April 6th, 2010

Twitter Blows Spin : Labour Fakes Up Gordon Support

The first Twitter based new media gaffe of the campaign is a revelation. PPCs and activists of all colours have been out in force today, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats invited them to speeches by their leaders and press released the whole thing as just that – speeches to the party faithful.

It was only Gordon that felt the need to attempt to create a “spontaneous” Potemkin Village of support. The news channels are reporting Gordon being “cheered off” by the public who were shouting “good luck Gordon” as he departed St. Pancras station. Funny then that there is a remarkable similarity between the crowd below and the one leafleting for Labour at tube stations earlier this morning. It seems no one has bothered to check that this “crowd” was in fact a group of Young Labour hacks and Labour Students.

In what will, Guido suspects, be a recurring theme this election, Twitter lets slip what really happened. Notice how the party activists, (including PPC Emily Benn, the President of the National Union of Students Wes Streeting, the chairman of Young Labour Sam Tarry and über-spinning totty Ellie Gellard) aren’t wearing their Labour T-shirts in order to appear like a random gathering of ordinary voters. As if genuine members of the public would cheer Gordon…


  1. 1
    Robert Mugabe says:

    Well done, Gordon. Keep following my example !!


    • 19
      CERTIFIED INDEPENDENT (try not to laugh) says:

      “PPCs and activists of all colours have been out in force today, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats invited them to speeches by their leaders and press released the whole thing as just that – speeches to the party faithful.”

      But you chose to only highlight Gordooms because…
      Cha-Ching! Money makes the world go round
      Thank you Mr Ashcroft

      You’re not even trying any more Tory Fawkes
      Enjoy being out in the cold after May 6 as CCHQ turn to stone


      • 29
        Thats News says:

        The name used by poster 18 is half right. Only he knows which half…


        • 36
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          He won’t get paid after May 6th though, Thats News!


          • Twats News says:

            not by CCHQ Fawkes won’t. lol
            and since Guido has ‘Certified Independent’ prominantly on his website your comment goes for him too

            “glug glug, vroom vroom, smashy smashy – in the city no more cashy”
            always funny


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            I’ll bet that Guido is doing better than you, Twats News. (Strange how you can recognise these Labour trolls from the way they speak. I.Q. almost into double figures.)


          • Twats News says:

            and it’s always amusing when fuckwits like you turn up

            Labour trolls don’t call Gordon Gordoom nor would they say he’s one of the most useless cun’ts ever to hold the position as PM but don’t let your tiny pea-brain get in the way of the oh so predictable squealing of ‘Labour Troll’ anytime somebody says something that isn’t kowtowing the Conservative Party line like you brainless poodles do

            now fuck off and grow a spine little minions


          • No more war! says:


          • NO MORE WAR! says:


          • Lord Wayne of Trombone says:

            the activists behind a salmon were a bunch of 100 year old scotch fish wives

            very funny
            what a wanknut


          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            Dave fires up the Quattro and CCHQ


          • Dave Fires up the Chauffeur! says:


          • Bumbling Brown booed says:


          • Vote Dave for a EUSSR communit police state says:


          • And 36 is also 19. He is he snot a number!


          • Vote Dave for NWO eco taxes says:


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            @ Twats News

            Listen shit-for-brains. I don’t give a monkey’s chuff whether you are Charlie Whelan or a spotty schoolboy with Marxist ideals. You are wrong about your numbers just as much as McBroon was about his when he was Chancellor. None of you retards appear to have any skills in that department and the whole country knows it.

            And you’re wrong about me too. In the last election, I did not vote for the Conservatives, nor the LibDems, certainly not your scumbag lot. Nor BNP, nor UKIP.

            But I did vote … without spoiling my paper. And my candidate was elected by an overwhelming majority.

            So just go figure before opening your foul, pussy, purulent mouth again and emitting another Augean quantity of horse shit that, in typical NewLab manner, some other poor sod has to clean after you.


        • 66
          A tenner says:

          25% of the middles eachway bookmaker


          • Herman says:

            Rap attack


          • Disaffected says:

            Twats News (AKA McBride/Whelan) in rather poor form today. If he wants Liebour spin, you are on the wrong site me old son. Look at the BBC website for Liebour B..Sh.. Brown is a liar that cannot be trusted about any statistic- taxing pensions, selling gold, immigration, economy being bankrupt because he deregulated banks, not providing enough money to fight two wars (one illegal at the behest of Tony’s pension fund), claiming second home expenses when he does not have a second home and the little matter that back-handers by Lord Paul when he was not elected into the position of PM when he saved the world. other than that he is a pillar of society who wants a fair future for all- well, a bit more for him than the rest of the proletariat really. I suggest you crawl back under the stone from whence you came with your other smear campaigners.


          • Disembrained says:

            What does “certified independent” mean ? Doh!
            I suggest you fuck off to Conservativehome.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Disembrained still does not get it does he? His binary approach only allows for two parties so, if you are not of his Marxist rabble, then you must be a Tory….

            He sounds far too set in his ways to re-educate, even with the use of electrodes. Whatever the outcome, he has nothing to offer this country, but he will not get the chance anyway! His lot are toast.


        • 79
          Twats News says:

          How’s the view from inside Guido’s arsehole poodle?
          Maybe you can steal a spine and brain of your own of while you’re up there


          • Proud Englishman says:

            Off you go into history. Bye bye.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Bed time now. Don’t let your dad see you’ve been using his computer or you will be for it!


          • Fat Bloke on Tour says:

            I can — Terry Fuckwit

            Any chance of adding to the informed debate on here?

            Underneath all that libertarian bluster C-men might be a Tory “Useful Idiot” sponsored by second hand Lord Cashcroft dollars but at least he is doing his bit for “Care in the Community” / Windae-Lickers branch of the Young Tories.

            Everybody singing happy songs about Scratchy and Sniffy, booing and hissing on cue to anyone putting forward thoughts on a progressive future and generally keeping out the road of the general public.

            Consequently shape up or ship out!


          • concrete pump says:

            ‘Consequently shape up or ship out!’

            Off you fuck then.


          • Fucking ART


          • See, if only you had used the right grammatical structure for your post, poster 79. Because it didn’t say what you thought it said.


      • 35
        Leather Apron says:

        He chose to highlight the Labour ones because they were pretending to be spontaniously gathering members of the public, while the Con and Lib gatherings were obviously members of the party faithful and nobody pretended otherwise. You fucking twat, do keep up.


        • 223
          Mr Ned says:

          Correct, and these fuckers have spending the afternoon posting on blogs all afternoon pretending that they are ordinary members of the public who just happened to be there and the public were excited to see Gordon and give them their best wishes for the campaign.

          IT WAS ALL FAKE!

          There is NO WAY that they will let genuine and unvetted members of the public within 100 yards of Gordon Brown. After all we ARE still (allegedly) facing a serious terrorist threat in this country…

          There is NO WAY the security services will allow unvetted people anywhere near the mental one this side of him losing the election, and yet they keep pretending and the BBC keep letting them get away with it!


          • Leather Gimp says:

            > The news channels are reporting Gordon being “cheered off” by the public

            > because they were pretending

            WHO was pretending?

            source or you’re full of shit chum

            The news channels are reporting Cameron being fucked up the arse by a badger

            See how easy it is to talk complete bollocks without bothering to source any of it ?


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Oh dear! They have just back got in from pretending to be “the adoring public” ….

            Well go on punk. Let’s see where your arrogance gets you, shall we? On May 7th you, your party and your whole world will be history. It will take you months, if not years, to adjust.

            Can you afford the fare to North Korea, or do you need a sub?


          • Mr Ned says:

            Yes leather gimp, every word you wrote was bollocks.

            This is blindingly obvious that labour members were brought in to PRETEND to be ordinary members of the public to cheer on the deluded mental one.

            You can even go to twitter and see the invitation to labour supporters to get down to Kings Cross. It was NOT ordinary members of the public, it was a FAKE.

            I have been on several sites this afternoon where several people posted IDENTICAL messages claiming to be ordinary members of the public who happened to be there to cheer on the PM and say how excited they were and how they wished Gordon and Sara well in the campaign.

            I wish I had cut and pasted from all these different blogs. But I never thought that anyone with a neuron firing would ever doubt that it was all utter bullshit.

            I guess I was wrong leather gimp. You have surprised me at how utterly fucking braindead some people can be, now fuck off to labourlost you retarded fuckwit!


          • Mr BrainDe-Ed says:

            blindingly obvious that labour members were brought in to PRETEND to be ordinary members of the public to cheer on the deluded mental one.

            as blindingly obvious that tory members were brought in to PRETEND to be ordinary members of the public to cheer on call me Dave in his speeches today
            Or did you manage see them all wearing official Conservative Party hats and T-shirts ?

            same shit different venue
            partisans are hilarious


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Another brain dead NewLab specimen who cannot speak the Queen’s English.


          • Phil the Greek and the House of Saxe-Coburg says:

            Would that be Greek or German shit for brains ? LOL!
            You do keep bumbling into these things like a twat.
            Must try harder little toryboy troll. You’re just embarrassing yourself.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            OK PtheG&HofSC!

            Don’t get your nappy wet! Let us wait until May 7th. I’ll still be here. See about you, shall we?


          • monglolgimpfucker says:



      • 37
        Naked Gordon says:

        Gordoom and his walking corpses are getting more ‘North Korea’ by the minute.


        • 57
          Vote Labour Get North Korea says:

          “Potemkin Village of Support” nice one.

          I suppose that ties in with Gordons Potemkin Economy which he constructed during his years at the treasury.

          Vote Labour Get North Korea !


      • 45
        ST says:

        Ellie Gerrard aka BevaniteEllie who is reduced to “crying in a good way” over Polly Toynbee’s rambling elitist clap trap…


        The girls almost a pardoy of herself.


        • 48
          ST says:

          Of course I meant Ellie Gellard…


          • Disaffected says:

            I am surprised Mr Ned. The BBC (Liebour Propaganda Unit) are not letting him get away with it, they are bias towards Liebour and are cynically using every means to steer people’s attention in the direction they want. I suggest you watch the independent view of the Cuban TV on Castro. You might find similarities.


        • 343
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          Ellie. At the front of the looks queue but unfortunately could not find the brains queue.


      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        A pity Brown couldn’t be caught by Apaches, like these poor bastards.


      • 164
        Sir William Waad says:

        It’s funny how Labourites can’t understand that anyone could support anything for reasons other than self-interest.

        We don’t like you because you’re destructively wrong, smug, hypocritical control freaks, not because we’re paid to dislike you.


        • 667
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          And I think, Sir William, that you have defined one of the fundamental characteristics of what the Labour movement has come to be.

          We both have a free choice. It matters not whether I agree with you – or vice versa. They have no choice because they have only have client groups with one option – to support their succour.


      • 588
        Doctor Mick says:

        C’mon titfer – WHERE’S YOUY BLOG??????????


      • 618
        Doctor Mick says:

        Ow “CERTIFIED INDEPENDENT” aka titfer, what is the Independents’ manifesto?

        Is it like your blog … a figment of your imagination?


      • 658
        couch potato and mustard says:

        Hope you all saw Anne Widdie’s interview on the Beeb tonight. Really gave that labour shilling interviewer drone a good seeing to. Pity she’s retiring as she’s make a very good Speaker for the next round.


        • 659
          couch potato and mustard says:

          The numbering and sequencing on this blog have gone to shit. My comment above should have gone in way up this thread in response to news events. I wonder where this one will appear! No wonder we can’t make head or tail of anything as it is impossible to follow a conversation properly.


      • 679
        Anonymous says:

        the only person will be enjoying the cold on May 6 is your Gordon, enough is enough.


    • 26
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      I’ll not wear a Labour T-shirt AND not vote for McBroon. Will that cheer him up even more?


      • 65
        Mr Fawkes Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel? Surely Not? says:

        Yes Guido, Labour has resorted to supplying the deeply unpopular Gordon Brown with stooges staging support as if they were members of the public.
        Not exactly news though, is it?
        After all, that is exactly what Tony Blair did outside Downing Street on the morning of New Labour’s first election win in 1997.
        New Labour has always been paranoid and insecure.
        But never mind this mere bagatelle, let’s talk about the Tories:
        40 per cent in the polls? That won’t butter many parsnips, now will it?


        • 137
          Harriet's Gnarled Clit says:

          I’ll tell yer where to stick yer parsnip – up my shitter


          • Down with Brown! says:

            Great scoop, Guido.

            Fewer fixed events full of activists and more events for real must be the way forward in this election campaign.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            It’s a long time since I’ve seen Mr Butterno Parsnips in the news again! Just like old days…..


          • Down wiv Brown! says:


            It’s a good thing I’m a complete fucking retard too stupid to realise that anytime any Party Leader ventures outside the Westminster bubble he is always surrounded by PPC’s and activists and minders.


          • Mr Ned says:

            The difference is that the other parties are NOT PRETENDING that these people are ordinary members of the public.

            Labour are 100% FAKERS, DISHONEST LYING BASTARDS!


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Or they are even 200% fakers! Mr Ned. NewLab after all.


          • Mr braind-Ed says:

            WHO IS PRETENDING?
            source a quote backing you up and not some laughably vague bollocks about ‘News Channels’ without a singe attributable quote proving what you say, or you’re simply full of shit chummy


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            When did they stop teaching English in our schools?


          • too senile to remember his own moniker says:

            WHO IS PRETENDING?

            no proof as expected

            you’re full of shit chummy


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            NewLab speak. No one can understand you! Probably not even your own mum.


          • too senile to remember his own moniker says:

            The whiny little pussy is trying to weasel his way out of it as usual.

            WHO IS PRETENDING? Where’s the proof ?

            Face it toryboy troll, you’ve been found out. You’re full of shit.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Wrong again to assume I’m a Tory. I’m a free man. I’m not a number. In your preferred society, you would not even get a number. Wake up on May 7th and SMELL THE COFFEE!


        • 226
          Why do scots get twice as many seats per capita as the English says:

          Rather more than 29%.

          2005 general election – Lab 35.2% of votes 365 seats
          Cons 32.3% of votes 198 seats. I guess if they poll 40% then they should do well, but I have forgotten the inbuild “fairness for all” labour built in majority of 10%. After all, you can’t have the people who pay for everything deciding that they would really rather not thank you very much.

          Do I detect a boundry system that “would disgrace a banana republic”?


          • Golden Days says:

            Always remember that more people in England voted Conservative than Labour at the last election, but we ended up with a large Labour majority. A past fair for all?


          • A boundry system that would disgrace a banana republic says:

            Yes, you did. Sorry. I’ll be gone in about 29 days’ time.


    • 110

      Ed Balls only has a 10002 majority. I wonder whether it’s worth it to drive to Normanton for election night


    • 393
      Biffo says:

      Only the seriously brain damaged would cheer Gordon. Unless, of course, he was standing on quicksands, then everyone might cheer as he sank lower & lower into it.


