April 21st, 2010

The End of the Fable

Regardless of your views on the new hair do, a slightly more aggressive Osborne scored an unexpected victory at this afternoon’s Chancellors Debate. The CCHQ debate preparation team take note – anger works.

Osborne was helped in no uncertain terms by the music hall duo of Flanders and Neil beasting Cable on his reputation and record. These two have history, but the old yellow sage was left speechless by Brillo’s “Isn’t the biggest myth of the election your reputation?”

Guy News Special in the edit right now…


  1. 1

    Lib Dems are big on spouting hot air and short on any substance, Cable is now holed below the water line now, the rats will be jumping from the sinking ship now

  2. 2
    Electrician says:

    It’s your wiring mate. Cables burnt out.

  3. 3
    Avuncular Vince says:

    Stop taking the myth !

  4. 4
    wayne Rooney says:

    diddy die den der

  5. 5
    Scouse git watch says:

    Didn’t know Rooney could do words of more than one syllable.

  6. 6
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Speaking of Myths
    Brillo aside, the MSM and in particular Pravda has been promulgating, since the second world war, the myth of right wing = fascist /nazi politics. Often implied but sometimes plainly voiced is the concept of the ‘far right’ being either fascist or nazi; this linking of right wing politics with the Hitler’s Third Reich and or Mussolini’s fascist dictatorship is now part of the public consciousness. This paradigm is now established so that when the media use the term ‘far right’ or ‘extreme right wing’, which is often linked or used in context with the conservative party, the spectre of nazis or a vague but threatening idea of fascism automatically presents itself in the mind of the person listening. The distinction between say a conservative politician or even a Tory voter and an extreme right wing nazi has been reduced and blurred so much that many people will see no distinction at all. These terms: right wing, extreme right wing, fascist, including more modern ones like: Neo Con, and even Neo Liberal (sic) are constantly used throughout the day and night on the BBC, whether in the news, or currant affairs programs, soaps or other assorted propaganda.

    The truth of this can be verified by its reverse whereby the labour party is never connected or positioned in any way, by the BBC, to ‘far left’ or ‘extreme left’ activities (in fact the terms are hardly ever used) let alone linked to regimes like that of say Stalin’s Russia, or Poll Pot’s Cambodia. Unlike the use of the term ‘far right’ there is no constant drip, drip of fear by the BBC connecting the political left to either of these or other monstrous communist states, or even a mention of communism in association with the left at all.

  7. 7

    Cable exposed by Brillo, Nick snared by kids, it didn’t last long did it. http://whogoeshome.co.uk/?p=948

  8. 8
  9. 9
    Engineer says:

    It was under-rated for the duty.

  10. 10
    Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

    This is what happens when the Yellow Peril’s more eccentric policies are exposed! I’d been thinking for a few weeks prior to the last debate that the Tories and Labour had been ignoring the weird beards at their peril.

  11. 11
    Vince you are the weakest Link. says:

    Looks Like Clegg’s rock has become his weakest link.

    Little Sarah Teather for Liberal chancellor?

  12. 12
    HarryLally says:

    They certainly do have history. I understand that Cable was Neil’s economics tutor at Glasgow University.

  13. 13
    The Only Way says:

    well put.Destroy the BBC totally

  14. 14
    Captain Black says:

    He didn’t, it’s a stutter.

  15. 15
    The LibDems start to realise the enormity of their predicament says:

    Saint Vince was flip-flopping all over the place…one minute he was reminded of his Channel 4 debate where he said that he supported the government in raising NI by 1% and then referred back to the LibDem manifesto where it was stated that they wished to reverse the government’s 1% increase.Then he was reminded that he’d said that the Lloyds Takeover of HBos was good and then a few days later said that HBos was pulling Lloyds down so it was bad.Then it was gently or perhaps not so gently pointed out that the LibDems fiscal plans had a £10/20BN hole in the middle and that they were double counting £3.4 Bn already saved by the Labour government. This clip should be played to everyone who thinks or ever thought that Cable is rthe saviour of the nation or thinking of voting for Clegg. At long last the LibDems and Cable are being exposed for the bullshitters they always have been !!

  16. 16
    Lee says:

    Good performance by George today, lets hope we see Dave with fire in his belly on form tomorrow night, no more Mr Nice Guy please, let Bottler Broon and Clegg have it with both barrels tomorrow night.

    Well done Brillo it was about time the Cable myth was exposed.

  17. 17
    Vince's Cable has been cut says:

    Neil is a brilliant interrogator. He should be conducting the BBC’s leaders debate. His style of persistently asking the same question and thereby exposing a lie or evasion, and his forensic skill with facts would make Brown fume. In one stroke, Neil tore apart Cable’s undeserved reputation and left him looking a fool who only ever became popular because of his Mr Bean joke. By contrast, Osborne was sharp and landed some blows against Bye Bye Darling. Hopefully, Cameron will follow suit and rip apart Jonah at tomorrow night’s debate.

  18. 18

    Anyway, what has Paul Waugh got against Osborne’s hairstyle. He looked ok to me. If you want a laugh about hair look at Darling the badger, or worse still St Vince who seems to have suferred an overdose of raditaion.

    In fact forget that, just take a look at Paul’s hair in the wind!

