June 16th, 2010

Willie Free

There were raised eye-brows when former LibDem MP Willie Rennie was appointed as the Special Advisor to the Scotland Office just days after being rejected at the ballot box by the voters of Dunfermline. To his credit he did not ask for a salary as a SpAd, the parliamentary resettlement payment was quite enough. A close ally of Danny Alexander, it seems now his old boss has moved up the ministerial ladder the first SpAd is set to quit. He will be replaced by Ming’s old ginger speech-writer Euan Roddin.

Willie claims he wants to return to Scotland as he is separated from his family while in London. Coincidentally candidates are being picked for next year’s Scottish Parliament elections right about now…


  1. 1
    Marc Blow Tan says:

    Oh, matron! I love willie!

  2. 2

    Euan looks like a nice boy.

    Is he good with colours?

  3. 3

    1) When rejected by the electorate employ the reject as a SpAd and then wait for a safe seat to crop up into which you parachute the reject.

  4. 4
    Catflap says:

    Rejoice at this news.
    It just warms the cockles of my heart to see such a heavyweight Parliamentarian like Willie being recognised for all his achievements in Westminster.
    He used to arrange the cushions in the LibDems Dorma Bungalow which was situated off the committee corridor.

  5. 5
    Man the boats says:

    That was the current but whats the under current,to the search engines men.

  6. 6
    Shona Spurtle says:

    Unlike Willie, Euan’s only ever worked in various parliamentary offices. A bit of a swine, with more ambition than talent (and I used to work with him)

    • 27
      The Party says:

      a swine reference, highly valued in the party,more than talent.

    • 54
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      What’s the use of talent without ambition? Did he sack you, luv?

    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      me thinks Shona is a little jealous…. wanted the job yourself maybe.. I also worked with him and couldnt agree less with your comment

  7. 7
    watch them fail says:

    the Libs are going to get slaughtered at next years elections

  8. 8
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m still here.

  9. 11

    Does anyone know where I left my haggis? I think that Lady Macbeth must have stolen it

  10. 12
    I hate Prescott says:

    Will it be third time unlucky for Harpy at PMQs today? She’s been truly awful the last two weeks, proving in spades why she isn’t standing for leader. Hopefully she’ll deliver more comedy today.

    • 25
      Spank Sinatra says:

      I think one can take it as read that she will be pathetic but that of course is no reason not to watch – indeed, quite the opposite!

      • 41
        Anonymous says:

        The fucking Flintstones are more engaging than the twats in parliament.

        Screw the lot of them. Lowlife sponging motherfuckers.

    • 53
      dave is keeping his powder dry says:

      good thing dave was equally shit
      he’s being shit on purpose again to boost her confidence and lull her into a false sense of security

      • 127
        Anonymous says:

        your mum was screwed by an Old Etonian. Innit tat?

        • 135
          Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

          Quick, the dole office will soon be closed!
          Hurry there now for your dole money!

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ll take that as a yes

          • Lots of etc etc says:

            Said the dole scrounging beggar.
            Get a job dole boy and then you will not have to hang around here making a fool of yourself you scrounger.

  11. 13

    Has anyone seen my ghost?

  12. 16
    Lord Prescott of Lamb Bhuna says:

    Why’s everyone complaining about the vuvuzelas? Anyone who knows me will know that my end pipe makes the same sound after I’ve had a curry. Pauline’s used to it.

  13. 17
    Jacqui Smith, new McDonald's Team Leader says:

    Do you want fries with that?

  14. 20
    Tonights Recipe on Gulf News says:

    After O Bummers rap tune to the nation last night. today some US “Scientists”have come out with a new calculation of the leak. 2.5 million gallons a day

    • 30
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      That’s about 70,000 barrels per day. Not bad for a single well. I don’t suppose the estimate has anything to do with the fact that the bigger the spill the bigger the statutary fine,

    • 75
      Selohesra says:

      At least he seems to have learned that the company is called BP not British Petroleum – a small start – perhaps he will soon be pursuaded to talk about facts rather than self serving smears

      • 87
        Phil O'Pastree says:

        It all went badly wrong for BP when Lord Browne (there’s that fucking name again, a haunting refrain) bought Amoco including its assets and personnel.

