June 15th, 2010

Dan Dumps on the Hopey Changey One

Fresh from the news that Sarah Palin might be London-bound, the great and good of the right look to be gearing up for her autumnal arrival. It’s notable that today Dan Hannan has finally come round to the fact that he was way, way out with his endorsement of Barack Obama. The unlikely vocal advocate for the Democrat President is eating his words after witnessing a 30% increase in the size of the American state in just two years.

The full mea culpa is quite a read, bringing Hannan into line, entirely coincidentally, with a certain Obama-hating hockey-mum…


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    Engineer says:

    Or perhaps he just fancies her.


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      Mr Ned says:

      to quote the vernacular American, “EWWWWWWW!”

      I am proud and happy to proclaim that I have never supported that corrupt criminal lying sack of shit, Obama. Anyone who rises to prominence from Chicago’s corrupt political system is automatically suspect. The man is a liar and a slave of the international banking elite.

      But even as a right winger, I cannot stand that insane lunatic Palin either.


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        Yorkie (with his hand up) says:

        Does anyone actually care what Dan what’s his name thinks or says. He had a hit on Brown (he was doing his job as a Con Euro MP) and that’s it.


        • 8
          Yesterdays man says:

          Hannan just wants to embarrass Cameron as he’s part of the awkward squad now.

          Same reason Boris hammered Obama for attacking Britain and not BP.
          Same reason Vince Cable did exactly the same, to show up Dave as a wimp.

          Hannan is just a fringe voice who will never get a sniff of a real job or power but wants to finally rally some kind of powerbase as he seems to have finally realised he is everything Cameron hates & intends to bury in the Tory Party.

          This was timed to be ahead of Camerons fawning visit to the White House.
          Pity Dan had to look like a flip flopping idiot to assert his independence though.


          • Auntie Flo' says:

            “Hannan is just a fringe voice”

            2,692,517 hits on just one of Dan’s hits on youtube: that’s one mighty
            big fringe.


          • Sneezing Panda says:

            66,766,821 hits on just one Panda youtube doesn’t mean anyone will vote for it or that Panda has any Political Power

            Hannan is the political equivalent of Susan Boyle
            or he would be if he had another 40 Million hits


          • Saving faces:


        • 10
          Engineer says:

          Not entirely true. Hannan has published some interesting ideas, writes a popular blog in a mainstream paper, and contributes well-expressed arguments to the broadcast media. Whether or not you agree with his ideas, that degree of public exposure puts him well ahead of most politicians. He’s not that old, yet; he has much left to offer.


          • Cameron borrows can-do-better attitude from ‘brilliant Barack’ says:

            The man who could be America’s first black president won ringing praise yesterday from the man who could be Britain’s 19th old Etonian prime minister.
            David Cameron said he hugely admired Barack Obama, the front-running contender for the Democrat nomination, and vowed to bring some of the same spirit to the British political debate.

            “I’m enjoying watching Barack Obama. I think he’s a brilliant speaker, I think his optimism and sense of hope for the future is inspiring a lot of people. It’s great to see. Too often [politics] gets down to hope and fear and I think it’s wonderful when hope wins. I’m enjoying watching him, I must say. I think he’s compelling,” Cameron told Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast programme.

            “What people like is the sense that Obama generates, that we don’t have to be like this, we can do better… I think we need that same sense of possibility here.”

            “He is a very easy person to talk with, to exchange views with. He’s an incredibly impressive politician and leader but he’s also an extremely personable human being and someone it’s easy to get on with and to strike up a relationship with.

            “It’s my second meeting and it’s always enjoyable to meet and discuss with him and also to meet his wife and to meet his very impressive team


          • Anonymous says:

            Do you suck cock professionally?


        • 78
          Droopy Drawers says:

          Quite. Who is Hannan? He has won a Euro election. Whoopee. He’s hardly Churchill is he? Why should I give a toss about him? All he ever did of note was embarrass Gordon Brown, and Gordon Brown did a lot of that too and I don’t like him either.


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      Llewellyn Wellyn Llew Lynwellan O'Brien and the nine little O'Brien's (God bless them!) says:

      Where’s Captain Ranty when you need him?


    • 9
      Llewellyn Wellyn says:

      “Where’s Captain Ranty when you need him?”

      Where is he when you don’t need him?


    • 88
      Stuart Palmer says:

      Like the majority of us lusty males of Albion he wants to blow his cock snots all over those big plastic tits.


      • 157
        Claude says:

        I think they are real. Please let her be coming to Europe to audition for lecrazyhorseparis.com


    • 110
      Read that 9 am says:

      yes we can all read the news


    • 142

      She’d look better in a Burkha


  2. 2

    He wasn’t the only one conned by O’Bumchops.


  3. 4
    Hellboy88 says:

    Oh, I bet Obama is really shitting himself about this – not.


  4. 6
    Liam Fox says:

    Hannan wants to abolish the National Health Service and is pissed off because Obama introduced universal health care to the united states.
    Obama also pushed through the recapitalisation of the banks. The only drawback being that the Fed should have been nationalised, after all, why should taxpayers act as guarantors for a private financial organisation?
    But big items like the above cost money.
    If Hannan doesn’t like a big state then he should stop moaning at Obama and start having a go at the private banks that caused the problem.
    Hannan’s attack is misdirected and his analysis flawed.
    Apart from his views on Europe Hannan is a total cock.


  5. 11
    IR says:

    Its the boob job that turned him!


  6. 12

    Well fuck me………… interesting article. I didn’t know Obama’s people had been referring to the Falklands as the Malvinas. That is seriously taking the piss.

    Troops out of Afghanistan. Now.


    • 18
      Dave wuvs Obama says:

      with Dave in charge ?
      no fucking chance


      • 33
        Americans are fat and thick says:

        With the British death-toll now stupidly high (9 fucking years, and Afghanistan still hasn’t got its own army? What the fuck have these tossers being up to, other than legalising rape?)

        Dave hopes things will improve in a year, but he’s got to get our troops out of that medieval cesspit a lot quicker than that. Obama’s made America an object of hate among the British, so let the American runts die in the dust like the yeehaa turdbrains that they are. Our troops don’t deserve this and our scum-head politicians won’t be forgiven for abandoning them.


