April 28th, 2010

Guy News : You Were Always On My Mic


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    Sarah Tweet says:

    Has been campaigning in Edinburgh and Fife last night and today – good to see so many friends

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      Sarah Tweet says:

      is on a train with erratic mobile signal – will work on blog to post up later

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      BV says:

      Fantastic Vid Guido. Bravo Zulo.

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      Smile when you are happy says:

      Not sure that the press has picked up on Gordon’s Sinner’s penitent smile yet.
      But they will.
      A lot of Gordon’s downfall came in haste and no time for his spinners to coach him but they did have a few hours to tell him to dump the smile and adopt the repentants grimace.

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        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Just watched it again. The Bigot slur sticks out of course but the “that woman” remark is also pretty bad like she is some kind of second class citizen. Because she had the audacity to question our great leader. The man is a joke.

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          herewegoagain says:

          Says it all, shows that they have always been out of touch.

          But they all are – the Conservative candidate in my constituency is a Special Adviser in his mid 20′s with a politics degree, and as far as I can see no jobs outside politics.

          They concoct ‘policies’ that are disconnected from the electorate,
          which aren’t understood or endorsed,
          and when frustration sets in,
          it’s easy to blame the voters as stupid
          and go to lovely lunches with those nice lobbyists.

          • herewegoagain says:

            And it was interesting to see how the incident was handled by the old politicos on the PM programme.

            They all pulled their punches and even expressed sympathy;
            suggests a feeling of we’re all in it together, could have been any of us.

            When I was listening no-one said it was wrong, or criticised the difference between what he said and what he really thought.

            It was a real ‘moment of truth’ for me: I conclude that all politicians have this double standard, in which case I have no respect for any of them.

          • herewegoagain says:

            And finally – The PM program treated it fairly and in an adult way.
            The political correspondent made some open comments about the impression it gave, how it fuelled the rumours that the PM was a difficult character, and so on.

            No pro-labour bias there, but no tabloid hysteria either.

            And then Eddie Mair gave a very hard -and fair- time to Nick Clegg!

            That 45 minutes justified my licence fee for a decade at least, its not the treatment you would get via Fox News.

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        The Penitential (but arrogant and shifty) Son of The Manse, + Sick Smirk says:

        It was The Right Thing To Do

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      Why? says:

      So why did Gordon call a Woman whose family had voted labour all their lives a bigot?

      And why did he call her that woman?

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        Anonymous says:

        Why did he think it “ridiculous ” that he had to speak to an elderly labour stalwart?

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          Roots says:

          Good point. Doesn’t he like grassroot Labour voters?

          • Prescott speaks to the grassroots. Best keep him away then. says:

          • Sarah says:

            The first rule of the John Prescott fight club is that you do not talk about
            The John Prescott fight club

          • Pieman says:

            The second rule of the John Prescott fight club is that you eat all the Pies.

          • punch drunk says:

            Third rule is to land a pathetic and weak sucker punch and leave your heavies to do the rest while you take 10 mins to get your breath back.

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          I'm a also bigot says:

          And why does he think it’s a disaster that a voter asks him questions ?

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        Finnpog says:

        Wht did he call her “That woman”?

        He is a scottish misogynist. Business as usual for him.

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          udderly 'orrible says:

          Why did he come out gurning and then address her as “Gillian”, show some respect you fat hoon, she Mrs Duffy to you and you should be prostrate on the floor too.

        • 549
          Dimmong says:

          It’s worse than that.

          He’s an ignorant generalising cock with no self awareness.

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      Universal hiss says:

      She needs to come to N.E.Scotland. Not many friends there unless she likes to bed SNPs.

      Edinburgh is just waiting to turf lots of you shits out too.

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      Money for nothing says:

      Mrs Duffy has 24 hours to write her own cheque. Will it be to the Sun or the Mirror?

      • 489
        Clegg says I'm anutter, Gorgon calls me a bigot says:

        She has been visited by the curse of jonah. Will she live to spend the money ?

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      Obama says:

      Glad I kept him at arms length

    • 153
    • 194
      Gordon Brown says:

      Shut up WOMAN

    • 242
      £ says:

      Sarah, don’t you listen to the news, especially about your HERO?

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        Stuart MacLennan ex PPC needs company in the bigot club says:

        Edinburgh graduate sacked as PPC after Twitter faux pas
        Labour candidate dismissed after national media scrutiny concerning offensive comments made online

        Joe Pike
        Tuesday 20 April 2010, The Journal Issue 34

        An Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) representative has been sacked as a parliamentary candidate following a series of offensive comments on the social networking website Twitter.

        Stuart MacLennan—who was the Labour Party candidate for the Moray—described his elderly prospective constituents as “bloody coffin-dodgers” and unleashed a flurry of comments attacking opposition politicians.

        He described David Cameron as a “twat”, Nick Clegg “a bastard”, and the Commons Speaker John Bercow as a “tit”. Beyond the political sphere MacLennan referred to X Factor judge Louis Walsh a “Hunt” and told his following: “I fucking hate Paolo Nutini”.

        Mr MacLennan is the Senior Member on EUSA’s Committee of Management until the end of the current academic year. He studied Law at the University of Edinburgh and ran unsuccessfully for the sabbatical position of vice president services in 2007.

        A Scottish Labour Party spokesperson said: “Stuart MacLennan has been sacked as Labour’s candidate for Moray for the totally unacceptable language which he has expressed online.

        “On reading the comments in full, the Scottish Labour Party was outraged by their content and Scottish Labour’s General Secretary took the decision to suspend his membership of the Labour Party. Stuart MacLennan is no longer a Labour Party candidate nor eligible to hold office as a Labour Party representative.”

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      SUN says:

      GROVELLING Gordon Brown called himself a “penitent sinner” today after he was caught branding a widow a “bigot”.

      Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/election2010/2951408/PMs-personal-apology-to-voter.html#ixzz0mQkbIKyQ

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      Gordon says:

      THAT woman is a BIGOT

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      stilyagi_air_corps says:

      Guido: that clip was bloody good – epochal, touching, and yet with a cudgel-like brutality worthy of anything Sefton Delmer ever wielded against Hitler. Maybe it’s the strange times we’re living in, or the fact I’ve had a few, but I was impressed!

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    Ewanme says:

    Who’s the little piggy in the vid , hun ???

    E x .

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      Alien Mothership says:

      From Forecast UK

      “The Conservatives and Labour have reduced the impact of the Liberal Democrat surge, but their position is still significantly down since the start of the campaign. The new forecast gives the Conservatives a healthier position then last week, but we are still forecasting them to be far short of an overall majority.”

      Note the “far short” bit.

      Despite the advantages handed to them on a plate from GB – still no promised land. Its a measure of DC that he is inept at making a breakthrough.

      Don’t rate his chances of survival into the summer months.

      Ken Clarke anyone!

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      Another Dim Fucker says:

      It’s Miss Piggy from the Muppets.

    • 154
      lolol says:

      Mad Nads

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    gmc says:

    A work of art.

    Well done all.

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      fonyblair says:

      Gordon Brown claims he misunderstood what the little granny said earlier. Everyone else understood perfectly well, so not only is he blind he’s also bloody deaf too”

      Oh and psychologically flawed.

      Just over a week left of this useless twat!

      The Champage is on ice….

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        anonymouse says:

        No just fucking stupid.

      • 117
        Blue Lady says:

        This is what happens when he leave the bunker and talks to ordinary people instead of the choreographed members of the public ‘who just happen to vote nuliebore’ .

      • 317
        Gordoom Broon says:

        I thought she said ‘I hate immigrunts’ when in fact she said ‘I hate you, you cuпt.”

        An easy mistake to make when you have only one eye.

      • 699
        Fred says:

        He claims he misunderstood what she said but playing back the conversation it is quite clear he understood what she said and responded directly to it.

        Not even a very good liar.

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    Number 10's cat says:

    A more appropiate song could be “when you say nothing at all”

  5. 7

    The lasting memory on my mind is that strained grimace . . . . .

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    Jacobi says:

    Yes Jonah, that rictus grin of an apology looks very sincere.

    • 150
      Anonymous says:

      He must have been really happy and bucked up that he had to make a humiliating public apology? Or he is barmy? Has to be one of the two.

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    Mandlebum says:

    Take teh happy pills. They will make you happy. Take them and go to sleep.

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    concrete pump says:

    A very good piece of editing Guido, congrats to your team.

    Good tune too.

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    Anonymous says:

    Superb video, show Brown as the two-faced hypocrite he is.

    Let’s make sure we vote these hoons out on May 6th

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    Smorgasbored says:

    Poor old Mrs Duffy hasn’t been seen in public since Gordon left.

    The police might to take another look at that recently laid patio in the back garden.

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    Call me Infidel says:

    I hope someone captures Harperson’s abject performance on Randall & Boulton unleashed tonight. Possibly the worst interview so far in my view. She really is clueless.

    • 60
      Glenda Jackson says:

      I remember inventing your name, many moons ago. Flattery etc. etc.

      • 81
        Anon says:

        Yeah. Barry O’Bama will be along soon, I reckon. Another one nicked from The Telegraph.

      • 92
        Call me Infidel says:

        You should have had the foresight to copyright it then. Sadly I also remember you from “Women in love” Just as well you gave up your day job and got on the Westminster gravy train.

    • 104
      Who's idea was that ? says:

      It will be going some if its worse than the steven Nolan interview. I will eagerly seek it out !

    • 469
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Yes i saw it she was fucking dire
      Hasn’t Peter Mandelson told you to shut up? becauseyou say to much
      well i’ve been out around Birmingham today ,inDudley and Erdington and err,err
      (Brain Check !) we have been visiting childrens centers !

  12. 21
    Gordon says:

    OK OK I give in you have caught me – I don’t give a fuck about any of you or what you think.

    Who gives a shit – not me.

    I just want the power to Govern and you will fucking well do as I say and what I want

  13. 24
    Northern Git says:

    What a lovely tribute to the real Chin Grinner…old bat crowing on and Gordon hook line and sinker gaffe extraordinaire… mandelson’s squirming such a pleasure defending the indefensible brilliant…two faced double talking
    scumbags…am looking forward to thursday’s debate when the inevitable immigration question arises. Gordon misunderstood what the woman said..if he did he was the only person in the UK that did.

    • 700
      Fred says:

      Hmmm, so if he misunderstood why was his actual response a cogent reply to the remark she made?

  14. 25
    the pensioners are revolting says:

    The way he smiled on Mrs Duffy’s doorstep makes me think they upped his dosage.

    • 276
      Rochdale Hornet says:

      There’s something truly, hypnotically wrong about grinning like a milk-faced loon while uttering the words, “I’m mortified by what has happened”. In any circumstances.

    • 606
      Number 10's cat says:

      Or the voltage!

  15. 26
    Yours sincerely Gordon Brown says:

    You are all wonderful.

  16. 29
    Universal hiss says:

    That leer. That grimace. That facial contortion. It’s not smiling is it? No person you know behaves like that.

    Vile .Vile. Spit. Spit.

    • 41
      From the office of the Prime Mincer says:

      now now Gordon didn’t mean to say that..he doesn’t think like that and despite saying it didn’t mean it…no no everyone says things on the spur of the moment and regrets it and Gordon made the difficult decision to say sorry straight away once his minders had said how damaging it would be..but isn’t he doing well otherwise…just think 5 more years of this wholesome person …our PM..we’re settled down now rehearsing for the last debate on the BBC…dimblebum is one of ours so we’re on a roll thursday onward to a victorious May the 6th.
      Remember Vote Labour a fairer shafting for all.

    • 47
      Gawd, I'm Brown says:

      Look, hiss. Megalomaniacal sociopaths aren’t known for their smiling abilities. You need to squint (as though you were trying to view a pixellated photo) to reap the full benefit of The Brown Smile. Vote for me on May 6th. Thank you.

      • 190
        The Ape Man Commeth says:

        Mrs ape said it’s like he’s been coached to smile whenever he’s talking about something that’s not nice to hear. She has a point as it is so weird it kind of distracts from what he’s saying, only on this occasion it’s totaly wrong.

        Gordon hoon: Wrong on core voters, wrong on live microphones, wrong on weird smiling.

        • 479
          Susie says:

          No he’s always been a grinning devil incarnate.

          Dig out that Dan Hannon vid in Strasbourg — ” You resemble nothing so much as some apparatchnik from the Brezhnev era…”

          Grinning away, bless him.

  17. 31
    David Troughing Tennent says:

    Brown is still the daddy

  18. 32
    Nestor Makhno says:

    Dead man walking

  19. 33
    Jeremy says:

    Gordon Brown today blew any remaining chance of getting any Gay Political Bloggers votes.

    He listened to a woman’s opinions.

    • 48
      nell says:

      I beg to differ. He did not listen to her, he never listens to anyone.

      gutlessgordon is the epitome of a real bigot , he is competely intolerant of any view except his own. Even his own staff admit he never has the courtesy to listen to their views if they don’t accord with his.

      • 101
        Universal hiss says:

        It was quite funny as he didn’t listen & neither did she so it was rather a bizzare conversation.

        He is a prize plonker. She is just a “normal” person.

        What a difference between the hijacked conversation with that prize plonker with the disabled son & Cameron.

        • 231
          M.T.Bucket says:

          Brown just cannot relate to ordinary people, he has been programmed to respond to Cameron over the dispatch box.
          In the video he almost goes into tractor stats mode, I was expecting him to accuse her of being the do nothing voter and then go off into full tractor stats mode telling her how much she cost the state.

      • 141
        ROFL!!! says:

        I hear he called he a vile creature
        what a cun’t!

      • 285
        Anonymous says:

        You go that spot on Nell. He is alway right and everyone else is always wrong. He really is the maximum imbecile.

      • 703
        Fred says:

        Except that he clearly DID listen to her. His response was a coherent response to her concerns that there were too many Eastern Europeans coming into the UK. He pointed out that it was a two-way deal – plenty of Brits were happy to have the freedom to make the move in the other direction.

        Fact is that he resented having to deal with someone that wasn’t a hand picked Gordon fan. “Sue” was asking the wrong question. She was asking “Are you a Labour supporter?” when she should have been asking “Are you the kind of mad bitch that thinks Gorodn Brown is the best thing since sliced bread?”

  20. 34
    Duffy the Bufty Slayer formerly known as Seth the pig farmer says:

    Cue photoshop of Duffy staking Gorgon (who is wearing high heels and female underwear only) through the rosette.

  21. 36
    Down with Brown! says:

    When’s he going to apologise for ruining the UK economy?

  22. 40
    Longbow says:

    my browser is working very slowly and sometimes crashing on this site.
    It might be the amount of traffic or some other problem.
    It is only on this site and I have no idea if others a having the same problem. Ta

  23. 42
    Yours sincerely Gordon Brown says:

    Smiling as the shit comes down. You can judge from what he has to say. Behind your back. Going down on the Poles you troughing Proles.

    • 325
      Jacek Jerzyna says:

      Hey, no problem man I go back to Katowice, then you try to get a plumber or a builder.

      • 685
        Wisbech Resident says:

        Hi Jacek, do you go to the pub in Wisbech with all your mates from Poland? You know the one with the “No English” and “Polish Only” signs in the window, that the Police refuse to prosecute for racial discrimination?

  24. 43
    WerdnaRetral says:

    I want to know how much more of Gordon Brown can Gordon Brown take..

  25. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Barry White (Labour spin doctor) says on the BBC:

    Maybe the car should be now protected against radio as well as bombs?

    Shame it was all going so well, but lets put a bit of perspective all it all….
    Chancellor for year and years, PM for years and another campaign being dragged here and there by the staff.

  26. 51
    Ratsniffer says:

    Great vid Guido. A classic. And it reinforces what most of us suspected: that while snotty and his band of marxist social engineers will say anything to stay in power, behind the scenes they utterly dispise the people they claim to represent, and care nothing for their views.

    The contempt in his voice for a working class labour voter who was expressing concerns heard up and down the country speaks volumes.

