April 28th, 2010

+ + + Gordon Slags Off Voter into Live Mic + + +

Guido has reported before about Gordon’s pooled microphone difficulties. In order to attempt to control questioning, the Prime Mentalist only has one feed and today it seems he forgot it was turned on as he walked away from an event in Rochdale discussing what a “disaster” it was, and accused a Labour voting pensioner of being “bigoted woman“. Will she still be voting Labour now?

UPDATE I : Labour hacks are removing rosettes before “meeting” Gordon in faked up walkabouts. The first time Gordon meets a real voter it all goes horribly wrong. And he knows it, after telling Mrs Duffy that it was “very nice to see you“, Gordon told aides in the car and said: “You should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? Sue’s I think. Everything she said – she’s just a bigoted woman.” Old loyal Sue Nye better duck.



  1. 1
    BillyBob - Stop immigration - reduce crime! says:

    Looks like Gordon is the bigot !!

    • 3
      Sky Reports says:

      Gordon Brown has been caught out on microphone in an unguarded moment – calling a pensioner “bigotted”.
      The Prime Minister was confronted by the 66-year-old woman while visiting Rochdale.

      He spent nearly five minutes answering her questions and told her: “It’s been very good to meet you.”

      However, a microphone picked up his words to an aide as he drove away in a car.

      He said: “That was a disaster.

      “You should never have put me with that woman.

      “Whose idea was that?”

      Mr Brown went on: “It’s just ridiculous.”

      His aide then asked: “What did she say?”

      Mr Brown replied: “Oh, everything, she’s just a sort of bigotted woman who said she used to vote Labour.”

      • 16
        THE LABOUR PARTY says:

        It is racist to talk about immigration.

        • 23
          Gordon Brown says:

          Its the wrong thing to do, putting me near the unwashed filth I rule that is.

        • 26
          Lord G says:

          Shows how Gordumb is unprepared to meet and talk to anyone who doesn’t actually agree with him….

          What a hoon.

          • Anonymous says:

            Patience is the best tool against the corrupt. They never get better.

            They always create their own downfall eventually. She was brilliantly controlled. She was definitely trained in child work. Just the tactics needed to undo a bully.

        • 30
          Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

          Ah, ha, ha, haaa, ha, ha!

          Just when it was all going so well for the twat!

          This one will run and run :-)

          • Sound bites back says:

            The lady in question has just destroyed him in an interview with massed reporters.

          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            How can anyone want this man to lead our country. He can’t handle a standard Q & A with a Labour voter without afterwards condemning tham as a bigot. The fact is we all know who the bigot is!!! On the world stage this man is a very small man indeed.

          • Squirrel Smith says:

            Was that woman Betty Driver, if so can I have one of her Hot Pots please and a Hot Spot for Gordon, oopps sorry he is in one now!!!

            Labour…Slag early, slag often!!


          • Mr Ned says:

            Brown has just apologised for it, but only because he was caught.

            How many other people has he flashed that hideous smile to and been “nice” with only to slag them off moments later?

            What a two faced hypocrite!!

            He WAS right about one thing though…. It was a disaster!

          • Snotsicle says:

            It’s a shame that radio station can’t spell “independent”.

        • 81
          Smig says:

          Stealth taxes and humungous expenses claims are theft.

          Fuck off you bunch of thieving bastards. Get out or I’ll set the dogs on you.

      • 18
        Gordon Brown says:

        I fucking HATE Bints!!!

      • 19
        Anonymous says:

        At last, McRuin meets the ‘real people’….

        • 46
          harry the camel says:

          Oi that was me, not Anon

          At last, McRuin meets the ‘real people’….

        • 216
          CuttingEdge says:

          Aye, Cameron only meets Lib Dem activists masquerading as joe bloggs public and using their disabled children as props…

      • 32
        Fat Bloke on Tour says:

        C Men

        Oh well, at least it wasn’t Andy Coulson bugging his phone.

        Obviously you are going to help out with the mechanics about how this private conversation became public knowlege

        • 92
          Clarence says:


          This ‘private conversation’ only became public knowledge because Gordon broadcast it to the world via a Sky microphone attached to his tit. It is now the headline on the BBC news page.

          That will add two points to his sympathy vote, then.

          Gordon could visit a school and show his undoubted ‘passion’ by punching a snotty-nosed kid – that may well get him a few more votes as well.

        • 95
          Goodbye Gordon says:

          Silly Hoon. It wasn’t a private conversation and Guido has already explained how it came about. Gordon was using a syndicated microphone which is used by all of the press.

          Jesus, you lefties are desperate pieces of shite, aren’t you?

          • Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

            Wonder what Mandy’s reaction to that was? I would love to have been in the office when that came out! Bet Bad Al wasn’t impressed either. All their hard work… can they not see what a liability he is?

          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            Fat Bloke – my pleasure: When varying pressure waves made of air molecules (sound) impinge upon the diaphragm of a condenser microphone, it is converted into a minute variable electric voltage, which is then amplified (made bigger) by transisters’n’stuff. Said modulated current is then digitised, encoded, and broadcast over a frequency in the UHF range, which is then picked up by the soundperson’s reciever, decoded, converted to an analogue audio signal, and heard by the entire f**king nation. And I thought you did media studies!

            Nice try, twat. Education, eh?

          • South of the M4 says:

            Don’t flatter him with a reply. His brain waves don’t make it to shore.

        • 96
          Smig says:

          Damian, take your fingers off the keyboard and step away from the computer.
          A kid in year 6 has peed all over the carpet in the library. Get your mop and get busy. There’s a good lad.

          • Backwoodsman says:

            Have the results of his CRB check come through ? How can someone with his morals be allowed near children !!

          • Smig says:

            CRB Check? Only the one from Downing Street.

            He has a framed certificate for


        • 115
          Headless chicken campaign says:

          Imagine the panic as they attempt to limit the fallout.

          • Smig says:

            Bruin full of nervous energy on Radio 2. His sphincter must be quivering like a bunny’s nose.

        • 136
          The real me says:

          don’t need him when Gordon is like Andy Capp

      • 272
        Anonymous says:

        She is a bigot Gordon, she mentioned immigration. God the sort of people you have to mix with when electioneering. I can understand why you view your supporters with contempt.

    • 9
      W.W. says:

      There goes another 5-6% off the polls.

