April 11th, 2010

Vince’s VAT Vacillation

Fraser Nelson is scathing about the LibDem’s VAT poster, calling it “the most dishonest poster of the campaign”.

Jon Sopel asked Vince today “Would you rule out raising VAT?” to which Vince replied No, I don’t.”

So we could see an unquantified VAT bomb from a LibDem coalition government. Or pehaps not. Vince won’t say clearly one way or the other…


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    We’re all vacillating together.


  2. 2
    AC1 says:

    VAT is the worst tax, and raising it will really damage the economy.

    Want to see a bigger economy? Then stop fining the people who do it. Cut taxes on Working, Employing, Investing and Saving.

    Want to tax something that’s NOT economically damaging? Tax Land Value (not the buildings on it) and IP (Not the profits the IP makes).

    LVT: It’s the ONLY tax promoted by Adam Smith and David Ricardo.
    PLUS! LVT: It would really fuck over most of the BTL MPS.


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    • 20

      The thing I also hate about VAT is that we have to collect it ourselves while the VATman sits on his arse waiting for the quarterly cheques.


    • 21
      Leaky pipes says:

      Its a worry that the Treasury seemed to be keen on focusing on this tax as a candidate to increase.


      • 113
        Groucho says:

        Its all pissing in the wind. This country’s economy is FUBAR


        • 138
          Lightweight Cast Iron says:

          *shrugs* SNAFU for Liebour…


          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            There are two things that aren’t normal this time round;

            Firstly, whilst Labour always screws the economy, this time they’ve smashed it beyond belief, racking up more debt (CBI estimates it at £2.2trillion and increasing by 0.5 billion per day) than any previous government and, secondly, in the past there’s always been a Conservative government to fix Labour’s mess. This time, we’ve got Dave “I’ve thought of £12bn of savings” Cameron.

            It’s kind of like a perfect storm.


    • 32
      Moley says:

      Politicians openly tax cigarettes to stop people from smoking and tax fuel to make people drive smaller cars fewer miles.

      They KNOW that taxation discourages and subsidy / benefit encourages.

      Taxes on spending discourage it.
      Taxes on employment discourage it.
      Benefits for unmarried mothers encourage more single women to adopt benefit funded motherhood as a lifestyle.

      We have a Lib Dem council where I live who operate punitive parking charges which are non linear in that after 3-4 hours there is a huge jump.

      £20.00 a day easily for the unwary.

      The shops suffer because the council (in effect), fines people who spend too long in the shops.

      Lib Dem tax and economic policy is a farce, and its time it was made public.


    • 133
      confused says:

      “Want to tax something that’s NOT economically damaging? Tax Land Value (not the buildings on it) and IP (Not the profits the IP makes).”

      By IP do you mean Intellectual Property? You want to tax peoples idea’s?


      • 134
        Groucho says:

        Exactly – no better way to kill innovation and entrepreneurial spirit stone dead.


      • 149
        Bob Bigot says:

        Better to tax: homosexuals (double the standard rates for normal people), foreigners (those we let stay), Scottish (reverse the flow of money), professional sport (especially football) and fat fuckers (or indirectly, takeaways, chocolate, crisps)


      • 165
        AC1 says:

        By IP, I mean Patents. When a idea creator gets the government to allow them to monopolise an idea they filed.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:



  4. 4
    Arch Stanton says:

    Given that the Lib Dems entire strategy is based on a hung parliament and typical Lib Dem after thirteen years of a Labour Govt what do they do ?

    Attack the Conservatives !!

    It is clear that a vote for them is a vote for more of the great Mentalist.

    Therefore it was with surprise that I watched Sopel finaly expose Wince Cable for the phoney fip flopper that he is.

    FINALLY!! the BBC have put him under the same scrutiny they have been putting the Conservatives.

    Any Chance Darling will now be out under the same spotlight


    • 66
      Mdme Defarge says:

      I find it really weird that instead of really standing up for themselves as a party that might, just might, in the event of a Labour meltdown become the UK’s second party, they are merging leftward into Labour.
      I know Charlie Kennedy was a drunk but I think he was a capable leader and wouldn’t have lead them down this self destructive path.
      Just caught Cleggie and St Vincent of the Cable on ITV news drinking tea and eating hobnobs in Cleggy’s conservatory – says it all.


