his passion for football by watching the World Cup. He was particuarly impressed by North Koreas Victory over Brazil and their 7-0 Triumph over Portugal. Long live Kim Jong Broon

    ps The Glorious leader requests that the fees office upgrade his sky package to Sky HD and is wondering when the 3D version will be available.


  53. 127
    tat's cracked says:

    having another wank over the fat bird tat? you sad little inadequate druggie


  54. 137
    Toilets MugLiar says:

    Gordon is ‘fizzing with ideas’….



  55. 143
    Selohesra says:

    what is this with “rice an’ pea” – am I missing something


  56. 144
    jolly says:

    gordon brown is probably joining RBS when the dust settles, with him anything is possible even probable..


    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      If thats the case I will add them to my list of businesses I will never do business with again. Oh I see there on there already …


  57. 146
    ghettobaby says:

    In true GORDON STYLE he cant even bugger off without making a meal of it ……….when he was supposed to F**k off the first time around , he bloody didn’t, so he decides to do it now , when it doesn’t even matter……..eedyat!


  58. 150
    The Sun says:

    wheres our Loony?


  59. 158
    Lord of the Flies,The Childrens Government says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour that Labour will be putting up Bevanite Ellie as the official response to the budget ??


  60. 163
    For Old Times Sake says:


  61. 164
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    ‘…The airwaves have no-one of economic authority to hand from the opposition benches’

    Now you’re taking the p**s, Guido!


  62. 166
    Jonathan says:

    I’m betting when he returns to the Commons, he gets a standing ovation from the assorted scum on the Labour benches.


  63. 167

    The fecking Fifeshire Feartie should be dragged to the Commons today like Hannibal Lecter in his “special” going out suit, and made to face up to reality, instead of hiding north of the border where it all started.
    Anyone know if Steve Purcell has joined Broon at the treatment centre yet?


  64. 169

    Former prime minister Gordon Brown will not be at Westminster to hear the new coalition Government’s emergency Budget, it has been confirmed.

    Instead, the former Labour leader – who was Chancellor under Tony Blair before he moved to Number 10 – will be carrying out a number of engagements in his Scottish constituency.

    While new Chancellor George Osborne was preparing to make his first Budget, Mr Brown was being quizzed by pupils at a Fife high school on Tuesday morning.


    • 176
      Hugh Janus says:

      “…Mr Brown was being quizzed by pupils at a Fife high school on Tuesday morning.”

      That must have been a rather one-sided contest.


    • 185
      wee jimmy says:

      “Mr Brown was being quizzed by pupils at a Fife high school on Tuesday morning.”

      “What’s it like being a sad fucking loser Mr?”


  65. 172
    Anonymous says:

    today is going to be wall to wall osborne


  66. 178
    Sarah Tweet says:

    Roll On Summertime!


  67. 180
    Next time I'll use a calculator says:

    Mr Brown is attending a sure-start centre where he plays with a broken fisher-price baby smartronics computer and wonders why the figures don’t add up.

    He is making tremendous progress and when he gets out of his cot will negotiate a book deal to rewrite the book of logarithms backwards in arabic and publish a manual on how to repair broken slide-rules, the tools he used as the greatest no-more-boom-and-bust chancellor ever.


  68. 186
    Tony says:

    Typically, Guido and acolytes reduce the whole budget issue to trivia. It’s not about personalities (get over your obsession with Broon – he’s forgotten about you) – it’s about the effect on real people’s lives. Wouldn’t it be great if Guido could use his considerable investigative talent for some useful purpose, perhaps analysing and ridiculing such spin-terms as “we’re all in this together”? Even a 50% levy on a banker’s profits (as if!) would just be an inconvenience to the banker, hardly life-endangering, whereas the abolition of the 18-week hospital waiting-list target (slipped in quietly on a good day to bury bad news?) will actually kill some non-privately insured people. But then, that’s asking a partisan shock-jock to care about real people and the issues that concern them – too much to ask, I realise.


    • 201
      Bo! Selecta says:

      Why don’t YOU do something instead of whingeing about other people. Fucking armchair socialists, dontchajushatethem?


      • 295
        Tony says:

        Effing Fawkes-lover, Bo! Are you a paid or unpaid lackey?


        • 296
          Audemus Dicere says:

          @ Tony:

          “whereas the abolition of the 18-week hospital waiting-list target (slipped in quietly on a good day to bury bad news?) will actually kill some non-privately insured people”

          What absolute rubbish! How do you manage to come up with such stupidity? The existence of such an artificial “target” is contributing to killing people by forcing medical staff to make decisions based on meeting the target rather than on the type of and duration of care a patient medically requires. Bureaucratic diktat is never, never, never an appropriate way to determine suitable medical treatment.