      “True colour come shining through”

      Guido will you be having that as quote of the day?


    • 15
      Gordon Brown says:

      It was the right thing to do

    • 17

      Oh, there is two eff’s in “slagged off” – don’t worry, there are none of us who are perfect.

    • 24
      White and proud says:

      man ya go call meh a blud clot honky

    • 65
      Mrs Bigot Duffy says:

      A very upset Gillian Duffy on the TV news wants an apology from Gordon and not a personal apology as she never wants to speak to Gordon again.

      • 141
        Gordon Brown says:

        Duffy? sounds fucking Irish. Can’t have these off-the-boat bogtrotters telling us English what to do. That’s the job of scotch pederasts.

    • 78
      Gordon's Temper says:

      BBC news have broadcasted the conversation. It does not sound good. Very damaging for Gordon. VERY DAMAGING.

      We have now heard Gordon’s true bad temper on live TV.

      • 93
        Gordon lashes out says:

        After he says ridiculous it sound like he thumped someting.

      • 150
        Lance rentboy Price says:

        not to mention that he’s a hypocritical piece of shit, traitorous marxist woman-hating Hunt.

      • 206
        Gobshite says:

        I heard a thump too.

        Did he chuck something or hit someone?

        Or chuck something at someone?

        As a Gobshite, I am also appalled by the lack of sexual swear words.

    • 138
      Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:


    • 159
      Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

      Poor Sue, whoever she is she’d better watch out, Gordon might throw a few Nokias at her.

    • 179
      Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

      Notice he says “whose idea was that”-immediately the nasty vindictive mode comes in.
      All on the forum knew that.

      Now the country knows

    • 188
      Up sh1t creek says:

      As the story broke during The Daily Politics on BBC2…..

    • 215
      Outlier says:

      Misanthropic twat!

    • 246
      Rog says:

      Gordon claims in this exchange:

      “A million have come into Britain, and a million Britons have gone out and are staying in Europe”….

      He actually claims that net immigration is zero?

      WTF are his handlers injecting him with?

      He needs to be nailed on this one.

      • 276
        A Bigoted Brit says:

        Stupid Crash Gordon can’t even deal with friendly questions from a supporter… now matter how many times you wheel out Mrs Sarah now to tell us how “human” their loony liability of a leader is now, the damage is done.

        This has made my day… nulabor drones… you’re totally fucked now.

        Let the prosecutions commence.

    • 286
      Up sh1t creek says:

      The ‘bigot’ woman’s reaction to what Gordon had to say… interview a LOT longer than what the BBC dared to show at the 1 O’Clock news.

    • 291
      Anonymous says:

      Set the whippets on him missus.

    • 309
      giant bee says:

      Classic “shotgun-foot” moment. Hi-fuckin-larious. This is only going to get worse for him and I’m loving it.

      Those of us with more than a handful of brain cells to rub together already know what kind of a “man” the drooling deranged mong is, but now he’s broadcasting his mind-blowing arrogance for all to see.

      Still think he cares about you, chumps ? All he cares about is retaining the power to enslave everyone.

    • 336
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      So that’s another B&P gain. At this rate Liebore will go fourth. LOL

  2. 2
    Trevor Cleaver says:

    Should have kept the deranged windowlicker in the safehouses shouldn’t you Mandy?

  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s the recording?!

    • 11
      Sod the liblabcon says:

      sky and will be viral within 30 mins

    • 14
      W.W. says:

      It will surface soon enough.


    • 103
      Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

      Not just Sky the mic was syndicated!!

      You just cannot make it up Gordon.

    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      Take a look at the BBC recording. Both Sky and BBC were trying to interview live at the same time. The BBC camera angle makes it look like the sky interviewer is a Labour party Handler trying to bully her into saying something positive about the “Chat” with Brown.

      • 153
        The real me says:

        and was that koonsberg trying to call her on the mobile.send for max clifford there money to be made for the old dear.

        • 281
          I'll have some of that says:

          She’s a dead woman walking now……! They know where she lives….

  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Brown is not right in the head.

  5. 6

    Eagerly awaiting to what Sarah has to say about him when he’s out of earshot.

  6. 7
    Danny Young says:

    Please tell me this is available online somewhere…??

  7. 8
    TimJB says:

    Oh joy and delight, an insight into what passes for a mind with the snot eater!

  8. 10
    The last days of Labour says:

    What a gift to the Tories! Cameron better mention this at the debate tomorrow!

    • 42
      Slimey Toad says:

      A “not in touch with voters ” comment will go down well, but i am sure lord mandelweasel will be doing his utmost to get a similar reaction out of Cameron

  9. 12
    Carnot says:

    Prime Mentalist

  10. 13
    Son of Selsdonman says:

    What a wondeful day this is proving to be – Gordon, man of the people, lets us know what he really thinks of us!

  11. 21

    why is she bigoted? because she doesnt like that useless one eyed ugly scottish Hunt? well count us all in then

    • 160
      Squirrel Smith says:

      Because the feckin’ hoon was only interested in getting his messages across like Bollox et al and using the poor woman for ‘credibility’!!

      They are feckin’ scum!!

  12. 22
    Imprison Jonah says:

    How will the Prince of Darkness spin this? The fucking c/unt.

    • 64
      Snake Hater says:

      You mean Kaa the snake with the spinning eyes whispering ‘trust in me’ Mandelson on leave from The Jungle Book . I have had the best laugh of the campaign so far over the Scotch Haggis = I laughed so much the dogs shot off the settee they were so worried

  13. 25

    Gordon is on R2 Jeremy Vine now.
    He’s really lost it.

    “Those debt figures are not correct ..there is no debt.. Jeremy there is no need for a spending review. If we had had one then we would have had to make heavy cuts..???

    He’s arguing with Vine now. Bad tempered interview from Gordon.
    it sounds like he’s taken some of the red pills instead of the green ones.

    • 55
      The IMF is coming says:

      He is clearly in a ‘nokia’ mood! Vine is giving him a once over

      Give up Gordon, the game is up.

    • 61
      The IMF is coming says:

      now Vine proving Global recession started in London

      Duck, Jeremy – incoming

    • 79
      Nick2 says:

      Fantastic! Even on R2 the BBC apparatchiks are turning…

      • 339
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        The beeboid bastards will be the first to feel the bite of the IMF chainsaws.


