May 17th, 2010

Smith Institute’s Deficit and Decline

A co-conspirator points out that the Smith Institute, formerly Gordon Brown’s favourite think-tank/slush fund, hasn’t filed the legally required accounts to the Charity Commission due over three months ago. As regular readers will remember, the organisation was slammed by the Commission in 2008 for its political activity. Essentially it was a front group for Gordon’s leadership bid.

It seems that as the main beneficiary of the Sith’s work has now been consigned to history, the money and activities are drying up. Last year’s accounts showed that they were close to £120,000 in the red – a far cry from those heady days when they could afford to pay Ed Balls £89,000 for writing two pamphlets while in transit from being a Treasury SpAd to becoming an MP. It makes you wonder what devastation the missing accounts might possibly be hiding.

The Smith Institute says it is getting back to Guido… hopefully quicker than they file their accounts.


  1. 1
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Did they buy any gold at a knock-down price?

  2. 2
    W.W. says:

    Guido, maybe they will just send you a note saying ‘There’s no money left’


  3. 3
    Mrs Duffy says:

    Did they give any money to Tawny Blur? I like that Tawny Blur.

  4. 4
    Peter Grimes says:

    Their ‘event/seminar’ subsidiary was folded. It’s chief client, HM treasury, was exposed!

    Polly Twaddle is an ‘adviser’!!!

  5. 5

    £ 97.7k on “governance”? If that’s what I think it is, its a stark reminder of how much off camera fluffing now has to go on in British businesses.

  6. 6
    Scum of the manse says:

    It was the right thing to do.

  7. 7
    The not so Honorable Gordon 'the fraud' Brown - Incompetent chancellor and BIGOT! says:

    I’m thinking of driving a prominent charity into bankruptcy just like my slush fund.

  8. 8

    I’m awaiting the final audit, then I’m going to sue Gordon

  9. 9
    Madme Defarge says:

    Guido go for them. As the forensic investigation gets under way into the Treasury’s books there are numerous small dodgy so called charidees like these that have a dark secret.
    Shall I open a book on how long it takes them to get back to you? Can you hear the sound of shredders in the background?

  10. 10
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Brown, before election: If I lose, I will go into charity voluntary work. I’m not interested in making money. I want to do good.

    After election: I’m staying on as an MP.

    Yet again, a man of his word.

  11. 11
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    Financial incompetence, fiscal incontinence and fraudulent figures – they’re in Labour’s D-N-A.

  12. 12
    Not_Dorothy says:

    Ding dong! The Sith is dead! The Sith is dead! The Sith is dead!
    Ding dong! The Sith is dead! The wicked Sith is dead!

  13. 13
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    The Treasury have still got all those euros I got in exchange for the Gold Bullion I gifted away.

    Will they hold onto them until the euro disintegrates or will George Osborne convert them into hard currencies ??

  14. 14

    Pipe down you sweet old racist, you.

  15. 15
    Deports fanatical muzee benefit scroungers says:

    If there are any jihadi muzee Hunts reading this who are in a stabby mood like the burka-clad bitch who stabbed Timms, there’s an evil decadent infidel called Liam Byrne. Any chance you can take care of him? There’s 72 virgins in it for you.

  16. 16
    W.W. says:

    I believe he tried, but no charity would have him.

    Their patrons have enough problems without the curse of Jonah.


  17. 17
    IOU from Labour says:

    I am sure the Unions have plenty of dosh!

  18. 18
    Tessa Tickles says:

    It’s probably dawned on him that charities have stopped hiring staff. Even the NSPCC is laying people off and looks like it might go to the wall.

    Brown wanders out into the real world, blinks, doesn’t like what he sees and runs back to the relative safety of Parliament.

  19. 19

    There now follows a party political apology from the Labour Party..

    “Erm…sorry about…well…everything really. Sorry about turning the third sector into slush funds and all that. Wars – deaths – torture..that whole civil liberties thing.
    Oh..and sorry about all the debt…really sorry about that. that’s what we would most like to apologise for. That and all the immigrants.
    Anyway..we’ll be off now. see you in about ten years..bye”

  20. 20
    MadMitch says:

    C Men

    When are we going to get your excoriating expose of Lord Cashcroft and all his littkle rat fucks against democracy.

    I fear you are playing to the gallery to help the good people of “Spunky Spunky” make the transition from the Tory Party to Clan Cameron.

    Dave the Rave and his parachute regiment tactics was just a media friendly way of generating a payroll vote to go with his Notting Hill Insurgency. In practice the results were more Arnhem than Crete so what next for his little upper middle class project?

    And over the hill they came in their twos and threes.
    Nice boy Cleggy and his lovely hordes of Orange Book liberals.

    Question is what party will splinter first?

    Tories rebelling against Clan Cameron?
    Non upper middle class Lib Dems with Bonny Prince Charlie to the fore.

    Scary thing is that a true Tweedle Clegg / Tweedle Cam hybrid is where the dog boiling upper middle class establishment want to be.

