April 12th, 2010

Gordon’s Cheerleader

As the Prime Mentalist took to the stage at his Pyongyang  style manifesto launch he was introduced by his chief cheerleader the famous-for-Twitter Ellie Gellard. Some might know her better as the self-titled “BevaniteEllie“, Labour’s 24/7 twittering foghorn. While she may tweet her way through the ups and downs of Brown’s last days, some might consider the choice less than appropriate. Given that Labour last week sacked a candidate for inappropriate jokes on Twitter, there seems to be some double standard for poster girls. Making jokes about Thatcher breaking her neck is fine apparently, and gets you a spot on the top platform.  But who is this dyed in the wool Labour activist?

Reading between the lines you can see why Labour wouldn’t want this well spoken, rich-girl socialite on television before. She’s hardly your average Labour voter. Growing up on the mean streets of Holland Park and attending one of the most selective schools in the country, Bevan must be turning in his grave. How many “average students” Labour are trying to reach out to can quaff champagne when flitting between London and Paris to go clubbing whenever she chooses? Does Gellard really relate to working people whilst sipping cocktails on a yacht?  She is more Mandelsonian New Labour than anything Old Labour’s Nye Bevan would recognise…

UPDATE: Seems Sky News are a little grumpy that reams of press officers wouldn’t let them get anywhere near Gellard for an interview. The whole painfully stage managed affair is unravelling. She was only trusted to read from a script and perhaps that plummy accent wouldn’t have gone down so well on the lunchtime news…


  1. 1
    Em says:

    Bevanite my ARSE

    I fucking hate these Champagne Socialist idiots.

    She’s a Bristolean RaaaaaaRR. Probably never seen a council estate in her life.

    Labour use twitter like an uncool Dad at your wedding trying to be ‘hip’.

    • 11

      We’re all being toffs together.

      • 12
        Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

        Of course, when two shags gets kicked upstairs to the Lords, we’ll all be Toffs now!

        • 135
          We’re all being toffs together. says:

          • Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

            So she would also like to take some of the credit with the EU Tories for killing Iraq women and children, they must pay well to ease that conscience!

      • 32
        Mr Ned says:

        I fucking hate these hypocritical labour toff bastards! They are the most foul, evil, fucked up fucking nasty bastard wankmonkeyfucking twatting necrotic, rotting fuetid foul-smelling nasty cunts in British Politics.

        I bet you won’t see her canvassing around a Liverpool council estate!

        • 128
          Mrs B says:

          Well said. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

          • Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

            There is no Labour party, there is no Tory party, They are both in the the EUSSR/NWO corporate fascist puppets party.

            Selling the country out for corporate profits and a seat on their boards is what they do!

        • 212
          ComicalEllit says:

          People need to be following @ComicalEllie on Twitter. Megalolz parody of Gellard.

        • 279
          Nine Incher says:

          Poor little rich girl likes rough cock. Trouble is all the really rough boys are off to join bloody Griffin.

        • 348
          A Manchester Tory says:

          A Labour Voter in Liverpool ! Their IQ is smaller than their sock size.

      • 40
        Penfold says:

        Ahhh, Champagne Socialism, always the best.

        Just like ole Hodge, when she screwed up Islington’s schools.

    • 28

      It is what all labour people want to be, to get out of the pits, then sh!t on those who are in the pits.
      They feel that when they have reached the top, it is their right.

      • 165
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        They don’t just shit on the diggers they leave behind, they pull up the ladder then shout ‘dig harder!’. No one does hypocrisy quite like Labour.

    • 30
      Animal says:

      You only have to take one look at Ellie Gellard and the words of the song Common People from Pulp kick in loud and clear.

      She really has not got a clue. Not one.

      • 35
        AngerMouse says:

        Spot on!

        • 88
          Brown Hater says:

          She’s in good company then!!

          • You only have to take one look at Dave and the words of Common People kick in loud and clear. says:

            He really has not got a clue. Not one.

          • But Dave’s not pretending to be a commoner!

          • Animal says:

            Looks like Liebore have paid the trolls in Aldi vouchers again. Sticking up a YouTube vid of some halfwit impersonator and left-whinger with a quick copy/paste of previous comments only shows the shallowness of your debating abilities.

            Gellard is a clueless, patronising Labour monkey who would scweam and scweam until she was sick if she had ever been at the sharp end of Brown’s ruinous handling of this country. A part-time socialist who enjoys nice clothes, a warm house, decent food and lovely holidays whilst making condescending remarks about those in society left behind, trampled on and plain ignored. Little wonder then that she loves Polly Toynbee so much – they are so alike it’s akin to witnessing an apprentice brown-nosing their mentor.

            Next up: Emily Benn, proof positive that Liebore remains fixated with it’s own little club and promoting its own while ignoring the merits of those on the outside of its ever-decreasing circle.

          • Animong says:

            why debate with such an obvious hypocrite?

          • TosserWatch says:

            twats like you Animong have cornered the market in hypocrisy so just vote labour and fuck off to oblivion

      • 36
        Mr Ned says:

        Too bloody right! Spot on! She is a foul, patronising, hypocritical bitch! If she was my daughter I would cut her off financially completely. If she wants to know what it is like to be a student under labour, she can get a part time job stacking shelves to make enough money to keep her in pot-noodles and cheap Lidl Cider.

        Champagne? Trips to France? FUCK THAT!

        • 148
          jgm2 says:

          The trouble is, Ned, that while her daddy can probably afford to indulge her little ‘common people’ lifestyle there are a hell of a lot of students brought up in the past 13 years of monumental parental and governmental debt who are trying to have the same lifestyle on borrowed money.

          They have become so conditioned to a bling lifestyle (bought with borrowed money), endless academic ‘achievement’ simply for cut’n’n’pasting from the internet on their laptop (bought with borrowed money’, their degree (bought with borrowed money) that many of ‘em imagine that they’re dear little Ellie Gellard. And if they’re not then it is only a matter of borrowing some more money.

          We’re fucked. This daft bint is a role model for an entire generation of fuckwits without the IQ to get a job or save a cent. Thing is, Ellie will be married to some old school chum and having sex in front of the AGA when the rest of her brain-dead Labour voters are queueing for soup handouts.

          • Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

            There is no soup, Dave said they can starve to death – yes really!

          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah. The education system has gone off the rails in 2 major ways. The obvious is academic standards – in science, we’ve totally lost it. But also, and maybe worse, the no-failure entitlement culture it has engendered.

    • 53

      But the gel wants champagne for everyone. How egalitarian is that, ya?

    • 60
      socialit do NOT have a clue says:

      Ed Balls was on the radio yesterday. he said young people in his constituency needed skill these days as they could no longer go down the pit. The Skills he referred to were working in call centers and he had absolutely no idea that underground minining is highly skilled and takes many years to learn

      • 90
        Lord G says:

        You could have stopped after ‘idea’…

      • 96
        NotaSheep says:

        If we start listing all the things that Ed Balls has no idea about we are going to be here a very long time…

      • 100

        They could be “retrained” as doctors, teachers and engineers as one trade unionist said of the semi-literate Afghan asylum seekers.

        • 156
          jgm2 says:

          NO reason at all why their kids (the natives kid’s) couldn’t be trained as dcotors, teachers and engineers. Except for one teeny problem. Their parents lack the ambition to see them better themselves. Because if their kids did become doctors, teachers and engineers it would call into question how they squandered their own educational opportunity.

          Labour might say it wants these kids to become Doctors, teachers and engineers but that is bullshit. Labour politicians want their kids to become doctors, teachers and engineers (and Labour politicians) but they want your kids to do a shit degree at a shit ‘university and hide from the dole for six years thus making them (Labour) look good at your expense.

