April 12th, 2010

Ellie Didn’t Always Talk Out of Her Arse

The Labour manifesto launch for Gordon had an introduction from Ellie Gellard, but she was kept away from the press and it is no wonder Sky were refused interviews with “BevaniteEllie” – before she became Gordon’s cheerleader she was calling for him to resign and pass the reigns (sic) to Alan Johnson. From her no doubt soon-to-disappear old blog:

“How dare he stand by with personal interest watching our party sink it is not his to lose, it is ours.  Here’s my ideal scenario for the coming months. Brown accepts that too much damage has been done and while I feel sorry for someone who has waited so long for a job which he has done averagely and been slaughtered for, I care more for our party and supporters. Alan Johnson takes the reigns (sic). In short, Brown (although I had high hopes and don’t burden you with total responsibility) get your coat, time’s up.”

Guido couldn’t agree more. Incoming Nokia alert…


  1. 1
    Em says:


    I just blew a funny-fuse.

  2. 2
    Mr Ned says:

    She really is vile.

  3. 3
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Hey Ellie don,t do that in front of Mandy he ain’t foir changing.

  4. 4
    anonymouse says:

    She can face both ways at once like that.

  5. 5
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Sorry about the spelling its my fat fingers due to raised blood pressure – something else I can blame on Brown!

  6. 6
    Brown Hater says:

    Class? It’s for ever…

    …dear, oh deary me!

  7. 7
    anonymouse says:

    Just in case she removes it the link is


  8. 8

    Ellie and Luciana Berger my god Labour have moved on since Scargil and Foot

  9. 9

    We have three leaders, one who believes he deserves to be PM and the other who believes he was born to be PM and the other who believes he will never be PM . . . . .

  10. 10
    Comicalellie says:

    Guido brilliant picture!!!!

  11. 11
    Hugh Janus says:

    The barrel has been scraped, then turned over. What crawls out from underneath will have to do.

    If this is the calibre of person working for NuLiebour then I suppose it might help explain why they are so far up sh1t creek, sans paddle, on manifesto day.

    Things can only get worse.

  12. 12
    Spelling test says:

    Reins. Reigns means something else.

  13. 13
    FarmerGiles says:

    Wonder if that view is as well visited as Prescotts fridge?

  14. 14
    John Cipher says:

    Ellie the elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus.

  15. 15
    david says:


    No income tax rises? – Labour’s latest con!

    Will you please get the Tories to point out that Labour is treating people like fools
    again in its manifesto.

    No income tax rises – but yes National insurance rises.

    As we all know, National Insurance is just another name for Income tax!

    No income tax rises? – Labour’s latest con!

  16. 16
    the smell of fear says:

    Stupid Labour activist and her stupid obsession with Guido that is fast turning into an amusing vendetta for some reason.

  17. 17
    Mrs B says:

    She’d obviously drunk too much champagne when she wrote that.

  18. 18
    david says:

    No income tax rises? – Labour’s latest con!

    Will you please get the Tories to point out that Labour is treating people like fools
    again in its manifesto.

    No income tax rises – but yes National insurance rises.

    As we all know, National Insurance is just another name for Income tax!

    No income tax rises? – Labour’s latest con!

  19. 19
    Panscourer says:

    Check her blog; it’s full or spelling and grammatical errors. Not even a product of a bog-standard Comp, either…

  20. 20

    “Alan Johnson takes the reigns.”

    That’s reins, you stupid commie cow.

  21. 21
    Dinsdale says:

    As one Labour MP said: “Up sh1t creek without a canoe”

  22. 22
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Stay like that I’ve got something that will make you vote Tory!

  23. 23
    Independent Minded Blogging says:

    Silly twunt thought Brown was shit.
    Like everyone here.

  24. 24
    captain cumshot says:

    I could park my Kawasaki in that.

  25. 25
    The Sleeper says:

    I smell the stench of desperation in the Liebour camp.

    The beauty is that Wee Dougy thought he was so cool with his i campaign boasts,that he didn’t realise just how ridiculous he looks.

    Politicians simply put, cannot be cool. When they try to be they are made to look hopelessly out of touch.

  26. 26
    Ellie Gellard says:

    jog on Gordon

  27. 27
    The Dirty Rat says:

    As Mandy said, “Up sh1t creek and loving it”

  28. 28
    bandersnatch says:

    I specially liked this bit:

    “In short, Brown (although I had high hopes and don’t burden you with total responsibility) get your coat, time’s up.”

    Will bloggers never learn? Once something is on the Internet it is out there in the ether; anyone can copy it, save it and file it away for bringing out again when the time is ripe. Think before you type!… Hmmm… I’d better remember that too…

  29. 29
    Arch Stanton says:

    If ever two People deserve each other it is her and Brown

    Brilliant Spot Guido

    What are they on ??

  30. 30
    Paul J says:

    Someone said this hasn’t yet proven to be the internet election. This story proves that it very much is.

    It would be extraordinary even by the BBC’s standards if they don’t refer to this.

  31. 31

    Ha ha bloody ha ha!
    I bet no-one in der Bunker had the guts to tell broon what she really thought of him!