    Great British Public please, whatever you do, do not inflict five more years of these fools upon us.

  27. 52
    Charlie Whelan says:

    How many times will ‘Bigot’ or ‘Bigoted’ be mentioned during the 3rd Live Leaders Debate – Election Special
    0 – 2 times 7/4
    3 – 5 times 13/8
    6 – 8 times 11/4
    9 + times 5/1


    • 79
      J.Presclott ( five bellies, two Jags & two inches ) says:

      I’m Big Gutted.

    • 423
      Auntie Flo' says:

      Doesn’t need to be mentioned, Charlie boy, see the front page of tomorrow’s press:

      BBC News website says: “Labour Party aides are expecting Thursday’s newspapers to be “absolutely horrendous” reading for the prime minister…Thursday’s newspapers are beginning to come in, with Gordon Brown’s dealings with pensioner Gillian Duffy completely dominating the front pages. The Guardian’s headline emphasises the magnitude of events:

      “Brown ‘penitent’ after bigot gaffe torpedoes campaign.” ” (Guardian)

      “My Gord’s so sorry.” [I bet he is :o) ] (Sarah Brown in Daily Mirror)

      “Gillian only popped out for a loaf. She came back with… BROWN TOAST.” (The Sun)

      “Gillian Duffy is being represented by a public relations agent”

      Big Gillian’s Bigotgate story to come after the leaders debate. Lovely jubbley :o)

      • 466
        Auntie Flo' says:

        Gordon went into meltdown after Bigotgate.

        Alastair Campbell’s blog:

        “I saw him at his Manchester hotel, where we are preparing for tomorrow’s debate, when he returned from Rochdale. To say he was mortified is an understatement. I don’t think I have ever seen him so angry with himself. And he was angry less about the obvious frenzy he had unleashed than the fact that he said what he did.”

        “She was so clearly not a bigot, and he knew that.”

        Then why did he call ordinary person Gillian a bigot, Campo?

        • 614
          Number 10's cat says:

          Campo spinning nearly as fast as Queen Elizabeth 1 at the prospect of a spaniard in No 10

          • Gordon is killing Labour, GOOD! says:

            “Angry with himself”

            Metaphor for, smashed the room up, punched his aide and threw female around the room. Viscious, nasty, mean spirited, self obsessed, divisive, poisonous individual. Not an ounce of geniune feeling in his entire body, for anyone but himself. The sooner he is gone the better.

        • 704
          Fred says:

          Presumably he has the same problem identifying a debt crisis, a fucked up immigration service and a fucked up public sector.

  28. 54
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    One of, if not the best yet. Pretty sharp on rushing it out too.
    On immigration. He tells us that net immigration is down, what he fails to mention is a sizable proportion of people emmigrating are retired taking money to their retirement country of choice and having their pensions paid there thus benefitting the new country of choice, a further proportion are young professionals with lots of disposable, spending this in their country of work, meanwhile we attract the poor of Europe, benefit snatching refugees and countless illegals. Bit of a fucking imbalance in economic terms I’d say. Stop spinning this shite and come clean. I agree with Granny Duffy (Irish Dissent?) inasmuch as their are regions of this country where the locals feel swamped by foreigners. Guess I’m a bigot too.

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      When will the tee-shirts be available ?

      “I met Gordon Brown and all I got was called a bigot”

    • 107
      Third World City says:

      English is a vanishing language on buses and tubes in London.

      • 187
        Susan Summer says:

        Isn’t it wonderful that British people come in all shapes, sizes, colours and nationalities? Joyous.

        • 379
          Canary Wharf Rat says:

          I agree Susan but you can have too much of a good thing

          • Gordon is killing Labour, GOOD! says:

            Perhaps it becomes too much of a good thing when you go back to the neighbourhood where you grew up and discover that the only English people who live there now, are elderly people who have lived there all their lives. I am 46, when I lived there, seeing anyone other than other English people was a rare event, today twenty five years later, seeing anyone who was not an immigrant is.

  29. 54
    Anonymous says:

    That smooth hoon Cameron is more than a bit tetchy, but because he’s a used car salesman this wouldn’t happen to him – that doesn’t make him any more normal or human.

    • 59
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      You Prick. Sorry, you anonymous Prick. Cameron has dealt with the public the whole campaign, the first time Gordo gets out into the real world he shows us what a two faced twat he really is.

      • 74
        Anonymous says:

        You’re obviously a two-arsed hoonwit – thanks for the banking crises and the recession you boys caused whilst playing dickwods with your casino capitalism game. Get back in your hole.

        • 114
          Gordon ( Two Faced ) Brown says:

          Fuck off Anonymous at 52.

          Ooops, did you hear that ?? I apologise.

          • Canary Wharf Rat says:

            Go back to your media studies/bbc cub reporter apprentaship/ lobotomy clinic/benefit office (tick one). We are in the presence of one of the 27% brain dead trolls.

        • 294
          Anonymous says:

          Come on 52. You cannot be serious. Cameron may be many things and perhaps if he gets into office humble pie might be coming, but as yet he has not done anything to be responsible for. He is in opposition which you seem to forget, Brown has been at No. 1 or No. 2 for 13 years so if you want to play blame games get real.

      • 135
        Iron says:

        we smear anyone in the public who dares criticise call me dave out hero
        you want some ?

        • 191
          Canary Wharf Rat says:

          Nah, Just pissed off with pricks like 52 trying to divert the fact that our Prime Minister (ex) smears and old lady behind her back and then tries to nail Cameron by association. He might be a snob but at least he’s a polite snob as witnessed by his refusal (some say stupidity) to indulge in negative campaigning when all we get from New Liars is precisely that and all we get from Boy Wonder Clegg is trying to sepearte himself from the worst Parliament in living history, when him and his oppos where omnipresent.
          Rant now over.

          • Mdme Defarge says:

            Cameron isn’t a snob. He just has a very plummy accent.

          • Susie says:

            And what is wrong with that? Lot’s of people have accents of one kind or another.

            Cameron’s too much of a gentleman for his own good in this benighted land. It’s a damn shame.

          • Gordon is killing Labour, GOOD! says:

            So let me get this straight, you think Brown is “normal” and “human”? Wow, you are beyond parody, your hero Brown is a hypocritical coward and smearing bully. Maybe you don’t get it, unfortunately for you and your hero, we do.

  30. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Mrs. Duffy was perfectly cast had this been an episode of “The thick of it”. Outspoken but completely inoffensive. Gordon thought it was “ridiculous” that he had to speak to her. What a hoon.

  31. 57
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    Gillian Duffy will be donating some of her Sun fee to local Labour Party

  32. 62
    Geoff Hoon says:



  33. 64
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if his father’s moral compass taught him to bad mouth old ladies like that.

    • 71
      c.eng says:

      He didna mean it. It’s only ‘cos the microphone was left on, ye ken.

    • 193
      Kirk morning, noon and night on the Sabbath and then some says:

      You can take the boy out of the manse, but you can’t take the manse out of the boy.

      Presbyterians are Calvinists. God DEMANDS duty even if you hate the stupid degenerates you are commanded to help.

      That is the mindset of the screw-up that is Gordon’s will to power and narcissism.

      He is ‘compassionate’ because he has to be.

      One big mess.

      Just like Calvin and Knox.

      Even if he has ‘rejected’ God, the calvinist shadow cannot leave him.

      • 272
        Anonymous says:

        Brown isnt a Calvinist or even a christian he is a marxist.

      • 344
        Knoxious says:

        Calvinists believe that they have been ‘chosen’ for redemption/eternal life. Everything is predestined so the rest of humanity doesn’t really matter – along with strict judaism it is the ultimate in-group/out-group belief system and therefore completely up Gordon’s street

  34. 66
    Pickfirds_Man says:

    What address in Downing St was that?

  35. 67
    Cleggmania says:

    Yougov Con 34 (+1) Lib Dem 31 (+3) Lab 27 (-2)

    • 118
      is that a real poll ? says:

      if it is then even Brown’s fuckwittery won’t be enough to stop a hung parliament

      • 169
        jgm2 says:

        Polling done before the Maximum Imbecile confirmed his contempt for his voters to the entire nation and the world.

        Plus, if he dares to show up to the Economy Debate tomorrow Cameron and Clegg can just give him both barrels on how he did actually fuck up the economy too. Actually. And he’ll have to suck it up because they’ll just give it ‘You see Gordon this your problem, you just don’t listen to what people have to say. As soon as somebody disagrees with you then dismiss them as a bigot…boom…tish..’

        He’s fucked.

        Labour is fucked.

        Fucking sweet.

    • 128
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      Now getting very interesting. I haven’t done the maths but with a gap of 7% and assuming the drift to libs is 10% from New liars and 5% from the Cons, The Cons picking up 5% from New Liars and a further 1-2% drift from Liars to B*P and other minorities then on that basis I reckon a good bet is a small Dave & co majority

      • 146
        OTHERS says:

        what about us, do you really think its around 10%, the number one bigot party will be nearly that on their own.
        The liblabcon polls are rigged higher to mask the “others” increase.

        • 199
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          It only takes a 4.5% swing from Liebore to the B&P, from the last Euro election, for Liebore to go fourth on May 6th.

          Take that Prescott.


          • LMFAO!!! says:

            Even If Bruin drops like a stone to 20% are you seriously trying to pretend the B&P could get a vote approaching 20% ????


            mad as a box of frogs

          • UKIP Until We're Free says:

            Don’t laugh yet – the B&P got close to 20% in Barnsley (of all places) at the Euro poll last year.

            And that was before Bigot-gate.

          • Nick2 says:

            Well, (still) having family in Barnsley, the Zeitgeist there is about jobs – but also a large asylum seekers detention type camp built a few miles outside the town.

            Assurances that the detainees would never be seen by or a bother to the locals were promptly dispelled when a group broke out and did precisely that…

        • 202
          Canary Wharf Rat says:

          Yep probably right.Delicious thought….. Cameron two short of a majority even with the odd Ulster unionists with the B*P and Ukip with a seat apiece….!

      • 508
        Susie says:

        4–9 MPs I reckon. And where that may have been a problem in the old days with most MPs in their 50s and more liable to be ill or fall off their perches, most of the new intake are in their early 30s.

        It’s enough.

  36. 68
  37. 70
    Longbow says:

    It is so good to see the rightous BBC news deal with this, they are not happy bunnies. the fact that it was a woman, a pensioner, an ex council worker and a labour inclined supporter really seem to be breaking their long held view of their hero and champion. Nothing worse than a woman scorned.

    • 82
      c.eng says:

      I think they will be explaining later that she is a white person of the english persuasion and that therefore she is actually a bigot.

      Mind you with that Gracie Fields accent she should be doing the BBC East Anglian Weather.

    • 87
      mic check...mic check..1...2..check says:

      Scorned, that is the word
         /skɔrn/ Show Spelled[skawrn] Show IPA
      open or unqualified contempt; disdain: His face and attitude showed the scorn he felt.
      an object of derision or contempt.
      a derisive or contemptuous action or speech.
      –verb (used with object)
      to treat or regard with contempt or disdain: They scorned the old beggar.
      to reject, refuse, or ignore with contempt or disdain: She scorned my help.
      –verb (used without object)
      to mock; jeer.
      laugh to scorn, to ridicule; deride: Her good advice was laughed to scorn.

    • 206
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      The BBC are not rightous, they are Leftious

  38. 71
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Tom Bower Gordon Browns Biographer has just been on Sky news
    He said that Brown had a Strong Scotch presbyterian upbringing
    and regards The English as foreigners and he dispises the English working classes and as a result could not comprehend this woman asking him these Questions So it’s all becoming clear now !

    • 96
      Dish of Spurs says:

      I think it always was. The past 13 years only make sense if you assume the over riding objective was to wreck England and all it ever stood for.

      The Liebour Party have been working at this for well nigh a 100 years now.

      And it’s why Grodon can sleep soundly at night because his mission is pretty much now accomplished

      So why should he care about some fuss made over an english bigot woman.

      Time to mount up my brothers.

      • 102
        Cry Havoc! says:

        and let slip the dogs of war.

        Or let Brown hang himself.

        • 619
          Number 10's cat says:

          Garrison Hadrian’s Wall!

          • Gordon Brown says:

            Great Britain is a union of countries ( Wales, Scotland ) and regions ( the country formerly known as England ) as it rightfully should be.

      • 125
        mic check...mic check..1...2..check says:

        It has become very clear some time back for those of us who went off to a party who hears our concerns, they must remain silent so as not to upset the game, which is to fuck the English working and I must add the lower middle class.
        Have a look at this vid and decide who pays for this in the middle of an election

        Who supports such blatant breaking of election rules , guide lines and laws.
        But who cares, its just a party of bigots. Who is next?

      • 133
        Gordon ( Two Faced ) Brown says:

        • 164
          Bigot Woman says:

          Fucking scotch immigrunts.

          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            Scotland needs to be reduced to a pile of ashes. Nuke the traitorous scum.

          • Duuurr? says:

            dey need to be killed all deaded coz I ams the soopeerior one! !!
            fuud goes in mouth ? ?!

          • Susie says:

            Sell it to China — in exchange for the debt the McHoon has bequeathed us.

            Japs and Chinks love all things Scotch — tartan, golf and whisky. We get shot of them for good. They can go back to being coal miners and work in sweat shops (they’re always moaning about having no jobs) — everybody happy!

    • 175
      Anonymous says:

      What a disgrace it is that there are people in England who would still vote for him ?

      • 485
        Doctor Mick says:

        Nobody in England will be voting for Brown – his constituency is in Scotland.

    • 210
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      “He said that Brown had a Strong Scotch presbyterian upbringing” Johnny Walker or Malt?

    • 572
      Calvin Knox says:

      I was born and raised in perhaps the most Presbyterian town in Scotland and like my fellow Brethren I hate Gordon Brown and must confess I sincerely doubt he was brought up in a manse, a mansion maybe a manse never.

  39. 75
    Nick Griffin MP says:

    I would just like to thank Gordon Brown and the Labour party for all the votes they have sent my way.

    I say, I say thanks alot.

    • 176
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      It only takes a 4.5% swing from Liebore to the B&P, from the last Euro election, for Liebore to go fourth on May 6th.

      Take that Prescott.


      • 463
        Nanziboy Nicky and his Comedy Fascists says:

        the poor little lamb is still annoyed that he can taste martin websters cock while his is rimming nanziboy nicky’s arsehole

        he’s become quite deranged and doesn’t understand what the polls say

  40. 77
    GorgonSlayer says:

    Has anyone noticed how the BBC has shortened McDoom’s incriminating sentence to eliminate the ….’who used to vote Labour’….bit?

    You can see the whole quote on Sky.

    Do the BiasedBeeb think we’re fecking stoopid or what?

    • 88
      Blackadder2 says:

      Yes they do, and they don’t care. If Thatcher had scrapped the TV licence with the advent of Sky, we’d all be better off and her own worst enemy could have been done for. If Thatcher was too dumb to scrap the BBC, do you really think Cameron would be smarter?

    • 382
      Scotland the Crap says:

      Yep, exactly just like politicians think of the electorate (apart from the staunch liebour voters)

      They also believe independent thinkers are a stupid minority who are not entitled to voice their opinions unles by some strange event it coincides with their dogma.

      This country has become much to intolerant of reasonable diverging views driven on by the endless fear and policies brought in using Hegelian style tactics.

  41. 80
    Barry Obama,Licensed Cabbie says:

    Nick to me, “turn around we’re heading to Rochdale.”

  42. 83
    Blackadder2 says:

    This wont affect the postal votes, especially from the cemeteries!

    Gordon Brown Downfall is simply spot on.

  43. 85
    The last days of Labour says:

    The day Brown drops dead, I’ll throw the biggest fucking party the world has ever seen. And you’re all invited. Now let’s just hope fate plays its part.

