May 19th, 2010

Minister for the Arms Trade

“People who decry the defence industry should hang their heads in shame because it is a noble industry” new minister Gerald Howath MP once said. But then someone with such a close and long term association with the arms industry would say that, wouldn’t they?

Whilst a frontbench spokesman for defence under Michael Howard, Howarth was slammed in 2004 for providing a weapons lobbyist with a one of his allocated parliamentary staff passes.  Michael Wood of lobbyists Whitehall Advisers (whose clients  included BAE Systems  and Airbus) who are the backbone of the UK’s billion pound arms industry. Like Caroline Spelman and her farming interests, David Cameron seemingly does not consider Howarth’s past connections to be an issue. Howarth has been made the parliamentary Under Secretary for Defence. He now has a direct role in arms procurement.

It’s not as if Howarth hasn’t used his position before to help the arms trade. Take his constant parliamentary questions about contract renewal, or just a cursory glance over the parliamentary room bookings for the last few years, time and time again he allowed his name to be used to rent out rooms in parliament to his mates in the arms industry. Bookings a plenty for Rolls Royce, air industry groups and defence procurement experts. Howarth has openly admited his close relationship with the industry and never really sought to have anything but a close relationship with arms manufacturers, but serious questions should be posed. At a time of war, how do the public know that they are getting the best deal in this controversial but necessary trade rather than what is best for his friends?

Guido has more to come on this one…


  1. 1
    Martin Day says:

    Excellent thread Guido

    I feel like kissing you on all 4 cheeks


    • 5

      Please don’t.


    • 7
      MadMitch says:

      C Men

      Can we please stop talking about Britain having an arms trade as such.

      All we have is a financial link to transfer money from the MOD to British Waste of Space while the boots on the ground take on all the risk.

      Look at the stuff we are producing — over priced, over specc’ed or over the hill.
      What have we managed to sell to anyone recently in an open competion?

      Square root of very little would be my answer.
      They are all playing a game.


      • 11
        QWERTY says:

        Well said that man, we made shit kit.


        • 14

          At least Howarths got the sense to make money out of it. Most of Cambridge was sending all our defence secrets to the Russians for 30 years in exchange for free signed copies of Das Kapital.


          • vlad the impaler says:

            Don’t forget the gratis bum boys.


          • Presumably that lack of soundness is why they didn’t vote for you, OH…


          • Shame on them. I would have been well and truly sworn in today if they had, the marxist fuckbubbles.

            Lessons learned. Do not stand for election where 3/5ths of the electorate are called Crispin, have never done a days work in their lives and expect to be running the Peoples Republic of Britain themselves in a few years.

            Also putting “poofs, lezzers, ladyboys, vote for me” on the official communication letters may not have helped (along with the “Cambridge’s Ugliest Baby” contest I organized)


          • You would do well in Somerton and Frome.


          • Susie says:

            Could have told you… as could Rupert Brooke”

            “For Cambridge people rarely smile, Being urban, squat, and packed with guile…”

            Yup, that’s Cambridge for you.


    • 13
      streamfisher says:

      Before you need arms procurement you must have war procurement, enter Blair and then Brown (not as good at arms procurement though as our servicemen have found to their cost).


      • 31
        Firing Blanks says:

        Why go to all the expense of providing non realistic training programs, when war trains the troops and keeps them battle ready?


        • 45
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Too much broken kit and war costs a lot more + it’s a lot more difficult to assemble the players for a wash-up over a pint.


    • 29
      Mr. A. Kalashnikov says:

      What the f*ck is Cameron playing at?

      If Guido knows all about these Spellman/Howard connections, surely the Prime Minister’s advisers do, don’t they?

      Here comes the new Politics, same as the old Politics…


      • 39
        Turned Out Nice Again says:

        And now he’s antagonising the 1922 Committee – hope he knows what the f he’s doing or it could get messy and quick


    • 94
      Hot Chilli says:

      Can’t quite see your point here Guido. If you want our Squaddies to be well protected and presumably win their battles. Then there has to be an industry supporting them with arms. It then makes sense that our arms industry is numero Uno.


    • 123
      Mair on Balls says:

      More much more importantly. Eddie Mair put the knife through Ed Balls leadership scrotum this evening.


      • 136
        Anonymous says:

        Who listens to Eddie Mair apart from a few old dodderers whilst pricking out their pansies?


