April 18th, 2010

Brown Attacks “Moral Bankruptcy” of Goldman Sachs

On the Marr show Gordon raged against the moral bankruptcy of Goldman Sachs; “I want a special investigation done into what has happened at Goldman Sachs.”

Perhaps he could ask Gavyn Davies to investigate? For many years he has been advised by Gavyn Davies, who made some £150 million during his period as a Goldman Sachs partner.

It was Davies who last year urged Gordon to implement Mugabenomics, turn on the printing presses and call it quantitative easing. Davies has been a big donor to the Labour Party and a long-term supporter. Davies’ wife Sue Nye was Gordon’s private secretary in Downing Street and they are known to be good friends. Perhaps it was they who stole Gordon’s moral compass.

UPDATE : The more Guido thinks about this, the more he likes Gordon’s idea. Questions Guido would like the Goldman Sachs special investigator to get answered:

  • Exactly how many boardroom lunches and suchlike did Gordon Brown have with Goldman Sachs figures?
  • During the many lunches Gordon had with Goldman Sachs did he discuss policy or matters which they were able to exploit to their advantage in the markets?
  • Goldmans were known to be major sellers of gold before Brown announced his extraordinarily ill-conceived plan to sell the Bank of England’s gold reserves.
  • Gavyn Davies was an adviser to Gordon Brown during this period.  Did he recommend, advise on or know anything of the intended gold sales policy?  Did Sue Nye know of the intention to sell gold?

These are not matters of little import, Gordon’s gold sales debacle cost the Treasury £6 billion, the amount that Gordon claims will devastate the economy if the Tories cut it from public spending. The bank is known at rival firms as ‘Government Sachs’ because senior partners keep so close to governments and in particular finance ministries…


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    purpleline says:

    Gordon always expected a job on leaving parliament with GS the bank that likes to advise on Gold Sales when buying. Just how many contracts to advise and how much money did GS make out of this cosy Sue Nye/ Davies connection.

    I wonder just how many changes were implemented by the Lab chancellor on advice by Mr Davies who got a placeman position at the BBC Browns own propaganda unit.

    Talk about third world corruption or possible corruption.

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    Up sh1t creek says:


    Why did Nick Clegg fail to mention that the Liberal Democrats want an illegal immigrant amnesty when the immigration topic was raised in the first of the “leaders” debates?

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Starting May Brown will be ever closer o King Lear, descent into madness as his kingdom is lost. This already sounds like an old man’s rant, one step from screaming at the TV, not understanding the hows an whys….

  5. 5

    now what does Bankers rhyme with?

  6. 6
    Up sh1t creek says:

    The UK economy will collapse??? if £6bn is not spent in the wealth sapping public sector, and is left in the wealth generating private sectors hands.

    If you’re arguing over a measly £6bn from a £2.5 trillion deficit New Labour racked up, then the UK economy is in a REALLY bad shape.

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    Up sh1t creek says:


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    Imagine John Prescott without Bulimia, in a mankini says:

    I’ve told you before Guido, no truth while the General Election is on, scares people into not voting for the LibLabCon

  9. 9
    Michael Read says:

    I knew that. The Goldman Sachs issue.

    Why didn’t Marr?

    Brillo or Paxo would have Brown strapped up for a waterboarding on that point.

    Where is Robin Day when you need him.

  10. 10
    QWERTY says:

    The MSM are fucking shitting useless. The BBC are too busy fucking 9 year old boys to actually do any investigation into the gay one eyed fucking mong.

  11. 11
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Gavyn Davies! That slimy champagne socialist. Thought he had gone to ground. If not someone should help him on his way.

  12. 12
    Helpful says:

    Perhaps he could also have an investigation into why GS told him not to sell our gold when he did.

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    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    He want’s to quietly embrace all the europeans. The Liberals historically embraced free trade He probably wants the euro in too. His wife is the daughter of a spanish politician, and a partner in a big internetional law firm. She is an international trade lawyer. Go figure!

  14. 14
    john in cheshire says:

    Mr Brown – Fuck off. That’s about it really. Just Fuck off.

    Oh, and where are the really radical movements, to assassinate the evil ones, when they are needed. They seem to be quite prepared to kill or attempt to kill those who try to raise people from the mire. But are sadly absent when true evil is evident and needs to be confronted. My example of true selflessness is General Pinochet. I just wish we had someone like him, today, in this country to rid us of our socialists. Because, they seem to think they have nothing to be afraid of. I believe that’s why they behave the way they do. Why would Wheelan be such a twat; why would Mcbride be such a Hunt;why would Campbell walk into television studios and expound his crap, if he didn’t think no one would put a bullet in his ugly face?

  15. 15
    If it's brown flush it down says:

    ‘Who’s best for europe, and our relations to that country’ about 3.5 mins in, he is becoming more and more deluded every time I see him on TV, televised 3 week car crash, maybe there is a god

  16. 16
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    @john in cheshire. Why are you holding back? Why not say what you really mean!!!!

  17. 17
    Despondent and Angry says:

    I remember in 1997 a fresh faced young party leader trying to convince the electorate that the old politics was corrupt and that there was a different way to do things – A THIRD WAY. He would make sure that his party was going to be “purer that pure” I wonder what happened to that young man? I think his name was Phoney Blair.

    Now another fresh faced young party leader is saying the same thing and it seems an electorate with an attention span of less than a goldfish is falling for it all over again.

    By the way, Clegg is now appealing to younger voters. Has he calculated they will be more gullible in their youthful idealism and less likely to scrutinise LibDem policies?

    Can someone tell me how Clegg became LibDem leader when it transpired that he polled fewer votes than the increasingly unhinged Chris Huhne?

  18. 18
    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    About as much chance of my patient having less than three months lo live, eight months ago!!

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    “I want a special investigation done into what has happened at Goldman Sachs.”

    yeah, well, I want a special investigation into how you managed to burn a trillion quid of our money you fucking tossing bastard shitheaded wanker.

  20. 20
    50 Calibre says:

    …not to mention a significant proportion of my pension.

    Come the revolution, the bastard’s for it.

  21. 21
  22. 22
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Nick Clegg? Now let me see ….. Ah yes! wasn’t he that bloke in the LibDems who took the lead some opinion polls for a few days back in 2010?

    Whatever happened to him?

  23. 23
    50 Calibre says:

    Is there anyone out there deluded enough to give McTwat a job? Nah, there can’t be.

    In any event are there any jobs for absolutely dysfunctional, devious, deranged, deceitful, dithering, duplicitous,dangerous dreadful and dishonest failures? Perhaps one of the banks might think about it…

  24. 24
  25. 25
    EU commissar 2016 says:

    He became home secretary in the Brown govt which now controls you and your internet access, your comment has been registered with the local community correct thought team, you will be receiving a visit in the next 5 days and can expect a sentence of re education, in the meantime your biometric ID card and shopping privileges for EU Island sub section 5a have been revoked.

  26. 26
    A mere peasant says:

    Blast. I thought it was “rabbits”.

  27. 27
    Mdame Defarge says:

    The are so utterly terrified of the Tories winning they are grinning like the possessed over bigging up Nick Clegg. I really hope they end up trashed and finished caput.

  28. 28
    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    You will also be fined 50,000 Euros for not singing from the party hymn sheet!!

  29. 29
    Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

    Offshore accounts?

  30. 30
    Mdame Defarge says:

    And further the Tories now need to make the link between Goldman Sachs – Gavyn Davies and the decision to sell of the gold. Interesting link posted on this thread showing the Telegraph has to have the info from the Treasury by the end of April.

    But Jeesus. How have this lot got away with all of this without stopping a bullet or riots on the street? I am astounded by all of it.

  31. 31
    Head Balls says:

    Isn’t Tony The Liar on their Board as a Non Exec Director? Or is that another bunch of Bankers.

  32. 32
    john in cheshire says:

    Just let”s not forget the blairs. When the pressure cooker effect comes into play, I just hope someone is keeping a check on where the blairs are hiding out. I look forward to seeing the video of them and their brood being expunged.

  33. 33
    AAron Porter NUS and Bully for Labour says:

    Gordon Brown is my hero and I bully anyone else who says otherwise.

  34. 34
    Mdame Defarge says:

    “Earned citizenship”? WTF is that? Ah yes it’s an immigration amnesty by any other name. It didn’t work in Italy and it didn’t work in Spain and with Cleggy’s missus being Spanish and the daughter of a politician he should know that it lead to 700,000 MORE immigrants following the earlier amnesty.

    Vince is waffling – it’s all rowlocks Vince my lovely.

  35. 35
    The French Connection says:

    Will Hutton is in the pay of Andrew Brown’s EDF.We need a revolution.

  36. 36
    pigs in space says:

    Blair, Cameron and Clegg, all just rehashes of Bill McKay (Played by Robert Redford) in ‘The Candidate’.

  37. 37
    AAron Porter NUS and Bully for Labour says:

    We want to keep our beer money and we do not want Tories turning our leisure centres into real Universities or places of learning. We are Labour sheep! So jog Guido!

  38. 38
    concrete pump says:

    You don’t like the beeb do you QWERTY?

  39. 39
    QWERTY says:

    They are fucking scum

  40. 40
    Cheese Lover says:

    But none of the media report anything the Conservatives do. How can they get a message across?

  41. 41
    Ivor Tapeworm says:

    Brown sold Britains gold cheap to rescue a bank that had shorted gold. His sale of the gold (and warning of the markets of the sale) brought down the gold price and saved the bank, at a cost to the taxpayer of billions.

    Perhaps Gordon was banking on a nice job with the bank after he retires from politics.

    The Bank? Goldman Sachs of course.

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    50 Cal~ I don’t want to give him a job, I wan’t to give him the sack.

  43. 43
    AAron Porter NUS and Bully for Labour says:

    Jog on Tories, we are keeping our beer money and our holidays paid by student support. We need cash to accomodate all those jumped up A level students who can’t read or write. Our special needs department does not run on fresh air you know.

  44. 44
    khmer marron says:

    Goldman Sachs has been alleged by many to be at the center of the central bank conspiracy to manipulate the gold price. In 1999, when England announced it would sell the majority of its gold reserves at the very bottom of the gold market, the rumors were that Goldman Sachs had a 1,000 tonne short position in the market and couldn’t cover its short position if the price of gold moved higher.

    In May 1999, Gordon Brown, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the sale of 415 tonnes of gold, 57% of England’s gold reserves. This sale forced the price of gold lower thereby saving Goldman Sachs’ large bet that the price of gold would continue lower, albeit temporarily.

    Goldman Sachs’ attempts to suppress the price of gold have not abated nor have the efforts of European and the US central banks even has gold has risen from $275 to over $900 in the last ten years. The Swiss central bank especially has been a large seller of gold whenever gold prices rise quickly.

    Such efforts have not abated because the on-going credit crises now threatens to become a full-blown currency crisis; and, the paper money franchise by which bankers and governments exist is vulnerable as never before—a meteoric rise in the price of gold would spell the end of the fabled franchise of wealth and power.

