April 21st, 2010

Guy News : Cable’s Flip-Flop Smackdown


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    Georgie says:

    Laying a cable never felt so good.

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      The Lid Dems are finished. They will be at 20% tomorrow says:

      It made Guy News!
      Shame the real news barely even noticed it.

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        Georgie says:

        Ooh, you sarky bitch.

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          If anyone is interested, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will all be at the Arnofini in Bristol tomorrow night at 8pm for the leaders debate.

          You can also buy eggs at Sainsburys, Whiteladies Rd, 3 Clifton Down Shopping Centre, Bristol

          or if you prefer, house bricks are available at Builders Centre Day’s Road, St Philips, Bristol, Avon BS2 0QS

          Hope this helps

          • MI6 says:

            Can someone ask one of these knackers who is importing the 250kg of heroin a day into the UK from the War fields of Helmand province. And the cost of prohibition that has justified the building of a police state in this once pleasant land.

            Yep you guessed it.

          • Sack Brillo and Paxo for unprofessional uncalled for abuse says:

            `Nor your wife` says Brillo!

            What kind of turd comes out with a remark like that?

            We had Paxo trying to mock someones name the other day and now this!

            Why not just hire a bunch of twelth year old chavs to mock everyone with juvenile and purile remarks?

          • BeveniteElsie says:

            I met a man from the Unite trade union. He told me he’d bought a political party at a knock down price. he seemed very pleased.

          • Sack Brillo says:

            `Nor your wife` says Brillo!

            What kind of turd comes out with a remark like that?

          • Mrs Brown's claw toe says:

            The season in Helmand is moving to poppy harvest and the local gangstas are “hotting-up the action”: as though matters weren’t bad enough.

          • BeveniteElsie says:

            Unite have succeeded where Militant Tendency failed.

          • The end of democracy in Britain! says:

          • The Brillo Show says:

          • Mr Ned says:

            Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register – because it could breach THEIR human rights


            Does anyone believe that the pervert’s friends in the liberal party will lift a finger to reverse this?

            The only way we can is to get the hell out of the EU and scrap the politically correct criminal’s rights laws. We need a common sense bill of rights that applies only to law abiding individuals. Convicted criminals get fook all!

          • fascist goverment says:

            Not content to hand over our democracy to the EUSSR the last bits that remain they want to keep for themselfs only.

            we have become Germany in the 1930s under a fascist dictatorship.

            Use your vote wisely as you may be about to lose it.

          • revolting peasant says:

            Andrew Neil was excellent on the Daily Politics today. I’m not usually a fan, but his incisive questioning of Charlie Whelan was hilarious.
            Whelan is as thick as pig shit-to think that he holds a position at the heart of the establishment is truly terrifying.

          • Get Smart says:

            “If anyone is interested, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will all be at the Arnofini in Bristol tomorrow night at 8pm for the leaders debate”

            Anywhere local where you can buy piano wire?

        • 318

          Obne really dies get rather pissed off when one sees the word “you” beins shamelessly used insead of yhe more proper “one” from that cad David Cameron..he really ought to make space for Portillo, a true man of the people who dont needta pretend mate, know wot I mean luv, eh?

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        Up sh1t creek says:

        This is how the BBC’s 6 O’Clock news saw the head to head.

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          • susie nell says:

            he’s got the CCHQ drones shit scared if that’s the best they can do

          • stil not as bad as Dave Blair the Millionaire benefits and mortgage cheat says:

            David Cameron took out maximum taxpayer-funded mortgage – then paid off own £75k loan four months later

            David Cameron was dragged personally into the expenses row after it was revealed that he paid off a loan on his London home shortly after taking out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage on his constituency house.
            The disclosure followed a powerful call by the Tory leader yesterday for the ‘full force of the law’ to be deployed against MPs who have abused allowances.
            Following a Mail on Sunday investigation Mr Cameron could now face searching questions about his own expense claims.


            Dave claimed for expenses on a second home – the mortgage interest, when he only had one mortgage. He was also one of the largest claimers of this expense in the commons for many years.

          • Susie says:

            Always the cover up that gets them… Clegg claims the extra money was in his account was used to pay for ‘staffing costs’ but he’d already claimed the staffing costs from the Fees Office.

            And this is interesting… Tricky Nicky.

            Mr Young said the payments had to be made into Mr Clegg’s personal bank account because there was no fund for the “Parliamentary Office of the Liberal Democrats”.

            However, Mr Clegg’s own expenses show that in February 2006 he asked the fees office to begin making a monthly payment to the “Parliamentary Office of the Liberal Democrats” for £833 “until further notice”. The paperwork indicates this was to cover salary costs.

          • this is interesting too says:

            “George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, and other senior Tories have in the past been criticised for failing to make public where their office funding has come from.”

            And yet the Telegraph didn’t feel the need to do the same bank acount search for Cameron, Osborne and the senirt Tories despite this ?

            Or should that be,…. yet ?

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        Hugh Janus says:

        Just shown on BBC 10 O’Clock News.

        My estimation of Brillo rises almost daily, I like the cut of his jib. Why isn’t he chairing one of the three debates?

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      keep the standards up you twat says:

      er, we’re all laying a cable together never felt so good

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      And you can watch Brillo doing the same thing here says:


      As you will all remember after Brillo did the exact same thing back then Cable was destroyed and the public all turned against him.

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        Atlas shrugged says:

        Interesting to hear Cable say that he said that many years before the crunch that the British tax payer has long since been underwriting the entire British Banking System.

        Because I knew this over 25 years ago, and told every body who would care to listen. They usually called me a nut-case or desperately tried to change the subject.

        They would say things like. “Well if that was true surly the BBC would have told us. Or at least socialists, or people like Galloway.”

        I would reply with something along the lines of.

        “No they would not because the BBC is utterly controlled by the British establishment which is in effect the British Banking System. As for socialists, they wont say anything because it is the banking system that invented socialism in the first place. It is using the power of the banking system that socialism expects to one day rule the planet. Marx did after all say exactly this a very long time ago.”

        At this point they usually would start suggesting that I seek urgent professional help, as I was clearly verging on a state of certifiable paranoia.

        However Cable says he said this many years ago any no one suggested to him he should be locked up in an mental institution. But then Cable was educated at the establishments very own and highly Marxist LSE , a self-confessed Marxist himself, and a puppet of the Oil and Banking industry. However I am just a twat, so what do I know?

        What is very much worse, NOBODY in the media or anywhere else mentioned this long standing fact of British, European, and American life until it was far too late to do anything about it to the British people.

        Of course the left would never have said anything, because it is the British Banking system that has always given socialists every political thought that has ever entered their heads, as well as diverted hundreds of millions in finances to The Labour movement since it first began. Either through trades union dues or from the establishments KGB connections within the old Soviet Union.

        Communism is establishment run capitalism, better known as Fascism. The only reason why you did not know this, is because they did not want you to know, for fairly obvious reasons. As well as having the complete and utter power to make sure you don’t know whatever else they don’t want you to know.