    • 146
      Trev says:

      Shock horror – the arms industry. And they even make profits. Who else is going to pay the taxes.

      You do not need war procurement to get arms procurement. Thats just typical thicko garbage that you get on this blog. We fought Iraq and Afghanistan without procurement – we were woefully ill-equipped. Conversely we have spent countless billions preventing a war – WW3 – that was quite successful procurement.

      Even bigger shock horror Mrs Thatcher regularly sang the praises of our arms industry and of course famously sold countless billions to Saudi. Good for her I say.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    words like ‘leopard’ and ‘spots’ come to mind


  3. 3
    Lord Mandelslime says:

    Compared to me he is an amateur


  4. 4
    • 35
      I used to believe in democracy before Postal voting says:

      It is beyond belief. Keep up your campaign. It is a pity that this kind of information is not more widely circulated to the voters in his constituency.That might wipe the smile from his smug face


  5. 6
    Shas says:

    Phew so glad we changed government so we could look forward to people committed to the country instead of looking after their own vested interests.


    • 22
      Green Dave and EU Nick, the colours have changed, the government hasn't says:

      It’s more “new politics” bravo! Things can’t go on like this, er that, er, er, er. Cab for hire anyone?


    • 26
      The Cleaner says:

      227 new MP’s leaving 422 thieves, conspirers to thieve, condoners of thieving and those who neither saw, heard nor spoke of thieving. (1 seat unrepresented}

      Torch the fuckers. All of them.


  6. 8
    Veggy Eater says:

    Si vis pacem, para bellum !!


  7. 9
    QWERTY says:

    If these fucking twats sold our lads good kit I wouldn’t mind. But everything British made is totally and utterly fucking SHIT, SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT.

    Be it rifles, aircraft, bullets, body armour, armoured vehicles. ships. You name it, if it’s British made it’s fucking crap.


    • 34
      concrete pump says:

      Err, no it’s not.

      Accuracy International are the most respected rifle builders in the world. And British.

      The US marine corps are using the new AI 50 cal, prefered over the Barrett.

      We also build the best tank armour, Chobham, which no one else has.


      • 49
        Wing Co. says:

        The Vickers Challenger Tank walks all over the Abraham and our self propelled gun has a far greater firing range than any thing the yanks have, hence the reason the yanks used the R. A. during the final push on Baghdad. The S A 80 isn’t as bad as the press make out and the Typhoon, mainly designed by BA systems, is a fine bird.

        BUT were the hell are the extra heli’s and replacements for the snatch LR’s that Broon/Blur promised??????


        • 64
          The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

          Sorry but Challenger 1 was utter shite. The SA-80 was and still is an utter piece of shit, so bad no other fucker wants it. Chobham armour is good but not much fucking use if all you have is a crappy Landrover to drive around in. Military kit needs to work first time around.

          Main battle tanks are not exactly useful in Afghanistan. Far too much British made crap comes into service poorly designed and unreliable.

          I guess you simply judge how big your own sides’ body count is to decide if the kit is shit or not.


        • 82
          Call me Infidel says:

          Abraham son of Terah? I think you mean Abrams but I don’t disagree with you. Oh and concrete pump good call. The AI rifle is the dog’s testes. Hundreds of tallywhackers would attest to that if they were still alive!


          • boomer says:

            And I do believe our Artillery shells give a much larger headache when on the receiving end.

            The courage and inginuity of the troops is our trump card. Politicians and businessmen nowhere in sight.

            Arte Et Marte


          • MadMitch says:

            Concrete Chump et al

            You couldn’t make up the shit you are coming out with.

            Challenger — Upgrades now talk about a German turret, a German gun and a German powerpack, no wonder it goes by the nickname of Rommel.

            I mean what is left, oh yes the Chobham composite armour, good in its way but now overtaken by reactive armour.

            So what have we got to show for all the MOD money spent locally, a sniper’s rifle that what. Some return on the billions spent, a top quality sporting rifle that in other tactical situations is about as useless as a chocolate teapot.

            The enemy get up close and personal and you would be as well trying to hit them over the head with it.

            As far as artillery is concerned shouldn’t you mention the influence of the SA military and a certain Mr Bull who put in a shift for our nice racist friends.

            Unfortunately this all fits into the continuing story of British Waste of Space, they can’t develop anything internally. There whole existence has been mirage based on the efforts earlier constituent companies or expertise bought in later.


