April 8th, 2010

Labour Sponsored Whelan’s Pass

Finally we know how Charlie Whelan had free reign of the parliamentary estate:

Mr. Dunne: To ask the hon. Member for North Devon, representing the House of Commons Commission pursuant to the answer to the hon. Member for Ruislip-Northwood of 24 March 2010, Official Report, column 295W, on Charlie Whelan, what type of pass Mr. Whelan holds; when it was issued; and who the sponsor is of the pass.

Nick Harvey: Mr. Whelan holds a temporary pass (light blue) issued in June 2009. It is sponsored by the parliamentary Labour party from within an agreed allocation.

It was speculated that he was there on as a union officer,  but in light of this revelation, his claims that he is not officially connected to the Labour campaign look particularly shaky. What was the justification for this high level access granted to, essentially, a lobbyist for vested interests?

UPDATE: PA are now reporting that Bercow is to look into the reasons behind why Whelan was given the pass.  Michael Fabricant asked the House: “You will recall that the Prime Minister asserted in previous Prime Minister’s questions that he is in no way connected with the Labour party. Has any indication been given to you that the Prime Minister now wishes to correct his original assertion, which was untrue?” Quite.


  1. 1
    Mitch says:

    I suppose when you buy someone or something you want to keep an eye on it.

  2. 2
  3. 3
    MacDeath says:

    This man authorised the pass.God help us.

  4. 4
    Baboon's arse says:

    Whelan is the kind of person you take an instant dislike to, just to save time.

  5. 5
    Steve Expat says:

    Those of us who don’t want to see scumbags like Whelan in Parliament when he has no right to be there, and would like to know what he’s up to while he’s there…

  6. 6
    The Admiral says:

    And that’s on a good day, obviously…

  7. 7
    Rev. I. Paisley. says:




  8. 8
    Labour Party says:

    Any good ideas for smearing Michael Caine? Ta

  9. 9
    AFutureFuckedForAll (except senior Noo_Lie_Bore and AlJaBeeba Apparatchiks) says:

    Vote fa’ Gorgon – tha’ Sheeple’s Moron!

    We need our pointless jobs to be secure.

    Rest of you – get on wiv your work – if you have any.


  10. 10
    anonemo says:

    What a coincidence the “£6bn needed to not implement the NI rise in full” is the same amount of money Gordoom cost us by selling off our gold.

  11. 11
    Up sh1t creek says:

    New Labour’s “Back of an envelope” economics…

  12. 12
    Lt Gonville Bromhead says:

    The film Zulu is clearly racist.

  13. 13
    jgm2 says:

    He’s a shit actor? In fact ‘actor’ would be over-doing it. He has the same breadth and depth of acting talent as Mike Reid.

    So…I’ll play a cockney will I?

  14. 14
    Lt Gonville Bromhead says:

    Mike Reid is a fine thespian

  15. 15
    Captain Black says:

    I thought Whelan sponsored the Labour Party’s parliamentary passes.

  16. 16
    Lord Manglebum says:

    Notice Im the token non-Scot.

  17. 17
    Lt Gonville Bromhead says:

    Is the first Conservative election conference based on an episode of Why Don’t You?

  18. 18

    Finally we know how Lord Aschroft the lying tax evader had free reign of the parliamentary Conservative party: he bought them off with tax free cash!

  19. 19
    Harriet's Gnarled Clit says:

    Gissa lick

  20. 20
    The right-on Phoney '£rd Way' Bliar, ***, ****, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:


    I founded Noo_Lie_Bore on the bedrock of lies, mendacity, waste, high taxes, PC Bollocks, MultiCulti Bollocks, EUSSR Bollocks, and meaningless vacuous phrases such as ‘Tough on . . . ‘ introduction of multiple stupid laws (I’m a loorya don’t forget – so is the wifey) and whole industries such as yooman roits.