          The last thing they want is for the working class to wise up and realise that it is Labour who keeps ‘em in the ghetto. Labour, voting, for the use of.

          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            Although discredited, the belief in Social Darwinism/eugenics still runs strong throughout the left. As long as Labour politicians, activists and their families are at the top of their parochial dung heap, they are quite content.

          • AC1 says:

            It’s not the social darwinism that’s the problem it’s Darwinism PLUS a false faith in zero-sum economics (Marx). This leads them to believe that for one to succeed others should be made to fail.

          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            ‘A rising tide raises all ships’ breaks the Labour Law of Fisiks.

    • 107
      Good afternoon stupids says:

      Why not make it simple for the idiots.

    • 130
      Fucking har har says:

      paddy’s banging around again yippeeeeeeee

    • 142
    • 196
      Connie linctus says:

      You are a very unpleasant person,please fuck off.

    • 200

      i bet she’s got a nice little despatch box

    • 238
      Ellie Gellard says:

      Polly Toynbee’s columns make me cry

    • 329
      Yvette Cooper says:

      I’d give her one

      • 333
        TosserWatch says:

        you’d give anything with legs one yvette …just look at that twat you sleep next to

  2. 2

    Is there a recording of this twaddle somewhere?

  3. 3
    David Cameron says:

    I’m off and running

    I went to the doctor’s the other day and found out my new doctor is a young female, drop-dead gorgeous!

    I was embarrassed but she said, “Don’t worry, I’m a professional – I’ve seen it all before. Just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll help you in any way I can.”

    I said, “I think my cock tastes funny…”

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, such a moronic stance as portrayed by this silly girl seems such a waste.

  5. 5
    BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

    She would have to keep that mouth well and truly shut if she wanted me to entertain her !!
    I assume she is straight out of Tony Bliar’s Faith Foundation??? scary !!!

    • 272
      one party state says:

      The faith foundation thats sole purpose appears to be to destroy the faiths by trying to merge them!

      Very NWO subversive social destruction.

  6. 6
    bartleby says:

    Doable with some duct tape over her gob. End of story.

    • 21
      The Yorkshire Ripper says:

      Have to cut a hole in it though…..

    • 39
      Mr Ned says:

      I’d rather wank than fuck a champagne socialist like her. I have standards, me!

      • 74
        Better a wank than a skank says:

        Agree totally with you Mr Ned

        • 94
          The Dirty Rat says:

          Hang on a mo.

          • Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

            When do they make her a peer and shit on us again again while banging on about `democracy`, yes that thing we used to have that miss emily P died for (remember her hardman?), oh thats right the politicians sold it for a seat on a few corporate boards to their EUSSR police state corporate masters, just the same as the Tories.

            Who voted for warsi?

            You think they are interested in what you think or say (when the anti free speech laws alow it off course) or how you vote in the duopoly elections that the NWO press and TV pravda hurd the sheep into the pre determined pens.

            That is why they can ignore you, because the press is corrupt.

          • Waste nothing we can't afford it says:

            true. It won’t be very long before the proles, which everyone will be soon will be eating abortions and tinned afterbirth

  7. 7
    The Sleeper says:

    Gordon Brown says….

    “We are in the future business,”

    WTF does this pearl of wisdom mean??

    Are they in the ‘futures’ business?

    Are they in the business of predicting the future?

    Are they in business in the future,but not at present?

    Fucking bunch of Clowns..they can’t even speak properly.

    • 16
      jgm2 says:

      What he means is don’t mention the past – Don’t mention our record!!!

      How utterly desperate. A man who has already tripled national debt and is looking, on his own wildly optimistic, risible figures to quintuple it by 2014 doesn’t want us to look at his record.

      A record that has involved spending the past two years covering up for the economic failings of the previous eleven years. The obvious conclusion to draw being that he’d spend the next five years fucking about trying to cover up the economic clusterfuck he’s made of the 13 years to date.

      Look to the future?

      I say look at his record of economic incompetence and project that idiocy forward.

      No thanks.

      • 127
        AC1 says:

        This is our future 10% of GDP just to service State debt….

        Want a pay-rise? Emi-Great.

      • 173
        Firestarter Brown says:

        I’ll put out your fires.

        • 203
          Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

          But hey the international bankers are laughing all the way to their private bank!

          Good job they collapsed the economy – again!

          Still don’t be downhearted they have the eco tax to spring on us next, Dave can’t wwait to get that started, after all they need the money, or how about another war where their companies supply the arms and their media provide the propaganda?

      • 315
        TosserWatch says:

        absolutely jgm2 look to the future and ignore the past 13 years…yeah right and get 5 more years of the blind leading the deaf kicking the infirm led by the great leader..sickening hypocrisy.

    • 27
      Hugh Janus says:

      In that case let’s hope the electorate places him in the past, and pretty damn convincingly.

    • 66
      Lies, damned lies and Labour manifestos says:

      A future? Free for all.

    • 115
      sinosimon says:

      perhasp he meant ‘we are in the futures business’

      i’m shorting browns

  8. 8

    Donchaknow… It’s sooooooooooooooooo cool to pretend to be ‘Working Class’ these days.

    Silly cow.

    Mind you – I bet she bangs like a belt-fed Mortar

    • 43
      Mr Ned says:

      Bet she doesn’t. Typical champagne socialist, expects everyone else to do the work and for them to get the rewards.

      She would just lie back and think of Blair.

      • 248
        one party state says:

        She would probably go for a vacous `Dave` toff type and laugh at the little people they shit on from their political elite aristocracy!

      • 353
        A Manchester Tory says:

        And like Harman never exprience an orgasm

  9. 9
    Ellie should do a topless shoot for Nuts or FHM says:

    Phwoarr! She’s tasty! I’d give her one! I wonder though. Was it McDoom or Mrs McDoom who decided to hire this tasty totty, if you know what I mean?

    • 24
      Nick says:

      Obviously the Missus. Wouldn’t want her Gordon distracted now would she?

    • 350
      Tennerpants says:

      You must be looking at her through rose tinted welders goggles, she’s a ten a penny munter. 5 mins of fame and hopefully she will fuck of and breed with some other useless labour activist cretin

  10. 10
    Yorkshire Terrorist says:

    So who put you up to this? If done on your own back, it was really rather unnecessary.

  11. 13
    (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

    This website is getting very uninteresting. No detail is too trivial to get Guido worked up into fake rage. Too much blogging on every minor issue. Get more selective.

    • 64

      You don’t have to read every article.

      • 86
        (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

        How dare you tell me what I don’t have to do. or something

        • 104

          Isn’t that yer mum’s job, titfer?

          • Anon says:

            Ah, Dr Mick, you have finally returned after the last good hiding you got from top boy.
            Glad to see you back.

          • the sites still here mong says:

            Why couldn’t you shut down Guidos site thick as thieves ?


            Shut down Guido’s site?
            You’ve lost it mate. Thick as thieves boosted Guido’s stats.
            Cretins like you are losing him readers, and so you are the one who is trying to shut Guido’s site down by filling it full of your shit posts.

          • Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

            Actually Guido does a good job of discrediting himself when he spends all day deleting informative posts that don’t follow the propaganda line.

            something you would expect from a controlling labour socialist!

            still fits well with Blue Labour the EU puppet party.

          • no longer anonymous says:

            By “informative posts” you mean big long essays about the lizard rulers etc?

          • Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

            “no longer anonymous says:
            April 12, 2010 at 2:27 pm
            By “informative posts” you mean big long essays about the lizard rulers etc?”

            The only person that has mentioned Lizards is you, nice strawman attempt, though shame most people can think for themselfs eh and see strait though your crass sidetracking.