  5. 6
    Miriam Clogg says:

    Check out these rancid hoofs, more public spending on NHS foot specialists required


    Awaiting a tweet


    • 18
      Leaky pipes says:

      I swear I’ll never be able to eat pork scratchings again, thanks.


    • 23
      Tachybaptus says:

      Much as I hate Gordon, I have to defend Sarah here. This is a fairly common deformity, and it’s hereditary. It’s really not her fault. If you have this problem, the only solution is a painful, expensive operation not available on the National Health, to remove the middle joint of the little toes so that they lose their structure and flop down. Otherwise, you just have to live with it, and avoid fashionable pointy shoes.


    • 92
      Jan says:

      I think Magda McDoom has got six toes on that left foot.Also her toenails are a really VILE colour. I’d say she has an infection in the nails,that’s why they are a putrid colour.


    • 114
      Anonymous says:


      Are these camel’s toes?


    • 121
      windowlickers says:

      wow! you people really are the cream of the political crop

      Guido is right to call you windowlickers


    • 161
      Two taxis for Brown in case one breaks down says:

      I prefer a camel toe


  6. 7
    Dave has a BIG tax up his sleave - what the NWO media won't tell you says:

    What no mention of the new MASSIVE ECO tax they all support?

    Yeah the one thats based on a lie that makes the international bankers and their pets richer!.

    Vote anyone but the Lib Lab Con trick.


    • 19
      Mr Ned says:

      Of course not, they ALL support that, especially the BBC! After all it is not like the BBC has to struggle to pay tax is it? They charge it all to the tax-payer


    • 34
      NotaSheep says:

      It’s only £18.3 billion a year, not small beer but dare anyone point out that the climate change Emperor is naked? – http://notasheepmaybeagoat.blogspot.com/2010/04/urgent-david-cameron-i-can-save-country.html


      • 55
        One party facist state says:

        The sooner the corrupt media go to the wall the better, still no doubt with all these taxes the NWO can afford to prop up their propaganda arms.


        • 63
          Guido's sheeple says:

          And look at all the morons replying to Guidos post about the lib dems small beer tax while ignoring the HUGE donkey in the room.

          No more than brainwashed football supporters cheering on the team that fleeces them and all owned by the same people.

          Now i understand how Stalin managed to get to power and murder millions, the public are morons!

          No wonder were f*cked


          • Sir Everard Digby says:

            Well genius,I was under the impression that we were responding to Guido’s comments which siw aht ususally happened.

            There are many other comments about the economic mismanagement of the country and yes we had noticed.

            PS try a little politeness – otherwise we might think yuo are a socialist


  7. 8
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    One has to feel a little sorry for National Treasure Vince Cable. Gandalf to Smeagol in a week.


  8. 9
    Avuncular Vince says:


  9. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s Harriet Harman ?


    • 15
      Jack Dromedary says:

      Canvassing for me in my safe Labour seat ?? She doesn’t need to canvass in her own constituency: that’s totally safe, even though she does wear a stab vest and is surrounded by bodyguards when she walks the streets there.


    • 42
      Batty Hatty HaHaHaHa-Person, the gal you jus' wanna meet for a REAL treat! says:

      Here I am boys!

      I believe in fair shares for all.

      So if you wanna bit of a gal that knows which way the wind blows – geddit? – come round to my side gate and ring the bell twice.

      I’ve got a box of used knickers you might like to sort through as well – all sealed up so the odour is waiting for you.


  10. 13
    Arthur Ormartha says:

    These campaigns are extremely deceptive. Cable probably has his sights set on a hung parliament which means his ideas will be designed to swing both ways. Bi-politics is now being played out by the Lib dems.