      • 48
        The Court of Public Opinion says:

        Oh yes there is – when Obama tells him to poodle along with his Iranian invasion.
        I’m still struggling to help Cast Iron with his great question to the British people of where to make cuts. Its a tough one to be sure. Why, its one of those things that could be staring everyone right in the face but they just couldn’t see it for some reason.


    • 393
      Budgie says:

      Obarmy really hates the British.


  7. 13
    Sarah Palin says:

    I can see Russia from my house! Africa is a country! The planet is 6000 years old! The Lord created everything in 6 days!

    You becha!


  8. 14
    A little old defenceless lady on a zimmer frame says:

    Sorry catching up

    It’s astonishing that any Labour leadership contenders could have even considered paying money to join a Tory association in the mid-1980s. It’s sickening as he was paying them subs when Mrs Thatcher was wreaking terrible destruction on constituencies in the North of England that he represents. No wonder he is airbrushing his past.’

    When are these total Labour s going to get it through their thick fucking skulls that it was Labour that destroyd the country in 79′ and now they have utterly fucked and destroyed the country again in 2010

    I really want to punch the fuck out of the Hunt who his so mentally fucking retarded he cant see what Labour has done and we should just rip his head off and shit down the hole



    • 65
      AC1 says:

      > Mrs Thatcher was wreaking terrible destruction on constituencies in the North of England

      It seems that stopping taxpayers from being extorted for the benefit of digging up coal = “wreaking terrible destruction on constituencies”


      • 98
        concrete pump says:

        Not only was the coal too deep to retrieve economically, but if we had subsidised the mines the miners would now be suing the govenment on health grounds.


        • 114
          Tony Benn says:

          Do you know, I closed more mines than Maggie, yet somehow my fellow socialists, never mention me or my closure program. Odd, don’t you think?


      • 164
        Maude Flanders says:

        There were environmental issues too with CO2.

        Won’t somebody think of the children?


  9. 16
    Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man says:

    I’m not a fan of Palin but I’m glad Blair supported President Bush while he was our prime minister. Unlike most Labour supporters, I agree with Bush on being pro-life and anti-stem cell research.


    • 23
      tat says:

      I think Bush is the smartest politician in the world. Only Palin is smarterer.
      I just love Bush and Obama and wish I could stick my head as far up thier arses as Blair and Cameron do.
      Isn’t it great we’re going to have five more years of bloody war in Afghanistan thanks to Dave. More lovely dead people.


  10. 17
    Cecil Rhodes says:

    Who gives a shite with such enthralling entertaining football to watch I’d like to ram those trumpets right the twats arses such a din
    Whose the little boy in the picture then?


  11. 20
    Libertarian wearing Slave sandals & nothing else says:

    The Republicans are less intelligent than the Democrats, Fact. Their communication skills are poor and they never live up to their policies. I much prefer a Democrat in the Whitehouse than the trigger happy, self interested, war mongering, thick as two planks Republican cowboys.
    I hope Thatcher & Cameron have the guts to tell the useless, publicity seeking thicky Palin to sling her hook. The woman is a piece of nonsense, who has nothing of worth to contribute to politics. She is in the game for herself and has not a clue on how to govern in the interest of the people.
    Clinton is an empowered politician who makes Palin look like a pathetic schoolgirl with no self awareness of how silly she really is. Palin has the cringe factor. Very similar to G. W. Bush.


    • 27
      Engineer says:

      “The Republicans are less intelligent than the Democrats, Fact.”

      Any links to the appropriate research that proves this? No? Thought not….


      • 46
        Septic Watch says:

        Simply put the words “Bush” and “Palin” into Google.


      • 66
        Bill Clinton says.... says:

        I did not have sexual relations with that woman


      • 71
        AC1 says:

        Compare the “genius” AlGors academic record, with the Ijit Bush…

        The MSM has a narrative and it doesn’t let little things like facts get in the way.


        • 89
          Mr Ned says:

          That would be the same Al Gore who thinks that the earth’s mantle is millions of degrees centigrade (much hotter than the sun) and that the ocean is going to rise by over 20 feet inside 50 years and the North Pole will be ice free by 2013, yet he still bought beachfront property that would be completely washed away by a 20 foot increase in sea levels.

          That genius you mean?


        • 112
          David Cameron says:

          If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.

          Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths.

          There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.


      • 218
        MrChickenPants says:

        Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t fooled by Obama or Clinton BUT Palin is a complete idiot whichever way you look at it and has no grasp of history, science or common sense. I would have supported McCain had he not brought that creationist fuckwit on board.


    • 47
      Archer Karcher says:

      LOL, what utter garbage. You really don’t get it do you? What do the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, Obama, Cameron and Clegg ALL have in common? If you don’t know, then you are as dumb as you just made yourself look.


  12. 21
    tat says:

    Bush and Palin give me the horn.
    I’d love to wank in their letterboxes.


  13. 22
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Why would any conservative with half a brain cell ever have thought that the most left wing President ever would be a good choice for the USA? Is it coz he is black?


  14. 24
    Tony B Liar says:

    I give my wholehearted support to fellow Republican Sarah Palin.


    • 40
      P. Doff says:

      My sympathy goes out to you… years of looking at slot-gob would do the same to anyone.


  15. 26
    who? says:

    Hannan is a bit of a non-entity, so not sure why his changing view is worthy of a Guido blog?

    Palin meeting Maggie though is actually interesting, would love to hear what these two crazies have to talk about? Ripe for Friday caption contest….


  16. 28
    Seamus O'Toole says:

    Hannan is a popular Irish surname coming from the Gaelic Ó hAnnáin or Ó hAnáin, most prevalently found in County Cork. First found in county Roscommon where they were seated from very ancient times and were descended from the Kings of Ireland.


    • 50
      concrete pump says:

      Do me a lemon!

      Every c*nt from Cork reckons they’re descended from the ‘kings of Ireland’.

      All my family are from Cobh and they never let up on it.


      • 402
        Rightful King of Ireland says:

        My family are from Turners Cross which is actually in Cork so that gives me a better claim than you culchie boy.


    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      I thought all the Paddies were descended from Neanderthals. I was only in 1649 with Cromwell that modern man made it to Ireland.


      • 171
        Gnasher says:

        Indeed. James Stuarts protestants are right Neanderthals aren’t they?


