April 3rd, 2010

Guido and the Guardianistas on Politics and Pop Culture

The Observer asked Guido to comment on pop culture and politics with a yoof, a depressed Marxist professor and one of their music hacks. It was a Nathan Barley type self-facilitating nodal moment…


  1. 1
    Dead Tree Press Aggregator says:

    wow! what a scoop

    • 2

      Ironic that you can’t come up with a new line. Please accept a full refund and fuck off.

      • 4
        Dead Tree Press Aggregator says:

        nice to see you aren’t letting it get to you, and why would you ?
        Fuckity Bye !

        • 6
          save them the trouble says:

          leave guido alone!!
          Labour Hoon, Labour Hoon, Labour Hoon, Labour Hoon…
          (continued for quite some time)

          • Spme advice for Guido says:

            That was a waste of 6 and a half minutes of my life!
            Guido, why didn’t you just come out and say your’e all talking a load of drivel?

          • Gord and Dave says:

            IFM and ERM – A reminder of who broke Britain

        • 13
          Lord Crumpet says:

          Fuck off Gary.

          • Ironic that you can’t come up with a new line says:

            Please accept a full refund and fuck off (this being the new line always trotted out)

            IRONY! LOL

          • Pseuds' Corner says:

            A sacramental event, and a displacement activity from years of doing our heads in with illegal substances.

          • iron does irony says:

            “Please accept a full refund and fuck off (this being the new line always trotted out)

            IRONY! LOL”

            You’re right, he should have just told you to go and rim some tramps, but then again you’ve never needed much encouragement in that area.

          • tat does a twat as usual says:

            Please accept Esther Ratzens anal and vaginal discharge in yer gob and fuck off back to your imaginary blog thick as thieves

          • ooh you bitch says:

            says tats’ tramp ex boyfriend.

          • barefootcontessa says:

            …and oh those double chins!

          • Susie says:

            A sacramental event? Diana’s death releasing all the angst of the Thatcher years? You were sitting on the same sofa Guido, why didn’t you just nut the twerp?

            a) Thatcher had been out of power for 8 years by 1997
            b) Diana died in a car accident along with her playboy boyfriend (the fiancee of someone else at the time) whose driver was a drunkard

          • Anon says:

            Thick as thieves IS popular culture motherfuckers. That was the point.
            And he featured exclusively here, on order-order.com.
            No other blog would have allowed him such freedom of speech but Guido Fawkes Esquire did.
            Fawkes is alright and all you snipers who bleat on with your pathetic insults are just a bunch of wankers.

      • 5
        Disaffected says:

        Absolute bollocks Guido. I suspect Tony did try drugs and that’s what addled his brain for 10 years- he must be on drugs to put up with slot-gob.

        • 9
          Who ate all the Pies ? says:

        • 922
          Roger Rigid says:

          The dirty, dishonest, dastardly, deceitful, double-dealing, duplicitous, dickheads, the corrupt, collusive, crooked, calculating, conniving cretinous çüńţs!!!

      • 21
        Malcolm Tucker says:

        do you know what I call semantics? WANK!

      • 49
        RAM says:

        Don’t listen to the haters Guido – you fit in perfectly with those London media types and were unflinchingly mundane. Your line about X Factor really made me think- as always cutting through the BS and telling it like it is. Bravo sir. This site is worth every penny.

      • 351
        Anonymous says:

        Pretentious? Moi?

    • 83
      Down with Brown!! says:

      What’s a scoop ?

      • 812
        Blair for Poop says:

        It’s what you use after your dog has done a Mandelson on the pavement.

    • 107
      Long yawn says:

      What a wafflers club

    • 119
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Damn, maybe we should all chip in a penny for the Guardian guys to go on a video course so they can learn how to shoot decent non-nausea inducing framed video.

    • 123

      Drugs were better in the 80s – Can we go back there – http://whogoeshome.co.uk/?p=647

      • 166
        concrete pump says:

        What drugs were better?

        Acid = possibly
        Coke = no way
        Weed = definitely no
        Speed = urghh!

        Were you talking about prescription drugs, Trev?

        Music was much better in the 80′s.

        • 200
          Crap 80s disco music says:

          ker chinky chinky chinky chinky chinky chinky
          ker chinky chinky chinky chinky chinky chinky
          ker chinky chinky chinky chinky chinky chinky
          Ahhhh… Yayyy-uhhh!

          • 90's music to now says:

            Stick a different tune on.ok.try this one

            Bummp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bumpmp bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump Bump bump bump

          • Crap 80s disco music says:

            Bump bump bump bump bump?

            I’ll name that tune in one: Sussudio by Phil Collins, from the 1985 album No Talent Acquired.

            I win £10.

          • Gordon Brown says:

            let me be your fantasy

          • Crap 80s disco music says:

            I do have a fantasy that involves you, Gordon, so I’m delighted you offered. However, you’re going to like it about as much as a double-album of Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s 1980s hits.


          • Odds Bodkins says:

            Nah, it was

            Boom bap! Boom boom bap!
            Boom bap! Boom boom bap!

            etc bloody etc

        • 224

          C’mon – the hash was miles better in the 80s, and you could get oil and even pollen if you were lucky. Some of the grass was totally mindfucking as well – I haven’t seen proper sensi in years.

          Some of the acid was OK, too.

          Dead right about the music – Magazine, Joy Division and copious amounts of cheap China White saw me through the early 80s, while now I linger near suicide with Leonard Cohen and alcohol.

          • concrete pump says:

            Yeah, i suppose your right about the hash, always good 00 and sticky black.

            Weed was terrible though. I can still get excellent oil, bit of a mission to skin it nowadays.

            Aaahh, the music. Think i’ll dig out some Depeche Mode and skin up.

          • tat says:

            use your foreskin.some ground up swan vestas make a good fuse

          • You don’t even want to know the nonsense I got up to in the 80′s

            Now THAT was a decade.

          • Cheese Sandwich says:

            Agree Mr. P, we were much more free then than we are now :-(

          • Crap 80s disco music says:

            Personally, given a choice between living in the 80s listening to Sinitta’s blistering 1980s hit “So Macho” and living in the here and now with high-speed broadband, I’d pick today.

            And anyway, the best British music was produced between 1967 and 1973, a period which included the best of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. And it excludes all rap.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Not to mention T-Rex and some excellent stuff from Elton John and Cat Stevens

      • 671
        Irish Prod says:

        Back in the 80′s we apparently had Dave ‘DI Hunt’ Cameron..

        I don’t know if I should laugh, or, cry (at, or, about Labour)..

        I suppose DI Cameron could always point at Mandelbum across the commons and declare..

        ‘You’ve more fingers in pies, than a leper at a cookery course.’

        Would make for interesting PMQ anyway..

    • 209
      Thomas Rossetti says:

      Yeah, leave Guido alone.

    • 295
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Talking about culture, why not hear from those useless Miliband brothers on the failure of the latest New Labour poster campaign against the Tories.

      • 386
        Anonymous says:

        Young Ed can get fucking ready in Doncaster North, Peter Davies’ English Democrats have already turned out a labour mayor from a formerly very safe labour seat (when labour was labour). The people have woken up and his seat is very much up for grabs.

        In Barnsley East and Mexborough Ennis has baled out because he knew the b’np are probably going to ram it right up Labour’s traitorous lying arse.

        Get it up you you chiselling lying traitorous pair of career politician never worked in the real world cu’nts

      • 395
        Westminster Windfall Tax on 100% of flipping profits says:

        The slightly less brown one is very odd, he stares at the camera for a while and then turns and studies the other one a bit too intensely

      • 399
        Tony "Dansing Queen" Blair says:

        Have you noticed that David Milli-Mossad is white and Ed Milli-Brown is orange..

        Funny for two chosen brothers…

      • 407
        PM says:

        WARNING: Low Flying Nokias

        Crash helmets for these two clowns on Tuesday, me thinks.

      • 427
        McGroom says:

        Milband² come across as desparate and arrogant.

        I love watching Ed’s gormless expressions whilst his brother speaks.

        I bet the party hopes Gordon puts in a better live and unscripted performance than these two.

      • 496
        Anonymous says:

        Where’s that SLAPOMETER?

      • 704
        Margaret Buckett says:

        It’s not Ed Minibrain. It’s cult talking TV horse Mr. Ed. Don’t let him take us back to the 1960s.

      • 946
        Audi Quattrisimo says:

        it’s a slow-motion car crash.

      • 967
        Sore Head says:

        I laughed out loud when daft Ed said “nobody thinks Britain is about to return to the 1970s.” Just shows how out of touch Labour is.

    • 463

      You’re effing wet Guido. You didn’t really want to sock it to the bastards, did you.

      Do better next time. Please: there is so little, little time left.

      Even if they turn off your mike and throw you out like they did to Sean Gabb, someone will post footage.

    • 840
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Peter Mandelson doesn’t like that Barclays boss making money… but, and there’s always a but with Mandelson…..

      • 857
        Anonymous says:

        WTHF ! is mandleson talking about ! Stupid Chump hasnt a clue these days, totally lost it. Berk !

    • 966
      Sore Head says:

      What an incredible load of bullshit! Guido was surely only doing it for the fee, and his comments were somewhat detached, but the pseuds probably believed what they were saying.
      Anyone who really believed that Blair was genuinely connecting with popular culture, and that it made any difference to anyone with more than two brain cells, shouldn’t have been allowed to live never mind vote.

  2. 3
    Martin Day says:

    Fanny batter

    • 17
      Pseuds Corner says:

      • 24
        Martin Day says:

        Wet hairy circle

        • 28
          Naked Gordon says:

          Where is Gordon? Labour getting the shit left right and centre.

          Yet where is Gordon?

          Answers and theories please.

          • Engineer says:

            Sedated in a padded room?

          • Cyberdyne Systems says:

            Gordon is currently having new software installed and will be back online in time for the leaders debate.

          • Old Nick Heavenly (wet dishcloth fuckwit from a non-country) says:

            any spare Goobers to gobble ?

          • TosserWatch says:

            bent over the suite waiting for sarah to roger him senseless

          • Phil says:

            If Labour’s got any sense gagged,straitjacketed and left in a darkened room until election day.
            Post election thrown into the back of a fly tipper’s truck and dumped unceremoniously in a remote scottish peat bog with a sticky note on his forehead saying “bye bye gormless you will not be missed”.

          • A Ferapist to the Great 'n Beloved Leader says:

            I can publicly disclose that a person in his position and with his flawed personality has three options:

            1. tell the truth
            2. tell lies
            3. run away.

            1. is not possible: he has no concept of truth or fact
            2. is his natural recourse. However, as he believes his own lies his contact with reality is tenuous to say the least.
            3. is his ‘natural’ reaction – for one so flawed it behoves him to use as a survival strategy

          • 80's good naughties shit. says:

            4.rig the election

            4.labours lack of ability to cover up the simplest of their deceptions makes it unlikely they’d get away with it.

          • concrete pump says:

            Crying in to his wank sock after another guilt ridden session of masturbation, over an image of Fondleplums having a shit.

          • Tony "Dansing Queen" Blair says:

            Bunker Brown is being trated for severe delusional schitzophrenia…

            With Mandy’s hornmones

            Which will finally frive his looooney…

          • Smart phones says:

            Gordon’s been checked into the priory for Nokia withdrawl treatment.

          • Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

            Playing golf with Megrahi!

    • 502
      Ken Lorp says:

      Tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.

      They’re not even as funny as they used to be.

  3. 7
    Posh Tory says:

    WTF are these guys smoking?

    • 167
      concrete pump says:

      Weed from the 80′s.

    • 229
      Budgie says:

      You’re too young to remember how twooly awful the Tawies were! It were orl Thatch-ers fault – the snatch-er! Dwibble, dwibble.

      • 639
        Pseuds Bullshit for Britten says:

        Ooh yes it was twuly aawfool then, an’ she couldn’t play a riff on her guitar to save her life, doncha know.

        Oh God I dew houpe we don’t hev to go bec to the 80s darlings.
        Dew read orl about in our oh so pretentious dwibblings on Sunday,

        I’m the Secund Assistant Directing Editor of the Entertaining Section of the Review, you know.

        It’s enough to make you throw up on the spot, reminds me of the pathetic dribblings of the adolescents at Uni., but these guys never grew up they’ve made a career out of talking pure bollocks.

      • 699
        Posh Tory says:

        Its funny how people always talk down the 1980s… the period when Britain once again emerged as a global nation.

        Always conveniently forgetting the strikes and sheer desperation that preceeded it in the 1970′s.

        • 960
          Doctor Mick says:

          The three day week, unburied bodies stacked in the morturaries, rampant inflation, power cuts, union bosses dragging us kicking and screaming into the soviet union, rats in the streets among uncollected rubbish, Gallaghan kow towing to the IMF like we were a banana republic – all these things are an invention of the Tories. Britain in the 70s was a workers’ Utopia with the world’s greatest manufacturing industry (Austin Allegro anyone?) and free milk for kids. All of this was destroyed by coming of the evil Fatcher and her henchmen Willie and Norman.

          • Sore Head says:

            You forgot to mention how half of the GDP was going to subsidise coal mining and other state industries.

  4. 8
    Broon says:

    I bet Gordon is shaking with fear at the prospect of finally having to call the election in a few days. He’s where he never wanted to be: having to face the public at a general election.

    • 12
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      Yup. And he’s got his head-to-head TV debate to look forward to, too, which will only serve to remind everyone how abnormal he is.

      • 23
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        If Brown loses it, strangles Clegg then bites off Cameron’s ear, BBC News would still find something else to lead with.

        • 66
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          Tractor production up 15%?

          I am looking forward to Brown losing it – perhaps storming out of the studio?

        • 120
          Doctor Mick says:

          I hope Brown gives us another rendition of the Death Stare. Oooh scary.

        • 234
          Budgie says:

          Osborne needs the book “counting for Dummies”, but Bruin needs to learn to read before he can progress on to learning about counting.

          • Chief Rabbi Mandelson says:

            I keep telling you

            Brown reads perfectly well

            Thought his glass eye

      • 190
        Middle Englander says:

        With 70+ rules in these debates, he is bound to break some of them, timing maybe.

        Then when (if) he gets pulled up by the mediator – watch for the sparks…

        Also one the election is really called, the Beeb is at least going to have to make some effort to be impartial – can they do it?

        • 211
          Sir Reginald Titbrain says:


        • 238
          Budgie says:

          The Beeb impartial? Are you on the same “substances” as the statists in the video?

        • 249
          A scowl, a sneer, a lighting failure... says:

          Stopwatch-impartial, maybe. But there are plenty of other ways for them to reveal their patented brand of ‘unconscious bias’ that will escape being caught by the 76-point plan.

        • 754
          Jumbo says:

          The Peter Hoon Kellner YouCheat polls are in fact closer to the truth than has been suggested as they anxiously take into account the 3.75m bogus postal votes that will inevitably swamp some marginal consituencies. Even if there is a postal strike…

      • 360
        Gordon Can't make the debate says:

        Emergency visit to the Falklands

    • 217
      barefootcontessa says:

      Next chooseday! Oh bliss.

      • 260
        Those were the daze says:

        The best thing I remember about the 80′s was getting stopped for drunk driving on new year by drunk cops

  5. 10
    no longer anonymous says:

    Blair got fewer votes than Major. The whole mass enthusiasm for Labour thing was the media projecting their own feelings onto the rest of the population.

    The Diana funeral was a travesty.

    • 11
      amongomous says:

      Was she alive when they buried her?

      • 15
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        Let’s dig up the coffin and look for scratch marks on the lid.

      • 67
        Down with Brown! says:

        They were opening champagne bottles at the BBC in 1997 though.

        Five weeks time will be like a wake for them.

        • 72
          Deam On says:

          Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

          He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

          He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”

          • BBC tea lady slapper says:

            Fuck off you dopey twat. Dave will do what is necessary after the election, so get over it tosser.

          • jellyfish Dave Blair says:

            course he will son, and he’ll give you a Lisbon referendum and dump the NHS while he’s at it

            delusional twat

          • rick says:

            The BBC continues to produce low grade, and shallow programs at huge cost to the taxpayer. It is almost entirely populated by Labour party hacks – relentlessly pushing the long discredited Marxist line. Why does Cameron worship it so? Whats going on?

          • Maximus M. Bacillus says:

            Hot news! Cameron tells the truth!

            Why isn’t the Blaggers Blaguers Claque leading with this?

          • Budgie says:

            “The BBC …. relentlessly push[es] the long discredited Marxist line. Why does Cameron worship it so?

            CMD is the heir to Bliar? Wake up at the back there!

    • 110
      Lens Cap,flat says:

      a Calcutta pyre fire would have made better TV

  6. 14
    No to 6 quid! says:

    Do not agree that the Diana outpouring had anything to do with the political landscape. Complete nonsense in fact. People from all over the world were affected with no political affiliation to the country.

    Certainly nulab capitalised on the pop culture, but this started in the mid eighties, with NME and the red wedge movement. Perhaps UB40 started it all off with their signing off album. Nonetheless, music has always had a relationship with the state whether it be Bach, Wagner or Oasis.

    Basically a typicalmedia luvie mass debate.

    • 20
      diversity outreach coordinator says:

      They should all fuck off and get a real job.

    • 232

      I remember that morning well – I came downstairs and switched the telly on, and was proper upset for about 5 minutes until I realised that it wasn’t the Queen Mother who had died, but just the useless Sloaney bitch.

      Cheered me up a treat, that did.

    • 412
      Rasta Bob says:

      The reaction to Diana’s death was infantile sentimentality…

      Encouraged by “Princess of the People” Blair…

      And other degenerate media lunatics/cokeheads who have brought Britain to ruin, shame and total decadence worthy of Caligula (and my horse)

      Now Britain is so fooked up that it it totally incapable of sorting itself out…no values, no credible institutions, and no beliefs…,

      A nihilists paradise…

      I knew it would come to this (but I should not complain – I made lots of money supplying all these decandent idiotic rentboy cokeheads)..especially at the BBC……….that is the real result of the 1980s culture in a nutshell…

    • 435
      Susie says:

      Foreigners loved Diana only because they didn’t have to live or pay for the stupid cow.

