April 20th, 2010

Home Secretaries Head to Head

Many were hoping see Grayling skewered on the Daily Politics Home Secretary Debate. His mea culpa moment was well rehearsed and he expressed regret at “causing confusion“. In the quick-fire round all three claimed never to have broken any law other than motoring offences. An unlikely statement.

There was no clear winner on points, but Grayling’s priced moved up 10% on Politics Markets during the debate settling on a 60% chance of him being the next Home Secretary.  Although it wasn’t the most exciting of debates, interestingly Alan Johnson said he could not guarantee that police numbers would not be cut if Labour won. That isn’t what Gordon said in the Leaders Debate…


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    Moley says:

    Just watched the debate.

    Do the presenters record the air time given to each participant and make sure it remains equal?

    I had the impression that Hunhe’s interruptions went live and Grayling’s didn’t.

    It isn’t down to debating technique, it’s down to microphone switching, and it’s something to watch.

    Did Grayling get less air time the others?
    If he did, was it because there was less waffle?
    Was Hunhe favoured by the fact that he was closer to the presenters and they saw his desire to interrupt?

    Should the participants have an “I want to reply to that button?”


    • 4

      Just X factor the whole thing.
      Break it down into easy to digest images for the public.
      Do you want …
      The ugly one, the posh one or the perky one?

      Why not scrap all this posters and campaigning and manifesto, cabinet stuff and just have 10 potential leaders in a line up.
      Each makes one policy announcement and tells one anecdote. Then the public vote one off a week for 10 weeks.
      {Maybe Simon Cowell and her Majesty have a veto each. We’ll see.}

      Can have all that nail-biting staged tension, soft drumbeat/heartbeat music and dimmed lighting for the final three.
      Text Dave for Cameron…Text Gord for Brown…

      And then Cheyrl Cole announces “It’s the nation’s runaway favourite. It’s Nick!”

      And Cleggy has to mouth “Oh-mi-God!” and embrace Gordon and kiss Dave before bursting into tears.


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        GEORGIE PEORGIE says:

        We’re all smearing Nick together.


      • 29
        The IMF is coming says:

        It’s been an incredible journey


        • 81
          Dave's 'journey' with the voter says:

          I said a prayer last night to St Jude the patron saint of hopeless cases but I doubt that even he will know what to do about the Tory Party campaign.

          Something is happening with the electorate. Today’s YouGov poll showing the Lib Dems in the lead is astonishing. Perhaps the public anger with MPs over their expenses and the banking crisis will result in the body politic being smashed to bits. What was true on Friday may not be true any longer.

          The stakes are now very high. If David Cameron does not become PM on 6/7th May the electoral system will be changed. The first past the post system will be abolished and there will not be a Tory government for a very long time if ever again. Perhaps John Major will go down in history as the last Tory PM.

          This is the most inept Tory campaign in living memory.


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        Disaffected says:

        Guido, I’m glad you picked up Johnson’s comment on Police Officer numbers being in contrast to McSlug. In fact he pressed Cameron on the point several times in a challenging way to get him to confirm that he would not cut police officer numbers. Johnson clearly stated he would not make a pledge to cut officer numbers. Let’s hope Dave and the rest of the electorate picks up on it.

        I thought Grayling was given less time and they should have made Huhne shut up on time. However, he gave a poor performance and it will not go down well that he will put less people inside prison, including those who commit knife crime, criminals to be let out early to solve over crowding- better still let’s forget the victims or crimes committed altogether it will save a bigger fortune in legal aide and we could scrap courts. Lib Dem tossers!

        I think they all missed the point on binge drinking. The law changed to place the responsibility of administration/enforcement to the local authority and the police washed their hands of it. Hence no licensing checks any more and hell breaks out every weekend in town centres across the country. That’s why only four licensees in the UK have been prosecuted for selling to drunk people in five years. The SIA was, and is, a total waste of money. Another quango saving could be made by Dave to keep police officer numbers. The SIA do not have sufficient resources and powers to enforce licensing legislation. Stupidly the Act forgot to give them [SIA] powers to enter licensed premises- only Gordon and chums could think of this one! The SIA do not have a clue when it comes to festivals, then the Act did not consider type of event either- only Gordon and chums.