    Now in 2009, the US, the UK, their gold reserves almost depleted, and the world are on the verge of another Great Depression as the bankers’ crisis has turned into a global nightmare. At the same very time, however, Goldman Sachs is about to record profits enabling record bonuses while Gordon Brown is now the Prime Minister of England.

  45. 45
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    In the next debate when cod eye bleats on about the 6 billion the Tories will take out the economy (which is bollox by the way) why doesn`t CMD just turn to him and say “well we will just print another 6 Billion quid like you`ve been doing all year YOU FUCKIN MONG ” nuff said

  46. 46
    khmer marron says:

    £850bn bailing out banks… and £107.1m on financial advice

    £76bn To purchase shares in RBS and Lloyds Banking Group

    £200bn Indemnify Bank of England against losses incurred in providing over £200bn of liquidity support

    £250bn Guarantee wholesale borrowing by banks to strengthen liquidity in the banking system

    £40bn Provide loans and other funding to Bradford & Bingley and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

    £280bn Agree in principle to provide insurance for selection of bank assets

    £671bn Total Government spending in the financial year 2009-2010

    £32.9m Slaughter & May – Commercial legal advice

    £15.4m Credit Suisse – Financial advice on a range of measures, including Bank Recapitalisation and the Asset Protection Scheme

    £11.3m PricewaterhouseCoopers – Advice on APS

    £8.7m Ernst & Young – Due diligence on APS, Northern Rock

    £7.7m KPMG – Due diligence on APS

    £7.4m Blackrock – Valuation advice on APS

    £5.3m Deutsche Bank – Financial advice on a range of measures

    £5m Citi Financial – Advice on Aps

    £4.9m BDO Stoy Hayward – Valuation of Northern Rock

    £4.5m Goldman Sachs – Financial advice on Northern Rock

    £1.5m Morgan Stanley – Financial advice on Bradford & Bingley

    £2.5m Other advisers – Financial advice on a range of measures and proposals to revive Britain’s ailing economy

    add £7 billion for the WORST TRADE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TRADING!!!!!

    we all know who did that!!!!!!!

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    It will be a “specially selected” panel that will report that he made the right decision in the circumstances & it was the right thing to do & it would have been a lot more money if the Tories had been in power.

  48. 48
    evidence bag says:

    Snooker’s good though isn’t it, Carter’s 6-1 up.

  49. 49
    6% says:

    Might as well give that a go…….after all what else is there to lose

  50. 50
    6% says:

    Oh, yes no doubt about that,
    but where was your man Cameriod, when all this was going on>

  51. 51
    king midas says:

    This may interest.

    I worked in the gold market for many a year and in the recent light of Tony Blair accepting JP Morgans filthy money and with criticism raining down on Gordon’s head for selling our gold reserves at the lowest price possible, I though you all might find this interesting.

    Fact. Gordon Brown instructed the Bank of England to sell a large portion of our gold reserves onto the open market. This was announced to the world in the interest of ‘transparency’.

    Fact. The Bank of England, under Brown’s instruction, was the only central bank to ever announce in advance that it would sell a specific amount of gold at specific times into the open market. The other central banks, who were all large sellers did it quietly, surreptiously and announced it long afterwards.

    Fact. The Bank of England and Gordon Brown knew full well the impact the announcement would have on the price of gold. It drove the price to its lowest for nigh on twenty years. I can’t remember the exact low, but suffice it to say it was around $260 an ounce. The current gold price is nearly $900 an ounce.

    Fact. Gordon Brown’s best chum at the time was Gavyn Davies, the chief economist in London for Goldman Sachs.

    Fact. Goldman Sachs were heavy sellers of gold in the fortnight leading up to the announcement by the Bank of England, leaving themselves nicely short when it collapsed, thus upping their profits by many many millions.

    Strangely enough it has cost the British taxpayer billions. So a fine job all round by our current Prime Minister.

  52. 52
    Extradite the twat says:

    now you know why Obama kept his distance from Gorgon

  53. 53
    the truth is out there!!!!!!! says:


    try and find out about the lunches gordon brown went to round at goldies!!!!

    i wonder if he was slagging them off now or arranging off balance sheet deals?

    the truth is out there!!!!!!!

  54. 54
    Jail Brown says:

    Marr did his job as a government propagandist.He gave Brown the chance to say he would investigate the crime that he,Brown,committed.Marr is a shame to his family and claimed profession.

  55. 55
    6% says:

    Wadda bout the gold, that got shifted and there was no hoohaa from any opposition
    Wadda bout the giving away of a whole fucking country in plain view, eh
    Wadda bout blowing billions on a war, getting our lads, and my relation, killed
    Wadda bout the billions on unproven global warming bollox
    Wadda bout ………..

  56. 56
    thespecialone says:

    This dishonesty of the LD’s on immigration is only the tip off the iceberg. Everything they produce is anti-British, pro-Eu. The Tories need to hammer home all the lies that the LD’s come up with. Take Trident. Whilst in an ideal world nobody would have nuclear weapons, the fact is is that they exist. Also of course we have Iran and N. Korea trying to build them. What about giving the vote to rapists, murderers and other scumbags? That is official LD policy. I reckon that now they are in the spotlight and hopefully their policies come under greater scrutiny, then their ‘bounce’ in support will be short-lived. However, another elephant in the room of course is the stupid X-Factor, Jeremy Kyle loving public.

  57. 57
    AC1 says:

    They told people that unaffordable housing was an increase in wealth and the idiots believed them.

  58. 58
    thespecialone says:

    Should be of course ‘tip of the iceberg’. Sorry had a few glasses of red with lunch. Oh dear, I will have upset the health nazis.

  59. 59
    thespecialone says:

    Mandy, I hear, likes playing with balls.

  60. 60
    pension robber brown says:

    did you mention pensions what fucking pension he fucked mine like robert Maxwell theres a blast from the past.

  61. 61
    Jail Brown says:

    It’s a sadness for Andrew Marr’s wife that he showed more loyalty to Labour than he did to her.

  62. 62
    Mr Plum says:

    Der brain, being in opposition for 13 yearsmeans you are not responsible for the mess.
    You might just as well blame Clegg

  63. 63
    pension robber brown says:

    and you forgot PFI how much is that fucks knows,

  64. 64
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Stick him on the Sachs offenders list.

  65. 65
    Ivor Tapeworm says:

    Just in case there’s any doubt: Brown announced in advance that he was going to dump Gold on the market, thus ensuring that the price dropped and that Britain got a very poor price for it’s gold. This was deliberate.

    This is not simply hindsight. The press commented on this at the time, and Gordon was advised against selling by the Treasury at the time.

    This stinks more than Mandleson’s boyfriend’s fist.

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    Heath and Thorpe for tiny tots.

  67. 67
    Jan says:

    O/T There is a report in The Irish Sunday Times that Brussels has announced it is a European HUMAN RIGHT to have a holiday.They propose to subsidise pensioners,youths and the poor having holidays abroad.As the Brits are one of a few net contributors to the EU budget, WE are all going to have to pay.The idea is that pensioners from the UK will go to Spain and that unemployed youths from Spain will go to Manchester. Now pardon me for not rushing to the Costas.I have absolutely no wish to sit on a beach surrounded by pensioners from t’norf eating fish and chips and at night going to play bingo in some grotty run-down English pub,mine host being some criminal on the run,with gold teeth and an earring wearing a loud jazzy shirt.His missus of course is a peroxide blonde who has fake nails,orange skin and a loud sarf London. I’ve had one holiday on the Costas,that was enough.Being surrounded by gin sozzled loudmouthed wrinklies is not my idea of heaven. The Spanish will love this won’t they? They won’t have to pay,they’ll just get the benefits,so too will all the other bankrupt southern European countries.It seems to me that any idea that comes from Brussels is poo. As for me,why would I leave the gentleness and peace of west Cork where there are hundreds of beaches,the people are incredibly friendly and we have festivals every other week.The weather isn’t that marvelous but the beauty of the place compensates.

  68. 68
    Pondlife says:

    All this shit has been out stateside for fucking ages. why is it so suddenly news here?

  69. 69
    Jail Brown says:

    He’s already there.

  70. 70
    Pondlife says:

    wadda bout the tungston?

  71. 71
    Inch High Private eye says:

    my keyboard will only let me do a standard size 0 but there’s nothing to lose as there’s fuck all left

  72. 72
    Pavlov's Bell says:

    Moral compass? *snigger* Brown is dreaming. I think New Labour’s track speaks for its self, mortgage scams, passport scams, cash for peerages, lies about Iraq, whitewash justice,house flippin, expenses scams, lala economic policies, banking scams, cabs for hire scams. Moral compass!

  73. 73
    6% says:

    Yes Clegg too, as a matter of accuracy I blame every single one of the 646
    Do you actually know what the job of HMO is?

  74. 74
    Inch High Private eye says:

    I can’t be fucked totaling that.do you want to finish it.

  75. 75
    Warrants R Us says:

    If that can be proved Gordon is going down. not just here either as that had a roll on effect across the world

  76. 76
    purpleline says:

    That is the nuclear option that I hope Osborne and CAmeron go for when the debate is on the economy.

    Tory party will hold a special budget and release details of the exact positio they inherit including PFI and pension black hole.

    They will then seek a Royal inquiry into the mismanagement of the Treasury since 1997.
    They say that they win election with a landslide.

    We cannot get Brown and Blair on the War but the old Watergate policy is still there, Follow the money, connections, favours, the whole lot.

    Take no prisoners and do not let Brown paint Tories as Bankers and posh toff city types. We have all been fucked by Brown. Played correctly it will kill Labour off for good

  77. 77
    Nick2 says:

    Brown may want a special investigation into Goldman – but why was the FSA oblivious to the deception until the American regulator (SEC?) announced their intention to charge?

    The FSA has been widely described as ‘asleep at the wheel’ – but it appears increasingly that they didn’t understand how to drive at all.

    Has anything improved there since?

  78. 78
    fire starter says:

    I remember Davies shilling for Labour at every opportunity on Newsnight when he worked at Goldman Sachs. Whenever Newsnight wanted some ‘impartial’ input about Tory fiscal policy, they would have Davies on as a talking head, giving his ‘unbiased’ opinion.

  79. 79
    6% says:

    Cause the MSM would’nt give us much and the oposition is fucking useless.

  80. 80
    6% says:

    Yup, fucked

  81. 81
    all the presidents men says:

    We only get news when the grown ups think we’re ready for it.

  82. 82
    Cap Pops Ass says:

    Try asking for a physical delivery in the states and your likely to end up in the woods

  83. 83
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    The pension black hole is between 3.1 and 3.6 trillion quid..

  84. 84
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    A fine description of pub landlady however I must point out you have omitted the obligatory tattoos n` tit job

  85. 85
    South of the M4 says:

    Please let it be so. I may then sleep peacefully at night knowing that at least the bastard has received some penance for stealing my pension. I would trade such
    justice for a lottery win.

