June 19th, 2010

Huhne : April to June

The cutting below is taken from Chris Huhne’s pre-election spring leaflet as sent to constituents in his marginal Eastleigh constituency.

As you can see for yourself it consists of a number of family photo album type pictures with Huhne’s handwritten, heartfelt and sincere comments below the pictures of domestic enchantment; “getting married does not seem like 26 years ago”, “Family matters  to me so much. Where would we be without them?”

Seems like you’d be shagging the younger mistress without ‘em Chris…

He can hardly claim this is a mere Spring fling, nor is it the only marital indiscretion…

UPDATE : Chris Huhne is now the 40% favourite to be the next Cabinet Minister to leave government.

*Flyer courtesy of an Eastleigh co-conspirator.


  1. 1
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Nasty, but a long way to go before we reach Prescottian levels of hypocrisy.

  2. 2
    Northern Tory says:

    I’m amazed that a man who has more than passing resemblance to Mr Bean managed in 26 years to find two women that find him attractive.

  3. 3

    guido mate. Have you seen his wife? She really does look like Ruth Kelly’s dad. Not that jumping out of the frying pan has done him any good. He appears to have landed up with someone who gets their hair cut by the council.

  4. 4
    Heckmonwyke says:

    Sorry Chris this has gone Nuclear, could be a chain Reaction, Public might think we are a bunch of Heterosexuals!

  5. 5
    Sarf of the River says:

    Christ Almighty, what a fucking hypocrite.

  6. 6
    Humtpy Dumpty says:

    Did it cost the taxpayer anything, did he do it in his office? No? So what is it to do with us? This ‘breaking news’ is beyond prurient – smirking at the break down of someone’s marriage is done by people who really need to go away and get a life of their own.

  7. 7
    Alan says:

    Unfortunately Chris told a lot of untruths during his election campaign but the Labour voters wanted him!! Now they get what they deserve a duplicitous MP with no morals and only his own aspriations in mind. Propping up a Conservative government.

  8. 8
    Huhne-Work says:

    hypocrisy is hypocrisy
    he looks a total twat

  9. 9
    Lescromps says:

    The Lib Dems never expected to hold any power,these fuckers have been lying for years, remember “our leader is not a pisshead”well yes he was big time,over the next few weeks we will see a lot more of this,

  10. 10
    Andrea Gill says:

    … does that mean he’ll be Lord Huhne soon? ;-)

  11. 11
    sauce for the goose says:

    “Did it cost the taxpayer anything, did he do it in his office?”

    We’ll find out soon enough apologist drone.
    The Screws don’t have the expenses disk the Telegraph does.
    And the Sunday People have more information on him that they are keeping suspiciously tightlipped about.

  12. 12
    William Hague says:


  13. 13
    john miller says:

    Really, if you were strolling down the road and saw a politician nailed to a cross, moaning; “I’m dying, I’m dying”, nowadays you wouldn’t even lend him your second pair of pliers.

  14. 14
    Lord Bumwatch of Bumbledon says:

    Fell of a wall yourself lately have you?

  15. 15

    You know this is a gossip blog, specialising in tittle-tattle and sleaze? What did you come here for in particular?

  16. 16

    We’re all being hypocrites together.

  17. 17
    A Lying, Cheating, Two-faced double-crossing mendacious git, arrogant chancer and selfish turd says:

    Ah n’vr haed any truble wi ma missus!

    Ah n’er had one!

    Ar n’er had any frends aytha.

    An ar let in a’ll tha moooslums tae prove it.

  18. 18
    Guido, a Labour Fifth Columnist? Surely Not says:

    This is excellent stuff Guido.
    You really are helping promote a huge rift between the Liberals and the Conservatives which will lead to the break up of the coalition and to the emergence of a weak, minority Conservative government.
    Good work, keep it up.

  19. 19
    Jabba the Cat says:

    Lol…well observed there OH, the new woman is surely butt fuck ugly.

  20. 20
    do unto others says:

    he was caught and had to come clean
    you take the bully pulpit and start moralising on others faults (as MPs are wont to do)then you’d best be sure aren’t taking the piss with your own affairs

  21. 21
    Andy Coulson says:

    Fuck, I never thought of that.
    Perhaps me trolling around in the shit with my mates at Screws of the World wasn’t such a great idea after all.
    I wish I hadn’t been talked into doing it by Osborne now.

  22. 22
    Mike Hunt says:

    Henry Kissinger said something to explain John Prescott!

  23. 23
    Get some fucking self respect you creep says:

    Piss off you spineless apologist Liberal lickspittle

  24. 24

    Best laugh Ive had in ages. How many more skeletons will roll out of the cupboard before the end of the year…… Some mothers do have ‘em….

    PS: this is the guy who would put a windfarm on your doorstep.

  25. 25
    Mike Hunt says:

    The answer to the question of who was the arsenal player that Domenech refused to play because he was a Pisces?
    Nicolas Anelka is a Pisces. Score 1 for astrology!

  26. 26
    Gentlemen Place your bets.. Now! says:

    Chris Huhne is now the 40% favourite to be the next Cabinet Minister to leave government.

  27. 27
    Rescomania says:

    Er, to preach morality – specifically his marriage – as a reason to back him, whilst in the middle of an affair, makes it our business.

    Otherwise, I couldn’t give a monkey’s

  28. 28
    AC1 says:

    You’d lend the cross builder some more nails

  29. 29
    John Major's Face Full of Curry says:

    Back to Basics

    Oh Yes!

  30. 30
    iain says:

    “He appears to have landed up with someone who gets their hair cut by the council.”


  31. 31
    Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

    My housekeeper, Mrs. Slope, wonders whether “Huhne” is the new “Hoon” (although I confess I don’t understand the joke…).

  32. 32
    captain cumshot says:

    A bit grim looking.

  33. 33
    Cuts for All says:

    and a wishy washy Libcon council at that

  34. 34
    nell says:

    Look Guido. I’m sorry. I really can’t agree with you on this!!

    I’ve been married 40 years this year and I believe strongly in the Family .

    But nationally life has changed – people marry and divorce now and have affairs. It’s a fact of life. I don’t like or approve of it. But it happens!!

    In public and political life the question that should be asked of the person in office is, are they doing a good job??! and are their personal mistakes costing us money??!

    If they are incompetent in their job( like brown, bliar balls and aintbustinagut were!!) or their personal errors of judgement are costing us money then they should go!! Simple!!!!

    Yes it’s a tragedy to families when break-ups happen but its not a national issue unless you can prove it costs us the taxpayer more than labour’s spend!spend! spend! policies of their 13 years are now going to cost us!!!

  35. 35

    “butt fuck ugly”

    LibDems eh?

  36. 36
    whoops another one down the yellow brick road says:

    The question I want answered we have had 13 years of lies,corruption,arse banditry,bulimia,using public property to screw your bit of fluff in,illegal immigrants,etc and all of a sudden the MSM suddenly have found a new energy in going after miscreants who have been in power since May,13 f*ckin years the MSM kept schtum,WHY ?,you tossers had 13 years to tell the truth but you didn’t,so why would the public believe you now.

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:


  38. 38
    George Street says:

    The fucking rancid lying two-faced hypocrite electoral-reform shagging bastard. He should be fucking well neutred.

  39. 39
    Spin On This says:

    I saw a photo of the woman the Huhney Monster’s been porking. Not good, Chrissy Wissy. Not good at all.

  40. 40

    Typical phalo-centric attitude to Mrs Huhne: both by her arsehold of a husband and by the gloating chubster Guido Fawkes.

  41. 41

    You think Guido wouldn’t rip the Tories a new arse?

    You obviously haven’t been following the Wintertons or Spelman here.

    It isn’t the Party, it’s the hypocrisy from those who would (and do) rule us with a fist of iron, whilst stealing 40% of everything we earn.

    Should we hug these hoodies too?

    Bollocks to that. You want 40% of my money under pain of prison? Expect me to fight back. It isn’t yours. It’s mine. I earned it. You didn’t. You were too busy sleeping with hags, climbing greasy poles and claiming for toasters.

    PS. I fight dirty.


  42. 42
    I like The Huhney Monster says:

    I don’t see why Huhne should have to quit. Robin Cook didn’t quit over his affair. As long as the affair hasn’t involved some corruption, like Blunkett fast-tracking a visa application for his lover’s foreign employee, then it’s irrelevant.

  43. 43
    Albie Here says:

    Had a quick Google on her name ,jeez what a scary picture.

  44. 44
    Lord Prescott of Pork Scratchings says:

    ‘ey, lad. Good on ya. I got me diary secretary to blow my vuvuzela. Pauline wouldn’t do it no more.

  45. 45
    nell the hypocrite says:

    you were screaming at Prescott and all the other twats who did it
    you would be screaming for blood if it was Balls or Militwat caught cheating
    you are a hypocrite
    and so is he for using his supposed exemplary family life as a prop to get elected

  46. 46

    He’s obviously after Blunketts Labrador

  47. 47
    nell says:

    We need to be asking why we are tolerating the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath being paid an End of Employment salary of approx.£150k pa plus an MP’s salary of £65Kpa plus a one off resettlement sum of £approx £70k plus an MP’s annual expenses for staff and offices (of??£bottomless)

    And he has yet to spend even one day in Westminster on the job!!!

  48. 48
    Engineer says:


    Bonkers, the lot of ‘em.

  49. 49
  50. 50
    Bill Clinton says:

    That woman did not blow my vuvuzela………much.

  51. 51
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    I’d put an IV drip in to make him suffer longer.

  52. 52
    Why are we tolerating this trougher ? says:

    David Cameron took out maximum taxpayer-funded mortgage – then paid off own £75k loan four months later
    David Cameron was dragged personally into the expenses row after it was revealed that he paid off a loan on his London home shortly after taking out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage on his constituency house.
    The disclosure followed a powerful call by the Tory leader yesterday for the ‘full force of the law’ to be deployed against MPs who have abused allowances.
    Following a Mail on Sunday investigation Mr Cameron could now face searching questions about his own expense claims.


    Dave claimed for expenses on a second home – the mortgage interest, when he only had one mortgage. He was also one of the largest claimers of this expense in the commons for many years.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    fuck off nell

  54. 54
    Who will Pie? says:

    OH’s ride looks like a Pie
    or is Pie

  55. 55
    nell says:

    Do me a favour!!! Prezza was troughing for all he was worth at the same time he was a serial liar and Adulterer.!!!!

    His wife put up with him becuase she wanted the priveleges his position brought her. She’s still there because she wants him to be made a ”Lord’ so that she become a ‘lady’

    Wow this couple say everything that is to be said about labour!!!!

    Complete and utter Trash aren’t they??!!!!

  56. 56
    captain cumshot says:

    His bit on the side looks like something Zara Phillips might ride.

  57. 57
    cock says:

    I doubt the mistress gives even Guido a chubby

  58. 58
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    I wonder how much notice he actually is taking of the publics answers after he asked them for ideas on where to make cuts? £200m was promised to Afghanistan last week – its to build their schools and hospitals you see, now all ours are in need of nothing and we have such a surplus we can throw it around like confetti.

  59. 59
    nell says:

    Aintbustinagut claimed £300+k, kevan claimed £300+k, rammell claimed nearly as much.

    All of it in ‘Expenses’ !!!!

    Think laterally!! What could you do to personally claim £300k in expenses???!!! Hmmm??!!

  60. 60
    The vestibule of random people muttering in the corner says:

    The whole thing is inexplicable.

    Why would he do that?

  61. 61
    Ludolphus says:

    Wikipedia notes:

    “Huhne married a Greek-born economist Vicky Pryce (currently Chief Economist in the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) in 1984 shortly after she divorced her first husband with whom she had had two daughters.”

    I wonder what Ms Pryce (Mrs Huhne’s) first husband thinks about this turn of events.

    Sauce for the goose hip hip!

  62. 62
    Where's Miss Trim says:

    I’m sure it’s pure coincidence her Facebook and Twitter have vanished.



  63. 63
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Oh, its to help their farmers too: http://tinyurl.com/35gtfrl
    Fantastic news that our agriculture industry is doing so well and employment is so high. There really can’t be any need for these so called “cuts” when we can hand it over to any foreigner who asks – can there?

    I wonder how much of the US taxpayers money Obama is donating to arm these terrorists and help build their training camps. It surely couldn’t just be muggins Britain doing all the donating, like we do in the EU, all over again could it?

  64. 64
    Indigo says:

    Seen elsewhere. Carina Trimingham sounds like a character in a P G Wodehouse story.

    Isn’t Chris “the taxpayer pays for my HobNobs” Huhne a millionaire – this is going to cost him a mint.

  65. 65
    Carina Trim-ingham says:

    Hi Lads!

  66. 66
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve never had an affair. I’ve always been faithful to Ms Macauley.

  67. 67
    nell the hypocrite says:

    you silly, silly old sausage
    you do keep walking into this with your mindless on message droning

    Chris Huhne, a millionaire but you buy his chocolate HobNobs: MPs’ expenses

    Chris Huhne, the millionaire Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, regularly submits receipts for bus tickets and groceries including pints of milk, fluffy dusters, lavatory rolls and chocolate HobNobs.