            I was refering the the multi billion pound eco tax, that will be paid directly into the global bankers private banks.

            Yes the private group that also head the trilateral commision and the bilderberg group, as well as the EU not forgetting the proven global conspiracy that is still ongoing – directly involved with the climegate scam where they will make billions if not trillions, the same group that now profit from our banker bailout debt.

            or that fact that both parties support the EU with no mandate, both parties support war in the middle east based on lies and with no mandate – just coincidense!

            now if you want a debate about it, without Guido deleting it, then lets go, if however you want to mumble lizard like a little kid and run away, then f*ck of and leave the politics to the big boys who don’t live in a blue rinse cheerleading bubble.

            So c`mon Guido, lets go!

            Let’s have a real debate about the Tories!

          • Tories/Labour = opperation kill Britain says:

          • global banking system says:

    • 318
      Tonto says:

      the first part of your tagname is about right the second half a little fib we think

      • 345
        (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

        I found your comments pithy, interesting, insightful, amusing, profound.

  12. 14

    General Election 2010: Where is the hoped-for internet subversion?

    Election Watch: Guido Fawkes doubts it will be plain sailing for David Cameron in the first-ever televised leaders’ debate on Thursday

    • 225
      one party state says:

      The only thing they believe in is wealth and ego, they have no integrity and they believe in nothing.

      You will see no passion for pragmatic solutions, just rehearsed scripts, name calling, cheap jibes and certainly NO REAL questions, do you think the EU will come up in this debate?

      The one to watch will be the minor parties if pravada allows it, and if the EU havent closed them all down, but will it be like an edited scripted version of question time where the host and editor selects the questions before hand to give the result they want?

      That is not free question time, that is propaganda hour.

  13. 15
    The Sleeper says:

    ‘Hello, I’m Ellie Gellard, I live on the internet as some sort of Labour party Matrix’

    Now….this young lady has a problem with credibilty.

    As I recall The Matrix was a computer controlled society which ensured humans were utterly manipulated and used as tools of the ruling machines.

    Perhaps she has a point.

  14. 17
    they think it's all over says:

    Ellie luv, it’s the end of the party. Try not to cry too much on May 6th. Drinking lot’s of champagne might help, but the bubbles might be a bit flat.

  15. 18
    Mr Ali Ben-Fits says:

    Can someones please giving me advice? I don’t knowings who to votes for. I wants to voting for parties that will giving me and my family lot of free money and Sharia Law. Who shoulds I voting for? I only wanting to votes for a holy and halal choice.

    • 46
      Mr Ned says:

      That would be labour… However, they are likely to lie repeatedly to send our military to kill, and be killed by, your relatives.

    • 83
      Thrusterbuster says:

      Halal Teatowell Party just right for you burkha

    • 93
      Anonymous says:

      Go a step further and go have a talk with your local bee and pea recruiting officer.

      They’d love to have a chat with you about your requirements.

    • 122
      Party podcasts says:

      wasn’t it sharia law you came here to escape from

      • 222
        I escaped Sharia there, to enforce Sharia here says:

        Sssshhh, you are not supposed to notice.

  16. 19
    Goodon says:

    Labour needs to get back to its core values, and only let hideously ugly haranguing bitches like Margaret Becket in the fold.

  17. 19
    Hugh Janus says:

    NuLiebour = champagne socialists.

    (You didn’t read it here first because we’ve known it all along.)

  18. 22
    The Yorkshire Ripper says:

    She’s worth a grudge shag

  19. 23
    I hate, loathe, detest and despise Labour says:

    If Labour win the election, would the last person to leave Britain please switch off the lights?

    • 57
      Greychatter says:

      A song by the “The Five penny Piece” produced when Labour was last on office.

      Nothing changes with Labour – look to the past for their record – a Future with Labour is too dark to contemplate.

      • 256
        one party state says:

        Don’t worry both Labour and the Tories have handed all responcebility over to the lovely democratic folks at the EU.

        Adolf was most pleased!

    • 312
      exiled &angry says:

      The Sun already done that one with Kinnock. Try and be original at least!

    • 332
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      Doesn’t matter who wins the election, the lights will be going out because the stupid Hunts think we can get all our power from fucking windmills.

  20. 25
    The Beast of Tristram Hunt says:

    Nice looking girl…..shame she’s obviously mentally challenged.

  21. 26
    Lord Clusterfuck says:

    A beautiful as she is, I make a point of not filthying my manhood with socialist trollops.

    • 231
      Richard says:

      How did she get to join a party of five Bellies, Harperdaughter, Grand National Entrant Beckett, The Poisoned Dwarf, and Fake Jewell among others?

  22. 29
    Anonymous says:

    That manifest video was total effluent. Pandering to illiterates.

  23. 31
    jgm2 says:

    Introducing Mr Brown, political blogger,Guido Fawkes said the election would be about “what it would mean to people if the Tories got in”.

  24. 33
    CuttingEdge says:


    Following on from the cancer mailshot there really are no limits to the depths Brown scum will stoop to in their quest to hold on to power. As worrying are the methods they are using to access intimate and 0ff-limits data. Quoting a respondent to that article in the Times:

    Jonathan Bagley wrote:

    “Regarding the cancer post cards: they were apparently distributed by an arm of Tangent Communications, which has a contract to distribute material for both the Dept of Health and CRUK. This suggests that somebody other than authourised medical staff has been allowed access to patients’ medical records.”

    Pathetic insidious mendacious fucking scum the lot of ‘em. Labour politicians should all be rounded up and gassed en masse.

    • 73
      Labour Gestapo says:

      We know where you live and work CuttingEdge.You medical history is interesting and embarassing.Vote Labour or face humiliation and death.

    • 119
      Lil Olmey says:

      The Final Dissolution ? You got my vote.

    • 270
      Roger Daley says:

      Let us hope the Labour Party is billed for the work and not slipped in between the NHS stuff.

  25. 34
    Sir William Waad says:

    I also found that she was absolutely useless in bed, although to be fair there were five of us including Jim, my gundog.

  26. 37

    More slight of fist from gordon.
    “We can use this hospital to launch our manifesto because it belongs to the contractor and not the NHS! In a few days its the NHS, when the papers are signed…”

    Typical Gordon. Its all within the rules!

    But not within the spirit Mr Brown. That’s the problem isn’t it. Not within the spirit.

    • 243
      Ellie Gellard says:

      We are silent
      We are golden
      and we have got to get back
      to the Gordon age

  27. 37
    George Osborne says:

    My wife told me that she wanted to give me a deep throat blow job today.


    “No,” she replied, “April Fogarbnsrgabsjg….”

    That’ll teach her to try to be funny

  28. 41
    Chocolate Bellend says:

    Is Gordon her chutney friend?

  29. 42
    Catosays says:

    She’s a big apologist for that other fucking idiot Kerry McCarthy.

    • 265
      one party state says:

      She must like war, a collasping ecconomy and hate democracy if she supports Labour or tories.

  30. 45
    Moley says:

    Labour is after its core vote at the Guardian and the BBC.

    They accept that the working class won’t vote for them. That territory has now been given to the Liberal Democrats, (who also own the teacher’s vote).

    But the Lib Dems don’t want to take any votes from Labour, (they have an aggreement), so the working class vote has been given to the B*P instead.

    And the (Socialist Left of Centre) Lib Dems are openly fighting the Conservatives for all the centre and right of centre voters, but secretly fighting Labour for the centre and left of centre votes as well.

    Lib Dem election strategy is as well thought out as their economic policy.

    My money is on Mandelson to slip the knife into Clegg’s back while Clegg is busy arguing with the Liberal’s own Hoon.