  44. 86
    UKIP Until We're Free says:

    I seem to recall that when the innocuous Carol Thatcher (not a professional politician, nor the sharpest knfe in the box) used a ‘questionable’ term off-camera and off-mike, in the privacy of the Green Room, the immediate reaction of the ‘establishment’ BBC was to fire her.

    Any hope of the Labour establishment doing the same ? Or will they leave it to the electorate next week because, if they do, sure as golliwogs are golliwogs, Gordon ‘Bigot’ Brown is going, going, gone.

  45. 89
    Nick2 says:

    Enough already! I’ve just caught the Mandleslime interview re Bigotgate on Youtube, in which he spend two minutes emphasising that (paraphrasing slightly) ‘Gordon Brown, and everyone, often says things that they don’t mean’.

    Perhaps he meant to say ‘Gordon Brown, and everyone, sometimes say things that they mean at the time, but wish to retract shortly afterwards’.

    But it’s like swimming against the tide, the evening news programs have all said that Brown’s apologised and ‘many people will think that it’s time to move on’. Channel4 news (predictably) even had the head of Yougov to spin that it could rebound to Gordon’s advantage…

    • 212
      starbar says:

      Lol. The left wing media can say whatever they want. Most people will not forget this, same as most people haven’t forgotten the abolition of the lower rate of income tax threshold, Iraq lies, Dr Kelly, gold sales……it goes on. GB may have ‘apologised’ but even in doing so comes across as petulant – just look at the video of him in the BBC R2 studio. Media muppets – please note that you are viewed with the same contempt as the politicians and, with any luck, a lot you will lose your jobs around the same time GB loses his.

    • 262

      But *where* is Gillian…? This is key.

      If she shuts up, the story, damgaing though it already has been, falls from the MSM. But all she has to do is give *one* interview, let slip just once that no, actually, she didn’t accept his apology, that he’s a shit, and blammo. Event he BBC won’t be able to shut it down.

      • 282
        starbar says:

        True, in a sense. But the MSM appears to “move on” a lot faster than the rest of us. Anyhow, on t’other sites, commenters suggest that the victim of GBs slander today is preparing to take cash for an exclusive so at least one demographic may hear more about this.

  46. 90
    White thickos reaping what they have sown says:

    And yet some thick fucking white working class mugs out there will continue to vote for Labour despite this being what Labour really think of the proles they would like to wipe out through mass immigration based eugenics.

  47. 91
    Who's idea was that ? says:

    Right lets look at Browns so called apology in a bit more detail.

    Brown said: “The problem was that I was dealing with a question that she raised about immigration and I wasn’t given a chance to answer it because we had a whole melee of press around her…”

    Emmm no You were given a chance to answer and you did in fact answer her , you gave her some nonsense about 1 million immigrants into the country being balanced by 1 million Brits abroad. So that bits not true is it Mr Brown ?

    Brown said : “and I would never put myself in a position where I would want to say anything like that about a woman I met…. ”

    Mr Brown you DID put yourself in that position and you DID say that about a woman you met We all heard you there is absolutely no doubt about it . This is a clear case of being in denial is it not? That bits not true either then is it Mr Brown ?

    Brown then stated “…It was a question about Immigration that really I think was annoying ”

    So Mr Brown you found her question ANNOYING would you like to clarify what exactly you meant by that.

    Brown went on to Claim ” You’ve got to remember that this is me being helpful to the broadcasters with my microphone on ….and they have chosen to play my private Conversations..

    Whats your point here Mr Brown, are you suggesting that the media should ignore such statements which reveal what you really think just because you agree to “help them out” by wearing a microphone ?

    You only wore this microphone and do these walk abouts for your own ends do you not ? To suggest otherwise is disingeneous.

    Oh by the way it wasnt that when the media played the off mike comments made by the BNP the other day was it? Just because it was you who was caught out this time , you seem to be inferring the media played dirty. One rule for you one rule for the others Mr Brown ?

    Now lets look at some other comments he made later in the day.

    First of all he repeatedly claimed this was all a mistake. This is also parroted by other members of the Labour party who have been rushed out on a vain attempt at damage limitation.

    What was the mistake Mr Brown ? It couldnt have been the comment as you were under no pressure in the car, you said what you said with a clear head. Oh I see the mistake was you forgot you were wearing a microphone. Oh I get it now. Got you.

    Mr Brown you then made the rather curious claim that you had “misunderstood” what this lady had said.

    In what way ? What exactly did you misunderstand ? What did you “think” she said as opposed what she actually said ? Can you please enlighten us on this remark, after all your misunderstanding led you to call her a bigot !

    Finally for now, you went on a rather rambling discourse ( which I will term the Rhona Cameron “Sometimes” defence) about “sometimes you say something you dont mean to say , Sometimes you say things by mistake and sometimes when you say things you want to correct it very quickly …”

    So Mr Brown which one is it ? Is this a kind of pick and mix apology. Is the truth rather just simply that you said what you meant and you knew what you meant . Quite simple really.

    Finally you claimed that this lady has “accepted there was a misunderstanding” Is this true Gordon or is it true only in your own head?

  48. 93
    Moody Blue says:

    Well it’s hard to be a gambler betting on a number that never wins

  49. 98
    Brown close to resignation says:

    What is also worth remembering is that Brown could well have done his usual temper tantrum and said his standard lines;

    “That f*ucking woman – who the hell got me near her – bloody Sue did,the bi*tch,fucking hell,bloody bigot”

    and I reckon if had said that normal Gordon Brown stuff,he would have had to resign his position this evening – his position would have been untenable.

    • 158
      Lord Mandlechump says:

      Im just Glad he didnt say c unt off mike

    • 441
      Groucho says:

      Apparently Brown’s aides breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the tape – it could have been, and usually is, far worse

      • 457
        jgm2 says:

        It’s in there. Listen to it again. He says ‘Fuck it’ – at least once, maybe twice slightly masked by errrr thumping sounds.


        It’s in there….

        Start at 40 secs…

  50. 99
    harry the camel says:

    Well Gillian Duufy was right to ask:

    Where are they flockingwell flocking from ???

    • 111
      Labour the lie, deny then smear party says:

      This is further proof that the man is nothing but an English hating Scottish Bigot who has no understanding of the white English working classes who suffer at the front line of his Marxist agenda.


  51. 105
    Mike Stillon says:

    The Prime Mentalist is on BBC3 right now.

    I’d never noticed before but he’s actually the lovechild of P-P-P-Porky Pig and The Joker.

  52. 109
    Oh and by the way says:

    Does anyone agree that McDoom’s apology was hypocritical as well.. what about when he says that when mistakes are made it is right to apologise ……….. sorry how many times has this prat been wrong and NOT apologised?

    • 130
      A fair future for biguts says:

      You’re surely not saying that the Dere Leeder is hypocritical,

      you’ll be suggesting he says things he doesn’t mean next.

  53. 110
    streamfisher says:

    Blue Peter and Peppa Pig say… we always new you were a cun*t of the first water, meanwhile the guy in the Elvis costume sings Heartbreak Hotel instead of Viva Las Vegas.

  54. 113
    Don't call me a bigot says:

    Which Party do all the Tory twats commenting here support?

  55. 115

    Voting Labour is the only way to prove you are not bigoted.

  56. 119
    the real lolol not the one who's using my moniker says:

    AlJaBeeb had one of Browns biographers on it seems Brown hates the English especially the common ones,waiting to see if they repeat interview.

    • 143
      streamfisher says:

      “It seems Brown hates the English” FFS, English understatement?

    • 224
      Gobshite says:

      Looks like it has finally dawned on the BBC that their favourite political party is over.

      Now watch as they try that new fangled impartiality thing in order to stop Cameron taking away their benefits.

      BBC = biggest benefit claimant ever.

      • 307
        UKIP Until We're Free says:

        Spot on, Gobshite. I’ve noticed a distinct change in flavour from the Beeb, they’ve finally accepted the writing’s on the wall and are starting to try damage-limitation tactics.

        It’s almost as much fun watching the Beb wriggle as watching NuLiebour self-combust.

  57. 120
    Oh and by the way says:

    More Slo Mo Car Crash for Labour….. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8650411.stm

  58. 123
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Brown “i want to meet real people
    who will ask real questions about real issues”

    one old lady and Labours whole spin package unravels
    fuck me if this twat cant take on an old lady in Roachdale
    how the hell can he even think about dealing with experienced politicians who know what they are doing
    No wonder this country is 100% fucked
    how can this fucking “Lightweight”act in the best interests of this once great nation when he can’t even out smart Mrs Duffy
    She would make a better prime minister than this soft twat

    just a normal northern working class woman

    “Tha won get naught at’a me yer gert lummox”

    • 345
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Hi Frankie – missed you this morning … working.

      You are quite right and I repeat an earlier post on another page:

      And the new Prime Minister of the UK is ……..

      ta da da da da da da da da DA!!!!!!!!

      All the way from Rochdale, …… Mrs Duffy !!!!!!

      Off to bed now, not with Emily unfortunately, nor with Mrs Duffy (more fortunately), not with Sarah Brown (JCAM!), just blissful sleep.


  59. 124
    • 196
      The curious torture of being Gordon Brown says:

      He spent the whole 40 minutes getting d*rugs pumped into him in the poor lady’s bathroom.

      At last – a free for all film of Brown as he really is.

      And it was with a Labour supporter!

      The Jonah curse strikes Jonah!

  60. 127
    Which Paper will get the Scoop? says:

    A frenzy of bidding for Mrs Duffy’s side of the story is taking place right now.

    • 138
      Bye Bye Labour says:

      Murdoch will get it, Labour idiots never learn…if your going to sup with the devil make sure you have a long spoon.

      • 151
        Ratsniffer says:

        There will ne some serious dosh on offer to lure her….though I am sure that snott’s assistants tried to “persuade” her that talking to the media would be “unhelpful”.

        • 159
          both have deep pockets says:

          no, she’s definitely talking to them
          lifelong Labour supporter ?
          Sun or Mirror ?

          • Oh and by the way says:


          • Gobshite says:

            The Mail?

            Oh yes!

            Get Hitler Hastings, Mad Mel, and Littlecock on the case.

            There is no way on earth he is going to spin himself out of this one with that lot.

            What did he say to her inside the house???!!!

            I bet he made things 1000 times worse.

            Why else would a Labour voter go to The Mail!

            That old battle-axe is on the war path.

            So much win!

          • It woz the Sun wot monged it! says:

            link ? no sign of the Mail talking to her on their website

            and The Sun did interview her today but “didn’t find her sufficiently interesting” to run the story. LOL!!

        • 171
          Who's idea was that says:

          Did anyone see the Live interview with this Lady this afternoon when someone called her on her mobile phone. She didnt seem to know who the person was and hung up saying it was someone called Lucy. So whats the odds it was.

          1. Someone from Max Cliffords Office
          2. Someone from one of the Dailys
          3. Labours Fast Action Rebuttal Team ( F.A.R.T. forshort)

          • Gobshite says:

            Quite easy to pull someones mobile number from the air when you are a spook.

            The more Labour try to save their skin, the funnier it gets.

            I hope Clegg and Cameron tag-team the Hoon tomorrow.

            Pile driver off the ropes followed by a chair across the head would be my choice.

          • Technomist says:

            How would they have had her phone number?

        • 647
          Number 10's cat says:

          Why talk to the media?
          A high court writ for defamation of character could be far more lucrative.

  61. 134

    Look. Peter here.

    Just to reassure you all. You might think that the Labour campaign is not going well.

    What with foul mouthed candidates, The wheat-field manifesto, Elvis, Bevanite Ellie, the leader’s debates. The Greek thing blowing up, three MPs on trial for theft, Tony Blair’s comeback..The Iraq inquiry right before the election. Ed Balls getting fined for mobile phone use.
    The old lady being called a bigot. Even Peppa Pig giving Labour a swerve . I admit it all looks fatal. But I assure you its all going very well.

    You see Oleg Deripaska lent me £500,000 6 months ago.
    I backed the lib Dems to come second at 45/1.

    Yes…the campaign is going very well indeed!

    Lord Peter Mandelson
    Never knowingly outfoxed.

    • 534
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      What odds that Liebore finish 4th behind the B&P :)

      • 537
        jgm2 says:

        Fifth. Behind UKIP.

        It’s up to Clegg now. He can just present himself as the party of the left. He has a northern seat. A socialist agenda. Right side on the Iraq war.

        Gordon is down. Time to give him a fucking good kicking.

        Ask yourself this if you’re feeling squeamish. If the tables were reversed – what would Brown do?

        Kick your fucking lights out. That’s what.

        • 624
          Susie says:

          Hmmmm. Not so sure about that. The LibDems delivered a bunch of yellow flowers to Mrs D yesterday. Such impertinence!

          Mrs D and her neighbours will treat them all with the contempt they so thoroughly deserve and now the scales have fallen from her eyes and the disillusionment sets in realize that they are slimy opportunist pols who want her vote, but after that can be forgotten about.

  62. 144
    Peasant says:

    “I’m not racist but…” yeah we’ve heard it all before.

  63. 145
    Universal hiss says:

    Five pies & a few tubs of lard Prezza as rote a wonderful piece of shit in the Gruniard.

    So many modded blank posts. Excellent stuff.

    What a gay day.

  64. 148
    Bigot Woman says:

    Be nice to have bigot woman words set to Roy Orbison’s classic ‘Pretty Woman’ but slightly revised to ‘Bigot Woman’. Sadly I’m not smart enough to do it.

    Look forward to the publication of ‘Bigot Woman’ by Gord Broonison.

    • 173
      grobdj says:

      I hear Al Cambell has cancelled Elvis on hearing the song has changed from ‘The Wonder of You’ to ‘The Great Pretender’

      • 292
        M.T.Bucket says:

        One of the first recordings Elvis made at Sun studios was called ”milk the cow blues”

  65. 149
    johnny says says:

    Mrs Duffy homed in on two major issues – feckless people on benefits and an army of foreign workers coming here.

    Given Andrew Neather’s revelations last year that it was all intentional – an influx of skilled workers to avoid a projected skills shortage *and* slurring everyone who wanted to discuss this policy as racist, I wonder just how in the pockets of big business Brown is.(ie those who benefited from the skilled workers)

    He was swayed by the vested interests of bankers easily enough. Corporations would exploit that too. Instead of getting people off benefits they opened our doors to millions of migrants.

  66. 157
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    It only takes a 4.5% swing from Liebore to the B&P, from the last Euro election, for Liebore to go fourth on May 6th.

    Take that Prescott.


  67. 161
    Thatcher's Gusset says:

    Why did people fall for this? 13 years of lies and communist dogma, why did the Establishment let this Hunt and Blair get away with the wholesale destruction of my country?

    I despise the Hunt Brown, I despise his politics, I despise his personality, I despise his associations, I despise his mannerisms, I despise his inability, I despise his appearance, I can’t wait for the dribbling fuckwit to be escorted out of Downing Street and into oblivion. Thgis ‘man’ must never be allowed to pronounce on anything of substance ever again, his elevation into the Lords must be resisted by the people.

    We’re fucked, when are people going to wake up and realise?

    • 170
      Engineer says:

      Blame the pillocks that voted for them – though in mitigation, many fell for the lies.

      • 178
        c.eng says:

        Yeah but 3 times ?

        There comes a time when stupidity becomes an evil act.

        • 201
          Engineer says:

          Does make you wonder about those proposing to vote for them this time. The evidence should be clear to even the meanest intelligence by now.

          • c.eng says:

            You would think so.

            Perhaps they’re just a statistical glitch of the Gaussian distribution of the Universe, there must always be a left wing.

            or maybe they’re just part of the hard wired AlJabeeba view that it’s unthinkable the Lab share could ever fall below 28%.

      • 214
        The Vatican says:

        Engineer you really should stop blaming yourself for this, since voting for them previously you have more than atoned for your sins

      • 250
        Dave Figgley says:

        Ha ha, son. Blame the “opposition”.

        • 271
          Engineer says:

          Why? Were the opposition telling the lies? Half the time, the opposition was deceived as well – see Iraq for details.