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      don't vote for me i'm a twat says:

      Hand in the till Cleggy

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      Down with Brown! says:

      Vote Limp Dems, Get the IMF!!!!!

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      Another Day says:

      Unfortunately the BBC mainstream is NOT reporting the BBC political anorak stream. According to BBC R4 the whole of that debate was taken up discussing Ken Clarke’s alarmist warning that a hung parliament would result in the IMF being called in.

      Vince lives to fight for another day

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        Mr Ned says:

        The BBC are utterly dependent upon the Liberal Democrats riding to the aid of the Labour Party. Of course they are not going to report anything that might risk a labour Government, even a minority one.

        • 84
          Shoddy BBC says:

          Probably more likely that as the BBC are last to broadcast the leader’s debates they do not want to prick the LibDam bubble until then.

          Bloody shoddy behaviour though IMHO.

      • 82
        don't vote for me i'm a twat says:

        no way, he’s psychologically fucked.Any two bit hack will destroy him now.

    • 220
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Where the smart money is going…….

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      Anonymous says:

      Sorry I watched this on BBC Parliament after reading the posts here and you guys are deluding yourselves.

      Vince didn’t do well but this was no knockout blow by anyone on anything.

      Stop pretending the Tories are doing well just because you want them to be, they have been and still are being crap.

      Also all these useless smears CCHQ is trying in the papers are backfiring spectacularily its so patenly obvious that they have nothing to smear Cleeg with.

      I cant beleive this Cameron has been so useless so far, I will be gobsmacked if the tories win at this rate.

      Camerons attemps is going to go down as the most inept campaign ever mounted by the Tories.

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      browntrousers says:

      spoof of Eddie Izzard’s Labour campaign vid.

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    Mandy The Unflushable T*urd says:

    Flop some my way baby…

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      I wonder if that’s what Franck Ribery said to his Morrocan Call Girl.

      Check out her pictures.


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        concrete pump says:

        Call girl eh……………..she looks like a fucking whore.

        A muslim whore.

        You must be proud.

        • 53
          concrete chump says:

          You must be skint to sound so upset.
          Back to the cut-price crackhead tranny whores for you mongbleat chump.
          Ha ha ha ha ha!

          • xyy factor says:

            She won’t go anywhere near your rancid pork sword, that’s for sure.

          • concrete pump says:

            How can i ‘sound’ upset, this is text you moron.

            Crackhead = no………Pothead = yes

            Whores = no

            Married = yes

            You lonely jealous wanker.

          • mongbleat chump says:

            why would anyone be jealous of a druggie who ‘married’ the inflatable wife he bought from a sex shop ? jog on fuckwit

          • Calm Down Ladies says:

            Handbags at dawn.

          • Doctor Mick says:

            If alcohol and prostitution are “against Islam” then why are they so popular with muslim men? Having lived and worked in several muslim countries I can attest to that.

          • Atlas shrugged says:

            Well the simple answer would be that they are men,and a good piss up followed by masses of compliant pussy will always knock any form of religion into a cocked hat.

            Which just goes to show that there is far far more that unites all of humanity then there is that should ever divide us.

            Well maybe that only applies to men, now days, but at least it is a start and highly positive.

            May I also add that in my experience of all men of all religions devout Jew and Muslim very much included. They are at least as horny as anyone else with a functional penis. As well as usually getting it one way or another far more then the average westerner.

        • 132
          don't vote for me i'm a twat says:

          at least he’s publishing the truth not fucking hiding it or twisting it.

      • 75

        She looks like she needs a few more felafel for tea – who the hell would pay to shag a skeleton with plastic tits like that?

        Mind you, old Franck should fit in well at Chelsea with that attitude to women – he can team up with Terry and Cole for his nights out.

        • 92
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          I’d shag her for a fiver
          if she hasn’t got it
          she can owe it me !

      • 138
        Just Curious says:

        Since when did muslims drink and since when did muslims ever have any moral highground about sleeping with underage women or girls.

      • 251
        The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

        Lend me 2 grand

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    not hard is it ? says:

  4. 5
    KMcC says:


    for those who’ve yet to enjoy Mr E’s thoughts on the burbling bluffer

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    Britons Abroad says:

    Cable looks so decrepid I reckon he’s gonna die of old age before election day

  6. 7
    PM says:

    Cable guy pwned!

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      straw clutchers says:

      Today’s Ipsos Mori poll shows the Lib Dems up 11 points compared to a similar survey last month, at the expense of Tories (down three) and Labour (down two).

      If repeated in the General Election on an even swing across the country, the figures would produce a hung Parliament, in which Labour would have the most MPs despite having received fewer votes than the other two parties.

      Labour would have around 271 MPs, against 234 Conservatives and 116 Liberal Democrats.

      • 40
        xyy factor says:

        How many of those lard arsed online survey clickers are gonna make it to the polling station fucktard?

        • 47
          truly desperate says:

          all the polls say hung parliament stupid

          • xyy factor says:


            And yes, you are truly desperate.

          • straw clutcher says:

            keep cluching at dem straws thicky lol

          • Too True says:

            truly desperate says:
            April 21, 2010 at 7:24 pm

            “all the polls say hung parliament stupid”

            Because the fucking media who buy these polls want that narrative dim-wit. And if you think that you get even swings across all fucking 650 seats, you really are a fucktard.

          • not Too True says:

            truly desperate says:
            April 21, 2010 at 7:24 pm

            “all the polls say hung parliament stupid”

            Because the fucking media who buy these polls want that narrative dim-wit. And if you think that you get even swings across all fucking 650 seats, you really are a fucktard.

          • Even Truerer says:

            Da meeja pays all dese pollsters for fiddled figures so dey can annoy Big Dave Camoron. It’s the only possible eggsplanations. My dog told me dis was the case. It’s a very smart conzpiracy but not smart enough to fool me and my dog.

          • Sir William Waad says:

            Wouldn’t a hung Parliament be fun? Like marooning a lot of idle yobs on a desert island and forcing them to co-operate and work hard in order to survive.

        • 56
          Too True says:

          Exactly. The twats who are saying they are voting yellow, are a lump of the 40% of the electorate who don’t vote, but will never tell a pollster that, ‘cos they don’t want to sound thick and ignorant. These dim-wits are the ones that see a strong media narrative like “clegg-mania” and tell a pollster that they will vote for those phonies. In reality, those plonkers, will be going nowhere near a polling station on 6th May.

          • Even Truerer says:

            Not only dat but 87.3% lie in every poll so in reality da pollz should be 20 times the vote the tories are gettings. My dog told me diz woz the case. Anyone who don’t say it’s a conservative landslide are twatses.

          • just curious says:

            Does your dog tell you that after you’ve shagged the arse off her?

          • Even Truerer says:

            My dog tellz me you are one of deze dog-rapist bummers so you can’t haves my dog for your filthy bumholing session you prevert. Yoo need to worries about dem conzpirarcy nutterz who fink everyones is out to gets Big Dave. Dey is very funny loonies.

