April 10th, 2010

Those Massive Tory Cuts in Full

We haven’t had a bit of evidence-based blogging for a while so Guido has fired up the chart to to bring you this comparison of the Tory and Labour spending plans.

Alistair Darling said in the budget he was taking action to cut the deficit by £57 billion, the Tories say they will go £6 billion further, faster. This £6 billion is what they are boring on about when Gordon disingenuously claims Tories will cut core services and undermine the recovery. £6 billion is less than 1% of government spending and is equal to a mere two weeks of this government’s unfunded over-spending.

Spot the difference? £6 billion is a mere rounding error that still leaves both parties with plans for unfunded over-spending of more than £150 billion. Not much difference is there really?


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    Imagine John Prescott without Bulimia says:

    Quiet Guido, the truth has no place in a General Election campaign


    • 5

      We’re all deceiving the public together.


    • 5
      BluLabour or NuLAbour ? Brown or the Heir to Blair ? says:

      Spot the difference?

      Not much difference is there really?


    • 11

      During a recession one calls increased public spending a “stimulas” for a reason.


    • 43
      Mrs dale says:

      This is why UKIP is the only party thatwill make a difference and a real change for the better


      • 83
        sinosimon says:

        judging by their meps any reductions in spending in a ukip administration would be more than outweighed by increased prison spending and monies lost to fraud and embezzlement……….but hey…..at least we’d be getting cheated by real english patriots so i guess that’s ok


      • 93
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        The issue of cuts or spending is all very well but the issue is now more about who you trust. I do not trust Brown with anything and that for me is the big issue.


      • 136
        ShoutsAtTheTV says:

        If they had a chance of winning (and I had a representative standing in my constituency) I think I’d vote for them..

        But it’s all that TickTackle voting that gets in the way


        • 137
          ShoutsAtTheTV says:

          ..That said, probably wouldn’t want a full Brown-esque, goes-on-for-ever Term out of Farage.


    • 95
      Up sh1t creek says:

      This was embarrassing, Alistair Darling cracking up with New Labour’s non-credible economic plans…. but the next video clip it gets worse.

      £6bn out of the public sector means £6bn in the pockets of the wealth generating private sector. You cannot continue to feed the public sector black hole.


    • 96
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Alistair Darling would like to know how the Tories costed their budgets, New Labour have forgotten how to use a spread sheet and quite frankly, can’t be bothered to release the Treasury’s own costings they have already prepared on New Labour’s plans. I mean, if New Labour released that it would be embarrassing.


    • 97
      Up sh1t creek says:

      UK economy feeling the heat from New Labour’s deliberate massive devaluation of the UK Pound “to help exporters”.

      What the devaluation is doing is sucking money out of the wealth creating private sector, and out of savers, to prop up the feckless New Labour voters who went on the credit binge and created the UK’s recession.

      The UK will NEVER recover until those feckless are made to pay for their own mistakes, instead of stealing money from others to cover them up. Good money is being wasted to prop-up bad money, creating more bad money.


  2. 2
    The big D says:

    You seem to have identified a Tory minus 0.85 per cent increase in spending plans.


    • 7
      hang um high says:

      Dont know about you but i find the figures frightening ,who the fuck is going to pay
      for it silly me us by more fucking taxes,ffs


  3. 3
    MI5 says:


    Good stats…

    But this all begs the question..and as you is small fry….compared with the REAL QUESTION…

    How are the Tories or Labour to reduce the deficit before there is a run on sterling, collapse of the gilt market, downgrading, IMF etc ????


  4. 4
    CMQ says:

    Yes, but Vince (weather vane) cable saw it first…


  5. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Massive fraud!

    World Silver And Gold Fraud Exposed! Andrew Maguire Exposes JP Morgan & CFTC


  6. 9

    We have just created, at the taxpayers’ expense, 200 billion pounds out of thin air and we have just save the bankers’ worthless necks to the tune of several more hundreds of billions of pounds again at our expense and now we have the Labour and Tory wankers quibbling like crackhead whores over 6 billion pounds in ‘savings’.
    Fuck off these c’unts are taking the fucking piss out of us, as stanislav would say they are shitting on our faces.
    This general election campaign is not a week old and it is already a complete fucking farce. This is bullshit.
    Fuck Labour Fuck the Conservatives VOTE INDEPENDENT


    • 23
      Anonymous says:



    • 24
      Tat is King of the Lawyers and a Technowizard says:

      Bow down and worship Tat or you will suffer his mighty wrath! ROFL!


    • 28
      English Liberation Front says:

      Yeah, vote INDEPENDENT and GET LABOUR. Good plan.