  86. 86
    Mr Plum says:

    To hold the government to account I guess but apart from PMQ’s when do the public ever get to here what goes on in Parliament, I remember seeing and hearing lots of Tories oppose the Lisbon treaty but unless you can be bothered to sit through hours of the Parliament channel most debates go unreported or are selectively spun by the lefty media.
    Come to that when do we ever hear what our masters in europe are up to because whoever wins the election will only be following their orders.

  87. 87
    NBeale says:

    Brown’s amazing grasp of the EU is made clear on Andrew Marr: “who’s best for Europe, and our relationships with that country” (26s in here). Err, Gordon, Europe is not a single country of which we are not part. UNBELIEVABLE!

  88. 88
    Yet ANOTHER Excuse To Use The Word Tossflap!!!! says:

    Aaron, you sound like an utter tossflap.

  89. 89
    Jail Brown says:

    Davies has disgusted me since early childhood.I have a vague nightmare memory of a bearded weird droning on on Nationwide,distracting me from the maternal Sue Cook.Davies has the face of an amateur vivisectionist.

  90. 90
    Credit Default Swaps kids says:

    It’s tiny tots teatime toy time time

  91. 91
    nell says:

    Forget about gordon’s economic incompetence and inappropriate advisers/close bosom pals in goldman sachs. charliewhelan has persuaded someone called lily allen to say she’s voting for gordon.

    So whoever she is, the evil trio (whelan, alastairc and mandy) think she’ll win the day for gormlessgordon!!

  92. 92
    rick says:

    Mr Plum. What’s the point in an opposition that does not appose? I agree with 6% – where was Cameron?

  93. 93
    6% says:

    Any where were you well heeled, well conected gay boys, when it was your boy Dave in charge of HMO< he was your man in the know and he knew nothing.
    Did Brown and Blair pull the wool over his eyes, Dave would be up for incometance if so
    Did Dave know but thought not much about it. that would be negligence
    Did Dave agree in principle that it was what he would have done anyway.
    He , to my knowledge, never seriously got into this in a big way even at the time of the election that never was and still today he has not really got stuck into it. He has made a heck of a lot of noise over the NI idea for a pissing 6 bil. So he can make a noise. I can see that as being a co conspiriter.
    We have been properly shafted by the liblabcon, it is they who are to blame, aided and abetted by other vested interests.

  94. 94
    South of the M4 says:

    Been to Cork as a tourist and I can only agree. Better there than in the costas.

  95. 95
    Blue Touch Paper says:

    Like fuse said before.Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  96. 96
    6% says:

    Did you not get the memo?

  97. 97
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Ah! But it is only because the people wanted it…..

  98. 98
    A grave by any other name says:

    gone to ground in the guardian

  99. 99
    Modern Feminist says:

    I burned my bra now my nipples are melting.

  100. 100
    AC1 says:

    Was Gavyn Davies also a bigwig at AljaBeebya?

  101. 101
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    And you can ring the church bells yourself – where else can you do that?

  102. 102
    nell says:

    A Palin moment then. She thought Africa was a country not a continent!!

    And I do believe when I look at them side by side – the lightweight Palin and the demented gordon that they have many similarities in their grasp of reality and truth, or rather lack of it!

  103. 103
    Simon Cowell's sheepdog Peers Morgan says:

    Brown is an honourable man. He paid me to say that!

  104. 104
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    I see what you did there.. A problem shared is a problem halved.. Numb C’t

  105. 105
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Mad Frankie Haddock has some expertise in this subject matter, which you may find soothing …..

  106. 106
    Must not think such thoughts says:

    It was such a blatant and huge fraud no one called it what it was. No one could be so stupid to do some thing like that ,so if they did it could not be a fraud.no they said, no they would not even think that.

  107. 107
    6% says:

    Wrong Numb C’t
    Equal guilt.

  108. 108
    Nash says:

    Actually Guido that is a very good article – your ideas are worth pursuing. You should add JP Morgan (Euan’s employer) to the list as well.

    Also worth pursuing are the various Accounting firms – PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young.

    What was the value of the consulting fees they received from Government?

    What good were their audits of the various banks!

  109. 109
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    @Jail Brown – Brown’s head on a spike? (Wouldn’t be anything like enough; we need everybody from Brown to Polly F-ing Toynbee and everybody in between!)

  110. 110
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    The problem with people like Marr is that at age 18 they were convinced they knew everything; now pride prevents them from admitting that they didn’t know anything at all.

  111. 111
    The black hole of debt says:

    methinks they are only the bandied figures. prepare yourself for double that

  112. 112
    Thick bastard says:


  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    “Gordon’s gold sales debacle cost the Treasury £6 billion, the amount that Gordon claims will devastate the economy if the Tories cut it from public spending.”

    Why the hell doesnt Cameron hit Brown with this in the debates ?

  114. 114
    bergen says:

    I watched that interview and when Brown said that,I thought he would be toast.Marr is a learned and intelligent fellow and so I can only assume he deliberately saved Brown’s bacon.It was a total negation of political journalism and better suited to a party political broadcast.No wonder Orwell based the Ministry of Truth on the BBC.

  115. 115
  116. 116
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Govt Borrowing from £27 bn to £163 bn
    Govt Debt from £347 bn to £799 bn
    Growth from +3.3% to -5.0%
    Inflation from 1.9% to 3.0%
    Personal Debt from £492 bn to £1,460 bn
    Health Spending from £43 bn to £119 bn
    Education from £38 bn to £161 bn
    Unemployment from 2.23 mil to 2.45 mil
    Average House prices from £55k to £161k

    Gordon’s Fault….

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Lily Allen is a prime example of nu labour style nepotism in the Music Business. She went to private school of course and had a very well of up bringing. Her cockney accent is fake . Perfect example .

  118. 118
    Yet ANOTHER Excuse To Use The Word Tossflap!!!! says:

    So I’m right, Aaron.

    You ARE a tossflap!

  119. 119
    The black hole of debt says:

    re David Kelly per chance

  120. 120
    Fony Blair says:

    Off topic but welcome to democratic Britain……

    Briefing on Downing St re: airspce taking place with 3 of the 5 all unelected…Lord Mandleson, Lord Adonis and Lord West!

    What a shocking state of affairs!

  121. 121
    6% says:

    While you at it, check out those who met who on various vessels on the med.

  122. 122
    Deep fried Southern Ignorance says:

    Dear Jan, you sound like you come from a very nice part of the World and not that nasty “Up North2. Do you have criminals were you live and what are they like ?

  123. 123
    Nick2 says:

    Doesn’t Gordon also demand a private jet & bendy straw whenever he flies around the country?

  124. 124
    kerching says:

    hmm trying to put the money back into the till.

  125. 125
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    On Sky News now
    we are waiting for the prime minister to emerge from NO10
    after an emergency meeting to address the volcanic gas cloud !

    can you imagine:
    after much debate we have agreed with our europeian partners to remove this gas cloud by force
    where as the tories would just leave it there and let people suffer
    and the lib dems would actually encourage it to stay
    only the labour party is committed to removing gas clouds
    while the do nothing tories are not !

  126. 126
    AC1 says:

    Brown and Obama are similar.

    Pointless Academic Subject
    Mysterious Early History
    Bad with Money
    Waffle Non-Answers
    Dodgy Union Connections
    One Term Only

  127. 127
    Product of labour's Education System says:


    Gordon Brown to have meeting with God to agree steps to save planet from ash cloud.

    EU to decide whether UK internal flights will be allowed.

    Brown: “We will build more wind farms to dissipate ash.”

    Brown announces 1p per mile levy on cyclists to subsidise loss-making airlines.

  128. 128
    6% says:

    Planning a new Dunkurk,

  129. 129
    Koba says:

    Guido, any chance of having the videos of Brown opening the new Lemans London office and Brown admitting he got it wrong soliced together and runing in a loop at the top of your site until election day.

  130. 130
    Anonymous says:

    The PM is good buddies with Piers morgan whom I believe was once exonerated on a similar insider trading deal scam is he not.
    The Prime Minister was formely Good Buddies with Robert Maxwell who stole from many peoples pensions was he not, in fact he bought a flat from him once.
    The Prime Minister is a man of impecible credentials and character is he not !

  131. 131
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Spot On Sir
    may i suggest i rub some fresh cream on said nipples
    might not cure them
    but it would do me the world of good !

  132. 132
    Colonel Nut. says:

    In view of his arson record some of his colleague might not have wanted to risk their greenhouses burning down.

  133. 133
    50 Calibre says:


  134. 134
    AC1 says:

    Orwells real Name was Blair


  135. 135
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Well we should give them a great mancunian welcome
    and then just may be they will chuck us out of the E U
    it’s a price worth paying !

  136. 136
    universal hiss says:

    Worse than that.

  137. 137
    Miss Direction says:

    Brown is trying to come across as all moral and superior while he is up to his neck in it. Guido you can rip Brown and his minions apart with this.

  138. 138
    Cheese Lover says:

    Yes, I remember that. I was too innocent and believed in those days that the BBC did use impartial people for news programmes even though their left wing bias was becoming visible in other areas. Finding out his background was one of the first things that made me begin to see fully through the organisation.

  139. 139
    Sarah the Carer says:

    We have decided to mobilise the Navy……. hello sailor.

  140. 140
  141. 141
    Anonymous says:

    “Daviesgate” This could finish Brown once and for all !!!

  142. 142
    barefootcontessa says:

    Yup, in a nut shell.

  143. 143
    A widely held opinion says:

    Goldman Sachs has been alleged by many to be at the centre of the central bank conspiracy to manipulate the gold price. In 1999, when England announced it would sell the majority of its gold reserves at the very bottom of the gold market, the rumors were that Goldman Sachs had a 1,000 tonne short position in the market and couldn’t cover its short position if the price of gold moved higher.

    In May 1999, Gordon Brown, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the sale of 415 tonnes of gold, 57% of England’s gold reserves. This sale forced the price of gold lower thereby saving Goldman Sachs’ large bet that the price of gold would continue lower, albeit temporarily.

    Goldman Sachs’ attempts to suppress the price of gold have not abated nor have the efforts of European and the US central banks even as gold has risen from $275 to over $1000 in the last ten years. The Swiss central bank especially has been a large seller of gold whenever gold prices rise quickly.

    Such efforts have not abated because the on-going credit crises now threatens to become a full-blown currency crisis; and, the paper money franchise by which bankers and governments exist is vulnerable as never before—a meteoric rise in the price of gold would spell the end of the fabled franchise of wealth and power.

    In 2010 , the US, the UK, their gold reserves almost depleted, and the world is still on the verge of another Great Depression as the bankers’ crisis has turned into a global nightmare. At the same very time, however, Goldman Sachs is about to record profits enabling record bonuses while Gordon Brown is now the Prime Minister of England.

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Exactly. It is impossible to sing naturally all those glottal stops.