        Guido, is Dave going to raise these failings on crime and disorder issues or will he consider it negative campainging and go to sleep on the issue?


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      Debates will never be perfect. You just need to get stuck in.


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        Moley says:

        I agree with you, but we don’t want the broadcasters controlling the election result by failing to ensure impartial treatment of the participants, or by being dleiberately partisan.


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      Brown's a Tosser says:

      I think Grayling did get less airtime hence probably the reason why he won it. My god though does not Huhne talk and talk and talk and say nothing. Johnson was hopeless and probably more because he just cannot really defend this train wreck of a government on Home issues. Never forget the NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE mantra is what right on the money.


      • 49
        Feck Off ZaNuLab says:

        Johnson just couldn’t deliver, that’s why he became a politician. (too small to reach the letterboxes!!)


    • 168
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Opening statements of the crime debate


    • 169
      Up sh1t creek says:

      The fear of crime


    • 170
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Crime caused by alcohol


    • 171
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Liberal Democrats prove they are soft on crime (especially knife crime)


    • 183
      Up sh1t creek says:

      ID cards……


    • 184
      Up sh1t creek says:

      The UK’s DNA database, the largest in the world.

      Andrew Neil did not get all his figures correct, and so his 832 crimes “solved” with the database is meaningless. It also proves that of 5.2 million (and climbing) people on the database, the success rate is getting lower all the time.

      Did Andrew Neil pass his maths exams? Or is he just relying on New Labour propaganda?


    • 185
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Alan Johnson proud that New Labour have turned the UK into a police state, and he denies it is a police state. When you’ve lived in one you know the UK is one.


    • 186
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Closing statements on crime debate.


  2. 2

    Gordon’s told another porkie?
    Well I never.


  3. 3
    Jolyon Wagg says:

    Personally, I can’t abide Alan Johnson.

    Another identikit Labour liar.

    Weird eyes ‘n’ all…


    • 7
      Peter Grimes says:

      Agreed. Postman Pat is a lying ZaNuLieBor nutter!

      I’m surprised he nearly told the truth about police numbers, though!


      • 22
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Huhne: someone carrying a knife may have it for protection!!! So you cannot put them in prison for that. Speechless. There are some big issues surrounding knife crime but I for one would like to see knife carrying members of the public put away – period. As for Johnson serious crime has fallen by 41% sorry in the real world that figure is a joke. Then we hear Murder, Rape and so on are excluded from the figures oh silly me they are not serious crimes. WTF is going on in this country. It truly beggars fucking belief.


        • 44
          Technomist says:

          You presumably don’t live in an area where the police have abandonned large tracts to the gangs


        • 63
          Oh and by the way says:

          Having a knife in a public place is an offence for mere possession.. Having it “for protection” is an intended offensive weapon.


          • Big Bo says:

            That’s why I carry an AK47.


          • Technomist says:

            True. Its also a breach of the green cross code not to stop look left, look right and left again before crossing the road but sane people do it when being chased by thugs.


          • Thats for my arthritis Officer says:

            I carry a can of Ralgex that I have made the spray hole slightly bigger,it’s worse than pepper, I know because I accidentally rubbed my eye after I adapted it and I have had cop pepper spray in my eyes. This shit is well worse.


        • 177
          Old Seth says:

          Huhne’s statement alone should be enough to bury the LibDems.

          Oddly enough I can’t find any reference to it on Al-Jabeeba.


      • 26
        Sir William Waad says:

        He looks as though he’s no stranger to the old electric sauce.


      • 48
        Henry Crun says:

        What will happen if, god forbid, Labour do win is that they will cut the number of plastic plod, who aren’t real police anyway (jumped up council employees) so they can spin that police number haven’t been cut.


    • 11
      amongomous says:

      I can’t believe they considered him a future leader,what a slimy party line towing piece of dogshit he really is.


