June 15th, 2010

Vince Is Coming For Savers

The businessmen-funded Policy Diffusion group is drawing their battle lines over the proposed rise in Capital Gains Tax. This followed Cable around yesterday:

“This LibDem policy fails on every conceivable account. It discriminates against elderly savers, reduces economic growth, prevents the build-up of capital, discourages entrepreneurs and will even reduce government revenue rather than increase it, widening the deficit.” Policy Diffusion fought viciously against a hung parliament in April and despite the resulting coalition, they are back. And this time they have trucks…


  1. 1

    Is the Policy Diffusion Group ONLY funded by businessmen.


    • 2
      Latest load of balls says:


    • 7
      Vince is a TWAT says:

      Let me gat this right. Some wealthy people are pulling a fast one by declaring income as capital gains and so pay less tax.

      Vince’s answer to this is to raise CGT for everyone. So the many savers, investors, pensioners etc) are having to pay for the crookedness of the few.

      Why doesn’t Cable just target the crooked few?


      • 13
        oldrightie says:

        Because the lucky few are politicos or Bilderbergers.


        • 22
          Arnie Astor,survivor of the Titanic extordinaire says:

          300 years of elections 300 years of the same old shit from the same old family’s. Astor la vista baby I’ll be back


          • Vince Cable's best friend, Wireless. says:

            The advert should say, “he’s coming back for her SECOND home”. CGT is only payable when you sell an asset for a profit and thus generate a gain. Answer: Don’t sell the asset, wait until Cable and Hughes have taken that short walk across the floor of the House and Gideon gets real and reverses any changes.


      • 34
        Peasant says:

        “Why doesn’t Cable just target the crooked few?”

        …because he cannot get his hands on Gideon’s address book. But I’m sure that at some point soporific Vince will have a meeting with Gids and to stay awake Gids will have to shuffle off to the gentleman’s room for a line of perk-me-up dust. That will be Vince’s chance…


    • 11
  2. 3
    Milibandits says:

    I don’t care I am In Vince able


  3. 4
    Overworked grammar police says:

    “businessmen-funded Policy Diffusion group is drawing their battle lines”

    are drawing, surely?


    • 9
      Spank Sinatra says:

      Group is singular – suggest you are not as overworked as you suggest! Go back to the classroom.


      • 14
        Dick Tator says:

        “is drawing its’ ” or “are drawing their”. One or the other, but, in this case, it is the former option.

        Jeez, why am I doing this?


  4. 6
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Why anyone should believe that they will be exempt from the effects of the previous government’s profligacy is beyond me…….and yes, whilst it is true that those at the top of the pile will be less damaged by the austerity drive, that does not take into account the inevitable breakdown in social cohesion which will inevitably rise. Crime will go up, public sector workers will strike and services will be withdrawn or face interruption on a significant scale. One might as well get used to it!


    • 25
      Charlie says:

      I’m on my hols at present but I will be arranging some of the above later in the summer


      • 62
        Number 6 says:

        Charlie, yeah man get out the party sevens, dust off the Allegro in the garage and let’s party likes its the 1970s again. Altogether now ‘C’mon feel the noize, girlz grab the boys’ natch Mandy and lib dem voters can go boys grab the boys.


    • 44
      Vince Cable's best friend, Wireless. says:

      Ah yes, I remember it well. The good old days of the 70s, loon pants, mullets and Sweet when I had hair. Yipee I can relive my yoof, rubbish in the streets, bodies unburied and miners on strike, oh wait a mo’ no miners and only Unite and Unison. It won’t be that bad then.


  5. 10
    GWAE says:





    A conservative estimate of reserves across the Falklands Basin suggests a minimum recovery of 3.5 billion barrels of oil. The estimate of the British Geographical Society suggests around 60 billion barrels, the equivalent of the UK’s North Sea deposits. Though such a figure, as some oil executives have told the UK’s Channel 4 News, may be an optimistic figure. Even so, with an additional assessment of 9 trillion cubic feet of gas deposits, the finds could prove transformational to Britain’s long-term debt problem; as well as making millionaire “oil barons” of the island’s 3,000 residents.

    In February 2010, the UK’s then-Labour government agreed to take up to half of the revenues in the event of finding oil and gas. The Falklands Executive Council, only too aware of Argentina’s brooding language over reclaiming what they call “Las Malvinas,” indicated as long ago as 1994 their desire to make a more significant contribution to their own defence after the 1982 invasion. For Britain, it appears payback time for a sovereignty paid for in blood may have arrived. The economic yield to Britain from corporation taxes and royalties from the fields to the north of the Falklands alone could well be over $145 billion.




