April 9th, 2010

Guy News: Twitter’s First Scalp


  1. 1
    Susie says:

    Uncle Dave could have told him.


    • 2

      We’re all sending too many tweets together.


      • 5
        Anon says:

        He’s been twatted.
        But let’s be honest, twitter is still shitter.


        • 37
          Lightweight Cast Iron says:

          Check out Foursquare – Twitter with GPS

          It’s a stalkers dream and a marketing revelation

          Fantastic stuff!


          • Dick the Prick says:

            Didn’t this McClellan chap just get fired for being a wannabee Tory though? Can’t really see what the problem was but then i’m not a fucking socialist so who gives a toss?


    • 13
      Gordon Brown says:

      Wait till I get Sarah alone tonight. Cameron is right Too many Tweets do make a Twat.


      • 87
        Tesco is fucking the country says:

        I just sent in a comment to The Times, who regularly include my rants at the end of political articles. I mentioned the Fat, Diabetic Bastard From Hull and his dubious clicks, and guess what? I’ve been ignored! That’s a first.


    • 200
      john in cheshire says:

      O/T I know, but …. Roy Hattershit writing in the times. tubolard. Bagoshit. If there was someone who needed a lobotomy, he is a prime candidate.


    • 201
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Dear Kay Burley

      Please do not give me difficult questions during the election campaign.

      Lord Adonis


  2. 3
    Jonah Brown says:

    The tweet started in America.


  3. 4
    Margaret Moran says:

    I’m crying non-stop. I’ve got no job, and thanks to that Dispatches programme I can’t get any consultancy work! Does anyone feel sorry for me?


  4. 6
    Labour's Final Days says:

    This election will be all but over after the first debate next week. Just watch McDoom evade questions, fumble, smile awkwardly, get wound up, and then finally lose it live on national TV. Labour’s poll ratings will plummet and they won’t recover. He’s probably shitting himself right now at the prospect of the debate.


    • 22
      jgm2 says:

      Not at all. In his own mind he is a genius at debating. Every question will be ignored and he’ll simply trot out lies, tractor stats and shoe-horn in Lord Ashcroft and Eton for good measure.

      It’ll be like PMQ.


      • 39
        Lightweight Cast Iron says:

        Yeah, I suspect he might do quite well in the debate


      • 58
        Westminster Flipping Windfall Tax says:

        JGM2 I agree but it will still have the plummeting effect on the polls, much wider audience than PMQ’s


        • 69
          jgm2 says:

          Hmmmm. Not so sure.

          Brown, 1000 yard stare, ignores all questions and just delivers 2 minute rehearsed tirades of lies, tractor statistics, Eton, Lord Ashcroft blah blah…..

          Surely he can’t fuck that up?

          It’s worked so far.

          Although he didn’t like Cameron’s gibe about him and Darling whispering conspiratorially over their day rate for consultancy work so Cameron needs to needle him with shit like that to get the Maximum Imbecile to lose focus and demonstrate his true lunacy to a wider audience.


          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            If I were Cameron I would push that button again. Forget about blaming Brown for our ruined economy. Just accuse him of being a hypocrite who will step straight into some cushy consultancy work a la Blair.


      • 64
        Boot Blofeld says:

        Eton is a non issue but Lord Meyer Cashbox is another matter. It is a perfectly legitimate tactic to raise the question of DC’s judgement in being so close to a man who is the subject of DEA files and warnings from the Belize PM. It is a shame DC has given Labour such an easy and valid target.


        • 74
          jgm2 says:

          It is. But then ris the handy UNITE/Labour/moneylaundering/cash for seats comeback with the prospect of rail strikes etc…

          In fact even if Brown doesn’t mention Ashcroft it would do no harm to mention the UNITE/Labour moneylaundering and cash-for-safe-seats.


          • Lord G says:

            I don’t understand why this has not come up proerly yet. Are the tories keeping their powder dry or is it just being snuffed by the MSM?


          • Rob says:

            I agree with Lord G here. Money laundering from the tax-payer, through the Unions and back out to the Labour party I would have thought would be front page news!