        • 225
          Anonymous says:

          No. They’re racist chavs. But they’re still about 25 steps up the evolutionary ladder than fucking Paddies.


          • Michael (Mick) O'Leary, considerably richer than yowwwww, says:

            We built your canals. We built your railways. We built your roads and now we’re showing you how to run an airline.

            So, you know, mind your manners.


    • 405
      Lemuel says:

      Hannan is vulcan name.

      Dan got his ears, surgically made less pointy.


  17. 31
    Worzel says:

    Don’t know too much about Palin, any relation to Michael? but when you here all the labour luvvies on here having a go I guess she must be onto something.
    Never did understand all that Obama hype, bit like all the Blair hype and why did the germans like him so much.


  18. 32
    Nursey says:

    What a self-important chump Dan Hannan is.


  19. 34
    Bloody Sunday Inquiry: Cameron apologises as Saville says shootings 'unjustified' says:

    David Cameron has apologised for the actions of British soldiers after the Saville Inquiry found that 14 civil rights demonstrators and bystanders were killed without justification.

    Describing the actions of soldier as “unjustified and unjustifiable”, the Prime Minister told the Commons: “What happened should never ever have happened.”

    “I am deeply, deeply sorry.”



    • 83
      Archer Karcher says:

      Cameron should shut the fuck up. The IRA and the Nationalist’s should only get an apology, when they give one for all innocents they murdered. McGuinness started the shooting that day, with a Thompson machine gun, where’s his apology?


    • 102
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron is a fucking IRA appeaser. What a Hunt DC has turned out to be. His very small mouth bothers me, rather like that Hunt Gormless’ slack jaw shit.

      Cameron’s mouth is an Eton genetic trait. Guess he just wanted to suck on the one cock at a time.



      • 330
        GDS says:

        oh get ferked you stupid mong! you desperately need to get over yourself and your irrqational hatred of DC. I’m military, if we screw up outside of the rules of engagement we are fair game, we know that, the Paras knew that. It doesn’t mean there needs to be lots of crim cases but it means we have to admit we failed. It’s called being grown up. Come back when you are.


    • 106
      Cassandra King says:

      Cameron can grovel and cringe and appologise for himself, he doesnt appologise on my behalf.
      Anyone still think Cameron is a tory? Anyone still happy that they voted for him? Many gave Dave the benefit of the doubt and I think it seems he has certainly dispelled any doubt as to his k*ntishness in very short order.


    • 143
      Blarney Stoned says:

      strange that our ‘Oirish’ friend Mr Fawkes apears to be ignoring the biggest story of the day ?


      • 241
        No I think not says:

        would you take a side if you were him


        • 253
          Anonymous says:

          He does like his bread buttered on both sides doesn’t he.

          Fucking hypocrite.


        • 261
          fence sitter says:

          true, he is a wishy washy Liberal now


          • Anonymous says:

            Unlike you bunch of cavemen both Cameron and fawkes have the eduacation to realise civil rights marchers cannot be summarily executed,there were international media there (mostly print).Look at the time elapsed from first shot to last!
            The most galling aspect of the whole affair was the night the paras were interviewed on tv as part of an audience,drinking hearty pints of ale passing it off nonchalantly as a you would a duck shoot.


          • sez who ? says:

            who says fawkes agrees with cameron on this ?
            bit presumptious aren’t you Anonymong


          • Budgie says:

            Anon at June 15, 9:38 pm said: “… the night the paras were interviewed on tv as part of an audience,drinking hearty pints of ale passing it off nonchalantly as a you would a duck shoot.”

            A bit like the IRA scum after a bombing, or a knee-capping session, or a ‘I know lets execute a woman for giving a soldier comfort’ caper.

            Difference is the IRA scum are now in government whilst the soldiers are on the scrap heap after doing the politicians’ dirty work.


      • 311
        jgm2 says:

        It’s like the Libyans ‘apologising’ for downing the PAN-AM flight, paying compensation and agreeing to ‘change’. Nobody believes it was them but they’ve suffered enough for the sins of others so we all go through the pantomime so that nobody loses too much ‘face’.

        In the same way Cameron/Gadaffi pretends to apologise and Ireland/USA pretends to believe them. It’s about being the bigger man.

        The UK can afford politically and economically to ‘admit’ a mistake. So can Libya.

        The USA and the IRA cannot afford such a luxury. Their entire raison d’etre depends on their version of reality being right 100% of the time.


        • 394
          no dice says:

          splendid arselicking of Cameron there jgm2
          one could almost believe your spin if it wasn’t complete bollocks


  20. 36
    Jack says:

    It is astounding that Dan ever thought Obama was a serious player…

    He is the puppet of Rahm Emanuel…

    Wo famously told Tony Blair just before the joint press conference between Blazir and Clintioon in the WHite House (at the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal)

    “Dont’ fuck this up, this is important” (to give credibility to the perjurer Clinton)

    With a Chief of Staff straight out of Chicago politics (which have not changed since Al Capone) who managed to make “$18 million in three years” in an investment bank in Chicago between leaving Clintyon and


  21. 38
    Spin On This says:

    Sarah Palin’s father goes shopping.


    • 44
      Spin On This Palin you Retarded Religious Nutter says:

      Palin Shopping Spree Legal? Yes, but Barely

      Loophole Lets Party Purchase Wardrobe the Campaign Could Not

      When news broke that Gov. Sarah Palin and her family managed to spend $150,000 of other people’s money on clothes after joining the McCain ticket, many scratched their heads. Is that legal?

      Thanks to a loophole in federal law the answer, experts say, is yes.

      Handily, the loophole was codified into law by the landmark campaign finance law passed by her ticketmate, Sen. John McCain.


    • 45
      Spin On This says:

      Sarah Palin goes shoping with other peoples money


      • 117
        Socialism pays well for the suckers who con the dupes who actually believe it says:

        The shiny sneakers Michelle Obama sported Wednesday while volunteering with Jill Biden at a Washington, DC, food bank have become all the rage. The plum and silver shoes, built with suede, were made by the high-end French design house Lanvin. The shoes, which will run you $540, also come in satin and denim.



