April 19th, 2010

Labour Candidate is BBC Bias Complaints Judge

Ever wondered why your complaint of left-wing bias against the BBC wasn’t upheld?  It could be because you were speaking to one Chris Summers on the phone. Via his Facebook we learn that Mr Summer’s isn’t too keen on his “dull, boring, grey, miserable, crap job – dealing with election complaints!Would this be the same Chris Summers who is the Labour coucil candidate in Ealing?

Elsewhere in on his Facebook page Summers spins for Brown, who he refers to as “the boss” and advocates his friends vote Labour. Such sentiments about a political party from someone with such a  keen interest in his job makes you wonder just how serious his employers are about the balance of their output. At the end of the last month Summers said “Oh, the frustration of working for the BBC! Editorial Guidelines!!! Aaaaaah!!”

Guido would wager he isn’t the only lefty in Broadcasting House to think like that…


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    Hoon MacHoon Chief Hoon of Clan MacHoon principal Hoons of hereaboots and a liitle beyond! says:


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      Martin Day says:

      Vote Clegg, get BROWN.

      For another FIVE FUCKING YEARS!

      Wake up.

      • 22
        The BBC says:

        Troll for Labour. It’s what we do.

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          BBC balance in action:

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Do the BBC or Paxman realise, that elitist, sneering condescension, actually works against them in these kind of interviews, not the person they are sneering at?
            Obviously not.

          • universal hiss says:

            Am I going bonkers? I agreed with everything Farage said when he could get over Paxman’s sneering.

            Well done that man.

          • I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

            Vote Dave Get BLAIR

            For another FIVE FUCKING YEARS!

            Wake up.

          • Canary Wharf Rat says:

            The BBC is a great example of a government department that should be privatised…..

          • Old Seth says:

            I may disagree with many UKIP policies – though not their euroscepticism – but I can’t see how any reasonable person could deny that Farage wiped the floor with Paxman, who has lost any genuinely intelligent probing skills he may have had and has entirely resorted to flippancy, snarling and sneering.

          • John says:

            He’ll always be an irrelevance unless the voting system changes.

          • John Smith says:

            Gods – why do obnoxious traitors like that madman get given so much airtime? The BBC’s europhobic bias is disgusting.

          • heir 2 blair says:

            Dave, look and learn!

            Ann Coulter stuffs Paxo:


          • iain says:

            What a condescending fucker that Paxman is. Happily Farage was well able for him.

          • Nick2 says:

            Other than bringing back the Radio 4 theme & Pullman trains I agreed with everything else Nigel Farage said.

            I’ve never seen Paxman so condescending. Normally he shreds politicians who ‘hesitate, obsfuscate or deviate’. But Farage didn’t.

            Maybe he thought he could get a few cheap laughs from the studio audience (‘Mr Garage’). Maybe he hadn’t done as much research as with LibLabCon manifestos. Maybe he’s a closet UKIP fan trying to drum up a sympathy vote (least likely).

            The only slip that Farage made (IMO) was not to have considered where the new prisons would go. Bigger prisons = more violence & disorder. The UK needs more modern, less crowded prisons. NOT ‘Titan’ prisons.

            Build them in the middle of nowhere (exemplified by Barnsley, which has a large potential prison population!). Towns in the rural US are more prone to accept prisons as they provide jobs to a not especially well qualified local (unemployed) workforce.

            The only down-side of scattering prisons in the furthest-flung corners is isolation from their families, contact with which is supposed to help keep the lid on in existing prisons. So build internet booths in the prisons & satellite visiting centres in major towns in UK. It’d be better than what our troops on deployment + their families have to deal with. And virtual visiting could be a more frequently allowed privilege for good behaviour.

          • City of Vice says:

            Paxman is so overrated….

          • Kasou says:

            What a sneering ignorant idiot Paxman reminds me of everything wrong with Mandelson and Blair…jeez what a smarmey b’stard

          • NorthernGit says:

            For someone who is very capable of interviewing politicians with razor sharp questions Paxman’s condescending manner was pathetic. The BBC have, during this election, shown themselves to be truly unable to present a consistent balance of views or commentary on what is going on.

            After the election rip the charter up and throw them into the commercial pit with the others..thats all they deserve…. Bristish Broadcasting at it’s lowest point for as long as I can remember.

          • Ian says:

            Paxman stinks and his granny was a slag who was kicked off welfare for being a proz and having loads of bastards.

            He’s scum from the gutter.

          • Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

            Well, what’s not to like about Nigel Farage. He did not say a single thing I could disagree with, and, I think he dealt brilliantly with Paxman’s sneering, which backfired quite spectacularly.

            So, thanks Jeremy, for pointing out so clearly where my vote should go.

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          rick says:

          “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset……….I am a supporter of the license fee.”

          David Cameron.

          • Mr Ned says:

            The sooner the BBC is completely shut, closed down, covered in concrete and buried at the bottom of the deepest trench of the deepest ocean, with the entire news production company still inside the building, the better!!!

            I exclude the BBC sports coverage (which is good) and the light entertainment, (which is poor), but the news and current affairs section of the BBC is positively treasonous!

            They are passionately ANTI British and should cease to exist.


          • lolol says:

            ROFL!! The New world Order Conspiracy Nutters are upset.

          • Sir William Waad says:

            The BBC still do some good nature progs and there’s always Antiques Roadshow, even though these days many of the artefacts on it are younger than me. Bits of Radio 3 are OK too.

            The Beeb also has a strong anti-rural bias that you townies probably don’t notice, but then Labour has always hated country people. Like all Lefties they see us as a bunch of kulaks to be liquidated. Seriously, though, the average age of farmers is now so high, and increasing, that there soon won’t be anyone around to grow anything. Then we’ll have to import ALL our food and the Greenies wouldn’t like that, would they?

          • AC1 says:

            > The BBC still do some good nature progs

            They used to, now it’s AGW religious broadcasting.

          • Wavy Davy Bullingdon Gravy Loves to eat his Greens says:

            Mr Cameron said: “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.” ”

            “Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

            Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

            “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

            “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”

          • Conspiricy Theorist says:

            what is it when your hat starts arcing and crackling

          • EU Dave says:

            “Conspiricy Theorist says:
            April 19, 2010 at 9:17 pm
            what is it when your hat starts arcing and crackling”

            I think you will find that is your Dave Cameron shaped 250 volts butplug Guido!

        • 236
          Snotrocket says:

          Re the Paxman/Farage interview: I was trying to imagine snotgobbler or Cameroon, let alone Clegg firing back such quick and succinct answers. There is no faffing around with Farage and no waffle. Even when Paxman tried to take the piss over his name he didn’t rise. He just took it in his stride and put Paxman in his box. Wonderful stuff. If only Cameron was as astute. Otherwise, we’re fucking doooooooommmed.

          • The Paman school of purile interviewing skills says:

            Is it Paxman or Tampaxman ?

          • oooooer says:

            if he was the second at least we could string him up

          • Tampaxman says:

            At least he would then be useful

          • Hugh Janus says:

            Well said Snotrocket, that’s exactly it – from the heart and hang the consequences. What you see is what you get, as opposed to the dreadful PR exercise that controls the other two parties. I am increasingly attracted by UKIP. It’s just a pity that Farage is a one-man party. When this rolling stone gathers some moss we might be getting somewhere. Farage is what the conservatives used to be – low taxation, small state, stuff the fabulously expensive and corrupt EU, strong defences. Unfortunately our nation is having an extended attack of spinelessness, and until we get over it we are stuck with Wavy Davy and his crew. I’ve given up shouting at the telly and throwing things – he just isn’t listening. So be it.

        • 309
          Anonymous says:

          Given that the BBC advertises its vacancies mainly in the Guardian, I am not surprised?

          A couple of weeks ago BBC News interrupted a live speech by Cameron with the news headline: a Brown speech which they had already broadcast earlier.

        • 371
          Mr Ned says:

          Paxman making a total tit of himself AGAIN!!!

          What would these extra soldiers be doing?

          The same thing that soldiers have been doing since 1945!!! DUH! Training hard to go into war under exceptional circumstances, and NOT on a whim, supported by lies to commit war-crimes!

          FFS somebody shoot Paxman in the fucking face.

          • Angry, formerley of Atherton. says:

            I agree,

            Soldiers would be doing what they are paid to do,

            defend the British Isles, not take part in some phoney war in some dusty shithole halfway round the world at the request of several madmen.

        • 505
          ShoutsAtTheTV says:

          There was a civil servants’ strike recently, wasn’t there? – Nobody noticed!

          Cut the License Fee to £20 a year and we’d see very little difference in what really matters…

        • 573
          Conservative Home - The Big Blog with an Even Bigger Identity Crisis says:

          So do we!

        • 587
          Chris says:

          Paxman the pratman,and the rest of the BBC are shitting bricks when it comes to politics they are scared to fucking death of ant change in government,because there is a high probability that they might get privatized or someone stopping the license tax.
          For the past 14 years the BBC being part of the overblown public sector have been allowed to go unchecked over the way they are run ie:as though they are in the private sector and pay private sector wages,the way they dress and are being paid by more than any other branch of the government.
          I used to like Paxman until he learned how to sneer but then again he’s scared isn’t he.

      • 368
        Jan says:

        If LidDems plan to scrap nuclear submarines it will destroy the South West region where the subs are refitted. The South West is LibDem home turf. Do you think the locals realise this?

        Vote Lib get Lab. And if you live in the South West join the dole queue.

        • 410
          Susie says:

          I thought it had been decided to move submarine refit to Fife (near Brown’s constituency) months ago… some LibDem woman MP (for Devonport?) asked for assurances in a question at PMQs and got Brown’s brush off.

          Pas devant les domestiques… as we say in Lib/Lab pact speak.

    • 42
      ST says:

      Hey everyone! It’s easy to complain to the BBC about Mr Summers


      I hope the twat has to deal with them himself…

      • 58
        I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT says:

        I am so looking forward to Murdoch Jr completely destroying the BBC one day in the future.

        He will have my undying respect if he pulls that coup d’état off and rids the BBC from our shores.

        • 64
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          Amen to that :)

          • Angry, formerley of Atherton. says:

            How the hell do these people get jobs?

            (Oh, forget I asked that one)

          • Peter Carter-Fuck says:

            They reply to the adverts in the Guardian!

            Only joking, they ask their dad obviously.

        • 135
          Golden Days says:

          No, that’s the baby and the bathwater. A reformed BBC, especially in news and current affairs, YES,but you have to admire so much BBC stuff on BBC 4, and radios 3 and 4- there’s nothing of such quality anywhere else. Just switch on your tele in your hotel bedroom next time you’re abroad- it’s painful to watch, with commercial breaks of about 15 minutes.

          • concrete pump says:

            If i’m abroad, i bring my laptop = entertainment that i like.

            No beeb, no shit foreign telly.

            Job done.

          • Johnny says says:

            Golden Days said: “there’s nothing of such quality anywhere else.”

            There would be if the BBC wasn’t such a massive part of the broadcasting industry. In the same way the Government being half the economy is bad for Britain, the BBC being such a leviathan, especially in the realms of radio, *is* bad for broadcasting.

            A much smaller BBC with a much smaller budget would be great for commercial telly and great for viewers, not least because the BBC is a political organ that leans well to the left so the smaller it can be made the better. It’s size normalises the statist/socialist view when much of the country simply isn’t like that.

          • Conspiricy Theorist says:

            stop whinging and buy a transmitter.

          • There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

            Yep, seems reasonable. I pay £140 a year so you can listen to the Archers.

            Fuck off.

        • 171

          No Murdoch has ever come out against the BBC licence fee. That’s because the alternative to the licence fee is subscriptions. News Corp does not want the BBC building a competitive conditional-access pay-TV platform, which it could easily do, using the existing freeview digital network as a basis. This of course would compete with BSkyB’s structural monopoly of the subscription TV market. Not even The Sun has called for privarising the BBC. Murdoch publications are stuffed with people on the BBC payroll. Yes, Cameron likes the licence fee. For the same reason all politicians do: it gives them complete control. The BBC is a state broadcaster, not accountable to the public. Politicians set the level of the fee. They appoint the so-called ‘trust’ members. When the BBC strays off the reservation (Iraq) the government demands and gets the heads of the chairman and director general. Aboce all, via the BBC, the government can impose its chosen discourse, within the paramters of its choice. The BBC will only be toppled when the Brits show the guts of the Australians. They refused to pay their licence fee in such numbers that the government was forced to scrap it.

          • Mr Ned says:

            People who think the BBC is the puppet of Government (of any colour) are wrong. Likewise the Government is not controlled by the media.

            They are equal puppets and BOTH are controlled by the elite Establishment in the backroom deals in secret.

            If the Government stray from the NWO globalisation line, the media attacks them. If the Media strays, the Government faces regulation and sanctions.

            They are both new world order puppets.

          • Postlethwaite says:

            But now with everyone being converted to digital, we CAN be forced into subscriptions.
            You know it makes sense.
            Oh and the picture quality is no better.


        • 252
          WTF says:

          Advocating Murdoch instead of the BBC.
          Insanity indeed.

          • Tulkinghorn says:

            WTF, it seems to me that Miller isn’t advocating Murdoch so much as slagging off the BBC. Herr Miller has an honourable record as a refusenik, and cofounded the BBC Resistance website (tvlicensing.biz). Check out the link to his blog for more anti-Beebery.

            The best thing to do if you don’t like the BBC is to withhold payment of the telly tax. It’s easy to do — TV Licensing are morons. Lots of info on the net how to do it.

          • Mr Ned says:

            I can choose not to pay for any of Murdoch’s output. The BBC extracts money with menaces!