  32. 32
    Yorkshire Terrorist says:

    I can practically hear the fapping from Paul’s office. How long did you spend trawling her facebook? In the words (almost) of Iain Dale, I bet your parents are proud of you.

  33. 33
    I hate New Labour says:

    I’ll bet they don’t…

  34. 34
    Hugh Janus says:

    Wasn’t ‘no income tax rise’ in the previous manifesto? So how do they explain the recent 50p rate then??

  35. 35
    Lord of Darkness (convert) says:

    Oh yesssss.

  36. 36
    298,257 says:

    Guido – the ‘soon to dissapear blog’….have you ever heard of the “wayback machine”…Google it…its really rather useful



  37. 37
    Shergar says:

    Those were the days

  38. 38

    Well they have managed very well north of the border to not mention Chemical Charlie Purcell, so don’t hold your breath on this one.

  39. 39
    The end is nigh says:

    just watched the car crash that is the manifesto launch

    Boulton tears Burnham a new arse and Ellie’s piss poor presentation

    You really could not make this up

  40. 40
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Guido, rotate the image 180% and she looks like a lot of girls I have known.

  41. 41
    jgm2 says:


    She didn’t seem to have such a fat arse in those earlier pictures you posted. Although to be fair they all stopped somewhere around the waist.

    I guess she thinks like the Maximum Imbele himself that they can change their mind at will and ‘reality’ will simply catch up later. The dumb fuckers obviously still haven’t cottoned on to the fact that in this internet age you are hostage to everything you have ever said by anybody who even cares to look.

  42. 42
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Given her ability to change sides without shame… she’ll go far in politics.

  43. 43
    Dinsdale says:

    Oh that’s just ******* great. The three Labour troughers get legal aid for their trial.

    The best justice money can buy

  44. 44
    jgm2 says:

    Not as proud as they are of Ellie no doubt.

    Kids!! Don’t do Facebook. Employers really do look at it before even offering you an interview.

  45. 45
    jgm2 says:

    Plus ‘The scope of VAT will not be changed’. No mention at all about incasing the existing rate.


  46. 46
    I am Charlie Whelan, play with my Balls says:

    The US has Sarah Palin and

    We have what’s her name ? I know her arse.

  47. 47
    Beness says:

    Breaking news: 3 Labour mps caught up in the expenses row have applied for (and been granted ) legal aid.

  48. 48
    I rather like the rear end of a young lady says:

    What a pity she has clothes on in the picture.

  49. 49
    gok kerr says:

    Thats not a fat arse, theres a bit of a perspecitve thing there. All ladies should know that its not a good angle for a photo to be taken from.

    Although straight men may disagree.

  50. 50
    BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

    That photo is disgusting, just like the party she clearly represents………

  51. 51
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tough on crime soft on defence council

  52. 52

    Now I recognise her.

    Wasted caption compo opportunity there Fawkes.

  53. 53
    no longer anonymous says:

    I hope to God her parents don’t read this!

  54. 54

    …and as your Med sub-ed its “reins”, not “reigns”. Tsk tsk tsk.

  55. 55
    no longer anonymous says:

    They probably said no basic rate rise but I’m too lazy to check.

  56. 56
    Sloth says:

    cant spell reins

  57. 57
    Quentin Chips says:

    It is really depressing to come across homophobes and sexists like ‘Captain cumshot’ , Dirty Rat and ‘Brown’s a Tosser’. Glad that anachronistic minorities like you have crawled away from public debate to share your uninformed, backwards views to a little audience of fellow minded right wingers.
    This is going to be the biggest General Election since 1945, would be nice to see a slightly higher calibre of debate. Alas judging from the comments you have so cleverly thought up I fear it may be beyond your limted intellectual capacity.

  58. 58
    That's the way politics is conducted in Waziristan province! Are you racialist or summin? Sadiq Khan says:

    The sheer ghastliness and hypocrisy of these wannabee left wing Fascists turns my stomach.

    They can jeer anyone they disagree with, attempt to close down any counter argument, wish any misfortune on political foes, but as they see themselves as the ‘morally guided’, this kind of anti-politics is justifiable.

    NaziLabour with its lies, it’s vicious smears, and lie packed advertising is showing its true colours now.
    They have nothing to speak of but class war, and vacuous empty pledges, which the decent majority, the hard working, have heard three times before.

    Will the Tory party be able to achieve any coverage of the Labour lie machine’s worst excesses though?

  59. 59
    no longer anonymous says:

    Ah no, I am wrong – they said they wouldn’t raise the top rate either.

  60. 60
    Tommy Atkins says:

    Hey, if she wants to play in the game she will have to take the knocks, if I were one of her parents I would be ashamed of her.

  61. 61
    Hugh Janus says:

    Did you get the feeling that McBust’s “90% recovery rate from cancer under NuLiebour” was just another invented statistic? Burn ‘em steadfastly refused to answer this perfectly reasonable question, so I think it probably is.

    Would the ONS care to comment??