      • 615
        Madme Defarge says:

        Sadly these Labour activist kids are the product of a dumbed down education system. Brainwashed, indoctrinated, probably unable to spell or add up properly. Look at the chump who designed the Gene Hunt spectacular. WTF do they know about the 70s or 80s?
        The “welcoming crowd” at St Pancras was a pathetic attempt at recreating the “welcoming, nay hysterical, crowd” that greeted the Blairs in Downing St in 1997. It was cheesy crap then and just really, really feeble 13 years on.
        Incidentally this election coincides with the anniversary of the fall of the Third Reich. The Nazis surrendered on May 7th 1945. VE Day is May 8th. Had the outcome of WW2 been left to lefty kids like the ones supporting Labour we’d have been an outpost of the USSR for 50 odd years.


    • 397
      Herr Citizen Comrade Gorgon KimGabeBrownstainovich says:

      Aye – ah’l tha’ sheeple lov’ mae’

      Ah’m theer ‘ope an’ tha’ future!

      An’ nuthn’s ma fult ye un’stn.

      Arrr’ – nursey – ye’re here arl’riddy wi’ ma’ canny lil’ drinky – ah’ like the red raspberry one. Will ye nae gi’ me’ ma injucshun tae?


    • 558
      Thomas Aquinas says:

      How come Dave the Spiv made all the Asians stand directly behind him?


  2. 2
    PM says:

    No. I think you’ll find they were shouting “good riddance Gordon”.


  3. 3
    Hold tight.. says:

    Good start Gordon – please keep this up..


  4. 4
    English John says:

    Suprise suprise. Labour are a bunch of crooks!


    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      It’s no surprise. Many,many of us have known it for a long time & it will be proven by the voting at the GE next month.


    • 46
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      That was a disgraceful slur! All crooks will be filing for libel.


    • 117
      Don't vote hang says:

      They are all crooks and should fade away quietly while they still can


  5. 5
    robbo says:

    They were cheering because at last the end of Broon is in sight.


    • 49
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      The “end of Broon” conjures up a rather distasteful mental image!


  6. 6
    straggly beard says:

    OOPSIE! Wonder if BBC will follow up on this?


    • 25

      Of course the BBC will, just after the news breaks that Order Order is in fact run by Damian McBride.


      • 118
        cant hunter says:

        Really think that the BBC employees live in a different world to the rest of us. It probably doesn’t give an indication of bias, but i’ve just heard the PM bore Eddie Mair question the shadow foreign secretary Hague about Chris Grayling’s fitness, or lack of it, for the Home Office because of the hysteria about his gay-B&B comments. Ye Gods, Mair pressed the point SIX bloody times. If I had been in Hagues shoes i’d have been tempted to tell the scots bore to get lost. And to cap the lack of restraint and judgement of this wretched organisation and its creepy staff, the next item on the programme featured that well known model of decency and righteous behaviour Nigel Wrench–self confessed cocaine user, promiscuous homosexual who refuses to take precautions to avoid Aids and a man who takes sexual advantage of a star struck young man whilst in a semi drunken state. Talk about hypocrisy.


    • 39

      Well, they have this (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/election2010/liveevent/) timed at 1445:-

      — begin quote —

      A light-hearted snippet has come to us from that supermarket Gordon Brown was touring. After he praised the “very nice atmosphere” and “lovely people”, one worker asked the PM if he fancied a job there. Mr Brown replied: “It’d be a nice place to work, friendly yeah? Better than the House of Commons…”

      — end quote —–



  7. 7
    Crazy Daisy says:

    The Psychological Operation begins, sad but Labour are finished and are desperate to do anything to retain power.

    My bet is the Tories romp home, no sane person can honestly vote for these totally incompetent clowns if Labour.

    The next few weeks are going to be interesting as the contempt and hate for Broon et al pours fourth in the Blogosphere!


    • 13
      A New Day has dawned has it not ? says:

      Exactly the same stunt Labour pulled in 1997 when “members of the public” waving Union Flags cheered Bliar into Downing Street…..I’d imagine that if Brown went anywhere near “ordinary travellers” he’d get pretty short shrift.Even his visits for “Tea” will be managed and only be with Labour supporting voters or Labour Party supporters briefed beforehand for the gullible media(especially the nations “favourite” Labour Propagandist…..the BBC)


      • 71
        Hugh Janus says:

        Yes, you beat me to it. From the very outset there hacve been no truly spontaneous events in the NuLiebour calender – everything is stage-managed. Let’s face it, if I had been in Morrisons at lunchtime when McBust was fondling babies and frightening the customers, I am certainly not alone in thinking that I would not have been responsible for my words or actions. Let him out near some real people, without his heavies and spin merchants organising things, and the result would be very different.

        In all my years I cannot think of a PM who was so despised and reviled for his idiotic conduct of our affairs.


      • 76
        jgm2 says:

        Oh aye,

        ‘Thiiiiiiings can only get betteeeeeeer..’

        Street thronged with ‘spontaneous’ crowds at 4am in the morning. It must have been like Armistice Day. There was a show on TV recently about the ‘Great Offices of State’ where the Maximum Imbecile entered (I presume) the Treasury where he was met with rapturous applause and women actually hugging and kissing him.

        The euphoria of having got rid of Thatcher/Major will be as nothing compared to the collective sigh of relief of getting rid of the Brownian Imbecility. Even the sun got out of bed to wave the worthless fucker off.


      • 402
        Biffo says:

        He can come round my gaff any day for tea. Just plase excuse me while I insert a pencil into my rectum, then remove it & use it to stir his tea. Followed by a good throat clearing hawk, gobbed into his cup too.


  8. 8
    eva says:

    Thought it was a bit weird!

    I would not shake his hand!


    • 15
      R.McGeddon says:

      I’d like to shake him warmly by the throat.


      • 122
        Pitbull says:

        so would I


        • 313
          Thud Hardbutt says:

          Me too! However, I would also try and stick in a swift kick in the bollocks! So hard that the useless Scottish twat would be walking round for the rest of the GE with 3 Adams apples! c”,)


    • 84
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      A high percentage of people would refuse to shake his hand. Some would split in his eye. The walk through the station was so obviously scripted – did you notice his security team were only concerned when one particular old lady got too close to him? She was obviously a real member of the public.


    • 184
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Most reasonable thinking people know it is all false. Brown is so unpopular he is a very serious liability and the Labour Party knows it. Nonetheless the tories still have a mountain to climb due to our skewed parliamentary voting system. The tories will do OK in the south and could win the overall popular vote yet still have less MP’s but its in the midlands and north where this will be won or lost. So there are interesting times ahead.


  9. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Battle Bus Potemkin…


  10. 11
    Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

    You might all like to complain about the BBC slavishly and un-questioningly trotting out Labour’s spin – it’s so easy, try it online, they have to log all complaints – http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/homepage/


    • 28
      backwoodsman says:

      ‘And now, we go live to the Dear Leaders triumphant return to Pyongyang, er St Pancras.’
      The bbc, shilling for nulabour, its what we do.


    • 262
      Mr Ned says:

      Thank you, I have complained about Jeremy Vine’s lunchtime radio propaganda broadcast which had a phone in that amounted to “Will the tories’ blatant homophobia hurt them at the election?”


    • 533
      Beowulff says:

      Done that, but don’t trust the Stasi, so didn’t give my contact details,
      guess they’ll come for me just the same.

      What a shit country we live in now.

      Come back John Major, there was nothing to forgive.


  11. 12
    Paul Fald says:

    Labour is not incompetent, thank God Brown and Darling acted as they did to save the Banks’ if they hadn’t the fall out would have imaginable !

    AM I NOT A LABOUR VOTER but credit, where credit is due.


    • 524
      Anonymous says:

      I am not a racist but……..
      I am not an idiot but…….
      I am not a Labour voter but…..
      I am an ordinary member of the public but….
      I am not a New Labour Liar but………


    • 674
      Quantrill says:

      It all started in America, I heard it from Gordon Himself on Radio 4 so it must be right. Oh yes, and he saved the World too.


  12. 16
    Engineer says:

    That explains the relative absence of Trolls.


  13. 17
    Anonymous says:

    The stage management is so Stalinist – watching the choreography of Gordon at St Pancras today was a chilling experience. Surely people won’t be stupid enough to fall for the appallingly cynical stunts of Gordon’s morally depraved spin doctors…


    • 20
      Thats News says:

      I don’t know, Guido… Perhaps seeing Gordon Brown leaving was enough to make a crowd of random people burst out in wild cheering.

      God knows how they would have reacted had they known he intends to come back…


      • 33
        Rejoice at this thought says:

        Perhaps we can have a spontaneous ringing of church bells throughout the country on 7th May instead to celebrate him NOT ever coming back to bother us ever again


      • 218
        sinosimon says:

        if real members of the public saw gordon striding purposefully at beachy head i can believe there might be spontaneous cheering……..but elsewhere it does stretch the envelope somewhat.


        • 367
          Number 6 says:

          Beachy Head is a lovely spot, how much nicer it would look if Gordo and his bunch of Marxist scum hurled themselves over it ala lemmings come to think of it if all the labour voters followed their beloved comrade over the top as well it would become a national shrine.


    • 361
      Golden Days says:

      About 30% are. Never over-estimate the intelligence of the average man/woman.


  14. 18
    Anonymous says:

    This was the most staged looking “spontaneous crowd” Ive ever seen. Do these Clowns take us for Mugs !
    This together with the ” people sworn to serve the the politicians” Gaffe in his earlier speech makes this a bit of a disasterous launch for newliebour. Pathetic bunch that they are.


    • 31
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      His future is right behind him.


    • 103
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      “Do these Clowns take us for Mugs !”

      Of course they do, why else would they say and do the cu ntish things they do.


    • 133
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Ermmm…. the fucking Charlie’s in Government have been elected THREE times. Don’t you remember? Says all you want to know about the intelligence of the UK population.

      And still 1 in 3 of the ‘mugs’ would vote for them!


      • 191
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Your right it is a very sobering thought that there are 30% of the electorate still saying they intend to vote for this totally discredited and corrupt government. It truly beggars belief.


    • 139
      McGroom says:

      Only Labour’s luvvies and blog trolls know where Gordon will be so they can “spontaneously” worship the ground he walks on for the benefit of the BBC.

      The rest of us who would actually like to have a quiet word about his record in front of the assembled media (like Sharon Storer) will never get the chance, because Gordon doesn’t do “public” and “spontaneous”.


  15. 21
    Mr Toenails Robinson says:

    My finest Hour beckons


  16. 23
    The curse of Gordon continues says:

    Spotted this on the BBC. Hmm what does this mea?:

    Lance Price, a former Downing Street spokesman, says Labour wants to “shake up” the electorate with a few surprises. At previous elections, where the party was the clear favourite, its aim was not to upset things but simply to protect its advantage, he adds.


    • 42
      Unsworth says:

      Beware – likely bombings, closure of all air and seaports, national emergency and cancellation of the elections. That kind of ‘shake up’ no doubt.


    • 264
      Mr Ned says:

      Like implementing the Civil Contingencies act?


      • 675
        Quantrill says:

        What is the likelihood of Labour leaving office after 13 years with their work of destroying Britain almost done? Our New Stasi state is capable of anything. Remember we are now the minority, the 30% voting labour have either been imported by labour, were educated under Labour indoctination, or work for Labour.


  17. 24
    Sir William Waad says:

    I hope somebody explained to Gordon that these people were a claque. I fear that somebody like him, with a dissociative disorder, might believe it was real. Some people never quite understand their own unpopularity:

    “I went out to Charing Cross to see Major General Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered; which was done there, he looking as cheerful as any man could in that condition.” – Samuel Pepys


    • 150
      Wayne Rooney says:

      Staging a phony send off for a so called leader is not only desperate it is also incredibly stupid. A leader who thinks that this kind of staging actually works is either deranged or short on intellect. It is the methods of a tinpot dictator, who has the advantage of a vicious armed secret police behind him.and a population in total fear. This is without any doubt come from the hired, and highly paid American election strategists. In the days to come I expect the Broon to regret this move and wishing he had not acted on it when he saw it would not work. But that’s the idiocy of Brown


    • 254
      RoosterBooster says:

      I left a very nice glass of chablis at the table to see gordon hung drawn quatered and fed to the plebs…bloody good value at oddbins must finish the bottle


  18. 26
    Peace mannnnnn says:

    Come on Guido give credit to Dizzy where credit is due dude.


  19. 30
    Things can only get worse for Brown says:

    According to Wiki

    Potemkin villages (Russian) were purportedly fake settlements erected at the direction of Russian minister Grigory Potyomkin to fool Empress Catherine II during her visit to Crimea in 1787.

    “Potemkin village” has come to mean, especially in a political context, any hollow or false construct, physical or figurative, meant to hide an undesirable or potentially damaging situation, ”

    Yep that sums up this charade today Guido , well named.


  20. 32
    A Pensioner says:

    Maybe your last hour if you fuck up.


  21. 34
    Unsworth says:

    Why aren’t these workshy ‘students’ in college studying? Isn’t that what they get paid to do?

    Little wastrel fuckers should be rounded up and shot. That’d save our taxes a little. Anyway, what useful employment are they going to take up, having got their degrees in meeja or ethnic diversity, or advanced macrame studies?


    • 69
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:

      Uni students all on holiday at the moment; should be studying for exams in May !


      • 80
        Sign on at JobCentrePlus like the rest of us in Brown's Britain says:

        They’d better study harder then as that promise of a job as a Labour Party intern is unlikely to come off after all


      • 90
        Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

        Steady on – these days university students need cuddles and help before their exams, they don’t need to do that unpleasant studying thing; far too stressful don’t you know, I should know, I’m a (tory) lecturer – just another one of the things this useless government has saddled the nation with!


        • 425
          universal hiss says:

          I’m giving my daughter cuddles.She is sitting next to me with a hundred weight of books,revising for her useless Eng Lit exams.

          She is really lucky. She will only have a debt of 10K.

          I fucking hate Mandleslime & all who sail in her.


  22. 38
    Cockney Geezer says:

    Their delusion will soon come crashing down and cold reality will land them a mighty head-butt.


  23. 41
    Sound Familiar? says:

    By 1989, Ceauşescu was showing signs of complete denial of reality. While the country was going through extremely difficult times with long bread queues in front of empty food shops, he was often shown on state TV entering stores filled with food supplies, visiting large food and arts festivals, while praising the “high living standard” achieved under his rule.

    Special contingents of food deliveries would fill stores before his visits, and even well-fed cows would be transported across country in anticipation of his visits to farms. Staples such as flour, eggs, butter and milk were difficult to find and most people started to depend on small gardens grown either in small city alleys or out in the country. In late 1989, daily TV broadcasts showed lists of CAPs (kolkhozes) with alleged record harvests, in blatant contradiction to the shortages experienced by the average Romanian at the time.
    Some people, believing that Ceauşescu was not aware of what was going on in the country, attempted to hand him petitions and complaint letters during his many visits around the country.