  19. 19
    I K N L F says:

    “Go back to your constituencies and prepare for Government!”


  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Spot on mate….

  21. 21
    Who ever I was when I said it. says:

    I mentioned on here a few weeks ago that the young are not as dumb as everyone on here had them down as,

  22. 22
    Just asking ? says:

    I bet Dr Cable now wishes he marked Brillo’s economics essays higher

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Yada yada yada.

    More importantly it didn’t take long for another tory pretend promise to be exposed:

    “Scrapping IR35 is not the answer, say Tories

    Hopes among self-employed voters that the Tories’ promised review of IR35 may kill the contentious law have been dashed, after the party said repealing it was not viable.

    In an email to a CUK reader, an official at Conservative HQ said that revoking the legislation, introduced by Labour in 1998, could result in “unintended consequences.””

    So after all that bollocks we had a few days ago about the tories scrapping IR35 we now know they won’t. British IT workers will continue to be unemployed so the liblabcon cυnts can continue destrying Britain for the benefit of their rich friends.

    Vote liblabcon for more shit over Britain.

  24. 24
    Gordon Mentalist says:

    Vote for me. Or I’ll bully you.

  25. 25
    Elephant man Vince needs to grow a thicker hide says:

    “Host Andrew Neil left the normally self-assured treasury spokesman reeling when he asked: “Isn’t the biggest myth of this election your reputation?” Rising to the theme, Darling ended the debate by calling Cable “flakey”. For once, it was warranted.

    Quite rightly, he is now treated just like any other politician and he needs to start acting like one.”


  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing new if you were a kid in the 80’s there was a yoof program called open space it was a riot with kids, who had no careers to lose, giving Politicians a good kicking.

  27. 27
    Man the life boats says:

    Mayday ! Mayday ! The RMS St Vincent Cable taking on water and sinking fast.

  28. 28
    And when the public were actually watching says:

  29. 29

    Osbo has finally got his balls out and waved them around. About fucking time.

    Still looks like a 12 year old.

  30. 30
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Osborne I have to say was surprisingly good. He gave Darling what for and frankly Cable was slaughtered by all and sundry. The only problem is that not many peple would have watch it.

  31. 31
    arthur says:

    didn’t seventies survivor make up the quote “the chicken before the egg” on this blog earlier today ?

  32. 32
    NotaSheep says:

    The BBC will still ‘big-up’ Vince Cable, he’s their go-to guy. George Osborne engenders more hatred at the BBC than almost any other Tory.

  33. 33
    Mrs B says:

    A mauling from Dave tomorrow night should see the Clegg factor waning.

    In future years we’ll remember this as we now mock David Steele for the “go back to your constituencies” moment.

  34. 34
    There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

    In the meantime Clegg has also been ripping into Gordon making it clear he won’t be able to work with him in any coalition.

  35. 35
    Michael Faraday says:

    Cable turned to fuse-wire + ‘Brillo’ current, result – blown!

  36. 36
    NotaSheep says:

    But of course, the BBC need to push the narrative that the Lib Dems are on the up and the nasty Tories are on the way down.

  37. 37
    straw clutchers says:

    The public still like Cable
    Andrew Neil still doesn’t

    No, you’re right! that WILL win the election for Dave

  38. 38
    It's time to take the wheels off Clegg's Band Wagon before it's too late says:

    Tomorrow it’s Clegg’s turn.He may have points on Iraq but he’s fucked on Europe and the rest of his foreign policy. He is also vulnerable to the accusation of leaving the UK undefended against rogue states by his proposed ditching of Trident.Such “charges” have sunk better men

  39. 39
    BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

    Agreed Guido, the Tories have to go in for the kill, get angry, it is what people want, attack Labour and the Lib Dems.

    For flocks sake there is plenty of ammunition to lob at them !!

  40. 40
  41. 41
    BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

    Until the carrot is dangled!!

  42. 42
    James Z says:

    This site has illustrated the politicians brilliantly!


  43. 43
    Brillo Pads says:

    no he wasn’t,they were all shit and spent most of their time waiting for Brillo to finish his posturing

  44. 44
    Sarah Beard says:

    My special friend in Canterbury has a lovely, fresh smelling rug. I’ve had so much fun on it.

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Now now. And indeed, now.
    Getting a bit excited are we??

  46. 46
    Michael Faraday says:

    GO’s hair has well..errm….good thick hair…so he can style it, Cable has bits of micro-wire and Badger has a thinning coat!!

  47. 47
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Osborne threw some great punches at Darling and the line about Darling and Brown wrecking the economy etc, etc was good. But the priceless line was when he told Darling Ken Clarke was a far better chancellor than both Brown and him etc , etc. Be in no doubt Osborne won this debate by any fair assessment.

  48. 48
    BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

    He still looks a little nervous, mixes his words, I can see his mind is ticking over fast, his mouth just cannot keep up with what he wants to say.

    Early days, just keep at it George !!

  49. 49
    Lizzie says:

    Good to see InVinceable put to the sword by Brillo. Darling looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.

  50. 50
    If only Little Lord Fauntleroy could land punches like this instead of relying on Neil to do his job says:

  51. 51
    Harriet Harman says:

    Hello voters! I’ll be standing for Labour leader in a few weeks time, after Gordon has been kicked out. Can I count on your support? I’m a politician of integrity and decency. I want to work for you, the British people, to make this a great nation. Will you join me on this exciting journey?