    Gorgon ciontinues my work wiv stupid phrases like ‘End to B&B’ and ‘FuckedupFutureForAll’

    So hey! Trust me! You voted for me once!

    Vote for a FuckedUpFuture – Vote Gorgon!!!!

  21. 21
    MMMMcMental says:

    Has he taken up the harp?
    The cheeky cockney twat died 3 years ago

  22. 22
    Mandelsons spermy shit pearls of twatdom says:

    Scotland invented bankruptcy that’s why they had to join a union England.

  23. 23
    Hugh Janus says:

    And what about the £11bn of so-called savings identified by the Chancellor at the time of the Budget? Wouldn’t this also ‘remove’ money from the economy in the same way, but only more of it? (assuming you subscribe to this ludicrous argument of course, which I and many others certainly do not).

  24. 24
    jgm2 says:

    Another big Brown lie. The lie being that 400 tons was just the right amount to sell to balance our reserves. So, once he’d done that he had just the right amount of gold, dollars and euros. But now gold has quadrupled. So by Brown’s fucked up logic the balance is all out of whack again. We should be selling more gold to get the balance ‘right’ again.

  25. 25
    Hugh Janus says:

    Jealousy will get you nowhere.

  26. 26
    Tarded Labour Wretch says:

    And they eat babies

  27. 27
    Engineer says:

    No, he pays for them by recycling taxpayers’ cash.

  28. 28
    jgm2 says:

    Somewhere I used to have a tape of ‘Mike Reid’ sings traditional favourites. Funny as fuck. ‘My old mans a dustman..’ He sounded just like he did in Eastenders. And just like Michael Caine in everything he does.

  29. 29
    jgm2 says:

    Showing your age Michael.

  30. 30
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    But Liebour governments always run out of Taxpayers’ money!

  31. 31
    Noo_Lie_Bore Shit Detector Van says:

    But, you vile creature, I’m glad to find you are smeared with the same shit as the others.

  32. 32
    Engineer says:

    Makes a change from Labour ones based on an episode of “Some Mothers do have ‘em”

  33. 33
    jgm2 says:

    Hmm, I love babies but I couldn’t manage a whole one.

  34. 34
    jgm2 says:

    No no no. Under the Brownian Idiocy the narrative is now that the economy runs out of money because it is being hoarded by the taxpayers.

  35. 35
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Slightly more interesting is whether it’s rein or reign, since there could never have been any serious doubt why Whelan was there. Does he drink his tea from the saucer, I wonder, the true hallmark of the flat cap socialist trooper, a la George Orwell?

  36. 36
    Engineer says:

    So do pricks.

    It’s just one fuckin’ thing after another in that place.

  37. 37
    jgm2 says:

    More like ‘Whacky Races’.

  38. 38
    Purveyor of Useless Tat says:

    What am I bid for Gorgon Brhoon? . . .. who will start me off . . ?

    Gotta be worf more than gold per oz.

    He saved the world.

  39. 39
    PM says:

    Pass the parcel.

  40. 40
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Wibble tree grape trout

    Don’t worry, just checking the moderation.

  41. 41
    jgm2 says:

    It took ‘em 300 years but it looks like they’ve finally got their revenge for that debacle.

  42. 42
    TOO FARR says:

    Whelan and his mob are a danger to our democracy. They cost the UK billions by their actions. Also they claim to protect their members jobs…… Bullshit! look at Scargill, did more damage to the mining industry than anybody, now lives in relative luxury.

    Many (not all) of these union barons will retire with an pension that most of the average worker would “die” for.

    BA could be next, swallowed up by the Spanish airline, if these parasites have their way. They (union leaders) have nothing to loose. They can afford to be reckless, “job” for life… F***ing hypocrits. The average worker is just a political tool (fool).

  43. 43
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    Time to mention Lord Ashcroft, methinks. He’s obviously withholding a lot of money that Liebour could use to set up some more Quangos.