      • 41
        Watch This Troll Run Away The Fucking Dim Coward! says:

        Oh, so you don’t want people to be represented by independent candidates, you just want to perpetuate the anti-democratic state of affairs we currently suffer under, eh?
        Fuck off you spastic.
        Pray tell, what party do you support, spastic?


        • 85
          English Liberation Front says:

          You abusive pin-headed little moron. I support the English Liberation Front (the clue is in the name, you retard), but I’ll be voting Tory because I want the national socialists out.

          “Independent Candidates” – a joke. “Vote For Me And Get Gordon” more like it. Yeah, I’m the spastic – you are the clever one. LOL.

          You can take your pathetic little protest vote and shove it up your arse, you stupid little, squeaky voiced proxy-Labour supporter.

          “Oh, I’m independent, me, me, me! I’m fed up with all the parties! I’m going to have my little protest vote!” Squeak, squeak. Yawn, yawn. Boring. Boring. Boring.


          • sinosimon says:

            but he will feel ever so warm in the glow of his own independent self-righteousness as brown takes us all beneath the waves………

            i love these ukip, english democrat and independent numpties…they’re going to save us from gordon by voting for five more years of him. political genius.


        • 114
          Piss stained y-fronts says:

          Deeeer….I’d suggest reading his name before you put your foot in your gob you pillock.


          • Anon says:

            Well he just said said he’s voting tory so my question was a good one and your post was totally redundant.
            What a retard!


          • Piss stained y-fronts says:

            See that empty room over there?

            Go fucking argue with yourself in it you little wankstain, and stop wasting other posters time.


      • 121
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        Correct. This election has Vote Tory written all over it in letters 10 miles high.

        It’s a no brainer.

        Vote Tory or get Brown.

        It really is that simple.


    • 67
      Lord Clusterfuck says:

      Voting Independent is all well and good, but voting for them simply because they are independent is hardly wise – I have one independent candidate in my area.

      Have they told me what they stand for? No.

      Have they told me what they plan to do if elected? No.

      I’m not voting for anyone unless they make an effort to gain my vote.


  7. 10
    DeanB says:

    Great quote from Nick Clegg on BBC News just now at 1005:

    “It’s not for the taxman to tell people how to live their lives”

    Oh really?

    So not for drivers or those who travel regularly?
    So not for those living in large houses?

    and so on…..


  8. 12
    E Welshman says:

    Not much difference there, says Guido.

    The only thing to do then is vote LibDem – they’ve been banging on that they will be different from those two.


    • 17
      Anonymous says:

      They are different, they have said they will increase the personal tax allowance to ten thousand pounds.
      Neither the Labour nor the Tory party will do that because they want to keep the low paid workers down but the Lib Dems want to give them a chance during the recession.


      • 22

        The main differences are … Gordon will protect public sector jobs
        ………………………………..Dave will stop the tax on everyone’s jobs
        ……………………………..Nick won’t win so there isn’t much point in talking about him.


        • 26
          Dear Dear Bill Quango says:

          Dear dear Bill, you are normally such an intelligent fellow and so your comment today must surely rank as the dumbest one you have ever made non order order.
          ‘Twill be a hung parliament Bill, with the Lib Dems holding the balance of power.
          So there is ofcourse a point talking about him, and the fact that you are trying to deny that is very telling indeed.
          Isn’t it.


      • 27
        Yorkie says:

        I agree, the Tory trolls here hate Vince Cable because he makes Osborne look like a dick head (not difficult) and is straight talking about the trouble we are in and the difficulties we face in just getting by over the next five years.


        • 34
          English Liberation Front says:

          Vince Cable is about as “straight talking” as a tape played backwards and at variable speeds. A myth. A fake guru. The Sage of Twickenham – my arse.

          LibDems have the luxury of popping at the Tories and playing the national socialists at the latest media-inspired “hung parliament” game.

          Vote for them by all means. And then enjoy five more years of Gordon Brown as the Great Helmsman with Harriet the Mad dreaming up new ways to cut your balls off.


          • Watch The Cowardly Troll Run Away - Again! says:

            Change the record you boring c’unt.
            You’re full of shit mate.
            Oh, and stop being such a fucking coward, eh, and answer the question: what party will you vote for numbnuts?


          • Vince Cable show's his true colours as a lefty fuckwit says:

            “I just find it utterly nauseating all these chairmen and chief executives of FTSE companies being paid 100 times the pay of their average employees lecturing us on how we should run the country. I find it barefaced cheek.” 

            Yes Vince, you fucking numpty, that’s exactly the point, they run streamlined, worldwide, successful companies with minimal waste, adding economic value to the nation, exact opposite to the fucking parasites in Government like yourself. It is typical arrogance of politicians that believe the tiny amount of people who belong to political parties know more about running the country than the silent majority who work in the private sector, creating jobs, trying to progress, running homes, managing budgets etc., and are being taxed to the fucking eyeballs to pay for the UTTER TWATS MILKING THE GOVERNMENT/BENEFIT PAYROLL, YOU FUCKING WANKER!!!!