  145. 145
    barefootcontessa says:

    Joanna Lumley’s wrecked her impartiality status, she’s been out and about canvassing for the Liberal dumbs.

  146. 146
    Product of Labour's Education System says:

    Iran and North Korea offer to remove ash cloud over UK.

  147. 147
    genghiz the kahn says:


  148. 148
    Johnny says says:

    Will Hutton is still falling for the canard of ‘light touch regulation’. Why when we rightly disbelieve so much that comes from this Government should we believe this? Doesn’t it strike you as at all odd that this most OCD of Governments would ever have light touch regulation of anything?

    There was plenty of regulation but it was not applied evenly. It was light touch for the Government’s favoured institutions and onerous for those who did not play ball. Whatever backroom deals and games were required I do not know but Brown has been chummy with particular bankers for a long time. How did Northern Rock manage to have so few meetings with the FSA when others were meeting twice a week?

    Liar loans were known about. The reliance on interbank lending was known about. The reliance on increasing house prices was known about. And exploited – why else would the Government have talked up a need for houses, something like 3 million, yet at the time 10 years ago there were an estimated 1 million properties empty and now, ten years on, they are still talking of a need for more housing and still there reckoned to be about 1 million properties stood empty.

    Ask yourself this: If Brown walks into a finance job like Blair did yet both men are utterly shit with money (especially ours) and know nothing of financial dealings (especially Brown) it cannot be because of what they have to offer in their new jobs but what they could offer in their old one.

  149. 149
    barefootcontessa says:

    Dave for god’s sake, just take the gloves off, and go for the jugular!

  150. 150
    Gonzo says:

    I remember the fucking Eyties trying to stop Etna with concrete blocks.

  151. 151
    The Miracle of Tripoli says:

    Good to see you still around in 2016 Mr Megrahi.

  152. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Have you identified the individual who is cited in the National defence Association paper of March 2009 page 19 of 24 as stating”‘defence, aerospace, manufacturing and engineering have no value to us. Only high
    quality professional services, financial services and the City of London have any real value and they should be
    supported at all costs. The rest of the country can be turned over to tourism.’”?

  153. 153
    What about making a decision?. says:

    Manhandles hand is on the tiller.

  154. 154
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Five ministers with concerned faces advance towards live TV cameras to reassure that they can make the trains run on time, change the weather and be seen to do something.

    Jowell, Millipede I, Lords Mandelson, Adonnis, and West is it cos there is an election?

    ITV show Jonah comforting an upset child, is there nothing this man can’t do.

    COBRA is called, release the mongooses.

  155. 155
    Product of Labour's Education System says:

    Brown says helicopters to be recalled from Afghanistan following volcanic ash change of tactics.

  156. 156
    Skunk says:

    Whats that smell.oops I’m sniffing my own arse

  157. 157
    Observer says:

    Nice one Guido. I likes it when you gets the bit between your teeth.

    Go get him.

  158. 158
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Clegg said recently their would be social unrest. How prophetic, if he supports Labour which looks likely in the event of a hung parliament he could well be right.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown in true Canute mode

  160. 160
    Sharia Bankers says:

    Calm down brother don’t get to hasty now.

  161. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Just watching the free Labour PPB on News 24, does Lord Adonis always talk like an excitable and breathless little child?

  162. 162
    South of the M4 says:

    Freudian slip. Brown considers Europe as a one-nation marxist state. This is his end game.

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Once again it takes the Yanks to start a criminal investigation. Say what you like about the Americans they will not shy away from investigating and prosecuting the great and the good no matter what their position in Society. Over here our authorities are far to cowardly to do this.Either that or they are actively complicit through the overt politicisation of the civil service.

  164. 164
    Miss Direction says:

    Quick let’s invade Iran and take the voters minds away from the mess Brown has made of the economy.

  165. 165
    cyberbrits says:

    We need to listen to David Icke

  166. 166
    Nick2 says:

    Irrelevant maybe… but I recall that Goldman Sachs (US) systematically defrauded Wall St investors in the run-up to 1929 by setting up companies with a three year track record of ‘profitability’, injecting them into at least one investment trust & then selling off the shares in those trusts. The final investors bought worthless paper with no underlying assets or earnings potential.

  167. 167
    Old Seth says:

    Brown to visit UK troops on ash cloud.

  168. 168
    Jan says:

    I went to college oop norf (Lancashire). Actually I found lots of snooty people oop norf.Far more so than in the G & T belt that is supposedly darn sarf. Here in west Cork don’t know any criminals.I suppose there might be the odd fish quota being exceeded and we had that huge drugs haul a couple of years ago.British criminals importing huge bales of Colombian marching powder.There was the murder of a French woman some 12 years ago,but that’s all. West Cork does attract all those Nu-Liebor luvvies who have houses here.Thank God we don’t see them.Jeremy Irons pink castle is some two miles away and Graham Norton has a huge pad in the next bay.The locals don’t take any notice,they are not at all star struck. Lovely grounded people.

  169. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Why the hell doesnt Cameron hit Brown with this in the debates ?

    Cos Camay is effing USELESS! And the biggest disappointment be a long chalk!

    No wonder folks are now turning to Cleggys lot!

  170. 170
    Adioe El Gordo says:

    where was our pm outside number 10 when unelected mandleson appeared to tell us they were looking into getting British citizens home.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. When they talk about getting citizens home do they also mean the poor couple from Tunbridge Wells left to rot in the Sudan – do we know what has happened to them or can we not talk about it prior to the election?

    2. When Mandleson talked of companies in financial troubles becaue of this does he include BA who were so fatally wounded by his friends at Unite?

  171. 171
  172. 172
    universal hiss says:

    Thanks Guido. I didn’t think it was possible to be more depressed about the rank state of government.
    I’ve just realised that the Bees & Pees are running a candidate in my consituency. I may have to vote for them. They are utterly vile but as a protest vote vile is good.

  173. 173
  174. 174
    purpleline says:

    There is a big very big buyer of Silver out there buying it up big time, they are trading knocking the price down and buying outright. They are doing this for two governments.

    The reason we will go on the silber (Silver) standard cannot buy Gold as it would be an admisison of stupidity. So watch Palladium and Platinum soar as they play the ratio off against Gold which they still manipulate to slow it.

    Goldies and their hedge fund bought into the dip the Bank of ENgland provided and were more than grateful the one eyed son of the mince broadcasted the news as it had a more effect than the actual auction sales, which immediately after completion were followed by a rise in the price

  175. 175
  176. 176
  177. 177
    The big wooden paddle stirrer says:

    easy lads.the shit is so thick my arms are aching

  178. 178
    Old Seth says:

    Channel 4 News: “Popular Clegg compared to Churchill”


  179. 179
    Splish Splash says:

    local councilors just let the odd dam gates open during the odd flood though

  180. 180
    Mr Plum says:

    And when did Cleggy bring this up in fact i have never heard him criticise Brown for selling our gold off cheap, I always assumed it was some EU directive.

  181. 181
    Mr Plum says:

    The one on the advert I hope

  182. 182
    purpleline says:

    Has anyone had the idea to ask the FSA to start the investigation? or is this a Sunday caght in the headlights Brownism that will come back to kill him?

    Also how can he at this time of an election make statements like that, it is pure electioneering as Cameron and clegg cannot call for an inquiry. Also he held a cobra meeting tdy on the volcano. ANother abuse of politics in the middle of an election.

    This smacks of him talking his way into prison.

  183. 183
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    “Brown attacks moral bankruptcy” – a case of self-abuse if ever I heard one.

    I’ve always said he’s a wanker.

  184. 184
    nell says:

    Well said!! And what is militwit’s Foreign Office doing about that poor couple in the Sudan? Nothing!! As always!!

    Under this labour government seasoned travellers know that the adage is “If you travel abroad don’t expect the FO to help if you get into trouble”!!!

    And why is this government only today talking about helping the thousands of Britons stranded by the natural disaster of Iceland’s volcanic eruption?

    gordon presumably didn’t dare show his face because he knows he should have reacted earlier . As always labour are only now addressing this problem because they have finally realised they have left it too long and it is now becoming a crisis!!!!

  185. 185
    Mr Plum says:

    Just heard he is back pedalling on the last proposal

  186. 186
    Anonymous says:


  187. 187
    I wonder what says:

    only when he’s scared,, and something has got them spooked.

  188. 188
    TomTom says:

    Goldman reportedly knew UK trade figures and economic data before other market participants….I suppose Lord Balls of Sleaze has a warm seat waiting at Golddiggers

  189. 189
    Am I The Only One? says:

    who wants to take Gordon Brown,tie a long rope around his neck and shove him off the top of a crane,Iran style,and watch him dingle dangle?

    How can anyone be taken in by the fraudster and his thugs?

    I suppose it says it all when more people watched that crap “Britains Got No Talent” featuring a Leprechaun ,a dancing dog and a parrot,than watched those 3 cretins on the TV Debate.

  190. 190
    A D notice indeed says:

    Guido better watch out for an Indymedia type raid for his hard disks then

  191. 191
    History Dept says:

    and wasn’t there something about gold over here at the same time?

  192. 192
    The Milliband Merchant Banker says:

    Goldman Sachs Attacks “Moral Bankruptcy” of Brown

  193. 193
    Moley says:

    I have the answer to immigration.

    The next Government can send me and my family to Australia, and the immigrants, Labour and the Lib Dems can have what little is left of England.

    Somebody should ask the Queen if she wants to come too.

  194. 194
    Trish Stratus says:

    Churchill is the top place for Polar Bear watching in Canada

  195. 195
    If it's brown flush it down says:

    Straw as well, I thought Her Flick was one of the few (only) straight ones

  196. 196
    From Southern Italy via mobole says:

    I made immediate contact and got told to go and hire a car and the government will pay, all I have to do is get to France,the only car available is a Maserati.

  197. 197
    Mr Plum says:

    Would australia have you, I here they are very selective. You might find the ground a bit hard going too

  198. 198
    Webby says:

    Thanks for that,was searching for similar.

  199. 199
    Webby says:

    fuck me I could have gone to New Zealand in 1968

  200. 200
    Webby says:

    this makes no sense unless it’s linked to the reply

  201. 201
    A mere peasant says:

    Get to Hasty later?

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Desperate tory boys try anything as they realise their shit-useless party of spivs are going to lose another election. Ha ha ha.

  203. 203
    Brown Hater says:

    Brown is a corrupt conniving traitor. Add to this he is completely palpably absolutely deranged. Add to this he is universally mocked and despised. How come somebody hasn’t put a bullet through his brain or blown him up?

  204. 204
    South of the M4 says:

    But the those three in the debate were a Leprechaun ,a dancing dog and a parrot.

  205. 205
    Rosy says:

    60% of the electorate say “It’s a job for Super Clegg!”

  206. 206
    Tapestry says:

    Treasury Spending Figures to December 2009 show GBP185 billion of unexplained accounting adjustments i.e. spending reductions. Did Brown do a Greek-style off balance sheet deal with Goldman Sachs last year to pull his burgeoning deficit back onto target?