          • just curious says:

            Thought so.

          • Calm Down Ladies says:

            What a pair of fucking spastics you two are.

          • Atlas shrugged says:

            In reality, those plonkers, will be going nowhere near a polling station on 6th May.

            I am inclined to agree with you.

            On election night it would seem more then likely that the Lib/Dems will actually receive only a % or many be 3 more then they were polling 6 months ago.

            As you rightly intimate, most of these people don’t even know where the polling station is, and have little intention on finding out where it is either. What is more their ant enough Lib/Dems activists on the streets to ferry them there, and they don’t know where any of them live even if they could.

            We should remember that these polls only show percentages the more people who say they will vote Lib/Dem the less the other parties show. This percentage figure has very little or indeed nothing to do with intention to actually vote.

            If you have not voted before, you very likely will not next time, even if God almighty was on the ballot paper armed with a few miracles. Which of course still would not be enough to save Gordon Brown’s created shit-hole, ( namely The UK in case you were getting any confused ideas ) from the coming abyss.

  7. 8

    The Lady Tuscana feels he “at l;east he admitted he changed his mind”.

    Personally, I felt he was a plant that had never been tall enough to feel the slice of the scythe.

  8. 9
    Dont Agree Nick says:

    Vince Fable is an idiot – but Nick Clegg is an AMAZING expenses fiddler – Guido please start covering this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 43
      I hate New Labour says:


    • 222
      Soapbox says:

      So why didn’t Dave or Gord call him on it when he said, “no liberal MP was guilty of abuse of expenses”.

      Also.. are we really going to be led in a time of War by the ‘Yellow’ party?

      And how come they are egging Dave in the South West? Weren’t they listening when Cleggie said they were going to kill plymouth dockyard by scrapping trident replacement nuclear submarine refits. Once the big subs go to the knackers yard the others will follow and the regions biggest employer will be bankrupt. This will also hurt Fife Labour land where the owner, Babcock Rosyth, is based.

      Yellow for a reason?

  9. 11
    Joker Vince says:

    Oh, so the yolks on me now? (Sorry, wrong thread).

  10. 16
    Ratsniffer says:

    Cable looks like he’s about to shit a cactus. You can see the sweat glistening as all his contradictory pronouncements are laid before him. Guilty of being as phoney as rocking horse shit, m’lud. Send him down.

    • 61
      Susie says:

      Let’s hope he doesn’t — Clegg would set light to it.

      • 79

        +100 points for the sainted Susie!

      • 164
        sinosimon says:

        no he wouldn’t……the great gotterdammerung of the cacti turns out to be a clegg fable(much like blair seeing jackie milburn play). a friend who was with him at the time has gone on record that he may have held a fag lighter to a plant for a few seconds…but errrrr that’s it.

        so a desperate attempt by clegg to inject some interest into his toryboy adolescence before he got serious about politics and joined the conservative association at cambridge

        • 173
          Clegg = Liar says:

          then he is a blatant liar as he said he spent the rest of the summer going round specialist garden centres trying to replace the cacti

    • 215
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      He looks like a Galapgos Tortoise having a shit.

  11. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Well the point about VAT is that under the conservatives budget they would be forced to increase VAT. Regarding NI I see no inconsistency, yes we want to see it reduced but if you reduce it now then you will either have to increase taxes or cut elsewhere.

    • 88
      Time To Go Gordon says:

      Aren’t the Lib Dems giving out £16 Billion tax cuts to the middle classes? How can you offer that and slag off the Tories at the same time?

      • 120
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Exactly but what you offer is not the same as what you DO. It part of their wish list but we all know its never going to happen. When Cable was put on the spot this afternoon he was totally discredited and just waffled. You might not like the Tories or Labour but at least they are credible and have some conviction in what they are trying to persuade us to believe. 13 years of Labour misrule you would think that would be enough to convince people where we stand clearly it is not and we are heading for a very gloomy economic future.

        • 162
          Mr Ned says:

          What they give out in tax-cuts they are going to repeal in tax credits! Net effect, IF you claim tax credits, you will NOT be better off!

          A caller on Radio four at lunch time caught Clegg out with that. He could not deny it and said he would have to look into it!

          If you look at the total household income, including the massive increase in vehicle excise duties that the lib-dems plan, and the increases in council tax ( the local income tax) the average household budget would be hit very very hard by the liberal democrats indeed! the 700 pound increase in income will be more than offset in other tax rises

          • Innovations says:

            If Dave gets in me and my neighbors are going to turn our stretch of the dual carriageway into a toll road. Thanks Dave.

        • 262
          Mdame Defarge says:

          BBC Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders nailed Vince today alongside Brillo as she has worked out their budget figures and it has been double promised – in other words worth about half of what they were claiming.
          Go and have a look on the BBC’s website the whole debate is there.

  12. 20
    I Squiggle says:

    jeez, what a cable car crash..

  13. 23
    MC Vince says:

    Yo. I’m MC Cable, my bad ass rep, it was all just a fable. You thought I was cool, said I’m the main man, but it was all bullshit, Chris Huhne’s my only fan. So don’t vote Lib Dem, we can’t get into No10, a vote for us, will give you Gordon again. we’ll just cos me and Nick would just let Gordon

  14. 24
    Down with Brown! says:

    Cable rinsed………….

    Clegg’s turn soon!

  15. 26
    Down with Brown! says:

    Andrew Neil was Cable’s student many years ago at Glasgow university. Neil is the master of the two now….


    • 102
      Half Nelson says:

      Christ – Fraser Nelson is unable to write a single sentence without an error – he must have been to one of Ed Ball’s schools.

      • 246
        Doctor Mick says:

        I think you mean, “Ed Balls’ schools.” The apostrophe comes after the s. Must try harder.

    • 261
      Nick2 says:

      That’s amazing! Neil looks the older of the two!

  16. 29
    Pongo says:

    The other BBC journalists could learn a thing or two from Brillo, he takes no bull from anyone except Itchy and Scratchy. He also manages to inject some life and humour into what for most is a dry and dull topic.

    • 137
      Rupert says:

      he done exactly as I told him.

      • 259
        Susie says:

        I think her survival instinct has kicked in… she wants to keep her job post May 7th.

        • 347
          Merit Rarely Matters says:

          You can’t make any rational decision on the basis of empty promises. All we have to go on is a mixture of personal prejudices. Grumpy old Gordon, Dashing David, or his younger brother Nick.

          The equivalent of Eurovision block voting. The least-hated candidate wins.

  17. 32
    those terrible Lib Dem Tax cuts Exposed! says:

    The same YouGov poll asked a number of policy questions including this one on the LibDem’s populist winning-on-the-doorstep tax policy:

    Here are some proposals that have been made in the current election. In each case, do you support or oppose it?

    Tax: Scrap income tax on earnings of less than £10,000 a year. The £17billion cost of this will be paid for by a tax on bigger houses, a tax on airline flights, restricting tax relief on pensions savings for higher-rate taxpayers, and attempting to clamp down on tax avoidance.