    • 12
      Keith Dovkunts says:

      “Weird eyes ‘n’ all…”

      That explains why the bastard was always delivering my mail to my neighbour . . .


  4. 6

    We’re all nobbling the fuzz together


  5. 8
    statechaos says:

    Grayling towered above the others in more than just height


  6. 13
    AC1 says:



    It seems that Britain is about to make the same mistake America made in 2008.

    Last week here in England, we had the first of three “leaders debates” between the leaders of the three main political parties in the run-up to the May 6th General Election, and a new sensation is making waves.

    The background to the debates is one of cynicism and boredom from the public, thanks to a failed Labour government and the lack of a substantial alternative. The current Prime Minister Gordon Brown is highly unpopular, and the 2010 General Election should be an easy win for the Conservative Party led by David Cameron.

    Unfortunately, as Peter Glover explains in a recent article in the American Thinker, Cameron has jettisoned all semblance of conservatism in favour of the cosy centre-left consensus, and, along with a sickly sweet media campaign guided by Obama’s Anita Dunn (complete with references to “hope” and “change”), it has been a disaster.

    Cameron is derided almost as much as Brown, and the Conservative Party are seen as just more of the same with a different label. Cameron has fudged the easiest election campaign in history, and it now seems likely that while the Conservatives could still gain the most seats, they will not win an overall majority, and the election will result in what is known as a “hung parliament.” This means that two of the three main parties will ally together, forming a coalition in order to attain a majority of seats together, with one party leader as prime minister.


    • 18
      Gobshite says:

      Much as I despise the Limp Dumbs’, would a hung parliament lead to PR?


    • 58
      Technomist says:

      That report will be from ‘London, England’, I presume.

      A pan of Westminster brodge, Big Ben, men in bowlers and double decker buses in the background or did you go with the shot of the fighter ace with a load of girls in the back of his sports car pulling out of the mews and saying ‘tally ho’?


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      AC1: In the event of no overall majority of seats why is it not incumbent on Her Maj. to ask the leader of the party getting most votes to form a govmnt?


      • 132
        Technomist says:

        Becasue the idea is to form a government that commands a majority in the House of Commons.

        Alsi, there won’t be time to go and find all the ballot papers in the bins at the back of the town hall and find out who go what


      • 146
        Where's Norman St John Stevas when you need him ? says:

        @Gobshite; My understanding of the constitution(albeit there is nothing written down) regarding the situation of a “Balanced Parliament” is that no constitutional legislation could be enacted as it would not get the Royal Assent…Her Majesty’s Advisors taking the view that in the scenario of no one party having an overall majority the constitution could not b changed without the seeking of a new mandate from the electorate

        @Anonymous. Constitutionally the Prime Minister is the Prime Minister until he/she hands over his seals of office to the Queen. In the event that no party has an overall majority the incumbent Prime Minister whether their party has the largest number of seats or not is entitled to try and gain a consensus to govern first. Only if he failed would Her Majesty send for the leader of the main Opposition(This could technically be Nick Clegg if his party had more seats than Cameron’s although that’s unlikely).He would then have a chance to try and form a coalition and failing that if he was leader of the party holding the largest number of seats govern as a minority government. The crucial thing for all parties is that they must get their Queen’s Speech passed in Parliament if not then we are in unknown territory and probably a massive constitutional crisis. In the event of that that scenario the best bet is that HMQ would call on all three leaders to form a coalition to govern temprarily pending another election after a period of a few months and if that failed would probably grant another Dissolution. We would then definitely be in uncharted territory. Bear in mind that all this would not be happening in isolation..sterling would be coming under massive pressure and the Bank of England would probably have to raise interest rates with all that that would entail for the recovery.


  7. 15

    Apparently there will be some bristols in the 2nd Prime Ministerial Debate according to Laura K

    see them Here


  8. 19
    I am Charlie Whelan, play with my Balls says:

    I hear my old mate Derek Draper’s trouble and strike Kate Garraway is for the knock.


  9. 20
    gert says:

    I thought Johnson made one of the most cretinous statements I can ever recall a politician making –

    “we released prisoners early so we could free up prison places – for more prisoners.”