          • Lady Completely Gaga says:

            The parallel universe in which Brown fails to mention Ashcroft in the debates simply doesn’t exist. It is a scientific impossibility.


      • 151
        Peter Mandleson says:

        It’ll be over as soon as he attempts to smile. The audience will then be under no illusion that there is in fact a garden gnome stuck up his backside.


      • 173
        English Liberation Front says:

        I am afraid you are right – Brown bludgeons people into senselessness with his droning of tractor statistics and senseless people do senseless things like voting Labour. Wake up people – Brown is a deadbeat wrecker of public finances, the economy and the nation!


      • 205
        Cardinal del Monte says:

        Quite right, jgm2. In Brown’s Today Programme interview earlier in the week, he simply replied to every question about what he was up to in his 10 years as Chancellor that it was “important to control inflation.” Humphrys was unable to get through his armour plating.


    • 158
      Life long Conservative voter says:

      I still say they (Mandelson/Balls) won’t let it happen. I bet Mandelson ends up doing these debates. Courage, honesty Labour don’t, never have and never will know the meaning of these words. So don’t hold your breath!


  5. 7
    Reverend William Archibald Spooner says:

    This twat twittered two many tweets


    • 83
      captain cumshot says:

      A young labour twat made a twitter
      Of insults quite nasty and bitter
      The Sun made it known
      Now he’s utterly blown
      His chances of licking Brown’s shitter.


  6. 8

    Kay Burley just gave Lord Adenoids a good mauling on sky
    at least 8 times she said “so this is acceptable behavior for a labour party candidate
    but all he kept saying is that is why he is no longer a candidate
    she pushed and pushed
    but he would not go off script
    sarah brown was a regular reader of his site and senior labour party members but they did nothing
    it was a local news paper that broke the story it looked as though his life depended on not towing the party line
    well done Kay keep it up !


    • 11
      Hardworking Taxpayer Who Is Sick Of Scroungers Like Frankie says:

      How the hell can you afford the Sky subscription when you are a dole scrounger?
      You bloody freeloader, get a job FFS.


      • 17

        Had your Methadone fix Tat ? You fucking piss soaked crachead !


      • 23
        McBroon the Hoon says:

        Hello! Ever heard of Freeview? Sky News is free there. Get with it old-timer, it’s the 21st century.

        Must dash… need to get to the post office to cash my dole cheque : )


        • 27
          jgm2 says:

          Just get it paid in by direct debit.

          More time in front of Jeremy Kyle.


          • FUCKWITT WATCH says:

            Just drive around TaT’s council estate
            Two satalite dishes on every boarded up shithole !


        • 30
          Hardworking Taxpayer Who Is Sick Of Scroungers Like Frankie says:

          Free dole money, free medication, freeview, freeloader.
          Frankie the freeloader!
          Good one.


          • Roger Daley says:

            Got my brand new freeby Lap top yesterday –

            Thx Gordon – Won’t be voting for you though.


    • 157
      Anonymous says:

      Anyone in favour of free speech should deplore this sacking.


  7. 10
    Jac says:

    Frankly, by the sounds of desperation in the voices of Adonis and his pal, Gordo, pleas for tactical voting indicate they are throwing in the towel and know they can’t win on their own vote.

    Now that would be a good result so early on – just love that Adonis when questioned this morning on 5 live by Nicky Cambell did not feel it was good for Labour to vote Libdem… no Quid Pro Quo then?


    • 41
      Hugh Janus says:

      Vote Limp Dum and get NuLiebour.


      • 76
        Bonkers last stand says:

        Vote Tory and get…….god knows – they haven’t told us.


        • 126
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          Oooh! It’s exciting, isn’t it? The Lucky Dip was always my favourite stall at the village fete.

          One thing you won’t get if you vote Tory is.. Gordon Brown! That’ll do for me. Anything else is a bonus.


  8. 12
    Hugh Janus says:

    That’s a truly impressive list of Twatting followers.

    NuLiebour – foul-mouthed, ignorant and devoid of even the sense they were born with.

    And 30% of the electorate want them back.


    • 19
      Lord Clusterfuck says:

      I guess we’re fortunate, then, that a higher percentage would rather see them burn.