    Support: 66%
    Oppose: 20%
    Don’t know: 14%

    • 46
      mashed swede says:

      Please note no mention of the massive rise in airline tax which is actually proposed. Look at the small print people.

      • 71
        Susie says:

        Nor the scrapping ‘equalizing’ of VAT relief on building materials for new builds.

    • 249
      Tulkinghorn says:

      Q. Would you like to pay no tax at all and have free Smarties for life?

      Yes — 66%
      No — 20%
      Don’t know — 14%

      These polls are a waste of space. Most of the people taking part are at least one of the following:

      Pig ignorant
      Out of their skulls on Baby Bio

      They lie because they don’t want to admit they’re voting for the nasty party or Sniffin and the Nanziboys, they lie because when asked “are you in favour of tax rises to help children with cancer?” they secretly think “fuck that” but don’t want the pollster to know it; and they lie just for the hell of it, for buggering up the polls, in the same way that when I was a student and had nothing better to do (like work) I filled in marketing questionnaires pretending my income was less than £100 a week and I drove a Ferrari, kept hyenas, had 14 children even though my age was “between 15 and 25″, etc., etc.

      The reliance of the media on daily polls and polls of polls is just hilarious. No one knows WTF is going on out there. Even on polling day we won’t know what the true intentions were. The signature machines whirring away in Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford and like provinces of Englestan will see to that.

    • 273
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      YouGov do a poll amongst men on the ideal wife.
      Would you take a wife if:
      a)She owned a Pub
      b)she had doubleD’s
      c)Her father was a millionaire

      Yes 75%
      No 5% (gay’s and vicars)
      No 15% (I’m married already)
      5% Don’t Know (some were teetotal)

      It was then revealed that the woman in question also had a dose of the clap, 3 convictions for threatening behavior, weighed 22 stone and was 59 years of age. but hey the result stands.

      • 292
        Dave Blair the Warcriminals mini-me says:

        and that’s how call me Dave became the Leader of the Conservative Party

  18. 33
    Mr Plum says:

    Was Cable scare mongering when he predicting the recession

    • 195
      Susie says:

      No he wasn’t, because he didn’t predict the recession in the first place.

      • 293
        Susie nell says:

        he was a damn site more right about it than the snotty kid and Darling

      • 306
        Susie says:

        No more right than Oliver Letwin in 2003 or Michael Howard in 2005… they were both ringing the credit alarm bells, while all Vince was doing was badgering Brown for EMU.

        Vince is a right old Johnny cum Lately and sometimes he doesn’t turn up at all.

  19. 34

    Brillo is having a brilliant election campaign.Let’s see him demolish some more LibDems.

    • 38
      Please help us Brillo! Only you can save our floundering campaign says:

      because lets face it, wavy davy and his bumbling opposition aren’t up to the job

    • 39
      Ratsniffer says:

      Brillo is a star….he’s the only beeboid to emerge from this election with any credit.

      • 58
        The Unstoppable Genius that is BRILLO! says:

        He doesn’t look a complete cock. Oh no!

        • 83
          Animal says:

          20 seconds in. How drunk does old Charlie-boy Kennedy look?

          Off his face, bless him!

          • Brillo on ice says:

            I suggest you watch This Week more often as Brillo is sometimes two sheets to the wind on air. Lots of ‘refreshment’ in the Green room.

          • jgm2 says:

            He’d have to go some to look more pissed than Kirsty Wark.

            I’ll slur that again.

        • 169
          Mr Ned says:

          I notice that they have decided that Cameron hasn’t got a heart, Clegg has no brain and Brown has no courage in this vid then!

    • 139
      Dack Blog says:

      I was mid channel surf the other week when I caught a bit of Brillo dining chez Michael Winner on some ‘come cook for me’ prog or other. Roger Moore was sat opposite him telling some story that would make you cringe if he was your dad. Christ it was awful.

  20. 36
    Anonymous says:

    The problem for the LibDems is that until last Friday they were able shout and jeer like sixth formers and no one took much notice, now they are having their outpourings put under some scrutiny. In some ways they remind me of middle aged men whose idea of rebelliousness and non conformity is to sport a pig tail.

    • 41
      Goodbye Lib Dems says:

      Everyone notices the daily politics.
      Eastenders can only dream of it’s immense viewing figures.

      • 94
        Susie says:

        This little Libby was a lobbyist,
        This little Libby a second home,
        This little Libby went to Westminster school,
        This little Libby had an IMF loan.
        And this little Libby went…
        “Lie lie lie” — just like Tone.

        • 159
          Dave Blair The Lobbying days says:

          Cameron – the PR years

          From Eton to Oxford to Tory leader – that’s all many of us know about David Cameron. But before he was an MP, he worked as head of communications at Carlton TV. Former colleagues remember him well …

          As director of corporate affairs, Cameron regularly lobbied ministers and was “in the room” according to former colleagues, when big decisions were made. They included the fateful decision to take on BSkyB, the pay-TV giant controlled by Rupert Murdoch, by launching a terrestrial alternative to Sky’s satellite service called ONdigital (later renamed ITV Digital) in partnership with Granada.


          • Nick2 says:

            Ah yes – when ITV Digital failed the main asset was a warehouse full of knitted monkeys…

          • Fat Bloke on Tour says:

            Rat leaving a sinking ship.

            Only 27 and getting the gig because his burd’s ma could pull a few strings. Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Scratchy or Sham Cam, the flim flam man.

            Just where is DD when you need him?

          • Doctor Mick says:

            Of course Brown’s degree in history set him up nicely for his job as chancellor.

            Don’t see Osborne or Cameron selling our gold at the bottom of the market. Mind you we probably have none left and can’t afford to invest in any now so this is hypothetical.

          • Merit Rarely Matters says:

            onDigital failed because ITV’s lawyers fucked up big-time in drafting the contract for the football rights which were supposed to drive subscriptions. Marketing was not the problem.

            The technology became Freeview, the Knitted Monkey defected to PG Tips.

  21. 37
    DecoyDuck says:

    That was a joy to behold. What an old windbag.

  22. 42
    bodo says:

    Enjoy it while you can, cos it’s probably the only hard questioning of the Lib-Dems you’ll see on the BBC. ITV’s Tom Bradby has a decent go, but nobody watches him.
    And check out Beeb Bias Craig for his forensic analysis of the Beebs bias in the chancellors debate, esp Easton.

  23. 48
    Uranus, The Magician says:

    Yes, but the bastard brillo is scotch.
    He’ll have a hidden agenda!

    • 214
      Susie says:

      At least we’ll have a lot of fun finding it. Pinning down Liberal policy is like nailing jelly to a wall…

  24. 50
    LockeSmith says:

    This country and its economy is a mess. A terrible mess

    • 289
      Doctor Mick says:

      Some people think that the people who made the mess are the ones who are best qualified to fix it. No wonder we are in a mess.