      £30,000 a year on beauty treatments and not a penny left to charity.

    • 664
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      I remember being in a record store in LA at the time and it came over on the radio that was playing. My instant reaction was, “that’s a problem solved then.” Not many people saw it that way then but now it seems to have a greater following.

      Had she not died, I believe that people would have become sick of her eventually anyway. It was a good piece of PR.

      • 947
        Mdme Defarge says:

        Ah My old Dad said “how convenient” but the atmosphere was so febrile you had to be careful who you said that to. It was mass hysteria hope we never see anything like that again.

  7. 16

    Popular culture? Oh dear, Guido, what a bore.

    • 78
      Shop out says:

      Popular culture was brick lane yesterday

      • 197
        Anonymous says:

        Agreed – economy in chaos, UK run by a madman, rotten parliment, war in Afghanistan without end, the Big Brother state, and what are people rioting about?

        Cheap leggings!

        NB: Like Guido’s advice in the vid – “lose the spin doctors Gordon” – Yes – show the public your REAL personality instead…!!! That’ll work…

        • 225
          barefootcontessa says:

          Don’t forget ‘fitflops’, (those wonderful sandals that make you thin). Then there are ‘jeggings’ (a cross between jeans and leggings). All part of our wonderful, rich, popular culture. Not.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hmm – gives me a thought.. If May 7 dawns and the one-eyed oaf is still in power, having fudged the postal vote on a epic scale – maybe the way to organise a V for Vendetta-style storming of parliament is by starting a twitter rumour…

            @Primark SALE 99% Off on now! House of Commons and No 10 Downing St – bring pitchforks and noose for extra savings!

          • Looking through a slit says:

            Bunch of inteligrunts, stupid Hunts who have been educated to think they’re smart

    • 219
      Raving Mad says:

      The debate about youth culture and popular culture and its relationship with politics has been around for decades – since the teenager was invented in 1950s. From the clip it doesn’t seem to have moved on much as the notion of ‘engagement’ is still vital I do not think new labour have contributed anything, despite appearances, to the debate. The changes in music and technolgy have reinforced the notion of individualism within a corporate/ bureacratic system which by definition is not enabling young people, anyone indeed to feel part of the system. Most media buffs are still using arguments that merely reinforce the political status quo rather than challenge it, if only to preserve their own positions in it. Do you want me to go on….?

    • 417
      Rasta Bob says:

      Seeing those British kids from “university” showing their arses en masse in some small Spanish town this week and gigling like cokeheads when the Spanish reacted just about summed up British culture for me…

      British youth cultute has descended into the worship of narcissim, non celebs, WAGs CHAVs and hooligans of every kind…Epecially if they can shame themselves and Britain…

      Rather a good of New Labour I think…

  8. 18
    Engineer says:

    Does popular culture affect politics?

    Yes. Far too much. The affairs of state are too important, and affect too many people’s lives, to be dragged to the level of X-Factor et al. Culture is great, pop culture is fine, but leave it in it’s place – it’s entertainment; circuses for the masses. Politics should be (used to be) above that, or at any rate, aside from that.

    What do you get when you mix politics and pop culture? Blair. Nuff said.

  9. 19
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    Note to corporate MSM (yes, that includes you, Guardian):

    Leave little Johnny and Josephine alone to play with friends and listen to their iPods. Stop stealing their childhood and turning them into little consumers and brain-washed political fodder who fear for the future of the polar bears. Let them grow up to be normal unlike their fucked up parents, for goodness’ sake.

    PS your kids aren’t your fucking friends.

  10. 22
    Peasant says:

    I hope you were paid well to be in that room for that time with such uninspiring people.

  11. 26
    Dan Ashcroft was Funny. Nathan Barley was the clueless self regarding wanker. BIG Difference. says:

  12. 27
    Dun blaine me says:

    labour is a cult, well it is up here, so mote it be

  13. 29
    No to 6 quid! says:

    Also to bring in the example of Argentina is wrong too.They had a military dictatorshio and were perhaps reasserting democracy.

  14. 31
    Damien McBride says:

    Never mind pop culture, I’m only interested in smearing that traitorous c’unt Gary Elsby. He’s a loonie you know. All that left-wing posturing is an act. He’s really a B-N-P infiltrator. He wants to give Stoke Central to the B-N-P.

    He fucks goats. He’s a batty bwoy. He got an STD which he passed on to a certain Tory MP.

    Did I tell you he’s a cokehead. He left a dildo in a hotel room once. Did you hear about what he and Nadine Dorries got up to in a hotel room in Morecombe?

    There’s loads more where that came from, just read my mates Andrew Roberts in the Telegraph and Patrick Hennessey in the Times.

  15. 34
    D L George says:

    For what it’s worth.

    Postmaster told local posties in Sedgefield district there would be a hoard of election post to sort through this Wednesday.

    We’ve heard this before because of local elections, but, there are NO local elections in Sedgefield this year.

  16. 35
    It's much more than just the EDL says:

    All these “popular culture” turds, growing fat on the taxpayers teat, will be swept into oblivion with the backlash that’s coming.

  17. 40
    John Cipher says:

    Another story about lavatory paper.

  18. 44
    election announcement this Tuesday says:

    I was talking to the local Labour MP last night. She said she has been told that Brown will definitely be calling the election this Tuesday morning, 6th April. It will be on 6th May as expected.

  19. 47
    City of Vice says:

    Guido, it must have been hell spending valuable minutes of your life in the company of these pseuds.

    I hope you charged them for it.

  20. 53
    Catflap says:

    Good to see you included in such discussions Guido but beware being taken into the establishment fold.
    I myself would have been tempted to smash all their smug fucking faces into the coffee table.
    Exostential bollocks means fuck all to anyone either in retrospect or worse when we still happen to live under New Fucking Labour.
    The 13 years aint over yet.

    • 468
      Susie says:

      Most amusing to see this gaggle of lefty ponces conversing on leather chesterfields in an elegant room decorated with Osborne and Little wallpaper.

  21. 55
    QWERTY says:

    Guido I hope you had a butt plug in with that bunch of fuckwits around. Typical Islington fucking arseholes who think they know what we proles should be doing and listening to.

  22. 59
    !! says:

    The BBC have just repored that Gordon Brown will call the election this Tuesday. Bring it on!

    • 62
      LOL says:

      There’s plenty of time between now and Tuesday for him to bottle it again.

    • 402
      Mr Slater's Parrot says:

      (ping) (clatter) (thud) (rattle) SQUWWAAAAARRKK!!!! VOTEVOTEVOTE!!! FIGHT! (cuttle)

  23. 61
    Ashes to ashes says:

    Awful sight!!!!

    Both Millipede Brothers on Sky together. Showing off their new poster featuring Back to the 80s Dave

    • 63
      LOL says:

      A massive own goal for Labour. Gene Hunt is a big hit with most voters.

      • 65
        he's forgotten the script says:

        we hate the BBC here
        remember ? Duh!

      • 73
        Jolyon Wagg says:

        That’s what I thought. How moronic?

        I don’t watch it myself but I understand Gene Hunt and the whole Audi Quattro thing was well liked and well… cool. Now they’ve gone and associated Dave with cool.

        As the youngster say… Epic Fail.

        Nothing new there from this bunch of idiots I guess.

        • 86
          The enemy within. says:

          Dave must be breathing a sigh of relief after a disastrous start to his own campaign Labour have made a whole series of bad mistakes in the space of a week.

          Most of them lead back to Mandelson and now this poster launched by Blair’s favourite prodigy. Are the Blairites trying to ensure Gordon Loses the election?

    • 68
      Gene Hunt. says:

      A daft poster though, showing a macho looking Dave sat on an equally macho Audi Quatro. The Tories have already knocked up a wimpish back to the 70s Gordon sitting on an Austin Maxi.

      • 88
        British Leyland says:

        Gordon sitting on an Austin Maxi.

        Waiting for the AA.

        • 113
          Cheese Lover says:

          Red Robbo grinning in the background.

          • Red Robbo says:

            Brothers, we demand the right to sleep on night shift, and furthermore, we demand that the company supplies the beds.

          • Susie says:

            This actually happened in one strike. Seriously.

          • British Leyland says:

            I know. “Solihull’s public image had been severly tarnished .. by another story relating to the neighbouring Land Rover plant when employees had been caught sleeping, complete with bedding, on the nightshift. The subsequent unfair dismissal tribunals exposed a culture of lax discipline where even security guards slept and production targets we met by cutting corners at the expense of both safety and quality, to which local managers turned a blind eye”


          • Ah – the Spanish practises!

            Happy days, and peaceful nights.

        • 382
          Blitish Reyrand says:

          The battery in his vibrating butt plug ?

    • 77
      Down with Brown! says:

      A master stroke by Labour comparing Cameron to the nation’s favourite copper:


      Dave should start driving around in an Audi Quatto and wearing a sheepskin jacket.

      • 93
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        No, he should cycle to work on a Raleigh Bomber, his chauffeur follows in the Audi, with the briefcase.

      • 95
        Militwit says:

        Gordon is having a Nokia session at this very moment. Things could get very messy in the Brown household over Easter.

        Gordon was planning to announce the May 6th election on Tuesday and now the Milipede duo have fucked it all up with their own goal of a poster

      • 161
        Anonymous says:

        On the morning after the election Daves opening line to the cameras on the steps of Downing Street should be

        ” Right love get yer knickers off and make me a cup of tea, we’ve got work to do “

        • 203
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          Or if Brown refuses to come out of Number 10 after his humiliating defeat on May 6th.

          “Put the Nokia down and come out with your hands up, you’re surrounded by armed bastards!”

        • 680
          Margaret Buckett says:

          I think he may already have done that line.

    • 159
      City of Vice says:

      These luvvie Labour wankers don’t seem to realise that Gene Hunt, with his non-PC ways, is a bit of a hero in the eyes of the great unwashed. Fancy wasting party funds on such own goal crap.

      Gene Hunt or Tristram Hunt? I think I know who the man on the Clapham (or Stoke ) omnibus would rather share a pint with, or indeed, have in Parliament as their MP.

      Both the Labour and Tory campaigns are clearly being run by fuckwits.

      • 174
        Anonymous says:

        Correct the sub text of this add is the associating of Cameron with the removal of the PC straight Jacket which years of Labour have confined us in. Gene Hunt is a hero with the electorate. What idiot sanctioned this add ?

        • 651
          Pseuds Bullshitting for Britten says:

          Some Labour twat who thought he (or she) was absolutely in tune with Popular Culture.

          Quite likely Mandleslime, the Militwits and some of those Tits from the Observer’s infantile discussion.

          ‘Eew how absolutely awfule to bec in the 80s with Thatcher and her ebsoloute inability to play the riff to ‘Won’t get fooled again’ ‘

  24. 82
    Down with Brown! says:

    What a snobbish, patronising bunch of bastards you shared a room with. They don’t like X-Factor, Simon Cowell and his acts because real people actually like them. The sooner with kick political power out of the hands of these vile, narcissistic idiots the better.

    • 90
      Achin Balls.Oxford reading Gaurdian says:

      the best part is their readers take it in the nuts and love it

    • 97
      Rise of the idiots says:

      and didn’t he blend in well with them ?

    • 164
      Anonymous says:

      well I don’t like the X factor but I detest middle aged middle class lefty pseuds trying to be cool. And Bono, Sting, Geldof etc trying to save the planet? I want to vomit.
      Why don’t these people just grow up and live in the real world

  25. 84
    Ed Balls, Corgi Registered says:

    Marxist gobshyte: …’involving celebrity seemed absolutely key for New Labour and a kind of new Britain’

    Was that the kind of new cool Britain which would engage in wars against sovereign nations which posed no threat to us for the Prime Minister’s vainglorious fantasies and financial future?
    Or was it the new Britain which would slip down the global league table for economic and edyukashunal performance, and become mired in Labour’s debts, again?

    Larfin at the Trot/ Socialist/Marxist (we can always print money you know) tools

  26. 87
    Just askin like says:

    is there a contest for the most vile Labour campaign poster?

  27. 96
    PM says:

    “Mandelson attacks Barclays head ” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8601512.stm

    He’s making lots of business friends at the moment, isn’t he? Nice to see him unravel so publicly.

    • 165
      Anonymous says:

      Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t Barclays one of the few banks who have not been bailed out be the government ?

      • 239
        barefootcontessa says:

        He needs to blame somebody for all the mistakes he’s made. He should check his figures first.

      • 283
        Anonymous says:

        I should of course have said bailed out by the TAXPAYER ie you and me, as you know the Government have no money of their own.

        • 332
          Sir Fred Badwin says:

          “He’s taken £63m not by building business or adding value or creating long-term economic strength, he has done so by deal-making and shuffling paper around,” he told The Times.

          So the same line of work as Lord Mandelweasel

    • 302
      Not long until Labour gone says:

      “BBC political correspondent Tim Reid said the business secretary was trying to appeal to the voters with his comments about Mr Diamond.”
      “He is trying to get the National Insurance story off the front pages by launching a broadside against bankers,” he said.

      A BBC correspondent who isn’t afraid to tell the truth. This guy needs to replace Nick Robinson!

  28. 98
    Tony the Tango'd Twat says:

    Yo guys. Just to let y’all know I’ve just signed up with Orange. I don’t have to do anything, just keep the tan topped up and parade it on the International Stage. Jeez that’s easy dough. Y’all take care now.

  29. 100
    TosserWatch says:

    gently played Guido…shame the others were such non-entities

  30. 109
    thick as thieves says:

    s a u s a g e s

  31. 121
    more pizza for the chosen people? says:

    It looks like blogger Lazy Hyena is one of Israel’s useful idiots:


    Martin Linton MP is right but will now be pilloried by the Jewish lobby for daring to stand up to them.

  32. 122
    the chutzpah is backfiring says:

    Spot the useful idiot, and it’s not Linton…….

  33. 124
    Down with Brown! says:

    Some insults Cameron should use in the debates:

    • 156
      Anonymous says:

      Ive always thought the writers and their leftie pals at the beeb used the Character Gene Hunt as an excuse to deliver some really funny but decidedly un PC lines that they really wanted to say in real life but couldnt. Makes it alright if its him saying that dont it !

    • 210
      English Language says:

      The sweeny would have just called him a fucking faggot Hunt

  34. 125
    A message to Labour supporters from Lord Peter Mandelson says:

    Will all loyal Labour voters please print this poster and display it in their windows for the duration of the election campaign?
    Thank you.


    • 127
      big Gene Hunt fan says:

      I was going to vote for UKIP but after seeing that poster I’m going to vote Tory.

    • 128
      AC1 says:

      Didn’t the 1980s end the Labour caused “Winter of Discontent”?

      • 140
        80's good naughties shit. says:

        Also the ‘right to buy’ created wealth for the many.

        • 157
          phone the IMF again says:

          The 80′s were a decade of prosperity and progress under the Tories, unlike the awful 70′s which were a decade of strikes, stagflation and ultimate bankruptcy under Labour.

      • 141
        Vote Cameron, Vote Gene Hunt says:

        The 80′s were years of prosperity and growth after the dismal, strike-blighted 70′s when Labour bankrupted the country and the IMF had to step in.

    • 139
      nell says:

      The 1980′s ! Now they were good times . If only we could wind back the clock!!

      • 147
        Down with Brown! says:

        And best of all Mrs Thatcher as PM and Labour out of power throughout the decade:

      • 194
        City of Vice says:

        Yeah, the 80s were great! Loadsamoney! Ronnie in the White House, Maggie in No 10 , both bankrupting the commies and ending the cold war, ordinary folks buying their Council Houses, workers taking their first foreign holidays ever as living standards rose, the Labour Party unelectable and overrun by Trots and nutters…hang on, we weren’t supposed to remember the last bit!

        The trouble with the schoolboy historians running the Labour campaign is that the only thing they know about the 80s is the miners strike, which, regardless of the rights and wrongs of the dispute, was another Labour own goal.

      • 196
    • 150
      Anonymous says:

      whereas of course Labour have taken us back to the 1970′s. In fact this site has had many comments in that vein in recent months.In fact this site has had comments linking Browns Government with the Life on Mars theme. Looks like they have stolen our ideas again.

      Feel free to steal this one then.

      Vote Labour Get North Korea

      • 213
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        They’ve taken parts of Britain (Luton, Bradford etc) back the 12th century.

        • 345
          Real Voter says:

          Not entirely true – they didn’t have Postal Votes there in the 12th century, but they do now, millions of them, all filled-in and ready to go.

          • A diet of Worms says:

            They had indulgences though and I fully expect the Labour party to unveil their modern equivalent in a desperate attempt to bribe the electorate. Watch this space.

    • 153
      walkabout says:

      Oh joy! the idiots !they don’t get that picking a very popular character and then associating Cameron with them is a bit er dumb ? no one except labour students cares about the 80′s ,it’s history to most of us as in ‘in the past ‘
      I assume that as this is a BBC programme that they were happy for it’s images to be use in this political campaign ,that seems very odd given the fair coverage rules brought up by the case of Lord Sugar his image cannot be used for campaigning material so why can this ?. .
      “Sir Michael Lyons, the BBC Trust chairman, said that audiences “must be confident that the outside activities of programme-makers or presenters do not undermine BBC impartiality”.

    • 172
      City of Vice says:

      Only the half wits running the Labour Party campaign could inadvertently connive to give Dave street cred…If Dave has any sense he’ll play up to this Gene Hunt thing, and call Brown a one eyed Scotch twat in the leaders’ debate.

  35. 126
    Gene Hunt for PM! says:

    Vote Gene!

    • 169
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      BBC as usual copying the masters of ITV :)

      • 561
        Anonymous says:

        Interesting to watch The Sweeney and see the uniformly white London streets from the mid 70′s with the odd exception of a West Indian nurse.

        Oh how times have changed in our brilliant, multicultural wonderland.

  36. 130
    Mandelson gives Brown a vote of no confidence says:

    Mandy: Please vote Labour. You won’t be stuck with the awful Gordon for the full five years, honest!!

