April 14th, 2010

Guy News: Staggers Continues to Promote Smears

Despite having paid substantial damages and apologising to Daniel Hannan, the New Statesman‘s website is still actively promoting James Macintyre’s smear from last August against the leader of the conservative grouping in the European Parliament, Michal Kaminski:

Macintyre better hope Kaminski isn’t feeling litigious about this accusation. The Chief Rabbi of Poland accused Macintyre of misrepresenting  his views.  Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich cleared Kaminski of the charge of being an anti-semite, and if anyone should know, he should know. Macintyre, as this video shows, still accuses Kaminski of being “a former neo-nazi”.

UPDATE: A gruff James Macintyre couldn’t get off the phone quick enough when Guy News asked whether he stood by the accusation that Kaminski was a “former neo-nazi”. “I refer you to my original email and have nothing else to say“, whatever that means. Let’s see what his boss and New Statesman publisher Spencer Neil has to say about it…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    “Macintyre, as this video shows, still accuses Kaminski of being “a former neo-nazi”.”

    That’s rich coming from a stalinist stasi.

    • 5
      Furious Capitalist says:

      The fuckers want to get real. There isn’t a single politician in this country talking about the 250 million a week Afghanistan is costing, after the election its going to be a blood bath for jobs in the Public sector. Where in fucks sake is all the money going? You guessed it!! Why are economists talking about peace time budgets? Its a fucking CON. When Politicians start talking about what really has caused this crisis, then I might start listening. UK HAS OVER TAXED AND CLOSED TO BUSINESS, to prop up this Shit Storm of Murder and Blood shed, How many more of our lads have to be killed our injured, so the CIA can get their Smack from Helmand Province. Well done you fuck wits. Next time you have a War get someone to do a bit of Maths

      • 22

        Yeh get real man- my wife told me to get a smear test, why don’t all guys get one,eh?

        May you have many camels


        • 178
          Dead Tree Press Aggregator - Still looking for a scoop, any scoop ? please ? says:

          what’s a scoop ?

        • 241
          Man the Barricades soon says:

          Fuck me Abdul you should know what he is talking about. He is the only one talking any sense. I think you need to read it and stop making a Twat of yourself saying you are obviously a bird.

      • 36
        BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

        Perhaps we could send some of these public sector job loss people to Afghanistan…… starting with the managers, advisors, consultants and the rest of ‘em.

        • 177
          Lord Wayne of Trombone says:

          i am a consultant – I do not want to go to afghanistan, unless it is on a freebie conference with my rather tasty temp secretary in tow

    • 11
      Fascist state says:

      Anti-fascism will return as the new fascism. – churchill.

      He was right!

      • 21

        Churchill was always right.

        Tommy guns, eugenics, bombing and gassing those damn uppity foreigners, drink, women, even relaxing by *building* stuff etc. Top bloke.

        • 195
          Longbow says:

          Speaking of tommy guns, bombs and stuff,
          YOO GUIDO FORKS, are you covering the debate here tomorrow evening or are you going on the piss again

      • 31
        BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

        hmmmm, you mean ZaNuLab??

    • 23
      Up sh1t creek says:

      For “balance”, let’s have Denis MacShane on what he thinks about the Conservatives European grouping.

      • 61
        Denis MacShameless says:

        Smears,sleaze and sophistry: it’s in Labour’s D-N-A.

      • 234
        sword_ of truth says:

        Denis ‘i’m not irish’ Mc shane lets hope his lady stoneing rotherham constituant’s find out his real auntyseedant’s then he’ll be proper fukked

    • 28
      Old Archer says:

      Is it big wooden paddle day today?

    • 50
      • 81

        It sounds as if the New Labour Nazis are in full retreat.

    • 111
      Ampers says:

      I have to admit, I am a racist. There is a nationality I hate so much, I would never employ one, if one of them were dying in the desert, I wouldn’t piss on them, I wouldn’t let my daughter marry one, and if I could I would disenfranchise them.

      I would like to ban them all from England, deny them any benefits, not allow them to use the National Health Service, or be able to educate their children.

      Once we banned them from our country we would be in a much better position to once again enjoy life.

      These people came from an island in the Atlantic called Social and their race is Socialists.


  2. 2
    Boris says:

    Sue sue and sue some more.

  3. 3
    Lord Of The Rimmers says:

    I can confirm that he has somewhat of a lose tongue.

  4. 6
    The Penguin says:

    Kaminski is lucky he wasn’t on that aeroplane that so conveniently crashed in Russia…

    The Penguin

    • 12
      Fan of GroundHog Day says:

      ere – can’t we do a rerun of Groundhog and load our lot on?

      There again – a flaw. They would all be back next day.

      Back to drawing board.

  5. 7
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Just watched Brown blaming everyone else for doing what he did. My god the man looks grotesquely ill. Is it because he isn’t wearing the usual slap or is the campaign beginning to take it’s toll? Also take a look at his wife’s expression, serious concern whilst he is lying and bull$hitting.