  25. 51
    The Unstoppable Genius that is BRILLO! says:

  26. 59

    This didn’t happen. The BBC has unhappened it. Please refrain from discussing unevents that have not happened and even if they did would be immediately unhappened. Resistence if futile. You must learn to love Big Vince, just like Rick Nobinson does.

    Speaking for Boskone, ends.

    • 119
      tomorrow the environment debate, expect to be grip..ZZzzzzzz says:

      it’s the daily politics FFS
      how was the coverage of the home sec debate on the news ?

  27. 60
    gj says:

    Cable comes across for what he is – a bumbling idiot, not to be trusted or listened too. Get Brillo to start questioning all of these lying LimpDem & Liebore tossers – the truth must out

    • 218
      Gordoom cooks the books says:

      Brillo nailed blinky balls about what mandyslime had said the other day it was a gem i love brillo even though he is a jock

  28. 62
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    O/T, but to celebrate your recent victory, Guido, I thought you’d like to see the response to my complaint to the BBC that your post inspired:-

    “Thanks for your e-mail.

    We note that you believe BBC News employee Chris Summers is biased in favour of the Labour Party.

    Chris Summers, who normally works on the UK news desk for the BBC News website, was given alternative duties whilst being a candidate in the election, in keeping with BBC guidelines. His brief has been to keep the database of constituency profile pages up to date by processing newly published stories and correcting factual inaccuracies. He is not responsible for dealing with complaints or other editorial issues. These are dealt with by senior editorial staff.

    However, we would like to assure you that we’ve registered your complaint on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that’s circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers.

    Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.


    BBC Complaints”

    What a bunch of pompous pricks: “We note that you believe BBC News employee Chris Summers is biased in favour of the Labour Party…..whilst being a candidate in the election”.

    How odd of me to think a candidate might be biased!

    • 103
      Susie says:


    • 199
      Mr Ned says:

      I received a ‘cut and paste’ copy of this which was word for word identical to this one.

      I have replied to their utterly insulting, offensive and inadequate response. I wonder if they will even bother responding!

    • 230
      Norvern git says:

      Note the way the just say “Candidate”, Not “Labour Candidate”

    • 255
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      Here’s my reply – looks pretty similar….
      Thanks for your e-mail.

      We note that you believe BBC News employee Chris Summers is biased in favour of the Labour Party.

      Chris Summers, who normally works on the UK news desk for the BBC News website, was given alternative duties whilst being a candidate in the election, in keeping with BBC guidelines. His brief has been to keep the database of constituency profile pages up to date by processing newly published stories and correcting factual inaccuracies. He is not responsible for dealing with complaints or other editorial issues. These are dealt with by senior editorial staff.

      However, we would like to assure you that we’ve registered your complaint on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that’s circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers.

      Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.


      BBC Complaints

      So we know what his new “brief” is, WTF was he doing before the expose? Furthermore his brief still includes dealing with matters pertaining to the election. He should be let nowhere near anything to do with the newsdesks, internet or research.

  29. 66
    Gorgon's New Toy Boy says:

    I’ll do anything you want.

  30. 70
    council lad says:

    2,5 million unemployed so what the fuck are the other 8.5 million a mirage.FFS

    • 232
      Norvern git says:

      They are not job seekers, silly, they’re poorly…or on training courses…off the unemployment record, even though they do not have a job.

      It’s the right thing to do.

  31. 72
  32. 73
    Cameron's Double says:

  33. 74
    QWERTY says:

    BBC story of the day, Cable made to look a fucking half dead Cancer ridden twat? no, but Cameron getting egged (tee hee hee all round at Radio 5)

    funny that when bum boy Mandelmong got a custard pie to the face Radio 5 were almost in tears “how did anyone get so close to Lord Mandelson” cried the BBC faggots. At least Dave didn’t beat the little shit to a pulp, which of course micro penis Prescott did when he got an egg to the chops. But that was John bein John wasn’t it and not really being a fat ugly smelly shit stained whore shagging micro pricked thug.

    Eat shit you BBC twats.

    • 91
      Comedy! says:

      “At least Dave didn’t beat the little shit to a pulp”

      With his top hat ? LOL!

      • 99
        carlisle and settle says:

        We love top hats round here.

      • 100
        nell says:

        No dave cracked a joke about chicken and egg and handled the whole episode rather well.

        I wonder what gordon would have done?

        • 108
          Susie says:

          Licked it off of course — but only if it had landed on his gay partner.

        • 115
          Susie nell says:

          nothing says the public loves you more than an egging

          • Engineer says:

            Don’t egg those local yokels on. The yokel was clearly chicken, since he loosed his shell at Dave’s back. Dave’s response was eggsemplary in the circumstances. The yokel (probably a poacher) should be eggsecuted.

          • Doh Board says:

            the egger is a thick bricky trainee who done it for a dare

          • Doctor Mick says:

            The oik also hit a cop with the same egg. Big mistake which he will have realised when they got him back to the station.

            “How many policemen does it take to break an egg?”

            “None, m’lud, it fell down the stairs.”

          • Sir Compleat Idiot says:

            Albumen bust.

  34. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Guido is very on-message. CCHQ attack the Liberals and so does Mr Fawkes.

    Looks like TAT was right and we will have a hung parliament…

  35. 78
    angelnstar says:


    George was so good! When Cable and Darling tried to gang up on him, slagging off KC, GeorgeO snapped “Ken Clarke was a much better Chancellor than you are!”

    As for the Libdem aide who left Cleggie’s debate strategy in a taxi cab, well…. embarrassing! (details above)

    • 134
      QWERTY says:

      Yes funny the BBC bummers don’t like to play THAT BIT, instead the BBC at Radio 5 were laughing at George’s haircut.

  36. 86
    Nozik says:

    It is a time for clever politics and smart policies. What we are witnessing is nothing more than a circus. Labour have created a debt that has the power to bring the economy to its knees with a begging bowl designed for the IMF. The Liberals have ideas for showing off but are unlikely to deliver very much in the way of real solutions.The tories have policies that contain some genuine ideas to solving some of the problems we face. The spooked cattle just can’t handle them. The country is sleepwalking to ruin.

  37. 90
    Mark says:

    Why isn’t Andrew Neil the host of Newsnight?

    • 122
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      He should be.

    • 136
      QWERTY says:

      Because he’s even handed and not a rampant shit stabbing leftie. oh and he’s pissed most of the time as well, but then again so is Sopel.

      Brillo gives them all a good kicking, something the BBC does not really like.

  38. 95

    [...] than you are!” while Darling mouthed helplessly like a goldlfish.  Good man, George.  And here, Cable stammers and reddens as Andrew Neil tackles his dishonesty and piles on the [...]

  39. 96
    streamfisher says:

    A conundrum for you, can anybody explain?, (Carol Vorderman perhaps)…. unemployment increases to 2.5 million, another 43,000 added in last quarter to February, however the total number of unemployed people claiming benefit fell in March by 32,900 to 1.54 million (a much sharper fall than expected says Albeeboid),
    1.) Is this good news or bad news?
    2.) Why does nobody believe Government statistics any more.