      I really hope something massive happens in the next three weeks that causes them to implode.


    • 33
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Tells you everything you want to know as to why the country is f**k*d.


    • 128
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      I read in the Telegraph a 4 or 5 years ago (before it became shit) that 33% of adult males in Britain have a criminal record.



  9. 15
    Labour's Final Days says:

    Does anyone even bother watching al-Jabeeba anymore for the news? I prefer Sky News. Having said that, old Dimbers did get tough and persistent on Miliband during Wednesday’s Question Time cant the 68 business leaders who’ve backed Tory plans. I don’t think Dimbers is the pinko some have pegged him as.


    • 35
      Engineer says:

      Dimbers has had to clean up his act a bit, the bias was becoming too obvious. He was caught out big time when Harperson tapped him on the arm and he dutifully interrupted Iain Duncan-Smith, only to be caught on camera bang to rights. Since then, he knows he’s being scrutinised.


    • 68
      Westminster Flipping Windfall Tax says:

      Sky are almost as bad as BBC, now GE has started running commentary abit like Test match mixed with football pundits, not over to our reporter for the Red team..


  10. 16
    Martin Day says:

    We’re all being foul-mouthed together


  11. 20
    Spotted Dick says:

    just how many more times are new labour cronies going to be caught out with their grotesquely childish ‘pranks’ – McBride, Draper, Campbell, Brown, MacClellan and so on …. is it a generation thing or is it purely new labour????? Notice how many Scots there are? Get rid of ‘em.


    • 34
      Hugh Janus says:

      It’s only to be expected in an organisation that seems to attract the type of person whose IQ is about the same as their shoe size.


  12. 21
    Gordon is a mentalist Hoon says:

    Brown’s never had to fight an election before. What are the odds on him having a full nervous breakdown before the campaign’s over?


  13. 24
    Moley says:

    The election is all but over.

    The mighty Telegraph is throwing all its weight behind Brown and dedicating itself to a one sided report of all the taxes the Conservatives will put up, and all the people the Conservatives will put out of work.

    Labour and the Lib Dems will not of course put up any taxes or reduce the public sector payroll at all.

    Twitter beats the Telegraph for honesty; at least it lets us see politicians as nature made them. (Extremely unpleasant in many cases.)

    Why is the Telegraph editor such a complete and utter arsehole? Is he after a safe Labour seat?


    • 29
      jgm2 says:

      The Telegraph will find it loses even more readers in that case. It must be a vanity publication for the owners.


      • 53
        FECHORFT says:

        I recently received an invitation to subscribe to the DT – I replied – addressed to the Editor – FREEPOST – that I only buy newspapers that support the Conservative Party!

        Feck them – tossers!


      • 66
        Lightweight Cast Iron says:

        it is


  14. 26

    First of many, it will be a while before people learn.


    • 45
      ShoutsAtTheTV says:

      The electorate says it wants “honest Politicians”, at least we would have known what we were getting sent down to us straight away with this fella:

      Scottish C in a Red rosette


  15. 28
    Liebore make me sick says:

    Under boundary changes, the Liebore candidate in my constituency is the gruesome Glenda Jackson. The good news is she only has a majority of just over 3000. I’d love to see her kicked out.


    • 56
      1000 BC says:

      3,000 ? She’s history !!!


    • 103
      Engineer says:

      Not so sure. If she was kicked out, she’d probably end up acting again. That’s even more telly I couldn’t bear to watch. At least she was totally anonymous in Parliament.


  16. 31
    Formerly Catholic, Formerly Blind says:

    Spot the filthy Fenian bastard in the crowd of glorious Orangemen, with your host, Stuart MacLennan


  17. 32
    stuart maclennan says:

    “Nick Clegg can “fuck right off if he thinks he’s in the same league as Brown and Cameron”



    • 47
      The Assassinated Thatcher and Now they've got Dave Now that's Funny! says:

      Nick Clegg has got Gordon Brown and David Cameron by the nuts.
      They are both begging like bitches for his support.
      Once the Conservative party had the great Margaret Thatcher as their leader but then they stabbed her in the back and now they’ve got David Cameron in charge.
      You’ve got to laugh.
      People liked Thatcher because she was fairly normal and the daughter of a grocer.
      Dave is a complete snob, he just doesn’t connect with working class people who think he is an upper class dick who speaks as if he has a plum in his mouth.
      I mean, why else did Cameron go into public life apart from to help his banker and market friends screw the working class?
      Did he do it out of the goodness of his heart? Millionaires do things for money, not out of altruistic intent.
      That is their nature and that is why they are millionaires, they did not become millionaires by giving their money away, now did they?


