May 10th, 2010

Quote of the Day


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    The last days of Labour says:

    Fabulous. We can sit back and enjoy watching Labour tear itself to shreds. They’re going to have a very, very long spell in opposition. And well deserved too.

  2. 2
    CCHQ B&B says:

    Unlike the brawl that will break out among the Conservatives when faced with the reality of sleeping with the Gay Liberation Democrats.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    At least we do bloodletting properly. If liebour had the guts to kick out mcloon last year you might of had a fighting chance

  4. 4
    Pedant says:

    I think you mean ‘might have had’……’of’ is not a verb.

  5. 5
    Lord (soon to be Duke) Fondlebum says:

    Not with me as king maker…… a 3some with the Millibands will be good for the country….

  6. 6
    The Sad Englander (now smilling) says:

    Will the corridors of No.10 be known as Nokia ally when the clown is told to leave?

  7. 7
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    It might be known as Nokia Alley

  8. 8
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Cons and LibDems agree on the end, which is Gutting Gordon. We’re arguing about the means. Cleggy will have his eye fixed on replacing Labour’s murderous Marxism with the LibDems more civilised Democratic Socialism as the UK’s second party of choice. The more pragmatic movers and shakers of the LibDems are likely to have more power than the loons, who are mostly those who left Labour, wailing and knashing their teeth, when blair made his ultimately futile move to turn Labour into a sensible political party.

  9. 9
    Mark says:

    Unless they privatize it, allowing some greengrocers to sell banana’s :-)

  10. 10


    Every MP repeats why they became MP’s and that was to serve his or her constituency and often reemphasis this as an important part of their job.

    Gordon Brown during the election campaign said if he cannot return as PM and cannot make a difference, he will leave politics to teach or some other worthwhile job, yet this person has placed himself before his constituency, in order to be elected to serve their cause for the next five years.

    Now if he admits to have another agenda, surely people in his constituency will resent being told that they are of secondary importance, if they vote for this person, surely this is wrong.

    This reflects upon the arrogance of a candidate for the vacant post of representing the constituency where he put himself forward to serve and thinks little about resigning the post if his other agenda fails. Respectfully I ask can such a person be trusted?

    I recall during my national service days, a Poster was pinned up, advertising a regimental dance where these common but offensive wording were used; “Officers and their Ladies, NCO’s and their Wives, Other Ranks and their women” and when Gordon Brown used that words “that women” to describe Gillian Duffy, this reflected the officer class superiority that Gordon Brown view ‘other rank’ voters. Not democratic what, what.

    Gordon Brown set about creating an image that he was a careful prudent manager of taxpayers’ money and savings; in fact he used the word prudent so many times his advisers must have advised not to overdo it.

    The record shows that Gordon Brown scrapped the many regulations in place that kept the lid on Bankers nature of greed, and replaced these shackles with a toothless Financial Services Authority (FSA) that cause great concerns at the Treasury and Bank of England at the time.

    Press and Media failed to make any great play about a major u-turn in fact the change appeared to gradually emerge as the new control FSA appeared in the press or casually mention in the media.

    Conservatives supported finance deregulation and even urged more Bank self regulation.

    Admittedly Lib-Dem’s opposed the very idea of scrapping financial controls.

    This one single act by Gordon Brown betrayed the British taxpayers and savers, and this is on the record that Gordon Brown cannot deny.

    It is also a fact that Australia and Canada retained their strict regulation upon Bankers and did not suffer a credit crunch and resulting deficit and economic collapse. Gordon Brown’s repeatedly used the words global recession affecting every other nation, while ignoring the truth that Canada and Australia’s prudence, avoided the whole ugly mess.

    Our utility services, energy supply companies, leading supermarkets, chain-stores, opticians, and other groups, were partly held in check by the Monopolies and Merger Commission, albeit this Commission lacked an Anti-Trust Law outlawing monopolies and cartels.

    Gordon Brown scrapped the Commission and replaced it with a toothless Competition Commission and since then the groups of businesses mention above now openly boast of multi billion pounds profiteering that costs every household in the land dear.

    This is the record of a so called “Socialist” Chancellor and Prime Minister, where it can be truly said he was more Thatcher than Thatcher.

    Many utility services, banking groups, leading supermarkets, energy companies, and other earn the highest margins of ‘profit on turnover’ that are the envy of all modern industrial nations, confirmed that British people suffer the lowest disposal incomes in the western world.

    In fairness to Margaret Thatcher she was aware that unregulated greed would destroy the nation and to give Margaret Thatcher her due, she kept a firm cap on Banks, Utility Service and other threatening monopoly type concerns, even a firm cap on pension schemes especially directors who were limited to a level that protected pension schemes.

    Prudent Gordon Brown scrapped the cap and directors pension exploded where obscene salaries and phenomenal pension paid to Directors that drained resources of once profitable sound companies and corporations.

    Forgive me for not noting the dates when all of these new measures replaced the previous stringent controls but I’m sure there are dates when changes were enacted.

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