April 6th, 2010

Unite Union Funded LabourList Website Predicting Tory Victory

Charlie Whelan will be wanting his money back: the once McBride/Draper controlled website now under new management has gone way off message tonight.  Advised by Labour supporting YouGov pollster Peter Kellner, the website is using various statistical methods to forecast the May 6 result. Using polynomial trending (no, Guido doesn’t understand it either) they are forecasting a 9% lead for the Tories on polling day. In other words, a comfortable Tory majority…


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    Peter Grimes says:




    • 6

      We’re all predicting Tory victory together.


      • 37
        Labour Shit Shower says:

        Conservative victory with 30 seat majority!


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          Can't remember my moniker says:

          It will be much, much bigger. I will remind you on May 7th of this.


          • Anonymous says:

            yep I’m with matthew paris on this ,Labour wipeout , Torylandslide !


          • A hung parliament will be healthy for democracy because we are not electing a government now – Just choosing second rate managers for our government in Brussels:


          • Axe The Telly Tax says:


            My prediction is:

            Con 43
            Lab 28
            Lib 18

            A Tory landslide of 1983 proportions.


          • Lord Wayne of Trombone says:

            i was out canvassing last night
            did not look like a landslide to me.


          • Peter Grimes says:

            Ukipwebmaster Enjoy your election because with votes for 16 year olds and PR coming up it will be the last time you will have any impact.


        • 50
          Poll Dancers says:

          Swing required to get a Conservative majority of 1 = 6.9%
          Only time the UK has seen a swing anything like that big = 1997
          Think it’s going to be a landslide like that 97 now do we ?
          Dream on.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            The fact is that everyone thinks we live in a bound universe. No one expects a record to be broken until it is. And then the same doubts begin again. The history of every subject known to mankind has been continually marked by records being broken. Look it up. Don’t be a flat earther!


          • Anonymous says:

            YES i DO ACTUALLY,


          • Poll Dancers says:

            Cameron had a 26 point Lead.
            That was your Landslide.
            He blew it.
            The only people certain to vote are the Parties grass roots.
            The unpoliticised public now thinks Politicians little better than thieves.
            There will be no landslide.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            No? Dream on.


          • Vote Dave for massive NWO eco taxes says:

            If Cameron gave the people a referendum on Europe he would have had his landslide and a real Conservative goverment, but seeing as he is a puppet of the NWO that was never going to happen, these leaders are seleted not elected and the NWO media make sure everyone else is overlooked or demonised, all the while they shut down our so called democracy.


          • Ampers says:

            Could this be a cunning ploy to ensure the Labour voters actually come out to vote fearing a Tory victory? And at the same time relax the Tory voters so they don’t bother?



          • Sir Everard Digby says:

            And what makes you think a unique situation may not occur? 1997 happened because Conservatives did not turn out to vote,due to a healthy level of disgust at the ‘sleaze’ in government. At least Labour have raised the bar in that respect.

            The last hung Parliament was in 1974 and before that 1929, so I suggest you may also be dreaming.


          • Make your Mind Up Guido FFS! says:

            We hate Labourlist
            We love Labourlist
            We don’t believe a word that is written on Labourlist
            We believe everything that is written on Labour list
            We hate Labourlist
            We love Labourlist
            We believe everything that is written on Labourlist
            We don’t believe etc etc etc


      • 39
        Guidos wonderful posters says:

        Need well over 10% for anything approaching a comfortable tory victory.
        But it’s the thought that counts.


        • 349
          Disaffected says:

          Has anyone here ever beleived the conniving polls compiled by Liebour sympathisers- BBC, You Gov and this one? No, I think the vote will be more like last years local and European elections that’s why McSlug has delayed the election for as long as possible- it’s not his fault, it’s the Americans, Darling wrecked the economy not him, he didn’t deregulate the banking system, he did not knight Sir Fred an anomulous committee did, he dd not want the backhander from Lord Paul- he just gave it to him, he is going to sack McBride for smearing, he didn’t want him to do it, he didn’t want to sell the gold he was advised, he provided enough money for two wars, the military chiefs are wrong (he never did apologise to them even with his most insincere expression of Proff Moody), He didn’t want to change the face of Britian through immigration, there was too much sun- Met Office fault, He does not have a second home he has four including the two grace in favour ones, in any case the tax payer is charged for all of them so it does not make any difference. You can trust Brown’s judgment , he won’t let you down. It is all the people around him who are to blame, he is only one of a team (of idiots).


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      revolting peasant says:

      Should we all start buying “Gordon is a Moron ” now and get it to No.1 in time for May 6???


    • 61

      Ha Ha, polynomial trending – wtf? What’s the theory behind that? Whatever goes down most come up? If its a third order polynomial then we might get stuck in a saddle point. Then we’re really fucked.


    • 124
      Clawhammer Cameron says:


      • 125
        jgm2 says:

        Quite right Nick. Give those Labour voters plenty of reason to defect to the B&P. Fucking Cameron and his clawhammer thugs. You give those committed lefties all the reason they need to stop voting Labour.

        I genuinely wish you the best of British in Barking – where I’m confident my fuckwitted younger brother with the Rhodesian Ridgeback (and his wife) will be voting for you and also in Stoke where Labour have committed electoral Hari Kari by parachuting in a child doomed from birth to be a homosexual jackass by being christened Tristram-fucking-Hunt.

        For me Nick- after 13 years of betrayal it’s all about revenge. As Churchill said “If Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons,”

        For ‘Hitler’ substitute ‘Brown’.

        The man is a fucking lunatic. An economic and social berserker. A reality denier. An utter fucking hatstand.


      • 140
        Vote Dave for massive NWO eco taxes says:

        Nick made her look like the bimbo NWO mouthpiece she is, Made Cameron look like the NWO phoney he is and the less said about Brown the better.


    • 138
      udderly 'orrible says:

      Good day to bury bad news!

      Scotchland before the beak over her cleaner:



    • 191
      Gook speaks gobbledy says:

      heres an example of polynomial trending

      int main(void)
      double x = 5.0;
      double y = gsl_sf_bessel_J0(x);
      printf(“J0(%g) = %.18e\n”, x, y);
      return 0;
      Anyone think Whelans crew understand it either


      • 215
        jgm2 says:

        Bessel functions!!!

        Fucking hell. That takes me back.


      • 248
        Charlie 'the coder' Whelan says:

        You don’t impress me with your schoolboy C.
        You’re just calling a function that someone else wrote. What’s clever about that?
        The most complex thing in your code is a print statement, FFS.
        Also – hardcoded parameters – tut, tut.


      • 250
        Anonymous says:

        All the numbers have just fallen off my screen ….


      • 253
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        All the numbers have just fallen off my screen …..


      • 294
        Polly No Miles says:

        Go to EXCEL spreadsheet

        insert some grid-like data

        choose – graphic display

        options include polywhatsit

        compare effect on data

        RESULT = Tory clear win with 32 seat majority !!!


        • 300
          Call Me Dave I am a Housing Benefit Cheat and a Millioniare - Beat that Losers! says:

          Take some acid

          stick head up arse

          compare effect on data

          RESULT = Tory Landslide Victory!


      • 335
        I'll have some of that says:

        Hey Presto! Global Warming!


    • 333
      Mrs B says:

      Nokias will be flying!


  2. 2
    Bully Boy Balls says:

    Nine percent ?!