    • 76
      lol says:

      The working class are opting for the b-n-p in ever greater numbers though some may stick with Comrade Gary Elsby in Stoke.

      • 161
        Moley says:

        The indigenous working class are in the main unashamedly racist and homophobic and are not going to change their minds in the face of propaganda from the Guardian and the BBC.

        These are the survival instincts of a biological organism and that is how they should be understood.

        Government policy has to take account of it, not try and change what is immutable.

        • 179
          Mad as hell and won't have to take it for too much longer says:

          bit they will also vote for a dog-turd if it is wearing a red rosette

        • 240
          Slipper of a thing says:

          I’m changing my religion to muslim.then I’m off to the blacksmith’s to have a pair of iron slippers made. The cops will soon revolt once I’ve twatted a few of them.

  31. 48

    Listen to the great helmsamn speaking now on R5..
    He seems to think that by repeating just one word he will make it stick. It just makes him sound like he can’t think of any others.

    “A fair fayre for all. A fairer fairground for the kids. A gourmet fare for the obese and a fairer hair colour for the ladies. A future of debt shoulded fairly by you and all of your children’s children. A futureama video for all. And for pensioners. A fuschia fair for all.
    Never mind the Labour parties feuding by all. Think of a fairer chance of MRSA for all! I failed to fix the hole but in the fairer future I promise to learn to be a fairer roofer for all. Or if I lose the election I will be fuming! Fuming at the unfairness of it all.”

    “This is the fair party of future fairness and fairness in the future, investing in building the future fairness of 2 meg broadband …..”

    drone drone drone..{repeat for 20 minutes then drop jaw and look surprised when the hand picked supporters clap. Also pick on Nick Robinson first in the hope he’s still onside. {he isn’t}

    • 110
      Koba says:

      “A Future Fair For All” means No longer being responsible for other men’s children, not paying people to do the work of immigrants and not subsidising other peoples lifestyles.

      Big cuts in income taxes must be comming our way then!

      • 208
        Anonymous says:

        Now there’s an idea. How come none of the politicos have thought of it ? Strange, that.

    • 321
      Tonto says:

      your last point was noticeable Quango…nick robinson displaying a subtle streak of skepticism…can it be true ?

      • 355
        A View From The Bridge says:

        If Nick Robinson is wavering there is no hope for North Queensferry man

  32. 49
    Mr Ned says:

    “abour is after its core vote at the Guardian and the BBC.

    They accept that the working class won’t vote for them. That territory has now been given to the Liberal Democrats, (who also own the teacher’s vote).”

    And the B&P!

  33. 50
    Counting Down To Labour's Defeat says:

    Won’t the former Liebore babes Caroline Flint, Yvette Cooper and Harriet Harman be furious at this young hottie stealing the limelight from their, um, interesting looks?

  34. 51
    PM says:

    We’re all in the future business together.

  35. 52
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    I wannabe a Brown Bollinger Babe !!

  36. 56
    Sarah Brown's Twitter says:

    My special friend in Canterbury is not happy about Miss Gellard being on the campaign trail.

  37. 58
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:


    • 75
      AC1 says:

      well said

      • 134
        Anon says:

        Talking of Margaret Thatcher breakding her neck, you pushed your mother down the stairs and broke her neck so you could get your hands on her money, didn’t you?
        All you had to do AC1 was stop being so lazy and get a job and then you wouldn’t have had to murder your own mother.
        You sick bastard.
        Oh, and I hear you have been banned from thick as thieves site.
        Tough shit.

        • 224
          AC1 says:

          Is that what you did Tat? The shame of that must’ve driven you mad.

          • AC1 Is A Dole Scrounging Whinger Who Murdered His Own Mother What A Bastard! says:

            You are projecting again AC1. You will never deal with your mental problems while you attempt to transfer them onto other people.

  38. 59
    Stan Butler says:

    Stupid child. She would shit herself if she came knocking on the doors of the estates where Labours core supporters live. Champagne Socialist of the worst kind. A stuck up toff, benefitting from the kind of education her fellow travellers deny to the mainstream, she espouses all that is bad about Labour. She should fuck off the France and stay there. Perhaps the sheep burning lefties there would welcome her into their fold.

    • 258
      Fanzine says:

      The New Labour project is all about elitism and pandering to the global elite. The pretense that they in any way represent the working class, was abandoned long ago. Labour are now shitting themselves bacause at long last, the people they shat on for decades are waking up to the fact that the idle rich Labour Nomenklatura and their globalist pals, are in it for themselves and nobody else.

  39. 61

    I wonder if Hugh Jardon has ever taken Ellie for a spin in his Spitfire?

    And if there might be photos?

  40. 62
    Labour's Hypocritical and Fraudulent Class War says:

    Is Ellie also from ‘a normal middle class family’ like her boss? And let’s not forget Luciana Berger. Is she too from ‘a normal middle class family’?

  41. 63
    Leroy Olawonga, Chelsea footballer says:

    I’ve roasted that slag innit.

  42. 68
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Aren’t I a babe? Do any of you find me sexy?

  43. 70
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    We are the caNcer scAre STorY party.

  44. 72
    Eileen Critchley says:

    Guido, can you switch the ‘hoon’ replacement setting off so I get to publish the right word!

    Ahhh another excellent advert for the upper middle class – they’re proving to be so popular with the majority these days! Clever politics at work.

    An ethnic minority in action.

  45. 77
    Greychatter says:

    When did she ever get her hand dirty?

    Not much muck has she under her finger nails – just like all the other Solicialist/Marxist socialites – clean hands, someone else does the dirty work earning her spending money.

    • 311
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      You wouldn’t say that if you’ve spent the day fisting the Maximum Leader.

  46. 78
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Stupid fucking bitch probably got confused between the difference between “Socialite” and “Socialist
    Having said that, if she is game I will put on my hobanail boots and flat cap ,then say
    “AY oop our lass Keir Hardy were me great grandad”
    Then take her up Bournvville Avenue whilst spitting beer on her.
    That should fulfill her Nostalgie de la boue fantasies

    • 98

      Then take her up Bournvville Avenue whilst spitting beer on her.

      I read that whilst whatching McWorstFuckingPmEver psychotically shouting meaningless buzzwords against a background of swaying corn, while Mandy looked on, dribbling, and almost pissed myself in one explosive guffaw. This country is so utterly bolloxed. And what madness has gripped the labour party? What lunacy is propelling them? No rational person can have thought it a good idea to put Brown as PM. WTF is going on? Is it really all lizard people in charge? Of something rather more earthly, rather more sinister?

      Either way, as we all dance into the deathcamps, at least we can have a fucking good laugh about the surreal nightmare dear old England has become; wehre you can’t wear a crucifix, but you can throw a boot at a copper, where you can’t swear at the telly in your own home, but you can send people to jail for not *paying* for the telly to lie to them… A pointless windfarm on every seascape, a nuclear blast in every cornmeadow, more diversity officers than coppers and the only soldiers like to recieve a postal vote are the dead ones.

      RIP England.

    • 126
      Catosays says:

      I was always told that it was the ‘Chocolate Speedway’

    • 257
      Ellie Gellard says:

      There is a difference?

  47. 79
    (o)-(0) says:

    Bevan opposed the heavy censorship imposed on radio and newspapers and wartime Defence Regulation 18B, which gave the Home Secretary the powers to intern citizens without trial.


    Hardly New Labour material then.

  48. 80

    Fortunately the Good Lord did not see fit to bless this young lady with an astute mind. Her trite tweets are too terrible to entertain. This tiresome totty doth twitter too much.

    • 138
      Anon says:

      Unfortunately the Good Lord saw fit to curse you with a small cock and a big nose.
      You can’t win ‘em all I suppose.