          • Momentum says:

            I choose to not watch TV. I will not give a penny to what I feel is a Labour party propaganda organisation. What am I missing? My 6 year old son would like to watch Dr Who but otherwise I am missing SFA. I also do not want to fund Rupert Murdoch who has supported Labour for far too long so I refuse to ever buy the Times or the Sun. If any of you lot out there have a wish to stop Labour you need to stop funding their trolls but are any of you prepared to give up TV.

            Give up TV or accept the fuckwits you fund.

          • I am sorry if I am not clear. I am slagging off Murdoch AND the BBC.

        • 342
          Conspiricy Theorist says:

          All he needs to do is take the HD from the BBC by giving it away.

      • 100

        No, democratic parties that are victims of the BBC’s anti-democratic bias – obviously I’m talking the Tories and UKIP here – should publicly attack the BBC and make an election issue out of its bias. An organisation that is so screamingly bent that it has at least one Labour Party candidate dealing with complaints of election bias needs a thorough going Parliamentary purge to put it right. It will be a great day for British democracy when scumbags like Jeremy Paxman, James Naughtie and John Humphrys get their marching orders.

        • 123
          PM says:

          And Stephen Nolan. One of the worst offenders.

          Neat blog, BTW.

        • 139
          concrete pump says:

          ‘It will be a great day for British democracy when scumbags like Jeremy Paxman, James Naughtie and John Humphrys get their marching orders.’

          That thought gives me a semi.

          Agree with PM, i read your blog every day.

          • Dream On says:

            Never going to happen.

          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            The older generation that was brought up with auntie are dying off and a new generation of internet/satellite savy youngsters are taking their place. It will happen. All the technology is there for a voluntary subscription based BBC using a smart card like SKY.

            It’s the progressive and right thing to do :)

          • Unsworth says:

            Oi, Axe. Leave it out. Some of us here are the older generation.

      • 161
        Mr Ned says:

        he also is a typical thick as pigshit technophobe who cannot even get itunes to work on his ipod:

        “Chris Summers Guess who’s finally joined the iPod generation (about five years after everybody else). Now if only I could get the bloody iTunes to work! Doh!
        31 December 2009 at 15:13″

        He’s such a Fuckwit!

        Cannot even keep his facebook page secret and filter it!!!

        I have duly complained to the BBC about his slagging off his employer in a VERY public forum!

        Sackable offence! Or at least it is a sackable offence in the private sector. Not sure about the fucking “left-wing, jobs for life and force the tax-payer to stump up for it, OR ELSE” sector.

      • 515
        PhilP says:

        I have tried to complain along with a lot of people about the BBC’s overt and quite frankly stark bollock naked anti jewish,Tory,Yank and climate change bias.
        I have also come to the conclusion that banging your head against a brick wall personified by a department stuffed with the likes of Summers is a complete and utter fcuking waste of time.

    • 90
      PM says:

      A popular lad. He’s got 82 FB friends.

    • 203
      Fony Blair says:

      New Tory election broadcast……is that Guido behind Cameron at 2:05??

      • 220
        I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

        We’re all in this together!

        • 287
          Cameron hired hard core communist says:

          • Mr Ned says:

            Normally, I would tell a yank to fuck off and mind their own fucking brainless retarded business.

            However, on this issue Savage is bang on the money!!!

            The leading right wing parties here and in the US and in Canada and elsewhere are being taken over by the same political forces and they are NOT in any way, shape or form, Conservative.

            Bush was not a Conservative either.

          • Commieservative Party says:

            Daves NWO Handlers have sent their minders to make sure he stays on message in – commieservative Britain.

        • 406
          Susie says:

          To the death.

          You’ve got my vote Cameron.

      • 296
        The fop of a flop says:

        Looks like Dave Communist is crapping himself, all his dreams dashed, all the backroom deals where he sold his soul – for nothing.

        All the hiring of Extreme US communists and screaming NWO for his masters – for nothing.

        Mr No lips toff, is a flop.

      • 427
        Linda Lusardi says:

        Who advised Dave to record this utter shite, lecturing the electorate because they are too stupid to realise that HE is the annointed one and not Clegg FFS

    • 205
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Peter Mandelson hand signals…..

      • 328
        Mike Litorus says:


        Yes you Ducky
        You fisted me last night didn’t you you naughty boy.
        Aaahhhhhhh (reminisces, fidgets uncomfortably…)

    • 425
      Anonymous says:

      ok blogs up good stuff here more to come http://www.thelabourlegacy.blogspot.com from a former English Democrat party candidate.

    • 554
      Anonymous says:

      Response to Eddie Izzard Labour video

      • 560
        There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

        Jesus, will they ever get over the Thatcher thing. She hasn’t been in power for 20 years. most people can’t remember her. If you look at her profile on Wikipedia it’s hardly Pol Pot is it?

        I don’t see Labour bending over backwards to help the former miners when the pits were closed. Just labelled them as “disabled” and left them to pick up their giro for the rest of their days along with their kids.

  2. 2
    Mitch says:

    These vermin are everywhere and need exterminating, Until the socialist menace is removed from the UK we will never be free.

    • 13
      Yorkie says:

      Can’t rely on journalists to uncover this kind of thing anymore. It’s only thanks to bloggers that we get a glimpse of the truth. If this is correct then Guido has done a service to us all. Imagine the whines from our lefty friends if this was going on in reverse.

    • 16
      Hoon MacHoon Chief Hoon of Clan MacHoon principal Hoons of hereaboots and a liitle beyond! says:

      A few years ago I was listening to the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2. The unspoken common theme of all the issues that they were discussing that day was that Britain’s freedom of action was severely curtailed by its membership of the EU. I phoned up the show to make my point but was told by a rather snotty woman that it was not possible to put my opinion through to the studio ( i.e that Britain should leave the EU ) because my opinion was so outlandish and extreme!

      Since then UKIP have won even gained even more MEPS so the BBC occassionaly lets an anti EU voice to be aired. But the reality is that the Beeb is an organisation that Hitler or Stalin would have been proud of!!

      • 127
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        To the average Beeboid, being a Global Warming realist or an EU refusenik, is tantamount to declaring yourself a baby eating Nazi. It simply does not compute in their fantasy world.

      • 147
        Susie says:

        My sister was part of the audience for a Cambridge Question Time last year.

        It was a week when Afghan servicemen’s death/injury toll had been particularly high so her question was about the treatment of discharged/injured soldiers and why were 1/3 of the homeless and a sizeable proportion of prisoners ex-servicemen.

        ‘Not topical’ was the shirty response from the producer.

      • 166
        The Jeremy Whine Show is the biggest heap of shit on Radio 2 says:

        Why on Earth does anyone listen to it?

        • 251
          Snotrocket says:

          Agreed! Vine is a useless piece of crap. He’s so fucking thick with it and asks the most stupid questions. No wonder he gave up Newsnight. He hadn’t a chance against someone like Paxman.

          Jesus H Christ! Even the octogenarian he replaced (Young) would still be better than him.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    So the BBC is basically Fox News for lefties?

    • 7
      loftus road says:

      Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Let’s hope the twat is sacked, although i doubt it….

    • 26
      Anonymous says:

      Its biased, but not that biased. MSNBC is Fox News for lefties. The BBC is institutionally biased to the EU-friendly, Anthropomorphic Climate Change concerned left. But it is populated by quite a number of right wing commentators. Andrew Neil, Jeremy Clarkson, Nick Robinson to name a few. Its comedy output is so left wing its silly though. It’s not as bad as its made out to be though all things considered.

      [[NOTE: The above was a comment on order-order that didn't exxagerate, rant, swear, use hyperbole or advocate lynching. It is unlikely that this will be seen again]]

      • 46

        How do you know all this? Work for the BBC?

      • 77
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        I don’t see many political parties around the world calling for the imposition of a £150 per year tax on tv sets, to spout state propaganda ,and punishable by imprisonment for non payment. Hardly a vote winner is it.

        Even St. Obama’s not that stupid :)

      • 83
        PM says:

        Pah. Nick Robinson makes Marx look like Thatcher.

      • 189
        cassandra king says:

        The actual term for AGW is anthropogenic global warming I believe. The term anthropomorphic is the the desire to see human traits in the actions and behaviour of animals.

        Yes I know I am being picky and yes you are right to tell me to piss orf.

      • 256
        Snotrocket says:

        It also didn;t use any apostrophes. :)

      • 525
        oh no not again says:

        You miss the point.

        The right wing commentators do exist but stand out a mile because the background is the low-level drip feed coverage. I went to a BBC consultation once and the horror I produced when I suggested that the BBC might have a ‘House View’ in some of its coverage was palpable. And yet they do. A simple exercise for media studies students is to ask them to rate the underlying assumptions made in any news bulletin dealing with political or social issues. It produces some quite startling results.

        Try it with the 7 am news bulletin on Radio 4 any day; look at the choice of headline, the balancing material added to any news coverage and most importantly see where it comes from. The perspective of the reporter and the editorial direction comes through quite clearly. It’s not all one-way traffic, but trends are measurable.

        It’s easiest to see when you track their coverage of stories that relate not to what has happened but to what hasn’t happened yet. ‘… will today’ ‘… are expected to..’ These constructions are most useful because they illustrate a judgement on the part of the reporter based on what a source has given him or her about the day’s events.

        • 575
          Angela's Merkin says:

          Not so much editorial bias as an underhand way of getting a ‘scoop’ from a time-embargoed press release.

          Thanks for the helpful tips, though. Doesn’t help that life is too short for people to look up the political slant of whichever ‘think tank’ they cite in news items.

      • 579
        Anonymous says:

        Clarkson is not in any real sense “right wing” he wrote in the Readers Digest how he’d like to have Britain become part of one giant Europe ruled totally from Brussels & would abolish all national,county & local government !

    • 47
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Last time I looked, Fox News could not get me sent to prison if I did not pay for it. The BBC extorts money with menace, whether you watch it or not. It is state sanctioned gangsterism.

      • 57
        genghiz the kahn says:

        State funded television attracts big state, interentionist, we know better than you wannabee lefties.

        Funny how they belittle enterprise, free markets, small government and all other forms economic liberalism.

    • 73
      Angry, formerley of Atherton. says:

      Didnt know that Fox imposed a telly tax on thier service, with threats of jail if you do not pay for it, regardless of weather you watch it or not.

    • 109

      No it isn’t. Fox News is open about its political bias. It claims its reporting is objective but its comment isn’t. Being so open you can judge for yourself whether its bias interferes with its reporting or not.

      The power of the BBC’s bias is its big act that its impartial. A lot of people swallow what it says. Just look at the number of people in the country who think Israel is Attila the Hun because of the anti-semitic way the BBC covers the I/P conflict.

      The more blatant BBC bias gets the more people are aware of it, but it doesn’t do the Tories much good because people dont respect them for not confronting it. One of the purposes of BBC bias is to demean them.

      Fox News is not a subversive organisation. The BBC is, and its paid for by taxpayers money.

      • 132
        Mr Ned says:

        I agree with you to a limited extent.

        The BBC is a left wing organisation and I am certainly not a left wing supporter, nor do I agree with the BBC’s output on the middle east in general and I am far to the right of the current tory party. I would love to see the BBC news and current affairs departments sunk to the bottom of the deepest ocean.

        That stated, I think that Israel’s behaviour is utterly unacceptable and completely inappropriate for any modern, civilised nation state. Behaving worse than, and killing more innocents than, the terrorists who they are “defending themselves from” puts world Jewry into international disrepute.

        I get my news from all over the place, including Israeli publications such as Haaretz, and many of these are far more critical of the Israeli leadership than the BBC.

        What Israel is doing in Gaza is nothing short of barbaric, and is a serious and unambiguous crime against humanity.

        • 471
          Atlas shrugged says:

          Yes the BBC takes on leftist ideas. but on a fundamental level BBC is CORPORATISM writ large.

          If the BBC ever in the past said a bad thing about multi-national corporatism it most surely does not any more.

          The BBC is not right wing or left wing and it has never been any any form of real control from any elected political party. In fact it has as little to do with anything democratic as it can possibly get away with. Save in that its job is purely and simply to help preserve the illusion of real democracy while enabling its establishment master to effect any policies it so wishes.

          Most if not nearly all of the BBC’s employees have little or no idea that this is what they are involved with. This because just like our secret services The BBC is highly departmentalised . The right hand is hardly ever allowed to know what the left hand is doing, while the bottom is NEVER allowed to know what the top is up to never mind who is controlling that.

          TRUE corporatism if ever their was such a thing, and believe me corporatism controls just about every single product and service provided by any but the smallest or organisations. The BBC is not small, in fact it is by far and away the largest, most experience, highly influential and most over well funded corporatist organisation ever known to the propaganda industry.

          The BBC has been basically controlling YOUR mind whether you know it or not since before your very conception, by controlling the minds of your parents, and there parents before them.

          Some say that corporatism is left wing, some say it is right wing. such is the nature of the divide and rule, and forever illusively confusing beast.

          The point is that corporatism is neither but it most surely is socialism not to say ultimately Communism, run, owned and completely and utterly controlled by the biggest and most powerful so called capitalists this world has ever known.

          Most of which are collectively known as BANKSTERS. Although they could also be known as Religious Leaders, Slave Drivers, Land Lords, Oil Barons, Mine Owners, or even Gold and Diamond merchants. Put them all together in one small board room and you basically have the people who really control the BBC and just about everything else right in front of you.

          One thing that does not even get to serve the tea at such meetings is elected anybody.

    • 110
      AC1 says:

      Much worse than the idea of “Fox News for Lefties”. Fox News is popular and isn’t funded by extortion.

      • 126
        Anonymous says:

        We should have a version of fox news in this country to balance things up.

        • 144
          concrete pump says:

          Kick the fucking lefties out of Sky and there might be a possibility.

        • 146
          do they mean us ??!? says:

          PLEASE GOD! the sheer comedy value would be superb
          almost as good as here

          • Krusty Squawk says:

            And don’t forget me for sheer tantalising shots of my knickers and thighs.

