April 14th, 2010

Balls : Damian McBride is My Friend, Still Speak to Him

With rumours circulating that Damian McBride will be spinning for Ed Ball’s forthcoming leadership campaign,  (if , and it is an if, he holds his Morley and Outwood seat).  Brillo got straight to the point at this morning’s Labour Party press conference:

C’mon down Damian, Guido misses you…


  1. 1
    The Court of Public Opinion says:



    • 2
      TheDevineOne says:

      Not really. Balls has only one brain cell, and he needs McBrides one so that they have two to rub together.


      • 19
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Shit sticks to the shoe that trod on it,


        • 58
          Fat Bloke on Tour says:

          C Men

          Keep up the good work.
          Food chain at the BBC has Robbo generating the sewage, you spreading it and “Old Leatherface” doing the donkey work.

          AN getting sloppy seconds again, well at least some things never change.


          Big Society = Big Swizz.
          Scratchy has spent 4 years reverse engineering the question into the only answer he has — “your on your own”.

          Free Schools = The Inclosure Act for Education.


        • 200
          Furious Capitalist says:

          This is surely the Gay news not the Guy news. These Hunts, all they think about is getting rearended. No wonder the country is fucked. Well I don’t take kindly to getting fucked. So they can all go and fuck off.


    • 3
      The Jury of Public Opinion says:


      Hang them all.


    • 88
      NotaSheep says:

      But there’s a school in North London that is relying on Damian McBride’s PR skills.


    • 170
      Major Blink says:

      is that margy becketts daughter in that halifax ad above


  2. 4
    God says:

    You shall judge a man by his friends.


    • 29
      Mr Slater says:

      I must be a Parrot, then.


    • 68
      AC1 says:

      How do we judge Tat?


      • 89
        stilyagi_air_corp says:

        By his work on his blog.


        • 121
          Anon says:

          You’re just jealous because you don’t have a successful blog like TaT.
          But getting back on topic: you’ve got to larf haven’t you?
          If the Tories chances of winning was fuelled by how much they whinged they would win a majority of over a hundred seats.
          And for Guido the master traducer to start whingeing about McBride is beyond hypocrisy. You simply couldn not make it up. You must have been blushing when you posted this thread Guido.
          You have taken irony to new and ridiculous levels and for that I salute you.


          • stilyagi_air_corp says:

            Strange, I thought you would have thanked me for the compliment. Maybe TaT doesn’t have a real blog, after all! No matter how much it gets talked about on Guido’s site, it’s just vapourware, and therefore both use and value-less.

            This site ain’t your blog, TaT, it’s just an extension to your kharzi wall. Fool!


          • Anon says:

            I was talking to AC1 who is jealous that TaT is successful and AC1 is a failure who lives off the inheritance he gained from pushing his poor old mum down the stairs and breaking her neck.
            I was not talking to you SAC, I was talking over you.


      • 115
        Behold it's tat says:

        look in the mirror tat


    • 189
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Balls is the Labour Party’s Gollum…he doesn’t have any friends!!


  3. 6
    jgm2 says:

    Mandelson has had a face-lift.


  4. 8
    Well Done Brillo. says:

    Mandy didn’t seem too pleased that Mr Neil managed to get his question in.

    No denial from Balls that he does employ a spin doctor then.


  5. 9
    jgm2 says:



    It didn’t have to be like this. We could be out of this economic crisis by now instead of paying 200bn quid a year to feed it.


    • 33
      Engineer says:

      Won’t happen here. Far too sensible and straightforward.


    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      Apparently the LibDems have identified £10bn annual savings.



      • 74
        jgm2 says:

        I’ve identified 14bn quid in savings.

        That’s how much extra it would have cost us if Brown had held the election on June 3rd instead of May 6th.


        • 158
          Anonymous says:

          Aren’t you basing that on the assumption that whoever wins on May 6th is actually going to cut the borrowing?

          I thought all three main parties were in broad agreement: increasing the debt by ~£160bn a year is about right.