          • Wing Co. says:

            81 – Ha! I thought it looked odd when I wrote ‘Abraham’!!! long day etc etc


          • concrete pump says:


            I was just trying to support some of the excellent engineering which (whilst massively reduced) continues in small pockets of this country.

            You always read like you’re utterly miserable.

            Are you sad MadMitch?

            What’s the matter?

            You can tell me.


        • 124
          The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

          The Typhoon is another nasty log, already outdated technology and has no stealth capability at all. It’s just a more expensive f-16


      • 121
        Tony says:

        Agreed, its not that our equipment is crap, but the MoD never want to pay for anything. Funding and projects constantly get put on hold and get cut back making them late, more expensive and less capable than if things were just properly funded in the first place!


      • 157
        ??? says:

        A.I. is a private company, so it works good, I have one of teir rifles in .308, sniper job, it is good.
        But would not touch an sa80 at all.
        all the other companys that supply crap equip to uk forces have too much government interference.


    • 43
      burkean says:

      You’re full of shit mate.

      Astute – awesome capability, doesn’t have enough funding to achieve economy of scale
      Nimrod MR4 – same difference, and compared to the over-run on its nearest rival, P-8 Posiedon, much better.
      Jackal/Coyote by Supacat, fucking brilliant vehicles and loved by squaddies.

      I could go on…

      And what’s more, it’s not exclusively British kit that’s shit – Mastiff – massively overweight and useless in any other theatre.
      Boxer – hugely late and overpriced
      Look at the US and KC-X.

      Defence procurement around the world is fucked, so it’s hardly just the Brits.


      • 66
        The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

        Don’t forget the 2 billion pissed away on the Nimrod AEW as well. That ended up yet another steaming pile of shit and we still ended up buying the AWACS.


  8. 10
    I used to believe in democracy before Postal voting says:

    Another impending great scoop to the credit of G. Fawkes. I will look forward to further news on this one. ( Does Cameron realise that this the second occasion of sleaze uncovered by GF) He is either too stupid or too arrogant to be First Minister


  9. 12
    Andrew says:

    He sounds like DJ Bob Hoskins going mental in a dustbin…

    (When an MP or public figure you feature has been got by your fellow media terrorist Chris Morris you should tag the posts with something like ‘Brasseyed’)


  10. 17
    JohnRS says:

    CallMeDave already has problems with Spellman on a similar basis, adding Howarth to this really starts to make him look an ever bigger tit than I feared he was.


  11. 18
    ZEN says:

    So Guido how do you propose such a disgusting but necessary trade be conducted? How do eradicate the corruption?


  12. 21
    Mercahny says:

    Ahem, as far as I can see, there is no suggestion that Howarth has personally benefited from any of these ‘links’ ! So why the fuss?


    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      Indeed. What’s your recipe, Guido? That ministerial duties should only be carried out by people who know fuck-all about their brief?


    • 28
      Green Dave and EU Nick, Yippee change! new politics! oh wait says:

      You really can’t see? You’re part of the problem inside British politics, old boy.


  13. 23
    Bing Crosby's Stunt Double says:

    To be fair, I think there are some BAe gubbins in his seat. Which is a bit different from lobbying for Mitsubishi zeroes.


  14. 24
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Howarth’s a twat. He was happy to big up the coffin on wheels Pinzgauer Vector before it was sent out to Afghanistan, even though anyone could see it was no use against mines or IEDs. It’s since been replaced, but the men killed in them can’t be. Fuck him and fuck the rest of the corrupt elite who get rich by trampling over the corpses of British soldiers. Motherfucking bastards the lot of them.


    • 33
      Green Dave and EU Nick, Yippee change! new politics! oh wait says:

      Amen to that.


    • 165
      Trev says:

      You over emphasise the bigging up. The important thing is that we must hope the lessons are learned. Howarth’s sin was to take the word of MoD ‘experts’ who he talked to.

      The problems go far far deeper than some smear of a M though The whole system has been unable to procure a decent mine protected vehicle. It has shades of being unable to procure a decent tank in WW2. The problem has far far more to do with incompetence and confusion at the MoD and the prejudice in the Army than the opinions of an MP.


      • 201
        Peter Carter-Fuck says:

        No, Howarth was promoting the Vector for all he was worth, when it was obvious just by looking at it that it was a death trap. I think he’s actually sitting in one in the photo at the top. He’s a fucking twat.