    • 101
      Jeremy Vines Microphone says:

      How many times will he say ‘let’s be honest’? I’m up to 6 so far

    • 162
      johnny says says:

      “Those debt figures are not correct ..there is no debt.. Jeremy there is no need for a spending review. If we had had one then we would have had to make heavy cuts..???”

      If we pretend there is no problem there is no problem.

      Isn’t that what Northern Rock did?

      • 201
        Mr Ned says:

        Yes, kinda.

        But Browin is in fucking lala land now!

        I hope this is available on iPlayer!!!

      • 211
        jgm2 says:

        It’s how Thabo M’beki cured AIDS in South Africa.

      • 304
        pigs in space says:

        The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal is a creature that hails from the planet of Traal, and will eat anything. The beasts are impossible to kill. To deal with a beast, one should wrap a towel around one’s own head. This creature is so mind-bogglingly stupid that it assumes that if someone cannot see it, then it cannot see the person. Despite this, the Guide did state, erroneously, that “ravenous Bugblatter beasts often make a very good meal for (rather than of) visiting tourists” in its article on the planet Traal. This led to deaths of those who took it literally. The guide’s editors avoided lawsuit by summoning a poet to testify under oath that beauty was truth, truth beauty, and therefore prove that their claim, the nicer one, must be true. This led to life itself being held in contempt of court for being neither beautiful nor true, and subsequently being removed from all those present at the trial.

  14. 27
    Harry roberts says:

    Look! Look! Engangered Species!

  15. 28
    Phillip Prince says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a better bloke, it was the right thing to do.

  16. 29
    I like MILFs says:

    Jo Coburn is looking very tasty on Daily Politics. MILFlicious.

    • 45
      Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

      I must say, she’s fitting in better than I thought she would, but no, not in that way.

      For top totty (with brains too!) the nation (well, the male half) surely still hankers after dear old Jenny Scott, last heard of working for Merv at the Bank of England.

    • 183
      Cameltoe Watch says:

      Incredible thighs and motte in those tight kecks!

  17. 31
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with Gordo’ is a “bigot,” especially if their concerns relate to his unfettered, idiotic immigration policy. Please, God, let us be free of this out-of-touch, out-of-date tosspot come the end of next week.

  18. 33
    Champagne Socialists says:

    Proof if ever it were needed, how they conive Behind our Backs, and just speak platitudes to our faces, when we all know they really are the Biggest Bunch of C U N T S that ever walked this earth.

    Just MAFIA, pure MAFIA.

    They have Lance Price now immediately on SKY trying to say how it didn’t really happen and how great LieBour are.

    You couldnt make it up!

    • 70
      “Brown is a compulsive liar, he has no truth in his soul. He’s a liar” says:

      the woman is nearly in tears on sky and the BBc now, now she has heard him call her a Bigot. demanding an apology. she wont now vote laBour.

      he is now fucked

      • 180
        Lancashire - England's catholic county says:

        Go Mrs Duffy! that’s the Irish blood. Not too bright maybe, but no paddy or bridget likes to be taken for a fool

        • 204
          Brown's a Tosser says:

          I would vote for the DUFFY PARTY. Just a genuine voter who had some serious and straightforward questions. THe BIGOT is Brown and that is clear for all to see.

        • 273
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          Not too bright? Wilde, Bell, and Faraday bright enough for you?

          Bigot! :~)

  19. 34
    Nozik says:


  20. 35
    The real me says:

    Yes I did say bigoted woman. It was the right thing to do.

  21. 36
    bobthedog says:

    Thats what happens when you let him out to meet the public, he cannot abide meeting normal members of the public, even pensioners who vote Labour!

    • 232
      Anonymous says:

      LieBour didn’t have a picture of McBroon on their campaign lierature because they knew he & his record was a liability.This latest gaff of his is now on tape & available for the wide world to see & hear.
      By the wayBobthedog,I did not intend to say “liTerature”

  22. 37
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Loving this; downfall downfall downfall, it’s coming your way Gordon.

    This last week will be ever so entertaining as the Murdochs go for the final push to try and ensure a Tory majority, not that they’re perfect but it beats a hung Parliament.

  23. 38
    Privatise al-Jabeeba says:

    I wonder how al-Jabeeba will report this on their news. It’ll probably be third or fourth item and they’ll say the woman made racist remarks which provoked the prime minister’s indignation at prejudice.

    • 222
      Mr Ned says:

      It’s TOP billing!!!

      Can you believe it?

      Perhaps toenails is sensing freedom and is getting the political editors to go in for the kill?

      Nah, I must be dreaming…..

    • 244
      Nick says:

      Just seen the Beeb’s version. only 28 seconds long . Starts from the moment TCGB gets into his car and omits the final slagging off. Do the BBC seriously think that we wouldn’t find out the whole truth?

  24. 39
    Nick2 says:

    According to a correspondent on DP (John Pinar?), Brown said “Bloody woman” &/or “Bigoted Woman”.

    Can’t wait for the inevitable sound clip to surface – or will it be un-happened like the full clips of Gordon’s Elvis disaster on terrestrial TV?

  25. 40
    Anonymous says:

    OT will someone tell Fiona Miller (on Daily Politics now) to look up the word “enervate” and use it correctly in future.

  26. 41

    He’s Brown bread.

  27. 43

    I pointed out years ago that a bookkeeper, like bankers, are not qualified to manages business. ok (perhaps) with bookkeeping BUT PM even Blair knew the truth so when his Brown’s off-the-cuff nasty remark was recorded, this reflects the ‘uncaring nature’ of the man . . . . at last a little bit of truth . . . . .

  28. 44
    Govt-ByCluster-Fuck says:

    Moral compass……. Fail!

  29. 48
    Mrs Bigot says:

    No Doubt the press will be descending on the bigoted pensioner for a few choice comments.

  30. 49
    Bub says:

    What a lovely response because he did not like the challenge. So all of us concerned about immigration are bigots? Horrible man.

  31. 50
    Father Abraham says:

    Ha ha, just heard the conversation between Mrs Duffy and Gordon. He’s met a real person, a straight talking, common sense Northerner and he doesn’t like it one bit. Had her postal vote for Labour ready to go but isn’t going to bother now. Some poor smurf is going to get beasted for this. Watch the spin machine go into overdrive, Mrs Duffy has links to neo nazi groups, is a well known friend of Nick Griffin and was put up to it all by The Daily Mail.