          • Furious Capitalist says:

            Do you not mean funding the Afghan WAR, so that some CIA bods can sell Smack around the world.


          • TheDevineOne says:

            Could save billions by retreating – no more soldiers in far flung places, no more MEP, get rid of the Government, and local councillors pay us for the privillage of running the council. If they do well, they get some Tesco/M&S Vouchers at the end of the year.


    • 77
      Blair's Paid Ego Parrot says:

      Thank you for posting that.Same thing happened in the ‘Depression of 1920′. The Federal Reserve did nothing and the President cut Government spending DRAMATICALLY.After a year,it was all over.The Keynesians avoid talking about it because they can’t explain it.

      Buy ‘Economics In One Lesson’ by Henry Hazlitt if you want to understand what Socialists and special interests have done to the human race.


    • 80
      AC1 says:

      I’ve identified around 600 Billion in savings.

      Basically Government is a “hammer”, so stop it doing anything that doesn’t involve “nails”.

      State= Force, so it’s no wonder that Healthcare, Education, Retirement and Benefits are messing up the country. It’s the wrong tool.

      Core State = Armed Forces, Police, Judiciary, Coast Guard and connectivity.


    • 98
      jgm2 says:

      But Starkey points out it took only three years to get to that happy position. We’re already two years into the 200bn a year cover-up. If Brown had taken action the day Northern Rock went tits up this would all be over by now. Instead of which we still have it all ahead of us and fuckwits like Bob Crow just fucking itching for a scrap.

      Every job is sacred, every job is good. every job is needed in your neighbourhood.



      • 204
        udderly 'orrible says:

        And the horrendous Gargoyle has finally admitted he’s to blame, “I listened to the banks when they called for less regulation, I learnt a lesson”, (b*llocks of course this Marxist cretin is unteachable) call in the lawyers, imbecile cost us all 3 trillion pounds, take him to the Tower.


        • 214
          Klingon Breath says:

          Yes and shows how weak and indecisive he is – no use handwringing now.


        • 232
          DysgwrCymraeg says:

          Listen guys, the admission from the gargolye is simply motivated. Just ahead of the Tv debates he’s making a defence on that score in advance, just in case his line about the tories actually calling for less regulation doesn’t work first time round. It’s getting his retaliation in first. Obviously things went tits up, so yeah ” I learned some lessons” is always a get-out for these morons.


    • 239
      manicbeancounter says:

      Have to be pessimistic, but Canadian Debt was 70% of GDP and deficit was just 9%. For the UK it will peak at 95% (under Darlings forecast) and 12.2%.

      About time someone tried to see how much was Gordo’s fault and how much the “world-wide recession”.




  6. 11
    Twat a Fuckwit says:

    What I’d do to be austracised by that shower of shite.


  7. 12
    Tory Boy can't take a Joke says:


  8. 13
    Ed Balls says:

    so what!


  9. 15
    Lincolnshire Squire says:

    Well done, Andrew McNeil. They don’t like it up ‘em, do they?


  10. 16
    Anonymous says:

    N.B. There’s another spin doctor still at Brown’s side who has done, and is doing, some VERY BAD THINGS………….time to investigate?


    • 99
      Hang The Bastards says:

      Well I will be there to throw a ROTTEN EGG at the stupid cow Harriet !

      Thanks for the pre-advanced warning.


      • 123
        Dan Dare says:

        She probably likes to eat rotten eggs.
        Reptiles from outer space “lurve” rotten eggs.
        So does the Mekon I believe.


    • 100
      AC1 says:

      The fact that there’s an “LGBT Labour manifesto”* is a good reason not to vote Labour.

      *Or any more-equal group.


  11. 18
    A well hung Parliament please!!! ex BBC cunt, Ben 'buggering' Bradshaw says:

    What a fucking wretched shower of human filth NaziLabour are.

    However, given the moral depravity and utter stupidity which exists amongst NaziLabour’s client state, why shouldn’t degenerates likes McBride be at the heart of the British Government?