  15. 25
    yacht boy says:


    When is Clegg gonna fuck off? I’m fed up with the whinny twat already.


  16. 30
    whatnowoman says:

    Burnham joins in.


  17. 38
    Unsworth says:

    “At a time of war, how do the public know that they are getting the best deal
    in this controversial but necessary trade”

    For that matter, at any time how do the public know? Where’s the rigour? Where’s the expertise? Any MP’s have the slightest idea? The Public Accounts Committee under the stewardship of Edward Leigh was pretty incisive, but never had enough time to get right to the bottom of things. Heaven alone knows who can do it now.


  18. 40
    New Labour is dead! says:

    Cameron releases list of witches to be tried:

    Edward Leigh MP
    John Hayes MP
    Brian Binley MP
    Nadine Dorries MP
    Charles Walker MP
    David Davies MP
    David Burrowes MP
    Julian Brazier MP
    Greg Hands MP
    David Jones MP
    David Amess MP
    Liddell Grainger MP
    William Cash MP
    John Redwood MP
    Laurence Robertson MP
    John Whittingdale MP
    Philip Davies MP
    Philip Hollobone MP
    Christopher Fraser MP
    Christopher Chope MP
    Peter Bone MP
    Lee Scott MP
    Andrew Turner MP
    Douglas Carswell MP
    Robert Goodwill MP
    Adam Holloway MP
    Daniel Kawczynski MP
    Greg Knight MP

    Andrew Rosindell MP


  19. 41
    New Labour is dead! says:

    Cameron starts a fight with the 1922 committee:


    • 68
      The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

      You really should stop believing the BBC. That bunch of leftie shit stabbers are full of shit.

      The BBc will no doubt be trawling for some barking mad Tory to get a sound bite. Daniel Hannan has blogged on this that the BBC are only interested at the moment in getting Tories on to spout the narrative THEY at the BBC want.


      • 171
        hot metal says:

        I’d say that’s a pretty fair assessment. The BBC is desperately trying to find any stick to beat the coalition with.


  20. 44

    This sort of thing is neither the exclusive preserve of the left nor the right. It is, however, the almost guaranteed outcome of big government. Let’s hope the DPM sticks by his speech.


    • 62
      streamfisher says:

      Left right, left right, left right, Atten…wait for it, wait for it.. Shun!,
      They don’t like it up em’ Captain Mannering, yes, yes that will do Corporal Jones, Private Walker: Got a bottle of Whiskey going at the right price (taps nose)
      Pike: My Mum says I’ve got to be home for 6 0’clock or Uncle Arthur will catch it,

      Stupid Boy!


  21. 46
    Gorgon Brhoon, Raving in his Padded Room at CurrCuddy Sanatorium for the Insane and Feeble Minded, says:

    Aye, Blinky Bollocks has ma’ full support, the noo!

    An’ between us, we funded the Arm’d Forces so that they want’d fa’ nuth’n!

    An nuthn’s ma fult ye un’stn!


  22. 50
    New Labour is dead! says:

    What did Gordon Brown do after being MP?

    He became the new Olympic Mascot.


    • 88
      Nick2 says:


      Just when the 2012 Olympics seems to reach a new nadir, it effortlessly drifts lower…


    • 129
      Indigo says:

      Priapic bacofoil.



    • 139
      Indigo says:

      Priapic bacofoil, apparently called Mandelson and Warlock, or Mandeville and Wenlock or something. And one has wet itself.

      Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, the first one seems to have disappeared.


    • 167
      Mr Slater says:

      They could have got a foul-beaked, psychedelic (if slightly mangy) plumed Parrot for far less money.


    • 188
      The Red Wag says:

      Two one-eyed-monsters to go with the Lisa Simpson logo. Nice. Who paid for this? Who thought that a foreskin around the “eye” was a good idea? Is this a deliberate metaphor?


  23. 53
    New Labour is dead! says:

    Limp Dems still receiving Short money:


  24. 55

    At least Gerald Howarth is open about his arms trade links and uses those links to the national advantage. There is nothing underhand about this man. You could not say the same about some of Cameron`s other appointments. We need more men like Howarth in Government.


  25. 56
    Anonymous says:

    So Lady Northover joins the Government, just announced, despite this LibDem expenses story


    • 89
      Nick2 says:

      Maybe hoping for disbarring from Parliament & possible prosecution of these leeches is too optimistic.