  15. 28

    good article ha

  16. 29
    Sarah Tweet says:

    Had lunch in Notting Hill sorting out Autumn push for maternal mortality campaign in NY

  17. 40
    Gordon Brown says:

    Sarah’s been in Canterbury since the election ended. Someone’s been hired to look after her sons. I’ve been busy writing my new book. Still haven’t found a publisher for it though. Any offers are most welcome. I’d like an offer that’s equal to the sum given to my predecessor.

    • 51
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      Hang on, weren’t those two poor lads rented for a fixed term? They’ve probably gone back to the real family by now.

  18. 45
    Watt Tyler says:

    More import and and weighty news is:

    Lib-Lab-Con Justification for Afghanistan War is “Rubbish” Says Former UK Counterterrorism Chief: http://eotp.org/2010/06/15/lib-lab-con-justification-for-afghanistan-war-is-%E2%80%9Crubbish%E2%80%9D-says-former-uk-counterterrorism-chief/

    • 70

      He’s gone native since he joined the UN, that’s all – he has learned to sing from the Alternative Service, and now follows the UN script.

      When he mentions Leeds, my reaction is that the terrorist threat might be better served by some reverse migration than having our troops in harms way, but that wasn’t really his multi-culti UN view, was it?

      The man’s a fool.

  19. 46
    Jus Askin says:

    Hold on, let’s get this right, so Phil O’Pastree is TaT?
    It doesnt’ surprise me I must say.

    • 49
      Nice try says:

      allo titfer

      • 56
        TaT the twat, in his mouth Esther shat says:

        there’s tat
        still too fucking braindead not to answer when someone mentions his name even though he’s always desperately trying to hide his shame at being tat
        you’ve got to laugh

        • 62
          A doctor says:

          Genuine question. Are you an alcoholic?

          • No, you're a fuckwit says:

            said the druggie retard

          • A doctor says:

            That’s a yes.

          • Jus Askin says:

            Never mind talking to yourself doctor, put away that prescription pad you are misusing to self medicate and answer the bloody question: is Phil O’Pastree really TaT?
            I think the answer is probably yes.

          • Do fuck off TaT you're a coward and a druggie says:

            That’s a fuck off thick as thieves you druggie schizo nutcase

          • Anonymous says:

            It is him and so is ‘Anon’, ‘Maggies Drawers’ and several others.

          • A doctor says:

            A coward, a druggie AND an alky.

            Trust me, I’m a doctor.

          • Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

            Cor blimey, a cluster of scroungers.
            What a drain on the economy you lot are.

          • A doctor says:

            says the nutter who’s been online for the last 12 hours. Amphetamines?

          • Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

            There’s another one. Posing as a doctor.
            Get a job dole boy and stop begging money from other people.

          • thick as thieves says:

            There’s a career in tramp gobbling

      • 61
        lolol says:

        s a u s a g e s

        • 139
          lolol says:

          When I have got my dole money that I beg from the taxpayer I will busy some
          s a u s a g e s.

  20. 47
    The Real and Genuine Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man says:

    I love a group of eight men, preferably Labour supporters, spunking all over my face. It’s jizztastic.

  21. 58
    King Kock says:


    try http://www.political-graffiti.blogspot.com

    for something topical and interesting

    • 66

      I thought you’d be back Tubes.

      • 77
        Anonymous says:

        He’s been up all night being rogered by Maggies Drawers. Poor lad is on some weird drug and is raving like Gordon Brown on election

        • 78
          Anonymous says:


        • 81
          schizotat says:

          s a u s a g e s

          • Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

            Get a job.
            You will find if you are working and have an income you will be happier for it.
            And you won’t have time to hang around here posting garbage like “sausages” all the time.

          • thick as thieves says:

            Get a job Dolescum!
            I have a full time job wanking in other peoples letterboxes.

          • Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

            You mean you have a full time job copying other people’s names.
            Seriously, get a job and stop scrounging off other people.
            We will never reduce the deficit if we have beggars like you begging money off of honest hardworking folk.