    • 9
      An even dirtier rat says:

      How would she know (he’s lying) ?

      She’d have to be pretty thick to have anything to do with him to start with.

      (Or is she paid for out of EUSSR funding?)

    • 14
      Phoney and The Moron says:

      In a civilised society, we would be arrested and charged with High Treason – and receive summary justice I’ve no doubt.

      Good job we ruined this one then.

    • 16

      Yup – wheels coming off; the drugs are clearly starting to plateau. He’s breaking up on re-entry. I said at the start of last week his high would crash, spectacularly, in less than three weeks – 15 or 16 days I think I said, and what are we now, nine days in? They’re going to stick enough dope in him tomorrow night to resurrect Cleopatra; that’s going to sustain him through till the weekend but he will *not* come up smiling on Monday. Next week is going to see the return of mad, bad, psycho Crash Gordon. Mrs Rochester, with a gatling gun.


      • 25

        Doctor Morell reports that the Prime Minister is ready for his debate.
        Unfortunately he cannot stop the LSD mood effects from making him suddenly smile like a showgirl and then scowl like an ogre.

        Professor Mandelson has advised sticking a coat hanger in his mouth. It looks just like his normal grin but we have trouble understanding what he is saying.
        Professor Mandelson says that is a bonus.

      • 27

        Hmmm, sadly that would buy him more votes in some areas.

        33% in the polls confirms the donkey with the red rossette is the Prime Mentalist on prozac!

    • 19
      The IMF is coming says:

      Mr Cameron said Gordon Brown’s admission of error in regulating the banks in the run up to the financial crisis was a “big moment.”

      “This is a big moment I think, because Gordon Brown told us two things: he said this all came from America and he said that his judgement was right in every regard.

      “He’s now saying those two things aren’t true, that there were big mistakes made here in Britain in the regulatory system that he designed and I’m glad that he’s finally admitted that some of this was made in Britain by him.”

      On the right tracks. nail him on this

    • 32
      Old Archer says:

      wow she does look very concerned

    • 51
      Thats News says:

      What WAS wrong with her? She looked like she was expecting him to thump her one! Or was she horrified that he had almost and ever-so tangentally, nearly admitting that he might have been wrong?

    • 55
      simon r says:

      That was VERY interesting – she looked more like a PR person worried that her client was going off message than just his wife.

      Either that or she was thinking – uh oh – he is going to be in a VERY BAD mood later.


      • 78
        Thats News says:

        Mmmm, yes. This might be a bit over the top, but she looked scared. Like a battered woman? No. Surely not?

        Mind you, I did know of a Labour councillor whose wife suddenly left him, reavealing years of physical abuse.

        Perhaps when Brown tells the truth and admits he is wrong he gets in a bad mood and shouts a lot? Yes. That’ll be it.

        • 90

          I would not be at all surprised to find out Brown is a wife-beater.

      • 95
        Sir William Waad says:

        I think she is worried for his health. His face looks puffier than usual. This man is seriously unwell and ought to retire.

      • 239
        Sarah the Carer says:

        Hope you like my blouse….. the dangly bits are for wiping his mouth (sic).

        PS I am a PR person.

    • 69
      Philp says:

      Its what I would call the”FFS Gordon don’t dig a deeper hole wait for the pills to take effect and then mention Ashcroft” look.

    • 148
      Life long Conservative voter says:

      Won’t be doing the Leaders’ debates then. How surprising!! ‘Come on up Lord Mandlepap of Foy??!!

  6. 8
    Who, for 13 years, hes been the benefactor of bent and bonkers bankers? says:

    Gorgon the Moron

  7. 10
    Aristander of Telmissus says:

    Surely to call someone a “former neo” Nazi is the same as calling them a Nazi, in that they have gone from being formerly new to being currently established in that state. Oooh dear, I wouldn’t like to go before Mr. Justice Eady if I’d just described a member of the European Parliament as a Nazi. Young master Macintyre is probably going to prove to be an expensive luxury for the ‘Ancient Statesman’.

    • 18

      No no no.
      New Labour is not old Labour. Its new. See the difference. The word ‘new’ or ‘former’ makes all the difference.
      New Labour = No union funding. No strikes. No higher rates taxes .. No record debts.. no boom and bust..

    • 20

      “I wouldn’t like to go before Mr. Justice Eady if I’d just described a member of the European Parliament as a Nazi.”

      Plain abuse – that ain’t actionable, not in practical terms. Although I guess saying “they are a member of the nazi party” would be going a little further.

      Mind, Eady makes it up as he goes along.

      Talking of nazis and facist judges, what the fuck si Call Me Dave going to do about his mental MP calling the rozzers in to put an end to “downfall” pisstakes on YouTube?