  52. 52
    It's time to take the wheels off Clegg's Band Wagon before it's too late says:

    AND of course we all believe him……………………..

  53. 53
    Lee says:

    Most Brits want the Pound not the Euro
    I want to see Clegg challenged about keeping the Pound

  54. 54
    Engineer says:

    If the BBC hate him, he must have something going for him. The Labour trolls keep going at him as well, so Osborne’s clearly got them worried.

  55. 55
    The Vince wince says:

    I have been exposed as incompetent and I’m also incontinent. Time to be put out to pasture.

  56. 56
  57. 57

    that was easy. LOL!

  58. 58
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Who gives a rats arse about his haircut. The question is can he get to grips with the problems this economy faces and get UK PLC into proper growth and sustained recovery.

  59. 59
    There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

    However Mr Clegg, whose party is committed to the system of proportional representation, said the prime minister had “systematically blocked, and personally blocked, political reform”.
    Well according to the Beeb he said this:-

    “I think he is a desperate politician and I just do not believe him,” the Lib Dem leader told the Daily Telegraph.

    He also stressed there were many differences between his party’s policies and those of Labour.

    “Do I think Labour delivered fairness? No. Do I think the Labour Party, in its heart, has a faith in civil liberties? No. They are clutching at straws.”

    Not much going back from there I would have thought. I’m guessing that certain agreements have already been reached with the Tories.

  60. 60
    Just stating the obvious says:

    AND the majority of members of the FaceBook group to get the LibDems elected probably haven’t even registered to vote anyway

  61. 61
    Richard Preston says:

    General Election 2010: the BBC’s Chancellors’ debate shows how the leaders should perform


  62. 62
    straw man dum dum says:

    dem beebers iz like dem commienazies innit ? !? duurrr duuurrr! ?! fuud goes in mouth ? !?

  63. 63
    Groucho says:

    They didn’t promise to scrap IR35 – they promised a review.

  64. 64
    Lord G says:

    Sarah Teather looks just like a Puffin – sweet!

  65. 65
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Not bloody likely Mrs Dromey. By the way, where have you been these past few weeks and are you wearing the prescribed flack jacket around your constituency when going door to door?.

  66. 66
    Porky Pickles and his Bumbling Buffoonery says:

    And today Pickles decides to push “the IMF are coming” line to the Media as the main political story
    good timing fatboy

  67. 67
    Engineer says:

    So one lucky funny entitles St Vince of Cable to be the next Chancellor, does it?

    Other evidence suggests that Mr Cable is a good talker, but makes it up as he goes along, contradicting himself and hoping nobody will notice. Doesn’t really fill you with confidence when you’re looking for someone to start sorting out the worst economic mess in the UK’s history, does it?

  68. 68
    Mr Ned says:

    Yup, “biggin’ up the liberals” is the only chance the BBC have left to get labour into power. With poll ratings in the mid 20’s, even the massively biased, horrendous, anti-democratic, flawed and monsterous seat boundaries cannot save labour by themselves. They need the liberals to ride to the rescue and get labour into the lead in seats, even by coming third.

    The that little shiny faced schoolboy runt who reports for BBC Breakfast, Ben somebody, (I cannot remember his name) could not hide his delight at the prospect of labour finishing the election in third place and STILL retaining power. He described this as a “REMARKABLE” feature of our democracy!!

    FFS! There is no end to their bias, and no beginning to their professionalism or impartiality.

  69. 69
    Just stating the obvious says:

    “I’m guessing that certain agreements have already been reached with the Tories…..” Unlikely.The LibDems leak like a sieve so it would be in the Guardian within 24 hours if that was the case which I very much doubt.

    The Tories are keeping their powder dry until after the election results are in and then depending on if they haven’t got an overall majority will decide then whom to attempt a coalition with.But Clegg won’t get a deal on PR at any price from them

  70. 70

    Hague on the Blair euro presidency probably still the best.

    Yes. Not a bad line Vince, but I doubt it would get into an episode of West Wing.
    But shows the very low bar for satire in parliament.

    There are ten better ones on here every day.
    Some are even repeatable.

  71. 71
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Will you vote Labour if I get my tits out?

  72. 72
    Best of a bad bunch. says:

    You think ickle Georgie is a political giant do you?
    Dream on.

  73. 73
    I hate New Labour says:

    Karma’s a bitch eh? That’ll teach you to knife dear old Ming in the back won’t it…

  74. 74
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    I assume you are going to let Nick take over he has better results in debates. Nick Mr. Superman can be the liberal spokesman on the Economy, Defence and Foreign Affairs and will still have plenty of time to practice his TV skills.

  75. 75
    Engineer says:

    If the result of the election is a hung parliament, there is a significant danger of exactly that happening. Pickles, and others, are perfectly in order bringing that to public attention.

  76. 76
    more of the same says:

    Yes and when Adrew Niel did the same thing on Straight Talk ages ago it destroyed the Lib Dems.

    Didn’t it ?