          • The Tory Trolls Fall Into Traps Of Their Own Making - Cretins says:

            Hmm.. Dave has just proposed limiting public sector wages for the hightest paid to be a mulitple of no more than 20 times the lowest wage earner in the organition.
            So that means you are calling Dave a fucking wanker too.


          • Anonymous says:

            Daves promise is just a soundbite. Minimum wage is about £11k a year. Are we employing so many people at 20 times that on the public payroll?

            Try 10 times and we maybe get some of them.


      • 29
        English Liberation Front says:

        Yeah, because they know they’ll never have to deliver on it. Vote LibDem and get Labour, two cheeks of the same arse. Good plan.


        • 35
          Yorkie says:

          Why the he’ll should I vote Tory in a constituency which is Labour held and the Tories havnt a chance. At least the Lib Dem has been campaiging for years and he hates labour ad much ad I do.


        • 38
          Neil Kinnock's a Wanker says:

          But we are all agreed, are we not? Gordon Brown is the problem.
          Everyone who posts here has, over the last couple of years, attacked Gordon Brown and all that he stands for. And they were right to do so because Gordon is a moron.
          But if Gordon Brown loses the labour majority he will have to resign.
          So the choice is then between a LibDem Labour coalition devoid of arseholes like Gordon Brown and Ed Balls and Charlie Whelan and Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell et al or a minority Tory government led by a pair of upper class twit millionaires who have made false housing benefit claims and who want to give tax breaks to the rich just like George Bush did when he destroyed the American economy.
          It’s a no brainer when you look at it that way.


          • The big D says:

            It is touching that you believe Gordon would resign as the price for Lib Dem support. It would be more likely that Gordon would get Clegg’s resignation as the price of Labour supporting any Liberal conditions.

            The removal of Gordon requires that Labour loose the election by a margin that prevents any power sharing deals. Any other result means Gordon will continue to dominate the UK for another parliament.


          • Brown's not finished yet says:

            “………..if Gordon Brown loses the labour majority he will have to resign.”

            That’s a fallacy. Brown has already put on the record that he will not resign as Labour Leader if Labour loses but no overall party has a majority after the election.Even if the Conservatives are the biggest party Cameron will not be called on to form a government in that situation because under the constitution the sitting PM(Brown)is entitled to try and carry on in government by gaining the support of minor parties(step forward Chris Huhne as Home Secretary and Vince Cable as Chancellor…the price for LibDem support… I think Cleggie will stay outside the Cabinet so as to be able to plunge the dagger in at the appropriate time should it be necessary)If he succeeds(the price of course exacted by the LibDems may be Brown’s resignation although they would not want to be blamed for exacerbating the crisis,which it will be in the markets in the event of Hung parliament) and gets his Queens Speech passed then Brown will continue for 12 months before calling another election unless he’s defeated on a confidence motion.Only if Brown cannot form a government will the Queen summon Cameron to the Palace to try and form an administration.If he fails then the Queen will summon all 3 party leaders to form a temporay coalition to see the country through the crisis with some “honest broker” as temporary PM.She will not grant an immediate dissolution as her advisers take the view that the voters have spoken….the earliest another election will be called in this case is Novemeber 2010.

            So unless the Conservatives gain an overall majority Brown will initially soldier on although if he fails to be able to form an administration it’s likely that he would eventually go before another election is fought


          • WAKEY WAKEY YOU DIM TROLL says:

            Get a grip you fuckwit.
            If Brown loses the Labour majority he can rant on and on all he wants about going to the country again but it will be to no avail: there cannot be another election if this one returns a hung parliament because of the economic crisis.
            Don’t you get it?
            And Nick Clegg has already said he will not work with Gordon Brown.
            The price of a Lib Dem Labour coalition is Gordon Brown’s head.
            If you cannot keep up with events you really shouldn’t be here.
            You better leave.


          • The big D says:

            If a Lib Lab coalition was the only show in town, Gordon might have to say he would intend to step down. That outcome is not the only result that would let Gordon remain.

            If you think Gordon and his crew have any qualms about the economic condition of this country, your existence in a parallel universe for the last 12 years must have been very enjoyable.

            The destruction of this country is a price they consider worth paying to retain their grip on power.


  9. 13
    Michael says:

    This is not particularly evidence based! Its a bar chart with two figures. I think people are tired of Labour and Conservatives thinking that this election is all about them! The arrogance of the dinosaur parties.


  10. 14

    ~Whoops~ On my second reading of your post I just realised, you are not falling for.
    Apologies, I had drunk a very large and very strong cup of coffee.
    Regards etc.