            Men have been known to go mad for a look at my particulars.

            I know I would.

    • 138
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      Since when was Fox news a UK based operation?

    • 278
      Al says:

      ‘Fox News for lefties’

      very, very well put.

  4. 4
    Flatpackhamster says:

    There’s a beeboid journo (possibly ex-journo) standing for MP in Tonbridge & Malling this time round. It’s as though they’ve given up even pretending they’re impartial.

    • 175
      Susie says:

      Bet he’s been the one responsible for my 15 comments ‘Rejected’ on HYS when I used to bother with it.

      I managed to trick him a few of times with comments which would start with “I’m no fan of Gordon Brown…” and go on to say, “but I think he’s an excrable piece of lying filth all the same.”

      Stupid sloppy lefty wanker.

      • 355
        tony benn's will says:

        if I remember correctly there was a woman who was head of some BBC news dept and just before 1997 election she left to help the Lab election campaign team can’t remember her name but it sticks in my mind,

  5. 5
    Olly boy says:

    A total disgrace but nothing out of the ordinary.

  6. 6
    Tommy Atkins says:

    why blank out is full address?
    You have to give him your own address when complaining about the BBC

    • 24
      The Admiral says:

      Good point Sir…

    • 222
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      License fee check, I suppose. Unless they might condescend to drop you a line. No, I’m being silly.

    • 531
      Nick2 says:

      Especially as the original pdf with full details is ridiculously easy to find on the interwebs.

      Maybe it’s ‘just a precaution’ in case the two people are different…

  7. 8
    troglodyte says:

    They had a conservative as a pet once at the BBc. But it died of loneliness.

    • 179
      Susie says:

      No, they probably took turns shagging it to death when they’d run out of rent boy/coke money, 3rd week of the month.

  8. 9
    Toby says:

    sack the fucker

  9. 10
    Anonymous says:

    As he hates his job so much i’m minded to complain every single day about the election coverage on the BBC and address every complaint to him personally.

    then complain when he doesn’t answer me personally

  10. 12
    Scrap the BBC says:

    Anyone in any doubt about the BBC’s hatred of Conservatives, Catholics, Republicans, Unionists, Eurosceptics etc. should read Robin Aitken’s excellent Can We Trust the BBC?. An ex-BBC journalist tearing away the mask. The face behind isn’t pretty.

    • 60

      Only .99p now.
      You’d think they could afford to send a copy round with the telly tax reminder.

      • 174
        Jethro-the-Pedant/Peasant says:

        I like that ‘.99p’, B.Q. (M.P. & Bar): that must work out as less than a farthing – perhaps even less than a mite.

  11. 14

    At the BBC a Labour party candidate will seem from their Trotsky-lite viewpoint to be positively right wing, so the balance box is ticked. By the same token presumably their idea of someone beyond the unreconstructed left pale would be Pol Pot. Or possibly Arthur Scargov.

  12. 15
    Anonymous says:

    How on earth is this possible? I’ve always called the BBC the state broadcaster (as in other banana republics and assorted dictatorships) but this is beyond piss-taking.
    Surely to God, something has got to be done?

    • 21
      Martin Day says:

      Easy. Privatise it and see how many people choose to pay for it willingly over Sky.

      Fuck all I’d say.

      • 65

        Its ITV I don’t ever watch. I could delete the channel from the freeview and never miss it.But then I don’t pay for ITV so it bothers me not at all.

        • 79
          Sue Denim says:

          ITV is not free.

          Every time you buy a product advertised on ITV you are paying a little towards that company’s advertising budget and thus onwards to ITV.

          SKY is doubly not free. Adverts and subscriptions. And mugs pay both.

          • AC1 says:

            Can you choose whether to buy the product or not?

            Hmmm, BBC funded by the threat of jail, or free-market broadcasting funded by subscription and adverts…

            I know which one sound moral to me.

          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            At least SKY subscription is voluntary.

            You don’t have to buy the advertised products if you by own brand supermarket products or shop at local stores/businesses.

          • concrete pump says:

            Advertising can work both ways, for example i recently closed my current account at Halifax because of those fucking adverts.

            The accounts manager asked me if i was serious.

            That’s when i started shouting.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            “there is no need to raise your voice sir”

      • 118

        The BBC is a great part of British heritage and it should be reclaimed from the Gramscian left who have overrun it.

        • 149
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Too late for that, the left have done what they do so well, they have destroyed it`s credibility, it is nothing of consequence anymore and would not be missed if it sank without trace.

      • 277

        I’d pay for Doctor Who especially the new iDaleks!

    • 31
      The Admiral says:

      F*cking hell!
      Just because we want to pay on account doesn’t mean we are short changed, you G*Ts…

  13. 17
    John Cipher says:

    A mass non payment of the fee is in order. This will be one of the the first actions of the new New Model Party.

  14. 19
    Dack Blog says:

    Facebook. Meh.

  15. 20
    Anonymous says:

    The infestation goes very deep and very, very high.

    • 140
      A. Voter says:

      They all have a Common Purpose.

      • 370
        Rosy says:

        No doubt about it – BBC News and Current Affairs = Ministry of Truth.
        Astonishing how many people don’t even realise, but it’s there, every day, drip drip drip.
        And don’t ever think the “impartial experts” are anything of the kind. Ex-Govt advisors, Left think tankers, LSE…

  16. 25
    Bruce Springfield says:

    Who the fuck is Gordon Brown. I’m The Boss.

    • 39
      Bruce Springsteen says:

      Who the fuck is Bruce Springfield? I’m The Boss.

    • 68

      Gordon’ the big boss of all Labour.
      The Crapo di tutti Crapo

      • 318
        Tulkinghorn says:

        Bill, I had one of your leaflets through my door today. Very thoughtful and impressive set of proposals. I especially liked No. 6: “Hire an industrial mincer and for a suitable consideration allow taxpayers to feed in the Labour MP of their choice, all proceeds to go towards reducing the National Debt.”

        You have my vote, sir.

      • 411

        Yes. Not sure that was one of mine. Mine is much greener but a similar theme. {CHQ insist on greenwash mixed with pale blue policies. A sort of turquoise I guess}

        Something about using them for biomass fuel…

        • 434
          Susie says:

          Render unto Caesar… or this case, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Sounds great.

          • FGS don’t feed them to the sheep – variant CJD would have nothing on CLD (Communicable Leftist Delusion), spread by small virus-like particles called Lie-ons.

            High temperature combustion and extremely high chimneys are a bare minimum for the disposal of Labour politicians.

  17. 27
    Number 6 says:

    We know where you live. Pay your licence fee now citizen and we will continue to provide you with mind numbing shite and totally impartial political comment that tells you to vote Labour.

  18. 28
    Anonymous says:

    What a surprise….

    Election slogan for the Lib Dems and Labour.

    Vote Clegg Get Brown leading to the UK’s first Clown Government.

    • 38
      The big D says:

      Do you mean that for twelve years we haven’t had one of those already?

      • 52
        Anonymous says:

        We’ve had a sinister and inept government for the last 13 years but the Clegg Brown combo won’t just be Clownish because of their names, it will be so incompetent and dire it will be the laughing stock of the world.

        And it has a certain ring to it.

        • 195
          Susie says:

          Shouldn’t that be Brown Clegg government?

          Or would that make people think of something brown clegging up their lav which can’t be flushed away. Oh hang on…

    • 93
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Tut tut. That should read Fib Dems and Liebore.

  19. 32
    jgm2 says:

    Hmmm. I’d have thought Chris Summers was a fairly common name.

    Are you sure they’re the same person?

    Plenty of scope for getting ‘punked’ there I’d have thought.

  20. 33
    Anonymous says:

    You’ve got a grocer’s apostrope in your third sentence, Guido.

    “we learn that Mr Summer’s isn’t too keen on his…” (sic)

    • 43
      The Pedant says:

      “we learn that Mr Summer’s isn’t too keen”
      “Mr Summer isn’t too keen..”…


      • 82
        A mere peasant says:

        This is probably the wrong time to mention it, but isn’t Guido’s banner wrong? Shouldn’t it be “Guido Fawkes’s Blog”?

        Sorry for asking. I’m a bit thick.

        • 178
          Mr Ned says:


          it is singular and possessive, therefore Guido Fawkes’ Blog is correct. if it was plural and possessive then it would be Guido Fawkes’s Blog.

          • Jethro-the-Pedant/Peasant says:

            179 Shome mishtake here, shurely? If a noun ends with an ‘s’ it is not necessarily plural: John Keats was, I think, fairly singular – so to write ‘Keats’ Poems would be correct, and have a lower spittle-factor than ‘Keats’s Poems’ (just imagine Roy Hattersley enunciating that!). Unless there is more than one ‘Guido Fawkes’ (Doppelganger?) I do not see how there could be a plural…

          • A mere peasant says:

            Jethro – thanks for confirming what I learned at prep.

            My own real surname ends in an ‘S’, as in ‘Keats’, and I was always taught it was “Keats’s”.

            Not so thick after all! Unlike Ned.

    • 500
      stuck in transit says:

      En passant, what is an “apostrope”?

      May be something we’ll be needing after the election together with a few bales of piano wire?

  21. 34
    The Admiral says:

    Long hols our Nell?…

  22. 35
    Llew says:

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Across the entire BBC empire I expect you can count all the right-wing leaning employees on one hand.

  23. 36

    I remember Ben Bradshaw as a BBC radio 4 correspondent giving Ken Clark a tough time once. Clark accused him of Labour bias on air and Bradshaw was vicious in denial. A few months later he was a Labour party MP.

    This incident is insignificant compared to Bradshaws

  24. 37
    Nick2 says:

    Damned out of his own mouth (metaphorically).

    God, I hate the BBC.

    • 88
      The BBC are rotten c/unts says:

      Not as much as I do.

      • 292
        Disdain says:

        You can’t loathe them as much as me.

      • 401
        Susie says:

        Notice how the BBC is bigging up Clegg tonight on the 10 o’clock News?

        Mandy’s realised Clegg’s their only hope and instructed the BBC accordingly.

        Clegg realised (before his sermon on the mount debate) that the one thing that would scupper the Lib/Lab pact Cable arranged with Labour last autumn was to appear to agree with Brown.

        I’d like to say here and now that if there is one I’m taking to the streets. I’d rather be tasered or die than live another second under Brown/Labour/Clegg/LibDems after My 7th 2010.

        • 501
          stuck in transit says:

          Spot on Susie.

          Mandy realised a long time ago that NuLab is dead meat come election time, so the only alternative for them is to actively big up the Libs, being the only remaining lefty party who might look favourably on further left wing government (with Mandychops as an adviser in the background somewhere, of course). The Libs sup with the devil at their peril.

  25. 40
    Raving Loon says:

    And we pay for this?!

  26. 41
    Cockney Geezer says:

    It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers! It’s too late they’re f*ckin’ everywhere!

  27. 44
    MartinofBothwell says:

    You guys should see what BBC Scotland are like for pro-Labour and anti-SNP bias. It really is astonishing what they will seek to get away with.

    The media in Scotland are all very cozy with Labour in Scotland. They went very easy on Purcell or at least tried to and BBC Scotland’s behaviour towards Jim Murphy can only be described as craven.

    • 61
      Anonymus says:

      perhaps they’re just English.

    • 209
      A Welcome in My Hillsides. says:

      Funny, in Wales I get the impression that they’re rather pro-Nationalist. Something to do with the fact that they all siarad Cymraeg. Although I suppose even a dyed-in-the-wool Beeboid would loathe Peter Hain.

    • 498
      Bye bye Labour says:

      You mean like Glen Campbell tearing up the SNP’s manifesto because he didn’t like it?

  28. 45
    Derren Vermin Brown says:

    Brown’s Bullshitting Corporation. What do expect?

  29. 48
    The Admiral says:

    I still hate advertisements…

  30. 50
    The Admiral says:

    OK. I still dislike advertisements a lot…

  31. 51
    DavidGaleIndependent says:

    It’s intersting to see evidence of ‘The Breakaway Society’ on this site. I referenced this some time ago, partly driven by similar experiences with the BBC’s East Midlands Today who seem, along with the BBC complaints procudure, to have completely lost the plot. http://wp.me/pP2Y8-3S

  32. 53
    The Admiral says:

    I still hate Ads…

  33. 55
    Adler says:

    Disgraceful! I want my money back and then they can pay me to watch bullshit broadcasting cock.

  34. 56
    Labour Lice says:

    Lab 24% Lib 32% Con 32%
    This logic of death in on Labour.

    • 84
      jgm2 says:

      24%? Fully one quarter of the UK population – even with an alternative left wing party – one without a 13 year track record of teeth-bleed inducing incompetence – to vote for?

      24% of the UK population are functional morons? I despair.

      Still. 8% behind Tories and Lib Dems so they must be getting close to the tipping point in the UNS where they start losing seats by the hundred.

      • 119
        Hoon MacHoon Chief Hoon of Clan MacHoon principal Hoons of hereaboots and a liitle beyond! says:

        Unfortunately the way the electoral boundries are skewed, Labour could still win most seats!! as I have previously warned watch out for Gordon and his amazing Homeopathic Government, the less you vote for it the longer it stays in power!!

      • 182
        Mr Ned says:

        24% of the 50% who are sure to vote, so it is only about 12% of the population!

        Also that 12% IS enough to give labour the largest number of seats.

        This country is fucking its own arse to death!

        • 197
          Puri Tanical says:

          Clearly a case of Self-Abuse, and self-gratification.

          Crom Well would ‘of’ something to say about that!

          Now, all get your cocks out, and have a Noo_Lie_Bore sex lesson in diverse and pherverted customs. Then go practise.

        • 213
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          It’s worse than that. If you take postal vote fraud into account, the actual percentage of the population that actually go down to a polling station to vote Liebore is about 6%.

          Emigrating is the only answer.