    Little Lord Sodomite sits lecturing the grateful people about business when we know how he will do anything to break laws to aid crooked businessmen who donate to Labour, yet no-one in the MSM asks why are you, a mortgage fraudster permitted to take the stand at every Labour event?

    Even more stomach churning are the gutteral utterances of our loony spendaholic PM whom the MSM permit to criticise the Tory spending plans as ‘uncosted’.
    Which mainstream journo holds the loony to account for doubling the national debt during a global economic boom, and then to double it again?

    It’s no wonder the polls are tied, this country has become a cesspit where Labour can get away with anything.
    People no longer want to have their own choices, in the Stalinist UK, huge swathes now want someone else to make their decisions for them.

    The scroungers, the moronic, the feckless, the feral, the fraudsters, they will forgive NaziLabour anything so long as their benefits keep rolling in.

    That’s why its gonna be so much fun when the money runs out, lots of hard choices then


    • 42
    • 56
      backwoodsman says:

      Hasten the day, tax strike anyone ?


    • 90
      English Liberation Front says:

      Yes, the New Labour hegemony are like the Nazi gangsters. Arrogant, too pleased with themselves, manipulative, believing in the power of propaganda before anything else, demonising opposition to their plans, persecuting and oppressing free speech.

      A truly nasty bunch of thugs.


    • 183
      Time To Go Gordon says:

      British people today seem like those Russians in the 90s who longed for a return to the Soviet Union because they couldn’t cope with all the choices they had to make. About 65% of the British public seem to want to be told what to do. I can’t think of any other Western country that would put up with the erosions of freedoms we have put up with.

      A small example is the way Londoners put up with the constant closing of tube lines for maintenance. When it was suggested to a Parisian that they could do the same on the Paris metro he said it was impossible as the French public would never allow it. In Paris the lines stay open all day and maintenance work is carried out during the night.


  12. 20
    Brown Hater says:

    Why does anyone give Mandy (for it is he) the oxygen of any publicity or credibility?

    A twice resigned, in disgrace, unelected Minister…what is it about this individual which captivates the Westminster Village people?


  13. 21

    Damien. Omen II. The Return.

    Bring Back Derek to the campaign team too. It will be like Gotham city.


  14. 22
    concrete pump says:

    If Balls flattened his hair with some blue Dax, he’d look like a fat Hitler, sans tache.


  15. 23
    PM says:

    I want to see Balls in a live debate.


  16. 24
    Damien The Dog says:

    Mandelson’s “Oh shit” face might make this the post of the week


  17. 31
    Whelan 'n' Dealin' Bullyboy says:

    Isn’t Damien McPoison an integral part of Labour’s Fourshits of Hell ?


  18. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Just listen to the tone of Fondlebum’s voice as he cuts Brillo off, right at the end of the clip.


  19. 37
    The electorate says:

    It might be lovely to have Andrew there
    but your time’s up my lord. Off you fuck.


  20. 39
    CEOPS says:

    Ed Balls
    Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.

    Damian McBride
    Liaison Officer, Finchley Catholic High School.

    Is there a connection?


  21. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Brillo for President!


  22. 48
    Penfold says:

    What a pile of shiite.
    A pox and plague on the pair of ‘em.

    By the way, was Mandy minding Balls from Footinmouthitis, OR, was Balls ensuring that Mandy didn’t tout for any mortgage loans or dodgy sponsorship.


  23. 55
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Heres one I heard on the radio to ask your mates – sort of gets things in proportion.

    The debt the government has to pay is the equivalent of borrowing a million quid a day since the birth of which of the following?

    A. Tony Bliar
    B. Winston Churchill
    C. Jesus Christ

    Amen to that, Bruin.


  24. 65
    nell says:

    Balls for next labour leader with the unlovely damian at his side. It would be worth watching him win his outwood and morley seat for that.

    If balls end up leader, Labour will be out of power for good. Odious man.


    • 72
      I despair says:

      I dunno.

      They could have Gary Glitter as leader and
      they’d still poll 30%.


      • 81
        jgm2 says:

        And Labour lobotomite apoligists would still be giving it ‘It’s the right thing to do’ not like the ‘do nothing Tories’ who would ‘endanger the recovery’.