    Mr Huhne’s constituency home is one of seven he owns in Britain.


    he’s an expenses Pig like Prezza and you’re just as big a hypocrite as he is

  68. 68
    AC1 aka concrete pump aka TaT aka Bullingdon Dave says:

    She’s tasty! I’d do her!

  69. 69
    Naughty says:

    I wonder if Carina Trimingham IS trim down below.

  70. 70
    Albie Here says:

    Your are a Deva guy Engineer thought you had more sense,your too kind to these climbing the greasy pole,lying,corrupt,set of b *stards,that would sell their own mother for power and money , politician’s,who’s job in the HOC is to look after themselves and their paying mates and screw as much as possible from the public purse and don’t give a toss about the public service.

  71. 71
    If it Oinks like a Pig says:

    then Dave’s no better than those cun’ts

    !!! !!! !!!

  72. 72
    new name please says:

    Vagina Quimingham

  73. 73
    The Quim Reaper says:

    I’m sorry, but after fathering five children I felt like a prick in a top hat. Now I only feel a prick.

  74. 74
    Bum Bandit Alert says:

    Has M I N G C A M P B E L L been seeing a R E N T B O Y or is it just a made up smear?

  75. 75
    Dubya says:

    Iraq has vuvuzelas of mass destrucrtion

  76. 76
    CCHQ & Liberal Trolls Watch says:

    Yeah comment 18 does sound like her.

  77. 77
    Laydeeee! says:

    So Chris Huhne was married to Mick Jagger and now hes K D Langs girlfriend.

    I always knew he was a bit of a James Harries.

  78. 78

    Phalo-centric means “thinks with his cock”, right? 49% of the planet will admit to doing that (or lies). Biology ‘innit.

  79. 79
    Batty Boy Alert says:

    Has G E O R G E O S B O U R N E been seeing a R E N T B O Y or is it just a made up smear?

  80. 80
    Part Time Pervert says:

    I’d touch their privates.

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Brown is a dependecy Junkie. Thats his world which he wanted us all to join. Thats why we rejected him the looser that he is.

  82. 82
    Dack Blog says:

    April who? June who? Cripes, the man’s a sexual dynamo.

  83. 83

    thank god there’s more of them women than us

    Ok, they have Anne Widdicombe but we have Iain Dale and his “good with colours” hoards, raised under New Labour to believe that soft furnishings and diversity in the workplace is more important than a good shag.

    Thanks to public schools, I reckon FFM is pretty much de riguer.

  84. 84
    Bum Bandit Alert says:

    I would actually believe that both of them have.

  85. 85
    Chris Huhne says:

    I’d go and see his wife.

  86. 86
    Huhne-Work says:

    He’s trying to catch up on Cleggover.

  87. 87
    the old parties are dying out says:

    LOL at the picture of Chris with the voters.

    Bunch of coffin dodgers.

  88. 88

    Why would anyone expect a politician to have an honest relationship with their spouse?

  89. 89
    a mining matriarch? says:

    A charming martini

  90. 90
    Margaret Beckett says:

    All these affairs. Nokes, Huhne. Why won’t anyone have an affair with ME?!

  91. 91
    anagram in chi trim says:

    Inch it grammarian

  92. 92
    The Huhney Monster says:

    I took becoming a father so seriously, I gave up smoking. But not extra-marital porking.

  93. 93
    attack berg metre says:

    Tarmac beget TREK

  94. 94
    Mr Magoo says:

    Hi babe.

  95. 95
    "I took becoming a father so seriously I gave up smoking" says:

    Did you have many post-coital cigs with your mistress Huhne ?

  96. 96
    Johnny Prescott and the Butter Chickens says:

    That’s not how you have an affair! Silly boy! I knew how to do it. I was a dab hand at conducting secret fishing expeditions. Wa-hey!

  97. 97
    Dack Blog says:

    nell… it’s the hypocrisy, not the infidelity. The man was flogging his marriage to get votes when he was shagging his mistress.

  98. 98
    Dack Blog says:

    Bloody hell give us a break.

  99. 99
    "Getting married does not seem like 26 years ago" says:

    I’ll bet it fucking does today Huhney boy.

  100. 100
    Question for Lord Huhne of Moose-Shagging says:

    Does she spit or swallow?

  101. 101
    shoulder 2 shoulder says:

    He behaved like a right twat when the ConDem coalition was been cobbled together. Preening himself on Sky News outside broadcasts , looking full of himself and generally acting like a complete cock. Whiff of short arse sydrome too.

    Serves the smarmy fucker right. Watching him on QT makes me want to vomit.


  102. 102
    Gordon Brown says:

    Why is this man claiming to be a cabinet minister? I haven’t appointed him. I’m still preparing the new Queen’s Speech. I’ve had to delay the opening of the new parliament.

  103. 103
    Dack Blog says:

    Maybe he sacrificed his marriage to bury the budget bad news. Are the England squad LibDems?

  104. 104
    Albie Here says:

    Any conflict of interest a between politician and someone from an electroral reform society.

  105. 105
    the story so far says:

    unless there’s more he can probably tough it out though he’ll be damaged goods

    but if there’s more…..,

  106. 106
    North, but not Scotland says:

    Good use of the word vestibule.

  107. 107
    the story so far says:

    if this story keeps going till the Budget and after then he’s probably toast

  108. 108
    AC1 says:

    Nation Building in an area without a nation is just wasted money.

    Bomb the Taliban and Al Q and set the tribes on the AlQ supporting tribes.

  109. 109
    iain says:

    Sack him.
    Untrustworthy hoon.

  110. 110
    AlGor says:

    vuvuzelas are a cause of Gerbil Worming.

  111. 111
    McPoison & Dolly the Creep says:

    Oi ! We do the made up smears around here.

  112. 112
    The atrium of private theorising says:

    We really do not see enough architectural allusion in our public discourse.

    I blame Prince Charles and his carbuncles for making it unfashionable

  113. 113
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Untrustworthy Huhne, surely ?

  114. 114
    The ingle-nook of common room gossip says:

    Dyno-rod, more like.

  115. 115
    Coulson & Hilton the Creep says:

    Oi ! We do the made up smears around here.

  116. 116
    New Politics says:

    Top Lib Dem leaves wife for his mistress: Chris Huhne hangs on to Cabinet job despite a second coalition scandal in 3 weeks

    The Coalition was last night rocked by its second Cabinet sleaze scandal in three weeks as Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Chris Huhne announced that he was leaving his wife for his mistress.
    Multi-millionaire Mr Huhne ended his 26-year marriage after confirming he had been having a long-term affair with media adviser Carina Trimingham, a former Press officer for the BBC’s Top Of The Pops.

    His wife, senior civil servant Vicky Pryce, 57, knew nothing of the affair until he had to come clean in the face of media enquiries.
    Mr Huhne is understood to have been conducting the affair with divorcee Ms Trimingham, campaigns director of the Electoral Reform Society, at his constituency home in Eastleigh, Hampshire, for more than a year.


  117. 117
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    If this bloke is perpared to lie and cheat on his own family then what can ordinary members of the public expect from him?

    There’s the fucking door, Huhne.

  118. 118
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    But it is the infidelity. Surely this involved lies and deception. If his wife can’t trust him then why should the taxpayer?

  119. 119
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    Neither: she’s a vegetarian.

  120. 120
    Caroline Nokes says:

    Would anyone like to give me one up the shitter.


  121. 121
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Have you seen Chris Huhne? Worse still, have you heard him speak? Good luck to his wife, she’s better off without him.

  122. 122
    David Cameron says:

    “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.”

  123. 123
    Alcoholic Charlie says:

    And from what I have heard there will be. Here’s hoping his missus is as vindictive as Robin Cook’s wife and turns into a middle aged version of Titty Abmuss or whatever her name is.

  124. 124
    Roman Polanski says:

    One up the bum – no harm done.

    Unless she’s thirteen

  125. 125
    Tracy Temple says:

    It was like blowing a penny whistle

  126. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Labour sleaze as sleazy as it gets !

  127. 127
    Anonymous says:


  128. 128
    Anonymous says:

    True ,Nigel Griffiths got off lightly considering he commited the criminal offence of misconduct in public office. We know it, He knows it !!!! What a disgraceful c unt !!!!!!!

  129. 129
    Auntie Flo' says:

    How about pay for extensive building work and renovations to two homes in order to provide accomodation for the 24 hour nursing your severely disabled son must have?

  130. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Robin Cook was a calculating c unt and if you cant see that then you are ripe for more deception.

  131. 131
    not with taxpayers money you don't says:

    How many of the public are allowed to do that and charge the taxpayer for it. how many multi-millionaires need or can get the taxpayer to pay it?

    Besides, it wasn’t for any building renovations to house a nanny or whatever, it was to pay for his entire mortgage at our expense

  132. 132
    £40,000 says:

    Libcon sleaze as sleazy as it gets !

  133. 133
    Anonymous says:

    Carina was apparently once a PR flack for The Who. Wonder if Huhne knows the words to their song “My Wife”?

    My life’s in jeopardy
    Murdered in cold blood is what I’m gonna be
    I ain’t been home since Friday night
    And now my wife is coming after me

    Gonna buy a tank and an airplane
    When she catches up with me
    Won’t be no time to explain
    She thinks I’ve been with another woman
    And that’s enough to send her half insane…

  134. 134
    albacore says:

    Welcome to the House of Lib/Lab/Condom
    It’s so very nice
    For us rats and lice
    We’re livin’ it up at the House of Lib/Lab/Condom
    Such an easy House
    We don’t bring the spouse

    So never mind that old Fawksie
    Whining at the door
    Seems to us that we’ve heard that sound
    Like a million times before
    Relax all you piggies
    We are here to receive
    They can vote for any twat they like
    But we shall never leave

  135. 135
    Isaac Hunt says:

    Come on George, stop being diplomatic and say what you really think.

  136. 136
    Just stating the obvious says:

    He was elected on a lie that’s why..his maj was 3900 approx.He was touting himself as a family man when he was shagging his mistress. How many of the electors of Eastleigh would have not voted for him if they had known that he was not being straight with them. Personally I don’t give a toss who he’s fucking but when he uses his repuation as a loyal husband etc etc THEN it is the electorates concern.He should also stand down as MP not just a Minister and seek re-election.If he’s re-elected all well and good.If not……….

  137. 137
    Marge Buckett says:

    And you thought I was ugly. This one makes me look like Bo Derek.

  138. 138
    Brane ded says:

    But how many voters of Eastleigh have mistresses, or masters, come to that, who would even have cared tuppence?

    You all know of course the joke about a mistress is what comes between a master and a mattress. Yes, I thought so.

  139. 139
    P. Doff says:

    “…with someone who gets their hair cut by the council”

    Lawn-mower or hedge-trimmer?

  140. 140
    Brane ded says:

    Her: Do you smoke after intercourse?
    Him: Dunno, never looked.

  141. 141
    Easily confused says:

    This Carina thing is a dyke surely? Huhne is a HOON! How the fuck did he become a milionaire, he looks like a mong!

  142. 142
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Open DNS blocked the site to which this link reads, as a “phishing” site!

  143. 143
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Definitely a triple bagger.

  144. 144
    David Laws says:

    And you thought I was a pathetic. This one makes me look honest.

  145. 145
    reynart says:

    David Laws for Energy Secretary anyone?

  146. 146
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Huhne knows the next time he stands up to speak in that pompous way he has everyone will be thinking, ‘He shags a woman who looks like a very ugly boy’.

  147. 147
    Albie Here says:

    Just had a look at Huhne’s Wiki page and I don’t see two faced hypocrite in his profile,surely don’t do as I do but do as I say,because I am better than you should be in it somewhere.

    There’s dogs and then there’s dogs,even with a bag over my head I wouldn’t/couldn’t.

  148. 148
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Unless, like him, you have poor eyesight.

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the point of being married if you don’t get some adultery? The only question is which of the bitches has the biggest tits?

    Huhne is still a cυnt though.

  150. 150
    bergen says:

    That’s the point,I’m afraid.No-one (certainly not themselves)ever thought they would get anywhere near power so that they didn’t have to worry about being caught in ministerial “indiscretions”.Add in that the party is more tolerent about these things anyway,it means the Tabloids are going to have Libdem exclusives for months to come.

    The day that the coalition was formed I thought we’d be in for some Back to Basics.

  151. 151
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    The porte-cochère of Peter Mandelson’s digestive system?

  152. 152

    And I have a nice photo of the three of them together here

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:

    you may find its the start of the lord ashcroft payback time.

  154. 154
    They are all at it. says:

    Tory councillor James Dinsdale, who slept with MP Caroline Nokes, ‘also had affair with gay rights official Anastasia Beaumont-Bott’


  155. 155
    Huhne is the new hoon says:

    Balls and Huhne have something in common then. A liking for Lady boys.

  156. 156
    Lord Bumwatch of Bumbledon says:

    And who has the largest hobnob!!!

  157. 157
    Bogeyman says:

    You can understand why he wanted to keep it a secret. Would YOU want to be seen in public with that?