  11. 15
    The Truth Teller says:

    Anyone who has had any experience of the Civil Service or Local Government knows that you could cut at least 50% of the staff.

    It wont happen though, so we are all fucked. Gordon the Nazi Socialist has seen to that. There will be a revolution it is only a matter of time who ever wins this election. You cant have 40% paying for 60% of the the population to be on the dole or have a non-job.


    • 33
      Darren Chaverton says:

      Listen, blud. I ain’t gonna look for no job, yeah? I get free money and I spend it on cider and ciggies for me, and takeaways for my three kids Champagne, Mercedes and Lexus. For anyfing else, my bird goes shoplifting. I don’t give a faack about no election. I like sitting at home, watching Jeremy Kyle and gettin pissed. Hold on. Feel a big fart comin on…Ooh, that was pucker.


      • 60
        Meths Drinker says:

        It’s a basic human right to be given money. I need money to pay for Sky TV and my necessities like the weekly lottery tickets and take away pizza and Iphone and stuff.

        I live in shit accommodation, I have complained to the Environmental Health dept, at the Council as my Landlord wont provide me a new plasma Tv.

        The Somalians next door get one.

        Must go now as its time for the Badminton Club run by Social Services for rehoused alcoholics.


  12. 16
    The Right Honorable & Morbidly Obese John Prescott says:

    Anyone got a bacon sarnie they haven’t finished? I just had a big breakfast but I could do with seconds. Sorry, I meant fourths.


  13. 18
    Herr Alistair Campbell says:

    Don’t tell anyone but I’ll let you into a little secret. We’re going to rig this election. You didn’t think Brown would really risk a real election, did you?! Come on!


  14. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it since the bank bail out all this billion pounds difference here and there is a load of crap.


    • 25

      Labour’s biggest success has been hiding their 15 bilion of over borrowing from 1997-2007 under the 100’s of biilions they have borrowed since 2007.
      Gordon’s golden rules just don’t count for anything now.


  15. 20
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    As any fool knows, there’s no difference between them because a boom and bust promise is worth as much as a cast iron guarantee.


  16. 21
    Stuart MacLennan says:

    Can someone get me a slave grown banana?


  17. 30
    Events in a far-away country says:

    Off topic: Very sad news about the Polish air crash. This will echo around Europe as 1) the late Polish President was a eurosceptic and 2) the President was visiting the ‘auld enemy’ – with all the tensions and suspicions that flow from there.

    On topic: I agree about the position of the three main parties – you can hardly put a fag paper between them, in strong contrast to the sheer size of the elephant-in-the-room borrowing deficit. Time for the smaller parties to make a splash, especially after the Expenses scam.


  18. 32
    Margaret Thatcher says:

    Whatever you do please don’t mention the fact that under the Tories the VAT rate was hiked from 5% to 17.5%.


    • 40
      English Liberation Front says:

      Almost as bad as Brown’s 10p tax gaffe and all the other “cunning little wheezes” of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Pretending To Be Centre Left to Get Elected).


    • 53
      Snotsicle says:

      Or that the top notional tax rate was dropped from 110%


    • 56
      Lord Mandelscum says:

      Please don’t mention the fact that under Labour, the national debt went – during an economic boom – from £200bn to £1trillion, heading for £1.4tn, and pension funds had £130billion stolen by Gordon, who also lost half the nation’s gold.



    • 76
      Dorian Smith says:

      Please don’t mention the gap between rich and poor grew under Labour.


  19. 36
    Mitch says:

    We need credible plans to live within our means and if that means culling every outreach 5 a day roll your own nappy adviser in the county then bring it on.

    We need a budget surplus every year not just a slightly less ballooning
    mountain of debt.
    Surely cutting services by £50billion is better than paying it as interest on a loan.
    The money is still gone.

    Snot muncher brown has spent 13yrs trying to buy his party perpetual power with borrowed money and look what a state we are in!

    It didn’t start in the USA it started in that shit hole Kircaldy in the brain of a spiteful fuckwit with delusions following an ideology that destroys lives and wealth in equal measure .
    Left wing governments have killed more people than anything else on the planet except old age it is evil dressed as compassion and leads to a ruling class with no morals and the lust for power a Borgia would be embarrassed by .


    • 42
      English Liberation Front says:

      Hear hear. Only when Britain ends its stupid 65 year old love affair with communism will the country stand a chance. Every socialist fuckwit in this country is an enemy of the people.


    • 49
      Anonymous says:

      The problem now is not the Government its whether enough of the electorate are stupified enough to vote them back in. We get the Government we deserve.


