June 7th, 2010

Farm-Gate: Spelman Shuts Down Lobbying Firm

Farmer’s Weekly is reporting that Mark Spelman, the husband of the Secretary of State for Defra has applied to Companies House to have the lobbying firm Cormack, Spelman and Associates closed down. The company was set up in 1989 by the couple and it continued to trade under Caroline Spelman’s married and maiden names while she was in the Shadow Cabinet and took over at Defra last month. Guido has been highlighting the obvious conflicts of interest, especially concerning subsidies and GM food. This is good progress, but forces the issue underground…

See Also: GM Lobbying Links Falling on Defra EarsSpelman’s Agri-Business Bio-Tech Lobbying Past, Mr Spelman’s Tricky Contract and Spelman’s Blatant Bio-Tech Backing


  1. 1

    I now have nightmare vision of Guido thumbing through his subscription copy Farmer’s Weekly, no doubt prowling for short coded sausages.


  2. 2
    John Cipher says:

    Talking of the green open spaces, she looks like she’s flattened some grass in her time.


  3. 4
    Spelman Will Have To Resign Now says:

    Too late Caroline.
    Now you will definitely have to resign: by closing the company down you have just admitted a blatant conflict of interests.
    You just slit your own throat there love.


    • 8
      Richard Manns says:

      No, she has admitted the appearance of a conflict of interest.

      Conversely, if appearance proved anything, then Mandelson’s return to the Cabinet “proves” he did nothing wrong with his mortgage…


      • 18
        Spelman Will Have To Resign Now says:

        So as Mandelson defrauded a mortgage company it is okay for Spelman to defraud the taxpayer by using her position for personal gain.
        Er, no.


  4. 6

    Is this another victory for Guido or will the company emerge under a different name?


  5. 7
    Engineer says:

    Does that make it a Genetically Modified Company?


  6. 12
    AC1 says:

    If would be good if they could wind down Defra as well.


  7. 15
    Underground News says:

    Sorry guys, I have my stupid head on today. Forces the issues underground? I take that to mean all wheeling and dealing is done behind closed doors. Have I missed something?


  8. 17
  9. 25
    Mutant Bumblebee says:

    Obviously guilty as charged then. When’s she going to be closed down?


    • 90
      50 Calibre says:

      Don’t hold your breath.

      Dave doesn’t seem to have the bottle to dump crooks that he should have picked up on had he carried out any sort of Due Diligence on the candidates for cabinet positions. It’s not as if he didn’t have plenty of time to check them out.

      For fuck’s sake these people are supposed to be running the country. The last thing this embryonic coalition government needs is the scandal of self-serving hoodlums being exposed in his government. He’s been more or less forgiven for David Laws. He won’t be forgiven for a second and a third might result in his deputy getting his job. Now there’s a thing…


  10. 27
    David Cameron and his Ministry of Silly Decisions says:

    But Caroline is my friend and so I will not sack her.


    • 29

      You socialists just don’t get humour do you?? – I have to say I have never seen a joke posted on LabourList. Mind you, I’ve never seen a credible policy either!


      • 36
        David Cameron and his Ministry of Silly Decisions says:

        Do not talk to your leader like that you fucking peasant or the only free trip you will get will be to Blackpool in winter, motherfucker.
        I am the Prime Minister watch your fucking mouth you c*unt.
        Caroline is my friend and I do not sack my friends even when they are caught out lining their own pockets with taxpayers’ cash.
        Yes, Caroline Spelman has been caught red handed thieving (again) but I will stand by her. I mean, I can’t lose another minister so quickly after that incident with the thieving poofter, now can I?
        Watch your fucking step Trevor.


        • 41
          AC1 says:

          You said you’d fuck off Tat.


          • David Cameron's Ministry of Silly Decisions says:

            You do not talk to your Prime Minister in that manner or you will be tortured like Baha Mousa you c*unt.


          • AC1 says:

            Wow tat, you really have lost the plot big time.


          • David Cameron's Ministry of Silly Walks says:

            I am David Cameron and I am the fucking governer now.
            You watch your fucking mouth you prick.