  158. 158
    Lord Prescott of Chipolta says:

    Call me when Lady Pauline’s at the hairdressers.

  159. 159
    Sir Cum Spect says:


  160. 160
    Bogeyman says:

    Just realised who she looks like – that Tamzin Dunwoody. They’re not really boys, more equine stock.

  161. 161
    ROGER M YOUNG says:

    More like Bo Selecta !

  162. 162
    david says:

    This is even better.


    Like something out of a French Farce, you’ll have to sharpen up Guido the mainstream press are getting way ahead of you.

  163. 163
    ROGER M YOUNG says:

    If Carlsberg did affairs !
    Bend over Laws

  164. 164
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve never had an affair with Ms Macauley.

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Please cut Huhne some slack. He went to the very exclusive Westminster Boys public school and was probably buggered within half an inch of his hobnobs. Carina probably resembles Carruthers Minor from Form 4B who fagged for him.

    Diddling a girl who reminds him of the lad who toasted his marshmallows and brought him his copy of the Tatler when he was 15 is the height of homo-erotic ecstasy for a repressed pompous ass like Huhne.

    Maybe he’ll get lucky and his Greek wife will dress up as one of the 1967 Greek Colonels and ram a kebab up his Corby Electric Trouser Press…

  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    O/T Andrew Marr show. Ed Balls comes on, I switch off. BBC take note.

  167. 167
    50 Calibre says:

    Never mind Huhne. Check out Blinky spouting bollox on Marr. The man’s full of shit.

    “It wasn’t me. Gordon did it. Nothing to do with me.”

    “I am the saviour of the world. Vote for meeeeee”

  168. 168
    Catosays says:

    Most people don’t like shagging horses!

  169. 169
    Anonymous says:

    I could tell he was a twat when he and Eric Pickles were interviewed by Adam Boulton durinng the election campaign,. He was constantly interupting and talking over Pickles so much so that he lost the argument simply by being such a twat.

  170. 170
    50 Calibre says:

    Look at Blinky’s eyes.

    He’s as mad as a hatter and that’s being a bit unfair to hatters.

  171. 171
    cad says:

    It looks like Dinsdale set this up.

    From the Mail article:

    Mr Dinsdale has confirmed that he and Mrs Nokes ‘have had a sexual relationship’. He works in publishing in Cambridge and is a councillor in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, where he lives at his parents’ £500,000 home. Asked yesterday by The Mail on Sunday if he was aware that there were cameras in the hotel room, he said: ‘No comment.’

    From the Andover advertiser:

    “Someone I considered to be a friend chose to make a statement to the media.


  172. 172
    ROGER M YOUNG says:

    who the fuck taught him to spell his name ?

  173. 173
    Marge Buckett says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So go fuck yourselves(copyright N Anelka) you bunch of mysoginists.

  174. 174
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    Listening now…sorry, took it for about 14 seconds and hit the mute button.

    ‘I’m in a position to represent those lower down the scale…’. What, taking £400 a month ‘eating allowance’. Fuck off, you Hoon. You represent nobody other than yourself. Hasn’t been said for some time on here….piano wire and lamp post called for.

  175. 175
    treetrunks says:

    Why do her stocking tops end just past her kneecaps?

  176. 176
    Ed Balls says:

    “Proudest thing I’ve done was to set up a centre for stammerers.If I can enter politics,so can they”- @edballsmp

  177. 177
    50 Calibre says:

    Suggest you set up a centre for punctuation too…

  178. 178
    Day Dreamer says:

    Why the fuck is that twat Balls on the Andy Marr Show! What right has the BBC to inflict that cun*t on us at this time of day. It came as a terrible shock to the system. I hope the BBC will do the honourable thing and allow somebody of note from the coalition to respond to the twat’s nonsense, and allow other candidates of the labour leadership to have equal slots for self-promotion. Balls talking about the economy now that is a load of BALLS!!!!!

  179. 179
    Mitch says:

    Seems to me that the limps never expected to be in power so they whored(both male and female) and drank their time away while pretending to be holier than anybody else.
    Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa busted. lots more to come methinks.

  180. 180
    Lez be friends says:

    Not only that, the Mail has learned that Mrs Nokes is not the only woman with whom he has cheated on his wife, Georgina.

    This week, it emerged that he also had an affair with a bisexual Tory activist, who goes by the colourful name of Anastasia Beaumont-Bott. Last night, she spoke of her relationship with Dinsdale – and insisted that such was her disillusionment with men after their affair that she is now a lesbian.


  181. 181
    Reichschancellor ( in-waiting and waiting and waiting ) Balls says:

    Mrs. Ball-Scooper and I have ‘form’ as triple-flippers.

    I was Gordon’s Groom of the Stool. Vote Balls ! Get McDoom mark II !

  182. 182
    Dack Blog says:

    Looks like George has been pansticked by the same make up bod that does Hain.

  183. 183
    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    He followed the example of paddy pantsdown!

  184. 184
    ROGER M YOUNG says:

    What sort of fucking idiots voted this turd in ?
    I hope his tart’s fanny is as tight as he is !

  185. 185
    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    Can’t wait for gordos new book! He’s writing you know!!

  186. 186
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    Morning All. Did you see Ed on the Andrew Marr programme ??

    He will carry forward all the successful policies that we introduced in Labour’s Golden Age of 1997-2010.

    Vote Balls, get Brezhnev !

  187. 187
    ROGER M YOUNG says:

    Robin Cook was the last “Honourable” man in the New Labour party
    he resigned from B-liars government over the illegal war in Iraq which must count for something !

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Or not.

  189. 189
    LORD PRESCOTT of Mount Tracey Temple and The Ridings says:

    Cable has been looking ill since he found out he would actually have to work for a living !
    i wonder who he has been knobbing or vice versa ?

  190. 190
    Ed 'Blinky' Balls says:

    So what!

  191. 191
    50 Calibre says:

    Brezhnev might have been preferable…

  192. 192
    LORD PRESCOTT of Mount Tracey Temple and The Ridings says:

    Does anyone know if that Sarah Teather has been “Shagging” or “Rug Munching” her way to the top ?
    Now that would make me buy the Daily Sport for the free DVD

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    His resgnation was him positioning himself for the leadership as he had calculated ( correctly) that Iraq would go tits up. point of principle my arse. Anyway “Honourable” dont make me laugh this is the man who dumped his wife by Text for his secretary. He was an odious man.

  194. 194
    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    He’s got a “Common Purpose”.!!!!!

  195. 195
    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    Ooo, has she bin hangin out with Sally Bercow then?

  196. 196
    SarumSea says:

    I probably don’t need to ask this here but why oh why do the BBC persist in giving us a diet of Labour oiks? I don’t recall living on a diet of Tory has-beens after the 1997 election. I would like to think it is because Cameron has told his team to ration their time on the screen so poor old beeb has nowhere alse to go to keep it’s crap political shows on the road (and it’s crap political presenters such as Marr and the Bumblebees. Off to see Dad now with a decent bottle!

  197. 197
    LORD PRESCOTT of Mount Tracey Temple and The Ridings says:

    Say’s here “She remains Tight Lipped” Really ?

  198. 198
    Thea Bourne says:

    Amazing how liberals are so liberal with their willies!

  199. 199
    captain cumshot says:

    Very good indeed, made my sunday morning so far.

  200. 200
    Average Whitey says:


  201. 201
    LORD PRESCOTT of Mount Tracey Temple and The Ridings says:

    I thought that Beastiality was still illegal in this country ?

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    The problem is the deficit ie the amount of money per year which the government spends over and above what the Government raise by taxation.

    We already had problems with this BEFORE the bankng crisis which only served to exacerbated the issue.( See Tuckers Law )

    The fact is notwithstanding the Bank bail out, the government were spending more than they “earned”. That is why we were first into recession and last out of it, if indeed we are out of it at all.

    Brown and his band of shysters squandered Billions on social engineering which brought no monetary return and more importantly LITTLE social benefits either.

    Most of us could live with high spending if it meant better services.

    Truth is it didnt.

    Epic Fail .

    Thats why the architect of this incompetence is in hiding.

    Thats why the opinoins of Balls, Harman, Milliband and whatshername are of no consequence.

  203. 203
    LORD PRESCOTT of Mount Tracey Temple and The Ridings says:

    wait till he gets found dipping his hobnob in chocolate
    like the rest of e’m

  204. 204
    XPD says:

    Cook went the same way as Dr Kelly

  205. 205
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Heads really should roll at the coverage Britains Biggest Cokeusers have given to the losers since their disastrous election where they got their worst result since 1931. Loser balls must have some serious dirt on the execs – perhaps the journos that just stitched shagger huhne up might care to oblige?

    It does sound like Friday nights are about to become watchable again though: http://tinyurl.com/34q6vwe

  206. 206
    Indigo says:

    I assumed that it was because the BBC had decided that, as Nature abhors a vacuum, the State broadcaster would act as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition until Labour come out of denial that they LOST the General Election and remember that they are supposed to be representing their constituents’ interests at Westminster – not writing books in their gazebo, terrorising the Fees Office staff (Ann “thrown to the dogs” Clwd, for instance) or running mistresses.

  207. 207
    The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

    At least he’s not a bummer, I’m shocked at that that a Lib Dem enjoys having sex with women.

  208. 208
    Mr Harman's flash Office says:

    Labour trolls have too much time on their hands,

    You are wasting your time, this blog isn’t as important as it once was.

  209. 209
    Average Whitey says:

    more in common with Odd Balls than I realised

  210. 210
    bandersnatch says:

    I don’t care what he does with his mistress, but if those pics and captions were genuinely from election literature sent out this spring he is a hypocritical shit indeed to use his wife and children in that way.

  211. 211
    i am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    I dont really give a fuck , who he fucks is his buisness

  212. 212
    Paddy Pantsdown's mate says:

    He probably is – could you do it with her facing you?

  213. 213
    Chris Huhne says:

    Can I still claim my 3 quid a week married man’s allowance?

  214. 214
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    And his wife’s, perhaps. And if she can’t trust him how can we?

  215. 215

    […] 20th, 2010 Quote of the Day Chris Huhne wrote in April to his […]

  216. 216
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Ask your friend Laws if you can pay rent to the new one.

  217. 217
    The Buttress of Unrestricted Vocalizations says:

    I wholeheartedly agree!

  218. 218
    i am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    its not really that , if he is doing his job alright and sorting his voters problems out then who he fucks aint our buisness , If however it affects his job or he has been using taxpayer money to help , then hang the fucker

  219. 219
    If the cap fits says:

    you seem to be recollecting

  220. 220
    Fanny Trimmingham says:

    The Tories won’t play at hourly press releases. Just the one story a day coming out of Downing Street.

    Labour are always prepared to send out a shadow cabinet whore to get some Beeb publicity. Life after the election goes on pretty much the same for the socialist press and Feckless sleaze party.

  221. 221
    i am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    Look the most important thing is why are england shit at football ?

  222. 222
    The Buttress of Unrestricted Vocalizations says:

    Blair, Bad Al et al. give a whole new spin on the Teddy Bears Picnic, I’m pretty sure that was not the surprise you were expecting when you go down to the woods!

  223. 223
    Anonymous says:

    an odious man who had more brains than Blair and the Heir to Blair Cameron when it came to the biggest decision of the British Government in decades

  224. 224
    Tosserwatch says:

    Why the fuck is the twat Balls on Guido’s blog every other day ?

  225. 225
    Nick Clegg says:

    Was enjoying watching a re-run of Spitting Image earlier.

    Was gutted when It turned out to be just a Capello post-match interview.

  226. 226
    David Laws says:

    But will your divorce cost more than £40,000 Huhne ?
    Looks like I’ll have the last laugh Chrissy boy.

  227. 227
    i am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    and to think he could have been lib dem leader instead of clegg

  228. 228
    Telegraph says:

    oh you’d be surprised what we have stored away for future use.

  229. 229
    Chris Huhne says:

    I was in Tesco looking for OXO cubes, I saw beef, lamb, chicken, vegetable & England – in white foil with a red cross

    I queried it and was told it was new out – the laughing stock

  230. 230
    The Buttress of Unrestricted Vocalizations says:

    The full title was “An Inconvenient Truth, that Man-made Global Warming is a bunch of lies and the truth is hidden by the governments of the world to better enable tax rises!”

    If you look very, very, very closely its in microscopic fine print hidden right at the bottom.

  231. 231
    Mr Pickles's flash Office says:

    Liberal trolls have too much time on their hands,

    You are wasting your time, this blog isn’t as important as it once was.

  232. 232
    Quote of the week says:

    “Algirea made england look like scotland”

  233. 233
    Sara Teather says:

    Steve and Jim, 2 gays, spent a full weekend having sex. On the Sunday, Steve said, “I’m going to the shop, don’t you be wanking while i’m away!”

    When he came back, there was spunk all over the cieling and walls.

    Steve said, “I told you not to wank while I was away!”

    Jim said, “I didnt, I farted.”