    However, each time he got a letter, he would immediately pass it on to members of his security. Whether or not Ceauşescu ever read any of them will probably remain unknown. It was common knowledge that people attempting to hand letters directly to Ceauşescu risked adverse consequences, courtesy of the secret police Securitate. People were strongly discouraged from addressing him and there was a general sense that things had reached an overall low.


  24. 43
    Ethan says:

    I will definitely be cheering Gordon…the moment he is fed to a pack of ravenous hyena’s. Along the lines of ‘Stop struggling Gordon and let them get a good chunk’….You make a good snack Gordon…that kind of thing. Hyena’s…Great White’s ..Piranha’s or even Quick sand. I’m quite flexible…as long as it’s fatal.


  25. 44
    Andrew Efiong says:

    I’ll cheer Brown off at St Pancras, heck I’ll even buy him the one-way ticket on a Eurostar.

    No one’s got more wrong than him. The deepest recession in memory because the public finances were too weak to support a proper fiscal stimulus. Five more years? No way.

    Organise and vote tactically to get Labour out.


    • 58
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Probably did not pay his fare!


      • 72
        • 186
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          The scope of my previous post should be expanded:

          “This is the first time, in a century and a half, that we have had a government, of which a large number of its members appear to have behaved criminally.

          We ought to be starting now a process whereby the criminality of their actions can begin to be investigated under neutral control when this government is out of office and, if prima facie evidence is uncovered, the perpetrators can be held to account in a court of law for their misdeeds.”

          We need to be able to collect and accept evidence …..


          • TurdsRonThem says:

            it will be a lot quicker if we just shoot the scumbags…save a lot of money and time wasted on the past.


        • 525
          Anonymous says:

          The long arm of the Labour Party used to be long indeed. Thankfully this mafioso is about to get busted big time !


    • 60
      Just stating the obvious says:

      Best of luck with that ! Pravda has been running the longest Labour Party Political Broadcast ever……….they going for a new record in “The Guiness Book of Records”


  26. 50
    the town zoo says:

    The very day the election gets called, my service provider goes on the blink for half the day. Thanks Jonah, you utter cuпt.


  27. 53
    The Dirty Rat says:

    I’ll cheer Gordon when his toes are three inches from the ground and he is doing the Tyburn Jig.


  28. 55
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Fucking Slags … taking us for fools !


  29. 56
    Jimmy says:

    “Anyway, what useful employment are they going to take up, having got their degrees in meeja or ethnic diversity, or advanced macrame studies?”

    You’ve not seen Guy News then I take it?


  30. 59
    thatguy says:

    Emily Benn? The name has a familiar raing. Had to do a quick search. And there it is. Yes indeed. Grand daughter of the illustrious Viscount Stansgate. Thats 4 generations of these parasites sucking of the public teat. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds


    • 67
      Just stating the obvious says:

      Nepotism has always been THE only way to progress in the Labour Party….the party of the few who lie to the many


      • 78
        The Kinnock Clique says:

        GULP !!


        • 100
          Cocker Spaniel says:

          Which Comprehensive did little Emily go to, then?


          • jgm2 says:

            Has she finished school yet? I thought she’d only just turned 18? Is there a minimum age for standing for parliament? My daughter fancies a go at it and she’s 12. Couldn’t be any worse than most of the incompetent jackasses.


          • Playing the system (cause I created it) says:

            Nice school to a Grammar School (can’t get to Oxford nowadays without going to a state sixth form for a nominal 2 years)!!


          • Emily's schools says:

            Wallington High School for Girls is an all girls educational institution located just south of Wallington, in the London Borough of Sutton, England. It is a grammar school, with Barbara Greatorex as the Headmistress.

            She studied Music, History and Latin for A level at St Olave’s Grammar School, a selective grammar school with a strong record of sending candidates to Oxbridge. On her Facebook page, however, she only acknowledges attending the less privileged Wallington.


          • Playing the system (cause I created it) says:

            Catchment area of Wallington Girls? Home address?

            Let’s just take a place away from a local resident then.


          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            Music,History and Latin. Just the sort of degrees we need for a high-tech economy.


          • revolting peasant says:

            If she grew up in South Norwood her state school should have been Ashburton High School-it used to be a failing shit hole of a school, notorious for gangs and violence. Which presumably is why Emily ended up being transported to a better class of school several miles away.


        • 108
          Welsh Windbag says:

          Look you. We got where we are today on talent, see. Me, I got a degree from university see and Glynnis is a teacher,see. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, boyo.


          • Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

            This is full of laughs – if you think nepotistic teenagers standing for parliament is funny: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7011922.stm

            Seems she will have no difficulty in studying for her A-levels whilst campaigning for, and if elected, representing the seat of E Worthing and Shoreham. I’m trying to decide whether that means A-levels are so easy now that you can do them in your sleep, or being a Labour MP is so easy that it need not interfere with full-time study.

            When I lived in Worthing as a lad, the constituency was represented by a fearsome Brigadier. My dad went to see him on behalf of his trade union and emerged white and shaking. Now THAT’s what MPs should be like – a bit of authority about them.

            Oh, jgm2 above – min age for an MP is 18 and she turns that next month.

            Ye gods.


          • Cobblers says:

            do you remember Ruth kelly…don’t miss that ascerbic little shitbag but shame about her brother Dr.kelly…clumsy gardener obviously.


          • New Labour New Aristocracy says:

            I would like some journalist to ask Tonty Benn this question “What apart from entitled nepotism could a 17 year old just out of school with no real life experience bring to Parliament ? “


          • taxed to death says:

            smack round the ear .local police ,yes dad no dad me council lad retired 55 own bussiness tory voter.good secondary education and w


          • Some journalist says:



          • Joe Biden says:

            Do not forget that you were the first in your family to go to university


      • 456
        Eleanor Mills says:

        Ask Mr Purcell if he comes back from holidays


    • 101

      That’s all I need – another young idiot like that Gellard bint with an overrated sense of Entitlement telling me how best to run my business and my life, according to her Chronicles of Marxism.

      There should be a minimum criteria set for being an MP:

      1. Not possessing a large snout and a curly tail

      2. Fiscally independent

      3. Having actually run a whelk stall as a bare minimum for showing some business acumen

      4. Having lived for 40 years as one of the proletariat

      5. Prepared to be accountable for every single action

      6. Being rewarded only if their actions result in a further reduction of the State and tax take


    • 112
      ST says:

      The parallels between the late 19th centuary Whigs and the current Labour party are uncanny. The Whigs was made up of a collection of noble families who set about centralising control and removing institutions which prevented them from doing so. Their preoccupation was in securing power under the guise of “giving” power to the people.


    • 157
      Sir William Waad says:

      Three generations, surely?


  31. 63
    Jack Newhouse says:

    Even the Labour activists looked pretty thin on the ground, you’ve got to feel sorry for him……oh wait a minute this is the pension robber Brown we’re talking about here, so scrub that sentiment forthwith.


    • 510
      Robert Maxwell the pension thief says:

      I taught him all he knows in fact I even sold my flat to him.


  32. 63
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Lucky Labour didn’t invite a load of D Day vetrans. That would have been a good send off from St. Pancras.


  33. 70
    ginger wig says:

    Not even little Jonty Pryor turned up, so things must be bad.


  34. 75
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    It’s hard to imagine the mentality of party hacks and hopefuls (ALL parties) who jump to it when they hear the order ‘Spontaneous demo required. Get there now!’ Is there something mentally wrong with party members and groupies?


    • 98
      Engineer says:

      Most people do stupid things when they’re young. Booze, sex, drugs, politics, midnight naked frolics in public fountains….

      It’ll wear off when they grow up a bit.


  35. 83

    We’re campaigning for 5 more years of Labour media manipulation. I’ll be talking out of my backside and nobody will question me, debates will be packed with the few Labour supporters that are left, and we’ll try to spin and manipulate things to our advantage.

    The BBC will repeat whatever I tell them, because it’s packed with Labour luvvies.


    • 111
      .243 Win says:

      Toenails is getting a hard time on his blog – most of the comments are “awaiting moderation” and the ones they’ve let through aren’t exactly on message.

      The next couple of weeks could actually turn out to be some fun.


      • 199
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        Saw that myself. Wasn’t he supposed to be a Conservative when he was younger? Did he do a Bercow or is it just the BBC effect and keep your job week?


        • 217
          jgm2 says:

          I think now he’s simply revelling in sticking two fingers up to the licence payers and the voters. Ha ha ha, look at me I can say anything I like as long as I agree with the Maximum Imbecile. I’m on a good screw, good wages and good pension and you’re not. Ha ha ha fuck you.

          Like pretty much everybody else at the BBC.


  36. 86
    Peasant says:

    Why were the party hacks at Cast-Iron Dave’s election rally asked to take their ties off? Prisoners are asked to do that to stop them from hanging themselves, is the same true about Tory hacks at a CMD speech?


    • 189

      If you think that’s bad, you obviously haven’t heard one of my recent rants. Honestly, I’m surprised the media even bothers to report some of the drivel I spout.

      It’s going to get worse as the campaign drags on. Wait until you hear our manifesto, it’s a proper mish-mash! We honestly didn’t have a clue what to put as we’ve not been able to copy the Tories. We’ve stuck one or two desperate surprises in there, such as PR and the re-introduction of the death penalty for parking on double yellow lines. There’s a clause about the emancipation of the international proletariat which Gordon insisted upon, and something about abolishing slavery, which was Ed’s idea. I pointed out that it was abolished over 100 years ago, but Ed told me I was smelly and stupid and should shut up. Gordon listens to him far too much.


  37. 89
    Call me Infidel says:

    I will be cheering Gordon when they cart the loon out of No10 in a straight jacket on May 7th


    • 206
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Two straight jackets more likely. By then he will have split in half he is such a h*o*o*n.


  38. 92
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    No Gordon.The worst kept secret of recent times was when you sold off the country’s gold reserves and let the market know in advance. Twat!


    • 669
      Anonymous says:

      When he opened with that line I thought he was going to come clean about him and his little wifey !


  39. 97
    pol pot says:

    keep getting the new people in the pictures………..

    keep chanting anyone that earns over £15,000 is a tory toff!!!!!!!


    • 168

      You middle class Tory toffs are all the same. As soon as we win the election with a majority of, ooh, 800 or so, we’ll tax you out of existence. Think about that when you’re sprinkling babies on your cornflakes, or whatever else it is that you horrid middle classes do.


  40. 99
    Martin Day says:

    Bugger,Gordon Brown forgot to “tweet” me about all of this.
    He needs a good slapping


  41. 102
    tardkiller says:

    dunno about you lot, but i think i can do better



  42. 103
    sarahs ginger growler says:

    my legs look so fat …….

    still its how gordon likes it…….

    reminds him of when he used to look up youngs scottish boys kilts in the kirk…..


  43. 107
    Ellie Gellard - Labour Groupie says:

    Read about my fantasies re Thatcher’s death on Twitter.
    Fragrant aren’t I?


    • 451
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Beauty fades.

      Stupidity lasts for ever.


    • 655
      Gordon Brown says:

      I wish Ellie all the best with her website which I am sure will prove to be the best on the internet


    • 656
      Mr Harriet Harman fanny club says:

      In praise of Jack Dromey PPC

      Deputy General Secretary of Unite, Jack Dromey was last night democratically elected, by the local Labour Party, to fight the seat of Birmingham Erdington after current MP Sion Simon’s announcement that he is to stand down at the next election. Dromey said on selection;

      “For 25 years, I have fought great battles in Birmingham for working people and social justice. I will serve the people of Erdington as a hardworking local MP, punching the weight of a fine constituency that has seen real progress under 13 years of a Labour government but still with a lot to do.”

      Anything shocking, disgusting or hugely controversial about that?

      Well, apparently so. As the, wonderfully articulate and not-at-all sexist, media are referring to the Labour Party stalwart, “Mr Harriet Harman” , it is being suggested, is now a PPC on the back of his wife’s position. To them, I would say the following.

      Jack Dromey has been involved in Labour Party politics for decades. He first came to be known publicly through his involvement in the Grunwick Dispute of 1977 which sought recognition for the workers union at a film processing lab in North London. Dromey has been fighting the cause for those who the Labour Party must always represent for decades, working tirelessly for the rights of workers within the trade union movement. I have to say I struggle to think of many better “CVs” that could be put forward for a selection.

      When Dromey’s name was first mentioned in relation to the seat, Keith Heron, Labour chairman in the constituency, said:

      “we’re going to have an open contest…but having a national figure like (Dromey), with a record on defending manufacturing industry, would be superb.”

      Now, the central point, I suppose, against the selection of Dromey, is that Harman is a well know advocate of All Women Shortlists, the method the Labour Party uses to ensure a proportion of its seats see women returned to parliament.Some say his selection is hypocritical nepotism, Labour Party politics at it’s worst.

      AWS work and until we have a better way of getting a representative Parliamentary Labour Party, they should stay. What the use and advocacy of them does not mean is that men should not be selected for safe seats. If it did, I would recoil in horror at the mention of them. Dromey is a fiercely passionate and commendably dedicated man who has served a lifetime fighting for people he now seeks to represent in parliament. The fact he is married to a woman who advocates a method to get more women into parliament, a method which works, should not deprive the constituents of Brimingham Erdington of a potentially formidable member of parliament.

      moron at


      but I think I got the gist of why he was selected


  44. 113
    Desert Rat says:

    Nonsense, I will be cheering good old Gordon to the rafters he is hanging from.


  45. 116
    Cream Puff says:

    It was the same clap trap at Rochester in Kent, where he and Sarah Brown went walking through the local Morrisons. Quite funny actually when th mike picked up the local organiser introducing her husband, who ws posing as one f the great unwashed. In fact there was a goodly turn out of local Labour activists posing as shoppers


  46. 121
    Red Bellend says:

    I’m an ordinary member of the public and would cheer the Great Helmsman any day of the week.


  47. 123
    • 153
      The treason prosecuter says:

      the tribunal members are on my list


    • 154
      Sir William Waad says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with this. There is a sensible rule against wearing any jewellery, wristwatches etc. on the wards. Nobody has to wear a crucifix – it’s not necessary for grace.

      Muslim nurses go about with bare forearms, also for reasons of hygiene.


      • 639

        The Chairman made a fool of himself. He claimed that Muslims nurses were different from her as Muslim women have to wear a headscarf. They don’t. Not all of them do.


    • 349
      Hasbara Prick says:

      Excellent! On with the fomented Christian-Islam planned bloodbath.