    Will I lose my deposit ?


  3. 3
    Down with Brown! says:

    Watch the forecast change in Labour’s favour though in the days ahead.


  4. 4

    I dont give a fuck who wins only who loses !


    • 195
      Govern Yourself says:

      The loser ,as ever will be the general population. The clue is in history.


    • 228
      English Liberation Front says:

      Bang on the money! This is the election Labour must lose – not just lose, Labour must be wiped out, so they never get the chance to wreck England again!


  5. 5
    nell says:

    It isn’t going to be comfortable! It’s going to be landslide!!

    Why would anybody vote for bullybrown??!!


  6. 7
    Jac says:

    I could not believe Whelan was interviewed on Five Live today. Shameful, horrible man. Hope he’s really cheesed off with this poll!


  7. 8
    Down with Brown! says:

    Big news tonight. The 10% rise in cider duty will both effectively fall by the wayside. Great news for cider drinkers.


    • 91
      Jack straw says:

      OOH ARRR
      But liebore be saying that they wil interduce it if elected


      • 123

        Unlike the much trupeted libel reforms, which appear to have been consigned to the dustbin along with principle and honour – but I notice that the illiberal Digital Consumerfucking Act is still bought and paid for…


  8. 9
    Clive says:

    Oh Dear,

    If it is as little as that I will be shocked


  9. 10
    Down with Brown! says:

    Big news tonight. The 10% rise in cider duty will both effectively fall by the wayside. Great news for cider lovers.


    • 18

      Not so much good news for the old Wurzels
      Come back tour cancelled untill further notice !


    • 22
      Tractor driver says:

      Yes but Wee Dougie on Newsnight in dicated that it was only a delay until June. Now cynical me picked up that this was only for the election, ie just a total screwup at the budget.

      Best you cider lovers get pissed while you can.



    • 34
      Steve Expat says:

      Big up for the Cider – and let’s hope that Mandy’s Digital Economy Bill can go the same way…


      • 65
        BANKRUPT BRITAIN says:

        if we have to endure another 5 years of Brown i think i will end up drinking cider !
        in a shop door way sat in a pool of my own piss


  10. 11

    the lib dumbs and the unmentionables will spoil the party by splitting the vote


    • 16
      Chris Hoon says:


      • 182
        Proud Englishman says:

        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown
        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown
        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown
        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown
        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown
        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown
        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown
        Vote Lib Dem – Get Brown


        • 270
          You May Be Proud But Your are also Incredibly Dim says:

          But Nick Clegg has already said Brown will have to resign if the Lib Dems are going to enter into any coalition with Labour.
          So that means your post is complete garbage.
          Do try to keep up.


  11. 14
    QWERTY says:

    The media is boring me to fuck already. Why do they wheel out fucking mongs like Prescott and Lord fucking shitstabber (Charlie Falkoner) who just spout shit like “Gordon had a great day”

    1. like we give a fuck

    2. No he didn’t

    3. They would say that wouldn’t they?

    I see no one asked Prescott if he was still shagging cheap slag on the side.


    • 24
      Down with Brown! says:

      Ben Brogan damns McDoom’s first day with very faint praise:

      “Gordon Brown had by his terms a good day. There was no obvious clanger, if you ignore the by now standard technical snag (for teleprompter screens, read sound glitch) and his mis-spoken words about ‘the contract between the people and those they are sworn to serve’. That and the Stockholm syndrome Cabinet. Labour put on a professional show, complete with groupies apparently passing themselves as passengers at St Pancras.”


    • 25
      J.Presclott ( five bellies, two Jags & two inches ) says:

      I will soon be Lord J. Prescott of Piesville and ShaggingSecretary.


      • 45
        Peter Grimes says:

        All under two inches!!


        • 99
          jgm2 says:

          Let us be fair to John. Compared to a normal man an average dick would look about 2″ long with the back-drop of his vast porcine gut. In the same way that Woody Allen has managed to get a reputation as being a tripod.

          Same dick. Different setting.

          For the same reason that fat girls hang out with fatter girls.


      • 48
        QWERTY says:

        I thought he was going to be Lord Fat bastard of the big bellies?


        • 70
          Peter Grimes says:

          I thought that Jacqui’s old man, DickiTinme had claimed that title for himself, or at least he had it until his porn claim!


    • 59
      Bri says:

      Didn’t Gordon when giving out the news of the election say something along the lines……I’ll be honest with the voters!!

      This from a compulsive liar who has been reprimanded by various civil servants/Think tanks in the last few weeks about amongst other things lying to the Chilcot Inquiry 2 or 3 times.


      • 133
        Doctor Mick says:

        A compulsive liar by defintion will never admit he is a liar.


        • 199
          Proud Englishman says:

          I know it has been said a thousand times but Brown is an utterly deluded freak

          When he is finally gone we need a serious enquiry as to how one so obviously mentally incompetent and unstable has control of the nuclear button as well as the cheque book.

          I give you the gold sale as irrefutable proof of his mental instability.

          Surely the system should ensure that the PM is at least relatively sane.


          • Allan@Aberdeen says:

            And Blair laughs at seeing Brown receive the vitriol that Blair avoided, and the taxes avoided too.


  12. 17
    ST says:


    Firstly that looks like a pretty weak trend. Secondly when will sociologist, pollsters, economists realise you cannot trend for human action and motivation especially in light of modern psycology and behavorial economics.

    As a scientist I spend most of my time failing to model polymer systems which are a damn sight easier to fathom than the British public.

    Besides Hayek lesson 101 explains why this is a load of tosh. There are far too many unknowns to successfully model.

    Nevermind LabourList you can always try a differenct Excel function.


    • 67
      jgm2 says:

      Aye. As a proper scientist (Rutherford) once said of social ‘science’ and I’d say trying to extrapolate voting preference would be one of ‘em is ‘some do:some don’t’.

      That’s about the strength of it.

      Science has no part in extrapolating voting from here. There are waaaaay too many variables. 60 million of the fuckers.


      • 78
        Anonymous says:

        There are only two types of science, “Physics and stamp collectng”


        • 89
          jgm2 says:

          My ‘A’ level physics teacher brilliantly dismissed mathematics as ‘just a tool of physics’.

          Fucking brilliant teacher too.


          • Doctor Mick says:

            My maths teacher once said that maths is the real world and reality is just an approximation to it.


          • And don’t forget those ‘awkward’ moments in A-level Physics when they got rid of the higher-order terms so that the equations were solvable – bloody pragmatists!

            If Maths is a tool, Physicists are like apprentice blacksmiths.


          • Gordon Brown says:

            I hated sums at school.


          • Sums says:

            Yeah. Well we all hated you too Gordon. Prudence and Economics too. They hate you for the way you abused them as well. And Honesty. And Integrity.

            All of us. We fucking well hate you.


          • The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

            My Maths master brilliantly dismissed me as a lazy lttle prick who was a waste of school fees just before slapping for having thrown a penccil that stuck in a friends scalp whilst he was waffling on about calculus or some other crap
            Andrew Dugdale, please forgive if you are reading this, a pencil in the head isnt a gift that keeps giving


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Statements that can be deduced by logical deduction are tautological as well as being analytic truths. – Ludwig Witgenstein

            Everything that is a proposition of logic has got to be in some sense or the other like a tautology. It has got to be something that has some peculiar quality, which I do not know how to define, that belongs to logical propositions but not to others. – Bertrand Russell


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Sorry Wittgenstein


          • D Pinsent says:

            Two t’s Mr Wittgenstein, any sugar?