  234. 234
    Nick Clegg says:

    storm in a teacup
    nothing to see here
    forward and on message with the Libcons

  235. 235
    The New Army says:

    Yep. The coming cuts are a way to up the tax, no government has ever lowered them. They are thieves,nonce,and low lifes

  236. 236
    Fabio Capello says:

    Teacher says to her class “What does your dad do for a living?”
    Little Johnny pipes up “He’s a dancer in a gay bar miss, and sometimes if the money’s right he lets punters bang his arse and cum in his gob.”
    The teacher takes Little Johnny outside “Is that true?”
    “No miss, it’s bollocks. He plays for England but I’m to embarrased to say!”

  237. 237
    I am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    Dave and georges jokes where better

  238. 238
    Nope. He said it all right. says:

    In full: Cameron speech
    The full text of David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party conference.


    try again

  239. 239
    99.999% of the population says:

    What’s going on?

  240. 240
    David Laws says:

    It was like blowing a £40,000 pink oboe

  241. 241
    John Major's Face Full of Curry says:

    Oh Yeeeessssss!

  242. 242
    I am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    O/T wheres Gordon?

  243. 243
    Vote the thives in again,they think you stupid.oh you are. says:

    a few of these bastards need chaing to the rear bumber of a delivery truck on the M6

  244. 244
    TaT is a sad fucker says:

    No they weren’t tat
    Where’s the blog ?

  245. 245
    I am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    I aint tat

  246. 246
    The Buttress of Unrestricted Vocalizations says:

    Two for one, I salute you nice work ;)

  247. 247
    It all becomes clear.... says:

    Lib Dem Huhne dumps wife of 26 yrs for Carina ..once wed to a woman

    Friends said she was once married to a woman but broke up with her a year ago

  248. 248
    Toilets MugLiar says:

    He’s up in Scroteland, ‘fizzing with ideas again, writing thousands of words every day’.


    Drawing a very fat monthly pay cheque too.

  249. 249
    bird wsb says:

    Alistair Darling tying himself in knots on the Politics Show and running down the proposed cuts. If he was white (which he is) and George Osborne was black (which he isn’t) Alistair would be well accused of racial prejudice and inciting racial hatred.

    I think the Labour party’s mindless accusations on the new government’s economic policy borders on ecomomic (racial) hatred and incitement of the masses to riot in the streets. When I rule the world that will be a punishable offence.

  250. 250
    Martin Day says:

    Coalition bastards

    Almost £18,000 has been spent topping up the Government wine cellar since the General Election, it has emerged – leading to calls that the entire collection should be sold off to raise money.

    Government spends £18,000 on wine

    Foreign Office minister Henry Bellingham revealed that Government Hospitality, which manages the cellar, had spent £17,698 on new stock since May 6 – bringing the total value to £864,000

  251. 251
    Pimp says:

    I’d sell his arse

  252. 252
    comfortable shoes says:

    strap yourself on Vagina Quimingham and strap yourself down Huhne

    she’s going in!!!!

  253. 253
    I shit thee not says:

    the mistress was married to a woman a year ago

  254. 254
    Muslim says:

    Stone the bitch

  255. 255
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Fook me !! I used to quaff that much every day.

  256. 256
    Confucius says:

    Man with hole in trouser pocket feel cocky all day long.

    Man with hole in both trouser pockets not feel too cocky!

    (Unless man get taxpayer to pay for his trouser press that is!)

  257. 257
    I am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    not as bad as the gold sale eh

  258. 258
    Prove it says:


  259. 259
    Hello.BBC says:

    Why is the failed chancellor on the Politics show. We don’t want to hear explainations from losers.

  260. 260
    keep it in your pants libcons says:

    So Huhne has ditched his wife of 26 years to shag a woman who was married to a woman a year ago

    David Laws is suddenly looking more respectable by the day

  261. 261
    Hang em says:

    Never go’s far enough ,making sure they never say politicians should be hung

  262. 262
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    Labour sold off Britain’s gold at a 20-year low in the market. On 7 May 1999,
    Gordon Brown announced that he was planning to sell off 400 tonnes of gold at a 20-year
    low in the market – now nicknamed the “Brown Bottom” by gold traders. Gordon Brown
    sold off Britain’s gold for between $256 and $296 an ounce, raising $3.496 billion
    (£2.343 billion at the then exchange rate). Since then the gold price has more than
    quadrupled to $1,227 an ounce (Bloomberg, accessed 15 June 2010).

  263. 263
    Mr Plum says:

    They may have saved us money with the tax rises on alcohol expected next week

  264. 264
    Anonymous says:

    She is ‘Trimming her Ham’ Disgusting mental image

  265. 265
    The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

    Surely we want politicians who are good at telling lies and being duplicitous?

    What else are politicians for?

  266. 266
    TAXI FOR HUHNE! says:

    Carina looked distraught when The People confronted the couple over their relationship as they got in a taxi. She buried her head in her hands while Mr Huhne angrily slammed shut the cab door.

  267. 267
    I am a sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    who is worse politicians or the england football team ?

  268. 268
    Lez be friends 2 says:

    Huhnes mistress was married to a woman a year ago

  269. 269
    The Ones says:

    The difference between us and you is this. We do things. We get elected and rob you. You come on places like this and whine. We don’t care about you. Your nothing to us. We have robbed you for hundreds of years and you take it over and over again. And as soon as we say we have changed you accept it again. Muppets to a man the lot of you.When the shit really gets hot for us we will start a war and send you off to be killed. Then we’ll start it off all over again. We have done it many times before. See you soon suckers.And remember vote vote vote.

  270. 270
    What a Huhne! says:

    He should have gone to Specsavers…

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    the turd had the cheek to mention that he was a ‘winner ‘ because he won his seat. Marr didn’t even consider mentioning that it was by a whisper

  272. 272
    Huhne-Work says:

    Did Huhne even know she used to be married married to a woman?
    How fucking funny would it be if he just found out when the press reported it yesterday

  273. 273
    you couldn't make it up says:

    she was indeed

  274. 274
    Dack Blog says:

    I should have said ‘as well as’. They often go together.

  275. 275
    you couldn't make it up says:

    she drinks from the furry cup

  276. 276
    you couldn't make it up says:

    well she was married to a woman a year ago

  277. 277
    Con gain Eastleigh says:

    Huhne’s high profile was probably the only thing keeping the place yellow.

  278. 278
    Gordon Brown says:

    Do you still hate me ?

  279. 279
    bird wsb says:

    Why is anyone surprised by Mr Huhne’s behaviour? You have to be an egocentric risk-taker to want to be a politician, just the qualities that make extra-marital adventures an attractive option.

    I used to say that John Major and Maggie Thatcher were the only politicans who would be found to have been failthful to their spouses. 50% wrong on that one…

  280. 280
    Mrs Thatch says:

    Everyone should have a willy.

  281. 281
    David Laws says:

    At least I knew my rentboy was gay.
    Chris was boffing a Lesbian and didn’t seem to know it.

  282. 282
    John Major's Face Full of Curry says:

    oh yes!!!!

    Back to Basics

  283. 283
    bilko says:

    nell the robot has been reprogramed to conlib support software

  284. 284
    Vagina Quimmingham says:

    but she’s a lesbian who was married a year ago so it’s still pretty fucking funny

  285. 285
    move along please,nothing to spin here says:

    don’t worry,it’s only been splashed across the front page of the Mail and a few other papers,nobody reads those

  286. 286
    The Cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    can you imagine what the newly enobled will be like in 20 years. Worse than the middle ages

  287. 287
    Maggies Toyboy says:


  288. 288
    Free the England Fan says:

    Pavlos has been charged with tresspassing. That’s not right.

  289. 289
    I am sad fucker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    He cared more than the whole team , he should be knighted

  290. 290
    curtain twitcher says:

    Little wonder the LibDums champion alternative lifestyles. It’s an attempt to innoculate against any adverse reaction to their own predilections and perversions, fucking parasites.

  291. 291
    Chris Huhne punched for his 'aggressive tickling' says:

    Chris Huhne, the new Energy Secretary, was punched after ‘tickling’ a schoolfriend on a sofa.

    The new Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne admits that his coalition with the Conservatives has caused “some offence”, but at least the new Energy Secretary is used to taking blows.

    Chris Huhne was, Mandrake can disclose, punched by a fellow alumnus of Westminster after he became too frisky on the sofa

    At the leading public school, he was known by his full name, Christopher P–l-Huhne. Robbie Fields, a record producer, says: “I threw a party for myself, a week or so before my [21st] birthday. The party was notable for my punching out Chris Huhne, who had tickled me a bit too aggressively when we were seated on my tatty couch.”


  292. 292
    Pavlos is a scapegoat. says:

    They should replace Capello with Pavlos. Speaks English, is passionate that England wins and gives the team a full time debriefing

  293. 293
    Huhne: 'in favour' of gay marriages says:

    Shadow Home Secretary Chris Huhne tells Krishnan Guru-Murthy via the power of Twitter that he favoured gay marriages, and thought Nick Clegg was a “brilliant” and “regular guy”.

    and now we know why

  294. 294
    euphamism of the week says:

    Huhne must have ‘tickled’ Miss Trimingham right up the electoral reform

  295. 295
    David Blunkett says:

    The libcons are making me minister for the blind. seeing as I made it to home secretary blind I see no reason why the rest of you blind Hunts can’t succeed. I am there fore cutting all benefits to the blind. Thank you. That is all.

  296. 296
    handbags at dawn says:

    He’s a wishy washy Libcon so he’s used to being stoned and called a b itch

  297. 297
    give him some pointers says:

    Even you got better totty than Huhne Blunkett.

  298. 298
    Law says:

    Tresspass is a statute and needs not to be stood under.

  299. 299
    totty fight? says:

    Flint v nadine

  300. 300
    Pavlos says:

    Fight for me lads

  301. 301
    win by reason of insanity says:

    Mad Nads would just throw cabbages or ferrets at her or something equally deranged

  302. 302
    Maggie Thatcher says:

    Free Pavlos

  303. 303
    Anonymous says:

    Beauty v brains………wtf am I saying?

  304. 304
    David Laws says:

    How many have you got ?

  305. 305
    AC1 says:

    He’s fucking someone from the electoral reform society.

  306. 306
    Rowen says:

    Mr bean is a devious twat and would not have got caught

  307. 307
    AC1 says:

    I prefer the term extorted to “earned”, it’s more accurate.

  308. 308
    Indigo says:

    I know this is a cliché but, really, you could not make this up.

    Too funny, by the way.

  309. 309
    Anonymous says:

    He gave her a fistal stimulus.

    Looks like someone has already punched her in the face anyway.

  310. 310
    Come on Dave says:

    he Has only been charged , not convicted , But they should drop the charges and make the bloke a saint

  311. 311
    paddy says:

    me and Winston are drunks so what

  312. 312
    hoofter says:

    I’d buy it

  313. 313
    Misstress Trimmingham is secret Oasis Pop Star says:

    Check out the picture of her with the huge sunglasses on
    She look like Noel Gallagher!! ha ha ha ha!


    Chris Huhne’s secret Clegg overs
    Randy Lib Dem minister confesses after we catch him with lover

  314. 314
    Lord Fondlebum of Boys says:

    Rear Bumber?

    Where is he?

  315. 315
    The End says:

    The Electorate are, have been and will remain stupid.

  316. 316
    hell hath no fury says:

    probably her previous wife when she found out she had dumped her for Huhne

  317. 317
    AC1 says:

    Selling access to parliament?

  318. 318
    Oppenhiemer says:

    What price half a dozen nukes to years of war chesting.

  319. 319
    The sum of all things says:

    Focus people. MP’s are thieves

  320. 320
    this is the libdums we're talking about says:

    Why am I not surprised she looks like a rent boy?

  321. 321
    Noel says:

    Do wanna fucking row

  322. 322
    The Telegraph says:

    you don’t say?

  323. 323
    likes to holiday in Lesbos says:

    she does wear ‘comfortable shoes’
    and that isn’t hearsay she was actualy married to a woman about a year ago

  324. 324
    Janet Anderson says:

    I did it in a whell chair so all you spastics in them can get a job.

  325. 325


    Founder of Big Issue urges Cameron to slash benefits and put children in care into Eton instead at a quarter of the cost. He’s right


  326. 326
    Carina Girl says:

    Carina lives with a female friend in London. Friends said she was once in a civil partnership with a woman, but broke up with her last year.

  327. 327
    Taxfodder says:

    You have to laugh at the stupidity of those that vote for politicians to speak on their behalf before they know what those politicians are going to say let alone do, yet fully aware that those same politicians are historically hypocrites, liars and cheats.

    If that in itself was not naive enough, then to think an un-elected bunch of electoral failures can together (the coalition) be any more than an outlaw raiding party riding into town huffing and puffing “we are all in it together” and “fairness for all” when it should be blindingly bleeding obvious to even those with the intellect of a retarded amoeba, you are about to be robbed blind!

    I love it!

  328. 328
    saviour of the universe says:

    who is pavlos

  329. 329
    Blue Sky Thinking says:

    Fill Eton with Britain’s unemployed! That sounds more like something “Big Society” Steve Hilton and Cameron would go for.

  330. 330
    Sarah, from Canterbury says:

    Someone called Kirkaldy Kirsty is helping McBruin to write a book. Sounds like another lezza to me, and I wonder if Brown is giving her one.