          In any event, if you genuinely believe the rubbish that you spouted, the answer is simple and always available: privately insure yourself. Avoiding the National Death Sevice altogether is a far more sensible way of reducing the risk to your health.


          • Rob says:

            Yes, ego, audeo declamare, you idiot faux-Latin scholar, that you are a fool. You state that “bureaucratic diktat is never, never, never an appropriate way to determine suitable medical treatment”, as if you know about these things. This is the usual pattern of the Guido blogs. A group of thugs swear all afternoon mindlessly, then someone puts up a counter-argument, then another thug slaps him down with an insult. Finally, a Latin scholar writes a learned paragraph supposedly bringing some rational, albeit rabidly right-wing, argument into the discussion.

            But the argument is totally incoherent and bogus. You should be arguing, as a true free-marketeer, AGAINST the producer interest and IN FAVOUR OF the consumer. But in your Googled-Latin, dumbed-down ignorance, desperate to attack anyone from the Left (as the Lib Dems once were), you end up arguing FOR THE PRODUCER INTEREST. You – oh what’s the Latin for “the man’s a fool”?


    • 202
      Genghiz the Kahn says:

      So where is Gordon?


      Brown is drawing a salary as MP, and is either incapble of accepting responsibility for his actions as PM. It beggars belief that Labour and the MSM ramped him up as worthy of re-election in the first place.

      If Brown had been capable of running the economy well, this budget wouldn’t be necessary.


      • 305
        50 Calibre says:

        The dysfunction, deranged and gutless former sub-prime minister is simply putting his ‘money for nothing’ mantra in practice. I’ll take the money, you get nothing in return.

        The longer he hides, the worse will be his eventual appearance will be, but there doesn’t seem to be a small army of would be employers competing with each other to get him onto their boards of directors. Perhaps they don’t know where he is either. Perhaps he doesn’t really exist. Perhaps he never did. A figment of the national imagination…


    • 212
      Poor of Luton says:

      you twat!

      if you think new labour cared one iota about the ordinary men and women of this country, cared about taking responsibility for ruining our economy, enabling parliamentary corruption to increase beyond their wildest dreams and to make the idea of democracy in the UK laughable you must be Gordon Brown

      now fuck off, you lost


    • 269
      Overpaid Box Ticker says:

      Yeah keep ticking them boxes.


  69. 187
    Limpservative trouble ahead says:


  70. 191
    the windowlickers go into a wanking frenzy over yesterdays man says:

    but sadly for them today will be all about Osborne


  71. 194
    bofl says:

    gold at $1250+ !!!!!!!!!

    that only cost £7 billion………..

    why isnt gordon being prosecuted?

    still,never mind,he bought euros!

    the man shouldnt be let near a jar of baby food let alone government!


  72. 195
    The IMF is not coming says:

    My frame of mind is much improved since early May.

    He should resign and go on a speaking tour to ‘Poundland’ branches to promote his forthcoming memoir.

    In cinema parlance his book will go ‘straight to DVD’


  73. 198
    Anonymous says:

    just watching sky debt counter £10000 every 3 seconds FFS.


  74. 200
    Mr Speaker says:

    In a change to normal procedure, Alastair Darling the economic spokesman for the opposition will give his response to George Osborne’s budget before George Osborne announces his plans. It is felt that parliament may as well get Darling out of the way early because whatever he says will be nonsense anyway.


  75. 206
    Michael68000 says:

    Being a coward, Gordon is not going to face up to his responsibilities and admit he created the mess and he must know he’d be torn to shreds if he opened his mouth – hence the vanishing act.


  76. 215
    justasking says:

    From the Mail:-
    ‘The couple’s sons, John and Fraser, both go to school in London and have so far remained in the capital during the week so as not to disrupt their education. John, six, is at primary school and Fraser, three, at nursery.
    The boys are understood to be staying with close friends of the family.

    Mrs Brown, 46, spends part of the week with them in London and at weekends the whole family is reunited at the house in North Queensferry, Fife, in Mr Brown’s Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency’

    Wonder what she does the other part of the week?


  77. 227
    Albie Here says:

    OT Straw wanting fair constituency boundries,surly some mistake Straw and honesty.


  78. 245
    Cassandrina says:

    On Sunday the bbc radio 4 had two proles, one a woman and the other from the Spectator go through the papers.
    Of course Super Gordon came up and they state that he was “writing in his gazebo” and wasn’t that as shame.
    This economic criminal being paid over £1000+ per week by the taxpayer to write his memoirs, while his wife hawks her own book, and yet the bbc finds two wet journalists to declare they feel sorry for him.
    After the Army it is time for the reform of the bbc.