        • 122
          Palin is a fucking Retard says:

          did she pay for them or the RNC ? exactly! so shut the fuck up


          • Socialism pays well for the suckers who con the dupes who actually believe it says:

            Michelle Obama: Former $317,000-a-year vice president of Univesity Of Chiago Hospital coincidentally made millions from Medicare being passed so no one wonder she can afford them.

            And the dumb American voter suckers thought it was brought in to help them lol.


          • YOU are a fucking Retard says:

            What the fuck are you talking about?

            Medicare wasn’t just ‘passed’, it’s been part of the US system since the late 60’s and is hugely popular with the elderly it administers to.
            It also proves the teabaggers are talking shit about Government run healthcare always being bad and unpopular.

            The ‘coincidence’ is that you are clearly as pigshit stupid as Palin. ROFL!


          • Anonymous says:


            You use ROFL in an argument? You really should know better.

            You utter Hunt.


          • hypocritical fuckwit says:



  22. 39
    Libertarian wearing Slave sandals & nothing else says:

    @Engineer, sorry don’t mean to be rude but where has your head been in the last decade? America was governed by chimps. Why do you think Obama was given the Noble peace prize. Everyone is so grateful that the chimps were replaced by a man who has the potential to govern in an intelligent & humane way.


    • 75
      AC1 says:

      Obama and “intelligent & humane” in the same sentence.

      HAHAHAHAHAH. You Rube.


      • 91
        Sarah Palin says:

        chimps were NOT replaced by a man


    • 77
      Engineer says:

      My thoughts run for longer than a decade. American domestic politics is not something I study deeply. None of them seem to me to be perfect, but the “best” American president of my lifetime was probably Reagan, if only for his close involvement in ending the Cold War, along with Gorbachev and Thatcher.

      The generalised statement that all Republicans are unintelligent, and all Democrats are intelligent is a rather unthinking one. Marx was reasonably intelligent; his political ideas less so.


      • 101
        The world is like a spinning plate sometimes says:

        The great irony of all this is:

        The West is sliding down to the (pardon my french) shit-hole part of the scale while adopting more and more socialism.

        The East is rocketing up to the good times part of the scale because they have adopted more capitalism.

        Even Russia the birthplace of implemented communism/socialism whatever name it goes by these days refuses to slide back down the scale.

        We will learn the same lesson the hard way and only have ourselves to blame for growing complacent.


        • 125
          Engineer says:

          The West currently seems to be falling out of love with socialism, whilst the East seems desperate for the benefits of capitalism. Yes – that’s a sweeping statement, and things are much more complex than that.

          Perhaps one of the reasons for the West’s current financial woes is the apparent addiction of socialists to spending far too much of other people’s money. I’m not sure where debt mountains come into socialist philosophy, but they are certainly a contemporary practical problem for many countries that have recently had socialist-leaning governments.


  23. 41
    Arch Stanton says:

    Was he there at that time ?

    Has he expressed similar regret at the deaths of 22 Paras at Warrenpoint ?

    Be very carefull DC


  24. 42
    MI5 says:

    It is astounding that Dan ever thought Obama was a serious player…

    He is the puppet of Rahm Emanuel…

    Who famously told Tony Blair just before the joint press conference between Blair and Clinton in the WHite House (at the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal)

    “Dont’ fuck this up, this is important” (to give credibility to the perjurer Clinton)

    With a Chief of Staff straight out of Chicago politics (which have not changed since Al Capone) who managed to make “$18 million in three years” in an investment bank in Chicago between leaving Clinton and arriving with Omaha…

    And who is an Isaeli solider (among other things)

    You can see we are dealing straight with the Mossad…

    And Obama has little, if anything, to say about anything of importance…except to protect Israel…


  25. 43
    MI5 says:

    Lky All on the boose again ?

    He did his nose in the other day

    And now arse over tit at Leeds station..

    Take care you Alky Al..

    You past is catching up with you

    And many people…!


  26. 49
    This guy loves the Yanks says:


  27. 51
    My B.P's falling (again) says:

    Jeez £3.40 a share (bargain). We all had high hopes for Barry O’Barmy, but sadly we all got him wrong, just like Danny boy. He’s just another tri-lateral marxist puppet (Barry, that is).


  28. 57
    Dr Snot says:

    What is it about these supposed right-wing pundits that they’re forever being conned by slippery, incompetent, deranged Lefty flim-flam merchants – characters the rest of us realized were fricking useless a mile off. I lost count of the number of ‘conservatives’ in the papers who wanked themselves stupid over that grinning, vacuous twat Blair. As for Janet Daly’s paean to grotty, deranged old Gordon:


    Surely the most toe-curling, vomit-inducing thing ever written. (Dunno if the link is broken only temporarily or if the Telegraph deleted the piece in shame.)


  29. 72
    concrete pump says:

    Just watched the bbc suck every drop of jizz from Obumma’s balls re. BP.



    • 104
      Miliband's Zit says:

      I saw that too – fucking disgusting from those shameless anti-British traitors at the BBC. Obama’s plan to deal with the oil spill now is to send in the marines! Surely the guys flipped and will soon be joining his houseboy Gordon Brown in the padded cell.


    • 131
      Dave wuvs Obama says:

      They learned it from Dave


  30. 81
    Anonymous says:

    What amazes me is the number of dumb fucks in the good ‘ole US of A who voted for someone running on a ‘change’ platform. Bush would be out of the White House anyway FFS.

    Is it cos they were/are stupid and black?

    Spinning Hunts.

    If I had a nuke I would!



  31. 84
    Lord Prescott of Butter Ghee says:

    Five large deep pan stuffed crust meat lover’s pizzas, love. And for my main, I’ll have the entire menu of the Taj Mahal restaurant down the road. Cheers.


  32. 86
    Tony Hayward says:

    Ha, ha! My oil spill has fucked up that oil-hating, eco-nut Obama good and proper. Drill Baby Drill Sarah Palin in next by a landslide.


  33. 95
    Nope not buying it this time says:

    How will they score up an invasion in Iran?

    Where will the money come from?

    I would of believed it 5 years ago but not now, you tin foil hatters are off the boil on this one.

    They will have to wait ten years at least before they could pull of an invasion in Iran.


    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      10 years? The West is bankrupt for at least a generation (apart from the banks).

      By then hopefully some sense will prevail.