    • 106
      nell says:

      And don’t forget that gordon keeps saying that immigration , in net terms, is falling!

      Even his own side don’t believe him on that one!!

      • 109
        Hahahahaha!!! says:

        the drones suddenly remember they still have to beat Labour as well

      • 114
        streamfisher says:

        Ah, that’s because in ‘net terms’ the buggers keep wriggling away before they can be shifted to the other side of the pond.

      • 155
        Engineer says:

        He’s right. Very few nets have immigrated this year.

        • 183
          streamfisher says:

          Better (than mine), ever thought of going into Politics as a career? I’m sure we can fix you up with a parachute and a safe seat, after a little basic training and a night drop over Basildon East you will be the next official Labour candidate…..Herman Hesse need not apply.

      • 185
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        Immigration falling is not the same as the rate of immigration falling. If 1000 came in last year and 500 came in this year immigration is rising, only the rate is falling. Brown likes to confuse the two, as he does with debt and deficit because he is a stranger to integrity.

    • 157
      Avuncular Vince says:

      • 161
        Lies, Damned lies & Labour statistics says:

        Today’s unemployment figures show that Labour’s policies just aren’t working.
        Unemployment is at a 16 year high, whilst the number of jobs continues to fall.
        There couldn’t be a worse time to impose a new jobs tax, which will threaten the recovery and cost tens of thousands of jobs.
        New figures released today show:
        Unemployment at a 16 year high. Unemployment now stands at 2.5 million, an increase of 43,000 on the last quarter and the highest level since 1994. The unemployment rate now stands at 8 per cent.
        Employment falls by 89,000. Employment fell by 89,000 over the last quarter to reach 28.82 million.
        Record economic inactivity. 8.16 million working age people are classed as economically inactive – the highest number since records began in 1971, and a rise of 110,000.
        2.3 million economically inactive want a job. 2.34 million economically inactive people want a job but do not appear in the headline unemployment figures.
        Youth unemployment rising again. 929,000 young people aged 16-24 are unemployed. One in five young people is unable to find a job.
        Nearly three quarters of a million long-term unemployed. 726,000 people have been unemployed for 12 months or more, an increase of 89,000 over the last quarter.
        1 million part-time workers want a full-time job. 1.05 million part-time workers want a full-time job but cannot get one – a record high.
        Half a million fewer jobs in the economy. There were 30.75 million workforce jobs in December 2009, down 119,000 over the quarter and down 533,000 on a year earlier.
        Over 5 million on out-of-work benefits. In August 2009 the number of people claiming key out of work benefits was 5.08 million, up 675,400 from August 2008.

        • 187
          Suzie nell says:

          it’s a GAZZILION!!!

          • nell says:

            sweetie you need to get yourself off gordon’s dole money and into a nearby regional college to correct that lack of education you’ve suffered this last 13 years under labour.

            You poor thing!!

          • Susie says:

            And it’s ‘Susie’ not ‘Suzie’, now fuck off.

          • Doctor Mick says:

            titfer up to his puerile games again. What a prat he is.

          • Suzie nell says:

            said the taxpayer scrounging schizo

          • Doctor Mick says:

            Still waiting on your blog tatifilarious. And when you said you were leaving this one I assumed you meant it – changing your name doesn’t count. That’s sneaky.

        • 188
          AC1 says:

          When you punish economic activity you get less of it.

          Is it any surprise that taxing spending, earning and employment all cause less employment?

        • 211
          streamfisher says:

          Things are never that simple with Labour, remember Gordon’s pledge for the unemployed, we will guarantee you a job, training or further education = discount the first (Job) unlikely, that leaves training and further education and surprise surprise everybody that was previously unemployed is no longer registered as signing on for the the duration of said (though still getting the same or better benefits) course, a masterful trick, That is the answer to the conundrum @96

      • 279
        Sir Compleat Idiot says:

        One in five young people IS unemployed.

    • 170
      mashed swede says:

      They’ve gone on ‘courses’, disability benefit, or have decided to look after a member of their family…………….in other words they’ve all gone on benefits.

      • 180
        Benny Fitz-Clements says:

        YUP !!!

      • 190
        Susie nell says:

        fucking scrounger carers and students!! shoot them all!!

        • 205
          shelley says:

          Yeah let’s all become carers, students or just plain fucking ‘disabled’, after all McBust has got a magic money tree in his back yard.


          • revolting peasant says:

            There was a good interview on R4 Today programme his morning. They spoke to a former Corus worker who said the working class had been betrayed by the Laboour party. He said that out of 30 MPs in the Noth East, 28 were Labour and they’d done nothing to help try and save the steelworks. While Labour ploughed money into the car scrappage scheme which helped foreign car firms.

          • jgm2 says:

            A lone voice of sanity from the Stepford voters of the North.

  40. 105
    Genetically Modified Pensioner says:

    The Labour Party are all spin and no substance. They are like the know it all teenagers without the experience of the adult world. Covering up mistakes and blaming every one else when it all goes wrong. Go and strop somewhere else labour!

  41. 112
    Julie Kirkbride`s Ghost says:

    I`m still hoping for a comeback

  42. 113
    Two weeks tomorrow and counting says:

    Just two weeks time and we shall be getting ready to storm the polling stations to eject that c*unt of c*unts Gordon Brown and his thugs Balls (plus boy Cooper Balls) and the rest of the fraudsters.

    Oh joy – even Brown had to one day call an election and here it comes – Brown,we hate you more than any person and we will ensure you are never seen in politics ever again.

    Prepare for the greatest defeat that Labour has ever experienced.

    You are hated across the land – you will be thrown out of the place you should never have been allowed to enter.

    Utter,utter excrement.

    • 116
      Yippee! says:

      two week till a hung parliament

      • 126
        The Admiral says:

        Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…..

      • 151
        nell says:

        It isn’t over ’til it’s over. Just remember that!

        • 160
          Engineer says:

          Two weeks and two leaders’ debates yet…..

        • 192
          hubris says:

          then perhaps some on here would do well to remember all the times they said it was over and Dave had a landslide in the bag ?
          (some still do)

          • voting floater says:

            Someone called Steve rang me up and said a geezer called Clegg was the new Susan Boyle and to vote for him, so I said yes. This voting lark is not so difficult is it?

          • How Dave became Conservative Leader says:

            Someone called Steve Hilton rang me up and said a geezer called Dave was the new Susan Boyle and to vote for him, so I said yes. This voting lark is not so difficult is it?

    • 150
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      I’ll go with that.

  43. 117
    The Master says:

    Vince scored well on the blink count. Higher even than Ed Cajones-Cooper

  44. 129
    AAron Porter NUS says:

    Yeah vote for Vino Cable. More grants, more beer for us and better leisure centres.

  45. 131
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Once Again Lets all laugh at Nick Clegg’s Criminal Record


  46. 133
    Space Cadet says:

    Scandalous that Cable’s mesmerisingly vacillating performance isn’t being shown on the BBC’s main bulletins or News24. People are entitled to see it. Cap’n, I don’ think the Cable will hold.