            LW “It all depends upon what you mean by ‘any’.”


          • jgm2 says:

            Andrew Dugdale?

            I think he taught us first year maths at university. When I say ‘taught’ – he chalked up reams of equations on an OHP to a class of about 200 and would then skip to the solution with a ‘trivially, by inspection, we can see….’


            I can’t see it. That’s not fucking trivial at all. WTF have you done there?


          • D Pinsent – just goes to show what a relativist he was, don’t it?


          • Can't remember my moniker says:



      • 87
        A real ecologist says:

        Like way too many variables for any reliable models of global warming…


    • 151
      JABITheW says:

      FOr non mathmos:

      A polynomial expression is just any mathematical function of the form


      so like x^2+2x+1 (second order), or x+4(first order), or x^3+x(third order).

      Essentially, if you have a reason for suspecting the underlying mechanism follows a polynomial function in reality (e.g. a second-order chemical reaction) then a polynomial trend makes sense.

      Here it looks as though they’ve just used a second order polynomial to fit voting trends, which is the kind of retarded thing people who don’t understand what they’re doing do to look clever. For this kind of data, a moving average would give you a better trendline.


    • 345
      Tonto says:

      you know ST I too have struggled with the same problems…galling reall


  13. 19
    W.W. says:

    Good, only four long weeks for something I have waited 13 years for, the final destruction of New Labour, then the inevitible civil war in the Labour party.
    The icing on the cake will be watching Jonah self implode, because I can’t believe he can survive the next four weeks of intense scrutiny with out showing what an utter fruitcake he really is.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not overly enamoured by Cameron and his gang, but given the choice I would rather vote for a troop of monkeys than Jonah and his gang of fuckwitts.

    The end is nigh, thank fuck.



    • 26
      Down with Brown! says:

      Thirty days to go to the Day of Reckoning. FIRE UP THE QUATRO!


    • 29
      Steve Expat says:

      Will he have to be dragged out of number 10 in a straightjacket on May 7th, that is the question??

      Brown is so convinced that he (and only he) can do “The Right Thing” that he could possibly lose it completely when the people have their say on him and his record over the past 13 years…


    • 308
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Broadly agree with your sentiment. This is more a question of NuLabour losing rather than the Tories winning. However, its situations such as the one we are that make the man or produce good leaders, so this may prove to be the case here. Let us hope so.


  14. 20
    Nick says:

    Polynomial trend just means drawing a best fit line through all the points and allowing it to widdle (curve) rather than be a straight line. The fit won’t be very good though, looking at this, which suggests that the confidence in the precise prediction for May 6th is actually very low. You’re better off just eyeballing it.


    • 216
      Unsworth says:

      You sure it’s nothing to do with that Toynbee bint? All sounds a bit Guardian to me.


      • 255
        TH Robin Cock says:

        Polly wally was on the telly last night too. I can’t stand a month of her smug mug.


  15. 23
    Steve Expat says:

    Good to see the Labour “Community” are all “On Message” for day 1 of the campaign!!

    At least they are being honest, as opposed to lying, spinning and smearing like usual…


  16. 27
    NICK CLEGG-over says:

    at last the 2010 election is upon us
    and i say to all Liberals !
    Go back to your constituencies and prepare
    for the 2014 election !


  17. 28
    Postal Vote says:

    Don’t read too much into this polynomial trending, certainly not because it fails to correct of parallel voter shifts as wel as for Brown’s core vote buying through expanding the public sector to 6 million and the millions on means-tested benefits and mutiply those by 2 because they have families and then compare that to the 9.5 million votes labour got in 2005 and then do your polynomial maths again and then get scared.

    PS polynomial trending can be plagiarised in excel with line fitting in graphs or data anaylsis (be sure to insert the analysis toolpack). And go for the other option than fitting a straight line.


    • 56
      jgm2 says:

      Polynomial trending has no relevance to this situation. The election process from here in is entirely random. Cameron could make an absolute pratfall in the ‘leader’s debates’. The Maximum Imbecile could play a blinder or, more likely, be exposed for the misanthropic, mendacious, disingenuous, lying, economy wrecking, war-mongering bastard that he is.

      The newspapers could report on some hitherto ‘saved up’ idiocy by Cameron/Brown or Darling/Osborne.

      It is utterly chaotic. A 10% lead could evaporate overnight or turn into a 20% lead depending on how things play out.

      The only thing in the UK’s favour is that Labour voters remain at ‘core’ (non-thinking- Labour-voting) levels. But four more weeks of ‘10% isn’t enough – a hung parliament is on the cards’ from the impartial BBC PLUS events (idiocy/Cameron getting run over by a lorry/appearing dr*nk on TV) could still turn things.

      I personally hope not but the very existence of the Gruainiad and the ra-ra Labour jackasses evident there is always cause for concern. How, you have to ask yourself, could such self-evidently fucking stupid people still remember to breath let alone remember to vote.

      And yet they do.


  18. 32
    dont be too sure says:

    interestingly unite has been recruiting IT workers on the promise that they will fight the floods of Indian nationals in the country working for outsourcers and subcontracted into our large companies for very low pay, they are telling these potential recruits how much they are against intra company transfer visas and the labour open doors policies

    rather two faced considering how “in bed” with labour they are


  19. 33
    QWERTY says:

    Fat dyke poly Toynbee just slagged Cameron off for not being ‘green’ by flying back from Leeds. This would be the big fat dyke who thinks having to spend £60 to fill up your fuel tank is fine and flies ot her posh house in Tuscany.

    Can’t beat a good Socialist can you?


    • 49
      Peter Grimes says:

      Only with a sjambok!


    • 58
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Yes you can. You can beat them to pulp!

      Brown 3m and rising like a tramp’s piss stream.



      • 69
        Steve Expat says:

        How meditative…

        Slap the fucker until he’s carried out of number ten in 30 days’ time…


    • 83
      MI5 says:

      The trouble with Polly T is that she is just a very cheap woman

      Her constant U turns on everything resembling policy and Brown just show that she is very stupid as well

      Should be periodically slapped and then ignored…!!


    • 85
      A Gurkha says:

      She needs my kukri you know where…

      Miss Toybee has no class unlike our hero Joanna…


    • 100
      emma Thompson pp Laurie david says:

      This green things means that ordinary nobodies should not be allowed to fly


      • 225
        Elitist Greenie says:

        Quite right too, those ghastly plebs are using cheap air fares to infest previously out of bounds resorts, with their horrid offspring and vulgar, unsophisticated behaviour. Force them back to Blackpool and Margate where they belong I say, better still, price them out of their cars and into staycations.


    • 188
      Vimeiro says:

      Well he head to book a flight ‘cos the trains were supposed to be on strike today.


    • 217
      Proud Englishman says:

      On the BBC no doubt?


    • 324
      Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

      Yes but you forget that flying and driving are only for special people like Poly and her ilk who think they have the right to govern at all times. Just like the good old USSR.


  20. 35
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    o/t but I’m confused by this Baroness Scotland thing… did she see the cleaner’s (out of date) passport or not? The Beeb report is, unsurprisingly, hopeless and rambles off into “tear to a glass eye” sorrow mode for the Baroness.