    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      10 years? You must be joking.

      We’re bankrupt for a generation. The banks aren’t but it will be us who would fund such a foray.

      Not in my name!


  34. 113
    An impartial observer says:

    Well, my brother has just started working as a carer in mental-health hospital north of the border. Some of the window lickers were watching Teletubbies in the TV room and old bruv saw, to his astonishment, that one of the drooling vegetables was none other than the Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP. Seems that Sarah took him off the anti-psychotic drugs that were – just about – containing his condition before the election and has had him committed. A sad end for one of the most prominent politicians of his generation.


    • 124
      Mongworld says:

      That’s the same ward Mad Nads is in.


    • 153
      South of the M4 says:

      Considering he will be found to have been ‘prominent’ for all the wrong reasons then perhaps such an end would explain his idiocy. Fire should be turned then on the useless tossers in the HOP who stood and watched.


  35. 123
    Love at first sight says:


    • 126
      Anon says:

      I’ve been defending you on here my dearest against those idiots that can’t see your genius, keep up the good work. The Limpservatives will be out on their ear in weeks thanks to you.


      • 133
        TaT the mental case says:

        fuck off and rape a small dog Tat you boring little druggie fuckwit


        • 144
          Anon says:

          I’m not tat, really I’m not! Cross my heart and swear on my beloved deputy leader’s life, Harriet Harman.

          Anyway, I can’t wait to see what great video extravaganza my lovely friend will post next. Can you?



          • Anon is thick as thieves says:

            we always knew you were a carpetbagger Labour supporter in disuise tat
            I’d just like to say ‘TAT IS A LABOUR FUCKWIT’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


      • 135
        tat says:



  36. 127
    Libertarian wearing Slave sandals & nothing else says:

    @ engineer, Reagan was suffering from a form of dementia for most of time. He was working with New Right thinkers that gave his & our government credibility.
    Most Americans favour Roosevelt & Kennedy as the greatest leaders of all time. The Republicans may have brilliant ideas, they have yet to find a leader who can deliver them. Reagan administration had real intelligence ,however, this exposed the President as nothing more than a puppet. Bush jr, he was viewed as a puppet for an administration who could not govern properly and was only interested in cashing in on big business.


  37. 128
    nell says:

    Sarah Palin the ‘ next President of the USA’, she who thought Africa was a country , wasn’t sure where it was, and didn’t know the meaning of the word continent.

    Not likely to be able to put together much of a foreign policy is she?!


    • 134
      Worzel says:

      Perhaps she is ahead of her time, it wont be long before Europe is a country.


    • 146
      South of the M4 says:

      Not a lot different to most in the US sadly. Get on a plane in San Francisco, fly for 4 hours east, and you are still in America. This is partly why many cannot think outside of America. I seem to recall that DubW did not even have a passport. I think ‘foreign policy’ for most is deciding to eat Mexican on Saturdays and Italian on Mondays.


  38. 132
    The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

    Hottie Palin or a cross breed mong like Barry O. No contest. Barry can bum Brown, he’d like that.


  39. 136
    Socialism pays well for the suckers who con the dupes who actually believe it says:

    The sad fact is Palin wouldn’t like Hannan because he is gay even though he would be a strong ally.

    That is the loony right christians of America downfall they throw out otherwise useful and supportive people.

    Just remember the loony left only does well when ‘groupings’ of different people have no where else to go and the left makes victims of them.


    • 170
      Head Lizard says:

      I took a look at some US forums. talk about spooked easy. A rumour comes in on a post. The someone else will say that’s a dot. Then the rumour is a fact that means revolution,or a hurricane,or an earthquake. fuck me man the religious have a ready made superstitious,suspicious paranoid population running screaming from one imagined calamity to the next


    • 235
      Out2 says:

      Socialism pays well for the suckers who con the dupes who actually believe it
      so they can’t be suckers then can they?


  40. 141
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I want to start a new online community for people with an interest in politics
    A board of two directors (I will be MD) and Sarah Palin can sit on it
    It will b called


  41. 148
    • 152
      Socialism pays well for the suckers who con the dupes who actually believe it says:

      The EU should of tried democracy in the first place instead of whinging now that the great scam has ended and the chickens are coming home to roost.

      Wonder what the left wing will use as a scapegoat this time for this clusterfuck they have brought down on us all.


    • 186
      The Dictator says:

      This is the plan.


  42. 149
    Bulldog says:

    I don’t know what part of Kenya he’s from but there may be a personal reason
    for his policy. Some of the population (Kikuyu) still bear a grudge of the
    ‘grandad was executed by the Brits’ kind.


  43. 154
    Martin Day says:

    This coalition is such a shower of shit

    The Tories’ relentless contempt for the constitution http://bit.ly/bueQ2I


  44. 160
    Lord Prescott of Butter Ghee says:

    I don’t know why so many are complaining about the vuvuzelas. I make that sound after a curry.


  45. 163
    Prescott's windswept butler says:

    For 90 minutes?


    • 172
      Lord Prescott of Butter Ghee says:

      ‘ey, lad. After I’ve had a curry, my end pipe won’t stop doing its own vuvuzela for 3 days.


  46. 165
    Assessing the Labour leadership candidates says:

    This is what Labour is offering the country:

    A socialist hypocrite who sent her son to private school.
    Twin NeoCons who are on the payroll of the Israeli government.
    A thug with a speech impediment.
    And a man who had a charisma bypass at birth.

    Next Labour. Next Danger.


  47. 167
    Typical Sarah Palin Voter says:

    There is something very powerful that every citizen can
    do immediatly. We can repent of breaking God’s
    commandments and plead for God’s mercy and help
    in retaining and protecting our freedoms and knowing
    what to do individually. We come from the intelligence
    of our Heavenly Father and He gave us Spirit bodies.
    We wanted to be like Him and He had an immortal body
    so we were born into this world as a test to learn and
    accomplish and have families and return to our
    Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, our Savior;
    who conquered death and sin on our behalf if we
    will have a contrite spirit and broken heart to offer Him.
    I pray for all the citizens of the United States of America.
    to pray for God’s blessings and protenction and guidance.
    We have a hero in Jesus Christ, who lives and loves us
    and will help us figure out our problems. The miracles
    of the Old and New Testament are written so that we
    will never forget how God works with His children. Even
    Noah was helped when he was the prophet and the
    people mocked him. God delivered Noah from the
    flood and the unbelievers were drowned. God offers
    us a way to freedom of body and soul in obeying His
    commandments and receiving true and lasting joy
    through our Creator and Redeemer. The scriptures
    say that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we
    can move mountains. May it be so. May you see that
    God is always victorious and He promises and blessings
    are there for us, if we will obey and honor Him.
    May God bless you and may we all turn our hearts to Him.
    In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


    • 178
      My Horn says:



    • 180
      Jesus was a pimp says:


      • 184
        tat is a twat says:

        I’ve been defending you on here my dearest against those idiots that can’t see your genius, keep up the good work. The Limpservatives will be out on their ear in weeks thanks to you.