      I’d be happy to settle for every MP/Lord’s overclaimed expense figure to be tattooed on their foreheads, both as a means of identification & as an inexpensive reminder for them to try harder in future…


    • 195
      Duncan says:

      Why do Lords need a second homes allowance? It’s not a democratic injustice to restrict the position to those who can afford to live in London, Lords do not represent particular regions/constituencies and it’s not unreasonable to ask someone to relocate to the capital in return for the honour.

      Conclusion – they don’t need it. It’s only going to be abused. There’s a clear case for MP second homes, but no case for the Lords.


  26. 57
    Engineer says:

    Guido, whilst I agree wholeheartedly that shining a little light on the murky world of lobbying is long overdue, where are you going to find an MP or minister that isn’t in some way tainted?

    Has Howarth benefitted personally from his connections? Kick-backs? Sweeteners? If so, he deserves to be hounded from office, and possibly prosecuted; if not, then perhaps he is just using the system as it currently exists to ensure that those responsible for defence procurement talk to those capable of producing the kit.

    Isn’t it advantageous for a newly-appointed minister to have some knowledge of his ministry’s responsibilities? Consider the DEFRA ministers in the last government; vegetarians, townies, animal-rights supporting nutters – they hardly inspired confidence in the rural population, and most turned out to be grossly incompetent. Spelman may have lobbying connections, but at least she knows something about farming and rural affairs.

    Attack the lobbying system by all means – it stinks. But for now, that’s the way the system works, and picking on one or two individuals working in the system is perhaps a little unfair, especially if there is no evidence of personal gain.


    • 60

      Agreed. Sensible argument.


    • 67
      keep on message!! says:

      nauseating spin from a CCHQ poodling lickspittle with zero self respect.


      • 73
        Engineer says:

        Wrong. I’m not associated in any way with any political party. Or lobbying organisation.


      • 76
        concrete pump says:

        He said as he foamed at the mouth in rage.

        You want to calm down, pisslicker – you’ll have a heart attack………hopefully.


      • 81
        tory dalek troll says:

        Tat, we’re in charge now, so fuck off.


        • 85
          Yap! little CCHQ poodles Yap for your masters you apologist shills says:


          Clearly touched a nerve with the spineless lickspittles. Excellent.
          Awwww… they feel ashamed of themselves.


          • concrete pump says:

            Oh look, it’s that video clip AGAIN – how original, you’re not very good at this are you, best left to those with brains.

            Touched a nerve……doubtful, i’m currently enjoying a fat bliff, you’ll have to try VERY hard to get a rise out of me.




          • Bow to your Lord and Master toryboys. Now suck up that human rights bill like good poodles says:

            Here’s a new clip you whining spineless poodling druggie pussy.

            Nick Clegg is fucking you toryboys up the arse and there’s not a thing you can do about it.



          • brave new world says:

            This loser will still be posting rubbish just before they cart him out of the old folks home in a paupers cardboard coffin. He’ll never see the end of this Tory administration that’s for sure.


          • roughly 18 months and this laughable 'coalition of the unwilling' falls says:

            I’ll certainly be around to laugh at spineless pussies like you when it does


          • brave new world says:

            You’ll have a coronary before then you dopey twat.


    • 72
      Mr Plum says:

      Well said, guido’s jumping the gun a bit, pardon the pun


  27. 59
    Sarah Beard says:

    At last! I’m back with my special friend in Canterbury!

    See how happy we look together?


  28. 63
    Andy Coulson's Mouthpiece says:

    Cameron dissolves and takes over the 1922 committee.

    Even Thatcher and Major weren’t cowardly enough to do that at the height of their problems with backbenchers.

    The Heir to Blair wants good little drones who will never question his rule.


    • 71
      The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

      No he wants fat Tory MPs who only had to put on a blue rosette to win their seat to shut up and think how lucky they are to be back in power.


    • 96
      Nick2 says:

      Can Cameron dissolve the committee? He could threaten sanctions (up to withdrawing the whip) on any member, but if the 1922 committee is neutered/closed down, I’d bet that backbenchers would find another ways to exchange opinions. (IRC or Skype for instance?).

      The real danger for Cameron is if he tries to suppress or channel backbenchers’ opinions – in modern Britain there are many conduits for them to reach the public domain anonymously…


    • 98
      Mr Plum says:

      Serves them right stuffy old gits, haven’t heard anything from them for 13 years now they have woke up, realised they are in power and want to cause trouble like they did for Major.