    “Mandelson: Brown may not be PM for long, even if he wins election”


  37. 131
    Longbow says:

    Here is some popular culture,

    EDL on the March in Bolton, live streaming


  38. 132
    April 7th says:

    Conservatives win. Dave opens the books and see’s a big negative 4.1 trillion .calls in IMF

  39. 133
    Mandy: no confidence in Gordon says:

    Mandelson publicly shits on Brown…..


  40. 138
    • 682
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Funny how Mandelson will stab just about anybody in the back when the situation suits him. The man has his own agenda and always has. Brown must be wondering with friend like this who needs enemies.

  41. 142
    LoL says:

    Mandelson has told the Grauniad that if Labour win the election they will dump Brown within 2 years. A big vote of no confidence in other words.

    • 175
      TosserWatch says:

      2 years…2 weeks more like…brown and mandy are both dead men walking

    • 186
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      The same Labour party that promised Blair would serve a full term and that they would give us a referendum on Lisbon. Yeah right.


    • 340
      The Unacceptable Face of Politics says:

      Vote Brown, get Balls.

  42. 143
    GCS says:

    BBC News 24: “Brown to call election next Tuesday”

    • 198
      nell says:

      Well I’ll be heaving a sigh of relief along with Her Maj if it happens. But don’t hold your breath!

  43. 144
    Establishment Smoothie says:

    in ever so slightly subtle ways old boy

  44. 151
    ian e says:

    Seems like it might be time to do some moderating, Guido – much though I detest the idea in principle

  45. 154
    nell says:


    gurninggordon said yesterday that ” the catholic communion is the conscience of our country” and this on the same day that the Archbishop of Canterbury said that catholicism has lost its credibility.

    I suspect gordon’s comments were aimed at Scotland where he worries that the SNP vote against labour in the forthcoming election might be bigger than forecast. So gordon is adopting the catholic mantle in the hope that the significant catholic communities of scotland will vote for him.

    As for his comment that he is ‘The Good Samaritan’ well we’ll put that one in the trash can alongside his other ‘I saved the world’ and ‘I cured boom and bust’ outrageous claims!!

    • 171
      Anonymous says:

      My thoughts exactly Nell thats precicely why he uttered those words. What a discraceful opportunist this man is.

      • 308
        Anonymous says:

        More like the parable of “The robber who mugged the guy ( pensions theft) then stood around waiting for the Police and gave them a cock and bull story about someone else doing it an running away”.

    • 177
      TosserWatch says:

      he wouldn’t cross the road to help his own let alone a stranger

    • 230
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      He’s not gurning much these days, Nell. Good old NHS

    • 462
      Anonymous says:

      Is Gordon actually in Touch with todays world down in the bunker? Does he actually watch the news ? Can someone please tell him the The Catholic Church is getting plenty of coverage at the moment but not exactly for its fine moral leadership. Who is advising this clown ????

  46. 160
    QWERTY says:

    Popular culture? I think they mean taking drugs and fucking the arse off 9 near old Romanian rent boys in a public urinal in Hampstead. Typical Observer/Guardian types.

    • 181
      Mandy says:

      Which one in Hampstead

    • 286
      Hairy Palms of Hamstead says:

      Could be members of ‘The Hamsters’ QWERTY it is hard to tell.
      All I usualy see is one pair of feet in a carrier bag when I look under the urinal door.

  47. 162
    Quattro man takes on Austin Man says:

    So the Milibands want Gordon to lose the election.

    Hardman Dave will lead us back to the glorious non pc days of the 80s


    • 193
      Gordon will go Bonkers when he sees the poster says:

      Proof it were ever needed that New Labour does not live in the real world.

      The Milibands just do not realise that most people would like to turn the clocks back and go back to the 80s and away from the society that new Labour have created with a tough leader not afraid to speak his mind. I hope they are not ordered to pull this poster by Brown’s bunker staff.

      • 361
        Summer_Breeze says:

        In the 80′s, it was still safe enough, for me to walk home from a night on the town on my own, ( if I lost my mates ) at 3 or 4 a.m. I wouldn’t dream of doing that now!

        • 455
          Anonymous says:

          To be fair though mate you are 85 years old now : )

          • Summer_Breeze says:

            Not quite lol though I do feel that age sometimes ;-)

          • 96 year old miffed says:

            i still manage to walk home at 4 /5 in the morning pissed as a parrot and never have any problem at all…mind expect the three 7ft dudes wander with me and several ak47s help.

    • 205
      nell says:

      Non PC days of the 80′s . Oh yes please!! – I am so depressed with this ‘ oomanrights-pc-donothing except spend spend spend taxpayers money for no benefit’ government .

      The Eighties were a good time, a lively time, a decent time. No it wasn’t perfect but at least we were Free!!!

      This labour government will go down in history as the modern day Inquisition.

      • 305
        Phoney '£rd Way' Bliar says:


        Do you mind!

        I introduced all the PC ‘n ‘ooman roights bullshit in the first place!

        That and all the trashy celebs talking bollocks.

        Please note that whole industries ‘av grown up around it – employing thousands. Reams of paper are printed off every week full of the latest initiatives.

        My missus does well out of it too.

        You see – that was just one of my ‘job creation’ schemes.

        • 317
          Anonymous says:

          Yes indeed Cherie, as a human rights lawyer, is making thousands out of bliars human rights legislation . Let’s not forget that!!!

      • 389
        Loyalty was big in the 80's says:

    • 262
      barefootcontessa says:

      Jacob Quagliozzi must be an under cover Tory ad man.

  48. 168
    Down with Brown! says:

    Lets fire up the Quattro!

    • 187
      QWERTY says:

      I wonder if Dave tells Samcam to “get me a cup of tea darling” and gives her a good slap on the arse as he does so.

  49. 170
    Some things are hard to post says:

    take 4

  50. 182
    The name is Bliar - Phoney £rd Way Bliar - and I've come back to save Noo_Lie_Bore says:


    It’s me – Tone the guy you can TRUST!

    And my – don’t we need trust now!!???

    But hey! – I’m a straight kinda guy – and if I say that you can trust Gorgon, – then you can be sure.

    After all – I did for so many years. And look where that got the country!!

    So look!! don’t come to me and complain. You probably voted for me!

    And I’m the Saviour of Noo_Lie_Bore!!

  51. 184
    Gene Cameron says:

    Shut up Brown, you slag!

    • 189
      ?? says:

      Gordon Brown’s gone into hiding again while Mandelson is out and about destroying whatever chance Labour had of achieving a hung parliament.

      I wonder if he’s reconsidering announcing the election on Tuesday? He’ll probably bottle it again and leave it until the last possible date.

  52. 185
    QWERTY says:

    Watch this video, one reason enough to vote out the fucking Liebour scum


  53. 195
    Down with Brown! says:

    The House of Twits vote overwhelmingly that the Quarto poster is a very bad move by Labour:


  54. 206
    Gordon says:

    Who are those wankers?

  55. 212
    Gordno Brown says:

    Oh Hi

    I … I …..know many….. many.. of you will be expecting me call a general election after the Easter break on Tuesday. I have to go and go and …er…see Her Majesty and ask ….er….ask…her to diss….dissolve the Tories …erm …parliament. Well erm….all I can….all I can say is no no no no no no no I won’t ….I won’t do it ….I can’t go yet …erm … I can’t ….go …..it’s not fair ….no no no …no…no .. I can’t do itttttttt …. nah hah nah sobs and weeps and scratches his cheeks and falls of his chair onto the floor with gnashing of teeth and punches against the wall ………….nah ha nah cries like a baby ……..

    • 887
      Crustbreaker says:

      thats the trouble when you employ kids and get scrotes like the millyvannillies

  56. 215
  57. 220
    Frank Sez says:

    Help Labour out. Vote Conservative

  58. 221
    iain says:

    Jesus fucking Christ, do people actually sit around and talk about stuff like that. Fuck me.
    I’d rather die.

  59. 222
    Frank Sez says:

    take 2
    Help Labour out Vote Conservative.

  60. 226
    nell says:



    gordon says it’s time to stand up for Britain and prevent a return to the dark days!!

    Well let’s ask the Army – they’ll tell us that gutlessgordon hasn’t stood up for Britain in 13 years! And as for the Dark Days well we are just coming to the end of 13 years of them – hopefully these depressing times are coming to an end.

    I’m looking forward to Dave’Gene Hunt’Cameron bringing some fresh air into Westminster and Government!!

    • 261
      The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

      Dark days?
      Bring them on, an African slave for every white person
      Forbid pants that hang around your knees
      Saying “Innit” should be a capital offense as should calling another person “blood” or “Bro”
      Use both and instead of being whipped to death the penalty is crucifixation, then a whipping to the point of death, them immersion in acid followed another crucifixtion and a final whipping to death
      Call me old fashioned

      • 322
        Anonymous says:

        I want a return to the days when we had Morris Minors, Sweet Shops, the Beatles, Mini Skirts, Flower Power, The Beach Boys, Policeman on the Beat, Chicken and Chips in the Basket, clearing the public paths in front of our houses from Snow, watching out for our neighbours, respectable marriages, kids playing safely in the street……………….

        What does this labour government stand for ?? Nothing decent!!

        • 370
          Summer_Breeze says:

          Mini skirts never went out. :-) But you are right with the rest of your list.

          • nell says:

            Mini skirts never went out? They did for this oldie!! But hey no regrets – let the younger generation enjoy!!

          • Engineer says:

            Agree about the mini skirts. :-)

            Can we have proper Gents’ Outfitters back as well? Our local one closed, to my great chagrin, leaving us with either yoof-type fashion or Gieves and Hawkes (which is fine, but a bit of a strain on the wallet).
            Oh – and proper Hardware shops where you could buy just the number of screws you needed. The shed-on-the-bypass is all very well, but it’s so big you have to take a map, a compass and a packed lunch when you go in. The screws are rubbish, too – made out of some sort of metallised putty, and half of them don’t have deep enough slots.

            Yeah – all in all, a revival of eighties values might be a good thing.

          • Engineer says:

            Proper Hardware shop.

            PS – If the BBC Comedy department read this – THAT’S comedy….

        • 888
          Crustbreaker says:

          listen anonymous you have got a dose of serial nostalgia…for god’s sake pull yourself together man !!

      • 614
        Anon says:

        chillax blood, innit.

        • 689
          Summer_Breeze says:

          Sorry Nell, though if it’s any recompense, I am getting nearer to being the age of mutton dressed as lamb but am making the most of things, whilst I still can :-)

  61. 231
    Ovett says:

    What are the Miliblands doing with Seb Coe?

  62. 242
    Down with Brown! says:

    Fire up the Quattro!


  63. 248
    nell says:


    the militwits poster campaign turns to ashes for labour.

    Next they should use the Sweeney and portray Cameron and Osborne as Regan and Carter. I forget what car they drove but no doubt someone on here will remember.

    Does popular culture influence politics?? well it has done today!!

    • 265
      Cocker Spaniel says:

      Ford Granada Mk.1 of course

      • 298
        Anonymous says:

        Ah was that the Dagenham Plant ??

        The most significant economic development under this 13 years of a labour government – Decline of our Manufacturing Industries!!!

      • 891
        Chunderbucket says:


    • 294
      barefootcontessa says:

      Was it a Ford Granada?!

      • 325
        Longbow says:

        I had one of those Granadas, suluki bronze with vinel roof, V6. One cold November evening in 1980 I stuffed it properly into a stationary Cortina Mk3′s arse on a roundabout on the A325, Oh happy days they were.

  64. 251
    Anonymous says:

    Fawkes seems to be transforming into a transgendered lesbian
    She has the haircut, voice, boobs ,belly and massive backside (Which she talks out of) just like the typical “Diesel dyke”

  65. 259
  66. 267
    50 Calibre says:

    What were they talking about? Anybody know?

    • 331
      Gordon Brown says:

      FFS – here, have a joint and put the music up LOUD

      Let me be your fantasy

    • 508
      Engineer says:

      You now know what Islington luvvies do all day. I’m not sure, but I have a vague feeling that you’re not terribly impressed….

    • 753
      Pseuds talking bollocks for Britten says:

      They were talking bollocks, as only ‘arty farty up their arses’ types can, while believing it’s all terribly intellectual, darlings.

  67. 271
    Down with Brown! says:

    Labour thinks the 1980s were unpopular. The truth is, nothing in the 1980s was more unpopular than the loony Labour Party itself.

    • 299
      Anonymous says:

      Was this the same 1980′s in which The Labour Party wrote the longest suicide note in History and were wiped out at the polls ?? Thought so.

      • 350
        Another Labour Failure says:

        Was this the same 1980s in which the Tories had to clear up the economic mess left by a previous Labour government, rescue the country from economic strangulation by the Unions, shake the uncompetitiveness out of British industry and slowly but surely put the country on a more sustainable and low tax economic path?

  68. 272
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    If Dave Cameron is Gene Hunt, I want to be his brother, Mike.

  69. 281
    English Liberation Front says:

    Caspar Llewellyn Smith is a tosser. The kind of smug, patronising metro-leftie who makes me want to throw up. He should team up with Marcus Brigstocke.

    Where was he during the Thatcher years – in a kindergarten? Prick.

  70. 288
    The big D says:

    A cultured and cerebral discussion.

    Compare and contrast with the John Humphrys / Bob Crow interaction on the Friday morning Today program;


  71. 290
    Down with Brown! says:

    The BBC tries to smear the Tories and the Murdochs. They really are shitting themselves in White City at the thought of a Cameron government.


    • 297
      Ovett says:

      Shite Shitty:The Seat of the BBC.

    • 313
      AC1 says:

      You can see why a BBC funded by subscription, not extortion worries the staff. How much demand is there really for a Gruaniad TV station?

      Not much.

      Get the Sack or Go Right? I don’t think the current staff are capable of making balanced programs so I expect lots of P45s….

      How delicious.

    • 426
      An honest citizen says:

      The BBC are worried shitless than they could never compete on a level playing field…

      Thats why they are extorting (and have been for years) £billions from the British Population to fund their arrogance…

      State broadcasting should have stopped with Hitler (or at least with Stalin)…

      • 525
        Raving Mad says:

        I’ve complained manmy times to the BBC about bias. I’ve received the same reply each time written by different people – what do they do there??? Close it down

  72. 296
    Anonymous says:

    Milliwitt quoted as saying Labour are more in tune with modern Britain. Well if he means a Britain with around 6 million adults of working wage not actually working, a Bankrupt economy , immigration out of control, our forces fighting a war on the cheap, many public service no longer fit for purpose etc etc Then he is probably right. It stands to reason that they are in tune since they created it !

  73. 304
    Down with Brown! says:

    The Milliboys = the Jedward of British Politics.

  74. 309
    Charles E Hardwidge says:

    Good Afternoon

    Yes I’m back

  75. 310
    Martin Day says:

    What’s up

  76. 311
    Centre Parting says:


  77. 314
    The rise of Quatro man ! says:

    This Gene Hunt poster is a sensational own goal by Labour and one which will give the Conservatives loads of material to work with over the next few weeks. What a Gift !

    On top of that we have Mandy spinning out of control publicly criticising the chairman of one of the few Banks which did not require to be bailed out by the taxpayer.

    Superb, what we are witnessing is a complete meltdown of a decadent and corrupted Government.

    Fire up the Quatro !!!

    • 355
      Roger Daley says:

      As I said in a thread earlier in the week …

      Blair and Brown – Tango & Crash

  78. 316
    Down with Brown! says:

  79. 334
    Alison Limmerick says:

    has anyone got the extended remix of Where Love Lives? – yeah? – put it ON

  80. 335
    irony says:

    Collect your P45 on the way out

  81. 343
    absolutely unbelievable!! says:

    David and Ed Miliband launch Labour’s new election poster today in Basildon:

  82. 344
    Anonymous says:


    The Beeb 16mins ago were spinning that the militwits poster of Dave’genehunter’cameron, is a success.

    edmilitwit says today that the poster highlights how nowadays our kids have modern school buildings etc!!

    Really??!! Young Nell is still in buildings put up in the 60′s and now failling into chronic stages of disrepair, so clearly labour’s not working for us!! But then we’re rural. So labour doesn’t care about the elderly and the kids here.

    Labour is selective. It only cares about the elderly and children in urban areas where it can get more votes!! The rest of the country can go to hell!!

    • 352
      BBC shilling for Labour again says:

      The latest line from the bunker which the BBC are frantically trying to spin is that the “Gene Hunt” poster is just a “spoof” and not meant to be taken seriously.

      If that’s the case how come both Milbands were pushing it at a special launch in marginal Basildon today?

      Labour and their BBC stooges think we were all born yesterday.

      • 354
        apocalypse now for Brown says:

        I love the smell of Labour shitting themselves in the morning.

        • 400
          Speaking of Hunts says:

          Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary

          “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

          “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

          “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster. “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”


          • Ukipper says:

            Go away you boring little UKIP twat.

          • Down wiv Brown! says:

            Go fuck yourself wankstain

          • Socialists in denial says:

            Is’nt that what chairman of football clubs say just before they sack the manager.

          • Down wiv Brown! says:

            no, those are the voices in your head that made you believe Dave would have a referendum on Lisbon

            you couldn’t be in any more denial if you tried fuckwit

          • Naked Gordon says:

            You are a desperate twat, peddling the same line, day after day. Sad. And the ‘hahaha etc’ gives your identity away.

          • Tosserwatch says:

            “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

            “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

            “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster. “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”


          • TosserWatch..the orginal says:

            no I didn’t say that.

      • 358
        Roger Daley says:

        Plus moaning about Ashcroft’s millions put into the campaign.

        • 616
          Socialists in denial says:

          It gay gordons voice i heard.I believe he even put it in his manifesto but going by all the lies he’s been caught out with lately it was only to be expected.Up the workers

      • 392
        Dick Robinson says:

        Labour just can’t catch a break at the moment, even with the BBC’s help. The momentum is well and truly in the Tories favour right now.