  44. 44
    grobdj says:

    So when do we get to see the accounts, and the domicile for the Blairs and their Faith Foundation

  45. 45
    The Caine Mutiny says:

    New Labour isn’t working.

  46. 46
    Steve Expat says:

    Obviously time to switch off my television set and go out and do something less boring instead?

    Interesting plan from the Tories about national citizen service, anything that can be done to keep these kids off the streets and give them some life skills has to be a good thing.

  47. 47
    Hugh Janus says:

    The round of McBust interviews yesterday (Toenails, Bradby et al) should leave no one in any doubt that he barely knows what day of the week it is, never mind having even a tenuous grasp of matters financial. Rarely have I witnessed such a pitiful response from a politician, and that’s in the face of some extraordinary competition over the years.

    I suggest that, for the election at least, any obvious attempt to avoid answering the question should result in the immediate termination of the interview. This will hurt, because it is politicians who are desperate to exploit the airwaves, rather than the voter being desperate to listen to them. Starve them of the oxygen of publicity and they will soon get the message.

  48. 48
    scumbags united says:

    and it wont change!

  49. 49
    Anon says:

    TaT was more effective at attacking Gordon Brown than all you Tory bloggers put together.
    That is a fact.

  50. 50
    Dame Sarah Twit, The Twatty Totty says:

    Gorgon says he will order house-to-house searches with ‘His’ Puritan army to search for valuables, teeth, gold, hair, watches – any thing that he can pawn.

    That doesn’t include LieBore BigWigs mind you – or the British Bang-It-Up-the-Chuffer Company.

    G*d, – I could do with a really hard fuck!

  51. 51
    The Dirty Rat says:

    He hasn’t cost the tax payer a penny, unlike some others that I could name. Now what was the name of that thieving, lying Asian man who stole our money? And of course the thieving, lying Asian lady, it’s in their genes.

  52. 52
    Dick Dastardly (aka Lord Fondlebum of Boy) says:

    Curses Muttley, foiled again!

  53. 53
    Hugh Janus says:

    You’ve noticed? Those of us who have been around for too long know this as fact. Please tell the deluded 30% that every Liebour government ends in financial chaos, and that they have truly excelled themselves this time.

  54. 54
    jgm2 says:

    Hmmmm. I think they’d be better sticking to the economy. Just keep reminding folk how badly Brown fucked it up and how much it’s going to cost to fix.

    200bn quid alone this year. 5,000 quid each for every taxpayer in the UK. After tax. A working couple could have had a nice new car parked up on the drive. Or paid 10K off their mortgage this year alone if Brown hadn’t fucked up the economy because he’s an incompetent reckless lunatic.

    Ads with wads of money being set alight by Labour. Cars being crushed. Long-faced looking couple staring at the spot on the drive that doesn’t have the new car they could have bought. Couple looking at the restaurants they can’t afford to eat in. Couple looking at the holiday brochures they cannot afford. Couple looking at the private school they can’t afford.

    10K per couple this year alone.

    That’s the price of the Brownian Imbecility.

    His ego. Your bill.

  55. 55
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    British jobs for British workers !!!

    No more Boom and Bust !!

  56. 56
    Anon says:

    That is a lie.
    By gaining a peerge under false pretences Lord Ashcroft has cost the taxpayer 125 million pounds and counting of evaded taxes.
    And I must admit I find it highly amusing when Tories like you condone and encourage fraud and tax evasion.
    It sums the Conservative party up nicely.

  57. 57
    jgm2 says:

    Hmmmm. I think they’d be better sticking to the economy. Just keep reminding folk how badly Brown fucked it up and how much it’s going to cost to fix.

    200bn quid alone this year. 5,000 quid each for every taxpayer in the UK. After tax. A working couple could have had a nice new car parked up on the dr*ve. Or paid 10K off their mortgage this year alone if Brown hadn’t fucked up the economy because he’s an incompetent reckless lunatic.