      • 130
        The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

        Exactly, all these fucking backbenchers were doing were coining it in on the expenses.

        The simple truth is the Tories lost TWO elections based on hard right wing policies, there was no way they could win with the current rigged voting system. I’m no fan of Clegg but we are where we are.

        The important thing is this lot WILL sort out the economy and stop the stupid fucking spending of Mcshitstabbingoneeye and his cronies.

        Do you really want Balls,Mandelmong, Campbell, Adonis and kinnock back in power?


  29. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Just watch the figures in the last parliamentary election coming up on 27 May.
    Look out for –

    – drop in percentage turnout

    – drop in total Tory vote and projected majority 18,000 majority (pre GE)

    – increase in the LibDem vote from the projected 7,000 (pre GE)

    – size of UKIP vote over projected 1,000 (pre GE)

    The figures will be the first test of Cameron`s machinations.


  30. 70
    The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

    Cameron and Clegg are doing OK at the moment. Getting rid of the fucking socialist bummers laws is a priority and sorting out the pissed away money on useless public sector scum is next.

    The bottom line is keeping Liebour out of power for the next 100 years. Changing the voting boundaries will help destroy Liebour and if the gutless jocks do us a favour and piss off we could see Liebour down to under 150 MP’s.

    THAT would be great news for democracy.


    • 97
      Quentin says:

      Err.. I’m not sure I’ve ever read such utter bollocks.


      • 107
        percy says:

        More fool you for fucking reading it then. Any more than two lines on here and you carry on at your own risk mutha fucka.


      • 126
        The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

        Quentin you another rent boy using fucking leftie? You really think a one eyed shit stabber like the mong was good at his job?


        • 168
          Quentin says:

          Morris, I was more referring to your idea of how to keep Labour out of power as being utter bollocks. Firstly, Scotland isn’t the problem anymore, it’s Wales. And secondly, changing boundaries isn’t going to help a great deal, it might do some damage to them, but is unlikely to force them down to 150 seats in the commons. What would damage Labour though is getting rid of the First Past the Post system. But then the only real winners would be Clegg, UKIP and the Greens.


  31. 75
    Nick says:

    Read “Lions, Donleys and Dinosaurs – A story of waste and bundering in the armed forces” by Lewis Page. Printed in 2006 so a tad out of date, but it really does open your eyes to the ridiculousness of the whole scam.


  32. 83
    Abu Hamza says:

    I’d like some new arms.


  33. 87
    Jimmy says:

    First Spelman, now this.

    Are you going rogue?


  34. 92
    Shahid Malik says:

    Gisa job, please.


  35. 100
    Engineer says:

    For those who didn’t hear it earlier, Ed Balls vs. Eddie Mair on the PM programme. From 51:00 minutes in.


    • 116
      Quentin says:

      Ouch. .


    • 156
      Christy says:

      Never in all my born days have I ever heard such a load of utter crap come from one mouth,it really does beggar belief.
      Mr Balls,and how appropriate has about as much knowse of politics as my dog,he seems to forget his comment of (SO WHAT)also his response to these questions was absolutely awful he had no command of what was being suggested to him and his pathetic responses in trying to hoof it were a complete disaster.
      This man really thinking that he could be one day PM of this country is the best joke I have heard so far this year.
      My advice to Blinky would be,you have been a bag carrier to Broon for many years and parachuted into what was a safe seat,why don’t you leave it at that and sink into oblivion on the back benches until the good people of Morley kick you out for good.


      • 176
        13eastie says:

        As I mentioned on the previous thread, this guy is a complete twat, who may only just be beginning to realise what a foolish thing it was to give blindly and publicly his undying loyalty to McSnot, by whom he is permanently tainted.

        Likewise, choosing the most uncharismatic, charmless and unpersonable areshole ever to grace No 10 as his mentor might not be helping his radio-friendliness.




  36. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Figures released today show that labour committed £21billion on new , hastily thought up projects mostly in education and IT since 1st January 2010 as they set about trashing the economy because they expected to lose the forthcoming election!!!

    David Laws says every penny spent since 1st January 2010 is now under review and contracts might be cancelled.