    • 52
      QWERTY says:

      The BBC have simply tried to bury the story, Scotland even used her real name to try to hide the case. Could you imagine the BBC ignoring this story if it were a Tory peer?


      • 175

        Exactly the same is being done with the former very alcohol & drug dependent leader of Glasgow council – step forward one Stephen Purcell.
        Now believed to be practicing his didjeridu skills in the Australian Outback instead of in a supporting column under the M8.


    • 62
      Steve Expat says:

      The story is now being spun as the poor unfortunate woman decieved by her employee – but Scotland was the person who brought in this legislation, stating quite clearly that the responsibility rests with the employer to check that the documentation is all in order…

      Yet another lying Labour cnut

      29 days…


    • 64
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      She said she saw it but admits she did not photocopy it as the law requires. Sorry, but she had had a bereavement some time in the last three months. Ever so sorry, can’t apologise enough, all the usual shit that, if the shoe were on the other foot, she would say it would not cut any mustard. Interesting mixture of metaphors….

      In short, don’t do as I do, do as I bloody well say!

      Well she can spend the rest of her life spreading mustard all over her feet, providing she pays for it with her own money, because in office she will not be again.


      • 113
        Caught out says:

        Hold on she said she had a death in the family 3 months previous !!!!!!

        1. Whos was it that died?

        2. How close were you ?

        3. How come it still influenced your mental faculties 3 months later?

        and the clinker

        4. Did you tell your employess that your decision making was affected during this time ! ?


    • 109
      A Pensioner says:

      The simple fact is she didn’t copy the doco.
      If her defence is “I was deceived” then in addition to breaking the law she is stupid.
      Anything else is irrelevant.
      Fit for office she certainly is not.


    • 147
      Bovine porkies says:

      You cannot photocopy a fart. Let’s have a reality check: she never asked for the documents and never saw anything either. This is fiction.


    • 152
      Scottish defence says:

      To be fair the office photocopier was broken after one of Gordon’s daily tantrums.


  21. 36
    jgm2 says:


    The problem with these cu*nts is that they haven’t a clue what a mortgage rate is. Or inflation.

    How is any one of those Labour jackasses going to get their liberal arts fuckwitted heads around a ‘polynomial’?


  22. 38
    Maximus M. Bacillus says:

    One can draw any number of wiggly lines through those dots, but the ones LL draw are consistent with McBottle having bottled an advantageous election opportunity again during Ashcroft week, which was predicted the w/e before by Guido with the report of droids from Brown’s Biggest Cheerleaders being put on election alert. FWIW my eyeball has liebore on 31%, tories on 43% for 6 May.


    • 60
      jgm2 says:

      Quite so. If that were a data-set supplied to the global-warmists we would – depending on their requirement for future funding – be looking at either a Labour majority of 600 or a conservative majority of 600.


      • 66
        Steve Expat says:

        PMSL – that would be reported by the BBC as showing a Hung Parliament with Broon still as PM.

        Let’s settle for a Conservative majority of 50ish though, more than enough!


  23. 40
    jgm2 says:

    Oh. Guido. I’m surprised – but if you really don’t get it a polynomial is simply a line (curve) fitted by an equation that is a bit more complex than y=mx+c. Ie it’s got a few ax2 or bx3 etc tossed in.


    • 63
      Shardenne Froider says:

      Obviously. Goes without saying. So who’s going to win then?


      • 76
        jgm2 says:

        It’s all down to ‘events’. Does anybody have any 24 carat dirt on Brown/Cameron that can be released. Can the BBC continue to have an institutional memory-failure over the monstrous economic fuck-up bequeathed by the Maximum Imbecile and his jackass government. Will Cameron fuck up in the ‘leadership debates’? Will Clegg ever figure out that his natural ‘pool’ of voters are middle-class bedwetting Labour voters and go after them and settle for second this time around? Will Brown have a spectacular meltdown on live TV?

        I think the one thing we can all agree on is that nobody’s future (apart from a few hundred Labour MPs) is best served by the Maximum Imbecile continuing to carry on as if he has the first clue what the fuck he is doing. Can you (seriously) imagine the damage that another five years of that jackass (and 100 additional UNITE jackasses parachuted in) could do? All trying to pretend that the massive deficits. The massive national debt, the massive ‘economically inactive’ figures, the mass theft of pensions, savings and massive inflation had nothing to do with them. Fuck no. It was the yanks. And the banks.

        And yet. Now that you mention it. Imagining how fucking awful it would be doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. 30% of people are still so utterly fucking misanthropic or plain stupid that they still cannot see it.


  24. 41
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    O/T And a bit trivial, but on News night, because of the overhead lighting, wee Doggie Alexandra looks like he has a Adolf Hitler moustache.

    Something else occurred to me it may be a bit too far-fetched but, I’m thinking that even some of the Pravda lot have finally seen the light and might just be thinking that they and the country cannot take any more of this woeful malicious labour party, and we might detect, whether for selfish reasons or whatever, some slightly less pro brown stuff in the weeks to come.


    • 54
      QWERTY says:

      No, Pravda gay boys will still back McQueer and his mad gang of mong losers.


    • 75
      Willie says:

      Maybe the Beeboids are trying to cover themeselves before the P45s arrive as the stables are cleansed post election!


    • 81
      Anonymous says:

      yep he looked like he was the Count on Sesame Street.


    • 120
      B.Boyd says:

      Nope. It’s them or us.


    • 153
      Rotten Labour says:

      Sopel on the BBC with Ed Miliband and Boulton on Sky with Mandleson.The media worms have finally turned.Labour are going to be eaten alive by these worms over the next month.


    • 156
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      Posting this last night, has been troubling me, not least because yesterday morning I was ranting at how bias the BBC were in the run up to gorgon’s trip to the Queen!
      Of course the answer is it’s the very fact that the mad scotish c’ unt has finally called an end to his murderous reign of terror that has given me, for the first time in 13 years, some optimism!
      The dark cloud of depression that is/was New Leiboor is finally lifting from me, and the British Isles. It’s no wonder I could write such an optimistic post! No More Gorgon, no more labour.


  25. 46
    NICK CLEGG-over says:

    Go back to your constituencies and prepare

    to lose your deposits !


    • 53
      Mark Oaten says:

      I’m waiting for them as usual!


    • 234
      Sigmund Freud says:

      Vote Clegg get Brown


      • 283
        Oh God Not Another Tory Upper Class Dimwit Please says:

        Oh dear, I will have to explain to you again you retard: Clegg has already said that if the Labour party want to enter into a coalition with the Lib Dems then the price will be Gordon Brown’s head.
        If you can’t keep up with events then you will have to leave this place and return to Conservativefoam where the reader is as gullible and dimwitted as you.
        The readers of order order are more discerning and are certainly not buying your rubbish.
        Good day sir.


        • 299
          The big D says:

          What Clegg said is worth as much as any political manifesto.

          Remember the Labour manifesto was proved to be a list of aspirations; not worth the paper it was written on or the electrons to display it.


          • How Dim are Tory Trolls? VERY says:

            Then you are also saying that what Cameron says is also worth as much as any political manifesto.
            So you are saying David Cameron is a liar who is full of shit.
            Fair enough.


  26. 51
    Dack Blog says:

    Aren’t they just being honest as a sneaky ploy to rally the party faithful?