  79. 259
    Anonymous says:

    Phil O’Pastry is thick as thieves the druggie schizo cocktrumpet


  80. 267
    brownless says:

    frankly its a great pleasure to not see the chingrinner at large…should we hear that hes topped himself the celebrations will be nationwide


    • 301
      50 Calibre says:

      Breaking News…

      He’s topped himself. Cheers…


      • 308
        ooooooer says:

        oooooooooooooooooooooooooer…slurp….hic….I’ll ‘av another.ooooooooooer..cheers..wat grate newz the grinners a gonna..hic


  81. 272
    HappyUk says:

    As part of Labour’s scorched earth policy these are just some of the goodies they had in store, in anticipation of an impending electoral defeat and with full collusion between Labour ministers and senior civil servants:

    A series of defence contracts including a £13 billion tanker aircraft programme whose cost has “astonished and baffled” ministers.

    – £420m of school building contracts, many targeting Labour marginals, signed off by Ed Balls weeks before the general election.

    – The £1.2 billion “e-borders” IT project for the immigration service, which is running even later and more over-budget than Labour ministers had admitted.

    – A crisis in the student loans company where extra cash may be needed to prevent a repeat of last year’s failure to process tens of thousands of claims on time.

    – A £600m computer contract for the new personal pensions account scheme rushed through by Labour this year, which will still cost at least £25m even if cancelled.

    – Around £1.6billion given to the EU to distribute to poor countries, despite the UK already having its own Department for International Development (DfID)

    And does anybody know if this repayment clause was true, should the new government scrap the ID card scheme:



    • 322
      Rob says:

      … and yet, growth for the economy has been downgraded by the OBR as a result of Slasher’s budget. How will the deficit be paid down then? Once all those nasty public sector workers have been kicked out, and stop paying taxes and stimulating demand in the economy, how will the deficit be paid down then? Well, you voted the Slasher in, so you deal with it.


  82. 276
    Anonymous says:

    Whining old cow, and she has a bog chain round her neck.


  83. 277
    I hate New Labour says:

    Cowardice from Brown, as usual.

    The thing is, and this is where his monumental stupidity is clear to see, is that if he’d gone the HOP on state opening and faced the tories, the worst would be over by now.

    The longer he leaves it, the worse it’s going to get. Can you imagine the comments and jibes he’s going to get when he eventually shows his miserable face?

    Unless he’s going to step down before he ever sets foot in parliament again of course. Wouldn’t put it past him.

    Perhaps he’s sitting by the phone, waiting for a call from his good friend Obama?


  84. 282
    Bryan says:

    Today is a clear victory for those that believe in slash and burn economics. For the rest of us, it threatens our jobs and our standard of living. Irrespective of who is to blame – Gordon Brown, the banks or international recession – the budget is truly grim reading.

    I visited this blog to see if there were any decent insights, but sadly the level of debate on this blog is appalling. This is the first and last time I visit it. Keep your petty tit for tat comments to yourself


  85. 291

    Even Nick Clegg is a bloody prime minister now. I’m not coming out to play with that lot again until the Tories give me a job as well! I can be a deputy deputy prime minister. Go on Dave my wee laddy, gizza job I can do that, honest.


  86. 300
    50 Calibre says:

    Are any of the bookies offering odds on if and when the ‘Saviour of the World’ will ever be seen again and if so where, and with how many large men in white coats?

    I don’t suppose there’s the slightest chance there’s any chance of him giving me my pension back, is there?


  87. 304
    Dave says:

    When will the new law allowing constituents to recall their MPs come into force?

    It seems the voters of Kirkaldy have a good case.

    It’s time politicians joined the real world where unauthorised absence incurs loss of pay, and written warnings leading up to dismissal.

    MPs should be required to “sign in” each day or provide a sick note like the rest of us.


    • 309
      Titless says:

      the kirkaldy voters are as deluded as gordon is..they have to be to have elected the Hunt in the first place


      • 313
        Mandlebum says:

        Or to live in that shithole in the first place.


      • 317
        I hate New Labour says:


        They actually increased his majority I think?

        They’re either incredibly stupid or the postal votes were ‘shaped’.

        Mind you, scottish voters never have been that bright.


  88. 306
    Anonymous says:

    Oh I do wish George had announced the abolition of the TV licence fee. Nick Robinson’s face would have been a picture if he had.


  89. 311
    Gordon 3:16 says:

    I will get back to you when I have something to say.


  90. 314
    Voice of Treason says:

    Brown’s continuing absence simply highlights that voters were correct about his character, his moodiness and his complete inability to be an effective Prime Minister.


  91. 318
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    Now I say Guido look here…. You are a chap with your finger on the pulse you know where to find out this stuff…..

    How many OTHER MPs (than the illustrious genius of Kirkaldy) haven’t been seen at the HoC ?

    ( Apart from people with notes from their parents and the Sinn Fein refuseniks of course )

    Why isn’t the main media follwing Brown’s absence more closely?

    (I’d do this but have to sort out a mouse problem in a cupboard)


  92. 320
    GrimeLord says:

    This is the last comment!


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