      • 188
        Credit where Credit isn't due says:

        Why couldn’t you shut down Guido’s site like you threatened to thick as thieves ?

        • 209

          Er, please see the post at the top of the thread.
          But as you are so dim it is worth repeating: thick as thieves boosted Guido’s stats, and retards like you lose him readers because your posts are just a load of shit.
          So ’tis cretins like you are threatening to shut down’s site and ’tis heroes like thick as thieves who make it more popular.
          Logic, innit.

    • 262
      Liz Jones says:

      The brains obviously went to Five Bellies, Harperdaughter, Jewell, Hewitt, and Blears

  49. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Which Labour MP is she shagging then?

  50. 82
    Baron Lord Mandy says:

    What these fools don’t know is that if we win, we’re going to bring in AV to ensure a permanent Labour or Lib-Lab government! And we’ll increase income tax for everyone and just say it’s due to unforseen economic circumstances. Ha ha!

  51. 84
    Anonymous says:

    If she wasn’t an intellectually challenged socialist bigot she would have probably been a WAG!

    Maybe she is looking for a place in the Labour Government , may I suggest “Minister for shoes”. Why not? we already have a minister for Twitter.

    • 87
      Leroy Olawonga, Chelsea footballer says:

      she is a wag, maan. she bin roasted by me an me mates last week innit. come to think of it though she more a slag than a wag like.

      • 317
        Peter Carter-Fuck says:

        My client Mr John Terry wishes it to be known that he took no part in this alleged “roasting”, and that furthermore he is a happily married man. On the other hand, Toni’s off to Dubai again next week, so Ellie can bell him any time then.

        PS: Avram asks if she’s still working the Wednesday morning shift at Fingertips? He’s free after training.

  52. 85
    lol says:

    What I can’t understand is why do thousands of grossly obese people in Britain get invalidity benefit just for being big, fat lard-arses? If they’re unemployed they should get job seekers allowance like everyone else without a job.

    Giving these lazy, greedy pigs more money, in the form of invalidity benefit, just means they have more to spend on chips, pies, kebabs, etc and so they just get fatter and fatter.

    Perhaps most of them vote Labour?

    • 92
      Al says:

      “Perhaps most of them vote Labour?”

      Got it in one. They’re part of the ever-expanding (no pun intented) roll call of Labour’s client state voting bloc, that the, diminishing, rest of us are funding through our taxes.

      • 145
        Moley says:

        The biggest failures of the NHS under Labour are in the areas of obesity and alcoholism.

        Do you see the connection with labour’s client state?

        Do you see why labour wanted 24hr drinking and casinos?

      • 149
        Moley says:

        The biggest failures of the NHS under Labour are in the areas of obesity and alcoh*lism.

        Do you see the connection with labour’s client state?

        Do you see why labour wanted 24hr dr*nking and casinos?

    • 120
      AC1 says:

      If unemployment reward was paid out as a box of healthy food and a few bus tickets I think there’d be a lot fewer unemployed…

      • 144
        Anon says:

        Yes, I think benefit scroungers like you should be given food instead of cash.
        A portion of pot noodles and a mars bar a day would be more than generous.

        • 178
          the acid test says:

          Pot Noodle for wanks, Mars Bars for full penetration. Yeah this is the real tat all right.

          • Anon says:

            Said the potnoodle wanker.
            Another troll gets a good hiding courtesy of top boy.
            this is too easy.

          • Peter Carter-Fuck says:

            Tip: always let the pot noodle cool down before wanking into it. You’d be surprised by how many people forget that.

    • 131
      sinosimon says:

      if we scrap this benefit prescott has threatened to stay on as an mp due to loss of income….so really its aprice worth paying……

    • 187
      Mad as hell and won't have to take it for too much longer says:

      It’s the right thing to do.

  53. 97

    How old was this daft bint when Thatcher was in power that she should say such beastly things about the Iron Lady’s neck?

  54. 99
    Arnold says:

    She’s a fucking irritating wind-bag. Wish she’d fuck off.

  55. 102
    TosserWatch says:

    Gordon’s manifesto launch….banal ..devoid of anything new written or spoken…same double talking stuff trotted out to the beat of baa baa blacksheep…cancer scare stories demonstrating time after time this shower never fail to stoop low enough. Camera shot of balls bradshaw and cooper ‘a trois’ very apt picture of what this government has come down to all very capably marshalled by the great prime mincer principle architect of this disgrace that govern us. Vote labour a fairer shafting for all.

  56. 105
    John Cipher says:

    She looks as though she could suck a bowling ball up a hosepipe.

  57. 106
    I am Charlie Whelan, play with my Balls says:

    You are a jealous OLD fart, Guido.

    Tootle Pip and more.

  58. 111
    Party podcasts says:

    is laura k*oon a labour k*ike

  59. 116
    oldfella says:

    Yet another vastly experiwnced, highly talented erm waste of new labour space

  60. 121
    Wankersrthey says:

    ‘Our manifesto is not written in the past tense but the future tense’ ……..after 13 years that bodes well then.

    • 132
      Jack Newhouse says:

      Having nothing to do with not wanting to campaign on their past record I suppose.

  61. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like a Wag to me – too busy enjoying the high life and too dumb to appreciate it properly.

    • 139
      mashed swede says:

      Socialism……a nice little hobby for the wag with time on her hands, while the other half sends pictures of his cock to wanabe wags.

  62. 129
    A future unfair to EVERYONE says:

    Social harm of socialist conceptions is much more profound and a way more severe as well as significantly more dangerous. than the economic misconceptions. At least three fundamental dimensions of the social harm of socialist ideas can be identified:

    1. Socialist ideas are producing one or another degree of social parasitism – envy and addiction to living on coercively extorted unearned income and benefits combined with mounting income redistribution through the State and with intensifying inefficiency of enormous public sector significantly projected towards inefficiency of private one, which is starting to serve the State and particular bureaucrats rather than the market and the people

    2. Socialist conceptions idealizing social realities are leading to escalation of social mendacity and social hypocrisy in society. Inconsistent idealistic social views produce a massive misunderstanding of societal realities in economically developed countries, which is rapidly embracing the entire world. Misunderstanding of societal realities is quite dangerous phenomenon constantly preparing grounds for social cataclysms, which we have witnessed for unnumbered amount of times in the history of mankind. Although misunderstanding of social realities is not a single and may not even be the main reason of social cataclysms, it is significantly diminishing people’s capacities to fight fundamental societal deficiencies leaving us helpless in front of the forthcoming social catastrophes.

    3. Socialist ideas pumping State with enormous financial resources (first of all under the income redistribution process) are leading to growing political, economic and social domination of the State in society and to a permanently consolidating subordination of private individuals to the State. While subordination of people to the State is finally what dictatorship is all about.

    • 204
      Pennies for you £'s for me says:

      and the convoluted crap you write is why dictators get away with it. Your never understood by the people you purport to be warning, But then you know that.

    • 221
      Moley says:

      The loony right’s answer to Charles Hardwidge.

      We should put them in a room together and monitor the conversation for posterity.

    • 325
      TosserWatch says:

      129…you’re taking the wrong tablets matey bubblebath try senokot.

  63. 133
    Baron two slag Prescott says:

    If she ever fanciy a bit of t’rough
    Im er man

  64. 143
    I hate New Labour says:

    Yet if she was a Tory there’d be all sorts of Tory Toff accusations…

    She’s clearly not that bright, pledging allegiance to Labour as they’re about to enter a decade+ of opposition. By the time they get a sniff of power again, there will be plenty of other young champagne socialists to replace her.