    • 147
      streamfisher says:

      Well, before Cable they had three sheets to the wind Kennedy running things (nautical joke).

  47. 135
    Wot logic? says:

    What has gone Wrong?

    This time last year it was so simple. Dump New Labour for trashing this country.

    Now people are expecting the Wreckers to be the builders.

    Can’t understand it

  48. 140
    Too close to home eh?????? says:

    what happend to the tricky dicky video

  49. 141
    Listen to this says:

    It’s 50 quid to sit and fill out a poll online you know, someone put the link up.

  50. 152
    Zimbabwi Bwana says:

    Whats this about the election sniper who targets voters….oh shit wrong country

    • 244
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      Yep wrong country. We only target BSc’s that disagree with Government policy.

  51. 158
    Controlled Demolition says:

    Why go through all the expense and hassle of electing someone to ruin the country. For a fee approx 20% of the wastage the new government will cost you we can destroy your country. And not only that we can do it in less than 30 seconds.

  52. 165
    A Disciple Of Tat says:

    You can muffle the drum, and you can loosen the strings of the lyre, but who shall command the holy prophet tat not to sing?

  53. 166
    Technomist says:


    But can anyone explain how a public meeting held by the Labour Party in a council-owned building to launch their campaign could be legal if discrimination against men took place? They were not told about the meeting, nor were they apparently welcome in what is the council-owned local museum. The election meeting featured Harriet Harman, Stella Creasy, the local candidate, who’d incidentally been selected by an all-women short-list, other Labour candidates and 100 selected local women.


  54. 167
    Simon's sheepdog Peers Morgan says:

    Brown is an honourable man. Kerchinnng!

    • 217
      nell says:

      honorable as in proven dishonest before the Chilcott Inquiry?

      honorable as in proven ungentlemanly by losing his temper with a female secretary and dragging her fom her chair?

      honorable as in lying about immigration statistics?

      honorable as in robbing pensioners of £5billion from their pension funds?

      honorable as in starving our lads in Iraq and Afghanistan of funds, ridgebacks helicopters, medics and on and on……?

      honorable as in employing people like damian mcbride, mandy and alastairc…?

      honorable as in having friends like balls, cooper, twatson,kevan, rammell, aintbustinagut, himofthemirror…..?

      honorable as in he has the courage of a cockroach and spends most of his time hiding from the real public in this electoral campaign only appearing for photo opportunities with labour luvvies???

      What gordon IS NOt is a real, decent , principled, honest, Honorable man!!!!

      • 278
        Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

        That’s £5,000,000,000 every year from pensions, only if you don’t work for the state though,

      • 343
        Cameron's Script Writer says:

        I cant write that, it might upset the punters bordering on liking Gordo Vote

  55. 177
    Eddie Izzard says:

    Can I change my Snickers for a Starbar?

  56. 194

    [...] Guy <b>News</b> : Cable's Flip-Flop Smackdown – Guy Fawkes' blog [...]

  57. 196
    Moley says:

    Here is a question for the leaders debate.

    Do you understand the difference between democracy and dictatorship?

    Democracy is when ten million people want a referendum on Europe and the single leader who has the power to grant that wish grants it.

    Dictatorship is when ten million people want a referendum on Europe and the single leader who has the power to grant that wish refuses to do so.

    Cameron seems to have the impression that all he needs to do is keep on arguing and the ten million paople will agree with him. He is wrong.

    If Cameron wants to get elected he needs to understand the democratic principle and promise a referendum. He could in the process remind Europe that in this country we take our democracy as seriously as Germany does.

    It is the one man who needs to change his mind; not the ten million.

    • 204
      Ken Cl@rke says:

      it’s not in the Manifesto
      it’s not going to happen

      • 223
        Gordon Brown says:

        Its in the Manifesto,
        Its not going to happen.

      • 227
        Moley says:

        Winning the Election isn’t in the Manifesto either.

        I believe the wording is something like;

        “IF we win the election we will—-”

        Everything in that manifesto hinges on “If”.

        So why not turn “If” into “When” and give everybody the referendum they want.?

        Carswell is preparing a Bill– Why not officially support it.?

        • 346
          Airey Belvoir says:

          “Manifesto promises are not subject to legitimate expectation”
          Judicial ruling.

  58. 198

    [...] Guy <b>News</b> : Cable's Flip-Flop Smackdown – Guy Fawkes' blog [...]

  59. 208
    QWERTY says:

    Andrea Catherwood on the Campaign show, god she’s hot, Kelivn Mackenzie tipping a bucketful of shit all over Clegg as well.

  60. 224
    Schhh. You know who says:

    Hung Parliament=the markets tank=fiscal meltdown=mass layoffs=civil unrest=riots=call for strong leader.
    Short of Brown, Clegg and Cameron arrested for pead*philia, it couldn’t be going any better.

    • 345
      Moley says:

      A leader is not a leader without followers.

      If you are thinking what I think you are thinking, the missing followers are a critical issue.

  61. 225

    [...] Guy <b>News</b> : Cable's Flip-Flop Smackdown – Guy Fawkes' blog [...]

  62. 228
    Wun Hung House says:

    So we’ve heard from the 0.01% of the electorate here, i wonder what the other 99.99% think.

  63. 231

    [...] Guy <b>News</b> : Cable's Flip-Flop Smackdown – Guy Fawkes' blog [...]

  64. 233
    • 241
      Dack Blog says:

      ‘Irregular’ but all declared, apparently. Which could mean a hysterical build up to… fuck all. This bit suggests a whiff of a snowball effect though I guess:

      ‘A spokesman for Mr Clegg insisted that the money had been paid to fund half of a researcher’s salary. He said he was “not in a position” to provide the necessary paperwork, but added that this could be produced in future.’

    • 321
      A Pensioner says:

      Memo to HMRC: Does this count as income? Should it be declared?

  65. 234
    XOFile says:

    When England were defeated in the American war of independence it agreed to any future the new independent United States decided to have. It agreed, by not objecting to, The bill of rights. It agreed,by not objecting to,the constitution.As England agreed to them it follows they are then also part of English law,which US law is based on And it follows that the bill of rights and constitution apply in England. Therefore the English have the 2nd amendment of the right to arms. The right that makes it lawful to use arms to remove an oppressive government by force.

  66. 250
    pete says:

    anyone seen labrooks tony blair placing a bet advert on you tube . quite a good one.

  67. 254
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    The poor old chap looked like he needed a nice milky tea, some biscuits and a sit down in front of countdown

    • 266
      Susie says:

      Even worse — he’d be humiliated by Carol Vorderman, the Tory’s maths czar, in the number cruncher section…

      There’s no escape Vince, just come out quietly with your hands on your head.

  68. 264
    jim jones says:

    when gordon gets thrown out of no.10 can we prosecute him for treason?