          • Dave Figgley says:

            Ha ha, mate. The “opposition” were deceived? I’m just a normal geezer and I saw through all the crap, son. What’s so special about my powers of deduction?

          • Engineer says:

            Then get yourself into parliament and save us all. You’re clearly a far better man than anybody else. Omnipotent. Omniscient. A Superhero. Just what we need to sort all the nation’s woes.

            Go to it, Dave Figgley.

    • 172
      Debtberg ahead says:

      Gay deck quoits anyone ?

    • 226
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      Easy credit, self interest and some fucking good plots on Corrie and eastenders.

    • 252
      c.eng says:

      I must also ‘fess up.

      I voted for Harold Wislon, but at least he appeared clever, and dealt humourously with hecklers.

    • 267
      Barnabas Scudamore says:

      The establishment has not turned a blind eye.

      The election result will be a blood bath for the Labour party.

      They will be wiped out to a far higher degree than the Tories were in 1997.

  68. 162
    Black Feminist says:

    Brown has great difficulty treating people with dignity,sincerity, warmth and decency. These attributes cost nothing but a lack of them will cost Brown dearly.

    • 205
      c.eng says:

      This is because he lacks any dignity, sincerity, warmth or decency,

      and what is even worse he is a total incompetent but with total self belief.

      Comparisons with Dictators are not amiss, although most that come to mind had at least some competence even if it was malevolently applied.

      Brown must be one of the lowest human beings on the planet, but what is really eerie, is that he has been kept in power by a media and a party which were well aware of both his total lack of humanity and his lack of capability.

    • 297
      Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

      ”The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

      Bertrand Russell

      Sounds about right……

  69. 165
    Someone's just handed me the tape,lets play it,and hear it says:

    Cue despair

  70. 166
    Engineer says:

    I’m not surprised the lady was upset.

    Most women would be peeved at being described as “big-hutted”.

    Blokes probably wouldn’t mind so much.

    • 177
      Mr Plum says:

      Was it Big Hearted

      • 204
        Engineer says:

        My apologies. I mis-heard. I am very sorry to any huts I might have offended.

        • 288
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          No no no Gordon clearly said she was “A Big Hotty”
          and after seeing what he has to warm his pit
          i reluctantly agree !

  71. 168
    Dino says:

    I saw Harman on Sky News, she said that Brown had said things he did not mean.

    Then why did he say it if he did not mean it? Was it the drink?

    Brown comes out and says there was a misunderstanding over words (smiling like a loon).

    So he did mean it, he thought the woman had said something bigotted, but did not challenge her at the time but gave her smiles and congrats.

    And which words would these be? Details please…

  72. 174
    Labour wipe out says:

    Are we all forgetting the local election result last June,when Brown and Labour suffered massively at the ballot box?

    I still predict Tories to win by 103 seats.

    Labour will now poll less than 20% of the vote.

    • 312
      Mdme Defarge says:

      Yes. Yes. Yes. I agree. I think the scale of Labour’s meltdown has been grossly underestimated.

  73. 178
    • 234
      Smorgasbored says:

      “Senior Labour figures have expressed unease at Mr Brown’s new tactic but there are suggestions that unbridled verbal assaults on elderly widows could strengthen the party’s position with the thousands of educated, middle class voters who are embarrassed by their own parents.”

      Top notch.

    • 536
      Anonymous says:

      People vote differently in general elections than local elections and the curren constituency boundaries are so messed up in favour of labour. that we now have a third past the post system.

  74. 182
    Odds Bodkins says:

    I love it! How about Mystery Train as another…

    • 207
      Odds Bodkins says:

      … or some other, equally appropriate:

      All Shook Up, Brown-Eyed Handsome Man, Don’t It Make You Wanna Go Home, I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell, A Little Less Conversation, Mean Woman Blues, Stop, Look And Listen, There Goes My Everything, T-R-O-U-B-L-E…

  75. 183
    Manlickscum&Sweaty Balls says:

    Has he sent poor Mrs Duffy some flowers or invited her out to lunch? What a tight arse!

    • 246
      Barnabas Scudamore says:

      Would YOU want to go to lunch with that slobbering, sweaty, child eating cycloptic scottish twit ?

      Plus, the lunch would have to be very restricted (due to gordon’s medication MOAI’s).

    • 631
      Susie says:

      No, but the Liberals did. A bunch of yellow flowers.

      Hopefully now sticking, stalks up, out of her compost recycling bin.

  76. 184
    The curious torture of being Gordon Brown says:

    Brown seems to spend half of his waking day going round to apologise to women,writing letters of apology to women,or simply bullying them.

    The East German women,Sarah Brown must be paid a lot of money just to stand near him,given his obvious hatred of women.

  77. 185
    Prezza Five Bellies says:

    What I can say is this gordon did the right thing in apologising to this woman he was man enough to go back there and have a quiet word with her and no doubt threaten to give her old man a good slap for not keeping the old bat quiet you see though gordon called her a bigot he didn’t mean it what he meant was that her views on the face of it notwithstanding that they weren’t bigoted could be mistcontructed as such because of the noise from the hoards of reptiles from the press who were mobbing him what you have to understand is that gordon is a man of principle who is quite willing to go back on what he has said and pretend that he didn’t mean it once it’s out in the open you have to admire him for that I mean would those two public school ponces cameron and clegg have said sorry for something they didn’t say no of course they wouldn’t did you know I once went for a crap with a radio microphone still on my jacket and the poor bugger could hear every plop as seven bales of shit hit the water we had a right laugh about that later but I decked the cheeky bugger of a soundman for recording it you can’t be too careful I notice it was sky the beeb would never have done that they are still on message thank goodness i do like that kirsty wark I reckon she could be quite a goer given half the chance tonight the election campaign trail continues and its grab a granny nite in the hotel disco see you there I will be wearing my best drapes and teddy boy ducks arse hairdo

    • 295
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      I’ve never voted for pressclot but if it were those Tory toffs in government they would probably just play croquet on the lawn of some country mansion with their mates instead of serving the electorate like what their payed for.

  78. 192
    nell says:

    So now we know for certain that gordon puts on a fake polite face to meet the public and then calls them names when they’re out of earshot.

    All the people gordon has met over this campaign are now going to be wondering what he said about them behind their backs. What words did he use to describe that student who complained about tuition fees are the OAP who wanted to talk about the lack of care for the elderly?

    And what, one wonders, did he really call that concerned mother of a soldier in Afghanistan who raised the issues of kit shortage and lack of landrovers and helicopters? It’s not too hard to imagine what he called her behind her back is it?

    Oh yes! Today has finally seen the true gutlessgordon exposed to public scrutiny and people that he has already met and all of the people that he will meet between now and polling day will now know without a doubt that he smiles to their face and despises them to their backs even if they’re labour voters!!

  79. 195
    The Vatican says:

    We’ve been having a brain storming session today, tossing around ideas that would provide Prime Minister Gordon Brown with an ideal election Campaign. Some ideas include

    1. Having Gordon Brown Call one of his core voters a bigot live on TV

    2. Making sure the core voter in question is a nice old woman who has paid her taxes all her life, long serving employee of the local Council and recently widowed.

    3. Have Gordon Brown grinning manically when he announces on her doorstep that he is a penitent sinner.

    On reflection we have decided that these ideas are ridiculous and offensive and have sacked the Junior member concerned who suggested them.

  80. 197
    Anonymous says:

    How in heaven’s name is it possible for this very sick man to feel mortified whilst offering his sincere apologies and at the same time have that awful, sickly, semi-permanent rictus grin which is so completely and evidently insincere and out of place? Have I just answered my own question?

    • 216
      Engineer says:


      That, and the medication.

      • 225
        Gord's sico anal is t says:

        blarrf ard ard gumba gurning bueee

      • 229
        Barnabas Scudamore says:

        The “medication” I should like to administer, is a length of plastic explosive rolled into the shape of a sausage, with a few smallish ball bearing, drawing pins, ooooh, some of those black tack things used for upholstery.

        This would then be surgically placed into the Cyclops’ rectum.

        A small wristwatch would then be………………………….


        • 245
          Engineer says:

          Sounds like the after-effects of eight pints, a chicken vindaloo and a packet of salted peanuts.

          Bog-roll in the fridge time.

        • 690
          Gordo McBust says:

          I think I’ll stick to tried and tested Ex-Lax if it’s all the same to you.

  81. 203
    Abominable Future Ahead says:

    The fucking behind the scenes shit going on with China and the USA is going to send the US economy into freefall soon, all the rest will rollercoast along with it. get braced for darkage two that will make darkage one look like a fucking bank holiday outing.

    • 217
      Barnabas Scudamore says:

      Communism will fall in china very soon.

      Obama has been making his position very clear (google, weapons to taiwan, dalai lamar visit).

      Communism is unsustanable in China.

      It will come to an end soon. There is no doubt about that.

      • 268
        Guns Anyone says:

        So the guns that hit the free markets after the Soviet Union went down are fuck all to whats going to show up when China folds.

      • 338
        Rip Van Winkle says:

        Other way round, old boy.

        Obama is in the process of ending democracy and the republic in the US and bringing in communism AKA fascsm. Democracy is unsustanable in America.

        It will come to an end soon. There is no doubt about that.

    • 219
      Debtberg Ahead says:

      Time to move the deck chairs again

      • 264
        Bye Bye Labour says:

        Yes the problem is though, the US and EU are embracing with both arms the FAILED disaster ideology that goes under the aliases of communism and socialism while the rest of the world moves on from the train wreck of an ideology that just does not work.

        The American democracts could soon find themselves hanging from the nearest lamposts or trees like an Alabama lynching in the next few years once the Americans wake up and realise they have been taken for a ride.

        The EU is buckling under already with the Germans and IMF shitting themselves at the horrors of Greece and Portugal.

        • 283
          Abominable Future Ahead says:

          The americans are waking up to it,slowly but surely. Obama has had to do his deals with protectionism without congress,yep like some fucking dictator,which he is.The prick is biting the hand that feeds him. America still has some resources to pull back from the brink. But the UK is a lame duck.But like Debtberg said time to move the deck chairs, as thats all you can do,sit and watch it.

  82. 208
    Manlickscum&Sweaty Balls says:

    After the day poor Mrs Duffy has had. Gordon could organise a w/end break for her.

  83. 209
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Right……ok…….so ” I’m absolutely mortified by what has happened ”


    I also noted from the TV footage that Sarah wasn’t with her “hero” today.

    My only regret in Brown loosing the election, is that he will be made a Lord.

    I think that Brown should be the first Prime Minister in living memory not to be given a peerage.

    The thought of his input in ANY way,shape or form is spine chilling.

  84. 211
    Labourspokesharperson says:

    It’s just Gordon being Gordon, he he….

  85. 212
    john miller says:

    Well, tried all his life not to do it, but he’s wearing blue at last.

    Norwegian Blue.

    This a late PM, it is deceased, it has ceased t exist, it is no more etc, etc,

  86. 218
    Smorgasbored says:

    Three questions:

    * How did he get her phone number?

    * How did he get her address?

    Would you be happy if a hoodlum got hold of your phone number and then came round to visit you within hours of abusing you in public?

  87. 222
    Who's idea was that ? says:

    If I was Magda I wouldnt be spending the night in Downing Street tonight. Perhaps somewhere like Canterbury would be more appropriate.

  88. 223
    Gordon the apologist says:

    I am responsible for calling Mrs Duffy a bigot and I am sorry.
    I am responsible for selling the UK gold and I am sorry.
    I am responsible for letting the banks rob you and I am sorry.

    • 265
      Next Stop the Knacker's says:

      Where’s the rest of the list, or is there a 20 page attachment somewhere.

  89. 236
    streamfisher says:

    Gordon thought about appearing on Rainbow but declined after seeing warm up.

  90. 237
    nell says:

    Where is gordon and who is he meeting tomorrow?

  91. 240
    Manlickscum&Sweaty Balls says:

    Guido. Can you organise flowers for poor Mrs Duffy?

  92. 241
    Colonel Mad says:

    Guido,lease use “Bigotcha”,it is my gift.

  93. 247
    Who's idea was that ? says:

    +++++++++++BREAKING NEWS+++++++++++++

    The Met Office have issued a WARNING that they expect another Volcanic Eruption to take place imminently which will be greater than anything ever witnessed before.
    The eruption is expected to take place In The Centre of London and originate from a long simmering Volcano known as Mount Jamesgordonbrown.

    A met Spokesman says “There have been some concerns about this one for quite sometime but we now believe that recent seismic events in the North West Of England have triggered a chain of events which will result in the ************ blowing big time”

    It is expected that such will be the devestation that it will take the entire Labour Government with it !

  94. 248
    The Gord's Prayer says:

    Our Pariah, which art in Downing Street,

    Hated be thy name.

    Thy government come,

    Our Nation’s wealth go, in 2010 as in the 1970’s.

    Give us this day our daily insults

    And forgive us our tirading against those who tyrannise against us

    And lead us not into another term of office,

    But deliver us from evil

    For thine is the catastrophe, the penury and the gloom

    For ever and ever. Amen.

  95. 249
    Universal hiss says:

    I’m sorry. I forgot to pay the telly tax. Rictus grin.It was the right thing to do.

  96. 251
  97. 253

    Can someone knock up another video of Gordon to the song ‘nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey goodbye’

  98. 256

    Star Wreck
    The final fronteir.

    Captain KirKaldy and the crew of the NoEnterprise are in trouble. Captain Kirkaldy beamed down to the planet ‘Reality’ to try and persuade enough of the ‘floater people’ to give him dilithium. However at a meeting in the Capitol Rochdale he told the chief of the floater voters she was a bigot. He quickly beamed himself back into the NoEnterprise but the ship ran straight into a media storm, badly damaging the campaign.

    “Engineer Balls. Snotty! ..what’s goinig on? Can’t you get us out of here quickly?”
    “I canna get any more warp power outta ye Cap’n. Yer as warped as it possible tae git. The drives are spinning.. Haven’t got any impulse power…”

    “My first impulse was to punch the old bag.” said Kirkaldy. “Lt Uddin, What does Labfleet command say.”
    “They say don’t do anything. Come straight back to base sir.”
    “No way. I’ll go back and kiss the old bird. I’ll shag her if I have too. I’m going to straighten this out. Mr Mandelspock, Damage report?”
    “Damage report is that we were in third place but now we may be entering the fourth dimension. Captain Kirkaldy I have sent for Dr McFall. He has that hyperdermic that we can inject you in the neck with.”

    “Stay away from me. I see..I see..you’re all out to get me. Its a plot isn’t it..to take over command…”

    “No Captain,” Said the half human Business Secretary. “We plotted to get rid of you at least three times already. This episode is about us stopping you flying the Labour Party into the Sun.”

    “The Sun! The Sun! No one must mention the Sun. We don’t need the Sun.
    Get Nurse Sarah up here. I’ll go back and straighten that racist old woman out. I’ll say i’m sorry. I’ve become expert at saying sorry recently….Standby Photo-op torpedoes.”

    “Its too late for that Sir. I must advise you that the ship is crippled. Mostly by debt. We are hanging on to emergency power. Life support from the unions will only last for 7 more days.”

    “Isn’t there some way we can regain power. I love being in power,”
    mused Captain Kirkaldy.
    “There is no chance of regaining power at present. You must prepare to beam back down to the planet Rochdale. If you can convince those primitive people to vote for you, then maybe we can get enough dilithium for a hung parliament. ”
    Ok. I’ll wear my lucky red security guy top. That should help.. Prepare to beam me down…”

    20 minutes later

    “Mr Mandelspock, Its Captain Kirkaldy. He’s trying to comminicate. I’m getting a very garbled transmission…It seems..He’s saying it isn’t going well.. Its very faint sir..I’ll keep trying..It seems..He’s punched her! He’s tied her up and hid her in a broom cupboard. He says he’s going to come outside alone and say she now thinks he’s great. Then he’ll make up something about her being to tired to meet the press…Its all a bit garbled sir..”