    • 166
      jgm2 says:

      Don’t count on it. Now is the time for an amoral type looking long-term to get into politics to go for the Labour ticket. ‘Prove’ you’re not a fair-weather socialist. Fight (and lose) a few Tory safe seats to demonstrate your commitment to the cause. The deeply unpopular tough choices Cameron will be forced to make might mean the mendacious, evil, economy wrecking fuckers will be back in another five years.

      • 218
        I hate New Labour says:

        My blood has just run cold at that thought.

        It seems the only real achievement of New Labour is to get elected.

      • 288
        Moley says:

        The budding and ambitious politician first decides on a career in politics and then decides to which party they have a lifelong fervent cmmittment to, based on their age and the position of the left / right political pendulum.

        What does influence things is family connections to the upper echelons of any of the parties, hence Blair going for the Labour ticket instead of Conservative.

        The other explanation is that on realising that one is thick, lazy and with a tendency to sexual perversion and dishonesty, politics is the obvious choice of career, particularly if you have a member of the family already in the business, who can grease palms, knife backs, ooze and slither as circumstances dictate.

        Here’s a question; If, (as we are led to believe) Leon Brittain recognised the vast talents of the young Clegg and encouraged him to go into politics; why did he steer him away from the Conservatives?

        • 296
          30 shags says:

          They both like the under 18 market?

        • 326
          Tonto says:

          because he soon realised he was shallow political opportunist who leads a party heading for the long grass once again when the bubble bursts on their deluded optimism of a breakthrough in the polls.

  65. 146

    Gordon: “Asked for a firmer commitment to rule out a rise in VAT, Mr Brown said: “We have not raised VAT since 1997, the only party that has raised VAT in the last 25 years is the Conservative Party.””

    Did I imagine VAT at 15% last year? And yet now it’s 17.5%? So what came in between those two stages…. ah yes, a RISE.

    Cheap shot, but the fool exposes himself to it. Thick – plain old thick. Thickie Gordon, can’t do his sums. Is that it Gordon? That where the “towering intellect” always fell down? Silly little arithmetic errors, costing you face? How old was that little girl again? Five? ten? Fucking mong.

    Call Me Dave has got to get Gordon ANGRY on Thursday; show the public the reality of this “man”.

    • 175
      jgm2 says:

      And remember Frank. When he cut VAT, at a cost of 20bn quid – he was taking 20bn quid ‘out of the economy’. Three times as much as the proposed Tory NI cut.

      20bn quid ‘out’ of the economy in the depth of a recession. And now he goes into a swoon about 6bn quid when the recession is ‘over’?

      Why is it okay to take 20bn quid ‘out of the economy’ in the depth of a recession but not okay once the recession is over?

      Riddle me that Brown.

  66. 147
    Fatfuck Pickles says:

    I fancy a bit of trough
    Where’s the Pies ?

  67. 153

    Listen to all these tory whingers. What a bunch of fishwife you lot are.
    This lady makes a joke about Thatcher breaking her neck(crosses fingers) and all you foul mouthed yobs turn into puritanical arseholes.
    What a bunch of tetchy wankers you tories are.

  68. 154
    Anonymous says:

    she says on her profile that she loves Polly Toynbee.

    As soon as I read that I didn’t bother clicking to look at her site or look at her twitter comments.

    Anyone who doesn’t think that Polly Toynbee is a hypocritical ignorant arrogant bitch simply doesn’t deserve to be listened to.

    Champagne socialism; it’s something that I hate more than anything else. I’d rather be friends with a terrorist than a champagne socialist.

    Champagne socialism “let them eat cake. but not my cake.”

    • 181
      Lincolnshire Squire says:

      It actually says:

      “I love the Labour Party and Polly Toynbee’s columns make me cry (in a good way).”

      Stupid fucking cow ….

      • 191
        village idiot says:

        Even crackheads with a frontal lobotomy wouldn’t go that fucking far. It’s a complete waste of a perfectly good skull, IMHO

    • 185
      An Estate to heat says:

      how many BTU’s would you get from one of these in an oven

  69. 155
    elly, a very nice but dim gelly says:

    Gordon told me it started in America, so there.

  70. 160
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    I bet in reality she’s a complete bitch.

  71. 162
    Chutney up my bum says:

    Gordon’s father told him to go and mow the lawn, so Gordon sold all the gold at the bottom of the market in revenge

  72. 163
    I like gold says:

    I like gold

  73. 164
    old john says:

    apparently John prescott is saying in private he would never accept a peerage as everyone knows he is not a hypocrite. hahaha

  74. 180

    Dermott says she has crabs and should be given a wide berth at parties.

    AH (C)

  75. 183
    nell says:

    So that’s it? Labour’s manifesto is to rebuild, restore and renew?

    So why after 13 years is it necessary for them to set out a plan to do that – what have they been doing to the country and its economics all this time that now they say it’s in such a collapsed state that they’ve got to rebuild, restore and renew.

    And based on this acknowledgement of failure that they are calling a manifesto they think we’re going to vote for them?

    +++Laugh+++ What a joke!!

    • 197
      I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:



      +++Laugh+++ What a joke!!

      • 210
        nell says:

        If you have to rebuild something it means it has collapsed. If you have to restore something it means its in a state of decay. If you have to renew something that means it is worn out.

        Gordon’s own words. No wonder he instructed labour canvassers to not enter into discussions with the public on labour’s past 13 years in power but to only discuss the future.

        • 232
          I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

          Tough on clones, tough on the causes of clones

        • 250
          Canary Wharf Rat says:

          Well said Nell. I just watched the “highlights” of the launch on the governments broadcasting channel (The BBC) a whole lot of rhetoric and very little else except a lie on VAT (the only party to increase VAT over the past 25 years is the Tories)

        • 292
          Moley says:

          Labour have not been listening to the marketing men.

          We have had New Labour for thirteen years and it simply isn’t washing white enough.

          What is now needed is the New Improved New Labour with the Added Ingredient.

          On second thoughts, there probably wasn’t anybody in the advertising business who would take on such a car crash, in the certain knowledge that they probably wouldn’t get paid for it.

  76. 189
    NorthernGit says:

    Many of us on this blog express the desire that Cameron be harder hitting and more vocal in taking the government on but when you watch him performing in the country at large he comes over very well..is at ease in himself and quite frankly has all the attributes to be a very creditable prime minister.

    The conservatives are not perfect..what political party is…but to have someone of his calibre leading us will do much to repair our damaged national and global credibility.

    • 214
      nell says:

      Indeed. And at least I suspect he won’t have to chase omaha through hotel kitchens in order to get an interview.

    • 253
      Tommy Atkins says:

      Yea you are right, good actor, reminds me of that smooth mover Blair. Nice all round kind of guy, the kind of guy that you would trust, never mind the cast iron bullshit, we know where he stands, strong on all the really important issues facing this region of the EU.

      • 273
        NorthernGit says:

        Well he only reminds you of Blair Tommy… Cameron makes no secret of his upbringing nor his education. What Cameron does have in spades is something Blair could never manage to find..a real naturalness and empathy with the public.
        If you want more of Blair vote for his successor…the great unwashed put his patron in ..the enlightened remainder should not hesitate to put his discredited remains out. Vote Labour for a fairer shafting for all..the last 13 years demonstrates how false those Mandeslon Blair Brown machinations were.

        Lastly contrast Cameron’s performance at the brewery today with Brown’s in Birmingham…. says it all.

  77. 190

    I see a bright future
    for ellie gellard
    as she sits on my cock
    coz she makes it so wellhard
    it will make her frown
    when she realises its gone brown
    and its not one eyed mctwat snake
    just my one eyed trousersnake

  78. 192
    hypocrisy, thy name is labour says:

    Good old champagne socialism rears its ugly head again. This girl wouldn’t know a council estate if she was smacked round the head with one! I’m sure she thinks it’s a ‘super idea’ to help the great unwashed, and all one has to sacrifice is choosing NV over vintage bolly!