      Do the tories believe in free speech? *This* is just as significant as that scots labour child’s twittering – a mature individual should no more go crying to the cops ‘cus someone called him a bad name than get twatted and twitter…

      • 45
        jgm2 says:

        And here again is the danger of Labour’s shit legislation. You think of all that deeply unpleasant repeal of double jeopardy, 42 day detention without trial, loss of right to jury trial, deportation on the say-so of some foreign judge, anti ‘hate-crime’ shit they put on the statute book. And then picture it in the hands of a crowd like that Tory MP.

        For fuck’s sake.

        Although I expect the B&P will find, coincidentally, that they’ll be whipped off the ballot papers on the say-so of a judge just prior to this election. But with no time to organise an appeal. Such is the unpredicatable timing of such decisions.

        The judiciary being independent and all.

    • 30
      Thats News says:

      Hope their libel insurance is up to date!

  8. 13
    thatguy says:

    These guys just don’t get it. Do they really think that the real world gives a stuff about Kaminski, neo nazis and anti semitism?
    In fact why not invent a story about BNP/Tory collabaration. Easiest way to guarantee a Tory landslide

  9. 24
    Tramp says:

    I vaguely remember these smears and bought into them. Some people do believe these nasty stories and they never hear the truth. I’m all for free press providing it gives people a balanced view of events. Our press is failing to do this. People catch on and move to independent blogs for news. The press is likely to fall on its own sword.

    • 38
      Old Alice says:

      Clown Brown live on BBC News, just said he’s been working with Tim Berners-Lee the INVENTOR OF THE INTERNET. Ignoramus.!
      Then completely avoided giving a direct answer about why he broke the committment to A Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

      Usual bullshit!

      • 58
        jgm2 says:

        What a fucking idiot that Brown is. Everybody knows it was Al Gore who invented the internet. The same way we know it was Gordon Brown who saved the world. Because they told us so.

        • 84
          udderly 'orrible says:

          Would that be the same Al Gore the TV cameras found following McMental to lurk in a climatically-challenged broom cupboard recently?

        • 89
          Brown's a Tosser says:

          He saved the world, ended boom and bust, created the longest recession for over 70 years, created a million jobs, etc, etc. He is so good that Barack Omaha beach avoids hm like the plague and still believes he is the right man to run the country into the ground. Deluded or what?

          • Stickler for detail says:

            i’m sorry to correct you but it was 2.5 million new jobs , overnight!!

          • jgm2 says:

            Would those be the 2.5 million jobs not being done by the record eight million ‘economically inactive’ in the UK?

            So British jobs for immigrant workers?

            British dole for British shirkers?

          • Old Alice says:

            Not quite! Apparently the going rate for shirkers is now £42,000+ and two Mercs.

          • Old Seth says:

            Clearly Labour’s new definition of the poverty line is only £40k and one Merc.

    • 219
      Old Alice says:


  10. 29
    Thats News says:

    An anagram of Mr James Macintyre is

    “Inject Mammy’s rear!”

    This is clearly an on-going story, Guido! How long ’til you get his scalp, would you think?

  11. 40
    Em says:

    As much of a dickhead as Macintyre is….he is right about Kaminski

    Kaminski is a fucking disgrace

    • 135
      Sir William Waad says:

      Em, old bean, few people with an intact foreskin are as anti-anti-Semitic as I, but I can’t agree that Kaminski is a disgrace, not on this issue anyway. The fellow briefly joined one of the anti-Communist parties in the 80s, when he was a lad, but left before it became neo-Nazi later on (because it was drifting in that direction) and joined a straightforward conservative party. He’s tolerated neo-Nazi rallies, but also far-Left rallies, because there are a still a few chaps out there who believe in freedom of speech even for the bad guys and it’s a sensitive issue after decades of political repression.

      Most of the attacks on Kaminski are just leftie propaganda.

  12. 43
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I hate Neo Nazis
    The old school were far better

  13. 44
    Old Archer says:

    Is anyone watching Gorgon at the Yorky post,what a sham.

    • 52

      Trying but the boredom level is near terminal.. I have a question for him though.

      “Prime Minister what is the medication that you are on that stops you falling asleep and where can I obtain enough to get me through this election campaign?”

      • 66
        Eu Watt says:

        Yorkshire is doing well because of wind power? Fuckign tosser. Leeds is the centre of a collapse in the buy to let market, thousands of shitty apartment, a shopping village with of course a much needed fucking casino closing, its like a ghost town.

    • 53
      Eu Watt says:

      Q- Why were we not allowed a vote on Lisbon

      A- (Summed Up) The Lisbon Treaty was a fucking great idea – here is why – and you were too stupid to understand that, so you were definitely not getting a fucking vote. Now fuck off.

    • 60
      Old Alice says:

      He just said, “We’ve just come through the recession”. He’s living in cloud-cuckoo-land!

      • 65
        jgm2 says:

        We haven’t ‘come through’ anything yet. We’ve just poured 200bn quid into a great big recession-sized fucking hole. And next year we’ll pour another 200bn quid into the same fucking hole. And the following year….

        And we’ll hope that eventually the bottom of the hole rises up to meet us.

        It’s economics. But only as Mugabe knows it.