    Breathtakingly stupid.

    Grayling was, I thought, surprisingly good.

    Chris Huhne is a shining example of why this ludicrous Lib Dem bubble cannot last.


    • 40
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      It was a surprisingly quick 45 minutes. I just do not get attraction to Lib/Dems they talk a good talk and then yu give it a couple of seconds thought and realise they said the opposite only the day before. They are the contradiction party sometimes in the same sentence. Surely they cannot be allowed to get away with this. I loved the luvvy duvvy Johnson spooning up to Huhne and then the look on his face as if to say NO your wrong I do not agree with you. Labour need to hone their skills when it comes to disguise. Looks as though we already have a Lib/Lab pact going on.


    • 180
      Old Seth says:


      LibDems say they fully support prison for anyone committing more than three murders in a year.


    • 182
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Huhne is just the Lib Dem version of Hoon


  10. 21
    Down with Brown! says:

    Huhne doesn’t want people who carry knives arrested.


  11. 23
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’m looking forward to the Leaders’ Wives Debate.



    • 67
      Technomist says:

      Ah, Fiesta – The Leaders Wives Edition.


      • 97
        Airey Belvoir says:

        I suggest mud wrestling – the smart money will be on Big Sarah, those thighs could do some real damage. Senora Clegg would probably fight dirty in true Dago style, Samcam would be hopeless, although she might be able to inflict a nasty bite with that huge mouthful of gnashers.


  12. 28
    Gordon Brown says:

    I agree with so much of what Nick says you might aswell vote for him.


  13. 30
    Anonymous says:

    can’t wait for tomorrow’s chancellor debate.




    Should be yet another waste of time. Who can out lie the other?


  14. 31
    Conspiricy Theorist says:

    it gets deeper.Richard S. Fuld of former Lehmans is going to say the fed were in on it all along



  15. 32
    Moley says:

    Regarding the discussions on prison sentencing.

    Johnson’s position is that reoffending is high among those first sent to prison because magistrates use prison as a last resort and therefore it is used for those who are already serial offenders; and, the magistrates are continually conscious of the limiting factor of prison capacity on sentencing.

    Huhn’s (how do you spell that name?) position is that short sentences manifsetly don’t work because the rate of re-offending is 92%, therefore use alternatives to custodial sentences. Too lenient.

    Grayling wants offenders locked up and to give a strong message to serial offenders that they face a long and unpleasant spell in prison if they continue.

    The answer should be along the lines of the US policy, three strikes and your out, and with long suspended sentences as an option instead of the short first sentence. Reoffend and the criminal has to serve the suspended sentence plus anything extra.

    Grayling is more on the money in my opinion and is right as well in that prison capacity needs increasing.


    • 46
      Lizzie says:

      Wish the three strikes and you’re out had worked on Brown, three times the Labour party tried to ditch him, hopefully the people will get rid of him this time.


    • 54

      Three strikes and you’re broken up for organ harvesting and sale is the preferred Tuscan option.


    • 65
      Lock 'em up says:

      If someone’s in prison they aren’t offending outside.
      Is thst too complicated for Johnson?


    • 76
      Technomist says:

      What is it about politicians that makes them think that magistrates listen to them?


    • 100
      Bob Page says:

      The length of sentences are not the problem. If anything, sentences on average should be shorter but with a tough regime of work, discipline and education. No early releases and luxuries such as televisions and radios to be earned only after sustained good behaviour.

      This may seem overly cruel compared to how things are now and yuman rights wonks would be ringing their hands and screaming blue murder if someone were to propose such a reform, but I believe that a short, tough sentence is far more humane than the failed liberal idea of warehousing people for years on end.


      • 188
        talamunji says:

        Or send them to Afghanistan to carry out menial tasks for brave soldiers there
        – perhaps even to detect and clear roadside bombs and mines.