  48. 129
    The Sleeper says:

    Why the fuck are Labour relentlessly wheeling out that weirdo Ed Miliband?

    He’s fuckin’ creepy…shouts over everyone else..lies through his teeth…and looks like a Nazi failed experiment.

    Oh!..got it.


    • 160
      Anonymous says:

      I heard Neil Kinnock on the radio this morning. How I laughed. Just like the 1980s.


    • 172
      PhilP says:

      I did enjoy Eddie Mair ripping him a new arse over Gordon’s transparency pledge which will not be backdated to cover the catastrophic Gold Sale decision which apparently has been significantly censored with black ink as it finally sees the FOI light of day!
      Has anyone got a copy?.


      • 408
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        Agreed PhilP, young Ed Millipede was absolutely stuffed – no answer to any of the questions and, to give him due credit for a Beeber, Eddie Mair really laid into him. Most of us knew that Millipede was a useless schoolboy twat, but Mair proved it to many more. Let’s have more of that with all the other party brain-deads.

        Jon Snow did the same on Ch4 News with the Lid-Dem windbag Alexander – bollocking him for not answering the question about pre-conditions for coalition. Again, let’s have more of it. If a few politicians have breakdowns as a result, then that’s all the better – sorts the wheat from the chaff. Natural selection, innit.


        • 476
          K says:

          I was listening to that too. Cheered me up no end. Mair didn’t just rip him a new one — he disembowelled him and dragged all 30 feet of his intestines down the corridor.

          Mair’s brain must have short-circuited. Expect to hear him no more at Al-Jabeeba.


          • couch potato and mustard says:

            Hope you all saw Anne Widdie’s interview on the Beeb tonight. Really gave that Nulabour shilling interviewer drone a good seeing to. Pity she’s retiring as she’s make a very good Speaker for the next round.


    • 670
      Anonymous says:

      I wish he would make up his mind if he wants to grow a moustache or not. Kinda halfway house thing he’s got going there.


  49. 130
    Ed says:

    Gordon’s speech outside Downing street was very morbid. I liked the way at the end he skulked back inside as the press yelled: “Do you think you can win?” No reply – of course he doesn’t – it’s over… the slow descent into nothingness for Gordon Brown.


    • 610
      Doctor Mick says:

      So your answer is do nothing. Or vote for the Toytown Nazis or the Toytown Tories (UKIP)?


      • 676
        Quantrill says:

        If you vote, you give them your mandate to govern. Sadly none of this shower are fit to govern anything, so don’t vote. If the turnout is significantly low then something will have to change, eventually.


    • 640

      And Whelan is another public school toff, too.


  50. 132
    thick as thieves says:

    General election 2010: Gordon Brown and David Cameron hit the bottle

    The main party leaders have hit the bottle following Gordon Brown’s announcement that he has asked the Queen to dissolve Parliament, triggering a general election on May 6.

    Sounds like a good idea to me


    • 140
      tat in the box says:

      We want the lower case idiot back………er, on second thoughts, no we don’t.


  51. 138
    Legal? says:

    Thankyou for a lovely stay – it touches my heart to see two women so full of courage, sustaining the standard of this lesbian hotel and working quietly everyday for the lesbian community, we are both very grateful thankyou.



    • 146
      delila says:

      To be fair, it’s probably one of only a handful of hotels to admit dogs.


      • 216
        woof says:

        Growing numbers of hotels admit dogs these days and increasing numbers of pubs let them in aswell.

        About time too! The French have it right and don’t have all the peculiar, obsessive hang-ups that some Brits do.


    • 192
      jgm2 says:

      Is that allowed? I know straight B&B owners can’t discriminate against gay men so I find it hard to believe that they can discriminate against males and heterosexuals. And indeed gay men.


    • 299
      legal opinion says:

      rugmunchers badgerboxers and skunksniffers are all welcome


  52. 141
    Jac says:

    As if anyone is stoopid enough to fall for more fakery from Labour… okay, as if anyone with an open mind and not stoopid, would fall for that show of support is beyond me.

    Unite chooses Labour – just got an email to that effect, come on, you’re surprised aren’t you? Nah. me either.


  53. 144
    Wes Streeting President of the NUS says:

    I take up the arse


  54. 158
    Down with Brown! says:

    Nick Clegg went to Watford but he didn’t meet the ordinary people of Watford.

    No, Cleggy went to a closed event for handed picked Lib Dem activists and their friends at St. Luke’s church in the part of town that has the most expensive house. So much for his man of the people pitch.


    • 207
      Bluther Lissett says:

      I thought Watford was just one big muslim ghetto these days.


      • 276
        Down with Brown! says:

        Not many Muslims at Cleggy’s event. It looked unusually prosperous and white faced for Watford.


        • 487
          K says:

          It wasn’t Watford at all but a Mission-Impossible style recreation thereof at Pinewood. Corporal Clegg would not last 5 minutes among the baboons who now comprise the Watford electorate — he’s be like a Morris Minor at Safari World. First of all they’d pull his ears off, then his hair, nose, tie, and anything else that took their fancy, then they’d get on with the main event, ending up by pissing down his neck.


  55. 159
    Jim Naughtie's Girdle says:

    Transcript from tomorrow’s Today programme.

    Jim Naughtie: Och aye the noo. Welcome to Today. I am joined by political correspondent Ben Clone, who has been on the Gordon Brown battle-bus. Are we getting our vote out down there, Ben?

    Ben Clone: Yes, Jim. Gordon Brown has been meeting ordinary members of the party in Kent today. I went with him and spoke to some of those who had met the prime minister. One such person was Doris Bonkers, a 69-year-old woman from Orpington.

    Mrs Bonkers: “I am just an ordinary member of the public. I lost my husband to MRSA five years ago and my beloved only son was killed in Iraq by a sniper. My husband was imprisoned for ten years without charge after looking at Jack Straw in a funny way and we have been made destitute thanks to Labour. I have always hated Labour and I have voted Tory in every election since 1966.

    “But when I met Gordon Brown in Morrison’s today and he told me about his exciting plans for cutting the deficit, I was convinced by his greatness. I will vote Labour because of Gordon. You can’t trust the Tories.”

    Ben: So, Jim, it seems that Gordon is winning over the ordinary working-class Labour voters of Kent.

    Jim Naughtie: Thanks. Our political editor Nick Robinson joins us. So, Nick. Does this mean the Tories are failing to win over Labour voters?

    Nick Robinson: Yes, Jim. Sleazy Lord Ashcroft has failed…etc etc.


    • 198

      Surely that’s from today’s edition? Actually, maybe it was yesterday’s?


    • 210

      That cannot possibly be right. Looking at Jack Straw in a funny way has been a capital offence since 1998. Heckling a Labour politician at a conference and slow hand-clapping the PM were added to the list in 2002. After we win the election we will add parking on double yellow lines and being middle class.


    • 267
      Satire! well almost but not quite says:

      almost funny in the same way a wet fart is almost funny
      what you’ve done there is vomit up unfunny Conservative propaganda and tried to squeeze it cackhandeldly into an imaginary Today’s Newscast while thinking it was satire because you are an idiot

      Private Eye won’t be calling anytime soon chuckles
      sad but still hilarious because you don’t even realise how shit it is


      • 308
        Pedant says:

        Dear Troll,

        You’re not exactly in a position to call anyone an idiot given that you seem not to realise that a new sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

        Your misspelling of ‘cackhandedly’ is quite amusing, however.

        Important lesson: try not to use long words if you cannot spell them.


        • 365
          Anal Twat says:

          Dear Anal Wanker,

          Important lesson: only Anal Twats whine like pussies over punctuation and typos on the internet

          good luck with gettting your head out of your arse you anal fuckstick


        • 649
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          A pedant is someone who prefers his statements to be correct.

          Bertrand Russell (One time Labour supporter and one of the few who actually had a brain.)


      • 419
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        OK it’s not Shakespeare but I thought it was rather good.


  56. 161
    Mike Law says:

    Yep! One was a local (Newham) young Labour activist (who’s also standing for Labour in the Locals). She tweeted about it.


  57. 163
    clown shoes brown says:

    We are going to lose a comedy genius on May 6th.


  58. 165
    QWERTY says:

    I suspect the BBC also provided lots of people to cheer the mong, they really do love him.


  59. 166
    Boo for hire says:

    I have nothing to do for a month. For 80 quid a day +expences I will follow Gordon Brown booing.


  60. 167

    What the hell is wrong with these students? *WHY* are they supporting a prat like Brown? Just why/ Why do people become socialists? Is it just what thick people do? They’re dim, but not so dim that they can’t see the personal gain to be had in dragging the rest of society down to their level? Or is it just emotional immaturity? Longing for an Uncle Joe Stalin figure to look after them?

    Such horrible people too – I remember that Lorna Fitzimmons – posh bird pretending to be street, NUS prez, parachuted into a safe seat, ousted for being shit, now coining it in quangoland I believe. I once got punched by one of her NUS labour student twat bouncers while roundly heckling her in Hyde Park – about her just using the NUS as a platform for personal gain, funnily enough. Ponce could barely hit hard enough to dent my beard. If I hadn’t been grotesquely drunk I’m sure i wouldnt’ have fell over.

    “good luck Gordon!”

    wankers. Is it wrong to hope that they all die? Quite soon? I knwo theyr’e young and we all make mistakes, but… they’re not going to add anything to the world are they? And I bet they all believe in this global warming shit too.


    • 505
      Anonymous says:

      Its because they are incable of discerning what someone says with what they actually do. So if someone whispers sweet words in their ears like, fairness, and equality, and opportunity, and helping old folks and children then they automatically swear allegiance to this as it makes them feel a decent person. They grow up however ( well most of them anyway) and eventually realise that Socialism is a lie for the little people.


  61. 169
    Wes Streeting NUS takes it up the arse says:

    Wes Streeting is part of Brown’s Bullying Campaign. Wes Streeting specially selected to Bully ex-students who don’t toe Brown’s line(fact). Streeting is jumped up A-level student who has difficulties grasping facts.


  62. 175

    I have never voted before. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Can I do it standing up? And should I shower before or after?


  63. 178
    john miller says:

    Just seen BBC news 18:05 6/4/10

    Brown, speaking to little girl: How old are you?

    Little girl: 5 – (holding up five fingers )

    Brown: 5? (Holding up ten fingers…)

    If the Tories want it I have it on video…


    • 204
      Cape Cod says:

      Did he ask her if she had a little brother?


    • 205

      Maybe that’s what happened when he sold gold?

      Actually, even if the twat had got double the price he’d still have been pissing it away.

      Gordon Brown: thick, crooked, mad, ugly, malicious, mad and thick. There’s a fucking vote winner for you. Vote for Gordon, he’s the worst human being on the planet!


    • 466
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Does the mean the £178 Billion is really £356 Billion. Probably so if you add in PFI.


    • 545
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Five fingers Vs ten fingers. No wonder the UK is so screwed, Brown can’t even do the simplest of maths.


      • 657
        Peterooo says:

        He didn’t get around to signalling his son’s age of 6. Suppose he didn’t have the time to take his shoes and socks off.


  64. 180
    Bits of Dots r Us says:


  65. 182
    Wes Streeting NUS takes it up the arse says:

    Wes Streeting needs to advocate for students to be given a bullying free education. Streeting should resign from the NUS or be viewed as a self selfing Brown arse licker.


  66. 183
    streamfisher says:

    Forward to Victory!, this clip was sponsored by the BBC and Unite.


  67. 185
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    No Gordon.The worst kept secret of recent times was when you sold off the country’s gold reserves and let the market know in advance.


  68. 187
    Anonymous says:

    O?T but how convenient for Baroness Lying Cow Scotland to appear in Court today when all the media focus is elsewhere. Seems Tongan is saying she never showed her any passport but Scotland insists she saw one but not the obvious forgery the Cleaner was found with. I quote from the report

    Asked about the documents, Baroness Scotland said: “Everything she showed me tended to verify the information that she had given.”

    I mean what the fuck does that mean? There seems to have been no effort to tie this down.

    Biggest laugh was the thick bitch suggesting

    “I thought this woman was married to a member of the legal profession and it never crossed my mind that a lawyer in this country would be married to a new legal immigrant and try to pass her off to the Attorney General as a cleaner – you would need to be brain dead to do that.”

    These people just don’t get irony do they!


  69. 190
    "Labour has failed you" says:

    Just keyed into Google – ‘labour party’

    the top response was from the Conservatives

    Labour has failed you !



  70. 196
    Al says:

    Labour have form for this. I remember in previous elections they had a rent-a-mob of party apparatchiks following the leaders around, occasionally changing their clothes to make it apear that they were local people.

    The BBC don’t care though. They will carry on making out that Brown and co have crowds of cheering well-wishers wherever they go.

    Perhaps the opposition should arrange a “welcoming committee” of their own?


    • 230
      Hatchet Harry says:

      The BBC will say the world smells of fresh paint and arse sweat as they follow Brown on his election tour.


    • 612
      Doctor Mick says:

      Sounds like the crowd who will be collecting postal votes from those that can’t be ar­sed to make it to the postbox.


  71. 197
    Polly Bollocks says:

    More bollocks from this bunch of shysters


  72. 209
    Corpse in a Wheelchair off on his Hols says:

    I have never seen Brown shake so many ‘Honkys’ hands in my life.
    Is there an election on or something?


  73. 212
    jgm2 says:

    BBC has decided to run with the ‘We don’t trust any of the politicians’ meme. Staged vox pop with some staggeringly articulate bakers then some punters on a canal barge oop north.

    I guess that’s more subtle than giving it ra-ra-ra Labour and it at least feeds the hung parliament narrative that Labour has decided to go for and then try and stitch up a deal with the LibDems.


    • 219
      Expenses Scandal Memory Loss says:

      No the public trust them all and why wouldn’t they ?


      • 227
        jgm2 says:

        It’s the economy stoopid.

        Or it normally is. Only that doesn’t help the Labour/BBC narrative hence they’re going for the ‘They’re all a bunch of crooks so you might as well have a hung parliament’ and then Brown can cut a deal.

        If you can’t see that’s what is being played out then I guess that’s the same reason they’re running it.


        • 242
          do you beleve evrything you're told by the BBC? says:

          It’s obvious to everyone except the fuckwit at 6.32pm that Labour and the BBC have cooked up this desperate “all as bad as each other” spin to try to put people off voting Tory.

          Anyone who falls for that crap deserves another five years of Brown screwing their arses sideways.


        • 325
          Tin Foil Hat Watch says:

          did the Lizardpeople tell you of this dastardly conspiracy?
          even worse they appear to be pretending the the election is on May the 6th when you were fucking CERTAIN it wouldn’t be jgm2
          is there no end to this cunning BBC conspiracy ??? lol


          • jgm2 says:

            Suck. Don’t blow.


          • lolol says:

            When’s the election retard ?