    • 181
      tat is a twat says:

      go take an overdose tat you druggie nutter


    • 182
      One rule 4 1 says:

      Sohy is it leegit to piss take Christians and not Muhammadians?


      • 201
        typical left wing coward says:

        muslims will beat me up and call me mr bean and then kill me if i take the piss out of them.


      • 204
        Ahmed Jihad says:

        If you insultings our beloved prophet (piss be upon him), we will beheads you! Allah akbar!


    • 193
      concrete pump says:

      Lord Satan
      Mighty One
      Wisdom Incarnate, Speaker of Knowledge
      I ask that you bestow your blessings on the leaders of our Satanic Community
      Guide us, so we will serve you in the ways that you desire
      Give us strength, to keep us going when things get tough
      Bestow upon us wisdom, so we will know what to do in all situations
      Inspire us to encourage one another, instead of tear each other down
      So we will use our words to bless instead of curse
      Yet push us to stand tall when we face things that are wrong
      To fight if we have to, yet strive for peace
      Help us, Father, to be there for your children-both the adept and the new
      To guide them in learning what you have for them
      To encourage them not to follow anyone but you and to find their own path
      Let us not forget what it was like when we first came to you
      How you were gentle, kind and patient
      May we follow in your footsteps
      To love as you love, teach as you teach
      We are happy to be your servant; reveal to us the hidden things
      Try us; so we may be worthy of your affairs that you place in our hands
      Bestow on us your covenant as we trust in you
      Let us receive your counsel, not acting unless it is your will
      It is an honour to serve you, Lord Satan
      Thank you for choosing us
      May our lives be devoted to you; may we be a reflection of who you are to the world
      Watch over us and bless your people
      Lord and Mighty Satan, may it be done according to your will


  48. 174
    underdog says:

    Come on the Koreans.


  49. 176
    Gus says:

    Hannan – a legend in his own lunchtime if ever there was one. A sayer, not a doer.


  50. 189
    David Icke says:

    Fuck my old boot – that’s POWERFUL stuff – innit?


  51. 192
    randy oik says:

    I would love to ride Sarah Palin even harder now if she has got plastic tits as well, oh matron I will be re-watching the Nailin Palin porno starring Lisa Ann before bed time tonight.


  52. 196
    Jesus was a homo says:

    I love gay-boy shonkers, their naked bell-ends are so suckable.


  53. 207
    Shagger Nokes says:

    I love a face full of spunk.


  54. 220
    ST says:

    Off topic.

    Can I recommend everyone to watch Digby Jones taking apart Gail Cartwell (from UNITE) on the Daily Politics today on the subject of pensions.

    Ms Cartwell, is a terrible lobbyist, but becasue she is so bad she provides an instructive example of lobbyist tricks.

    She starts by saying that the Liberal brought in the pensions system- designed to create a split

    She then claims that Digby is politicising it – he’s not.

    Digby challenges her that the it’s unfair the private sector should subsidise pensions.

    She then tries to bring up nurses- emotionalising it- Digby knocks this back.

    She then tries saying that pay is “usually, historically lower” than in the private sector- dodgy old stats.

    It’s then revealed her stats include part time workers – more dodgy stats

    She then claims Digby wants pensioner poverty – more emotionalising

    Finally, she claims its all about the gender pay gap (there are more female than male employees in the public sector) and claims Digby is anti-women.

    It was a pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible but very instructive.

    I wouldn’t recommend listening to Simon Hughes toady, creeping response afterwards though.


  55. 221
    A believer in the prophet TaT says:

    Save us prophet TaT


  56. 222
    Where are they? says:

    Watch any world cup game and all you are shown is footballers on the pitch and fans on the terraces. Yet All you can hear are vuvuzelas.

    Where are these plastic trumpeters placed in the stadiums?


  57. 224
    England says:

    The fucking Gaurdian are creaming themselves about going after the soldiers involved,bastards


  58. 228
    England says:

    BBC preemptive play yesterday



  59. 232
    David Cameron says:

    Friday 18th of June, don’t miss it! A war between two nations! England and Algeria! (World Cip Football)
    One of them a fanatical Muslim country, where bombers and terrorists are born and trained, where tough sharia law is being implemented and white Christians are outcasts and live in fear.
    The other is a shithole in West Africa


    • 236
      Peace Loving Muzee says:

      We don likes insultings against our religion! We put fatwa on your infidel head! Death to Britains! Death to kafirs! Death to Britain’s Got Talent! Death to Wispa bars!


    • 246
      nell says:


      Algeria is the largest country bordering the Meditteranean. It sits between Morocco in the West and Libya and Tunisiain the East and is NORTH African!!

      Algeria is Democratic with a President and has elections every 5 years. Its legislation is primarily French based.

      You are Sarah Palin and I claim my £5.


  60. 238
    YES!! says:

    The Koreans are brilliant. Pure hard working no diving no play acting.


  61. 239
    What a SCOOP! says:

    This is like hearing Alan Titchmarsh has changed his mind about voting for David Cameron. Scoops like this only come once every decade or so. Earth-Shattering.


  62. 243
    concrete pump says:


  63. 245
    concrete pump says:

    The ubiquitous concrete pump has wound up a certain visitor to this blog.

    Once again concrete pump dips his hook into Fawkes’ thread and the mongfish come biting.


  64. 251
    Barry who? says:

    Dan Hannan has finally come round to the fact that he was way, way out with his endorsement of Barack Obama.

    About time too. Barry has fallen well short of the mark.