    • 36
      Ted Bundy says:

      Vince Cable is a completely overrated charlatan (just like Brown was until his bubble burst and his economic house of cards collapsed) he was a guest on the BBC’s Hardtalk show recently and Andrew Neil tore him apart. He keeps telling everyone how he magically predicted the economic collapse but when Andrew Neil actually put to him all of the many and contradictory pearls of wisdom he had uttered over many months he literally fell apart and deflated like a poorly concocted soufflé. He had been exposed and boy did he know it.

      Cable like most Liberal Democrats is a fool.


  11. 14
    Vince Roolz says:

    Countries like Denmark and Sweden have a (much) higher VAT rate than the UK, and I do believe their economy is a lot healthier than the UK economy … and both countries are consistently ranked higher than the UK in quality of life surveys.

    In other words, wish people would quit moaning and accept some responsibility; the UK is skint and we all have to do our bit/pay our share if we’re to avoid going completely tits up!


    • 33

      Their economies are a lot healthier because they have not had Brown ruiing them. Everything is so bloody expensive over there especially in Sweden and most people live grim, boring lives except for the benefits which nature provided.

      Sweden has never been to war for 250 years so naturally their economy is in reasonable shape. They’ve kept their heads down and let others do the dirty work (like defeat fascism) and then have the temerity to lecture us when it’s all over.


      • 135
        Positively Neutral says:

        “They’ve kept their heads down and let others do the dirty work (like defeat fascism)”

        Not true, they charged Denmark for each an every Danish Jews who was saved by the boat lift; then charged the government monthly for their ‘living expenses’. All had to be paid in Gold.
        They sold ball bearings to the Axis and Allies, but sold iron ore and other war materials to Germany.
        Before WWII Switzerland and Sweden were both piss poor, after the war their banks groaned under the weight of gold (ingots and fillings).


  12. 16

    Vince’s position just about sums up the problem with the LibDems – they are forever sitting on the fence.


  13. 17
    Miriam Clogg says:

    Vince Cable explains the meaning of life


  14. 22
    a cornered rat says:

    “Vince won’t say clearly one way or the other…”

    Typical LibDem, he swings either way.


  15. 25
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Vince is a Dithering OLD FOOL.

    No fucker is listening to the Limp Dem !


  16. 29
    James says:

    Cables kudos is eroding away and he is visibly ageing to boot. Will he last the next few weeks?

    The libDems are in attack mode against the Tories because they want to be able to cosy up to a Labour Government and get the new election system in place, even though it will help Labour more than them. They put themselves up as being trustworthy but they are definitely not. They have already thrown their principles to the wind on a number of things just to put themselves in a position of advantage.

    This election could be absolutely disastrous for the LibDems, leaving any reputation they have had in tatters. They will be cast into the wilderness for all time. They are already half way there.


    • 69
      Ted Bundy says:

      They have been in the wilderness for almost 90 years since their last Prime Minister was caught corruptly flogging honours and places in the House of Lords – remind you of anybody?

      They are just a bunch of woolly self serving jerks.


    • 141
      Tonto says:

      John Sopel’s interview with him was a prize winner..floundered through the real issues…bombed on the vat tory poster and expressions about hung parliament reaction risible.


  17. 30
    Ratsniffer says:

    What do you expect from the cable layer? The lib dums know they will never be in power so they can safely say what they like. They won’t have to pay for it. All this makes me hope that the tories get a massive majority and crush any hopes the smarmy, grovelling lib dems have of forming an alliance with their chums in labour. Remember, a vote for the lib dems is a vote for gordon.


  18. 31
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    I do hope you are all looking forward to receiving your own personal Cancer Scare leaflet through the post ??

    It will warn how the Tories, if elected, would ensure that you would fall victim to this terrible condition on the afternoon of 7th May. All treatment would, of course, cease on this date. Only a Liebour government administers treatment to existing and future cancer sufferers.

    Remember – Vote Liebour for a longer life.


  19. 37
    The Cable 'n Clegg Legover says:

    Words can mean anyfing we want them to.

    ‘n that.


    kno wot we mean?


  20. 39
    Slim says:

    The rancid old bastard is a pusher of the “Green New Deal” Nazi shite.