        • 107
          Lord Mandelson says:

          No he won’t. He won’t be able to. The Bill Gross’s and the other international investors are likely to pull the plug on UK borrowing int he not too distant future – and to my mind, the quicker, ther better for everyone.

          Greece is the start. They will default. It wouldn’t surprise me one iota to see the UK next in line. And as I said, the quicker, the better.

          • stark says:

            Greece will not default soon – the German’s will bail them out – bugger the “legalities”. Tricky for the UK. Either we chip in, or we don’t get “help” when our turn comes. Ideal target for the markets – no eurozone smoke and mirror games – lower critical mass. As you say, default is the best option.

          • stark says:

            Germans. Shit. It’s contagious.

        • 146
          Staffy says:

          Thats very well put, the thing is though that folk just cannot seem to get how they fit into the equation. They think its just a matter of cranking up the printer and going for a run.

          • jgm2 says:

            Exactly. They don’t seem to realise that the hole is being filled with every penny they have ever earned and every penny the are ever likely to earn.

            Quite literally. We have long passed the point where all our present earnings are still not enough to support the government beast. All they’re doing now is borrowing from our future self to keep the beast fed. Soon we won’t be able to do that because nobody will lend us the money. Then they’ll be forced to go back and loot all that money we (private individuals) had put away for our own personal future. Our savings. Our pensions.

            Why? Because they will not take the ‘tough’ decision to live within their means. They will beggar the whole country to maintain, for another few years, the illsion that we can afford to sustain this vast client state of walk-well co-ordinators, five a day advisors, diversity box-tickers and such-like fuckwits and overheads.

            We are fucked. Utterly fucked and it didn’t happen overnight. It took 13 solid years of idiocy to get to this point.

      • 74
        More Chalk says:

        and that the economy will treble in size, about 15 years so go long on that

        • 187
          Longbow says:

          “We are fucked. Utterly fucked and it didn’t happen overnight. It took 13 solid years of idiocy to get to this point.”
          it has took a lot longer than 13 years, as the scales fall from eyes, i would suggest that this has been designed exactly as it is and unfortunately in one way or another all main political parties among others have a hand it in.
          We, my dear sir, have been had

          • Old Seth says:

            You forget that Labour inherited a very healthy economy (not based on debt) at the 1997 GE, for which the Conservative slogan was “Britain is Booming. Don’t let Labour Blow it”.

            As we know, too many people chose to let Labour blow it. And we’ll all be regretting it for the next fifty years.

      • 100
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        He considers 0.1 adjusted to 0.4 growth as coming out of the recession. Lets not mention the £200 Billion of QE printing money. Be in no doubt the combined effect of short time working or job sharing and then flooding the economy with QE has kept the lid on a huge rise in unemployment. If this imbecile gets into No.10 on May 7th the market is going to implode. If you think its bad now, and it is, just go down your local high street and say we are in recovery mode. You can be certain as night follows day interest rates and inflation will rise post election. We are in a world of hurt financially and no one is facing up to that, least of all Gordon but as he got us into this and is totally responsible why would he.

  14. 46
    manseman says:

    How tasteful of the Statesmen to continue smearing a member of the Law and Justice party several days after so many of their leading figures were killed. Even Mcshane managed some ersatz crawling afterwards.

    I thought they lay off and start going on about dodgy Latvians but no, back to Kamanski. Milifool should be back on this subject in a few days.

    Wonder his Macintyre’s mate Medhi has any odd views.


    Oh thats right he does. Far odder than anything Kamanski.

    • 86
      concrete pump says:

      Hasan attacking atheists….HAH………….he’s a fucking m*slim, wanky little g*d w*g.

      For ‘some’ of the commenters on this blog, you don’t have to be a c*nthole lefty wanker in order to be an atheist. I’m an atheist and i’m a c*nthole right wing wanker.

      Thank you for this link manseman.

  15. 47
    Lies, damn lies, and whitewash panels says:

    Off Topic, but connected with smears:

    It seems that the Climategate lot have been let off. However the panel doing the letting off did not include any sceptics so this could all be a big Royal Society whitewash. “Too much loss of face” etc, etc.

    • 48
      Arrest em all says:

      all christmas lectures, there is no god

      • 79
        Lies, damn lies, and whitewash panels says:

        Err, it’s the Royal Institution behind the Christmas Lectures.

        Anyway tonight on BBC TV we have the second in the ‘beautiful minds’ series. This one features James Lovelock. His last two books have been quite critical of both the science of the Global Heating issue and the ideas of the greenies. As a scientific sceptic I wait with interest for the programme.

        • 87
          stark says:

          Lovelock’s gaia “hypothesis” is demonstrably pseudoscience. Makes him a crank in my book.