      • 82
        John Terry is snide and untrustworthy says:

        I agree and also despair but the reason is Cameron and his pathetic sidekick Osborne. The Tories should be streets ahead by now if there was any justice. I hope for a hung parliament and many heads will be knocked together. Fucking cesspit of a country!


    • 75
      Reichschancellor ( in-waiting, and waiting and waiting ) GoBalls says:


  25. 66
    Falling Crime Rate says:

    The BBC’s Jane Hill reports: “A member of the public asked us why our cameras and the police were outside the health centre being visited by Gordon Brown…When we explained that the PM was inside, she said: ‘Oh I thought there must have been a murder. That’s far more likely round here.'”


    • 77
      Labour Values says:

      We eliminated child poverty in the last Parliament – we’ll eliminate murder in the next one (if voters have the sense to support us)


      • 83
        jgm2 says:

        I want you to eliminate cancer like you promised to last year. Not like the ‘do-nothing Tories’ who would give everybody cancer because they like eating cancer-riddled babies.

        Vote Labour.


      • 101
        English Liberation Front says:

        Probably by locking everyone up.


        • 110
          A mere peasant says:

          We are locked up, in HMP GB. Murder to be reclassified as ‘negative inmate incarceration experience’.


      • 103
        Debunker says:

        That reminds me of what was said about Long Term Capital Management and the number of lies in that title. You’ve managed to produce even more – okay, you did have a whole sentence.


        • 114
          Labour Values says:

          Okay, Debunker, where have I lied. I admit I can’t state positively what the future will bring, but Labour’s policies on crime are the way forward. We’re not only tough on murder, but tough on its causes.


          • Debunker says:

            It’s true that you managed to eliminate ‘MP poverty’.


          • Animal says:

            Child poverty in this country certainly has not been “eliminated” – the figures quoted by the Campaign to End Child Poverty stand at around 4 million children – and with no measures on this in the last budget along with the deepest recession since Great War, it will continue. So yes, you did write out a whopping lie there.

            Of course, Liebore could just fix the stats to say child poverty doesn’t exist in the UK – rather like how Balls just plays with the education stats to cover up his own failings.

            Now, about this idea that a future Liebore Government will ‘eliminate murder’. Exactly how will they do that – rename it as ‘involuntary euthanasia’ perhaps?


          • TheDevineOne says:

            No, it will be known as recycling, and all useful parts will be sold off to pay the country’s debts – kidneys, hearts, eyes, liver, for replacement surgery; legs and arms for medical students; teeth and hair for the cosmetic industry, and anything left over will be used for soap. Vote Labour, you know it makes sense.


      • 153
        Penfold says:

        What a load of bollocks, child poverty, since when have children been sent out to work down mine or up chimney stack in th elast 50 years.
        You arse hole, child poverty has been dreamt up by the PR boys as an excuse for letting people breed without having the financial wherewithal to look after their issue. Mainly ethnic types or have provided no economic gain to the country OR feckless tarts who have multiple brats from different fathers. Where the CSA doesn’t even bother to hound the absent fathers, as it was probably the reult of a one night knee trembler in a back alley somewhere.
        Child Poverty my arse, yet another con on the public to fleece people of hard earned cash.

        Dickhead, fuck orff to Pyonyang and the real Great Leader.


        • 192
          Labour Values says:

          Using a lot of swearwords may make you feel a ‘real man’, but detracts from your argument. Our values are built around constructive debate rather than cheap insults.


  26. 85
    pissed of voter says:

    There’s something really creepy about Balls. I always feel very uncomfortable when he appears on the box. Is he, perchance, on the sex offenders register?


    • 118
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      You have good reason: http://tinyurl.com/4v2xt7
      As you can see, from an early age he was pissing in the faces of those who fought wars so he was free to flip his house 3 times in 2 years whilst they had to choose between heating and eating. Getting them to pay for the poppies at their own service didn’t merit a second thought for this Right Honourable member: http://tinyurl.com/r4kggh


    • 134
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      I doubt it. But it may complement his bedtime reading.