    How exactly was his borrowing still on target, when revenues were reported as heavily down month by month throughout the year, and spending was higher than anticipated with the recession lasting longer than they thought?

    Both Cameron and Osborne have spoken of an office of budget responsibility being set up. This is as close as they have yet come to saying the know something very fishy has happened to the national accounts in 2009.

    Brown has a lot more to hide than the reason he sold out the nation’s gold cheaply. The last thing he wants is anyone sniffing too closely around Goldman Sachs just before the election.

    If in doubt please visit the December 2009 Treasury Spending Outturn Reports and see how spending of GBP800 billion was magically reduced to GBP620 billion by the unexplained adjustments, bring annual spending down from the projected level by GBP60 billion.

    There are a lot more mugabenomics going on than we have yet been told.


  207. 207
    MI5 says:


    WHo arreanged all the FPIs – off balance sheet fiancing ?

    We need a list of the banks and fess paid by the government…

    Goldman and Ronnie Cohen are in there big time…

    ? Morgan Stanley who now pay Blair a fortune as well

    Fooking banksters…

    Jail them…

  208. 208
  209. 209
    Dan says:

    Holy shite! That is shocking to read. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are unimaginably corrupt evil filth.

    I would like to see civil war in Britain, and all Labour politicians and Labour supporters beaten and burned. They are all evil lying thieving filth.

  210. 210
    Maximus M. Bacillus says:

    They are being paid to keep their traps shut. What surprises me is how little that takes.

  211. 211
    Anonymous says:

    O/T but was wondering what our national security level was now. Haven’t heard it has been uprated which is strange as if bin laden’s mangey mob had an ounce of sense they would have done something to block the ports. Now that really would f*!@ us up.

  212. 212
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Not only that but his statement was all mumbled and close to being incoherent. He was talking but saying very little and was prone to mis-speak on a number of occasions frankly it was embarrassing.

  213. 213
  214. 214
    Airey Belvoir says:

    And the shit has still not had any contact with his little daughter….

  215. 215
    mong in cheshire says:

    you are a nutter

  216. 216
    Anonymous says:

    Make her stay, after all she sat on her royal arse and watched it all happen.

  217. 217
    Webby says:

    The SEC too were asleep at the wheel,didn’t Markopolopolis give them it on a plate.

  218. 218
    Hooray for the Bankers! says:

    Thank goodness we had nothing to do with this!
    Why are you arresting me again ?

  219. 219
    Brown's a Tosser says:


  220. 220
    Cheese Lover says:

    Southern Italy? Don’t forget the Maserati will need a service at half distance.

  221. 221
    Boris says:

    Cripes! Amnesty is my idea. I hope Dave doesn’t drop me in it.

  222. 222
    Dan says:

    Is one of his policies to fire bomb Dresden and burn 100,000 women and children to death?

  223. 223
    !!!! !!! !! says:

    Why isn’t Millitwit is Sudan with a gun greeing them!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!! !!!
    Dave would be if he hadn’t an Election to lose!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

  224. 224
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Schull and Roaringwater bay, just lovely. It were not for the price of everything…..

  225. 225
    Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

    And mine, been paying in for 30 year, worth fuck all. If I had worked for the state, I would be quids in.

    Serves me right for earning money for the country rather than consuming it.

  226. 226
    I'm not bitter says:


  227. 227
    Trish Stratus says:

    That would have been 57% of the UK’s gold reserves

  228. 228
    moron says:

    what is this ? help a terrorist with your fuckwitted suggestions week ?

  229. 229
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Brown says “It’s all the fault of Lord Ashcloud”.

  230. 230
    Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

    That’s borrowing PER YEAR.

  231. 231
    Webby says:

    there’s that 60 billion figure again!

  232. 232
  233. 233
    ffrancsais says:

    We will know for sure when G Brown retires to a lucrative directorship with GS.

  234. 234
    River War says:

    Somehow, I don’t think Clegg shares Winnie’s views on Mohammedans.

  235. 235
    Tapestry says:

    Your second word sums up You Gov’s latest desperate effort.

    Brown’s finished. They’re desperately turning over onto Clegg as their last ditch attempt.

    The problem with taking the Lib Dems seriously as ever will be their ‘policies’.

  236. 236
    The IMF is coming says:

    Sold the Gold, used the proceeds as a deposit on a ‘forward currency contract’ or as a deposit on some sort of dodgy loan from Merchant Bank, all strictly off the record you understand.

  237. 237
    A Nutter says:

    I’ve think you’ve mistaken me for someone else

  238. 238
    Mandelson's boyfriend's fist says:

    We’re all up shit creek now. But at least I’ve got a paddle!

  239. 239
    Stating the bleedin obvious says:

    Moron by name moron by nature. You don’t think that they might have more agile minds than to have to look on a blog site for their ideas? What a twat.

  240. 240

    You all have it wrong, you are aiming much too low, this is a smokescreen, Anyone that gets banged up is a sacrificial lamb.

    if you want to know where the Gold went,

    Look in the Bible.

    Who worships Gold.

  241. 241
    If you didn't laugh you would cry says:

    We left the Gold Standard on their advice in the 1930’s.

  242. 242
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    The figures are from 96/97 to 09/10.
    Mr 6% can’t equalise these figures..

  243. 243
    CCHQ says:

    Hooray! were’ losing to the Lib Dems! Get out the Champagne!

  244. 244
    Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

    Things are much too serious for such a mundane thing as a General Election, waiting for the announcement of its indefinite postponement.

  245. 245
    Jail Brown says:

    Tapestry.It isn’t enough for Brown to be finished.Labour must die.

  246. 246
    Sandwich Board says:

    The End Is Nigh

  247. 247
    Jail Brown says:

    Prepare the cyanide,Magda.

  248. 248
    Anonymous says:

    I have to put this somewhere so might as well be here. A party insider will shortly be releasing confidential internal reports here


    It will change the election

  249. 249
    Gordon 'Gekko' Brown says:

    Greed Is Good

  250. 250
    Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

    I’d give it a go.

  251. 251
    Captain Cobra says:

    The country is officially on Code BROWN Alert.

    So there’s nothing to worry about.

    Oh fuck, wait…..

  252. 252
    shoot the messenger says:

    it’s all filthy LIES!

    And YouGov are pollsters the Conservative Party uses for internal polling why ? BECAUSE THEY ARE FILTHY LIARS!

    Cameron must enjoy pissing money away then.
    OR you’re transparently full of shit and had no problem with YouGov when they were giving Cameron a 26 point lead.

  253. 253
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Even Mozart and Verdi would struggle to set music for a quintet with these muppets.

  254. 254
    Tiddlywink says:

    we got plenty gold

  255. 255
    CCHQ takes it all in their stride says:

  256. 256
    Lord Of War says:

    Money up front then

  257. 257
    Anonymous says:

    Why can’t any of these luuvies and celebs just STFU. Their poxy ‘job’ if you can call it a job, don’t give them any special insight into anything.

  258. 258
    Mr Plum says:

    Still it would have been a bit boring on this site had Dave won, just think of the fun we can have with Clegg and Cable, whats left of the country may sink into oblivion but what the hell.

  259. 259
    Mitch says:

    What! the insurance company?

  260. 260
    streamfisher says:

    Strange terminology to be coming from Brown anyway, has this man no grasp on reality, moral bankruptcy? isn’t that New Labours election message, yes we have made the Country bankrupt but we accept no blame because we did the right thing = we are the morally bankrupt party, I think, double think!.

  261. 261
    Dingo says:

    I hope your lot have still got it bugged. I bet there’s a book cooking recipe going down there now

  262. 262
    Suspicious says:

    I reckon it was Paddy Ashcloud.
    It’d explain a few things.

  263. 263
    Nausicaa says:

    Gordon has been in with Goldman Sachs from the start. People who have been to a certain prep school in Sussex – the traitor Piers Morgan, and people who have sent their children there – Jon Aisbitt of Goldman Sachs – are not only hugely hypocritical but have the charmed life of the terminally thick. These people have sold their souls. We must avenge .

  264. 264
    Latest YouGov Poll says:

    Libdem 33% Con 32% Labour 26%

    CON 239 seats (+41)
    LAB 247 seats (-109)
    LIB 132 seats (+70)

    Labour Largest Party

  265. 265
    And afterwards says:

    Please someone, – arrange a forensic examination of Gorgon’s book-keeping and accounts over these many years.

    Then, when all is revealed, charge him and Phoney Bliar with High Treason, feasance, malfeasance, non-feasance, and anything else that will get the fuckers hanged five or more times over.

    I think that covers it.

  266. 266
    Job Centre says:

    ?boss of IMF

  267. 267
    Helping the bleeding terrorists says:

    fuck off back to Afghanistan you Taliban sympathiser c’unt

  268. 268
    Aaron A G. String says:


  269. 269
    iain says:

    Did we ever get our boats back from the Iranians?

  270. 270
    Dave Blair says:

    Still it would have been a bit boring on this site had Blair won again with his mini-me Dave, whats left of the country would have sink into oblivion but what the hell.

  271. 271
    Dack Blog says:

    There are a lot of bewildered people doing ‘wtf???’ head-scratching but I’ve had a sociable day and everyone I’ve spoken to is over the moon about the chance to stiff it to Gordon and Dave.

    Talk of people being manipulated by some media-driven agenda is a pile of cock. They knew who Clegg was – they just didn’t think it was worth voting for him (ie against Labour and the Tories). Now they do.

    Gaping holes in the manifesto? Which party hasn’t. Hints of sleaze? Not as bad as some.

    I can’t remember when so many people wanted to talk about politics. Even my nephew phoned me to talk about it.

  272. 272
    you stupid goy says:

    Oh fuck, tat is posting this shite video again. WTF is it supposed to mean?

  273. 273
    CCHQ #2 says:

    Thank G*d – and thanks to clueless ‘Dave’ – we’ve lost already!

    OK lads and lasses – ease off. Coast the rest, – look busy as usual but don’t bust a gut.

    Then we’re out of here.

  274. 274
    where the beeb sucks there suck I says:

    I do wonder how many of these online cowboy clickers will get their fat arses down to the ballot box on May 6th.

  275. 275
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    back to the gold
    It was reported at the time that Brown
    announced to the world that he was about to sell the gold
    which sent the world markets plummeting before he actually sold it
    what a fuck brain

  276. 276
  277. 277
    Anonymous says:

    Add to this he is universally mocked and despised. How come somebody hasn’t put a bullet through his brain or blown him up”

    cos a bullet has difficulty in locating any sign of a brain

  278. 278
    Sir Laurence Jethro says:

    But, dahling, you are so wrong, just so wrong!

  279. 279
    you suck says:

    said the fat-arsed pissboy

  280. 280
    Jan says:

    Daughter of Keith Allen and sometime step-daughter of Harry Enfield.

  281. 281
    David Camoron says:

    My campaign for debates has been a roaring success.