  65. 263
    sweeeeeerve says:

    goal of the tournament


  66. 269
    concrete pump says:

    Why can’t you tory spastics understand that Tony Blair is the Greatest Prime Minster of the 20th century.


    • 271

      He’s MY hero.


    • 275
      the REAL one and fucking only concrete pump says:

      Fuck off you crackhead spastic


    • 287
      Suck On This says:

      Are you Margaret Moran?


    • 291
      nell says:

      Of course he is!!!

      The Greatest Lying Prime Minister we have ever had ( well him and gutlessgordon!!)

      The Greatest egomaniacal PM we have ever had , who put us into two unnecessary wars, causing uintold misery and too many unforgiveable deaths!!! Because he thought that would make him look ‘churchillian’ in history! Not a hope!!

      The Greatest troughing/dishonest PM in history – what on earth happened to his expenses??? – Oh Dear! Bless He doesn’t know!! Apparentlyhe shredded them by mistake (ha ha!!)


      • 292
        Gordon Brown says:

        I’m still here.


        • 306
          nell says:

          Well you’re being paid an MP’s generous salary plus unwarranted expenses (not to mention a PM’s pension plus special branch 24 hour protection – how much does that cost us? ) to be the mp for kirkcaldy.

          And yet you’ve chosen, according to the graudian to spend your time writing your new book on courage (from which no doubt you expect to make more money). How labour love their personal money making schemes!!!

          You have NOT chosen to spend any of your time doing what we taxpayers are paying for and your constituents in kirkcaldy elected you for, ie to be the MP for Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy.

          How does that work then??

          Can the rest of us peasants get a job like that??!! Hmm???!


          • Gordon Brown says:

            I’ve not been writing. They won’t allow me any pens or paper here. Just 30 minutes a day on the computer.


      • 323
        cant hunter says:

        If Blair gets any richer he could pay off the deficit all by himself.


        • 326
          nell says:


          Don’t expect bliar to give Britain a penny of his criminally troughed £billions!!!

          He’s all out for himself just like the rest of his troughing labour brotherhood!!!


        • 335
          David Cameron's Trustfund says:

          you’re still not as rich as me Tony! even if you are my hero
          and I can suck a US Presidents cock every bit as hard as you
          watch me suck on Obama’s

          gghhmmmmfffffmf *slurp*


  67. 270

    Single Muslim female, seeks single Muslim male to obey, grow to love and serve at all times. Please search for my profile, username Miss Jihad Wants A Lad.


    • 327
      cant hunter says:

      My pal at work, who has experience of these things, says that Turkish women make the best whores. And after them Egyptian women.


  68. 274
    Lord Prescott of Deep Pan Pizzas says:

    Here I am at home, enjoying my time off.


    • 279
      Porky Pickles and his Bumbling Buffoonery says:

      get back to work Pickles you lardass sack of shit


      • 280
        Jacqui Smith, McDonald's Team Leader says:

        Do you want fries with that?


        • 350
          Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

          Yes please. Put it on the Taxpayers’ Tab.


  69. 276
    Newcamps says:

    yesterday slipped passed without mentioning that it was the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz


  70. 283
    Puppet Sex Football Team says:

    I feel ronewee.


  71. 286

    Will Thatcher explain to Palin her lifelong support for abortion up to birth, which she ensured became the law of this land while she was Prime Minister, with her proxies specifically and repeatedly citing the existence of Down’s Syndrome as the reason why it was necessary, as they still do?

    And will Palin explain to Thatcher her admirable history as a Buchananite battler for job protection, for war aversion, for immigration control and for family values against the archenemy of all of them, the global “free” market, together with her record as Governor of Alaska on the basis of publicly administered natural resources held in common ownership?

    They are both overrated. But Palin is the better of the two.


  72. 289
    Riddle Me This says:

    Does anyone know how well Bobby Sands diet is going?


  73. 294
    Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord says:

    Merit, however inconsiderable, should be sought for and rewarded. Methods are the master of masters.


  74. 301
    Suck On This says:

    These are the kind of people who would vote for Palin.


    • 314
      AC1 says:

      and these voted for Zero


    • 322
      Anonymous says:

      It’s the same in Labour areas in the UK.

      “Working” class benefit scrounging scum with no fucking IQ whatsoever. There’s a pigeon in my garden right now that’s more qualified to vote than those windowlickers.

      2 ways to make Britain better, right now:

      No babies until you contribute more than £10,000 a year in tax receipts, audited over 5 years.

      No vote until you contribute more than £10,000 a year in tax receipts, audited over 5 years.

      If you can’t do either within 5 years of “maturity”, fuck off. Forever. And die.


      • 328
        Benny Fits says:

        Only suckers like you work. Members of parliament and benefits claimers know working is for muppets like you


        • 336
          Anonymous says:

          Sorry, Benny. I forgot the 3rd way to make Britain better:

          Claim more than £250 in benefits in any one year and get euthanised as being of no fucking use to society.

          Flamethrower, piano wire, industrial mincer, or slo-mo road roller squashing? As a bonus, choose two simultaneous methods if you are a Guardian reader, have ever voted for Labour, live in social housing, wear a tracksuit or baseball hat, play the lottery, are on methadone, or have ever taken more than 2 days sick in any five year period you may have spent in employment (that last one unlikely to see many claimants).


  75. 315
    Sarah Fungus-Feet says:

    Im up for some doggin. The useless limp-dik loon cannot get wood, even after 10 viagras.

    I can act like Palin if you like, even though I have fat legs, goat-arse breath, pancake tats, a fungus fanny, and haemorrhoids as big as oranges.


  76. 316
    Guidos web monitoring service says:

    the last 300 posts are all by tat ranting to himself


  77. 320
    Not The BBC says:

    Some smart arse has put Obamas house up for sale.



  78. 324
  79. 333
    nell says:

    I’m thinking of starting a ‘Support the Vuvuzela’ campaign!!

    In 2005 , prominent South African Sportswriter, Jon Qwelane, called the vuvuzela ‘ the instrument from hell’ and abandoned watching live football.

    Anything that discourages people from watching this boring, mindless game has to be good!!