  35. 62

    The BBC know there screwed if the Tory’s get in, so their doing what they can to stop it from happening. I am having expecting the 10 o’clock news main story on the 5th to say vote Labour

    • 70

      A Lib Dem victory is the BBC’s wettest of wet dreams.

      BBC Sold off the ‘Labour victory’ champagne on Ebay a few weeks ago.
      Whoever bought it should try selling it back to them before the Clegg bubble pops.

      • 202
        Bystander says:

        Overheard outside an AlJaBeeba preparation room – a speech coach trying to help Krusty Squawk:

        Coach : The Layba vote ain’t goin like it ortta!

        Krusty Squawk : The country is flocking in droves to pledge loyalty to The Beloved Leader, Gordoom Brhoon. Churchyards are full of His followers.

        • 233
          AC1 says:

          “Churchyards are full of His followers.”

          Dead Postal Voters?

          • Maximus M. Bacillus says:

            Chain of metonymy – she started thinking “eulogy”, which then became “elegy”, and finally issued as “churchyard”. What a daft bint.

  36. 63
    Sam says:

    The BBC is a filthy nest of Na’zi j’ews, Na’zi h’omosexu’als, token retarded blacks (who are pets of the Na’zi j’ews), assorted perverts and rapists, and a mob of dirty junkies.

    Naturally, the party of choice for the BBC is Nu Liebore [because it's a nest of N'azi je'ws, Na'zi ho'mose'xuals, token retarded blacks (who are pets of the Na'zi je'ws) assorted perverts and rapists, and a mob of dirty junkies].

    Labour are all evil shit.

    Look at the filthy trash Kinnock/Blair/Prescott/(any Nu Liebore MP past or present) and their c’unt wife and bastard children – all fucking corrupt Nazi filth on the take. Fucking c’unts.

    Nu Liebore needs to be destroyed and its propaganda organ, the N’az’iBBC.

  37. 66
    I Will Become A Gentleman says:

    I’m going to give up swearing from now to raise the standards on this blog.

  38. 89
    Just Curious says:

    Does China, Cuba or even North Korea and Venezuela impose a national telly tax by any chance?

    • 169
      Sir William Waad says:

      North Korean TV is free (onced you’ve saved for 10 years to buy a set) but the programming might seem a little pro-Government even for a Beeboid, according to Wikipedia.

      The following illustrates part of a typical day’s broadcasting on KCTV on Sunday 8 October 2006:

      0810 – KCTV Afternoon News
      0820 – Press Review (Newspaper stories)
      0825 – Children’s cartoon: “Raccoon and Coyote”
      0837 – Nature documentary: “Bird Signals – Language”
      0847 – Korean documentary: “We Will Follow to the End of This World”
      0942 – Episode of “Great History, Glorious Tradition” documentary series: “Leading the Final Attack Operation for the Fatherland’s Liberation to Victory”
      1000 – News Report on Kim Jong-il meeting and congratulating KPA battalion commanders and political instructors.
      1007 – “Glorious 80 Years Under the Banner of ‘Down-With-Imperialism’” series, featuring former Party History Institute Director Kang Sok-sung in a segment entitled “Eternal Asset That Cannot Be Exchanged for a Thousand Pieces of Gold”
      1034 – “Great Leadership That Prepared Eternal Asset for Education of Revolutionary Tradition” highlighting the Juche Tower in Pyongyang, described as an “immortal monumental edifice that will shine forever in history”
      1100 – KCTV Evening News
      1133 – Report on Kim Jong-il meeting and congratulating KPA battalion commanders and political instructors.
      1140 – “During the Unforgettable Days”, film about the Korean War
      1327 – “One for All, All for One: True Mark of Life That Is Being Engraved on the Path of Army Assistance”, featuring Ho Un-chol and her family’s efforts to support the country’s “military-first” policy
      1338 – Nature documentary: “Natural Treasure Yonjibong Pine Tree”
      1345 – KCTV Late News-News highlights

      (The Yonjibong Pine Tree sounds like one of Edward Lear’s)

      • 190
        straw man dum dum says:

        dat funnee coz dem beebers iz like dem chingchongcommienazis innit? duurr ? !? fuud goes in mouth ?! ?

      • 232
        AC1 says:

        “Eternal Asset That Cannot Be Exchanged for a Thousand Pieces of Gold” good job the U.K. doesn’t have that much left.

      • 565
        There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

        Amusing that they also use kids programmes and nature programmes as a prelude to uninterrupted left-wing propaganda. Just like the Beeb.

  39. 91
    QWERTY says:

    This is the BBC: Look Fawkes we’re the BBC we love Liebour, they give us 3.6 billion a year of your money to buy drugs and the tight arses of young boys.

    So piss off and leave us alone.

    • 125
      streamfisher says:

      And Graham Norton can afford to buy some really nice glittery suits, split image no less, I will be fascinated to learn which dog will be the new Toto (auditions already in progress) the only true friend of Dorothy. Andrew Loyd Webber is a living Gargoyle.

      • 133
        QWERTY says:

        If’ you’re a raving fucking queen then money is no object. I often wonder if there is anyone at the BBC who isn’t a raving faggot?

  40. 102
    PM says:

    The BBC is ultra left-wing, as amply demonstrated first thing in the morning by Radio 4 (Naughtie, Davis, et al) and last thing at night on Radio 5 Live (Nolan).

    Nolan, in particular, is a Brown arse-licker of the most epic proportions.

  41. 112
    The Director of Politically Krect 'n Convenient Troof at AlJaBeeba, the Brhoon Bullshit Corpse says:

    Our first and only duty is to The Glorious and Beloved Leader – to promulgate His Views, His Wisdom, His Understanding, and to bring to the Sheeple His Benevolent Care and Courage towards them and their woes – which will only increase if the Wiked Tories gain power which they won’t bcos He IS WONDERFUL!!!

    Do I sound like Kinnockio or Pressclot?

    Anyway – get on with your work if you have any.


    • 137
      aawwwww.. what a shame! Dave loves the BBC says:

      “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset”

      “I am a supporter of the license fee.”

      David Cameron.

  42. 121
    BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

    Has Jaqui Smith been raiding the pie shop recently?? She looked morbidly obese on the Daily Politics Show today!! No wonder her hubby has been viewing porn………

    • 218
      Double Pie & Chips says:

      Reckon he’s a feeder.

    • 230
      If it's brown flush it down says:

      the morbid obesity is not recent and whilst it may lead the husband to porn, something far more loathsome has led to his particular taste(?) in porn

    • 238
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      What were Nulab doing allowing that disgraced pudding on? She is monumentally inept, and even made wee Sarah look both sensible and glamorous..

      • 493

        Wee Sarah was looking hot again in purple, but she does seem to be appearing on Andrew Neil’s shows a lot lately.

        I wonder if his prediliction for scantily clad Asian babes is wearing off in his old age?

        • 522
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          Hang on Paragnostic! I was born on exactly the same day as he was and I’m still young …….

          • Oops!

            Sorry, moniker – I’m a baby boomer myself, only a few years older than CMD and Cleggover.

            Still, I’m sure Brillo has a thing for wee Sarah at the moment – I know I do ;-)

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Your generous apology is accepted almost sooner than it was offered Paragnostic!

            But being ex-pat, I have to confess that whilst I have seen reference to this wee Sarah, I do not know who she is (except that you cannot be speaking about the woman with the bad toes.)

            I have done some searching on Google images but cannot find anything apart from Sarah Teather who certainly would not float my boat either. Could you enlighten me so I may at least perve from a distance?

          • OK – I admit it – I have a thing for Sarah Teather.

            It’s not contagious, I assure you!

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Ooops! Maybe I should be apologising. We cannot all see things through the same eyes. Now I shall have to resume my own trawling for gratification.

    • 460
      Susie says:

      So her make-over for Any Questions didn’t last and she’s slipped back into her old shoddy habits?

      Trinnie and Suzanna should ambush her… we all know the address, Box Room 1b, Beeboid Sister Producer’s House, Pig Street, London.

  43. 129
    CT says:

    Which of our prospective PMs will undertake to sell off this malign stain on Britain’s face? The BBC brings disgrace on our whole country.

    This story needs the widest possible audience and a mass complaint to the BBC, your MP and anyone whose ear you can get. The BBC is shameful and shameless but that mustn’t stop us trying.

    Tell all your friends.

  44. 134
    wavy davy cries like a baby says:

    is there anything funnier than watching little wavy davy try to campaign sounding like he’s going to burst into tears any second because he knows he’s fucked it all up ?


    there is not

    • 191
      Ratsniffer says:

      I find it funnier watching Clegg’s arse going like a starfish because he now has to justify some of his more outlandish manifesto proposals to the public.

  45. 141
    Guido throws the Window lickers a bone says:

    Watch them GO! Foaming at the mouth spluttering and barking in impotent fury at the BBC. Lovely comedy Guido. Keep it up.

  46. 142
  47. 153
    jgm2 says:

    Can you begin to imagine the panic at Labour HQ that they have come third in two consecutive polls?

    Apparently they’re on 24% with the Tories and LibDems on 32% apiece. But the best bit is that in Scotland Labour are on 40% and the Tories on 15%. So if the Scottish electorate are 10% of the total UK electorate then that 40% equates to a 2% shift up in the total Labour vote so in England Labour are on 22%. Likewise the Tory vote of 15% in Scotland drags down their total UK vote by 1.5%. So in England the Tories are looking at 33.5% compared to Labours 22%.

    Labour are going to get practically wiped out in England.


    • 156
      try again says:

      the polls say hung parliament

      • 566
        There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

        Lets face it, if the polls give the libs a third of the vote and only a 1/7th of the seats as the BBC claim then nobody is going to stand for it. PR will be the outcome and the neo-Marxist union-backed Labour party will sail off into the sunset as it eats itself, never to be seen again. Cons vs Libs in the first election with PR and no closet Marxists anywhere.

        Ho, ho ho! Can’t wait!

    • 180
      Ratsniffer says:

      I could just about tolerate a hung parliement if it means labour being consigned to third place, and utterly humiliated. But, due to the way the boundaries have been fiddled and a voting system which favours labour, even if they get the fewest number of votes, won’t that still put them ahead? I am not sure I fully understand the way it works, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it may turn out that way…

      • 567
        There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

        Can you imagine it? Gordon desparately trying to cling on to power with just 12% of the populations backing.

    • 211
      Anonymous says:

      If you were also able to remove the ethnic vote then Labour would be polling mid teens at best.

    • 577
      Sir Les Pattersong says:

      Where’s F@ckingdelicious poster when they’re most needed for comment?

  48. 155
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Guido !
    The one who answers my complaints is a Nicola Maguire
    is the name coinsidental ?

  49. 162

    Build more prisons…. yes please. Then crims could do the whole term instead of just half of it.

    • 248
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Punishment = Time served x suffering.

      No need for more prisons. A couple of months solitary, bread and water, crapping in a bucket and picking oakum will show even the dimmest amongst us the error of his or her ways.

      • 463
        Susie says:

        Hard Labour.

        Day after day on a treadmill until it’s back to the cells for the evening’s cockcroach hunt and supper.

  50. 165
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    O/T. Today the Lib spokesman on foreign affairs referred to Liars and Cons as “the old parties” no fewer than 5 times.
    Memo to all Libs: The Liberal Party were around and in Government for a substantial period of time at the begining for the first 20 years of the 20th Century.
    You fuckers are all part of the same Cabal so please try and be honest about this. New Party my arse….. (apoligies to Mark Jeremy etc)

  51. 168
    Anonymous says:

    I hope you have all complained to the BBC. Link to this piece and demand that Summers is removed immediately and placed on unpaid leave. And make sure you demand a reply.

  52. 170
    TrustyShield says:

    I got the following reply to some very specific instances of bias towards Labour.

    “Dear TrustyShield

    Thanks for your e-mail regarding our news reporting.

    I understand you’re unhappy as you feel our coverage has become biased in favour of the Labour Party.

    It is not always possible or practical to reflect all the different opinions on a subject within individual programmes. Editors are charged to ensure that over a reasonable period they reflect the range of significant views, opinions and trends in their subject area.

    We don’t seek to denigrate any view or to promote any view. We try to identify all significant views, and to test them rigorously and fairly on behalf of the audience.

    I realise you feel this isn’t the case so I’d like to assure you that I’ve registered your comments on our audience log. This is a daily internal report of audience feedback which we circulate to all programme makers. It ensures that your complaints are circulated and considered across the BBC.

    Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.


    Michelle Wiggins
    BBC Complaints”

    A nice little “cut and paste” standard reply without bothering to address the specific issues I raised.

    The BBC basically couldn’t give a damn and will carry on regardless as it is not held to account by the useless BBC Trustees.

    It will be interesting to see how the questions are steered in the leaders debate to cut Dave short and “big-up” the other two.

    • 198
      cassandra king says:

      The translation reads:

      We had a good snigger at your complaint and took pleasure in throwing it away as we couldnt be even arsed to look into it properly, we had a good laugh at how we got one over on the right wing tory swivel eyed loons and we barely had the energy to whip off a standard brush off.

      Fuck you, you tory scum

      Michelle Wiggins.

      That would have been a much more honest reply.

    • 225
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Complaining is a waste of time. Stop paying the telly tax and blow up the tv transmitters. When are the spineless british sheeple going to wake up and grow a pair FFS.

      • 360
        Anonymous says:

        “blow up the tv transmitters.”

        You’re aware that the transmitters are entirely privately owned (Arqiva owns them – a company owned by the investment arm of Macquarie Bank)

        They don’t even play out their own TV channels anymore, another company does that (Red Bee Media – a company owned by the investment arm of Macquarie Bank. Hmm.)

        • 408
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          What does it matter who owns the transmitters as long at it takes the beeboid bastards off the air.