    In other news, Nye Bevan’s grave to be transferred to CERN, where his momentum can be used to fire up the LHC.

  79. 193
    Fail says:

    She is only an ordinary activist, not a prospective MP. What are Labour going to sack her for? VOLUNTEERING?

    Also you lot on the right always go on about “It’s not where you come from but where you’re going” in reference to CallMeDave. Double standards if I ever saw it.

  80. 198
    Jess the Dog says:

    Is she the brains behind the downright weird Labour conference film? Or was that someone else. Guardian blog was scathing of the Nuremberg style rally…probably as much a disaster as the Sheffield one in terms of alienating people. In fact Labour seem to be borrowing from every past election except for the 1997 one. And putting up this weird blogger, unknown to 99.99% of the electorate, was probably less than inspiring…don’t they have a nurse or war hero or does everybody other than hacks and celebs hate Labour now?

    • 223

      They were going to have that VC winner. only he threatened to punch Gordon so he was dropped.
      Tony Blair wanted too much money for the gig and Whelan has been told to keep a low profile.
      Everyone else is a rival, been expelled from the party, an expenses fiddler, a flipping trougher, a waste of space or an sometimes all of the above. for the PM’s job so it was her or someone off the Bill.

      • 228

        I’m Sorry. I’ll say that again..
        They were going to have that VC winner. Only he threatened to punch Gordon so he was dropped.
        Tony Blair wanted too much money for the gig and Whelan has been told to keep a low profile.
        Everyone else is a rival, been expelled from the party, an expenses fiddler, a flipping trougher, a waste of space or a rival for the PM’s job, or sometimes all of the above.
        So it was her or someone off the Bill.

      • 302
        Nick cook says:

        Barefoot Soldier by John Beharry is an excellent read.

        • 304
          Nick Cook says:

          Barefoot Soldier by Johnson Beharry is an excellent read.

          Haste makes waste Guido readers. Making sure Soldier was spelt right lead me to getting his name wrong.

    • 301
      Roll Reel Agenda says:

      allegro learned

  81. 199
    Kropotkin..work on the idealism and inexperience of youth says:

    You poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, if you understand your true mission and the very interests of art itself, come with us. Place your pen, your pencil, your chisel, your ideas at the service of the revolution. Figure forth to us, in your eloquent style, or your impressive pictures, the heroic struggles of the people against their oppressors; fire the hearts of our youth with that revolutionary enthusiasm which inflamed the souls of our ancestors; tell women what a noble career is that of a husband who devotes his life to the great cause of social emancipation! Show the people how hideous is their actual life, and place your hand on the causes of its ugliness; tell us what a rational life would be if it did not encounter at every step the follies and the ignominies of our present social order.

  82. 205
    Purpleline says:

    The last government to increase VAT was Gordon Browns government in January 2010. The rate went up from 15% to 17.5% if he can get away with whenis a hospital not a fucking hospital he cannot complain about the VAT rise.

  83. 219
    don't judge those who you have no clue about... says:

    As a relative of Ellie’s I would be interested to know exactly where this blogger thinks he got his “facts” about her background from – all 100% inaccurate, I can assure you.
    Yes, Ellie is well educated, she went to a good school and attends a reputable university – but only because she was intelligent enough to get in, and dedicated enough to her education (a value instilled in us both by our family) to get high grades on her exams despite ill health.
    She is by no means a “toff”, we come from a working-class, immigrant family, and every advantage that has been afforded to us has been a result of hard work, by us and our parents and grandparents.
    I, for one, am incredibly proud of her and her achievements.
    A reality check is in order, it seems…

    • 241
      Bye bye Labour says:


    • 244
      I hate New Labour says:

      Yes, a reality check is in order: national debt £781,000,000,000.

      What’s ‘ellie’ going to do about that? Guffaw and knock back more champers I imagine.

      You didn’t need to tell us she’s ill btw, supporting the mad Scottish cyclops is a very good clue as to her mental state.

    • 260
      Bye bye Labour says:

      How many Iraqis lie dead because of the war instigated and financed by Ellie’s heroes?

      How many are born dead or with multiple deformitied becuase of the use of depleted uranium?

      Maybe Ellie could get back to us with some figures as I’d be interested to hear.

    • 266
      Longbow says:

      Sod your relative, if she is so fucking fragile and stupid why did you allow her to be used by the snot gobbler

    • 282
      squooosh says:

      What you say about Ellie doesn’t make much sense if as an educated enlightened girl she allies herself to this bunch of prats.

      • 349
        Nicholas Stroller says:

        Ellie allied with some prats
        including a guy called tats
        common sense was missed
        champers left her pissed
        ellie she knows where its ats

    • 290
      Baron two slags Prescott says:

      Fook off you K *ke

    • 300
      Anonymous says:

      “we come from a working-class, immigrant family”

      then fuck off back where you came from

  84. 226
    I hate New Labour says:

    They’ve had thirteen f*cking years to achieve all their ‘goals’.

    Why, now, are they suddenly architects of ‘change’?

    Are they admitting the last thirteen years have been a disaster? Why change otherwise?

  85. 227
    Whinge Whinge Whinge, Whinge, Whinge Whinge Whinge says:


    • 242

      A transcript of the PM’s new manifesto .

      Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies ..mumble mumble..hardworkingfamilies Future Fair lies
      Future Fair lies Future Fair lies Future Fair lies ..hardworkingfamilies for all!

      • 247
        I hate New Labour says:

        You forgot this bit:

        Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft! Ashcroft!

      • 252

        …Any finally ..the Tories will reach to high..too far ..too soon..They saw the crescent..B..b..B..b..But I..I saw the whole of the moon…


      • 254
        Whinge Whinge Whinge, Whinge, Whinge Whinge Whinge says:


    • 262
      Purpleline says:

      can understand why you are a labour supporter

    • 284
      TosserWatch says:

      stick your whinge in the labour box on election day then twat

      • 308
        Did you hear the one about the Conservative party? says:


        • 343
          Iva keyster says:

          yes probably about as connected as your ears are by the air in between ‘em

  86. 230
    Dennis T says:

    What a fucking ugly, putrid website it is that Guido oversees. Full of bitter sex cases.

  87. 233
    Richard Wells says:

    Bevanite Ellie? Comical Ellie more like! Even with the remaining crumbling structures of the Brown government crashing around her she will still attempt to put a positive spin on things. No doubt even when D-Cam is actually moving into Downing Street she will still be twittering away telling everyone how great Gordon is, how the election doesn’t really count anyway and how it will never last and they will be back stronger than ever.

    That is of course until she rebrands herself as Tebbitite Ellie a few months down the line.

  88. 271
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    This young girl, probably feels “dirty” and “guilty” at her wealth and her privileged upbringing. What better way to get as far away from that guilt and feeling of shame than to become……a labour activist. No, I feel SO shameful at my privileged upbringing ( £20,000 a year on school – that could have saved the LIVES of human beings in africa, who have little food and water),yes, so shameful I shall become a REAL hardcore labour activist (this should ease my guilt) !

    I doubt very much if this little girl has ANY concept of real poverty,of real deprivation and of “normal” living (job with only enough money to spend on food and living expenses).

    I also doubt if this young girl has any idea of the true reason as to why the labour party was set up – she has probably got an intellectual understanding, but stops short of experiencing things that lead to the labour party being formed.

    As I’ve said before, the labour party at the moment is NOT the labour party. It has been infiltrated by subversive elements.

  89. 274
    Laney says:

    I’ve got a letter thanking my mother for registering for a postal vote.