    • 161
      Despondent and Angry says:

      Chris Huhne obviously knows nothing of real life with regards to crime. Much as I hate to agree with Postman Pat he was correct in saying that nowadays anyone receiving a prison sentence for criminal activity has already been bang at it, probably for years before being put away by a court. Huhne saying that 92% of prisoners reoffend upon release is stating the bleedin’ obvious. Of course they do, because of our liberal criminal justice system, they are already hardened criminals by the time they receive their first prison sentence. Some are hardened criminals before their first appearance in Juvenile Court! As many villains live in near hovels on shitty council estates, prison conditions are like five star accommodation to them. Don’t let the bleeding hearts try to tell you that prison conditions are terrible. If you see some of the tips and shitheaps some of these lowlifes come from a cell with clean sheets and three meals a day is no hardship. The fact is there is no deterrence in the sentences that are handed out nowadays. Even a life sentence can be just three to four years before parole is considered. If the LibDems have any influence on our already discredited criminal justice system then you better start fortifying your homes and buy stab proof and bullet proof vests…..better still, emigrate.


  16. 35
    Anonymous says:

    I bet Johnson’s comment on not protecting Police numbers will not make it onto the news. Already seen that the BBC only showed positive clip of Brown’s mauling on Radio 1.


    • 166
      Despondent and Angry says:

      Now lefty police chiefs are threatening to resign if the tories bring in elections for them. I say let ‘em get on with it. Many of the chief constables currently heading police service have been licking the boots of Labour Home Secretaries since 1997. Some of them are Labour sympathisers (are you listening Ian Blair?)

      They have been fiddling crime stats for years with the connivance of the Home Office, although the government adopts a policy of “deniable plausibility” if the fiddles are made public. In my own force area some years ago we suffered a plague of street robberies. Blunket made it known that he wanted these robberies reduced. What happened? There was a sudden increase in “Theft From The Person” being recorded. I can remember one instance where a postman was dragged from his delivery van by two yobs who then stolle parcels from out of the back. This was recorded as “Theft From A Motor Vehicle”. Hey presto, the police and the Home Office boasted a reduction in street robberies in the area. Police chiefs connived in this deception. So let’s be clear, if any of our current set of bootlicking police chiefs want to resign should the Tories get into government, Grayling should willingly accept their resignations forthwith and get someone who will serve the public and not shyster politicians.


  17. 36
    Lizzie says:

    Brown the man of “figures”, but always gets them wrong. Alan Johnson’s demeanor was almost apologetic. The LibDum policies on crime are non-existant, they will reform all criminals, there will be no need for prisons, this will be what life will be like on “Planet Clegg”. As Grayling said, if someone commits a crime they will go to jail, and that is what we all like to hear….justice remove the criminals from society.
    In general the parties should stick to their own message, and stop squabbling like kids in a schoolyard, they should say what they will do and Joe Public is adult enough to make the choice which policies will get this country back into good shape. I think people are sick and tired of this Labour givernment and want rid of Brown, we should all be working towards that goal.


  18. 38
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Unbelievable! I have just tried to watch Brown’s interview (in which he got well and truly kicked by Radio 1 listeners) on BBC iPlayer. When you click to view it comes back with the message

    “This content doesn’t seem to be working. Try again later”



  19. 39
    iain says:

    Will someone stick Huhne’s head in that trouser press and turn it to full power, please.


  20. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Nice one beeb, cut off live Camaron talk to go to a non entity reporting a non story at Heathrow. Fuckwits


    • 118
      BBC Cunts says:

      who the fuck wants to see an empty airport. its time the bbc and anyone who works for them become hate tagets.batter the shit out of anyone who works for them


    • 156
      Never let a Tory near a chicken if you want the chicken to keep its head on says:

      Nice shot of Dave grabbing the Daily Mirror Chicken and ripping its head off though….. I bet that smarted !!!


  21. 43
    Linda Lusardi says:

    Don’t worry all, Daves on SKY doing another ‘Big Society’ speech, Brown is finished.

    Churches can buy schools, charities can run Post Offices, Training firms can run schools.

    Its a huge vote winner.


    • 52
      Gordon Brown says:

      Your tits are a vote winner with me,give us a grope


    • 60
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Linda, don’t like youir politics but you still have lovely tits.