  77. 77
    Ian Cooper says:

    Ready to be spitroasted by some eskimos

  78. 78
    Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

    Get complaining – it may not be perfect, but it’s the only weapon those of us who pay these twats have. You can do it online – http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints

  79. 79
    Mr Ned says:

    True, they continually refer to the BNP as far right extremists. The truth is the BNP are national socialists who wish to renationalise much of this country’s infrastructure and they are definitely a party of the left!

  80. 80
    Al says:

    Hullo craptroll, still a spotty bedwetter I see.

    How nice for you.

  81. 81
    Engineer says:

    Better than Brown and Darling by a country mile, and on the evidence of this afternoon and his consistency under fire for some months, better than Cable.

  82. 82
    oops! somebody forgot to tell the voters says:

    Today’s Ipsos Mori poll shows the Lib Dems up 11 points compared to a similar survey last month, at the expense of Tories (down three) and Labour (down two).

    If repeated in the General Election on an even swing across the country, the figures would produce a hung Parliament, in which Labour would have the most MPs despite having received fewer votes than the other two parties.

    Labour would have around 271 MPs, against 234 Conservatives and 116 Liberal Democrats.

  83. 83

    Rat’s arse!!, yes of course, I forgot about Brillo’s hair.

  84. 84
    Cast Iron Cameron's apologist minions says:

    a review!! ROFL!

  85. 85
    I hate New Labour says:

    Maybe Osborne’s mocking St Vince?

    “Look, I can do things with my hair! Remember having hair you daft old sod?”

  86. 86
    Gideon gets sent back into his box says:

    and that’s the last you will see of him

  87. 87

    Bollocks to the eskimos – they’ll have to get in the queue!

    She can reduce my structural defecit any day.

  88. 88
    Trevor Cleaver says:

    Yes I am sure will be tuning in to SKY NEWS CHANNEL tomorrow, I don’t think, be lucky to get 2 million, the ITV debate and the BBC debate are the only ones which will get seen by big audiences, how daft are Sky? Pushing for this for months and not even getting it on Sky One!!

  89. 89
    Cast Iron Cameron's apologist minions says:

    “Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: if I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations.”

    AND of course we all believe him……………………..

  90. 90
    Time To Go Gordon says:

    I also remember at the time of the fall of the Soviet Union the BBC used to take great pleasure in calling the hard line communists “conservatives.”

  91. 91
    only twats answer all their own posts says:


  92. 92
    Captain Black says:

    That’s no way to talk about Gordon and Ed.

  93. 93
    Next says:


  94. 94
    Lord G says:

    Now if we can also get Jonah to wish them ‘good luck’ then they will truly be cursed…

  95. 95
    Little George Fauntleroy says:

  96. 96
    Blue rinse says:

    Sir, we do not wish to know about your structural defecate.

  97. 97
    Peasant says:

    Nah, Osborne came across as a petulant schoolboy. He got slaughtered by Steph Flanders.

  98. 98

    The BBC leading with Darling accuses Clark of IMF scare….Nothing about Clegg’s would-be-chancellor exposed as a hollow con artist!

  99. 99
    Freeview box says:

    It’s free on Sky News, what’s the problem?

  100. 100

    I thought Osborne was trying to look like a junior Ken Clarke – maybe there’s some subliminal imagery going on there, since good old Uncle Ken was the best chancellor we’ve had in my lifetime largely by doing as little as possible to fuck things up, and most people would prefer Ken as the next chancellor anyway.

    More jazz, cigars, beer and hush puppies – less pissing about with dumb economic theory – that’s what we need.

    Oh, and swingeing cuts in the wealth-consuming public sector, of course.

  101. 101
    What Guido said about the Lib Dem Tax Cut says:

    The same YouGov poll asked a number of policy questions including this one on the LibDem’s populist winning-on-the-doorstep tax policy:

    Here are some proposals that have been made in the current election. In each case, do you support or oppose it?

    Tax: Scrap income tax on earnings of less than £10,000 a year. The £17billion cost of this will be paid for by a tax on bigger houses, a tax on airline flights, restricting tax relief on pensions savings for higher-rate taxpayers, and attempting to clamp down on tax avoidance.

    Support: 66%
    Oppose: 20%
    Don’t know: 14%

  102. 102
    Mr Ned says:

    True, they continually refer to the B&P as far right extremists. The truth is the B&P are national socialists who wish to renationalise much of this country’s infrastructure and they are definitely a party of the left!

    (edited and reposted to please the moderator script)

  103. 103
    A political theorist says:

    It’s yer Gramscians, innit? Cultural hegemony and that. Done a good job there, though I say so meself.

    Annuver fing wot Gramsci and his posse promulgated, wimmin’s lib, done good in breaking up yer nuclear family and causing inflation, specially in yer house prices.

    Then there’s political crektness, but let’s not even bovver wiv dat.

  104. 104
    Lincolnshire Squire says:

    On your bike.

  105. 105
    Thats News says:

    I will enjoy watching this, later this evening. Gotta inteview an advertiser this evening after my normal day job time. Ah, well. Keeps bread on the table!

  106. 106
    Bingle Bingle says:

    I said a prayer last night to St Jude the patron saint of hopeless cases but I doubt that even he will know what to do about the Tory Party campaign.