  282. 282
    dumb goy says:


  283. 283
    c.eng says:

    Maybe this has been noted in the postings above, but some of us must remember how pre 1997 we used to get the benefit of Gavyn Davies wisdom every morning on the Auntie Beeba, explaining how stupid the Tories’ economic policies were.
    I used to get pissed off by this because I couldn’t see how all the Conservative decisions were wrong. But every morning this ‘impartial’ commentator would be on telling us how stupid Major and Clark were.
    Needless to say no one bothered at the time to tell us that dear Gavyn was just another Labour Party stooge.
    Now all is revealed, but he like Blair and the rest of the scum have garnered riches beyond avarice at the country’s expense.
    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see him and Brown crash and burn.
    Be good if they took the BBC with them.

  284. 284
    albacore says:

    Ain’t life grand?
    Another televised party-leaders’ debate only days away and, unless Fawkes speaks with a forked tongue, Gordon must then end up political roadkill.
    Mustn’t he?
    Why, I’d bet Cameron and Clegg won’t sleep a wink meanwhile, scheming as to which will be the first to put that lethal golden boot in.
    Won’t they?
    Course they won’t!
    And then everything’ll turn out Lib/Lab/Con nice again, just like Fawkes predicted in the last topic.

  285. 285
    c.eng says:

    At least it vindicated decisions to move money into Greenbacks or Zimbabwean Dollars.

  286. 286
    Ken Dodd says:


  287. 287
    Big Vinny says:

    Gordon is like Boris the bullet dodger

  288. 288
    where the beeb sucks there suck I says:

    Oh dear, I seem to have hit on a nerve there.

  289. 289
    grobdj says:

    No doubt all BBC videotape of Gavyn Davies is being burned as we speak

  290. 290
    hold the line says:

    The spread betting markets still show a Tory majority strangely enough, so some are not getting as carried away as others.

  291. 291
    Tapestry says:

    Joanna likes nice boys a quarter her age.

    Get it while you can, I say.

  292. 292
    Mr Plum says:

    Dave get a grip there was another young person murdered yesterday it seems like one a week recently,none of the three main parties seem to have much to say in their manifesto’s to address what is going on. You all sounded very namby pamby on crime in the tv debates. What we want is some leadership.

  293. 293
    Tapestry says:

    You Gov are a business working for clients.

    Client can specify what outcome they require and pay accordingly.

    It wasn’t YouGov gave Cameron a 28% lead in September 2008. It was Ipsos Mori.

    Polling companies are businesses – not saints, religious movements or scientific communities. OK? If someone wants to pay for a poll giving Clegg the lead, it can always be arranged, at a price.

  294. 294
    sucker says:

    Oh dear, I seem to have upset a whiny lard-arsed spunk-bubble.
    Too fucking bad.

  295. 295
    Big Vinny says:

    Editing and censoring is rampant tonight

  296. 296
    Who will replace Cameron? Boris or David Davis ? says:

    Latest YouGov Poll

    Libdem 33% Con 32% Labour 26%

    CON 239 seats (+41)
    LAB 247 seats (-109)
    LIB 132 seats (+70)

    Labour Largest Party

  297. 297
    Jail Brown says:

    I thought he was predicting the end of Labour.What do you want albacore?

  298. 298
    where the beeb sucks there suck I says:

    Er……you’re the one who sounds rather upset, IMHO.

  299. 299
    Time to fight says:

    That’s what the sheeple want – “concensus” politics, “new” politics

    no one to oppose, no one to criticise

    ain’t it fucking lovely?

  300. 300
    Tarquin Bartleby says:

  301. 301
    UK Citizen says:

    **England’s** gold reserves! Is that like Scotland’s oilfields?

  302. 302
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I would just like to say that having a crisis meeting to halt an ash flow from a volcano
    is just a load of hot air
    and as for that Word Adwnois twansport Mwinister
    I would love to punch his fucking lights out !

  303. 303
    Zed Epphlin says:

    Dracula’s real name was Peter Cushing


  304. 304
  305. 305
    Pupil says:

    What species is Gordon?

  306. 306
    cuпt watch says:

    So you’re the lame brain who always believes the latest poll that’s been published?

  307. 307
    Gordon Bennett says:

    Let him have it George!!!!!

  308. 308
    albacore says:

    Fawkes zapped my post in the last topic suggesting what nobody in his right mind would want – the Lib/Lab/Con trick playing musical chairs again.
    It’s time for a real change.
    Redaction awaited.

  309. 309
    Hear that? It's the sound of freedom says:

    The MSM are conspiring with Westminster to deny the fact that vast numbers are indicating other voting intentions. Prepare for an election shock.

  310. 310
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    He looks ill to me, and is quite inappropriately named since in all honesty I can’t see Aphrodite taking a fancy to him as all, even when pissed.

  311. 311
    shoot the messenger says:

    A multi-million pound business who’s profit margin depends on accuracy.

    Dont be so stupid, a client wants data they can rely on and base entire multi-million pound marketing campaigns and election strategy on.

    Underlings and minions tell you what you want to hear.
    You hire polling companies for a snapshot of the publics opinion.

    I never said 28 lead I said 26 which YouGov gave them.
    Learn to read and understand before mouthing off wrongly.

    Polling is a Business dependent on accuracy not a lunatic conspiracy theory. Learn the difference.

    But the Sun who paid for the poll and are openly supporting the Conservatives must be secret Clegg backers according to your conspiracy theory.

    Of course they are son.
    Keep popping the paranoia pills

  312. 312
    brown bread says:

    This is a piss poor attempt at trying to ape a Tory toff. They tried that in Carlisle and Settle, Tarquin, or whoever the fuck you are, and look where it got them you tosser.

  313. 313
    Old Seth says:

    Of course not. Clegg’s policy would have been to let Germany win the war – the fastest route to a European superstate!

  314. 314
    Anonymous says:

    how the fuck can Labour be 7% be behind Libs and win 107 seats more .same for the tories 6 % yet behind 8 seats.
    Have i missed something or what the fuck is going on or can the polls tell me which seat they win or lose.

  315. 315
    shoot the messenger says:

    Sorry but you’re just another paranoid blaiming everyone but the obivious culprit Cameron.

    The Sun secretly wants Clegg to win despite openly backing Cameron ?
    Complete bullshit.

  316. 316
    sucker says:

    Er… and you can’t help replying coz you ain’t bovvered innit ? lol

  317. 317
    A Beast says:

    Not sure just who is the bigger c unt

  318. 318
    Ignorance is no excuse says:

    fuck off and read aboute Canute, then apologise for mentioning that one-eyed scotchist wanker in the same sentence

  319. 319

    I HATE off balance sheet.
    Hiding debt?

  320. 320
    Lord fucking ugly says:

    Sounds like the lights are on but nobody is in.

  321. 321

    I also hate banks so much that I will never take a job with them for all the riches in erm… er Goldman

  322. 322
    Here's a better one you whiny little pussy says:

  323. 323
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Churchill was a man who led and inspired this country in its darkest hours and had a political career lasting decades from which some assessment of his stature can be made. Clegg is largely an unknown who happened to look less of a plank than two others on a TV show, which has been incorrectly described as a debate. As yet he has achieved two thirds of fuck all.


  324. 324
    the chutney club says:

    Don’t you remember, you wrote it all down in that grubby little exercise book you keep in your sock drawer?

  325. 325
    Anonymous says:

    Crime is another whole can of worms the Liblabcon party don’t want to go anywhere near, which is rather ironic since their policies are directly responsible for its astronomical rise over the last 50 years.

  326. 326
    firstzappedthepost says:

    Aw diddums

  327. 327
    Why Dave has thrown away a 28 Point Lead says:

    because every time he speaks she sounds like a nasal whiny annoying twat

  328. 328
    carlisle and settle voted tory says:

    Same thing wanker.

  329. 329
    Mandelpeed (I've got some puppies in my car) says:

    I’m charging £250 for a golden shower

  330. 330
    Silent Bob says:


  331. 331
    RetardWatch says:

    that’s two now you fucking retard mong

  332. 332
    Doctor Mick says:

    Who did Gordon sell OUR gold to? They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  333. 333
    Pupil says:

    I like Tarquy he amuses me

  334. 334
    Davie Blair says:

    Vote for me for change.

  335. 335
    sandy says:

    Ooh ‘ello, that bitter and twisted mad bitch is back. She’s always like this at this time of the month, poor cow.

  336. 336
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    You appear to be a little short of talent for this sort of thing.

  337. 337
    Tony Clegg says:

    No, vote for me for change.

  338. 338
    Pupil says:

    one today as well, a 16 year old boy stabbed.

  339. 339
    The whiny little pussy wants more says:

  340. 340
    amusing std's for u says:

    What, like a dose herpes?

  341. 341
    ffs says:

    You won’t still be laughing when you’re 95 years old and still have to work to pay off your socialist mates’ debt you stupid boy

  342. 342
    Gordon Brown says:

    Dear Mr Plum,
    Sir, I note your comment about crime and murder. New Labour go to great lengths to keep crime figures down. This involves months of fiddling with statistics and data to suit the New Labour agenda.

  343. 343
    Dave's getting beat by the Lib Dems! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! says:

    said the whiny annoying twat lickspittle minion

  344. 344
    tat's crack dealer says:

    Just carry on knobhead, it won’t change the fact that Carlisle and Settle voted Tory. Just get over it will ya?

  345. 345
    Gordon Goldman says:

    Icelandic PM has admitted to using explosives to set off the volcano to engulf UK in ash as revenge for Gordon Brown using Terrorism Act to seize Icelandic bank assets.

  346. 346
    Ratsniffer says:

    Guido thank you for highlighting the gold issue, the conservatives never seem to bother mentioning it and yet, as you say, it lost us 6 billion of OUR money. No small sum.

  347. 347
    Gavyn D says:

    Don’t know the place

  348. 348
    Ratsniffer says:

    Ash for cash. What a great deal.

  349. 349
    sandy says:

    Told ya. Best to leave the poor bitch to stew in her own juice.

  350. 350
    Moley says:

    Quantitative easing isn’t the only way of creating money.

    Milk quotas were handed out for free to dairy farmers and their value eventually exceeded that of of the dairy farm. Trading was highly lucrative.

    Carbon credits are a similar but much larger scam. They have been created out of thin air too and handed out free to manufacturing companies where they have become worth a fortune.

    The trading of carbon credits is seen by banks such as Goldman Sucks as a new way of making billions of pounds with an asset created out of thin air which can fill the holes in the books left by the collapse of the last giant scam.

    This is why the politicians refuse to let global warming go even after it has been exposed as a fraud. The future of their friends in the banks depends on it.

  351. 351
    Cameron doesn't regret his Leadership Debate brainwave. What could possibly go wrong ? says:

  352. 352
    black sunday says:

    More than Black Wednesday as it happens.

  353. 353
    tat twat says:

    tat twat tat twattat twattat twattat twattat twat tat twattat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat twat tat

  354. 354
    Doctor Mick says:

    If you want more recruits pal you need to relax the laws against bacon sandwiches.