  53. 172
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Goes a long way to explaining why I get such glib rejections when I complain (as I do frequently) about pro-NuLab bias on the BBC.

    I feel another complaint coming on……..

    • 383
      Rosy says:

      It’s the way you can feel them sneering and sniding (shudder)…even the minions think they’re James Naughtie when they deal with the Unbelievers.

  54. 177
    Ratsniffer says:

    Just watched the conservative party political broadcast. While I agree with some of what Cameron said, I gag at the way he said it.

    Who writes this stuff? “We want to take you on that journey with us..” (OWTTE) This is like some sort of NuLabour gibberish talk. People don’t want to be taken on a “journey” Dave, they want leadership, they want decisive action, they want an end to NuLabour type spin-phrases.

    Sack your scriptwriters, and get some who can put across your message in a way that is engaging, appealing, and inspirational, not like something out of a script from a BBC blue-skies-thinking memo.

    • 184
      Lincoln says:

      That would be prize cocktrumpet Steve Hilton at work.

    • 221
      Goodbye Dave says:

      What next? Back to basics?

    • 390
      Rosy says:

      This is the trouble. Half the country thinks the election is the X Factor, a third can’t be frightened because they’re delicate flowers, and the sane minority are screaming for someone to GET A GRIP.

  55. 181
    Dave used to have a 28 point lead. Where did it all go wrong Dave ? says:

    Latest YouGov Sun Poll

    Libdem 33% Con 32% Labour 26%

    CON 239 seats (+41)
    LAB 247 seats (-109)
    LIB 132 seats (+70)

    Labour Largest Party

    • 354
      Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t matter how you shuffle that pack of Jokers, we the British people are going to get shafted all over again, just like we have for the last 50 years.

      Time to leave the Liblabcon plantation.

      • 568
        There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

        I don’t think even the British, depressed as they are, will sit idly by while Labour claim to be the biggest party on just a quarter of the votes cast.

  56. 187
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Clegg has got a criminal record
    and has served community service ha ha ha ha ga
    What a Con
    Oh and he once joined the conservative party !

  57. 188
    Mr Ned says:

    Scrap them or let them go ‘pay per view’ and see how fucking popular they are then!!!

  58. 192
    I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

    “I’m going to redouble the positive”

  59. 206
    Mr Plum says:

    Just been listening to Sky news air traffic report saying something about Eurocontrol, sounded like they were in charge of our airways, never heard of them until now, the beeb give the impression that it is down to Nats.

    • 217
      The rat will get U says:

      Awful name. looks like Eurocontol controls all the movements of Eurasia citizens.

      Orwell was right.

      • 254
        jgm2 says:

        Met a bloke involved with the EU end of that a few years ago. Never been an ATC in his life.

  60. 207
    streamfisher says:

    Robert Peston appearing once again on the BBC after being ‘rested’, now talking about the economic implications of the Icelandic volcano eruptions on commercial airlines, sorry but all I got was:
    WerrrE, altogo, Wummy, Y’know, an y,now again ifenit, AGBDF, and that’s what me dad just told me cos he has links, an things to people (and he’s a peer of the realm).

  61. 210
    BBC News says:

    Cameron denies plans to raise VAT to 90%, sell schools to Lord Ashcroft, conscript immigrants, and kill all first-born children

  62. 214
    BBC bastards they are ALL bastards says:

    Another reason NOT to pay the Telly TAX

  63. 216
    Time to die Auntie Beeb says:

    State broadcasting belongs in shitholes like Iran and North Korea, along with the 30 foot giant posters of the party leader.

    The BBC like all state broadcasting just reinforces the patronising attitude the state has towards the British people. It will always be used as an instrument of propaganda, no matter how many guidelines and useless charters are written.

    The whole thing is a ridiculous anachronism from the 1930s. Get rid of it completely.

    • 224
      Dream On says:

      Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary

      “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

      “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

      “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster.”

      “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”

    • 227
      Jim says:

      I hate the fucking filth on the BBC. Most of them should be executed for treason.

      The absolute shite the lying scum put out as news is a fucking disgrace.

      If there is a revolution, I want the job of disembowelling BBC filth.

      • 253
        QWERTY says:

        All someone needs to do is poison the Cocaine supplies in London, the BCC would be decimated. Oh and make sure every 9 year old rent boy in London has Aids.

  64. 219
    Leaky pipes says:

    Obviously no point complaining to the..’what the fuck do you want’ bbc complaint dept. So I e-mailed Conservative O/S and suggested they may like to remove their thumbs from each others arseholes and expose this travesty to public scrutiny. Action taken…? Nil I suspect.

    • 257
      Anonymous says:

      There may be no love lost between the Tories and the BBC, but ultimately the Tories will do nothing to rock the establishment boat, which is where their first and foremost loyalty lies.

    • 399
      Tass Gordon says:

      I wrote to my Con MP last month about Pravda’s bias – ie no mention of Liebore non-doms ets., and he assures me that they (Cons) are “making representations to Pravda at the highest level” etc etc et al….

      So nowt’ll happen then…

  65. 228
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Oooh, what a surprise, the blatantly transparent Clegg bashing begins in earnest: http://tinyurl.com/y3lzuh5. Its almost as if the MSM have something to fear now.

    • 308
      Moley says:

      That’s not Clegg bashing.

      That’s simply treating Clegg the same as they have treated Cameron.


      Whelan has had his share too.

    • 381
      thespecialone says:

      Tough. If he wants to play at being a big boy he has to take the rough with the smooth

      • 466
        Susie says:

        Wonder what the US will think of this? The thought of a party leader having a fag…

        My naughty friend and I used to do our level best to embarrass gays by yelling across NYC bars, “Hey Eduardo, can I bum a fag off you?”.

        (In case you think we were being homophobic, my friend married to him to get her green card).

  66. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Nope, he is actually on a facebook group – ‘Win Mandeville Ward for Labour 2010′.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  67. 235
    Nick Bong Eyed Griffin says:

    Did ya see me on teh telly tis morning did ya did ya?

    • 237
      Grandad says:

      Yes you made an arse out of yourself as usual

      • 247
        Sandman says:

        Pathetic. Drink your Ovaltine and go to bed, old timer. A new force is emerging to counter 50 years of national decline.

      • 250
        Sandman says:

        Pathetic. Sup your Ovaltine and go to bed, old timer. A new force is emerging to counter 50 years of national decline.

        • 264
          dick sniffins publicity manager says kill the bong eyed trouserpartridge says:

          unless his one of his fellow beanpies kill him first or get arrested for trying to kill him like his publicity manager did

          • Sandman says:

            Every party has their share of nutjobs. Didn’t Boris Johnson agree to beat up a hack for a pal?

          • dick sniffins public relations triumph says:

            I somehow can’t see Boris threatening to kill Dave if everything keeps going pearshaped
            there’s nutjobs and then there’s certifiable lunatics

            he was dick sniffins publicity manager
            is the irony of that escaping you somehow ?

          • Sandman says:

            Just growing pains. Griffin is only the present leader. Wait until a man with Blair’s charisma and panache appears to front an experienced and polished party machine, and these temporary hiccups will be history. This GE is about consolidation.

          • Shitarse tory troll says:

            What about the shit stabber Alan Duncan calling for Miss California to be killed?

          • Dick Sniffin is Martin Websters 3 year boyfriend shitstabber says:

            Duncan was on a Comedy show, it bombed, Miss California wasn’t one of the biggest figures in his own Party and he wasn’t arrested and charged.

            But apart from that it’s exactly the same you tiny-brained neanderthal nanziboy fuckwit.

          • Vote for the war party says:

            Don’t forget to vote for a war party eh Dick, how many women and children have you murdered now, for profit?

            You must be proud?

            other than that your old lines are tedious, I think you must repete them twice a day, every day.

            `Bout time you got a life, eh!

      • 275
        nell says:

        Fancy a glass of wine Grandad? A nice gentle merlot for a nice evening – at least it is here!

        These immature idiots have a lot to learn. They’ll find out at the coming election that we oldies carry quite a voting punch.

        Let them run around, bit like prezza today standing on the edge of a fountain yelling labour invectives at just one member of the public, nobody else paid him any attention at all, people just ignored him and walked on past!!

        • 280
          Sandman says:

          You’ll have to empty his colostomy bag first.

          • dick sniffin the eggman says:

            doubt if he’d flee in terror with a dozen minders from an egg though

          • Sandman says:

            And a UAF nutter throwing darts.

          • nell says:

            You need to go and play with your lego – you’re just children who are developing below the curve!

            Of course if you are really libdem or labour canvassers , or one of the other parties,looking for votes from middle england then you need to develop some sophisticated arguments and some social graces pdq. This approach won’t work take my word for it!!

            Or preferably don’t. You keep doing what you’re doing and keep winning votes for the tories!!

          • Sandman says:

            “Keep winning votes for the tories!!”

            Er.. Unless it’s escaped your notice, the Tories are tanking votes faster than Gordon can spend money.
            Sophisticated arguments. That would be the “Big society” would it?

          • Anonymous says:


            It’s the ‘grown-ups’ that have been in power and have lead us to where we are today, not the ‘Children’ as you put it.

            And it won’t be you ‘olders’ that will face the full brunt of demographic change in this country, 20 or 30 years from now.

            Your generation has fucked this country up, and will rightly to be cursed for it.

          • nell says:

            Idiot – it’s the older one’s who carry the most votes – and the oldest one’s who by percentage cast the most votes!!!

            And it’s the oldest one’s who carry the most weight ie look after the most eldest and most poorly people in our society, and pay the most in health charges, sometime pribately in desperation for the care of their families.

            You stick with your young meow meow rubbish like gordon and live in la la land.

            The rest of us have to live with reality as we care for our elederly and our disabled and with no help from the state.

            If you believe that gordon and cleggie are going to look after you and your family when they need help you’ll believe anything including that the tooth fairy is real!!! Most of us have learnt that is not true!!!

          • Norfolk's Operation Trident says:

            When you “older ones” were letting all the dross from the Empire turn up here to be your Uncle Sam’s, you didn’t have the foresight to see the shit you would saddle us youngsters with.

        • 423
          albacore says:

          The sad thing is that most of us did see what the outcome would be.
          J. Enoch Powell could not have spelled out the consequences more clearly.
          Burke’s statement that “all that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” proved true yet again.
          We let the Lib/Lab/Cons get away with their villainy.
          Sweep aside all the conditioning and show-biz razzamatazz. Nick Griffin’s party is the only one offering a political solution to the resultant problem.

          • Anonymous says:

            Middle England was just swell with the idea of mass immigration, just so long as they never had to experience it personally. Dump it all on the working classes in the cities, and keep it out of sight and out of mind.

            Well now the mosques are starting to spring up in the suburbs and market towns, they are getting a taste of what they dumped on the rest of us. If you voted Labour, Tory or Lib Dem, then you are part of the problem.

          • AC1 says:

            A very final solution…

          • Vote for the war party says:

            “AC1 says:
            April 20, 2010 at 2:57 am
            A very final solution…”

            You mean like the one the lib lab cons gave to Iraqi women and children?

        • 532
          Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

          Although it pains me to say it Nell us older ones must take a large measure of responsibility for the plight we are in. I have never favoured immigration on the scale we have had and have never voted labour but the fact remains that the wealth and security that the boomer generation enjoyed have led us to a false sense of security. Even the mindless yobs are down to us for our failing to generate a responsible society. Of course it’s down largely to the limpwrist contingent amongst us, the everybody deserves another chance-nothing is anybody’s fault-we’re all the same really bunch, but that’s scant consolation, is it?

          However you are quite right that oldies have huge electoral power. Sadly the swansong might well be to award us a hung parliament.

  68. 239
    Glenda Fox says:

    Perhaps the liberal BBC more accurately reflects the nation’s opinion than the few dozen extremist right wing window lickers here.

    • 248
      nell says:

      Middle England have deserted the BBC in droves – what are the viewing figures for BBC News again??!! – No-one believes the drivel they spew out as news anymore.

      Yes they produce really good natural history programmes and produced an award winning series with Coast ( in conjunction with the OU!!!)

      But their day to day news programmes are disgracefully biased towards labour.

      Best if the whole corrupt edifice were sold off / auctioned off in lots. With luck the OU will buy the natural history programme side, who cares who gets the rest!!

      • 260
        nell says:

        Sigh!! modded! first comment of the evening. Let’s try again.

        Middle England have deserted the BBC in droves – what are the viewing figures for BBC News again??!! – No-one believes the unbalanced rubbish they produce as news anymore.

        Yes they produce really good natural history programmes and produced an award winning series with Coast ( in conjunction with the OU!!!)

        But their day to day news programmes are hugely unbalanced and left-wing!.

        Best if they were sold off / auctioned off in lots. With luck the OU will buy the natural history programme side, who cares who gets the rest!!

        • 268
          you're delusional says:

          Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary

          “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

          “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

          “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster.”

          “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”

          • Can't wait says:

            This is mere political bollocks to get keep the self-interested ranks of the meeja and luvviedom off the scent.
            The BBC clearly don’t believe this or they wouldn’t be alienating so much of middle England with their constant Tory bashing and Labour apologising.

            Once again an NAO audit is morally and politiically the right thing to do with any tax-funded organisation. It doesn’t look politically motivated, but the findings can destroy the BBC and therefore give the Conservatives every reason to change their tune on this type of blow-job quote.

            Most people know the BBC is anti-Tory and left-wing but there may be little sympathy for an obvious all-out partisan assault because most people are not that partisan in their own viewpoint.

            Financial scandals involving tax-payers money, as MPs have found out, sickens people.

            The BBC have been given enough rope for themselves over the years and now there is great opportunity to let them hang themselves

          • Anonymous says:

            Just shows you the Tories are as dopey as they look.

          • Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

            What does?

          • Anonymous says:

            You do.

          • Maximus M. Bacillus says:

            Your naivety in believing what a politician says would be charming in a 3-year old.