          • Tatty Head says:

            I saw a super strength lager call Asylum.I think tat had a session on it today


          • Nick "Pitcher of Warm Piss" Clegg says:

            No you are fucking not you c*unt. I am the fucking governer round here.
            Who says when you can take a shit, eh, Dave?
            Who gives you permission?
            I fucking do.
            You do not take a fucking piss without my say so.
            Always remember that Dave, unless you want to shit your pants.
            Now back in your fucking box Cameron before I fucking box your ears.


        • 52
          Head Lizard says:

          It’s Gorden pretending to be Dave,now we know were he is,hiding in the server room.


          • David Cameron's Ministry of Silly Decisions says:

            No it’s not you dozey fuck.
            I am Dave, I’m the fucking boss now. Yeah yeah I put on the lardy dah posh accent when in polite company but this is the real me.
            If you don’t like it fuck off you shitbag.


          • Unsworth says:

            If you’re Dave you’d better get back to Eton and demand a refund.

            ‘governer’ FFS.

            State Education? Yes, I fucking think so.


          • David Cameron's Ministry of Silly Decisions says:

            Shut the fuck up you c*unt.
            You listen here you fuck: things are going to be getting tough for peasants like you Unsworth you fucking wankstain.
            You thought Thatcher was a ballbreaker? You fucking wait sunshine by the time I’ve finished with c*unts like you you’ll be working three jobs like people do in America just to cover your fucking bills.
            You are in for a short sharp shock you lazy sack of shit.


          • Unsworth says:

            I’ve made loads of money – it’s well out of the country, so I couldn’t give a toss. As to Thatcher, she’s a Godess. And you are a cretin.


      • 105
        Imnotcomingoutmyroomyoucantmakemebrown says:

        The joke is the site,party and Draper


    • 93
      50 Calibre says:

      See if she’s still your friend when you get the push for not dumping her…


  11. 28
    Head Lizard says:

    didn’t we do this one earlier?


  12. 32
    Wotsgoingon? says:

    Where the foook is Gordon Brown?

    We need to know! NOW !

    Did GB cut the PM’s salary?

    Why has it not been reported in full – BBC?

    D-Notice or what?


    • 48
      He's been sectioned ............... says:

      Has he?


    • 61
      I'd like to send a card ........... but .... says:

      It’s gone so quiet that I think something has happened – don’t you?

      Which sanitorium is it?


    • 85
      Det Ins Arthur Hinge-Loose says:

      Some f*cker must know; the Nation – surely is still protecting him!


      • 90
        Brown:The Man in the Iron Mask ? says:

        You’d think at least he’d break cover and defend the attack on his record in government that Cameron delivered this morning…unless he knows it to be true and that now the Tories have the books they can disprove anything he says.

        Unless he’s been ferried to the “Bass Rock” and placed in close confinement ?????


      • 113
        Rejoice! We are without Brown! says:

        We waited 13 long years to see the back of the subhuman Prime Mongolist, and you want to see him again?? After only 4 weeks?

        What’s the name of that syndrome, where the captive starts to fall in love with the captor?


  13. 34
    Martin Day says:

    Well you all have to admit it didn’t take long for the putrid stink of Tory sleaze to start filling the air. In fact less then a month and one Tory Cabinet Minister has already gone. Before anyone says he was a member of the Liberal party I would point out that he was really just a Tory Trojan horse deeply embedded into Cowley Street to subterfuge the Liberals onto a right wing agenda. The public will realise that a few Labour misdemeanours were not after all so bad.


    • 37

      That’s only one, the public sacked 100 of your lot in one night – i thenk yau


    • 57
      Toughfers R Us says:

      La la la la lar we don’t give a fuck.


    • 79
      Martin will know .. says:

      C’mon Martin – where the feck’s Fuckwit Brown?


    • 81
      EVERYTHING was Brown's fault....the Labour is as aghast as the public are(honest)we ARE says:

      Martin get on message… haven’t you been listening to your prospective party leaders ?…..the last 13 years was all a ghastly mistake….the Iraq War was wrong…immigration was allowed to go unchecked and it was wrong….every policy that Brown was responsible for WAS wrong…there is NO money left Brown spent it all despite the Cabinet having grave misgivings over his stewardship of the economy they were powerless to stop him and had many sleepless nights agonising over whether they should resign en masse(?)…….How are you gonna choose your next leader if you don’t get on message like all the candidates are falling over themselves to do ? Number One Strategy going forward for the new listening and penitent Labour Party is “It was ALL Brown’s fault !!!”