  27. 95
    PM says:

    And they still say there’s going to be a hung parliament. Bollocks.


  28. 96
    julian says:

    Look at Mandy’s face when McBrides name came up. I thought perhaps he was having problems with his prolapsed arsehole again………..and ineed he was.


  29. 102
    Leaky pipes says:

    Nice to see those wankers at beeb still stitching up Dave getting live comments when not prepared again.


    • 113
      Natural Dave says:

      I think Dave came over far better when he thought he was off air. The Natural Dave is more likeable than the politician on TV Dave.


  30. 105
    Anonymous says:

    If Brown admits to taking his eye off the ball about the banks, then the questions is what other, less obvious, areas has he missed. It seems the Labour goals overrode reality. They ignored the world while they got on with their planned social changes. That is not government.

    So what else did he miss:
    1. The spy state. All countries are free to create databases of all our assets.
    2. The “affordable housing” scam. Good principle but no protection. Tied cottages. Next big fraud.
    3. The demise of maintenance. Why clean it, we could just rebuild it!
    4. PFI. Why pay now …
    5. Fuel speculation, lack of storage.
    6. Electricity Generation. Lack of a plan.
    7. The idle majority. Who would run a company with so many not contributing.


  31. 109
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Please BBC show more of the Hunt-Duo Mand & Balls !

    If anything is going to stop these twats getting back into power, it is more people hearing them spout more shite .

    They are utter gutter scum !

    (BTW – Is Cooper Balls still sucking Telegraph Balls ?)


    • 117
      John Terry is snide and untrustworthy says:

      (BTW – Is Cooper Balls still sucking Telegraph Balls ?)

      No, she’s now into telegraph posts.


      • 136
        jgm2 says:

        I heard it was Telegraph Poles. But I’m sure it’s just a vicious rumour.


        • 138
          Hang The Bastards says:

          She is a dirty cheap slag !


        • 141
          Hang The Bastards says:

          She has used he Erotic Capital to the full to get where she is…….

          Suck off a few journalists to get airtime to have a rant to get into the Cabinet…. EASY !

          Oh & make sure Ed doesnt find out…. but them again he’s probably getting bummed at the same time from a Brown & Mandy spitroast.


        • 173
          PM says:

          What’s worse? Being boned by Ed Balls or having to bone Yvette Cooper? Answers on a postcard to…


    • 147
      Labour Values says:

      All you can do is feebly focus on personalities. We’re going to stay in office because we have superior policies, underpinned by superior values such as fairness.


      • 175
        Number 10's cat says:

        You want fair?
        Try dividing the global economic output by the planetary population.
        Answer: a planet of paupers.
        That’s fairness for you


        • 195
          Labour Values says:

          Not actually true, but I’ll leave you to do the work – try looking at sources like the OECD or World Bank rather than chuck in a ‘fact-free’ post.


          • Number 10's cat says:

            Straight out of Rapid Rebuttal Unit playbook.
            Get something out there, even though it’s completly devoid of any substance.
            You are the one rebutting, YOU construct the cogent arguument.


      • 184
        brown bread says:

        Er….sorry to disappoint, but you’re not staying in office.

        Now fuck off.


  32. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Mandy has Balls in his hand.


    • 132
      Lib Dem Hold The Balance of Power says:

      Nick Clegg has Gordon Brown and David Cameron by the nuts you mean.


      • 137
        Hang The Bastards says:

        Limp Dick Clegg ? are you having a laff……

        He has the nerve to say the Tories £6bn is outragous & then goes & declares a £17gn tax rebate.

        The bloke is a fooking daft Hunt


        • 157
          Lib Dem Hold The Balance of Power says:

          And that 17billion pounds tax rebate will go mainly to low earners who immediately spend 95 per cent of the wages they receive which means most of the tax cut will be injected straight into the economy.
          With thicko Tories like you in charge offering tax breaks only to the rich like George W Bush, the public finances which are terrible enough under Brown would get even worse.
          The Tories would finish this country off. Look at what Bush’s tax breaks for the rich did to the American economy, it almost destroyed it.
          Now they have President Obama in charge things are starting to get better.
          Republicans are the same as the Conservative, they place party and self interest before national interest.