    • 50
      Why Does Dave Give Tax Breaks To Rich People But Not Poor Ones - Because He is a Cunt says:

      Yes Mitch, you are correct.
      We need to suffer short term pain for long term gain.
      But here’s the problem: the Tories, having inflicted the pain would not let us enjoy the gain because the money saved on interest payments would not go back into public services it would be given away to tax cuts.
      So yet again those at the bottom end of the economy would pay but not enjoy the dividends proportionately as they earn less and are dependent on public services so they get it in the neck twice.
      That is why people on low incomes shouldn’t vote Tory. Services will be cut, and when the deficit is reduced they would not gain as much as those on higher wages who will receive more money through any tax cuts the Tories make.
      The simple answer is for the personal tax allowance to be raise but the Tories won’t do that.
      The Conservative party is basically anti working class, that is the problem and there is no benefit for anyone earning less than 40 thousand pounds voting for them.


      • 63
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        So yet again those at the bottom end of the economy would pay but not enjoy the dividends proportionately as they earn less and are dependent on public services

        Hang on, I’m “at the bottom end of the economy” and yet I’m not ‘dependent’ on any public service. Who are these people who are “dependent”? In what way?


        • 65
          Anon says:

          Oh, so you are at the bottom of the earnings pile but you can afford private healthcare and a private dentist and to pay for private education.
          Fuck off you idiot.


          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            Yes, I can afford private healthcare, since I quit smoking 20 Marlboro every day, it was easy to afford. And yes, I pay for a private dentist (no choice – no NHS one). My last annual checkup cost £53. I hardly have to go begging to you or anyone else for that.

            Don’t call me an idiot. I’m not the one who’s so thick he needs the likes of Harriet Harman to run his life for him.


          • Anon says:

            You have omitted to mention whether you can afford to pay for private education.
            you idiot.


          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            How very New Labour; tell someone at the bottom end of the economy who runs their own life without recourse to benefits that they’re an “idiot”. Tell them to “fuck off”. Very “future fair for all”. Gordon is proud of you.

            Yes, I am at the bottom end of the economy and I can afford to pay for private education. Duh! Are you so retarded you have to ask?

            No, I cannot afford private education. My daughter was home educated.

            You have failed to answer my question: who are the people who are, like myself, at the bottom end of the economy and who are, unlike myself, dependent on public services?

            I can run my own life. Why can’t they? Are they all missing their limbs?


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            On 6 May we will take all their legs off!


          • Anon says:

            You are on the bottom end of earners?
            So that means you earn 8,000 pounds a year and yet you claim to have private healthcare, a private dentist and pay for a private education.
            You must think the reader is as dimwitted as you.
            You fucking idiot.
            Oh, and anyone reading my posts can see I am not a labour supporter so that shits on your bonfire you cretin.


        • 131

          Er technically bottom end is anyone earning under median wage – that’s what? 25K?

          Or if that’s a bit too broad a definition for you, how about minimum wage? That’s about 15k isn’t it?

          If the house is paid off and one lives frugally, that sounds possible.


          • Oh, and note the use of the past tense: “My daughter WAS educated…” To those of us who were taught English at school that kind of implies the cost ain’t there any more.


    • 89
      sinosimon says:

      i must point out in the interests of balance that kirkcaldy is a delightful place that has produced not only adam smith, wonder economist whose work has so benefited our current dear leader, john buchan who wrote the thrilling tale of a plotted assassination of a prime minister(too far fetched a scenario in our present workers paradise where hordes of happy proletarians have to be held back from throwing flowers at the feet of the dear leader) but has also been home to the epitome of scottish manhood, supreme athlete and champion of healthy eating (nvq level 237 deep fried mars bar and lager food preparation certificate with honours) jocky wilson.
      jocky is a fine example of the supreme cultural standards set in the world class education system of the locality….viz his quote that he lost all his teeth to decay because he never cleaned them as ”my gran told me the english put poison in the water’.

      how anyone could denigrate an area like this is beyond me……..that is why the primementalist is determined to bring us all to the same level as this people’s paradise.

      a future fucked for all……..


      • 130

        And Stevenage was a nice little market town on the A1 until some twat decided to build a New Town right next door, the place is now Chav Central.

        Just because a place was good or once did good things doesn’t mean it can’t produce shite now.


      • 135
        labour is a cancer on society says:

        The problem with Kirkcaldy is that the town has been blighted for decades by Labour and the useless pack of borderline criminal vermin that represent them. Kirkcaldy is improving since Labour lost control of Fife Council. Voting out McDoom will really put it on the map though.


  20. 37

    Sweep the moneychangers out of Westminster, join the protest vote campaign at; http://www.politicalreformparty.co.uk . . . . . .


  21. 44
    Wheelbarrow salesman says:

    Some people say “Money doesnt grow on trees” Well Government printing presses would tell you different.