  27. 55
    Anonymous says:

    watch this = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt0-Iqq1ZQo Labour Peer supports Tory economic policy.


    • 239
      Et tu Brute says:

      Truth, common sense and honesty from a labour supporter.

      The night of the long knives hath begun!


  28. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Missing the point of the market chums.

    The real market is in the marginals and they’re not releasing marjet sensitive information on thosem ohh no.

    My position is tha in the 250 geunine siwthces the Tory vote is fluid on ABL and the Labour vote is either a non show or split.

    Labour <175 and a comfy Tory majotiy, lib dems and nats up a lot maybe the odd nutter eg BNP / Green and Ind+3


    • 84
      jgm2 says:

      Labour<175. I'd love to believe it. But I think, after 13 years of pure incompetence, and I mean utter, utter, naive 6th form incompetence, never run fuck all, no clue what you're doing, evangelical, glassy-eyed, Toneee will save us, thiiiiings can only get betteeeer, kind of incompetence.

      Frankly, Labour<75 would be fair reward for such idiocy.

      How is it possible for folk like Clegg to so misjudge the mood? Labour are there for the taking. He has St Vince PLUS his party had fuck all to do with the Iraq war. All those Labour voters being fed a ‘hung parliament’ narrative 24/7 [subtext – it doesn’t matter if you abandon Labour to vote Liberal you’ll still get a say in ‘power’] and still the fucking jackass will be going after Cameron. Providing covering fire for the Maximum Imbecile while ignoring where all his likely defection voters are going to come from.

      Fucking hell. It’s almost worth joining the Liberal Party. They have such a teeny grasp of what it takes to win more votes without compromising your core beliefs it is surreal. Anybody with any IQ at all could make a comfortable living amongst such a shower of glazed-eyed muppets.


  29. 77

    the other parties better beware !
    the hmrc has been giving back millions in tax rebates even when you didn’t ask for it
    i bought a new van last year usually you get the cost back over four years but this year i got the whole lot back in a one off payment this meant that i paid virtually no tax then because self employed people pay tax in advance and in arrears
    i was told that i could reclaim a rebate of the tax i had already paid in advance the news papers said that the hmrc switch boards were jammed with tens of thousands of people trying to claim their tax back ,for some people it was over £50,000 i never got around to phoning them it just arrived in my bank account mine was only a few thousand quid but imagin how much of the tax take has been paid back and what state that will leave the countries finances in for the incoming government !


    • 86
      jgm2 says:

      Shock! Horror! Tory ‘double-dip’ recession.

      We told you.


      • 97
        Samee says:

        Perhaps not. Just think of all that cash being spent boosting the real economy, rather than being spent paying the salaries of non-jobs.


        • 115
          jgm2 says:

          Hmmmm. More likely being used to pay off loans or set aside in the bank to pay for next years business rates or whatever.

          Companies don’t (I think) tend to get a windfall cheque in the post and then immediately go and piss it away on the equivalent of an expensive foreign car/foreign plasma TV/foreign holiday.

          The companies still in business didn’t do it by pissing their money away.


          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            dead right , i was not efected by the downturn for the first year but still did not chance going on holiday and haven’t been since this year is bad very bad so i will be banking the money and not spending any because as yet i dont think we are anywhere near over this !


          • taxed to death says:

            companies like mind closed as we use to export goods for people
            but well i saw it coming five years ago as a country we dont make things any more.


          • Ged the peg says:

            So your not a trawler-man then?


    • 98
      Steve Expat says:

      Yet more evidence of the “Scorched Earth” policies of this discredited government….


      • 206
        M.T. Bucket says:

        Another time bomb which is slowly ticking away is the private pensions, surely future revenues will be greatly reduced as more Brown rubbished pensions come on stream. At the moment they are enjoying the best of both worlds, jam today margerine tomorrow.l


  30. 88
    Lord Cashcroft says:

    this is going to cost me a fortune with everything under 10,000 majority considered a marginal now…..


  31. 94
    jgm2 says:

    CCHQ – I give you this for free….

    Alongside the positive publicity of ‘Fire up the Quattro’ Dave I suggest you give it the negative ‘Fire up the quadrupling of national debt’ Brown.

    Too easy.

    They’re shit. And they know they are.
    They’re shit. And they know they are.

    repeat to fade.


  32. 95
    Sarah Munter Brown says:

    I DON’T believe it.
    ‘Cos it’s gonna be a Conservative Landslide, believe me.


  33. 96
    Charles Foster Kane says:


    while labour have raided everyones pensions and taxed us all to death these hoons will walk away with £millions!!!!!

    how can we stop them?

    they talk about fairness………so?

    what should be done with liars,cheats and thieves?


  34. 118
    NICK CLEGG-over says:

    Go back to your constituencies and prepare
    A nice cup of tea !


  35. 119
    jgm2 says:

    Hold on a fucking minute. Those ‘polynomial’ graphs – diverging as they do from today – are showing Tories 39%, Labour 30%.

    Yet right now – even YouGov (thanks for that great job for my missus Gordon) is showing 40% Tory, 32% Labour. A ‘tightening’ in Labour’s favour from yesterdays 41%:31%.

    This polynomial graph is bullshit. At a mathematical level – let alone the 60 million variables. It doesn’t even model the present (ie the facts) let alone the future. It’s from the Univeristy of East Anglia Climate Research Unit branch of modelling.


    • 121
      jgm2 says:

      Sorry, should have been clearer. Those graphs have stated (top right) projected 39% Tory, 30% Labour. But if you get out a piece of paper and trace the lines they’ve drawn back to the axis they show Labour at 28% on May 6th.

      And that’s before you consider that today they show the Tories at 37% when two of the last three polls have them at 40% or above.

      This polynomial is the ‘best-fit’ algorithm they could come up with to cheer themselves up that they’re not about to be totally arse-fucked by their legacy of 13 years of abject incompetence.


      • 209

        Best fits are great for hard and fast relationships, but for predicting future trends of complex, volitional decisions? Nah. Does a best fit help you win in Monte Carlo?

        Personally I think Cameron is going to win a thumping 100+ majority. I dont’ like that, I think it’s bad for the tories, but it’s what my urine tells me.


    • 127
      A Pensioner (PhD) says:

      First, we need to see the structure of the polynomial, and the confidence limits on the parameter estimates, and on the model fit itself.
      This looks like a mindless data mining exercise with no underlying theory as to the model structure.
      The data as plotted are granular – ie rounded to the nearest 1%.
      There are too few points (degrees of freedom for the cognoscenti) to assign any significance to the model fit and parameter estimates, given the data variability.
      The “best estimate” of a “curve” IMHO would be 2 parallel lines – a blue one at 40% and a red one at 30%. No temporal trend.

      Mr Kellner – where should I forward my invoice?


  36. 136
    Ade Niah says:

    Thankfully there’s no hockey stick curve in that there polynomial blue one.


  37. 142
    The Dirty Rat says:

    I am ever so excited about the pending Balls moment.


  38. 143
    Anonymous says:

    You won’t see any poly-wotsit graphs in the publications that (sadly) count, you’ll see footballers and tits.

    Provided Rupe and his pals are on message, it’s more than likely they who will deliver us from the awful one eyed twat and his cabal of thieves and communists.