      • 111
        Hugh Janus says:

        “That is their nature and that is why they are millionaires, they did not become millionaires by giving their money away, now did they?”

        Unlike Bliar, Kinnock et al whose only route to millionaire status was to clamp on to the public teat for grim death.


        • 149
          From Thatcher To Cameron, How the Mighty Fall! says:

          Blair, Kinnock et all did clamp on to the public teat for grim death, they claimed to represent working people aand they took the view that if upper class twits like David Cameron could be millionaires then why shouldn’t they.
          And they used the justification that they were doing it for the workers as an excuse for their avarice.
          It was of course no excuse at all, Blair and Kinnock are nothing but corrupt money grubbers who have enriched themselves at the expense of the Labour party, democracy and the reputation and interests of the country.
          But the fact that you have not challenged my statement about millionaires like David Cameron have only entering public life to help their banker friends says a lot.
          Mine is a good argument and one that will resonate with the voters.
          Millionaires like David Cameron and Gideon Osborne are not millionaires because they are good and generous people, they are millionaires because they are mean spirited and selfish and hord their wealth. They have both claimed housing benefits from the public purse in order to keep evade paying their own mortagage interest payments for goodness sake.
          David and Gideon are selfish mean spirited characters and not public spirited individuals.
          Which begs the question: why the hell have they entered public life, to which the only answer can be that they entered public life to further enrich themselves and to help and protect the interests of their millionaire friends and the city.
          The rich and the bankers have had enough help from the taxpayer already, they have had a good run for the last thirty years and it is now time to help those on low wages.
          And so David Cameron is the wrong man at the wrong time with the wrong policies.


          • The office says:

            You were doing well right up until the “But” see then you lost me! because you just dodged the point about labour are thieving scum as well as and straight back to the bad Tories line also the Thatcher name dropping don’t help!, as that was a very long time ago as IN THE PAST! and bears no relevance except to liebour student puppets !


  18. 38
    Dorian Smith says:

    Latest BBC online headline on the situation:

    “Go away, nothing to see, oh and Labour fight back.”


  19. 40
    BRILLIANT aint it !! says:

    Just seen the Clash of the Taxes in BBC News Channel – Osborne had Darling on the run – asking for “admitted job losses” NT / Tax increase to be published

    OSBORNE WAS BRILLIANT – still polite and right !

    With Lord Adonis asking for LimpDem help at this very early stage – it’s as though the Libore Party has given up already !!

    They appear to be stuffed !


  20. 42
    Liebore make me sick says:

    The only thing Stewie McRuin got right was calling Diane Abbott fucking stupid. He left out “fucking fat stupid Hunt.”


  21. 43
    Catflap says:

    Fucking hell these socialist pricks are so sure of their own infallibility.
    “I am a socialist who appreciates the arts and farts therefor my superior brain does not need to function on minor trivial things like the interweb”
    That’s what a local school commie head of year thought as well. Till I got the cu*t sacked.
    Har de fucking Har.


    • 81
      Engineer says:

      You aren’t the only one to have noticed. It is a strange affliction of some on the Left that they consider their views to be only valid ones.



    • 84
      Sacha Lottovem says:

      Socialist? Nah. They cleared out the last vestiges of all that with that grinny bloke. What was be called now? Went off to open a Tesco in Dubai or something…


      • 159
        Archer Karcher says:

        The old canard regarding the eternal failure of socialism. Socialism works except, the xxxxx version, wasn`t real socialism.
        Listen, socialism can never, has never, or will ever work.
        It`s history is littered with absolute failure wherever it has been established. All socialism brings is envy, jealousy, division, hatred, misery fear and ultimately in it`s extreme forms mass murder and death.
        It lives only because useful idiots convince themselves that, next time it will be better, next time it will work, next time it will be “real” socialism.
        Of course it never will be or even can be, because “real” socialism can never exist peacefully or without varying levels of repression.
        People will always eventually choose freedom and liberty, over collectivism, and servitude, it`s human nature, the very thing socialism always seeks to deny.