    “Garbled? Its complete gibberish. Right..that’s it. Prepare to leave orbit. Set course for opposition Mr Sulu. How long will be there”
    “At least a decade Sir”
    “what about the Captain sir?” asked Lieutenant Uddin, the comms officer.
    “Him? I don’t think we need to worry about him anymore..”
    “But the leaders debate sir..Its tomorrow.”
    “Tub of Lard Sir? Like the old days?” chipped in Ensign Bercov helpfully.
    “Tub of lard it is. It couldn’t do any worse. .. Lieutenant Uddin. Call John Prescott and tell him we have a mission for him…”

  99. 263
    Gordon ( Two Faced ) Brown says:

    ” I take fool responsibility”

  100. 270
    Will the scales finally fall from the public's eyes? says:

    How has this utterly dishonest chump scammed his way through politics and cost us hundreds of billions of pounds?

    To quote someone else, a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in dogshit

  101. 274
    OiOi says:

    Gordon Brown; Bigotgate

    With Gillian Duffy’s reaction on hearing what the Prime Mentalist said about her.

    • 289
      labour are nazis says:

      Sad Act: My family has voted labour since the dawn of time.

      PM behind closed doors: what an inbred bigoted twat

      Sad Act on hearing the comment: booo hooo

      • 326
        jgm2 says:

        Am I the only one who, between Am I the only one who, between ‘It’s a disaster’ and ‘should never have put me with that woman’ who hears ‘Fuck it’?

        Listen again.

        I’m hearing ‘It’s a disaster. Fuck it. Should never have put me with that woman’


  102. 287
    Dr.Kelly says:

    Well that’s 666 pages into this blog now Guido

  103. 290
    The IMF is coming says:

    Mrs Duffy in the hands of a PR company.
    Will she save or shame him?

  104. 293
    nell says:

    I wonder what gordon called Joanna Lumley, behind her back, after he was forced to meet her over the Gurkha scandal and be really polite and apologetic?

    And I wonder what he said about Mrs Duffy after he’d made that grovelling apology at her house and was in his jaguar on his way back to London minus that mic?

    I bet, tonight, they’re both wondering the same thing!!

    • 304
      QWERTY says:

      I wonder what the gay fucking one eyed shit stabbing mong called the mother of the soldier that he sent that fucking retarded letter of apology to behind her back?

      Get cancer and DIE you vile fucking jock bastard.

  105. 298
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Of all undecided voters, the biggest group is women over 40.
    Well that’s up to this morning.

    • 310
      revolting peasant says:

      Anyone see Harriet Harman squirming on the Campaign Show on News 24?
      Jon Sopel,Andrew Rawnsley and a bloke from the Daily Telegraph were excellent.
      Well worth a look.

  106. 300
    Sunday Morning says:

    Does it sound like to anyone else that Gordon Brown in his radio interview afterwards apologised for saying anything INoffensive!!!!!

  107. 303
    Anonymous says:

    We are all bigots now.

  108. 305
    Gordon Brown says:

    “I was sorry to say that I made a mistake”

    • 322
      Gordon Borown adds says:

      I have spoken to her and even though she hasn’t stepped outside her front door she agrees with me that the question of immigration which I didn’t get a chance to answer started in America

    • 387
      Fucking hell says:

      That means I regret having to say I am sorry,what a devious twat he is.

      • 456
        Anonymous says:

        He is sorry he did not turn his mike off. He is sorry he got caught. He is sorry he got found out. He is basically a sorry f*ck.

  109. 306
    Sarah Twatter says:

    My husband, my zero.

  110. 307
    Hallelujah says:

    Let’s just hope we actually get an election after today’s fist fuck

  111. 309
    QWERTY says:

    Bigotry started in America

    Bigotry under Liebour is down 50% compared to the Tories

    No more bigotry and bust

    Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry, they’ve all got it bigotry

    I’m getting on with the bigotry

    Every year under Labour bigotry has risen in real terms

  112. 310
    gordon brown iq minus 7 billion (£) says:

    GORDON has revealed his utter contempt for the voters.we do not count. we are a resource to be mined….

    pay your money,do as you are told and keep quiet……

    so who is gordon working for?

    the russians?

    lots of previous in the labour party……including gordies hero-jack jones.

    • 315
      QWERTY says:

      Brown is working for the person who has the pictures of him being back scuttled by Mandy.

  113. 316
    no more boom mcbroon says:

    not surprised he called her names.
    everyone knows gordie doesnt like women.

    i pity all the students gordon was supposed to have taught when he was a college lecturer.has anyone ever spoken to one of them?

    has anyone ver seen the tv programmes he is alleged to have made?

  114. 320
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    There will be no hung parliament,all this talk was emanating from leftist sources even before the polling day was known.The BBC and Guardian have woken up to the fact that their beloved party is disliked immensely by as much as 80% of the public.No amount of sympathetic spin is going to save labour being beaten into a cocked hat.No its not the emergence of the lib dims its the fact these statist fuckers have raped this country like megalomaniac monarchs til theres simply nothing left to swipe but the future,that is where the electorate have drawn the line.Bye Gordon

    • 336
      grobdj says:

      Hear hear.

      I look forward to Mayday being abolished, and the motorway speed limit being suspended once a year, on St.Georges Day for petrol heads to enjoy.

      Something which this sad Government forgot.


  115. 328
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    This morning i posted
    what odds would the bookies give me on Brown
    standing down on friday
    If he has a bad leaders debate ?
    i think Labour are so desperate to hang on to power that anything is possable !
    as a damage limitation execise
    i think puppet master Mangelslime will remove him
    and replace him with a young fresh face
    as a last desperate measure to cling on !

    • 368
      nell says:

      Has labour got any young fresh faces? I can’t think of any!

      • 396
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        Not really but the way Mandelscum is acting infront of the media etc
        he is not happy
        he was brought in when Cast Iron Dave was 24 points clear in the poll’s
        he has managed to get Labour within a whisker of Dave
        But at every turn Gordon unwittingly Fuck’s it up for him(sorry for the language)
        they are at best third in the poll’s bringing back Blair was a flop ridiculed over Elvis/ Peppa pig
        they now have no chance of winning
        they have had at least three chances to rid this land of the jock retard
        but now i think they wish they had
        so i think desperation’s must win the leaders debate or walk (for the good of the party) damage limitation etc

  116. 328
    Unsurprising says:

    BBC4 10pm news mentions “bigot” comment, not Broon’s questioning of how she was let anywhere near him…

    Imagine how Cameron would get treated in the same position…

    Fine, why not just treble the license fee, fire champagne corks up each others arses but that would still be a shiteload cheaper for us than promoting these cretinous Labour governments…

    • 332
      QWERTY says:

      The BBC is full of shit stabbers. If Cameron had said that they’d have fucking murdered him.

      • 337
        Busted nokia says:

        radio 4 is a complete joke – spinning the story as “now why did Gordon call her a bigot” and spending their time analyzing what she said!!

        Roll on May 7th…

        • 403
          Canary Wharf Rat says:

          5 o’clock news tonight they were saying that in some ways the public might look at this in a positive sense – being human. Beat that!!!!

  117. 330
    QWERTY says:

    It’s the mong like grinning that makes me laugh

  118. 331
    Labour are now smearing Mrs Duffy says:

    Charlie Whelan started a lie on the internet about Mrs Duffy selling her story to The Sun, which was then spread by Tom Watson and Kevin Maguire. It shows just how desperate the bunker now is.

    • 335
      QWERTY says:

      I can’t wait for the story about MaGuire a public urinal and a jar of Vaseline to come out.

  119. 333
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Brown !
    so unlucky
    “Treats would melt in his hands”

  120. 334
    jgm2 says:

    Am I the only one who, between ‘It’s a disaster’ and ‘should never have put me with that woman’ who hears ‘Fuck it’?

    Listen again.

    I’m hearing:

    ‘It’s a disaster.

    Fuck it.

    Should never have put me with that woman’


    • 341
      QWERTY says:

      I was hoping to hear the cocking of a revolver followed by a bang and blood splattering all over the inside of the car.

    • 342
      jgm2 says:


    • 349
      Busted nokia says:

      yes I think it is there.. well spotted
      I certainly can hear “…k it”
      fair to conclude what the … is

      • 356
        jgm2 says:



        • 428
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          yep well done
          but sky probably eased out quite a few nasties for the early news !

          • jgm2 says:

            Yeah. But if we point it out then they’ll have to BLEEP them out.

            Which will look so much better for Brown.

            As if things weren’t bad enough already.


            Useless, incompetent, economy wrecking jackass.

    • 373
      Another Engineer says:

      Definitely. I think he actually says it twice. First time its covered by another noise, second time it is perfectly clear.

  121. 339
    Brown is over and out says:

    ITV news reported a poll they have just undertaken of Labour voters: one in ten say they will now not vote Labour after Brown’s performance today.

  122. 340
    Adios el Gordo says:

    have you been leaving comments on bad al’s website?

    What medication is he on which makes him to look so happy after “apologizing” to her?
    And what are you drinking to write such a bullshit?

  123. 343
    Nail Brown The Bigot says:

    If Cameron doesn’t go for the killer blow tommorow with this then he deserves to lose the election.

    He has had more free goals offered to him than any opposition leader in the past 6o years and has sat on his arse doing nothing.

    • 357
      lol says:

      Cameron doesn’t need to do anything about Bigotgate. Fuckwit Brown has done it all for him.

  124. 347
    Brown is an odious madman says:

    ITV’s Tom Bradby “Gordon Brown thinks that core Labour voters are bigots.”

  125. 348
    whatimmigration. says:

    Come on mandy you can save the labour party.

    Roll on May the 7th so i can see the back of these chimps.

  126. 353
    has Brown lied again live on TV? says:

    Andy Porter from The Telegraph reckons Brown lied about Mrs Duffy accepting his apology. He promises more in the paper tomorrow.

  127. 355
    Gordon_the_Deisel says:

    Mrs Fluffy
    You have the charisma of a damp dishcloth and the appearance of a low piad dinner lady.
    And the question I want to ask is….. how could you question my immigration policy?

  128. 358
    Expletive Deleted says:

    If I were the suspicious type, I might say something in there has been hastily wiped.

  129. 360
    Anonymous says:

    Are the BBC using the Cameron clip about ‘fear’ in their debate promo so they can wank themselves into a coma if he mentions the Greeks/a hung parliament/how we’re fucked?

  130. 361

    The Gillian Duffy story will all be revealed in the Sunday Telegraph NOT Thursday The story – it is thought – will have longer legs – after the TV debate on Thursday And will stay in voters minds long after the three have said nothing about the economy etc etc


  131. 362
    streamfisher says:

    Gordon Brown says to his fellow socialists on mike…vote for me or else you bigots.

  132. 365
    Memo to labour party trolls and sympathisers says:

    In all honesty unless someone senior in the Labour Party comes out now and puts the boot into Brown then their vote will collapse to the B&P after this debacle.

    It will look worse trying to spin and stay ‘on message’ and a united camp it will give the message that the whole Labour party condones this outlook.

    14 million pensioners with a vote and Gordon decides to write them off as bigots.

    You are polling lower than in Michael Foots day for fucks sake and you spend two decades out on your arse after that so imagine how long you will be out for now if you let the nutter carry on, how can Gordon be the right man for the job you clueless and spineless idiots?

    If you want to save any shred of your party then you need to do Brown in now verbally and distance the party from him and promise to dump him after the election otherwise he will drag you down with him like the titanic to oblivion.

    Reign the bastard in for fucks sake otherwise you are doomed, you’ve got little to lose now so find someone with a spine and prop them up for a week.

    • 447
      Boot says:

      fuck off troll

    • 612

      It’s not just Brown’s obvious contempt for the views of ordinary working people that will kill off the Labour vote – these 14 million pensioners have also been promised an immedate rise in the state pension to £150 per week and a reinstatement of the earnings link, all in the Unmentionables’ manifesto.

      OK, so after a moment’s thought we all know that such a policy is unaffordable, but couple it with the effects of mass immigration and unequal population growth in North West Frontier towns like Rochdale, and I can see the Labour vote haemorraghing faster than a goat at a halal abbatoir.

      Bye, Gordon – it was fucking horrible to have met you.

  133. 366
    Gordon Brown says:

    What’s the worst that can happen? I get a pension pay-off worth £5 million quid, then six months off to visit the boy pens in Sri Lanka, and then next year I’ll get a £400 grand a year job with the EU as some kind of fuckwit ‘ambassador’ and as much caviar and champagne in First Class, as a fat jock can eat.

    Thanks for all the taxes, suckers. Keep payin’ em. We future EU ambassadors like to keep our airmiles up.

  134. 367
    DuffytheBampotSlayer says:

    I’m not even sure what he means!!

    I thought bigot meant someone who is incapable of understanding another’s point of view. Apparently he thinks it means being a racist.

    I know one thing, from now on I’ll be known throughout the land as

    Duffy – the PM slater

  135. 370
    Gordon has one more try at apologising says:

  136. 374
    anonymous says:

    Sun Headline:
    It’s Grandma Duffy wot won it.

  137. 376
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Gordon’s wheeled out Sir Alex Ferguson in an attempt to attack Cameron’s background. What hypocrisy, Sir Alex.

    “How Sir Alex Ferguson (paid £1m a year) may get a £2m fund – tax free – to play with” (The Independent)

    And he was given a knighthood, of course, courtesy of Gordon.

  138. 378
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:


    Gordon, oh Gordon you’ve taken us for fools.
    You lied about Prudence and your ‘Golden Rules’.
    You plundered our pensions and decimated our savings,
    We’re fed up of listening to your ‘global’ ravings.
    Blair claimed you’re a genius; he lied to us too.
    The ‘British’ economy is in deep doggy-doo.
    ‘No BOOMS, NO BUSTS !’ you used to shout out.
    That was all hubris, of that there’s no doubt.

    You bang on and on about your Presbyterian daddy,
    Born a son of the manse and raised in Kircaldy.
    Now how would he regard you, with disgust or with pride ?
    Having watched you for years as you stood there and lied ?
    You’ve ruined this country, we’ve become a basket case.
    Moody’s and the others plan to remove our triple A’s
    Yet you’re still in denial, saying we’re ‘uniquely placed’
    Have a long look in the mirror, YOUR REFLECTION IS TWO-FACED !

    I watched you a while back on the Andrew Marr prog,
    The look on your face was unusually hang-dog
    You said you’d unveil a ‘Decade of Shared Prosperity’.
    I think you’re deluded-it would be more Marxist Austerity !
    You bored me to tears with your grandiloquent prolixity,
    A dull raft of statistics in a broadcast of mendacity.
    Then you told us that yours is the Party of aspiration!
    You’re clutching at straws, man; that’s total desperation !

    In the early days of 2010 a few chumps tried to shaft you
    Are you absolutely certain that this wont be the last coup ?
    Yet once again the Dark Lord came a-riding to your rescue.
    The public all think you should be end up like Ceacescu.
    You’re ‘getting on with the job’ of rebuilding the economy,
    Stop trotting out these phrases with predictable monotony !
    You’re sending us to sleep trying to explain your ideology.
    The only thing we’re interested in is the outcome of psephology!

  139. 380
    "It's a Disaster" says:

    Gordon should have said, “I am a Disaster”!!

  140. 381
    albacore says:

    Sticks and stones.
    Nobody with any gumption was ignorant of Brown’s character prior to his latest gaffe.
    His fairy money is evaporating. His immigration policy undermined the nation’s foundations.
    The Tories and Liberals were willing accomplices.
    The puppeteers of all three parties shared identical goals long before Heath conned us out of England and into a “Common Market”.
    Forget all the precious name-calling. Consider the broken bones to come.

  141. 384
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Has he gone yet?

    • 395
      revolting peasant says:

      According to Michael Crick on Newsnight, Prescott and Tom Watson have been putting it about that the whole thig is a set up by News International and Mrs Duffy has been paid £50,000 by The Sun.
      Pathetic-Labour just can’t stop lying.