    • 94
      sinosimon says:

      the technological wizardry of the new labour project knows no bounds….printing money is so…well so seventies. this is a twentyfirst century economic disaster, so they don’t do anything as mundane as actually print money. they invent it by pressing a button on a computer. that’s how a progressive party totally fucks the economy. the tories would return to the bad old days of printing money. labour thrusts boldly forward into the future with pounds from pixels. simples


  22. 45
    REEVO says:


    I still see no sensible reason to turn out to give the same old, same old crew a job in parliament.

    Tory & Lab (very alike) messages promise little in the way of change and certainly no meaningful change in the corruptive ways of Westminster.

    I predict a low turnout and high levels of spoilt papers despite the media hyperbole, after all its the media chance to up their broadcast ratings.

    I hope the don’t knows, indifferent and thoroughly disenchanted will send a powerful message to those that want an easy life in politics at the taxpayers expense.

    The current NI furore also amuses me, funny how squeaking national business leaders don’t seem to be kicking up a fuss about fuel taxes!


    • 129

      Actually I disagree with the idea of spoiling ballots or abstaining. There is no quorum in an election and the hoons of the political class will always manage to persuade one or two morons to turn out and vote. The way to teach the bastards a lesson is to make a protest vote for one of the smaller parties.

      The only way not voting would have any effect is if there was a “none of the above” option and if this gained a majority of the votes the seat would be declared vacant. Then new candidates would have to be found and a new by-election held.

      By the way, Sky reported yesterday that in one of the polls they are following the don’t knows” and “won’t votes” amount to 35%. That’s damned close to a majority in many constituencies.


  23. 46
    Treating us all like children says:


    1. Tories get in.
    2. They pronounce cuts which don’t go far enough.
    3. Markets get pissed off.
    4. Cameron takes proper action and the whole country goes on strike.


  24. 47
    Neil Boyo Kinnock says:

    Well alright! Well alright! Well alright! Well alright!


  25. 48
    God says:

    What really surprises me is that the Conservatives have not latched onto the fact that Brown appears only able to define the “economy” in terms of the public sector, which produces nothing and contributes nothing worthwhile to the economy, while it consumes the taxation paid by the dwindling private sector. Of the so-called jobs which Labour claims to have “created”, almost all are in the publice sector and thus consume the nation’s resources. Brown’s economic illiteracy is surpassed only by his ridiculous belief that the state should do everything! This way lies only national bankruptcy and it is a fact, again apparently ignored by the Conservatives, that every Labour government in history has ended this way – with the coffers empty and the nation wondering what could have happened to the wonderful Labour promises that the state will provide everything for free! I am as much at a loss as to why people fall for this weary and ridiculous line time after time, as I am regarding the Conservatives’ failiure to expose it in their election stategy!


  26. 51
    Koba says:

    Thanks for putting that in perspective Guido. I was wondering what to do with thos weeks begging letter from the Conservatives.
    Any sugesstions on how £100 could be best spent in politics are welcome.


    • 59
      God says:

      Perhaps the £100 should be spent on a ticket for Brown on a Polish airline!


    • 103

      Give it to the chap standing against Ed Balls. We’d all like to see him lose on election night.


      • 112
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        Here! Here!

        But here is a conundrum for you:

        Which would you rather see, based on the understanding that you cannot create, in a manner of speaking, “a third way”?

        1. Balls looses his seat but Brown & co scrape back in, or

        2. Brown & co are thrown out but Balls scrapes back in.

        (I do like the sound of those last four words – they convey a really uncomfortable result.)


  27. 61
    Anonymous says:

    The works of an MP for Kirkcaldy
    Have turned out to be downright shoddy.
    His mind is now set
    On doubling the National Debt.
    Why on earth is he trusted by anybody?

    Yet for an astute necromancer
    There may well be a plausiblle answer.
    Economics is sin!
    Play politics and win!
    Faith not works may yet save the old chancer.


    • 113
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Necromancy arose from shamanism
      Using semiotics, hermeneutics and Brahmanism.
      Both I have read
      Rely on the dead
      Like the all women shortlists of Harmanism


  28. 64

    […] the election campaign has been dominated by efficiency and procurement arguments!  And, as Guido has pointed out here, all around what is actually a fraction of the total deficit that is going to need addressing by […]


  29. 69

    It’s even more pathetic than just the triviality. In the best of private sector firms the professionals find it impossible to estimate next year’s revenues and expenditure down to an accuracy of more than a few percent.

    We’re watching politicians argue about a 0.85% based variance based on figures they’ve sucked out of their thumbs (or that Treasury serfs pulled out of their collective bum) in a year when the financial future is still very uncertain.

    This really does show just how much contempt the political class has for the electorate.