      • 503
        BBC Collections says:

        you were thats why you pay us a nice fat fee

    • 362
      Ovett says:

      BBC=Banana Brothers Cover-up

    • 385
      PM says:

      To me Ed, to you Dave, to me Ed, to you Dave, etc, etc.

    • 440
      You say Richer I say Near Bankrupt says:

      Miilbrain also said the Country is Richer than in the 1980′s .Now how in the name of **** does he work that out. Oh I suppose if you dont count the fact that we have the biggest National debt in our lifetime then you maybe could make such a claim at a pinch.

  83. 364
    nell says:


    I think we need to compare the ‘ gordon brown hardman’ poster put together by labour’s pal the Guardian launched supposedly as an ‘april fools joke’, with the militwit brothers dave’genehunt’ cameron poster launched in a ‘blaze of glory’ this morning.

    I presume the guardian and the militwits were working hand in hand, believing that they were doing gurninggordon a favour.

    Idiots!! What a labour PR car crash!!!!

    • 375
      PM says:

      Gene Hunt is a national idol. Casting Cameron in this role is an epic Labour f**k-up. What those Nokias fly.

      • 383
        election postponed? says:

        It’s all going badly wrong for Labour. I wonder if Bottler Brown will cancel his planned election announcement on Tuesday?

        • 388
          PM says:

          Time for Brown to fire-up the allegro and f**k off.

          • nell says:

            Tories are now reposting the poster with the words ‘Fire up the Quattro. It’s time for change’

            Idea courtesy of the labour party.

            Ho Hum!! Trying not to laugh! Well done militwits!!

          • PM says:

            I wonder what the Millibrains are getting for Easter?

          • call me Gene says:

            I certainly think of Dave when I see Gene Hunt and so will the public, and not laugh.A real mans man!! as Billy Hague would tell you.

          • PhilP says:

            I don’t think gormless can drive so “on yer bike Jock” seems to be more appropriate but I see where your coming from.

        • 425
          Gene Hunt for PM says:

          Just saw the two Militwits on Sky standing in front of what is probably going to be one of the most iconic images of the campaign….Dave morphed into national cult hero Gene Hunt and spouting on about why they joined the Labour Party. Forget it lads you’ve just presented the Tories with the best image make-over Cameron could have wished for and its all courtesy of the Labour Party Campaign Managers….wee Duggie,the Dark Lord and Dippy Harry Harman !

          • Bullindon Berties says:

            Gene hunt went to Eton and was a Bullingdon Bertie ?
            Shurely shome mishtake! lol

          • no need to complicate it boys says:

            They joined the Labour Party because their Father was a marxist it really is as simple as that.

          • Dave is cool says:

            Trouble for Labour is that the poster fixes an image in people’s minds that Dave is prepared to kick ass to get things sorted and associates him with a person most people secretly admire if truth be told. Massive massive blunder for Labour

          • Ratsniffer says:

            Totally huge reverse ferret for labour. This one will be taught to advertising students of the future… how not to do it…shooting your own campaign in the arse.

          • Dave is a wet Blair. He's no fucking Gene Hunt says:

            the public will LAUGH because only the most deluded lickspittle Conservative Party hack could possibly think that call me eco wavy Davy Cameron and Gene Hunt aren’t utterly incongruous

          • Gene Hunt a.k.a. Dave Blair give those Greenpeace rotters a jolly good talking too and praising says:

          • The dark art of Politics says:

            Such is the incompetence of running with this poster I’m Begining to suspect that jedward were set up as a precurser to the Leadership civil war which will break out after the election. Someone is getting their revenge in first methinks.

          • genghiz the kahn says:

            Audi Quattro the petrol head’s 1980s dream car, a design icon with aspirational advertising.

          • Saarchi says:

            what you get for not hiring the ad men

          • Double Meaning says:

            Look dummy it has 2 messages.
            The front messge for the Labour and floating voter that Cameron will take things back to an 80′s recession.

            And the secondary message aimed at Conservative voters is that Public Relations obsessed call me Dave Cameron is NO Gene Hunt.

            It’s blatantly obvious grass roots Conservatives wish they had a Gene Hunt instead of Dave Blair and this advert plays into that. And almost all the comments here prove it’s right.

            It’s not your fault you didn’t get it.
            You’re just stupid that’s all.

          • TosserWatch says:

            they joined the labour party because no one else wanted the twats

          • Gene Hunt says:

            Double Meaning. Listen, son – two things. If you have to explain it, it didn’t work. Second – when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

            Your poster backfired. Big time. Shame. Get over it.

          • Gene Hunt IN ACTION! Hahahahahahaha!!! says:

    • 802
      Nell = Tory stooge says:

      Anonymous says:
      April 3, 2010 at 4:18 pm

      Really??!! Young Nell is still in buildings put up in the 60’s and now failling into chronic stages of disrepair, so clearly labour’s not working for us!! But then we’re rural. So labour doesn’t care about the elderly and the kids here.


  84. 367
    Charles Clarke's Comfy Slippers says:

    I think it’s about time I gave the PM another good kicking. Still time to get him out before the election.

  85. 387
    JV says:

    Farage on Any Questions: Labour plan to flood the south-west of England with immigrants.
    85% of SW new housing earmarked for immigrants.

    That’s the south-west being punished for having no Labour MPs.

  86. 404
    Martin Day says:

    Vote labour for a brighter future

    • 410
      PM says:

      The comedy just gets better.

    • 433
      PhilP says:

      Martin left off the full quote “Vote labour for a brighter future because we have already fucked up the past and present big time”

  87. 406
    nell says:


    I see mandy has secured Stoke for his pretty friend tristram. One suspects there is more to that story than is being said.

    Interesting though that tristram’s appointment has ensured that there will be an independent labour candidate as well as an ex bnp candidate and a ‘senior’ bnp candidate plus the tory candidate who is a solicitor and a former belly dancer.

    This seat might be the most entertaining watch of the whole election.

    The growing labour civil war is easily as amusing as any comedy!!!

    • 408
      nell says:


      I see mandy has secured Stoke for his pretty friend tristram. One suspects there is more to that story than is being said.

      Interesting though that tristram’s appointment has ensured that there will be an independent labour candidate as well as an ex beenpea candidate and a ’senior’ beenpea candidate plus the tory candidate who is a solicitor and a former belly dancer.

      This seat might be the most entertaining watch of the whole election.

      The growing labour civil war is easily as amusing as any comedy!!!

      • 413
        easily as amusing as any comedy!!! says:

        • 449
          T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:


        • 451
          Peter says:

          The Tories would get more votes if they pledged to cut the cocks off pufftas.

        • 470
          Vote for Cameron and dump that twat Brown says:

          It shows Cameron is human and thinks about his answers rather than idle boasting and trotting out tractor stats like the sociopath Brown does.

        • 474
          Vote for Cameron and dump that twat Brown says:

          It shows Cameron is human and thinks about his answers rather than idle boasting and trotting out tractor stats like the sociopath Brown does..

          • Wavy Davy the jellyfish says:

          • it's as good as over says:

            Cameron’s going to be the new PM. Labour have blown it completely this week. Mandelson has either cracked up or is deliberately sabotaging things for Brown.

          • Life long Conservative voter says:

            All Pre-planned. I said weeks ago that Labour realised that the best thing for them (cos that’s all they ever truly care about) would actually be to lose this election. Hence an ongoing, deliberate scorched earth/slash and burn policy.

            Trust me, the pain that every man, women and child will feel, probably for at least 5 years, as the Tories do thier best to prevent the sinking of SS Great Britain, will never be forgotten.

            In 5 years time Labour will waltz back into power, steal a ‘Steady Ship’ from the Conservatives and the ‘merrygoround’ of Boom and Bust starts all again!!

            It’s obvious that Labour don’t want to win, they arn’t in the slightest interested. The self serving B*******

          • retreat and burn says:

            looks that way.

          • I'm alright jack says:

            Labour know that if they win they will be in hock to the marxist trade unions and will never be able to cut public services. Far better to let the tories face years of strikes and marxist sedition, get the country back on track, and then labour come along and fuck it all up again. It’s how they operate.

          • labour is a cancer on society says:

            I think Bliar looked actually strained and nervous during his speech in Sedgefield. I wonder if a lot of these NuLab scum are worried that some rather nasty, damning truths are going to come out if they lose the election. Expect some more of them to do a ‘Purcell’ in the next few weeks.

          • Wolf says:

            thats tat

          • Roughneck Driller Thriller says:

            As a last dog in a manger act of spite expect Brown to try to give the falkland islands to the argies. He won’t want anyone finding oil there and a tory govt benefiting from the revenues it would generate.

          • Lil Olmey says:

            Although there was a recent report that the untapped oil reserves appeared to be much smaller than had previously been expected. (Sorry, no link.)
            I wonder if the timing of that announcement has any significance ?

          • Socialists in denial says:

            Fellow socialists.We have a great opportunity to narrow the tory poll lead by attacking them on Graylings anti gay jibe.Can you imagine how incensed our supporters are in Blackburn,Burnley and Dagenham over the verbal assaults on bowel burglars and shit stabbers.It will the talking point in all the working mens clubs today.Dont you all agree.Happy easter

          • Crustbreaker says:

            well given that the inhabitants threatened to emigrate en masse to Buenos Aries if he accepted the governorship…..nothing would suprise us less

          • Sarf of the River says:

            Is it all down to crappy posters?

          • Danny Baker's little in-joke says:


          • trolls are says:

            coming round from the nokia

          • VC says:

            The enemy within. A sinister bunch…..


          • nell says:

            Child Spies! As Littlejohn in the Mail pointed out yesterday gordon’s bureaucracy used a 14yearold spy, who was 6foot and looked much older, to trap an unsuspecting petshop owner into selling him a goldfish, which under this labour government is a Serious Crime!! What is labour doing to our children??!

            Time for Change!

          • Brown to announce the election this Tuesday says:

            Just reported on Sky….

            ‘We have been informed that the Prime Minister will be going to the Palace on Tuesday. The election will be on May 6th’

          • LOL says:

            Brown will bottle it and will resign through “ill health” before he is defeated in an election.

          • !! says:

            Two disastrous polls for Labour tonight show them falling further behind the Tories.
            Tory lead increases to 10% with YouGov and 11% with Angus Reid.
            It’s all over for Brown. Will he bottle calling an election this Tuesday?

          • nell says:

            Oh Dear!!

            The election date has just been moved back to June 3rd to give mandy, balls and whelan time to tell more lies in gordon’s favour in the hope of grabbing back some of those haemorraghing votes!!

          • Some more suggestions for CCO poster dept says:

            Give em enough rope, more time to dig the hole deeper etc etc etc

          • Liebour Watch says:

            It’s a holiday week so watch out for PVs!!

          • I hate New Labour says:

            I wouldn’t put it past him to find a way to avoid calling it.

          • Anonymous says:


          • Jack Ketch says:

            The damage if he does will be collosal and will be reflected in the polls. The Tories will make capital out of it “Bottler”Brown has run out of time and space.Its time to meet his date with destiny and hopefully electoral oblvion at the same time

          • Anonymous says:

            Brown has run out of Runway, the crash will be spectacular !

          • Titless says:

            picture it gordon as biggles…prime mincer as ginger.. algie harriet pukawallah ed balls team bike yvette….loop the loop and pancaking on the main runway heathrow..yeah yeah yeah burn you bastards burn..excuse me…nurse another tablet please

          • LOL at Mandelswine says:

            Mandelswine cracks up on Sky today!

          • Labour lose more votes says:

            It’s wall-to-wall gays on the BBC tonight: Mandelson, Tatchell, Stephen Logan, Summerskill, Bradshaw, Bryant, etc spitting fury and thrusting their militant homosexuality in our faces.

            Meanwhile the vast majority of voters agree with Chris Grayling.

          • thrusting their militant homosexuality in our faces. LMAO! says:

          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            You got that right. Why do gays and in particular Mandelson feel they are so superior. Assholes!!

          • QWERTY says:

            Could you imagine that lot bitch slapping each other? What a bunch of fags, that fat Irish cHunt Stephen (I eat all the pies) nolan still wanking on about it on Radio 5. Is nolan a shit stabber as well? He does work for the BBC after all.

          • Rowan 'get me your arses' says:

            It’s not just arse bandits!

            The muff-sucking kiddy-fiddling filth from the CofE are in on it. Look at these two filthy evil Satanic c’unts:


          • Anonymous says:

            wall-to-wall gays on the BBC

            ’twas ever thus…

          • monocular jock says:

            “our figures don’t need to add up” why? Slimy CUN.T

          • Anonymous says:

            “I dont know if they were deceived or not , thats a judgement they must make for themselves “……is the wrong answer, in fact its not an answer at all. Now just answer the fuckin’ question !

          • QWERTY says:

            Fuck off Mandelson you rancid little faggot.

          • Anonymous says:

            Blaming the public, what a chump ! Strange though that the majority of this interview in which Mandleson fucks up big style did not feature in later highlights as shown on Sky. Its time that Murdoch also was held accountable by the People.

          • Anonymous says:

            It is puke making to watch this worm at work…slimey little creep weasels his way through interviews repeating the same meaningless crap verse after verse… Chin grinner must have been fucking deperate to have put this excuse for a man back in the public frame. It would be a real delight to see that sickening smirk wiped off his condescending kisser and the pathetic little twat throttled.

          • Paul Potts says:

            McMental will call the’ Year Zero’ Card and declare a 1000 Years of Peace through Liebour Policies!

          • Anonymous says:

            Simon Cowell to announce a new TV spectacular called “Britains got tyranny “

          • RT says:

            Isn’t the owner of YouGov married to a Labour Dame? Things must be bad if even the fiddled figures are showing 10%.

          • Mis-judgement or what ? says:

            He’s married to Baroness Cathy” Ashton who believedly is supposed to be the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs although nobody not even Brown or the EU Commission are absolutely sure if she is or not as nobody has heard of her since she was appointed and of course in French eyes she is beyond the pale…Elle ne parle pas francais !!

          • le macreau says:

            She is, ow you say, as ugly as a bulldog which ‘as been chasing a bus – and caught eet.

          • BBC leftie scum laugh at the murder of white South African says:

            A bunch of middle-class, white, leftie/liberals on Radio 4’s “Broadcasting House” programme have just been laughing and joking at the brutal hacking to death yesterday of Eugene Terre Blanche, the right-wing Soth African ex-politician slaughtered yesterday by a gang of black robbers..
            They all thought it was amusing and they and the BBC presenter only expressed concern at any negative effect it may have on the World Cup later this year.

          • The BBC get's worse says:

            After joking about the murder in South Africa these BBC arseholes then went on to attack Grayling (and also Cameron) for daring to suggest that British B and B owners should decide for themselves whether or not to allow “gay couples” into their homes.

            It really is time these white-hating, English-hating pinko scum were swept off the airwaves to stop them polluting the minds of the gullible and naive.

          • Jed says:

            The whole panel on Radio 4 this morning, including the BBC presenter, were a bunch of Tory-hating pinko/Labour shills as usual.

            They thought the murder of TeraBlanche was very funny but no mention of the murders of thousands of white South African farmers in the last few years.

            They also smeared Cameron without anyone presenting an alternative view.

          • Mis-judgement or something else ? says:

            Well IF what you’re saying is true then the BBC should be inundated with complaints and the presenters suspended immediately

            I have no truck with Terre Blanche’s views but that does not mean that the violent murder of an individual should be made light of by UK’s public broadcaster.It seems to me that this is another re-run of the Ross/Brand/Sachs saga and it is apparent that there needs to be an investigation and suspension of any individual employed by the Corporation who has encouraged or condoned this sort of view. Although I can’t say that I’m surprised at anything the BBC indulges in or to the levels it will sink.The Corporation ceased to have any impartiality or standards of behaviour twenty years ago and the fact that they still use the term “British” in their title is not just a farce but must contravene the Trades Description Act

          • sickened by BBC radio 4 says:

            I heard the Broadcasting House show on radio 4 this morning. The guests and presenter treated it as a joke that Terreblanche had been murdered. One of the guests was even giggling and said he couldn’t stop himself from laughing.
            They only become sombre and serious when they started to eulogise Biko and Mandela and saying how worried they were that this murder might affect the world cup in June.

            The whole thing was nauseating and suggests these people are on a different moral plane to the rest of us. Of course, it was no surprise that the next topic was Grayling’s comments about gays and B&B owners in which they smeared both Grayling and Cameron as homophobic and implied that Cameron was being dishonest about the issue.

          • QWERTY says:

            What do you expect, the left spend most of their time fucking each other up their shit ridden arses.

          • confused says:

            do you mean rogering each other ? surely not isn’t john prescott married and the prime mincer takes doesn’t give so what do you mean…rudeboy

          • Ratsniffer says:

            Remember the BBC Pravda mantra. Left = good, anyone else = bad.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            Guido these un numbered comments at the bottom would be much more amusing
            if we knew which posts they relate to ????????????

          • QWERTY says:

            This is nothing new, when the left attacked George Bush and called for attacks on him etc the BBC happily went along, but as soon as a few people started booing Barry Obama the smears from the left went out.

            See the left in action and imagine if this much hatred were shown to Barry or the one eyed mong how the BBC would react.

          • Atlas shrugged says:

            You know the truly sad sad sad thing about all this is that Obama and Bush are without any doubt whatsoever ever working wholly and solely for the exact same people.

            Not only that but it is not at all hard to find this particular piece of damning evidence in countless books and internet sites.

            If Bush was indeed another Hitler, then Obama is simply his over tanned cousin.

            Be warned the exact same thing is about to happen in the UK. Brown and Cameron clearly and obviously are working for the exact same people as Bush and Obama. In the US Obama being in seeming charge will quiet things down somewhat. However Cameron being a Conservative PM will create the opposite reaction.

            Time to barb wire the garden walls, me thinks, and take in essential supplies.

          • The Enforcer says:

            Gordon has likened the economic recovery to Wayne Rooney’s foot…oh dear thats man u and the world cup fucked then. Big offensive today coming…the chingrinner will be putting his tin lid out of the bunker door…….urrrrrr I am today making another difficult decision in leading this country out of the economic ruins of the last 18 years of tory rule 13 years ago and which didn’t start here but in america. I will be reducing the sex therapy budget by 4p as I have identified considerable savings …it just won’t get any harder whatever I do and peter just isn’t helping anymore so I am taking the wheel, driving the campaign train…rallying the troops before we’re over the top and into battle……………..splat….bin him danno.