    When I think how our lads have struggled to get the equipment they need in Afghanistan and how many have died from IED’s because labour/gordon failed to provide them with helicopters, properly armoured ridgebacks not to mention proper body army and weapons that worked in the conditions they are fighting in, whilst buillyballs and his odious pals have been on a pointless spending spree, it makes my blood boil.

    Gerald Howarth better take note . We are expecting this latest crew in the MoD to do a far better job in looking after our lads in Afghanistan than aintbustinagut,kevan and rammell did. (Shouldn’t be difficult !!!) And we are watching closely.

    By the by when is cameron and liam fox going out to Afghanistan to talk to the Armed Forces??! And when they do, I hope they will ask them to voice their concerns and criticisms openly; something deafgordon and aintbustinagut never did!!!


    • 112
      nell says:

      This new laptop must be called mandy!! It changes my moniker without any reference to me, just like mandy took control of the labour government without any reference to the electorate!


    • 117
      Cheese Lover says:

      I thought I’d heard that Labour had covered that by ensuring that severe penalty clauses were inserted into these contracts, providing very large compensation payments from the government in the event of cancellation.


      • 125
        Engineer says:

        Be interesting to find out whether these were the contracts for which civil servants requested Letters of Direction from their ministers….


      • 148
        nell says:

        I suspect that you heard right – labour were criminal enough to include such a clause. But Parliament has the power to makes laws and it can, if it wishes, make them retrospectively, so hopefully, if it must that is what it will do this time.

        There are also laws already enacted that say ministers of government who fail to balance accounts as soon as practicable or to secure the efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the budget with REALISTIC forecasts may be personally responsible for any shortfalls!!! That Law also applies to Civil Servants and Officers which is precisely why the Civil Service has insisted over the last six months under this labour government that labour ministers issue letters saying that they personally are the one’s responsible for ordering that £21billion of unnecessary expenditure.

        Think we are going to get any prosecutions of the ex labour ministers responsible for education and IT ??!!


        • 158
          Christy says:

          We feckin well should do,if Cameron doesn’t get to grips with this he has gone down in my estimation.


    • 143
      Blinky is Outwood Deadwood says:

      Full list of offending contracts with ‘finger-pointing’ details to be posted on national prominent hoardings for 12 months with a full backpage on the Grauniard paid for by the offending ministers will do nicely for starters!


  37. 110
    Muslim terrorist says:

    I came here on a student visa and wanted to blow up innocent British civilians. Now that I’m not going to be deported, can I claim benefits please?


  38. 111
    G Brown says:

    I’m bored. Anyone got a job vacancy for me?


    • 113
      nell says:

      Some Human Resources magazine this morning was saying you should start your own anger management courses!!


      • 118
        G Brown says:

        You’re a bigot.


        • 150
          norfolk nanas says:

          Don’t talk to old dears like that, she only went out for a turnip FFS.


          • nell says:

            labour, under gordon, never talked to real people. It was only ever interested in the views of its own core vote and the unions.

            That is why, of course, it lost contact with the electorate and middle england which brought bliar to power.

            So my message to bullyballs and the militwits and anyone else standing for the labour leadership is , don’t listen to people like me or try to address the issues that concern me.

            Just go away and do what charliewhelan tells you to do.


          • Nick2 says:

            And if possible, please would all of the Labour candidates wear day-glo orange waistcoats with reflective strips, and their names prominently marked on the front and the back?

            Such a move would remind Labour’s core voter who the candidates are, make the candidates stand out against their black-suited servants, and hopefully allow more observant voters to connect with them from long distances…


    • 128
      Engineer says:

      Ed Balls’ leadership campaign bag-carrier?


    • 138
      Mr Plum says:

      Maybe something in the demolition trade


    • 180
      13eastie says:

      I have a vacancy for a guilt-laden, snot-eating traitor to provide self-immolating entertainment on the Forth Road Bridge.


  39. 120
    Ed Balls says:

    …no, no … listen. .. I agree that something should be done about this. This would never have happened under Gordon Brown’s leadership. He was very clear about standards. No, no, listen since I won my seat back with an increased majority people from all over have been telling me what we need to do to get re-elected. I know that I would be prime minster now if it wasn’t for the b&p but it’s easy for me to talk.

    The people should be heard and when I become leader of the grand old new labour party they will be. I might have to make different choices but they still have a right to speak. This will be my brand of democrathy. My colleague Andy oh and John thingy have also decided to stand and I’m really pleased about that. I will of course deny that smearing against these two and the other two will have anything to do with me. I’m not a bully. I don’t go in for bullying.