  30. 70
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Comparison quite valid but point of principle remains:

    …..Taxing £6bn is putting money into economy.
    Not taxing £6bn is taking money out of the economy.

    Gordon’s ins and outs were always a bit ambiguous, weren’t they?


    • 75
      Anon says:

      Yeah yeah, I said that three days ago.
      Do try to keep up.


      • 90
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        Well good for you Anon! I did not bleat that I had said something similar last month over your post. If it is the truth, it bears repeating anyway.

        Who knows, it may even lift the scales from one of these NewLab trolls’ eyes and they will see the world revealed to them in its true ….. (oh never mind, they are too retarded to be reading an economics page methinks!)


  31. 71
    Dack Blog says:

    Vote blue get red.


  32. 73
    Blackburn Raver says:

    Abit of topic but just taken the children to see their great grandma in hospital.In doing so ive distressed them.The youngest one keeps asking why they dont look after her.She’s smashed her hip and broken her arm in a fall at her home and the NHS think caring for her is putting a bowl of soup and a cup of tea on a table thats nearly at the foot of her bed.The kids want to go back every meal time and make sure all the old dears get fed.
    Its not the fault of the NHS that she’s broken some bones but they could atleast do some simple nursing.The lady might be very old but she hasnt lost her mind so it would be nice if they could put her dentures in before they throw some food at her and the hearing aid that theyve lost is a problem.
    I cant believe how the media didnt rip Burnham apart over the North Staffs Hospital genocide.


    • 101
      Brian Laws says:

      Gary MacKinnion’s mother to stand against Jack Straw the agricultural bedding that extradited him. People of Blackburn Do it for rest of the country


      • 125
        Blackburn Raver says:

        I hope we do.I loved the fact that Blackburn Rovers made Margaret Thatcher honorary president in the early 80’s.The Guardian and mirror and local council still havnt forgiven them.
        I think the son of ‘white feather’ could get a bloody nose at the election.


    • 122
      Piss stained y-fronts says:

      Good old Andy Burnham…

      MP for Leigh, that would be the same man that closed down Leigh A&E before he was health secratary (The one that saved my brothers life after he was run over by a police car on a zebra crossing in HoweBridge), therefore sending any emergancy patients from Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley to the next nearest A&E (Wigan)
      He was also on the pannel that gave the thumbs up for the Glazers to take over that fine british institution, Manchester United Football Club, taking it from being the wealthiest sports franchise in the world, to the poorest in one day.

      That the same fella were on about?

      They would vote for a dog turd with a red rosette on it up there.


      • 133
        Blackburn Raver says:

        burnham the man that closed Burnley A&E.God help anyone who has an accident in the Colne area.Its an 18 mile trip for them.Same with Southport closing.


  33. 77
    +++SKYBREAKINGNEWS+++ says:



    • 80

      Derek Droopy Draper couldn’t shut this site down so what hope have you got tatifilarious? YOU FUCKING MENTAL CUN’T


      • 118
        Anon says:

        Shut this site down? What the fuck are you going on about you smackhead?
        TaT has offered exceptional value to this place and is happy to have helped increase Guido’s stats.
        Go easy on the heroin mate.


    • 92
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      What are you doing here? This is an economics page. You want the sociology page.


      • 119
        Anon says:

        These are the facts. It is all on the record. Just go into Guido’s search engine and you will see that thick as thieves proposed the exact policy the Tories have copied.
        Coincidence? Nah.


  34. 79
    Fedupwithsocialism says:

    Well, I think the majority of the population would agree that Labour are shit, and that Gordon is a particularly foul smelling turd on the top of the midden. However, we are also aware that Cameron’s Tories don’t represent anything really different. The choice is between socialist dogshit and crypto-corporatist pigshit, or should that be fat-catshit?

    Anyway, the surprising thing is that Cameron has a poll lead at all, which just goes to show what foul smelling shit Labour really is.


  35. 81
    The Swiss Connection says:

    It amazes me that the £ remains as strong as it is. If the incoming gove does not cut expenditure then they will end up with stagfalation aka 30’s Germany with unfunded borrowing paying the public sector, if they do slash spending then the initial unemployment, personal bankruptcy and drop in demand will make the early 80’s look like boom times.

    In either case I would be dumping gilts and shorting sterling


  36. 84
    Anonymous says:

    The other elephant in the room is the deficit on the balance of payments. Year in year out, taken together, the people in the UK spend more on foreign goods and services than people outside the UK are prepared to spend on UK goods and services. Now the government is on course to increase the amount spent on foreign services, in the form of interest on the money to be borrowed from foreigners. This obviously means either that the deficit is going to ballooon further (testing the willingness of foreigners to plug the gap with further advances even at ruinous rates of interest) , or that imports must be reduced (with obvious unpalatable implications), or that more will have to be produced in the UK, especially of what foeigners are prepared to buy, which clearly would be the best outcome both domestically and globally. The policy of drainig oil and gas fields as fast as possible has increased the challenge, as too has land and fisheries’ policy.l Each party should be encouraged to estimate the effect of its policies on the balance of trade in goods and services.