    The rabid right of the Tories would be shredded by the media.
    Especially if Dave the Rave delivers for Murdoch.

    Closest political arrangement in British politicsn is Tweedle Clegg and Tweedle Cam.
    Dave the Rave is closer to Cleggy politically than he is to Sniffy.
    We really do live in interesting times.

  21. 21
    The Secret Diary Of Gordon Brown, Mental-Aged 13 3/4 says:

    They didn’t reject me, they rejected the party. They didn’t reject me, they rejected the party. They didn’t reject me, they rejected the party. They didn’t reject me, they rejected the party.

  22. 22
    The IMF may not be coming says:

    Did Dave wish the England 20/20 team luck one wonders?

  23. 23
    Postal Vote says:

    Don´t forget to investigate possible postal fraud in Ball´s constituency (9,000 postal votes were held up in Leeds and delayed the count) and, of course, Bristol east incl. Whelan´s retweet of that 71% pro-Labour sample against a total Labour tally there at 36.6%.

    PS No wonder the UK has such a massive deficit: the Labour party had to be saved from bankruptcy by the unions and Brown’s and Balls’s Smith Institute in the red as well. Much more relevant than that Nazi suit Balls was once wearing, although that might be in headlights next elections if Balls becomes Labour leader, in which case he would need a new constituency since his 1,100 majority will not survive more scrutiny of postal voting.

  24. 24
    Indigo says:

    Incitement to commit the crime of grievous bodily harm.

  25. 25
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Talking about jonah’s curse….England (libcon) beat Australia (labour). has the jonah virus gone global?

  26. 26
    Tony B Liar says:

    Hello Proles! Cherie hasn’t been able to stop laughing since last Tuesday. We’re holidaying right now at one of our twelve villas. Our daughter’s about to have some lipo done by a top surgeon. We told her she looks fine and doesn’t need it but she threatened to kill herself. That old chestnut again.

    Cheerio, Proles!

  27. 27
    BBC / Guardian says:

    Any politician attacking the budgetary policy of new labour is talking britain down, is unpatriotic and is to blame for any future economic problems.

  28. 28
    Catflap says:

    The Charity Commission had better be as thorough with that Uncharitable Cu*t Brown as they are with the Anti Bully helpline which is currently being investigated by them.
    I tell you what charity is,
    Two silly old wankers playing a banjo and accordion in a tough working mens club for a local good cause.
    Neither of us are Socialists so would be called bigots by Gordon Brown whose charity just extends to promoting his own flabby arse.

  29. 29
    Not the Wavey Davey fanclub says:

    Yes, but being Scottish, he kept his fingers crossed behind his back.

  30. 30
    That's News says:

    Oh, dear. Are the days of the Sith numbered?

  31. 31
    The court of public opinion says:

    It’s not crime, it’s execution.

  32. 32
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Nah. Disinterested call to action in the public interest to community-minded sons of Allah.

  33. 33
    NeverRed says:

    You should change your username to IQ2 you moron. Get over it, Labour are finished, dead, extinct……… the dead parrot…meanwhile the shit carries on with Lord Treasonman.

  34. 34

    And wasn’t the late filing of accounts what that anti-bullying charridee was bullied to death for?

  35. 35
    David Laws says:

    ”When I arrived at my desk on the very first day as Chief Secretary, I found a letter from the previous chief secretary to give me some advice, I assumed, on how I conduct myself over the months ahead.

    ”Unfortunately, when I opened it, it was a one-sentence letter which simply said ‘Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left’, which was honest but slightly less helpful advice than I had been expecting,”

  36. 36
    Backwoodsman says:

    Will ed ‘n gordon have that Al Capone moment ? Its the tax fiddles that gets them in the end !!

  37. 37
    bergen says:

    Cameron’s press office should ensure that Byrne’s note is front page news tomorrow.

  38. 38
    13 wasted years. Totally wasted. says:

    Yeah, but at least we can thank them for all NHS wards being single sex, for high standards of education, low crime-rate, incentives to save for old age and, of course, for everyone having access to an NHS dentist.

    All that, and it only cost us.. what’s the real debt? £3trillion?

    It’d be funny if it wasn’t real.

  39. 39
    Dunlaggin says:

    Liam Byrne repents and says the last 13 years were just a joke.

  40. 40
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    There, there. Everybody needs something to believe in. You just keep on fantasising until you can face reality.

  41. 41
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Lord Ashcroft says….

  42. 42
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:

    (sniff) (prod) (beak) A-HHHHUUUURRRKKKH!!! (flapflapflapflap)

  43. 43
    bergen says:

    I suppose much will depend on whether “Dame”Suzi Leathers has been thrown out of the door yet.Gordon has left placemen everywhere in charge of quangos to thwart change and mind his back out of office.

  44. 44
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    As was Das Kapital?

  45. 45
    Up sh1t creek says:

    No money left, but ask New New Labour (Progressive Labour) stooge Mervyn King to print some more… the savers and international investors will especially thank you for smashing their investments, keeping the feckless afloat.