          • jgm2 says:

            How about that? The Maximum Imbecile put one over on l’il ol’ me. He sure showed me eh? He did himself out of a full month of additional jackassing and playing at being important just to spite me.

            I’d like to thank him personally for fucking off a full month earlier than I’d dared hope.


          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            OK jgm2 you didn’t get the election date right but your the best ‘read’ on this blog..!!


    • 288
      Lady Chifundo Waad says:

      I love the BBC. It’s like Bobo, my old teddy – reliable, cuddly and pink. I love its inclusiveness and the way it annoys old anglo buffers like my husband Billy! I only wish it didn’t so favour those horrid moffies, as they call them down south.


      • 311
        unstressed says:

        are moffies the same flavour as werthers


      • 326
        Dave loves the BBC says:

        Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

        “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

        He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”


      • 353
        Anonymous Misogynist says:

        Sabes qual es Bobo en Español..?…………..Stupid..!!


  74. 213
    Tapestry says:

    Greece gives up on Euro, and starts borrowing US Dollars.



  75. 214
    BBC and Politicians says:

    Lying robbing cheating fiddling Hunts


  76. 222
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Guido – any chance of a ‘most vacuous utterance by a party leader during GE campaign’ award?

    I’d claim it with the folowing from McDoom on the steps of No 10, surrounded by the rats too scared to desert the sinking ship, aka Ministers:-

    ‘The future is within our grasp’.

    Shades of Peter Cook’s impersonation of Harold Macmillan: ‘Let us grasp the future that is to come…’ We all laughed that time.


    • 314
      brownless says:

      I am getting on….


    • 375
      Eva Precious Brick says:

      sorry about your doctor brothers demise Ruth…you are in our thoughts…terrible doing that to his wrists you must have been horrified.


    • 500
      Minowski spacetime says:

      Look there it is …oh fuck missed it…..watch out here it comes again….ah nearly mate nearly, hold on hold on Shit crossbar… I’ll swear I’ll grasp that future next time around…wait for it…


  77. 224

    […] top (non) story today is the news that a group of Labour supporters cheered off Gordon Brown at Kings Cross station. This is seemingly a gaffe by the Labour team, as, […]


    • 391
      Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

      We dont come here for mind numbing analysis, we come here to rant and curse the hoons that infest Parliament.

      Your blog is shit, tedious and boring. Stay there.


      • 519
        K says:

        >we come here to rant and curse the hoons that infest Parliament.

        And each other, don’t forget, you snivelling wretch, you poltroon, you decaying heap of afterbirth (is that all right, Derek, or shall I go on? BTW where’s my cheque, you squeaky-voiced blob?)

        PS Prof, do not click on linkies here, they infest your computer with malware that automatically signs you up as a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party (Corin Redgrave, RIP in your collective paradise) and deducts £1000 from your Visa card to help the global struggle of the oppressed.

        Corin. Why did they have to call him “Corin” FFS? Plain, old fashioned “Colin” not good enough for them, was it? Well it was good enough for Edmund Spenser when dreaming up a title for one of his pastorals, but then of course old Eddie had a radical solution to the Irish Question – “put them to the sword!” And is a hate figure in Erin to this day, much like Gordo over here.


  78. 229
    Labour party canvasser says:

    I spent today being told to fuckoff.


  79. 233
    George Osborne says:

    I see Lenny Henry and Dawn French have split up.
    When he said “Can we make love with the lights out?”, she thought it was because he didn’t find her attractive any more.
    In fact, it was just that the bulb was burning his arse.


  80. 235
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    So just as the tories broke their cast iron guarantee before even the election was called, so liebours incompetence during office continues with aplomb during their pointless reelection campaign.


    • 246
      yawn says:

      Change the record you UKIP fuckwit.


      • 299
        The Court of Public Opinion says:

        UKIP? I have stated my position many times here – on polling day I shall either not bother at all or choose a random no hope minority party on the day, you know, Greens, BeeHenPee, Libdem or, well actually lady luck might end up drawing my hand to the UKIP box after all, you just can’t say in these matters.


    • 513
      Scopes says:

      Read the lies Labour were peddling at the last election you Shithead Hunt!!!

      “The new Constitutional Treaty ensures the new Europe can work effectively,
      and that Britain keeps control of key national interests like foreign policy,
      taxation, social security and defence.The Treaty sets out what the EU can do and what it cannot. It strengthens the voice of national parliaments
      and governments in EU affairs. It is a good treaty for Britain
      and for the new Europe. We will put it to the British people in a referendum
      and campaign whole-heartedly for a ‘Yes’ vote to keep Britain
      a leading nation in Europe.” – The Labour Party Manifesto for the 2005 General Election.


  81. 236
    Join the dots says:

    New Media Whore Ellie Gellard = big fan of Bevan
    Bevan = big fan of Stalin

    Ellie Gellard = ?


  82. 237
    50 Calibre says:

    I just cannot bring myself to twitter or tweet or whatever it is twitterers do.

    There’s got to be more to life than writing twitters…


  83. 241
    Ian Botham says:

    Wes Streeting is an intellectual runt. Sad he tries to pass himself of as two different supporters to Brown. Pathetic!


  84. 244
    lol says:

    How’s our comrade Gary Elsby doing?


    • 253
      voters deserting Labour for the B,N,P says:

      That’s 2 likely seats for the B,N,P then.

      Another of Labour’s legacies. LOL


      • 272
        lmao says:

        bn,p are ahead of Labour in stoke central according to BBC Radio Stoke


        • 340
          Dr Andy Burnham says:

          Still,look on the bright side.1200 VOTES LESS AGAINST LABOUR SINCE OUR HEALTH TRUST TOPPED THEM.Andy.X


        • 433
          BBC Controller says:

          Radio Stoke have now been brought back within the BBC corprate message.

          The BBC apologises for its regional failings.


      • 277
        David Cameron says:

        Ghastly Piece of Filth!


      • 279

        GOOD i dont give a fuck who they desert to so long as they desert Lie-Bore
        i want them out on their fucking arses NOW !
        i cant wait till may 6th
        i cant wait for election night to see their smug fucking faces as seat after seat falls to someone else
        all of them thinking if only we had got rid of McBust when we had the chance !
        ha ha ha ha


        • 296
          Enver and out says:

          Griffin is 5 points ahead of Margie Hodge in Barking according to Labour’s own local polling.


          • Former Islington Ratepayer says:

            Good. And I mean good.

            Not because I approve and would certainly never vote for his vile policies. But because Margaret Hodge is one of the most odious, duplitious, disingenous women I have ever come across.

            In the mid 1980’s she ran Islington Council, and ran it into the ground. I had the misfortune of living there 85 through 87.

            Our bin bags would not be collected if black plastic as they were racist. Street cleaning was abandoned. Troops out of Ulster adorned every boarded up shop along Essex Road, Cross Stree and Upper Street.

            The red flag was flown from the Town Hall. The Police could not do their job properly.

            It was third world and Hodge (nee Openheimer) was wholly responsible.

            Hodge allowed Town Hall meetings to descend into farce……and all the while children who were at risk were in fact further abused by her Council Dept.

            She is the very worst in hypocritical behaviour and a revolting champagne socialist.
            Anyone is better elected than her in Barking. At least the vile opposition is known and understood.


          • Gladstone Screwer says:

            Well said. Liebore is full of her sort.


          • Derek or was it Clive says:

            By that description it’s obviously a clear case of her being the ‘Barking and Romford Toad’ then!!


          • Lady from Amsterdam says:

            I stuffed my hoon up full of clams….


          • Anonymous says:

            And honest.


          • Anonymous says:

            This comment has been dislocated. It’s a bit like our democracy.


          • EDL says:

            too true, this blogger software is way out of date, but it’s very modable


          • Maladroit Labour Chump says:

            Crikey !! I used to live in Northampton Park, Canonobury, N1 during roughly the same period ( 1985-1988 ) ! It went so far down the Thomas Crapper during Lab MP Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as the local MP ( Loony Left ) that it eventually had to be ‘gentrified’….

            I believe that Corbyn opted, like Dianne Abbott, not to send his kids to local State schools but sent them ‘cross-border’ to Grammar Schools/Independent schools….

            Champagne socialists ! Dontcha love ‘em !!


          • Vote Labour Get North Korea says:

            Lok mate when will you lot get it, Socialism is not for those born to rule but for the little people. Its for your own good.


          • Unsworth says:

            Entirely agreed. I’d just add that she absolutely knew all of this – and did nothing, except cover up. That has been her history right from the start – a truly monstrous and evil woman.


          • Anonymous says:

            I’m intregued, because of the dislocation of the postings I dont know for sure who you are talking about. Judging by who has been mentioned before, your comments could refer to Baroness Scotland or Slotgob or Dianne Abbot or margaret hodge ….etc etc pray tell !


          • Son of a cunt says:

            yow torkin tah meh


          • nell says:

            Question tonight. Is the Media going to tell us, over the next month, what is happening in Afghanistan and how many of our men are still dying from IED’s each day for want helicoipters, ridgebacks and proper protection!!??

            gordon pledged the other day that he was going to shut down the news on Afghanistan for the the election campaign.

            He wanted to stop us knowing how many are dying in Afghanistan from labour’s mistakes. And he wanted any coverage of Wootton Bassett blocked.

            I think that’s wrong!!! Hopefully ARSSE are going to take up the baton and make sure every move in this unjustifiable labour war is properly publicised every day of this campaign despite gutlessgordon’s attempts to blank out that news!!!


          • revolting peasant says:

            Good point.


          • Dan, Dan, the sanitary man says:

            These people are the worst kind of socialist dregs. Hopefully after this election they will be flushed away down the sewers where they belong.


          • Kim Jong Brown says:

            Sounds like my kind of woman.

            Vote Labour Get North Korea !


          • An unspeakably vile, hypocritical, lying, mendacious, thieving, ***, and ******* says:

            She’s one o’ mae oon kind.

            Ah’ll ha’ a word wi’ ma agents.


  85. 247
    David Cameron says:

    So my Chinese mate mate Jun Wong is really into current affairs and has been talking to me about Gordon Brown announcing that he wants to have an erection, which according to the BBC will be the “biggest in a generation”

    He says he reckons it will be red at the start, then turn blue after a while, but if it ends up well hung, it’s where the yellow comes out that’s the big issue.


  86. 248
    streamfisher says:

    Ode to endless (pretend) enquiries.


  87. 250
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    Was Brown wearing a corset today? His fat gut seems to have disappeared overnight!


  88. 258
  89. 259
  90. 260
    English Heretic says:

    Check out the Slapometer – http://www.slapometer.com – there must be legions of UNITE slappers on there slapping for El Gordo. Still over a million behind CMD though. Get stuck in, remarkably good therapy slapping Gordon, could save the NHS £millions.


  91. 261

    Lets face it they couldn’t let a “normal” member of the public anywhere near the mental c*nt
    for fear they would knife him !


  92. 268
    Mark Senior says:

    I’ve got a girlfriend!


  93. 270
    look at all the “normal” members of the public around Dave says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

    Fucking Classic


    • 275
      lmao says:

      I think you’re mixing Cameron up with Brown. It’s Gay Gordo who’s being followed around by Labour’s multi-culti rent-a-mob.


      • 280
        mong says:

        Dave’s making a speech surrounded by drones right now shit for brains
        Try thinking before making a Hunt of yourself
        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !


        • 287
          McBride is Brown's rent-boy says:

          Get back to sucking Gordon’s cock, Damien, you pathetic mincing Labour faggot.


          • mong says:

            Awwww.. the widdle mong is having a tantrum ROFL!
            Brown can fuck right off and so can Blairs mini-me
            some of us have a mind of our own and aren’t arselicking toryboy trolls


          • Dazzle says:

            blow up gordon’s arse for a change mong instead of always sucking


    • 315
      IS THIS A FUCKING QUI ? says:

      Yes Right: Try And Find One Real Member Of the Public Anywhere near Brown
      Fully Paid Up Labour Party Members Only
      Real Mebers of the Public Would Be A Serious Threat To His Fucking Life !


  94. 271
    Media Watcher says:

    The BBC has been quick off the mark. On the day when everyone is talking about the election, the Jeremy Vine radio programme discusses..yes…you guessed it….Grayling and the “gays refused entry to a B&B” story. You know, the one that is over 4 days old. It gave plenty of opportunity to broadcast the word “biggoted”, and to remind listeners that the conservatives were once christened “the nasty party”

    BBC – sucking up to labour. It’s what we do.


  95. 274
    Dave Blair says:

    Dave’s doing his Blair mini-me impression now complete with hand movements


    • 286

      Dont forget the jacket off and sleves rolled up “ready for business” stance
      and later the sprayed on persperation !e


    • 291
      bye bye Brown says:

      You Labour pricks are fucked and you know it.

      Good fucking riddance you verminous cockroaches.


      • 312
        Dave Blair says:

        calm down little toryboy troll
        Brown’s fucked and we all know it and look forward to it
        difference is you don’t have the brainpower to realise that replacing Brown with a featherweight Blair clone is hilarious


        • 662
          Sir Everard Digby says:

          and you don’t have the brains to figure out this is more than a one stage process:

          1. Get Brown out. Sadly this means get Cameron in. Not hilarious

          2. Start work on a proper alternative. We have 4/5 years.

          You can’t fix the system in one go. It will take time. But it can be done.


      • 339

        Which” Labour pricks” would that be MR WRONG AGAIN ! ?????????????


  96. 278
    Down with Brown! says:

    Great line in Cameron’s speech in Leeds tonight.

    “Labour are saying vote for them because of their experience. The problem for them is that we have experienced their experience.” Then goes on to attack the recession and Labour’s repeated economic blunders.


    • 282
      I says:

      Great line in Cameron’s speech in Leeds tonight

      “Tough on clones, tough on the causes of clones


    • 492
      Anonymous says:

      A rather obvious linre I would have thought. Christ its not rocket science to demolish any Labour fuckwit who prattles on and on and on. Talk about their record. They dont Like that.


  97. 281
    coin collector says:

    Has anyone ever actually seen M*rk S*niors mysterious “ladyfriend” or do you think the sad bastard is just making it up?


  98. 290
    K says:

    William Hague twittering the campaign from today for those of you who follow these things…



  99. 292

    Cameron your in Leeds (Muslim territory) Dont Mention The War !


  100. 294
    angelnstar says:


    some people are still confused. Anyone sane thinks “Anyone but Gordon” but many people are a bit off their bonces. To help those people, here is the Boris Johnson guide to the election.

    Find out what Boris thinks on Gay Rights, Harriet Harman, Gordon, Damian McBride, David Cameron and much more.


  101. 295
    troglodyte says:

    This man Brown, who wishes to be our PM, is welcome to visit my small English country town and find out just how much we all love and admire him. He goes on about courage . He would need more than courage to set foot in my town. he would need an armed escort.
    He will never show his face in old England.