  62. 62
    Anon says:

    Welcome to the future: after Gordon Brown loses the Labour majority he will be told enough is enough, he has dragged the party down far enough and he must go.
    He will be told to compose his resignation letter and speech.
    After he has resigned and a new Labour replaced him will we get the full story which will be this: Gordon Brown has been dependent upon prescribed medication for several years. He will say he only kept going, at considerable cost to his own health, for the benefit(chuckle) of the Labour party. He will say he is resigning because his health will not permit him to continue.
    Then we will get the full sob story about how he did his best but it wasn’t good enough blah blah blah.
    Alan Johnson will replace Gordon Brown and he will immediately return to a collective cabinet decision making and responsibility model of government and he will offer seats on a coaltion cabinet to members of the Lib Dem party but not to the Conservatives.
    We will then have a Lib Dem Labour coalition for the remainder of the next parliament.
    Having been thwarted in his attempt to beccome PM David Cameron and George Osborne will resign their posts.
    The Conservative party will be in disarray for the next parliament but might have a chance in the next election depending on whether or not they get their shit together and return to traditional Tory values.
    This is my analysis.
    I never get it wrong.

  63. 63
    D°C says:

    Just stay still, luv, while I (cough) take your temperature.

  64. 64
    no longer anonymous says:

    Alternatively, kids should learn how to use the privacy settings.

  65. 65
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    That’s fking brilliant!

    Knowledge is horse play/power

    Thanks for that.

  66. 66
    That's the way politics is conducted in Waziristan province! Are you racialist or summin? Sadiq Khan says:

    She’s not gonna meet many straight men at a Labour Party manifesto launch is she

  67. 67
    Smellie Ellie Watch says:

    From Ellie’s blog..

    “On May 6th, Gordon stood on the steps of Downing Street with his cabinet behind him and delivered a speech, straight from the heart, asking for a mandate from the country. No hung parliaments, no reduced Tory majorities. Labour is fighting for victory, undoubtedly as the underdog, but with our principles and one central message at the heart of our campaign.”

    “A future speech for all” – Ha ha ha, you couldn’t make it up!! – http://stilettoedsocialist.wordpress.com/

  68. 68
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    She was off her tits on miaow miaow.

  69. 69
    MisterE says:


    Any excuse for a repost, I suppose…

  70. 70
    A future fair for all says:

    Our fearful fat liar

  71. 71
    Mr Ned says:

    Is this the only drivel she wrote for that shite, I mean site?

    Labour’s desparation open and public for all to see in using this spoiled little tart to introduce the manifesto.

    Please god, let labour be thoroughly shafted on election day!

    That said, I am still not convinced that we shall even see election day. There is still a little bit of time for a big bang and call on the Civil Contingencies act!

  72. 72
    The Admiral says:

    Link PLEASE!!!! with hundred and thousands….

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Go fuck yourself you pompous arse.

  74. 74
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    It was a reference to riding the rocking horse of power.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Hugh – didn’t I see you once a few years back pork-swording Ellie’s mum over the bonnet of your spitfire ? I remember thinking at the time ‘lucky bastard’ – It was the model Spit I had always hankered after. Funny how these things stick in your mind!

  76. 76
    jgm2 says:

    We like to keep things simple here in the hope that fuckwits such as yourself will eventually understand.

  77. 77
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    There is also:


    which takes snapshots of the web and saves them forever.

  78. 78
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Because it was the right thing to do.

  79. 79

    Stilettoed socialist?

    Yeah I’ll vote for that. Bayonetting would do too though.

  80. 80
    jgm2 says:

    ‘Did his best but it wasn’t good enough?’

    That would be the biggest understatement in British political history.

  81. 81
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    It’s Ellie’s minge you can smell. The Great Dealer was puzzled, he’s never been near one in his life.

  82. 82
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:


    Another cause to make me shout ’til I’m hoarse.

    Isn’t this booting-Gordo-out-of-Number-10&11 process over with, yet?

    “Go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £30,000″

  83. 83
    Peter Grimes says:

    Silly, gobby bitch Ellie, ‘educated’ at one of the best schools in the country, can’t spell either. A typical product of McDoom’s improved education system!

  84. 84
    FarmerGiles says:

    In 1945 the country had been bought to its knees by a power crazy angry man intent on power at all cost and having its infrastructure destroyed after 6 years of war. No change there then.

  85. 85
    Aristander of Telmissus says:

    I wondered what was the provenance of this irritating noise on legs, of whom I had not previously been aware, so I spent a few minutes rootling around the interweb. What did I find but this:
    ” … a 20-year old activist named Ellie Gellard, a protégé of Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy … “, which rather says it all.

    Boyoboy, don’t these two fatuous harpies thoroughly deserve each other! Perhaps when the good burghers of Bristol East have done their national duty on May 6th and – one hopes – heaved la McCarthy out on her rump, and onto her lavish redundancy package, la Gellard might take the hint and shut up for a while.

    When a new government (of whatever stripe) has restored the nation’s finances after years of Labour profligacy, just as the 1979 government had to do, we’ll be able to afford the luxury of armies of non-productive gadflies such as them. For the next few years, however, we’ll all have to roll our sleeves up and work hard to get things back to where they were in the first half of 1997. Labour were bequeathed a flourishing economy, and squandered it. Thanks a bucking funch, Gordo.