          • Lies, damn lies, and whitewash panels says:

            Yes, I know what you are driving at; however having spent many years involved in dealing with systems that use feedback (As Lovelock’s Gaia theory does), I would not dismiss his idea out of hand. I find that in his books Lovelock hops about a bit with exactly what he means by Gaia. Where I find it the easiest to agree with him is when he says that we (and our actions) are part of the Gaia system. That Gaia actually has a long term ‘plan’ or ‘goal’ I find harder to accept as I don’t think ‘intentionality’ fits well in his theory.

          • stark says:

            It fails Popper, which is generally a good test.

          • Sir William Waad says:

            It’s all part of silly Nature myth that gained a hold on us when we became sophistical urbanites and lost touch with real Nature. I blame Jean-Jacques Rousseau, as deceitful a toe-rag as ever put quill to paper.

          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            Oh, I thought The Social Contract was written the unions and Liebour’s National Executive Committee in 1974.

        • 91

          It’s god’s fault.

        • 92
          Old Archer says:

          ooobie doobie doo the planets going to get you

    • 83
      stark says:

      Not that OT. It’s not just Brown who is avoiding standing on the basis of his record. Wavy Davey’s BluLab have been a shite opposition – Climatgate / AGW is a case in point. Wanna bet they’d make a shite government, too ?

      Oh, and it’s not just that there were no skeptics, the whitewash was led by confirmed alarmists.

  16. 49
    AnnInnis says:


    Libdems getting their vote out at Channel 4

  17. 56

    No lie is too big.
    No untruth too outrageous.
    No misrepresentation too unlikely.

    In other news .. At war with Eurasia and never at war with Eastasia.

  18. 57
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    Fucking disgusting. Leftists, spitting on the graves of dead Jews – trying to equate the murder of millions of right-wing, left-wing and leave-me-alone-wing Jews headed for the gas chamber with party political schemes dreamt up the right wing, left wing and in-the-middle politicians living here, now in better times.

  19. 64
    More Chalk says:

    never heard of it untill Gorgon just mentioned it.

  20. 67
    More Chalk says:

    High speed rail and broadband will end the north south divide. So would centralising the capitol,Birmingham anyone

    • 72
      jgm2 says:

      What? The reason there is a North-South divide is because we don’t have a TGV?

      I thought practically the entire country already had broadband too. Provided they wanted to pay for it.

      What is this lunacy?

    • 77
      Old Alice says:

      The only high speed technology he understands is flying Nokias.

    • 85
      Thats News says:

      Yep. Brum’s good for me!

      Hang one. Try this one.

      House of Commons Birmingham
      House of Lords Chester

      • 88
        Old Archer says:

        Lord Old Archer of Chester. has a nice ring to it, I’m up for it.

      • 101
        Man on the Erdington Omnibus says:

        No, no, no, ploise no. Let them yampy lot play up their own end.

        • 162
          Thats News says:

          That’s a good point, mate.

          Tell you what, get off at the terminus and wander up to the Old Contemptibles for a nice pint. Or maybe The Wetherspoons by the Central Library?

          Mind the oss road!

    • 94

      How can you end the north/south divide?? – This is so typical of Labour. They have already tried to end the distinction of Male/Female, Boom/Bust Drink/Dr*nk, War/Peace, why can’t they leave the world alone

      • 191
        Archer Karcher says:

        Because they are obsessive compulsive meddlers, they cant see anything, that they imagine they cannot “improve”.
        Look at where these lunatics have lead us to, what is more, they are proud of their “achievements” too.
        Socialism is a mental disorder.

    • 243
      Unsworth says:

      Define North. Is that North as in ‘I come from North Britain’?

  21. 71
    Tramp says:

    I never bought into the climate bullshit. The whole idea comes across as irrational. If rationality is applied to environmental issues then problems can be solved and changes made. Many foundations working to protect the certain species from extinction – not greenpeace-are quite rational and realistic in their approach to solving problems. The government likes scaremongering so it can hit us all with green taxes.

  22. 76

    I know what this misquoting shite is like. People misquote me all the time.
    What I actually said in the sixties was: “Ask not what your friggin’ country can do for you, jerk-off.
    Ask what the fuck you can do for it.”

  23. 96
    amongomous says:

    There’s many a slip twixt the clit and a flick.

  24. 98
    Old Archer says:

    Cleggy letting the unwashed have a say.

  25. 103
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    He is really only saying what most reasonably minded people know. I think he is trying to show he is human. This is Gordon’s Mork and Mindy moment.

  26. 109
    Martin Day says:

    Tory donors have ploughed five times as much money into Leicestershire ahead of next month’s General Election compared to Labour rivals.

    Major donors have bankrolled Conservatives in the county to the tune of £150,000 over the past five years, while Labour received just £30,000.

    Conservative backers funding constituency parties in Leicestershire include the controversial Lord Ashcroft, the son of a local farmer who trained the 1982 Grand National winner and a successful City trader.

    In the key North West Leicestershire marginal, Tories received donations of £69,000 since the last General Election, while Labour have received just £7,500.

    Conservative candidate Andrew Bridgen said big funding was the only way to compete with Labour as the Conservative manifesto is pure shit.