      • 87
        Lord Mandelscum of Boy fun says:

        Far too girly for my licking,tee hee.
        David Milliband is more my preference,Gosh! those prepubescent schoolboy looks and the fine downy hair on his upper lip just make me want to cream my silk armani thong.


    • 68
      AC1 says:

      It’s not a bad policy. The one thing Labour have proved is that Governments cannot run schools well.


    • 77
      Lizzie says:

      Yes I agree, we need to do more for ourselves, Labour are too controlling with big government, we want more freedom. When people do things for themselves they have pride, Labour have been chipping away at our self respect for the last thireen years.


      • 93
        Linda Lusardi says:

        Do you really think the general public have got a clue what such a vague policy means? The election is in 2 and a half weeks.

        3 or 4 easy to digest policies on the economy, benefits, immigration and crime are all that is required.


  22. 47
    Stepney says:

    Is there anyone as anodyne and useless as Huhne?

    He really is about as crap as you can get. Mind-blowingly useless.

    If there is one thing to thank Clegg for it’s that he beat the cretinous arse to become Lib Dem leader.

    Imagine what it would have been like if we were currently experiencing Huhnemania?

    Fuck my old boots…


  23. 51
    Down with Brown! says:

    Huhne could have been telling porkies about never breaking the law apart from his 2003 conviction under The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Act (Amendment No. 4) for using a mobile phone while driving through London.

    In 1973 he wrote an article about the benefits of consuming hard drugs that suggested that he had experiemented with LSD and Opium:


    More seriously Huhne was under investigation in 2005 for using European Union expenses to finance four newspapers distributed to promote his candidacy for the British Parliament in the 2005 General Election. Charges were dropped.


  24. 55
    The IMF is coming says:

    I smell a rat


    Surely this is a blatant stitch up, even without seeing the incident. It does not add up. Man heckles Brown, meets Brown in private and then says will vote for him not Clegg.


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Yep, you may be right. Seems like a change in Labour tactics. The Mirror seem to have sent a heckler dressed as a chicken to disrupt Camaron’s walkabout. And Gordo the magnificent singlehandedly talks round a heckler and persuades him to vote Labour. The bile is starting to rise. Any odds for another episode of Cameron heckling tomorrow?


  25. 71
    Brown's a total cunt says:

    Why can’t Brown just fucking die of a stroke or something? Sorry to sound so brutal but the man is a monstrous excuse for a human being and has done untold damage to the nation. Fuck him and his band of corrupt Hunts.


    • 113
      Technomist says:

      Who is deputy PM at the moment and would you want her in charge of evacuating holdaymakers from Calais?


      • 158
        Lost in Spain and other parts says:

        Slight unrest in the ranks at Santander as holidaymakers stranded in Spain realise that there is not enough room on HMS Albion….”Another bloody cock up by Brown” they mutter as they are told to make their own way home


    • 167
      No Uncertainty says:

      he looks like a post stroke patient.


  26. 74
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Surely the most important question of the next home secretary would have been how much porn they intend to claim for?


  27. 75
    I hate New Labour says:

    “That isn’t what Gordon said in the Leaders Debate…”

    Well, yes, but history has shown us the mad Scottish cyclops can lie, lie and lie again and nobody ever pulls him up on it.

    The dim witted electorate think that being Scottish and miserable must mean he’s intelligent.

    So, well spotted, but it won’t make any difference. Most of the thicky voters believe the lie that he was a good chancellor.


    • 105
      Sir William Waad says:

      They confuse him with Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson, who is also a miserable Scotch git with a flexible view of the truth, but happens to be clever, determined and successful.


  28. 82
    Conspiricy Theorist says:

    The B*NP have a TV broadcast tomorrow


    • 90
      Charles Flaccidwidger says:

      I hope it’s on after the watershed. Seeing Gr*ff*n is enough to scare anyone.


    • 159
      Just asking ? says:

      Will the BBC give out there usual warning that “some scenes may offend people of a nervous disposition”


  29. 86
    Linda Lusardi says:

    Ed Milliband just got fronted by a normal person, looked like he may wee himself.