    Ads with wads of money being set alight by Labour. Cars being crushed. Bank statements 10K in the red. Long-faced looking couple staring at the spot on the dr*ve that doesn’t have the new car they could have bought. Couple looking at the restaurants they can’t afford to eat in. Couple looking at the holiday brochures they cannot afford. Couple looking at the private school they can’t afford.

    10K per couple this year alone.

    That’s the price of the Brownian Imbecility.

    His ego. Your bill.

  58. 58
    Amused (but not much) says:

    Morning, tat.

  59. 59
    Thud Hardbutt says:

    This is true! Us Tories devour babies for breakfast, lunch & dinner! Unlike JMG2 I can manage a whole one between two slives of rye bread & smothered in Dijon mustard mayonaise c”,)

  60. 60
    Whelan 'n' Dealin' Bullyboy says:


  61. 61
    Hugh Janus says:

    “G*d, – I could do with a really hard fuck!”

    If NuLiebour win the election then I fear your wish will come true.

  62. 62
    jgm2 says:

    I agree.

  63. 63
    oldrightie says:

    Spot on Mitch.

  64. 64


  65. 65
    Cambo VS Whelan says:

  66. 66
    Ian Hislop says:

    Do you know Bob I eat practically nothing else. Then I quaff it all down with champagne before leaving my club with my silver-topped cane…

  67. 67
    The Caine Mutiny says:

    Bogart does Brown.Madness visible.

  68. 68
    50 Calibre says:

    Lying bastards, the lot of ‘em.

  69. 69
    oldrightie says:

    Labour, what a load of dull, miserable, socialist shit. Give me a smiling Tory any day. particularly one who donates the biggest wedge of all to charity. Lord Ashcroft. Much more deserving of his peerage than mortgage fraudsters and trade Union con men.

  70. 70
    jgm2 says:

    Ah Lord Ashcroft? Have Labour hit a particular rut in the opinion polls again? Something not spinning well for them?

    It can only be a matter of time before they wheel out the bankers for a ritual two minute hate.

  71. 71
    New Poster Who just Happened to Stumble Upon This Blog, Good Innit says:

    Moi, TaT?
    No, no, I am a new poster here who, having heard so much about the genius tat just happened to type his name into Guido’s search engine and read some of his posts before he retired.
    And I must say they are of a far, far higher standard than the garbage that has been posted on here today by the Labour and Tory trolls.

  72. 72
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Okay lads, the best line we can take is to carry on attacking the Tories, don’t mention having some Charlie…. (Whelan).

  73. 73
    Yvette Ball-Scooper says:

    and he’s got Balls in his pocket…

  74. 74
    Steve Expat says:

    I think it’s important to be have positive reasons to vote for someone, as well as the negative – and yes,, Gordon Brown’s record is as terrible as you point out.

    Social breakdown is going to be a big Tory theme, and will play well in the marginals, where there is intergenerational unemployment and a feeling of little hope for the future…

  75. 75
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    Bugger, fuck, arse, tits, wank. Seems to be OK.

  76. 76
    Cambo VS Whelan says:

    Whelan for all his union might cannot defeat the warrior known as Cambo

  77. 77
    Engineer says:

    Factories with chained and padlocked gates. High streets with empty shops. Queues outside jobcentres. People hanging about on street corners looking despondent. Building sites abandoned and idle. Bailiffs turning away work because they’re too busy. Ditto insolvency practicioners. Public sector picket lines.

    Welcome to Brown’s Britain.

  78. 78
    Mark Oaten MP says:

    Yum yum!

  79. 79
    Steve Expat says:

    But the 30% depend on this chaos for their very existance – turkeys won’t and don’t vote for Christmas…

  80. 80
    Lt Gonville Bromhead says:

    Michael Caine keeps referring to the national citizen service as national service, and to the Tories as ‘this government’ finishes with ‘lets give this government another chance’ to confused applause?