    • 113
      UNITE says:

      As surely as shite follows Day.

      What a UNITEmare

    • 115

      Let’s face it Martin, Labour can’t handle money issues. They’ve created a massive overdaft in their party finances and saddled the country with the biggest debts ever recorded.

      So of course Labour can’t match the tory election budget, the Tories have been frugal and saved for the event.

    • 117
      can i borrow 1/2 billion a day not week asks Labour says:

      Leicester what a good city it once was but not now.more imigrants than Bradford.ffs

    • 118
      Lord Sugar of Sleeze says:

      Day you ungrateful c’nut, I’ve just paid 400k for my peerage, what have you done with the money???

    • 121
      Martin Day says:

      Oh BTW, did I mention I’m on the sex offenders register?

      • 132
        Scargill says:

        Yes, for trying to molest a miner.

        You won’t do that again, will you?

        • 198
          Archer Karcher says:

          Are there any miners left? I thought that the EU had destroyed the last vestiges with Labour help, to “save the planet” or some such bullshit.

    • 127

      Oh Hello there,

      Just popped in to say Cherie and I are very, very, very rich.

      No seriously, we made a small donation to Gordy’s little slush fund, well Cherie did, she bought him a new exercise book.. fnar…fnar.

      Anyway must go, we’re orf the A&E with our ludicrously fat daughter, she’s swallowed our new MI5 security officer, silly old thing.

      Next time we’re passing we’ll bring you some photo’s of our steaming pile of dosh in Lichtenstien thingy.

      So…fuck orrff for now you poor proles.

    • 129
      Martin Day says:

      I made that last bit up. Soz all.
      Reason we don’t have any cash
      is because nearly everyone with an education
      despises us.

    • 141
      Cockney Geezer says:

      Oi, MD, ‘ow much did yer get from them trade unions, then? It must a bin Milyons of parnds! An’ there was that money that Jack Jones got from old Joe Stalin. I seen it in the papers, that KGB geezer said so.

    • 168
      Thats News says:

      Maybe it is because the only people who want Labour to win are Unite? Many ordinary Labour members have left the party.

    • 230
      Martin Day says:

      Chutney box

  27. 110
    jgm2 says:

    Labour politicians..

    You have the Maximum Imbecile throwing secretaries around.

    You have John Prescott thumping concerned voters

    And now the Chairman of Manchester City council – surely the only council in England still run by Labour….


    • 183
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Not to mention Stephen Purcell’s walk off part as John Stonehouse.

    • 216
      Airey Belvoir says:

      I’ll bet that the poor bastard has been fitted up by a stroppy teenager in a fit of anger.All they have to do is pick up a`phone and say that they have been ‘assaulted’ and the roof falls in. I know a teacher whose stroppy hormonal daughter called the police after a row, saying that he had ‘slammed`a`door in her face.’ Arrested, charged, suspended from work, eight months`of hell despite the`daughter withdrawing her allegation, found not guilty unanimously – but what did it do to the family? I’m all for knocking Labourites, but he may be innocent – our kids have a`scary whip-hand over us in this Kafkaesque State.

  28. 112
    mojofury says:

    Liebour pledge – people suspected of having cancer will be referred to a specialist within two weeks, and get their test results within one week.

    Easily achieved:
    1. Book flight to Tripoli.
    2. Book into Hospital in Tripoli.
    3. Miracle cancer cure.
    4. Learn lastest terrrorist techniques.
    5. Learn aircraft vulnerablities.
    6. Return Home.

    Ever had the feeling you’ve been had? – Ask Alex Salmond

    • 150
      Cockney Geezer says:

      I want to see the same doctor what fixed up Ronnie Biggs. ‘E made a right propper good job of ‘im. That porridge and mail bags diet wasn’t doin’ ‘im any good at all. Def’s door ‘e was. Now look at ‘im.

      Then there was that Chilean general bloke, what’s ‘is face, Pinochet. The same doc must of bin on the plane ‘ome. ‘E goes on in a wheelchair in ‘Eafrow an’ ‘e gets orf in Chile, ‘e only needs a walkin’ stick.

      Don’t get that on the National ‘Elf. Lucky bleeder!

  29. 114
    Old Archer says:

    This is what labour want for us all.

  30. 119
    Woo hoo! says:

    Go and look at the picture on Iain Dale’s site. What a hoot!

  31. 120
    Old Archer says:

    the party that cannot be named getting BBC airtime

  32. 123
    Thick As Thieves says:

    “I’ll put you in the shit”, says David Cameron “If you are daft enough to vote Conservative at the General Election”

    • 136
      P. Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

      Ooooh, lovely !

    • 138
      Sir William Waad says:

      Whereas under Brown we would quickly run out of shit and have to borrow some from the Chinese.

      • 154
        George Osborne says:

        Q. What’s the defenition of Labour’s economic policy? –

        A. Borrowing billions from the Chinese so that our Chavs can buy cheap Chinese imported shite.

  33. 143
    A Wanker who wishes to remain anonymous says:


    Ma name is Gorgon.