  30. 96
    Brown's a total cunt says:

    Which is the moniker of your choice when it comes to describing Brown? Is it:
    a) Jonah
    b) McDoom
    c) McRuin
    d) One eyed mong
    e) Broon
    f) Macavity
    g) C/unt
    h) Fat, autistic, psychotic, one eyed twatty mong c/unt


  31. 101
    Down with Brown! says:

    Clegg uses our money for pruning his fruit trees and phoning Vietnam:


    • 149
      Unsworth says:

      Clegg’s defence is that it wasn’t very much money and he’s paid some of it back.

      How would that stack up in the Magistrate’s court?


      • 176
        Dave the second home piggy says:

        Better than not offering to pay any of it back at all like this expenses pig spiv.


    • 150
      Mr Plum says:

      Thought i heard a crash, was it Nicks Halo


  32. 107
    Nozik says:

    Alan Johnson should retire and open up a sweetie shop and potter about in it all day. The man has no credibility left.


  33. 110
    Penny Dropps says:

    Labour really are a bunch of wastrels.


  34. 112
    unpronounceable volcano's ash cloud says:

    As I’ll be hanging around for at least six months and many voters are stranded abroad then it is only fair that Gordo cancels the election for at least a year so that he can get on with the job of saving the world. This is what we all want him to do!?


    • 134
      Ash2 says:

      Wasn’t the ash last time that caused the French revolution, stand by politicians for the terror.


  35. 115
    Cream Puff says:

    Not really relevant to Scotland (or Northern Ireland now)
    as Policing is devolved to the Scottish Government
    What might be more relevant is tonights Scottish ‘leaders’ debate on STV at 9pm
    Currently SNP are just sitting behind Laour in second place, with Libdums third
    and the Tories 4th
    ot sure if format is the same as he UK ‘Prime ministerial’ debates, should be interesting, considering the way Labour treat Scotland as some sort of feifdom
    The UK opinion polls dont really reflect what happens in Scotland, the Toies will be lucky if they can hang on to their solo MP, the Libdems might increase at expense of Labour


  36. 124
    Sir William Waad says:

    Is there another word for ‘synonym’?


  37. 125
    Primary God Gordon BBC Gods says:

    We at the BBC and Gordon Brown are miracle workers. We only have to interview anyone who is not voting labour to convert them.


  38. 130
    Cockfosters says:

    who fancies a game of chutney rumble?


  39. 135
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    I thought the B&B question would come up.

    B&B has increased under Liebore. Buggery & Bankr*ptcy that is.


  40. 139
    grodnon brwon- a liar says:

    Brown lying again????????? christ! is the pope a n*zi?

    o/t curse of mcshit..
    surely the icelandic volcano proves the curse?

    the cowdenbeath Hunt called them terr*rists…….now look at what gaia has done!!!!!!

    even the planet hates the gurning bum-bandit!


  41. 141
    South East Voter says:

    O/T but if planes can’t fly in 2 weeks time how will the soldiers votes in Afgan be counted?


  42. 153
    Don't Be a Tory Hater Like Grayling says:

    Can someone remind me, why does Chris Grayling hate gay people?


    • 155
      Technomist says:

      Why don’t you ask him?


      • 172
        Canary Wharf Rat says:

        Troll. Grayling was both physically and in performance terms head & shoulders over the two political pygmies. As for the Gay slur (yours) he addressed his views honestly.


    • 178
      Shitty sheets says:

      He doesn’t. He just objects to a man sticking his willy up another man’s bottom within his own home.

      What’s wrong with that?


    • 178
      Shitty sheets says:

      He doesn’t. He just objects to a man sticking his willy up another man’s bottom within his own home.

      What’s wrong with that?


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Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann on Cameron’s refusal to pay the £1.7 billion EU bill by December 1st:

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Mycroft says:

Have you read the last bit of Animal Farm?

You know where the animals are looking through the Farmhouse window?

My TV screen was that window at lunch-time today.

Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

You were no firebrand, you were a damp squib in my opinion, sorry.

You need a damned good kick up the ahse!

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