    It’s based on Mao Tse-tung’s “Great Leap Forward”, but we all starve to death making fucking windmills, instead of steel, while the evil Nazi filth in parliament roll about in out money eating caviare and suckling pigs.

    Vince Cable is fucking filth. The Nazi bastards needs his evil face kicking in.


    • 50
      Miriam Clogg says:

      Thats an outrageous slur its based on Pol Pots triumphant agrarian communal society.

      Unfortunately Hilary Benn can no longer take th eproject forward – he will have to be shot due his spacky four eyes.


    • 58
      Green Dave and his Nazi Eco Twattery says:

      Mr Cameron said:
      “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.”
      “Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

      Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

      “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

      “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”


  21. 43
    B Nign says:

    Typical of labour coming up with this scare tactics cancer campaign. Bullying, lying opportunist.


    • 129
      Groucho says:

      There really isn’t any depth to which they will not stoop.

      Why does 30% of the electorate think it right to vote for these evil bastards?


  22. 44
    Kenny says:

    Let’s drop VAT bombs on Russia!!


  23. 48
    Anonymous says:

    The LibDem’s & Old Vince are a joke! The have invented the figure of £389 & the fact the Conservatives will introduce VAT, whilst at the same time refusing to rule out an increase in VAT themselves. What a load of plonkers! How can anyone take them seriously!!


  24. 60
    QWERTY says:

    Be honest, when you normally see a Limp Dem with something black and shaped like a bomb it’s stuck up their arse.

    Cable is a mong.


  25. 61
    Marcel Wave says:

    But you deeed eet all in ze best poss-eeble taste, madam


  26. 62
    Ratsniffer says:

    Cable & Clegg. Sounds like a double act of a couple of tired, faded, moth-eaten comedians who keep doing the rounds with the same old script, never hitting the big time, but always dreaming of success…one day lad…one day…


    • 65

      Vince Cable is up to his (dirty) tricks again.


      • 81
        Dack Blog says:

        I caught up with the news tonight and the political top of pops were Brown leaving ‘Cameron Close’ having visited a couple of grateful assisted first time buyers; Cameron jogging alongside Botham with his cancer charity T-shirt on (and looking suitably uncomfortable); Cable and Clegg having a honeymoon breakfast coffee al fresco.



        • 126
          Groucho says:

          No suggestions from any party about how the country is going to stop borrowing an additional half a billion pounds per day then?


  27. 72
    Mrs Khan says:

    The Lib Dems in my view are the most Machiavellian of all the parties. They are deceptively engineering a hung parliament as they know this is their only chance of gaining any power. Their tactics are in danger of putting the economy in a precarious situation. No one in business or investment likes a hung parliament. The Lib Dems are disengenuous about having the economy’s interest at heart.


  28. 75
    manicbeancounter says:

    Guido – Seen Labour’s Latest Party Political Broadcast? – “The Road Ahead”


    Or maybe, it should be “Labour has got us Lost”



  29. 77
    Sandy says:

    Sarah Palin making eyes at Ed Balls (does Yvette boy-woman know?)


    • 83
      Dr Knob says:

      Yvette Cooper’s had a mental breakdown and is currently in a dark, little world of her own.


      • 154
        Harriet's Gnarled Clit says:

        Dark because she’s being ass-stoved by a gang of Nigerian tractor mechanics. Bitch – I want to do Ed Balls


      • 155
        Yvette The Slag says:

        Anything to do with her getting found out about sucking Telegraph poles ?


  30. 79
    Margaret Buckett says:

    Attacking the Conservatives is lunacy for the LibDems. Their seats in the south-west suddenly become much more vulnerable when they get into this kind of scrap with the Tories, as the Zider Drinkers begin to wonder why they’re not having a go at a useless and incompetent government. They are only likely to impress bolshie northerners who realise that their beloved Labour is a busted flush, and take seats off them. I bet Cameron can’t believe his luck. I’m sure that this has happened before, and that the Libs paid very heavily. I think that Clegg’s got it wrong and that for the first time they’re opening the way for a slim Tory majority. Can’t say I’m sorry to see these attacks. The Tories really need those gains down in Darwin’s Waiting Room.