    All this big society, youths in service of the govt has the ring of the Eastern block about it to me, will they get little uniforms? Is Dave truly a socialist?

    Stick to the economy dave – maybe (whisper) mention immigration..

  81. 81
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    Anon @11.10 :

    Where did you get your estimates from? Are you Ashcroft’s accountant? Still I suppose 125 million is a nice big round number but meaningless.

    I don’t see any condemnation of the Labour non-doms -why is that?

  82. 82
    Sir William Waad says:

    He looks exactly like a ventriloquist’s dummy. Can you see Mandelson ostentatiously drinking a glass of water? “I’m Gordon Grown. I agolished Goom and Gust.”

  83. 83
    Jac says:

    It is the Labour party all over comrade! Ensure they get their own all that they can get, including access all areas. Frankly, Animal Farm is looking more like a true rendition of Labour’s 13 (think that number has some iconic status now!) years in government.

    Whelan is a joker.

  84. 84
    Sir William Waad says:

    Caine to the CCHQ election committee:

    “Hang on, lads, I’ve got a great idea….”

  85. 85
    Disillusioned Labour Activist says:

    SLAPOMETER – http://www.slapometer.com/


    Just to tip you off, Labour activists have been urged to close the gap between Brown and Cameron on the slapometer page.

    Currently Gordon has 1million+ more slaps than Cameron and the activists have been asked to close this gap before the live debates start.

    A Disillusioned Labour Activist

  86. 86
    A disciple of tat says:

    Our savior and prophet tat sent by God to save mankind from tyranny can not be stopped in his mission by the scheming and attacks by mere mortals especially parliamentary ones.

  87. 87
    Big Ben says:

    What’s the justification for Lord fucking Ashcroft being a fucking peer of the realm eh?

  88. 88
    Steve Expat says:

    Nineteen Eighty-Four was intended by Orwell as a warning to governments, not as a fucking instruction manual!

  89. 89
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Not sure if I missed it or not but the big story today must be the immigration statistics uncovered by Fraser Nelson that over 98% of jobs created over the last 13 years by NuLabour have gone to overseas workers. Brown so called “British Jobs for Britiish Workers” looks pretty thin. Also Militwat spouted a blatant lie about immigration number over the last year and again seems to have got away with it. FFS he is the Home Secretary and cannot get the most straighforward of number right. They lie and spin and no one holds them to account, we are in an election campaign and the media just is not doing its job. Clearly it is up to the blogosphere to keep things highlighted as our great news outlets are NOT doing it.

  90. 90
    Lord Wayne of Trombone says:

    Sir Stuart, who is also a member of the Prime Minister’s business council, hit out after Mr Brown claimed business leaders had been “deceived” over Labour’s plans
    The prime minister has been accused of “waging a war against business” in response to a letter, signed by 68 company leaders, backing the Conservatives’ plans to scrap most of the increase and concentrate instead on cutting government waste.

    Lets get the basterds out

  91. 91
    jgm2 says:

    The positive image comes from showing folk looking at the car they’ve just bought. the restaurant they can eat in, the holidays they can go on, the good schools, good hospitals. Brown has pissed away all this money and we still have hospitals killing 1200 people, exams debased, the currency debased, the language debased, the population debased.

    If he’d pissed away all that money and things had actually got any better then he might have a leg to stand on.

    They haven’t. He wasted the fucking lot. he measured output in terms of input. I have squandered 200bn quid therefore I have generated 200bn quid of output.

    No you haven’t you’ve generated 200bn quid in debt and one million public sector workers who are an abomination in the sight of the taxpayer.

  92. 92
    Dave's Big Society says:

    I think we have gone through a period when too many children and people have been given to understand “I have a problem, it is the Government’s job to cope with it!” or “I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!” “I am homeless, the Government must house me!” and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first.

  93. 93
    Gordon Brown is a creepy old clown says:

    Could you not have put a warning next to that link?