          • nell says:

            My advice to david cameron is shoot this man and appoint someone who will sell off the Beeb in very small tranches to far distant foreign buyers!!!

            We do not need the Beeb!!

          • F*** off, you had your chance and you blew it says:

            We also do not need Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem expense fraudsters laughably telling us that they have cleaned up Westminster and now it’s time to get back to basics.

          • David Cameron says:

            Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

            He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

            He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”

          • Chloe Sal Gerbeeba says:

            …………. Mr Came-
            ron stressed that he su-
            pported the BBC. He sa-
            id: “The BBC is an import-
            ant national institution. I wan-
            t to see it prosper and succ-
            eed and be a fan-
            tastic cultural ass-

            He added that he w-
            as a “supporter of the lice-
            nce fee” ……………..

            This pasting is getting to be as boring as the repeats pumped out by the Brown Bullshit Corporation itself.

          • Chloe Sal Gerbeeba says:

            …………. Mr Cameron stressed that he su-
            pported the BBC. He said: “The BBC is an import-
            ant national institution. I want to see it prosper and succ-
            eed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

            He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee” ……………..

            This pasting is getting to be as boring as the repeats pumped out by the Brown Bullshit Corporation itself.

          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            Politicians have a habit of saying one thing and then doing the opposite once in power :)

            Remember Liebore and FibDem promises of a referendum on Lisbon. It was even in their manifestos. They both reneged on it :)

          • gordon brown says:

            paid troll doing a cut & paste here ..

          • Anonymous says:

            There’s something about jeremy hunt that gives off an aura of gayness. I can’t believe he’s married… to a woman… There’s definitely a touch of the Oaten’s about him.

          • Old Seth says:

            But how long ago did he say that? When the BBC were still keeping up the pretence?

          • they don't like the truth do they ? says:

            The perpetual whining of the rabid headbanging fringe whever the truth of the matter is pointed out to them.

            He would be in charge of policy for the BBC and broadcasting.
            That was said a month and a bit ago.
            His stance is NO dofferent to Cameron’s who has endorsed both the BBC and the License fee plenty of times.
            The Cameron Policy on the BBC is to replace the current Trust.. with ANOTHER trust. Check the Manifesto.

            For the idiot who’s stupidity would be worrying in a 3 year old, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s a lie you twat. Cameron DID lie about Lisbon but you’ll notice that he had to admit it thus proving your ‘secret policy’ bullshit 100% wrong.

            You’re all living in a dream world if you think Cameron has either the political capital, the time or even the inclination to pick a fight with the BBC. Even if he could win the election. His own policy says otherwise and he has far more pressing economic troubles than going back on his word on something that the entire British public would take notice of.

            Nu-Labour took on the BBC over Iraq and it cost them.
            The BBC lost a DG but it carried on and Blair is now regarded by a huge chunk of the public as a war criminal. Who came off worst in the end ?

        • 269
          Ray Snoddy says:

          What are the viewing figures for BBC news nell? Come on, dazzle us with the information that only three people watch it.

          • nell says:

            Not at all! 22.6% of viewers on terrestrial tv , according to the BBC’s own statistics, watch BBC News 24.

            The BBC base that figure on the number of people who watch BBC News 24 , on terrestrial tv, at any time during a 24 hour period for ” at least 3 mins”!!!!

            I wonder where all rest go to watch Real News??!!

            And I wonder why we are paying a forced license fee/ BBC tax of £140 per year for this miniscule amount of people , which mostly does not include any of us, to watch BBC rubbish!!!!

          • Ray Snoddy says:

            Half the population probably don’t watch the news so that means more watch BBC than any other broadcaster.


            And that, nell, is why despite publicly claiming they want digital broadcasting to be introduced by 2010, the BBC will fight tooth and nail to prevent that from happening for as soon as they go totally digital then the BBC’s true viewing figures will have to be published.
            Very few people watch or listen to the BBC. The RAJAR based figures are probably inflated by a factor of at least twenty.
            When you consider the BBC ratings are worked out on the basis of 1000 people noting what they have listened and watched over a period of a week you realise what a complete fucking farce the viewing figures are.


            Apologies, I did of course mean 2012 is the year that broadcasting is supposed to go digital.

          • nell says:

            Why are you down here?! Guido is sometimes so ……………….!!!

            Although it’s interesting that you like me are saying the Beeb is a failing enterprise especially in respect of News.

            The BEEB has so obviously become a Brownian Voiceover. Middle England is no longer listening!!

            They have completely blasted away any chance of being considered balanced or impartial or having any semblance of being a fair commentator of all political parties!!

          • prosecuted majority says:

            Instead of spending our money to link Jokland to Europe by high speed rail we should be laying glass fibre cables everywhere. Then we could all bypass the state broadcaster at super speeds. By building the rail link the government will screw us over so many ways.

          • Tonto says:

            what we should be doing is attaching a very big towbar to scotland and then tug it out into the atlantic and scuttle it.

          • Silly Bastard says:

            Well yes I know were you are coming from, but would that not result in many people losing their lives?

            I know most of them wont be reaching more then 55 anyway but that is hardly an excuse for mass genocide.

            Also how do you expect my sister and Scottish brother in law are going to drive home to see their family if the place is moved that far away, and there is suddenly a dirty great big piece of ocean where the M1 used to be?

            Anyway surely if all you want to do is kill the entire population of Scotland would it not just be a lot easier if not a whole lot more cost effective to simply let them carry on having Labour administrations running most of the remaining show. After a few years they will either end up all working in Broadcasting House or eating each other and therefore save us the cost of burying them and any other moral responsibility.

            Also have you considered how many tugs would be needed to perform such an massive undertaking?

            Na, on balance a rather silly idea. However if you really are set on mass murder, perhaps a few hundred tons of cheap rat poison dumped in the water supply may do the essential proportion of your required trick. May I suggest late Dec 31st, by the next day most of them will be desperately in need of a drink of water and won’t be able to taste a thing.

            However come on the Scots are not all bad, many of the ones I have met are really quite nice. I always check for my wrist watch after shacking any of their hands, but they usually stand their round. Which is more then I can say for many English guys I know.

          • Tonto says:

            given the charm of your reply let me refine my suggestion ..lets make them take the independent route so that they control their own destiny …their MPs and particularly the chin grinner disappear back to the homeland and we live as good neighbours that don’t associate but manage to say good morning occasionally.

          • Susie says:

            That’s a lovely thought. If only YouGov polls used the same system.

          • BBC Cameraman says:

            Ah but their heavily lobbying to get your name the very minute you buy a phone, a computer, anything that can receive a digital signal from the internet. Why do you think the BBC has their own youtube section, why have they spent millions on their BBC Iplayer, their protecting their interests, their 4.3 billion a year tax payers free cash. There will come a time when buying a light bulb will mean the BBC will want your name and address. The technology is leardy there to block the BBC signal from any digital box. Why cant we buy one of those.

            LISTEN UP PEOPLE:

            I dont pay my BBC licence fee. I blatantly tell them this in writing and demand they take me to court in front of a jury. They havent bothered me for three years. A jury will see in a court of law that BBC tax is illegal and BS. It would be then end of that corporations licence fee. To this day the BBC have never once taken a single person to a trial. The dumbed down masses get frightened when the illegal letters come through the door. The idiots tick the box that says Im guilty of not paying my tax. I send my back with FU written all over it and demand a trial.

            Thats all you need to do. Demand a trial, and they will never ever bother you again. You can go a step further and then take them to the European court of human rights. Then their seriously deep in shit

            You are aware that across Europe they roll out their services for free. No Dutch , French, Belgian, or German has to pay a single penny to watch the BBC. They are the most dangerous. powerful. and corrupt media organisation on the planet

        • 343
          Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

          Quite right Nell. If the sex life of a stickleback rings your bell then the BBC is definitely the one for you. Unfortunately I prefer sport.

          • Susie says:

            Male sticklebacks defend their young and behave like gentlemen at all times. Something most footballers could do well to imitate.

            Not referring to you, Sir Reg, of course.

          • There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

            Discovery channel. Shows all the same programmes bought from the Beeb and a lot more besides. It’s cheaper than paying for the Beeb, except that you have to pay for the Beeb to get it.

    • 261
      Anonymous says:

      Let those that love the BBC pay for it.

    • 270
      Margaret Buckett says:

      In my experience right-wingers are almost inevitably more politically liberal than lefties. Think you’ve got your terms of reference all foxed up.

    • 279
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Then they have nothing to fear from going down the voluntary subscription route :)

    • 317
      Moley says:

      The BBC does not reflect opinion; it forms it.

      Having an active Labour Party politician in charge of impartiality complaints should concern even idiots like you.

      Let us suppose that Cameron is elected and the BBC puts Boris Johnson in charge of impartiality complaints; how would you like that?

      The truth is that the BBC stopped caring about impartiality years ago, and is no longer even bothered to try and keep up the appearance.

      We are well on the way to a one party state.

  69. 244
    woodenspoon says:

    We should do what Iran done to the bbc persia , an electric signal that jammed their broadcast, cos they were spreading shit over there, oh yeah our licence fee pays for that, twenty eight million quid ive heard. The students over there who were presenting the programes are now awaiting the death penalty.

  70. 245
    Mitch says:

    I do love the taste of windoleen in the evening.

  71. 263
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    Of course the tories are anti BBC, but only until they can appoint the next DG.

  72. 265
    Can't wait says:


    AHHHHH! now we see why the BBC are being even more bias than usual. They are well and truly shitting themselves.

    NAO audit will uncover all manner of financial scandals and the resultant publicity will kill off public trust and enable them to be broken-up, sold-off and generally put through a, long-overdue, mincing machine.

    No need for Cameron to be seen a politically vindictive once the BBC have been overrun with scandal.

    • 272
      they live in their own little dreamworld says:

      the BBC is popular
      Dave isn’t
      do the fucking math

      • 281
        We luv the Beeb says:

        The BBC’s so popular, they have to threaten people to pay for it.

      • 291
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        If it’s so popular then it has nothing to fear from becoming a voluntary subscription service :)

      • 382
        thespecialone says:

        It maths. Not math. We are in the country still arbitarily known as the UK. Not in the US

        • 404
          Tass Gordon says:

          I’m not in the UK! I’m in Scotland. The UK was destroyed by Labour’s glorious devolution…….

          Only you lot south of the border live in the UK.

  73. 273
    Labour Rapid Reaction Master Psysop says:

    The trick you see to always getting your comments published by the BBC is simple.

    I will expose an inside secret so you raise your game and give me more fun in the longrun.

    I don’t like to fight weaker opponents so it is your own choice to heed this and use it to your advantage or not, Some of your more ‘switched on’ readers may of figured this out awhile ago but anyway;

    There is a general blanket sheet of pre written statements or rebuttal’s or sometimes new ones are thought up to deal with the situation that arises in the media.

    Which ever one is picked to deal and or edited/abridged to deal with whatever situation is copy and pasted and emailed to activists and trusted members and friends with links to the site to post said statement/rebuttal in.

    After that the ground troops are left to their own devices to attack or not.

    You just have to watch for the comments that sing from the same hymn sheet with a particular opening like a recent one

    ‘I am not a fan of Gordon Brown/Labour but’

    Said site is ‘astroturfed’ as some readers have already guessed with an inital shockwave, some more committed members of the cause will stay and argue with you they do so off their own bat.

    We more skilled and talented operators who are paid for our talents intervene when needed but generally we have enough sympathisers and placemen in the organisations to do most of our work for us.

    The trick is to make our point the majority point via carpet bombing, deleting others comments or modding them so they never see daylight in the first place.

    People accept it as reality and history is written how we wish.


    • 284
      Labour Rapid Reaction Master Psysop says:

      I forgot to add the diamond in the mud, although at this point should be pretty elementary to work out;

      *Copy the initial sentence or in some cases paragraph of the mass produced reply being copy and pasted into the comments section by multiple labour people and then add your comment, it should get through more times than not*

      • 285
        Labour Rapid Reaction Master Psysop says:

        I look forward to debating with some of you on various websites.

        Like hunter and prey.

        • 289
          Lee says:

          With your comments published on their website you’ll being down the Beeb in no time

  74. 274
    prosecuted majority says:

    World at One has become a daily ZanuLabour PPB.

    One snippet today concerned voting Liberal will reduce any potential Tory majority.

    I would complain but I see little point.

    Friday’s Ashes to Ashes had an anti-Thatcher sub-plot, even mentioned “milk snatcher” FFS. Apparently the Falklands War wasn’t just, it was a ploy to win votes. I don’t think the Islanders delivered from the hands of a Third World police state would think so.

    • 322
      Anonymous says:

      Ashes to Ashes has most definetly got an evil baby eating toties sub plot running through it. Its getting quite pathetic, looks like the thick script writers cant come up with a decent ending. They failed over the last two series to reach a satisfactory conclusion and now on the done to death third series they are failing again.

      • 364
        State Liars says:

        Can’t the BBC just for once make a drama series without the large dollop of agi-prop? No pious lecturing, no agenda rammed down our throats, no right-on PC bollocks. Just plan old fashion drama.

        Is that too much for these BBC arseholes?

        • 430
          prosecuted majority says:

          Last week’s Dr Who was the last I will watch. Today’s youngsters spend a lot of time in their history classes learning about Hitler and Stalin; arm-band politics as it has been nicknamed. You can’t look at either of these systems without spending a significant amount of time on propaganda. But such is the ignorance of the general public that the BBC can use every transmission as vehicle for spreading extreme left wing propaganda. The hidden messages in the Dr Who episode about “Britain in Space” (whatever!) were all about race. That other races are as common here as whites. (I am not questioning whether we should have immigrants here. I have friends who black, Indian, and even Welsh.)