  31. 82
    • 84
      Vince Cable is a fucking joke says:

      I’m sure Saint Vince Cable would stop licking Gordon’s arse long enough to kiss Sarah’s grotesque feet better.


    • 104
      bluuuuurt says:

      What a fucking minger. Those feet are as disgusting as her face.


    • 131
      Gordon shit says:

      Holy fucking shite!

      She has fungal infections in all her toe nails. Dirty old slag. You can see from her deformed face she’s sick.

      What a filthy diseased animal. I bet she also has lice and crabs, and maggots feeding on her putrid crotch.

      Dirty fucker.



      • 156
        Harriet's Gnarled Clit says:

        Her muff looks like three pound of steak slung over a washing line


      • 160
        Hang The Bastards says:

        What a fucking MINGER she is.

        Those are the worst fucking trotters I have ever seen.

        Dirty bitch !


  32. 88
    Leaky Pipes says:

    Any news about the Libdem candidate pulling out of contesting the Wrekin(?) seat?


  33. 89
    Chris Hoon says:

    Vote Lib Dem for five more years of Brown.


  34. 93
    TGD says:

    Vince Cable has now been exposed as a conman and a liar in three recent televised interviews, including today’s with Jon Sopel.

    How can anyone still take the old fraud seriously?


    • 96
      zed says:

      Cable will continue to be given loads of airtime so long as he carries on attacking and smearing the Tories.

      He is one of Brown’s main attack dogs.


  35. 97
    Dack Blog says:

    Just seen a bit of the Labour PPB on Sky. Is the idea from the same bloke who did these?


  36. 98
    11th hour says:

    Lord Pearson: ‘over 5,000 new families/individuals from the third world flood in to Britain to settle here permanently EVERY WEEK’

    We are rapidly being colonised and, combined with the high immigrant birth rate, will be a minority in our own country within 30 to 40 years.


    • 101
      JL says:

      He’s right, but I’m still voting Tory to get rid of Brown. A vote for UKIP is an indulgence we cannot afford to make at this time.


      • 105

        Agree. Voting UKIP is voting Labour. And voting Labour means that figure will be 10,000 families a week by the time the next election comes round.
        Vote to get rid of Brown.


        • 157
          Blue Labour and Dave Blair says:

          Voting Tory IS voting Labour – same, both back the EU and the EU controls our boarders.

          Oh and Dave supports Turkey’s EU membership, are you ready for a tidal wave of immigration under Dave?


        • 162
          LabLibCon Trick says:

          And get Green / Red, NWO, EU loving Dave? No ta.


  37. 99
    David Cameron says:

    My take on the matter

    Some bloke ran into Starbucks today, jumped over the counter and shoved loads of ground coffee in his pockets.
    Then he drenched himself in milk and poured boiling water over his head.
    I thought he must be some kind of mug.


  38. 111
    MB. says:

    It would be rather interesting if one of the polling organisations included a question about what party Cable was in, I would not be surprised if many thought he was still in the Labour party.


  39. 116
    Postlethwaite says:

    Just a flavour

    All the parties want to increase taxes. I remember 19/6p in the Pound taxation – and the Black Economy. Anyone heard of the Laffer Curve?
    Hence I am disenfranchised.

    All the parties, maybe bar one, want to lick the backside of the unelected common market (and give money to, all the iron curtain beggars plus to bail out Greece).
    Hence i am disenfranchised.

    All the parties want to import foreigners and give them money and benefits that I am not eligible for, and to give them ”sanctuary” plus benefits and rights above and beyond an indiginous white heterosexual male of many generations.
    Hence I am disenfranchised.

    No party want to get out of illegally invaded countries (and save lives (and money)).
    Hence I am disenfranchised.

    No party wants to have mps subject to the same taxation regime as the population they allege to represent.
    Hence I am disenfranchised.

    Labour had, and others will have, unelected ‘Lords’ in their cabinet.
    Hence I am disenfranchised.