    For Quantitative Easing alone, Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Mervyn King should be up on charges fo economic sabotage. Unfortunately, David Cameron supported QE.

  46. 46
    Gordon Brown says:

    You see? I told you now is no time for a novice.

    *wobbles jaw* *grins inappropriately*

  47. 47
    Labour are fascists says:

    I can’t believe there are still people who think Labour is for the poor and the working class. In the run-up to the election, I had conversations with Labour supporters who genuinely believe Labour is the only party that wants to help the poor and the disadvantaged, and is the only party that will protect people’s freedoms! Where have they been the last 13 years?! This is the same Labour party that’s shat on the poor and on pensioners, took part in an illegal Neo-Con war, and made this the most surveilled First World country in peacetime history and introduced 3,500 new offences and wanted to bring in ID cards! They just can’t compute that it’s the Tories who have the progressive policies of scrapping the ID card scheme and scrapping plans to extend the time you can detain suspects without charge, and are going to drop the damaging increase in NI contributions. It’s as though they’re still so obsessed with harking back to Thatcher that they want to believe Tories are eternally evil and Labour are eternally good. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

  48. 48
    Peter Grimes says:

    It is all very well that the ZaNulieBor-directed quango which the CC is has requirements, but are they only enforced, like most other laws, against ZaNuLieBor’s opponents?

  49. 49
    Javelin says:

    4 TRILLION in debt. It’s all Thatchers fault.

  50. 50
    Scottish and True Blue Tory says:

    Slightly off topic guido but this thread and others use the term “Progressive” as bandied about by the great unwashed as if the only way to be progressive was to be left wing and support laziness and dole blaggers etc. Strikes me that someone needs to hit this rumour head on. Progressiveness is in the eye of the beholder!!!

  51. 51
    Peter Grimes says:

    That is the sort of ‘governance’ foisted on them by the likes of their former trustee ‘Lord’ Mynahs (sicsith), you know the former hedge fund director who wrote rules on pension fund trustee requirements and who lectures the City on pay, having of course filled his own boots there over many years!

    Typical ZaNuLiebor hypocrite!

  52. 52
    Peter Grimes says:

    Is ‘Dame’ Suzi another NuLabor drag act like Lady Mangledbum?

  53. 53
    AC1 says:

    Probable BBC Headline: Tories already run out of money.

  54. 54
    Peter Grimes says:

    Unfortunately that other fake charity and government shill the IPPR has a long time to file its accounts for the period ending 31 December 2010. These will undoubtedly show that it’s ‘funding sources’, notably government departments and quangoes, have dried up from previous years.

    Little Georgie can probably save his £6 billion just by forbidding further government participation in the dubious ‘partnerships’ with such ‘charities’.

  55. 55
    Here comes the chopper to chop off your head says:

    Line 1 of the Budget: The BBC licence fee is abolished with immediate effect. With effect from 1 April 2011, the BBC will be in competition with commercial providers for the right to use their broadcasting bandwidths.

  56. 56
    Jimmy says:

    How are those Sunlight Centre accounts coming along?

  57. 57
    Peter Grimes says:

    Is the Sunlight Centre a fake charity receiving large dollops of my money to shill for the last, lying, incompetent ZaNuLieBor ‘government’?

    If not, fuck off!

  58. 58
    Yarnefromhorsham says:

    OK thats dealt with Siths. Now what about the Glasgow Labour Mafia. No prisioners especially GB

  59. 59
    Madme Defarge says:

    Take a look at your own Ronnie Cohen whose participation in the PFI scam earned him a title and an extremely wealthy man. It is estimated that some of the PFI projects racked up profits of 662%.

  60. 60
    Cassandrina says:

    If the Smith Institutes accounts are anything like UK Plc’s accounts for the last 10 years then they must owe at least £1 million.

  61. 61
    Marxism is a race war waged by Caucasians says:

    If you are 4x2ish then the best way to make loads of dosh is to hitch your wagon to the liebore party which is run by the dumbest goys capable of coherent movement.

  62. 62
    Reallyreally pissed off voter says:

    I do hope they gave personal guarantees

  63. 63
    Mono Polly says:

    Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200k or take anything from Community Chest (as in old habit).

    Instead, go straight to Jail. Plead insanity. Wait for a double-6.

    Lead Labour Party.

  64. 64
    Cynic says:

    £100k on governance? What the hell are they paying their Non Execs / Directors in such a small charity?

  65. 65
    L'Oncle Vanya De Caesaromagus now owned by the Kommie Kommizzars of EU-rine-Land says:

    I’ve been wondering about all those TV adverts for ‘CAsh4Gpld’ and similar that were broadcast for months prior to the general Election.

    I’ve often wondered if Gordon McRuins ‘Stink Stank’ was behind this to try and recoup some proper gold to replace all the gold painted lead bars in the Bank of England’s vaults, before it was all found out by the new Tory / Lib-Dem coalition… or whatever… but I jest truly I do…. it’s all only ‘allegeded’……

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