    • 346
      Engineer says:

      Don’t even think about Brown visiting any English market town. He took part of his summer hols in Cockermouth last year, and look what happened there a few short months later.

      Blair took his family to somewhere in the south-west for part of their summer hols during his first term. The south-west saw him coming and rained for a week. Since then, to every decent English person’s relief, he’s taken his hols abroad.


    • 358
      Engineer says:

      Don’t even think about Brown visiting any English country town. He took part of his summer hols in Cockermouth last year, and look what happened there a few short months later.

      Blair took his family to somewhere in the south-west for part of their summer hols during his first term. The south-west saw him coming and rained for a week. Since then, to every decent English person’s relief, he’s taken his hols abroad.


  102. 298
    Martin Day says:

    OMRLP (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

    Positions Vacant for 2010 Election


    Job Vacancies

    National political party seeks applications for over 600 positions around the country in the near future. Two key areas still available are Sheffield Hallam, against Nick Clegg and the Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath seat held by a certain Gordon Brown. Please contact Loony HQ via email enclosing a full CV. Should you not have a full CV, we will accept that great idea you had 3 years ago and scrawled on the back of a beermat. The Loony party is an equal opportunities employer, we will accept applications from sane people as well.


  103. 302
    nell says:

    Well gordon has had a good start to his election campaign. Petrol up to £1.20 a litre (£5.50 per gallon) and tipped to rise perhaps to £1.25. Cost of filling up an average tank now in excess of £60 a time!!!

    Since motorway man ( those who need to travel extensively for their jobs) have been identified as one of the sections of society who will have an impact on the outcome of the election, the soaring price of petrol looks set to become an election issue.


    • 320
      Motorway man says:

      Brown can fuck right off, he’s not getting my vote!


      • 323
        Down with Brown! says:

        And high earners were hit by the 50p tax on the very day Brown called the election. No wonder so many top businessmen are backing the Tories.


    • 328

      I fucking love fuel price rises !
      i am sorry for “joe public” with the price hikes
      but i am self employed and i get 100% of my fuel spend back
      so as i’m a bit quiet at the moment i take great satisfaction in driving around knowing every penny i burn is another penny Darling has to knock off my tax
      so i’ve started looking for work further afield !


      • 678
        Quantrill says:

        Actually you don’t, what you get is tax refief on your fuel spend so you get back your tax element. The rest I’m afraid you are paying for.


    • 332
      J Clarkson says:

      Over a hundred now to fill a land cruiser


    • 366
      Iva keyster says:

      could be the issue that clinchs it Nellie…also lack of rubbish bins in east shottem and no buses to anderby creek..thats a bastard when you’ve got shopping and four children.


    • 376
      Engineer says:

      Even worse for the road haulage industry. It’s no wonder keeping the economy moving is getting pretty damned expensive these days.


      • 406
        Fat Bloke on Tour says:

        Thick Civil

        Ask yourself why all types of commercial vehicles are getting steadily more powerful?

        Case of Productivity / labour costs vs fuel economy.
        Fuel economy is coming second in that debate.

        More journeys are done at a higher average speed.
        Higher average speed means more accelerating and therefore higher fuel consumption.

        Something wrong somewhere?
        Yorkies are thick but they are not stupid.


      • 495
        nell says:

        Absolutely and let’s not forget that the Road Haulage Industry has on occasion brought our roads to a halt demonstrating at the hike in petrol prices which are partly caused by budget/tax hikes on fuel.

        Let’s also not forget that petrol prices impacting on road haulage prices put up food prices!!

        Expect the next round of ONS inflation figures, due soon, to be bleached of petrol and food rises!


    • 493
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Seeing as though 2/3rds is tax and revenue to the exchequer it no wonder the country is economically in a mess. It adversely affects buisness and commerce but its easy to implement to easy. If gas prices were this high in the US there would be another American Revolution but we brits just continue to take it right up the arse. Not sure but will try to look up the statistics tonight, but the UK must be one of the highest taxed countries in the world. If you take into account rates of Income Tax, NI, VAT, Property Taxes, CGT, oh I could go on but you get the idea and lets not forget all of those Gorgon stealth taxes it is beyond a fucking joke. It is no wonder we are fucked. Next to be taxed the air that we breathe.


    • 616
      Up sh1t creek says:


  104. 307
    Down with Brown! says:

    Jonah jinxed Dawn French’s marriage to Lenny Henry by inviting her to Number 10 for international women’s day.



  105. 309
    Hatchet Harry says:

    Lenny Henry and Dawn French split up.One of the Redgrave Clan kicks the bucket and Brown calls the election.
    Is it fucking Christmas or what?


  106. 316
    ferrets in a sack says:

    Two Labour luvvies, Dawn French and Lenny Henry, have separated today. Is this an omen for what’s going to happen to the two wings in Labour after they get soundly beaten on May 6th?


    • 322
      when Labour scum fall out says:

      What it says is that gay men shouldn’t engage in sham marriages with women or it will all end in tears.

      Are you listening Gordon?


      • 334
        Are you listening Gideon? says:


        • 407
          Evey time you post that I'll post this says:


          • oh dear how will I respond says:

            Mr Cameron said: “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth. Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

            Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

            “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

            “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”


          • Down wif Brown! says:

            So when is Alf Garnett standing for Election ?
            You fucking colossal retard. ROFL!!


          • Anonymous says:

            Alf Garnet was in fact a construct of labour luvies. Slotgobs Father was an actor on it.


      • 345
        BadgerSnatch says:

        yeah but I could give that dawn french one…might need a bit of help getting out but could always nail a plank to my arse.


  107. 321
    Down with Brown! says:

    Meanwhile buried away beneath news of the election. Baroness Scotland had her day in court and admitted to be lied to:



  108. 341
    EDL says:

    We are growing every day,thousands are joining,don’t be left behind with those who will be tried.EDL


    • 369
      concrete pump says:

      I hate the situation as much as the next man, but coming out with shit like:

      ‘don’t be left behind with those who will be tried’, is, quite frankly shitspeak.

      Are you trying to outdo greenpeace on threatening people?

      Are you saying, that by not coming to Brum to protest, i am in fact as bad as the UAF?

      Do you seriously think that you are going to cause some sort of revolution and ‘try’ people who don’t protest?

      I hate the UAF, but if the EDL has people like you threatening normal folk, you can fuck off.


  109. 342
    • 354
      non-dhimmi says:

      Well done EDL!

      Getting out there fighting against the rapidly growing islamification of Britain.


      • 377
        The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

        Most islamists are not the enemy, its j***s and marxists (same thing)
        Go to a mosque and see the welcome that you get, try a syn**OUGE and see how welcome that you are


  110. 352
    BeaverWatch says:

    day one of the campaign … can we stand this for a month ?


  111. 356

    Broken Noses For The Many Not Just The Few


  112. 357
    Virgin says:

    Has anyone got naked pictures of Ellie Gellard?

    I would like to wear out my nob boning her, shouting vote Tory with every thrust.


    • 460
      Alan Hanson on the sofa says:

      Ha, ha. The latest post on her ‘cutting edge’ blog is dated 29th March.


  113. 362
    Gladstone Screwer says:

    Heard some STUPID little BBC bint speaking about how it was ‘genius’ to send that one eyed sociopath into a branch of Morrisons in Kent…oh how grateful the flustered mums were to see the saviour of the world etc….all this and more pro ZaNu propaganda on Radio 5 Live this afternoon.

    I just hate everything about that tosser and his fascist party…..everything.


    • 398
      nell says:

      I wonder if he’ll be visiting Army and RAF home bases, y’know the one’s where there are hundreds of substandard armed forces homes housing the families of those who are fighting in Afghanistan.

      I bet those families would love the chance to tell him what they think of him – I bet equally he won’t go anywhere near them!!


      • 437
        Engineer says:

        Gordon will be “dropping in to take tea” with ordinary members of the public – very carefully vetted Labour party card-carrying members only, no doubt. Quite a contrast to John Major knowing he was going to lose the 1997 election, but still standing on his soapbox in streets and squares up and down the country, taking all the heckles. Courage? One of them had some, and it ain’t the one-eyed mong….


      • 447
        nell mcbride says:

        I wonder if he’ll smear politicians with using their dead and disabled children and exploit dead troops like nell ?


        • 459
          nell says:

          You don’t like people who defend the rights of disabled children to be protected from the media and demand that they be properly supported by the NHS or who lobby for the rights of troops to be sent into war with body armour, helicopters, rifles that will fire in the Afghanistan environment, adequate medical support and IED busting equipment do you?

          You are bobaintbustinagut’s slavish spin and smear assistant kevan and I claim my £5!!


          • nell mcbride says:

            you’re having another ‘funny turn’ dearie
            you smeared a politician using his dead child and his disabled one
            you pretend to give a fuck about the troops while cheerily sending them into the slaughterhouse for another 5 years like the warmonger you are
            you don’t even have the wit to defend your actions
            you just resort to typical tory mcbride inaccurate smearing as ‘Labour’ anyone who finds your hypocritical pious party exploitation nauseating
            I’ve never voted Labour nor will I smearer.what’s your excuse mcbride ?


          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            roll with it nell, he’s not worth it..


          • Mysogynist as thieves says:

            Where’s the blog Tat? Now sod off.


          • Amongymous Misogynist says:

            you need to get out more misogynist
            nell isn’t the only woman in the world but she is one of the worst smearing trolls on this blog. are you going to strart crying because Sarah Brown gets the treatment on here too ? “oh we can’t possibly criticise Sarah because she’s a woman and that would make us misogynists” yeah right! lol. you fucking hypocrite.


          • nell says:

            No – sorry that you have so little intelligence that you fail to understand basics.

            But gordon damaged the welfare of his own disabled child by expressing grief for his disabilities on prime time trash tv and yet never made any reference to his son’s courage in overcoming those disabilities to live a normal life.

            All other parents of disabled children will tell you that what is done is to celebrate their children’s strengths in overcoming their disabilities. Caring parents Never Never highlight weaknesses! Never! They celebrate their child’s Strengths!!

            As for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – I hate both – I never wanted to see our young troops sent there. It was a crime , Dr David Kelly said so and died for it. It was unjustifiable, and it was all fabricated and all about Labour’s Ego.

            Labour wanted a war that could match Maggie in the Falklands and they didn’t care how many troops they killed to win that PR battle.

            Except they haven’t won that battle and history is going to condemn them!!!

            Gordon, ainstbustingaut, kevan and rammel have lost this pr war – you just wait and see what the electorate say!!!


          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            But gordon damaged the welfare of his own disabled child by expressing grief for his disabilities on prime time trash tv

            unlike Dave hypocrite

            “A faltering David Cameron yesterday said he regretted not taking more time off to recover from the death last year of his six-year-old disabled son. His candid comments came in a television interview strikingly similar in tone and style to Gordon Brown’s tearful appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, to be broadcast tonight.”

            You ‘forgot’ when Brown said this about looking after his son smearer

            “But when you think about it, we are able to do things for Frser and we are able to help someone who’s got that condition. So again I feel we’ve been pretty fortunate in life because although we’ve had these tragedies we’ve been given the privilege of having a son even though we lost a daughter.”

            The difference is I might think Brown is a fucking useless PM and Dave is a P.R. Bliar clone but I wouldn’t stoop so low as to question eithers love for their child. But you do. Because you are a partisan smearing Tory McBride with no conscience.

            You hate the Wars but won’t dare criticise Dave who wants antother 5 years of carnage. Because you are a partisan exploiter. I’ll happily condemn all the warmongers Bush Blair Brown Obama and Cameron.

            And don’t worry Fawkes will save your blushes by deleting anything critical of you or pointing out blatant hypocrisy.


          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            You flatter me by using MY name, your message does not..


          • Amongymous Misogynist says:

            my mistake, you wouldn’t want to be associated with the truth after all


          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on your pito..!!


          • nell says:

            Your are an Idiot AM. Cameron talks about a child who has died. I think he was wrong to do that- but nonetheless he doesn’t damage a child’s future.

            Gordon emotes, on prime time trash tv, all over an existing disabled child highlighting his grief and regrets about that child’s disabilities – and locking them forever more into the historical reposititories of the media.

            That child is a perfectly intelligent human being who will, one day, view those interviews his father has given. How do you think that child is going to feel , listening to his Dad saying how grieved he is – not, as he should have done, how Proud he is, of that rather wonderful son who is overcoming disabilities to live as normal a life as possible!!!

            Sorry! But gordon is so full of his own grief, depression and misery, he can’t see the wonder and the courage that exists, in his own son, within his own family.

            That is the tragedy that is gordon!! He sees the negative in life, the misery and the disabilty. He doesn’t comprehend the greatness of the human spirit or the courage of disabled people that helps them not just to overcome their problems but their ability to live life to the full!


          • nell mcbride says:

            How do you think that child is going to feel , listening to his Dad saying

            “So life expectancy from Cystic Fibrosis is growing all the time. And so we are, we are very confident. We’re very, we’re very optimistic that this, this new, new kind of treatment is, is going to make a difference and we’ve, we’ve got a boy that is, he loves climbing in trees. He loves sport. He loves trampolining. He can swim and we got him swimming really, really young. ”

            “So again I feel we’ve been pretty fortunate in life because although we’ve had these tragedies we’ve been given the privilege of having a son even though we lost a daughter and then our second son which nobody thought that that would be possible either. So we, we feel pretty fortunate.”

            Fine actually. Because unlike you he’ll not be a partisan smearer looking to paint everyone with the same spiteful outlook on life you have.

            “Gordon emotes, on prime time trash tv” And Cameron did the exact same in an interview a mere 24 hours later. You keep highlighting how much of a hypocrite you are nell. It’s pretty stupid even for you.

            “That is the tragedy that is gordon!! He sees the negative in life”

            Sorry but you aren’t even aware of how phenomenally hypocritical you’re being here. Perhaps you just don’t have the basic human decency to understand. You are smearing a Politician using his disabled child nell while ignoring the precise same actions of his opposite number because you are a partisan troll. Stop digging dear it’s becoming pathetic.

            They both love their children nell. You are just too twisted to see it.


          • Anonymous Misogynist says:


            Don’t get confused with AM, AM and AM.. please. You should know who is the real AM..NewGirl is a good friend..??


        • 499
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          Go back to bed you cock.


          • A song for Pikey says:

            any pegs to sell Pikey ?


          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            Only one I’ve got left is on my nose – I can smell your soul from here.