    Subtle headlines like: ‘FUCK OFF GORDON’ would probably work. Just.


  39. 145
  40. 146
    Sick of UKRAP Trolls says:

    If they are admitting 9% for Tories, then they are probably at least 13-15% ahead. Tories in the 40’s and Labour in the 20’s on Election day = Big Majority for Cameron and plenty of tears and nashing of teeth at Broadcasting House.


    • 235
      Henry's Afterthought says:

      Does anyone know if the cases of champagne for Broadcasting House have been ordered yet?


      • 252
        Director of Hospitality at AlJaBeeba, the Brhoon Bullshit Corpse says:

        Of course!

        And the Celebratory Parties are all arranged, – as befits the grade of employee.

        Us high-up ones will get the full works.

        Because we’re worf it, and will have engineered the Victory.

        Now go away and don’t forget to pay your telly tax.


  41. 149
    r. Soles says:

    whoever promises to take potty toynbee out and publically piss no her gets my vote


  42. 150
    The Admiral says:

    O/T but nice. No, really.
    Cider tax will expire before the end of the session so is scrapped…


  43. 155
    The Bird_Man of Politics says:

    Is Gordon playing Chicken??

    Two of the pillars of the March Budget are already History

    He has backtracked on the BT Internet Tax
    He now he has been forced to ditch the Cyder Tax
    What next? Withdrawal of the 1P NI Surcharge?

    What was the point of the March Budget if the only thing Labour intended to do was to chicken out?
    Why not withdraw the whole budget?


  44. 159
    Minekiller says:

    Just switched on Sky to see a fire raging…thought with hope in my heart it was the House of Thieving Commons, but no – sadly a social housing block in Southampton. Sadly, two dead firefighters, instead of two hundred dead politicians. There is no justice in this world.


  45. 160
    Colonel Mad says:

    Blair off on a safari for a well-earned family holiday.I have activated my highly trained lions.



  46. 167
    Martin Day says:

    Once the sight of David Cameron’s face made me hoot with derision. Now it fills me with a creeping sense of fear.


  47. 169
    thick as thieves says:

    I’ve never voted Conservative before but….

    ….now I have Alzheimers, I’ve forgotten how badly they fucked up the country last time.


    • 172
      Windy Miller says:

      I am sorry to hear of your ailment, it explains a lot.

      I would ask other bloggers to be kinder to Thick as he is obviously in a world of his own.
      And we must give respect to him sharing this information with us.


      • 213

        That explains why he posts and then fills the page answering his own pos under various names !
        are you sure it is only Alzheimers ?


        • 224

          Oh and i forgot he becomes very abusive if people dont agree with him
          threatens to go to an imaginary web site he thinks he set up ha ha ha ha ha ha


    • 293
      Proud Englishman says:

      Bye bye Tat


      • 316
        Proud Englishman Got A Good Hiding and Is Going To Start Crying Boo Hoo says:

        You’re the guy who said vote Lib Dem get Brown.
        Come back when you know what you are talking about because you have made a complet arse of yourself today and it is not even lunchtime.
        Well done!


  48. 174
    Cassandrina says:

    According to Wikipedia –
    “Polynomial is an expression of finite length constructed from variables (also known as indeterminates) and constants, using only the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and non-negative, whole-number exponents.
    For example, x2 − 4x + 7 is a polynomial, but x2 − 4/x + 7×3/2 is not, because its second term involves division by the variable x and because its third term contains an exponent that is not a whole number”.
    It would be interesting to know what their constants are.
    Will they be fiddling the figures to try to bring out disenchanted Labor voters?


  49. 176
    Adios El Gordo says:

    PMQ’s today – perhaps Cameron can ask him some of the questions he has refused to answer lately as presumably it will be the last opportunity the public will have to hear the answers to the questions GB dones’t want to answer. If anyone could get to the bottom of:

    – Lying to Chilcott
    – Underfunding the troops
    – numerous u-turns
    – selling the gold
    – forces of hell and disgusting smear campaigns
    – relationship with unite
    – missing 50k slush fund
    – mp’s expenses fiasco
    – where GB second home is / why we are paying for it
    – labour mps in court
    – class warriors such as prescott and martin in lords
    – lies over wmd
    – nasty class attacks
    – nokia throwing / secretary shoving
    – worst sleaze g’ment
    – release of al-magrahi
    – roasted pig
    – eradicating boom and bust
    – taxing everyone who tries to do well
    – saving the world



    • 185
      Colonel Mad says:

      The question is the where-abouts of Brown’s first home.


    • 241
      joolz says:

      I think today at PMQs Cameron should just not ask any questions, and after he can say “Well whats the point Ive never had a single answer in the last xxx PMQs so whats the point.”


      • 274
        Adios El Gordo says:

        i think he should state how many times he has asked the question and when it remains unanswered sayu ‘h well – x amount of times you refused to answer that’.

        also, he should just name check the cabinet for us – the more we hear the less we like – also a big up to jackie smith, hazel blears etc as well as a goodbye to the labour mps leaving because of btown and lobbying.


    • 307
      Proud Englishman says:

      The question all fair minded people of all political persuasions should be asking Brown is “Why has the Boundary Commission which is funded bt the taxpayer via the Justice Ministry presided over a situation where the Conservatives require millions more votes than LieBour to win a majority.

      Naive perhaps but surely it is their duty to present the electorate with a fair playing field.


  50. 177
    Sir William Waad says:

    The curves shown on the graph are second-degree polynomials. It is almost vanishingly unlikely that such a crude curve-fitting technique would give a valid method of predicting voters’ behaviour. One would need to find a plausible mechanism for voters’ sentiments to be expressible in terms of y=ax2+bx+c as opposed to any of a dozen or more other possibilities.

    The most likely formula, I suggest, would be y1=y0+d, where y1 is the voting intention today, y0 is the voting intention yesterday and d is a small quantity, partly random and partly dependent on factors such as the latest news, the weather and whatever has caught the voters’ imagination today. Curve-fitting would be useless to predict such a variable.


  51. 184
    nearly says:

    You always get rid of them first…


  52. 187

    DROP THE CIDER TAX – all the fault of stoopid yoofs in metro pHoof land and the arty-farty oh-so-crarfty ‘elf freeks.

    But seriously folks, – leave us old ‘uns out in the real world alone. Scrumpy isn’t a problem. It’s the folk up thar in Lunnun as is.


  53. 190
    Taylor was here says:

    Headline in The Sun on the morning after the election

    ” It was the Polynominals wot won it ! “


  54. 193

    BBC pulling out al the stops. Every question framed in labour terms, every interview conducted from labour perspectives. Every definition bent (AV described as PR for fuck’s sake), every scrap of Labour triangulation reported uncritically and without comment. Oh, and total censorship of course. The BBC censors removed my comments on Shill Robinson’s blog yesterday – anyone read his madness? It was a hoot.

    he wrote:
    “This was, though, the only evidence of Gordon Brown’s “meetings with the people” being obviously rigged, although the workers the PM met in the canteen here were chosen in advance and the local Usdaw rep seemed confident that none were hostile”

    to which I responded:

    I’m sorry Nick – your last blog is already inexplicably closed, but the thundering nonsense of this paragraph just wouldn’t lie down and die. Can you explain what on earth you mean? Does it make *any* sense to anyone?