    An’ I sav’d the wurld!

    Will ye nae vote fae mae?

    Och Nurse!! – it’s nivva time arlriddy is ut!! But ah’ll bare ma botty for ye fae ye gi’me comfort wi’ yon little pricker.

  34. 144
    QWERTY says:

    Vince Clegg and Nick Cable remind you of anyone?

  35. 149
    Old Archer says:

    BBC spinning it…it’s not were it began or who is to blame.it’s going forward and finding a solution.
    It’s the right thing to do

    • 176
      jgm2 says:

      But surely even the BBC realises that just as Brown has only belatedly, in as low key a way as possible, ‘fessed up to his prior reign of idiocy, the problem now becomes the 300bn quid Brown has squandered since 2007 alone trying to cover up for his idiocy.

      The time foir the mea culpa was when Northern Rock went tits up. Every penny squandered since then has been spent trying to cover up for Brown’s failure. Not addressing the fucking underlying situation.

      • 207
      • 212
        ShoutsAtTheTV says:

        What really pisses me off about Brown’s trying to claim that “HE SAVED NORTHERN ROCK” is that it bears no resemblance to my recollection of events.. Day after day, driving home, listening to PM and shouting at the car radio, “FOR GOD’S SAKE STOP DITHERING!! Name your fking price and buy the fking thing out!”

        His vacillation cost time and money! And as for his ineptitude when it came to laying down the Government’s terms (when he absolutely had all bargaining chips – it was “Either do as I say or you’re dead”) – he allowed them to make massive personal profit as reward for failure!!!!

        The guy could not have done a worse job even if it had been intentioned!

  36. 155
  37. 163
    Mr G Brown says:

    what a night core belive i got so manny frends they all come and say how u gordy and give me wow hugs i ginna gonn like this all pretty lady talking to me ooooo wooow

  38. 165
    Staffy says:

    Nice try, no cigar

    The British National Party has expelled a UKIP mole standing for the B&P in Thurrock after discovering that his aunt was the UKIP candidate and that he had been sent into the party to discredit it, Thurrock organiser Emma Colgate has announced.

    “Mark Onions appeared out of the blue a short while ago and became very active,” Ms Colgate said.

    “We never dreamed for a minute that his aunt was the UKIP candidate standing against us, and he gained our confidence enough to volunteer to be our candidate in the local ward against his aunt.

    “When we discovered the link, our suspicions were alerted that something was amiss.

    “Further research showed that he had posed for prank pictures in pubs and had written things on the Internet which could be used against the B&P, and Mr Onions was formally expelled from the party on Tuesday 13 April,” she continued.

    “Unfortunately we discovered the deception too late to get his name off the ballot paper, but the public should be aware that Mr Onions is not a member of the B&P and has no official backing,” Ms Colgate concluded.

  39. 169
    Labour Values says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Labour beginning to win the debate (and close the gap in the opinion polls). Why is that? Because we sound values as the foundation for all we do and aspire to do. Unlike some political parties…

    • 171
      Spin Doctor says:

      Don’t you mean you’ve got ‘sound bits’ rather than ‘sound values’?

      • 173
        Spin Therapist says:

        I very much doubt if any of their ‘bits’ are sound! But presume that was a typo for ‘sound bites’.

    • 181
      jgm2 says:

      Too bad you have insane economics as the basis of everything you do.

      • 205
        ShoutsAtTheTV says:

        Nah, to be fair, I think their economic policies would work very well if (i) only Labour Voters paid tax and (ii) their Government wasn’t allowed to borrow money.. 13% of people paying all the tax to fund all the non-essential public services which most of us don’t use.

        It could just work!

    • 189
      Lanchester Daily News says:

      Not in the Midlands they ain’t …Labour is getting creamed and support is sliding….Conservatives have 12 point lead and building.

    • 190
      Nailor says:

      So what exactly are these ‘values’ you are so keen to promote?

    • 197
      Time To Go Gordon says:

      Anyone can have “sound values” when it’s backed up with £200 billion of printed money.

  40. 170
    Staffy says:

    The Britis ational Part has expelled a UKIP mole standing for the B ee @ P in Thurrock after discovering that his aunt was the UKIP candidate and that he had been sent into the party to discredit it, Thurrock organiser Emma Colgate has announced.

    “Mark Onions appeared out of the blue a short while ago and became very active,” Ms Colgate said.

    “We never dreamed for a minute that his aunt was the UKIP candidate standing against us, and he gained our confidence enough to volunteer to be our candidate in the local ward against his aunt.

    “When we discovered the link, our suspicions were alerted that something was amiss.

    “Further research showed that he had posed for prank pictures in pubs and had written things on the Internet which could be used against the B& P, and Mr Onions was formally expelled from the party on Tuesday 13 April,” she continued.

    “Unfortunately we discovered the deception too late to get his name off the ballot paper, but the public should be aware that Mr Onions is not a member of the B% P and has no official backing,” Ms Colgate concluded.