  37. 86
    Doomed! says:

    The Tories are waiting until they get in and they are able to get the drains up at the treasury (they are stuffed with shit, that’s for sure) then they can make a proper assessment of spending. £6.5 billion is about not frightening the horses and is only about the first year. They want to see how the economy pans out and see if the Banks sieze up again after QE (because they probably will) The Banking crisis has been merely put on-hold for the last 18 months. When the banks go again, the western economies will be properly fvcked, compounded in this country by a bankrupt government (so no more QE and cuts in public spending) and 1.5 trillion private debt. When the defaults gather pace on the private debts due to the economy sinking as a result of government spending reducing, banks get hit again, and so does the Taxpayer when Nothern Wreck and HBOS start getting hit. All-in-all the the country is fucked. The banking crisis alone would have hung us until we we’re nearly dead, but McMental and Labour have ensured that we will be drawn and quartered as well.


  38. 87
    Lefties are fucking stupid. says:

    The Tory Trolls Fall Into Traps Of Their Own Making – Cretins says:
    April 10, 2010 at 11:58 am
    Hmm.. Dave has just proposed limiting public sector wages for the hightest paid to be a mulitple of no more than 20 times the lowest wage earner in the organition.
    So that means you are calling Dave a fucking wanker too.

    No, you fucking idiot. The private sector can pay what they like, they live or die in a competitive market and unlike public sector parasites don’t have taxpayer guaranteed pensions. The chief exec of widget co. Can be paid 100 times what the cleaner get’s paid as long as a) Widget Co. Turns a profit, b) Widget Co. Pays all it’s taxes, b)Widget Co’s employees, from cleaner to Chief exec pay all their taxes, d) Shareholders pay taxes on Dividends. Everyone’s a winner, geddit yet you tosser?


    • 128

      Have you actually worked out what that “20 times” signifies?

      Even if the lowliest municipal worker only gets minimum wage (which I very much doubt) Dave’s cap would let the jumped up town clerks claim over 300 k.

      What’s more whenever they fancy a pay rise all they have to do is bump the wages of the municipal bog attendants by a few percent and hey presto! that second villa in Tuscany is sorted! It’s only taxpayer money after all.

      Verily Dave is a Twat.


  39. 88
    Clarence says:

    Huge difference, Guido.

    I know £6 billion is just loose change for you, but in public service terms, £6 billion is the difference between Labour nirvana and Tory hell.

    Labour will be making economy savings which protect front-line services, whereas the Tories want to make swingeing cuts that will, quite literally, wipe out all schools and hospitals.

    Also, by delaying these economy savings for 20 minutes, Labour will end the downturn, which started in America. Under Tory plans, there will be a never-ending recession.

    I know this is true because Polly Toynbee says so.


  40. 98
    hang um high says:

    Polly Toynbee another Labour Groupie living in a different world to us.
    Read some of the comments after she writes for the Labour rag the Guardian and see that she also has a fan base,FFS


  41. 104
    Cassandrina says:

    Just had to turn off Any Answers as ZanuLiebor have activated their activists and of course Dumbleby, to promote their loony views. Fortunately most of the people on air were remarkably illiterate with one young girl and the last women standing out as NuLabor – the latter admitted it.
    One stupid factor is they are pushing the 16 year olds to vote, (an idea put forward to the Gruniard by the Millipede twins and roundly condemned in their input letters as it is as Hitler Youth and Stalin’s youth brigade with politics teached to youngsters in schools under NUTS).
    They are also as we know promoting so-called tactical voting to “keep the Tories out”.
    Desperation is definately reaching a very high level, and I suspect Whelan with his cronies and thugs are plotting to raise Tory scandals for the last two weeks of the election.
    When we reach this depth in politics is there any short term hope for the UK?


    • 115
      Anonymous says:

      Lower the voting age ? As with the third Reich in the end , this desperate Government are pinning their hopes on Children.


  42. 105
    Jimmy says:

    “We haven’t had a bit of evidence-based blogging for a while”

    See you can be funny when you put your mind to it.


  43. 127
    R. Soles says:

    has yorkie got a speech impediment or is he dyslecsic(i know its wrong i cant be bothered to correct it ) and why has no one mentioned the gargantuan pfi nightmare hiding off the books


  44. 139
    Living in Hope (its a big village)((but unfortunatly not a marginal)) says:

    Can we dare hope!!! Is this real???
    and if it is what do we do with it???



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