    You really are going to have to up your game. If you think the people of this country are going to tolerate a BBC that willfully conceals faked “meetings” with “ordinary people” that are in fact stage managed meet and greets of the Party faithfull, then you have another think coming. Oh, and you might censor comments here, but the BBC is just one platform, remember that. You can’t gag us all any more.

    We will bury you….

    And they removed it – and yet, here it is again. Will the BBC get it? Will they grasp the lesson?

    We will bury you, BBC.


    • 208
      MI5 says:

      MPs Public Accounts Committee violently attacks the BBC for not opening up their accounts to the Auditor General….

      (Daily Mail today)

      The forces of hell will be unleashed on the arrogant BBC after the Election…

      And we will find out how much these shills are individually ripping us off for…

      And then remredial action will be necessary…

      Break the Mammoth up…into little parts and sell it off in pieces…


      • 244
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        I was in the car listening to 5 Live. Some dickhead named Paul going on and on about the Tories shadow cabinet having 3/4 from Eton. It is no wonder Labour have 30% support if they are all as stupid as this guy he cannot even get the easiest of facts straight. Someone on the telly recently said there were some labour supporters who would vote labour even if they had killed their first born. He was absolutely right and how very sad is that.


    • 269
      Anonymous says:

      I think it may have been the “we will bury you” bit at the end that got you modded . Just a suggestion.


    • 277
      Lady Completely Gaga says:

      Like any other sane, concerned and reasonable member of the public, I’d love the opportunity to go down and heckle one of these unspeakable bastards on their frequent visits to my home city, yet I only ever find out they’ve been here after the event, on the news in the evening, usually surrounded by gits holding enormous placards which block out the odd bemused bystander and all local landmarks. Yesterday, Radio 5 were reporting Gobbo’s perambulations from ‘somewhere in Kent’ as if it were some kind of military fucking secret from Operation Overlord. Any idea where you can get hold of this sort of info in advance, or are robust street encounters with actual members of the electorate strictly beyond the pale?


  55. 194

    i would like to see people like griffin win a couple of seats just so we can see what they are about !
    at the moment all we have is the main parties telling us these people are racist thugs but we dont know that to me this is just the mainstream troughers trying to protect what they have enjoyed amongst themselves for years if he wins a couple of seats at least we will get to see what their policies are


  56. 201
    Sarah Tweet says:

    http://twitpic.com/1doqvj – only quiet moment of the day as Gordon gathers his thoughts before addressing No10 staff


    • 203
      Sarah Tweet says:

      http://twitpic.com/1dopv4 – My view from Downing Street this morning when Gordon first announced the General Election #GE10


      • 211
        up the chutney says:

        fancy having to look at Gordon’s bell end before breakfast

        would put you off your organic prunes


      • 238
        Unsworth says:

        Amazing really. Not many of these bastards, and yet they’ve managed to totally fuck up the entire country for thirteen years. How can that be? Surely we could just take them out with a platoon of reasonably well trained pensioners?


    • 210
      Lav Attendant says:

      Would that be before or after ‘his’ first shit of the day?

      Otherwise there’s a question mark hanging over the ‘s’ in “thoughts”


    • 218
      Where the sun don't shine. says:

      Why is there a light shining out of Sarah’s arse?


    • 233
      Unsworth says:

      Bechstein legs! Concert Grand, I think.


  57. 204
    Jack Shit says:

    FT.COM SPEECH PUBLISHED – TEXT ALTERED BY SPIN DOCTORS – Labour HQ published a heavily doctored version of Brown’s speech outside No10, deleting a third of his text and adding new sections:

    * Brown forgot to say the headline phrase “the future is ours to win”. His final lines were “It’s a future fair for all, now all of us let’s go to it” but these altered by Labour to “the future is ours to win, now let’s get to it”
    * Brown claimed he was from a “middle class” family, but this disappears from the official version
    * Brown referred to “our police, our schools and our hospitals” which Labour HQ altered to “your hospitals, your schools, your policing”
    * Brown said that that if they got “the big decisions right….jobs, prosperity and better standards of living will result” but according to Labour HQ he actually meant “prosperity, jobs and better schools and hospitals will result”.
    * “Small businesses are starting to grow, but a double dip recession would hit thousands of them” becomes “Businesses are growing in confidence again and the party who would pull the rug from under the recovery could tip us back into recession”;
    * “Politics has been scarred by recent events” becomes “Faith in our democracy has been rightly shaken by recent events”; a “still new century” becomes a “young century”.


    • 242
      Unsworth says:

      News ‘management’ at its finest. They’ve had years to refine it to a fine art. This is just a clumsy example.


    • 329
      DNTT says:

      Comrades! Please amend your copy of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia!

      Gozkomizdat is happy to report that Lavrentiy Beria has, under direction of the glorious leader, been renamed Vitus Bering!

      To keep your edition of the Encyclopedia up to date please remove the page showing Beria and insert the new page of Bering!


  58. 207
    Down Periscope says:

    Great debate on BBC 5 Live…………….NOT. Those fucking lefties making this a class war. The country is on the rocks and all they can talk about is shite.


    • 220
      Bob says:

      And dont’ forget that Mad Hattie Harman went to St Pauls School for Girls

      And Polly Toynbee to Badminton…

      Darling to Loretto

      Blair to Fettes


      All top class independent schools…

      Shuv their hypocricy up these Labour arses so hard they will not forget it……


      • 231
        judgementday. says:

        The politics of envy and class, what an interesting approach by those who have gained so much from it; the day of judgement for this government is now in sight.


      • 237
        Colonel Mad says:

        It is notable that the professional sexist and aristocrat Harman made her husband,Unite’s Jack Dromey,an honorary woman for the purposes of nepotism and enrichment.Emetic.


        • 259
          Brown's a Tosser says:

          This will backfire on Labour. The vast majority of people in this country will vote for someone they feel they can trust. We know having lived through it over the last 13 years that you just cannot trust Brown. OK Cameron may not be everything to everyone but you get the feeling he has a real conviction about what he is trying to do. We shall see but one thing is for sure is where he was educated is immaterial.


    • 264
      Groucho says:

      Its all they have left. When they wheel out the class war nonsense, you know they are really desperate.


  59. 214
    stark says:

    (no, Guido doesn’t understand it either)

    Presumably, a least squares fit to an n-th order ( and they should have stated what value of n ) polynomial. Wouldn’t give any credence to the extrapolation. ( Or any other extrapolation, come to that ).


  60. 219
    Virgin says:

    This web site is a complete joke. Its claimed to be the leading site for grassroots activists. Its nothing more than a heavily modded spin site. Alex Smith the editor is a tribal chump that hears no eveil and sees no evil other than Tories eat babies.

    Whats funny is the the awful articles and the lack of commentators, class 1 failure.


    • 254
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Well fuck off then. It’s your choice.


      • 266
        Adios El Gordo says:

        er, I don’t think he is talking about this website.


      • 296
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        He’s talking about Labourlist, where the responses can be counted on the fingers of one foot, many of them from a modest fellow called Ludwig Wittgenstein or somesuch. You don’t have to be smug to post there, but it helps.

        Anyone seen Dolly lately, by the way?


    • 313
      Longbow says:

      If I was you I would ask for a refund


  61. 226
    Adios El Gordo says:

    can someone also tell GB that he is not above the law and ought to wear his seatbelt in the back of the car.