  32. 52
    The last days of Labour says:

    I know how Liebore will spin this. They’ll invite the woman to a staged photo-op with McDoom where he’ll “apologise” in person and smile dementedly as he shakes her hands. Privately, they’ll pay her to agree to the photo-op and tell reporters how Brown has reassured her about her concerns.

    • 58
      Bigot Watch says:

      She has just said she never wants to see him again

    • 133
      Goodbye Gordon says:

      They’ll try and dig up some dirt on her and smear her. Come on! You know how it works boys. She will have said something un-PC to someone, sometime, somewhere who was “scandalised” at the time but felt it better not to say anything. Poor woman.

      I’m amazed that that walking turd Lane Price has got the nerve to pop up and witter about. That bastard was nailed by them, after first being a willing smear-machine.

      Labour: filth.

      • 259
        Anonymous says:

        I hope some one offers to pay her legal bills. Just a few false accusations about tax or claims will ruin her reputation. It is not hard to engineer under the over complex hand out system Labour has created.

        Who is protecting her from the news crews? She was shaken. I do not want to hear tomorrow that she is ill.

    • 143
      Clarence says:

      The NuLab spades will be out a-digging. Expect a Rose Addis-style smear campaign and off-the-record briefings along the lines of,”Well, Mrs Duffy…extremist views..say it quietly but beeyenpee…you know what I mean?”

      • 200
        Smig says:

        Jeremy Vine on R2. Political hack confirming that the lady’s comments were in no way rascist, but was forthrightly seeking some answers from Bruin on immigration policy.

        Lying bastard Brown in answer to the Rochdale Lady “a million people have come into the UK, and a million UK people are working in Europe”.

        Last time I checked 25 million UK people were working in Europe. Most of them in Britain. Spin spin spin. Enough already!

  33. 53
    Nokia Operations Director says:

    Unfortunately we are having to report a massive stock shortage over the next week, peeking on May 7th.

    Normal supplies thereafter should return to normal quite quickly.

  34. 53
    Gordon Brown says:

    She questioned the notion of people being given benefits too easily, fucking bigot should be executed.

    • 97
      Nick2 says:

      And apparently she prefaced her question by saying she was a life-long Labour voter who wouldn’t vote N-Lab any longer.

      If the MSM play that part of the clip it’ll catalyse the disaffection of other long term Labour voters.

  35. 56
    boulay says:

    the lady he called a biggot is making a better assault on brown then either cameron or clegg could ever hope to!!!


  36. 57
    iamthewitness says:

    Let’s stop fucking about, Brown is a homosexual. He is quite possibly a pederast. He is also a sociopath, whish is the polite pc term for being a psychopath. The mystery is not what Brown is – most thinking people know – but why a supposedly ‘free’ nation of 60m people let themselves be governed by Brown and his similar traits cabal. Truly, if people still believed in good and evil Brown would have been deposed, detained and punished, as would have Blair.

    • 66
      Just Desserts says:

      Shoot him like Ceaucescu on live TV

    • 213
      Gobshite says:

      Actually, they have not chosen to be led by Gordon.

      Bet he wishes he called that snap Autumn election now.

      And took the damn Mic. off!

    • 247
      Anonymous says:

      I’d love to hear what Bungle Brown was saying in the car after the ‘Elvis’ event the other day.

    • 257
      The truth seeker gordon brown feb 2010 says:

      Thats just not true.If you google my title you will see

  37. 59
    Margaret Buckett says:

    The idiotic thing is, the woman asks some very sensible questions and Brown appears to do a reasonable job explaining Labour’s position – whether or not you agree with him or think he’s lying. Yet he calls the encounter a disaster (unaware that he’s miked up), and, ludicrously, says his questioner – a definite potential Labour supporter, fairly positively inclined towards the party, is ‘a bigoted woman’. What on earth does he see? Must be the world’s biggest pessimist.

  38. 63
    David Cameron says:

    I’m watching BBC and this is the best live TV ever broadcast



    more rope to the man please.

    • 219
      Gobshite says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      It’s the right thing to do.

    • 314
      giant bee says:

      Dear Martin Day,

      Let’s have a comment from you re: the psychopathic bullying retard you lurrrve so much. Take your time now.

      Lots of love,

      Fuck off

  39. 67

    Fan-fucking-tastic – what did i tell you?

    Ladies and gentlemen, cast you minds and your browsers back just over a fortnight, I todl you all that Gordon was on an up then, but the pills would inevitably lead him back to a crashing DOWN in 15 or 16 days, and so we have it. The man is fucking demented. he hates everybody,a nd everything, he cannot be allowed out on his own, a dangerous loose cannon, a nut, a raging, fuming, quiverring ball of vengeful fury. Odious man.

    AND, in that little exchange, proof positive that even a “chance” meeting with a member of the public is, he believes, stage managed, arranged.

    What a fucking shit, what a shower of liars and decievers and malicious fascistic bastards they are. Such joy awaits us friends, such joy in the next four or five days. The scale of Labour’s implosion is about to be revealed.

    yay, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of Debt, we’re going to laugh deep and long and hard at the utter ferreting to come.

    I knew it was going to be a good day. Didn’t I say ti was going to eb a good day?

    I’m always right, that’s my USP.

    Gordon, you’re a fucking MONG!

    • 224
      Gobshite says:

      Get that Battle Axe in the audience for tomorrow!

      • 316

        If he had been listening – which he is incapable of – he’d have realized why Mrs Duffy is so concerned about the national debt. Her grandchildren have been stranded in Auz for ten days, so they have had even more time to think about emigrating. She’s an old woman worried about her children and grandchildren because it will have crossed their minds: “We can’t spend the next 20 years paying off someone else’s debt, and we can’t have our kids coming out of school saddled with it”.

        I don’t believe her comments were racist – although they’ll call her that – she was making a general point about Labour having created a huge group of benefits dependent client voters and then expecting her children to pay for them.

  40. 69
    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    Does he actually have anyone stand up to him anymore?

    Or does he simply ride roughsexshod over all his little friends?

  41. 71
    ibbo says:

    Being replayed continuously on sky news.

    EPIC comedy moment of the debate.

    Its like the ‘thick of it’ being acted out in real life.

    so incompetent you couldn’t make it up !

    • 315
      giant bee says:

      But we will anyway.