        • 166
          Who believes that Sheeple love his socialist state so much that he urges them to vote 'tactically' ? says:

          Gorgon the Moron


    • 97
      I lef skool with 10 gcses init says:

      Catflap dear give me some pro tips please on how you did it, so I can follow your example.


      • 197
        Catflap says:

        The lefty twat in questions downfall, was his ‘My space’ account.
        Lordy lordy you should have seen the shit on there.
        Most of his ‘Friends’ were pupils from the school as well.
        A tip off to the cops and education dept, oh and social services and the local press.
        Bobs your uncle and fannies your aunt he now stacks shelves in ‘Focus’.
        He did nothing illegal but it was very inappropriate and a bit immoral.
        The twat had slagged off his management team on there as well.
        What a Bell end.


  22. 44
    Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP says:

    I’m still here.


  23. 49
    Darren Chaverton says:

    Listen, blud. I’ll vote for anyfink dat’s gonna gimme free money so I can get my cider and ciggies, got it? Now faaack off. Jeremy Kyle’s on in a minute and my girlfriend will be home from shoplifting.


    • 63
      Catflap says:

      No joke.I was outside the GPs this morning while I was waiting for my missus to pick up her prescription.
      Out walks a tub of lard slapper complete with tattoos and muffin top jeans.
      Her boyfriend,a weasel faced cu*t in a baseball cap,also tattoos everywhere.
      And the Mandatory snot nosed toddler that smells of shit and powdered milk spew.
      She said.
      “Well I ain’t got chlamydia but I’ll have to wait for the other results”
      The worse thing was the weasel faced Chav wanker didn’t seem to give a fuck either way.


      • 80
        Weasel Faced Chav says:

        she was talking about her pregnancy test, you poof – “Chlamydia” was to be the classy name of our new baby daughter (and bonus cash generator). I’ll have to pork her again, now, innit


        • 88
          jgm2 says:

          ‘Clamydia’ is a bit chavvy. Too many ‘Clamydias’ these days. Have you considered ‘Alopecia’.


          • Weasel Faced Chav says:

            ‘Alopecia’ – thats fukin ace that is

            I likes “Scratchcard” cos its a name wots full of hope and aspirations but its more of a boys name really


      • 86
        Darren Chaverton says:

        My girlfriend ain’t got no clameedya. But she waitin to hear if she got gonnarear. Sweet. Jeremy Kyle’s just started. That’s me for the rest of the afternoon, blud.


      • 104
        mashed swede says:

        “The worse thing was the weasel faced Chav wanker didn’t seem to give a fuck either way.”

        That’s because he’ll be infecting some other fat slag anytime soon.


      • 174
        Watcher ~2 says:

        Overheard at Supermarket:

        Fat slag . . single muvva wiv 3 kids – in carnsil flat fer yer single muvva, + telly ‘n that . . . boasting (wiv some sort of inexplicable pride) that they was all by the same bloke.

        Obviously didn’t paid attention to the Diversity Sessions at Skool – where you ‘av ter be shagged by a variety of persons, + up the arse too presumably. Ah – is that where some of the STDs come from?

        Well share and share alike say I


  24. 57
    dunby says:

    It’s pronounced “murray” you daft english twat.


  25. 59
    rita delgado says:

    Sounds as if he’s been reading this site too much, judging from the louche quality of the comments he made.


    • 109
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      The difference Rita as we are not running as a candidate in the GE. Trashing Voters is not a good way to garner support.


  26. 61
    Bog Trotter says:

    Gordon Brown has been exposed as a Rangers hun bigot by the eminent and accurate WSJ editor Iain Martin.



  27. 62
    Dick Robinson says:

    He should join UKIP, he’d fit right in.