  331. 331
    The Telegraph says:

    Gosh! your insightful revelations about MPs really are dazzling and up to the minute. Please, do go on.

  332. 332
    Huhnes Mistress used to be married to a woman says:

    Carina lives with a female friend in London. Friends said she was once in a civil partnership with a woman, but broke up with her last year.

  333. 333
    Huhnes Mistress used to be married to a woman says:

    Could be Huhnes bit on the side Carina.

  334. 334
    Katabasis says:

    Of course Pippa. His mistress is totally innocent in all this. Obviously doesn’t know her own mind, not responsible for her behaviour or helping to wreck a marriage etc etc.

    Have I got the PC script correct here?

    And calling Guido a “chubster” eh? Shouldn’t you be checking back to your blog’s committee to see whether that is an acceptable way to insult someone? You wouldn’t want to betray “a certain bourgeois and possessionist attitude to culture” now would you?

  335. 335

    Blue Sky thinking…

    Put vulnerable children into the care of socialists at £2K a week or into good private boarding schools at £500 a week.

    I think I know which makes more sense.

  336. 336
    David Cameron says:

    At least if England crash out of the World Cup on Wednesday life can return to normal.

    All the jokes will be about Chris Huhne again.

  337. 337
    Turtle says:


  338. 338
    Gordon Brown ( Scotsman) says:

    May i wish the England team well in there last game at the world cup

  339. 339

    Wayne Rooney has been arrested and charged for impersonating a footballer

  340. 340
    More PR Bollox says:

    However, friends say the 59-year-old is in ‘good spirits’, spending most of his time writing, relaxing on long walks and indulging his passion for football by watching the World Cup.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1288059/Kirkcaldy-Kirsty-The-anti-Blair-student-firebrand-helping-Gordon-Brown-write-book.html#ixzz0rOXcGmly

  341. 341
  342. 342
    Blue Sky Thinking says:

    Well you’d have to believe those figures first and crucially you’d have to believe Eton, one the most exclusive schools in Britain, would take on some of the most troubled and poor youngsters in Britain.
    I know that would make sense to someone who’s only ‘real’ job had been as a PR wonk for Carlton TV. So Cameron might go for it.

  343. 343
    Anonymous says:

    So unless he has a sick line in is Brown getting paid by the taxpayer to indulge his passion for football by watching the world cup ?

    I think I will try that tomorrow morning, will call my boss and say Im not coming in this week or anytime in the foreseeable future as I wish to spend my time writing ( books on traits I dont posses myself) relaxing on long walks and indulging my passion for football by watching the World Cup all on full pay.

    Yeah see what happens to me when I try that !

  344. 344
    Confucius says:

    Obviously my point was lost on you try reading my post again!

  345. 345
    The England Football Team ( English ) says:

    We are trying our best but maybe just maybe we are not as good as we think we are.

  346. 346
    Latest load of Balls says:

  347. 347
    I know what he is going through says:

    I used to suffer from depression.

    You go on the long walks to brood over things and waste your time thinking of what could of been and what could come as it lets you face the family and friends later on without them suspecting anything is wrong.

  348. 348
    ‘there were lots of jokes about how we’d be discussing GDP figures in bed’, Huhne recalls says:

    The woman who backs Chris Huhne

    She is attractive, articulate, funny, ambitious and almost frighteningly bright. But outside the family home – in a cul-de-sac across from Clapham Common tube station – the high-flying economist Vicky Pryce is also the defiantly invisible other half of Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat leadership contender.
    ‘I have always kept my family separate from politics,’ Huhne explained last week in the book-crammed basement office he shares with his wife of 22 years. ‘But in any case, Vicky can’t be involved in party-political matters. She is a civil servant.’

    Having earlier been married to an LSE academic whose surname, for professional reasons, she has retained, she and Huhne – an Oxford-trained economist turned journalist and later MEP – met ‘on the economics circuit’. At their wedding, ‘there were lots of jokes about how we’d be discussing GDP figures in bed’, Huhne recalls. (‘We try not to,’ he adds.)


  349. 349
    *faaaaaaarrrrrrtttttt* says:

  350. 350
    Conspiracy Theorist says:

    Im not buying this stroy about the “Fan” in the dressing room.I dont think we are being told the full story. How anyone could have simply wandered down the tunnel and into the England Dressing Room with all that security particularly when two members of the Royal Family are down there is beyond belief.

    Im not even convinced about the identity of the fan concerned. Im not sure its the bloke in the papers at all. Is he a stooge to cover up the identity of the real fan concerned.

    Could it be that it was someone of importance or at least someone with privillaged access who caused the stooshie ? Thats would explain why he was allowed down there in the first place.

    So , who was it really and what really happened ??

  351. 351
    Anonymous says:

    So is he on sick leave then ?

  352. 352
    I know what he is going through says:

    What cracks me up is these people think they can get away with it!

    They get so used to power and money they become deluded from the real world and fail to realise they are just flesh and bone like the rest of us and everything eventually comes out into the open no matter how hard you try to hide it.

  353. 353
    Iain Dale defends Chris Huhne against pious right says:

    James [Forsyth] says that the LibDem members of the Cabinet were not properly vetted. This implies that he thinks someone having an affair should never have been appointed in the first place. Rubbish. The rest of the piece is one attack after another on Huhne. He’s called “a busted flush”, “a man with a high opinion of himself” and James thinks his “star is on the wane”.

    I think he exaggerates. Huhne is far from a busted flush and if anything happened to Nick Clegg he would still be a good bet to succeed him.

  354. 354
    Mark Oaten says:

    What about me ?

  355. 355
    Bentham says:

    You appear to be lost.This is a Political Gossip Blog.Here is a Football Gossip Blog. http://www.fanfootball.co.uk/

  356. 356
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC is obviously in need of urgent grief counciling as it has still to come to terms with the fact that Labour lost the election and are no longer of any consequence. Classic symptoms of being in denial I would say.

  357. 357
  358. 358
    Joe Jack says:

    if anything happened to nick clegg ?? does mr dale know something we don’t

  359. 359
    Anonymous says:

    You appear to be an officious prick who probably works for the council.

    This is a blog which covers many topics so fuck off !!!

  360. 360
    Bloody Fool says:

    So if the NoW had not outed Huhne he would at this moment be enjoying his sunday Lunch with mrs Huhne and the kids and looking forward to next Friday at his constituency house?

    Seems to me he has let down his wife, his children, his constituents and himself. I wager his bit on the side will not last long now that the fun of a secret affair has gone.

    Someone needs to go through his expenses (Telegraph) and see how much taxpayer money has been wasted on Huhne’s Tom boy friend.

  361. 361
    Taxpayer says:

    Anyone seen that bus the bbc got driving round Africa? I wonder how much that cost?

  362. 362
    Nick Clegg says:

    I completely agree with George Osborne. He is quite right that we must cut the deficit by slashing public services so we can repay the bankers who owe us money the money we owe them as quickly as possible.

  363. 363
    PV says:

    It is very important that Government ministers can not be blackmailed. As long as he fesses up to the affair at the vetting interview then that is as far as it goes. If he does not fess up and the background vetting has flagged up the affair (and it will) then things get awkward.

  364. 364
    purpleline says:

    Only reason his marriage broke down was the news of the screws had the story, when faced with it, he did the as Labour would say right thing, and said he was leaving his wife.

    The simple fact is if the News of the Screws had not approached him he would have gone on merrily fucking this women’s aris every Friday night and his wife every Sunday morning would have tasted the same shit, thinking he was still in a relationship with his rent boys or Mark Oaten ALLEGEDLY. Welcome to Sandals and Beards sexual Olympics Lib Dems should be seen and then shot. If you want to save the country.

    Cameron & Osborne doing a fine job of destroying these yellow Hunts, soon the target will move on to Cable & Glegg. Good game good game as Mr Fortsythe would say

  365. 365
    Rolling stone says:

    Looks like he was stitched up by someone in Eastleigh, next door neighbour perhaps. I hope he has phoned up someone to remove the house key from under the stone by the door.

  366. 366
  367. 367
  368. 368
    Chris Huhne says:

    If only John Terry had shagged Capello’s wife ( or me!!)

  369. 369
    prophet says:

    Mr dale has things to hide thats why he jumps to the defence of those like him

  370. 370
    The truth is usually much simpler says:

    No what the dude told the Mirror is most likely the truth. Remember the Stewards had gone on strike and the plod and others had been drafted in to take over security.

  371. 371
    Bentham says:

    If I might be so bold,go taking a flying fuck to yourself you snide little yob.When GF puts up a football topic then you should feel free to spunk all your boring football wank over it.But until then show some fucking manners to the readers of this Political Blog you ballheaded simpleton.

  372. 372
    Tits R Us says:

    @ royal troffers living off the tit.

  373. 373
    Labour Supporter says:

    We lost the election, waa, waa, waa.

  374. 374
    Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t have been a very good impression, he doesnt have the ability to do that.

  375. 375
    Doc says:

    That sounds more like guilt than depression

  376. 376

    Slightly O/T but disgusting all the same – http://whogoeshome.co.uk/?p=1339

  377. 377
    hardcopy says:

    that’s just the topline stuff
    they will be delving into the master disk again like they did with Laws
    following all those paper trails and seeing exactly who got what and how much

  378. 378
    Well-fed MP says:

    We recently put the ‘eating allowance’ up to £500 a month.

    It’s only an extra hundred. Just enough to wet my beak.

  379. 379
    Fuck him says:

    who cares

  380. 380
    purpleline says:

    The good people of Eastleigh should be asked if they want to recall him. I hope the Tory candidate goes after this Hunt.

  381. 381
    David Laws joke says:

    I say, I say, I say..

    My dog’s got no nose!

    How does he smell ?

    That will be £40,000 pounds for my rentboy please.

  382. 382
    Pic of her says:

    Kirkaldy Kirsty

  383. 383
    Anonymous says:

    Bentham you illiterate wank stain, have a look at the other threads on this topic and you will see many of them are devoted to the footie. It isnt just me that wishes to discuss this subject on here. As I said before feel free to fuck off you boring officious prick.

  384. 384
    Anonymous says:

    Both Royals looked extremely bored during the match I thought and returning to topic do you think Chris Hoon watched the game with his family or with his lover ???? See what I did there Bentham !

  385. 385
    Getting Paid for what exactly ??? says:

    Well as I am one of those paying his wages then I think I care what hes doing for them

  386. 386
    Anonymous says:

    He does its just he hasnt done it so far. The Team look dispirited I think they are at war with the Manager over something.

  387. 387
    7 Days or else says:

    BBC. you owe me £140. I want a refund as you are wasting my money living it up in South Africa while showing me constant repeats. I am not paying for the same product over and over. If you don’y pay up I’m coming round to your house to smash all your windows, shag your wife and steal your car.

  388. 388


  389. 389
    Anonymous says:

    “Prescottian levels of hypocrisy.”

    I doubt anyone will stoop to those levels again, it takes a special kind of reptilian Hypocrite to achieve those.

  390. 390
    Anonymous says:

    Having said that The Dromeys are making a good effort in that regard.

  391. 391
    Hooney Tunes says:

    Hoon:- “Does it look that bad?”
    Hoon:- “No it doesn’t look that bad”

    2 politicians for the price of one, and get rid of the interviewer too.

    Go go Liberals……………………………………………..’kin hoon!

  392. 392
    Anonymous says:

    As a good old country song said “beauty is in the eye of the beer holder”

  393. 393
    Anonymous says:

    He’s getting his version of events out before we airbrush him out of our history.

  394. 394
    Anonymous says:

    He must have got a fucking clue when he was being buggered senseless with a strap on FFS.

  395. 395
    Fabio says:

    ar sharrupper ya face

  396. 396
    Bolakanrdra says:

    yep tender things ball,too hard and it hurts.

  397. 397
    Dave says:

    The conservatives are setting them up.

  398. 398
    bbc production exec says:

    What’s a ‘wife’?

  399. 399
    Pissed off England fan says:

    I am sick of the world cup

  400. 400
    Bentham says:

    This Blog isn’t devoted to football my dimwitted potatoheaded friend,is it?So instead of showing us all why you have the I.Q. of a small root vegetable kindly take your excerable dribbling tedium elsewhere and do us all the kindness of sticking your vacuous ballhead back up your arse.

  401. 401
    Bomber Harris says:

    It would half the number of cops needed so expect them to fuck it off,same with prison officers and probation.You see low life outcasts keep a lot in work. The average kid is priced out of the market before they get a chance. None of them will work for anyone else as they have seen how corrupt it is. Self employed is the only thing they will consider but take a driving licence and insurance for the young.way over the top by greedy corporate government.

  402. 402
    AC1 says:

    You’d think the bailout was so the rent-seekers get interest on their bank bonds and their gilts.

    They win, you lose, again.

  403. 403
    Chris Huhne joke says:

    What’s black and white and red all over ?

    My divorce.

  404. 404
    Mp's should be so reviled it is akin to being a nonce says:

    bring down the government, and the next one and the one after that.