  33. 140
    concrete pump says:

    Massively O/T, (apologies).

    Wind turbines are sinking, oh the joy. Wrong agg, wrong slump, hahahahahaha!



  34. 144
    Lord Manhandlemyballs says:

    Move along now, nothing to see here.


  35. 151
    What is the point? says:

    I don’t understand this last Labour poster. What point are they trying to make?

    If you’re there for him, he won’t be there for you



    • 164
      Old Archer says:

      made by some coke addled chimp,and approved by an idiot


    • 174
      Mrs Sarah Comfort-Brownklet says:

      It means if you vote for him, he’ll leave you alone. He won’t tax you and send part of your hard-earned to a Glaswegian estate full of crackheads – somehting I think they call ‘fairness’.


  36. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Of course he still speaks to him, two peas in a pod.


  37. 162
    Old Archer says:

    Gordon, for his mistakes will now make the banks pay, tough on banks.tough on the causes of banks.


  38. 166
    Major Blink says:

    is laura koons software fucked today, she seems to be blinking like mad


  39. 171
    Lincolnshire Squire says:

    If you listen carefully, you can hear Mandleson telling Balls to ‘Be careful’.


  40. 182
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are”.

    Right from the begining of Newlabour I was baffled as to how anybody could have voted for that slippery fucker mangleschlom; what were they thinking (if at all)


  41. 191
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    Fuck that must be rivetting dinner party – Blinky No Mates, McBride,Mrs Balls and McRuin.
    What would they talk about ?

    ‘Gordon here’s the list of the seven people we have not briefed against in the last 13 years. Actually it’s worse than that because us 4 are on the list and the rest are dead’

    ‘Ed, I am a strong leader – start smearing everyone on the list -get on to it before the cheese and biscuits( which I am not sure if I like or not.Give me a few days to decide)

    Did you manage to find any more party faithful I can stand up speak passionately to?

    ‘Sorry Gordon,we have covered all 264 many times over. We think you might have to talk to …..ordinary people.

    ‘Yvette, phone an ambulance,Gordon’s collapsed ‘


  42. 199
    John Bull says:

    brillo is the nearest thing to a journalist with integrity the msm have today


  43. 201
    Nutstuffer says:

    The Prime Mincer is now starting to overreach himself…as the de facto campaign strategist his condescending two faced double talking manner is beyond irritating it is pathetic to hear.

    Edbutnoballs is beginning the re-alignment process to position himself ready for the forthcoming leader election…the question remains will he be going for the top spot or as chancellor to mandleslime as PM ?

    Both of these men are repulsive cretins.

    As for the Lib dem event…not a bad performance from cleggie but the party has no depth..no talent within it and as kingmaker in waiting should a hung parliament become a reality a very sad prospect for the country to live with.


  44. 205
    Gordon Brown Farts on TV says:


  45. 210
    I hate New Labour says:

    I really hope Balls is the next Labour leader.

    That should be enough to keep them in opposition for years and years, the poisonous twerp.


  46. 212
    Klingon Breath says:

    Another piece of Liebour spin and whitewash – just don’t let facts get in the way of more taxation and waste”
    “‘No malpractice’ by climate unit ”
    If it wasn’t so serious I’d ROFL -


  47. 230
    Charlie says:

    Who is on Brillo’s left? Very yummy!


  48. 234

    […] Whelan was also copied in on all those Smeargate emails sent a year ago. With Balls saying only this morning that he’s still in touch with his old mate McPoison “from time to time” (contradicting what […]


  49. 235
    anun says:

    I like how hard Mandelson squeezes Balls’ arm at the beginning.


  50. 238
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    just watched brillo nail BALLS on the DP show classic Mandy attempt to avoid the question WHAT A BUNCH OF WANKERS


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