    • 15
      Helpful says:

      HMG needs the money: BP won’t be paying significant amounts of Corporation Tax for a little while.


    • 16
      Falklander says:

      We went to war over a bit of rusty scrap so we have to nuke it if they try to rob us. The people there are solid Brits they will understand.
      Falklander Falklander
      Ve are Falklanders
      Ve vil be nuked for der Mudderland
      Verse 2 anyone


    • 38
      Peasant says:

      A snout in the FCO tells me that as soon as Obama started talking about BRITISH Petroleum diplomatic efforts were made to correct the president. He deliberately ignored them. Number 10 then started to get jittery. The FCO have since analysed the situation and are convinced that there is an anti-British undercurrent in Obama’s administration: but why?

      With Liam “Nott’s Ghost” Fox about to mothball most of the Navy and to make the RAF only capable of UK defence, the ability of defending the Falklands will disappear. In a years time, when the Fox cuts will start to bite, the Argies will launch another attack on British sovereign territory. Cameron will have no choice other than to surrender (it his natural reaction). Obama, having proven that he is anti-British, will be able to nominate a stars and stripes American oil company to get all the “Malvinas” black stuff out of the seabed. And it won’t matter if they spill any of it since only sheepshaggers live on the islands.

      You heard it here first.


      • 45
        dayzed and confused says:

        Would someone please tell me:

        How Union Carbide (now part of Dow Chemical) could avoid any appearances in an Indian Court for 25 years after killing 10,000 and disabling another 100,000 and severely affecting the lives of, in total, 583,000 people and then settle on reparations of £0.03p/person and still not clean-up its mess?

        Why is the UK/US extradition treaty only ratified by the UK and not the USA?

        Why all US Black people have ‘got a chip’?


      • 47
        Equity abhors a Maxim says:

        Say it ain’t so.


        • 49
          Peasant says:

          Seen this by Daniel Hannan?

          “All these things are minor irritants compared to the way the Obama administration is backing Peronist Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands – or, as Obama’s people call them, “the Malvinas”. British troops were the only sizeable contingent to support the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have fought alongside America in most of the conflicts of the past hundred years. Yet, when the chips are down, Obama lines up with Hugo Chávez and Daniel Ortega against us.”

          Or this:

          “the United States joined with the Organisation of American States (OAS) in an unanimously passed voice vote resolution eralier this week calling for negotiations between London and Buenos Aires, a position which is completely unacceptable to Great Britain. … Significantly, the resolution referred to the “Malvinas” Islands, and not the Falkland Islands, its official, internationally recognised name, another snub to the British position.”

          Dave will sell us out. He’s not got the balls that Thatcher had.


    • 56
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      $145 Billion is about 9 months of the current deficit. Don’t get too exited, chaps.


  6. 12
    Centre Parting says:

    If CGT rates go up, losses will become more valuable?

    Watch the take from CGT drop – come on Dave, boot the Cleggons and their socialist tendencies into touch.

    Mind you this could be the beginning of the end for Vince if it goes down badly!


  7. 17
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    *To lay a cable*
    Definition, to excrete a huge pile of shite

    BTW why do Mars think it a great idea to use John Barnes as a role model?
    F ucker is morbidly obese
    “Eat a Mars bar get fat and lose the world cup yet again”
    What a bunch of wankers most advertising types are


    • 19
      Fat Bastard says:

      Fuck me is that who that is? I never got on him ,fat bastard,come on kids be like me eat loads of Mars bars and be a great F F F fat bastard


    • 29
      KBW says:

      Who, or what was/is John Barnes?
      If he’s the bloke advertising Mars, at least he’s the right colour!
      Chocolate or (ni**er) brown!


  8. 18
    Manny 3Balls says:

    Debts the real money now.


  9. 23
    Arnie Astor,survivor of the Titanic extordinaire says:

    Tell us Guido. Once you start making an impact with followers the Bilderbergers put you on the payroll?


  10. 27
    Hang The Bastards says:


    (1) I vote for you twats

    (2) I donated £500 to the Conservatives

    (3) I even handed out leaflets for my local Conservative MP.