  405. 405
    Duck Castle says:

    Conservative sleaze,we are so good at it it never shows,hardly

  406. 406
    AC1 says:


    The Sunday Telegraph reports that Britain’s biggest wind farm companies are to be paid not to produce electricity when the wind is blowing, resulting in them being paid thousands of pounds per day, per wind farm, as the National Grid cannot store the electricity produced.

    Despite the fact that, reportedly, electricity customers are paying more than £1billion a year to subsidise wind farms and other forms of renewable energy, straight out of the starting block comes RenewableUK, the trade body which represents the renewable energy industry, on whose behalf a spokesman stated all suppliers to the National Grid periodically were asked to reduce output to control the balancing mechanism. He said it was simply evidence of the growing part wind energy had to play in Britain’s supply needs that turbines would occasionally be taken off the National Grid adding “….. The reality is the National Grid’s job is to ensure we have adequate capacity to meet demand at any one time.” – obviously without regard to any costs to the consumer!

  407. 407
    Duck Castle says:

    horizontaly challenged

  408. 408
    The Conservative Party says:

    If our intentions had been honest. If we wanted to be in government to help the common people we would have said no to a ConLib pact. But we wanted power, as did the libs. We help each other by propping up the other.

  409. 409
    Anonymous says:

    Guido himself describes this Blog in terms of the kinda matey blokey banter you get in pubs up and down the country. Inevitably some of that banter at the moment involves football. You have obviously wandred into the wrong establishment Mr Pedantic .

    Go home and do the Times crossword or at least pretend to do it like you do on the train each morning on the way into your boring council job which requires no independent thought whatsoever. Rules are Rules after all !!!!

  410. 410
    Serious Fraud Office says:

    No evidence

  411. 411
    captain cumshot says:

    Guido Fawkes quote: it amuses me when people take it (comments section) too seriously.

  412. 412
    Sad Clown says:

    Many a truth told in jest.

  413. 413
    yts says:

    Thats true. Guido is not getting the calls from the anon numbers.but give it time they have only been in a few weeks.it won’t take much longer for the petty biteing to start

  414. 414
    Dead Politicians says:

    took up burning the public instead

  415. 415
    Anonymous says:


  416. 416
    Dead Politicians says:

    it’s all over now baby blue by Young Guido.

  417. 417
    statechaos says:

    But Carina couldn’t help but fall for her buff huhne

  418. 418
    George Orwell says:

    This all while the best captain England has had in years is stripped of his title, whilst hypocritical politicians bump their gums.

  419. 419
    Dead Politicians says:

    Tony hayward got took off the US fiasco and went for a sail, Now the yanks are pissed again. WTF

  420. 420
    Bigoted Brit says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer authoritarian watermelon hypocritical prick.

  421. 421
  422. 422
    Dead Politicians says:

    ever heard of a controlled explosion in an explosives warehouse?

  423. 423

    […] ‘family’ a central plank of his campaign (although he  did say it was important, as Guido reports)  – is none of our […]

  424. 424
    Americans lol says:

    The average yank hasn’t even woken up to the fact that they are owned by China yet.

  425. 425
    captain cumshot says:

    I honestly didn’t know that ‘The People’ was still being sold, i thought it disappeared years ago.

  426. 426
    AC1 says:

    Obama was Golfing at the time.

    When will the MSM stop covering for Zero?

  427. 427
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Huhne by name Hoon by nature

  428. 428
    Anonymous says:

    No fool like an old fool eh….. Huhne will be purchasing huge amounts of Viagra then to keep his new equine faced friend happy.

  429. 429
    Dead Politicians says:

    and who sits on the boards of these winffarm company’s?yes our troffers do

  430. 430

    For Huhne the bell tolls

  431. 431
    Mandy says says:

    I probably already have.

  432. 432
    Dack Blog says:

    All football fans seem a bit tetchy at the moment. Can’t think why.

  433. 433
    Grass Hopper says:

    so why has the universe not sucked the atmospere out into the vacuum of space.

  434. 434
    Anonymous says:

    Huhne’s wife looks a bit like the fragrant Lady Archer.

  435. 435
    Fabio's Bottle of Hair Dye says:

    Me a sikka too, but me no a sikka ova salaree, an a looka for word to – how you say? – bumpa ten millione pay off if me a sakkad.

  436. 436
    Mr Plum says:

    And another thing Mr Huhne midsummer’s day is almost upon us, all the family are sitting around the tv with blankets around them watching the footy, everyone feels cold saying shall we put the heating on. You can stick you climate change up your arse.

  437. 437
    Not for Bentham, who is still interested in Huhne, says:

    Trougher of another ilk comes a cropper.


    …Mr Russell was escorted off the plane because his 52-inch girth meant that the armrest could not be lowered for take-off, as demanded by the airline’s regulations.

    Mr Russell, from Wolverhampton, said he is angry that the airline did not explain to him before he boarded that his size could be a problem…..

    That’s right Russel, it was all the airlines fault for not asking you if you were a fatty when you booked, even though you’ve obviously spent many a joyful journey sitting on half a seat somebody else has paid for.

  438. 438
    Alyingstare Campbell says:

    Oi !! O/T, I know but I’ve just checked the Sunday Times Bestsellers List in their Culture magazine and I note that my magnificent new book, Prelooed to Power has only sold 3,400 copies in two weeks !! Peter Andre has sold three times the number I have.

    FFS, I’m trying to catch up with Tony and Mandevilso’s wealth.
    Will you lot get out there and fucking buy my book or not ?????

  439. 439
    Anonymous says:

    They should both have had their snorkels on sorting out that leaky well.

    No wonder the world’s in the state it’s in.

  440. 440
    A Friend says:

    Someone I considered honourable turned out to be a shit.

  441. 441
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    But not when he’s at home, apparently

  442. 442
    Sack her for being stupid. says:

    What a fucking retard. fucking in the hotel,camera falls,takes camera to cops,better than them dumb bastards on crime watch who rob the garage they work in.

  443. 443
    Selohesra says:

    So now the Americans are upset the BP boss spends an afternoon with his kids – how much oil has Obama and that rather effeminate Rahm Emanuel mopped up this w/e or have they just been vote seeking like every other day rather than trying to solve real world problems.

  444. 444
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Next time, do what I do. Fly Taxpayer Airlines – no cost, nice wide seats ( in First and Business Class ) and you might get a chance to punch a member of the general public.

  445. 445
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    ‘He can hardly claim this is a mere Spring fling, nor is it the only marital indiscretion…’

    Could this story run on Mr Fawkes?

  446. 446
    Splooge Master says:

    Chris: you could have at least bonked a hotty.

  447. 447
  448. 448
    The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

    Err, doesn’t everyone do that?

  449. 449
    The Rest of us says:

    Fawkes. Light the fucking fuse

  450. 450
    The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

    Ohh, I must’ve mis-heard again. I thought she worked for Clitoral Reform.

  451. 451
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    He has the huhne for the woman
    Cut him some slag

  452. 452
    F uker says:

    The voting americans have got his number, he is fucked.

  453. 453
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    As in she smells like a Norwegian fishermans boots?

  454. 454
    F uker says:

    too wide for berth

  455. 455
    Colonel Blimp says:

    That explains it – she’ll be an expert with a strap-on – the only difference is that the target will be brown, not pink.

  456. 456
    brownless says:

    the last thing any serious public school would want would be a bunch of misfits landing on them…send ‘em to ireland or jockland best bet.

  457. 457
    captain cumshot says:

  458. 458
    Ali C = thicker than he looks says:

    But late to cry after you achieved your goal of infantising the nation.

  459. 459
    Harvey Tuckett says:

    A standing prick has no con-science!!

  460. 460
    brownless says:

    too late gordon ate it

  461. 461
    Anonymous says:

    Very much so.

  462. 462
    George Osborne says:

    One morning while making breakfast, a man walked up to his wife, pinched her on the butt and said, “If you firmed up, we could get rid of your control top panty hose.”

    While this was on the edge of intolerable, she kept silent.

    The next morning the man woke his wife with a pinch on each of her breasts and said, “You know, if you firmed these up, we could get rid of your bra.”

    This was beyond a silent response, so she rolled over and grabbed him by
    his dick.

    With a death grip in place, she said, “You know, if you
    firmed this up, We could get rid of the gardener, the postman, the poolman, and your brother

  463. 463
    Anonymous says:

    Who is he?

  464. 464
    Mrs Smith...Rochester says:

    I think everyone is being very cruel to chris huhne…what about his wife and children’s feelings….hes a very good politician who wouldn’t hurt anyone knowingly..he always dresses very nicely…is always very polite and its not long ago he was saying how important his family was to him …and what would he do without them…this has really upset me I am suprised at the good people on this blog being so unforgiving…bless him

  465. 465
    Jib jab says:

    At least now we know why he was claiming for the trouser press.

    All those telltale crease marks around the crotch needed ironing out.

  466. 466
    David Laws says:

    All future England matches have been moved to the gay adult channel… Apparently the sight of 11 arseholes getting hammered frequently for 90 minutes was far too explicit for ITV.

  467. 467
    F E Latio says:

    I hope for his sake she takes her teeth out when she goes down on him. Have you seen them gnashers?

  468. 468
    Ex TimesOnline user says:

    The Times can fuck right off.

  469. 469
    ms frodsham says:

    Fuck him.

  470. 470
    james corden is a cuпt says:

    He was just being kind.

  471. 471
    Chris Huhne says:

    It must be really difficult being a penis.

    You’re constantly made to do press ups until you’re sick, your relatives are nuts, your neighbour is an arsehole, and to top it all off you’re best friend’s a Hunt.

  472. 472
    Equity abhors a Maxim says:

    Gravity might be described as a ‘sucking force’ exerted by bodies having mass. ‘Vacuum’ is merely the absence of mass, not a disembodied celestial Dyson.

  473. 473
    Caster Semenya says:

    I have my doubts about Carina Trimingham.

  474. 474
    OiOi says:

    Huhne has been wide open to blackmail.He needs to be suspended and everything he has done since the election double checked.

    He’s not the sort to fall on his sword,just sack him,he can never be trusted.

  475. 475
    Summer_Breeze says:

    It’s everything to do with us, that someone so deceitful could be in high office. What else would he be prepared to lie and cheat about?
    He has proven himself to be untrustworthy and should be shown the door at the earliest opportunity.

  476. 476
    Equity abhors a Maxim says:

    Which do you love more – Daddy or Chips?

  477. 477
    Churchill the nodding backseat dog says:

    Oh, yes…

  478. 478
    Nick Clegg says:

    Breaking news!!!!!!! England have a new coach!!!!!!

    It will be picking them up on Thursday to take them to the airport!!

  479. 479
    Mrs Jones, taffyland says:

    i agree with you Mrs Smith…when i needed help following my husband leaving for another woman mr huhne was very kind and offered me a helping hand with anything i was unable to handle..hes was a great source of comfort for my pussy who missed my husband greatly..his handling was firm but after several attempts he managed to persuade her to do lots of things she’d never tried before. it was a stretch but we managed to get over the problems together. Bless him too

  480. 480
    Danny Alexander says:

    The Chuckle Brothers have been flown into England’s South Africa training camp ahead of the vital game against Slovenia.

    Fabio Capello plans to use their tactical expertise to help England keep more possession.

    Reports suggest it seems to be working with footage emeging from the training groound of Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney successfully passing the ball whilst shouting “To me” “To you.”

  481. 481
    Mr and Mrs 'Satisfied' from essex says:

    Mr Huhne helped my wife when she had problems with her plumbing. He offered to rod her pipes for her and even brought his own tool to do the job properly. By the time he’d rodded her main upright several times everything was flowing fantastically and even now if she ever thinks shes getting a blockage she just rings and hes round at the drop of a hat to sort her out. This is what you want from an mp (master plumber)

  482. 482
    Equity abhors a Maxim says:

    I hope that nobody here missed the fact that the patent (and therefore royalty income) for the concept of trading residential emissions – turning them into a tradable commodity like pork bellies, corn, or frozen concentrated orange juice – is assigned to Fannie Mae, the US mortgage bank.

    So the US government has a financial interest in making the market as large and as liquid as possible, one assumes.

  483. 483
    Anonymous says:

    Huhne and his wife were on the guest list for a garden party in Canterbury yesterday – didn’t appear for some reason!

  484. 484
    EyeEye says:

    OiOi reading between the lines you are obviously a diplomat as the truth is he was found in suspenders rogering his election double who he was telling to stall on his wand or he would put him in a sack and never truss him up again. oilright

  485. 485
    Jesus (I only sucked Maryies tits) says:

    These ConDems are filthy shit no better than Tony Blair. They are all perverts, child abusers, rapists, drug addicts, animal sadists, circus clowns, pantomime dames, NHS GPs with a bag of morphine syringes to kill the defenceless, BBC managers, barristers, high court judges, and Satans.

    I did a hierarchy of evil.

  486. 486
    Lessawatch says:

    shes the butch one of the pair now so brace yourself chris this could be painful

  487. 487
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    They have.

  488. 488
    Cut 'n Shut says:

    …… well – when I’m not cutting the grass that is ……….