      • 405


        “You can’t buy OUR election, Murdoch”
        On Peppa Prescott’s blog.

        Even through the internet you can smell the desperation.
        At least, I hope its desperation..It could be something else..

        • 408

          Stop modding me. Its irritating.. Guido won’t allow the link.

          “You can’t buy OUR election, Murdoch”
          On Peppa Prescott’s blog.

          Even through the internet you can smell the desperation.
          At least, I hope its desperation..It could be something else..

          • Tracey Temple says:


          • Mr Slater's Parrot says:

            (skittle) (bob) WHERE’STHETROLLS!!! WHERE’STHETROLLS!!! (krrrrrrr..rrr) SHITTHEPANTS!!!

          • They are BOTH shit. Repeat until it finally sinks in says:

            Brown’s a cun’t and Dave’s still a useless cock but the fact is no-one supported Brown here anyway
            The torytrolls are just so fucking stupid it’s the only reply they ever have and parrot if anyone dares criticise Dave Blair

          • Give me some Pies says:

          • Canary Wharf Rat says:

            The fact is that whatever you think of Dave he is a bit more savvy than leaving his mic on and a little more considerate than calling an English old age pensioner a bigot. Now Fuck off top bed twat.

          • They are BOTH shit. Too complicated for the retards sadly. says:

            “The torytrolls are just so fucking stupid it’s the only reply they ever have and parrot if anyone dares criticise Dave Blair”

            Thanks for proving my point you stupid twat.

            What part of BROWN IS A CUN’T was too complicated for your tiny partisan shill troll brain to process you piss guzzling moron ?

            So Fuck off yourself you shameless Dave arselicking spineless worm.
            Have a lovely time wanking off to Brown making a cun’t of himself.
            I’ve had a good laugh at it but I’m looking forward to an even bigger laugh.
            Because it’s still going to be a hung parliament and I’ll be roaring with laughter at Shithead Brown and Dipshit Dave and all the mindless little poodle wankers that worship both of them.

          • Dr Geoffrey Clements says:

            It’s sad that some people like our good friend “They are BOTH shit. Too complicated for the retards sadly.” can’t get over the fact that the Natural Law Party disbanded. I fear for his health as he clearly has anger issues.

            But do keep up with the yogic flying.

          • Hairy Dwarf Twat says:

            Fucking hell! you REALLY are a retard.
            It’s not just an act.
            Here’s some exciting info for you captain stupid.
            You simply don’t have the brainpower to carry off even the pathetic and laughable straw man you just dembarrassed yourself with.

            If you aren’t for Bruin or call me Dave you must be Natural Law ? Seriously ??
            You’re THAT stupid ?
            The only person fuckwitted enough to fall for that feeble bullshit is you.

            Take your spineless mindless horseshit back to CCHQ and learn not to get out of your depth you sad little poodle.

            Yap! little poodle. Yap for your CCHQ masters!

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

          • Chop says:

            And this is a retort to who, exactly?

            Me, or the other 500+ posters on this thread?

          • Chop says:

            What a fabulous grasp of grammar you have young troll.

            Are you Gordon’s catomite?

          • Dr Geoffrey Clements says:

            oh dear “Hairy Dwarf Twat”, reading your post – it’s like being mauled by a toothless kitten, keep up with the yogic flying though dear xx

  142. 389
    "It's a Disaster" says:

    Did you notice how Brown seemed ‘embarrassed’ about Old Labour when Mrs Duffy was mentioning about her antecedents and ‘The Free Trade Hall’ in Manchester, he couldn’t wait to move the conversation on, as he is out of touch with their views; all he wants is their vote!!

  143. 390
    MB. says:

    One thing occurred to me, why was not he not warned before he appeared on Radio 2? The story seems to have been circulating by then.

    Were his aides afraid to tell him?

    • 401
      Frightened Aide says:

      Ever had a nokia phone hit you at 30 mph?

      • 530
        It doesn't add up... says:

        That’s a gentle lob. 30mph = 44ft/sec, or about 31ft/sec horizontally when thrown at a 45 degree angle to maximise the distance thrown. It wouldn’t reach the other end of a cricket pitch.

    • 417
      grobdj says:

      After 13 years of seeming invincibilty, Brown is now completely surrounded by idiots of the same calibre. The Emperor is naked, as are his accolytes and Spads

      Otherwise they would have had the wit to help him through a bad day at the office

    • 499
      My Vote Never Counts says:

      Because there was no good news to aid preparation of a “News Sandwich”?

  144. 393
    monocular jock says:

    I’d rather have Rab C. Nesbitt in charge than than that c.unt. At least ye can oonderstand whit he’s oon aboot, am I reet Gillian hen?

  145. 394
    Brown, G says:

    I genuinely regret being caught out.

  146. 399
    nell says:

    I have just read that labour are bringing the orange coloured bliar back next week to do some campaigning for gordon.

    That’s good because it will concentrate voters attention on the fact that this labour government has sent our troops into two disastrous, unnecessary wars without body armour, armoured jeeps, enough medical back up and too few helicopters.

    It will also help us to remember , before we cast our vote, just how rich bliar, mandy, prezza and ainbustinagut to name but a few have become in office, at our expense.

    Oh yes bringing bliar back just before we vote is a excellent idea!!

  147. 400
    QWERTY says:

    The BBC still promoting the Liebour lie that it’s all the fault of Sky News and Rupert murdoch.

    Can’t the one eyed fucking shit stabber work out how to turn a mic off?

    • 541
      Anonymous says:

      Strange – I watched BBC news 24 and they said that whilst Sky owned the mic it was considereda pooled mic for use by all stations.

      • 581
        QWERTY says:

        Radio 5 and News 24 claim it’s Sky’s fault for releasing the tape. Funny if the BBC had caught it we wouldn’t have heard it, unless it was Cameron of course

  148. 402
    Alastair Sim says:

    Did you notice on Newsnight the coloured label on McDoom’s microphone controller for the debate tomorrow, Green for Danger!!

  149. 404
    Dack Blog says:

    Haha… Paxo commenting on how nice all the Labour stooges are being this evening!

    I’m loving this. Fucking brilliant.

    • 691
      Susie says:

      Yes on T’day, I noticed this new oily mellifluous tone they’ve been practicing all night, quite different from the menacing hectoring we’re used to… gives one the creeps — the aural version of McSnot’s cheesy smile.

  150. 405
    MB. says:

    I like the way that Broon was shown speaking to people in the street yesterday, he asked everyone where they came from and they all got the response that Labour have a very good candidate in that constituency. Be nice to him caught out with someone naming the place where the candidate had to step down or just somewhere in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands where no election.

  151. 409
    Laugh? I nearly cried! says:

    Even if it was a setup don’t you just love the hypocrisy of the left wingers!

    It’s all alright for them to set up the ‘evil’ tories and use every dirty trick in the book but when their own tricks are used on them they cry and gasp in horror claiming it’s not fair!

    What a bunch of sad acts. Go on babies throw your toys out of the pram lol.

    • 425
      jgm2 says:

      But it obviously wasn’t a set-up. The woman was obviously so delighted at having talked to the PM. And when the reporters came up to her you could see she was on Cloud 9.

      She thought they just wanted to ask how she felt.

      You could just see one of the biggest and best days of her life turn into one of the shittest as it finally dawned on her what Labour thinks. REALLY thinks about their voters and the opinions of their voters.

      I had an epiphany like that about my youngest brother.

      Fucking horrible experience.

      You can see it happening to her. It’s not rage. It’s not anger. It’s just the realisation about what a trusting fucking fool you’ve been all your life.

      Then you go back and you remember the little (actually fucking enormous) clues that were there all along that, blinded by loyalty, you just couldn’t/wouldn’t/refused to see.

      I know exactly how she feels. But it’s better she find out now than in two weeks time.

      Same for the hundreds of thousands of others who will see this and have their ‘lightbulb’ moment.

      Yes. You’ve been had. By somebody you trusted. The cu*nts really are taking the piss.

      • 446
        Disaster Watch says:

        Dead right jgm2, a ‘penny dropped’ moment!!

        • 511
          lolol says:

          no, no, no, no, no
          it’s only Dave that has a set up
          stick to the CCHQ script please

          • lolobotomy says:

            no, no, no, no, no
            it’s only Murdoch that has set this up
            stick to the lab puppet script please!.

      • 452

        All true, but I did think it was a cruel the way the reporter told her, guessing that it was going to hit her like a train. I wished she had her back to the camera at that moment – it was not fair to a non-combatant. I don’t like to see an old lady nearly crying. I’d have felt less dirty, less compromised, if she had her back to the camera and was watching the video in the satellite truck. Yes, she and all Labour voters need to know they are truly despised by their smarmy leaders, and that they are complicit in the destruction of the state….but still, I feel like I need a shower.

        They can run all the cameras they like on Gordon, and serve him right. I will be watching for their Portillo moments.

      • 470
        Canary Wharf Rat says:

        Shows what contempt these fucking champagne socialists hold their grass root supporters in.
        My Grandfather was an officer in the TGWU and Labour through and through. The GE before he died he refused his opportunity to vote.
        This incarnation of the Labour Party needs to be wiped from this Earth, maybe then and only then will we get a party that represents the true aspirations of the British working class and small self employed businessman, cos there sure aint one at the moment.

        • 518
          Chop says:

          It’s ok CWR,

          by the magic of postal voting, your dear departed Grandfather will be voting Labour this time around.

          Do not put anything past these bastards.

      • 713

        Well said. It was a bad moment for the lady.

        A worse one for Gordon no doubt.

        This Labour smears playbook is getting old .

        Play1 -Thatcher
        Play2 -racists
        Play3 – Murdoch

        Not much left …Gordon…Go long….!

  152. 411
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    So. Now we know why Cast Irons campaign was so weak. He was gambling Bruin would gift him the mother of all screwups, as he has done with immaculate timing.

    That’s quality incompetence money just can’t buy. More please. Liebours “gaff-a-day” policy is actually entertaining. Tomorrows debate could well be his final suicide message. At least he’ll be able to ask Elvis what he really thought.

  153. 412
    Auntie Flo' says:

    ComRes poll for ITV and The Independent suggests.

    Conservatives 36% – up three points on yesterday.
    Labour 29%
    Lib Dems 26% – a drop of 3 points

    Tomorrow’s post Bigotgate poll:

    Labour 21% ?

  154. 413
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Not so much fun on this blog since Draper in the cross hairs!!!!

  155. 416
    The Lying Scotchman says:

    I am an inept, lying, useless cun.t but millions will still vote for me. Fucking unbelievable.

    • 418
    • 432

      Agree. It’s like when you meet one of those silly cows with a split lip who insists “He luvs me really, he don’t mean it” or people who have bought in to a cult and just ignore all evidence which suggests they might be wrong. Police officers who investigate some nasty con tricks say the same – the victims just don’t want to face it because they keep hoping the lie is true, otherwise they’d have to admit they’ve been had.

      If you’ve ever spoken to a silly woman who believed in the women-gifting-women pyramid scheme you can hardly believe they can be so stupid, but they get terribly upset if you suggest they are willingly deceiving themselves. Then they lose all their money and claim nobody ever warned them.

      • 483
        jgm2 says:

        Yep. Labour voters are in an abusive relationship with their MPs.

        It really is that simple.

    • 509
      Cast Iron Dave says:


  156. 422
    Mike Hunt says:

    From tomorrow Gordoom’s minders will search him thoroughly for microphones, bugs etc.

    The process will be named after me….

  157. 427
    streamfisher says:

    Time to go online with another petition, the undersigned all think Gordon is a C*nt,
    Peppa Pig
    Mrs Duffy
    The Wife
    His wife
    The Cabinet

  158. 430
    Gordon Brown Shoud Get "Dirtier" With The Electorate says:

    “Yesterday, I wrote that I’d like to see Gordon Brown get “dirtier” with the public and open a street dialogue with the voting public on the campaign trail.”

    Alex Smith, Editor of Labourlost gets his wish on http://www.labourlist.org

    • 439
      Mark Oaten says:

      I’m available, if no-one else will…

    • 454
      Gordon Won't Resign says:

      Gordon Brown has also figured out a way to stay in power if there’s a hung Parliament according to TheBigotLlist:

      “Three days ago I spelled out in detail the implications as I see them of the constitution and the new rules promulgated by the cabinet secretary for the rights and duties of an incumbent Prime Minister after an election has resulted in a hung parliament. The clear message of this analysis was that if there’s a hung parliament after May 6th, whatever the result in terms of votes or seats, Gordon Brown would have not only the right but also the duty not to resign”

      What a krafty kreamy kocksucker he is.

  159. 433
    Fucking hell says:

    it’s votes what count fuck voters,is that mic on.fuck…shit.

  160. 434
    Phil's Tampon says:

    Brown’s interpersonal skills are making all the breakfast tv shows here ‘down under’. He always wanted to be a world leader, pity it is in stupidity

  161. 438
    MB. says:

    BBC News

    A Labour general election candidate was arrested after crashing her car into a roundabout, says her agent.

    Kathryn Smith, standing in Gravesham, is understood to have been breathalysed at the scene. Her agent said she had asked to provide a blood sample.

    She was taken to hospital after the incident at University Way, Dartford, on Monday but was not seriously hurt.

    Kent police said a 49-year-old woman had been arrested and bailed to 10 July, pending further inquiries.

    • 445
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      After today they’ll all be hitting the bottle!

    • 497
      UM Spelling says:

      Out in the town centre again today. Met some old friends and many new Labour supporters. People know that Labour is still on their side.

      morning canvassing in sheltered accomodation – lots of support for Labour – stopped for coffee in the town centre with campaign team.

  162. 443
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Twat Presctt in the Guradian spinning this as a Murdoch plot. Jesus, they spent the last 11 years sucking up to Murdoch. Seems like Granny Duffy was a Tory sleeper planted many years ago in Rochdale waiting for Gordon to visit.

    • 465
      jgm2 says:

      Prescott is in the direct employ of the Chinese.

      He’s been caught fucking off piste.

      He’s an arsehole of the first water.

      Why a ‘high-brow’ newspaper like The Grauniad would give him a knob of goatshit for his opinions is a fucking mystery.

      More money-laundering probably.

      • 481
        Canary Wharf Rat says:

        He was almost right with his website. Go Forth. Should now be renamed. Come Forth. How on earth can someone like him purport to try and influence opinion. The guide as far as I’m concerned is if he says it then think the opposite.

        • 493
          jgm2 says:

          Brown is the same.

          Brown pre-announces his idiocies.

          ‘I will not use my families as props’. Hey presto, the very next fucking day his wife is introducing him to the Labour Party conference.

          There are other examples but I just cannot be arsed to repeat them.

          Essentially Brown is defined by what he proclaims he will not do. The second he proclaims he won’t do something then, as sure as shit stinks, he’ll be doing exactly that by return of post.

          It’s quite incredible.

          • johnny says says:

            A barefaced lie that goes unchallenged is a win to Brown. I must assume it is intentional. He is a thoroughly petty man and such silly games must help soothe his mind somewhat. ‘Hehe, I’ve got one over everyone again.’ ‘Haha, I am so important no one challenges my lies.’

            The Emperor’s New Clothes was a warning not an instruction manual.

          • jgm2 says:


            You’re right.

            To him it’s all a big game. Reaffirming how fucking clever and powerful he is by spitting in our faces and telling us it’s raining.

            What’re you going to do?

            The voters of Kirkcaldy would vote for a red-rosette on a dog turd. So will most of Scotland. Still.

            One person will still have a job, albeit at 50% of his previous salary come May 7th is Gordon Brown.

            He doesn’t give a shit and he doesn’t care who knows it.

  163. 448
    the fifth column within Britain says:

    It looks like some immigrants agree with Brown that Mrs Duffy and most white, indigenous English people are ‘bigots’. Perhaps they should go back to their own countries and give up all those welfare benfits they claim over here?