      Next up – attacked by a horde of little kids at a school visit.

      Factory collapses live on TV as Gordon cuts the rope.

      Asteroid crashes into country Gordon pledges aid to.

  42. 72

    Why is he not resigning over these despicable comments??

    • 331
      Anonymous says:

      Because he doesn’t really think he has done anything wrong. Look at the word “if” in his so-called apology.

  43. 73
    James Gordon Brown says:

    Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
    Think I’ll go and eat worms
    Long thin skinny ones, short fat juicy ones
    See how they wriggle and squirm
    Bite their heads off, suck their juice out
    Throw their skins away
    You should see how well I thrive
    On worms three times a day!

    • 212
      Smig says:

      Worms would be better than a bazillion bananas a day.

      It’s the Potassium in bananas you see; very similar to Lithium. Makes you totally monged after a few weeks.

  44. 75
    Brown's Shite !!! says:

    Gillian Duffy – I love you !

  45. 76
    Desert Rat says:

    The old dear’s lucky, Prescott would have twatted her.

    • 225
      Smig says:

      Prescott the Pieman can’t get his arms around his equator of a pie-gut these days.

      He’d have to swirl like a merry-go-round instead of using his left jab.

    • 227
      Gobshite says:

      And punch her afterwards.

  46. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Priceless…. What does he expect when he emerges from the bunker… What a two face git….

  47. 82
    Adios el Gordo says:

    He is a disgrace – she is really upset and I don’t blame her. He has called hera bigot in front of the country. This ia an unelected joke of a man who thinks it is ‘ridiculous that a member of the public spoke to him.

    he is not suited for the job.

  48. 83
    Gordon Brown says:

    I can’t help it. I hate women. Just ask my beard.

  49. 85
  50. 86

    In the world of Chairman Brown anyone who disagrees with him is a ‘bigot’. BTW bigot is defined as a prejudiced person who is intolerant of the views of others….I love Fraser Nelson Tweet on this. “Brown’s first instinct is to blame an aide for Gillian Duffy. “Whose idea was that?” Whose idea was what? Democracy?”

  51. 87
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:



  52. 88
    Anonymous says:

    I have no idea why he made such comments. This woman was not hostile at all. Are they that insulated from reality that anything other than servile adoration cannot be tolerated?

    • 233
      Smig says:

      The GULAG is empty! The Glorious Leader will be having a purge political dissendents from Rochdale! Work will set you free!

    • 236
      jgm2 says:


      13 years of isolation from any competing views will do that. Remember, prior to his elevation to PM, he would appear only once a year at budget time where he would proclaim how fucking marvellous he was, how much money he was going to piss away this year, claim credit for five years of Tory growth and then disappear from view for another year.

      He’s shit.

      He’s just shit.

      A shit chancellor, a shit PM and a shit human being.

  53. 89
    Stepney says:

    And someone better let Rawnsley know

    …we’ve got the first ever live recording of the Brown patented back-of-the-car-seat punch!


  54. 90
    The real me says:

    While we are all chewing over the bones of this crash by Brown.Across the pond the US are getting in deeper in a trade war with China over chickens and tyres. The great capitalist country is being forced by the now weakened union industries which Obamas power is based on and have forced him to quietly initiate a series of protectionist maneuvers without Congressional approval. This has pissed the Chinese government off to no end. As China is the US banker this is like spitting in your bank managers face while you have your hand out for a loan.

    • 110
      The real me says:

      opps went and clicked submit before I had finished. What I wanted to add is this. The effect of this is the US economy depends on China, the US dollar cannot survive without China support. I said last night that the US dollar was the A bomb in the kindling. This is the fuse and it is lit.

      • 156
        Shouldn't have bothered says:

        Big Yawwwnnnnnnn

      • 284
        Anonymous says:

        No the USA will just devalue the dollar and therefore bankrupt China as their reserves are yes dollars.

        bye bye China.

        Of course if China responds by kicking the crap out of someone then we are into a whole new world.

        • 333
          Fred says:

          Yeah, that’s the danger. The Chinese have joined socialism with nationalism and become deranged globe conquering Nazi maniacs. It wouldn’t take much for them to want to prove to the world how they should be running the whole shebang.

  55. 91
    W.W. says:

    And he’s getting slaughtered on R2, and the sun is out!


  56. 94
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    He (GB) just said to Vine “some bankers went so far as to being criminal” No mate you and your fucking incompetent management of the country and the economy is the real crime. Criminal sale of gold at rock bottom prices, criminal war with Iraq, criminal waste of money on so many public projects. etc etc etc

    • 196
      johnny says says:

      Some bankers did do criminal things. It’s just they were Gordon’s chums so the FSA looked the other way.

  57. 99
    Gorfoons Blownit all says:

    The true nature of the PC brigade and this man is out.
    Anybody who disagrees with Nulab is a bigot.
    Free Speech (or even thought0 anybody

  58. 100
    Pole Star says:

    Conservatives 45%
    LibDems 27%
    Labour 13%
    Others 15%

  59. 102
    boulay says:

    if a Tory ppc had said this labour would be all over the airwaves demanding a sacking!!!

    • 175
      ST says:

      No, no, no this needs to be played carefully. Don’t weigh in let the press focus on Labour for the next 24hrs. Save it for the debate.

      I tell you what if I was a B&P candidate I’d be printing the leaflets now and delivering them tommorrow.

  60. 104
    Superwomen says:

    Gillian Duffy. Right up there with Heather Brooke, Elizabeth Filkin and Elizabeth Wilmshurst

  61. 107
    Anonymous says:

    How can he apologise. He was sitting in comfort, in a car, away from the lady and safe. It was not an outburst, it was a measured comment made after other comments about it being a bad situation.

    That was his real views. The only way to apologise is to apologise for being himself. That would be the only honest outcome.

    • 283
      fox u says:

      “The only way to apologise is to apologise for being himself” well that would do for starters look it’s very simple he was wired for sound and he agreed to that , which means his comments are now public and that either makes us all wrong for listening or him a twot for talking !

  62. 108
    Browns Broadcasting Company says:

    Peppa Pig would never have said that!

  63. 109
    Nick Griffin says:

    Well well well

  64. 111
    Nozik says:

    Maybe Nye is actually more loyal to her country than to troughing, lying politicians.

  65. 112



    There goes your election Gordon.