          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            Well said. There is nothing British about the BBC.

          • I agree with what you say. There must be an immediate investigation.

          • QWERTY says:

            Were they shit stabbing each other at the time and snorting Meow Meow by chance?

          • Toms tomcat says:

            My tom cat is humping a cat and screeching meeeeeeowwwwwwww

          • K says:

            any link

          • GT says:

            I heard them joking about this murder. I think it was during the paper review. Here’s the iplayer for today’s broadcasting house prog:


          • Den says:

            The worst two were Marina Hyde from the Guardian and Iranian comic Omid Djalili. They thought the murder of the white guy was one big joke. The BBC presenter didn’t pull them up of course but just worried how it might spoil the world cup finals.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            can i have a link to bbc complaints please

          • Sedgefield Counter says:

            to reply I now have to quote the post,shit or what!
            Den says:
            April 4, 2010 at 1:26 pm

            The worst two were Marina Hyde from the Guardian and Iranian comic Omid Djalili. They thought the murder of the white guy was one big joke. The BBC presenter didn’t pull them up of course but just worried how it might spoil the world cup finals.

            yeah just listened to it, I hate that hagglin twat Iranian.

          • EDL says:

            Listen to the pinko Labour luvvies on the BBC and their Iranian muslim chum taking the piss and having a larf about the brutal murder of a white South African.


          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            Link Please ?

          • HazelNuts says:

            what the fuck do you need all these links for …are you posting as a shoal ?

          • nell says:

            EDL they and the BBC are completely disgraceful!!

            What has happened to the British decency that says ” I don’t agree with that you say but I will defend your right to say it!”

            Labour has destroyed so much that was good about us!!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            link please !

          • knobnuts says:

            and heres the weather ….

          • QWERTY says:

            i hope they all get fucking cancer

          • Puzzled TV Licence payer says:

            Why do they constantly use Guardian staff? there ought to be an inventory…how many guardian commentators do they use, say, compared with the daily mail?

          • Jem says:

            They constantly use journos from the Guardian, Independent, Mirror, and the People because they’re all reliable leftie/liberal, English-hating, heterophobic, Labour-supporting scum just like the people who work for the BBC.

          • Can't stand the Beeb says:

            I like the cut of your jib, Jem.

          • Anonymous says:

            To be fair they were still on the come down from last nights coke, E and speed.

          • QWERTY says:

            The BBC should be wiped from the face of the planet, leftie arse shagging drug taking cHuntz

          • Confused says:

            like the notion but wheres the concealed weapon if they all k’unts

          • Marxists are Slime says:

            These people are the scum of the earth. They despise ordinary people, think Britain is “hideously white” and that their own liberal left viewpoint is sacrosanct. The BBC needs to be dealt with and it ignores this lack of impartiallity at it’s peril.

          • Pravda Executive says:

            THE BBC thanks you for your input. We are aware of accusations of bias and waste and are pretending to deal with them just in case the tories get in at the next election and then it’s payback time. Now, if you’ll forgive me I have important matters to be getting on with, like golf, filling in my vast expenses forms and planning our next blue skies thinking conference, in the Maldives. Er, I mean the Malverns.

          • confused says:

            eez it juste moi or est carla bruni a minger ?

          • Angela's Merkin says:


            For you, Froggy, ze war is over!

          • confused says:

            this cathy ashton …is she the niece of Ashton Martin ?

          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            Yes. As we type he is looking at the options and deciding that he can stay as PM for one more month if he delays. No brainer really Early June election then the usual cowards retreat.

          • BV says:

            A Labour/Common Purpose front to undermine the education system in Britain….


          • Anonymous says:

            I bet a 14 year old is allowed to buy a lobster and boil it, or, if he’s feeling humane, stab it thru’ the head. I eat them alive as I like crunchy things.

          • The truth seeker Gordon Brown Feb 2010 says:

            Its not the only thing this evil bunch of kiddy fiddlers have done .Google my title before your dinner i suggest.Happy easter

          • anonymush says:

            Scottish Labour = bunch of pervs

          • Dan says:

            Are you saying Ben Doon and Phil McRevis are not fit for public office?

          • Martin Gay says:

            I have never voted Labour in my life, but this video has convinced me that it’s time for a change.

        • 481
          brown bread says:

          “easily as amusing as any comedy!!!”

          WTF does that mean you twerp?

          • Manuel says:


          • TOO FAR says:

            correction…………… Que?

          • TOO FAR says:

            this tread is in a mucking fuddle!!

          • TOO FAR says:


          • Apagusta says:

            Brown’s using his child’s death as an element of him exposing his soul to the public was ill judged . Brown is a cynical operator who has, along with his ace accomplice the Prime Mincer, continued to stoop as low as possible to weasel 5 more years from the electorate. The comments about Nell earlier in these threads are rubbish… whatever she might have written or not written I am sure she never intended to diminish the sadness and pain the browns must have felt.

            The Guido blog is predominantly uncensored but comments like ‘dirty nazi jews’ and the like are a disgrace, do nothing to further rational debate and like many other very inappropriate similar postings about other sections of society,past and present, goes more to demonstrate the very real lack of morals the writers possess or perhaps,to be as generous as possible, pure ignorance of the truth.

      • 450
        Ratsniffer says:

        Surely the monster raving loonie party are fielding a candidate too?

      • 452
        LOL says:

        Good old Gary Elsby will split what’s left of the Labour vote in Stoke Central and the B-N-P will take the seat.

        • 567
          Nice One says:

          Well I’m donating then.

          • A VERY happy Chelsea supporter says:

            Thank you Gordon for giving your ‘er…… ‘support’ to Manchester Utd

            (oh and thank you for staying on as labour leader)

          • Brick Lane Bertie says:


            Up North they riot over the BNP…down South we riot over ‘snazzy’ clobber…

            Brown’s Britain.

          • Jim says:

            Ha ha — I bet the police filth claimed about £500,000 in criminal injuries compensation. (after they damaged their hands and feet punching and kicking bystanders).

            The British police are fucking terrorist filth.

      • 559

        What amused me was the ex-Nationalist complaining that the party was full of drunks and nutters.

        It’s a political party – of course it’s full of drunks and nutters. He’d find the same kind of people whichever party he joined – you’ve got to be either pissed or mad to want to be a politician, especially in a shithole like Stoke.

        The Tory candidate’s quite winsome, though…

      • 575
        The truth seeker Gordon Brown Feb 2010 says:

        Im sure Mandy has stoked Tristram a few times.I think he needs to come up to scotland tomorrow to be tried out by the masonic bowel burglars.

      • 897
        HazelNuts says:

        calm yourself Nell your right forefinger is twitching too fast…another glass of something delightful and a gentle tea please.

  88. 416
    You can't put it of forever says:

    Conservatives putting DC on posters = more votes

    Labour putting GB on posters = less votes

    Labour putting DC on a poster = priceless.

    Thanks for that Milibands – DC looks gorgeous!

  89. 419
    Dr Wills Straw says:

    Easily better than Brown.

  90. 421
    Is this says:

    Darlings Eyewigs

  91. 422
    The Noo_Lie_Bore Clitorati says:

    Isn’t it just SOOO wonderful that Johnny boy Pressclot is going to be a Lord!

    He’ll look soooo wonderful in all that ermine ‘n stuff.

    Our thighs ache for his touch.

    Our tummys have that . . . . . that . . . . yearning . . . and we’re all sooo moist.

    But we must stop now . . . bcos we’re getting sooo excited.

    We had better lie down and enjoy this sweet aching pleasure in peace.

  92. 436
    Anonymous says:

    What is this world they describe in 1997 that was so bad. As I recall we had a growing economy (that Brown has single-handedly trashed) and life was quctually good. Why didn’t Guido tell him he was talking crap?

    • 456
      History is whatever you want it to be says:

      Never ever forget the god almighty car crash that was the 1970′s and the mess Labour left for Margaret Thatcher to clear up. There is a lot of socialist clap trap spouted about the 80′s. The country was in terminal decline after years of Wilson and Callaghan and needed to be fixed. The Labour government had conned their voter base for years that they could go on working in uneconomic industries with out dated union practices.They didn’t call Britain the Sick Man of Europe for nothing and that was all down to Labour

  93. 439
    Throws Stones says:

    The arch bishop Hunt of Bury wants to be careful,there stuff in the UK to hit the presses soon.

  94. 445
    An honest citizen says:


    The Archbishop of Canterbury, that well known Druid, said this morning that the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland had “lost all credibility”

    This evening he says that he “deeply regrets” the comment…

    Is there any leader in Britain who can open his mouth in the morning without “deeply regretting” what he said in the eveing

    And losing “all credibility” ???!!!

    • 465
      Anonymous says:

      The Bearded buffoon also told his “flock” to stop complaining about the growing instances of persecution of Christians in the UK. He said in essence that they should put up with it since in other places it is a whole lot worse. Does the bearded idiot not know that it will get a whole lot worse if nothing is done about it now !!! This guy is another Clown who has been promoted way beyond his competence. I think in this case they call it the St Peter Principle.

      • 482
        Aussie says:

        what a noncing matilda he is

      • 542

        St Peter Principle – love it!

        Who the hell does this beardy Druid who was named after a tree think he is, lecturing people on credibility? This from the idiot that says that there is a place for Sharia ‘law’ in the UK, just because his mates in the Liebour Party have imported so many Mohammedans!

        I suppose he thinks he’s on safe ground where kiddy-fiddlers are concerned, since those of his priests who aren’t women are gay.


  95. 446
    Vote Vote Vote for Jacqui. says:

    Guido,I know you’re gonna tell me to fuck off and give me a full refund but I
    just have to say I think you look like that old fat poof Ronnie KRAY.

  96. 447
    Ratsniffer says:

    Good one, Guido, you’re starting to look much more chilled on screen now, and you made some good points, not falling into the trap of just sticking it to Broon because you can, but being constructive too.

    However, why is that that newspapers find it so hard to do TV? Popping up a small lamp or two up, not shooting against burnt-out windows, and getting everyone properly on-mic is not rocket science and not all that expensive to do anymore.

    That being said, I much prefered the format of this type of discussion to the tight-arsed, rushed, agenda-led newsnight studio grillings where you get the impression that they try to create a stressful atmosphere to wrong-foot guests who are not quite on message.

  97. 448
    Sean says:

    Who does that bearded atheistic c,unt Rowna Wiliams think he is? He wants to put his own collapsing fucking house in order before he starts slagging off Irish catholics.

    • 457
      it's not just the catholics says:

      The gay druid Williams has shit himself and apologised. He should have kept his fucking mouth shut to start with.

      Now lets hear about the rampant child abuse amongst muslims, jews, and proddies, inc the Kincora boys home scandal in Northern Ireland involving all those proddy politicians and the hushed-up D Notice scandal of Dunblane involving Scottish Labour prods.

    • 461
      now let's hear about the rest says:

      Druid Williams has crapped his kecks and is backpedalling fast.

      Now let’s hear about abuse amongst muslims, j*ws, prods etc inc K*ncora nd D*nbl*ne.

  98. 466
    concrete pump says:

    No shit for brains labour trolls on this thread yet.

    They must be working on an answer to the massive fuck up that was the ‘Gene Hunt’ poster.

    It’s all over, wankers.

    Back to your shit strewn bunkers and prepare for defeat.

  99. 476
    stop the rot says:

    Unbelievable. Chav kids and immigrant brats have the power to assess, appoint, and even sack teachers.

    13 years of Labour govts have almost destroyed stability and security in this country.

  100. 484
    nell says:

    So Pauline, prezza’s cheated wife wants him to accept a Lordship so that she can be called a Lady. Small price really isn’t for the insult that he dealt her so I expect it will happen.

    Now the grasping cherie is saying the same thing. She wants our very own orange tone to press for a lordship so that she can be called lady too.

    I think it’s time for the House of Whores to be turned into an elected Senate.

    No titles. Just responsibilities to the Nation after you’ve been elected by us the common man.

    • 490
      Lord Archole says:

      • 495
        nell says:

        As I said it’s time for the House of Whores to be turned into an elected Senate.

    • 498
      Dave says:

      A place in the Lords is also a very easy and highly lucrative job for life too, of course. Those annual expenses can run to £200,000 and more for doing next to nothing.

    • 521
      Anonymous says:

      How do these hypocrites sleep at night.

    • 577
      Unsworth says:

      Well these two bints are by no stretch of the imagination ‘ladies’. Neither has the slightest idea of what it might involve.

      Noblesse oblige.

    • 644
      Christy says:

      So whats changed Nell over the centuries,I think another man called them a house of whores,but alas unlike today he had the power to march the feckers out.
      Slotgob and Hairdresser want to be ladies maybe they should look at some unsung real ladies before they get their high and mighty aspirations.

  101. 494
    Diarmuid says:

    Bearded atheistic gay druid, Rowan Williams, has shit himself and backpedalled fast after his opportunistic and sleazy attack on the Irish church.

    The dhimmified druid should put his own crumbling church in order and stop sucking up to the muslims, before he attacks the catholics.

    • 703
      RT says:

      There was a time when young boys wanted to enter the priesthood. Now, it’s the other way around.

  102. 504
    Bad_Cop_Shows says:

    More like a “gene hunt” for a person with more suitable DNA for Prime minister.

  103. 505
    FuckedOffBBCHack says:

    *****BREAKING NEWS****

    The BBC have announced a fourth ‘Leaders Debate’ to be held at the St John’s nursery school in Kirkcaldy. The Leaders will be interviewed by a group of six year olds. The six year olds require each question be answered fully and honestly or the Leaders wont get any chocolate or candy bars afterwards.

  104. 513
    nell says:


    gutlessgordon says he wants to join forces with the LibDems in order to hang onto power in the next election which he knows he has no chance of winning outright.

    I hope the LibDems have enough sense to repel him.

    In the event of a hung parliament if the LibDems go in with bullybrown and keep him in office the electorate will Never forgive them. If they do that they can expect their 18% average of the vote to shrink to much less the next time around because no-one will ever trust them again!!

    • 527
      Engineer says:

      If the Tories do get their outright majority, it won’t matter so much anyway; and with the doughty assistance the Tory campaign is getting from the Millipede poster, it appears that even some Labourites want a Tory majority!

      • 534
        David Cameron Is A Marxist says:

        The new policies announced as part of the Big Society plan include:

        “Neighbourhood army” of 5,000 full-time, professional community organisers who will be trained with the skills they need to identify local community leaders, bring communities together, help people start their own neighbourhood groups, and give communities the help they need to take control and tackle their problems. This plan is directly based on the successful community organising movement established by Saul Alinsky in the United States and has successfully trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama.

        A master of infiltration, Alinsky wooed Chicago mobsters and Wall Street financiers alike. And successive Democratic politicians fell under his spell.
        His creed was set out in his book ‘Rules for Radicals’ – a book he dedicated to Lucifer, whom he called the ‘first radical’. It was Alinsky for whom ‘change’ was his mantra. And by ‘change’, he meant a Marxist revolution achieved by slow, incremental, Machiavellian means which turned society inside out. This had to be done through systematic deception, winning the trust of the naively idealistic middle class by using the language of morality to conceal an agenda designed to destroy it. And the way to do this, he said, was through ‘people’s organisations’.

        Community organisers would mobilise direct action by the oppressed masses against their capitalist oppressors.


        • 536
          nell says:

          You are Will Straw and I claim my £5.

          • Nell & Engineer = 'naively idealistic middle class' says:

            nell you have been sussed out love, you are a tory troll, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil about your beloved Dave and his new socialist policies and handpicked selection lists.

            It’s all fine and dandy kicking Labour down about it like the scumbags they are but to sit and defend the Conservatives while they go down the exact same pass?

            Hysterical hypocrisy that everyone can see for themselves.

            Shoot the messengers all you like but when the reality of Daves socialist policies start bearing fruition, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when the backlash from the plebs who have been taken for a ride long enough starts. Dave will do a runner like Blair and leave the naive like you who fell for to pick up the pieces.

            Don’t mind me pointing it out though, please keep spinning for your socialist masters in the Nu Conservatives, everything will be fine and dandy in Dave’s Socialist Utopia lol…….

          • nell says:

            You poor dear.

            You obviously are not of pensionable age and robbed of your pension by gutlessgordon.

            You obviously are not part of the army family, watching their sons and daughters being thrown into labour’s pseudo wars without proper equipment.

            You obviously are not an ordinary taxpayer watching our mp’s and peers spew our hard earned money up the wall on their marble palacesd and 2d homes.

            You obviously are not the carer of a disabled child fighting to get decent ( or any) NHS treatment for that child. ‘Every Child Matters’??? remember that labour document – means absoutely nothing in practice!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            “Every Child matters” in the sense they are hoping to politicise them and get their vote to keep them in power.

        • 627
          Not Bob says:

          you don’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing

    • 618
      Pissed off with Liebour says:

      The twunt Geoff Robinson was hallucinating on his barley water when interviewed, he is a total wheeled out socialist millionaire when no one from Liebour will put up for interview.!!!

  105. 515
    Engineer says:

    “Guido and the Guardianistas”

    No offence meant, Guido, but that sounds like a dodgy ’50′s skiffle group.

    • 529

      None taken. Fair point.

      • 593
        Anonymous says:

        I believe Guido left this band shortly after citing “musical differences” with the other members.

    • 531
      nell says:

      Oh Eng! Skiffle groups makes me think of Lonnie Donegan. Decency, Honesty, Good Times. Clean Times. Laughter.

      They were the good days. Poliicians who told the truth and served because they believed in their country.

      Now we have gutless gordon, bully balls, prezza, bliar- all who expect to end up in the House of Whores troughing into their old age. What Disgusting Times we live in! How Sad!!

  106. 522
    Breaking News says:

    Sky News: “We have been informed that the Prime Minister is going to the Palace on Tuesday and that the election will be on May 6th”.