    • 268
      Susie says:

      Just push the lot of them off Beachy Head…

      “You like Europe don’t you Cleggy? It’s that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

  69. 265
    • 274
      Groucho says:

      The money was only ‘resting’ in his account….

      He’s claiming it was to pay a member of staff. In which case there is absolutely no reason for the money to be paid into his personal bank account.

      Or is he claiming that it didn’t happen at all? That should be easy to prove, one way or the other.

    • 295
      Dipshit Dave says:


      David Cameron took out maximum taxpayer-funded mortgage – then paid off own £75k loan four months later

      David Cameron was dragged personally into the expenses row after it was revealed that he paid off a loan on his London home shortly after taking out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage on his constituency house.
      The disclosure followed a powerful call by the Tory leader yesterday for the ‘full force of the law’ to be deployed against MPs who have abused allowances.
      Following a Mail on Sunday investigation Mr Cameron could now face searching questions about his own expense claims.


      Dave claimed for expenses on a second home – the mortgage interest, when he only had one mortgage. He was also one of the largest claimers of this expense in the commons for many years.

      The money was only ‘resting’ in his mortgage.

      • 307
        Groucho says:

        That ‘news’ is almost a year old. Keep up, mate.

        • 311
          Chico says:

          And the Clegg ‘news’ is 4 years old from 2006 before he was leader.
          Keep, up mate.

          • Anonymous says:

            But not in the public domain. So piss offf Chico and your shite at singing too.

          • Groucho says:

            Instead of playing a silly game of tit-for-tat, perhaps you can think of a legitimate reason why a party worker’s salary was being handled via Clegg’s personal bank account?

  70. 270
    Moley says:

    Lib Dems to introduce VAT on new homes and road pricing.


    They forgot to tell people that when they asked them if they wanted to pay less income tax.

  71. 276
    Gorgon, the Moron's Moron and My Lord Fumblebum, drooling over their New Toy Boy says:

    Little Cleggy!

    What a sweetie.

    He’ll protect us from the inevitable backlash when it’s all over!

    • 319
      Clegg tells Brown to fuck off says:

      “Brown systematically blocked, and personally blocked, political reform. I think he is a desperate politician and I just do not believe him.”

      • 342
        jgm2 says:

        Clegg would forget all that for a cabinet post as Minister for Sticky Buns in a Lib/Lab parliament.

  72. 282
    streamfisher says:

    For what its worth, hears my take on the up coming election campaign.

    • 284

      Hell. Vince nearly lost it! He was so used to being given an easy “Your grace” ride that the tone of the questions really flawed him. His eyes were darting about in panic and his mouth looked like it was going dry.

      He is actually typical of an economics lecturer. They just waffle on with “on the one hand, yet on the other hand” and pass it off as intellectual rigour. People like Vince are utterly unsuited for government as they are incapable of making decisions.

      • 310
        Groucho says:

        No doubt he was expecting an easy ride, but Brillo and Ms Flanders had other ideas!

        Always great to see a charlatan run out of bullshit.

  73. 285
    Hate Gordon? Then listen to this! says:

    Re-upload & spread the word…


  74. 288
    Nick2 says:

    Iplayer hasn’t uploaded either Daily Politics program from yesterday yet, so I can’t see for sure.

    But in Guido’s video Darling appeared to be blatantly reading Osborne’s notes from about 3.30 in, and simultaneously Osborne seems to stand back from his lectern & gaze skyward for a few seconds.

    Maybe a little cross-party intelligence-sharing?

    • 314
      Susie says:

      Wonder whether Darling will jump ship… a few days before the election. OMG,

      Can’t be pleasant with Cable touted as having his job by his own side. Come on Alistair. JUMP!

  75. 296
    Floating voter interested in the truth says:

    Kenneth Clarke and George Osborne have issued a dramatic warning that Britain could well have to be bailed out by the International Monetary Fund if the General Election results in a hung parliament. The Tories immediately came under attack from Labour and the LibDems, branding them as scaremongers.
    Ken Clarke is absolutely right! Britain is already on ’negative watch’ with the three main credit agencies, one notch away from loosing our AAA credit rating. An adverse reaction in the international markets could very well precipitate the kind of scenario Ken describes if the electorate fail to deliver a strong Government with a working majority. This is not a Party Political issue but a matter of fact, and I predict the City of London will come out in the next few days and support the Tories position over this, just as the captains of industry did over the National Insurance ‘Jobs tax’ issue.

  76. 317
    James Bondage says:

    I liked that crack about Cables wife not believing him to be a saint. I also noted that Cable did not rush to deny it, for he certainly could have.

    My current wife still thinks the sun shines out of my arse, even though she knows only to well that it certainly does not. If Brillo said that to me, she would have jumped through the TV and tried to punch Billo’s light out.

    Cable seemed to actually agree with Brillo, then tried, but failed to come up with a indignant repost.

    Cable is clearly not a person who can think on his feet, and rather obviously has a few skeletons in the closet he would rather not discus. People like Brillo know certain things, and Cable knows it IMO.

  77. 324
    Adolpho Hitlerio says:

    ‘Downfall’ parody clips being removed !!!!

    YouTube has started to remove popular Hitler parodies of the German film ‘Downfall’, which chronicles the last days of the Nazi dictator, over a copyright issue.


    Nothing to do with McDoom then?

  78. 327
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Pound is rising against both the dollar and the euro. Markets are expecting a rise in UK interest rates.

  79. 328
    Down with Brown! says:

    Nick Clegg hates the United Kingdom. Clegg thinks the British bear more guilt than Nazi Germany:


    • 332

      Cleggy seems to think we are hampered by our insularism, the continental mongrel twat.

      Still, serves him right for writing in the Grauniad (that fine British offshore tax avoidance scheme) in the first place, even if it was a few years ago.

    • 333
      Just stating the obvious says:

      Fair’s fair look at it from his perspective……..he’s merely carrying on the proud tradition of the left in British politics…they hate anything to do with Britain,its traditions or history…..although they are pretty adept at cloaking themselves in “the flag” if it suits them politically or if they think they can gull the gullible electorate by promising a “new kind of politics”.

      • 336
        Gorgon the Moron, slavering over his New ToyBoy, and doing that weird thing wiv his jaw says:

        Cleggy is mine! – ALL MINE! – to do with as I please!

        And My Reign is GOING TO LAST FOR EVER!!

        I knew the EUSSR would save me if I did TheRightThingToDo.

  80. 329
  81. 330
    • 334
      Mr Plum says:

      Saw McGuire on GMTV this morning having a go at the right wing press and praising up his new mate Nick Clegg. Is he after a new job after the election.

  82. 335
    10K_Cleggie says:

    Sleaze?? Not me!
    I’m an upstanding upstart!!

  83. 350

    [...] Guy News : Cable’s Flip-Flop Smackdown – Guy Fawkes' blog About bloomin' time. I like the way that Darling and Osborne just stand back and let Cable dig himself deeper and deeper and deeper and… (tags: politics LiberalDemocrats news) graybo typed this at 9:01 pm | &#124 click here to comment [...]

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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