    Something is happening with the electorate. Today’s YouGov poll showing the Lib Dems in the lead is astonishing. Perhaps the public anger with MPs over their expenses and the banking crisis will result in the body politic being smashed to bits. What was true on Friday may not be true any longer.

    The stakes are now very high. If David Cameron does not become PM on 6/7th May the electoral system will be changed. The first past the post system will be abolished and there will not be a Tory government for a very long time if ever again. Perhaps John Major will go down in history as the last Tory PM.

    This is the most inept Tory campaign in living memory.

  107. 107
    Al says:

    Does Gordon know? At this very moment your mendacious, blubberbucket ‘husband’ is more than likely rocking back and forth on his wooden horse with a stolen and soiled pair of Clegg’s pants on his face.

    Desperate old Gordon.

  108. 108
    stark says:

    Yup – a review. That’s what I pointed out at the time, when people were getting all excited. Always parse the weasel words.

  109. 109
    Porky Pickles and his Bumbling Buffoonery says:

    which is why I said ‘good timing fatboy’

  110. 110
    Mr Ned says:

    The polls are all over the place, there is a Comres poll last night that puts the tories on 35% and labour and liberal on 26% each.

    Still hung Parliament territory, but a lot closer to a tory majority. The fact is, looking at all the polls, and what is possible with the seating boundaries, the ONLY party that looks like they stand a cat in hell’s chance of scraping a majority is the tories. The best labour could do is biggest party in a hung parliament, about 50 seats shy of a majority. The best the Liberals can do is second in terms of seats won.

  111. 111
    do they mean us?!? says:

    no there isn’t
    at least not the ones you notice

  112. 112
    mjb says:

    Reminds me of another partnership that once blazed brightly together, but now only one of them basks in the limelight:


  113. 113
    Ken Cl@rke says:

    be vewwy vewwy quiet and nobody will notice me

  114. 114
    Gordon and his amazing homeopathic Government ( FORMERLY known as Hoon MacHoon etc etc). says:

    You’re l F***ed whatever you do it looks like Gordon’s going to get most MPs product of delibertely skewed electorl system. Given tht were ll stuffed might s well mke sensible point nd vote UKIP!

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    I’ more likely to vote labour if you DON’T get ‘em out

  116. 116
    Al says:

    Sheeple often say yeah to such toss you not so clever dick.

  117. 117
    Here comes a Hung Parliament says:

    Nobody but the most deluded Labour tossers could possibly think Brown EVER had a chance of winning.

    He doesn’t. He never did. He’s finished.

  118. 118
  119. 119
    Tulkinghorn says:

    A serious comment for once: throw away your TV set. Watching moving images in colour, with a soundtrack, produces endorphins. You literally become addicted to TV. Furthermore, such an experience operates without your knowledge on the limbic brain and renders you less able to exercise your critical faculties. Repetition, especially daily repetition, reduces your capacity for independent thought. You are more likely to accept whatever you are told. That is why advertisers around the world spend billions of dollars on TV advertising every year — it works.

    No better example of the perniciousness of television, its cretinizing effect on the audience, and its persuasive power, can be adduced than the reaction to Clegg’s performance in the first leaders’ debate. I listened to part of it on the radio (the TV went years ago) and Clegg came across as nothing special. It was the visual element alone that swayed the audience — the electorate, FFS!

    Junking your telly is a powerful step towards personal freedom. It has the pleasurable side-effect of depriving the BBC of £145 a year.

  120. 120
    Sir Willaim Waad says:

    Sorry for the repeat, but:

    Country with ‘hung Parliament': Germany

    Country where Government has absolute majority: Greece

  121. 121
    Sir Willaim Waad says:

    Tulkinghorn, I saw Madame Hortense going your way and she looked a bit peeved.

  122. 122
    Bill Caxton says:

    You know the Country is in the shit when 007 gets laid off, things must be bad!

  123. 123
    Peter Bingle says:

    I said a prayer last night to St Jude the patron saint of hopeless cases but I doubt that even he will know what to do about the Tory Party campaign.

    This is the most inept Tory campaign in living memory.


  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Victory my arse.

  125. 125
    Mrs B says:

    I’m old enough to remember Labour slamming the appointment of Lawson as Chancellor, claiming he wasn’t up to the job. Turns out he was the best Chancellor this country’s ever seen.

    The story never changes. It’s just that you’re such a young, spotty, pre-pubescent bedwetting little troll that you can’t remember that far back. If you were older, you’d know why everyone over twenty hates Lie-bour for the utter complete fucking mess they got us into in the Seventies.

  126. 126
    Dave Blair says:

    Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

    He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

    He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”

  127. 127
    Go and enjoy the sunshine says:

    Typing all that crap, another little bit of your bedsit lonely life wasted.

  128. 128
    Sir William Waad says:

    Margaret, dear, we’ve been through this before. Just because I once danced with you at a charity dinner doesn’t mean I have the hots for you. It was very embarrassing when Lady Waad overheard you inviting me to your caravan.

    Just put them away now. You can borrow my shoe-horn.

  129. 129
    it's all the Mainstream Meeeja's fault innit ? says:

    stick to the always truthful static black & white images on the internets

  130. 130
    albacore says:

    “A mauling from Dave”?
    A mauling from Dave
    He’ll never let us down
    That dread feather duster will mop up the Clagg
    And tickle the crap out of Brown

  131. 131
    fuckwit says:

    I’m not typing this

  132. 132

    The core was rotten.