  107. 526
    Gordon's Dead Dad says:

    That boy is such a c*nt.

  108. 533
    David Cameron Is A Marxist says:

    A vote for David Cameron is a vote for more socialism, try and spin your way out of this one trolls;

    The British Conservative party has signed up to the revolutionary Marxist politics of Saul Alinsky and his seditious strategy of using ‘community organisers’ to turn the people against the state and against the bedrock moral and social values of their country – and it is almost certainly too ignorant, lazy or stupid to realise that this is what it means.


    Do your self and your country a favor at the election, do not vote any of the out of touch big three.

    • 543
      nell says:

      No! Vote for gutlessgordon – more years of the troops kept abroad in war without equipment, more years of economic disaster, more years of throwing billions into nhs admin rather than frontline services, more years of supporting troughing mp’s and peers and on and on…………………

      • 572
        Nell & Engineer = 'naively idealistic middle class' says:

        Er Nell the same two wars that Dave Cameron and friends voted YES for? The same troops that Dave Cameron and friends have not given an cast iron guarantee about withdrawing any time soon? the same Dave Cameron and friends that will happily march into Iran if asked?

        Yes Nell whatever…..keep spinning for your beloved socialist masters in Nu Conservatives you would make Mcbride and Whelan proud.

        • 580
          Unsworth says:

          Cameron was lied to – as was everyone else, and voted on the basis of lies peddled by Blair etc.

          • Down wiv Brown! says:

            and only morons believed him

          • hang um high says:

            hey twat you leave nell alone i enjoy her comments its people like her that make this blogg worth reading,now fuck of back to the binker,

        • 587
          nell says:

          Erm only one thing – bliar, scarlett and alastair wrote a document in which they claimed Iraq had wmd which they could deliver in 45 mins – Yhey backed it up with MI5 MI6 support. Seriously Believeable. Remember that? You should.! Dr David Kelly died because he opposed what we now know were LIES but neither we nor the MP’s in the House knew it at the time.

          So Parliament voted for it – Believing Bliar’s, scarlett’s and alastair’s LIES!!!

          Who are we to blame? Hmmm?? – Parliament including cameron? or Bliar,Alastair and Scarlett??

          • The question that dare not speak its name says:

            It has now come out in the Chilcott enquiry that there was absolutley no basis for the claim that Saddams possession of WMD’s was “beyond doubt “It is the question that exposed Campbell and Blair as Liars. It all caught up with comical ali on the Andrew Marr program you may recall.

          • Down wiv Brown! says:

            those who weren’t complete idiots knew that before the War started
            what’s your and Cameron’s excuse ?

          • hang um high says:

            see what Labours education as done cant spell “bunker “is that where Brown the lives

        • 711
          TosserWatch says:

          neither the british public nor the conservatives would have supported what blair etc did re iraq had we known the truth of the 45 minutes wmd issues.

          • Anon says:

            More Conservative MPs voted for war in Iraq than Labour MPs.
            And if they did not ask the right questions they have nobody but themselves to blame.

          • barefootcontessa says:

            I’m sorry , but the lies were obvious before Blair got to talking about 45 minutes and all that.

  109. 538
    Reimer says:

    My PC packed up before I could watch too much of this toss. These are the same types that CMD has been courting the past few years. Kill ‘em all.

  110. 539
    JL says:

    Two disastrous polls for Labour tonight show them falling further behind the Tories.

    Tory lead increases to 10% with YouGov and 11% with Angus Reid.

    It’s all over for Brown. Will he bottle calling an election this Tuesday?

  111. 540
    Nell & Engineer = 'naively idealistic middle class' says:

    These People’s Organizations were to be composed largely of discontented individuals who believed that society was replete with injustices that prevented them from being able to live satisfying lives. Such organizations, Alinsky advised, should not be imported from the outside into a community, but rather should be staffed by locals who, with some guidance from trained radical organizers, could set their own agendas.

    The installment of local leaders as the top-level officers of People’s Organizations helped give the organizations credibility and authenticity in the eyes of the community. This tactic closely paralleled the longtime Communist Party strategy of creating front organizations that ostensibly were led by non-communist fellow-travelers, but which were in fact controlled by Party members behind the scenes…

    Vote Tory, vote for Nell and Engineers brand of socialism…the right kind of socialism supposedly……… what ever that means………

    • 548
      Engineer says:

      Evening, TaT.

    • 549
      nell says:

      Hey Eng. Have you seen this post??!

      Don’t know about you but I was born in a Council House of working class parents- now I’m being smeared by labour for believing in decency, honesty and hardwork and not living off labour’s welfare benefits – I count it an Honour!!!

      • 556
        Engineer says:

        Nell, I suspect somebody has been a little over-indulgent with the falling-over water. Either that, or someone isn’t quite as clever as they’d like to think they are.

        It’s garbage; ignore it.

      • 560
        Turnip Taliban says:

        that’s why nell smears politicians with their disabled children and wallows in the blood of dead troops to exploit them while happily sending them into the slaughterhouse for another 5 years
        because she’s ‘honourable’, or Hoonarable at least, like her hero McBride who she copies

        her other hero is Dave who spends all his time copying Blair and he’s ‘honourable’ because he’s a millionaire welfare benefits cheat who also charged the taxpayer for his mortgage

        such honour among thieves and smearers

        !! !!! !! !!! LOL

        • 610
          stillsaggy_airhead_Fawkes says:

          She smeared Brown by saying he didn’t care about his disabled child with Cystic Fibrosis and she knows it.

          If anyone tried doing the same about Cameron and his child, and the scumsuckers have, the result was outrage and more often than not a deletion of the likes of sp33do shorts insane ramblings.
          Just because it isn’t YOUR ‘team’ doesn’t mean it isn’t the precise same smearing shit. Being a Partisan is no excuse for hypocrisy.

          As for your pompous self regard in demanding a link, go fuck yourself
          and find it yourself as I’m not doing your job for you. You want it you find it. I KNOW she said it.

          she did it and she knows it as well as smearing Brown with what she imagined his dead father would think about him and wanting to poison people. she’s a Tory McBride.

        • 621
          Gene Hunt says:

          OK, wise guy. That’s all we need to know. You can’t prove it.

          Nell’s in the clear.

        • 631
          stillsaggy_airhead_Fawkes says:

          “nell says:
          February 14, 2010 at 3:03 pm
          gordon’s too busy playing the grieving parent, weeping all over the telly, as he casts a careful eye at the UK Polling Report over the next few days.”

          And that isn’t even the one I’m looking for but here nell mcbride is pissing on the grave of Browns dead child

          I hope you are till around when I find the other one as you will be branded a LIAR every time I see you post

          And nell hasn’t denied it because she KNOWS she said it

        • 635
          stillsaggy_airhead_Fawkes says:

          nell says:

          “Most parents raising disabled children don’t ask the question why? because it would simply mean that they are more concerned with their own welfare than they are concerned with their child’s.

          I wonder how his son will feel as he grows older knowing that his father publicly raged , on a Sunday night trash tv programme, against the ‘injustice’ of being given a disabled child to love??”

          ….nell saying Brown didn’t care about his child with cystic fibrosis and cared about himself more

          because she is telepathic or because she is a Tory McBride ?
          yeah, we all know the answer to that one

          Now FUCK OFF LIAR!

        • 641
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          nell smears politicians with their disabled children

          She merely said what a lot have said, written or thought about Brown’s general level of empathy and sincerity. Where did she ever smear any child on this blog, stillsaggy?

          And while we’re at it: quote: ‘…wallows in the blood of dead troops to exploit them while happily sending them into the slaughterhouse for another 5 years…’

          I think you’ll find this progressive Labour Government, rather than Nell, were the ones who did that.

          Yeb tvoio mat, sooka

        • 642
          stillsaggy_airhead_LIAR says:

          “OK, wise guy. That’s all we need to know. You can’t prove it”

          A LIE

          now fuck off LIAR

        • 647
          stillsaggy_airhead_LIAR says:

          “Where did she ever smear any child on this blog, stillsaggy?”

          “She smeared Brown by saying he didn’t care about his disabled child with Cystic Fibrosis and she knows it.”

          She smeared Brown with his disabled child to do so LIAR
          semantic weaseling won’t change the fact that she did what I said she did you pitiful snide cun’t and I’m sure nells delighted having a moron like you ‘helping’ her and forcing me to repost her McBride smearing and pissing on the grave of Brown’s dead child

          now fuck off LIAR

        • 657
          Gene Hunt says:

          You should be aware that Nell has a disabled child of her own. She has mentioned this on many occasions, along with the fact that she and her husband have cashed in part of their pension fund the purchase healthcare when the NHS would not help them.

          At no time has Nell smeared anybody’s deceased offspring. She – and many others – have registered their disgust at Brown’s use of his personal circumstances in an attempt to garner public sympathy. It was rather distastful and didn’t work, so he dropped the tactic.

          I would suggest that you make a polite apology to Nell. Other commenters and readers of the blog will form their own opinions.

        • 669
          Gene C'unt says:

          “You should be aware that Nell has a disabled child of her own.”

          I’m aware she says she looks after a disabled child, which makes her eagerness to smear someone else using their dead child or by questioning their love of a disabled one all the more repulsive.

          “At no time has Nell smeared anybody’s deceased offspring.”

          That would be you LYING again as she used the dead child to smear Brown

          “gordon’s too busy playing the grieving parent, weeping all over the telly, as he casts a careful eye at the UK Polling Report over the next few days.”

          If you want it in plain english nell is smearing by being so desperately partisan as to pretend Brown doesn’t care about his dead child which is a digraceful way to treat that dead child as just a political football to exploit, thus – pissing on it’s grave.

          So you’re wrong about that as well.

          “Brown’s use of his personal circumstances in an attempt to garner public sympathy.” NOT the same as saying he doesn’t care about his dead child or his disabled one which is what nell did.
          Cameron also used his personal circumstances around his childs death in his conference speech so was he disgusting and distasteful too ?

          I’m not anywhere near as inhuman as the filth here as to suggest Cameron didn’t grieve deeply over his child nor Brown for his.

          But you and nell are because you are partisan attack dogs who only care about trying to score the most repulsive of cheap political points regardless of how low you sink.

          Brown said of his child and I quote “We feel pretty fortunate”

          “I would suggest that you make a polite apology to Nell.”

          For what ? Quoting her smears ? You forced me to do that so it is you who owe her an apology for making me do so and showing her McBride smears.

          You self evidently LIED yet not one word of apology from you.
          Says it all.

        • 675
          Gene C'unt says:

          What do you think would happen if I reposted nells comments at some point in the future replacing Brown and his child with with Cameron and his child ?

          Are you quite so confident they would still be so acceptable here ?

      • 609
        Born in '51 says:

        Me too also Nell, plus Grammar School and University;it’s funny because it’s the similar educational case for most of the senior Liebour Party figures except those that came through Public School system. They are a funny lot that deny the subsequent generations by implementing a backward change to the systems that have evolved and they change the successful ones through pure dogma with no thought for any ramifications or circumstances!!

        Pure Evil !!

        • 666
          lol says:

          stillsaggy_airhead_LIAR = tim from http://www.politicalbetting.com

          Labour-bot tim is a well-known woman-hater like his boss, Gordon.

          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            Probably got his party-political career passed-over due to female-only shortlists somewhere down the line. A real blyad khui by the sound of him!

          • stillsaggy_airhead_LIAR says:

            you people are fucking nutters

            I use UK Polling report but don’t post on that or the Lib Dums blog

            Desperate desperate smears from sad little toryboy trolls
            Since when is nell every woman on earth ?
            Though maybe she’s the only one you sad little toryboys have ever come across

            Brown’s a cun’t and so is Cameron
            SO FUCK OFF LIARS

          • Anon says:

            Nell is a very nice lady and you are making false accusations against her.
            ‘Tis you who is the liar.
            Now fuck off you fucking moron.
            Thank you.

    • 553

      That sort of communitarianism, of course, could equally be guided by non-Marxists as a force for good.

      We’ve had the Marxist approach to comunitarianism for the last 13 years – that’s how aspirations become statutary requirements, and newspaper headlines become 3000 new offences.

      Removing the compulsion, taking the action to where it’s needed, grounding it in British values – all good moves.

      Labour trolls like you are shit scared that the framework that has created 800,000 non-jobs in the public sector to deal with problems that aren’t problems at all, merely aspirational politics that have been turned into laws by the totalitarians of New Labour – that all that framework and the well paid jobs for the inept will be swept away.

      It’ll save us money, and if managed carefully can allow us to reclaim Britain from the internationalist multiculturalist scum that have spent 13 years ruining it.

    • 581
      Anonymous says:

      Prick. Not really much else to say to the retard.

    • 739
      Policy of Ambiguity says:

      This is fucking magic: both Labour and Tory trolls are trying to make out they are tat.
      You motherfuckers are dancing to top boy’s tune now.
      That is what you call popular culture, innit.

      • 765
        TaT's closet confessions says:

        All the above four replies are by the closet gay homophobe TaT
        go take your face for a shit Tat
        then tell us about your web site
        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • 767
        Anonymous says:

        fuck off pikey

      • 819
        Nell = Tory stooge says:

        wash your mouth out nell

      • 882
        nell says:

        This comment is especially adressed to Mr Stillsaggyairhead .

        The point I made about gordon and his weeping all over prime tv about his disabled son is very important.

        Those of us who are parents/carers of disabled children have a very serious responsibility. It is to celebrate the disabled child’s strengths and to encourage them to battle their difficulties with courage. And sometimes it’s a tough call.

        What gordon did, by crying in front of tv cameras about his son was to call attention to his son’s difficulties and not to praise his son’s immense strengths in overcoming those difficulties. It maybe doesn’t matter right now, because his son is too young to understand. But it will matter as his son grows older and becomes aware of how his father reacted so negatively to his disabilities ie not with pride at his son’s courage but with sorrow because of his problems.

        gordon Did use his son’s problems to try to gain the electorate’s sympathy. I absolutely stand by that comment.

        But for me the saddest point is that gordon failed to highlight the immense courage that his son, and all disabled children display, in overcoming their difficulties to lead as normal a life as possible.

        The life of a disabled child is all about a celebration of the child’s strengths not a wallowing in misery by the parents or carers who feel they are somehow disadvantaged because their child is disabled. That is why gordon is wrong in what he did!

      • 898
        nell mcbride says:

        Brown said of his child in that interview “We feel pretty fortunate”

        FAIL nell. You heard what you wanted to hear because you’d prefer to be a partisan attack dog smearer instead of an objective observer.

        So by your smearing logic when Cameron said this in an interview no different from Brown’s he deserved the same opprobrium you cheerfully heaped on Brown despite not having the amazing powers of telepathy you rely on to tell us who does and does not love their children in your repulsive smearing way

        After Gordon Brown’s tears, emotional David Cameron tells TV of his regrets following son’s death

        A parent’s anguish: David Cameron stumbled over his words when remembering his son who died last February

        A faltering David Cameron yesterday said he regretted not taking more time off to recover from the death last year of his six-year-old disabled son.


        Point me to where you got outraged about Cameron and threw smears his way by doing the exact same thing as Brown nell ?

        Right. And we all know exactly why you didn’t.

      • 901
        Nell = Tory stooge says:

        Nell give it a rest you senile spinner, it was just the other day you posted a list of Labour people who should be exterminated from the human race.

        Now imagine the cries of indignation if someone had posted that about your beloved Conservatives.

        Your pious act is wearing thin and the constant spinning and covering up for the Conservative hypocrisy when they are just as bad as Labour.

        I’ll go quote it for you just to remind you.

      • 904
        stillsaggy_airhead/nell mcbride says:

        her point was addressed to me “Nell = Tory Stooge” but if you wish to take her up on her wafer thin piety feel free.

      • 910
        Nell = Tory stooge says:

        nell says:
        March 30, 2010 at 10:23 pm
        The only remedy for followers like twatson, kevan or whelan, the sort of political troughing vermin that are on here tonight is rat poison , preferably one that leads to a long slow death.

        Oh dear nell hung by your own petard and you used to be an interesting poster before you became a Dave Slave.

      • 911
        nell says:

        No I’m sorry I don’t care what you say dave said .

        I say if you are responsible for a disabled child then your prime responsibility is to celebrate their strengths and fight for their wellbeing. In my experience, the NHS will not help you in that!

        However, my Very Strong view is, it’s an absolute crime to wallow in a belief that your child’s disabilities are causing you, as a parent or a carer. grief. That just means you are selfishly centred on yourself and not centred on your child’s welfare! Not acceptable!!!!

      • 915
        Anon says:

        Well said, nell.

      • 919
        nell mcbride says:

        “No I’m sorry I don’t care what you say dave said”

        Of course you don’t because you are a partisan smearing sleazebag and you just proved it.
        And I’m not saying what dave said the MAIL is quoting him dear.

        It’s not even the laughably obvious hypocrisy you display at every turn that makes me obliged prove your shallow complete lack of values or morality. It’s that you’re so fucking shit at it.
        You just don’t have the required brainpower to carry it off love so leave well alone as it always ends this badly for you.

        Now you try to weasel and change the subject to the NHS because you have been caught in your blatant smearing hypocrisy.
        Bad news dear, dave says supports the NHS wholeheartedly.

        “However, my Very Strong view is, it’s an absolute crime to wallow in a belief that your child’s disabilities are causing you, as a parent or a carer. grief.”

        No it’s not.
        You just said you don’t care if dave does it.
        In what smearing fantasyland is that “a Very Strong view” if you don’t give a fuck when dave does it ? Jawdropping hypocrisy.

        “That just means you are selfishly centred on yourself and not centred on your child’s welfare! Not acceptable!!!!!”

        Unless dave does the exact same thing yet again.
        Let’s face it nell your skills at telepathically telling when someone loves a child are no better than your disgustingly transparent attempts at smearing people because you wish to score the most obnoxious cheap exploitative partisan points you can find.

        I pity you.