  489. 489
    peter hains a wanker says:

    it was nelson mandela whited up looking for the bogs

  490. 490
    My mother's a vole says:

    yes but he has access to mrs dales diary so he knows

  491. 491
    uphizkeista says:

    he was shagging the gardener

  492. 492
    f off ali says:

    buy your book ….it should be strung up in public toilets and used liberally

  493. 493
    Huhnesnatch says:

    is that before or after the football ?

  494. 494
    biffo says:

    They’re better than Labour though! Not that that means much….. BTW, anyone know where the Failure of Kirkcaldy is skulking these days?

  495. 495
    Fred Goodwin says:

    let them keep all their lovely Billions of stolen cash
    the taxpayer doesn’t want it back

  496. 496
    BeaverWatch says:

    she only uses scissors to tackle his bush but a tarpen hedgecutter on hers so its probably true about care in trimming them

  497. 497
    Gladys Pew says:

    Huhne is a hypocritical Hunt, says it all really.

  498. 498
    ooooooer says:

    and a big bag of coke by the sound of it

  499. 499
    Summer_Breeze says:

    Nell, he must have lied to his wife and family – those that he supposedly held so dear to his heart, therefore it is logical to assume that he could lie to us too.
    I’m afraid that’s not good enough in my opinion.
    We on here have shouted very loudly, that we want politics cleaned up and that includes those politicians that find it easy to be so duplicitous like Huhne.
    Especially when, like Huhne they place great emphasis on their loyalty to family and friends in their election pamphlets.
    He is a liar and a cheat and there should be no place for him in government, or parliament for that matter.
    Quite frankly, I can’t stand liars at the best of times, never mind when they are picking up a tax payer funded pay cheque.

  500. 500
    Gladys Pew says:

    Iain Dale is real establishment figure now too. Just anotehr Hunt in waiting it turns out.

  501. 501
    Fabio says:

    The dogs pups look like Terry

  502. 502
    Danny Alexander says:

    Mrs Huhne calls her husband, Mr Huhne into the bedroom. “Now Chris, I want you to take off my blouse!”


    “Now I also want you to take off my Bra.”


    “Now can you take off my panties.”


  503. 503
    Biffo says:

    You’ve made the horse too attractive Mr L.

  504. 504
    Located prick Guido Fawkes Site says:

    telegraph your a prick

  505. 505
    Albie Here says:

    I thought they were sending out a crack squad of 8year old junior school team 1 footballers,the only problem was which team from which English school they could spare,they have sorted out this team would be from the Sunday junior league and doting mums and dads will be allowed in the seats nearest to the pitch,they have also said the same kids will help train the England football team.

  506. 506
    Biffo says:

    Once it’s all ‘respectable’ how long before she goes back to the ladies? At which time, no doubt he’ll be whining to the erstwhile Mrs H about how badly done by he is…

  507. 507
    Biffo says:

    Well, if he’s been knocking it back at his constituency home who pays for that? Us or him?

  508. 508
    Chris "Slapper " Huhne says:

    Fabio Capello was wheeling his shopping trolley across the supermarket car park when he noticed an Harrier Harman struggling with her bags of shopping. He stopped and asked, “Can you manage dear?” To which Harrietl Harman replied, “No way. You got yourself into this fucking mess, don’t ask me to sort it out…”

  509. 509
    Mark Oaten says:

    Anything I could get involved in here? In a strictly non-political way of course.

  510. 510
    gts says:

    Thats true. Guido is not getting the calls from the anon numbers.but give it time they have only been in a few weeks.it won’t take much longer for the petty biteing to start

  511. 511
    Nick Slagg says:

    Eastleigh, the wife swapping capital, of the UK

  512. 512
    the guy is a leg-end says:

    “Huhne : April to June”

    So who is April and June then?

  513. 513
    rupert bare says:

    It’s an old railway town…..plenty of shunting going on. Benny Hill was born there.

  514. 514
    Demolish the HOC says:

    The only thing those in the house of commons have in common is they are all thieves

  515. 515
    Demolish the HOC says:


  516. 516
    Biffo says:

    Yeah, agree with you on that one. If he’d just been elected as ‘Chris Hoon, MP’ it’s one thing but when his campaign is ‘Chris Hoon, MP – happy family man – my lovely wife of 27 years or whatever’ it’s a different story. Although, looking at the piccies of his new squeeze & the teeth on her (ref Mr Lakelander), maybe he thought bestiality didn’t count?

  517. 517
    desmerelda says:

    Looks like someone tried to knock them out and aimed too high.

  518. 518
    Satan says:

    I am the one and only

  519. 519
    greg says:

    I fucking hate circus clowns.

  520. 520
  521. 521
    will hutton is a labour turd and a greedy hypocrite says:

    He should never have appointed the house-price-ramping c’unt in the first place!

  522. 522
    Exclusive - Secret footage of Trimmingham's exciting sex life with her ex-wife and Huhne says:

  523. 523
    Burglar says:

    I always respected the England teams gaffs but fuck em now

  524. 524
    TK says:

    Who gives a shit what Huhne gets up to? At least he isn’t a carpet-munching pervert like most of the Labour scum.

  525. 525
    Anonymous says:

    How are we gonna manage cuts without making any actual cuts, you cuпt?

  526. 526
    TK says:

    he should never have given him the job to start with

  527. 527
    Posty says:

    is this the same Hutton conspired in the Kelly murder cover up.

  528. 528
    Great Granddad says:

    As one of my mates when I was a lad would have said, “I wouldn’t screw that with your dick!”

  529. 529
    Mammon says:

    part of a triumvirate of evil or did you forget we other two rulers of hell?

  530. 530
    Les says:

    his mistress is

  531. 531
    Bendover Bradshaw says:

    Shut that door!

  532. 532
    Fucking Pissed Off says:


    and we, the ordinary people of the magnificent country of Great Britain, even tho the scots are twats and the rest somewhat maudling, are having to pay for their errors.

    just how many rich people are going to be in any way affected by the cuts to services and the cuts in benefits that the rest are going to have to suffer? where’s the equality in that? the poorer people of the GB are going to pay and pay dearly whilst those that have created the mess remain above and beyond any trauma. this is not democracy or equality – we are not all in it together – this is the usual way GB deals with its problems – oppresion, poverty and authoritarianism

  533. 533
    Gordon Brown says:

    He seems like a nice boy.

  534. 534
    lll says:

    It’s Sweaty Will Hutton, the house price ramper whose wife is a buy-to-let millionairess spiv.

  535. 535
    Mandelscrote says:

    Ooh ‘ello, I’m one of them.

  536. 536
    Twistram Twunt says:

    He was very nice to me.

  537. 537
    nell says:


    “I beat the b+n+p in my constituency which proves I’m a winner! And I AM a teamplayer”

    Poor old edballs he’s caught gordon’s affliction and using exactly the same words. He’s trying to make himself out to have been the david in a david and goliath battle between him and the beanpea party.

    In truth of course there was no serious challenge to him from the b+n+p. It’s just another of ed’s lies trying to make himself look good!!

    All the same I am looking forward to him becoming the next leader of the labour party.

  538. 538
    Facts says:

    Conservative government estate

    Labour government estate.

  539. 539
    test says:


  540. 540
    AC1 says:

    They’re not cuts anyway. They really are transfers from the wealth creating sector to the extortion funded sector. It would be called a decrease in crime if the state wasn’t doing it.

  541. 541
    AC1 says:

    It’s almost like Hutton has a vested interest in high inflation….

  542. 542
    AC1 says:

    Everyone of them (MPs) is wide open to blackmail. That’s why the parties put them up as MPs in the first place.

  543. 543
    AC1 says:

    Sounds like he sorted out the Soil Pipe problems too.

  544. 544
    AC1 says:

    Zero has been giving the spill his sole attention from the Golf course.

  545. 545
    AC1 says:

    He should walk, he needs the exercise.

  546. 546
    AC1 says:

    When it’s unusually cold it’s weather.
    When it’s unusually warm it’s climate change.

  547. 547
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Who are you?

  548. 548
    Yellow Peril says:

    Lloyd George knew my grandma,
    Grandma knew Lloyd George.
    He visited her on fridays,
    They shagged behind the forge.

    We Libs spread our seed widely,
    Though some is sent uphill.
    Like randy goats in farmyard,
    Your arse or c*nt to fill.

  549. 549
    lolol says:

    Balls has a much chance of becoming next Labour Leader as Huhne does of becoming father of the year

  550. 550
    A genuine Tory speaks out...and all Dave can do is flannel says:

    A real opposition is starting to take shape in the worst Parliament of modern history. Let us hope it now grows in strength and conviction.

    Among all the oily creeps, thrusting airhead careerists and quota-selected women, we can hear the occasional voice speaking for the people.
    Prime Minister’s Questions, transformed by Coalition politics into a flabby, empty occasion, suddenly developed bite last Wednesday – but not across the Dispatch Box.

    ‘Mr Cameron – in my personal experience – deeply dislikes and resents any kind of challenge’

    The genuinely conservative MP Philip Davies smacked the Liberal Tory Premier, David Cameron, smartly about the chops.

    Mr Davies said: ‘The millions of people who voted Conservative at the last Election in order to make him Prime Minister did not do so in order to see a reduction in the number of people sent to prison or to see those criminals given softer sentences.
    ‘If he really wants to reduce the budget of the Prison Service, may I suggest that he starts by taking Sky TV away from the 4,000 prisoners who enjoy that luxury in their cells?


  551. 551
    Get him says:

    My god he must have the gold

  552. 552
    George Osborne says:

    Me and Billy Hague find him a delightful chap.

  553. 553
    PD77 says:

    Politicians, there’s more of them to hate.

  554. 554
    PD77 says:

    Who, who, who ,who.

  555. 555
    Fred Goodwin says:

    like the hundreds of billions in bank bailouts

  556. 556
    P. Botha says:

    Cameron and Huhne step in to offer BP their support

    Energy secretary Chris Huhne joined Cameron in offering support, saying that the oil major should not be hung out to dry.


    no wonder they are fucked

  557. 557
    The Archiver says:


  558. 558
    David Laws says:

    I’ve got the best best friend ever

    He shares everything – including sex with his girlfriend

    When his girlfriend gives him a blow job

    He gives me one as well

  559. 559
    nell says:

    I suspect Huhne has been father of the year many times. His children are grown up now – late teens to mid twenties with lives of their own. Because he has split from his wife doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a good father to them or thaqt he doesn’t continue to be a good father to them.

    His wife is a Chief Economist with the government and has not been living at the family home for more than a year which suggests he and she have long gone their separate ways.

    I suspect the hype surrounding this story is largely that – media hype/ candy floss!!!

  560. 560
    yama says:

    Give Philip Davies ammunition were ever you find it.

  561. 561

    If we win the world cup i’ll fuck my gran (again)

  562. 562
    PD77 says:

    Funny that when did they rename BBC1 to something that sounds more natural?

  563. 563

    Dis mornin at trainin de boss said we had to go back to basics
    we started by dribbling de ball around dustbins
    but the dustbins won 5-0

  564. 564
    Chris Huhne says:

    My girlfriend nearly caught me having a wank this morning, luckily enough i pulled a fast one

  565. 565
    Chubby Chaser says:

    I like chubsters

  566. 566
    Tell it like it is says:

    Amen Phillip Davies

  567. 567

    on five live this morning they said the government want to train many more nures to look after badly injured servicemen
    and to pay for it they will use lottery money
    just like the last lot use the lottery as a private piggy bank !
    no change there then !

  568. 568
    yama says:

    Obama is a commy bastard and would have been fried in the chair if this was the 1950’s

  569. 569
    HorsesArse says:

    The ConDems love a challenge

  570. 570
    Raising Suicide Bombers In Your Back Yard says:

    ‘These religious schools are now part of the fabric of Britain’s education system’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1288053/Inside-Muslim-Eton-Their-day-starts-3-45am-goes-disciplined-20-hours-Their-aim-produce-Muslim-elite-leaders-.html#ixzz0rQRGe6wr

  571. 571
    Billy the fish says:

    I could play better than the England team with just a tail

  572. 572
    Indigo says:

    O/T but it’s funny how the Beeb is making out that Israeli easing the blockade of Gaza is somehow Tony Blair’s achievement.

    Not a word mentioned by the BBC about Iran’s threats to run the blockade with two or three of its own humanitarian aid ships, organised by the Red Crescent (Islamic world equivalent of the Red Cross). Israel would have had to respond militarily. I doubt that Iran takes any notice of Tony Blair, so this is just the BBC being the Opposition.

    After ClimateGate, and the bias and partisanship shown by the Beeb before, during and after the General Election, I am never ever going to trust anything the BBC says, unless I can verify the accuracy of it.

  573. 573
    nell says:


    Confirmed then that sarah and the children are living in the london area with friends whilst gordon spends his time, in kirkcaldy, frantically writing – he’s not sure what he’s writing yet, speeches, books or articles. He has said he doesn’t know what the ‘thousands of words’ that he is scribbling daily, will become, at least for the moment!!!

    Apparently he has no plans to become the Kirkcaldy MP in the HoC, for which he is being paid £1200 per week plus expenses, anytime soon!!!

    Doesn’t sound anything like the existence of a normal family life does it??!