  28. 67
    streamfisher says:

    Founder of Twitter said of it “tells people what they care about as it is happening in the world”, prospective socialist M.P enlightens us…. where can I get my next drink, I hate people I consider to be beneath me and resent having to travel amongst the great unwashed this liberally interspersed with crudities in a childish belief that frequent profanity is cool. Chav.


  29. 71
    nakedputz says:

    you could learn from Twitter.

    I wish some of your blog posts were constrained to 140 characters.

    Your headline, the tags and the link to another site where the real content resides would be more than adequate.




  30. 73
    Dave is a Posh Millioniare Who Will Only Help His Banker Friends says:

    Did you hear the one about the Conservative party?
    They assassinated the grocer’s daughter, Margaret Thatcher, the most successful Tory leader ever and now they have the upper class plum in his mouth David Cameron in charge.
    You’ve got to laugh!


    • 92
      breaks says:

      Three times election winner Blair dumped for a total fucking loser. Oh wait a minute, Brown’s not actually lost a proper election in his life, having not actually run for a proper election (forget the safe seat in Kirkaldy)

      What were these moonbats thinking when they let him stroll into No 10 unopposed?



      • 100
        Game Set And Match says:

        And I would like to take some credit for hustling Gordon Brown into pushing Blair out.
        I told him in 2004 that if he did not move quickly the economy would soon be going down the tubes and so he had to get out of the Treasury as quickly as possible as he was sitting in the hot seat and he would take the fall if he didn’t get out quick.
        And he fell for it.
        Good one, eh?


        • 162
          Archer Karcher says:

          Imagine the realisation among Brown`s cretinous party, when they understood just what a mega vote loser they had allowed to usurp the charismatic crook Bliar. If he were still in charge Dave would be foundering 10% behind in his wake. As it is, Dave may just squeak it, crooked postal votes, rigged constituencies, “third way” progressive lite non policies and all. Ironic huh?


          • Anon says:

            Tony Blair is a war criminal.
            He was kicked out by Labour MPs because he failed to condemn the illegal Israeli invasion of Gaza and in that sense Blair slit his own throat. But he had also run out of steam anyway and didn’t have the guts or support to take on Gordon Brown and his henchmen.
            That must be some very strong cocaine you are snorting for you to come up with garbage like your above post.
            Go easy on the devil’s dandruff, it is turning your brain into mush.


    • 117
      Hugh Janus says:

      Good to see that class war is at the top of your agenda 74. This has been such a socialist vote-winner in the past! More of the same please.


      • 155
        Dave's an Upper Class Twit And so is Gideon A Pair of Housing Benefit Cheat Millionaires FFS says:

        Dave’s such an easy target anus.
        Don’t you get it?
        Thatcher was one of us, Dave isn’t.
        Putting plum in his mouth Dave in charge was a fatal strategic error on the part of the Conservatives.
        Now you understand.
        That is why you tories have no traction in the polls.


        • 164
          Archer Karcher says:

          “Thatcher was one of us”

          What a divisive socialist class warrior like you are? Thatcher wanted everyone to get on in life, regardless of their background or origin. Something socialists like you detest.


          • Dave is A Fraudster says:

            I’m a capitalist.
            You sound like a bloody communist. I just said Thatcher was one of us so what the hell are you attacking me for you commie bastard?


  31. 75
    Proof of the pudding says:

    So this sort of behaviour was acceptable to the new Labour hierarchy including the Prime Minister’s wife until it was made public in the papers.

    At least we now have proof of how odious new labour is.


    • 123
      he's a twit says:

      if you rank it next to trying to smear a bereaved family etc then i guess it isn’t so bad. however this immature bloke has his ‘caree’ runied and name tarnished and the forces of hell are still milling about no 10.



  32. 77
    breaks says:

    Looks like the sort of fella who would be happier running one of them mobile phone shops in the local shopping mall.


  33. 78
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Any of you lads wanna see my hanging baskets, if you get my drift?


    • 89
      Engineer says:

      No thanks. But if you’d be kind enough to return the enormous sum you charged us, the taxpayers, for them, we’d be obliged.


      • 114
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        She can’t do that she is running at Aintree tomorrow. She is at 100-1 and you can’t miss her in Red colours and known as Red Flag.