  133. 133
    REEVO says:

    The real myth is Cameron’s Electoral reform

    Cameron writes that he “emphatically” believes electoral reform is not the right thing to do. Instead, he suggest that the route to a “new politics” is:

    “cutting the size of the House of Commons and the cost of politics.

    “We will call for a ten per cent reduction in the number of MPs. And we will call for a change in the boundary commission with a view to levelling up the size of all our constituencies so that every vote weighs the same.”

    The simple fact is that the current electoral system is unfair. In the 2005 election, Labour got 55.1% of MPs on 35.3% of the vote; the Conservatives got 30.7% on 32.3% of the vote; and the Lib Dems got 9.6% on 22.1% of the vote.

    The prime reason for reform – electoral or boundary – should be to address this disproportionality.

    Vote for change…..yeah but not a lot!

  134. 134
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Have you also noticed that if someone is aressted for a crime, whatever the crime, that once belonged to the BP that fact gets mentioned, i.e. he was a member of the B/P etc. This never happens with a labour party member, i.e. “joe blogs, a one time member of the labour party, was arested today for blah blah.”

  135. 135
    PM says:

    He should just f**k off now before it gets too embarrassing.

  136. 136
    The Sky Factor says:

    you have to search for it on most listings for a start
    we’ll see if it’s the same as last weeks or not

  137. 137
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    Erm, as someone who dislikes ALL of the three main parties, I have to say that Osborne won it easily, though Darling tried gamely, his record let him down. As for Cable, he was shown to be the least credible by a country mile. Sorry, your man was shite.

  138. 138
    Al says:

    Blah, blah, yawn repeat post depressive alert.

    Aren’t you supposed to be being the PM Gordon?

  139. 139
    Cynic says:

    Even better, Unite’s own poodle website Labourlist forecasts the election results on 6 May on a daily basis using a detailed statistical analysis of polls. At the moment they predict a Tory by about 7% – over the Lib Dems – with Labour in 3rd place a further 1% behind.

    The Great Leader leads on to Disaster

    Why are the media not highlighting this!!!

  140. 140
    Im fucking furious!!! Vince Cable says:

    It’s astonishing to me how Brillo can survive and even thrive at the leftist filth commune which is the BBC.

    A celt who isnt utterly biased towards the Labour Party working in politics at the BBC, it shouldnt happen but is fucking does, Im telling you it fucking does

  141. 141
    cupid stunt says:

    gotta start some place….or would you rather have the lords stuffed full of labour yes men ?…and the ammount of politicians to stay the same…on the same or more money ???
    i would rathe r have less on less

  142. 142
    Gordon and his amazing homeopathic Government ( FORMERLY known as Hoon MacHoon etc etc). says:

    I dont see any need to reduce the number of MPS. instead s you have suggested their constituencies should be of equal size and they should be given some real responsibility by our pulling out of the EU.

  143. 143
    Ha Fucking Har says:

    one of the best political comedy sites around

  144. 144
    oooooer says:

    we wouldn’t vote for you if you sat on gordon’s face on national TV but we would clap

  145. 145
    PM says:

    Jim Naughtie, Andrew Marr, Gavin Esler, Kirsty Wark, et al, take note.

    I was going to add Nick Robinson to the list but I suddenly realised he’s a c**t not a celt.

  146. 146

    Cable won’t be made chancellor following the election, because Clegg will do as I say when we form our glorious Lab/Lib pact. It will be business as usual, with 5 more years of Gordon Brown.

  147. 147
    Bob Dole says:

    Teresa de Villiers has a new (and improved) look too.

    Any other makeovers spotted?

  148. 148
    Now Go says:

    Your not the apeman who wrote 6.

  149. 149
    Troll King says:

    Actually there is as I come up with a quarter of them single handedly.

  150. 150
    Al says:

    Teatime little reevo, then bath and bed poppet.

  151. 151
    Mrs Pee says:

    tell you what you retarded piss fetishist, go and drink some of Osbornes weak piss since you only have to shift your head slightly to move it from his arsehole to his cock

    I remember Lawson thought the poll tax was a mistake but didn’t have the balls to stand up to Maggie help her and avoid that political suicide

    Osborne’s a fucking bad joke

    everyone hates Nu-Liebore but the obviously don’t liike Blu-Liebore any better do they you old duffer ?

  152. 152
    One puff and their gone says:

    Exactly,they are dandelion seeds in the wind

  153. 153

    Don’t bother me now Gordon. Look, there’s a camera over there – go and tell some lies about our opponents. I’m off to stitch up a Lab/Lib pact with Nick Clagg, or whatever his name is.

  154. 154
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    The difference with Neil is he’s got a brain, it compiles information and he has the ability to recall it.

    Result – A politician tells a lie, he’s all over them like a rash.

    See what the difference is when a journalist has a brain.

  155. 155

    The beeb are so far not mentioning Brillo’s jibes at Cable; it appears they value Cable above their own man – pathetic

  156. 156
    Pope Ratty says:

    did someone mention a 12 year old with their balls out

  157. 157
    Electrician says:

    good try but get the site built before you spam it.