  94. 94
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    “His ego. Your bill” Good slogan jgm2

  95. 95
    Catflap says:

    PACTS: Parliamentary advisory committee on transport safety.
    Sound impressive?
    Well it fucking ain’t.
    It is a lobby group sponsored by a couple of MPs so it can use P.O.W facilities.
    When I found the Association of British Drivers of which I’m a member was having to PAY £400 a year to attend I warned them straight away.
    “It’s a fucking lobby group and the reason the ABD has been marginalized and took the piss out of by PACTS is because you aren’t paying enough”
    PACTS has some big paying hitters with a vested interest in screwing car drivers.
    That is an example of how lobby groups work.

  96. 96
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Agreed x 2

  97. 97
    jgm2 says:


    What’s Lord Paul’s?

  98. 98
    Steve Expat says:

    He’s done fuckloads more in his life than “Lord” Mandleson will ever do…

    Most people don’t know that he is the founder of the Crimestoppers charity, putting up a lot of the rewards offered by police forces. He also has a large colllection of Victoria Crosses, which are displayed at the Imperial War Museum

  99. 99
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Pass, yes we did pass the Digital Economy Bill (aka the UK internet censorship bill / photographer suppression bill / youtube crackdown bill), and it’s no thanks to those wicked Tories who “just don’t get it”. No Peter, we didn’t get it, the same way you did with your rich friends whilst you holidayed on a yacht.

    Now the entire UK will become like China, a place where free speech and freedom of expression, and democracy will be stamped on under your jackboot Communist agenda.

    What business is it for a New Labour minister to have the power to take away from someone a (UK) domain name. Domain names are a private business and has NOTHING to do with the government, but not now. Now it’s New Labour’s business to shut down the internet in the UK.

    B@STARDS !!!!!!!!

  100. 100
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Sussing frussing, sussing frussing!!!

  101. 101
    Mad as hell and won't have to take it for too much longer says:

    But these are rich fat cat toffs who therefore are the lowest of the low and must never be listened to.

  102. 102
    MacDeath says:

    Securing Blair’s Fortune.

  103. 103
    Mad as hell and won't have to take it for too much longer says:

    Because they are the right kind of non-doms (ie they give money to the LieBour party) and as such are beyond criticism.

  104. 104
    Gordo McBust, Saviour of the World says:

    And I broke it.

  105. 105
    Yardarm says:

    Anyone who wants a vintage example of Caine`s thespianism check out ‘ On Deadly Ground ‘ where he plays a villainous businessman.

    Warning: make sure you`re half pissed and in that state where you can`t yet be arsed to go to kip.

  106. 106
    jgm2 says:

    I cannot bear this ‘Big Society’ bullshit either. It’s attempting to appeal to bedwetting Guardianistas who are no more going to vote Cameron than they are saw off their own legs.

    It’s the economy stoooopid. Roast Labour on their woefully incompetent management of the economy.

  107. 107
    concrete pump says:

    Because anon is a labour stool who’s only feeble argument is Ashcroft, blah ashcroft blah.

    Odd really, considering anon is unemployed and should have plenty of time to come out with something original, but he can’t, he just rambles off figures and when you question them he attacks you with poor invective reminiscent of an argument in a junior school playground.


    And stop playing with yourself every time you respond to my comments you over sexed needle dick.

  108. 108
    Mad as hell and won't have to take it for too much longer says:

    That’ll do the trick.

  109. 109
    I only joined labour for the sex says:

    fancy some gay sex? i’ll be bottom you can be top!

  110. 110
    Hugh Janus says:

    Slogan for the next poster perhaps?

  111. 111
    jgm2 says:

    Does he play a cockney?

  112. 112
    Tat's mum says:

    Tat, sweetie, mummy’s put some dippy-eggs on the table for your lunch, and I’ve cut up some little bready soldiers for you. Come downstairs, sweetie, before the eggy gets cold.