        • 146
          streamfisher says:

          Princess Ann’s been withdrawn from the Aintree line-up after breaking a leg “down a rabbit hole” to quote a red top, Lewis Carroll would have been amused.


    • 94
      The Dirty Rat says:

      Madge you ugly old slapper, I don’t want to see them, I want them – I paid for them.

      PS. How does the description, ‘A face like a flatulent goat’ sit with you?


      • 99
        Margaret Beckett says:

        I didn’t mean THOSE hanging baskets which you paid for. I meant my other hanging baskets: my saggy withered old fish flaps.


    • 105
      Green Fingered marsh Tit says:

      Now’s the time of year to dig out all those old perennials and compost them, replace with new rooting stock and you will be rewarded with a magnificent display by fragrant Blossom.


    • 107
      Blind Man says:

      Can I examine your shrubbery please Margaret


      • 121
        The Dirty Rat says:

        Dear Madge.
        I have an extremely randy pedigree goat who would love to have a munch at your front garden. I only charge 200 pounds for one dose of his spunk – do you want to give it a try?


  34. 90
    Anti Christ says:

    Blair is a Catholic war criminal.


  35. 91
    Ashcroft O'Clock says:

    But I thought the Tories are supposed to be the “nasty party”… help! now I’m all confused.

    Hopefully Martin Day will be along in a minute with one of his insightful and reassuring posts to explain why I have obviously misunderstood the situation.

    I’m sure Lord Ashcroft must have been invoved somehow.


  36. 98
    Holy Condoms says:

    Catholicism is a stain on humanity.


  37. 106
    Banana Republican Army says:

    We destroyed David Miliband.Now Stuart MacLellan has been eliminated.Our anti-Brown operation is in progress.This owes nothing to Twitter,Kit Kat,ot Twix.This is our work and our triumph.


  38. 108
    Mumsnet says:

    We breed for the Pope


  39. 112
    AC1 says:

    Pity, I thought they were honest. Probably not sensible to have an honest opinion as a politico.


  40. 116
    Blastwave says:

    These badly produced Guy News slots are painful to watch and only exceptable when containing Emily Nomates……

    ….now put her in tight latex, spikey heels and let’s get it on!!!


  41. 118
    Holy Condoms says:

    Catholicism spreads poverty, misery and HIV.


  42. 119
    = says:

    Brown = chutney


  43. 120
    = says:

    Cameron = gentlemans relish


  44. 125
    Purpleline says:

    K burley giving Lord Adonis a hard time, oh he gets angry because she asked him 4 times about the tweet. Love it

    This story been around for a long time in Scotland, so just gives more fuel to the bunker mentality. Lets hope an attack dog links Sarah Brown and this twitter and doorsteps her aggressively, she is fare game now. WHy she never alerted her lovely husband to such terrible tweets

    Just emailed Sky for the 1,000th time to connect the dots between McBride, Charlie Unite Union welan, Draper , sarah, and purcell.


  45. 137
    Dr Equals says:

    Edd Balls = congealed fat ball


  46. 141

    The first order of business when your in a place like a hotel where people might hear….

    Is to crush the larynx

    Once the larynx is good and crushed the object can’t make very much noise…

    Oh it thrashes and fights you for long enough but it is very quiet about it

    No reason to disturb the neighbours…..


  47. 145
    Lord Adonis says:


    I will !!


  48. 152
    Holy Condoms says:

    Catholicism is an elitist, patriarchial, undemocratic, anti-progressive, anti- scientific, controlling, medieval superstition. It has no place in a progressive society.


  49. 154
    Lizzie says:

    Labour chose this guy as their candidate, this is a reflection of Labour’s judgement. Nothing new though, it seems like only yesterday we had the Downing Steet
    e-mail scandal, history repeating itself it seems.


  50. 160
    Official Scottish Labour Spokesman says:

    Why don’t you all fuck off. Okay,so Scottish Labour is made up of corrupt, lying, thuggish, smackhead child-molesters, but what does that matter compared to Lord Ashcroft claiming nondom status?


  51. 163
    Holy Condoms says:

    Catholicism is the brainwashing and social conditioning of vulnerable human people. Breed poverty, misery and despair then be canonised for such efforts.