          Look at the hidden messages. Opening scene in classroom, kids receiving marks. The failing child is a white male, every one else is good, and the Indian child is very good. The Doctor stops at a table with a black couple; I was surprised it wasn’t a gay couple. First adult actor to speak (other than Dr and his companion) a black adult. The in story heroine is the Queen; but she is black. The evil civil servant behind the conspiracy; a grey haired white mail.

          As I said I have friends from other races (and gay friends too.) But as travel about my local area here in the north Midlands the people I come across are much more likely to be white than anything else. I don’t know what happens in London, I don’t care. But London isn’t like the 90% of Britian. And the Beeb doesn’t represent 90% of Britain either.

          • Susie says:

            A Good Read — Mariella Frostrup interviewing the author of a children’s book about Somali immigrants and a white fashion designer’s teenage daughter’s growing realization that the burkah is in fact ‘a tool of female liberation’ and not an 11th century symbol of subjugation at all.

            FFS! I knew which way the programme was going and switched off after 5 minutes.

  75. 294
    Anonymous says:

    Its a waste of time attacking Clegg as all reason has now gone out of the window.
    Cameron is not going to get any decent coverage or get his message across on the stitch up media. It all now seems very much like the 1992 election, Major was expected to lose, what did he do, one thing always sticks in my mind, he abandoned all the razzmatazz sidelined the media and got out on his soapbox and mixed it with the voters.

    • 303
      A young and nubile Nick Clegg says:

      But that’s the whole point. Cameron hasn’t got any message other than “Big Society” and a whole raft of meaningless soundbites.
      He’s yesterday’s man.

      • 337
        nell says:

        Y’mean we need cleggie telling us like gordon that we have to spend!spend!spend! whilst Cameron says it’s time for reality, draw in your horns, deal with the deficit and spend what your earn!

        Y’mean we need cleggie telling us like gordon that the EU is the the golden land, keep giving them £3million every day , money thrown down a black hole never to be seen again!! Whilst cameron says that he’ll try to get back funds thatmaggie got out of the EU but first bliar and then gormlessgordon has recklessly thrown into the EU pit!!

        Y’mean we need cleggie to tell us like gordon that we need unhindered immigration so that we have even more people living in tented cities in our beauty spots, killing our swans and fishing out our rivers and lakes , living off benefits and enjoying the healthcare that we’ve paid for (but incidentally which we aren’t able to access for our disabled children, at least where I am, because the service is so bad). As I’ve said before on here- we are pensioners and we are having to pay privately for the medical services that we need for our grand-daughter!!

        Cleggie and gordon. They “may” win but they won’t last long!!

        • 357
          Anonymous says:

          Cameron utters pathetic twaddle that old dears like you believe. In reality he’s a fully paid up member of the maximum troughers club and has no interest in your problems beyond sounding concerned and winning the election.
          My old granny would have said, “He’s going to piss wonders and shit miracles”

          • nell says:

            My old granny says “we must wait and we must see” “”


            “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            My old granny would have had your granny’s eggs for breakfast.

          • nell says:

            Not a hope in hell darlin’!!!

            And there is new volcanic ash cloud already on the way from Iceland to the UK – so what’s gordon going to do now???

            Oh Dear!! mandy says “sigh!! gordon’s already run away to hide under the cabinet table afraid the volcanic dust is going to get him”!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Vote Canute Cameron. He can turn back time as well as ash clouds.

          • Knute says:

            Go and do some research on Canute you pig-ignorant lefty moron

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s what his subjects believed you pig ignorant Tory troll.

          • Blofeld of Clerkenwell says:

            the foul mouthed old slag

          • Granny Clampett says:

            She would have had you in the palm of her hand.

        • 365
          Pob says:

          16 Billion tax cut for middle and upper incomes.

          That’s not popular at all and isn’t what Guido has been telling Cam and the Finkers to do for ages either.

        • 392
          Old Seth says:

          Still, there must be the odd BBC producer who doesn’t have mad Broon’s tattoo on his arse – tonight’s Panorama really ripped the sh*t out of 13 years of Labour immigration policies. Poor chap, another one for the Gulag if Labour’s mad dogs get in again.

  76. 302
    Pavlov's Bell says:

    BBC? Banal Brainwashing Company. Sucks

  77. 310
    Lick Lick Lick says:

  78. 314

    Let us Tories witter on and whinge about the BBC for a change(ED: but you do that all the time on order-order you boring fucking bastards).
    Dave’s dropped a twenty point lead and is looking like a loser, Boris Johnson, the Turkish Albino, is writing a load of fucking shit in the telegraph the c’unt must be tripping his nuts off with the propagandist tripe they are letting him publish, the Lib Dems are stealing our vote and Gideon Osborne, Coulson and Hilton are smoking crack and wanking each other off in dark room. But never mind all that, let’s have a good fucking whinge with the help of that other fucking bore, Guido, about the BBC. Yes, that will win us the election, won’t it.
    Won’t it?

  79. 315
    Toquemada says:

    The BBC hates the English,the working classes,the middle classes , the
    fat cats,the rural classes and the white race in general.
    This institute of shysters,marxists,Trots , together with the lingering
    pestilence of Lib/Lab will gather their festering followers into the bright
    light of day sometime soon and then the great unwashed can have some fun.

    Quality Street

  80. 324
    Ryan says:

    I see that Mr Summers has closed his Facebook page to viewers — fortuantely I captured this earlier today — http://twitpic.com/1gtmrl and http://twitpic.com/1gtajb (I see he’s replaced the I’m voting Labour on May 6th with Labour List).

  81. 325
    Beeboid DeLuxe says:

    A couple of days ago on BBC Radio 1 two presenters shared an anecdote that, whilst worth a snigger if you are a lad, epitomised the vile decent into coarseness and that is not only the preserve of Jonathon Ross.

    The story as related on-air: one of their mates had, the previous night, got so rat-arsed at a club that he lost voluntary control of his bowel and heavily soiled his underwear. That was funny enough already to the presenters, who were in stitches on behalf of their audience. But the punchline was that he then went to the toilets and wiped himself down with the clean part of his boxers, flushed them and continued partying.

    It was a blokish approach to life, of course, and admirable for that. The story was hardly the most offensive thing I have ever heard, though I do see it as unnecessarily coarse for the BBC to justify it at license-payers expense.

    What does this anecdote really code for, though? It was an opportunity, in reality, to glamorise extreme drunkenness in young people, particularly males. Because they were laughing at this in matey approval of the guy who was so alcoholically intoxicated that, by medical standards, his life, if not his health, was in danger, they were giving assent, even encouragement, to such behaviour.

    Surely there are grounds for serious criticism of the BBC here for the damage they are wilfully inflicting on impressionable youths; and surely this is far more serious than the Wossy incident. I am making a formal complaint to the BBC and would encourage others to do so too.

    New Labour have wrecked this country and the BBC has been deeply complicit. Neither of them can claim to be behaving responsibly when it comes to discouraging underage drinking and this should be widely known and gain focus during the election campaign.

    • 556
      Nick2 says:

      Different times… but when I listened to Radio 1 as a teenager the most ‘subversive’ thing on it was Noel Edmonds’ breakfast show, with his amusin’ jolly japes.

      Mind you, when I was back home I’d listen to Capital Radio 539, which was far more risqué…

  82. 329
    jgm2 says:

    That’s five out of five polls now with Labour in third place.



    • 351
      Down with Brown! says:

      Labour will finish third in terms of votes and seats!

      • 353
        jgm2 says:

        That would be so very sweet.

      • 361
        fraid not says:

        sorry old chum
        those polls still give Labour the most seats in a hung parliament

      • 379
        Anonymous says:

        Hopefully they will finish third in terms of votes, but sadly that will probably give them the most seats.

        And to think they call it democracy!

        • 385
          jgm2 says:

          Then we’ll have to bear the gurning imbecile swaggering around thanking the British people for his ‘mandate’.


          Chin up. Surely third in the popular vote (by a considerable margin) does not result in the most seats.

        • 394
          @ says:

          it’s first past the post and it’s finished

        • 403
          My only friend says:

          You still haven’t grasped the finality of events, have you. The country is now so divided into competing factions that the next government, of whatever ilk, will only have the backing of a minority of electors. The days of popular opinion are long gone, and the forthcoming administration will be fucked by the anti’s who will undermine their every move.
          Go home, and put your affairs in order.

  83. 330
    Delicious Poo says:

    If I was a cake I would be a chocolate eclair. Ooo er ooo yum me yum.

  84. 334
    Blofeld of Clerkenwell says:

    The Bee Bee fucking Cee
    Blacks , Bummers and crypto communists
    There are are two Nicks that can sort them out
    Me and That Welsh chap
    Treasonous bastards, and this twat looks like a gay *ew or a fking *aki

  85. 335
    Immigration Watch says:

    Woolas is a useless deceitful lying twat. How anybody can vote for such a shameless corrupt pig-thick toerag is beyond me.

    • 373
      Tam Ponn says:

      How anybody votes for the other 645 useless deceitful lying twat shameless corrupt pig-thick toerag’s is beyond me as well.

    • 398
      Old Seth says:

      Woolas – claiming a decrease in the rate of increase of immigration means immigration is going down – brain dead b*stard!

  86. 339
    10K_Cleggie says:

    I have decided to call my bounce -

    !!!!! The Clounce !!!!!!

  87. 348
    grobdj says:

    The BBC is rather like the House of Commons – full of good intention in principle

    But in practise, members are required by a corrupt hierarchy to leave their consciences at the door

    And they have the nerve to poke fun at Northerners who would doff their cap at the mill-owner

    • 356
      State Liars says:

      The BBC may have had good, albeit it very patronising intensions in the 50s or something. But those days are long gone.

      It is now hostile to large numbers of people in this country, not least the ‘hideously’ white working class.

  88. 349
    Down with Brown! says:

    Ed Balls being a tosser on the Campaign Show. Vote Calvert!

  89. 358
    Tarquin Bartleby says:

    • 445
      Lick Lick Lick says:

      LOOOOOOOL! Go Tarquin

    • 557
      John Bull says:

      I bet that silly c’unt Tarquin won’t tackle George again. Its a brave man who dares to take him on in debate – love him or loathe him.

      • 584
        Sexist sid says:

        I would take him on. he’s an actor. He talks of the common man. He hasn’t met a common man since 1971.

        But I do like him, hes a cartoon character and he gives the political scene a sense of jollyness.

  90. 389
    Old soldier says:

    Hate to say it but Yelland – ex Sun editor – gets it right when he calls the media to task for ignoring the LibDems and assuming Dave has won before the voting starts. If Dave loses then it’s down to David Davies and ken Clarke to put the party back together; this metro lot are wimps and wastrels, Gideon the biggest saddo of the lot.

    • 447
      Edward's army says:

      The Conservative Party died in the last century. If they cannot form a decent opposition in the face of Brown’s clusterfuck (Copyright jgm2), they have shown themselves to be unworthy to carry the fight for Britain.
      Go back to your constituencies and think again.

  91. 391
    Dark Lord says:

    I will vote for anyone who abolishes the licence fee and freezes council tax!!!!!

  92. 393
    Brown disease says:

    BBC Bias. It is now so bad, so blatant, that I can’t bear to watch it.
    Funny how life is. I have never really considered myself right wing, but how I have come to loathe the left. They are delusional and a menace.

  93. 396
    Dethrone Ash says:

    Boris Johnson volunteers Cameron to fly his campaign plane into the ash cloud to prove it’s ‘safe’.

  94. 397
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Sockpupet #4
    if you are still here here it is Nick Cleggs criminal conviction !

  95. 402
    Doctor Mick says:

    He thinks his day job is boring yet yearns to be a councillor in Ealing? Nowt like ambition eh?

  96. 407
    Anonymous says:

    Still no mention of comment by that flibberty jibbet company, Earnst & Young that growth would not exceed 1% this year. Surprising really as that would throw a spanner of monumental proportions into Brown’s deficit recovery plan. Nothing to do with Thursday’s debate? Any Tory MP out there like to attempt to make a fist of taking the arguement to Labour, no?

    • 415
      Next stop, the Knacker's says:

      Helloo, Any Tory MPs out there !

      Where are you now Joe Dimagio….

      Churchill to no will in a generation, I liked that.

    • 479
      Susie says:

      Not to worry — E&Y will be silenced.

      Currently awaiting a possibly hostile court judgement in NYC for signing off Lehman accounts. Hank Paulson, capo de capo.

      • 558
        Tax Consultant says:

        Well, Arthur Andersen was rehabilitated sharpish by Nu Labour in 1997 for their criminal behaviour re DeLorean – nothing to do with the ‘advice’ AA were giving Lab pre election. (If you think this is tin foil stuff think again – I was there).

        The point being that a grateful Tory government might ‘see their way’ to exonerate the UK arm if the global organisation is broken up to isolate the infection…

  97. 409
    not now Cato says:

    BBC delenda est

  98. 412
    Tictackle Voter says:

    I think i’ve got it. Vote Clegg to get Brown. Vote Cameron to get Blair and vote Gordon for a larf.

  99. 413
    Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary says:

    “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

    “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

    “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster.”

    “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”

    • 420
      Next stop, the Knacker's says:

      They thoroughly deserve the kicking they’re going to get.

      What we didn’t deserve, nor did the Nation, were Dave Nicey’s Conservatives

      • 503
        lick lick lick says:

        kicking from who?
        impotent + furious posting windowlickers like yourself?
        good one!

        • 514
          Time the Tories had a Conservative leader says:

          Other than parroting `window lickers` every other post do you have anything else to say? You see you have become just a tad tedious.

          As for from whom – that would be UKIP and the BMP for starters, just enough votes to see the Tories wiped out for good.

          Lib Lab Con = all the same.

          • lick lick lick says:

            they’ll be lucky to get any MP’s at all idiot
            wiped out for good!! ROFL!