    • 575
      Shameless stupidity says:

      The woman (?) is a screwball. Plenty of time to write a lengthy winge and pay ‘higher rate tax’ at the same time.

      For sheer nastiness she is in a league of her own.

      Perhaps she should cast her everso sensitive ‘eastern European immigrants’ eye’ over the situation in her country of origin or does she live in a higher taxpaying bubble and lack all empathy with a working class woman caught up in a bewildering storm of cultural and social change not of her or the majority’s choosing.

      Flinging the slur of ‘bigot’ or ‘xenophobe’ really will not do.

  164. 455
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Fucking hell they just did a piece on news night on the estate where mrs duffy lives
    they started asking questions about immigrants
    FFS if you wanted a community that is over-run with them
    then this is it
    “it started in the 60′s with the textile trade “then it just got more and more !
    one woman said:”why are you here on this little estate, get down town it’s fuckin chokka with em “get on the big estates you can’t fuckin move for em down there
    even the asian’s were saying she had a right to ask the question
    an elderly asian man said he has done alot of damage to his party
    He has insulted one of our elders and she had every right to ask the question he said ! He has fucking blown it !

    • 517
      Jan says:

      Amazing that all the white people they spoke to in Rochdale who were against immigration had Irish names.

      • 576
        And your point is? says:


        English and Irish history have been closely mixed for centuries. Indeed Ireland was a constitutional and political component of the United Kingdom until the creation of the Irish Free State after the First World War. Northern Ireland (with Irish names) is still part of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

        What’s so amazing about Irish names in England.

        Look at all the English names (and the language) in the Republic of Ireland.

  165. 459
    RavingMad says:

    The BBC are leading an enormous smear campaign against Mrs Duffy. Tony Livesey, a twat if ever there was one, is assisting callers and labour guests to destroy this woman. I wonder who the man is behind this scenario – Mr Apology himself????

    • 468
      QWERTY says:

      Shit stabbers all stick together on the left.

    • 496
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      You are correct. Livesey is a complete asshole. He hails from the same cesspit as murderin’ al campbell, who is crying in the latest of his many drinks tonight.

  166. 460
    Dack Blog says:

    Cripes I’ve just seen the new Labour PPB for the first time. What a gaffe-tastic day. It’s like an episode of ‘The Thick as Shit.’

  167. 464
    QWERTY says:

    How low can Liebour go in the polls?

    I hope Cameron has some balls tomorrow when the gay mong goes on about the economy

    1. Where’ our gold gone?

    2. What the fucked happened to my private pension?

    3. Who fucked up the banks?

    4. No more boom and bust?

    5. Who ran up that fucking debt?

    If Cameron can’t tear McTwat a new arse with that list he really is hopeless.

    • 490
      Not fair on call me Dave says:

      Give Dave a chance FFS!

      He’s only had 3 years to do it after all.

      You can’t expect him to finally do it in 7 days.

  168. 474
    TJ says:

    Watson, Maguire, and Whelan are all smearing Mrs Duffy tonight with the lie that she has sold her story to The Sun for £75,000.

    I hope these lying, smearing bastards are exposed and that Brown is revealed as being behind it.

    • 494
      All power to Mrs Duffy says:

      I hope she has made a lot of money out of it

    • 495
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Do you see the theme that runs through all this. No opinion not shared by Nulab is acceptable, and must rubbished, and those that hold them denigrated.

      I have mu own opinion about who the real bigots are.

    • 503
      Groucho says:

      That’s the New Labour way.

      Even if she has sold her story (and so what if she has?) it doesn’t change the fact that the entire nation heard for themselves just what a nasty two faced bastard Brown is.

      Spin all you like Maquire and chums – you are pissing in the wind.

    • 504
      Doctor Mick says:

      Yeah a filthy lie.

      It was £65,000.

      • 528
        michael says:

        she would not have had a story to sell ,had the stupid runt not shown us all what a hypocrite he is ,may she make a lot of money, Michael

    • 596
      The Dirty Rat says:

      I hope she has sold her story. From what I have heard about her she deserves a few bob extra in her pocket.

    • 607

      Why shouldnt’ she sell it? I would. Who wouldnt’? She’s done bugger all wrong, why not make some money from telling the truth?

  169. 477
    Bloke with aching feet says:

    I’ve been out canvassing all day and boozing all night, anything been happening?

    • 505
      Groucho says:

      Nah, not much. Pretty quiet day really. You might want to take a peek at the papers in the morning though.

  170. 480
    • 546
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      It’s a bit like Bradford
      i work in and around it sometimes
      but it’s not all immigrants
      there are more doleite’drug taking alcoholic scum sucking thieves there
      than anywhere else i have ever been
      it also has the highest teen pregnancy rate anywhere in Britain !

      • 552
        Dudley South says:

        Have you been reading the East Lancs Tourist Board Brochure again?

      • 591
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        Frankie, Ay Up lad!!! Is there any causal connection between your second and last sentence.

        • 620
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          Mornin ar-moniker : A few years ago yes that would be true
          some fond memories of Roachdale back then !

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            I left one for you at 345 as well. Out all day yesterday. Loved the Mrs Duffy episode. It is one thing having the LabTrollRats chipping at us. We can swat them back with interest added. But for McBroon to turn on his own like that. IMO it just shows what he thinks of the English as a whole. Hope he enjoys the debate tonight …….

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Trust the gratuitous ‘a’ in Rochdale is a typo and does not refer to the spliff culture!!!!!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            Sorry for that it’s me !
            rochdale sits on the river roach !
            the dialect must have dropped it over the years !

  171. 482
    Blackadder2 says:

    Gordon as Adam Ant

  172. 492
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    GB’s alter ego = A.G.(work it out)

  173. 500
    City of Vice says:

    From today’s events it looks like the elephant in the room has just farted. The main parties were studiously avoiding the subject of immigration, which has now blown up in their faces. This will do particular damage to Labour, but don’t bank on Cameron missing another open goal.

    For my part, one often overlooked benefit of Eastern European immigration, which is quite noticeable in my grotty bit of London, has been a significant increase in the level of attractive totty.

    I’m sure there’s enough in this somewhere to form the basis for a sensible and popular immigration policy but I still haven’t quite honed the details. However, the entry criteria definitely includes a perky pair of breasts and a ‘friendly’ disposition (nb I mean female breasts, for you Labourites out there).

  174. 501
    Time to wake up the gormless now says:

    funs over now shitheads. non of the three main party’s are for you,non of you are seen as voters only as votes.The EU is still the target for all three of them,Nothing you think or feel matters a fucking iota to them. They have all spun it all day that off camera they have all said things. and they have…your all scum,vote fodder.fuck off and bicker amongst yourselves until the next time.That is all

  175. 512
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    I know insiders from number 10 read this blog, so could I just give my sincere thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in ages today.

  176. 515
    Unsurprising says:

    Prime Minister Jock Poopong-McShit is leaving the building… uh huh

  177. 516

    +++So you think a Hung Parliament would solve things?+++
    Sound and Fury doesn’t want a hung parliament. He doesn’t want any party to have a majority either. He wants something else entirely… something democratic…

  178. 524
    Unsurprising says:

    The only thing hung will be Gordon, swinging six inches off the floor from his pink tie, if this keeps up

  179. 525
    It doesn't add up... says:

    If Mrs. Duffy is being paid by the papers it saves her from suing Brown for slander. Perhaps that was what he was keenest to negotiate about.

  180. 527
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    The Election is Mine !
    Victory is Ours !
    Five More Years Under My Glorious Leadership !

    I’ll Get My Coat !

  181. 531
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    She looks like the sort of person who would probably have a fluffy bog seat cover

  182. 532
    Groucho says:

    Maguire is doing his level best to smear Mrs Duffy over on his blog this evening, aided and abetted by his halfwit readers who have determined that Mrs Duffy:

    *is a bigot and deserved to be called such
    *is a nasty little racist
    *is in some way a bad person for accepting the Sun’s money (if she has)
    *lives in Spain (?)
    *is a “horrible pratt”

    Seriously, it doesn’t seem to matter what McMental does, there is a hard core of idiots out there who will keep on voting for him

  183. 542
    I say, pass the champers... says:

    Looks like the sister’s on Mumsnet are still Labour girls at heart. Never mind Mrs Duffy, she clearly isnt the right type of Labour woman


    • 550
      jgm2 says:

      Holy Christ.

      That’s where all the Lab-rats are trolling tonight.

      • 557
        Groucho says:

        Yep, some real nasty pieces of work on there. Frightening to think that they are parents.

        • 559
          Groucho says:

          Sorry, I was referring to a different mumsnet thread, on which the opinion was that Mrs Duffy is a bigot and deserves no sympathy whatsoever.

    • 583
      QWERTY says:

      Mumsnet is just full of leftie BBC/Liebour ugly bitches.

      • 590
        I'm alright Jack says:

        Middle class white lefties are among the nastiest, foaming at the mouth life forms there are.

  184. 548
    Reality Check says:

    The only person laughing harder than Dave or Blair tonight is Clegg.
    Think those Labour supporters will go to the Conservatives if even Duffy wouldn’t?
    Think again.

    • 599
      QWERTY says:

      Doesn’t matter the Lib Dems can take 50 seats off Nu Liebour in the north, even on 25% of the vote Liebour would still get 260 MPs. I think their vote has to go down to about 18% before the Tories have a real chance.

  185. 553
    Wm T Sherman says:

    Were Gordon Brown and Frank Drebin spearated at birth?

  186. 556
    Hung Parliament says:

    YouGov/The Sun Apr 28 Apr 27
    LIB DEMS 31% 28%
    LABOUR 27% 29%

    Harris – Metro Apr 28 Apr 23
    LIB DEMS 30% 29%
    LABOUR 25% 26%

    ComRes/ITV-The Independent Apr 27 Apr 26
    LIB DEMS 26% 29%
    LABOUR 29% 29%

  187. 561
    Parrot E says:

    He’s Satanhitler

  188. 562
    Chop says:

    Christ almighty, just seen this on political betting.com:

    Maybe now LibDems can talk about their illegal immigrant amnesty which I agree with

    by Neil_ April 28th, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Erm, hate to break this to you Neil, but the clue is in the name…Illegal, I.e. Against the law, I.e. Criminal…and they fucking well know they are.

    So, because Smegg says, “we wanna hug you all”, they’re gonna come out of the woodwork….give me a fucking break…

    I despair, I really do.

  189. 565
    Chop says:

    This is priceless, from the telegraph link on this page about Bercow not paying his subsidised HOC bar bill:

    He warned Mr Bercow “that accounts remaining outstanding for more than two months may be drawn to the attention of the Speaker and that we may withdraw credit facilities”

    Brilliant, so what they’re gonna do, is bring this to the attention of….erm, him!

    Politics is well, and truly fucked up.

  190. 569
    Doctor Mick says:

    Yes titfer tatifilarious is Gordon’s catamite. He can take a Nokia N95 up the yootoob.

  191. 570
    Andy JS says:

    Election night shows available to watch here:


  192. 574
    Mitch says:

    This is his “kinnock on the beach” moment

  193. 578
    Over and OUT says:

    Remember the photo of Brown when he arrived at the memorial service for the murdered policewoman up North about 16 months ago?

    He hadn’t slept at all and he flicks his hand over is hair – he looks appalling.

    Well, last night he will not have slept for one minute after the awful insults he handed out to Mrs Duffy and he will be looking 10 times worse today – just wait for the debate tonight – this could be the moment when he literally expires.

  194. 579
    Sorry Sorry Sorry says:

    I can only imagine that Brown’s secretary must block out at least an hour every day in his diary for him to phone/write/speak to people that he has insulted/attacked every day of his life.

    He should never have been allowed beyond the confines of the crap College he “taught” at back in the ’70′s.

  195. 582
    Bye Bye Brown says:

    The plan was Clegg was going to get monstered again by the right wing press today before the final debate. Didn’t quite turn out like that did it ?

    • 587
      Ratsniffer says:

      Clegg’s history. People are starting to suss his policies on europe and letting criminal scumbags out of jail. And St Vincent of Cable’s halo has started to slip now that his figures don’t add up and he’s been outed as the vicar of bray. Kingmaker? Clegg couldn’t make a loaf.

      • 593
        Clegg for PM ? God Help Britain !! says:

        Let’s hope so for all our sakes not least the country’s

      • 595
        Dave Blair for PM ? God help Britain !! says:

        > Clegg’s history. People are starting to suss his policies on europe and letting criminal scumbags out of jail. And St Vincent of Cable’s halo has started to slip now that his figures don’t add up

        You said the exact same thing two weeks ago.How did that turn out?

  196. 585
    M.T.Bucket says:

    Front page of the Sun this morning,

    ”Gillian only popped out for a loaf of bread and came back wiyh brown toast”

    • 586
      M.T.Bucket says:

      They managed it wthout the typos though.

    • 715
      Martin says:

      Harriet Harman, Labour deputy leader, demanded a cross-party coalition to outlaw The Sun’s daily picture of a pretty model.

      And Lib Dem frontbencher Lynne Featherstone declared she would “love to take on Page 3″.

      With the story that the economy might be in worse shape than Greece elsewhere it is great that these two great minds are going to try to get rid of a British institution that has been there for 40 years 13 of those under new Labour.

      so what was Harri et doing in that time?

  197. 588
    "Gobit"gate says:

    Cleggy: Why have you got ash all over your head Mr Brown – is is because you are still a penitent sinner?

    B-ruin: Och No!
    It’s because I flew here through an ash cloud.

  198. 600
    Two faced Gordon Brown says:

    (In public) Good morning everyone !!

    (In private ) Stupid English twats !!

  199. 602
    "Gobit"gateII says:

    I see James Whale is sticking up for Jonah on Sky this morning.
    Mr Whale has the cheek to say that he has no political affiliations, when it is clear for all to see that he is a Leibor troll.
    This is the first time that a Whale has failed to spit out a Jonah!!

  200. 604
    Martin Day says:

    Well my wife and I have just watched this on the news and I am going to make an outlandish prediction:

    Labour will go UP from this.

    Neither of us are voting Labour but we both thought the same thing:

    1. It makes Brown seem more human: more normal.
    2. It has put Labour in the news

    We were both laughing our heads off at the whole thing. We think it will, oddly enough, detract from Cameron not Clegg.

    Don’t underestimate No. 1. Until now I didn’t think Brown lived on the same planet, let alone share the same DNA pattern, as us.

    • 605
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:

      I wonder what Gordon Brown says about you behind your back.

    • 630
      Stockholm syndrome says:

      There’s none so blind as those who will not see.

      Despite all the evidence to the contrary there are folk who will defend the indefensible. You know the gangster who was good to his mum argument.

      There are some who will defend the greatest monsters in history for some strange reason.

      While Brown is small beer, nasty and stale, controlled, thank heavens, by a constitution and culture that still has sufficient checks against power (only just), the same guff that some goons write about the georgian beast, could equally be applied to Brown.

      ‘Joseph Stalin was a great man; few other men of the 20th century approach his stature. He was simple, calm and courageous. He seldom lost his poise; pondered his problems slowly, made his decisions clearly and firmly; never yielded to ostentation nor coyly refrained from holding his rightful place with dignity. He was the son of a serf but stood calmly before the great without hesitation or nerves. But also – and this was the highest proof of his greatness – he knew the common man, felt his problems, followed his fate.’

      Sickening, isn’t it.

      • 661
        c.eng says:

        ‘And had about 20 million of his ‘common man’ compatriots put to death’

        Good Old Joe.

    • 710
      Fred says:

      Funny, were you the same chap giving this exact same shite on the Matthew Right show this morning? ‘Cos it sounds just like you have been primed by HQ to pump out this crap.

      Sorry, but it won’t wash. The Sun have got your number. You’re on your way out and may never find your way back again.

    • 711
      Anonymous says:


      Martin, you are a deluded muppet. Thanks for making my day. Again.