  41. 172
    Foot n Mouth says:

    “Let’s see what his boss and New Statesman publisher Spencer Neil has to say about it…”
    So what did he say?

  42. 178
    Article 38 says:

    O/T, but Redwood on good form today:

    Labour, Communism and the antidote

    • 203
      Land for some property for the many says:

      The only way I would buy a council house on an estate is as part of the whole estate going for a quid for redevelopment. I would then demolish the estate bar one house. It’s either own property or a picki packi little box.

    • 225
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Dave should have involved Redwood and Rifkind in this campaign as well as Clarkey. 3 from the final days of the last Tory administration, when things were going OK would have added a bit of gravitas and helped dispel the notion that they are a completely inexperienced team, although Rifkind, an excellent Foreigh secretary, being a Jew, might scupper the raghead vote. Oh dear, there is so much to take into consideration these days. How I long for the time when we were a proud and confident nation and wogs started at Calais.

  43. 180
    Foot n Mouth says:

    Gordon might get his out yet,McCain is saying it’s time to pull the trigger on the gun pointing at Iran.

  44. 184

    Who is Anastasia Beaumont-Bott? She looks about 12 years old. I suggest the Tories are better off without her.

  45. 185
    Old Archer says:

    salute to Pvt Kennedy there.

  46. 186
    Time To Go Gordon says:

    I thought the head of the IMF said Brown had never mentioned tighter regulation.

  47. 192
    More News says:

    Why is the rest of the news going on in the world not be reported. Like this for instance.

  48. 200
    • 213
      Jimmy Hoffa says:

      The Teamsters do not condone any form of bullying and distance themselves from this person.

  49. 204
    Martin Day says:

    Gordon Brown is set to humiliate the Tory twerp-in-chief,David Cameron, over the National Insurance fiasco in the televised debates


    Tory claims that Labour’s impending 1% rise in National Insurance would remove 57,000 jobs from the economy have been challenged by earlier research undertaken by George Osborne’s own economic adviser, according to the Financial Times.

    The FT cites a 2007 paper by three economists, including Osborne confidant Rupert Harrison, in The Economic Journal which deals with the effects of taxes on unemployment. Applying the methodology to National Insurance results in 27,000 lost jobs, the FT claims, far fewer that current Tory estimates.

    On Tuesday the Tory party unveiled its manifesto in which it detailed a plan to increase the thresholds on National Insurance. The party claimed the measures would soften the worst effects of the rise, due next year. However, employers would still face some uplift in contributions for their workers.

    If David Cameron’s Conservatives keep on pursuing this line they are bigger idiots than I had first thought.

    • 232
      South of the M4 says:

      You though, are not a bigger idiot than I originally thought.

      • 236
        A Signatory says:

        A really big idiot would think the employment climate was the same as when that research was done, 2007 or earlier.

  50. 206
    Care in the Community says:

    DC has got his work cut out trying to empower individuals within society. Passed its sell by date Labour, business and media have done a brilliant in creating a brainwashed herd of sheeple. To give the obedient dolly the sheep and Tupp any responsibility or choice means new neural pathways in their brains must occur before they can make a decision. This is a slow process.

    • 208
      Frazzled crackled and popped says:

      I’d take that a stage further. The old neural pathways have been burnt in with alcohol and drugs. This will make it very hard, if not impossible with this generation.

      • 237
        Old Seth says:

        Sad but true. Half the population cant think any further ahead than their next text message.

  51. 210


    What the fuck? Electoral Commision launches investigation in B&P 2008 accounts… now? Mid election? Are they remotely serious?

    And if they find there are glitches in the account… from my reading of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, they can declare the party isn’t lawwfully a registered party and that means…. their candidacies are.. kaput?

    Are they nuts? even this shitty government wouldnt’ try and win seats by banning their opponents…. surely….

    • 227
      jgm2 says:

      Oh come on Frank. I’ve been predicting that for months now.

      Of course Labour want the B&P off the ballot sheet. They’re losing votes to them hand over fist. Plus – presumably going back to 2008 negates their Euro MPs too. And it’s not like Brussels will put up a fight for the B&P.

    • 235
      John Bull says:

      did you think you were living in a democracy – this is the post democratic age

    • 238
      Old Seth says:

      The Electoral Commission couldn’t conceive of moving quickly enough to affect this election. Just another Labour smear, no doubt.

  52. 211
    Sir George of Formby says:

    Turned out nice again!

    • 242
      Dock Green Plonker says:

      You’ve been standing under that lampost with your dick out tickling the banjo long enough. Time to move along or I’ll f*cking asbo yer.

  53. 215
    QWERTY says:

    I wish the fucking BBC would stop going on about fucking bummers. What is the obsession at the BBC with young boys arses?

  54. 228
    Adios El Gordo says:

    lib dems about to knock on my door – what should i ask?

  55. 240
    Jimmy says:

    You and Blaney should get the A-Team back together for this one. What do you think?

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Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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