          • thick as thieves says:

            I’m reducing the deficit by gobbling tramps for small change

      • 79
        King Kock says:

        only to promote my new entry. not worth coming here anymore as there seems to be a distinct lack of interest from anyone but the bored , the boring and those addicted to the habit of commenting on mundane lowly SPAD wad.

        the number of commenters has dropped off a cliff. hope the Mods are rocking now

  22. 59
    Lady Harriet Dromey says:

    Hi Proles. Ayesha’s written me some cracking jokes for PMQs today. Hope you enjoy them! I think I’ll be remembered as a great acting leader of Labour!

    • 67
      Ben Elton says:

      Just blame it on THATCH! Eh what? Thatcher that’s what!!!

      Get’s them rolling in the aisles and makes enough dosh for you to emigrate.

    • 136
      Smig says:

      Magic Roundabout. Epic fail.

  23. 60
    Gordon McDoom says:

    I’ll be back.

  24. 65
    the real concrete pump says:

    Do me. Now. Hard and rough. Right up my jacksie.

    • 71
      Anonymous says:

      Get to bed tat lad. And leave off the sauce.

      • 100
        TaTWatch says:

        s a u s a g e s

        • 103
          Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

          Shouldn’t you lot be up the dole office signing on for your hard scrounged taxpayer cash.
          Off you go, if you are late they will not give you any free money.

          • TATWatch says:

            shouldn’t you not be here since you’ve now said twice you weren’t coming back to this site tat, you lying sack of shit ?

          • Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

            Hurry up, the scroungers dole office will close if you do not hurry!
            And who is this tat you are talking about.
            I am new to this site and am a hardworking taxpayer. I read your posts and realised you must be a dole scrounger with too much times on their hands. It is not right that people should work hard while you just hang around here insulting people and holding out a begging bowl begging for money.
            Get a job you scrounger.
            I have clearly hit a nerve and am happy about that.

          • A doctor says:

            I think you’ve hit a vein. Your own.

            Really, seek help.

          • Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

            Get a job you dole scrounging junkie.

          • TaT the mental case says:

            “And who is this tat you are talking about.
            I am new to this site and am a hardworking taxpayer”

            you’re a child with the brain of a fucking chimp thick as thieves
            anyone else would be far too embarrassed to type such obvious bullshit but you really are actually deranged enough to think your drug addled lies are even remotely plausable

            Where’s the blog tat ?

            Why are you such a cowardly liar ?

          • A doctor says:

            The drugs don’t work no more

          • Lots of Dole Scroungers Clogging Up the Thread Today says:

            Dont’ like the taste of your own medicine, do you doctor?

  25. 73
    Mr Jonathan Prescott Esq. says:

    Feed me.

  26. 89
    Cap'n Data of the good ship Digital Pirate says:

    For all you horny bastards.

  27. 105

    Will the real TAT take one “step forward”

  28. 110
    concrete pimp says:

    I wish someone would wank in my letterbox

  29. 111
    Obama says:

    O bugga wunga

  30. 123
  31. 129
    Bubbleheads says:

    Notice to All
    If you want to get out of recession lower your property prices to reality not the dreamland your all living in.

    • 131
      Fo'Real Estate Agent says:

      What if you’re not selling?

    • 140
      Market Madness says:

      Houses are a luxury for which we should all be willing to pay 5, 10, 20 times our combined annual salary for, even if it’s a shithole in Tower Hamlets!

      If you lower property prices, then people might be able to afford to do lower paid jobs thus limiting the ‘need’ for immigrants. Starting a home business, becoming self-employed might actually become economically viable, thus reducing unemployment.

      But, no. Better to keep property prices (and rents) sky high, wages rock bottom and continue importing immigrants from the third world like there’s no tomorrow.

      What can possibly go wrong!

  32. 141
    Duncan says:

    Willie was a good MP, he’ll make a good MSP. Don’t see your problem.

  33. 142
    saatchi and scratchy says:

    why would the fuck anyone waste money on ads here for a bunch of sad homeworking pseudo satirical wankers that think they are so smug after their first morning wank in the wife panties

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