    Did you see that Gordon? That was you FUCKING IT ALL UP Gordon. Get it good and firm in your mind Gordon, that was the moment you FUCKED IT ALL UP, AGAIN.


  66. 113
    Just Desserts says:

    Brown now lying on Vine live on BBC News, this is fucking gold dust!!!

    • 154
      Desert Rat says:

      Just Dessert, Brown lies all the fucking time. it would be gold dust if he ever told the truth.

  67. 116
    The IMF is coming says:

    Vine playing tape to him!

  68. 118
    The last days of Labour says:

    He just said to Vine “I do apologise if I’ve said anything hurtful.” They’re now playing the recording to him!

    • 234
      Gobshite says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      There goes another Nokia.

    • 340
      Sacha Lottovem says:

      The man really is completely out of touch with reality (perhaps he learned it off Blair).

      GB: (Allegedly prior to hearing the tape) I apologise if I said anything hurtful
      JV: Here’s the tape. {Plays tape}
      GB:But of course I apologise if I said anything that has been offensive and I would never put myself in a position where I would want to say anything like that about a woman I met.

      You SAID it Gordon. You just LISTENED to yourself SAYING IT. No “if I said”, no “I would never put myself in a position”. You. Fucking. Said. It. My six year old nephew has a better grasp of reality than this.

      Bet that’s the last time Mandy lets Mad Gordy loose among the poor bloody public.

  69. 119
    Hughes. says:

    The zombie corpse of Labour must be slitting its wrists for not having the testicular fortitude to ditch this useless, last-century throwback. Seeing how the electorate is spaffing it’s pants over shiny-happy Cleggy with practically zero policy-scrutiny, and the inbuilt advantage Labour have with boundaries, a fresh faced grinner like David Bananaband might have actually won this thing.

    That said, I despise bigoted comments too, good job I’m in the safe haven of Guido’s comments!!!!!11

  70. 120
    Minekiller says:

    ON SKY HEAD ON HAND…cringeing stuff. PRICELESS

    • 131
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

      Just seen that on Sky….

      I honestly thought (hoped!) he was cracking up…

  71. 121
    Bub says:

    Gordon now grovelling on the radio… oh dear.

  72. 122
    Adios el Gordo says:

    even his apology is crap – not his fault what an utter wanker

  73. 123
    Anonymous says:

    He is on Jeremy Vive now squirming, like a c u n t

  74. 124
    W.W. says:

    Live on BBC head in his Hands, pissing myself.

    This will be lead story on tonights news.


  75. 125
    Curtis LeMay says:

    It’s now officially over for Gordo.

    The mindset of these Labour clowns is mindboggling. How the FUCK was Mr Duffy “bigotted”???

    Buh bye NuLab. Start packing…

  76. 126
    Nick2 says:

    Tape being played on R2 now! Brown now apologising for anything he ‘may have said’!

  77. 127
    Bardirect says:

    Gordon has apologised, accepting the blame, but it was all the fault of the question about immigration. . .

  78. 129
  79. 134
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    And so the country sees exactly what a two faced bastard he is – on the very day before his final chance to prove to them otherwise.

    Good luck with that, Gordon.

    • 342
      Sacha Lottovem says:

      Surely “assert otherwise to them yet again”. He is unable to prove he’s not a two-faced bastard (for the same reason that Peppa is unable to prove she’s not a cartoon pig).

  80. 135
    Gordon is Upset says:

    Gordon on Jeremy Vine does not realise the Camera is on him. Holding his head in his hands. Very damaging INDEED

    • 171
      Stan Butler says:

      True colours coming out here. English hater, woman hater and all round bastard.

      • 293
        Gordon Brown says:

        you forgot Hunt, kiddie fiddler, war criminal, spawn of satan, piece of shit

    • 239
      Gobshite says:

      Only Gordon would fail to realize that they have TV streams on the radio now.

      Dare I wish for a full-on live breakdown?

      Y’know, with naughty language and drooling?

  81. 137

    His only defence is to claim he was referring to someone else – can that be excluded?

    And is that a *thump* part way through the recording?


    gordon you wanker…

  82. 139
    woodenspoon says:

    It looks like its all over, It is now, hahahaha muhahahaha

  83. 140
    Truthseeker says:

    Brown trying to spin it his way, character assassination of Gillian Duffy, who is now a racist, xenophobic bigot. Brown you liar.

  84. 142
    Gordon Brown says:

    Pass me the Luger, I am going outside and may be gone for some time…….

    • 245
      jgm2 says:

      Probably looking for Gillian Duffy or the Nye woman. It’ll be somebody else’s fault for sure.

  85. 145
    John Bellingham says:

    Who was that character in Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy who wanted to personally insult everyone in the Universe?

  86. 147
    Mark says:

    I’m trying to concentrate writing a perlin noise function but this is fucking amazing :)

    I’ve got proper tears running down my cheeks :)

    Browns head in hands LOL

  87. 149
    Harriet Harperson says:

    How dare Gordo to speak of me in that way.

  88. 151
    Minekiller says:

    Gordon Brown is a bigot. He hates English people, Middle Class people, wealthy people, happy people, in fact everybody who is not a war criminal, traitorous, dole rat, welfare sucking, fiscally incontinent, dishonest, Labour party member or supporter.

  89. 152
    John Thomas says:

    The Nokias will be flying tonight laddie, good job they are not bricks they used to be in the 80′s

  90. 155
    Rochdale - Tory gain says:

    This is indeed manna from heaven. Nice one Gordon.

  91. 158
    Son of Selsdonman says:

    Sky have just reported that the mike was worn at the request of the labour party – they wanted us to hear what was said!!

    The pictures from the radio studio are also brilliant – Dead Man Walking!!

  92. 164
    Nick Griffin says:

    He’s a ghastly piece of filth.

  93. 166

    Oh man he’s making ti even fucking worse! And he looks like he’s bloody crying – does he not knwo there’s cameras in there?


    i’m so happy.

  94. 166
    Anonymous says:

    Another Gaff on Radio 2…. He was not aware of the studio camera…. Looked grim as he listened to his comments replayed… and then left the studio in a bad tempered rude huff…. what a loser….


  95. 169
    Bigot big tit Brown says:

    This is what the insane Brown thinks of the English.He will be remembered for this hatred towards the people he was meant to serve and who made him rich.