  62. 227
    REEVO says:

    Their forecast may be the case however, I still see no sensible reason to turn out to give the same old same old a job in parliament.

    Tory & Lab (very alike) messages promise little in the way of change and certainly no meaningful change in the corruptive ways of Westminster.

    For those reasons alone I predict a low turnout despite the hyperbole.

    I think the don’t knows, indifferent and thoroughly disenchanted will send a powerful message to those that want an easy life in politics.


  63. 249
    The Sleeper says:

    Lord of Darkness’s press conference is nothing but an attack on the Tories.

    Nothing..absolutely nothing about Labour policies.

    Now..in my experience..when someone has nothing to say other than criticise their opposition…they have lost the argument completely.

    There can be no credibility to an argument which contains no valid or constructive points.


    • 260
      Stan Butler says:

      BBC failed to cut into Handlesmen’s rant to show the news conference on the poor firemens deaths in Southampton, unlike SKY. BBC preferring to show Labour propaganda instead. Shocking.


    • 306
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      He won’t see it that way. He’s so talented, clever and perceptive that given enough time us oiks will see the error of our ways and be converted.

      I have never spoken to anybody who thinks he’s anything than odious, duplicitous smug and slimy; real maitre’d material.

      I bet the electricity companies can tell when he’s on, as demand goes up as everyone nips out for a brew.


    • 323
      Soothsayer says:

      Because Liebour have no new policies. All they do is fake Treasury figures, fail to carry out a spending review.

      Instead, Liebour seeks to defer their unpopular election-losing intentions until we can do nothing: ID cards, mileage tax, cider tax, 25+% VAT (fully intended by Darling/Brown), death tax, means-tested pension, mandatory social care tax (with means-tested payout), council tax hikes, country-wide gerrymandering and investment only in heartlands, rail tax for all, telephone tax for all, increased MP numbers, reduced English representation, more Scotland/Wales support at cost to England taxpayers, NI support when votes need to be rigged, NHS and school/FE/HE cutbacks (already started at Universities and most hospitals), expansion of UNITE/Unison/transport union control, etc. You haven’t seen anything yet.

      Pretend it’s all about class. No it is not – it’s about British decency and the truth, something that Liebour has sadly abandoned to grasp power. The New Labour experiment is a shipwreck and many self-indulgent rats have already jumped. The unelected thugs still think the submarine is afloat. That’s the problem.

      We have a Labour spokeswoman openly stating that a period of recession has proved to be good for the UK economy. With thinking like that it’s hardly surprising that the country is in such a poor state. Failure is good. Heard it all now.


  64. 261
    Its the ratings stupid ! says:

    Remember this, the hung Parliament meme is a media driven construct designed to give far more importance to the forthcoming Leaders debates. It is hoped that the perception of a “close run thing” will give these debates more of an edge and crucially more of a say on who will govern the country.
    Its the ratings stupid!


  65. 273
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    Laura Kuennesberg talking about The Bottler bringing up NI increase again on News 24. Chancey, according to her, particularly in view of the backing the Tories have from big buisness. But, apparently, without the NI increase, that money will not back into the economy!

    Yep, really, spouting shit is what we do. The Brown Bullshit Corporation.


    • 301
      Groucho says:

      The problem is that the likes of Kuennesberg have never had a real job, in the real world. You know, the sort of job where you produce and try to sell goods or services in the free market. No taxpayer funded handouts or anything.

      She has no experence to dissect the shite that she is being fed by the NuLabour spin merchants, but of course even if she did this, she would still have to get the article past her editor at the Beeb.


    • 310
      jgm2 says:

      Brown cannot help himself. He’s had one put over on him good and proper with the NI cut and it’s eating him away. He just cannot take his beating and move on.

      It’s just like his brilliant plan to double tax on the poorest paid. He just cannot believe he’s wrong so he’ll come out with the most byzantine, convoluted excuse or ‘work-around’ he can conceive rather than just give it – ‘d’ya know what? On reflection that wouldn’t be such a good idea…’.

      He is just such a fuckwit.


  66. 279
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Now we have a guy on 5 Live saying he is against Cameron and spouted the word Hegemony which he probably did not understand the meaning of. When I went to school a long time ago this meant supremacy or domination well this fits Brown to a tee far more than Cameron. Where do these people come from Labour HQ they are so clearly a plant. You have to despair for the future of this country with a populus so utterly stupid and easily led.


    • 302
      Spot the pidgeon says:

      Quite. Look at all those Labour and Conservative supporters willing to re-elect the parties who have thieved so much taxpayers hard earned dosh from them.
      Look at Tony McNulty. Look at Alan Duncan. And look at yourselves.


  67. 281
    The Dirty Rat says:

    The Digital Economy Bill has now been rushed through the commons.

    It looks like Mandelson has delivered what he promised to David Geffen when he dined with him in Corfu last year. That’s another nice few quid in the bank for the corrupt sodomite.


  68. 292
    Let him who has never picked his nose flick the first bogie says:

    Get out of your pit and put a new post up you lazy twat


  69. 311
    nell says:

    Well I’m glad to hear that labour’s been forced to drop the proposed 10% plus inflation rise on cider and the 50p levy on landlines so that the older generation can pay for faster broadband for all those welfare classes who can’t pay for it themselves. Of course ‘when labour are re-elected they will, they say, be re-instating these taxes’ and others.

    gordon has made it quite clear that he intends to keep spend!spend!spend!

    Of course he has to get elected (for the first time) first.

    I much enjoyed his photocall yesterday morning with all his ‘loving colleagues’ who had been busy stabbing him in the back just days before. I thought it was a very Kremlinesque image. I hope they use it again!


  70. 317
    Middle Englander says:

    Never thought I would come to this site and get a maths lesson!


  71. 322
    Stan Butler says:

    I have just been undertaking a bit of research on where Labour MP’s went to school etc and came across this on Wikipedia. The curse of Jonah again?

    Kirkcaldy High School is a comprehensive state school in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.
    Kirkcaldy High school was admitted to the “Schools of Ambition” programme in 2007.[1]
    The school has been described thus “At one time it was a beacon of excellence among state schools, producing high-achieving academics, captains of industry and even a future prime minister. ” by The Times newspaper.[2] Now Kirkcaldy High School (KHS), Gordon Brown’s alma mater, has been branded one of Scotland’s worst schools, prompting education officials to draft in a troubleshooter in a bid to turn around its ailing fortunes.


  72. 332
    Bollocksmeistering again says:

    Yet another item to prove the saying concerning:

    “Lies, damn lies, and statistics”.

    It’s just like the GW scam statistics – a load of old tosh.

    “Now if only they had used a higher order polynomial, it would prove that GB was a reincarnated saint…”


  73. 353
    f'uckaduck says:

    terrible performance from brown again today…same crap trotted out …he can’t keep saying the same things day after day..or could he ?


  74. 355
    Jimmy says:

    So to sum up, a website funded by UNITE demonstrates its independence from the party machine whereas a website which boasts of its “independence” spews forth a constant diet of CCHQ propaganda.

    And your point would be?


    • 358
      Virgin says:

      You are a class 1 retard. Alex Smith spouts pro PLP shite all day long, tenuous crap and PLP spin. At least Guido has a go at everyone.

      You are just the kind of retard who should vote Labour on account of having your head so far up your own arse that nothing will matter to you anyway. FOAD.


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