    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      Which “Tory” cabinet minister are you talking about ? I know of a Lib Dem one but Tory ??? Please enlighten me.


      • 104
        Conliblibcon says:

        The liberal tory of course,thats who they are now or the torylibs which ever way you want it.


        • 115
          Rejoice! We are without Brown! says:

          I call them “the ones who are going to knife the socialist parasites”, for that is what they are.

          The screaming of the socialist parasites. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?


  14. 35
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    I just saw a massive billboard by Unison with the picture of an axe and the slogan “Look what the Tories have in their first budget.” What a bunch of utterly disgraceful fucking hypocrites. These gutless c-unts were completely silent as Labour destroyed the economy and left the country in ruins. But they’re such pathetically tribalist cretins, they now pop up to attack the Tories for taking the difficult decisions to sort out the chaos left by 13 years of Labour. And don’t get me started on the troughing union bosses who happily line their own pockets.


  15. 47
    tats dancing slag says:

    lets get married tat


  16. 55
    50 Calibre says:

    Well there’s an admission of guilt if ever their was. More to add to he ‘previous’.

    Come on Dave, wake up, smell the coffee and get rid of her. She’s fundamentally bent and she will try it again and again.

    She’s certainly not in the cabinet for your benefit…


    • 62
      Staunch Conservative says:

      Hear hear. Well said that man.
      We must show that Labour shower and the public that we are cut from a different cloth and if that means sacking Spelman then so be it.


  17. 64
    to the tune of One Cornetto,I'm a common bastard says:

    Just one Monsanto
    Give it to me
    Continually modifying
    Gene history


  18. 72
    AC1 says:

    It is amazing how this site can inform and enlighten the reader.
    Take me for example, earlier today I was just an ignorant fucking idiot who was shooting my big gob off about what a good thing GM food is. Then I read comments from other posters who showed me links to the research that proves GM foods give you stomach cancer and now I wouldn’t touch GM Frankestein food with a barge pole.
    You live and learn.


  19. 73
    Banker on a Yacht slurping Krug says:

    But Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, the largest trade union in local government, said Mr Cameron’s speech was a ‘chilling attack on the public sector’. He claimed it failed to reflect the fact that the banking and financial sector’s are significant contributors to Britain’s spiralling debt level.

    ‘There was nothing in this speech that told the rich, the banking and financial sector or the city speculators that their privileged way of life will change,’ Mr Prentis said


  20. 80
    I Win Again says:

    This thread is in the bag.
    See you laters.


  21. 83
    Skint and deformed in Bhopal says:

    Any chance you could speak about us Mr Obama like your doing over the BP pollution?


  22. 88

    We will be in power in 3 months! We are the natural party of government! We made Britain great again and gave prosperity to all!


    • 94
      Anonymous says:

      Sure you will, now when are you due your meds?


    • 97
      Psychiatric Nurse says:

      Yes, of course you did, dear. Now sit in your chair and we’ll plug it in.


    • 110
      Doctor Foster says:

      Nurse! – the screens!


    • 122
      streamfisher says:

      Natural party of government?, is it just me or does that smack of Schikelgrubber, but no chance of you lot getting the M5 sorted out, although your efforts in trying to create a nation of Brown shirts with the help of your propaganda wing the BBC nearly succeeded, a work of genius Geobbles would have called it, but then the downfall! and where is the fucker? the people need to know, no more cock-ups with the likes of the red army, has he shot himself, poisoned himself or what, somebody get enough charred bones for an accurate DNA analysis and positive ID, No more hes not dead but working in a fish and chip shop in Paisley.


  23. 95
    Head Lizard says:

    23 of the Government’s 29 cabinet ministers are millionaires, almost all of them demand that the taxpayers pay for their houses and private living expenses (even down to dog food



  24. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Spellman is Camerons Achillies heel. Many of us said she should have been sacked over nannygate but no she’s still here. Well dont come crying to us.

    Actually Im not surprised if she’s the religious type, I had a brief dalience with some evangelicals in my youth and never failed to be surprised at their capacity to get around moral problems.