  86. 86
    Nick's wallet says:

    Ashamed of her because she is shaking her fat arse or because she is a socialist?! Both repulsive.

  87. 87
    onan macfly says:

    Bevanite? Would that be Welsh winger John (Cardiff, Wales and British Lions) or Brummy drummer, Move and ELO alumnus Bev?

  88. 88
    Ellie Gellard's Dad says:

    Too late . It’s spanky bots for her when she gets in.

  89. 89
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    The postie’s in with a chance then.

  90. 90
    Fat Bloke on Tour says:

    C Men

    Surely a few questions about the blogs finances would not be too big an issue?

    Surely you have nothing to hide, well apart from the police interviews, the dodgy facial hair and your man love for all things big holding guns.

    Regarding the so-called adverts supporting the site?
    Really beyond irony!

    Professional liars / get rich quick books / tax avidance …

    Love the picture though.

  91. 91
    Old Skool Nokia says:


  92. 92
    Quentin Chips says:

    Glad to see by your well thought out response you have completely countered my argument and suggestion that the debate on this page is moronic. I stand corrected…!
    Not all political activists are perfect as I am sure the Tories are aware. Wasn’t it one of their own high profile activists who left them last week to join Labour?

  93. 93
    Lincolnshire Squire says:

    Is she related to/a girlfriend of the gorgeous and pouting Stacy Bott?

  94. 94
    Gordon Brown: our fearful fat liar says:

    Quentin, go and stick your head back up your arse you pervert, we are not interested in getting a lecture from a sanctimonious PC turd like you.

  95. 95
    Gordon Brown: our fearful fat liar says:

    She sums up the tail end of this awful Labour government: vacuous, slaggish, and totally fucking useless.

  96. 96
    AFuckedUpFutureForAll says:

    Vote for Herr Comrade Marshall BrownStainovich. A man of Iron Integrity and Moral Compass.

    Nah! – just joking!

    A worthless little shit followed by a coterie of worthless shits, all hoping for a dollop of shit.

  97. 97
    shufton says:

    Just incase history is erased…

  98. 98
    Now be fair . . ! says:

    She’s only showing us her best bit.

  99. 99
    Mr Ned says:

    It is the first breach of the 2010 Manifesto. They promised no increase in income tax in 2005. Then to avoid breaching that manifesto commitment (using weasel words and tactics) they claimed that the rise was not going to come in until the next parliamentary term. Well, that means that in the coming term income tax will be going up to 50%.

    The only way that this does not breach this 2010 manifesto is if the tories win and introduce it. Then, although we all know that this is a labour tax increase, the labour party would still claim it is a tory tax increase.

    If we are unlucky enough to face another labour maladministration, then they will have breached this new election promise before the election even happened!

    Labour WILL increase income tax AND national insurance if they are elected. That is the polar opposite of what their manifesto claims.

    The labour manifesto is blatant bullshit!

  100. 100
  101. 101
    Mr Ned says:

    They are already committed to raising it to 20% as are the tories and liberals. They know how fucked the economy is, they just don’t want to admit it yet!

  102. 102
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    I can announce that Ellie is joining my parliamentary escort agency. As the photo suggests, every hole’s a goal with Ellie, at a special introductory price of £150. She will do a two girl with Caroline Flint, or with uberMILF Nadine Dorries for those who like the aunty/niece scenario. As ever, my girls are nasty, but there’s no Oaten stuff, that sort of thing gets you banned from Travel Lodges, and you can see their point.

    Cash only, we take sterling, dollars, euros and Swiss Francs. No Scottish banknotes though, they’re bloody impossible to spend.

  103. 103
    Aristander of Telmissus says:

    The stupid mare doesn’t even know the difference between April and May.

  104. 104
    Vlad says:

    fuck me Dudley’s labour candidate looks like she’s recovering from a lobotomy

  105. 105

    Is Ellie Labour’s weapon of crass destraction?

  106. 106
    Man Love says:

    nothing wrong with it

  107. 107
    Prince Rupert says:

    She is clearly awaiting a very well hung Parliament, or indeed giving Mandy some light releif

  108. 108
    Mr Ned says:

    Labour have already committed to raising the top rate of tax to 50% and to raising national insurance.

    They have broken their manifesto promises already and the election has not even happened yet!

  109. 109
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    High calibre of debate? With Gordon Brown? 90% of all cancer sufferers….we are in the best position to weather….it started in America….no more boom and bust….golden rule of 40% of GDP debt ratio….I could go on and on and on but

    You are, of course, taking the piss.

  110. 110
    Aristander of Telmissus says:

    Violet Elizabeth Bott, more like .

  111. 111
    Mrs Crewe says:

    saw that too thought it was a skit not a real! What a wet hen

  112. 112
    Mr Ned says:

    The BBC have referred to it in the election live coverage section on their website.


    Scroll down.

    I wonder if they will have it on any of their main news bulletins on TV?

  113. 113
    jgm2 says:

    The story with bowel cancer is that if it’s detected early enough then the clear-up rate is 90%. Unfortunately thanks to the ‘real men don’t go to the doctors’ code we have in the UK plus the decision tree that doctors go through, try this and come back in amonth, try that and come back in a month…. before finally referring you to a cancer specialist this equates to 90% of people, by the time their fucking well diagnosed, years too late, die of bowel cancer.