  158. 158
  159. 159
    Electrician says:

    yeah were the fuck is ukips media coverage,and remember the B*NP are on tonight

  160. 160
    Dorian Smith says:

    Classic from toenail’s latest blog:


    “the chancellor looked the most comfortable throughout the debate”, who says there is a lack of good comedy on the BBC?

  161. 161
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Cable – Lost it, looked weak (like the wizard in Wizard of Oz when Dorothy finds him behind the curtain)

    Darling – has already packed up from No 11 and is off to his croft in Scotland

    Osborne – was the only one who gets the scale of the problem because he’s the fukka who will have to sort it out.

  162. 162
    Back Stabbers and Devients says:

    sharpening knives sounds can be heard

  163. 163
    boulay says:

    his baby told him to say it and he is trying to work out what it means

  164. 164
    Demolition and clearence says:

    it needs a vicious macheteing

  165. 165
    PM says:

    Expect Brillo to be sacked as This Week’s anchorman very soon.

  166. 166
    Duncan says:

    Wow. And to think I thought Andrew Neil was a clueless dick when he was grilling the Tory shadow treasury secretary unfairly. Retirement beckons I think.

  167. 167
    There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

    Yeah, but in practice the LibDems got those votes for being the only opposition to Labour in Labour dominated consituencies and being the only opposition to the Conservatives in Conservative dominated constituencies.

    It has been shown time and time again that if you take the Limp Dems out of the equation their vote splits almost exactly equally between Labour and Tories, which is precisely what happens in a single transferable vote system as is used in London. So the outcome is not, in fact, unfair on the Libs – if you changed the system the public would simply vote in a different manner in response to achieve the same outcome. The only real difference would be that in a PR or STV system the Libs might actually overtake Labour and eventually replace them as the party of the left, but its really difficult to see them making much headway in depressed urban areas because they are even more resolutely middle class than NuLabour.

  168. 168
    sinosimon says:

    but the point is the moderators can’t ask questions, or intervene to point out blatant lies……..so the great unwashed settle down with their popcorn and vote for the cute stranger………who cares if his policies will bankrupt the nation, he says he’s the new politics…..

  169. 169
    The Vince wince says:

    Bang on the money. Poor bastard must be mentally disconnected wanting to take on this shitstorm created by retarded McDoom.

  170. 170
    Another political theorist says:

    Yeh but wer woz e on metafisicle mataryalism? E ad iz ed so far up iz arse vat he kudnt see his bollox.

  171. 171
    Engineer says:

    Germany is relatively used to minority governments, so the international mark*ts are not fazed when the Germans elect one. The UK’s history of hung parliaments is that they are indecisive and short-lived; the bond investors won’t like indecision about our current economic state.

    Greece has indeed had a majority government, which it seems has been nearly as incompetent as the one the UK has suffered for the last decade.

  172. 172
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    I blame Croce myself (so sorry I cannot emulate either of your immaculate styles). His aesthetics were a good start but he lost it over liberty as an earned right IMHO.

  173. 173
    PM says:

    Just ignore him. Everyone else does.

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    Osborne by a mile.The Wince bubble has been well and truly burst.Kinnock had a word for what happened to Wince today.Now for Calamity Clegg as one of his key front benchers once described him.

  175. 175
    Hang the Vince Wince says:

    I agree with everything I say

  176. 176
    hilarious says:

    Erm, as someone who is independent I must say I was dazzled by the Sun shining out of little George’s Arse

    Sorry, I’m talking complete shite.

  177. 177
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Germany: Huge efficient manufacturing industry with a highly trained and skilled workforce.

    Greece: No manufacturing to speak of and a bunch of unskilled, untrained, lazy ouzo drinking bums.

    Britain: ?

    Oh shit! we’re fucked”

  178. 178
    Awww he's depressed coz he's seen the polls says:

    you’re clearly depressed that wavy davy is a featherwieght twat who’s only policy for the BBC is to change the Trust.. for another Trust Hahahaha!

  179. 179
    1st Lady/man: fat legs - small head - piggy eyes says:

    I’ve seen hairs in her teeth when she smiles (well sort of smiles – she opens her gob bent like, and squints her little piggy eyes).

    It’s reported when she meets electors, she apologises for her breath, saying stuff like, “I’m sorry about my breath, I just been eating monk-fish.”

  180. 180
    fiddy kiddler alert! says:

    go and stalk kids for your filthy fantasies on facebook you creepy cun’t

  181. 181
    statechaos says:

    As someone said on ‘The News Quiz’ on Radio 4 last weekend, the reason for the popularity of Nick Clegg is that he promised ‘Raindrops on roses amd whiskers on kittens’ a la Sound of Music. Who wouldn’t prefer Julie Andrews to this lot. He has won over the yoof vote by promising to abolish tuition fees, which is something we cannot afford at the moment due to the ever higher number of students. Maybe he was right when he warned, as George reminded us in the debate, that there could be social unrest similar to Greece. That will be the result of the LibDem surge.

  182. 182
    Animal says:

    Try John Prescott. He twittered Darling was the star of the debate. Someone is obviously putting drugs in his pies.

  183. 183
    JMT says:

    I think the smaller parties will get a big shout.

    All the hypothetical results for PR uses the FPTP polling states and assumes Lab second choice is LibDem and vice versa.