    Example no work on the Sabbath ? easy, employ others to do it for you errrrr ok.
    Cant sell on the sabbath ? easy have the customer pay by cheque that way the money doesnt technically come off until at least monday and emmmmwell you see what mean.


  25. 109
    Mr Umbrage says:

    Caught a bit of her on the radio, says she is doing away with bin tax’s, instead we will get points for the amount of recycling we do.
    Every 1000 points you get a pair of sandals.


  26. 112
    Tony E says:

    So, the company is being wound up, but does that make any material difference to the situation?

    So far, I have not seen any evidence that the company was actually still trading actively. There are a great many companies which do no real business but lie dormant, possibly to be revived, possibly not. (Winding up is potentially expensive due to paperwork, the tax return is simple).

    Spellman has a background in Agri business and a working knowledge of GM issues. If the company was largely dormant, then this conflict of interest may have been blown out of proportion. Maybe then she was chosen for the position for a good reason, and her previous business interests are an asset to us if used to further the country’s interests?

    Ok, this may be true, maybe not. But I would like to see some firm evidence that my hypothesis is total bollocks before I call for a public hanging.


    • 121
      The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

      Thank you Mr Spellman
      I hope that you get a reach around sometime this evening for that


    • 126
      Mrs Duffer says:

      yes and some compaies are there for the purpose of laundering other companies


      • 131
        Tony E says:

        That is also true, but nobody is providing evidence of that. In fact, nobody is providing evidence of anything at all.

        If Spellman is up to no good I want to see the proof in black & white, not the innuendo we have seen so far. And if she is guilty of something, then I will be the first to call for her resignation.


        • 134
          Head Lizard says:

          Well if I was funded I would do it,it costs to get accounts and I am not wealthy


  27. 117
    The Admiral says:



  28. 118
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I have a friend who is a Dr , she assures me that McMental is in the priory Glasgow, on his way back to Scotchland there was a shooting spree and now
    on a Glasgow based train 8 people have been injured when it fell off a bridge
    When will we be rid of this curse?


  29. 119
    Mr Jihad says:

    Hello. Me and my 43 relatives haves just arrived in the Londons. Please tell me way to benefitings office. Thank you. And death to Englands.


  30. 124
    Mrs Duffer says:

    We have a fox living in our garden and don’t know what to do. ..buy a fucking dog stupid


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Or by a baby from a crack ho to use as bait. Then, while the fox is eating the baby you can kill it with a shovel. Simples!


  31. 127
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Noticed how quiet and unintrusive this new government has been since it came to power? And how Cameron has been keeping busy with his work and only appearing when necessary? – i.e PMQs, visiting Cumbria etc.

    What a stark contrast to the bunch of demented crooks who were in for the last 13 years, appearing on TV and radio every 3 minutes with some new launch, relaunch, initiative, speech or some bollocks generated by their Goebbels Department. Blair loved the attention, and Brown was desperate for people to like him. Cameron and Co are just getting on with the job of cleaning up Labour’s mess.


    • 135
      BBC says:

      no no it’s not true labour are still in


      • 137
        streamfisher says:

        They have to pretend that because unlike the last incumbents desperate for sound bites, it seems the coalition has given the BEEB the proverbial two fingers and who can blame them?, when Wosser goes it will be Friday Night with Alastair Campbell.


        • 141
          streamfisher says:

          Oh, nO they wouldn’t would they…….yes they would!, and Saturday morning with Peter Mandelson (early kiddy time) Sunday, Ed Balls praying, Monday Bob Geldorf, Tuesday, Lord Prescott on food heaven and food hell, its just a steak, where’s the rest of the beast?.


  32. 130
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Footage has emerged which reveals the current whereabouts of Gordon Brown and his wife.


  33. 146
    Guido Brockovich says:

    Well done Guido, you may not have scalped the Bride of Frankenstein but you have certainly put her in her place. Stay vigilant.


  34. 148

    Anyone seen Gordon since that cabbie went postal? More to the point, anyone remember seeing the ex PM and Derrick in the same room together ever?



    • 151
      revolting peasant. says:

      Quite right that the company has been wound up. Now I shall await to see any Spelman pronouncements on GM-issues with interest.


  35. 154
    Wojtek says:

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