    • 424

      The United kingdom would like to make clear that the views of Jeremy Hunt MP, Shadow Culture Secretary, do not necessarily represent the views of the people.

  100. 419

    Only 26 days of Campaigning left.

  101. 421
    grobdj says:

    Having despatched the Royal Navy to rescue the Whole World from the Global Icelandic Ash Cloud, McMental becomes concerned that the reopening of UK airspace might Upstage the Great Leader’s Rescue Plan

    Accordingly the Met Office announces a New Uncertain Ash Cloud has formed with a shape defined by random LAT/LONG co-ordinates although they do not have the Instruments to Detect This. Accordingly NATS is Required to continue implementing the Great AshTam Contingency Plan ensuring the Great Leader becomes the Certain Rescuer of the Whole Global World.

    Meanwhile, chaps flying aeroplanes report not even the slightest damage from flying around in the Great Ash Cloud

    I hear sand also blows around Dubai, from time to time into the upper atmosphere

    • 431

      The ferries are all running from Dover. What a shame the continent doesn’t have high speed rail links across countries to deliver people to Calais.
      Instead of sending a sodding great aircraft carrier HMG could have issued an internet voucher for rail travel.
      Which would cost more?
      Anyway the trains should be free for a Euro emergency. Otherwise what the hell are we paying into the EU for?

    • 513
      Brown in Churchillian mode(again) says:

      This is the BBC.There now follows a short radio announcement from the Rt Hon Gordon Brown,Prime Minister

      “My fellow Britons as I told you yesterday one of the biggest rescue operations since the Second World War is now underway.In the early hours of this morning elements of Her Majesty’s Naval Forces landed on the Continent of Europe. As yet we do not know whether this operation will be a success but I hope in the window of opportunity afforded to us that many thousands of our compatriots will be lifted to safety and delivered from their present hardship.

      I know that the coming days will be times of stress and worry for people in the UK regarding their loved ones but be of good cheer. All that can be done IS being done and I give you my personal pledge that I will not rest until every single Briton is brought back to these shores. And finally remember in the words of that great patriot, Sir Winston Churchill… this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. God Bless you all. God Save the Queen.

    • 537
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      In the sixties there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland that went on for several years and formed a new island. No idea of the details ash-wise, but there must have been some and I don’t recall any restriction on aviation or any epidemic of plane crashes.

      The BA plane that ‘lost’ 4 engines flew through something wholly exceptional. The windows were grit blasted and had to be replaced when it landed.

      Clearly all that is needed is an instruction to the pilots to turn around if they can no longer see where they are going.

      • 563
        Nick2 says:

        Not wholly exceptional – precisely the same thing happened to another (Singapore Airlines) 747 a few weeks later.

    • 572
      Gordon Brown says:

      I ordered the met office to ‘find’ another ash cloud so I could call another COBRA meeting.

      It makes me feel great and important calling COBRA. Even saying it gets me hard as a rock.

      Coh Brah
      Coh Brah
      Coh Brah


  102. 426
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Nick Clegg’s expences are the highest of the three leaders he is a troughing scum bag
    he talks about cleaning up parliament yet he claimed maximum on everything what a twat !

  103. 429
    Jan says:

    Biased BBC..This Week with Andrew Neil is now on twice a week.Well on their last show before the GE, Monday 3rd May, we have two Nu-Liebor luvvie lefties Mariella Frostrup and that really ghastly silly tart Fiona Phillips (she is awwwwwwwwwwfuuuuul) She was on QT some months ago where she was dire. I mean she was only ever any good as the LA corrspendent for GMTV.She is a lightweight.Who decides on these guests?The British taxpayer is subsidiing these horrid people. What has happened to Miss Diane of Crossroads, I mean her Highness, Lady Abbott of Hackney,why has she been tossed off the sofa?

    • 435

      The Abbott is a standing MP and under the vaguely impartial rules of broadcasting ..blah blah blah.

      I’d have Rebecca Front. Good line when she was told Gordon Brown has called for more Middle Class.
      “The Ocado website would crash!”

      And then when asked how to create more middle class people “Get rid of ITV?”

      • 441
        Jan says:

        Why are we seeing so much of hamsterface Sarah Teather? She appears to have been on every single political show for the last week.Is she going to win Brent Central or will Dreadful Dreadlocks Dawn win?

        • 451
          Granny Clampett says:

          But you wouldn’t say no to her nibbling on your nuts.

        • 459
          Sir Compleat Idiot says:

          Not only will she win Brent Cross, but I confidently predict that Hamster Face Sarah Teather will be Secretary of State for Defence within four weeks. The LibDems are intending to use her to replace Trident. You will hear her rodential squeakings and submit, as they may be of great import.

        • 480
          Susie says:

          One of Nick’s Babes. I can see her in her new Jacqui power suit even now, probably the same one.

        • 539
          Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

          Name an alternative. Go on, name one.

    • 436
      Omar says:

      Big Booty Di Abbot could toss me off any time.

  104. 433
    prosecuted majority says:

    Compulsory voting NOW. No PR. No bastardised system. Simple clear first passed the post with everyone voting. Spread voting across two dates. Count them on Saturday.

    It is the only way.

  105. 437
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Another busy day at the office – OK in my car – just got back to my Adriatic view and looked at all today’s posts. It seems that we have lost one type of TaT and gained another. Good night!

    • 440
      CCO Belize says:

      Piss off, Tory troll. Don’t come back. We don’t need “patriots” like you.

      • 519
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        National Service is the best answer for a twat like you. I do VISIT occasionally but you won’t see me …. especially if I see you first.

  106. 442
    Lick Lick Lick says:

    Does anyone else want to do a load of LSD on election night and watch the results?

  107. 450
    Granny Clampett says:

    Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce.
    Are they prospective gay adoptees?

  108. 453
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    I’m going to smash apart the old politics of we know better. We will build the big society……………

  109. 474
    Phil Woolas, Corgi registered says:

    They’re all cun’ts at the BBC

  110. 475
    Hang The Bastards says:

    10 fucking times I have phoned these HuntS and complained of Labour Bias.

    The twats have done nothing at all. And here we all know why !

    This bastard needs to be hung drawn and quartered. SACK THE Hunt !

  111. 484
    Adrian Chiles, It's full of cunts there says:

    Mr Cameron said: ‘Me chums Im gonna fookin smash the liberal leftie, smug sneering Celt/Gay/Joo infested BBC.

  112. 487
    Jonesy says:

    They don’t like it up ‘em, Captain

  113. 488
    Mr Bias says:

    Bias – nature of errrm the eerm establishment probably
    Wouldn’t worry about it

  114. 504
    Ashgate says:

    How many billions has the dodgy Met office for Climate change cost the UK this time?

  115. 506
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    ..I’ve gone hoarse

  116. 509
    City of Vice says:

    The Tory campaign is mind-bogglingly inept. I watched Cameron’s latest broadcast yesterday evening and my heart sank – apparently the content was revised to take on the Liberal surge- utter tripe – talk about missing another own goal.

    When will Dave and his handlers understand that this is not a presidential race? It’s supposed to be the Conservative Party not ‘David Cameron’s Conservatives’. More the the point, Dave is not loved by his own ranks, much less by the masses, for this kind of personality politics to work. So instead of banging on about Dave’s homespun values how about the Tories exposing Labour’s appalling record in government and exposing the Liberals ludicrous core policies e.g. higher immigration, soft on crime (they propose counselling instead of jail ffs), stripping our defences, greater EU integration, dumping the pound and joining the Euro and so on.

    Right now the Tories are guilty of a failure to engage the enemy.

    I can but surmise that the policy wonks at CCHQ who thought up this bland ‘Big Society’ and ‘change’ bollocks are either too incompetent or conflicted to admit they’ve fucked up but either way it’s time for adult supervision at CCHQ. Surely ‘big’ anything is the wrong moniker (anti intuitive) when coming from the mouth of a politician proposing smaller government. Change? Hardly dramatic enough. We need revolution and revenge, i,e to tear down and rip up Labour’s client state.

    • 524
      Ah well ......It was good whilst it lasted says:

      The Conservative Campaign is a disaster from start to finish.Apart from Cameron who hasn’t been at HIS best nobody else seems arsed enough to actually get up and do anything dynamic .Hague was a fucking disaster in yesterday’s Foreign Policy Debate. He can’t have been jet-lagged as there’s no bloody jets but he was definitely below par

      The electorate are looking for hope and a hero any hero.Problem is they’ve settled on Clegg without really understanding what a disaster LibDems policies are on a variety of issues from law and order;defence;immigration;europe.

      In the present UK “X Factor” style voting people will vote for LibDems in their droves and thus deprive Cameron & Co of any chance of winning or even being the biggest party. It’s in my view definietly heading towards a “Hung Parliament” and a LibDem/Labour Coalition probably for 18 months max(that’ll be how long it takes before they fall out with one another)This is not just a disaster for the Conservative Party but more importantly a disaster for the UK of monumental proportions.

      Cameron and Co have blown it……..they’ve blown a 26 point lead and in 4 weeks time they’ll probably be one party leader looking for a new job and it’s unlikely to be Brown or Clegg.

  117. 511
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    If Cameron is serious about winning the General Election, he needs to tell everyone tomorrow that the public sector sacred cow is no longer untouchable (and that includes the BBC), that AGW is little more than a leftist power grab, that there will be a referendum on the EU to decide if we want to have our powers passed over to Brussels and that we will develop a truly independent nuclear deterrent as part of a strong and forceful foreign policy that seeks to protect our interests, whether they be economic, energy, socially or politically and will be done regardless of what the Marxists in the EU, US, China and the Commonwealth think.

    Unfortunately Cameron is a caring sharing compassionate conservative so he won’t.

  118. 512
    Down with Brown! says:

    Son of Commie scum Millboy boasted of 60 years of co-operation with Communist China in yesterday’s Foreign Affiars debate, overlooking that Communist Mao killed 60 million people in China.

  119. 521
    Whole new ball game says:


    “Dr Sulieman Al Hourani was only supposed to cut out a cyst, but removed the whole right testicle instead.

    Sarah Prichard, counsel for the GMC, said the mistake was made as a nurse helping the surgeon turned her back to get a stitch. When she turned around the testicle had been removed.”.

    They are literally hacking our balls off now.

  120. 528
    Hugh Janus says:

    From today’s Times:

    “The warships were still awaiting orders last night as ferry companies said there was no shortage of places on cross-Channel services.”

    Never underestimate McBust’s ability to milk any situation for political advantage, particularly when there’s an election to lose.

  121. 538
    lolol says:

    OT Brillo just shaved a few inches off twat Cleggs arse over expenses.

  122. 540
    James Bond says:

    Now regret meeting with Gordon Brown at studio recently. Career now down the pan.

  123. 544

    Has Dave given up?

    Why no attack on the entirely pointless decision to send a fucking aircraft carrier to bring home half a dozen pissed up squaddies from Espana? I could understand it if we wanted to bomb Spain, but otherwise…? How many millions is that costing? Money “out of the economy”, surely Gordon?

    Why not mention that Ernst and Young growth figures blow Gordon’s “recovery” “plan” out of the water?

    Why no mention of the 13 years Fat Fuck Gordon has had to “change” the zillion things he reckons we need to change, during which he has done fuck all except spunk our money?

    This election is a fucking farce, a sick joke, a pitiful fake democracy. I reject it.

  124. 547
    From the office of The Prime Mincer says:

    I’ve just been talking on Radio 4 … didn’t you think I did nicely thank you.
    Thankfully nobody is taking any notice of the Vote Libdem get another 5 years of Labour ….yipee…so all ahead as planned…chances are we will get the least votes but the most seats…Cleggie is in our pockets so they’ll do anything to get a seat at he top table and after that its fini….jd…in the bag…done deal….pleb dummies haven’t got a chance. I’m enjoying this..its easier than taking sweets of children…who’d have thought out on my ear twice and now Queenmaker …sorry Kingmaker coordinator non interruptus…have a good one. pip pip
    Vote Labour a fairer shafting for all

  125. 553
    Anonymous says:

    Watch this response to Eddie Izzard’s Labour film.


  126. 562
    Snowy the Blue Peter kitten says:

    The BBC is formed by Royal Charter and as such it has the same rights as an individual…It can be sued and can sue, etc.

    Organisations formed by Royal Charter ultimately answer to the Privy Council (PCO) on all matters…including ultimately complaints under the BBC Charter.

    Lord Mandleson was appointed as Lord President of the Council in 2005.

    Since 2005 the BBC has suffered from more scandals and anti-trust issues than at any other time in it’s history.

    It is not all radio abuse and miss-naming cats. Editors across all other UK media answer ether to the Press Complaints Commission (Press) or Ofccom (Broadcasters)…

  127. 580

    You gone into meltdown Guido, last several posts lost?

  128. 582
    Stovies says:

    The real answer to this countries problems is for the people to on mass to simply cancel their council tax direct debits and refuse to pay for the BBC illegal tax. Can you imagine the message that would send out to the corrupt tossers playing games with all our future. They would be begging the countries people to come to their senses. But oh what a powerful message that would be. But of course the majority of this countries population have no backbone whatsoever.

    Farage is OK, hes better than 99.9% of the rest of them

  129. 586

    [...] Labour candidate. A bit like asking the partial cat to mind the "impartial" canary cage. Labour Candidate is BBC Bias Complaints Judge – Guy Fawkes' blog now meant to have been put on "alternative duties" + + + BBC’s Chris Summers Given [...]

  130. 588
    Anonymous says:

    I see Nick Griffin gave the wank sign again in his political broadcast! Take a look at it again on BBC 1 at 6.55pm when he says “Labour Party” no doubt the BBC must agree with him!

  131. 589

    [...] and candidate, which shows how over the years Labour has colonised the BBC right to the top. Guido Fawkes recently noticed that the employee tasked with handling complaints of election bias was a Labour election candidate. [...]

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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