    • 378
      PARP! says:

      to ‘blatter’ is a very strange sexual practice that David Laws or Iain Dale might indulge in


  80. 339
    My Licence Fee Well Spent says:

    I see Newsnight is doing a Labour leadership hustings with an audience of people ‘who’ve voted Labour in the past or would like to do so in the future’. Thank fuck for Care in the Community; in previous years the Beeb would have been forced to raid the nut-houses to get an audience like that.


  81. 343
    Albie Here says:

    Newsnight with the 5 hasbeens,jeez is that all Liebour have to fight with,I thought Cambo was crap but these 5 are beyond crap.


    • 357
      Liebour's Five Finest says:

      Saddam Hussein would have made a better leader of the Liebour party if Tony Bliar hadn’t had him executed.


  82. 346
    Abbott Ale says:

    FFS. The Beeb still thinks Liebore are in power. Paxo, the Labour leadership is irrelevant. They are deceased, gone for ever, ex parrot. Get over it!


    • 358
      yawn for paxo says:

      Paxo is a dead parrot


    • 363
      Liar Byrne says:

      I loved the way the Frantic Five were so keen to keep spending
      investing Taxpayers’ money………

      There’s no money left – good luck ‘


    • 380
      Pax On Pax Off says:

      tell it to the organ grinder when he splashes on it tomorrow
      this only gets ‘interesting’ (a relative term) when they have to do the Big TV debate not this small warm up
      then everyone will measure how Miliband would do in the real thing at the election


  83. 348
    Mother of Democracies says:

    The Saville report has cost £200m of your money at Tony Blair’s request.

    With what purpose in mind?

    It is simply grist to the mill of (perhaps partly politically, but mostly) financially-motivated lawyers, all too happy to relieve British soldiers of the protections afforded to republicans by the Good Friday Agreement, in a way that could jeopardise the very peace the Agreement was supposed to assure.

    Criminal trials of the type now (as gleefully reported by the BBC and Guardian) in prospect do not have a good track record in getting satisfaction for anybody — ask Lee Clegg or the families of his joy-riding assailants. The issues they raise will enable divisions to be maintained though.

    One person who will doubtless continue to enjoy amnesty is Martin McGuinness, a terrorist who personally receives £100k’s from the tax payer, mostly for work he doesn’t turn up to do (despite claiming a mountain of expenses).

    The burden of proof for Saville is unclear, but he found most probably that McGuinness, described as a PIRA commander (i.e. an officer in a terrorist group that has killed thousands) went to the illegal march armed with a sub-machine-gun (a weapon the firing of which on the day Saville did not rule out).

    Piers Morgan is not a patch on Saville.

    Welcome to the mother of democracies, where we wilfully shit on our self-sacrificial brothers while terrorists laugh all the way to the bank.


    • 356
      Cold Eye says:

      If they go after the soldiers perhaps they can go after the cops to De meneze for instance and then the rest


      • 386
        Fast Forward 20 Years says:

        One really has to wonder where this will end.

        Blair was incredibly naive to suppose that any report that would take 12 years to produce could achieve “closure”.

        Fast Forward 20 Years: the UK electorate will, in its folly, be tyrannised by another Labour government, led by Emily Benn (the only non-Muslim in the Cabinet).

        A report will be commissioned, presided over by Baroness Chakrabatti (the judiciary having been dispensed with) that will subsequently find the 7/7 bombers martyrs were provoked by the British Army’s actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        They will be exonerated and the government will apologise.

        Their families will sue for trillions in compensation.

        State broadcaster, Al-Jabeeba (led by Piers Morgan), will announce a week of celebration.


    • 362
      David Cameron says:

      I’m very, very sorry.


    • 364
      Our Forces Deserve Better says:

      The Establishment have sold out the army, the next stop will be Iraq and Afghanistan inquiries where the average grunt will yet again take the fall for the establishment.

      Service men have just found out they are and have wasted/wasting their lives fighting on behalf of a government and establishment that does not care for them.

      A boxticker sat in the safety of an office can throw you in jail retrospectively now boys and girls for actions on the battlefield that the same boxtickers send you too, it has been decided that you and your actions are guilty by the same people who issue them to you.

      I would be happy to help the forces remove said enemies from public and private life.


  84. 352
    Bloody Sunday Soldier says:

    Chalk down 13 potato eaters


  85. 361
    streamfisher says:

    Clownfest!, so which one of these would you pick to run the Country? (newsnight bore-a-thon).


    • 369
      Albie Here says:

      Supect these hasbeens are really clones,for some reason I keep thinking about the film The Manchurian Candidate,If Liebour get back in and one one these hasbeens is elected we are in real deep doo doo.


      • 373
        streamfisher says:

        Still covered in shit from being pushed into an open latrine by the last lot.


      • 379
        The Clone Wars says:

        most of them are clones of Blair and Cameron is a clone of Blair too
        very little would change


  86. 368
    BRING ON THE ++yawn++ says:

    No doubt Guido will get hugely excited about the Labour borefest on Newsnight.
    Anything to fill a blog.


  87. 377
    The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

    Had to laugh. Mark Seddon (Liebour mong boy) on sky News saying that the BP oil leak is all the fault of Sarah Palin and that Obama should be attacking her. Now I don’t know if Seddon got shit stabbed by Mandelmong and has Aids now affecting his tiny brain, but please explain how she’s to blame?

    He says she wanted to drill baby drill. Oh yes, but on LAND and in shallow water mong boy, not a mile down at sea. As Palin pointed out many times drilling on land causes far less environmental damage than drilling out at sea.

    Mong boy Seddon then said he couldn’t understand why Obama is so soft on oil, well Marky mong that’s because Barry O was taking big oil money during the election.

    With mongs like Seddon no wonder Liebour is so fucking useless.


  88. 384
    concrete pump says:


  89. 387
    Sarah Beard says:

    It’s so nice being back with my special friend in Kent.


  90. 388
    Lord Prescott of Shepherds Pies says:

    Suck my vuvzela.


  91. 390
    The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

    Go rape some kids you Liebour troll.


  92. 401
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    So his position has evolved?


  93. 404
    I hate New Labour says:

    For a smart guy, I’m surprised it took Hannan this long to see what most sensible observed when they first heard Obama – America’s Tony Blair.

    Wears a suit well, reads a speech well. Delivers nothing.


  94. 407
    Blumenthal says:

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks :)


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