    She’s in a care home with Alzheimers, can’t recognise me, feed herself or talk properly.

    This smells like postal fraud!

    Can anyone suggest what the fook to do?

    • 283
      jgm2 says:

      Write to or phone the returning officer right now. If your mum has registered then I bet her entire ward has registered on the same day too.

      Some helpful, photogenic young UNITE representative with patient access no doubt. Knew just the ones who’d have no idea what the fuck they were doing.

      Just like they were able to target cancer sufferers with their mailshot.

      • 291
        Laney says:

        I may wait until a vote is cast in her name, because then that IS proof of voting fraud.

      • 299
        Moley says:

        It could be that NHS data has been used to identify those who are mentally incapable of recognising or complaining that their postal vote has been stolen.

        If cancer sufferers can be identified by Labour, so can the mentally incapable.

        The answer is to use data mining to identify applicants for postal votes in care homes, and check on the veracity of their application.

        A job for the police.

        • 303
          Moley says:

          When the council sends out enquiries for the electoral roll to care homes, who is responsible for filling in the form and putting it in the post?

          Do councils have care and residential home addresses identified as such, or is the same procedure used as is used for households?

    • 285
      Fanzine says:

      Go to the Mail, Sun, Express, on no account use the official complaint system, or the BBC.

  90. 280
    Anonymous says:

    Ellie slagging off Gordon. How times change… http://www.labourblogs.com/public-blog/eleanor/21064/

    • 297
      Ellie Gellard says:

      Before Glasgow East I was going to write a blog on here entitled, ‘Things can Only Get Better’… I(t) was (the) right (thing) not to do so

      Our Johnson is better than yours!

      Alan Johnson takes the reigns. If we rely on another Blairite, wet behind the ears and a propagator of policies and a Labour party that has failed then we will die, and will deserve to. Johnson is politicallly astute, personable and above all passionate.

  91. 281
  92. 287
    Hypocrite Warning says:

    Ellie blogged this a couple of years ago, calling for Brown’s head! http://www.labourblogs.com/public-blog/eleanor/21064/

  93. 294
    Stu says:

    Stupid obnoxiuos little bitch not fit to lick dog shit from Thatchers shoes.

  94. 298
    Johnny says says:

    Who is the ‘campaign mastermind’ mentioned at the end of this piece? Someone who doesn’t want to be associated with today’s performance it would seem.

  95. 307
    Cleaning up the Brown mess says:

    Mouthy bitch just needs a good seeing to.

  96. 328
    Number 10's Cat says:

    If you want any chance of making a meaningful contribution to humanity,
    don’t ever have a hysterectomy

  97. 336
    Snottie says:

    Prescott is saying he doesn’t want a peerage as hes no hypocrite…well said john stick to remaining a belligerent slob who can’t thread a sentence together cogently it suits you so well.

  98. 337
    from the office of The Prime Mincer says:

    Well a week passes in the great campaign and all going to plan with Gordon playing a blinder sticking to script hes been using for months…still going down well with the party faithful..you could see their adoring enthralled looks throughout the manifesto presentation. My choice …Ellie…didn’t she do well…came over marvelously … its this sort of socialist we need in the party…young thrusting intelligent and above all young…..I always say the younger you get ‘em the better.

    Anyway we’ve been working away in readiness for thursday …we’ve been using Michael Jackson’s doctor to stock up on the tabs for Gordon so he’ll be in control on the night.

    Our tactic is simple…never answer a question stick to the script…getting on with the job…it started in America…worse crisis since WW11…the conservatives in America caused it etc etc etc. Now we have the backbone document out in the public domain trot out anything and everything you can statistic related. Don’t discuss our past performance..plebs don’t like that at all…stick to the future…after 13 years we’re ready to change all the things we promised to change all those years ago.

    Tony has been very helpful and is giving Gordon all the help he can. Prezza is insisting hes no hypocrite and will never take a peerage so wants another job in the next labour government..what the f are we going to give him to do…cabinet secretary..no sorry didn’t say that.

    All in all going very well indeed but god I’m tired out …watching this train crash in waiting stick to the rails is straining me but I am strong..will continue until the job is done…keep supporting Gordon in making the difficult decisions…yesterdays was which removal firm to use until I told him to stop being so negative. Sarah has been a brick…thank god she doesn’t mind wheeling him round… poor bitch snot gobbler in tow day and night but at least she used to it and thankfully bends him over the suite each night and makes him recite his speeches whilst she relaxes him stridently.

    Must go need a glass of chablis and some brazil nuts.

    Don’t forget Vote labour for 5 more years of Gordon..a fairer shafting for all.

    • 338
      from the office of The Prime Mincer says:

      ps..forgot to say keep the libdem whispers going…cleggie has swallowed the whole ‘co-operation’ line hook line and sinker…the more we persuade the undecided to vote for these no-hopers the better the chance of a well hung parliament if the postal votes in the bag aren’t quite enough to tip the balance.Remember a vote for the lib dems is a waste of space but it helps us and we need all the help we can get.
      Pip Pip

  99. 341
    Balls says:

    I see all potential public servants will have to master English before being allowed to unleash their brand of disinterest and inefficiency on the shires and shiteholes of Britain. Lucky that Prescott is standing down. Would take half the education budget to get him to a competent level. Syntax swhimtax. The fat useless fucker

  100. 342
    Anonymous says:

    “As a relative of Ellie’s I would be interested to know exactly where this blogger thinks he got his “facts” about her background from – all 100% inaccurate, I can assure you.
    Yes, Ellie is well educated, she went to a good school and attends a reputable university – but only because she was intelligent enough to get in, and dedicated enough to her education (a value instilled in us both by our family) to get high grades on her exams despite ill health.
    She is by no means a “toff”, we come from a working-class, immigrant family, and every advantage that has been afforded to us has been a result of hard work, by us and our parents and grandparents.
    I, for one, am incredibly proud of her and her achievements.
    A reality check is in order, it seems…”

    Achievements? I know of several people who have complained to their local labour MP about her Twitter rantings that repeat the piss from that “man”of the people.
    it sounds like her education comes straight from the Labour University where Ed was the rector. The problem is that following the line that people who criticzise Gordon whether in the military , financial or business world are retaliated against in a Smear campaign , something your relative is expert in repeating as a socialist mouthpiece.

    But when the Civil War begins. Your relative and her intellectually challenged ilk are going to be in the crossfire especially when hardworking respectable Labour MP’s begin to look for reasons why they are (soon to be) unemployed.
    They will turn on her and the rest of them .

    I think I will donate more money to #Kerryout.
    some socialist bigots need a reality check.

  101. 344
    WHO says:

    She looks like an over indulged publicity seeking silly schoolgirl who does not have an idea of her own. Very pretty, maybe she can cash in on her looks and get her baps out.

  102. 346
    Brown is a c**t says:

    She is deluded, and very, very nasty.

    She peddles this filthy “Future fair for all” lie, there is really nothing fair in it – it’s about division and persecution of anyone with aspiration.

    I hate these champagne socialists who want everyion apart from them to live in shit. Socialism does not and never will enable the poor to grow.

    Fuck her, fuck her nasty pointless Twitter rantings, and fuck her obsession with Gordon Brown. Daddy should have paid her more attention.

  103. 347
    jolly says:

    brown makes me totally sick he is thegreatest liar ever to hold office and still thinks we dont remember ,the hidden taxes,the pensions , the war and so much more .no one can seriously trust him or his pathetic gang.

  104. 351
    Uncle Bob says:

    I’d love to knob some sense into her!

  105. 356
    IainM says:

    So how much does it cost for a night with her?

  106. 357
    The way ahead says:

    New Labour, New Slapper.

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