  52. 169

    Sound like a good bloke. Why can’t you just call a chav a chav nowadays?
    Anyway, socialists hate the proletariat. Nothing new there. Marx thought they were a bunch of –

    – remainder has been moderated


    • 195
      Lady Completely Gaga says:

      Did I hear correctly, this splendid chappie was voted the twelfth most eligible man in Scotland? Eligible for what, I wonder? Not so good when you consider that ‘Bible John’ was at number nine, though, I suppose.


  53. 170

    Labour candidate sacked for being honest? Guffaw.


  54. 182
    BBC aren't BIASED because THEY SAY SO says:

    We know nothing of this story. There are far more important issues to deal with during the unbiased and totally balanced reporting of the new labour election campaign.

    Ooops, you can find a brief outline of this story on the end of the politics page via the homepage on our website.

    See, that’s balance that is!!

    Gotta go, Tiger Woods is on, then the weather………..


  55. 183
    kris alienz says:

    i’m in love with an alien


  56. 188
    Raving Mad says:

    Irrespective of the juvenile comments by MacLennan, what this highlights once again is that the new labour party hold the people in contempt. The scottish labour party seems particularly adroit at being fucking useless, thoroughly corrupt and asinine.

    Despite Gordon’s oft repeated ‘learning lessons’ it seems new labour are incapable of doing so. They continue to treat the electorate as if we are unintelligent and there for them. Brown’s gaff “I want to renew the contract between the people and those they are sworn to serve’?” says it all – we are here to enable them to rip us off.

    Corruption is endemic in new labour and utterances like this, and the way it has been handled including the farce of unelected Adonis, epiomoze 13 years of misery for the British people. They should be consigned to the dustbin of history in a few weeks time.


  57. 191

    […] Stuart MacLennan’s sacking as Labour PPC for Moray; […]


  58. 194
    David says:


    Typical of New Labour I bet they knew alright – they are ALL plonkers.

    All you Labour folks don’t forget Vote Liberal (hehehe) we want the plonkers out!


  59. 202
    IainM says:

    In my experience Nuns do not have dry fannies. They are well lubricated from all that candle wax!


  60. 204
    James says:

    And he looks glaikit too!


  61. 206
    Traquir says:

    Looks like the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy has been caught red handed lying on national TV (BBC)

    “Asked why he had not acted sooner, Mr Murphy said: “I am not a follower of this individual’s Twitter feed so I had no idea of these comments, and no one in the Labour Party did.””

    see- tinyurl.com/yd79swt

    However courtesy of google cache the following can be found

    CyberBritNat MacLennan follower bottom row 4th from right, guess who ?

    Mr Jim Murphy.

    see- tinyurl.com/y2xo9zy

    Now then given the Scottish Ambassador has been caught with bare faced lying surely action needs to be taken here ? Also interesting that he looks to have covered it up as it not longer seems a coincidence that he just recently dropped
    one of the people he has been following.

    see – tinyurl.com/y45cudm


  62. 207
    Traquir says:

    “Asked why he had not acted sooner, Mr Murphy said: “I am not a follower of this individual’s Twitter feed so I had no idea of these comments, and no one in the Labour Party did.””

    see- tinyurl.com/yd79swt

    “no one in the Labour Party did.”

    Just a sample of other Labour Party followers

    * Craig Martin Labour Councillor for areas in Falkirk North
    * Margaret Curran MSP
    * David Cairns MP
    * Willie Bain MP
    * Wendy Alexander MSP
    * David Alexander MP
    * Elaine Murray MSP
    * Cammy day Councillor Forth Ward
    * Neil Bibby Councillor Renfrewshire

    see – tinyurl.com/y62f4rx
    see – tinyurl.com/y2xo9zy

    I wonder just how many them have been following this bigoted and offensive CyberBritNat ?

    Also very interestingly there is one more individual who is a follower the Labour Press Release specialist Scotsmand journalist – David Maddox. Now how could he have missed this exclusive when he was a fellow follower with all these Labour Party members including Jim Murphy ?

    see – tinyurl.com/y62f4rx


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