  201. 608
    David Cameron says:

    In preparation for the prime ministerial debate tonight, Labour are holding auditions for people Gordon Brown can “bump into on the street”.

    Successful applicants must be willing to smile, nod, and shut the fuck up

  202. 610
    Breaking News says:

    Latest Poll by UsGovYouProles:

    The Bigot Party 88%, Others 12%

  203. 611
    RavingMad says:

    In what way can harriet Harman know that Gordon didn’t mean it?

    On tv last night she repeated this mantra in addition to the notion that anyone could do the same about 24 times in a 20 minute interview with Sopel, DT editor and someone else (forget). No matter how they analysed ther issue and sought explanation all she did was boringly and arrogantly repeat her two points. Obviously taking into account the people’s views is not what this government do

    • 615
      McPoison says:

      You mean Liebour condition the electorate by constantly repeating messages such as, ‘Celebrate the rich multicultural diversity’ and then bully them if the electorate question their orders ?? Surely not !!!

  204. 613
    Bob Dole says:

    Charlie Whelan on Radio 5 advising Mrs. Duffy not to sell her story to a newspaper because all the other papers will attack her.

    • 617
      MI5 says:

      Thuggie Whelan is going mad as well…

      Threatening as usual

      But it’s no good Whelan

      We know you are just a lying, power-crazed thug…and impotent…

      So just go back down your Unite hole and wait until the next government cuts off the Unite money-laundering machine for Zanu Labour…

  205. 616
    I might come back says:

    Apparently Gordon misheard the word “flocking” from Mrs Duffy and that’s why she’s a bigot…….bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    What a flocking chump

  206. 623
    Bob the Builder says:

    Every time that Brown receives a blow he smiles his innane rictus

    He really is a MASOCHIST

    Give him a good whipping tonight and he will be laughing like the madman he ius…

  207. 626
    udderly 'orrible says:

    The Independent (sic) calls it right today: Mrs Duffy’s speaks for many voters when she says she is not planning to vote Labour at the election.

    “Of all the moods whirling around this election the anti-Labour one is strongest. Those who wallow in disillusionment suddenly have a heroine.”

  208. 627
    Two faced Gordon Brown says:

    Look, this has all been exaggerated. I didn’t say she was a bigot. I actually said she was a bigamist.

  209. 628
    Anonymous says:

    I’m intrigued that Brown said he misunderstood what the lady said.

    Could this poster explain it?


    • 683
      Ho ho ho says:

      its too late to try that,it might have worked had it been used in the first 15 minutes.

  210. 629
    Lester Bigot says:

    Gillian Duffy

    Is it true that the Sun pulled the money when she would not say vote Dave?

    • 640
      lolol says:

      The story is also going around that she still recieved a huge amount from The Sun to be first to interview her and when she wouldn’t say what The Sun wanted Rebekah Wade had a meltdown that surpassed even Broons.

      I can’t think of anything funnier personally.

      • 649
        jgm2 says:

        I think The Sun and NOW have prior form for promising a bundle of money for a story then declaring it a ‘not very good’ story and paying folk off with a few quid. Hard to feel sorry for The Sun or NOW if that rumour proves true.

        Anyway the damage is done. Main news all yesterday on all channels. Brown bang to rights sneering at his core voters.

        A Ratners moment for the Labour Party.

        Fucking sweet.

    • 644
      Anyone but the Sun says:

      It’s just as well the Sun is not running with this story. They would only create a sympathy vote for Gordon.

  211. 632
    dick sniffin says:

    get out you filthy french fu.. no wait! you’re fine

  212. 634
    Gillian Duffy says:

    “Where are they flocking from?”

    • 641
      Labour Spin in Action says:

      Only took Gordon’s team just less than 24 hours to come up with that excuse. Teflon Tone and his team would have come up with that in less than 24 seconds.

      If Gordon really did think Mrs Duffy said “Where are they Fucking from?” Why didn’t he say so straight away or if he was too shy why didn’t his aids let it be known straight away?

  213. 635
    Martin Day says:

    On BBC five live with Peter Duffy Gillians nephew. He said this story has been blown out of all proportion. Most sensible comment of day

    Anyone but David Cameron !!!!!!!!

    • 638
      jgm2 says:

      Phew! Thank fuck eh? BBC finally gets somebody to downplay the Maximum Imbecile’s contempt for the voters.

    • 653
      Iain says:

      What a wee runt. You are meant to stick up for your family, not defer to some failed political creep.

      • 672
        RavingMad says:

        I heard the interview and feel Peter Duffy was extremely clear about the events. He also suggested that Mrs Duffy may not have accepted Brown’s apology – his comment was “he thinks so”. There’s more to come on this and Brown’s totally ignorant and arrogant behaviour

    • 654
      Anyone but Labour says:

      FFS. Martin Day, you really are a tit of the highest order.

      This site needs a filter button.

      • 701
        udderly 'orrible says:

        Strange, CWhelan and MDay seem to be echoing each other:

        On BBC five live with Peter Duffy Gillians nephew. He said this story has been blown out of all proportion. Most sensible comment of day
        about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter

    • 665
      c.eng says:

      Wonder what he’s been threatened with, a walk in the Rochdale woods ?

  214. 637
    Lizzie says:

    yes we have all done it been two-faced but we are not the Prime Minister of Britain. How do you think world leaders feel now, they must think he does the same with them, I will not be able to trust him the same as us.

    • 642
      jgm2 says:

      Most people paying any attention already knew what a scheming, mendacious, lying, economy-wrecking Cu*nt Brown is and were planning to act accordingly.

      The great bit about Brown getting found out so publically and across all channels is that it brings home the message to a much wider audience. Right now there are millions of white, working class grannies and widows chewing over their false death, their face set like thunder as they realise just how comprehensively deceived they have been all these years by the Labour Betrayal.

      The best Brown and Labour can hope for is that they don’t vote at all. Because if they do it will be like 1997 in reverse. labour wipeout and possibly Clegg becoming the official leftie opposition.


      Fucking loving it.

    • 643

      yes he usually gets in the car and says

      Sarkozy. That fucking little frog midget Hunt . I wish I had a wife with a lttle arse insttead of this fat twitter twat

      Merkel – who put me with that fat fraulein its a disaster her minge stinks

      Mandleson – hehehe he thinks I like him but I hate poofs

      Ed Balls – hehehehe he thinks he is my protege. In fact he is the only person that looks madder than me so I like him around.

    • 656

      If you think his being two-faced is bad, remember that Obama will have had the full CIA briefing on the monocular moron, including his Cape Cod predilictions and his probable KGB links.

      No wonder he ran away from the gurning lunatic when cornered in the kitchen…

  215. 639

    unelected and unelectable.

    however a job awaits on Doctor Who for the strangely smiling weird fuckwit

    Having said that he might top himself

  216. 645
    lmao says:

    Kavanagh on Brown:

    “This was the authentic Gordon Brown – thin-skinned, paranoid and perpetually on the hunt for someone else to blame. This is the Chancellor who made life hell for Tony Blair and every political friend or foe who stepped in his path.

    It is the phone-throwing, pen-stabbing raging bull disturbingly portrayed in Andrew Rawnsley’s prophetic book The End of the Party.

    As The Sun revealed yesterday, Labour’s panic-stricken high command is already terrified of a polling day wipeout.

    Now they fear the PM’s insulting outburst really could mean the end of the party.

    TV viewers will see decent Gillian Duffy as the salt of the earth – a widow who lost her husband to cancer and helped handicapped children.

    But for party bosses, she and millions of other lifelong Labour supporters in strongholds like Rochdale are no better than voting fodder.

    Mr Brown wrings his hands over “the poor”, but in 13 years has done next to nothing to help them out of poverty.

    He has done little to get 2.6million off incapacity benefit. Tens of thousands of families in Labour seats have never worked and their children never will.

    One million under-24s are on the employment scrapheap.

    Like Mrs Duffy, they are worried sick about pensions, debt, tax – and immigration.

    Predictably, this was the subject that really touched Gordon’s nerve. Anyone who dares question Labour’s decision to wave five million migrants into overcrowded Britain in eight years is automatically “racist”.

    Now it is the issue that could destroy Labour.

    Mr Brown’s spiteful outburst has driven this crisis back to the top of the election agenda. His abuse was levelled at Mrs Duffy. But his view is aimed at every voter who shares her concern. You are all bigoted.

    The Labour Party has been caught red-handed, secretly and deliberately changing the face of Britain without permission. It deserves all it gets.

    But Mr Brown’s words will also turn a toxic torch on would-be kingmaker Nick Clegg. The Lib Dem leader wants to lure millions more illegals by offering an amnesty.

    If voters are paying attention, Mr Clegg might not be the man who picks our next Prime Minister after all………..


  217. 646

    O/T, but nice to see another sanctimonious fuckwit losing out:

    U2′s Bono loses out as Hewlett-Packard swoops on Palm for $1.2bn

    Sometimes schadenfreude feels so good!

    • 673
      Ho ho ho says:

      First Gorgon was given on a plate and now Bono,there is a God.

    • 712
      Smig says:

      The world’s biggest Bowel Movement misses out. Be still my bleeding heart!

    • 718
      Rochdale Cowboy says:

      Another Superstar who continually harangs Governmnets to provide aid for this and that yet makes sure he pays as little tax a possible himself. Yep Bono and his ilk are very good at spending other peoples money. Knob !

  218. 648
    lmao says:

    I heard Tony Livesey and Max Clifford frantically smearing Mrs Duffy on Livesey’s BBC Radio 5 programma last night.

    No dissenting voces were heard. The whole programme

    • 652
      jgm2 says:

      Ah yes. Max Clifford. Where embarrassing Labour stories go to die and embarrassing Tory ones go to make him richer.

    • 660

      Tony Livesey – isn’t he the c’unt who used to edit the Daily Sport?

      What is someone whose main source of income is making up stories to fill in the gaps between telephone porn and loan shark adverts doing on the radio?

      Oh, wait – it’s the BBC, where decency and truth died with Lord Reith.

      I stick to TalkSport, myself – at least most of the presenters are balanced and fair, and some of them are even libertarians…

      • 679
        RavingMad says:


        and they don’t claim impartiality and balance

        BBC should be closed down

        they are indeed scum

        • 682
          RavingMad says:

          oopppss, I didn’t mean that, the mike was still on ….hahahahaha ….fuck Brown and the BBC

  219. 650
    A bigoted northerner says:

  220. 651
    Gordon says:

    I am totally committed to serving the Country for the public good!

    I am just shite at talking to people ’cause I am such a superior being

    • 659
      jgm2 says:

      But this episode is utterly symptomatic of the Brownian idiocy.

      He has an encounter in the street that he cannot control every single aspect of the content , the presentation and the outcome and he fucking loses it. It comes (yet again) as a big surprise. But not to worry, it’s some other fuckers fault. Sue Nye or Gillian Duffy’s fault. SKY TV for leaving the mike on. Some other fuckers fault.

      It’s the same with his economic idiocy. He conjures of an incredibly elaborate FSA, BoE fucking system out of fresh air and then seems utterly amazed when it doesn’t survive contact with the real world. He used to give his budget predictions that collapsed totally on contact with reality. He’d be there tweaking a few hundred million quid on one tax to ‘pay’ for some other lunatic initiative – laptops for layabouts – or whatever. Meanwhile the economy is in fucking meltdown. the banks are lending hundreds of billions to muppet Brits who have fuck all hope of paying it back unless interest rates are kept at 0.5% in perpetuity.

      He just has no concept of reality. He just cannot conceive that just because some fucking idiot idea pops into his head doesn’t mean that it will actually work.

    • 662
      RavingMad says:

      this is the fair future for all except Mrs Duffy ….. and ordinary people …. and the working class …. and hard working families …… and anybody but Gordon

    • 666
      Troll Watch says:

      Nice try troll,but Gordon is shite on all counts

  221. 657
    nell says:

    I see. So now the new labour thug machine is out in force. mandy, whelan and balls are trying to smear Mrs Duffy as being a money grabbing granny prepared to sell some twisted version of her story for as much as she can get.

    THey are so predictable!!

    I for one hope we have not heard the end of Mrs Duffy just yet. She may have been a loyal labour voter all her life but she spoke reams of sense that most of us would agree with, when she asked him about the national debt, student loans, taxes on pensions and uncontrolled immigration from eastern europe.

    Now, we millions of voters who all share her concerns know what gutlessgordon thinks of us. We are all bigots.

    Well news for you gordon. I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with MrsD and be considered a bigot by you. And millions of us will show you how proud we are on polling day by not voting for you

  222. 664
    AndyinBrum says:


  223. 669
    54 Degrees North says:

    Whos the “SUE”, whom the rabid one,
    blamed for his brush with the public?

    • 680
      Bigotted Coffin Dodger says:

      Part of Grabbit and Runne?

    • 687
      Jobsworth says:

      Sue Nye, his personal gate keeper, a Brown stormtrooper for nearly 20 years…

      Oh yeah, Married to ex-BBC Governor Gavyn Davies, man who made his millions as cheif economist at Goldman Sachs Europe.

  224. 670
    Two faced Gordon Brown says:

    I am a flocking chump and would do anything, smear anyone to remain in this lovely job.

    ( I am off mic, aren’t I, for fuck’s sake ?? )

  225. 671
    Mrs Oaten's Brown Fan says:

    phew ! . . . . . lucky he didn’t take a dump!

  226. 674

    I know this is one of the best stories so far this year, but why haven’t you changed the thread yet Guido?

    What else do you know?

    What are you up to?

  227. 676
    BV says:

    The gloves are off!

    Laour’s spinners have changed actics and are busy today claiming that Mrs Duffy reallyis a bigot and that Brown has nothing to apologise for.

    They are playing for high stakes

  228. 677
    Gorgon, the Moron's Moronic Moron, Leader of Londistan and Twatland says:

    Nuthn’s ma fult ye un’stn.

    It wasn’ae ma fult – they did’nae gi’ ma’ tha’ proper drugs fae tha day!

    It was ma nussus fult!

    An’ ah don’ kno’ wot ar say when ar ha’nae got ma drugs.

    Or when ah ha’ ma’ drugs.

    Ah’m a really shitty, shifty Son o’ tha’ Manse, an’ ar’ lie ‘an bully too.

    Nus! ah’v shit ma’sel agin!

  229. 680

    According to the radio, an oil slick ‘the size of Scotland’ is heading for the coast of Louisiana.

    Deep fried pizzas and mars bars have been spotted on the surface, and empty Buckfast bottles are reported to have been sighted off New Orleans.

    It is not known who is to blame for this disaster, but rumours of Jonah developing a taste for gumbo and grits are sure to provoke an international incident.

  230. 689
    a future fucked for all says:

    mrs. duffy….sell your story to the highest bidder.then enjoy it!

    hopefully you will be able to enjoy your retirement instead of gordon stealing your pension!

    mandy etc have no fucking right at all attackig her about money..how much have they stolen on expenses etc? mortgage mandy?

    the government told us that they expected 13,000 eastern europeans to come here.the true figure is more like 1.3 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!


  231. 693
    a future fucked for all says:


    seems like a good reason to just keep letting people in?

    the idea of a government of the uk looking after uk citizens seems to be a bigoted view…….how odd……

  232. 698
    Huntem says:

    I see Guido has had a night of deleting,get some sleep you fat Hunt.

  233. 714
    Martin Day says:

    The Tory who paid below the minimum wage http://bit.ly/ctBx3f Add to list of Con outrages overshadowed by Brown’s gaffe

  234. 719
    david says:

    Plonker…. what a plonker for a PM he’s nuts and it just shows his contempt.

    C’mon Gord keep the red flag flying… (hehehe).

    He’ll probably be going round singing ‘I’m all shook up’.

  235. 722
    V 4 Vendeta says:

    Gordon Brown….. A disgrace… An embarrassment….. A liability… Not to Labour… But to our once great country that he and his cronies have brought to its knees.

    Come the revolution!

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I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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