    Same as every other fucking cancer.

  114. 114
    The Dirty Rat says:

    You are Ellie and I claim my …………….

  115. 115
    Engineer says:

    “I never get it wrong.”

    Modest chap, aren’t you. And deluded – everybody gets things wrong. Brown’s been getting it wrong for years.

  116. 116
    Mr Ned says:

    or at a tory one these days either. Both parties have been taken over by heterophobes.

  117. 117
    I hate New Labour says:

    Quentin, now there’s a good solid socialist name, brother.

    Which constituency has Mandy got in mind for you?

    Make sure you stop any evil Tories with posh names getting in…

  118. 118
    The Admiral says:


  119. 119
    50 Calibre says:

    I recognise her now…

  120. 120
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    When you leave school and move on to technical college and then (hopefully!) to the work place, you will find yourself growing increasingly right wing and sexist with each passing year. Don’t fight your Buddha Nature. Embrace it.

  121. 121
    The Admiral says:

    I reckon Caroline and Nadds would be horrified…

  122. 122
    The Admiral says:

    You just had to say that didn’t you…

  123. 123
    The Admiral says:


  124. 124
    Vlad says:

    yeah from arse holes to twats

  125. 125
    The Admiral says:

    Whats going on here Guido…?

  126. 126
    Ted Bundy says:

    ‘Did his best but it wasn’t good enough?’ – That is hilariously funny and just about sums up the last 13 years of the most criminally incompetent mismanagement in our countries history. I shall be chuckling over this for the rest of the day.

  127. 127
    Mr Ned says:

    There are a few people leaving the tories to join labour, but they are outnumbered 3 to 1 by those leaving labour to join the tories.

  128. 128
    albacore says:

    With luck they’ll get the Scotch baroness to plead their cases; juries with rather more accurate moral compasses than those of the accuseds’ peers; and Judge Jeffries reincarnated to pass sentence.

  129. 129
    Hugh Janus says:

    No such luck. Erm, what I meant to say is – I think it highly unlikely that any activity of the rogering kind would have taken place between the two of us if the old girl is also a NuLiebour supporter. I still have standards you know. I think you are referring to my namesake Hugh Jardon. I expect he’ll be along in a moment to regale us with yet another saucy tale.

  130. 130
    Vlad says:

    and if it gets deleted it will be available for ever here as a word file


  131. 131
    Lord G says:

    No doubt she has ‘changed her mind since then’ as Gordon really is the only person to lead the country in these tough times…blah, blah, blah.

    That, or the opportunity to get her face on TV was, like the rest of these labour knobs, sufficient enticement to drop any previous beliefs she held.

  132. 132
    Vlad says:

    snap shufton

  133. 133
    Mr Ned says:

    Fuckwits that support labour will NEVER understand, no matter how simple we make it. They all believe in a magic money tree, and until the private sector finally runs out of money entirely, they will continue to believe in it.

    Some labour candidite in Leeds was on Breakie news this morning claiming that public sector cuts would harm the private sector due to the billions lavished on them in orders by the state.

    Doesn’t this useles, braindead bint realise how much better business would do in this country if they didn’t have to pay for massive government white elephant projects? and the mountainous government waste?

    One thing it does tell us is where the labour cuts will fall.

    If labour get in, they will cut procurement to any private sector companies, before they will cut “diversity co-ordinators”, “CO2 officers”, “climate change operatives” and any other badged jobsworth who can force entry into our homes!

    Labour and waste. They are as synonymous as strawberries and cream!

  134. 134
    Window Licker says:

    Manifesto Video Is Now On Youtube

  135. 135
    Time To Go Gordon says:

    Labour haven’t “committed” to increasing the top rate of tax to 50% they have already done it. It came in to force on 6 April 2010.

  136. 136
    Vlad says:

    she looks more like bump the ellie

  137. 137
    Mr Ned says:

    Typical socialist and a product of labour education educayshun edjukashon policy.

  138. 138
    Vlad says:

    and waybackweb that saves websites


  139. 139
    Marchamont says:

    can’t be, the spelling’s too good.

  140. 140
    Ellie Licker says:

  141. 141
    Time To Go Gordon says:

    This is how the BBC proves it is not biased. It puts out unfavourable information on an obscure website page – which virtually nobody reads – just to prove it reported it.

  142. 142
    Gutless Gordon Brown says:

    Right Ned, and look who wrote it. An overgrown much cosseted schoolboy who’s never done a stroke of real work in his life and never listened to real people with experience beyond political gamesmanship. So much for Labour’s aspirations, its deeply insulting to ordinary people and turns politics into a complete farce. His performance this morning was embarrassing to hear – weak, silly, self serving, dishonest and superficial – and yet these people dismiss their appalling record of the past 13 years as though we’ve never noticed it and really do assume they are fit to carry on under their great leader. No.

  143. 143
    estate Boyo says:

    fag name

  144. 144
    albacore says:

    There is a beneficent deity if the author of that illerate claptrap is the best that Labour can deploy to promote its manifesto.