    I had a mate who converted because he married an Iraqi lass. He had the excruitiatingly painful op to remove the skin from the end of his dick; he gave up booze (which for a Geordie was no mean feat) but what undid him was the withdrawel symptoms he suffered without bacon sarnies.

    Your lot will never rule the world unless and until you address this. There can never be another Caliphate while there is HP Sauce and streaky bacon to tempt the kaffirs.

  355. 355
    The Lib Dums says:

    No, you see prisons are colleges of crime, we cannot send murderers there, they will simply learn more serious crimes than…er….murder…er…

  356. 356
    Gerry Mandarin says:

    That’s because the whole country and most of the institutions in it, have been subverted to further Labour’s objectives.

  357. 357
    Tat says:

    Frankenstein’s was Mary Shelly


  358. 358
    Dave's getting beat by the Lib Dems! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! says:

    How does getting beat by the Lib Dems taste little CCHQ lickspittle shill ? Like Ashcrofts cock no doubt. ROFL!!

  359. 359
    BBC Pravda says:

    What video tape? Gavyn who?

  360. 360
    i'm a dutchman says:

    They’ll be bringing back the fucking tulip market before long.

  361. 361
    How does it feel to be behind the Lid Dums you druggie fuckwit says:

    and we all know as goes Carlisle and Settle so goes the entire country!
    Hahahahahahahaha!!! what an idiot

  362. 362
    Gordon Goldman says:

    Broooon now to bail-out cash-strapped airlines. We are going under. Save us Mr Clegg. Camerooon is a busted flush!

  363. 363
    sandy says:

    Ooh you dopey cow!!!! Time you got back on the medication you spiteful fucking whore.

  364. 364
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Knud den storre.

    Can’t see anyone calling Brown The Great, unless they add fool.

  365. 365
    mongs should feel free to whine like pussies below about this says:

    Latest YouGov Poll

    Libdem 33% Con 32% Labour 26%

    CON 239 seats (+41)
    LAB 247 seats (-109)
    LIB 132 seats (+70)

    Labour Largest Party

  366. 366
    lololol says:

    what a knobend

  367. 367
    carlisle and settle voter says:

    They turned up in top hat and tails and I still voted Tory.

  368. 368
    universal hiss says:

    There is no c in the Icelandic alphabet. No word for please either. So cash please is lost in translation.
    I think they understood & are having a laugh.

  369. 369
    obvious innit? says:

    LibCon pact, Gordon out.

  370. 370
    Wavy Davy Bullingdon Gravy Loves to eat his Greens says:

    Mr Cameron said:
    “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.”

    “Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

    Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

    “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

    “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”

  371. 371
    says it all says:

    yes but then you are a stupid cun’t who loves Tony Cameron

  372. 372
    cuпt watch says:

    That still makes you a cuпt, cuпt.

  373. 373
    albacore says:

    Your sympathy is touching but you’d be better saving it for poor Gordon when Cameron and Clegg savage him pop-guns and bladders on sticks.

  374. 374
    Anonymous says:


  375. 375
    the tory constituency of carlisle and settle says:

    Whatever. You lost twat brain.

  376. 376
    Moley says:

    Following Climategate, Cameron has had a perfect opportunity to modify his position with complete justification.

    Why hasn’t he?

  377. 377
    to be, or not to be says:

    Gordon Brown. Why?

  378. 378
    L'Oncle Vanya De Caesromagus nahe Boudiccas Palace UK, Now Owned by EUSSR-Land says:

    Phew! Gollums McRuin-Broone calling Goldman-Sachs ‘Morally bankrupt’ is much like calling himself the same…. ‘Pot… Kettle… Black’…. ‘Pot… Kettle… Black’…..

    As dear Leader points the finger ‘over there..’, there are 4 finger spointing abck at him….. He really out to think long and hard before he makes comments.

  379. 379
    Moley says:

    Lib-Lab pact, Cameron out is more likely.

    Voters have become like lemmings; they seek only their own destruction.

  380. 380
    Anonymous says:

    Because it’s all part of cunning plan to try and please people who hate the Tory party’s guts, whilst losing solid grass roots supporters or something…..

  381. 381
    pointless observations says:

    oi, Fawkes;

    here is a link to the FOI documents recently released RE. gold sales:

    http://www.zerohedge.com/article/uk-treasury-relases-foia-gordon-browns-1998-gold-sale-catches-tony-blair-lying-questions-us- (the full 19 pages; more hopefully to come)

    ..and some speculation:



    The FOI documents list recipients/senders of info RE: gold sales as:

    Tom Scholar
    Sir T Burns
    Sir N Wicks
    Gus O’Donnell
    Mr. Cunliffe
    Mr Gieve
    Mr. Ed Balls
    James Steel
    David Deaton
    Clifford Smout Bank
    Ian Plenderlith Bank
    “Kidman J”
    Nigel Wicks
    Joe Grice
    Johnathan Taylor
    Peter Curwen
    Nicholas Joicey
    Antonia King
    Ed Milliband
    Tamara Finkelstein

    So get on it!

  382. 382
    tulips from amsterdam says:

    I think he actually believes this shit.

  383. 383
    QWERTY says:

    What the fuck is Cameron going on about? “Big Society?” Who gives a fucking shit.

    1. Spell out big fucking cuts in public spending AND tax cuts

    2. Give us a vote on getting the fuck out of the EU

    3. Stop fucking people called fucking Abdul coming here who want to blow us up

    4. Get the fuck out of Afghanistan and leave the shits there to slaughter each other

    5. Tell Obama to go fuck himself

    6. Tell us that if elected he’ll throw the jock out of Westminster.

  384. 384
    Dack Blog says:

    Just catching up with the news and Dave is on about his folks instilling the idea of ‘Big Society’ in him as he was growing up (presumably by post). Sounds just like Brown banging on about his folks. Will they never learn? What wishy-washy garbage. (And keep the wives out of it as well).

  385. 385
    Reality approaches says:

    Jan, I think you will find that the Spanish government has been subsidising pensioner holidays on the costas for many years.

    This was also a policy adopted by many communist countries. Where is Barosso from? Bastards.

  386. 386
    Ted Bundy says:

    Are better still get your butler or valet to do it for you

  387. 387
    Ozzy osbourne says:

    neh eh er neh eh

  388. 388
    Ted Bundy says:

    Sadly he cannot deliver on any of those things as his EU boss José Barroso would never allow it.

  389. 389
    Vulcan Vinney says:

    I bet that wasn’t the only thing that got instilled in him while growing up at Eaton

  390. 390
    Gordon Goldman says:

    Ash-strapped airlines.

  391. 391
    Reality approaches says:

    Anonymous; complicit maybe, certainly no whistleblowers break the surface. For another example see


    jgm2 seems to think it was a waste of time for someone to write this site. As an ‘anyone but Labour’ advocate he does not appear to be interested in Labour effectively annulling legislation via a Memo; such abuse of power seems to me to be a very good reason to ensure Labour do not feature in government for a very long time.

    I agree that the site requires a bit of concentration, but the arguments put forward appear to be irrefutable.

    Lord M is continuing a cover up of a Labour minister’s wrongful deeds in 1997. Many thousands of persons may have been adversely affected by that criminal action. I think such deeds are worthy of greater scrutiny.

  392. 392
    Guido sachs says:

    I’m getting a good payoff from the banks

  393. 393
    martian says:

    Is he on the same fucking planet as us.

  394. 394
    Moley says:

    Given the scale of cuts which is going to be necessary (and which none of the political parties have been honest about), and the likelihood that action will be forced upon the new Government by financial markets, the question for the Lib Dems is this;

    Do you want your first foray into Government in nearly 100years to tarnish you with the blame for making the biggest cuts to the welfare state in the Country’s history? It would mean another hundred years in the wilderness.

    Can you imagine what the Guardian and the BBC would make of it?

    Does Clegg really want to join Brown, and then get the blame for it all going wrong?

    Brown will say; “Everything was going fine until the Lib Dems started rocking the boat; the recovery was well under way, the markets had confidence in our plans, and now look at the mess we are in, after only a year of Lib Dem interference.”

    If Gordon invites Calamity Clegg to his post election party, it would be an invitation best refused.

    Leave Brown to clear up his own mess. There will be almost no freedom of action; most decisions will be forced by outside events.

  395. 395
    Archie Wedderspoon says:

    QWERTY: do you actually know something about the BBC fucking 9-year old boys? Please tell us all.

  396. 396
    pedant says:

    no a in Eton

  397. 397
    R Brushed says:

    In the same way that Blair, Mandelson and Harman aren’t real Labour, Cameron, Osborne and Hague aren’t real Conservatives. We now have diluted politics and politicians to match. All are moving to the EU form of authoritarian socialist so beloved by Brussels.

  398. 398
    FAG! says:

    On the contrary, There’s a lot of “A” in Eton.

  399. 399
    Reality approaches says:

    As another engineer I am surprised that you did not know who Davies was back then. Alway check the facts.

  400. 400
    pussy says:

    “like whatevah!”
    ROFL!!! what a twat

  401. 401
    Some bloke says:

    Time for the crosshairs on this one Guido.

  402. 402
    Anonymous says:

    Kivk Theresa May off the team. She is the cause of most of this rubbish !!!!

  403. 403
    Anonymous says:

    querty when you dont spew venom about homosexuals and Scots, you actually become worth listening to.

  404. 404
    Some bloke says:

    You mean Ielandi alphabet?

  405. 405
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Vote Conservative or you’ll just get 5 more years Hard Labour.

  406. 406
    McCavity Brown says:

    Goldman Sachs sends a shiver down my jellylike spine.

  407. 407
    Call me Infidel says:

    Don’t forget the booze Dr. Mick I suspect that is an equally large disincentive to signing up to the “religion of peace” for a good many people.

  408. 408
    the tory constituency of carlisle and settle says:

    You’re a loser and everybody knows it now you little shit. Well done.

  409. 409
    giant gonad says:

    Why is Brown turning on his Goldman friends?

  410. 410
    Anonymous says:

    tat twat wins through sheer quantity.

  411. 411
    Catastrophe Camoron says:

    Vote Dave Blair and you’ll get 5 more years of featherweight Blairite P.R. shit.

  412. 412
    Manji Dogg says:

    Do we still have the option to hang people for treason? I don’t think there’s anything ‘borderline’ about this.

  413. 413
    Just shoot the lot of em says:

    thank fuck , some sense

  414. 414

    Apparently Dyson was approached for a solution, but since it’s a Labour problem he told them to eff off.

    Brown is now consulting with Pifco for 8 million dustbusting handheld vacuum cleaners to be used by the economically inactive. Goldman Sachs is holding a position on AA batteries in order to save the economy.

  415. 415

    No ‘c’ in the alphabet?

    That explains why they keep referring to “that unt Gordon Brown” then.

  416. 416
    Susie says:

    Our next Chancellor might be Vince Cable…


  417. 417
    khmer marron says:

    May 1999
    .. two big investment banks — warned that Brown, could barely have chosen a worse moment.