      • 931
        Anon says:

        And we all pity you. You are clearly an old fishwife whose husband has left her for being such a fucking nag and so now you come here to bore the arse off of all the posters on order order.
        Fuck off you stupid slag.
        You boring fucking wanker.

      • 943
        Anon as thieves says:

        Fuck off tat you pathetic tedious little runt.

        Where’s your blog and why are you still here despite telling everyone you were running away blubbing like a child because everyone was taking the piss out of you.

        You’re a coward and a liar little twat or you would still be using your thick as thieves name and not pretending you had a blog when everyone knows you don’t.

  112. 541
    Troughing Labour Whore in Boots No7 Eye Shadow says:

    Shuuud up! Is that slaaag Gene Cameron been on here today? Slaaaags

  113. 552
    Dan says:

    The Tories are Nu Liebore with more faggots, slags and dirty Nazi jews.

    You can bet your boots the next parliament will have more filthy retarded thieving corrupt slag c’unts like Margaret Moran, more dirty Nazi corrupt jews like Mandelpeed, and more filth depraved fags like Gordon Brown.

  114. 557
    Nazi Cow from Mumsnet says:

    Have a biscuit. We breed children for political gain. Do you like the biscuits shaped as swastikas? Little Hans helped bake them. Doesn’t he look good in his little Brown shirt. Come to Mùter Hans!

  115. 579
    Jed says:

    Both the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union and the communists in Esat Germany used children as agents to spy on and denounce adults, including their teachers and even their parents.

    Labour, the Youth Parliament, Common Purpose etc are laying the groundwork for the same system in Britain.

  116. 583
    spike says:

    A big problem will arise for the Liberals if the Tories get a high percentage lead in the polls which is possible with no chance for them to hold the balance of power and being seen to side more with Labour.To become the second party they should be attacking Brown.

    • 623
      nell says:

      Yes! They should but they haven’t.

      Their support of gutlessgordon is going to be remembered during, and after, this election.

      They could have become the 2nd party by showing their independece and opposing gordon but they have thrown the chance away by giving a nod to power sharing with him if there is a hung parliament!!

      Tonight, given that YouGov are showing a 10% lead for the tories and AngusReid an 11%lead, the LibDems need to rethink their independence and their strategy if they really want to become the 2nd party in the parliament!!

      Basically though they are now left on the back foot. They can change strategy but they will always be remembered for flirting with gutless gordon.

      • 710
        TosserWatch says:

        unfortunately Nell thats what the libs always do..sit on the fence until the ground drops away beneath then…16 to 18% max this time..destined for obscurity again.
        they would probably have been better with kennedy at the helm..pissed or not !

  117. 584
    Some more suggestions for CCO poster dept says:

    Welcome to New Labours Britain, where you cant even queue up for a sale at the shops without it turning into a riot !!!!

    We’ve had enough of this shit, Fire up the Quatro !

  118. 589
    Nazi Cow from Mumsnet says:

    We breed children for the civil service. My nephew Crispin is in the CS and is helping to set up a legal document, run for a pound, or something like that. It is designed to keep Herr Brown in power.

  119. 590
    anon says:


  120. 602
    Leaky pipes says:

    After the Millitwits launch of that soon to be iconic poster, Should the brothers grim not be renamed Dumb and Dumber?

  121. 605
    Leaky pipes says:

    After the launch of the soon to be iconic poster by the Millitwits, should the brothers grim now be renamed dumb and dumber?

    • 625
      nell says:

      Tweedledee and Tweedledum!!

      Though to be honest I rather see that moniker being given to balls and brown

    • 632
      Mr Slater's Parrot says:

      K-RRAAAAARRKK!!! TO ME!!! TO YOU!!! (bob) (weave) (ting) ‘AVEABANANA!

  122. 607
    Step Outside Posh Boy says:

    I want to call my mum.

  123. 608
    Anonymous says:

    In respect to “Postergate” Today will forever be remembered as the day Labour caught the Zeigheist but not in the way they anticipated

  124. 620
    Anon says:

    Red and Blue posters on this site make me larf.
    No popular support for Labour + no popular support for the Tories + over 50% of MPs defrauding the public purse + both the Labour and Tory Leaders being housing benefit cheats = a hung parliament.
    These are the facts and a hung parliament will be the outcome and all the partisan posters posting their comments here are just pissing in the wind.
    But pleae, do carry on, it is most amusing.
    And I am looking forward to returning here following the general election to gloat properly.
    You may go now.

    • 727
      The Beast of Tristram Hunt says:

      I don’t know if you’ve noticed tat me old china, but the polls are widening. The only thing you’ll be back here for, is a good beating about the bollocks with a baseball bat; and another big bonus for us tat fans, you’ll be 5 grand down….mwhahahahahahaha.

      That is all.

      • 740
        Policy of Ambiguity says:

        The polls are widening?
        Oh yeah, Dave is in line for a hefty (chuckle) 20 seat majority.
        Not much of a victory, is it?
        In fact I would say it is as good as a hung parliament.
        Fucking hell you tory trolls are getting more desperate by the hour.
        forty days and forty nights of fighting said Dave.
        What a dopey c’unt, eh?
        The motherfucker must be taking crack cocaine to come up with shit like that.
        Dave’s had four years to get his shit together FFS and he still has no popular support in the country.
        What a joke.

        • 747
          walkabout says:

          20 seat majority? hhmm sounds like victory to me you pointless little baby now put you fingers in your ears and start humming for about a month little child!

        • 920
          Innit says:

          Come on now stop being so churlish. You know you are banned because you are a fucking idiot, as your posts here prove. Why the fuck would TaT be as generous as Guido and let an imbecile like you clog up his threads?
          It is, as you are, a no brainer.
          Try not to take it so badly, eh?
          C’est la vie!

  125. 626
    You Have Been Watching... says:

    BBC2 showing signs of sedition: a rarely-broadcast episode of Dads Army shows John Laurie (Private Fraser) concerned about his hoard of gold Sovereigns. When the rest of the cast find him trying to hide something in the cemetery, it turns out to be a housebrick.

    Fine performances by the entire cast; Ian Lavender is especially watchable in a prototype of the ‘Paul Merton’ characterisation.

    Any resemblance to our current Prime Minister and Cabinet is purely accidental.

  126. 633

    Finale of the Brownadder series.

    Brownadder. The Final Chapter.


    GHQ to all brigades. Enemy massing- Gaining strength -Best form of defence is offence – Have bought back Tony Blair for maximum offence – All brigades ready for final assault on strong dividing lines – Scots Labour Highlanders to advance on extreme left with 3rd Plaid Cymru in support. Brownadder’s company to advance on centre ground, moving ever so slightly left. Top Secret-Top Secret. -Offensive date is May 6th.- No one will guess this date except a few thousand million voters, so we maintain the element of surprise. Advance under cover of a fog of phony statistics and gas from John Prescott….

    “There is a green hill far away …. I will be watching results from there.”

    General Sir Peter Hartley-Paul Mandelchett, Lord of Foy.


  127. 637
    5 weeks to go and they are OUT! says:

    Off to bed with the lovely thought that the excrement that is Gordon Brown, along with his thugs;

    Boy Cooper Balls
    Brown (fatso Bormann of the party)
    and on and on (look up the Nuremburg Trials photo’s for similar line-up)

    will all be out in exactly FIVE WEEKS time tonight!

    And the headlines in the Sunday 8th May papers?

    “Cameron wins by 55 seats” The Telegraph

    “Brown and finally OUT!” – The Sun

    “Brown to stay on,as Ball’s makes his move” – The Guardian

    “Sarah Brown leaves Brown for Canterbury as her Twitter account is blocked” – The Daily Mail

    and Maguire at The Daily Mirror? Well, he hopefully he will have an accident before long…….

  128. 643
    Basil Fawlty says:


    It was reported today that German soldiers had accidentally killed six Afghan troops in a ‘friendly-fire’ incident.

    Is this the only recorded occasion in the last hundred years when the terms “German soldiers” and “friendly-fire” have ever shared the same sentence ?

  129. 645
    QWERTY says:

    I’m expecting the polls to shows Cameron and the tories lead increasing still more.

    • 844
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Same here. I’m still predicting:

      Con 43
      Lab 28
      Lib 18

      Should give a healthy 3 figure majority.

  130. 649
    QWERTY says:

    Gordon Brown the Austin Maxi of the car world
    Lord Fondelbum he just has to be the Princess!
    The dim brothers (the Millipedes) have to be the Morris Marina and Austin Allegro

    • 660
      Pseuds Bullshitting for Britten says:

      Meanwhile Call me Dave has been reinvented as a brand spanking new Audi Quattro in Blood Red.

      I’m sure Dave can’t believe his luck, all his Christmases have come at once.

      NuLieboure have achieved in one poster what will most likely deliver the election, and demonstrated what absolute lying Pseuds they are, totally out of touch with the majority of Britain.

      All we need now is for CmD to live up to his new persona and dump that Mr Nicey.

      • 732
        Jezza says:

        The next you’ll know, they’ll be morphing Dave into Jeremy Clarkson, a hated figure on the left, and also by implication the BBC, despite the money he brings into them and singlehandedly justifying the existence of BBC2. You see, in their delusion they think that whomever they hate, the people do too.


    • 665
      c.eng says:

      There isn’t any car designed and built which compares to the awfulness of Brown.

      The Maxi was actually a practical honest car, with 5 door hatchback format and 5 speed gearbox, but as usual delivered with BMC’s complete lack of style and absolutely no street cred whatsoever,

      whereas the the Audi Quattro …….

      Quite agree on the Princess, and the Allegro and Marina brothers.

      • 715
        Cuty of Vice says:

        The car designers at BL did more than Red Robbo to destroy that corporation.

        Most of their models were shit.

        • 749
          c.eng says:

          And the ones that weren’t shit were destroyed by the so called Unions.

          And if the cars were all so shit, why do they now command such high prices all over the world

          Unions also destroyed Ford Manufacturing in Britain, all cars now made outside the UK, and the Scotty Unions at Linwood destroyed Rootes/Chrysler.

          It took Thatcher to encourage the Japanese to set up manufacturing in the UK whereby the deal was they either ignored the Unions or would only deal with one instead of 20

          Lieboure, ‘Taking us back to the Shit 70s’

    • 762

      The Labour party is the car driven by clowns
      into the circus ring
      and all the doors and wheels fall off

    • 847
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Gordon the Austin Maxi-mum Imbecile.

  131. 650
    There was a prophet once called tat says:

    I remember laughing at this odd fellow by the name of thick as thieves in his lone crusade at the hypocrisy of the main parties and there troglodyte followers who want to slavishly keep the British people enslaved in a three party dictatorship.

    Now I realise he was a prophet ahead of his time, a great man who spelled it all out word for word as we see it unfolding today and he was made a martyr for it.

    He bared the cross on his own in the hope that someone would see and realise the truth.

    Well Mr thick as thieves if you are out there, I want you to know; I believe now.

    I have seen the light of your wisdom and how right you where. I seen how your so called friends stabbed you in the back and continue to sit on this blog trying to CON people into thinking they have actually have a choice.

    They thought they could use you for their own advantage as an attack dog to maul the other side and bring votes to them, but when you refused to compromise your principals, I saw the glint of knives in the darkness stab you in the back, because you spoke the truth and they could not allow it.

    The big three pawns killed this great man for giving the people hope and change, for giving the people a choice.

    I will always remember you prophet tat and tell people your tale in the hope they too will see the light and we can carry on the great war you started to liberate us.

    • 656
      Naked tat says:

      • 670
        Lights Out says:

        ask yourself who the whole world are in debt to.Each other?

      • 673
        stillsaggy_airhead_LIAR says:

        there’s the LIAR lying away

        tat isn’t dead, thick as thieves just posted a hilarious rambling mentalist screed about how he is right and a ‘martyr’ everyone is wrong

        are you blind as well as a Liar ?

        • 677
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          No, just aware of Easter and TaT’s messiah complex. Go to bed, saggytim, you’ll end up as someone’s comprehensively-fisked bitch if you tally long on this site.

          ‘Mentalist’? Are you even aware of which Century this is?

          You dordi dinnilo mug.

        • 681
          stilyagi_air_LIAR says:

          no, that would be YOU who were comprehensively fisked as I PROVED what I said while you weaseled like the snide little lying spineless worm you are

          How does it feel to be SO fucking wrong and still have the stupidity to post here despite having been proved to be a lying cun’t ?

          Amusingly you are even babbling at the end of your posts now so near complete mental breakdown are you

          probably some obsucre fuckwit speak as weasels are too scared to put things in plain english, like this


          easy innit?

        • 683
          captain cumshot says:

          Is that pikey speak?

        • 685
          stilyagi_air_LIAR says:

          “Is that pikey speak?”

          ROFL!!! would hardly surprise me if it was

        • 744
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          Showing your Socialist, man of the People credentials there, stillsaggy. It’s Romany, rather than Shilta.

          You cory up the chad merchant.

        • 748
          Anony says:

          Easy pikey!
          Calm down and go and sell some pegs and lucky white heather

    • 707
      TosserWatch says:

      stick to reading your comics cretin

      • 708
        TosserWatch says:

        Stilyagi…you should get some help or up the dose

        • 743
          Anon says:

          Tossewatch, you should take your own advice.
          The post from tat was a prophet was a fine contribution that added to the debate whereas your comments are just a load of fucking shit.

        • 761
          TosserWatch says:

          Gloat off Anon….creep of the week

        • 787
          TaT LOVES MARTIN WEBSTER and always talks about bumrape ! says:

          TaT shouldn’t you be cottaging the public toilets by this time
          Glory hole Boy ?

        • 799
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

          just a thought ! could McBust call a state of emergency over the economy(he created) to delay the election and stay in power ?

          Sharpen yer pitchforks !

      • 792
        There was once a tosser called tatr says:

        Wrong troll TosserWatch, do try and keep up.

  132. 655
    QWERTY says:

    Yep two new polls showing a good Tory lead (Yougov 10%) and another with 11%.

  133. 658
  134. 659
    Leaky pipes says:

    A story for Blair to be ashamed of and labour to cringe at.


    After labour going for that lady who ran the bullying helpline charity, I think it fair to use them to air a grievance regarding the misuse of charity funds by the messiah to promote labour’s cause. If you feel so inclined to complain I have the details to hand ( enquiries@charitycommission.gov.uk ).
    ‘Its the right thing to do’ and ‘we will do all that we can.’

  135. 663
    QWERTY says:

    I see the queens are all upset at the BBC because Chris Grayling has said B&B’s should be free to run away homosexual couples. That’s the BBc stuffed then.

    • 672
      Leaky pipes says:

      A story for Blair to be ashamed of and labour to cringe at.


      After labour going for that lady who ran the bullying helpline charity, I think it fair to use them to air a grievance regarding the misuse of charity funds by the messiah to promote labour’s cause. If you feel so inclined to complain I have the details to hand ( enquiries@charitycommission.gov.uk ).
      ‘Its the right thing to do’ and ‘we will do all that we can.’

    • 700
      Sarf of the River says:

      As a poof and a gay I think B&Bs should be allowed to do what the hell they want. The property is theirs. They should allow smoking too.

      I can’t stand religious types but if they want to have heterosexual kiddie fiddlers who am I to stop them.

      • 730
        some of my best friends are gay bashers says:

        The BBC are unrepresentative of most people these days, and are now the best argument against having a ‘state’ broadcaster worthy of North Korea.

      • 769
        Play For Today says:

        Gay B&B Operator (answering a knock at the door): “Er oh, hello”.

        A Small Party of Strict Adherents of the Religion of Peace: “We would like rooms for two nights please. We have seen your ‘Vacancies’ sign outside”.

        Gay B&B Operator (muttering to himself): “Well I’ll be stoned and beheaded!”

        Gay B&B Operator (authoritatively): “I’m so sorry, but I’ve just taken a telephone booking for all our rooms for the next six months”. Good bye.

        Gay B&B Operator (muttering to himself):”Phew, that was close. I just hope the equality and diversity police aren’t listening”.

    • 870
      barefootcontessa says:

      Grayling makes too many mistakes.

    • 885
      Arse Bandits says:

      We demand the right to fuck every were

  136. 694
  137. 695
    Reimer says:

    Nice to see Guido mixing with the same types CMD has been courting. So much for his independence and anti-establishment standing.

  138. 698
    Sarf of the River says:

    Why the fuck are Lab and Con trading insults over silly posters? Is this the new ‘politics’? Jesus wept. What a pile-o-shite. Fuck the mainstream parties.

    Fuck off.

    • 706
      NorthernGit says:

      fair comment sarf but unfortunately if we all ignore politics we end up with a police state and if you think its bad now apathy could make it a lot lot worse.

  139. 713
    Apagusta says:

    Happy Easter Nell

  140. 718
    Raving Mad says:

    our NHS records being sent to India for processing


  141. 721
    The Pope says:

    Jesus Christ…

  142. 723
    BBC leftie scum laugh at the murder of a white South African says:

    A bunch of middle-class, white, leftie/liberals on Radio 4′s “Broadcasting House” programme have just been laughing and joking at the brutal hacking to death yesterday of Eugene Terre Blanche, the right-wing Soth African ex-politician slaughtered yesterday by a gang of black robbers.
    They all thought it was amusing and they and the BBC presenter only expressed concern at any negative effect it may have on the World Cup later this year.

    • 746
      He's a nice man really, or was says:

      • 756


        R.I.P E.T.B

        • 771
          MAD AS A LORRY says:



  143. 729
    PM says:

    Wired 100 – “Who’s Shaping The Digital World” – Guido’s at #39. Well done, mate!

  144. 745

    HEY GUIDO check out post 525 on the friday caption comp
    looks like some one has slipped in a free advert for a handbag company !
    or have you been paid for it ?