    (4) I have been a Tory voter all my life

    But you HuntS can just FUCKrightOFF if you think you are going to punish me by introducing a Capitail Gains Rise.

    I will NEVER vote for you spineless bastards again !


    • 28
      Max the Impaler says:

      I think you will find you are not on your own.


      • 30
        Thea Bourne says:

        Who the hell else is there to vote for? Do you want Gordon back or even worse the Libs who will use a spin drier to extract your money to give to the undeserving poor. I work with those wankers and know how their minds work.


        • 40
          Peasant says:

          You wait for the Tory party conference. The reaal Conservative party will assert itself. Cameron will be finished.


          • Equity abhors a Maxim says:

            Isn’t this self-defeating fissiparousness properly a characteristic of the Left?


      • 31
        Susie says:

        I’d be very happy if both Huhne and Cable fell flat on their faces.

        Both of them are a menace to our chance of having any future and are just as dangerous as Blair and Brown were.


        • 46
          Vince Cable's best friend, Wireless. says:

          No we’re more dangerous, we don’t actually believe – Gordung did (which is why he is dribbling down a bib in a ‘special hospital’ right now and sucking on prozac)


    • 35
      DodgyDave says:

      “I even handed out leaflets for my local Conservative MP”

      Obviously you didn’t read them “We’re all in this together”


      • 41
        Peasant says:

        They didn’t say “all of this is negotiable with the Lib Dems”


        • 54
          Clegg for Prime Minister says:

          Do you mean there were negotiations? I though that Cleggy asked what he wanted and got given what he wanted … that’s why it is a Lib-Con Coalition and not the other way around!


  11. 32
    Watt Tyler says:

    Pensioners can’t fight to keep their money -but the criminal, corrupt, degenerate parasites can, and certainly will, fight to keep their position on the back of the People.

    The Parasite is not so Easily Removed from the Back of the People…:



    • 37
      Lizbet tyler says:

      Mr Gooding’s previous jobs included launching the National Rail Enquiries service and the flu pandemic hot line.

      So what were his qualifications for doing this ?? glad to see some of the MP’s suffering though.


  12. 36
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    What utter tosh. How exactly is anyone “coming for her home”, unless she’s a buy-to-let landlord with several homes? Proceeds on the sale of your main home are exempt from CGT, and unless I’m missing something no-one is planning to change that.

    There are certainly issues with CGT and entrepreneurs, and there the detail of whatever plans they have will be hugely important there, but as for CGT on second homes, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy with those who find their tax bills going up.


    • 57
      Max the Impaler says:

      If you spend more than three years in a council home,your main home is subject to Capital Gains Tax.Maybe this is to what they are refering.However, there is absolutely no excuse for the government to decide to punish a perfectly responsible investment decision when choosing between stocks and shares or property.CGT is an envy tax. It is immoral,unworkable and part of the disease that is socialism.


      • 58
        DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:


        Why is it any more immoral than any other tax? In an ideal world, we wouldn’t pay any taxes at all, but when the government has a £160 billion black hole to fill, you’d better start getting used to the idea.


        • 64
          Max the Impaler says:

          Because it is double taxation; but so is IHT and Vat. If you want to stop GNP in its tracks you just keep loading up the tax.Best of luck.


          • DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

            You are using an argument which, to use a technical term, is bollocks.

            If you make a profit on a sale of a second home, CGT is the first time that profit is taxed.

            Plus double taxation is a daft argument anyway. If you accepted that double taxation was somehow fundamentally wrong, then you’d have to abolish all taxes except income tax and CGT. Then just imagine how much income tax would have to go up.


      • 59
        Anonymous says:

        And of course CGT is paid on stocks and shares, is it?

        Please get your facts straight. This is about levelling (slightly) the very uneven playing field between income and capital gains.


    • 60
      Old Tory says:

      It could also say Margaret stole her pension (earnings link), Dave’s gonna give it back. (restore earnings link)…
      or pretty much anything you like..!!


  13. 42
    Penfold says:

    Well at least Vince is faithful and loyal to his old fashioned socialism.



  14. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t that bloke Cable in South Pacific?


  15. 61
    giant gonad says:

    It’s time to blast Cable’s crank ideas to dust.


  16. 63
    Old geezer says:

    Cable is working on the principle that anyone over 70 who goes into an old peoples home, won’t be around at the next election.


  17. 65
    Matt says:

    “Vince’s coming back for her home”? Do they mean “Vince is coming back..”


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