  145. 145
    TaTs Nan says:

    thats tat,wishful thinking his 5k

  146. 146
    albacore says:

    Whoops! Pots and kettles.
    I will now write out a zillion times “illiterate”.
    Sorry, pardon.

  147. 147
    Vlad says:

    a future fuhrer for all.

  148. 148
    harpic says:

    What a stupid but typical mistake to make with the wording of the slogan – they left out `fuck` between FOR and ALL. Insert that word and it makes absolute sense

  149. 149
    Adios El Gordo says:

    well she should have given that speech before Gordon came on, that would have made the childish garbage that followed it far more entertaining. never before has one man used so many words to say so little.

  150. 150
    Aristander of Telmissus says:

    Sweet screaming Jesus H. Christ on a bike. This is not the digital election that people were forecasting; it’s the infantilised election. So 13 years of education3 brings us a cruddy little cartoon full of gormles stereotypes as Labour’s first and best effort at communicating its hopes and aspirations. They don’t deserve us; we certainly don’t deserve them.

  151. 151
    Vlad says:

    I just showed my nanna Putin this.”She’s got her knitting stuck in her hair”. She said. “I’m not voting for anyone who takes the piss out of the old”.

  152. 152
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Your clearly “cheap as chips” and are not worth the keyboard time with a response.

  153. 153
    Albert M. Bankment says:

    Adapting an old and infinitely fungible Will Rogers quip:

    Those who leave the Conservatives for Labour raise the IQ of both parties.

  154. 154
    Moley says:

    Why can I feel a hand on each shoulder?

  155. 155
    The naivety of youth...aah bless says:

    Or for the lazy so & so’s amongst us…

    “We have all seen the huge amount of coverage of our shocking time in the press recently. Before Glasgow East I was going to write a blog on here entitled, ‘Things can Only Get Better’… I was right not to do so, on friday they got worse, much worse.

    Glasgow East shows that it is not only the middle classes in Henley or a dissafected campaign team in Crewe which have led to our loss in recent by-elections. Glasgow East has in fact given the government a rather ironic blow, for a place that is economically and therefore influentially so powerless, the irony that they have cemented Brown’s future and cleared a way for revoltuion in our party is fitting. We lost the election by 365 votes, 365 people Brown would have wished he could have cajoled and succoured into voting for a party who is making headway in reinstating Britain’s economic position in the world, one which is rivalling China and the US in technological advancements etc etc. but the residents of the Scottish constituency don’t care about these regurgitated facts and quite frankly in times like these neither do I. Brown had an opportunity on Friday to come out and speak to the masses from the heart. Apologising not only to the party but to the thousands of residents of Glasgow East who will no longer have a Labour council due to failings in Westminster, the thousands who stayed loyal to Labour have been let down. Brown needs to speak up, change the face of Labour from New to Old, slimy and slick to rugged and honest, champion of the poor and ‘normal’ rather than the super rich, do this or go. We all know this, and he probably does too so why can he not speak – I have not heard from him as PM speaking with passion. How dare he stand by with personal interest watching our party sink it is not his to lose, it is ours.

    It is time to move on. Not ‘listen and learn’ but act. Learning time is over, we’ve failed three recent exams and it’s time to change. New Labour is politically invaluable now, in truth thanks to the good work done by governments in the past 11 years, small welfare reform and economic chitter chatter is irrelevant. Hard polcies helping lower income families, couples and singletons get by and enjoy a reasonable standard of life is what we need. simple. I know it’s not that easy but Labour is nothing if we are not aspirational on behalf of those who cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. The Labour party is ours to save, responsibility not only falls at the feet of every voter who we may canvass when or if we lose the next election but it falls to us, our party cannot passively sink in the next twenty or so months with it’s members watching on the dock. We must jump aboard and go down, if we must, fighting.

    Here’s my ideal scenario for the coming months. Brown accepts that too much damage has been done and while I feel sorry for someone who has waited so long for a job which he has done averagely and been slaughtered for, I care more for our party and supporters. Alan Johnson takes the reigns. If we rely on another Blairite, wet behind the ears and a propagator of policies and a Labour party that has failed then we will die, and will deserve to. Johnson is politicallly astute, personable and above all passionate. He is committed to socialism and a staunch trade unionist thus would hopefully unite our party which needs to be stronger than ever today. A general election would come sooner rather than later with change of leadership and we would fight in on tough policies, left wing ideas and real issues. not pandering to any conservative measure or media giant. The Labour party in it’s purest form, for when our party is distilled it is deadly. Win or lose such an election we will know where we stand and will be in a stronger, and prouder position to reignite the flame of which mere embers remain today.

    In short, Brown (although I had high hopes and don’t burden you with total responsibility) get your coat, time’s up. Our party is worth fighting for, and I know as long as there’s breath in my body I will fight for us. Labour is entering a new era, people have fallen out of love with us but not yet in love with the tories, we have a small margin of error now and we must capitalise on these times. It is impossible for an electorate or indeed a country to be psychic, the government must shout out from aevery available rooftop from Gloucester to Glasgow, Henley to Hull, telling us what they have done, (for there is a lot to be proud of) and what Labour will do for this country. New Labour is dead. The post mortem must not cloud our the screaming urgency with which we must reincarnate. I for one am too proud and love this party and it’s history too much to let some Oxbridge insipid,’eco warrior’ tories wipe us out. Politics is undoubteldly the arena which makes the heart beat a little faster. Our heart has stopped this week, but Glasgow was perhaps the shock we needed to come back to life and beat stronger than ever.”

