June 4th, 2010


The IPSA mission statement proclaims that it “wants to contribute to restoring the public’s confidence in Parliament, to make sure the taxpayer gets value for money from how MPs’ expenses are managed.All very noble but in reality things don’t seem so new and fresh.

The Commons was paying MPs staff salaries until the election day. The ill-fated Authority was supposed to have taken over for the new Parliament. One female bag-carrier saw that she was paid by both the Commons and IPSA at the end of last month. Clearly one of the few honest dwellers on the Parliamentary estate, the young researcher rang IPSA to let them know about the mistake. What did the new open and honest expenses body say? Keep the money and keep schtum…


  1. 1
    Cynic says:

    It really does seem a bit of an organisational shambles. But then

    1 Gordon set it up
    2 Its run by Labour appointees used to spending public money
    3 It’s based in Central London where the costs are so much higher and its hard to recruit good staff. Why isn’t the back office function somewhere else?


  2. 3

    I hope they process my claim for the Turkish Grand Prix Gaza Flotilla fact finding mission


  3. 4
    Whatever Brown Touches Turns to Shit - Everyone knows that! says:

    It is suffering the curse of JONAH and therefore IPSA is doomed.


  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Fat Odious Trougher in Continues in Downspin.



  5. 7
    BrianSJ says:

    Sub-contract it to the Rural Payments Agency. I’m sure they’d get paid in a year or two.


  6. 10

    And so it ever was – OPM* is a different sort of currency, one which is unearned by the spender and is thus treated with a cavalier disregard for the blood sweat and tears it cost to produce.

    This is why big government and the whole socialist construct does not work and can never work.

    *other people’s money


  7. 12
    Lord Gower says:

    well it was set up by harman


  8. 13
    • 18

      Bet they won’t fine the Greeks for Athens – the air there is virtually unbreathable in the summer, but then again it’s only the cradle of democracy and the greatest city of the ancient world.

      Or the Wops for Venice, the Dagos for Madrid, etc. etc.

      The sooner we are given a referendum on ending this eurofiasco the better – but obviously Dave and Nick will never allow us hoi polloi that choice.

      Anyone got a spare ostraca?


    • 35
      Head Lizard says:

      lets have a special currency that’s just for EU payments,sand.we have plenty of it and we can value it as 1 gram = 1 EU pound,it’s only transferable to other sand,I’m sure sooner or later it would get into the gears of the EU and grind it to a halt


      • 36
        Bored of Suffolk says:

        So my idea of using toxic waste and buckets of sh*t as a special currency for our EU payments hasn’t caught on?


        PS: is it not a sick joke that while Cameron struggles to find £6bn p/a spending cuts, which will throw hundreds of thousands of people onto the dole and generally knacker many services, he still throws £8bn p/a to the EU?


        • 40
          Clerk says:

          funny word that”Owes”.it usually entails goods and services have been supplied.What were they?Here’s an invoice for the EU.FUCK OFF


  9. 15
    David Laws says:

    A bloke asks a barman for a quadruple scotch, then necks it in one.
    The barman says: “Wow, what’s wrong?”
    Bloke says: “I came home early and went up to the bedroom where I saw my wife shagging my best friend”
    “What did you do?” asks the barman
    Bloke says: “I told her to pack her bags and fuck off”
    “What about your best friend?” replies the barman
    “I looked him straight in the eye and said “bad dog!””


  10. 19
    Wonker says:

    And these are the twats that are trying to manage the country and the fucking huge debt! What fucking chance have we as ordinary citizens got. I could get very annoyed about this, but my GP says to make light of it and bathe in the knowledge that Gordon the Great has gone —– forever?? It puts less stress on my ticker! Oh-oh! Oh! Call an ambulance somebody!!!

    P.S and fuck the EU as well!!


  11. 20
    allan akhbar says:

    and 400+ mps got away with expense fiddles……

    such dis-honourable people setting a really great example.


  12. 21
    anon, anon, anon..... says:

    Was she the only one to point this out.

    Seems dishonesty rubs off


  13. 23
    Head Lizard says:

    How cavalier of them with our money,who ever runs it out on his arse now


  14. 24

    IPSA should have the internet tag: notme.guv. I am in the process of charting electoral iniquity – specifically: an unequivocal lie in a Newbury Conservative flyer. IPSA are unconcerend and The Electoral Commission unempowered. (The full story wuld be hilarious were it not so disgraceful.) I am opening a can of very undemocratic worms. I have a blogspot under ‘SPOIL PARTY GAMES’.

    The ASA are not allowed to interfere under ‘Freedom of Speech’ (work that out) but DID pre-warn all parties to be ‘legal decent honest and truthful’ (verbatin) in their ads.


    • 29
      Head Lizard says:

      good blog your on my list,here your link



    • 30
      whodunit says:

      Why would it concern IPSA? You might as well blame the BBC. If the leaflet was sent out during the course of an election, they are legal consequences for making untrue claims about other candidates. But that is only during the course of the election. As long as the leaflet doesnt break any laws, in terms of liable then there is nothing you can do except try to embarrass the local association by writing to your local newspaper.

      It sounds like you are a bit of a green inker though to be honest.


  15. 31
    David Laws says:

    My dick.

    Not only is it a joke, but if you click ‘suck’ you’ll have given me a virtual blowjob.


  16. 32
    I am a sad fuker i bought spiceworld the movie says:

    You cant leave em alone for 5 mins can you?


  17. 33
    Head Lizard says:

    Andrew McDonald was interim boss,if he is still boot him out on his worthless arse now


  18. 38
    Willofthepeople says:

    What a bloody waste of money- sounds like moving the chairs around on the Titanic


  19. 39
    The Golem says:

    Setting up a quango money waster in the first place to carry out this function is a dead giveaway. IPSA is just an example – yet again – of the Westminster troughers telling the taxpayer “go forth and multiply”.


    • 41
      Head Lizard says:

      6.6 million to setup,why?How could the overseeing of payments cost that much?remember what it means,if I remember rightly Quasi unelected autonomous non governmental organisation. So let me get this straight we voted conservative and got libs who via their puppet Cameron have appointed those we did not elect to govern,there’s a through the looking glass in there somewhere.Which takes me back to what I said before.Fuck elections and MP’s lets deal directly with the civil servants,who do advise these pricks,they are just middlemen taking a (huge)cut.we do not need them.


  20. 44
    Simples says:

    I submitted an invoice under a pseudo company for £126,000 and they paid me,the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing


  21. 45
    albacore says:

    The most likely outcome is that the whistle-blower will be sacked.
    Such bare-faced gross negligence by administrators no longer surprises.
    Alternatively, assuming that similar salary payments were duplicated, the lucky recipients will have been bought off cheaply from disclosing further Parliamentary shenanigans and embezzlement by the dangling of such a Damoclean sword above their heads.


  22. 46
    Hank Rearden says:

    Any hard evidence we can actually circulate on this?


  23. 47
    Anonymous says:

    After working and paying tax for 50 years I can say that the thieving scum will NEVER, NEVER, regain my trust. Simple innit!


  24. 50
    Cassandrina says:

    “wants to contribute to restoring the public’s confidence in Parliament” – “wants to” are certainly not words that you use in a Mission Statement.
    Who on earth is advising these dumb cretins?


  25. 51
    competent says:

    I loled. Anyone with half a brain can read that IPSA functions from the start of the Parliament. Therefore the Dept. of Resources pays for the first 7 days. Therefore you receive two pay packets, one for the first 7 days, one for the rest of the month, which adds up to a normal pay packet.

    Sounds like someone needs to do better research. And people commenting: learn to think for themselves; ignorance cuts both ways.


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