    So there you have it. I can’t be anymore frank. Listen … you know, what you see is what you get with me. I can continue with this if you want. I have strong opinions and that’s what you need in politics …. no, it’s not bullying. I never get my own way, ask my wife ….


  40. 140
    Gordon Brownstuff says:


    A defence industry is one of the few moral areas in which a govt should be spending our taxpayers money.

    Cut this shit.


  41. 144
    little britain says:

    “Lotto winner wants bin job back.”


  42. 147
    Reallyreally pissed off voter says:

    I see that despite of all the assurances nowt’s changed. After ALL that’s happened they still don’t get it I despair


  43. 161
    nell says:

    Finally!! A Chancellor who is going to cut Corporation Tax and NIC to create the climate for more REAL jobs and cut this Non Job creation rubbish!!

    Now we are beginning to see some sense.

    No more refrigerator inspectors earning £20K plus telling us what we should and should not eat. No more pram wheel counters earning £25k plus. No more environmental officers earning £30k plus telling us that heat is escaping through our council office roof!!


  44. 162
    Anonymous says:

    And daves dirty deeds over at the 22 committee?


    • 163
      nell says:

      The 1922 Committee is nearly 100 years overdue for an overhaul!!!

      Go Dave. Middle England’s behind you!!! I hope you give the same enthusiasm to the reform of the HoL!!!


      • 172
        I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my poodles Yap!) says:

        GO DAVE!!!

        Tell us what to do!!! what to think!!! what to say!!!

        We are mindless robots without a will or spine of our own so we can’t feel ashamed of ourselves for such vomit inducing arselicking and craven behaviour!!!


      • 174
        call me coward cameron says:

        even thatcher and major had the balls to face the 1922 committee
        poor wavy davy is a weakling who is terrified of his own MPs


  45. 164
    jo-public says:

    welcome to the perfect paragon so the guy is connected, well thats why he’s been put there the out-side the boxers have sewn it all up. So what he’s got a blue tie, red tie, yellow tie makes no difference he’s the man to spend your money and pass it upwards wakey wakey sheepies


  46. 169
    The Morris Marina a nasty log laid by British Leyland says:

    The BBC shit stabbers wheel out Tory nutter Bill Cash for the rent a twat quote. How come c u n t z like Cash keep getting re-elected?


  47. 170
    Blinky the Bottler says:

    Hey Guido

    How did you get on Blinky’s local BBC station ?

    Did Charlie Whelan organise it for you or have you got a “pass” to speak on any BBC programme” now ???!

    And, BTW, it is cruel to tell his electors that he would “destroy Labour’s remaining chances…!!



  48. 173
    CallMeDave says:

    I’m too busy changing the law to prevent the government being overthrown and stitching up the backbenchers to worry about this. Hahahaha


  49. 177
    Ed Balls says:

    I am being sent into exile by extremely dark forces. This is the end. Thank you, and goodbye


  50. 178
    What a boring blog! says:



  51. 182



  52. 185
    EX TORY says:

    In power one week and they have lost me already
    noses to the trough my ex fellow tories


  53. 187
    Blinky Balls says:

    I will be a leader of gweat integwity and pwobity.


  54. 194

    […] Posted by bensix under Arms Industry, Tories Leave a Comment  Congratulations to Guido Fawkes for posting something interesting… Whilst a frontbench spokesman for defence under Michael […]


  55. 196
    Duncan says:

    Guido I…. don’t know how to tell you this mate but… you’re a LibDem.

    Think about it; you like economic growth and dislike wasteful spending, so you’re clearly not Labour. You actively dislike Labour (so you could be a LibDem). You disapprove of political corruption, the arms trade and spin doctors. You’re not a homophobe, you don’t seem to be a fan of either the establishment or religion. You’re a LibDem. You might be on the right-wing eurosuspicious fringe of the LibDems but you’re clearly a LibDem.

    Welcome aboard.


  56. 199

    […] to Guido Fawkes for posting something worthy of note… Whilst a frontbench spokesman for defence under Michael […]


  57. 200

    […] 20th, 2010 Minister’s Murky Missile Mate Further to yesterday’s exposure of the cosy relationship the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Defence Gerald Howarth has with the […]


  58. 202

    […] also : Minister for the Arms Trade, Minister’s Murky […]


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