  96. 170
    DisgruntledNun says:

    Just watched him on BBC leaving the Radio studio – his walk says it all – pure fury.

  97. 173
    boulay says:

    odds on him cracking up finally today and withdrawing from election on “health grounds”????

  98. 177
    Goodbye Gordon says:

    Superb. There can’t be a lot of doubt that they despise their own traditional supporters now, can there?

    Thanks Guido – made my day.

  99. 182
    A bigoted northerner says:

    Resign you Scottish twat!

  100. 183
    Angry and Alienated says:

    Can’t spin it worse: this tweet from Labour witch Jessica Asato:

    RT @Redwidge: Newsflash: Gordon Brown hates bigots. Well, that’s better than David Cameron – he welcomes them into his party.


  101. 185
    Mandy says:

    I am going over to the Conservatives,it was my true calling all the time

  102. 186

    Guido, get the R2 video up too, asap.

    This is fucking it…., this is Gordon’s hypocrisy, this is Gordon’s PC dogmatism, this is Gordon’s hatred of women, this is Gordon’s violent temper, this is Gordon’s sheer stupidity, this is Gordon’s concealed contempt for his core vote, this is everything rotten about Gordon, about Labour, about Socialism, this is fucking IT.

    Goodbye Gordon. Goodbye you bastards. Goodbye.

  103. 189
    Adios el Gordo says:

    aaah tomorrow night should be a laugh – what a bigot!!

    Millibands you had your chance – now look what you’ve done.

    2 yellow ones and a banana for the pm.

    • 294
      Nokias at 12 O'clock... says:

      Any chance Gordon will bottle it and send in a substitute for the last debate ?

  104. 190
    pete-s says:

    This is how the IMMIGRATION question was dismissed at the last election. Anyone who brings it up is a BIGOT.

  105. 192
    Prezzer says:

    fuck it I’m going for me dinner.

  106. 193
    fones4labour says:

    Was it a phone that hit the floor at 4.58?

  107. 194
    oldasiahand says:

    We are only getting the expurgated version. He really said ‘Fu*king bigoted old bitch!’

    • 345
      Sacha Lottovem says:

      Something may have been expurgated by; in the Sky version he says “That was a disaster. Should never have put me with that {inaudible} woman … whose idea was that?”. “Bloody” woman, perhaps, or “fucking” woman?

  108. 199
    Mr Brown... Step away from number 10... says:

    Gordon Brown and his mob…
    If that is how you treat a Labour supporter…. It shows the absolute contempt for the ordinary voter… and the desire for power for powers sake…

    It will make my day when he exits number 10 next Friday…

  109. 203
    Truthseeker says:

    Adam Boulton, the reptile, making out that it will have a postive spin for McDoom. What a moron.

  110. 209
    east of Munich says:

    KaBoom! Gordon implodes!

  111. 220
    The shade of dr kelly says:

    don’t go into the woods alone mrs duffy.

  112. 221
    Nick says:

    Obviously not ‘foxy’ enough for our Gordon.
    Or Male enough.

  113. 223
    Anonymous says:

    Labour Twitters are completely silent at the moment and have been for thirty minutes . . .

    • 238
      A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

      Its called a Titanic Moment. Its where everyone who was optimistic that she’ll stay float suddenly panics and fears for their lives.

    • 260
      Alvis Parsnip says:

      A Little Less Conversation…

    • 282
      Dick Robinson says:

      They are waiting for instruction from Alistair or Mandy.

  114. 226
    The truth seeker gordon brown feb 2010 says:

    I can tell you what happened.Mrs Duffy googled my title and she was’nt too pleased.

  115. 230
    I hate New Labour says:

    This is so good, you couldn’t make it up.

    See, lefty twats, look at the contempt your glorious leader has for his own supporters.

    If he genuinely met a ‘real’ person I think he’d literally explode with rage.

    Has there ever been somebody less suited to the role of PM?

  116. 237
    dr. sipp says:

    she actualy patted gordons hand near the end


    she seemed very normal to me

  117. 241
    Anonymous says:

    The “view I could not respond to.”

    There we have it. He, as a leader of a country, is not allowed to talk about immigration.

    So that is 18% of the over 65 UK population turned away from Brown. In the next few days they will create the next leader candidates. So we will go back to Vote Blair and you will get Brown scenario. I suggest a woman. Some one a long way from Browns behaviour. The only issue is 50% of the population would never vote for any of the current Labour women.

    • 269
      Smig says:

      Mrs Duffy to top the candidate list.

      Straight-talking, no time for timewasters, and no time for fools nor their jesters.

      Mrs Duffy for PM.

    • 347
      Sacha Lottovem says:

      I’d vote for Mo Mowlem. She’s better than the rest of them, even though she’s dead.

  118. 243
    Shock Horror says:

    Jennifer’s Ear
    Gordon’s Duffyed

  119. 249
    Just Passing Through says:

    Ha ha – the Hunt should be “tagged” with a permanent radio microphone. The voters need protecting from this psychopath.

  120. 251
    The truth seeker gordon brown feb 2010 says:

    TAT where are you .I need some spin to get me out of this.What about Martin Day?

  121. 253
    Rip Van Winkle says:


    And, yes, I am shouting.

    • 330
      Anonymous says:

      I want to see which Company or Organisation would want to employ him after this.

  122. 255
    LabourNutter says:

    I think Brown was right. She is a bigot. People like her should be rounded up and put into camps.

    • 278
      Smig says:

      Lead by example sunshine.

      I can see you’ve had a long journey, those trains are awfully cramped aren’t they? Perhaps a nice refreshing shower before we show you to your new land of milk and honey.

      It’s ok comrade LabourNutter, we’ll look after your clothes and jewellery while you cleanse yourself.

  123. 258
    Man from Pickfords says:

    Good afternoon Mrs Brown, yes the removal van is already on its way to Chequers. Can’t do Downing Street until next Wednesday.

  124. 266
    dolt says:

    Find Michael White quick ! Only Sir Michael would be shameless enough to defend him now…

  125. 267
    MB. says:

    What’s the cage trailer on the back of the white minibus, for carrying the press around or removing demonstrators?

  126. 268
    Anonymous says:

    If that’s what he says in private about a life long Labour voter, albeit a working class one, what does he say in private about everybody else. The man has revealed his true self and confirmed that he is a grumpy old bully.

  127. 270
    Perplexed says:

    Are all comments now moderated on this site or just the chosen few?

