May 25th, 2010

Flashback : Cable’s Flip Flop Previous

Wounded Vince Cable’s performance on Newsnight last night was classic Cableism. He backtracked, flip-flopped and was forced to accept, live on television, that his hated rival Osborne had been right all along. There was pain in those eyes, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

He’s the punters favourite to be first to leave the Cabinet, but last night he was painfully walking the collective responibility line. Some have been expressing surprise at his changing of position, but it’s not as if he hasn’t flip-flopped before is it:

Cleggmania saw the beginning of the eclipse of Cable, his role was vastly downgraded to just having his picture on the side of the campaign bus. He may have predicted the eighteen of the last two recessions, but if Vince is such a sage, why didn’t he foresee a situation where he would be reporting to Osborne? If he is such a sage why did he have to wait to be told by the Bank of England that cuts were needed immediately? Let’s hope he’s not relying on his runes to workout how to start cutting £836m from his department.


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  2. 2
    The Penguin says:

    I suggested a few days ago that the charlatan would now be exposed.

    The Penguin

  3. 3
    Corrupt troughers on BBC Alert says:

    Corrupt Jowell, Spelman on BBC to suggest business as usual with the opening of the New Parliament.

  4. 4
    thick as thieves says:

    Asking for not one, but two bidet toilets to be installed in his living facilities, Guido Fawkes is clearly not prepared to take any chances with Irish cuisine. The bidets in question are described as having the ‘best toilet seat in the world’ and feature innovations including warm air blow-dryers

  5. 5
    Shardenne Froider says:

    Well, he predicted the banking crisis a good few weeks after it happened so I know I’m impressed.

  6. 6
    Harry the Camel says:


    Cannot view the BBC Newsnight clip here, ‘outside the UK’. Totally impossible for anyone outside the goldfish bowl of the Uk to see it

    The BBC is pathetic.

    Anyone got a Youtube link ?

  7. 7
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Would St Vincent of Cable like to predict how economic growth might occur in the UK?

    Funny how that clown Blanchflower got another TV appearance on Channel 4 last night. My god how the money rolls in for another useless leftie once his puppet master has retired.

    I don’t suppose the muppets on Channel 4 News bothered to ask Blanchflower about his role in encouraging Brown to rack up a deficit, and inflating a housing bubble before the banking crisis?

  8. 8
    Father Abraham says:

    This “Smash The Coalition” blog, it is a parody right ?????

  9. 9
    Harry the Camel says:

    Cancel the last bit, found it on Youtube

  10. 10
    Corrupt troughers on BBC Alert says:

    Cable is a decent politician and a decent man. If I remember correctly he did not have his snout in the trough over expenses. As an economist I am sure he will get it right in the end. With problems in the Eurozone & Asian markets it is difficult to predict anything with accuracy at the moment.

  11. 11
    The Penguin says:

    Funny, I thought that was the Hand of God aka Diego Maradonna, drug addict and ex-football legend, not the blessed Guido. Although too much of the black stuff can lead to interesting times on the crapper as it comes out of your arse like a swarm of bees.

    Perhaps you could concentrate on the filthy Tories jizzing through your letterbox?

    The Penguin

  12. 12
    Smig says:

    It reads like a press release from TASS.

    Judging by the recent posts it would appear that they can’t even hold themselves together. Let alone unite to destroy a coalition.

    It’s nice to see that the looney left is still full of jealousy and spite.

  13. 13
    True Blue says:

    You being too harsh on Cable.

    Unlike the other muppets who ran this country for 13 years and buggered it up royally, you need to give a little time for the coalition to start working together.

    If his performance fails to improve in 3 months fair enough.

    And by the way Cable may be running a dept he wished to be closed down in opposition but his colleague Mark Prisk (Con) is excellent.

    So Lib and Con in this dept need to agree their strategy and learn to work on live media. Don’t underestimate the job that lies ahead for them. At least they have our country’s best interests at heart unlike those useless hopeless morons who ran the dept previously.

  14. 14
    John Cipher says:

    This bloke could be real problem. Either get him viagrad up and point him at a Sun Sting Slattern or I hear we are re-opening our Embassy in North Korea.

  15. 15
    Four Eyed English Genius says:

    Get yourself a TV proxy account

  16. 16
    Father Abraham says:

    Suspension of one of its chief smurfs already I see. I’m looking forward to how it develops. It could end up like the Animal Farm of the blogoshpere.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    I am not a Vince Cable fan, but I thought that Paxman was simply terrible last night. Given the cuts being announced, there was a huge array of interesting and useful questions Paxman could have asked, but he seemed far more interested in political posturing and point scoring than interviewing.