  156. 156
    Nowt new says:

    Fags to dykes

  157. 157
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Quentin Chips sounds very Mandy to me, do you bend frequently?

  158. 158
    Jimmy says:

    It’s like watching a schoolboy pulling the girls’ pigtails.

  159. 159
    Vlad says:

    more shit to follow.

  160. 160
    Gonzo says:

    i print it and burn to disk as well.

  161. 161
    Wait and see says:

    And Nick who will be PM.

  162. 162
    Dick Tator says:

    What in hell makes you think there is going to be a jury?

    Get with the program, this will be a specially selected judge only.

    “I find the defendants (except the Tory one) innocent of all charges. You are free to go and continue your pilfering of the public purse. As way of apology, I will hereby grant each falsely-accused member one million pounds in compensation. However, the Tory will be sent to the Tower, never to be seen again. The family may retrieve his remains a week on Tuesday. Court is adjourned.”

    Wanna bet?

  163. 163
    English Liberation Front says:

    Get lost Fatbloke you filthy communist scum.

    Or, in your own moronic vernacular, “Away an’ boil your heed!”

  164. 164
    vlad says:

    oh and docjax the document search engine


  165. 165
    Anonymous says:



  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    Strawberries. Cream. Synonymous ? Eh ?

  167. 167
    I hate New Labour says:

    But just look at how the BBC have phrased it:
    “Conservative tweeters have pointed out that the blogger used by Labour to launch their manifesto hasn’t always been a loyal supporter of Gordon Brown.”

    She hasn’t been a loyal supporter full stop. B*gger all to do with the opinions of ‘Conservative tweeters’.

    Considering how often they led with Ashcroft, Ashcroft, Ashcroft, is this was a blunder involving the Tories, would it be hidden halfway down their live coversage? I think not.

  168. 168

    I know its a very difficult concept but let’s try.
    It is not necessary, outside of the public sector, fake charities, Guardian media group, Labour party blogs or the Greek economy to receive a taxpayer or patron’s handout.

    There is another way called enterprise.

    Someone should tell Brown about it. Might make him think again about raising N.I AND the VAT increase that he knows is coming.

  169. 169
    Shardenne Froider says:

    What lobotomised cretin dreamt this patronising garbage up?

  170. 170
    Dick Tator says:

    Oops, the image has gone….!!!!! Naughty boy…….

  171. 171

    I knew they were having an ‘idea’ competition but I didn’t know it was for kids.
    Explains why Gordon’s been hanging around Primary schools for years. He’s been trying to pick up some inspiration from the class frieze project.

    Expect the next poster campaign to be a crayon picture of Lord Mandy riding a donkey that looks suspiciously like Douglas Alexander, towards a one eyed innkeeper who says there is plenty of room at the Inn for everyone who votes Labour.

  172. 172
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Only if you pay with photocopied twenties. That Brillo Pad Neill’s banned for life, cheap bastard.

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    ” Did his worst and succeeded!” is a little closer to the mark, more’s the pity.

  174. 174
    Guidos wonderful posters says:

    beyond parody
    sheer comic genius
    if only they knew

  175. 175
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Add a cock and balls swinging down tween those legs and its an ideal view for McMental or Lord Fondleboys

  176. 176
  177. 177
    Ellies Mama says:

    The fucking slag, I didnt drag her up to behave like that
    In my day we could get our ankles around our necks
    Typical unfit fat children that are Thatchers legacy
    Vote Gordon McMental for a healthier fairer Britain

  178. 178
    Lord John Two Slags says:

    Fingers in?

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    What the fuck are you listening to the rantings of that stupid bitch for?

  180. 180
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    And I thought my wife had a big arse . . .

  181. 181
    Ghost of Polish pilot says:

    There it is again! That’s the lard arse I saw on the approach to the airport. It put me off then, as much as I find it off putting, now . . . . .

  182. 182
    Dick Tator says:

    Err, what’s with the “laundry” —- “cashpoint” bit? Is someone suggesting that we LAUNDER OUR MONEY????? And get a taxicab to do it?

    I have NO CLUE what they were trying to say to us!!!

    (Lessons will have to be learnt).

  183. 183
    captain cumshot says:


    Nice one Quentin, great assumption.


  184. 184
    proportional representation soon please says:

    It is meant to appeal to the lobotomised cretins who vote for them.

  185. 185
    Anonymouse says:

    Does my bum look big in this?

  186. 186
    Anon says:

    I never get political analyses wrong Engineer.
    It is my field of expertise which I happen to excel in.

  187. 187
    Ghost riders in the night says:

    last time i saw an arse like that
    the lone ranger was straping a saddle on it !