    You don’t want mummy to put your Netbook back up on top of the wardrobe again, do you?

  113. 113
    skirt wearers are retarded says:

    cowardly little twerp aint ya anon?

  114. 114
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    This is the news that won’t get told.

  115. 115
    South of the M4 says:

    The ones that create wealth and employment for others then….

  116. 116
    Johnny says says:

    Anon 11:10 am,

    Can you show your working out please. What taxes has Cashcroft evaded over and above any that are perfectly legal for a non-dom to avoid?

    The media and political spin never gets round to pointing out you can be a resident in the UK and still be a non-dom for tax purposes. That’s what Darling’s non-dom fee of £30k was to address – people who want to keep foreign earnings out of the grasp of the Revenue paying a fee to do so.

  117. 117
    Up sh1t creek says:

    This was asked yesterday in PMQs, but as usual, Brown did not answer the question.

  118. 118
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    From The Caine Mutiny me thinks and very apt today.

  119. 119
    Naked Gordon says:

    Labour’s bargain basement spotty stooges bleat out todays repetative garbage.

    Just like Bunker Brown, what a shower of shit.

  120. 120
    Hugh Janus says:

    Would that be a tasty, free-range, well-built and hard-working turkey, or the ugly, fat, feckless type that sits slumped in front of the telly all day who NuLiebour loves to support at my expense, with the only sign of any detectable movement when they are forced to sign on or procreate?

    Thought so.

  121. 121
    50 Calibre says:

    O/T, but that Lord Adonis is a right little shit.

    Regardless of the question put, he just trots out the party line like a fucking parrot. I doubt that this unelected tosspot has ever had an original thought in his life.

    I have…

  122. 122
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    A big empty vault where 395 tons of gold used to be.

  123. 123
    Hugh Janus says:

    …and Europe, as in ‘referendum on Europe’.

    Pigs now sailing gracefully past my window.

  124. 124
    Penfold says:

    Now look here Guido, its perferctly all right for the Labour Party and Unions to get into bed together, you know mens sana and all that, there’s nothing to worry about.
    They are after all totally altruistic and are acting in concert to look after the best interests of the working man and avoid the over-exploitation of him by the blighted capitalists, who are represented in Parliament by Big Dave and his gang of cronyish thugs.
    The left are reasonable philantrophic types you know who will use power properly for the benefit of themselves to self-aggrandise their position and to ensure a 1,00 year reich in which they will ensure that Big Dave and his thugs are fully eliminated, that all workers are given equal pay, enjoy the same social hovels and poor public transport and holidays at clacton as foreign travel is bad for the planet and we must think green and eco-friendly, whilst their great leaders enjoy a few luxuries, nice chaueffeur driven cars, foreign holidays, mansions fully staffed with flunkeys, foreign currency, private lanes on all roads, prioroty medical services, and of course a vote..(one can’t trust the working class to know how to use a vote, so the leadership will vote by proxy for the workers), nothing to be worried about as the leadership ,will sweat buckets ( at the nice private turkish Baths with nice gels and you know what) looking after the ir workers ans need the little nice things as a compensation.

    So its all right, The Party and The Unions won’t be trying to stitch things up, its all all right and perfectly above board, we’re just helping ourselves you know to help others who are less able to help themselves.

  125. 125
    Hugh Janus says:

    “O/T, but that Lord Adonis is a right little shit.”

    Far too generous.

  126. 126
    50 Calibre says:

    How true.

    The workers are just peacetime cannon fodder.

    It was always thus. If they had any brains they wouldn’t be members…

  127. 127
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Scumsucker Whelan shat his pants when confronted by a pretty girl (Emily) with a brain
    Maybe he only likes to hang around with big brooding mentaly ill twats like Homo Jocko our beloved PM as he can control him and wont have to answer awkward questions

  128. 128
    concrete pump says:

    Bend over TaT’s mum, and take what’s coming to you.