          • stilyagi_air_Liar says:

            it’s the knobcheese who was proved wrong
            my soul is fine son because I’m not the one pretending a parent doesn’t love their child just to launch cheap partisan exploitation smear attacks
            yours on the other hand is positively grotesque


      • 578
        Leroy says:

        pito bread


  114. 370
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Ma Beasts central heating system went tits up over the weekend and I had to get an engineer for her for her , he was a Jock (I was armed just in case)
    First thing he said was about McMental and the election

    “I fucking hate him, why should I get up at 6 Am to give that fool most of my money to piss away?”
    See , even the Scotchers hate the one eyed, jug eared rent boy using twat who couldnt count to five using either of his pudgy hands
    Labour will lose most of their Scottish seats and all of England apart from the ones populated by friends of Jack Straw and that Chamois small dick who hails from Pakistan


  115. 373
    What the fuck is happening says:

    Fuck me. I just happened to flick BBC 1 on and saw Middle Eastenders


    • 542
      RtHon Patricia Hewitt MP says:

      It is Unacceptable to highlight any areas effnic-mix, even a fictional one, other than for progressive reasons of encouraging grant-allocation to those areas most in need of all our support. You have been reported to Labour HQ for the implied Waysist element of that comment.

      Once we have established that you are unlikely to put up any serious resistance, the Unite action committee will be round to smash your windows and piss through your letterbox.



  116. 382
    It's not rocket science! says:

    I’ve got a campaign theme for the conservatives: A poster of broon looking like a sleazy bling wearing bond villain, flipping a finger at the camera, with the tag: “Gold Fingered: We could have built (insert nos of schools/hospitals etc) with the 6 billion pounds Gordon Brown lost selling uk gold reserves at rock bottom prices. It’s time for some pay back. Vote conservative.”

    Do same for pensions, with gordo dressed as a pickpocket, about to steal a purse from an old lady’s handbag: “The man who stole your old age. Gordon Brown’s pension raid cost billions. It’s time for some pay-back. Vote conservative.

    Gordon is labour’s biggest liability – get stuck in!


  117. 385
    martin sewell says:

    The “man of the people” didn’t mange to queue up and buy a ticket I noticed.


    • 413
      Ben Webster @timesonline.co.uk says:

      The “man of the people like Cherie Blair, Heather Mills, and Richard Harries among others” didn’t mange to queue up and buy a ticket I noticed. Obviously the ticket office was closed.


  118. 389
    Sarah Tweet says:


    • 399
      Serial Killer says:

      Hm Claw hammer or lump hammer?


    • 410
      Sarah's Bovine says:

      Mad cow disease?


    • 422
      Sarah Tweet says:

      The Civil Service has removed the Bold direct link to Sarah Twitter on the RHS of her number 10 web page but have failed to remove a link from within the text.

      On the number 10 home page they state that they will now obey the civil service code. How can Sarah’s state funded electioneering for her husband be within the Civil service Code?



      • 486
        Potemkin Marraige says:

        I suppose if I was a lawyer ( which I am not thank fuck) I would argue that Sarah cannot be in breach of the civil service code since ITS NOT FUCKING HER WHO TWEETS IN THE FIRST PLACE !!! Case fucking closed. !


    • 534
      Does she really think we give a fuck about her twitter account ???? says:

      Sarah will you please continue to twitter when your useless fuckwitted husband is thrown out of Downing Street by the people of this country who have had quite enough of your shite ! Thank you.


  119. 390
    Mr Hat says:

    So the Mirror has a problem with Cameron having 21 Etonians up for election.
    Did they have a problem with incompetent toffs in the Labour party?


    • 420
      nell says:

      Currently 7% of labour MP’s were independently educated – ie approx. 24 of them.

      In 2010 research suggests that 14% of labour’s elected mp’s will have been independently educated.

      Hypocrisy, in capital letters and dayglo colours comes to mind when labour dares to spout off about independent education.

      It’s OK for them but they prefer no-one else to be given the benefits of it!!!


  120. 396
    Can't remember my moniker says:


    Give us a new page mate. All the rugrats have just got back from their picnic in Rochester and they are desperately tired and over the top.

    They are making sounds with the occasional word of English included but, as usual, no sense emanates.

    Their parents should pack them off to bed (individually) but we cannot rely on them either.


  121. 414
    Labour, the Lie, Deny then smear Party says:

    There is a simple test of the crowd’s pedigree if they are Labour creeps there will be shouts of ‘good luck gordon’ – if its a real crowd it will be shouting



  122. 417
    grobdj says:

    Nick Clegg says it’s not a two horse race

    Yup, I see two horses and a donkey


  123. 418
    QWERTY says:

    Nice to see the excellent Tom Bradby on ITV pointing out that the mong was shaking hands with his own stooges (unlike Toenails on BBC 1). Also ITV didn’t give a shit about Cameron NOT mentioning homosexuals in the “great ignored” unlike the BBC bummers who went on and on and on about it all day.


    • 439
      BBC Filth says:

      On PM, Mair mentioned it in the intro to DC’c speech that the ‘straight-gay’ was in the blurb but omitted from the speech; then he proceeded to harangue Hague about it when interviewed. At least I’ll give him some credit as he gave Millitwat Minor some stick about McMental’s Gold (that was a film wasn’t it was it called MacKenna’s Gold?)!


  124. 428
    It's all in her head says:

    Ellie Gellard says: http://stilettoedsocialist.wordpress.com/

    ‘When I walked the streets of Paris, I felt despair.

    The one thing that the have-nots (or have-nothings) lack there is a safety net. A cast iron guarantee that if they are sick, treatment awaits. Free of charge. That unemployment does not mean falling off the face of the earth. That if one encounters difficulty, the state will step in, work with you to get you back on track. A reassurance that you are worth help, often encouraging merely because it is known to be there.’

    World Health Organisation says:

    WHO ranked the French health care system number one among the 191 member countries surveyed, stating that it provides “the best overall health care”. Judging took into consideration five criteria: overall level of health within a population; health inequalities within a population (how much economic status affects health); health system responsiveness (patient satisfaction); responsiveness within the population (how well people in various economic groups are served); and distribution of costs (who foots the bill).


  125. 429
    grobdj says:

    Election or not, here’s this year’s raft of regulations for businesses:

    You will note there is now a mandatory maximum temperature for bath water

    April 2010 regulation changes
    Common commencement dates

    Most new laws affecting businesses come into force on one of two common commencement dates (CCDs) each year – 6 April and 1 October. CCDs enable you to prepare your business for the introduction of new, amended or reduced requirements.

    Note that certain changes affect the financial year and so may have an in-force date of 1 April 2010. For simplicity, this summary treats both dates as a single CCD.

    This page gives you an early snapshot of regulations expected to come into force for the April 2010 CCD. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

    To keep informed of regulations affecting your business:

    * see our section on regulation updates for detailed guidance for regulations that are about to, or have recently come into force
    * sign up to our regulation update email alert service for regulatory news and any other CCD regulations that might arise

    Taxes, returns & payroll

    VAT filing and payment: From 1 April 2010, all existing VAT-registered businesses with an annual turnover of £100,000 or more excluding VAT – and all businesses newly registering for VAT – will have to submit their VAT returns online and pay any VAT due electronically. See our guide on moving from paper to online VAT Returns and paying electronically.

    Landfill tax: This will increase from £40 to £48 per tonne for disposals made – or treated as made – on or after 1 April 2010. See our regulation update: increase in landfill tax.

    Business rates: The rateable value thresholds that determine a ratepayer’s entitlement to small business rate relief or rural rate relief – and the amount of that relief – are being increased. See our regulation update: revised thresholds for small business and rural rate relief.
    Employing people

    Time for training: Employees in firms with more than 250 employees will gain the right to request time off for training. The right will be extended to all employees in April 2011. See our regulation update: new right for employees to request time to train.

    Sickness absence: A new statement of fitness for work is being introduced to replace existing medical statements (or ‘sick notes’). See our regulation update: introduction of important changes to medical statements.

    Additional paternity leave and pay: Eligible employees gain the right to share their partner’s statutory maternity or adoption leave.
    IT & e-commerce

    Data protection: Businesses that seriously contravene the data protection principles may receive a penalty of up to £500,000. See our regulation update: introduction of monetary penalties for data protection breaches.
    Health, safety, premises

    Fire safety: Employers in England will have to assess a worker’s capabilities to carry out fire safety-related tasks. See our regulation update: duty to consider the fire safety capabilities of workers.
    Environment & efficiency

    Energy efficiency: Larger businesses may have to start taking action under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.
    Your business sector


    Conventional tower cranes: Businesses responsible for ensuring that conventional tower cranes used on construction sites are thoroughly examined by a competent person must give the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) information about such cranes. See our regulation update: duty to notify the HSE of conventional tower cranes.

    Building Regulations: Construction businesses will have to comply with changes to the Building Regulations 2000. These will introduce for new buildings:

    * a minimum water efficiency requirement
    * a maximum temperature requirement for bath water

    The rules will also be strengthened and clarified on:

    * the safety of hot water systems
    * the supply of water of suitable quality for personal and food hygiene

    Street works supervisors and operatives: Supervisors and trained operatives will have to be reassessed every five years before they can re-register on the Street Works Qualification Register and continue to carry out street works. See our regulation update: reassessment for street works operatives and supervisors.
    Sports facility operation

    Greyhound welfare: Minimum welfare standards are to be introduced for greyhound racing tracks in England. See our regulation update: new animal welfare standards for greyhound tracks.
    Bicycle and bicycle parts manufacturing and retail

    Bicycle safety standards: New bicycles will have to come supplied with certain safety features. See our regulation update: revised safety standards for pedal bicycles.
    Fishing, water transport for passengers, and marine and inland water freight

    Work at height: Operators of merchant ships, yachts, and fishing and code vessels must ensure the safety of workers working at height.

    Chemical and biological agents: Operators of merchant ships, yachts, and fishing and code vessels must assess risks to seafarers from hazardous biological and chemical agents.


  126. 431
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    See the report of those two women caught trying to get a dead body onto a plane at Liverpool Airport ?

    That was, in fact, a dress rehearsal for May 7th when Hattie Harperson and Sarah Beard try to get the overhwelmingly defeated El Gordo out of the country before he is lynched by the celebrating mob.

    Looks like it will have to be Plan B now. Let the devious, one-eyed, Jock, kiddie-fiddling mong hang by his long-redundant bollocks, then Hattie and Beard can get back to their mutual carpet-munching.


  127. 432
    • 461
      Jackass Straw says:

      Give us another 5 years, and we will complete the job of smashing the English people.


  128. 434
    Bill Caxton says:

    Here are a couple of my most recent odes.

    The Ballad of Joan Higgins

    There is no chapel on the day
    On which they hang a gran,
    For Manchester Trading Standards office
    Is not run by a decent man.
    Or what is written in the nations eyes
    Is for pity on this poor woman.

    She had imposed a heavy fine
    The newsmen they did tell,
    The anger and injustice of this case,
    Swabbed and photographed in a cell.
    Labour with its pointless rules and laws
    Has put a poor woman through Hell.

    That her crime was selling a goldfish
    She was forced to wear an ankle tag
    For not saying “Keep it in a bowl”
    Treated worse than any drug dealing lag
    And not being allowed out at night
    For seven weeks now life is such a drag!

    The buyer he was a little under age
    No crime was committed with a knife,
    A nation felt anger and outrage
    At no apparent threat to life.
    The Town Hall exercised its rights
    Just to cause this woman strife.

    The hordes of petty bureaucrats
    With all the bad seeds they sow
    Will soon be removed from great office
    In a way the voters know,
    And the red rose will be less red
    Because the wind of change will blow.

    And this is the one we have all been waiting for.

    “The time has come” Gordon said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of economies— savings— and death tax
    And prosperity that Labour brings”
    Does CO2 make the sea boiling hot?
    Of course pigs have wings!

    “But wait a bit,” the voters cried,
    “Before you increase VAT;
    For some of us are out of work,
    Only the bankers are getting fat!”
    Have a good whine” said the Chancellor
    “I’ve raised the duty on that.”

    “If we use our loaf,” Gordon said,
    “Is what we chiefly need
    Higher taxes and borrowing besides
    A very good plan indeed?
    Now if you’re ready, voters dear
    The government has agreed—”

    “But not with us,” the workers cried,
    Turning the air very blue
    “After such a booming economy
    A dismal thing to do.”
    “The outlook is fine,” Gordon said
    “Listen to my point of view.”

    “Higher duties yet to come,
    You expect us to be nice?”
    The Chancellor said nothing but
    “Social Welfare is a huge slice,
    I wish you were not quite so deaf
    I’ve had to tell you twice!”

    “I am not ashamed,” Gordon said
    “It is not just a trick,
    We have bailed you out so far,
    And recovery will be quick!”
    The Chancellor said nothing but
    “Spread the butter thick.”

    “I weep for you,” Gordon said;
    “I deeply sympathize.”
    There were jeers shouted out.
    “You’re in for a big surprise!”
    He put away the pocket-handkerchief
    As no tears came to his eyes.

    “O taxpayers,” said the Chancellor
    “You’ve had a pleasant run!
    Shall we be voted in again?”
    The answer came there none—
    And this was scarcely odd, because
    They had upset everyone.

    Tis a pity not more MP’s are locked uo in Reading Gaol


  129. 442

    My neighbour is so kind. She is helping her “mentally disabled friends” fill out their postal votes. Poor, poor dears – little things like voting are so difficult if you’re bipolar schizoid psychopaths, which is what they are.
    My neighbour is so community minded she moves me to tears. I have offered to help her with her task as she says that the sackfuls of votes will play havoc with her haemorrhoids.
    Does anyone else have any handy tips on how to contribute to the election?


    • 511
      JACK (Spineless Turd) STRAW says:

      I have allready filled out counted and boxed all the postal votes for My Blackburn constituency this will avoid a last minute rush
      and less chance of any of My votes getting lost in the post
      oop’s did i say “My” constituency well i’m saying nothing
      but i will say a big thank you to all my asian friends for knocking on the doors and helping the “not so clever”people fill their forms in
      4 more years 4 more years 4 more years !


  130. 446

    Dear sir or madam, I am from the aristocracy. Does that stop me from voting what with all this political correctness?


  131. 455
    Disco Biscuit says:

    “As if genuine members of the public would cheer Gordon”

    They would if he accidentally decapitated himself with a lawnmower…


  132. 470

    […] the election, Gordon Brown headed out to meet some hand picked workers in a supermarket, passed some hand picked students that cheered him away from London, and managed to hand pick a quote from Pat Garratt and Billy the […]


  133. 472
    Anonymous says:

    Labour Shill on channel 4 news doing a straw poll on a train when one passenger actually had the audacity to say they are thinking of voting conservative and the Shill asked her if she felt embarrased about that. Absolutely fucking disgraceful !!!!