    In the room, just behind the governor’s main office, they cautioned that gold traditionally moved in decades-long cycles and that the price was likely to INCREASE!!!!. They added that even if the sale were to go ahead, the timings and amounts should NOT be announced, as the gold price would PLUNGE!!!!!!!!!.

    “The timing of the decision was ludicrous. We told them you are going to push the gold price down before you sell,” said Peter Fava, then head of precious metal dealing at HSBC who was present at the meeting. “We thought it was a disastrous decision; we couldn’t understand it. We brought up a lot of potential problems at the meeting.”

    Martin Stokes, former vice-president at JP Morgan, who was also present, said: “I was surprised they had chosen the auction method. It indicated they did not have a real understanding of the gold market.”

    According to other sources, however, Bank of England officials told those present they had “little say” about what was going to happen and that they were “doing what they were told”. This was a decision made by Brown and his inner circle, who appeared uninterested in their expert advice.

    Ian Plenderleith, the senior Bank executive hosting the meeting, is nevertheless understood to have compiled a note on the meeting for the Treasury. It is one of several key documents that are thought to disclose the warnings ignored by ministers.
    11 years on, the advice appears even more pertinent.

    The price of gold has almost QUADRUPLED and the loss to the taxpayer has been calculated by one leading firm of accountants at more than £2 billion.(MORE LIKE £7 BILLION)

    The decision to sell 400 tons of gold is seen in City circles as a financial bungle on the scale of the Tories’ “Black Wednesday” that cost the taxpayer £3.3 billion, according to Treasury estimates.

    Dominic Hall, a former gold dealer who now runs thebulliondesk.com, a website for the gold market, said: “Brown was keen to throw mud at the opposition over Black Wednesday but this was a financial disaster on a similar scale.”

    The Sunday Times has been battling the Treasury to release the advice it received on the gold sales under freedom of information laws. Brown’s department has sought — so far successfully — to use a range of legal exemptions to block disclosure.

    In its last response to requests by The Sunday Times, the Treasury stated: “We have decided that it is not in the public interest to release further information.”

    The story starts on May 7, 1999. For all but the most eagle-eyed financial experts, it seemed like another dull Friday in parliament. The Treasury, however, hoped it would be the perfect moment to bury news that it was to launch an unprecedented sale of Britain’s gold reserves.

    The news was slipped out by Patricia Hewitt, then a junior Treasury minister, in answer toa written parliamentary question placed by a Labour backbencher. “Today we are announcing a restructuring of the UK’s reserve holdings to achieve a better balance in the portfolio by increasing the proportion held in currency. This will involve a programme of auctions of gold,” she said.

    “The Treasury intends to sell 125 tons of gold, 3% of the total reserves, during 1999-2000, with the Bank of England conducting five auctions on the Treasury’s behalf. Auctions will be held every other month starting in July.”

    The answer was later shown to be wholly misleading as the government actually planned to sell 400 tons before 2002, representing more than half the country’s gold.

    gordons moral compass?

  418. 418
    analmoans says:

    How the fuck has Brown got the effrontery to slag off the investment banking firm that he has been so much in “bed with” for so many years? Why is Brown so intent on destroying the “City”, which for decades has encouraged foreign investment and been a flagship for global finance?
    Why is he trying to drive global finance away from the u.k? Frankfurt, Paris etc (EU) must be rubbing their hands at the prospect!
    For goodness sake, the “man” is an idiot! Another 250,000 unemployed (guessing). Apart from bankers, how about airport revenue and staff, hotels, cleaners, taxi drivers, sandwich bars, restaurants, telecoms, income from business rates etc, etc, etc. The list is endless.
    I remember your speech at the Mansion House Jocky lad, praising and lauding the fine bankers of the city! You’re a turncoat and a coward! Don’t see off the likes of GS, it’s not their fault that YOU have bankrupted the country! If GS go, believe me, the lot go! We’ll be left with empty offices, empty hearts and empty coffers. A sure way to losing our global AAA rating! Would we make a G20 summit anymore? More to the point, would anyone listen?

  419. 419
    Susie says:

    Q. Who created and appointed the FSA quango? A. They were especially selected from the most supine, financially illiterate and incurious bunglers the City could nominate.

    Meanwhile Blair and Brown played on undisturbed and unchallenged at the top table with OUR money for 13 years.

  420. 420
    Susie says:

    Just read this… weren’t we naive in those pre-Hutton days?


  421. 421
    Susie says:

    And if you know anybody who lived in the Soviet satellite countries pre-Gorbachev you’ll have a good idea what lies in store for us.

    When USSR was fighting in Afghanistan, it wasn’t Russians who were put at the sharp end, no. It was Latvian, Estonian Lithuanian boys doing their National Service sent straight out onto the front line. Ever asked yourself why the French or Germans don’t do a tour in Helmand like we have done for the past 5 years.

  422. 422
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    Fuck me, obvious innit?

    The Tories should take a step-back, let a LibLab pact be hammered together and then just watch and wait as the pact fails to do anything serious about the deficit. The NewLab party will be full of Unite MPs who won’t shave as much as penny piece off Broon’s overdraft.

    The markets will finally drop the axe, the shit will hit the fan and interest rates will leap.

    The LibLab pact will collapse and there’ll be another general election next spring.


  423. 423
    Susie says:

    Losing $200 million a day… that’s what’s got him spooked.

    Gives BA the perfect excuse to lay off about 40% of their redundant cabin crews… and as a final sting in the P45 they could say, “most unfortunate, but we might just have been able to weather this latest setback if we hadn’t suffered an £11 million loss every day of the Unite strike…”

  424. 424
    Susie says:

    What with? We can’t even fly there to drop the big one.

  425. 425
    Sleeper says:

    your blogs still shit
    written by a twat for twats

  426. 426
    Doctor Mick says:

    Most muslims I’ve met like a snifter or two. Many a Caliph (Ottoman Sultan) has died of cirrhossis of the liver.

    With a little a little discretion your modern muslim man can have the best of both worlds.

  427. 427
    Susie says:


  428. 428
    Doctor Mick says:

    That sounds suspiciously like insider dealing.

  429. 429

    Oh, Susie – what a wicked calculating person you must be!

    Would you join me in a toast to schadenfreude?

  430. 430

    Thankyou vor your vote of confidence, Sleeper.

    Go and tell someone who gives a shit.

  431. 431
    Mitch says:

    And the real reason for gordooms change of heart is………..Obamalamding dongs doin it.

    “Administration officials were especially unwilling to discuss the Goldman case because it was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, an independent federal agency. Also, they fear that being seen as exploiting the issue could hurt, especially amid suggestions from some Republicans and television pundits that the lawsuit’s timing was suspicious, coming so close to the planned Senate debate on the financial overhaul bill. ”

    Spineless wanker”!!!!

  432. 432
    Cowardy Custard Brown says:

    Lashing out is the right thing to do.

  433. 433
    Down with Brown! says:

    Got back to the UK late last night after a 28 hour emergency coach trip from Central Europe because all the flights are down. Which idiot has closed down the airspace? Is this the Green terrrorists trying to take revenge on those of us who fly?

  434. 434
    Hugh Janus says:

    Would someone kindly hand a copy of this to DC in good time for the next debate? He seems to be struggling in finding anything with which to attack McBust. Perhaps he’s just confused by the overwhelming choice of cock-ups over the past 13 years.

  435. 435
    udderly 'orrible says:

    Gets better…. not satisfied with p*ssing trillions of taxpayer’s money down the bankster pan, the criminals in Drowning Street convene this morning in emergency conclave to …. rescue the airline industry!

    Trillions more to be poured into Unite’s favourite airline … spend, spend McBust why not, so easy to print more Zimbabwean pounds innit.

    Nuremberg Tribunal for Economic Malfeasance in Office now!

  436. 436
    Ripple says:

    …the main requirement to be successful on Goldmans is to be able to lie, lie and lie again…no wonder Gavyn gets on with Gordon..

  437. 437
    Gorfoons Blownit all says:

    Wait for the state of emergency to be declared – no election and no parliament Brown to rule for ever.

  438. 438
    Auguste Fallus says:

    Thought she went down with the Bismark

  439. 439
    RalphJolly says:

    Glad to see you mentioned the GS article.
    Here in the US there have been some interesting articles written in the likes of Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair no less. Matt Tiabbi has made a few well written, though slightly sensationalistic, tirades against GS.
    They clearly have the US administration in their pocket. But the real question is whether they own the UK political establishment. Let’s widen it a bit further to include Citigroup and Tony Blairs employer Chase.
    I would love to see Cameron take a stand on this issue and disinherit these bankers but I really doubt this will happen.

  440. 440

    […] And now it transpires the banking meltdown wasn’t caused by mismanagement. It was caused by a deliberate fraud. An awful lot of pockets were lined at YOUR expense. Guido has more. […]

  441. 441
    Gordon Goldman says:

    Strangelt enough, the Icelandic PM was interviewed by Paxo last night and he gleefully reported that the volcano could go on erupting for months, and that the bigger volcano next door always follows this one.
    He’s a guy who really doesn’t give a shit about the effects on the UK and Europe. I wonder why?

  442. 442
    Duncan says:

    First of all I should say (a) I’ve never voted Labour (b) I don’t intend to and (c) I’m not a fan of Gordon Brown


    I think your repeating of the ‘Brown Bottom’ thing needs to get a proper reply on of these days so here it is:

    You can’t really criticise people for mistakes which were (a) not forseeably mistakes at the time they were made and (b) made good sense for other reasons. As regards (a), obviously Brown didn’t know that the value of Gold would rise after 9/11/01. As regards (b) the reason he sold the gold was Black Wednesday. The only reason the government lost money on Black Wednesday was because the pound changed value with respect to other currencies and the government had next to nothing in foreign currency reserves. Almost all the reserves were in gold instead. It is estimated (I don’t have the estimates to hand but I can find them) that had Britain had adequate foreign policy reserves then the government would have actually profited from Black Wednesday. That being the case, and the Conservative loss in 1997 being partly the result of Black Wednesday, it’s not surprising that one of Brown’s first decisions upon becoming chancellor was to start selling the gold reserves and buying up foreign currency, so the George Soroses of this world wouldn’t bankrupt the government the next time they attacked the pound.

    For that matter, you don’t have an effective comparison class in your graph. You need to compare the gold to what he sold it for to know whether there’s been a loss. Example; if I have a Picasso and I sell it at point X and buy gold then at point Y whether it looks like a wrong decision will depend on how the value of gold has changed RELATIVE to the value of the Picasso. The Picasso having gone up in value doesn’t on its own tell you anything about the sense of the decision. For your little ‘Brown Bottom’ graph to make sense you’d need to have a measure of what he sold the gold to buy (foreign currencies) and the change in their value. Now that might tell you his decision was better or worse than you think, but at the moment your graph doesn’t make any sense.

  443. 443

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