  128. 275
    John Terry is snide and treacherous says:

    He has simply revealed his true attitudes to the working class.

  129. 288
    dr. sipp says:

    only way to stop labour meltdown

    labour says —brown has had a heart mumour

    delay election

    labour–new leader comes forward

    • 305
      Gordon's dad says:

      don’t be silly, the Hunt hasn’t got a heart and satan(LFI) has his soul.

      • 344
        Baz says:

        I wouldn’t put anything past these bastards. At the mo, they’re taking comfort from a coalition-deal with the gingers. If they fear an actual Tory majority however…

  130. 289
    Anonymous says:

    Brown said to that woman he’s going to halve the debt over the next four years, why hasn’t anyone ripped him in a new for that the lying twat.

  131. 295
    Anonymous says:

    It’s absolutely ridiculous. Look at him storming out of the studio after facing up to what he did. Slimy bastard.

    • 308
      I hate New Labour says:

      I know, it’s great isn’t it.

      And you just know he’ll be blaming everyone but himself.

      But in just over a week, no-one will listen to his rants ever again, and amen to that…

  132. 297
    Rochdale Hornet says:

    Labour just lost another quarter of a million (plus) votes to the LibDems. How better to crystallise in a moment Labour’s attitude to even its sympathetic critics – shutting them up by smearing them with the charge of bigotry? If he wasn’t sure already, Cameron now knows without doubt who his chief rivals are in this election.

  133. 302
    Eddie Booth from Love Thy Neighbour says:

    Brown rules. We need more of this.

    Wonder what he calls Cameron and Salmond?

  134. 307
    Cream Puff says:

    To be honest Im not really surprised this would happen
    This is actually what Gordon Brown actually thinks of loyal Labour supporters
    So used to this in Scotland, where he is always surrounded by activists in order that he never meets the ordinary person on the street, in case somthing like this happens
    Of course in trye Brown fashion, its now everyones fault (another Brown trait)
    He has so far blamed his assitant Sue, he has blamed the lady herself and he has blamed the media for picking up on his comments.
    We have a saying in Scotlad, when talking of Brown ‘The big man did it and ran away’ In other words someone else is at fault, but rn away from the scene.

    Well this is one time Brown has been caught out, the real Brown!

  135. 312
    I hate New Labour says:

    How long will it be before he mentions his ‘son of the manse’ shtick to try and wriggle out of this?

  136. 313
    Truthseeker says:

    Did Mrs Gillian Duffy say she liked Blur? I thought being from Rochdale she would be an Oasis fan.

  137. 317
    John Terry is snide and treacherous says:

    Vote Labour – and become a bigot.

  138. 319
    I hate New Labour says:

    Oh. My. God.


    Just read the deluded rantings of desperate socialists blaming everybody but the Prime Mentalist himself.

    • 335
      Bigot says:

      That’s pretty funny.

      The comrades’ contempt for their former core-demographic is to be their undoing. How they, like Loony, blame everyone except themselves when they don’t get what they want and their first line of attack is always ad-homs plus the Waysist smear.

      Sweet sweet revenge.

      Bye for now traitors. It’ll be fun watching your disgraced party – the one your leadership stole from it’s membership – implode.

  139. 320
    Anonymous says:

    Remember “camera-on; camera-off”? Saying one thing in public but another in private? HA HA HA HA HA. Twat.

  140. 321
    Ken MacLean says:

    At least 40% of British people doubt the veracity of man made climate change, but Brown recently referred to such persons as Flat Earthers. That is, of course, a term of abuse. A properly wired individual would have said that he respected the views of the doubters whilst taking a different view himself. But no, Brown instinctively reaches for abuse – in this case abusing millions of Brits.

    More recently, Clegg called global warming doubters “Nutters” and classed them together with anti-semites and homophobes. Thus the same millions of Brits have also been abused by St Nick.

    Brown’s rudeness and hypocracy in respect of Mrs Duffy was different in intensity but not in kind from the contempt shown by Brown and Clegg towards climate change sceptics. They should not be surprised when the British people hold the whole of the political class in contempt.

    • 348
      Sacha Lottovem says:

      Then there was Cameron back in 2006, describing UKIP as “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”. Whether they are “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” or not is immaterial; same here again, don’t bother trying to make a cogent argument, just smear your opposition with playground insults and expect that that will make them go away. Difference with Brown and Mrs Duffy is that he’s even flaming well smearing his own supporters.

  141. 322
    Colly Wobbler says:

    I thought Brown had more of a Scottish accent than in public? “Whose idea was that?” Also, was that the sound of him punching the back of the seat in front at one point?

  142. 323
    That woman says:

    The election has just come alive.

    Shame you’re not in it Gordon.

  143. 325
    jolly says:

    no no no its okay because he has saved the world you know !!

  144. 326
    anonymous says:

    The media are trying to raise the issue of pressure on Brown and co as a reason for this outburst. This is not acceptable as we know Brown is a lying, two faced, bullying Hunt

  145. 328
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    I wonder if this was indeed a “microphone gaff” ?

    Very good reception quality – especially in the back of a heavily fortified car.

    Her Majesty’s men are all around you Gordon.

    I have said it many times before – everything you do Gordon, EVERY THING you do, Her Majesty’s Men are watching. Quietly observing. Calmly noting things down and building up a picture.

    You think that the very people you intrust to keep you safe are there to protect you ?

    Hmmmmmm, I would argue that the people “keepng you safe” are there to protect Her Majesty’s Prime Minister (whoever that may be).

    I wonder if this was a simple “microphone gaff” ?

    I guess in all honesty only half a dozen people at the most ACTUALLY know.

    Her Majesty’s men are my bet !

    Down with cyclops—-down with cyclops—down with cyclops—down with cyclops

  146. 334
    Bigot says:

    Shame on Labour. Just fuck off now Gordon you lying two-faced traitorous piece of filth.

  147. 355
    Shauniebabes says:

    Technically she was fat, ugly and bigoted. She got off lightly

  148. 356
    Jimmy Wales says:

    Sue Nye is the Director of Government Relations and former diary secretary to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

    Currently on wikipedia

  149. 357
    Tim Williamson says:

    Mandelson tells us that Gordon didn’t believe what he said. So — he really IS just like the rest of us!

  150. 358
    Lacking in self-esteem says:


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