    • 536
      Jack Ketch says:

      That was no shill that was the fragrant Cathy Newman but I agree with you.When Cathy actually found a woman who was daring to consider voting Tory Cathy stared at her in disbelief and asked(in so many words) if she was prepared for the public odium of such a confession. Channel 4 must have chartered the steam train and packed it with Labour voters.The retired Railwayman who gave his reason for not voting for Cameron because he was too smart and Gordon may be awkward but at least he felt he was honest you felt like pulling the communication chord and jumping off the train yourself into the path of the express from Bristol Templemeads.So many people have been inculcated by the propaganda and Labour’s education system with the guilt of actually thinking of voting Tory that it shows the battle ahead


      • 549
        Anonymous says:

        Cathy Newman has the face of a horse just like that other horsefaced woman sarah Jessica Parker and when I think about it Jerry Hall. But that aside she is a disgrace .


    • 554
      BBC Filth says:

      Just like that Carolyn Quimme on Al-Beeba’s PM in Dartford, which has returned the winning MP to the Governing party, questioning prospective voters. When the interviewee intimated that they would vote Conservative, Quimme would remind them that the MP returned was a Liebour one who made up the government, what was their reaction to that!!

      WTF!! Non-sequitors all round Quimme!!


      • 555
        BBC Filth says:

        Toenails is doing Broon’s shilling for him on News at Ten, he’s a feckin twunt!!


        • 663
          couch potato and mustard says:

          Hope you all saw Anne Widdie’s interview on the Beeb tonight. Really gave that labour shilling interviewer drone a good seeing to. Pity she’s retiring as she’s make a very good Speaker for the next round.


    • 557
      Anonymous says:

      The guy with the beard whos body Language ie arms folded close to his chest, give away the fact he was spouting a previously agreed position, looked like a lecturer from some lefty school of politics…..emmm maybe its been a long day….still think Im right though… time for bed


  134. 473
    Not long until Labour gone says:

    Hidden out of view because of the election announcement, is the court case with Baroness Scotland who it turns out did not check the passport of her cleaner. It appears both the cleaner and Scotland admit the passport wasn’t show at any time.


    • 478
      Vote Labour Get North Korea says:

      #444 A mere trifle dear as the Law is for the little people not those born to rule.


    • 532
      grobd says:

      Baroness Scotland: Doctor, before the autopsy, did you check for a pulse:

      Expert Witness:No

      Baroness Scotland:Did you check for blood pressure?

      Expert Witness:No

      Baroness Scotland: Breathing??

      Expert Witness: NO

      Baroness Scotland:So then, is it possible that that the patient was alive when the autopsy began?

      Expert Witness:NO NO NO

      Baroness Scotland: HOW CAN YOU BE SO SURE????

      Expert Witness:Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar

      Baroness Scotland: I see……But could the patient still have had some feeling, some consciousness, some vestige of life nevertheless?

      Expert Witness:Yes, it is possible the patient was alive and practising law


  135. 483
    The Director of Politically Krect 'n Convenient Troof at AlJaBeeba, The Brhoon Bullshit Corpse says:

    I have issued instructions that only words directly uttered by Our Glorious and Beloved Leader shall be broadcast. Naturally, these will be introduced by Glowing Tributes to the breadth, depth, and perspicacity of the Glorious One.

    Words by other people may be summarised and quoted on air, but only when I have made a suitable summary.

    Meanwhile, Archerist, Ashcroftist, and Bankerist stories, together wiv stories about the wickedness of all hetero ‘communities’ will be broadcast every 15 minutes with 5 minute updates. All independent minded people will be similarly villified.

    Constant reminders for the sheeple to pay their Telly Tax must of course be continued.


  136. 484
  137. 490
    Midlands Teachers!!! says:

    take 2



    • 582
      King Chillout says:

      I would rather my children be taught by a BandP teacher than a fucking socialist teacher.


  138. 497
    The way ahead says:

    I already feel as though the weight,the sheer menace and never-ending drudgery of Brown and his thugs is being lifted from me.

    4 weeks to go and he will be thrown out along with his creeps.

    I have a spring in my step,hope in my heart and am whistling tunes during the day.

    Whoever wins the election,it won’t be this charlatan.

    And we shall emerge as a nation from the darkness of Brown,to walk – blinking – into sunlit uplands.


  139. 501

    Yes mr Brown thats two vans to no10 Downing st Friday 7th of May
    Going to Scotland , but where in Scotland ?
    Im sorry you must know the adress you want to go to
    we must have a delivery adress !


    • 535
      jgm2 says:

      Naah mate. It’ll be ‘Shore Porters’. A Scottish firm – over 500 years old – dedicated to helping and endless supply of folk leave the fucking awful place for over half a millennium.

      Of course there is always the odd one who wants to move back. Particularly since their long term health care is now free. Unlike in England.


      • 600

        And their universities
        and perscriptions
        and teachers are paid more
        and free heating systems for all
        and probarbly many more thing we dont hear about !


    • 538
      PICK(nose)FORDS REMOVALS says:

      Sorry mate, we’ve got the job. It’s Rampton we’re off to.


  140. 503
    dr. sipp says:

    i could see the gold reflecting off the students bracelets

    the irony of it


  141. 517
    Son of a cunt says:

    Dominic Carmen Lawyer or liar, or both you decide.



  142. 531
    Charles Foster Kane says:

    Well as usual the tv reporters didn’t let us down. On ITV we had the ‘Cameron toff’ description and C4 followed up by asking if a woman was ‘embarrassed ‘ to vote Tory!!!!

    Ffs!!!!!!! So Dave got lucky and was born into a wealthy family. Don’t we all want the best for our kids? The best that money can buy? Wouldn’t we all want our children to have money and nice homes? So why the jealousy?

    And apparently Dave speaks nicely!

    So not wanting to sound like a thicko is something to dislike?

    It’s a lot better having money than scrimping and scraping for every penny and living in a shithole.

    Is it now a crime to have aspiration in the uk?
    Is wealth only to be reserved for party members and union leaders?

    As for ‘embarrassment’ then the jocko homo takes the proverbial.

    A man who does not know the meaning of the words ‘truth’ or ‘courage’ and after being at the helm of finance for 13 years tries to blame everyone else for his mistakes….

    A man that chased Obama through kitchens?

    So called journalism in this country is pathetic…….
    Still- with 2 million kids having degrees in media studies i suppose standards were bound to slip!


    • 543
      Vote Labour Get North Korea says:

      Nobody fails in Labourland its one of our great achivements you know.


    • 550
      grobdj says:

      The media should really be watching what regulations Brown shoves through Parliament this week his usual pace is one new criminal offence per day


    • 580
      Son of a cunt says:

      Stab enough people in the back and you too can make it to the politburo


  143. 540
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    Do you think Wootton Bassett will be on my itinerary ???


    • 565
      nell says:

      gutlessgordon taking tea with real people in the pubs and tea shops at Wootton Bassett. Oh Yes I’d like to see that!!

      Not going to happen!! He wouldn’t dare!!

      The only people he’s going to be talking to over this next month are very carefully vetted labour luvvies!!! Gordon’s a coward. He won’t want to be exposed to someone who might express an opinion that he does not agree with!!! The wave and cheer labour bunch at St Pancras this morning are ample proof of that!!!


      • 593
        Gordoom cooks the books says:

        TRUE even Bliar met real people but then he could hold his own guttless on the other hand would bounce a Nokia of a women who wanted to know why her mom can`t get the drugs she needs and Mandyslime knows it so droids all the way it is
        ps look at his face he really believes it when they cheer and clap as bad as my misses when i say course i won`t come in your mouth cow falls for it every time


      • 637
        BBC Filth says:

        All over adequately covered by Toenails, Further and other Al-Beeba Shills etc.


        Forthcoming Newsnights Swingometers…

        Looking forward to seeing the outfits that Maitlis will be wearing, Kellner’s eyes will be out on stalks having only that Ugly Cow Ashton to w*nk over!!


  144. 547
    nell says:

    Gordon has leached billions of money out of everyone’s pensions. Equity Life’s and the public pension purse. Then he sold the State’s Gold at rock bottom prices giving us a nearly £7billion loss.

    We really want to trust this man don’t we??!!


    • 567
      grobdj says:

      Gordon Brown/Alastair Darling/Adair Turner’s answer to the implosion of private pensions is compulsion

      i.e. you MUST invest in crap pension schemes even though we allow the merchant banks to rip all the profit out of the stock market on a daily basis.

      In order to create the jobs of the future, we have an army of capable prudent Scottish Presbyterians ready and waiting to bank your money and give it back to you in thirty years at a whisker under what you paid in

      Oh, but just in case you build a business successful enough to maximise tax allowances given by previous Governments to encourage you to pay into a pension scheme, we will tax you at 40% on the excess you capitalist bastard


    • 574
      Anonymous says:

      Comment I heard from a Conservative canvasser today – Back in 97 we were getting grief from our own supporters, this time even Labour voters are being nice to us!


    • 626
      BBC Filth says:

      Daily Mail Headlines Wed 7th April 2010 on Newsnight… “Last chance to save Britain from 5 more years of Gordon Brown”

      Paxo retorts “Not very partisan of them”.

      WTF!! Al-Beeba, where the impartiality.


  145. 561
    Scopes says:

    That Flanders cow is on the BBC News now lying and trying to minimise the damage the Supreme Muppet has done to this country.

    She used bullshit like “… the worst recession since the eighties”. The fucking eighties? It’s the worst recession EVER you simple slag.

    She then came up with this gem “… no PEACETIME Government has borrowed more…” PEACETIME!!!! you daft baggage? No Governement has ever borrowed more EVER you lying bitch.

    Christ the Beeboids are desperate.


    • 586
      jgm2 says:

      Did she really?

      It’s fucking rude isn’t it?

      I didn’t see it but (tellingly) it’s absolutely par for the fucking course with these fuckers. Worst since the 1980’s?

      How about ‘worst since records began’? Or worst in living memory?

      Now I can understand Labour liars, bedwetters, bastards and suchlike wanting to minimize the extent of their economic fuckwittery and incompetence. The better to have another go at being incompetent and fuckwitted. The better to have their 17 year old children ‘blooded’ in an unwinnable seat. Prove their political ‘pedigree’ before being rewarded with a safe seat. I (kind of) understand that. It’s all about power.

      But the B-fucking-B-fucking-C?

      But the when the BBC conflates ‘no peacetime’ with ‘since the 1980’s’ it is unquestionably to propagate the lie that the 1980’s recession was worse than the Brownian recession.

      In any case it’s a lie. We know it is the longest and deepest recession since records began (or can be extrapolated) since the 1920’s.


    • 594
      Gordon Brezhnev says:

      It’s GLOBAL and it all started in AMERICA.

      All our policies were absolutely perfect. I’d abolished Boom and Bust until America came along and ruined everything but fortunately, because I’m a genius, I saved the world single-handedly.


    • 628
      BBC Filth says:

      Anyone notice that she wears those boots all the time, Stephnanomics the bow-legged economist!!


      • 636
        jgm2 says:

        Actually – to be fair to Steph – the few times I’ve read her blog she does seem to be a little fairer than the ‘ra-ra-ra-Gordon is great, peace be upon him and his economic genius’ strand of BBC ‘reporting’.

        Because, as Nick Robinson so helpfully explained a year or so back, he’s simply reporting what he’s been given to report. I’m surprised David Cameron doesn’t simply do what Number 10 has been doing for the past 13 years and give him (Robinson) a sheet of self-fellating bullshit and tell Robinson to ‘report’ that.


  146. 577
    lenny henry says:

    Im making a comeback,
    many years ago I started my career as a very unfunny “Frank Spencer “mimic,some c unt who fucked up everything that he touched and was an obvious poofter then in a very obvious attempt to save my career married a big fat munter and had 2 fake children
    Tonight Mathew I am going to be Gordon Brown


  147. 581
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    Why didn`t CMD come out with the line “remember he isn`t calling this election by choice he has had to by law just remember that fact”


    • 634
      BBC Filth says:

      The cnut BBC reporter on Newsnight said it was Gordo’s day because he could call the election day and see the Queen, disingenuous as the Mentalist had hit the wire!!


  148. 585

    LIE-BORE have a mini budget or a Massive U turn
    dropped is the new Darling taxes
    tax on furnished holiday lets
    10% tax on cider and another one i cant remember
    after the Major fuck up of trying to increase NI
    these petty little non headline grabbers
    will not even get a mention in the press


  149. 592

    My Doctor told me it’s okay for some people to vote twice. Is this true?
    Do I have to take a means test.?


  150. 595
    monocular jock says:

    Ah yes, Wes Streeting. What an obnoxious, odious, self-satified little cun.t he is. I had the misfortune of having him and his toadying little mates sitting next to me on a train last year. I still regret not punching the little fucker into the ground. Still, there’s gonna be plenty of the red rosetted arseholes knocking around in the next few weeks to take revenge on.


  151. 597
    Sunday Morning's all right for fighting says:

    Women ‘Tried To Sneak Corpse On To Plane’ Share3 Share
    10:31pm UK, Tuesday April 06, 2010

    Huw Borland, Sky News Online

    Two women have been arrested after allegedly trying to smuggle a dead relative on to a flight out of England

    Nice try you one-eyed jock twat!


  152. 604
    QWERTY says:

    Just slapped the mong a few hundred more times, over 1000 now for me


    slap the mong, you know it makes sense


  153. 614
    Doctor Mick says:

    I believe the climate is rather pleasant in Fife in late May.

    So it won’t all be bad news for Gordon.


  154. 631
    Decent leader please says:

    This is how i feel at the moment :/


  155. 650
    Nogs R us says:

    Apparently the n’igger Woods and the n’igger Baroness Scotland got fucked up on drugs and had a child, and it’s the dirty n’igger black bastard scum, Jordan.

    I always knew that filthy slag was a n’igger.


  156. 651
    Son of a cunt says:

    Toenails getting slaughtered on his blog


  157. 664
    couch potato and mustard says:

    Just been watching the CNN News. An item from London states that it is now becoming seriously overcrowded. No new houses being built; lowest number of starts ever, credit crunch etc etc.

    Female luvvie-type American reporter says “Now going to visit a typical London home to get views”.

    Goes to scruffy tower block in west London, up a few floors, knocks on door… and who answers? Fucking Arab muslim woman with three kids all on benefits!! Typical English family? Yeah right. Interspersed clips from fake charity housing association, whinge, moan, complain, lack of support etc etc. No mention at all that the real cause of all this was the untrammelled immigration of the past 13 years. Nearly made me throw my Nokia at the telly. CNN is as bad of the rest of them with their left wing crap.


  158. 665
    David says:

    I really must get myself a new ear trumpet – i thought they were shouting “fuck off Gordon!”


  159. 668
    Stu says:

    The way that Browns spontaneous demonstration was organised was straight out of 1984. Ing Soc used to organise spontaneous love ins for Big Brother. Ironic no?


  160. 671

    […] on the leader debates – FT Voters remain wary as final act begins – Philip Stephens for the FT Labour spinners caught out at the station – Guido Fawkes Weak government may be our strongest option – Anatole Kaletsky for the Times Election begins […]


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