  188. 188
    An itinerant beast says:

    Labour party slogan

    Vote for a furrier Britain?
    I bet her minge looks like a Gorillas bollocks

  189. 189
    Lord of the Flies says:

    Ah a candidate for the Childrens Parliament which Labour are destined to gift us. The tyranical rule of the children is not far away now.

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    Possibly the most Patronising piece of niave infintile Tosh ever produced by a Political Party. Who signed this off ? Doogie was it you ? Come on man own up !

  191. 191
    Boris the Knob says:

    What an ugly fat fuckin arse on that bird, and she can’t even fuckin spell or write properly either.

    Postman Pat for PM, for fuxake. She can’t even think straight.

    What a totally clueless twat!!

    God help us if this the the best of the next generation of these c/unts.

  192. 192
    cyberbrits says:

    Baby got a butt the size of an Ellie-phant’s

  193. 193
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    Heheh… Yes, I might set my computer the task of ‘reading that out loud’, but I’ve only 26-or-so days before I have to be out voting and so I don’t think I’ll be reading this treatise myself.

  194. 194
    WHO says:

    Alan Johnson bases his policies on Science Fiction. I wish that publicity seeking wotshername? schoolgirl would fuck off and do something useless like get her tats out for the boys.

  195. 195
    anony-mouse says:

    I just viewed that “cartoon” manifesto and the thought crossed my mind, that after 13 years of Labour – surely higher school standards would mean it would be abit too simplistic for their target audience?

    Basically Labour’s entire “substance” (I kid ye not) campaign is:

    Tories = Evil, Tories = BAD. And attempts to frighten people to not vote for them.

    These Labourites are the same moron’s that gave us a 1.4trillion debt, sold the gold, lied to Chilcott about the defence budget, swamped the country with 4 million immigrants in 13 years.

    No wonder Gordon’s statistical claims (3 in a row) have been completely blown out the water.

    Zero substance and I’m dreading any possibility of this lot for another 5 years.

  196. 196
    Political Totty Hunter says:

    If you haven’t already seen her spouting crap in Labour’s honour in the Telegraph’s ‘readers jury’, I think this girl is waiting to take Ellie’s place as ‘poster girl’ and ‘glamorous Labour activist': http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs378.snc3/24189_1336928356043_1616130064_838469_4821996_n.jpg

  197. 197
    Windy says:

    Elie takes it up the arse for publicity. Where do Noo Labour keep their brains?

  198. 198
    David Hodge says:

    She is just waiting for Gordon to give her one. But Prescott got there first.

  199. 199
    Doctor Foster says:

    I might not be able to spank the labourness out of her but I would give it a good go!

  200. 200
    Nicholas Stroller says:

    Muppet prepared for usage. Insert hand here.

  201. 201
    Nicholas Stroller says:

    A socialite called Ellie
    whose botty that was smelly
    uplinked a photo
    we would all goto
    once dating the mz gellie

  202. 202
    Bye bye Labour says:

    Nokia 1 cleared for landing…

  203. 203
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    the little millidroid is on newsnight what a muppet my god LIEBOUR are desperate

  204. 204
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    TAX & SPEND it`s in our DNA

  205. 205
    Hugh Jardon says:

    What can I say? I was very, verrry, werrrrrry pissed…

    soz for the delay. I was very, verry, werrrrry pissed…

  206. 206
    Gordoom cooks the books says:


  207. 207
    Cynic says:

    Almost as big an arse as Cherie

  208. 208
    QWERTY says:

    Is she taking a dump?

  209. 209
    Tubb says:

    I’ve no idea who this girl is, but I would hazard a guess that she has never passed any English exams.

  210. 210
    The big D says:

    A female version of Gary Elsby with a larger vocabulary.

  211. 211
  212. 212
    Archie Wedderspoon says:

    Tail end is the word for it.

  213. 213
    Barney Gumble says:

    Socialist 83%

    Communism 75%

    Anarchism 67%

    Democrat 50%

    Green 42%

    Republican 17%

    Fascism 8%

    Children: I don’t want kids
    Education: High school
    Occupation: student
    Nazi 0%

    You will notice that communism scores higher than democrat in Ellie’s profile

    Ellie’s Companies
    Royal Academy of Dance
    London, UK
    dance student

    We need those tap dancing to tell us what to do

  214. 214
    Anonymous says:

    The privacy settings are useless. A little URL manipulation will get you any photo album you want.

  215. 215

    How can you ‘love’ the Labour Party at the age of 20?

    I’ve got no idea who this little girl (who has only been able to vote for the last two years) is, but why does anyone care what she says? If she worships Harriet Harmon then she is seriously ill in the head.

    She’s got too big a gob to survive.

  216. 216

    Ellie’s Heroes:

    Heroes sylvie guillem – la reine de la danse,
    aneurin beaven – he founded the nhs,
    william harvey – the sickest guy in the history of medicine (thanks mrs. f), everyone in the Résistance but especially lucie aubrac!

    Notice how she doesn’t say what Gordon did!


  217. 217

    […] Ellie Didn’t Always Talk Out of Her Arse The Labour manifesto launch for Gordon had an introduction from Ellie Gellard, but she was kept away from the press and […] […]

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