  129. 129
    Cynic says:

    Given Whelan’s DIRECT role in funding the party, did they declare the interest when seeking the pass for him? Ie that in effect they were his political rent boys?

  130. 130
    Anonymous says:


    A primitive creature that enjoys seclusion from reality, rarely mates with females and is prone to violent outbursts, he lives on a diet of bananas and shandy .
    Mainly nocturnal he can often be seen wandering around his habitat at 3 am clad in nothing other than a dressing gown and uttering his cry “That fucking c unt Tony Blair its all his fault” The creature then starts to make telephone call to complete strangers whilst using his dextrous toes to write rambling letters to other strangers.
    Sadly he is the last of his kind, and is expected to pass away within the next few weeks

  131. 131
    Madme Defarge says:

    Me too x6

  132. 132
    Madme Defarge says:

    Agreed x 6

  133. 133
    Dick Tator says:

    Babies are great, medium-rare in a good gravy.

    Oh, God, I must be a Conservative. Or maybe just with a small “c”.

  134. 134
    Madme Defarge says:

    The Union members should be challenging these idiots who claim to represent them. In my own experience most union leaders are feathering their own nests on the backs of the workers.

  135. 135
    QWERTY says:

    Phil Woolas making a total fucking mong of himself live on BBC2 right now. Brillo cutting him a new arse.

  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

    May 7 2010
    McMental gets the boot as PM and his beard divorces him
    His new career will be in films, the first will be titled


  137. 137
    TaT's Mum says:

    What is that, a tooth pick?

  138. 138
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    McMental trakes up cookery to pass his empty days and buys an AGA

  139. 139
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Just watched DP and Brillo did bring this up and reamed Phil Woolarse and new arse. NuLabour ust can’t answer a straight question. It makes you mad and I am steaming over this and so should everyone its a real scandal. Don’t be fooled NuLabour is NOT FOR BRITISH WORKERS AND NEVER HAS BEEN. Bristish workers wake up and start to smell the coffee.

  140. 140
    Ron McDonald says:

    I do hope Charlie Whelan’s services are being recorded appropriately as benefits in kind, as required by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

  141. 141
    Lord G says:

    It’s on a meow meow day…

  142. 142
    g1lgam3sh says:

    Unite in condemning sleazy funding

  143. 143
    Jimmy says:

    Makes you long for the good old days under the tories when they gave them to their mistresses.

  144. 144
    Up sh1t creek says:

  145. 145
    Cassandrina says:

    Good idea, lets do the same for Obama

  146. 146
    Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Does anyone realise what that means? It means that the destiny of the people of this country is to be displaced then replaced by those who are not of this country. That is a catastrophy and to wish to avert that is not ‘racist': it’s a basic wish to continue our existence.

  147. 147
    Cassandrina says:

    Well it appears ZanuLiebor supporters again got in first on your website – seems to have targetted you, so you must be setting them a problem.

    Loved Brown and Darling talking about costs on the back of an envelope.
    These are still better than theirs on the back of a fag packet in spite of them having the civil (dis)service to help them – remember the Olympics, and she still has a job. Only in Brown’s Broken Britain (BBB Unite(d) to the BBC)

  148. 148
    Snotsicle says:

    Mugs don’t have saucers.

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Woolas is a spineless useless twat (also my MP, I’ve met him a couple of times and I know his voting record).

    How did he ever become selected, let alone minister for anything? Has anyone EVER seen him answer ANYTHING adequately?

    Just another example of a useless government promoting an incompetent yes man for reasons that are beyond me (but most likely nepotism, I guess, because I can’t see any other reasons….

  150. 150
    Mr Dean says:

    Urban Hymns is an absolute classic album, and to come back with a banger like Forth after being away for 11 years, in my well educated opinion, makes him a worthy candidate…

    What has Michael Flatley done lately to maintain his Lord of the Dance status!

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