  18. 18
    GDS says:

    That is a truly hilarious read. These people are quite hopeless at everything. No parody could ever be as funny as that site.

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off Guido – you got the Boles thing wrong yesterday, and you’ve been wrong about the markets being in love with the coalition.

  20. 20
    dayzed and confused says:

    Ermmmm I think Guido’s comments were intended to show the changes in the Bond markets not the Stock Markets……people tell me that there is a significant difference. One allows you to raise huge amounts of money to squander (if you’re a “Labour Givernment”) or pay down debt left by a “Labour Givernment” if you’re a Demolition Government the other allows you the opportunity to either make or lose huge amounts of money dependent upon whether you’re a Bank/Hedge fund or a private individual investing in a pension upon which Gordung removed dividend relief at source.

  21. 21
    Tooting Popular Front says:

    Their basic mistake is to think that the majority of the British Peole actually care…….Apathy has always been the UK’s answer to Marxist Revolution

  22. 22
    Father Abraham says:

    and even funnier is the suspension of their “flash mob co-ordinator” because he had to cancel the event at short notice due to a committment to an AS level Chemistry resit. “We demand a revolution but only if it’s during the school holidays”. Smurftastic !!!!

  23. 23
    Mr Ned says:

    Na, Animal farm has been read by more than 200 people!

    This Smash the whateverthefuck they are calling the coalition this week blog is a juvenile and futile scream of impotence.

  24. 24
    Smig says:

    I do like their Guardianista politically correct wankypants job titles though.

    Once they finish their BAs in sociospazzy fuckmuppetry they will soon forget their anger when they settle down to stacking shelves at tesco.

  25. 25
    Smig says:

    Couldn’t even get a decent result in AS Chemistry? Must be thick as shit.

    Having to re-sit a halfprice A-Level shows unparalled levels of fuckwittedness. All you have to do is boil some water, know that gold is very unlikely to react with other elements, and that Copper Sulphate is blue.

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Cable is another example of the Peter Principle:-
    People within a hierarchy rise to a level beyond their competence.

  27. 27
    Father Abraham says:

    Just spotted that they’re pretty critical of the Socialist Workers party too. Who’s next in their sights ? The Judean People’s Front, The People’s Front Of Judea, The Campaign For Free Galilee !!!!

  28. 28
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Did I watch the same interview? All I saw was a withering attack with Paxman asking the same moronic question in a different way to get the answer he wanted to hear. It was not one of Paxman’s finest interviews.

    In any case, haven’t all the LibDem’s flip-flopped because they are now in coalition? It sounds like the Labour line of late, he said this during the election, now he says something else in coalition government.

    How about saying, the UK economy is f*cked by 13 years of “New” Labour spending to buy votes, and now the UK is broke.

  29. 29
    easyleys says:

    The Sunday papers were full of how many members of the new cabinet are millionaires – Vince Cable apparently is not one of them. So, if he as financially and economically astute as he and his groupies portray him to be, why isn’t he one?.

  30. 30
    revolting peasant says:

    Paxman has been going through the motions for months. Newsnight is no longer required viewing.

  31. 31
    revolting peasant says:

    Perhaps he’s not motivated by the pursuit of riches.

  32. 32
    Anonymous says:

    It’s rare for a politician to have the integrity to admit mistakes. Now that Mr. Cable has admitted that he was wrong he doesn’t have to behave in a way which defends his previous mistake as not being one.

    This means he’s able to work with positive effectiveness where more egotistical and dishonest colleagues of the Commons, whom dig in the pits of their mistakes, would be unable to.

    Good on you Mr. Cable. Continue to keep your integrity and continue working for the national interest.

  33. 33
    Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

    Emperor, clothes, none.

  34. 34
    RCT says:

    Agreed, Cable is definitely not the all knowing power that some sections of the press made out, but then isn’t that always the case with media hype? A few years ago the consensus was that Brown was a successful chancellor. 80% of everything in the media is spin or just plain bullshit, that’s nothing new

    I’m pretty sure though, with his academic credentials and previous work experience Vince Cable is a damn sight more credible and qualified on economic matters than “Curious” George Osborne.

    If you put aside his Dads wallpaper company, Osborne’s supposed strength is as a political operator, but as head of election strategy he couldn’t get Cameron a majority against the worst PM ever and a deficit bigger than Greece.

    Now Cameron is in Number 10 he desperately needs Clegg and Cable et al.
    To give him some left cover when the axe starts to fall on public services as well as to protect him from his own party while he indulges in his more liberal impulses.

    The honeymoon for this coalition will be over by June 22, the public will not take kindly to a child of privilege like Osborne telling them they must accept a lesser quality of life. Gideon is truly the weakest link on the front bench right now, but you have to admire Cameron for his loyalty to the old school tie.

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