    However the only elections that we have that resemble PR – The Euros – produced an entirely different result.

    A “plague on all their houses” gave us a shit load of Ukippers and a smattering of BNP, or in simple language, “No further business until we leave the EU”.

    The Doncaster mayoral PR election saw a rank outsider installed.

    And London saw Boris elected despite the belief that Lib/Lab second pref votes would shoo in Red Ken.

    The Lib infatuation with PR is the belief that they will ALWAYS be the power brokers, but I think that they will be mightily disappointed. And if Scotland walks they will be even more so.

  184. 184
    Tomorrow the Lib Dems will be down to 20% says:

    there could be as many as several thousand poeple who saw this debate!!
    the Lib Dems are finished!

  185. 185
    I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

    Let Sunshine win the Day!

  186. 186
    Next stop, the Knacker's Yard says:

    Not forgetting Eddie Mair

  187. 187
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    You are on to something. I was in the room, and Clegg was nothing special, though Gorgon was a grinning freak. Apparently Clegg looked straight down the camera and made the people at home love him. In the flesh he’s just a man in a suit, with no special accent or distinguishing features.

  188. 188
    statechaos says:

    Why do you think The Dark Lord and friends all love to hate Osborne? He’s as politically astute as Mandelson but without the bitchiness thrown in.

  189. 189
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Ben Brown…!! I agree with you Mr Ned 100%..

  190. 190
    PM says:

    She needs a good boning.

  191. 191
    Rt. Hon. Dick Tator says:

    I see a big reason for a reduction in the number of MPs, and also the number of “Peers”. Not only on cost to the taxpayer, but also to the efficient business of the HOC, and Parliament as a whole. Oh, and the Executive has far too much power: it is almost a dictatorship.

    In Britain, we have 61 million people, of which some 30 million are voters. In the USA, there are 300 million people, of which there are about 200 million voters. Britain is about the same area as Texas.

    Britain has about 650 MPs, and about 800 peers in the House of Lords. In contrast, USA has 435 members of the House of Representatives, and 100 Senators. They have the capability of making decisions about their country much quicker and easier, and “instructing” the President (the CEO of the USA) to put those instructions into effect. Remember, the President is the elected “manager” of the USA, as well as the head of state.

    Britain does not have a President, and the powers of the Queen have been severely curtailed over many years, although She is still Head of State. Tony Blair liked to think he was the “head of state” (as was once announced on TV in the USA, but he was no such thing).

    For these reasons, Britain MUST consider the outrageous size of both Houses of Parliament. Let’s move into the 21st century, along with the rest of the developed world.

  192. 192
    Unsworth says:

    Do you think you’ll be able to find them?

  193. 193
    Remember, Remember says:

    We’ll never believe him again – and that’s why we’re all voting UKIP or B&P, the only parties genuinely committed to getting out.

  194. 194
    QWERTY says:

    i thought she was a dyke?

  195. 195
    Snotrocket says:

    Sky News = FREEVIEW 82

  196. 196
    Snotrocket says:

    In the current shorthand, where Susan Boyle bcomes SuBo, I think of Cable as becoming ViCa – very nearly a Vicar. That does it, from now on I shall think of him as the Vicar – probably of Albion, where he has taken over the pulpit from (the – now – Very) Rev Blair.

  197. 197
    Snotrocket says:

    Could not have put it better Ape Man. It’s a train of thought I have been entertaining for many years now.
    It is interesting to note that many truly Fascist regimes have been ideologcally of the left – usually, just plain Socialist with a personality cult leader (not a Guardian misprint, but could be, when one thinks of Blair).

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    Tube and press will see to the rest!

  199. 199
    Statistical Anomaly says:

    About fucking time. Scaremongering? Yes. We should all be scared. The IMF have booked their flights, make no mistake.

    At least, even if they get beat for saying it, they can “we told you so”.

  200. 200
    Statistical Anomaly says:

    “Ben Dover”

  201. 201
    Bond Investor says:

    I’m not lending my money to the UK at 4% for 10 years.

  202. 202
    A well hung Parliament please!!! ex BBC cunt, Ben 'buggering' Bradshaw says:

    That oily heap of shyte’s ma will have ad some ginger jock mong up er vadge, and no mistake guvnor

  203. 203
    Anonymous says:

    Has he got a friend called Philip McCavity?

  204. 204
    City of Vice says:

    I’m not surprised that Osborne did well. He thinks well on his feet, knows his brief, and unlike Cameron, shows some fight when in a scrap with a lippy interviewer or opponent e.g. that twat Darling today

    And yes, St Vince is so overrated…

  205. 205
    Ivor Tapeworm says:

    And Pete Docherthy becomes PeDo

  206. 206
    marcus aurelius says:

    More interestingly is Cameron promising that we can recall MPs when they turn out to be corrupt NWO slaves and party placemen?

    If so he gets my support.

  207. 207
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Osborne did look an utter berk with his hair like that though.

    Mind you, didn’t think much of Cable’s either.

  208. 208
    Jac says:

    How refreshing to see George Osborne kicking some arse! Go George!

  209. 209

    […] The End of the Fable Regardless of your views on the new hair do, a slightly more aggressive Osborne scored an unexpected victory at this […] […]

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