  145. 752
    Martin Day says:

    I’m touching cloth

  146. 757
    Gay Gordon of Scotchland says:

    I control the BBC and my friend Peter rings them every morning to tell them what to say.
    If they show any reaction to a story it is because that is what they are bullied into doing.
    The BBC is mine and the minority parties are all rubbish.
    You must get with the program or I will have your children send you to a nice camp in the mountains

  147. 763
    streamfisher says:

    Bad week for Labour (isn’t every week a bad week under Labour), but this time on the Propaganda front, made to look fools over taxing jobs and then compounding it (after being publicly humiliated by captains of industry open letter) by Mandelson attacking chairman of Barclays (note, the bank which did not directly sponge off the state unlike Northern Rock and RBS), described on ITN news as the “smear target for today” then unveiling of Militwit brothers flattering poster of Cameron looking super cool, casual but smart alongside classic red sports car, Durch sprung technic, not Springs fucked Brown. The film Battle of Britain was trotted out over Easter again and the bit where Goerring says as wave upon wave of bombers fly across the channel to drop their load on London: If we don’t win now we need our arses kicking (that one didn’t pan out though).

  148. 768
    Great Scott Holmes says:

    Who needs investigative journalists when we have the internet. Take a look at the following post on TBK2000.

  149. 775
    Is the election off for May 6th? says:

    McBride tweeting that Brown is having second thoughts about going to the Palace on Tuesday.

  150. 780
    house prices to crash 40% or more says:

    Home buyers are on strike. Considering most of the UK economy is based on the ever-inflating house price bubble this is just another nail in the coffin of what Brown’s left of the economy.


    • 853
      AC1 says:

      Well houses have to return to about 4 * post-tax salary…

      That can happen via wage growth, or via house price falls.

      I can’t see where the wage growth’s going to come from.

  151. 782

    I just hope that if the tories do win the election
    that no one is stupid enough to let brown get into the house of Lords
    if this happend i think the tory run in power would come to an abrupt end as there will be a lot of pensioners around living on a fraction of what they should have been
    due to Brown alone
    and these people never want to see him darken the door of this country again
    the sooner his one eyed fizzog disappears from our screens the better

  152. 783

    I’ve decided not to bother with an election this year after all.

  153. 784
    Wavy Davy Bullingdon Gravy Loves to eat his Greens says:

    Mr Cameron said: “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth. Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

    Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

    “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

    “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”

  154. 788
    D L George says:

    From GT’s link
    It’s 40 minutes in.

    Omid Djalili: ‘It’s a gift from God to have one of the greatest white supremecists be killed, and erm, apparently Jacob Zuma was said to ‘we’re very very sad to hear of the passing of Eugene Te…AW I CAN’T KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE’…Laughs

    Marina Hyde: ‘ Yes, it appears He was still alive when the police found him in his remote farm so I suppose at least it was slow’.

    Pretty disgusting from the both of them.

    Professor Sir Martin Evans (Third guest) stayed out of it.

    I think the Beeb presenter brings up the world cup more as a way of getting Djalili and Hyde off topic than to further demean the murder.

    • 791
      yuk says:

      They were laughing and sniggering about the South African’s murder and the BBC presenter legitimised it by not challenging their sickening comments and behaviour and simply moving on to expressing worry that it may effect the world cup finals in the summer.

    • 795
      GBFC says:

      Marina Hyde is a Guardian journalist. She should be sacked for that disgusting comment.

      As for Omad Djalili, I suspect that’s just his true feelings about whites coming out.

    • 816

      That fucking rag head is lucky he has made it to a country
      where he can express his views, they all become “Mr big man” when they are safe
      i never agreed with E.T.B but he had the right to say it
      the police dont like peado’s and drug dealers but they still track down and prosecute the people who murder them
      every body has the right to live their life without some fucker taking it from you !

    • 881
      Freud says:

      Ja ja the laugh vos from a sexual place. he is a deviant, probably a sadist

    • 900
      nell says:

      It is a disgrace that the Beeb presided over those sort of comments without attempting to stop them. And they must surely be made to apologise!!!

      The issue is not that terreblanche was a horrible man – he was!!

      The issue is that someone was murdered and there must be justice. Without justice there is no civilisation and without that there is anarchy!

      • 921
        Anonymous says:

        I heard some heartless C’unts laughed when they heard that Hitler bloke died

  155. 789
    heads must roll says:

    Listen to the BBC Labour shill and his leftie bumchums laughing about the hacking to death of a white South African on the paper reviw of Radio 4′s Broadcasting House this morning….

  156. 790
    labour a hump on my back says:

    i see Sky news are all over the grayling gay remark.ffs talk about being biased.

    • 942
      Anonymous says:

      Well Ian Dale often pops up there to review the papers so I suppose they’re trying to show solidarity with a colleague – albeit one who’s a monumental diva.

  157. 793
    streamfisher says:

    Comment of the week for me was on Have I got News for You about the Poster wars:
    Just Look at the Corruption and Take it all In ….That’s the campaign slogan!

    • 858
      See the little Piggies digging in the dirt says:

      And it would work for the Conservative Party too

      Oink! Oink!

  158. 798
    streamfisher says:

    Time is a one way street except in the twilight zone of Guidos Blogg software.

  159. 814
    The self importance of being earnest says:

    The BBC are dishonest,they have no truth in their soul. They are liars

  160. 815
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Short of broadcasting ” Please vote for Labour” the BBC will become more partisan the wider the gap in the Polls. I nearly pissed myself laughing seeing the PR disaster the Labour inflicted on itself with Gene and the Quattro. The problem is with the Labour Cabal is that they honestly believe that we have all subscribed to and swallowed the political correctness they have tried to foist upon us and that we would see the poster in the same light. No doubt about it someone there definitely has dillusions of competance!
    There the Tories were scratching around for a decent “hook” to get their message over and it took a Labour caption competition to hand it to them on a plate for free. How good is that!!
    Piss up and brewery applies here in spades.
    Forget all the “on message” claptrap Dave, just Fire Up The Quattro!!!

    • 822
      spike says:

      It would be good for Cameron if he bought himself a sheepskin to wear if it gets a bit nippy.

  161. 818
    spike says:

    The BBC are getting concerned by the fact the fact that despite all they have done editorially to boost labour they have had little or no effect.Cameron will get revenge in many ways after the GE but it will be good to know that the broadband upgrade for the UK will be coming out of the license fee.If the BEEB does’nt fall into line im sure a few other “upgrades”will appear.A freeze on the license fee would be popular with the masses!

    • 830
      Time For Change or More of the Same? says:

      Abolition of the license fee would be better. The Beeb would then have to operate in the free market and the massive distortion of the TV, Entertainment and Internet content markets caused by their privileged position would also end.

  162. 821
    Q E II says:

    Anybody with an Apple Mac is a Liebore voter as far as I’m concerned, it’s ‘cos it’s trendy to be mismatched with rest of the world innit!

  163. 824
    A Blurry brown future says:

    We are waiting for another call.

  164. 825
    Fred says:

    Where have the fucking numbers gone?

    It’s a disgrace.

    Shape-up you bastard.

  165. 826
    gorgonzola says:

    Looking at the comments on the big Sunday story running on the BBC and Sky regarding Chris Grayling and gay rights, it seems that Labour are finding themselves on the wrong side of the argument again. BBC and Sky shilling for Labour again and getting a blow back. Tossers.

    • 841
      Anonymous says:

      Mandleson is reduced to whoring himself round TV studios attempting to have the Nation believe that the big issue of the day is not in fact the perilous state of the economy, is not in fact the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is not in Fact the numerous strikes which are about to be unleashed on the country.No accoding to him and the lapdogs in the media its an incident where two gay men got refused entry to a bed and breakfast run by a christian couple. Yep that should swing the election mandy, got it in one.

      • 869
        nell says:

        How indicative of the BBC that they are running the story as an issue about two gay people refused access to B&B and not acknowledging that the issue was actually about a christian couple running a B&B who wished to exercise their rights in respect of their religion.

        Now I am actually supportive of individuals , including gay couples, leading life how they see fit. But that means giving people the right to disagree. Labour and the Beeb are stifling that right to express opinions.

        There was no mention in the BBC news item I listened to about the fact that the B&B couple to which Chris Grayling was referring held strong christian views that opposed gay relationships.

        And that is what is so damning about the Beeb. It deletes key points of a story in order to tilt it to labour’s point of view . By doing so it is actively attempting to manufacture public opinion to labour’s point of view by distorting or hiding all of the real facts of a story.

        I wonder how the Beeb and Labour would have played a story about a muslim couple running a B&B who were were opposed, by their religious convictions, to gay couples??!!

        There’s nothing wrong about that either – what we need here is common sense and give and take – what the Beeb and labour have is marxist, narrow minded rigidity.

        Agree with us or go to prison!!!

        • 873
          barefootcontessa says:

          Grayling makes too many errors. Open goal for Mandy. He’s wringing his hands now about gays etc.

          • nell says:

            Sorry contessa – just for once I can’t agree . There has to be space in a civilised society for different opinions.

            Only this current labour marxist society would seek to impose one single view and say that any other view that disagreed with them was criminal and must be imprisoned.

            Apparently this labour government is currently arresting 40 pensioners every day for ‘offences’ that would not have been offences 13 years ago . And many of those pensioners are being imprisoned at an immense cost to taxpayers. Why!!?? When they are not a danger to society or have clearly not really committed any serious offence other than to offend newlabour?

          • Anonymous says:

            Silly mare, you assume that we’re all big fans of marmite drilling. Policies centred around bumming turn most of us right off.

        • 880
          BBC are bent and are in love with labour says:

          Nell abolutly spot on agree 100% wouldnt be a mention if it was Muslin.

  166. 827

    Forget Easter, have a happy Grand Prix – http://whogoeshome.co.uk/?p=679

  167. 829
    Politely Offensive and with the right to be says:

    Apagusta says:
    April 4, 2010 at 6:36 am

    Brown’s using his child’s death as an element of him exposing his soul to the public was ill judged . Brown is a cynical operator who has, along with his ace accomplice the Prime Mincer, continued to stoop as low as possible to weasel 5 more years from the electorate. The comments about Nell earlier in these threads are rubbish… whatever she might have written or not written I am sure she never intended to diminish the sadness and pain the browns must have felt.

    The Guido blog is predominantly uncensored but comments like ‘dirty nazi jews’ and the like are a disgrace, do nothing to further rational debate and like many other very inappropriate similar postings about other sections of society,past and present, goes more to demonstrate the very real lack of morals the writers possess or perhaps,to be as generous as possible, pure ignorance of the truth.

    A lot of stuff in life is offensive but that’s life. A lot on here is offensive too but that’s freedom of speech. If you don’t like it fuck off

  168. 833
    Skull Doug says:

    What them pricks on radio 4 think is funny

  169. 834
    Borat Shedless says:

    The most boring crap I ever saw. I fell asleep at 2 minutes 17 seconds into the drivel. They take themselves so seriously! Ask the potential candidates what they will do when Argentina claims the Falklands this time. Ask them what measures they will take to protect our nation from the effects of the collapse of the Euro. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  170. 842
    Wolf says:

    after 20 years on a computer I tend to notice if there are small things going on that were not there befor. I have noticed when I am on this site after a post a small blip flashes across the area were the post text is. Call my parry but I just thought I would mention it. I have run the following and will be resolving the results later today. For those of you suspicious like me here is the command I use.
    * Type cmd in your Windows Run box.
    * Type “netstat -b 5 > activity.txt” and press enter.
    * After say 2 minutes, press Ctrl+C.
    * Type “activity.txt” on the command line to open the log file in notepad (or your default text editor)

    • 856
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Run your browser sandboxed by using ‘SandBoxie’ (google it) and kiss goodbye to viruses and trojans.

      • 859
        Wolf says:

        Thanks ATT, just shows that no matter how long we do something we can still learn.

  171. 850
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    You mean the Labour Party.

  172. 854
    Disco Biscuit says:

    That was, erm, very Islington, Guido!

  173. 863
    Pablo says:

    One thing I noticed Guido is that they had a unhealthy case of the zooms. I thought they were looking for black heads they got so close.

  174. 864
    Anonymous says:

    Now which polling company is Barroness Ashton’s better half associated with?

  175. 867
    pablo says:

    some times, like bank holidays Guido fucks off and no new posts go up. So I have made a forum for everyone to meet and post. I make nothing from it. There’s no censorship, you can say anything you like.

  176. 871
    Raving Mad says:

    Listening to Bob Harris. On his show is Stephanie Lambring. She’s on tour in the UK at the moment. She plays a date in Kirkcaldy on 22 Apr 2010 at 20:30 in the
    Acoustic Music Club Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Her album is called ‘Lonely to Alone’ . Sounds a good anthem for Gordon Brown.

  177. 872
    nell says:


    Poor old gordon, having been told what to wear, is being marched around St James Park by sarah, for photo ops with his security detachment kept well out of line of the photographers. And doesn’t he look miserable about it?

    He looks increasingly like a limp puppet. Told by mandy what to say and sarah what to wear, where to go and how to behave!!! He doesn’t seem to have a single thought that’s his own.

    As a couple they look increasingly uncomfortable. They never touch or look directly at one another. It just all looks so fake!!

    • 876
      barefootcontessa says:

      I don’t think either of the Bruins should try and compete. They’re on a hiding to nothing if they do!

    • 894
      A Pensioner says:

      Sarah looks like she’s put on a few poinds over Easter. She looks like a badly filled sack of spuds.

    • 940
      Anonymous says:

      Whats that “female” character in the Austin power movies, you know the evil woman, yeah her thats Sarah that is !

    • 956
      hypocrite says:

      you’re the expert on all things fake old grannie hypocrite

  178. 874
    barefootcontessa says:

    Don’t be silly, he’s celebrating Easter.

  179. 877
    Peter Cook says:

    According to Billy Bragg ‘Mixing pop and politics, I ask you what the use is?’

    Well, I have done so with a self written and recorded piece called ‘Democracy’

    Watch the homemade youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/user/academyofrock?feature=mhw5#p/a/u/0/Ixgt-ZEDGNE

    free download of the song at http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/alternativeposing

    N JOY

  180. 878

    There are a lot of people called Gordon Brown leaving comments on this website today and I am sure that many of them are not me.
    Also can anyone tell me whether I need to call an election this year? Lord Mandelson advises me that it is not really necessary.

    • 883
      nell says:

      Ha! Big question is – is gordon going to call the election on Tuesday now that the polls are widening?

      I’d love to see him put it off until June 3rd! That would really show him up for the indecisive ‘shall I shan’t I’ fool that he is!!!

  181. 879
    Tredator says:

    off Alien,the kid says it to Ripley

  182. 886
    Leaky pipes says:


    I wonder how many ghosts of our soldiers haunt his property portfolio. What a wanker. Vote labour to get stinking rich and a lifetime immunity from prosecution.


    • 916
      nell says:

      Worrying isn’t it?!! How many millions he is making as a consultant in the wake of the Iraq War!!

      Even more worrying is how many of our troops he committed to Afghanistan and Iraq knowing ( and he and brown did know) that they were underfunded and ill-equipped.

      Evil. Evil people!

  183. 913
    QWERTY says:

    Fucking hell, is it gay night on the BBC? All I hear are twats like Bendover Summerskille and Peter Tatchell ranting at the Tories along with Lord Fondelbum.

  184. 925
    monocular jock says:

    Please tell me that was a video of the Hayemakers next opponent?
    I want to be ringside. Oh! maybe not…

  185. 926
    monocular jock says:

    Please tell me that was a video of the Hayemakers next opponent? I want to be ringside. On second thoughts maybe not….

  186. 933
    P. Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    Burned-out ??? No, just bummed out.

  187. 934
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck you Mandleson, you are finished and whats more you know it !!!

  188. 941
    Margaret Buckett says:

    More tea, vicar?

  189. 948
  190. 949
    Leaky pipes says:

    It seems like it won’t just be economic skeletons that will be unearthed after the Tory victory.


  191. 950
    Magazin says:

    Hi, thank you very much. good job.
    Magazin haberleri

  192. 953
    Atlas shrugged says:

    Guido I hope at sometime you got onto the subject of what popular culture is supposed to be rather then what it has usually is or rapidly becomes.

    Good popular culture comes from the bottom and stays there as long as it can. Establishment controlled popular culture is always ultimately bad and either stems originally from the establishment or is quickly subverted or completely taken over by the establishment. It not is usually gets Hollied, Henrixed, or Jacksoned.

    Artists find sooner or later that selling out to the corporates is the only option available to them. Some don’t even notice simply because they are unwittingly doing exactly what the corporatists want them to do anyway. They only find out what they have really gotten themselves into as soon as the start getting ideas above their station and actually start telling real truths about the corporatist system they long since sold out to.

    Also one could argue that there is so very little popular culture as compared with the past, that indeed popular culture does not effectively exist any more. I would not, but one certainly could.

    Popular culture 21st century stile is now virtually entirely made up of mobile phone, video game, and internet relationships. Popular culture is now increasingly becoming a virtual one rather then the more face to face one of the not so distant past. I see no end to this in sight.

    As the cost of transport, medical treatment, eating out, drinking out, smoking, drugs, therefore having a girlfriend or keeping up any form of regular type of social life becomes ever more prohibitive. Or generally far too risky or indeed highly illegal. Things such as blindness inducing masturbation along with ever more clever and cheep virtual reality will become the rule rather then the exception.

    Young men will not be saying things like “I shagged your bitch last might and she was great” any more. They will be saying things like ” I virtually shagged a whole whore house of sex crazed bitches last night and now my wrist and dick are aching something rotten.”

  193. 954
    TaT the Twat. says:

    TaT shouldn’t you be cottaging the public toilets by this time
    Glory hole Boy

  194. 955

    [...] Guido and the Guardianistas on Politics and Pop Culture The Observer asked Guido to comment on pop culture and politics with a yoof, a depressed Marxist professor and one of [...] [...]

  195. 959
    smell the glove says:

    No need for all mong anti-gay things. Fuckwits if you want to be heard stop ranting use your given education

  196. 969
    Disco Stew says:

    If i had been sitting there listening to all that twaddle from those fukn good
    thinking lefty twats, i dont think i could have stopped myself slapping them
    all round the chops. I heard an elderly Lady once say “when i was younger,
    i was full of passion and spirit for all things left,and i still admire the enthusiasm of the young, but when you get older, you do look silly saying
    and believeing in such rubbish”

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