    The list continues but politicians still don’t understand why I don’t vote . . .
    Or why I am looking abroad . . .



  40. 118
    Up sh1t creek says:

    What do you do when the economy is broke? Create more public sector jobs…


    • 123
      Wavy Davy says:

      don’t I look spiffing in my t-shirt
      I’m not a featherweight clothes horse of a politician really


  41. 119
    WHO says:

    If you don’t vote for Noo Labour you will die of cancer. If you do vote for Noo Labour then you have Alzheimers living in loopyloop lala land.


  42. 120
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Talking about tax, the BBC is leaking that New Labour are to say in it’s election manifesto a promise to not raise income tax…..

    So, that means the National Insurance income tax rise in 2011 is going to be scrapped?

    Didn’t think so.

    Bet the press will not haul up New Labour on that bullsh1t promise.


  43. 124
    WHO says:

    People go to extreme lengths to expose themselves as lying, opportunists willing to exploit vulnerable people for their own end. Brown is a master of the dirty tricks tactics. Cancer leaflets? What planet are these idiots on? Uranus?


  44. 127
    Alastair Campbell the Premier's shoe shiner. says:



  45. 130
    Catflap says:

    Thanks for that Vince, now sit down and shut up you big bald fuck.


  46. 132
    WHO says:

    Fat lardy arse Brown needs to jog more than once every 2 month if he is going to shift that beef.


  47. 143
    TosserWatch says:

    get ready for the tractor stats manifesto from gordon today…more of the same again and again…and a big cloud of shit descending on their cancer scare tactics…they never fail to stoop low enough.


  48. 146
    cassandra king says:

    The libdems have always been serial liars, they lie because they can lie, they have long since realised that they will never form a government so they can attack both sides to gain petty political advantage and grub a few votes here and there and it has worked quite well.
    The libdems can spout any old populist shite and they do so all the time because they will never have top put their money where their mouth is, they could power a million crappy windmills with their wind.
    The hypocrasy and stunning ignorance of people like Cable and Clegg is mind blowing yet they are rarely if ever put on the spot by the MSM and the BBC fawns over them like they are the second coming, in fact if the libdems were scrutinised properly there vote share would fall below the MRLP.
    Cable begs the treasury for a ten minute interview and he spins it as they are breifing him for the longed for hung parliament where the libdems would demand some cushy jobs, if anyone thinks the libdems would join a coalition based on political principle then I have a lovely bridge you might like to purchase!
    The libdems would be for sale and sod their supposed principles, they would sell their support to the highest bidder, for a handful of miniserial perks and grace and favour flats they would sell their grannies.
    The only things the libdems care about are power,self interest,grubby place setting and political prostitution and a vote for the libdems is truly a wasted vote.


  49. 148
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Just heard on the radio that the socialists were swept from power by a massive conservative vote because the people were sick with the mismanagement by, and amount of corruption in the government.
    I thought I had been hibernating and just woken up post election but alas no, it was in Hungry – well done them.


    • 168
      grannysmith says:

      It was a vote against the socialist immigration policy also,come on Dave say it, you know it makes sense.


  50. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Cleggy resembles a young Jim Davidson.

    And just as popular.


  51. 167
    Cassandrina says:

    So no party has ruled out VAT increases.
    Common sense and the LibDems are quite corrupt in their attemps to manipulate the voting public.
    Cable and Clegg believe they can smell the power coming to them and as such have lost their ethical balance and now show their true colours.
    The best joke I heard yesterday was a quote that the Conservatives want to support the British ignored, but surely the LibDems can look after themselves?

    I loved it last night in the Westminster Hour when the odious Carolyn Quinn and a left wing activist were discussing tactical voting. The radical stated he lived in a dedicated Tory area, and Quinn stated she lived in a LibDem+Tory area, and suggested they might both have to move to do tactical voting – Obvioously the schools and services are better there and nothing like stating your bias. Another bbc own goal.
    On a different plane the Independent states it can find no evidence of BBC bias against the Conservatives – where do they live?


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