  574. 574
    Christy says:

    Curly,Larry and Mo,the feckin three stooges,what a trio of tossers.

  575. 575
    nell says:

    Quite agree. Time the Beeb was dismantled and it’s different departments put up for auction .

    There are lots of foreign companies out there that would be happy to buy bits of the beeb and at the same time would then make the labour biased people like robert peston and nick robinson redundant!!!

  576. 576

    […] Guido Fawkes has some delicious campaigning literature from a couple of months back in what was a closely fought contest. […]

  577. 577
    biased-bbc.blogspot.com ....... says:

    “The BBC encourages unparalleled hostility to Israel. It defies reason.”

  578. 578

    If he wanted another old banger
    he should have swapped her for a ford escort

  579. 579
    Albie Here says:

    Stopped listening to AlJaBeeb ages ago and after the last disaster by AlJaBeebs weather creation team for Brown and his Climate change summit now don’t believe what they say.

  580. 580

    If he wanted another old banger
    he should have swapped her for a ford escort !

  581. 581

    His colouring book must be pretty full by now !

  582. 582
    marcus aurelius says:

    Chris Huhne may be a liar and cheat to his nearest and dearest but we can totally trust him when he tells ut that global awrming is anthropogenic and nothing to do with solar activity. It may be just coincidence that he is a Euro integrationist fanatic too.

  583. 583
    Eco Dave and his Green Liberalcon Party says:

    Mr Cameron said: “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth. Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

    Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

    “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

    “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”

  584. 584
    nell says:

    I think jones of the UEA showed us that climate change is more a figment of their imagination that anything to do with reality.

    The only reality is that these ‘climate change experts’ spend their time jetting around the world (first class of course, and never mind the carbon footprint) , attending conferences in 5/6/7 star hotels – all expenses paid by us the taxpayers!!!

  585. 585
    AC1 says:

    It almost as if they were more concerned with keeping the cushy and large grants going than real science….

  586. 586
    Anonymous says:

    Do you mean “confess”?

  587. 587
    on message nell says:

    Huhne is a lovely man who dumped his wife and family of 26 years for a mistress he’d been seeing behind his wifes back for at least a year
    The same mistress who was married to another woman a only a year or so ago
    Definitely the type of man to be a father of the year

    But the wife is a evil slut for not supporting the cheating husband and not living where nell thinks she should even though Huhne has seven homes

    Huhne’s almost as upstanding a moral example as David Laws or nell

  588. 588
    AC1 says:

    Bond Holder Bailouts.

    Most Banks would have been relauched after a time in administration, but the bond holders would lose rather a lot, so now we bail them out, and also pay them interest on the bailout.

  589. 589
    Dream On says:

    Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

    He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

    He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”

    Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary

    “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

    “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

    “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster. “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has defended the BBC, saying it’s “unique in the world and we should be proud of it” and said the trend for politicians to constantly attack it was wrong.

  590. 590
    nell says:

    ‘Real’ Science???

    Sorry AC1 – what jones of the UEA and that twit at the UN were doing was not real science.

    They were milking the system for kudos, and soft living. And gordon and his crew were making unlimited funds available to them so that they could enjoy 5 star hotels and exotic locations!!!

    Anthropogenic climate change!! Future generations are going to laugh at us because we were conned into believing such rubbish!!!

  591. 591
    AC1 says:

    Carbon trading is Rent seeking in its purest form.

  592. 592
    Lib Dems revolt as Osborne takes axe to benefits says:

    threatens to cause the first major split in David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s Liberal-Conservative coalition. A group of Liberal Democrat MPs say they are prepared to join forces with Labour and oppose big cuts in State benefits


  593. 593
    nell says:

    The politicians, you know, are not always right!!!

    The beeb needs to go – they might not think so but it’s viewing figures show that it has passed its prime.

  594. 594
    Liberal Democrat MP 'would not support VAT rise' says:

    Roger Williams said the Labour government left a “terrible situation” The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats in Westminster has said he would not support an increase in VAT in Tuesday’s Budget.

  595. 595
    Good thing the ConDem Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne is staying says:

  596. 596
    Heir to Blair says:

    So you’re saying Cameron is a fool and an idiot nell

  597. 597

    Would you ,would you ? Chris Huhne has !


  598. 598
    wavy davy the wimp says:

    Obama’s view of Cameron: a lightweight

    Barack Obama was unimpressed by his encounter with David Cameron earlier this year and commented: “What a lightweight!”

    Cameron’s view of Obama – “BRILLIANT!”

    “I’m enjoying watching Barack Obama. I think he’s a brilliant speaker, I think his optimism and sense of hope for the future is inspiring a lot of people. It’s great to see. Too often [politics] gets down to hope and fear and I think it’s wonderful when hope wins. I’m enjoying watching him, I must say. I think he’s compelling,” Cameron told Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast programme.

  599. 599
    Christy says:

    As an engineer who has some experience of various generating criteria I have never heard such uninformed garbage come out of one mouth in my life.
    This puffed up bag of wind really needs to enrol himself in a basic engineering course so that he might,just might begin to have an elementary understanding of the words:-
    Efficiency,reliability,diversity and cost effectiveness.
    A few facts to counter this political support for windfarms:-
    1)The weasel word is CAPACITY,this assumes that these windmills operate at 100% capacity,fact the wind does not blow 100% of the time,according to government figures,probably slanted the average wind turbine operates at just 27% of its capacity.
    2)Britains biggest windfarm at the 140 turbine installation at East Kilbride operated at just 7.3% of its capacity.
    3)Problem is you can’t store leccy,not in large amounts,the current conventional generators have to produce it exactly when it is needed and unfortunately the wind has no chance of doing this as it might not be blowing.
    4)In a nutshell wind is a particulary useless form of energy as regards you cannot store leccy for when you need it.
    5)Why the fixation with this unreliable means of generation,thats easy folks,ever heard of RO it means (renewable obligation) this means that the government pays this and the cheapest way to collect it is putting up a wind turbine for around about 2 million.
    6)The total RO paid to the wind industry last year was £400 million and that equates to around £138,000 per turbine add to that the profit from what each turbine produces and you will be making some £300,000 per year per turbine and half of that is paid by the government.
    7)Add to this the reason that many of these turbines turn so little is that the government subsidy does not take into account where these turbines are built,hence the developers like building them in places such as Lincolshire which unfortunately does not have much wind.
    In conclusion this eventually failed experiment with reliable wind generation of leccy will have cost the taxpayer dearly based on the pie in the sky political elite who frankly don’t know their arse from their elbow and are not in the real world.

  600. 600
    Eric Porky Pickles says:


  601. 601
    Chris Huhne says:

    Can you claim a strap-on on expenses ?

  602. 602
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:



  603. 603
    MPs expenses: Never trust a man with a trouser press says:

    A trouser press is a must-have in a three-star hotel room – but has no place in the home.

    According to P G Wodehouse, ‘every man who has had his trousers pressed is a social gangster’ “There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself ‘Do trousers matter?” To which Bertie Wooster’s manservant replied: “The mood will pass, sir.”

    It certainly passed before Chris Huhne filed his expenses. Even among the wonderfully imaginative claims by MPs, Huhne’s trouser press stood out. Partly because, unusually, it was vaguely related to his job, but also because it raised worrying questions, not least who on earth buys a trouser press and what does he do with it?

  604. 604
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    Definitely a 14 pinter and three bagger but that never stopped me in the past.

  605. 605
    Anonymous says:

    She’s got a lot of bottle.

  606. 606
    North, but not Scotland says:

    Hello Nell
    Take some comfort that £1200/week to keep him away from England is a bargain. The cost, divided amongst the 26 million people who hate him, is 24p per year each. If only he had started in 1997 we would be about £1.2 trillion better off.

  607. 607
    Talking Of Lesbians...... says:

    Londons closer to Canterbury

  608. 608
    High Carbon Steel says:

    And her bush trimmed by the ‘NHS vasectomy barber’!!

  609. 609
    Mike Hunt says:

    This hunt is not for him

  610. 610
    Can't remember my moniker says:


  611. 611
    Biffo says:

    I just hope Eddie NoBalls & the Ladyboy don’t win the Labour Leadership. He’s an insufferable little fat c**t at the best of times and as Leader he’d really require culling.

  612. 612
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Well said, nell. Computer models are not science.

  613. 613
    AC1 says:

    As someone with Kompooter skillz it was rather obvious from the start that AGW predictions were a load of donkeys kidneys.

    One only has to google “Exponential Error” to see that the predictions of the future were quite frankly expensive junk.

  614. 614
    Derek Simpson's Grace and Favour mansion says:

    If I recall correctly, Cock robin got a spad to dump his mrs for him at the airport. Expect he used official visits to shag his bit on the side

    riddance… good.

    Ethical foreign policy my a*se.

  615. 615
    Huhne's Mistress says:


  616. 616
    Sarah Palin says:

    everywun nose that the wurld is 6000 years old and the giant thunder lizards or so called ‘dinosaurs’ are made up nonsense

    scientists are satanists and witches

    vote republican!

  617. 617
    Spank Sinatra says:

    not even amusing the first time…………

  618. 618

    […] Huhne : April to June The cutting below is taken from Chris Huhne’s pre-election spring leaflet as sent to constituents in his marginal […] […]

  619. 619
    Chris Huhne affair sparks Tory fury at coalition partners says:

    Nick Clegg is facing Tory fury after the ConDem coalition was rocked by another scandal involving one of his Lib Dem MPs.

    Senior Conservatives are ­apparently livid over revelations of Energy Secretary Chris Huhne’s affair with former aide Carina ­Trimingham, which have led him to end his 26-year marriage.

    They blame Deputy PM Mr Clegg for not vetting his frontbenchers properly as it’s the third Lib Dem humiliation just weeks since the coalition took power.

    Chief Treasury Secretary David Laws had to quit the Cabinet for funnelling £40,000 of taxpayers’ cash to his secret lover.

    Shortly afterwards, Danny Alexander, who replaced Laws, was also engulfed in a row after he escaped capital gains tax using a loophole slammed by his party.

  620. 620
    Chris Huhne says:

    Ive been bummed by Billy Jean King.

    Beat that Ruth Kelly, you nasty little man.

  621. 621
    Jaded63 says:

    He must be mad. His missus is much better looking than this truly ugly, butch bisexual bat.

  622. 622
    Monty Bodkin says:

    If you have a butler then why would you need a trouser press?

  623. 623
    Tugs Forelock says:

    Cor, wot a manifesto.

  624. 624
    Only a minor public schoolboy says:

    I suspect you have inside knowledge and the power of total memory recall.

  625. 625
    Ahma-strapyerdiddleronandpullmepantsdown-Hoon says:

    I honestly read that first time as ‘a former trouser press officer’.

  626. 626
    albacore says:

    As he contemplates the Long Walk, will that £1,200 a week buy off the superannuated son of the manse’s conscience?
    In his stream-of-consciousness scribblings, perhaps he’s dredged up rather darker, fire-and-brimstone forebodings than
    “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”
    Keep taking the tablets, Gordon; and remember to look under the bed before you switch off the light.

  627. 627
    Ranter says:

    I haven’t laughed so much for ages. great comments, really funny. Huhne is a complete Hoon, you’ve got to wonder at his mental state. what is it with these politicians and these liberals are especially dirty it seems. I hope Mrs H takes him and his bull dyke ‘lover’ to the cleaners.

    More please!

  628. 628
    brownless says:

    9 out of 10 shaggers who expressed a preference said they wouldn’t

  629. 629
    What is it with Lib Dems? Keep your bloody trousers zipped up says:

    Guido, you forgot the photo of Hunhe with his trousers down, giving a knee trembler to his assistant with the tidy font caption at the bottom saying ‘But mistresses are even better!’ right after the family values pic.

  630. 630
    Thunderbox says:

    The good Lord took Cook and tossed him into hell, just where the ‘rat peering out of a bear’s arsehole’ should be.

  631. 631
    Gordon's Scotched earth policy says:

    Where was he found in the oppositions penalty box?

  632. 632
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Now they get what they deserve a duplicitous MP with no morals and only his own aspriations in mind.

    Just like a Labour MP then. Maybe the Labour voters though he WAS</B Labour, after all they are not noted for their intelligence!

  633. 633
    Susie says:

    He likes wind turbines — never thought he’d hook up with the female equivalent.

  634. 634
    Susie says:

    I doubt it… prolly the first bloke she’s pulled with gums like that.

  635. 635
    Susie says:

    I’m lovin it… especially a LibDem couple I know with 3 houses whose social consciences dictated they vote LibDem, safe in the knowledge they’d never be in power — or so they thought…

  636. 636
    Susie says:

    Agreed. He had a very simple decision to make and he chose the wrong course.

    Most of the MPs whose shenanigins have been found out prior to an election have either been de-selected or lost their seats, what’s so special about him? At the very least he should resign his job in government. Cheating on your wife and family should never be penalty-free.

  637. 637
    Kered says:

    All on expenses…of course. Shag on the taxpayer!!!!

  638. 638
    Alan says:

    What happened to Dave giving us the ability to re-call our MP, how about it Dave?

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